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#tf / Func_qmap BEEF Thread.
Inspired by Scampie who has more beef going than the average American "lite" breakfast =).

So let's have it out here...

Scampie vs. Xen

Scampie vs. ProdXL

Maj vs. ProdXL

(actually most people vs. ProdXL)

Wrath vs. Everyone

Grindspire vs. someone it seems

Me vs. Speedy occasionally

Mod-makers vs. well they just look like a right bunch of knobs anyway.

Are We Just Going 
to list people who we have beef with? Or is Shambler just bored? 
List people

Fight with people

Start a flamewar

Celebrate the BEEF! 
I prefer cheese 
I Love You All 
like you were my own son. 
Maj Sucks 
I want to kill him with a bus 
I offer you my daughter's hand in marriage. 
[21:00] <DaZ> yes I am used to being banned
[21:01] <Friction> b&
[21:01] <DaZ> because the capitalist leaders of #tf are cock bites
[21:01] <scampie> !ban DaZ god stfu already you are the worst bannie ever

Not Everyone... 
just stupid people. 
Zwiffle Vs Bush Jr 
I do have one beef!
Guess with who :E 
Scampie vs. Inert !

I am allergic to beef and cheese,
can't we just kill each other and get it over with? 
Blitz vs Shambler Q Faggot 
... if anyone had any sense this would obviously all be sorted out with a few rounds of Q1DM.

Or a few rounds of WMD. 
BEEF With Scampie Shambler Mentioned 
... if anyone had any sense this would obviously all be sorted out with a few rounds of Q1DM.

ok SUCKA, it's ON 
...pie... ...need pie... 
I Have No Beef With Anyone! 
Shamber said I'm too cute for that. Should I be worried now? 
I declare this to be the Official Philly Cheesesteak Thread! 
I Have A Beef With FC 
He always comes in the thread with something witty and clever to say but never fallows it through with furthur comments when you comment on his comments. How can you get some proper flamage on someone who does that?

He is way too cool for his own good.

Philly Steak'n'Cheese Yummmmmm 
Umph Mrph Gurble *swallow* 
I was taught never to talk with my mouth full.



FC Came Through For Me! 
Oh, And Momma Handled Snakes 
so talking with our mouths full was the least of our worries. 
Fucking Beetles 

someone it seems

I say again; huh?

My only problem is with stupid people (it's not my fault if that's 95% of the world's population) 
My Suggestion 
Scampie needs to stop acting like a bitch. 
My Suggestion 
ProdigyXL needs to pass the third grade.

Nonentity: Funny you say that, being the most retarded emofag ever to grace the mapping community. 
didn't get his reach-around. 
is still a jackass troll with absolutely no worth. yes wrath, that's you. 
No Worth? 
But wrath is my source of amusement! 
You Know What They Say... 
birds of a feather... although, when it comes to RPG and wrath, it's more like 'assholes of complete morons'. 
Well, Since This IS The Beef Thread... 
I am rubber, you are glue... 
Folks, this is why we should ban white sugar. Just look at him, kid's hopped up like an amphetamine fiend on nitrous oxide. Poor thing. Everybody, write your congress-tools! 
was for scampie. 
While I (regrettably) I have to side with scampie in that ProdXL would have benefited from some form of education beyond the age of 6, I do wish the power obsessed little gnome would stfu and stop trying to be 'l33ter than though' all the time. 
I do wish you'd quit being an angsty little bitch and learn to use a post icon besides <neutral> 
Well, this is the beef thread.

And yes, oink know it's a sheep icon, but there's no need to get all whinny and start bleating about the discrepancy. Just be grateful I couldn't incorporate any other animal noises into this post. THRRRPT! 
Death Tounge Forever 

That's a cat noise. A Bill the Cat noise to be precise. 
Maybe I wont try to get into speedmapping... If this is what the community is like 
This Is The 'You Have A Beef Thread' 
Not the S***dMap Thread -- though your beef about is speedmapping, the Scampman has been known to lay down the law on those who mention S***DMappingout site its proper forum topic enclosed discussion area. I suspect you will be put on notice soon. 
Oh Crap, 
I let one slip by. I'm right there in the hole wit'cha ya blagmatin son of a two dollar rattlesnake. 
...I forgot:

Vondur vs. Speedmappers

Shambler vs. Speedmappers

Not that much speedmapping seems to take place these days! 
Wyldesnake: This is the beef thread, we (at least, myself) are not being very serious. 
Yeah Right Scamp... you're not serious when you're being an asshole on the Speedmap thread....or in GA....or anytime in #tf too lol... 
�{�� <= it's Scampie!

*note* I suck at shrimp ASCII and other things. 
You suck at a lot of things it seems, apart from website gfx.

I doubt anyone can have beef with you as you're the newbie laughing stock of go map ROOOOFL! 
:-[ I am serious 
And we all take you seriously.... 
Angsty, moi?

Not anymore my dear boy, if you'd kept up with the times rather than continually trying to be oldskool (sic) you'd know this, you rectum sniffing, badger felching (and general reptile molesting), piece of shit excuse for a fuckwit.

(hi mum) 
Shambler is your mum? :o 
omg secret real life info about shambler! I declare this thread a success! beers all around! 
Medals And Promotions! 
cool thread! 
And I Thought Lizards Dont Talk 
eh, that's not good. What is wrong with reptophilage anyway? 
I've actually been mapping for several years, just not all-the-time, so I'm hardly new. Just to the community. 
Oh ffs. More people need a sense of humour 
<Shambler> go shit in blitz
<Shambler> he's got a small penis and deserves the abuse
* czg shits in Bl1tz
<czg> rofl Bl1tz has the smallest penis ever
<Shambler> true true
<Shambler> more like an exaggerated belly-button than a genuine example of genitalia
<Shambler> in fact, over half way to mangina status 
Curse Of The Irish 
And The Vote Is In 
Yes, after careful calculation...

