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Nesp16 - "R_speeds Be Damned!" -- Q1SP
i thought it would be cool to keep up with the sudden q1sp activity. also, i got caught up playing KotOR, and forgot to release this sooner. :P anyway, this is an experimental map which is fairly small but should pose a good challenge, unless you're an experienced q1sp player.

(personally, i find these don't really do the map justice...)

download: (1.3 MB)^1165918609/planetquake/necros/
non-fileplanet download:


Please note, to run this map properly, you will need a fairly decent computer. In general, at least an 700mhz CPU with a decent video card (At least a good GeForce2 or equivalent) is recommened. A 1GHZ + GF4 4200 can handle the map perfectly. Also note that if you plan to use a software engine, you'll need to change some parameters -- don't worry, full instructions are in the readme.
Nice map necros. Had a unique a feel to it definately. I really liked the brushwork on it especially, thin little details to everything. I think this map could have used a sky :) but the black void always works for me. you have all been necro'd 
Better Download Link 
Pimped But Not Played. 
I only had time to play it for 10 minutes this morning. Just enough time to grab some screenshots and pimp it over on my site (QuakeTerminus). Looks like a sweet level, I can't wait to get home and play it! Nice work necros :)) 
excellant map! (from playing various beta test versions)

I'll play the final when I get home tonight, but for now, have a non-fileplanet link: 
Quality Map 
good game play and inreconnection between the areas. Original looking as well. Sty;isticially, it is kind of a cross between the first Imsomnia map and the abstract eatheral level of Ultima Underworld, but visually more menacing than either. 
Can You Tell, 
I was scratching my balls and typing with one hand there, 'inreconnection', 'sty;isticially'? I suck.
BTW, I played it on a PIII 733 mhz, GeForce 2 MX, no problems, except a little lag in the second to last Vore killzone. Played on DP, and the sound started skipping in that section as well. 
Quake Error 
Quake crashed and gave me this error while trying to load your map, necros. 
thanks for the mirror, Scampie!
inertia: what's the difference, and how do you get that url?

rpg: that was a good one :) wasn't expecting it. :P

and thanks to everyone else to, of course! 
Played it, liked it, only found one secret. In some places the brushwork came together and it felt really great, but in some places it felt disjointed. Also, it didn't always feel solid. Where the brushwork was really thin it felt like the map was tied together with shoestring. 
Interesting Map... 
Quite fun to play through and I particularly liked the final secret - especially having got the MH by jumping already. If I hadn't already got that it would be a too powerful secret.

Aesthetically it strikes me as very much a conceptual map, a higher quality version of some of the earlier "weirdo" Quake maps. However personally I don't feel the aesthetic works that well, there seems to be a lot of "stuff" that doesn't contribute much to a pleasing look. On the other hand, the scaled up water/lava textures are an excellent effect indeed. 
Played It 
Before I comment, where can I get nesp10 - Embers of Cruelty? I haven't got that one and Necro's page doesn't have a link for it.

Nesp16 is very intriguing in that it is an attempt to pull all the stops and throw in mega brush detail and like Necros said, let the brushes do the scene creation while the textures take a secondary role. I've never seen brushwork like this. It has a freaky kind of dream-state setting which was interesting and fun to explore. This is yet another map to take your time in and check out the multitude of bizzare geometric expressions. It's not what you would call a thing of beauty but it is art that fills the eye and it does show a high level of skill. It must have been a handful to manage in the editor.

Combat ramped up nicely and it was a mix of in-fight starting and running all over the place with guns ablaze. All good Quakey fun. I played on hard.

I found 2/3 secrets and can't find the 3rd despite a lot of retracing. I got armour and the MH that is visible from the walkway. I wonder if the 3rd requires trick slope jumping or some speedrunning move.

I don't know how long it took to vis but I have a map that is taking an eternity to vis and perhaps me and necros share an equal dependance on aguiRe's very helpful vis tool. I won't say how many hours my map has vised since I've been called Scragbiatch already. 
Hey Scragbait 
Glad to see you taking it in stride after we dumped on you back there; I hate meaness for meaness sake but at the same time I can't resist a good line. 
What's A Mapper... 
without a thick skin. It's a tough crowd here.

