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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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might be a bit to often, in my case i read the news, have work during the week and slowly let inspiration come until the genie comes out of a bottle, then in the weekend i have to choose between things, and quite often i realise i dont have enough time to do all i want, this weekend it was finaly good weather so no chance :) 
I Wanted To... 
but I found out about it ~2 days after it started, then it took me 2 days to realize I need a .wad file for Trenchboom to access Quake textures. :( I did finally get a .wad file though! :) 
My Brain Has Been Tired 
This week I have mostly been populating an e-commerce site with hundreds of different types of car tyres. Needless to say, I haven't felt like mapping. Or gaming. Or going near a computer. But I'll be back on it soon..... 
That reminds me of the beginnings of Quaddicted. Learn to script! 
Yeah, if a task looks boring as fuck, it can usually be scripted. Huge time saver when you get used to doing it because it'll be the first thing you start thinking about when you get a boring task. 
Had time due to starting my new job and then going on holiday. 
Can I Start A Speed Map Theme? 
Is there a certain way to do this? 
Speedmapping is as informal as it gets.

Just say you'd like to host a session, say what the theme is and provide a date and email for submission. :) 
It Wouldd 
be interesting to see someone use a theme in a way not intended.

Like say making a tech-looking map using a gothic or metal theme, or a gothic style base map.. :) 
like about half of Negke's product 
Ok, Cool. 
Theme: dungeon
due date: 7/5/13

e-mail me at
subject: speed mapping 
man, i started doing a map and then realize just how rusty i am with trenchbroom. :( 
Dungeon It Is. 
Will be very busy this next week with work, and moving, and preparing for a teaching assignment... So what I'm saying is I'm probably in.

But no promises. 
I tend to interpret themes as wide as i feel like, and i realy liked (i think) negke's interpretation of "spaceship" (no clue wich speedmap session it was) 
Completly Counter Logical To Me 
to post a date mm-dd-yy, i was liek wtf that deadlien is a month ago:) 
Yank Style, I Think. 
It's like inches, rather than metric - they're just quirky that way.

Am I right? 
cm is kinda quirky. ;)

I do write my dates a lot as yy-mm-dd because years ago I worked for a guy from Poland and he said he did it that way so when you view files in DOS or Win95 it's always in date order.

Only 4 days left and I'm still learning trenchboom! 
I was hoping for a new speedmap session.

You'll get from me at least one map for this session, the one i did for sm173 survival horror, and probably one more dungeon themed.

I do prefer the date for this to be on mondays, as i can submit it even if i have problems with internet on my computer, but it won't hurt to have one on a sunday. 
Internet At Home Down 
but I should probably bite the bullet and just make this one into a proper map - or at least a turtlemap. 
(between Now And When It Gets Back Up) 
doubt it will actually happen though! 
Do You Mean.... 
You would rather have the submission date be a Monday or the announcement date a Monday? 
Date Format Should Be 

anything else just doesn't make sense :P 
Yup Spiney 
thats right...
and should avoid future confusion. 

And is that 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock????
Proper map...

Make it so.

24h Analog Clocks Should Be Standard :P 
All That War-wankery And They Don't Even Use "military Time"... 
some day the third world might even adapt the metric system. 
Hi good people, what about a Carnage map to break the abstence? 
Not That I Can, Good Man... 
but what do you mean by Carnage? 
I Suppose ... 
that it is related to how in most of speedmaps there is combat against large groups, or fast paced combat, but it is Trinca the only one that can answer that.

About the main topic, as long as it is before Christmas Eve, i can join a speedmap session. 
I'd love to join a speedmap session as well, why not. 
Holiday Themed Speedmaps 
For day 18? 
sounds good 
Disregard The Holiday Theme 
Theme: Quake The Way Id Did
Due: Dec 18th 
If you want this for the unfilled date in the advent calendar, please make it the 17th... Otherwise it would get in too late.

Someone would need to write a snippet about speedmapping. Preferably someone who has no other post in the calendar. 
I Like That Quake The Way Id Did Theme 
Would be better as a longer project and compiled as a full episode. (My plan was to release an episode at a time or all at onceas they did with the doom version) 
I can't translate "Quake The Way Id Did" to russian. Please write more (clearer) 
just think of the "Beyond Belief" pak , its "quake the way id did".

ie. the map that could easily fit to the original game. Misaligned textures, square rooms etc. Basically all of the maps from 96-97. 
Not necessarily misaligned textures - it doesn't have to look bad on purpose! Just simple(r) or straightforward brushwork, not excessive detailing or overly modern designs. 
The DTWID project went a little crazy analyzing the styles of the different mappers... layout, geometry, texturing, items, monster placement. I wouldn't say that a QTWID project needs to go down the same rabbit hole, but it was interesting! 
Quake The Way Id Did - Digs 
is when you make a map in the style of the original game. 
Is there a speedmap session? �which theme? �Both? I began to make a Holiday themed one, but i can make another with no problem.

