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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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Spectrum Vixen... might want to check out this:
It has some of the elements you are looking to develop. Maybe contact Ren and see if he wants in or has some advice at least. 
First off.

Inertia: I'll bet you HAVE heard that before. I agree though, perhaps I should say something a leeetle more specific.

What makes this mod revolutionary... hmm, well imagine this: You just pop into the game on DM, and get raped in 3 seconds because everyone has a rocket launcher. "ookay..." you say, and respawn. Bam, you're blown to hell again. And again? Finally, you pick up a nailgun, but the nailgun sucks, so you get another rocket for christmas.

No. Thats not how this mod will work. Thats lame, and has always been lame. Now check this out: You spawn, and right off the bat, you're confronted with another newly spawned player. Grinning, you select your Explosives combat style, and whip out your grenade launcher. Your foe, however, decides that he wants to fill you full of holes, so he switches to Rapid Fire combat style, and takes out a nailgun. Deciding to take it easy for the first round, see what he can do, you bounce a grenade off the wall behind him, and send him flying across the room with a smug grin. As he soars, though, and as you do this, he's laying into you with his nailgun. Watching his arc and dodging his nails as best you can, you grit your teeth and press the SMASH button, your grenade launcher going into overdrive to pound a rocket from its barrel with a deranged THUNK, nailing him in the stomache. The rocket blast craters him into the ground with the force of its explosion, stunning him briefly to give you just the break from nail-dodging you need, and in you go, switching to Shotgun combat style. The half-second stun was all you needed: running in, you decide to just finish him, and tap that SMASH button again, smacking him with the super-doublebarrel shotgun, making him turn to chunky kibble, hatred painted on his face for you as his head flies off his shoulders.

Grinning, you glance down to your Combat guages, and see the Shotgun Combat guage at about 80%, and the Explosives combat guage at a firm 50%, both slowly returning to you at a rate of about 1 per half-second, and your health at about 30 or so. No sooner do you do so, than a demon bursts through the only exit of the room, bloodlust painted on his hellish visage, wings tucked tight around his hunched back.
"Shit! Shitshitshit..." and you switch to Slipgate (thank god you picked the Slipgate Warrior for your class!) and your Portal gun appears. The Demon, with his Scent ability, knew you and this other marine were duking it out not a moment ago, knows where to find you, and is probably at full-stamina, ready to rip you apart if you sit still to let him.

You aim at the wall at the opposite end of the room and squeeze your trigger, watching the fire-up sequence as you run like hell across the room. You hear the distinctive sound of the Demon's leap, and the flap of wings, and you know this is going to be close.

"Come on, come on you piece of shit!" you plead with the Portalgun as you're not ten feet from that wall and a dead end... heh, so to speak. Finally, it fires its telltale blue beam into the bricks, and as you finally reach the barrier, it opens the portal, and you leap through, just as the Demon hits the ground behind you, sending you flying out the other side of the gate into the room behind the wall, which was mostly quiet for the moment. Sitting, and breathing hard, you start picking nails out of your armor and watch your health bar steadily increase as you recover slowly. You'd get that hell-spawned bastard in a moment, once you picked that other marine's boot out of your ass. No such luck... he's respawned, and is looking mighty pissed-off at you. Selecting the Shotgun weapon set, you press your back to the wall, and wait for him to charge into the room, grinning like the devil, your finger on the smash key.

For More Specificness... 
The mod will have a class system in which each class is DRASTICALLY different in gameplay style, and a balanced, non-linear combat system based on skill trees, different for each class. Each skill tree has different uses, and no weapons or attacks are redundant within it.

The basics:
Tree 1\
Tree 2 - The skills, weapons, and abilities
Tree 3/
Special: The attacks and abilities that are the class's special features, such as the fiend's Scent ability or the Slipgate Warrior's Portal ability. Each has at least two abilities that fall into this category; a normal one, and a "smash" one.

There are two triggers for each skill tree: Normal, and SMASH, with normal being less strenuous and often faster, and SMASH being more powerful and higher-costing, sometimes with special effects attatched.

No class needs to pick up weapons or ammo (though ammo in percent can be found, it normally regenerates normally, given time.) Each class has different uses of these bars, and some don't use the bar guages at all (for example, the Fiend's is stamina based, not bound to a percentile guage or a particular skill set, just one pool for it all).

And most of all, this is no side-scroller fighting game... this will be fully multiplayer friendly, with several game types integrated that enhance the high-fantasy theme of the mod (such as War and Siege, in which the players form two teams to take over the outposts of Quake; the levels you play in single player, in strategic realtime), all while remaining in the high-action gameplay of Quake 1.

There is gonna be two races (Humanity and Monsters) with Seven classes each, each and every class absolutely unique in gameplay style and controll settings. 
I never grin :( 
NEW! Small Episode - Deja Vu 
OK people, Ive made a six map mini episode using quoth. I have sent a copy to kell. So far I havent incorporated skyboxes (but will) and it probably needs a bit of tweaking here and there. I need some playtesting done, but dont want to host a final version online yet cause obviously its not finished. If anyone thinks theyre up for the job, then please email me and I will send you a copy, or leave your email address where I can see it on this messageboard and I will send you a copy. It uses a base theme mostly, lost of quoth demons on the later maps and kell's fury texture wad.

My address:

Jolly Good! 
Need Mapper For A Trick Qw Map 
I need another mapper, Spirit is tired :D

I am planning on adding a new mode to KTX, race mode, which will probably be extended to olympics mode, a sort of olympics games for the qw engine. It will feature height jump, distance jump, speed race and other things.

I'd like an epic map to be created for that.
Got some ideas, but need someone to turn them into something playable :D

As usual, #ktx on irc or in the forums...
I Really Really Want Some Testers! 
You people wouldnt want me to release an untested map would you?!?!?

Mail me for a copy 
Blimey Charlie! 
This thread is seldom used isnt it!

The map I have to be tested is not ^ (DejaVu), but another I have made since then. 
I'll beta test for ya. My email is in my profile. 
well, we generally put beta requests in the "screenshots and betas" thread. 
email in profile. 
Black Day's 
Hi, I need a mapper for a project based into the engine of Quake 2.

ThiS project is named Black Day's.

Contact me :

kain_rv@hotmail for MSN. for mail.

The web is

The engine is almost end.

Black Day's What? 
Inspired by A Hard Day's Night?

(I jest, but really, 's indicates ownership, s indicates plural.) 
A Spanish speaking devteam. The website is incomplete though. I can read the Spanish but something visual would be nice instead of descriptions.

Kain, do you have any screenshots to show? 
That Awesome Quake3 Celshading Monkey Mod 
is going standalone and wants your great (old) map(s).

The best Quake3 indie-maps of all time wanted!

As you may have read from the title, it's unfortunately only "Wilko's MONKEYS of DOOM", not "Wilko and his big, highskilled, unbelievably talented and ultra-productive crew of fantastic mappers' MONKEYS of DOOM". So, what the project is suffering from is an unpleasant lack of maps!

That's especially bad as I plan to release MONKEYS of DOOM as a standalone game in the not-so-far future. - And here YOU come into play: You built some great Q3-maps in your youth? The community played them, loved them... and meanwhile forgot them?

Bring them back to life! Send them in until November 30th 2007, and the best maps will be cartoonized and part of MONKEYS of DOOM! Even better: The chosen ones will gain 150$ for each of those maps I use for MONKEYS of DOOM! That's money for work already done!

So, don't hesitate: Dive down into depths of your harddrive and bring up the old treasures! - Then send them to > and - with a little luck - you earn the money and read your name in the credits and the loading-screen!

Let's hear from you, I know you are somewhere out there!

PS: If you are not a mapper by yourself but know a map that shouldn't miss in MONKEYS of DOOM, please let me know! Maybe I can get in contact with it's creator and convince him or her to contribute it.
That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!! 
Monkeys Of Doom 
How does that work within the Q3 GPL--basically paying/earning money for Q3 maps?

I might even be interested--this looks like a fun mod/game, but I'd have to be convinced that this isn't legally ill-considered and right now it seems pretty shaky. 
As far as I know, the GPL covers commercial use. We had that discussion on Doom3World some time ago:
But I'm gonna try to make that definite as quick as possible. 
Herr W 
Are there any particular criteria for the maps? Do they have to have had a certain number of downloads from ..::LvL to count as 'popular'?
Gametype - FFA, Tourney, CTF?
Won't some styles, e.g. idgothic arch fests, convert badly to your cartoon style?
What about jump pads?
Any preferences?

I have some Q3A maps, including a few fullbright-but-playable layouts that are unlikely to ever see the light of day. They might help your game. I just find it hard to imagine gothic CTF being monkey-friendly :P 
"Monkeys Attack Delhi Politician" 
"... One approach has been to train bands of larger, more ferocious langur monkeys to go after the smaller groups of Rhesus macaques." - That's what I call a clever idea!

>Criterias for the maps: They don't need to have a certain number of downloads or anything like that. "Best maps of all time" has an imaginary ;-) behind.

They just have to be good and make fun to play. But I agree with you: Some styles are harder to convert into a cartoon than others. But I wouldn't exclude anything at this point. If the map is good, there will be a way to "cartoonize" it! 
You Get A Banana 
for every small monkey you beat up. 
A technical problem with my mailserver occured during the last couple of days, so some maps you have tried to send in may not have reached me!

Sorry for that, please send them again! 
Does Anyone... 
Want to make a Pain Skins Mod?

I can't program, but I know its easy to do compared to other things.

I will do the skins art if someone else will program it!!! 
Not Really That Hard 
I Know But Im Allergic To Programming 
the clever thing about quake monsters is that all of the monsters are sort of blood-spattered to begin with, so it's not a problem that they don't show additional damage as you injure them. 
not quite the right thread for this conversation. 
Need Skybox 
I need a skybox that looks like that:

Sky of dmcw:
and mountains like elbrus:

If someone knows where to find such a skybox or
wants to make such a sky. mail me
You will get only a special thanks in the readme
can't offer more

Btw the demo version of the (hexen II)map is avilable here:
I put the elbrus256 sky of fquake in it but I'm not
shure wether I use it in the final. 
Good Game Related Search WebSite 
I meant Good Game Related Jobs Search Website... it is slightly different :P 
HumanHead Is Hiring 
Level Designer, Level Scripter, Audio Engineer.