Scampie is a goat fucker. 
Beef thread inspired by Scampie...

Surf and Turf 
Oh Yeah... 
And you all suck. 
@ distrans =)

P.S. Fuck you blitz. 
The Irish Use To Be Hugely Popular In The States, 
Any brogue talking Ulster lad could get his fingers wet between an American girl's thighs in no time.

And then came Riverdance. That fucked it all up for you. 
The Irish Were Never Popular 
Although they are credited with saving civilization. (Thanks Thomas Cahill) 
...the Irish and the Arab nations saved civilization. 
I Thought It Odd That An American Writer 
wrote a novel that was very Anglophile and also anti-Irish and he had the nerve to entitle it Patriot Games. I have no beef with either the English or Irish but it left me wondering patriotic to what country, Mister Clancy? (Actually, the New World Order when you get right down to his peculiar loyalties). 




....handbags at the ready, ladies! 
May I Have A Blue One? 
Plus I think I should be 3rd in that list 
Seems More Like 
Scampie vs world


I got the beef HARD today :/ 
Excuse Me. 
Me vs Morons and Faggots I prefer, thanks.

Vorelord falling into both catagories. 
What The 
Scampie you get 16 moron points. 
Hey Now, 
I only came into that discussion after several hours into it when it was clearly spinning in a circle non stop. No beef, just a desire to put an end to a useless argument (BTW, Nonentity was right, but that isn't the point). 
Also, I got bored with arguing about semantics about 3 hours before it stopped

VoreLord actually managed to argue on his own for a while, which I thought was impressive. 
whats going on 
<scampwork> metlslime: can we at least attempt to keep func_msgboard somewhat about mapping and not stupid drama crap? 
Hmm... well if it wasn't stupid drama crap.. it would probably be stupid something-else crap... What's the difference? :D 
[10:39] * burnin8or was kicked by Shambler (burnin8or)
[10:39] * Petithomme_q4w was kicked by Shambler (Petithomme_q4w)
[10:39] * Petithomme_q4w has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] <Speeds> hehh
[10:39] * shlommodore64 was kicked by Shambler (shlommodore64)
[10:39] * shlommodore64 has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] * joce was kicked by Shambler (joce)
[10:39] * joce has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] <Speeds> autojoin
[10:40] * Proctor was kicked by Shambler (Proctor)
[10:40] * Quest` was kicked by Shambler (Quest`)
[10:40] * Quest` has joined #terrafusion
[10:40] <Speeds> Proctor talks sometimes
[10:40] * []Lardarse was kicked by Shambler ([]Lardarse) 
It got Lardarse to quit in a sulk, saying it was a channel full of cunts. A job well done! 
Or No. 
Insert #tf log about scampie banning Trinca here.

Insert #tf log about scampie deopping inertia (you know, the mapper and gamer inertia) and ranting about him here.

Insert scampie's other hypocrisies here.

(Might need a seperate post for this)

Insert the list of valued contributers who have left #tf because of scampies nonsense here.

Insert #tf log about scampie banning Trinca here.

Insert Trinca being a retarded dick here. Also insert Trinca threatening Scampie, and then spamming #tf.

Insert #tf log about scampie deopping inertia (you know, the mapper and gamer inertia) and ranting about him here.

Insert Scampie opping Inertia after Shambler left in a huff, since I was only fucking with you.

Insert the list of valued contributers who have left #tf because of scampies nonsense here.

A short list indeed! 
To be honest, I really left once I was banned for a day because I used " :> " smiley, which was strictly against the #TF topic "Anyone who uses :> gets banned", which I thought was set by Scampie. Lo and behold, Shambler bans me for a day. Upon rejoining later that evening, once Shambler had gone to bed, I bitch about how Shambler turned gay for enforcing a gay rule and how gay #TF was becoming when one of the most anti-Scampie champions turned into Scampie overnight. Scampie asked what I did. I said "I made a smiley like this: :> " Scampie said "Yeah, that smiley is bannable." and banned me.

So really, I dislike both Scampie and Shambler now. You both are fags. Thank you and good night. 
Hooo Boy 
You walked right into that setup, zwiddle! 
But Seriously 
It's not serious.
It's a bunch of people calling eachother fags just to see if anyone gets offended and then it's all 'lol u r a fag' and 'OMG AM NOT!' and then boring gay drama erupts

Christ, Shambler. You of all people bringing this thread up... Next you'll be telling me I can't make fun of Asaki's cancer. 
Hello to you on a FUCK YOU Tuesday. 
whiny wednesday already here.

Kicking and banning should be done for some proper reasons. Not almost-randomly. 
* bamspec was kicked by scampwork 
You don't want to be banned from #tf ???

So don't log-in... it's sooo simple... ;P 
That's what a lot of us decided was best. So that's why a lot of us (okay, maybe like 3?) of us don't go there anymore. 
I don't think you count as a 'valued contributer' 
Errr.. and what is a 'valued contributer' to your opinion ?? Oh, and I already know I'm not so no meany remarks please... ;) 
Someone who blindly accepts scampie's dictatorship, someone who doesn't answer back even when it's obvious scampie is wrong/hypocritcal/erratic, someone who fits into a small niche of gaming that scampie approves of, and most importantly of all, someone who idles and doesn't say much.

