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Old Quake Mods
I'm reformatting my PC so I'm trying to archive all of my favourite Quake mods, including some really old ones which have obviously by this point got broken downloads. So does anyone know where I can find Quess, Quake Rally, Quake Aircraft, Qtank?
i always check sunet archives for old quake stuff (or check for ftp files if i know the filename, beats fileplanet, etc) i think its quake dir there, and on top of that i get some of the best download speeds from them despite it being overseas 
There Should Really Be A Reminder To Put Url Code In :( 
<a "">eeeeee</a> 
yeah remember how qmap had that code usage page so you wouldnt forget how to put url's in posts?... 
Unless I'm mistaken, there is no way to put links in your post. Unless your URL is HTTP, it's going to b0rk.

So, yes, there should be URL code and something defining its usage. 
thanks. & also...

where can I snag quake dm7?
yes, I'm really catching up on oldskool stuff here ;) 
I've Got DM7 
isn't that the map with tiers over water with a runic metal theme? 

I can email you quess13 if you like (1.76mb) 
Actually I Just Rembered These: 
i was searching for two levels/conversions a while ago:

"Troopeux TC"
"The Knights Of Hell" (7 sp maps??) [by Bunker software Team] 
Yeah Yeah... 
i'll make it better. But, at the soonest, it will not happen for a few weeks. 
I've now gotten all of the ones I listed plus some. My god Quake tank rocks!

I also got dm7 Acrophobia, but I guess I was mistaking another map for dm7... I was thinking of a very id-style map, it had a mix of dm1-style medieval, base, and end-pit themes. Isn't this map dm7, or is the square arena one I've got really dm7? 
I remember seeing dm7, though not playing it. It is, indeed, a fairly blocky bluish metal map with a big tank of water at the bottom. 
By The Way, DM7 
DM7 is one if the best ID maps. A really weird structure, has the same old old-skool id-stlye, very easy to learn.
I plaid 2 hours on it last week nonstop. Unfortunately the first ID map that has the clearing bug. 
rocks the casbah...

woot woot. 
you are not referring to one of dario casali s maps?
well i guess you have all of those. classics!
sunet rocks. i got lots of old stuff on cd gamers. thats when i picked up on all the addons and stuff. lovely times! 
More Mods-lot Of Help? 
Ive been looking for a few days now and ive had no luck finding the 2 mods i want more than life itself "k slight exacgeration" anyways im looking for

quake superheroes
quake metamorphism or META by lon holberg i think?

anyways ive tried the sites listed here and many others, either broken links or nothing at all.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

not that good.... it's not a bug 
Quake Meta 
Hey I used to play meta quake, who are you Ring? I still talk to Lordstorm (BC) Quad(GG) Wag(BC) and a few others. If you see this my sn on aim is Elixxur. 
like that movie with Keuna Reeves, messages of love across the abyss of time.

Bring back Heartsy Crate for Valentines Day. 
I used an emphatic.

Bring back Heartsy, please. 
I'm surprised you did checked Spirit's Quaddicted and Shub-hub archives: there are plenty there ! 
Me Too... 
#10 posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/03/10 12:23:57
""i was searching for two levels/conversions a while ago:

"Troopeux TC"
"The Knights Of Hell" (7 sp maps??) [by Bunker software Team]""

I too have been searching for those. Did you/anyone find them? 
Also check out this thread

leileilol is a good source of anything from yesteryear. No offense to func (and I am not one to perpetuate this silly divide) but the Inside3d Forums is the common place for mod talk. 
You're not thinking of this ?
IMHO it's a wreck of a mod. the models are amazing, but game play is non-existant. 
long live to meta ;p
feel free to contact me at for the mod.

btw, its Lon Hohberger :P 
Wait... Just To Be Clear 
I'am NOT lon. I was just correcting evil :D sup btw, if you ever get that message... 
Best mod ever played without a doubt. Spent many countless hours fraggin and gettin fragged!! hehehehehe oh boy that ticklesss ehehehhee. <<<<------ 
Seriously Hell I Think I W 
Hey man i was in the clan OeH sister clan to BC holy shit and I was really good friends with LmO he facebooked me so I decided to google if you guys have Lordstorms info let me know that was my g! well hell I quit playing quake years ago after Halo and Call Of Duty but those games dont come near Quake Meta CTF damn those were the days fuck I am 25 now that's nuts! hit me up! 
Perquake and Malice kick ass. That's about it. 
some of the coolest and best-implemented custom weapons ever. 
Dr. Shadowborg's Hellsmash also rocks, but it doesn't count as old.

All of these (Perquake, Hellsmash, Malice) have better weapons than vanilla Quake. DOOM/II and Quake 2/Reckoning also have better weapons. The list could go on. It's the one thing an egoshooter has to get right - weapons that simply feel good to use (and are suitably effective). In this regard, Quake falls flat on its face.

The rocket launcher is Quake's symbol precisely because it's the only effective weapon in the entire game. A shotgun that can't even kill a grunt? O_o

If someone made a mod that substitutes a Malice-style pistol for Quake's SG, with unlimited ammo, I'd immediately switch and never look back.