I see that all the days for the Advent Calendar have been taken, so i suppose it isn't for 17. �18? 
I started one with the Quake the way id did theme. It's a runic map in the style of episode 3. 
Mine should be out in a few hours. Just some fine-tuning and one or two rooms to do. 
And Here It Is. 
I took the Quake The Way id Did theme:

This is also my first released map for Quake. 
Heh, Demo

Didn't see that coming :D

Cool map though, got tons of infighting to occur on the next run through. Found the quad secret but no luck on the second. 
That's not a speedmap, nor 'the way id did'. But it looks really nice and I think you should release it as standalone instead! 
Oh, and congrats on your first q1sp. Keep em coming! 
Re: Speedmap 
Well I made it in only 2 days, though I'm pretty new to this concept here. I decided to do some more detailing compared to the original maps (I roughly have twice as many brushes). Not sure about releasing it standalone though, it's very small.

Nice demo, DaZ. Too bad you got squashed by that trap, heh. They are a lot more forgiving in McGee's maps but I decided to make it faster this time. If you're fast enough you can lure the Fiend waiting behind the triangular door inside and get out, killing it in the process, but it's hard to do. 
I'm almost finished my card for sm173 which started 2 days ago. Upload it tomorrow, December 18th, afternoon. 
About The Final Bit 
It's true it's not very good compared to the rest. I think a wind tunnel leading to the arena would have been a better solution, so you can't really escape and abuse the Shamblers (though I would need to put some cover, like a central altar or something).

You were so close to discovering the second secret too, it can be heard somewhere. 
The final arena should have maybe locked you into the room with the shambler, no need for wind tunnels. (1 wind tunnel wouldn't have fit in with the theme IMO)

I was looking for the secret near the end but I thought you could jump across to the left room where the zombie fight arena occurs. I think that would have been a nice place for a secret (you can reach with a jump I just tried it). I wasn't really looking to do a lava dip so late in the map, I thought it might have been under an earlier lift though since it felt a bit weird to have lava under that lift.

Great map, I agree with Daz, this could have easily been a separate release. 
The wind tunnel idea was because this map was meant as a something that could fit in Quake's episode 3, and two maps use these (e3m4 and e3m5, although e3m4 only uses one and it's hidden). I still feel like the ending room comes in too abruptly with this small corridor.

I may re-release it in the coming days with a modified ending, standalone this time, and probably with a secret area in the arena. A Thunderbolt hidden there could come in handy for the final bit. 
As other has said, very nice little map Skacky!

And your right that the ending needs some modification.
I will look forward to your next version and next map, may it be soon! 
Quake The Way Id Did... 
would have been a good project, didn't really get any responses for a collaboration like I was expecting.

I have almost finished the first map in the project too, just a couple of tweaks to make (only took me a week on and off) 
I'm finished my sm173 map.
Small base map. 
Neat maps by skacky and digs. On DOOMer's map I got stuck in a secret area and couldn't get out which was annoying. 
will we get a 
What kind of secret area you could not get out? In 2 of 3 exit by opening the wall-door shots. 
It was one by a watery area. inside the secret there were bars which weren't open, but seemed to block entrance to another room with some goodies. I didn't see any way out because the map was dark! 
There need to shoot in one place on the wall for the opening of another hiden corridor. Bars and button behind them - not functional, just a decorations.

I updated archive with my map, fix some monsters placement in solid and fix one entity. 
Make a newspost about this SM so I don't forget to dl and play it when I eventually have time! And you know, so more people play it generally!
Let Me Do It 
And while i am on it, i'll add my map to the pack. 
I will upload my demos later. 
How About. 
"Revisit your favorite theme"? 
Return To Castle Koohoo 
I Want, I Will 
I can only alter my map or any? 
and what the theme?
return to castle cuckoo 
I Know About Koohoo 
but my favorite dream is to make an insane/horror level
something like visiting an abandoned asylum to search for a longlost friend &)

hence the name "return to castle cuckoo" 
Shit It's Been In The Last Thief Game Already 
Cuckoo's Castle 
Spy said 
If There Is No Deadline Stablished ... 
... i suppose i can put one.

SM 175:

Theme : Cuckoo's (Koohoo's) castle.

Deadline : 9th of June, 10:00 a.m.(GMT). 
I already do 
Do Another 
or three more! 
What Drew Said 
Or better, do a mini episode with several 100 minute speedmaps.

For the puny mortals, the deadline. 
It's Been In The Last Thief Game Already 
fuck my english
there are two unpropely titles for a future themes
"It's Been In The Last Thief Game Already "
"fuck my english"
"there are two unpropely titles "

I'm Doing 
A Koohoo map for the 9th. 
I think the speedmap them should be "rekt" 
@FifthElephant: What's "rekt"? 
satirical/sensational/phonetical spelling thereof...

...I think. 
I Too Am Doing A Map 
and making it a weekend project thing instead of a 1 hour map like I usually do 
I am excited about this. 
And The Other Three? 
no. Only one 
I Made A Demo. 
Skill 3, all kills, no deaths.
Holy crap that was intense, and beautiful. 
that's one of the best speedmaps I've played in a while, sorry no demo. I did it first time on normal though. 
Holy Fuck that was a gorgeous speedmap, route choices, lovely combat sets, plenty of funny infighting (spawns vs hell knights) and such a lovely design style. More of this please! 
Looks like mine will be late since I forgot to email it to myself. 

made over fri/sat/sun, bigger than your usual speedmap, could potentially release it as a full map with some more cleanup (especially in the rocky bits)

skill settings are supported, most of you will likely want skill2 
Don't Worry, Ijed 
There is still 10 hours till the deadline. 
Amazing map Scampie, with super cool designs and encounters. The maon room is great and the last arena is really cool! The shamblers are well used too. This session keeps delivering!