According to gamasutra anyway. 1/3/08. Check it out. My portfolio won't be done before they fill the position anyway. 
Glad you brought up Gamasutra Zwiffle. If any of you are looking for a job, Gamasutra is where it's going to be at.

Gamasutra is by far the best website for game industry job vacancies. Nearly every company in the industry uses it. In addition to being a good job site, it's also a really intelligent game industry/dev site. One of the few websites I read daily. 
too bad its mostly USA 
Also too bad you need *ACTUAL* experience :-( 
Hey RickyT23, I think your talent shown in thehand is worth much much more than any dubious ACTUAL experience. 
Thanks Dude !!! 
That really nice of you to say...'re not offering me a job though are you?!?!

Oh well... ;-P 
Unfinished Fourth Player Class For Hacked Hexen 
Dan never finished his new player class for his hacked hexen. It's the assassin, and he's done a really nice crossbow, but the fourth weapon doesn't work.

To test out the new class, you'll have to compile from source. (See the README). Oz and i are fixing up the engine code. 
Looking For Quake 1 Mappers For Windows Mobile / PC Game 
Hi there, I'm hoping to find some mappers interested in working on a survivial horror game for windows moble using quake 1. is our web site.

also if you want to learn more check out my other forum post at inside3d

i'm using Worldcraft 1.6 to make these maps, however some of our more experienced mappers have been using Qradiant as well. here is a quick desktop shot

most of the game code is done and we've got about 1/3 of the maps done already. very low detail maps needed which also ='s quicker map development times. Most of the maps i've done were done in two hours or less.. having a windows mobile pda/phone is not nessisary. we have a pc client that emulates the interface.

looking for people with at least 1-2 hours available for mapping a week. not a high preasure project. :)

Gamedev Salary Information 
GoW developer talks bling bling:

Although this targets programmers, there are links there for mappers, too. 
Via Math We Don't Understand Yet 
everyone who will ever read this will be paid below all averages listed.

this is akin to the kind of math that causes a table full of patrons who all pay for their food plus two dollars to wind up with a total that's less than what's listed on the check by like $20. 
"everyone who will ever read this will be paid below all averages listed. "

Well, actually... 
not trying to start shit but how many posts do you make where you don't somehow mention your job, or epic, or the game you're working on?

Just wondered what your company policy is, regarding what their employees are allowed to post about them on an internet messageboard. 
Fuck this shit. Bye! 
Willem Is Trinca! 

omg omg omg


wait come back 
Y'all Get Paid Too Much 
Go and eat some cake.

Get over yourselves! 
The cake is a lie. :( 
Zwiffle fuck you, no one is so sexy as i do...

i�m latin forgot? 
Mappers For Portal-gun Mod 
I'm Robert and I'm co-developing new quake1 project - portal gun mod (see wiki record: Portal_(video_game))
We already have portal gun and models of portal gates, but the main thing is still open: levels.
Could anybody who likes idea of portal gun AND making levels, help us? Just please send me mail on
The project is OpenSource. 
I swear I'm interested!

Im sorry but I can't figure out what the hell kind of email address that is?


Or just email me! My email is in my func_msgboard profile, under "people" at the top of the page.... 
i'm guessing is '@' :P 
Portal Gun Mod V2.0 Released 
Version 2.0 of Portal Gun mod released.

We still search level makers. Join the project. 
Great Mod! 
Crashes sdl-fitzquake for me though and some other engine too. Tyrquake and dp work fine. Any idea? :( 
Well, I tested it on original quake source (quake,sdlquake,winquake). Any other engines are non-standard, so not garranted. I really can't make it work for every engine ever made.
>Great Mod!
Thank you. Really. 
Portal Gun Mod 
This has got to be the coolest thing in Quake I have seen in a while. I played Portal and I really liked it, but I never thought I would see something like it in Quake.

Even though its still a work in progress, it seems pretty stable to me. Never got stuck in a wall once, sometimes getting stuck in two portals though.

But this is still an awesome piece of work. I know I'm gonna have some real fun with this :) 
... This Is Cool 
In darkplaces, there's a nice glow in the center of the portals, but in tyr-quake they look a bit plain... that teleport texture is a little overused. Love the weapon model. 
Mapper / Texture Artist Wanted For $$$ 

I'm looking for someone who can make some top-down maps for my boardgame, preferably 3D and rendered at hi-res. That's sorta mapping, right?

The theme is futuristic Japan. I can pay real actual money. Email me at kendrick.curtis at gmail if you're interested with some samples of your work. You need to be reliable and able to work to a deadline.


How much ?? 
$$$ = $3? 
The short answer is "I don't really know" - if you email me I can give you more detail of what I'm looking for and then you can maybe tell me how much you'd want for it. 
I dont have enought skills for this at the moment.. ;) maby in more 5 years... 
he he he... I was just curious to see how much you would be able to distribute...

nevermind :P 
Looking For CTF Maps For Our Quakeworld Mod Thunderwalker 
Let me know if you have or would be interested in making ctf maps for our mod.

looking for maps that push the limits of ezquake with 24 bit textures and colored lighting. 
LTH, as in LTH the quake mapper? :) I'd like to know more about this! Mind dropping me a mail with some details? fresho[at] 
i got his contact...

when i made trincasp3 he help me in source and share is source code with .mdl monsters! 
I can go one better: I've met him :-P 
Lardarse if he was a women you should be proud... now a men?

Is that a way to say that u�re faget?

Human Head Looking 
Human Head (the company I work for) is looking for an experienced Level Designer and Technical Level Designer (scripter) if anyone is interested in a job and wants to work with me and FrikaC and basically just a cool company.

Just a "heads" (HAHA!) up for anyone in the hunt. I also promise not to make any bad puns if you get the job. 
In that same vein, and I can't believe I've never done this, but Epic is always looking for people. We can't hire fast enough! If you've considered applying here but thought we didn't have openings, you're wrong! :) We need (talented) people, apply! 
Stop stealing my thunder. R4wr. 
Human Head needs you first, then Epic!

o/ \o 
Do You Need Me? 
I would probably rather make levels for cool computergames than do admin and web-design 
(what a thread-killer that turned out to be :S 
You got mail 
Oh hey Blitz I saw that Monolith laid off some people - you weren't one of them were you? 
Uh Oh... 
What Would It Take ... 
to give liquids an angle, a travel direction, like you can do in Quake 2 ?
It would be great to see water coming down or lava floating from one point to another.
Would it be possible to "steal" the code that makes it possible in Quake 2 and put it in a mod for quake 1, or would it involve changing the Quake engine itself ? 
Fuck ... 
I'm in the wrong forum ...
Sorry about that. 
Extras Code Has Watertrains 
And func_water that does that - you can make it flow, have drag and so on.

I've yet to make quicksand, but it's only a matter of time. 
IP For Xbox 360, Microsoft Approved Developer, Unreal Engine 3 

We need talented level designers who have a passion for creating fun, engaging experiences for the end user.

We need people who understand action gameplay, pacing, flow, item placement, enemy placement, puzzles, risk-reward, drama, tension, scripted sequences.

If you want to be part of our start up and help bring to a life a fresh, home grown IP (3rd person action) get in touch below.

No screenshots, 2D diagrams or lame documentation - just send playable levels that you've built in 3D so we can properly assess your understanding of the artform.

I won't be responding to forum posts so please touch base via email directly if you have any questions. 
Not really 'wanted' but dunno where to put it: advice on getting a job @ Epic 
Kuju Sudios 
Does anyone here work at any of their studio's or knows anyone that does?

Would be interested to hear your/their thoughts! 
Do you need loan?Do contact us at with amount needed and duration. 
35% Intrest?!?!? 

who took rev.louisjackloancompany? 
Far be it from me of course to question a company whose email address is at gmail in the first place... 
Human Head Scripter Position Available 
Mainly a psuedo-programming/level design cross over job, would involve constructing missions mainly.

* Knowledge of pacing
* Building variety and interesting situations using the systems we have
* Identifying new, economical systems that would give bang for buck
* Knowledge of shooter combat scripting
* Prolific creativity for creating mission content
* Creative sensibility: an eye for visuals, an ear for voice acting and sounds 
What software helps / required / to expect etc.

Lua, Max, Photoshop, in house etc.

I'm not applying like :) 
I Was Wondering.. 
..if different country is a problem,
I mean one should reside where the SoftwareHouse is ?
Or online collaboration is enough ?

Please Let Me Know.. 
.. cause it's something I've always wanted to know!

If someone from another country get hired from a software house is it required to transfer to its town ?? 
I Would Say.. 
.. generally yes. As soon as you have to work with a dev team, being on-site is a better than being in remote
Now I can't tell for gaming companies (as I am not working for gaming market), but I know that it is extremely hard to convince you'll be efficient working in remote at home.. though.. it depends on the company habits, your profile, etc... 
99% of jobs will require you to move, the possible exceptions would be if say Valve software contracted you to make a map for Team Fortress 2, as you can quite easily do that from home by yourself.

Most companies will offer a relocation service and throw some cash at you to help out. 
It Seems Like It's Becoming *slightly* More Possible... find a work-from-home/remote dev job these days, especially with smaller studios, but it's still a long shot. There are communication advantages gained by real-life, face-to-face contact that are still very difficult to match via email, IM, vid-conference, and so on.

I think remote work will keep becoming more common, but it will be a while yet before it's significant. 
Actually I'm doing remote work from time to time - belive me it's just small part of the market. If you really want to work in game industry, you have to be ready to move out. 
Remote Working FTW 
Been doing it for eh, 6 years or so now. But not in gaming, at all. It has its ups and downs. 
OK Thanks Ya All 
Here in Italy gaming industry is practically non-existent.. that's why I was wondering that ! 
..everybody's Dead ? 
this nice thread is so underestimated.. 
Looking For Mappers, Modellers And Coders 
Hello there,

I am trying to get a team together to make an all-new mission pack for Quake. Me and a friend are busy working on a massive Textures WAD, as well as a new soundtrack.