People who actually chat, discuss, and talk about gaming and interesting issues, people who make an effort to integrate themselves into the community, people who understand that IRC stands for Internet Relay CHAT are specifically discouraged... 
So Lemme Guess 
Shambler got banned? 
Well... regarding your explanations.. a revolution is required... :P 
honestly i dont care about scampie, drunk vondur :p and all the guys that make crapy shit on there... i just go there becouse there some guys play quakeworld like me... Vondur, jagoo, bambuz, spirit, neg|ke and other�s sorry to then! and for real nice people like JPL and Neg|ke that had help me out very much in my start in mapping! thks to then and i will not quit or desapointing u guys i will continue and will make a good work soon!

sorry my English!
je parle Portugais beaucoup mieux ;) 
Eh !! You french is not bad at all.... ;P... but even if your engish is not very good, it is "understandable" with few efforts...

I also think you shouldn't blame people when they are bad guys... just ignore them, or at least what they said, cause many guys like kidding on these fucking chat... 
[10:39] * burnin8or was kicked by Shambler (burnin8or)
[10:39] * Petithomme_q4w was kicked by Shambler (Petithomme_q4w)
[10:39] * Petithomme_q4w has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] <Speeds> hehh
[10:39] * shlommodore64 was kicked by Shambler (shlommodore64)
[10:39] * shlommodore64 has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] * joce was kicked by Shambler (joce)
[10:39] * joce has joined #terrafusion
[10:39] <Speeds> autojoin
[10:40] * Proctor was kicked by Shambler (Proctor)
[10:40] * Quest` was kicked by Shambler (Quest`)
[10:40] * Quest` has joined #terrafusion
[10:40] <Speeds> Proctor talks sometimes
[10:40] * []Lardarse was kicked by Shambler ([]Lardarse)

I'm happy I wasn't there at that time 
Who Are We Kidding 
everyone knows that both sham and scamp are the last people you`d want to grant with any powers

eh, and gotta thank raven soft for keeping scamp busy at work :) 
some of the people here care too much 
eheh but i forget to thks Vondur for my start in mapping!!!

he said to me Quit mapping u will not learn becouse of a stupid question i did to him but in that time i didn�t even know how to make a wall!!! so he wasn�t not that bad! i understand him, was normal i probably do the same thing...

so i was so fucking pissed off that started in mapping stuff i know that i still a real noob but thing will get better!!! 
It's like this: Choose your leader: Hitler or Stalin (Hitler being Scampie, Stalin being Shambler, who isn't as bad as Hitler, because we know Russians count as 1/4th of a person, except Vondur. And Jago. Speeds, you're 1/4th of a person.) 
"Stalin being Shambler, who isn't as bad as Hitler" lol Stalin kill more russian people then Hitler did to the judes... 
Stop being a baby. 
Explain a little more, I'm not quite sure what you mean. I'm making as much of the situation as other people are bitching about it. Perhaps you mistake humor for sincerity?

Trinca - hence the joke about Russians being 1/4th of a person... 
... as much FUN of the situation ... 
Hi Zwiffle 
Hi Czg 
Omg Such Faggotry 
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo aardappelgott Asaki Bl1tz
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo czgRAID0 Dietz Fjoggis
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo Friction gibbie inertia
<Shambler> O_o
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo Jago| LordHavoc|code Lunzzz
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo megaman metlslime MoALTz
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo Molgrum pope pushplay_
<Vondur> hah
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo pushplay_atwork RED_ROBOT SleepwalkR
<Vondur> here we go to the gamesnet stage
* scampwork sets mode: -ooo Spiritzzz Vondur voodoochopstiks
* L sets mode: +o Vondur
* scampwork sets mode: -o Zombie

true motives come out.... 
I Think 
it's finally good to not everyone having ops and kicking / kickbanning people randomly. You did a lot of that shambler too. 
*** Vondur sets channel #terrafusion mode +b *!

*** _crime_ was kicked from #terrafusion by Vondur (The op is always right �15�) 
* scampwork changes topic to 'new rule: Everyone gets OPs except bambuz. bambuz may be kicked and/or banned at random for any reason.' 
This Channel.... 
is full of scandalous happenings:

<Kazipoo> in compliance with the new rules, i demand an op.
<Kazipoo> :]
* Lunaran sets mode: +ooo _Zombie Kazipoo Trinca|work
<Kazipoo> weeeeee 
this thread is so fucking boring 
i recall being channel owner wayyy back in the day. those were good times weren't they? i like being the philosopher king. 
deop George W. Bush :p 
inertia: you were for a day, only because no one had registered the channel yet, and being a dickhead who'd be in the channel for a total time of 2 days, you went ahead and did it. 
What? I thought this was a flamethread, so I dropkicked the first person I saw, namely you. 
was a time of peace. 
Put it here bitches. That means you Sleepy and Trinca. 
funny thread. 
Yeh. I got beef.

Sham is a fucking hypocritical bitch arse coward. All well and good to have mindless fucking flames in GA, but as soon as it's about an important issue like, say, how we treat our fellow human beings he fucking pussies out and cries that we shouldn't discuss it.

Trinca == BEEF 

from "rui lo" aka (oops sorry if that increases your spam count!) 
I like port! 
And Bourbon 
But Mostly 
Beer (best served with copious amounts of beef) 
I have to agree, but not only does that apply to shambler, but to a lot of the regulars here. I still can't understand why everyone is indifferent to this. 
At Least 
Shambler did offer an opinion, even though it was hidden underneath several layers of sarcasm and irony. 
seven posts in a row. 
That's Probably More 
than I have posted in the last seven years! 
awesome mail :)

sorry if I didnn't sent it but is AWESOME


ohhh forgot to say, know I love Scampie darling I even got him in my facebook ;)

anyway peace! 
sleepy, you are one of the best mappers ever. rtz will always be on my favorites list, and eye in the sky oooh my! 
Hey Gibbie! 
no, YUO! 
Good A Time As Any To Bump This 
I see that deqer fellow crawled his way over to you guys, huh?