Skill 3, all kills, 2/4 secrets, no deaths. 
Skill 3, 30 kills, 0 secrets, no deaths. 
Only played Doomer's map so far because I am waiting on the pack. Used Engoo with "Low" resolution pixel paradise. Great map, felt like a good old mid/early 90s game. I'd love to play many episodes with maps like this. 
I'm updated my map, i fix water level in the secret room (thanks Digs). 
I have a speedmap for this session as well, started it yesterday, but I need some more time to finish it today. 
Guess I'll wait til the pack comes out, so as to have what will apparently be a series of awesome experiences, judging by above comments! 
Mine's Dead 
No time today. 
Nice map! Here�s a demo of me dying.
Finished it on the 2nd run tho;) 
Nice vibe in your map!
Neat layout, always busy. Here�s a demo
Nicest map so far, here are demos. Tough one. 
will be in an hour or two. 
Wondering if I should make one now just to get on the bandwagon 
Why Not? 
Probably no one will mind waiting one more day for this pack. But don't take too much, or Sock's entry will grow into a proper release from a speedmap. 
Finally ... My Map

Made it too big and had to cut it down by half, so there is some minor parts that don't make sense, but it is completely playable.

I'll wait for the pack to play the rest of entries. 
Scampie Bug 
Scampie's map is buggy as hell. I falled under the floor, and the monstrers were are messed up, during the first half. I wasn't able to return on solid ground, even after using the noclip command.

This map could be great, but the bug is killing it totally, texan style !

I'm playing in nightmare mode with QuakeSpasm on OS X. 
I have no idea what could be wrong or why, it works fine in Quakespasm on Windows and no one else had an issue... do you have a demo? are you playing with any mod on that could also be breaking it? I'd love to know what is wrong so I can fix it 
I just need to finish off some lighting and entities in my pixel map, it should be ready later on today for the map pack. 
This Fucking Guy. 
I Also Need Time 
I made a second one, so, please, if you can wait some hours, i can promise you that i can deliver you a way better map than the first one I already released.

Also if no one has played my first map, i'll take some minutes for some bugfixing in the first map and link the two of them together.

*Fifhtelephant, are you going to release one you too? 
Yes. I'm not interested to make real speedmap. It was fun 10 years ago. Now we have become accustomed to better quality maps. Maybe it makes sense to change the concept speedmap? 
Yeah I'm Working On Something Nice :) 
Obviously I've had to catch up on E3 and game of thrones but I'm bashing a level together now that should be done in a few hours hopefully.

This is probably going to be a nice pack :) 
Seems to me that we already have. 
Non-solid Ground (Barnak) 
This sounds like the DirectQ issue, but since you're using QuakeSpasm, I don't know...

In DirectQ it's common (at least for me) for the gound to sink beneath the visible brushes after playing for a while. It's an engine problem rather than the map, and I know MH spent some time trying to find it. As I remember it, MH said it was actually a problem with Quake rather than DirectQ in particular. It just seems to appear sooner with DirectQ. Possibly it could happen in QuakeSpasm as well. Anyway...

Use noclip to get out of the ground, make a savegame, restart the engine, and start playing from the savegame. 
Scampie making an impure not-actually-a-speedmap proves conclusively that the paradigm has shifted. What would Xen say? 
Fuck you guys these are amazing maps. And fuck you in advance sock. 
whenever it was that I tried to get speedmapping rolling again, I specifically tried to make the interpretation of what a 'speedmap' is a lot more open.

we are not all teenagers with tons of free time anymore, and Quake may not be the only thing we all want to do with our time. letting the timing be open allows people to make whatever they have the time to make. if you only want to make a 1 hour map, great, if you want to spend the week, fine! they are both pretty speedy compared to a standard map that people take a month+ to make.

the goal of speedmapping shouldn't even really be about the limitation of time, despite the name, but about driving creativity and experimentation. if the time limitation helps in those regards, then great, self apply what fits for you. plus, speedmapping allowing designers to not care if they aren't putting their best foot forward. no one should feel like they have to make a showcase map when speedmapping.

maybe we should just rename this to a 'mapping jam' 
Great Maps 
Mapping Jam +1 
Post The Pack, You Nobs 
I tested briefly (up to the first silver key) and didn't see anything weird with Scampie's map on Quakespasm OS X. If you could post more info/demos/screenshots/saves etc. that'd be great.

excited to play this pack! 
Can't, there are at least 3 mappers that still have to submit their maps, Fifth, Sock and me. 
I'd Finish Mine 
If the deadline got extended to the 16th or something. 
That Would Surpass A Turtlemap 
A Bit 
But this has been a very busy couple of weeks.

Plus I'm shit at blocking out. 
I'm Really 
busting my balls to finish this map in the next hour.

Probably will be done by then actually. Just doing some small testing. 
My Speedmap Is Here 
You're Doing It All Wrong... 
But it feels so right ;) You guys are finally starting to map at my pace!