On top of that, I'd take the Perquake style double barrel over Quake's any day. That thing blows an ogre across the room, as it should. It is simply fun to use. Quake 2's assault shotgun is nothing special, but at least it gets the job done. But Quake's DBS? Punching nails into the wall is more entertaining...

I also like a good rapid fire weapon in a game, one that feels suitably chaotic and cheesy while spewing forth its random stream of death. Malice's uzi, Hellsmash's assault rifle, Perquake's machine gun and Q2's chaingun all fit the bill better than Quake's nailguns. DOOM falls notably short in this regard, though. Its minigun does the job, but is just boring to use.

Finally, I find tossing hand grenades more fun than using grenade launchers. Quake 2 takes the cake here, both for its superb hand grenades and its abominably boring grenade launcher. PHLUNK! *yawn*

Qoetia has a relatively good Q1 version of hand grenades, the longer you "wind up" the further you can throw. They don't explode in your hand though, and they don't tick, which is a big minus.

Weapons in a shooter should simply be *fun to use*. In other words, they should create the biggest ruckus possible, and hopefully look and sound cool.

I even prefer Quake2's rocket launcher because of the sound (both the firing and the moving rockets sound *cry*). Not to mention the railgun. The thing even hums while you wield it, Quake's lightning gun never did that.

Quake has some good weapon models, though. Most of them have a stylish simplicity. The artwork is generally one of Quake's strong points. 
Oooh. My Ultimate FPS Weapons Lineup: 
Melee: Jedi Academy lightsaber

Sidearm: CS:S Desert Eagle

Shottie: HL1

Light Rapid-fire: CS:S Mac10

Heavy Rapid-fire: AvP Smartgun

Singleshot Accuracy: Quake2 Railgun

Incendiary: Kingpin Flamethrower

Rocket launcher: Quake 2

Throwable 1: Quake 2 Hand Grenade

Throwable 2: HL1 Snark

Novelty 1: HL2 Gravity Gun

Novelty 2: Blood voodoo doll

Heavy Weapon: Quake 1 Lightning Gun (complete with water discharge)

Ridiculously overpowered behemoth of a gun: Doom BFG9000 
I actually like the Q2 BFG a lot, but I see your point. 
I like it, but I've always felt that the amount of damage it does fails to match the way the actual gun looks and feels [i.e. really weighty]. If I were to change it I suppose I'd make it twice as powerful but only capable of holding enough ammo for one shot. 
I Always Liked... 
...the ut2k3 "devastator" which was a giant rocket that you navigated to its target in first-person view, while your avatar just stands there vulnerable. It's hard to be effective with, but at the same time, deadly, creates panic when people here the rocket sound, and leaves you easy pickings for anyone who knows where your avatar is. Plus it's fun to fly around. 
Sorry For Anality 
its the redeemer :)

And yeah, it rocks! I think the submachine gun from FEAR should get an honourable mention, that thing felt relly meaty and tore the place up, while the heavy machinegun in that game felt like crap! 
o i c

Yeh, OK, this spawned that. Forgive me, it's late here. Just saw the last 2 posts and forgot reading the other posts this morning, assumed they were in wrong thread. 
Meta Quake Update 
Hey I totally thought Teezee was lon's email and I just sent it to a few ppl :P Oh well! Anyway hey so Ringmaster, LMO, Virus, H, Quad, Wag, Zen/Rook, Prophet, and a few others are on my aim. I am going to compile a list of who I have and email it or aim it to you. If you want it my sn is Elixxur (aim) and email is

Find me.

Teezee Meta Name. 
Is there really a "Fear" quake mod? 
I would say "google it"..

PS: I still have "something to do" for you. Please be aware I didn't forget, it is just a matter of finding some free time to look at... and it may happen soon as I'm on holidays ;) Please be patient... 
I google myself and got degoogled.

PS: don't. I apreciate your concern but I'm working on the map, so the download isn't valid anymore. Will ask you again in the future.thanks! 
I donwnloaded the stuff you sent... I'll have a look, don't worry ;) 
Malice TC For Quake 1 
where can i get Malice for quake for free 
If It's Anywhere 
is not in Quaddicted...

I dont think it still for sail...

I have it in my hard drive! 
If you can't find for free you should probably buy it. 
Malice ? 
Malice... Yes 
As it is a commercial add-on, I guess there's no other way but buying it if you really want to have it... though... I'll try on some "alternate" webiste I know to check whether I can find it ... 
Malice TC For Quake 1 #2 
thank i hope you can find it 
Mod Locations 
I recall a large number of mods/conversions can be found at Quake Terminus. 
but as lots of mod and hosting service is annulated, links have broken endings.
Malice is a commercial product, so therefore only available on Ebay. is also a good checkpoint. 
dose anybody know where i can find a mod for quake 1 that puts quake 2 weapons and monsters in quake 1. dose anybody know what this mod is called 
well there was a Quake2 mod called Generations that put Quake1 in Quake2. 
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