I'll just leave this here:

enjoy :) 
Haha, Yeah 
That thread is awesome. 
They should have sent a poet.

Holy shit. 
Those names in the OP (of this thread) sure bring back lots of memories. 
I wasted some of my time and found deQer / Ryan Briscall's website contact:

Also searched his works and releases. Nothing stands out apart from the practically universal dislike he's managed to earn. 
Adobe Creation Suite?!?!

That stands out to me because if you can't even spell the name of your software that you are listing on your resume, then who is going to give you a job?!?! 
How is "PayPal" a skill to be listed on a resume? 
The Sad Thing Is 
Judging by his employment history, this guy is at least in his late 20s. 
Guys, personal attacks are not cool. 
Spirit's Right 
Awwww... :( 
If you listen really closely, you can actually hear me not caring. 
Deqer, Please Stay! 
you're bringing the community together! 
There are many things that aren't cool - just look at that rabid cunt Deqer.

But yes, point taken. 
@ijed: There Are Maybe 16 Boneheads In That Thread 
Supposedly one troll -- and he might not have really been a troll, just very opinionated.

And 15 other trolls like dogs that poop all over the house are doing at least much trolling as the supposed "problem person".

Meanwhile, it clearly doesn't occur to these "extra participants" that they are accomplices in screwing up the TrenchBroom thread.

/Pointing out the obv 
Yes, and there a couple of mother hens clucking their tongues from the sidelines and not really doing anything to help. 
@screwing Up The TrenchBroom Thread 
Just like you screwed RMQ with pretend-defend thread fueling the animosity and trolling the shit out of both the locals and RMQ team?
Nah, not nearly as bad. 
Watch Out 
We got an anon in here! 
I like being a bonehead! 
I've Trolled Before 
And usually when I've trolled, I make it obvious enough.

"Pretend defend of RMQ?"

I tried to help those guys every moment I could to get people interested in their work because they were doing insane crazy things with bsp2/QuakeC.

Maybe everyone didn't like all the ideas, but some great concepts were done and nice engine features and tools that resulted benefit everyone who has an interest in single player Quake. 
Postind Deqer's details was a misdirection attempt from the TrenchBroom thread so conversation could be more on track there.

Won't be spamming it or anything. 
But Deqer Apologised 
so everything's all ok!

I Only Posted In This Thread 
cause I thought Spiney might be bored and needed some reading material.

I'm thoughtful like that. Caring is sharing. 
Awww <3 
fuck you all 
I Like... 
how the flame someone thread has a smiley face on it. It somehow makes me... smile. 
Well That Gelatinous Ginger Twat Still Has The Skillz... 
* Scampie ( has joined #terrafusion
* Q sets mode: +o Scampie

<@Scampie> skacky and onetruepurple: I AM BACK IN IRC
* Scampie sets mode: +b *!*@*
* onetruepurple was kicked by Scampie (onetruepurple)
* Scampie sets mode: +b *!*@*
* skacky was kicked by Scampie (skacky)

<@Scampie> YAY!
<@Scampie> ok bye forever again
* @Scampie ( Quit (Quit: GTFO) 
Spirit You Fucking Douchebag. 
Readme file please. ZIP archive instead of 7z please.

If this was the first response to my first map release I'd walk away and never open a map editor again. Have you been hitting fucking asbestos from a bong? 
who uses winzip over 7zip anyway? 
Noone. Spirit just wants to put it in his quakeinjector (java) thing without having to modify it first.
plus its a smidge easier to rename it to .pk3 
onetruepurple: Did you forget to take your riddling or have you become a SJW? Not sure how you jumped to that idea. Also it was neither the first comment nor did the user react like you in any way. It is not even anything about the map itself. Take care about yourself.

Kona: It's not software vs software but format vs format. Zip is simply the lowest common denominator.

Spike: Amongst other things :p 
*ritalin, Not Riddling 
<skacky_> negke is iredeemable crap 
Unverbesserlich scheisse! 
Kinn's thighs so hawt he dont feel laptop burn 
WP that. 
....any sense of taste and decency. 
Shambler Vs. 
...any sense. 
I'm amazed this is still going - not any one problem between any two people, but a general culture, among people who are at least ostensibly dedicated to technical and artistic matters, of introducing piss into the water.

I may be an "autistic fanatic," as I've been called, but I just don't get it. Although under my own scheme, I don't really have the right to denounce anything or even ask questions, since one's ability to be a grunting, spewing, churning asshole is in direct proportion to one's worthwhile contributions. 
func_beef situations tend to always start out small and justified, but then they tend to spiral out of control because one side always has to have the last word. You can't control the beef, once the beef has been set in motion - you just have to let the beef runs its course. It's a good idea to keep popcorn available for these occasions. 
@tronyn -- its the internet -- in 2 weeks, you'll struggle to recall any of it. Remember deuquer --- who's feedback for a map editor was mixed with good points and way too much intensity?

For all that feedback and intensity, would be interesting to know whether or not he ever made a released map with the editor for whatever non-Quake game he was a mapper for. 
I immediately demand the original reasoning
backfrom where we started. 
A thread I commented in 12 years ago is still going on here.

I would congratulate metlslime on the uptime, but he's a great big stinky bum. 
Beef. Beef Never Changes. 
What is this thread? Me vs. Computer 
Lasagne vs. Pizza? 
twelve years is a lot of reasoning on func_beef!
Wait, where we started?