Will there eventually be an all encompassing pack? Please let me know. 
Played 'em all so far... shaping up to be a good pack! 
Here is my map entry for the pack. Enjoy. 
If No One Else ... 
... says that have a map near completion in the next hours, I'll upload the mappack. 
Demo For Sock's Map
Skill 3, all kills, 4 secrets, no deaths.

<skacky> amazing map sock
<skacky> I was a bit confused with the gold key door
<skacky> but other than that it's stunning
<skacky> really cool encounters everywhere, excellent design
<skacky> the strength rite room was brutal but so much fun!
<skacky> and that scrag massacre, excellent 
Don't Wait For Me 
Finish your map you twat. 
Sock ! 
Your map is absolutely SUPERB ! Thanks dude !

You should do some more of that style. Realy great ! 
Nice lighting, "classic" layout is well done, your aesthetics are again suberb! Indeed!
Here is a demo of me derping and dying, but i had fun! Thank you! 
Your map is quite nice in terms of layout and ambush setup. Could use more highlighting, some text on doors and keysymbols and such stuff.
But what do i know..

Here is a demo. Playing again now, i died terribly 1st time:) 
Sock + DMSP 
What command should we enter at the start process to use the DMSP mod and Sock's mod at the same time ?

I would like to add some frenetic action mess on this map, with more monsters to hug and love. 
@Skacky, thanks for the demo, a pleasure as always seeing you destroying a nightmare selection of monsters. :)

@mfx, it was cool to see you try the puzzle side of the map first. It feels like you play with a keyboard! crazy! :)

@Barnak, you can just drop the map file in your dmsp directory, the map works fine with a vanilla quake setup. I included a pak file because it has a skybox and I wanted to make sure people setup wateralpha. Why no one has implemented a worldspawn key for wateralpha in modern quake clients is crazy. 
Ok, it's working, thanks. But the results are weird at best. Many monsters are spawning at some unattainable or unreliable spots.

And I'm unable to reproduce the no_floor issue with Scampie's map.
My issue was strange : it never occured to me before. 
How about a new Speedmapping by June 22 ? 
Play the current one first. 
Now Seriously ... Good Idea You Had There, Digs 
Proposals for theme:
- Colorblind. Can be very crazy.

- Remake of the first map you ever did. Tronyn proposed this at Quaddicted months ago and i think can be interesting.

- DoE and ring of invisibility. A bit of a clone of sm169's theme, but it is also the two things that have been used at mapping the least. 
I suggest the theme: illusions 
If that is the theme i have one already, that did 14 years ago, it is a DM one. Is this what you were thinking when you say illusions? 
Haha. Not necessarily imply func_illusionary for theme "illusion". We could show more imagination than just use this entity. 
Speedmaps, not turtlemaps. 
What's speedmap? 100 minutes? It's drearily 
That would be hard and challenging. Apart from some examples (sm175) where there are some turtlemaps, most are in the middle, neither 100 minutes map or a full week map. For example mine took two days (16 hours the first (8 spent on the damn caves and surrounding the valley terrain brushes) and 6-8 for the second). 
I often took longer than two hours myself, but always did the map in a single session. If anything, this should be the compromise. 
What I Mean Is 
These more sophisticated maps would be better off as a small-scale community project rather than a speedmap pack. Although it might as well be a case of motivation and expectation. A different premise - doing a bigger "speedmap" feels like less pressure than a small "normal" map even if both would be pretty much the same. 
A community project is something good, but as far as i see, in this community, the things closer to that are chain speedmaps and huge episodes projects (nehahra). Isn't it?

What you were considering as a comunity project? Something like sm175, made into an small episode or just by adding an start and end map, but better organized and with communication between the members to make the maps similar? 
my last speedmap for sm175 was done in a single session. Granted that session was like 8 hours long at least (with food breaks).

100 minutes is crazy, I'm sure I could do it but it would be a pile of crap ;) 
the next theme for the SM is lava! 
When deadline? 
When Will There Be A Next Speedmapping Sesion? 
Sorry ROQ 
Map Jamming has suddenly, but also completely, destroyed the speedmapping tradition which flourished for so many years in this community.
Any 'speedmaps' that might be made will inevitably be so only in name.

That being said I suggest the next speedmap theme be "Honey jam runoff". 
I doubt speedmapping has been killed off by the mapping jam. If anything speedmapping is probably going to be speedier, like it used to be. 
"Finish OTP's shitty jam half-entry" 
If we did that we wouldn't be able to take this piss. 
When are you going to finish? 
Sm 176 Announcement 
As the jam has stopped flowing, I thought I'd suggest a good old fashioned speed map event.

The theme is 'quantity over quality' as in a previous session, but as per usual is totally optional.

Send your maps to my email by Aug. 28th. 
... WHO'S WITH ME!? 
I'm will start my sm_176 map tommorow. 
So ... 
No theme this time?

Well, i have the map i did for sm170 around somewhere, maybe i could submit it for this session.

I won't tell you for sure if i submit it. After submitting the last two without betatesters and unfnished, i won't submit this one if i am not sure it doesn't have any major issues.