Forgot to mention that this map was perfectly playable on my machine. A 1.2GHz P4 with an older 64Mb DDR Radeon. 
It's Good To Hear That Not Many 
are having problems running the map at a decent speed. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. it also means i'll be able to make even more demanding maps in the future... roar!

and of course, thx for all the kind words! 
Also, Scragbait, 
embers was part of the coagula2 contest...

here's a link to the contest pack: 
3 Of 3 
I have the coag2 pack so my necros collection is complete.

Found the 3rd secret. This one was, shall we say, mean. 
cant help but salute the experimental mapping
yet I dont like neither structure nor texture
quite mixed impression overall 
the sheer brush count of that map even made my mom shit herself... how can you not be impressed mapist? pay respects where respects are due... 
Mapist, aka Speedy, is just a troll. ignore him. 
I wasnt speaking to you shrimp. beat it 
No Actually... 
I have to agree with Speedy here.
I appreciate the attempt to do a maps aestethics from architecture only, but the aestethics in this case are kinda garish.
I dunno why, this map just doesn't rub me quite the right way. 
it was experimental. :P

to be honest, i wasn't really paying attention to theme or achitecture consistency. like i said, i just sort of mapped what i felt like.

if i ever try it again, i'll definatly have a more ordered method. 
It's Just That 
at the point where i realized all the different themes clashed too much, i was too far along (at around 4000 brushes) to be bothered to get rid of half the map and remake it. 
Worth It 
necro's exercise is time well spent. It is not considered a bad thing to take risks and see what can be learned in science and technology. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes not - just look at Spirit and Beagle2. Those determined to push the limits are certain to do it whether or not others see the sense.

As I mentioned before, while the map may not have possessed great beauty (even in an ugly sense), it was interesting to study.

I am currently taking a gamble on a map. It has been vising for over 400hrs (it's at 98%) but I'm not giving up. Going overboard helps to find where the proper boundaries of reason are. 
For The Record... 
I said the same thing to necros when beta testing. There's no serious, consistent style to the architecture, which is a killer when there are no textures to fall back on to to set up a definate theme. But I felt this wasn't a large enough concern to keep beating him over the head with. There's a huge amount of differant and neat things here that over shadows the minor fact that it doesn't all go together cleanly. It's just a fun experimental map where you should take each area on it's own merits. 
I can't say I really enjoyed it that much either to be honest. I can appreciate its qualities... it looked very impressive; had excellent detail work and very innovative & striking designs. However... it almost had a feel of overkill at times, with most areas being crammed with sharp angles and masses of detail. I prefer it in moderation.

The structure/gameflow of the map didn't really appeal to me either, since I never seemed to be going anywhere; was almost like a converted deathmatch map in layout; never really felt any sense of progression since most of the fighting took place around the same few rooms at different floor levels. Monster placement felt a tad repetetive at times, with multiple hordes of hellknights attacking in close succession. For some reason this worked well on CZG's latest map but I found myself getting bored of it here.

Still, it's great for what it's trying to be.. experimental, original, and good looking, and for that alone it deserves a thumbs up. 
I'm A Shrimp? 
shrimp huh mapist? okay whatever. I was playing quake when you were at your mom's tit.

go back to trolling. 
by shrimp, he was refering to scampie. :) 
Ahhh, Forgiven 
all is good then mapist :)

Put that extreme brushwork into a consistently styled map and you will really have something. Mad props necros. 
cant say I liked it. Good concept, bad execution. Like a lot of people have said, too many different styles that clash and contrast way too much. The gaudy texturing didnt help either. Personally, I found it distracted from the brushwork rather than highlight it. It worked best in the brown textured areas rather than the blue ones which were the majority.

gameplay was ok. 
I knew it was a bad omen that I really liked it. 
Challenging Map 
but the double Fiend surprise attack near the beginning was absolutely unfair, an IDT and I hate those. I agree with some here that architecture and texture usage was a bit overboard for my taste but as an experiment it was nice (must've been hell to fullvis).