The idea is to give Quake1 a massive boost and a huge mission-pack to reinvigorate the community as well as produce a more "extreme" lovecraftian element that hasnt really gone as far as it could go yet.

Ideally we are looking for :

* 5 or more mappers, the more the better since we are hoping for a good 15-19 levels.

* programmers/modellers to make 6 new monsters:
Cthonians, Shoggoths, Mi-Go, Pipers of Azathoth, Spawn of Yog-Sothoth and Yithians.
3 new bosses : Nyarlathotep, large Spawn of Yog and a 3rd lovecraftian boss.

If you are interested and have the time, please do contact me at

I know the project is a long-shot and I'm not really expecting any replies or it to happen at all, but cant hurt to try. 
Good Luck 
We're doing something similar called ReMakeQuake, but with a focus on Quake as opposed to Lovecraft. I'd say Quake is 50% Lovecraft and 50% Doom with some medieval thrown in.

Gb has a blog on the project here:

We use Assembla for hosting an SVN repository and discussing things via a Trac tickets system. If you want advice on how to get started up then send me an email - its in my func_ profile.

A warning though - getting committed people is extremely difficult, and don't expect it to be finished in anything approaching a sane timescale. 
join remake team is much easy then start a new and probably impossible thing... 
Yeah, although always the potential for a collision of design goals/ideals. Though in a community this small you might think that would be less likely (probably isn't though :p ) 
Well, the idea is it will be like the equivilent of a mission 3 or 4 depending if you count abyss of pandemonium - and will "finish" the quake1 story. We decided the further the ranger goes into Quakes dimensions, the more lovecraftian and otherworldly they become - until he reaches a boss that is trying to awaken Azathoth. Hell, we want this so much - we are even considering paying those that would like to be involved. 
It's Cool That You Have Lots Of Ideas, But... 
Many mappers are hesitant to join mod projects as they have work of their own going on. Furthermore they don't want to be in the situation of pouring a lot of time and energy into something that is never finished. I'm sure you would feel the same way.

I think you'd get a lot more interest if you had something concrete already accomplished to show people - monster art, a design doc, some quakeC code.

This is a pretty small community nowadays and there are more ideas floating around than talent to manifest them - what skills can you, ChrisCtan, offer this project, beyond some epic ideas?

Are you familiar with the Nehahra project? It's one of the few finished singleplayer mods on the scale that you are envisioning. Mindcrime, the creator and founder, did a massive amount his own work - sound, cutscenes, monster models, code - and presented that in a working beta form to the community. What he had created on his own was already amazing. As a result pretty much all the best mappers from 11 years ago were eager to join his project. An accomplishment on that scale has not really been seen before or since.

BTW I *love* new texture sets to play with - interested to see what you're brewing in that regard. 
Even if you have a lot of stuff, it has to be things that your potential team like. Not 'that's nice' but work they want to be part of and expand on.

Everyone's got their own methods and leading from the front is usually a sure fire one, until you work with larger teams.

I love reading the devkits from modders. The one for Nehahra and the one that may still exist somehow for Lazarus Q2 especially. They show what can be achieved by small, determined teams - even those that become big.

Patience, and humility (make it for yourselves) are key. 
What Ijed Said. 
This man speaks wise words.

I don't mean to imply that you have to be a polymath nutter like Mindcrime to get a mod finished. 
How True ! 

Me have decided not to present my mod until I got a large portion of it ready to show 
Thanks a lot for the honest words and advice, much appreciated. Certainly much to think of in regards to the project and how to go about it best. I think ill sit on things and start a proper development document and finish the things I started in the mean time.

As for the textures - I decided to upload the incomplete WAD here anyway if anyone is interested :

you'll find all sorts from tentacled skies, ground with eyes growing out of it and walls with mouths to cthulhu heads and elder-signs! 
For Americans! 
Portal_Gun | Slip-Gate-Gun | Qortal 

To see the mod I'm helping to map for; its on Quake1 and does a lot to emulate ...well I think you can guess.

I'll be making a BIG prefab-mixed-bag .rmf file so I'll just be a case of coming up with an idea for a portalesqe test-chamber-thingy and slapping the pre-built parts together.

Contact either me or R.Siska at to GET INVOLVED TODAY! 
Go for it! 
OpenKatana In Need Of Mappers 
Currently looking for someone familiar with creating both singleplayer and multiplayer maps for Quake but is capable of working with unfinished tech and also capable of providing reasonable/helpful feedback on tools, engine and documentation.

An understanding of C would be a plus but is not a requirement.

If you're interested then please feel free to contact me providing some examples of past work and some information on your computer specifications would also be helpful ;) 
Is This An Open Source Daikatana 
holy shit mad kudos 
some information on your computer specifications would also be helpful ;)

My computer is a modified toaster powered by a room-sized array of hamster wheels, for unrivalled parallelism and cuteness. Do I qualify? 
Yes And No... 
We're lucky in that we have access to almost everything from Daikatana's development but this isn't a 100% remake otherwise this would be a much easier job. The whole idea in OpenKatana was initially to recreate the game as it was when it still used the Quake engine back in 1997 but we're done with that and are now expanding upon it to make sure it's not only a better game but also appeals to a larger audience. And Daikatana should be going open-source later this year ;)

It may seem like a silly question but I want to make sure that if there's any problems that someone may have then I won't have to bother asking in the future. Making sure we don't leave older systems behind too much but also making sure everything works fine and dandy on newer systems is a pretty difficult job but we want to make sure that for people who may have to use a slower machine such as a laptop will be able to play too. 
Good Luck 
Sounds like a noble goal. 
Quite an endeavor. Which engine is this supposed to be made in anyway? 
We initially started off with the FitzQuake engine as we felt it was a perfect balance and a good starting point for us, and I have been continually adding to it ever since we started. Quite large chunks of it have either been heavily revised or rewritten.
Really there's a lot of changes I could go into but for the most part the only thing that will really affect anyone willing to create or bring their own modifications to OpenKatana is that the game-logic has been almost completely rewritten in C and QuakeC has been completely thrown out the window, on top of that some parts of the engine such as the menu have been mostly rewritten and separated into their own "module" and some tools have been updated but we've spent a lot of time making sure that all the game code and tools are nicely documented so that people can get right into it. 
i have to ask... why would you remove quakec? it provides an easy way modify game logic without having to modify the engine, is 100% portable and is already very similar to c anyway. 
This is a common question and it's hard to answer as there's a lot I could say about it benefit-wise. I'll probably write something up about it at some stage but for the most part it's just easier for us to manage, It's been rough writing everything out again but certainly been worth it to throw out so much garbage but at the same time just add so much more control for those working on creating modifications. Concerning portability in terms of supporting Linux and Mac, it was a sacrifice I was happily willing to make as those are not platforms we currently aim to support since as stated earlier one of our focuses is making sure we support a wide range of hardware and to be fair it takes a lot of pressure off our shoulders...
Also just to clarify the game logic is still separate and does not require any modification to the engine to alter, somewhat similar to Quake 2 I suppose but probably managed a little better.

I'll be heading to bed for now but will happily answer any questions tomorrow ;) 
NeverSoft Apparently Needs Level Designers 
As in, really bad.
(just scroll down past the search fields for a bucket list of positions)

I know this isn't the most popular place for Call of Duty, but they picked up the franchise and are hiring a lot of level designers for it. Some of the positions mention Radiant as something they like proficiency with (and yeah if you didn't know, CoD maps are still made in Radiant). Figured I would pass along for anyone job hunting who wouldn't mind moving to California. 
Off Topic 
Call of duty maps went downhill after modern warfare 2. The gameplay died in cod4 ;) 
I am looking for someone who would make me a pre-roll (or how is it called) intro for the Quaddicted youtube channel. 1-3 seconds of some dark brown grey black awesomeness with "Quake" andor "Quaddicted" or something like that. We'd flesh out the idea together.

The channel is for Quake videos, be it sp, coop, mods, maps etc. Ignore the qw video dump, that was just archiving. The intro would be for self-made/-captured videos only. 
I am looking for someone who would make me a pre-roll (or how is it called) intro for the Quaddicted youtube channel. 1-3 seconds of some dark brown grey black awesomeness with "Quake" andor "Quaddicted" or something like that. We'd flesh out the idea together.

The channel is for Quake videos, be it sp, coop, mods, maps etc. Ignore the qw video dump, that was just archiving. The intro would be for self-made/-captured videos only. 
Looking for the video/fx part, not the music, unless someone is omnipotent. Music would be either something dark ambientish or doom metal or just some whoosing. 
I Vote Whoosing 
Don't Do That 
From "QuakeRoot": 

I'm recruiting volunteers to create an Open Source Quake1 (single & multi-play) alternative. Here are the main bullet points:

*Full Replacement Content
* Male & Female player models (no pornographic models please)
*The original Hammer
* A new full Single-Player Episode (8 levels)
* 10 new Multi-player levels
* An End-Boss for every episode (4 new bosses)
* Play as monster (single & multiplay)

Go to to register for the project, the site has forums and chat. There are still items being debated, such as the engine that will be used. Feel free to add input, or opinions. No one will be turned away who genuinely wants to be a part of this.

This project will have complete replacement content except for the original Quake levels which have been released to GPL. There can be NO derivative works of the original content. This means you cannot use the previous models, sounds, textures, animation, or AI as a template - we have to create our own. If you add copyrighted or derivative works, it will be deleted. This is an Open Source Project and as such needs to be free of such things.

We want the Hammer created as originally advertised by Id Software. The earliest information releases described "Quake" as a Thor-like character wielding a giant hammer, who knocks away enemies by throwing the hammer -complete with real-time inverse kinematics. This shouldn't be confused with the hammer that was provided in Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon. We want a full blown "Thor-Hammer" that can be thrown - and returns to you. This weapon should be effective but not Godly, it cannot return "clipping" through a walls, if it hits a wall the player must retrieve it.