By the way, Drew, as you probably know, in this events, at least half of the people that submit something at the end, haven't said a thing in the thread (i don't know about Terrafusion). 
I Am With You Always... 
...even if I don't submit shit anymore :(

You go, Drew!!! 
Thanks Generic 
Thats nice Generic, but what I really want is for you to submit to me.

Coco, there is an optional theme - quantity over quality.

Doomer, good to know, hope you have fun with
Quantity Over Quality 
It's one of the rules for speedmapping events, but if i think about it, that is also probably the rule we break the most in speedmapping, so i can see why you put it out and say that it is optional, apart from the fact that the theme on speedmaps by tradition was always optional, we just got accustomed to follow it.

Looking at it from a different perspective it can lead to an hordish combat map or a big with almost no detail map, and make that the theme. Hmmm ... maybe i'll do another one, now that i have a theme the ideas pop in my head way faster.

And lastly, ..., i am sorry for you, but i am not the Coco, i ain't going to eat you no matter how much you call me like that :) 
For More Inspiration 
Look at the original quantity over quality SM pack. Xen did a really nice one for that. 
Go Map! 
Perfect Theme For Me! 
I'm Glad You Think So! 
Hope you find some time to whip something big and shitty up! 
I Whipped Something Big And Shitty Up Last Night/this Morning

Crappy non-permanent link that OTP and others will hate, because I am lazy and also, like, whatever. It's 4 am.

I'll try to find time to make another one for the 28th, but we'll see! 
You said

Send your maps to my email by Aug. 28th.

so i thought you did to avoid granularity in the release and show all together to the community. 
Send your maps to my email by Aug. 28th but feel free to post pictures of your maps - like I did above - whenever you like.

Sorry for the lack of clarity there. It's just a screenshot. 
No need for clarity this time, it was me that jumped to conclusions too fast and thought it was the map, as screenshots are uncommon in this thread.

Looks good, depending of the layout and the side from which the player enters, those dogs will need a trigger_monterump. From just that sceeenshot i think it strays a bit from the theme, not that mine is better in that regard.

By the way, i played sm67_xen. It is good, and probably the one that matches the theme in sm67 the most. The idea of using setpieces and modules to make a speedmap isn't new for me, but it is always a good reminder as a different type of way to achieve quality. 
@Drew, you can use for screenshots instead Dropbox.

Screenshot of the my sm176 map. I'm completed base layout yesterday and started make light today. On this moment map isn't contains any monsters on map. 
map02 remake, nice. 
Following The Trend

This is the one i did for sm170 and couldn't release back them. MY first speedmap, by the way.

My betatesters have a different opinion and liked the crystals, but for me they still don't look like the light is coming from within them, mainly because the bottom is still dark, but i hate this map and want to avoid working on it as much as possible, so the changes if there are some will be minor, very minor. 
try making the crystals use fullbright colors or using an external BSP for them so that you can light them correctly. 
I know, those are the only two options i saw when thinking about a possible solution back then. But those are off limits of what is considered speedmapping, so i desisted on using them for this map. Anyway, thanks for the information.
I'll use them if i need crystals on a proper map.

Currently it uses a system of 6-10 lights per crystal, depending on the length of the crystal. It's mainly because of the issue about delay 2 lights having an overbright area in the area closest to them in white light instead of the one given by the _color key. That causes that i need 4-8 colored lights to mask that white zone.
Made dozens of tries on a test map with other delay values to eliminate those extra lights but the look is bad. The good point is that thanks to that i have a map with a room filled with many types of lighting that come from crystals for future maps.
I heard that TyrUtils have the option for delay 5 lighrs, Which are the same as delay 2, but without that overbright area. I'll add that option to the other two. 
Made Another One. 
will hold off on screenshot 
SM 176 Submissions Due At Midnight 
Eastern time. 
Japan Time? 
not goin to make it, had stuff in the way.... 
Probably this

I'm will send my map to you in the some next hours. 
Do a speedmap, instead of a turtlemap. 
Done And Sent 
hope i did in time.

* DOOMer, then it is USA eastern time. It was incomplete like that. 
MFX, or anyone, if you need a day or 2 just go for it. I won't release right away anyway. 
Say That Before!!!!!! 
I slept less hours this night to submit it on time, because it took way more hours to compile than what i expected. 
While re-reading my last message i noticed that it looks a bit intimidating. That was never my intention. I am not angry at you, Drew, not at all, rest assured. 
Okey Dokey 
I have maps from Cocerello and DOOMer. Any silent stragglers who still need another day? If not I will package and release this evening. 
When is the next speedmap? 
Three Hours Before The Zer Jam Deadline 
Go Jam You Both. 
Posted on my Galaxy Young while on the shitter. 
And By Soon I Mean Some Time In The Next Year. 
Sm107 Is A Missing Pack ? 
Also sm107 is missing from what I see !

DO you know why ? 
Every once in a while a number is skipped to make room for the badass chainmap that we're not working on.

That, or some hiccup happened. A SM107 map by generic is included in the SM109 pack. 
ok thank for the info.
Now I can say that I really got everything of Quake1 mapping scene.. now I can start playing ! (gulp#!#)

I have a 10gigabyte folder full of Quake goodness ! 
Does anyone want to do some speedmapping today? 
No Thanks I'm Good. 
I love you but your speedmap-phobic stance is a real turn off. 
Make Up A Theme 
Drum up some enthusiasm! You get a better response if you be more assertive :) 
Perhaps A Theme 
with limited textures? Say 4 textures?