It reminded me somewhat of the old sgodrune Tale of Abbot's Rune maps which also had weird visuals combined with pretty relentless, staged combat.

Lighting is a different story. I had to play in fullbright, couldn't hardly see anything at all. I'll re-light it and then it'll probably offer a much better experience. As for weapons/ammo, it was good but I really missed the GL when being attacked in wave after wave of DeathKnights. Maybe it was in a secret?

I also had no problems with r_speeds but I didn't try it on my dino 233MMX ...

Btw, what was the purpose of the 2nd IDT (the lava door) to the left of the exit? 
I Believe 
if you didn't find the megahealth teleport secret, then the regular teleport would've taken you there in the middle of the vores. If you did find the megahealth secret, then you just blast em away from up high. 
I had mistakenly a lower gamma setting when playing so disregard my previous comments on way too low lighting. It looks much better now. 
you doofus! :P

actually, fighting the vores at the end is not hard at all, as long as you don't get caught flat footed at the start. if you start to move right away, you can always stay ahead of the voreballs (unless you're on hard mode, in which case, you just need to use the bridge pillars as cover so you can get rid of the voreballs as they get close).
personally, i wish people would do that in their maps. i find it very challenging to keep moving like that, instead of just ducking in and out of cover picking vores off from a distance. vores need to be in your face to really be fun. :D

and the megahealth was a mistake. it shouldn't be so far forward so that you can grab it from the bridge. i was supposed to change it but i forgot. i also didn't realize how easy the last fight is if you use the secret teleport... i should have spawned some ogres or something up there... oh well. :P 
there is no gl. that was part of making the map hard because a gl would completly have negated the gang attacks (most notably the ones before the gold key).

i'm planning on experimenting with weapon loadout more in the future... maybe like, giving the lg at the start, but giving less and less ammo for it as the game goes on or something like that... so, you need to use it at the start, but you can't save it up for the end because you don't have enough ammo from your other weapons. i actually tried that to an extent in a speedmap, where you face shamblers at the start with a lg, and at the end, you face a few enforcers with only your regular shotgun. it's difficult though, because you have to make sure the player has enough ammo even if she's a lousy shot but not to give too much so you can save it up... whatever, just some idea. :) thinking out loud :P 
...drop cells - enough to prolong a shafting spree quite nicely. 
My Thoughts 
enough to prolong a shafting spree quite nicely.

yeah, shafting spree was good, i'd give it 4/5. I'm not sure it took advantage of all the DVD features though... i mean image quality was good, but it would have been nice to have some more special features (although i did enjoy the featurette where SHAFTOR meets the special effects gimps). In conclusion, its not a classic, like The Joy of Teabagging: Collectors Edition for example, but its a hell of a lot less disturbing than Barney does Anal
hehe, i just noticed something:

in the credits foe nesp16, i thank ChAiNeR for vising and Tyrann for tyrlite... that was actually for my last map (nesp10)... :P

i usually just copy the text file and change stuff for the next map... forgot about the credits :P so i should actually thank Scampie, Vondur and Spentron for awesome beta testing and Bengt Jardrup for all his awesome q1 tools. doh! 

I'm so offended! Only reason I beta test is for my name in the .txt file! 
Oh Dear... 
how can i make it up to you? 
or mention in nespq17.txt!

or both. 
Blowjobs It Is. 
Blow Jobs 
for everyone ? ;) 
as long as I'm first, I don't want everyone else's dick touching mine via necros' spit. 
We'll have to set up strict guidelines such as Necros washing his mouth out with hydrochloric acid between each job. But good map nonetheless. 
perhaps it would be better if i just acknowledge ya in my next map, scampie... this is getting out of hand. 
but I want credit on the first line!! 
Out Of Hand... 
and INTO THE MOUTH!! ROFL!!! ... I'm gonna be banned from #tf aren't I? 
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