The original levels will, of course, be used (as they've been released to GPL) - We'd like to have a completely new episode (8 levels) built into Single-Play (Aztec style?) and 10 new levels for Multiplay.

We want 4 (Single-Play) "Bosses" created, one for each episode (except the 1rst which already has a boss) with the difficulty increasing incrementally when facing each Boss.

Options to play as a Monster in single play and multiplay. For instance, the option to play a fiend, that can pick up armor, but no weapons, or an ogre that picks up armor and grenades but nothing else - etc. Or even muliplayer games pitting factions of monsters against the others. 
Let me ask the usual "why would this not fail" questions:

What will you do?

What is your game dev background?

Why will this attempt not fail?

What engine do you use?

The name is arbitrary and there is some free software project with the name already. 
@spirit, I think you will have to go to the specific forums to get the answers you want.

The start of the project has been discussed at QuakeOne over the last couple of weeks if you are curious to know more of the origin. 
Here you go Spirit.

What will you do?
I'm the one who got the project announced and will keep it together. Solve disputes, find talent, communicate with everyone, and keep everyone on course. Added to that, anything tedious, monotonous, and difficult thing on the project that the more specialized people don't have time for.

What is your game dev background?
I don't have any, I'm studying programming - I'm not "there" yet when it comes to developing - but I can get people together, and still make something. I motivate others.

Why will this attempt not fail?
That's.... not even logical. Any attempt can fail. "Attempts" fail because people fail to work together and communicate.

What engine do you use?
That's currently up for debate, if you want to be involved - or at the least put in your 2 cents, register at and start talking.

The name is arbitrary and there is some free software project with the name already.

The name is not trademarked as far as I'm aware. Additionally, it's a 'filler' name. It's just something to get the project going.

What's The Point? 
Usually these kind of projects seem to be a reoccuring theme withing the multiplayer communities, discussed or initiated in the deluded notion that there's a thousand potential new players around the corner just waiting for a free alternative to use (which isn't going to happen). It's a fairly egoistical thing at that, because rather than making a proper game for new players to experience and enjoy an FPS classic, it's actually all about the creators/multiplayers own benefit, yielding to new online opponents - nothing changes for them as they own the original game; yet the new players may well have to make do with a sloppy and barebone version which likely doesn't live up to the original in the slightest. This opinion is based on the countless examples of replacement content that has appeared over the years, much of which is either terrible in terms of looks or technical quality, or has a questionable legal/licensing status.
The original game can be easily obtained from various sources, either buying it in online stores (imo often overpriced, though) or downloading elsewhere.

Now, this project sounds a little different insofar as it's supposed to include single player mode and furthermore aims at recreating everything from scratch as opposed to a GPL collection based on Quake and its IP.
But I don't see the point. I guess it's okay as a creative endeavor, if people get together and enjoy making something new in a team. However, it can't replace the original Quake. Ever. Simply because it's a new game from scratch, with new models, sounds, textures - the very things that make the game what it is and create the atmosphere and style that everyone appreciates. An open source remake would be a game that may work like Quake, but it won't be Quake. Look at FreeDOOM for reference. It's a free Doom clone; you can even play many custom maps with it. But it's not Doom. I'd rather not play at all than use that to load any levels.

Apart from all that, creating all-new content is a huge undertaking that one must not underestimate. It requires a lot of time and skill to pull it off in a proper fashion. All new stuff has to be of a consistent quality and theme, not just a hodgepodge of free material from various sources. We're talking about dozens of sounds and models, and at least 500 individual textures. These things MAKE the game for the most part. It's even more difficult without a dedicated team, and currently I don't see the potential and determination anywhere around the Quake communities. Add to that the old "new guy has an idea, wants others to do most of the work" effect Spirit mentioned above and the project becomes even less likely to become reality. It sounds harsh, but this kind of thing has happened time and again throughout modding history and it showed it's not a good foundation for a project.

If anything, you should aim lower for a start. Try to make a completely free version of a single level, or theme (e.g. the base maps), and continue from there. If there is something to look at, a proof of concept, it should be less difficult to attract more supporters. As it stands, I don't see much hope for this beyond what's already been done elsewhere, sorry.

Btw. as a matter of fact, something like this has been attempted before with OpenQuartz. Didn't turn out so well. 
@negke: As far as i unterstood it, OpenQuartz was rather meant as barebone for development, than something to be played by istself.
Might still be wrong though.

But i agree in the rest of your post.
If a team wants to spent so much energy for creating new content, this energy would be more wisely used for a fresh concept, something surprising maybe even.
Maybe it's the fear of failing with something original, why some people stick with thinking of such "remakes". 
the immediate problem with that is that you will be compared to the original, and "failure" to meet all the different expectations and being faithful to the ad many different interpretations will be much more likely. 
"What is your game dev background?

I don't have any, I'm studying programming - I'm not "there" yet when it comes to developing - but I can get people together, and still make something. I motivate others."

This is going places. 
Don't Really Like Shooting Down Dreams But... 
these open source remake things suck. If what you're remaking Quake into is a close reinterpretation of the original, then you're on shaky copyright ground anyway, and even if it turns out well, you might not be able to distribute it.

More likely it doesn't turn out well though, because the process of getting a whole set of game content together is a huge one, and you'll compromise and make do with anything that vaguely approximates Quake, and end up with an incoherent brown sludge of a game.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't be working on game projects though. You need an original idea that you're passionate about. Nothing that's ambitious beyond your means either. Use your organisational skills and programming skills to put together a modest prototype of your game, just a level or two which is unique or fun, or even both. If you have a small, FINISHED, high-quality slice of your game, it'll be easy to recruit more hobbyists to help you expand your scope. 
I've A Suggestion... 
but why not just make a new game in the spirit of Quake?

Quake exists already. There are many different mods, engine ports, compile tools and editors. The gameplay is known and many people loved or still love it. Why try and copy something people can already play just to be open source? The Quake source is already open anyway, just not the assets, but I suspect most people wanting to do things with Quake only want to touch the code or make new content for it. Why not make a new game that attempts to capture the essence of what you most love about the game?

Is it really that much extra work to just make something new? 
i tried doing that. collision detection killed it. :P 
Necros can you elaborate? You mean you were writing your own collision detection and it was a ballache? 
Erm Why Did I Put Than In The Title Then Ask Necros A Question 
lol, yeah, i never learned much about the types of maths involved with collision detection (planes basically) so it was a lot of googling.

I did eventually get collision detection working for like 80% of cases, but there were certain edge cases that were still messing up.

And then I realized I was just going to make Quake and that I already had that game... :) 
If you ever fancy taking it up again, buy "Real-time Collision Detection" by Ericson. It's a really good comprehensive book on the matter, and it got me up and running pretty quickly.

(Then after about 18 months I mothballed all my work and just bought the Unity engine lol) 
That's always been my experience. Works in most cases, fucks up constantly in edge cases.

I've always thought that Quake's solution with the point moving through the expanded hulls was downright brilliant. What a clever way to avoid most of the hassles. 
haha, I shall add that book to my list Kinn, but I'm starting to get a serious backlog of books I need to read. ^_^

Willem: Yeah, definitely it is a good method of doing it, but I was trying to do an engine that wouldn't really require any compiling and would just run off meshes so I was trying to implement the separating axis theorem method on bounding boxes and tris of a collision mesh. 
what were you making? Did Unity hold up? i've dabbled with it and it seemed decent, though a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. 
Sorry missed your question:

I'm making an online co-op action game - at a glance it might look a bit like Mass Effect in terms of camera position and action, but the gameplay is not primarily about shooting things, and I won't reveal the surprise here :}

Unity is really good. Really I haven't got anything bad to say about it. 
Will be good to see your game when you have something to show. Are you working on it alone or with others?

I hope you are still making Quake levels! 
Cheers - right now it's a 2-man project, I'm doing all the coding and level design, whilst I've got an artist doing all the art.

Dunno when I'll be pimping it. I estimate my savings will run out sometime this summer, so we might need to get Kickstarter funding to carry on developing it; if it comes to that I imagine we'll have to show off something fairly substantial.

Quakery has never left my mind, but I'm afraid it has taken a back seat whilst I have to concentrate on commercial stuff :{ 
Oh Cool 
I'm looking forward to seeing your game, Kinners! 
Same here! 
Cool. Sounds like a fun project. I hope you guys manage to see it through to completion. Did you quit your day job to work on it, or is it an on the side thing?

I would love to jump ship to do my own thing, but I'm afraid my balls are not large enough to keep me afloat :) 
For that mental image, than 
Haha Nice Image Indeed 
sounds swell Than. Always interested in new non-shooty mechanics. I excitedly anticipate receiving more factual information on this project going forward. 
Yeah, after seven years I just got sick of the insane overtime/crunch culture of the games industry, so I quit my job. I mean, it's not like I was saving lives or putting men into space or anything, I was making bloody video games and I decided it wasn't worth fucking off my family and social life for something as frivolous as that.

So anyway I teamed up with a long-time artist friend of mine and we buggered about for a year trying ideas out and travelling and stuff. Eventually we settled on a very silly idea that's rather experimental and risky and is built around a mechanic that's basically the polar opposite of what a sane developer would want to implement in a game, but we decided it was so amusing that it just might work...

Or the game could turn out awful, there's stll plenty of scope for that. 
I'll get bored and do my own stuff one day.

Until then I'll keep on doing cookie-cutter shite for various companies I cannot name.

Look forward to seeing your game, keep us up to date :) 
Kinn - So you gave up game development to make games. Good call. :P 
Post #325 
Wow, you missed the point there quite spectacularly. 
Not really, I was snarking more than anything else. 
Quake Gpl License Misunderstand 
Hi, hoping this is the right thread..

I�m a Quake mapper interested in commercial (yes commercial!) use of its GPL engine and maybe you can help me;

I�ve read that old Carmack message when ID released the source for free (and many people misinterpreted that !) so.. is it correct to say:

-if I build all my assets(maps, sounds, models, textures,..) on top of this Quake1 source code(modified or not), releasing ONLY this source code for free, I can create a standalone game and charge money for it ?

and why so few attempts(Malice,Shrak,Xmen,..)? 
If you can ensure that the gpl parts truely are a separate work (ie: you're just repackaging them with some startup script to load your game instead) then the gpl is generally fine with you distributing the two together.

