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New QSP Map -- Adamantine Cruelty
My new QSP is ready.



BTW, if you don't mind, could you please record the first run demo? I really enjoy watching first runs :)
Great map Vondur 
A Quality Map... particular favourite part being at the end, when neither the Fiends nor the Shambler jump down into the pit with you, thus required no-clip to complete the map. Truly a masterstroke of end-game design.

P.S. It's not blocky enough. 
new single player map from vondur!!
i hope its BIG
gimme !! :D
vondur plz fix download link asap :] 
the fixed map is back, enjoy :) 
Von Rocks 
Great map Vondur, not a brush out of place and good vertical design. I had the same problem as Shambler but managed to tempt them down by whistling & smelling of fish. Sorry I forgot to record a demo. 
I Love It ! 
it took me almost 30min to complete it ! :) and thats because i was admiring architecture etc. which is very very good. i like there are many circles and curvy things on this map :] some part [staircase] of the map reminds me gmsp3 but maybe its only me :> oh and i like this "shoot in stained glass" idea but i couldnt find this secret door and i was forced to use noclip :< this base part of map look great too, to bad its so small. any powerups on this map ? ring maybe ;D oh and btw, not enough secrets for a vondur map :> nah its perfect ;) 
Got A Demo For You 
I could get a job as a fluffer in San Fernando Valley with the amount of suckage I show in this run-- feel free to post if you find it amusing.

I like what I see so far, and will try to give it a proper run tommorow night.

Thanks for all the heavy brush pushing, Vondur. You are the One. 
That Was A Sweet Map 
Demo, complete with inner monologue. 
Demo...please Be Kind 
Glad you liked the map guys :)
Thanks for the demos, they're funny to watch as always :)

Glassman, you probably got the buggy version of the map. It was available only during the first hour, then I reuploaded fixed version, so if you want you can dload it. 
I find it interesting how Blitz and I started off the map so differently. Also, when we entered the door opened by the silver key we both freaked out when we heard the schwing and jumped back. 
Praise The Lord! 
I just love levels that are styled like that. A+ job Vondur, that was a very good level. I recorded a demo of my first time through, on skill 2. I even found the secret observatory (very original idea)!

I pray Vondur continues to make levels for Quake in the future :) 
is it meant to say "you have faile your mission, do you still want to exit"? 
fantastic stuff vondur, I'm glad you did this map in a style that you dont normally do. It's very very stylish and well built and the gameplay is on par with Nastrond. It replaces Czg03 as the best map using id textures.

The most amazing thing IMHO is the layout, it's as good and immersive as the layouts in czg's last few maps and glasmman's last.

Great stuff! 
Proof that Vondur is the best Q3 mapper ever! 
A Speed Run... 
Although I'm sure Vondur could care more about what kind of toilet paper he wipes himself with... i made a speed run of his new level.. who speed runs anymore?!? well i do dammit!!

The route is fairly linear.. any ideas for shortcuts is appreciated. 
"who speed runs anymore?!?"

Good question. To find out the answer make sure you all come along to the Nolans 2003 award ceremony in #qdq on quakenet Friday 9th March 10PM CET 4PM EST.

Of course, it'd also be nice if you voted for the winners first...

Now. What was all this about about a new map by Vondur? 
I meant Tuesday 9th. 
In case anyone is idiotic enough to think that my first comment is the only view I have on the map....obviously it's a great map, good in both design and gameplay. Any fule kno that. Here's a few things that struck me most prominently about the map:

1. It doesn't feel at all like a Vondur map. In fact it feels a lot like a CZG map. Funny since CZG's last map DIDN'T feel a lot like a CZG map.

2. The layout is very complicated. I got lost playing it. I even got lost no-clipping through to check the complexity.

3. The super-secret looked awesomely cool and I wish I'd found it. I got rather bored of shooting 92354 windows to find a secret.

4. 204 monsters seemed rather a lot. Actually the gameplay was really quite reasonable despite me playing like a complete knob. Seemed to be plenty of YAs which was nice. I ran out shells once which is highly unusual. Overall it struck me as well balanced except the last YA being excessive?

5. Cool designs. I did stop to look at some of them in the demo. Nice use of Id textures in a map that manages to feel both traditional and contemporary. I like that. 
windlash you rock! you've completed the mission successfully with no any complains and probs. your demo was the most effective :)

shambler, your demo was nice too :) hehe your constant complains about the windows hehehe :)
and indeed, in your demo it looks like there's alot of YAs...

pushplay, your was nice as well :)

blitz, haven't seen your so far, will do tomorrow or something. 
great stuff, the layout impressed me a lot (I've been a little confused searching how to get to the silver key after pressing the button), very unusual style for Vondur, 200+ monsters were fun.

And most of all I liked the secret base, even through I missed somewhere one window and had to go back searching for it. 
and indeed, in your demo it looks like there's alot of YAs...

