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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Whoops, Forgot The Email Adress 
Send the maps here: 
#4053 @Danzadan 
Link is dead. 
NVM, Found It 
in Dumptruck's Quake mapping Discord. 
Q1SP Speedmap "Simpleton" 
Quake Single Player Speedmap. Made in a bit over 3 hours. Was listening to XTC Mayor of Simpleton when I started. :)

2 secrets, 19 enemies. All skill levels supported.


SM187 "4h Speed Mapping" 
Sm187 event starts now "4h speed mapping session", maps should be made in 4 hours or under it. There is no specific theme, just pick what interests you personally. Vanilla quake maps. Multiple entries allowed as well.

Deadline would be 24~ hours starting from this point, but maps can be send much earlier of course. You can post finished maps to #speedmapping, directly to me or using my
email mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy mapping times*

Timer (a bit off): 
(Clarification: this session was prompted by post #4046.) 
actually #4064 
Sm187 Extension Needed? 
Do you pll need one extension about 12 hours more? Some might have different timezone or bad timing in rl. 
Bad timing = too bad, make a map next time. 
Yeah, if idea doesn't get support that is fine ofc ^^; Reminder about 6h left 
Last Minute Mappers Fair Extension (sm187) 
If you started in last 3h you can use rest 4h for your map. I will pack maps later today (about 6-7h from this point). 
where is the download? 
just posted func post, should be soon up. 
Now You're Warmed Up: 
SM188: The Age Of The No Penis Mapper

Theme: - read Baker's magnificent first post and make a map inspired by / in response to it.

Obviously this is quite conceptual. It's up to you, as the accused no-penis-mapper, to interpret it. You could acquiesce to Baker's words of wisdom and make a map featuring no penises but lots of coop starts. Or you could make a tribute to the great orator and make the whole map an enormous penis. Or anything in between.

If that's all a bit avant-garde, just make "classic Quake with a modern twist".

Any wad - vanilla Id1 only - runs in Quakespasm and Mark V

12am GMT Monday 17th September (4+ days from now).

Submit to:

(I know this is a bit soon after SM187 but I wanted to do it while it's vaguely topical). 
It's My Time To Shine. 
Female, trans, etc mappers are encouraged to do their own suitable interpretations of the theme, e.g. "no-vagina" map or "hell yeah I'm a proper no-penis mapper" celebratory map, etc. 
Solid Theme 
should draw CZG out. 
You've had two evenings, you have two more days. Let's do it!

I'm going at it hard, got a nice wee map that I might expand a bit. Hoping for some reinforcements from you guys. Remember if the theme is a bit conceptual (just like Baker's ramblings), then just do your own thing and have fun with it.

As a bonus, here's a suitable wad enhancement to inspire you: 
Progs_dump Speedmap Pack 
There's some interest in doing a speedmap pack around progs_dump. Tentative plan is to start wednesday the 3rd and end at the start of Monday the 8th. Still figuring out exact times and putting together a wad. More details to follow.

For naming this, did sm188 become a thing or just shambler's map? / Should the progs_dump speedmap pack be sm189? 
Sm188 Cancelled So This Is Now 188 
Do it boiz. 
Sm188: Progs_dump Speedmap Pack! 
sm188 starts at 12 AM EST (5 AM UTC) October 3rd and ends 12 AM EST October 8th!

We've bundled up all the tools and a custom wad in one spot:

Submit your maps to AndrewYoder [at]

Please note that while these tools contain the prog_dump tools, it's not the same as the progs_dump release. If you want examples for how to use those tools, you should download that and check out the maps!

Now get mapping! 
Forgot to mention! The custom wad has some new textures from Jazz! Even if you don't intend to submit a speedmap, worth checking out that wad for those! 
Wait is this the scary map thing? 
I think the scary map pack is going to be after. There was talk of putting together a wad with a lot of gory textures. iirc, Newhouse is the person to check with on that. 
SM189: Satanic Mechanism! 
Theme: Doom textures, because Doom's 25th anniversary is coming up (December 10th).