There have been so few attempts because they're either total conversions (like xonotic or laser arena) which no longer contain any quake content and are not even thought of as quake (and don't feel like it either), or they're regular ol' mods with limited redistribution requirements.
Also, total conversions are actually quite a lot of work. 
Yeah, the GPL license only applies to the code. Likewise Quake assets aren't licensed under GPL, only it's engine codebase is. 
quake assets includes the progs.dat source code right (game logic)? I always took the license to mean you had access to the renderer alone. 
if the code is included in the GPL release it's under the GPL license.

Looking at the code zip file, progs.dat source is under the GPL. I'm not sure if you made a progs.dat from complete scratch if that would need to be GPL'ed too. 
If progs are written from scratch, they don't fall under GPL. 
Don't know if the QuakeC scripting language itself is GPL or not. 
SCOURGE - Commercial Id Tech 2 Thriller 
Hi everyone, I work at Isotope/TDGMods, and we've been developing a third/first person psychological thriller called SCOURGE. We're currently looking for more mappers to help round out the design process and get this thing finished on schedule. It's being built with a modified Quake II engine. SCOURGE is being published by GSP (Goat Store LLC) and will be released for the PC and Dreamcast platforms. For more information and screenshots, visit our Facebook page:

Our previous background includes developing HYPERTENSION, released in 2011 in limited capacity, for Dreamcast and PC. This game was featured on Game Informer's website, and Diehard GameFAN helped publish it. 
There seems to be quite a disparity between the quality of the various assets in your game.

Like how the gun model on the tommygun has a much higher resolution texture than the blurry black/blue demon thing, for example.

It's very interesting that you guys are making a game using the Quake 2 engine but I fear the game will probably be mostly overlooked. I hope you guys get it fixed up, Blood is one of my favourite games and it looks like you have drawn a lot of inspiration from it. 
PC and Dreamcast? That's a very interesting choice, I'd be curious to know the reasoning behind that. 
Dreamcast Mods 
are very much a cool little niche hobby thing....

You know, like making content for 17 year old FPS shooters? ;) 
Yes, I'm aware of the quality issues, we've had a lot of people on/off the project and we haven't tied up everything at one base resolution. That demon should be sitting at 256x256, not 128x128, and that was overlooked when I took the screenshot. My bad!

Other than that, usually level designers come with a bit of texture skill to round everything out. My team is doing everything ourselves, which means that there's not a hierarchy of people; We don't just have level designers, or just have modelers - one person does 3 or 4 tasks, and that's the reason behind us needing more help.

The reasoning behind the console choice is because we were able to get a publishing contract for a Dreamcast version, so we took it. Contributing for various mods for nearly a decade, this came off as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Hypertension was ported to the console and the publisher took notice. It worked out, and it's a good creative challenge.

One last thing, it's not so much making content for a 17 year old shooter as it is using the engine to make content for something that should have been released 17 years ago. Or something like that. ;) 
Yeah I suppose it would be unfair to judge assets too harshly when you are hiring for those positions. Maybe some design plans and concepts would be help? 
You mean release the design plans and concepts publicly? Through a website or..? 
Rather than post assets that you know need work it would be better to post the vision of the game you want to make. 
This is a much older post, but the story/plot hasn't changed since then!

Hope that gives you some idea of what the game is about. 
I Can't Find 
Your email.

By contract I can't do anything to help directly, but I'd like to give some input anyway. 
Sounds intriguing, the time period that the game is set in and the premise isn't bad. Why did you settle on the Q2 engine? 
It was originally on my 3DGE engine but we quickly realised that we needed something more powerful for this game type. Quake 2 was a good choice, and its probably the most powerful technology available for Dreamcast as well. Its been a challenge but we have some great programmers and great artists.

@ijed: ill check it out! 
Oh, my email is (corbinne AT gmail dotcom)! 
When I grow up, I wanna be a roguish ruminant nutritionist just like Jerry!

I will grab the food and stuff it in them cows' fat mouths. And when they go all "Moo!", I'll be like "Bitches!!!!" 
Shouldn't You 
Be in the drunk thread? 
I Think He's Channeling The Tween Thread 
Wrong thread indeed! 
Looking For A Programmer To Make Radiant 1.6 Compatible With Quake 
For the sake of argument, let's not get into the why but instead focus on the how. Because I know there are great alternatives out there and I know it works with 1.5. The point is, I want it to work with 1.6 (for various reasons, one being the only Radiant that is still actively maintained).

Radiant is open source and it's available at GitHub. You can see it here:

I know the editor well but making it compatible with Quake, without some serious hacking, is way out of my league. That's why I decided I would look for a programmer or at least someone who knows his stuff. That's why I'm posting this here (I mean, this is THE Quake community).

Instead of going all out I think the best approach would first be to do an analysis of what needs to be done and how much time it would take. Because if it's just too costly then there's no reason for me to continue this. I can pay for this analyses through PayPal and if it's within reason.

I think a good place to start would be to have a look at the Quake game pack for 1.5 which you can find here:

For the record, I'm not talking about some simple hacks. I'm talking about full Quake support which can officially be added to the next Radiant 1.6 release. So no converting stuff, a ton of separate tools, etc.

Besides me willing to pay I will also put in all my effort to help where I can, test, find bugs, etc. I'm really hoping someone bites. If you do not like to use to the forum, you can mail me at spronyvanjohnson at gmail dot com. 
I was playing with this a few months ago and had some success. The main thing missing is displaying mdl's in the editor, but it looked like it would be a huge pain to do.

Code is here:


It would be cool to get this merged in to the main repository. I don't really know how to use radiant so if you want to help test this out that would be sweet! 
Quake In Radiant?

Thanks for making me dig this up, I didn't realize sikkpin uploaded the source at the end of that thread. 
... reading through it I realize that apparently I already had it ... 
Ericw + Lunaran 
@Ericw: Most definitively, what do you want me to do? Try and get your pack working with 1.6? There are probably some guides for the 1.5 game pack which I can use as a guideline.

@Lunaran: That was a long and interesting read but apparently development ceased on that and I'm not sure, since it's based on older Radiants that we can use that. Maybe someone else knows. The benefit of 1.6 is that it's based on 1.4 which was the pinnacle of GTKRadiants. According to the site there should be Quake support for 1.4 but I never found any. 
I just remembered that Tig had quite an extensive tutorial on his site to get GTKRadiant working with Quake. Might be useful: 
Unless you're set up to compile gtkr1.6, I can build my branch and send you a binary with the Q1 game pack installed; which OS are you on?

AFAIK game packs in 1.6 go in the "installs" directory beside the radiant executable. 
No, I can't compile. I got a normal setup running. Currently configured for Quake Live. So please go ahead. I'm on Windows 7 (64 bit). 
Here's The Windows Binary With Gamepack 
MSVCP120.dll Error And No Textures 
I had a quick look. Couldn't run it because it's missing msvcp120.dll which can be fixed by installing Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

After that, the editor runs fine but it doesn't see any textures even though the wad files are present. You are not able to select them either (they are grayed out).

The editor is able to load existing maps although is can't find the textures or shaders as well. Probably a config issue I suppose. It even shows entities but I had too little time to find out which ones. 
Oops, sorry about the missing runtime dlls.

Hm, textures should work. Wads in quake/id1/ show up in the Textures menu after restarting radiant, and I can apply textures to brushes. It shouldn't require any config editing beyond setting your quake directory when you initially configure the game in radiant.

Likewise textures show up when opening an existing map for me, as long as the needed wads are in quake/id1 and radiant has been restarted since any wads were added there. I just tested with the honey map source from and the wads from 
Ah...I forgot I reinstalled Quake and I don't have any textures wads present. That must be the problem. I'll look into this later. 
That doesn't seem to help. If I use Trenchbroom the textures work fine. Where do you have your texture wads? In Quake 3 you have to manually add them to the shaderlist for Radiant to recognize them. Maybe I need to do something similar? 
Separate Thread 
Maybe it's a good idea, with your permission of course, to give this it's own thread so the community can have a look at it? I'll be more then willing to make it and collect feedback. 
UE4 Mappers Wanted 
G'day mappers,

I'm looking for some mappers for a new team-based competitive FPS I'm making.

Specifically after level and map makers familiar with Unreal Engine 4 aka UE4, successor to UDK.

The style and type of map is post apocalyptic and diffuse/search-and-destroy like in cs/cod.

Feel free to get in touch via or say hey via Twitter @Youdaman

This is a paid job btw :) 
Looking For Freelance Q3 Mappers 
Posted by vinnyvicious [] on 2014/08/26 02:51:45

I'm looking for old-school level designers, with experience in Q3 levels, interested in paid freelances. If you're interested, please, post your portfolio! 
Not That I Have The Time.. 
But interested to know what the project is nonetheless? 
I'm looking for a few people to do testing on Drake - that is testing both the mod and levels. Also, if anyone is willing to contribute basically anything else, I'm certainly listening (some basic texture work, or even some mapping contributions would be good). 
You can use stuff from Katharsis if CC license is ok. 
I In Turn 
am looking for a QC experienced person. 
Old Discussion

I would love to work on a spiritual successor to Quake with a lot of modern features. Primarily take what I love about Quake, update it, and add new features (gravity flipping for example.)
Shambler's Castle was great iirc. Something simple like this, with actual patches/terrain, higher fidelity brushwork, better models/lighting/fx/whatever else would be very satisfying. Doesn't even have to be actual Quake, just Quake-like. I'm all for brand new settings/weapons/enemies/powerups.

That is all. 
...organising that would be like trying to herd puppies using live bees.

GL, HF, etc. 
This Is A Ticking Can Of Worms 
it'd be about remaking quake, so that might make a good name... 
In response to

I tried to get this going two years ago, worked up a design document for just about all the mechanics, defined 13 new monsters as well as their unique AI bits, 9 weapons, the asset requirements for all of them, wrote functional expectations for them and scoped that inside of milestones. Got two coders and an artist to get it rolling, was planning on soliciting some people here for mapping when it hit two milestones down from where we were, and... it all stopped.

