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Speedmap Pack 58
Here it is! The final pack in our '4 Seasons of Quake' Megatheme!

The Elder World's dark arcane might slowed most of the mapper's progress, and drove many of them insane with it's sheer vague terror, but 4 mappers persevered and brought us 5 maps this week!

Authors this week were: Rpg (who made 2 maps, 1 of which was in theme, the other in sm55's idbase theme), Starbuck, Xenon, and Myself.

Grab the pack here:
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So Inertia... 
When exactly did you come off the medication? 
TOO BAD if you load it in regular WC, or try to compile it with any Quake supporting QBSP, this alignement isn't retained.

Riot's Qonverge fixes this problem. And the link, ummm, is, err... 
Is there a speedmhappening scheduled this weekend? 
Speedmapping Pack 59 

The time
8pm GMT on Sunday, 30th November
that corresponds to 9pm UK time, or 4pm EST

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less.
No theme! Make whatever the hell you want.

If you can't make the session, make a map before and email it to me at

Sorry about the change in plan, but I'm busy on Saturday again. 
R P G 
Thanks for that link. I like Hammer/Worlcraft as an editor. The handling of vertices is slightly better than Radiant IMHO. 
The plan
Make a map in 100 minutes or less. 
Hey, Some People Do! 
that obviously doesnt include you or me though 
How About Rising The Time Limit? 
Uh, if many of the speedmappers already use a lot more than 100 minutes for the job, then how about rising the time limit to, e.g. 200 minutes? You could be more honest with yourself ;). Or would 200 minutes sound like a too large project to take on spontaneously? So 100 minutes is actually just a psychological thing, to make it feel like a small amount of work. 
I Think You're Right 
more people will commit to 100 minutes of mapping than to a longer stretch. 
Nah Keep It Like It Is 
Basically I normally aim to have the layout of the map finished within the timelimit.. and just spend the extra time making it all good.

Btw sm59 won't be til next week since no-one other than me and starbuck turned up.. decided to work on something else instead :-p 
we won't change the timelimit unless there's problem with it, and everyone seems to be cool with it now anyway.

Yeah, guess we'll have to try sm59 again next week, but it'll be on saturday then i promise :D 
Timelimit will never be changed, 100 mins is already the 'expanded' timelimit from 1 hour that it used to be.

I've already mentioned my reasons for not enforcing it heavily. Only way people will start staying within it's limits is if the mappers themsealves choose to stay in time. 
Another Great Pack 
this was. There was some confusion in RPG's 1st map regarding the pentagrams and the zombies that were heard but never showed up (bug?).

Also, imagine my surprise when I in Xen's map managed to grenade jump to what I thought was a secret platform of ammo.

When I fell down in the closed pit containing nothing but four fiends in a grope session, well, let's say we weren't formally introduced before getting intimate ...

I actually thought this was an intricate trap until I realized that it was supposed to reveal the fiends at a later stage instead. Best map in the pack! 
at least last speedmap you noticed my speedmap aguirRe, guess now that I compiled with -tjunc you don't care about me no more :( 
Yours Were Very Nice 
too, especially the shambler-fest at the end. A bit tricky if you don't get the stuff in the right order ...

And yes, I noticed now that it was only Starbuck's map that seemed to have the dreaded tjunction sparkles.

Thanks for listening and for hosting the near-weekly speedmap events that definitely contribute to keeping the Q1 community alive! Or at least a bit noisy ...

As someone once said, "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny ...". 
im going to run another unthemed sm59 session this saturday at the usual time, see 'General Abuse' for more info. 
i'll add -tjunc to my compile.bat file, thanks 
Scampie, Starbuck 
while you're at it, why not upgrade your compiler/tools to the ones found at
i already use your light, and i have to use DuBSP, but i'll try the modified rvis 
don't remember what bsp I use, but I'll try yours. I'll continue with tyrlite, and I still like my rvis+ 
Yeah I Use The Updated Qbsp 
Well, one of them, can't remember which.. works a treat anyway.

The light one looks interesting, may give it a try, so long as it does everything tyrlite does.

About rvis... I remember not liking the progress counter, takes up far too much space on the screen. Is there an option to switch back to the old one? 
..was Reffering To.. 
your updated version of rvis if taht was unclear 
Try the "-numpercent" or "-barpercent" options. See the readme for more details regarding progress feedback control. 
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