A smell-chip? 
lol anyone remember Baker? 
It's Funny 
that's why this thread exists. Also, so the frustration doesn't come up in more technical threads/discussions.

I'm with shambler on this one. 

Sigh, okay.

Is it really too much to ask to go to github and create an issue report when you discover a bug? Asshole. 
Occasionally it does seem like a bit of a chore (even more so if one has to register an account first) when the important thing should be reporting a bug in first place <- which apparently is quite something to ask for these days.

Although in this case, especially considering it was actually mostly a derp on my part, I do realize the passive aggressive introduction is inappropriate. Sorry. 
Kinn,u Got Called Out Fo Real.

Youtube diss map response eeeet. 
Funny jokes that Spirit has made ever: 0 
Lol Beef 
Me Vs compiling in mac. 
So Spirit does still read Func_, after all... 
Fair beans. 
Baker, OTP, Your Time: 
The beef has been very juicy lately. I can appreciate that when I read during my morning commute. Hope the salt levels stay in check though... 
Yeah, However 
"Your opinion on (X) is invalid because you've made less content than (Y)" is real low-rent stuff chaps. Come on, you're better than this. I want to see some proper top-shelf quality beef, with both sides giving it some, punctuated by Shambler slapping down some of his patented stone-cold truth bombs every now and then. I've got my popcorn ready and everything. 
I Was Trying To Get Some Discussion Going 
I was hoping to create an edgy thread that got people talking about innnovation, sharing stories. I intentionally baited some.

Looks like I was too edgy and a bit too trolley -- although I was going more for the humor angle --- like my preposterous list of things that a reply had to consider --- I mean seriously, haha ;-)

But that humor doesn't translate well to the written word, especially without emoji :-)

Happens to the best of us! My intentions were good.

On the plus side, I am proud I was able to create a thread too controversial for Func ;-)

How many times has that happened --- ever!! 
Callout Post 
I'm officially starting beef with Baker for using those goddamn hyphens in his "emoji".

;) > ;-) 
That entire post is just more self serving bullshit dude. Give it a rest. 
Not you pritchard. We cool we cool. 
Well in any case, I'm glad to hear that Marcher 2: Even Marcherer is due out sometime this year. :) 
Feel free to try to ascribe negative motivations to me as you would like. I'm assuming you enjoy wasting your time, it's yours to spend. ;-)

I like starting controversially named threads or disruptive posts for the shock factor or to get people talking.

Sometimes, I have struck gold --- a very provocative rant about Quake 3 vs. Quake 1 mapping created some shockwaves that caused several very cool things to happen.

All just by typing words on a keyboard, haha. 
Well in any case, I'm glad to hear that Marcher 2: Even Marcherer is due out sometime this year. :)

@mukor - Also ... 
It is, in fact, a number of the works for Quake were done for resume enhancements/hopes of gaming jobs and other reasons beyond Quake.

I thought that would make an interesting angle for discussion.

Because more than a fair number of level designers here worked/did work/wanted to work professionally in that field.

It was a significant factor in the creation in a number of prominent works in the past --- where the creators were mapping "for Quake" but they were aiming "for something more".

Are those kinds of level designers with enhanced motivations more likely to try to *really showoff* their talent more than someone new and bored who downloaded a map editor? 
@mukor -- I May As Well Triple Post ... 
Also another sub-theme of the topic ...

Steam newbies or bored people who downloaded a map editor --- they don't really have any detailed knowledge of the history of Quake.

I mentioned FrikaC who is one of the most influential developers of all time -- since I perceive you to be rather new, he was the author of FrikBots and frikqcc Quake C compiler. He also went on to work in the games industry.

But more than that -- like I said, I perceive you to be rather new but it may or may not be the case ---

But if it is the case that you are new, and unfamiliar with the history of Quake or how external motivations may have shaped the game ...

Should conversation topics be dumbbed down to cater to your level of knowledge of the history of Quake?

So there is a question for you ... 
Keep Digging Baker ;-) 
Not even locking his thread can stop the juggernaut that is Baker! 
It is, in fact, a number of the works for Quake were done for resume enhancements/hopes of gaming jobs and other reasons beyond Quake.

I thought that would make an interesting angle for discussion.

Are those kinds of level designers with enhanced motivations more likely to try to *really showoff* their talent more than someone new and bored who downloaded a map editor?

Isnt it a given that those with more experience or a larger end goal in mind, are going to put more effort into something than those who just recently downloaded a map editor?

It seems part of your goal here was to get me to speak of myself in a way that was self serving.

"Ive been mapping for *this long*"

"Ive played Quake for *this long*"

None of that even matters in this context. All the info one wants about Quake is freely available on the internet. Theres countless documentaries, threads on forums, and articles on Quake to fill in whatever type of Quake knowledge one seeks to acquire. 
meant to preview but accidentally posted. Honestly, though, thats probably for the better.

Long story short: Its obvious you havent played my maps or read the readmes attached to them. Meanwhile, I have MarkV pinned to my taskbar and read every post on the recent MarkV thread.

So, thanks man. Really appreciate the sense of comradery you have! 
"Its obvious you havent played my maps or read the readmes attached to them."

Before you think IM being self serving and trying to say "If you played them youd see my skillzzzzz brooo"

But a "You didnt have anything substantial to say about my mapping or me so its obvious you didnt even touch em" 
FFS Baker 
Are you high? OTP and Mukor both called you out for your bullshit. It's about time you'd shut the hell up. 
This Is Vintage Baker 
Also vintage otp. 
On the subject of vintage Baker:

Here he is in 2009 enjoying the economic crisis! 
Is it just me, or is this particular beef seeming quite vengeful? 
Not For Me 
Jesus Fuck What A Fucking Idiot 
I have this mental shortlist of people on func who take things waaaaay too seriously.

