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The Sm50 Thread
The 50th Speedmapping session will take place this Saturday (20th September) and the plan is to do something special to commemorate the event.

Beyond that, not much is certain, there have been several suggested themes, but nothing has been officially decided on.

This thread is basically a place to post suggestions of themes, or show support for a theme you think might be good. We will probably allot more time for this session, so more difficult themes could be considered.

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i love cranky steve. i based my reviewing style on his :P 
-ish maps.

I was going to use this for sm51, but it'd be a suitible sm50 theme as well.

also, no qc, ever. speedmapping is about making fun little maps as fun personal challenges for the mappers involved, not jerk off fests for coders. 
Scampie Hates Coders 
The -ish maps would be interesting. 
The Water Theme... 
...was done in sm29. Mind you sm29_xenon was probably THE worst thing i've ever done (first ever map in worldcraft incidentally), so I wouldn't mind improving on it. Time increase would be appreciated too, just for this once; I know it defeats the object of speedmapping, but it would be nice to have something good to play at the end.

-ish maps would be kinda hard to pull off within the limit... i'm unsure about it. 
I kind of like the -ish idea. 
-ish Is Good 
-ish maps are a good idea, but would they have to be standard id-ish maps? no rubicon-ish, etc.? 
by -ish does this mean architectural features/layout in a different texture theme? Or same textures/features but a totally new layout? Or maybe swapping DM and SP about, like doing a SP SM with an octagonal central room and gray-city-bricks a-la dm6?

/me is conf00zled 
I Think... 
the -ish maps all had layouts that are 90% or more like the original map, but with a totally different visual theme. 
i read it as remaking a map with the same layout (basically) with a different theme. It sounds a bit hard to me really, with any kind of tight time limit 
at least you don't have to think of a layout. 
It's Getting Close, Lets Make It Official 
Official Theme

Since the speedmap is only 2 days away, I think its time to choose. Therefore we're going to go with the water theme because it got the greatest support, and is simple and easy to implement.

The timelimit will be extended; 150 minutes sounds about right. However, i think it'd be nice to start earlier because of this, personally... i think the other UK peeps would agree that it'd be getting a bit late otherwise (ending at 1:30 AM even if everyone finishes on time). So i'd like to know how moving the session back say 2 hours earlier would suit everyone?
(8pm GMT on Saturday, 20th September
that corresponds to 9pm UK time, or 4pm EST) 
Water Theme... 
Gets my vote. Not that it matters anymore... 
Sm51 -ish Maps 
I'm going to call it 'map with an obviously stolen layout, with architecture/theme/weapons/monsters changed much or little as the mapper wishes'. It's only 100 mins, not like anyone's going to copy a map brush by brush... and if they can, more power to them with their skillz.

Any map is fair game, as long as it's well known. Also, you're not allowed to do one of your own maps. 
Grab the original ID1 .maps and start aligning textures. You'd still be pressed for time though. ;) 
the textures in the stock maps are neither unaligned nor aligned, they are set PRECISLY how id intended them! 
Ok, No Replies 
ill presume there is no problem with the earlier time (he says, and then no one turns up) 
I See No Problem With This... 
but it may be wise to wait and release the pak Sunday so if regulars who are used to the normal time, or non irc people want to email you or me a map and aren't in the correct times, they'll still go in. 
Yeah Lets Do That 
Speedmapping Session 50! 
our next speedmapping session will take place soon! It's the big 50th event, so hopefully we can get a good turnout.... if you haven't speedmapped before this is a great time to try it out!

The time
8pm GMT on Saturday, 20th September
that corresponds to 9pm UK time, or 4pm EST
This is earlier than usual so it isnt too late for the majority of people

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 150 minutes or less.
That's a longer time-limit than usual so we can get some less crappy maps this time :)
Also it's easier for first time mappers.

The suggested theme is to make a map containing water in some way. How the map uses water is up to you.

You don't have to follow the theme but it's more fun when you do :). You can make a map for singleplayer, deathmatch, or miscellaneous. I hope to see you there, it'll be fun!

Oh and I'll release the pack on sunday, in case of people missing the deadline due to being busy at the time of the session, etc. So if you want to make a map before or after the session, just email it to me at 
or email it to me,, I'll get together with Starbuck before the pack goes together and we'll get everything tied up proper. 
Sm50 Starts In 30 Mins 
I've emailed mine to jon but I think he's having net problems/is busy or something. Don't release it until he gets back on. decided to work on a second map too seeing as they're not all together yet :D 
K Got It 
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