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Speedmap Pack 57
Speedmap event 57 just ended and we have 9 maps to prove it! This week's theme was Episode 3 / Runic. One week left in our 'Four Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

Total quality this week from czg, Distrans, Hrimfaxi, Leviathan, Moz, RPG, Xenon, PuLSaR, and myself!

You can download it here:

[edit: added PuLSaR]
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Distrans The Ripper 
You might have ripped the whole thing - But you did it soooo good! 
You bet it, Distrans!!! We're waiting for more!!! We wouldn't mind a full scale, full blown, Takeaslongasitneedsmapping effort either..... Soooooo good! 
A Few Questions 
When is next speedmapping event? What theme is it? How long do you get? Is it SP only? Is there a website? Can I enter a map? What colour underwear am I wearing right now? 
Ack! Ack-Ack! 
Saturday. Episode 4. 100 minutes. No. No. I suppose so. Perv. 
Repeating What Kell Said In Detail. 
Yes Saturday, at 4pm Eastern Standard time. Timelimit is 100 mins, but it's loosely enforced. No, it's not SP only, but most people have been making SP maps for these last few themes. Speedmapping almost always is open gametype, unless theme dictates otherwise. There IS a website, but I've not bothered to work on it/get it proper done. is currently just a mirror of Paul's older speedmap site and packs. I'll be getting it together soon. Of course you can enter a map, either join the IRC channel at #speedq1 on at the time of the live event, or email me a map at . This week's theme is going to be Episode 4/Elder World, as the last 3 weeks have been the other episodes of Quake. Starbuck or myself annouce upcoming events every Weds/Thurs in the General Annoucement thread, so watch there in the future.

I'd wager to bet your underwear WAS white, but is not yellow from excitement now that you know how to enter the speedmap event! 
Er... And To Clarify: 
If you plan to email a map, I suggest doing it earlier in the week, as I release the pack as soon as all the mappers get me their stuff at the irc event. 
boxers so can't see the yellow. 
but it's there! 
whats a speedmap? 
I vote that czg be banned from all future speedmaps. He is too good.

This comment applies to sm56_czg as well. 
The Silent: ...patience pilgrim, curves take a bit longer. 
laugh and a half 
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