Something minimal, like a sky texture, a bright texture (for lights), and a dark texture and a lighter texture (for contrast)...

For example - 
Theme Suggestion 
Use Dirtmapping. 
Pretty much all my maps will be dirtmapped now forever. 
It pretty much makes everything look better. 
what's up with this thread 
Zwiffle Is In Da Haus! 
It turned out people can't speedmap, so instead they now jammap - and so should you! 
Speaking of that... when's the next jam? 
I would recommend a Nov or Dec Jam for... reasons. 
Scamps Is Right 
I'm so tied up right now that I have ended up missing a Jam for the first time. 
Right in the middle of the holiday season ... brilliant? 
I'm merely suggesting that there may or may not be something released by then with cool new toys, which would be great for some jam mappery.

Holidays are a bit of an annoyance for sure though. 
Ahh, I see ... yes ... 
Perhaps as a good stopgap someone could organize a simple weekend 'retrojam' to happen in Oct? Pick a weekend and just make some basic maps in a day or two. 
Reasons = October Isaac Release? 
Another Halloween map pack? 
remix end.bsp 
speedmap sessions are officially dead and now is the reign of jams ...

I'm gonna miss them. Well, when i get my health, time and a computer back i'll try to promote them, or at least make some packs myself, as speedmapping is the thing that drove me for mapping the most in these last years. 
E4 Retrojam??? 
Everyone Threatens E4 
but no-one ever dares to do it ;) 
Would be OK ... make ugly, random maps that make no sense. Done. :P 
You forgot the "shit your pants" factor. 
Don't be so quick to write off E4. There's something about it that still freaks me out. Probably the deep shadows, wandering fiends, and periods of silence broken only by the sound of monsters teleporting around, triggered by god knows what. 
You are a luddite. 
e4 remakes needs to be a proper jam, not a weekend thing. 
I Don't Want An E4 Jam :( 
I Would Argue 
That while they're not random and ugly, a tight deadline would definitely help in recreating the production values of the original E4 maps. 
I would say don't try to emulate the E4 production values, but try to capture the oldskool gameplay. The environment is the real enemy in E4 - lots of tricks, traps, and shadows. It really puts me on edge. 
Fuck I Love E4. 
Let's do this. How does Oct 9 to 11 sound? 
You Fuckers 
Zwiffle: Episode 4 is pretty diverse, you can do basically anything as long as it's kind of dark and there are power ups.

It's a weekend mapping thing, E4 inspired maps sounds simple and open enough of a theme. 
so don't call it e4.

call it "dark and deadly."

the dark and deadly jam. 
Dark And Sticky Jam? 
By Xmas I Will Have A Computer 
And a bit of time to make speed maps with you Zwiffle 
The Jam Of Elder Magic 
I like Retro Jam 4: Episode 4

Quake is dark and deadly more often than not. 
E4 Map Title Inspired 
E4 jam where you ignore the real E4 and instead just work from the level titles. "The Nameless City" could own. 
exec """\nfrom random import choice, randint\n\ndef funfunfun():\n scampiesuxx = ("Sewage","Elder","Nameless","Pain","Azure","Hell","Maze","World","Tower","God")\n negkerulez = ("System","Shrine","Palace","Hell","Maze","World","Tower","God","Atrium","City","Agony")\n spiritistehleader = ("of Despair","of Hate")\n maybeormaybenot = choice(("The ", ""))\n suxxx = choice(scampiesuxx)\n kkk = choice(negkerulez)\n \n while(suxxx == kkk):\n kkk = choice(negkerulez)\n \n if randint(0,5) == 0:\n jem = " "+choice(spiritistehleader)\n else:\n jem = ""\n \n return (maybeormaybenot+suxxx+" "+kkk+jem)\n \nfor x in range(12):\n print(funfunfun())\n""" 
exec """\nfrom random import choice, randint\n\ndef funfunfun():\n scampiesuxx = ("Sewage","Elder","Nameless","Pain","Azure","Hell","Maze","World","Tower","God")\n negkerulez = ("System","Shrine","Palace","Hell","Maze","World","Tower","God","Atrium","City","Agony")\n spiritistehleader = ("of Despair","of Hate")\n maybeormaybenot = choice(("The ", ""))\n suxxx = choice(scampiesuxx)\n kkk = choice(negkerulez)\n \n while(suxxx == kkk):\n kkk = choice(negkerulez)\n \n if randint(0,5) == 0:\n jem = " "+choice(spiritistehleader)\n else:\n jem = ""\n \n return (maybeormaybenot+suxxx+" "+kkk+jem)\n \nfor x in range(12):\n print(funfunfun())\n""" 
I Give Up, Stupid Func Is Messing Too Much With Input... 
The Sewage System of Hate
Elder God
Nameless Hell
God System
The Nameless World
The Elder Palace
World City
The Hell Maze of Hate
Azure World
The God Palace
The World Tower
Tower Atrium
Maze Tower
Tower Agony
The Maze City
The World Atrium
The Sewage Palace
Nameless Maze
The God Shrine
Pain Agony of Hate
Elder City
Sewage System
Sewage City of Despair
The Pain Atrium 
THAT might be interesting ... 
Not that spew, what Jon said. 
Damnit... Such avoid theme. Won't have the time for it 
Sewage City Of Despair 
Kinda like Berlin?