That's because I keep passing the same ones time after time when I'm wandering around, lost, looking for more bloody windows, and for that matter, more bloody skillz =). 
Great Map always Vondur :) 
I agree this looks like a CZG map, but who cares? It's fucking awesome, and curvy and hard as hell -- all the things that make a map Vondur =D I bow to the Slavic God of Pixelated Thunder! 
I Have A Feeling As If I'm Being Made Fun Of... 
Anyone Who Would Make Fun Of CZG 
doesn't know a brush from a mesh in the first place. 
Go back to poland, CSG! 
Poland? More Like Snoreland! 
Nobody Would Diss You CZG 
Even my grandma knows of your maps CZG.. Nobody could possibly make fun of you :) We are waiting for another 3-4 map level pack from you though :) 
Though I Should 
be praising Vondur for the emersiveness of his design and I have to say his Nehahra level with the hunter monsters is my all time favorite level from any game period, I feel compelled to add that I have studied CZG's maps indepth like an intensely guided acolyte, and there are brushes in a lot of them that are better formed than many a mesh artist could ever hope to achieve in Maya, 3d studio or what have you. The both of you are incredible specimens of the human condition, and yes, I am drunk . . . 
I hear czg's head is filled with rats and the rats are filled with yaks. Is this true? 
I Like This Map. 
It's True... 
This map rocks. 
Sorry For Ruininining Your Thread, Vondur :( 
It's still a great map. With Scary Zombies. 
Nice Map 
After watching the demos of Vondur's map I now know that I need to make my own maps a lot harder! 
well i've got some angry mails regarding my main secret. fek u dunno what to do. some ppl find it easily others complain about too many windows to shoot. sigh.
i'll try to explain: this kind of puzzle is for those who enjoys walking in the quake dimension. just walking and admiring brushwerk.
others, who like rushing through the map can exit w/o finding this secret or noclip to it w/o probs. sorry, this map (puzzle) is for true quake lovers....


yeah, czg, you kinda ruined it, but i blame scampie.... 
I Love You Vondur 
Nice one Mr Svetlichny, keep 'em comming. 
Great map. Wide, bunny friendly, doesn't feel cramped in any particular place, and still manages to confuse me with it's complex construction. 10/10. 
Yay For Me! 
I found the Super Secret in the manner that Vonder expressed 3 posts up. I had to go back and find a couple I missed but overall, I'm pleased. I got 3/4 secrets and hope to find the 4th.

Vondur - I recorded my 1st run demo. It's 4Mb zipped. Should I mail it to you? Should I DZip instead?

Great Quake crawler map and I play the way it's meant to be played - fight - explore - look around - no rush. My demo is very long. 
Review Is Posted At My Site: 

hmm no dots at end of links

hmm no edit button here.

ya, try dzipping, it shoule be less in size and mail to :) 
Great Map! 
Im not big on SP, but I really like the author's deathmatch maps. So I figured what the hell... I wasnt disappointed. I actually nabbed all his SP maps while I was on his site.

Keep up the good work! 
Good One Von 
Took me 55 minutes... 
AC Demos 
The first demos are in on AC: 
This is actually the demo of my second run. I had just gotten up from a nap when I made the first and it was cut short. 
Hey guess what? I'm a moron. 
Text Adventure 
You come to a sign on the road. It says: "Do not smile at the moron." You are likely to be eaten by a grue. 
Go North 
Go North 
Moving around in the dark is dangerous!

You die. 
Layout was so confusing I found a bunch of secrets before stumbling across part of the intended route. Never located a grenade weapon so I had to gun my way through the zombies. Gave up locating the silver key and settled for a trick jump instead. Etc. etc. etc.

But it's a good map. 
How did you miss the grenade launcher seeing as it's in the same room as the zombies you had to gun down?? 
he meant the zombies that are in the spiral tower. and if to access blue key with sillye trickjump you won't get grenadelauncher yes. 
Great Level Vondur! :) 
I'm at 159 enemies and stuck. I got to the silver key area. I'v shot every window and enemy, I could find. I'm at 63 mins. Any hints?

Love the cool huge structure of the map. Great gameplay, kept me guessing the whole time.

Few things annoyed me about this map...

First thing, silver key. Now I know the trick jump was obvious but I always like to play maps fully and properly before raping it with shortcuts etc... but I gave up looking for it in the end, took the obvious route & travelled back to see where the entrance was. Was kinda annoyed on finding it since I'd been in that room before and thought it was merely a route back to the beginning via that underwater tunnel; the lighting was deceiving. Maybe that was intended but it niggled me nonetheless.

I also managed to shoot all the windows... but travelled back through the map for at least 10-20 mins and still couldn't find the rest of the monsters/hidden doors. Being able to exit without completing the mission was an innovative twist but I felt it could've been pulled off better.. more clues (like monsters perhaps) leading to where the hidden doors were, wherever they are (still not found them yet) would've made it less frustration. Don't get me wrong I like a bit of exploration, but in moderation, not scaling every last corner of a map this size :-p

Gripes over though, the layout/architecture/general atmosphere was top notch & the gameplay without flaws; nothing imbalanced. Rated it highly, took 45 mins to complete.

