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Video Game Soundtracks
-What do you wish to hear in a soundtrack?
-What makes a soundtrack worth listening to?
-Your favorite game soundtracks?

I'm listening to Q1 soundtrack. I've always liked it, love the atmosphere.. it's very inspiring musically. Any others I should check out?
Alice Rocks 
as does q1, but I liekd unreal too. 
I played Alice a little bit few years ago, don't remember much of the soundtrack but I did check out the individual soundtrack release on, pretty cool. 
alice is great, I bought the record - chris vrenna is a great musician.

the myst series also have great scores, riven and exile especially. I'm gonna buy the Uru one after new years. 
- i wish the soundtracks wouldn't be deliberate, they should be imperceptible and improve atmosphere in the same time.

- i wanna listen to soundtracks for the same reason described above

- quake, starcraft, alice, unreal 
Alice, Quake, Blood. 
Chrono Trigger 
nuff said k 
Anything From Neil Voss 
Which includes two Tetris incarnations. Well... if you consider Tetrisphere a Tetris. 
Changing My Vote To Classic Zelda... 
And Seeming Inertia Mentioned Chrono Trigger: 
But Where's The Acapella Bubble Bobble? 
Unreal Tournament 
Had a great soundtrack imo, trancey sort of, mellow at times and rushing at other times, a nice mix of styles.

Other soundtracks I like are Unreal 1, and errr some more bah :) 
Vice City. 
Symphony of the Night.

Quake is really good, but i don't like listening to it when i'm not playing. Same goes for a lot of NES games. 
Rise of the Triad was memorable. I wonder how it would sound to my ears now after so many years.

Of my favorite music moments, I would include the sequence at the start of the 'blastpit' section of Half-Life. It gave the feeling that something bizaar was waiting for you just around the corner.

Arx Fatalis's music also had a creepy vibe. 
Quake, Blood, Starcraft, Warcraft 2, Enclave, Unreal, Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Half-Life, Nehahra, Death Rally, Benefactor, Leander, Superfrog, Duke Nukem 3D, Hired Guns, Ishar - Legend of the Fortress, Deadly Tide, Disciples, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Furry of the Furries, Jaguar XJ220, Dojo Dan, Yo! Joe!, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Psycho Pinball, Wipeout 2097, Shadow of the Beast 3, Doom, Command and Conquer 2 - Red Alert, and the winner is Enclave, kthx :E 
Trent On Quake 1 
Here's an interview w/ Trent on Quake 1 soundtrack, pretty cool:

There may be more re: Quake in that directory 
nice interview
thx for the linkage 
Yeah Very Good 
i didn't realise all the nin influence was lost in the nintendo port tho, interesting to read 
Homeworld has a bitchin' soundtrack. verrrry atmospheric. 
So Does Homeworld2... 
haven't been able to extract the music yet... 
Apparently there's a soundtrack CD available. Haven't managed to find it for download, though. 
Is somewhere Enclave soundtrack, available to DL/buy/order/whatever ? 
back in the day there was talk around the office about releasing a soundtrack. don't know if anything has happened on that front since I left sbz, but who knows? There's talk on teamxbox about a xmas present, but that's turned into a new years present, could be the soundtrack. 
...had really cool tunes to match this great game. Even sounded good on crappy soundcards.

Blood (the first game) had good music in it. 
Thank you!

I would certainly buy Enclave soundtrack, because it's the best game soundtrack I've ever listened to so far. It would be a shame to rip it off instead of buying a silver cd of it =(

There's a thing which amazes me. If they don't want to release it as standalone CD, why won't they release it as downloadable MP3? It costs them nothing then, either cash or time.

Scragbait--> I suppose that all of Blood tracks are available in MP3 format in Transfusion Quake conversion. 
...and forgive me my bloody english =) 
"There's a thing which amazes me. If they don't want to release it as standalone CD, why won't they release it as downloadable MP3? It costs them nothing then, either cash or time."

Bigger fisheses to fry, my preciousss... 
welcome to the 90's wrath. Quote tags do exist! and they're SOOOooo easy to use! just put '<' and '>' around a 'q' and copypaste that plagerized text! and then close 'em off with a '</' before and a '>' after the 'q'!

#33, Scampie.

Could you please steal that Enclave soundtrack and share it? =) 
My Faves 
Doom, Doom II and the Playstation version of Final Doom; Quake, with honorable mention to Purusa's Neh tracks; and Blood, mainly because it uses its own wavetables. Wonderful.