This particular thread serves as both entertainment and re-affirmation of said list. 
Shambler is ex bief�ated.

This is what you get when you don't keep the beef thread healthy and fresh. It starts leaking rotten beef juice all over the rest of the forum.

Specifically, Gunter vs. The World has taken over MarkV's thread... 
What do you know, there IS a Beef Thread!

Hmmm... "Gunter vs the World."

Sounds like my next Quake mod!

Nah, actually, FvF is enough. It could already be described as, "Gunter Hates You All And Wants You To Suffer Endless Humiliation."

So you should definitely all come play FvF! We have regular cooperative (Quest mode) games every Sunday night (some weeks more active than others) between 7-10 PM Central.

So come play!

Thennnn my abominable monsters will make you suffer! >:D

If I felt shifting the backlash of my barrelgun in quake, I now was living in a country without a license! 
Ode To Spike 
I didn't point out the fragile progs.dat compatibility landscape in a personal way.

i.e. I wasn't raising red flags because it was your idea.

I was raising red flags because I have seen too many "Hey guys, here is my better progs.dat! It can't load all the existing single player maps because I didn't think about the corner cases and assemble a set of those --- and it can't load save games because I didn't think about that either --- but nevermind these things I didn't think about that will slowly come to light over the course of the next 18 months due to my incompetence, look how great it is!!!".

I pointed out the landmines because I have seen that tragedy before. I simply posted information, because watching re-runs of tragedies makes me want to bang my head.

Karl Marx: "All the great events in history happen twice. The first time it is a tragedy. The second time it is a farce."

Why not type a few words to prevent that?

So I did.

It wasn't personal. I myself like watching train wrecks, but I don't like them to happen in Quake because I think Quake is something unusually special.

/Anyway, without this beer I would have defaulted to "ignore" but I am thinking "convey information" is better choice. DAMN THE TOPREDOS --- SUBMIT!! OH WAIT -- I C 
All Of You Guys Must Be Young Or On Serious Vitality Pills 
20: I hate you and I will fucking kill you.
30: I dislike you greatly and I will make sure you know it.
40: You suck and I don't have the time or energy to tell you why or argue it.

I'm thinking 50 will be something like...

I need a fucking nap. 
Guess who can dish it out but can't take it? 
You're really hoping I respond, huh? Fine, you get this one reply, cherish it forever.

You seem to think the worst criticism of me is that I'm not as interested in Quake as I used to be, that I might have other things going on in my life which keep me from mapping as much as I'd like, or that I support/work with my friends in our projects. Maybe you're trying to hurt me by saying this? But I can assure you, not only do I not give a fuck about your opinion, I also am completely at peace with my creative output, abilities, and my friendships.

And "Dish it out"? Who's the one writing multiple paragraphs of bile and personal attacks complete with screenshots because I told Skacky 'large start maps suck', and 8k brushes he copy pasted around is not that impressive and better served in his actual gameplay map? Skacky's a big boy mapper, he can take mild criticism and design advice... and where's negke's hate for saying the same thing first?

And who's always the one at the center of all the fucking drama of the last several years? This community has gotten really good at just ignoring you and letting you be a dickwad to everyone who even slightly disagrees or says different from you. Much of the old crew simply just stopped posting, it wasn't worth it, and I'm surprised anyone new even bothers.

Why are you even going to my twitter anyway, except to find some more ways to harrass someone? You unfollowed me years ago and I've had you muted for quite awhile because you have nothing of value to say. Blocking just seemed fitting after your outburst, and how you've been treating others anyway. Seems like it was the right choice given your obsessiveness.

I seriously hope someday you find some joy in life beyond sowing hate and discontent and that fills whatever hole inside that makes you such a toxic shit to everyone around you. Trust me when I say this, I've been there in the old days of always wanting to cause chaos for my own entertainment... from experience you are only hurting yourself in the long run when eventually you find yourself surrounded only by the idiots and assholes who will tolerate you. But you've got some extra obsessive viciousness in you, and have spent way too much time rotting your brain on 4chan. You're going to need professional help to get better in life. For your sake, please get it. And for this community's sake? fuck off. 
The difference between you and negke is that negke didn't come here to accuse me of dickwaving as you put it so well, and even if negke dislikes Knave he doesn't stir shit.

I'm taking some time to create an imposing start map because I think this jam warrants it, given how many participants there are and how impressive Kell's style is, and you just come here and say shit like this? What did I even do to warrant such hostility? I don't even know why I fucking bother doing this if I'm going to get reactions like that. This is the last time I'm doing something like this. You can make a better start map for the next jam if you like. 
As A Matter Of Fact. 
I was expecting a response, but not one this elaborate and sassy, so I'm glad you decided to not disappoint for a change.

And no, the worst criticism of you has to be the absolute hipocrisy which you displayed just now, which is shitting in the fan and then blaming the smell on somebody else. You came to the mapping jam and started to bring people's morale down by posting shite, despite being absolutely unprovoked. I declined to flame you back during my jam because I knew that would drive everybody off mapping (which, of course, was your desired effect from the get go), but obviously you could not resist from doing it again, for whatever reason.

Putting me as the center of all the drama hardly makes sense if you're the one who started it.

where's negke's hate for saying the same thing first?

negke was obviously wrong, but he was wrong in a way that didn't insult or patronise anybody. Again, not doing these is apparently impossible for you.

Why are you even going to my twitter anyway, except to find some more ways to harrass someone?

Because skacky blocked you and I was about to do the same.