The way the rooms contain well crafted architecture yet still manage to blend smoothly & consistenly together was very impressive; perhaps not quite as much as say, GMSP2 was, but certainly one of the best I've seen. With regards to personal taste I prefer layouts which contain giant spectacular areas which integrate with rocky surroundings, and would have preffered some of that in here to give it more variation, but it's still a superb job. Well done, Vondur. 
would've made it less frustrating 
sorry about causing frustration, as i said this map is not for nervous people ;)

and i don't like open areas in quake ;) i wanted to make dark tunnel-ish map, so here it is... 
Pfft... no, just people who get bored easily wandering around aimlessly without any monsters to kill ;-)

And didn't mean open necessarily... but twasn't a critisism anyway, just my own taste 
Its Interesting 
when i played and reviewed this map i found the pathway to the blue key very quickly. i think i look for clusters of monsters as a way to plot my path, or just go the way that seems to make most "sense" [whatever that is!?!].

i have played a lot of quake 1 SP maps so maybe its become like a hidden instinct to find the pathway!

im not really sure, hehe.

but all told a very interesting map conceptually, i came very close to giving it 19/20, i must admit. 
/me Hates Scores 
i finally played it! it's a nice looking map, but it's damned confusing. the layout of very convoluted. i didn't really like it because of that... i was lost often. also, it's not clear which route to take at the start.. it looks like you can take both routes... it's still pretty hard at the start before you get good guns. also, i was running out of ammo quite often with only the gl to fall back on...

the ending fight was pretty cool.

demos: - 1.5mb

in ne_ac, i die fairly quickly, but in ne2_ac i finish the map. 
/me Loves Vondur For Making Cool Q1SP Maps :o 
feel free to ignore scores if you hate them :) 
Just managed to complete the mission :D

Had to noclip to figure where the secret entrance was.. kicked myself for not realising sooner.. nice idea :-)

Btw shadowalker: I'm thinking you might be in the 2nd last room.. you have to slope-jump up one of the ramps to get to the ledge 
Welly Well 
necros: i just wanted to make interconnected tunnels of death, seems like i succeeded ;)

underworldfan: i do :)

xen: congrats! but a pity for noclip usage... 
I found my way through the map very easily.... until I tried looking for the supersecret. 
3 Words 
I love you.
Best map ever.
Not enough health.
Still don't care.
Really awesome connectivity.
Brutal end fight.
Single player paragon.
Vondur go map. 
good good 
3 More Words 
still haven't downloaded 
You Suck 

download it, crustaceous one 
I just downloaded and played this last week. It's the first Quake map I've played in quite a while, but *wow* it was good. Good to see you tried something different with your style too - not quite so obviously a "Vondur map" - and pulled it off really well.

Nice work Vondur! 
Glad you liked it Tyrann :D 
The above mentioned end fight was really challanging and brutal. At the end it was just me with an axe (ou of ammo) against two jumping spawns. Result: slimed just in front of the exit. And yes, map is really nicely designed.

PS: Sorry for not recording first run demo. 
Old news I know, but since the thread was brought to life again, I thought I'd post a link for the SDA speedruns: 
Riding The Cruel Lift 
I remember this map from years ago and only now (6 years later) I have found the time to play it! I initially tried the map on easy skill level and found it good fun. I liked the architecture and it was well constructed with curved space everywhere. The final secret (The AI are watching you) was priceless, the icing on the cake for a well crafted level.

I tried the map on normal skill level and holy crap this map is hard as nails or as the title says cruel. There were certain gameplay mechanics that leave little for skill or planning and riding a lift up to a small platform surrounded by sword wielding crazy knights is one of them. It is surprising how few gameplay mechanics exist for Q1 and this map does not disappoint with the familiar pit and AI rain dance.

Overall I loved the map, the architectural style, the easy(normal) skill level was fun and the final secret was a real gem. :) 
I remenber very well this map and love it, now I have to play it again :\ 
sock u dug this out and actually played!

glad you liked it, weird it was hard on normal for you, i'd watch the demo to see your playstyle :> and yay for finding the secret :) 
> It is surprising how few gameplay mechanics exist for Q1

this is probably my main point in Quake gameplay discussions for a couple years now.

Most seem to like it that way, though.

This map is still pretty cool of course. One of the maps that really inspired me to learn mapping - Vondur and RPG were my heroes :)

Nastrond by Vondur is also pretty good. Apart from the cool name. The map that made me adore RPG was "And all that could have been". RPG showed me his dopefish, and I was wooed. Come back RPG. 
just replayed tonight again, always in the edge of death but finish it on Hard :) with no deaths! 3/4 secrets and 190/190

fun blast that took me 41 minutes :) 
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