Although I like E4, I'm not really interested/inspired to do a E4 jam at the moment - besides, "E4" seems too unspecific as a theme anyway. Also, Zwiffle must map, so we have to take all steps necessary to enable him! 
You Can Use Codepad For Your Sewage 
Sorry For Bumping... 
...But will there ever be another speedmapping session? Because I would be interested in participating on IRC if it comes around. 
I have a webcam now and might be interested in mapping something small-ish. I apologize for having a webcam in advance. 
How about new speedmapping event? 
SpeedDigs Of Map. 
I Would Like To Speedmap 
Learn me some TB2 + AD at the same time 
I did not know with AD. I spend a lot of time to study it. I think need use original Q 
I could make next week a little something for vanilla Quake gameplay? not AD. Have any ideas about themes? 
Spoons? I can not imagine what I can do 
How about surrealism? 
Escheresque Theme 
Nice idea. I like It 
Interesting. I like ait theme. 
I am start theme "Escheresque". Dead line next weekend 
More Escher 
There's only one map corresponds to the chosen theme. I think we will do it in good quality 
What About... 
maps based off of the Quaddicted twitter feed?

There have been a few nice screenshots posted there recently. 
Escher it is. Interesting!

Good idea on changing the title of the thread for people noticing. At first didn't catched it and thought it was discussion for a new jam pack.

I am having problems thinking of gameplay for that theme, but it is progressing. Probably bacause of not being able to map for the past two years. It is going to be good for mapping rehabilitation. 
My map.

There is a problem with Darkplaces. For:
"angles" "90 0 0"
there is a reversal of the object in the wrong direction. In other engines displayed normally.

Who else makes the map for this event? 
Cool map ! This map is very imaginative and innovative ! I felt very disturbed by the architectural orientations.

This theme is pretty "Quaky", in some way. There should be more often of these "twisted" and fucked up dimensions, in Quake.

My criticisms : Maybe the light is too strong all across the map. Use some fog, maybe ?

Try a version with a VERY STRONG fog. 
digs, does 89.9 or 90.1 fix it? you might be able to trick darkplaces while not affecting other engines. 
I Am Dropping From This 
I forgot to check if the idea i have is possible in Quake first, so now i have to change lots of things on it.
I expect to have it in around 24 hours, so it will be released later. I don't know if as a speedmap or not, time invested on it will decide. 
the deadline is this weekend digs!
I'm just half way there
MadFox And Digs 
Take your time.

I suggest to push the deadline for a few days (a week ?).

Digs, your trees suck. (trees in Quake1 always suck anyway). I suggest that you change them for trees without any leaf. Or some weird evil twisted sculptures instead.

Please, add more details ! 
Seeing That Thread Made Me Want To Refresh My Mapping Skill 
...since I've been stuck with a single map of Schlossher for months, but with the deadline being today, blech... 
I guess a mapping deadline is a lot like planned game release dates. 
Mapping deadlines tend to shift on amateur projects a lot worse than commercial IMO. 
I think we can take a few more days. MadFox how much time you need to complete?
Cocerello, we will wait for you.

Trees is difficult. I'm not sure what I can come up with something.

Necros: I'll try your idea

Barnak: I have tried to make the fog, but I did not like 
No, it does not work. I tried different combinations, "90.1 0 0", "270 0 180" and so on. But all in vain 
Digs, ... And Trees 
About trees, try some strange useless machine-like sculptures. Two boxes and a few pipes... 
My Map Is Pretty Rudimentary 
but I'm still a day or two off a playable release. 
Trees are indeed difficult, and are one of the things I'm still not sure on the most efficient way to render.

But there are many types of trees, some easier than others. 
You guys should start a topic about making nice trees for Quake1. Design, rendering, style, etc. 
>> Who Else Makes The Map For This Event? 
I will release my map for this SM event today evening. It remains to complete the placement of the monsters and finish some visual details. 
Digs, Your Trees Look Good 
Don't change anything aesthetically. Your map looks amazing, and the trees suit it perfectly. 
Thank you, unknown human. :) 
don't worry about making it good and polished, its an speedmap, it should be short, hasty in construction, and rich in ideas, so rudimentary is good.
Usually when one gets to spend more than 6-8 hours on them they lose their speedmap flavour. For recent examples, go with sm171, sm172 and sm174 and avoid things like sm175 and sm176.

Also, making it short and hasty makes it easier to complete maps and lowers the possibilities of it ending up forgotten on your hard disk, unfinished.

* Digs. OK, expect it today, but can't say when exactly, i still haven't compiled it once, so i don't know if its going to be one of those that takes half a day in compiling. I'll keep you updated. 
Digs Map. 
Had me loling in a good way. Really cool. 
I can't make the map in time, not soon either, so release the pack with just your map and DOOMer's, well, and Shamblernaut's if he appears.

I apologize for making you wait in vain. 
No problems. We are waiting for the others 
Im Getting There. 
My entity stuff is sorta time consuming. but it really needs to be completed wholly for the concept to work and be playable. 
My map is half way done. To turn it into a playable map it would need at least a week or more.