Trust me when I say this, I've been there in the old days of always wanting to cause chaos for my own entertainment

I don't need you to trust you on this, because that's always been my impression of you ever since I started coming here about 10 years ago. It was nice to see you give it up and actually start contributing with something worthwhile, and it's sad that you went back to your old ways.

You're going to need professional help to get better in life. For your sake, please get it.

I see this is coming from a familiar place. Forgive me if I do not want to take advice regarding mental health from someone with such a rich history of self-importance, continuous power trips, and a hit list of people who left the community because of you.

And for this community's sake? fuck off.

At least you're honest about it now, unlike you were during the entire time of our acquaintance. I'm sure you were very disappointed to see your usual passive-aggressive tricks not do anything to me.

But no, for this community's sake I'll stay, I'll keep mapping and encouraging others to map despite you wanting the complete opposite. 
I meant to say "Simon", just to underline that deep and personal friendship between you two that us plebs can never hope to have, like you always do. 
Wow OTP. 
When i think you can't go lower, you still manage to.
Posting this info here? You are scum. 
I'm not posting anything that was leaked to me. 
It looks to me, people who are playing Quake,
do become one of their inhabitants in some way. 
Seems like #229 was removed for no real reason, despite not having any of the sensitive private info that is gleefully handed away by a certain former mapper.

TLDR Scampie you have not changed one iota since the first few posts of the thread, you're antagonising mappers for no reason, I'm blocking you from life GG. 
Otp Butthurt? 
As OTP is a confirmed spammer now, can someone ban him already? 
Words Of Wisdom 
It looks to me, people who are playing Quake,
do become one of their inhabitants in some way.
It hurts, I know, but unlike some of you would like to believe OTP has actually done a fair bit for the community for the past few years. Organized two very successful jams for instance, and one of the driving forces behind the current Knave jam as well. I don't see why he should be banned. 
Don't ban TOR exit nodes and known proxy addresses, don't ban the Quetoo/nQuake spammer, ban me because I told Scampie off for speaking when he shouldn't have.

mfx I see your anger management is still as good as when you nearly broke your phone because your QuArK brushwork wouldn't compile. 
i can end another unvise map to test, you wont notice til your brain is so slow. Ok? 
I hid this as spam on request from someone whose point I believed was valid, not ideal but the best I could do and I judged respecting the request to be more beneficial than having the full flow of scampie vs otp beef. I'm hoping metl will reinstate it in an edited version, or the full thing as he sees suitable.

Obviously otp should not be banned, I'm well aware of his support and encouragement of mapping events as well as sometimes well-targeted trolling. However I think he's gone too far sometimes recently and some of this thread might be an example of it. 
So Beef Thread Is On A Diet? 
This Thread Puts An Smile In My Face 
The kind of thing I'm having to deal with in life is…

Well, let's just say that most of the time I feel I'm not mature enough, not emotionally strong enough. And then I see some of the people who I admire behaving like this. It helps to put things in perspective.

But I still hope all of you are better than this. 
Not unusual behavior for people who are obsessed with a 21 year-old videogame. :p 
un-flagged post 229. deleted the last paragraph. 
I didn't get to read the last paragraph before the edit; what did it say? 
Thanks metl, apologies for the trouble. 
I Have No Idea What You Guys Are Talking About 
but otp is helping me in #mapping_help 24/7. 
I didn't get to read the last paragraph before the edit; what did it say?

Was some personal stuff that didn't belong on the board. You're not missing much though. 
There Are Memes And There Are Wholesome Memes 
There is a beef thread why not a ... wholesome thread? Would it even be able to survive here? 
Reading #229. Nothing Of Value Was Lost After All 
otp go fuck off back to your klan rally 
Post it again but with your name, coward. 
I must be a retard or something.

I want to create my own game, using my own tech. But I have no way to let others work with me, because my engine still uses code from Quake. I can't prevent any partner from redistributing the engine to the masses while its code is still tainted by the GPL. The GPL kills any chance of the novelty factor of a new technology becoming a selling point, because the "release early, release often" approach of open source software development prevents any new software from becoming mature before reaching the masses. The GPL forces software to become widely available even when it still is a piece of crap, and by the time the software's potential finally gets fully realized, it's old news already and the excitement about its novelty has been over for a long while; there's no room for novelty factor under the GPL.

The GPL is great for operating systems, business software and the like, but it's awful for the interactively dynamic artistic expressions of videogame technology, because they depend on timing and novelty. If new technology doesn't get people excited by the time it's complete and polished, there is no incentive for developers to keep pushing that technology forward.

Try to imagine someone telling you an awfully boring joke over and over, slightly modifying it on each iteration. By the time the current version of the joke is finally good, you already know what the joke is. There is no surprise, no figuring out, no catch. No fun.
E.B. White — 'Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.'

Carmack is not stupid. He released his sources, but only when their tech was already old news. He didn't release his sources early because it would have been a waste of commercial momentum. But people using his GPL'd sources does not have this option; this is one of the reasons why they could never compete.

This forces me to create everything alone because I can't redesign the tech without having proper assets to test it with. More often than not, testing the engine with proper assets reveals further algorithm redesigns that needs to be carried on. And creating proper assets takes a whole fucking lot of study and work.

I don't know why I'm still motivated to work on this thing. It's a fucking chore, and it's making me feel I'm behaving like an egoistical cunt.

It'll likely take forever to redesign and rewrite the whole engine, even if I replace parts of it with MIT/BSD licensed libraries. I'm not hopeful.

I am a fucking retard. I could be doing something else with my life. I do feel proud of some algorithms, but as a whole what I'm doing and the way I'm doing it is pathetic. 
Most successful projects require 20-200 friends, with at least 5 of them to be loyal diehards committed to an idea.