When you don't have money, it is hard to pull people away from their personal/pet projects.

But yeah, the idea was firmly in "I love Quake, a sequel would likely not do it justice, a remake would be an insult to the creative design and the myriad player interpretations of such a low-fi game." But it did still involve an unnamed person with nigh industrial equipment as weapons in medieval/unrefined metal levels that were made for the sake of gameplay, and inhabited by beasts created for the purpose of guarding such worlds and killing people like you. 
Blood Evolution [EDIT]

Posted by Killes [] on 2015/01/07 20:46:45
Ok this looks interesting, on UE4 :

Seems hes pretty serious and potentially has some skills/experience to make this real.

Heads up for anyone from the old Transfusion team and other interested, he's looking for help. 
If Only I Knew How To Make UE4 Maps 
I loved Blood. 
The thing about remaking Blood is, we don't have the game source, and thus we don't really know the values. Blood has 3 armor/damage types, there are instanced damage, splash, and damage over time. Every monster has varying health and armor values by difficulty. Such things can be extrapolated, but it is a lot of work.

Also, nothing demotivates a team like uncreative work - recreating someone else's work. No matter how much you love it.

I want to be excited, but I must admit I was put off by the mention of Interceptor, ROTT 2013 was rather horrible in many ways, and completely failed to "get" the game.

Blood is one of those IP hills to die on, it has so many components critical to its character... 
And On That Note 
I was laid off today. If anyone is aware of a project that could benefit from some remote QA, be it game, site, service, program... 6.5 years experience, 70+ games with over 50 developers and 12 platforms. Basic test execution, on up through test engineering and managing the testing of an entire title. Been on everything from Angry Birds to Ryse.

If you just need some additional eyes, or want a full test plan, a suite of cases, and even standardized bug formats for your community and beta testers, I can help you out. 
Sorry To Hear That 
but impressive resume! best of luck finding something 
Also, nothing demotivates a team like uncreative work - recreating someone else's work. No matter how much you love it.

I think Remake Quake got remarkably far, in hindsight. A lot of creative levels, a pile of new QC and things like BSP2 came out of it before it evaporated. Sure, there was a lot of hubbub about it, because we released too much stuff in a pretty early phase of development and there was just this wall of nope. It died before things had a chance to mature and be ironed out. Think how much other games changed between their early phases and the eventual release.

There is room for creativity there. Lots of Quake and Doom map remakes exist.

The entire team just needs to be aware what exactly it is they are going to make from the start. Otherwise you get several people trying to make different games. Remake doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. To some it means "spiritual successor" (but agreeing on what the spirit is in practice is hard), to others it means "same gameplay with different graphics/monsters/levels." And I think there are more possible definitions than that. That's why it's hard to do a remake and yeah, it is probably not a smart thing to get into, all things considered.

Doing a "game in the vein of" is much more realistic, but the trap there is that you're attempting to capitalize on the nostalgia/retro thing and that might not generate as much interest as you think (how many people actually play Quake?), unless you have a prototype or something that is actually good and can stand on its own.

I'm interested to see how e.g. RetroBlazer and Strafe will do on kickstarter.

PS. Trying to recreate 30 levels is gonna be suicidal no matter what. How many games have 30 levels today. A dozen is already a high mark to hit. 
Depends On The Game 
I just submitted one with 131 levels ;) 
Procedurally generated? 
Guess What 
I Guess... 
... you gonna apply fo the job offer ;) 
I already did... 
If Someone Here Ends Up Working On Strafe 
I'll be 100x more interested. Cool to hear they're serious about getting same real old-school mapping experience on board!

And that jobs page is the first example i've seen of web 3.0. It changed my life. 
So Good Luck... 
.. for the candidates :) 
I Break Together.. 
Surprisingly Enough 
think I got what "neue B�ro in Frankfurt" means. 
Pass Up You Out, Mfx 
You want but not go for the hounds 
Nah Spirit 
i just spider around.. 
OTP - Ouch. 
It Shall Be So: 
Old Devs feel unrespected but soldier on.
New Devs are enthusiastic but are surprised at crunch.
Management are regarded as idiots but experts at somehow bumbling through. 
Oh Really? 
I think we create more shit posts shitposting about spam than the spam does

how about we just ignore spam from now on? 
... ignored... 
Looking For Level Designer 
Just tossing this out here but I am looking for some level designers to join our studio in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur to come work on a new game we are developing using UE4. Singleplayer FPS game that is more in line with what folks make here instead of the more present day shooters.

I've also got a post with details for general 3d going up at polycount. But consider level design one of the openings we have. :) 
Kuala Lumpur is a bit of commute, don't think I could do that every day from ol' blighty.
Plus being a ginger that close to the equator would mean instant death.

Can't wait to see what you're working on :) 
haha then again I hide indoors with AC all the time. 
Skiffy, I tried to e-mail you, to know more, but you didn't registered an e-mail here. 
Updated it Adib. 
Former Professional Level Designer 
I see people here using this description a lot: Sock, Scampie, Warren, etc.

I'd like to know: why people quit level design jobs and where do they go after? What are they doing now for a living? 
Professional game development is soul crushing no matter how good a studio you're at. Either it's quickly soul crushing or slowly soul crashing. Souls will be crushed no matter what.

Also the kind of level design that we associate with Quake/Doom/etc doesn't really exist in modern game design any more. It's all sectioned off into different departments so noone really gets to feel as if they own the finished product. 
Indie Dev 
Probably still has a lot of the gratification as old school game design 
In my experience, the first two years were pretty much "OMG this is so cool I'm maeking games!!1", but around year 3 that illusion began to fall apart and I became aware of just what a burnt-out jaded husk of a man I had become, and how fucking empty the life actually was. My sentence was stretched out to 8 years before I found a sensible alternative career (I'm doing stuff in the music festival biz for now).

I think a lot of the problems stem from a culture where insane hours are just expected with no questions. "Oh you don't want to work evenings and weekends for 6 months straight? Well we'll just sack you and take on three enthusiastic kids fresh out of university whose combined salaries will be less than what we're currently paying you." (Yes they said this exact thing to a friend of mine).

The work itself almost never ever comes close to the fun of hobby work, because for most people they will be brick-in-the-wall types working on one aspect of the game that's unlikely to make them feel like they have much creative control or ownership. It can be possible to work yourself up to a key position where you have a lot of creative control, and - if you can do this whilst also avoiding becoming a lead - then that can be rewarding. (Being a lead usually fucking sucks typically because all your time is spent managing other people, and putting out fires).

It also doesn't help that the majority of people in the office are socially retarded manchildren. 
Lack Of Creative Control 
so true 8`( 
Jesus Kinn 
That's exactly it. And it hurt my inner child... 
Jesus Kinn 
That's exactly it. And it hurts my inner child... 
When You're A Victim... 
Kinn has obviously taken up game development, and thinks it sucks. I agree with him. I have a friend who wants to be his own game developer, and he is going to take a couple years to get a game done. He thinks he is going to make a huge profit, but I just can't see it happening. There is a sea of games made by individuals rushing in every day, and I feel that it is going to be impossible for him. He already has no money, a shit job with shit pay, and has to support his brother and his mother because they can't do it themselves. I just really don't want him after his game is released, getting no money for it, people strongly criticizing him, realizing all of the work was for nothing, destroying his dreams, and getting rid of his plans in the future based off of the profit he is expecting to make. I honestly don't know what to tell him other than good luck. 
Try to convince him to start small and that he has higher chances of success by developing 12 2-month games, than 1 2-year game.
Worst case scenario - users shit on his game in comments and reviews, no real profit etc etc etc, but he only wasted 2 months. 
He Is Saying 5 Years. 
I can't really convince him, but I can try to tell him to start out small. He is trying to make an action RPG with a super deep story line, and huge world. He NEEDS to start smaller. He has published one other game I know about, and it's a mobile game that is alright. He needs to make a simple action game before going full RPG. 
Luck Is Involved 
I've been in the industry for 10 years now, and it's still treating me fairly well. Yeah it's not perfect, but it's still better than whatever random jobs many of my friends are doing (and continually complaining about).
But yeah finding a good company and/or team is really hard. Oh and I've never done level design, the job must also be quite different. 
Level Design Is Fun 8) 
You don't need to know much, it's fun to work on, and you don't need to be a pro. I've been learning here, and it's been a great experience. 
Doing level design... or anything else for that matter, as a hobby and professionally is completely different experience.

5 years?! Holy shit, he is going to burn out much earlier.
Anyhow, it would be wise to keep his "shit job" just in case. 
#538 - SpecialBomb 
Trying to make an indie game on your own is not really anything like working in a proper game studio tbh. In an established game studio at least you have a salary.

It sounds like your friend is in a mess financially, but trying to make a homebrew game in the hope that it will make money at the end, is probably the worst possible thing he could be doing in that situation.

In my experience (and I have done some indie stuff before) if you can't get proper financial backing at the start of the project, don't even fucking think about it. 
I Know... 
He is pretty much fucked. He only has a laptop to work on. Also, he isn't giving up his job.
I really don't want him in any lower of a state than he is now. He is doing pretty much everything besides music for his game, and he is making it in GameMaker. I just can't support him when it's obvious that the gained yield after all of this will be negative. Where we live, there are absolutely no jobs involving IT, and everything is pretty much just labor. He can't go to the city and live there, because he couldn't pay for it unless he gets a job that he knows will pay for it. It's pretty bad for him, and he wants to follow his dreams even if they hurt him in the long run. I just think he should get off his feet first before he does something this detrimental. 
Oh good lord :( 
I Know GameMaker Sucks, But 
My friend knows how to use it very well. He doesn't use the whole drag and drop thing, he scripts everything himself.