Incidentally, if anyone can explain why Blood has started soft-resetting my computer for no obvious reason, please let me know. 
Blood music and texts rawked =)

"Fresh victims for the ever-growing army of the undead"
Got everything in .wav :] 
from snes - Super Metroid (dont like all the ff/chrono-like cheesy music)
pc - fallout(1,2) 
What about Halo? Duh-duh-duh-DAH! Duh-duh-duh-dah!Duh-duh-duh-dAh! Duh-duh-Dah-duh-duh-dah-duh-duh-dah!
And sonic 1? And mario? and ocarina of time...the list goes on... 
The Best Game Soundtrack 
Digger (I mean original old digger, not new remakes) 
Jeez, If You Are Going To Go That Route, 
don't forget the calmly serene music of Tetris. I bet it drove Vondur nuts. 
I have a techno remix of the tetris theme on my comp. so lame, and yet so awesome. ;) 
My Friend Has A Heavy Metal Version 
Heard it once... hilarious. Starts off with them shouting "Lets play some tetris motherfuckerrrrrr" befrore breaking into a grindy guitar version of the classic melody.

ahh classic 
sorry, I ain't got it. 
Panzer Dragoon Orta 
DUnno if it's good or not, but I seriously wanted to get it based on the stuff I heard from it, but I can't find it anywhere. The shit I heard was fuckin cool tho. Very nice stuff :D 
descent. best soundtrack ever. played through that game just to hear all the nice tunes :)

daikatana is another one with great soundtrack. 
Never Heard Descent's Music... 
But Descent 2 had cd-quality audio, done by Type-O-Negative and a few members of Skinny Puppy. ^_^ It was pretty intense as I recall, I should dig that out...

Another game I remember is Mechwarrior 2. Sorta a tribal/orchestral hybrid soundtrack, also pretty cool.

games with bad soundtracks... Quake 2 and Quake 3, yuck. generic industrial rock. :/ 
and I also still remember Warcraft 2 soundtrack. Absolutely not annoying and very athmospheric.

Yes, I know I luv midi :) 
? Hm? 
war2OST was released on a game CD tho, got everything in mp3 anyway 
Why on earth has no-one mentioned SYSTEM SHOCK 2 yet? What the hell is wrong with you people. Now that's the kind of music games should have. 
Dom's E2M8... 
...has the coolest MIDI stereo effects. Listening to it now makes it sound like the sound source keeps moving around my desk. Woah. 
Can't forget Age of Empires, now, can I? It's got a nice ambience. 
The soundtracks that come to mind for me are:

Starcraft/Warcraft: especially the starcraft one that goes NA NA, NA NA NAAAA!! You know the one.

Diablo: the original diablo was the best i remember, nice and folky and gothic

Alice and Quake: grouped together because they're so obvious, also due to the nin connection. Chris vrenna probably did a better job than trent but I think he had more time to work on the tracks.

Total Annihilation: well its the greatest rts ever to of course its going to have a great soundtrack :). Really nice orchestral stuff, suits the game perfectly...the sort of epic stuff you want to hear as you send 100 gunships in to kill those damn laser towers. 
Total Annihilation: well its the greatest rts ever to of course its going to have a great soundtrack :)

Absolutely agree. I still have grabbed Total Annihilation soundtrack (AoE too) in my mp3 archive.
I especially liked the track Blood of the machines. Cool track with even more cool name. 
The Tracks Have Names? 
could tell me how to get them? When I ripped them all I got was 7 tracks of 'battle' and 9 tracks of 'building'.... not so catchy :D 
CDDB, Probably. 
CDDB is where I got the track listing for the Quake CD tracks. 
I Checked The Site 
and i couldn't get anything better than the cddb titles that were automatically downloaded, weird... 
I Got 
them from CDDB before grabbing the disk.
If you want I may send them to you.

BTW The artist name of all tracks is Cavedog Entertainment.
Very funny is that artist name of AoE soundtrack is Microsoft corporation :) It's interesting to see Billy G. singing 8D 
i would certainly appreciate it if you could send me the track names, thanks. My email is 
then you have to wait a little, cuz my mp3 archive is not at my comp now. I had a HDD crash awhile ago and all my mp3's are stored at my friend's hard drive. I'll send you track names when I get my mp3's back or at least just visit my friend 
HDD Crash Buddies! 
thanks again 
Chris vrenna probably did a better job than trent...

