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Totally awesome game, loved every second of it. If you've played any of the single player demos knocking about on the net you'll know what its all about.

Particularly impressive were some of the later maps (styles not seen in any of the demos) and some genius enemy design.

so yeah very cool, go buy it etc. Just make sure you can run it before you hand over your cash, a lot of people are having problems with the cd protection software it uses, sp have a look at the website ( )and check the forums before you head out.
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There should be one. If there's not, you've probably stumbled across one of the myriad gameplay bugs. Are you patched to 1.2? 
It should lower after some dogs roll out to get ya. If you don't see the bridge is up try running across anyways. Maybe it's just not being drawn. 
... !?!?! ... 
I've done everything that was told to install the game on my comp, but it still doesn't want to me installed??? Could someone give me an advise ? 
Try here:

Go through those posts. There's a good chance someone is having the same problems. :) 
Why Hello 
Dark Priest of the Church of Satan 
Painkiller Interview

Some guy talks about the expansion. Good read in general, but here's the important line:
People will be able to make their own maps, as well as design the game play � we hope to release the full sets of tools we had when creating Painkiller. 
omfg, I just re-played this game on my new computer, with graphics settings maxed out, and I had forgotten how vole-spankingly fun this is. Got a chance to appreciate how gorgeous some of the levels look this time. Installed completely hassle-free as well...

(note to self: must buy missionpack) 
OK, wtf are these fucking stupid messages that appear every once in a while in long dead threads? Spam bots testing the fences? 
Don't Think It's Spambots... 
they usually put down links to a randomly generated fake URL using various tag syntaxes to see which ones work. 
Spambot = Tween 
No bots, just idiot users who stumble upon these threads by chance and can't resist the temptation of an 'open' submit button. Or maybe it's a clever psychological conspiracy tactic to trick registered users into responding to a zero-input in the delusion of having to justify a msgboard's longterm purpose, while it's actually aimed at wearing out people's keyboards, so the internet will eventually shut up forever! Or simply to provoke equally dumb relies. :p 
Just Replayed The Sucka. 
What a GREAT game. Takes time to master, but the sheer satisfaction of say, getting 100% secrets in Docks (for a trick-impaired nanny like me), or beating the bojangles out of Thor's arse is just tops.

Diving right into the mission packs, and then back to get that pesky secret at the top of the pillar...

Lots of people should SERIOUSLY think about this one, while designing their next Interactive Movie on Rails Type Game...

Whatta romp! 
I had a lot of fun with this one. Weapons are excellent, enemies are good and some of the bosses are great, although some are just confusing. 
I played Painkiller to, is in fact a nice game but not as fun as Quake...

Seams like SeriousSam all strait forward!!!

nice to relax with pkammo :) and pkweapons 
I played Painkiller to, is in fact a nice game but not as fun as Quake...

Seams like SeriousSam all strait forward!!!

nice to relax with pkammo :) and pkweapons

cheater ;)

its a fun game, but become bored after awhile 
Had a lot of promise, and a very impressive engine. But doesn't have the creative layouts of classic Doom or Quake, nor the monster design. (Hell, Serious Sam has it blown out of the water on that front as well). And I enjoy horde fights a lot, but PK had no variety :(

It has lots of monsters, but they are mostly just humanoids that melee, or humanoids that throw projectiles. No archvile, no Fiend, no Revenant etc etc etc. Very boring imo.

I did have a lot of fun playing it, but mostly just cheating with excessive use of PKhaste etc. Playing the game properly was mostly too easy because the enemies just aren't threatening enough and once bunny hopping you move so fast. The only level I had real trouble with was Factory and Forest (although it's mainly due to unlocking all the gold cards and then knowing when to abuse them in each level :P )

I actually enjoyed the complete randomness of the environments. Was refreshing to play something that was so video-gamey... like an FPS megaman in that regard :P 
Enemies Were Good 
When they did the coop attack stuff - like one that would pick another up and use him as a human shield.

I know there were other instances of such, but can't remember them.

The levels were mostly linked boxes which was a shame, but there were the odd instance of more intelligent labyrinthine designs, which were great. 
Well, I Agree... 
...Monsters are not the greatest for sure, stranger, more twisted creatures are surely missed, but I appreciate nevertheless the approach PCF had to the matter: most of them creatures are level specific, and designed to convey a certain kind of atmosphere depending on the environment. From this point of view Painkiller sometimes feel like a series of minigames. And that is nice, imo.

Level design is sometimes too straightforward and simplistic, true. But there are places with a very strong sense of anguish and fear.
Levels are not very consequential,coerence is completely flushed down the toilet, but some of these scenarios are really, really awe inspiring.

Gameplay, well, it's just right for me... Not really hard, granted, but dynamic and satisfying, especially in the boss areas(Not Lucifer!).

Fast bunnyhopping, I found it didactic. I learned some tricks that can be easily replicated in Quake, taking into account the very different physics of the two. I alway shated jumping puzzles, 'cause they make me nervous, but being forced to nail a trick to get the tarots somehow motivated me much more than the simple discovery of a secret (and Painkiller has got some 40 seconds quickloads).

Dunno, Quake is and always will be the best FPS ever, but I found P higly enjoyable in my 2nd pass through, much more than the 1st time around.

And, I found out Trinca's a cheater... That's enough goodness... ;) 
"most of them creatures are level specific"
Painkiller really is the expression of what John Romero was going for with Daikatana, ie recycling as little content as possible. All it needs is for the weapons to be level specific and it'd be there :)

Its a nice idea but ultimately lends little to gameplay, and I'd rather they used the resources on more unique enemies they repeatedly used.

One of the reasons I think the forest level is the best is that it uses more than two enemy types per spawn. 
it's a shame that that was a secret level. 
It Isn't. 
It' s just not available at lower skill levels...

@ZQF: True, gameplay could have been more varied, but some levels have just great atmosphere.Town, for instance, really hits the bullseye, imo. All the lepers and witches in a decaying medieval town convey a perfect sense of place.
PCF research in how horror is perceived in different cultures is put to good use here, I think, and it's a leading motive of the whole game. I like it.

But, I got your point, it all boils down to personal taste, really, and maybe it's just a moment, even for me, but at presente I'm enjoying it greatly... 
Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, I played through it enough times to see everything :)

It's just a shame I feel it could have been so much more. And missed potential does aggravate me a lot :P 
graphics, textures and construction is awesome!!!

game play get bored after a wile, is just kill kill kill 
The Real Tragedy 
Is lack of build tools.

Or did I miss something? 
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