But still, GameMaker... 
Googling for "list of gamemaker games" turns up a surprising amount of familiar good games. So it's possible to beat it into shape. 
Are you working with games in Fortaleza?? That's awesome.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. Resembles a lot my IT career and probably most careers in an "industry" production model. 
"where Do They Go After" 
Great question. I feel like there should be some kind of path for people who have game industry specific skills (like level / game design) because holy shit did I feel completely useless trying to figure out what that would be.

I had an almost 2 year hiatus from making games professionally, and during that time I thought about doing something else to pay the bills but I was turned down for *every* job I applied for outside of games. And I'm talking about near minimum-wage jobs in some cases because they all said I was overqualified and why would I want a job selling espresso machines or whatever when I'd been working on all these games.

The longer you do any job, the harder it is to start over and do anything else. At least that's been my experience so far. 
I Concur Man 
The longer you do any job, the harder it is to start over and do anything else. At least that's been my experience so far.

After 15 years in a specific professional domain, this make things significantly harder even though the desire to change is high... Potentially everything has to be learn from scratch, or almost... and that's really hard for middle age guy to change... *sigths* 

When we developed Payday 1, me and my buddy Ilija worked very much alone with great responsibility, more or less how you work at home with your own stuff. We designed and built the levels from whitebox up to shippable, that included the gameplay, scripting, art-pass and lighting.

From the start it was only us, then a third level designer joined, but all in all, we worked a lot, slept at the office and in the end, turned out a really fun game.

I've worked 10+ years now as a "Professional Level Designer" with various projects.
These days I'm running my own biz, which me and a friend started, that was 3+ years ago.

Really, try and convince your friend to start with a smaller thing first, it takes ages for a single person to make a long full feature ARPG, even if it's top down.

We started with Hammerwatch as a smaller hack and slash, instead of a larger RPG, just because we kinda "knew" that you can't make a real ARPG in short time and keep the quality up. We worked full time for 9 months with that, developed our own engine, made more or less all art, all levels, tweaked etc etc

Had we we gone for the initial idea and done a real diablo clone, we would still be sitting with it I guess... (maybe not, but you get the idea). 
You Did Hammerwatch? 
Played it coop with my buddy and loved every minute of it 
I use to say that I did everything you see and hear and my friend did everything you don't see and hear =)

Not 100% true, since we didn't create the music ourselves and we had some help with boss graphics... so almost true =) 
Hammerwatch Was Good. 
But please, dear Hipshot, make the characters in your next games at least x2 faster. ;) 
It's very different, but I do like speed, I do... 
Movement needs to be 2x faster in that! :) 
Yeah What 
That's tiptoeing speed! 
Omg... I should have leveled up moved speed a lot more... 
Oh Sweet, A AAA Dev! 
Kinda odd to see a developer like you up on this forum. Unless I am completely unaware. 
Your work seems to have inspired a new Dreamcast game: 
@ SpecialBomb, there's probably at least a few around here. Often you don't know, since when people are employed at a larger developer - they try to avoid talking about that outside work, AAA titles are surrounded by a lot of hush hush and paperwork to enforce that =)

@ mankrip, cute =) didn't know people still made things for the DC. 
Isnt Czg As AAA As You Can Get? 
A pretty large proportion of people here have worked on "AAA" games (whatever the hell "AAA" is supposed to mean nowadays).

But yeah, NDAs and whatnot tend to stop people mouthing off about what they are up to. 
I ain't worked on shit 
Aaa Wikipedia 
AAA is not an acronym, but a way to classify games, in some cases, referring to it as an equivalent to a movie blockbuster.

That reminds me, my AAA membership expires next month. I need to remember to renew it (wouldn't want to get stranded on the side of the road). 
I Dunno 
I only joined this forum like 2 months ago, so I have no idea who does what really, only a couple.

I only want to know what they did, not what they are doing. Plus I originally never said I wanted to know anything, lol. 
I haven't developed anything professionally yet, but I like to talk to creative knowledgeable people and there are many brilliant ones here. 
Speaking Of 
Today was the last day of my contract for the project I was working on, so if you're lookin' for someone with 10 years of professional experience, I am available!

(As far as I know it wasn't just a cruel April Fool's prank to have the last day of my contract be April 1st but the day is still young) 
I'm always interested in knowing what people can do or not. Do you have any portfolio or cv? 
Since you developed Hammerwatch, I must ask this:

What rogue-like elements inspired you to make the ones in your game? I'm looking to buy it since I play a lot of rouge-likes like nethack and Caves of Qud, as well as more action rogue-likes like Risk of Rain. 
Well, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what a rogue like was some year ago, I'm still not sure what exactly it is, except for it being all random?

I don't like that, I don't like random, so I haven't really been inspired by that.

And you don't need to buy the game, just add me on steam and I'll get you a key. Same name as here and there's a tiger as avatar. 
Go Map Blitz 
It Isn't A Rogue Lite 
As it's not random 
Random levels and permadeath are the things that qualify something as a "Roguelike" imo. If it doesn't have both those things then it ain't. 
cool didn't know that they tried to standardise the definition, but it's nice to know that the top two factors are the ones I mentioned.

we should define some metrics for what makes a game "quake-like", ranked in order of value. Ok, go! 
Ok I'll Start 
1) Is Quake
That berlin thing there... good information. 
Quake Metrics 
1. brown
2. rockets jumping
3. lovecraftian 
I just flushed something down the loo that hit 2 out of 3 of those points so I'm thinking you might need to be more specific. 
Lol kinn 
So it wasn't brown, then? 
now that i think about it there was some definite "splash damage" so looks like we are actually 3/3 
splash damage 
So, Rogue-Likes... 
Are all technically based off of the game mechanics of on singular game that started it all, Rogue. Those who use Linux can play it by getting the BSD games package. It was a very simple game that used D&D like methods for random events. What made it really important for Linux though is that it invented an early version of NCURSES, which allowed for it's grid-ascii style of gameplay. This would lead to graphical-text programs being developed that allowed unexperienced users to quickly do something in the system without using the command prompt. You were a player with stats based off D&D that went around a dungeon fighting monsters trying to get an amulet, then leave. What made the game special is that the dungeon was different every time, which was super innovative for the time. So go ahead and try it out, I'm pretty sure there is a windows version of it somewhere, but idk. Short warning: IT'S REALLY FUCKING HARD. 
Cool Story Bro 
Thanks for the info. Also, I keep hearing people around here talking about some game called "Quake" - anyone know what that is? 
Whats Your Salt With Me Bro? @PepeLord86 
I know some of the stuff I say goes off topic, but seriously, why are you targeting me? 
Please excuse my younger brother, PepeLord86. I have asked him to review his recent comments in light of your grievances, and he will be unavailable to comment for a while. In the meantime I, PepeLord84, will be posting in his stead until further notice. 
If any of you pros know of any decent company hiring level designers, hmu please and thank you. 
Send Romero Your Folio 
he'll need some if slackroom takes off 
I already joked about going to work on Blackroom with some guys of the guys from work. I found it funny, not sure they did. 
Just curious...How much pay would you expect if a freelance game developer wanted to commission you to create a large scale Quake map?

I would like to know, just in case in the future I need to have someone create levels for a future project. 
In case you're still looking: 
Ruin: I probably wouldn't work on a quake map except for fun and personal satisfaction, sorry.

Adib: Thanks, but I'm not sure I would be willing to move to Malaysia. :) 
I totally understand you, I'm coming from Brazil. What can I say? It's been an adventure to tell my grandchildren. And mapping for a new game in the process. So far, so awesome. 
Need Generalists Artist For New Indie Retro FPS 
I've posted a help wanted ad on polycount (see link below), but I wanted to repost it here since the art I need is very much in the vein of the Quake era of games. 
"The game's theme is Dark Fantasy / Gothic / Lovecraftian horror."

"Reference Art:"

[link to google image search for "arcane dimensions quake"]

ayy lmao 
But there is no general art "direction" in AD, really.
Just wow again. 
Guys Im Making A Game 
Its gameplay and story is similar to this:
but way less good

but with graphics rendered like this:

All I need is 4 million bucks via my kickstarter and we'll be good. What could possibly go wrong? 
looks good i'll donate

...but's what's really important are the pixels and the polygons, not the style (as long as it still looks like AD and makes me moneys though) 
Why so salty? 
No Kidding 
posts #606 - #609 are pretty cringy. 
I Don't Have A Problem With Post 605 
I was just shit posting about the "mighty no. 9".

Post 605 just gave me a good segue to do so :) 
Has anyone posting seriously in this thread ever *not* been trolled? 
I Wish The Guy Luck. 
The thing is, I would actually send him some work. I'm just not good enough.

There are plenty of mappers here who are good enough, although posting their own maps as inspiration probably isn't the best way to woo them. I'm not sure if he personalised the pitch for this audience, but the pitch seems a little (for lack of a better phrase) cut and paste?

At the end of the day, money talks. And if he is offering reasonable cash for the work he wants done, then I'm sure he'll get bites. 
Good Question Kinn 
Is the topic of this thread basically a lie since anyone who asks for help always ends up getting a negative response or no response? 
There probably shouldn't be any "discussion" in this thread, or at most only requests for additional information on an offer.

No response in the thread shouldn't always mean no actual response though, most people interested should follow up by email. 
Well, in the 12-year history of this thread, has there even been a single instance of anyone being recruited to a mod team or a paid job from this thread? if not, maybe it's time to update the OT with a link to this image: 
Who can help me to make a progs.dat with rogue(doe) and hipnotic(soa) entities?
I don't have money or something, but I can make music with keyboard effects and guitar, using garageband and sibelius.

Ask to me if you want. 
If you're still looking for employment, I hear Monolith is looking for employees. Must be nice working for the guys who made Blood, NOLF and all those great games. Check their website. 
Only thing that actually might push out current mods having a 'good' content is to offer "free" ideas, actual help, thoughts or even concept art. I'm sure we all can agree that mods like AD would benefit much more having more similar like enemy models we see on original quake, but just bit modernize them 'new ones'.

One of the concepts that John Romero and id back then kind of over-watched was fantasy theme combined with technology, and by that I mean we can see only Ogre resembling that idea. Ogre is only monster-like creature that uses technology as a weapon (grenade launcher). And in Doom we see a lot of creatures/monsters that had part of mechanism under their skin..