I'm not a speedmapper, in fact I hate it. 
My map for SM177

The balance may be bad (yesterday I didn't have enough time to test through many runs on the map). The map fits the event theme is probably not 100%, map by `digs it turned out much better in this.

digs. Your map is reminiscent of your earlier works from the series "Anomaly". 
Time Is Over 
I think that we wait for the map of Shamblernaut and make thread.
Others can then just give a link to them maps in the thread when finished work.
I Have One Done 
Give me some minutes to upload it

I updated archive with my map (

I think, yes - wait for the maps of Shamblernaut and Cocerello . 
of course.

I also updated my map 
Eh, It's Unlit, The Gameplay Is Rubbish... 
as is everything else about the map.

here it is:

I was testing a concept to see how it would play, turns out not great.

drop down by any striped textures to walk on that plane. 
I said that i was resigning on submiting something for this session, but as seeing that there was time till DOOMer and Shamblernaut submitted theirs, it thought of doing something fast, and here you have.

It was so quick to make, compared with the other i was doing, that i added support for skill levels and experimented with some tricks for replayability. You can even get different weapons depending on how you play it.

I am satisfied with it: it is not a great map and not as special as the one i was making, but i think its fun and its very speedmap-like, which was missing in most of my speedmaps.

* Important to note: its for playing with QUOTH

By the way, wouldn't it be better to do like always from now on? Sending the maps to however proposed the session to pack them all and them publish them on a news thread. That way we avoid several issues, like having the comments spread between here and the news thread, having lots of individual files and versions for each, people having to check for each new map, and the first and last map submitted being a bit forgotten. It's nothing big, but i was curious as of why in the last 3 speedmap sessions it was done like this. 
OK, guys. I'm and Digs talked and decided that I will make a package and publish the news about this event within 1-2 hours. 
Your map reminds me of that map by Markus Klar, from 1997 or something like that... I think it was named "a fly". 
Yes, I remember this map 
Bump For Negke. 
Get On It, Neggers! 
Bumping before Breezeep posts a "24h jam 2" thread. 
*spoiler* Tag? 

Is this the "Not Enough Ammo Jam"?

20h Jam 2? 
Is this happening? 
What's (probably) happening next is a speedmap event. 
Next Weekend. 
It's Almost Time. 
I'm currently thinking of the times for this session. It will last from Saturday 12:00 AM UTC to Sunday 12:00 AM UTC.
For reference, you can use this site to translate the time zones for yourself: Thoughts? 
Cool website. Very nice UX. So I guess just a few hours to go before start time? Looking forward to it! 
Works For Me 
Time zones are always confusing for me, so that url worked wonders. Thanks. 
Whatever Happened To GMT...? 
When I was a kid, I was taught that GMT was the international reference time, and everybody was using it. It was simple, everyone knew how many hours to add/subtract according to their timezone and it worked perfectly fine this way. Now people talk in CET, UTC and what-have-you, and nobody understands shit... 
Sandwich Time Is For Sissies 
I guess. 
GMT Is Alive And Well... 
GMT is now just a time zone. UTC is the same as GMT (or vice versa) but is now the global time standard. 
I bet Quake guy/ranger is using ZULU Military Time Format! 
It's Time For SM179! 

It's a relatively simple theme here, since sm178's theme was base, I thought I'd continue the trend from there. The deadline is sunday, Aug 18, 12:00 UTC.

You can submit your maps here, and make sure your map is named like this: sm179_[yournamehere]

You have 24 hours, GO. 
Thanks For The Clarification, Mike 
UTC is the same as GMT
I didn't know that. 
wizard.wad can be grabbed here 
14 Hours Left... 
Slept the rest of it.

Alright, I'll see what I can churn out in this remaining time. 
More Like 21 ... 
The deadline is sunday, Aug 18, 12:00 UTC.

August 18 doesn't fall on a Sunday until 2019... 
So This Is A 2-year Jam? 
My Bad, 
It's actually August 19, 12:00 UTC. Can a mod edit my post above? 
... Sunday Is 20 
not that it matter, b saying that its on sunday is enough. 
I'm Dumb 
Sadly I'm Out 
The idea just wasn't there. Good luck to everyone else. 
I PM'd you the map file. Note there is no .lit file. Did not used any colored lights. 
My Map Is Done! :)

Will do separate post, if this one is not gonna be on this pack. Weekend was a bit busy yet I missed the start, but this one is made under 24 nonetheless and theme is wizard. 
UTC+2 Is My Timezone 
There has been a bit of confusion with the calculations. 
Here is the one I attempted to this jam, previous one was test map made in 20h earlier. 
Start time should be posted in advance and the theme named as soon as it begins. Start 21:00 saturday, finish 23:59 sunday. 
Breezeep did BOTH of those things. 
everyone should chill out and be a little less critical of Breezeep imo. He took initiative, set a theme, organized, even made screenshots which I never did. I think he should be commended for trying to galvanize this more off the cuff variation on SM creation, especially if you guys want more packs to be organized!

Also what Negke said about files etc being unnecessary bologna. 
what happened to the speed chainmaps #69 and #100 
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