Calling you Sally, face-fucking you with a five gallon fire-extinguisher... 
drunkk postnig? 
I resent that implication, sirrah. Fisticuffs at dawn! 
I'll go down on someone if he gives me the Enclave Soundtrack in mp3. 
Point Of Order 
to be fair, you'd go down on someone if he didn't give you the Enclave Soundtrack in mp3. 
I liked the darker stuff in Hitman 1. I also downloaded the entire Deus Ex 2 soundtrack at official site, good stuff too. I've got some various stuff from Summoner 1, 2... Descent Freespace 1, 2, Hitman 2 and 3... several dev's release the music online free. 
Quake 1 = best game soundtrack ever. Also I thought Dungeon Keeper had really good music and ambience, as did Unreal 1. Half-Life had some great moments - especially the initial train ride. Doom also had its moments, but some of the music was a little bit out of place.

I guess Alice had pretty good music/atmos. as well, but I didn't play past the first few levels as I found the game so tediously boring.

Also I really liked the ambience in the N64 port of Quake, although the added coloured lighting was a bit sloppy.

I also second the notion that the music in both Quake II and Quake III is complete garbage ;) 

all great songs. ^_^ 
For What Quake 2's Songs Were.. 
I liked them. But I prefer music less in-your-face for games, especially if audio cues play a part in the gameplay, which they don't necessarily do in Quake 2, but either way I prefer something more ambient. 
Also I thought Dungeon Keeper had really good music and ambience

Definately. I still spin the DK disc from time to time when I need to chill out a bit. The opening 'pastoral prelude' track is one of the most soothing pieces of music I've heard and the rest are all Tolkienesque and cartoon-cavernous :)

AM's Alice music was some of the best design in the game I think. Long after completing it, I still listen to a couple of the tracks for mood. 
Where can i download these TA soundtrack 
i'm not sure if you can. I ripped it off the TA disc though, and thats probably a good bet. If you don't own TA, you can probably pick it up for almost nothing now, and you get an awesome game and a nice soundtrack for your money.

amazon has it for $8.99 new or $2.90 second-hand. 
Hello . Where can i get Enclave soundtrack in mp3. Can You help me guys ? :) 
Doom's Running From Evil 
Running from evil has a kicka$$ solo on it.. Bobby Prince is the man... Also Alice, Retrun to castle wolfenstein and diablo 
Yay for midi guitar solos!!1 
In The Same Order... 
... if you look for a good sound like heavy-metal with guitar solos, just listen to Nightmare Creatures I and II games music .. It really increases insecurity feeling in this horror, black and weighty ambiance FPS game..
I don't know if someone has yet played this game, but it was terrific !!! 
I think guitar music in games largely sucks. Try playing Painkiller with the 'battle music' turned off - it makes for a much more cohesive experience. It's a shame they stuck that heavy metal stuff in PK - you'd be quite happily walking around, admiring the spooky ambience and getting creeped out when suddenly "JUN JUN JUN JUN JURRRR - OH NOES TEH MONSTERS ARE COMING!!1" Even if the 'battle' consists of shooting a solitary skeleton creature in a small room, you still get the stupid guitar music. 
Battle Music 
Even if the 'battle' consists of shooting a solitary skeleton creature in a small room, you still get the stupid guitar music.

LOL yes. Silly. I kind of remember a similar thing from Serious Sam though, but I seem to remember that case it was comical in that game. You take out a small horde of monsters with the battle music, then the music fades almost to nothing, then it comes back strong again for all of 1 second while a lone skeleton jumps out and you cap it with a double-barrel shotgun blast, and then it fades out. 
does turning down the fight music still mean the ambient music is cut off when monsters are awakened?

if so, maybe someone will h4x0r the scripts or whatever to get rid of that later... 
no, the ambient music continues even during fights. I think setting 'battle music' to 0 also has the effect of saying "use ambient music all the time", which is cool. 
sweetness! i have to try this! 
and i jacked up the ambient music to 100, to further enhance the evilness 
Soundtracks Of The Games 
You can use AvRack program to record soundtracks "from the PC screen", I did so to make squeeze soundtracks out of Enclave game, for example, or NFS Underground. Try it yourself... 
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