There is nothing bad of having a lots of pure medieval creatures, don't get me wrong. But idbase, mechanical hell theme (which I haven't seen yet). There is not much medieval theme combined with technology in same sense(madness) like doom did, after all I think Quake is almost as abstract as doom in design, but only darker?

Maybe everything similar can be done, but more in serious way, because after all Quake is very 'dark' game.

Tomorrow I can share couple concept arts I made for Quake 1 about half a year ago, if anybody is interested. It is basically something that Quake 2 should have had as enemies (artist's wishful thinking), enemies that are more fantasy/imagination than just cyborgs. 
I think your headache might be playing tricks on you, as you apparently have posted this in the wrong thread.

Concept art: At least Madfox should be interested, he's a modeller (among many other things). 
I just thought they would hire me through this post session ;) (wishful thinking) 
Reading through the thread, apparently it's useless to hope for any actual job in here. If you want to do some work for AD or other mods, I think it's best to contact the project leads directly. For AD, it's Sock. He's currently working on v1.5 of the mod, with new maps included, so if you have something for him before he's done, you might feature in the next version. 
Welp, always I can try. 
I was actually wondering if anyone could come work on my project. Haven't really started it yet, but it's a stealth ARPG bullet hell sim racing game with dating sim elements. I need coders, mappers, texture artists, modelers, concept artists, writers, a project manager, director, and producer. Will pay in Safeway coupons. Thanks. 
You heard the guy. 
I appreciate your passion and energy, but I'm personally more into horror/action games that aren't trying too much. Looking forward where this in going to lead though, but as a designer you need to put all in. Concepts are always just concepts, before someone puts more information and idea behind them and demonstrates it in a way it doesn't end up feeling vague for the most people.

It is always good to know, what are your keys features you can put on this project, and how to help others do their jobs well, so everyone is a sense what is going on.

There has to be group of specific people (mostly leader of different teams, if teams has more than one member), who will mindstorm together and cut off unnecessary ideas that doesn't benefit game's main goals at all OR features that are hard to pull off and still doesn't add much to the gameplay. Team needs outsiders too, for testing purposes, QE testing.

Team needs money, because rarely people work without money (unless hobbiest project that is meaningfull for the most parts), team also needs softwares, good management, healthcaring etc. all the little things. For example if you hire only one programmer, it is quite big risk from himself and to the company. Every resource needs management & caring. There shouldn't be no doubt about what project is trying to achieve from every aspect. 
Fixing Couple Typos.. in a sense of what is going on*

..(mostly leaders from different teams like: art team, code team, QE testing team etc.)*

..hire only one programmer, it is quite big rick for himself/herself and to the company - but same goes to other members as well.* 
Not Sure If It Was A Joking Response Or Not 
This Forum Has Become Really Weird. 
Maybe my sentences doesn't make sense, but personally I don't want to mock other peoples if they have dreams and so on. 
Dear NewHouse,

Greetings of you. I am a Nigerian prince and would like to deposit $40 million into your personal bank account, but first you must open a Nigerian bank account with at least $100,000 in it to be a qualified foreign recipient of the funds. If you would like to share in this marvellous opportunity, please immediately send me an email indicating your interest in this matter. 
Dear kawaii lol

Your offer sounds quite vague, and I need more information. Ps. you forget to mention email you were talking about. 
It was just a joke. No harm done. 
I agree 
Though it would be really nice to know, are there even 3d modellers, 2d texture artists? That information would make it actually interesting to even talk about future plans people have. 
How many of you have been working on game engines like Unity or UE4? 
If anyone can help me make models and code,then i will give you ideas,maps and maybe a little money if i can get it.
PS-I need a mapper as I am not a good mapper.Maybe i can make part of a map and the other guy can finish it. 
Hey, Let Me Think Abou 
Actual Paid Work 
I'm looking for a level designer for a Doom/Quake style FPS game, paid work.

For more info about the project or other things get in touch with me: 
GLSL Post-Processing Shader For Darkplaces 
Job: A GLSL Shader for DP with these features:

1. the option to resample input resolution by .5 or .25

2. the option to palettize (??) with one of different sized palettes (128, 256, needed for testing)

3. directions on how to actually deploy/modify (toggle options) of said shader.

Deadline: at your leisure

Compensation: $$$, specific amount TBD

The goal is to emulate the appearance software rendering, example1, example2. This is not for Quake, but for a separate project which uses q3map2 and its shaders. I say this just in case that has any technical implications on the work that needs to be done.

The end result is my concern, if you feel there is a better method than what I described, please let me know!

Contact info is in my profile, thanks! 
Looking For Concept And Promotional Materials Artist 
I'm looking for an artist who can draw concept art and create promotional material for an indie retro FPS.

You'd get to design cool weapons, monsters, and characters.

Please see the original ad on polycount for details:

Job Description: emulate 8-directional sprite rotation. character model (a quad, in this case) must always face the player regardless of character movement/orientation (like a sprite) and display the appropriate frame based on viewing angle. darkplaces specific.

Compensation: $300 (USD)

for all inquiries, please email me at Thanks! 
self.customizeentityforclient = (float()){self.frame = (self.frame & ~7) + floor(anglemod(self.angles_y - vectoyaw(other.origin-self.origin) + (360/16.0))/(360/8));};

then make your op_state thingies just specify frames as multiples of 8. framegroups will probably bug out due to resets.
use sprites with one of the upright modes, I don't remember the difference.
obviously ssqc solutions will lag a little (which might be an issue with prediction active), and won't work at all if you have freecamming with demo playback (eg mvds).

on the other hand, fte+sprite with a framegroup of type 2(which needs hexediting), and it'll just pick the subframe automatically, even in mirrors, mvds, or static entities. 
Quetoo Require Amazing Mapper 
Ow The Edge 
Require A Mapper? Cant See Anything On There About That 
My Project 
Well,I need someone for my mod.(Make that more than one)
-Coders(3 spots open)
-Mappers(3 spots open)
-Someone to write the .fgd file
-Sounds Contribution
-Concept Artists(2)
Motivation will be by me.Mapping also by me.

Send me a mail at

The payment-Quake players appreciating this(sorry but I am only 13 and no bank account)

Sign me up! Sounds like a great gig - the clear and detailed vision of the project already described in your pitch along with the great presentation of the assets you've made so far really makes it sound like a sure fire winner! Could we be looking at the beginnings of the next Valve? 
Beep! Beep! Lethal Levels Of Irony Have Been Detected! Beep! Beep! 
Not irony. 
Volunteer Posts Changed 
Just 2 coders,3 mappers and 1 modeler required.
I know I don't make a good impression.If you are doubting my skills then wait till April.The qump project will be released.

As always,if you want to do something email me at 
I Believe This Particular Robot Is In Need Of Diagnostic Service 
Blood Splat QC Dilemma 

I'm trying to use MaNiAc's tutorial on Inside3d -

I mean it works and everything, but it would be great to have the .mdl actually align with the wall that it lands on. I'm pretty sure there is a way to do this, but I'm not much of a coder.

I'd happily pay for some to modify the code in order to make this work.

And The Post #666 Goes To� 
IIRC, that isn't possible in the QC code because there's no way to concatenate transformations or to change their order in vanilla Quake. When surface alignment is calculated, the original angles gets lost. 
Damn, Mankrip Is Stealing To Many 666. 
Where Did All The Posts Go? 
Between 666 and 673? Spam? 
correct, the board hides posts that are flagged as spam 
My Proyects And Music For Maps 
1- Hello, my name is Christian.

2- I am working in a BIG Quake proyect(no supporters yet :). I want help in themes like QC compilation and creation, because I want to use some files from the old mission packs to be compiled in one with all ID1 files also. But I think it will be hard at the moment(I just have 6$ in paypal to pay :P and also I use another time).

3- I do music if you want: I can do a relax music or if you want a grunch with guitar, strings, pad effect, etc. Email me to if you are interested. 
Effect Sounds For Your Mods Can Be Also 
I've already combined the mission packs into my mod.

No its not finished yet, but close.

I released a secret early version in my map Terracity if I recall correctly. Check it out, might already have what you need: 
Thank you, but I think my qc compiler sucks, so I don't know what to use now :P (in mac)

(I will play that attractive map) 
You might try fteqcc.exe in Wine: 
I Think It Was My Compiler :P 
Thanks anyway :) 
Quake 1 Model Needed - Very Quick 
I have an immediate need for a Quake 1 model of a Mario-style fireflower. I know this would take the right person literally 5 minutes - I just do not have the right combination of tools and skills to make one myself. The freebies I have found online are not converting in a cooperative manner with what I've got. I have been working on a brand new Team Fortress map, and this would really make it, I think. Please contact me at 
.mdl needed, or does a .bsp the job? 
<- Fire Flower 
Here's the product of about an hour messing about this morning

The model isn't at all an attempt to design a Quake-style fire flower, it's just what a fire flower usually looks like. The skin is pretty basic, flat colours and a touch of shading, which I pretty much painted entirely in the 3d view of QME. You can argue it's stylised, or just lazy. In any case, I wouldn't be hurt at all if you decided to rework it. 
Thank You! 
Awesome! Thanks for your help! And basic is exactly what I was looking for, anyway. 
You're Welcome 
Don't forget to post again when it's done, I'll put something on the blog. I did play around with some palette swaps to make a blue version, would a team colours version be any use for the map? 
I Am Looking For A Quake 2-mapping Friend 
Hi, I am looking for someone to make Quake 2 maps with. I am currently working on a SP-unit but I am quite ronery and would like some company when mapping. It would also be great to have someone to make maps with too, be it SP or MP (but I prefer SP). It's also nice to have someone to talk to about it that knows the game etc.

You can find me on my Level Design Discord here:

Or if you want to add me on Steam:

Thank you very much in advance for your interest. :3 
Andrea Rosa here is the author of the Citadel mod for Q2, of which he/she's just released v3.0. Maybe he/she would be willing to help, or at least provide some insight. 
I've attempted contact. Let's see how this goes. 
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