Deadline: December 9th, 23:59:59.

Progs: id1, because I feel it's too soon for another modded pack after the last speedmap/halloween jam/xmas jam.

Wad(s): (<- important!!!) 
Been a long time since I've looked at DOOM textures. Should be fun! 
But Wait, There's More! 
Danzadan produced two new wads of textures from Doom and Doom 2, with better color reduction and actual texture names! 
Can I recommend the use of this .wad too?:

Needs conversion... 
BUMP For The Weekend. 
I know of at least two people making something for this. Get involved! 
Sm189 - Doom 25th - Off Course 
Contributing to the birthday cake. Thanks Id.

(Built for Quakespasm) 
Is this your first map? 
It Is.. 
..after years of slouching about with Idtech engines.

***TO ADMIN: I posted 2 .rar files to quaketastic and they're identical. "sm189_tba143_02" can be deleted.
First upload and double posted due to the(?) 'inactivity' error. 
Okay Then. 
It's a nice map, though a bit hard.

I received 9 maps total. The full pack will go online sometime within the next 12 hours. 
Sm190: Six Textures 
Create a map in any theme using only six textures as your palette.

Rules: vanilla id1 progs, only six visible textures (no multitexture stuff)

Deadline: December 31st 23:59

Submitting: Drop files here or on quake mapping discord

Placeholder wad: 
A 10 day speedmap jam?

:qthink: :qthink: :qthink: :qthink: :qthink: :qthink: 
Tis the holiday season, take it at a leisurely pace 
I'll see about making a map or two. 
wad linked above is only a placeholder, you're free to use any textures you want (barring multi-texture mash ups). 
sm190 ? 
sm190 ! 
So That's 

Job done. 
A little under 48 hours til 2019 and the deadline, enough time for a person to knockout at least 4 speedmaps. Prioritize! 
sorry off topic here, but in your sm189 map, I'm still hunting for the 3rd secret... I've got the GA and YA. Any hints? 
The megahealth secret? The least obvious secret is kinda stupid, just grab the armor behind you in less than 4 seconds after spawning. 
I See... 
the GA is a timed secret! That's a tough one to crack. Any plans to further develop the map, as was suggested I forget where, or are you done with it? It's a good one! 
My Map 
And Here I Am! 
Good Stuff! 
Great turn out and a bunch of awesome maps.
Pack should be releasing sometime tomorrow afternoon; counting around 15 maps as it stands! 
I spaced out and forgot to VIS my map on my final compile. I know... nice work huh? Here's a link to a fixed version for anyone who has not played it. Feel free to overwrite the original version with this one.

I am posting this before the news post has gone live but I doubt the revised map will be included. 
Dumptrucks fixed version is now included in the release pack. 
SM191: Origins 
No custom progs. No skyboxes. No custom textures. Just ID1 goodness, as it was in 1996. Try to stay below 1500 brushes.

Deadline: January 20th, 23:59:59 GMT

Progs: ID1, as one might expect.

Wad: The original.

Send completed maps to:
voice DOT of DOT the DOT nephilim AT gmail DOT com

Good luck to everyone. I look forward to seeing people's takes on the classics. 
(An actually complete wad of original textures available here: 
Standard Quake map format? 
My maps usually are anything but close to id1 gameplay 
SM 191 
I've submitted 
Sm 191 
I've posted 
Remember SM92? 
#858 posted by Zwiffle on 2004/11/23 22:57:18
Theme: Rooftops (oooooooooh)

Me neither, since sadly nobody finished a map for that event. Now that we're 100 packs and almost 15 years into the future, maybe it's a good idea to revisit the unused theme?? Only one way to find out!

SM192: Rooftops

Progs: ID1.

Texture wad: Anything goes.

Deadline: February 17th, 23:59:59 GMT (func time).

Let's roll! 
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