Most things born in this world are spawned by social groups anchored with a few talented people working together.

The thing about doing things with a social group ...
1) They will reality check you.
2) They will emotionally support you when you are down.
3) They will get excited when you hit a checkpoint.

Do you have a plan written on paper with each step laid out of what you plan to do and how you plan to achieve it and the time frame for each step and then laying out why and how to make money?

If so, have you shown others to collect their thoughts?

Winning is achieved by taking CHAOS and forcing it into ORDER against its will. Chaos always fights back.

A plan represents the ability to internally conquer your own chaos and force it into order.

/One opinion. 
Ultimately, legality/GPL doesn't really enter into it - are you really going to sue them if they release it? Do they expect that, or would they just redistribute it regardless?

Frankly, if someone wants to work with you to make something awesome then they're very likely to respect your wishes and not distribute to the world before its ready. Sure, they might distribute it if you disappear off the face of the planet, but that should be considered a good thing in the potential event of your death.
Ultimately, you just have to trust them to respect your wishes. The only difference the GPL really makes is that they probably have your sourcecode too. Sure, they'd have a legal right to redistribute, but anyone who actually uses that right in this situation is basically a dick.

(I'm not entirely sure where it actually says that in the gplv2, but hey...)

Alternatively, you can distribute your non-derivative changes as a gpl-incompatible library. They can use+compile it themselves but as they can't relicense your code, they can't distribute the result. Obviously there's nothing physically stopping them from doing so anyway, or just violating your gpl-incompatible license too. I'm guessing you'd have a legal basis to sue them (I'm not a lawyer, so that's JUST a guess), but it still won't get you anywhere.

Frankly you're just going to have to trust them. Whether its gpl or proprietary doesn't really make any practical difference unless either you're rich+willing to sue(ie: you're a dick [for lack of a better word]), or they don't respect your wishes (they're dicks).
I know its much easier said than done, but just don't work with dicks. :)

The other option you have is to go with cross-engine standards like eg iqm. They can make the model work fine in some other engine, and you can then test that everything else works in your engine.
Standards are great for not bothering to create your own content. :) 
Spike: Useful stuff, I didn't know about that FAQ.

I'm actually planning to convert the whole renderer into an external DLL once I manage to fully redesign and untangle it from the rest of the engine. Upgrading the license to GPL v3 allows that. This will also allow me to create a simplified version of the renderer which will work closer to vanilla WinQuake, but its code should be much easier to understand.
This is also why I'm not replacing and removing Quake-specific features such as the QC virtual machine and the physics code yet. I want to see how far my code can go without breaking compatibility with vanilla Quake before branching it into a fully different engine.

Baker: I'm my own chaos. My mind is only stable when my metabolic rate is high, which only happened five years ago. Before that, I got as far as searching for self-surgery methods to rip off the fat from my body before figuring out a semi-suicidal method which allowed me to lose 59Kg and stabilize my weight at 70Kg. Since then, financial difficulties and other factors forced me to stop going to the gym and I've regained 20Kg, which makes me hate myself because I fucking hate this disgusting mass of dead weight dragging me down and making everything more difficult.
This year I've solved my financial situation and most of the other crap, and I'm pondering about going back to the semi-suicidal weight loss method if I don't manage to get results through safer ways. Usually I have to beat the shit out of my mind for it to do what should be done.
There's some other smaller crap going on, but if I recover the energy I had in 2012 nothing will be able to stop me anymore.

About the plans for the engine and the game, I don't write everything down because my failed experience with Patreon taught me that I'm terrible at expressing things in a way that people can understand. What surprised me the most in that experience was that a surprisingly significant amount of people were asking me about things which I had already informed as clearly as I could in the project description. This is another reason why I've been putting effort into creating everything alone; the only way to clearly communicate my vision is to produce an example of it, so I'm trying to create a proper demo. 
I don't write everything down because my failed experience with Patreon taught me that I'm terrible at expressing things

Sounds like you found what you need to do.

Change that. Watch videos on persuasion and then practice it.

Communications skills and the ability to market ones own ideas is more important than any other skill because it is what enables one to accumulate resources and instill confidence in other people that you are going to win.

In the age of free communication, it sounds like your self-imposed limitation of poor communications skill makes free communication worthless.

You did poorly with the Patreon because you told almost no one about, did not make it sound exciting and did not explain why you think it is great. You also gave up on the Patreon very quickly because it did poorly because you did a poor effort to promote it. Then you proceeded to judge your own project's worth based on the response to the very half-assed effort you made to promote the Patreon.

Which do you fear more?

1) The thought of being embarrassed while you level up your communications skills.

2) Failure. Never getting what you want. A life of regret. Living with opportunities but knowing you were not brave enough to dare to put forward your best effort because you were too afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Humans are malleable and you can mold yourself as you so desire, if you have the courage to do so.

/One perspective. I'm wrong a lot. 
Another Perspective 
I am not from the communication = persuasion school of thought. I know a lot of people that have good persuasion skills but I would still say they are poor communicators because getting what you want people to do is only part of the matter. An important part to be sure but without more it is not really sustainable.

I realise we are in the age of self learning with free access to everything but IMHO, with communication, any learning is only going to get you so far. You have to try it repeatedly, and be prepared to fail in order to learn what will work for you. Because you have to believe in the method you come up with, otherwise ultimately it is not really sustainable. 
I'm gona go with nitin on this one. Fuck everything 
This Wasn't Me 
Wouldn't mind knowing who this trolltard coward is... 
You're slipping, troll. You didn't use a TOR node there. 
...The GPL forces software to become widely available even when it still is a piece of crap, and by the time the software's potential finally gets fully realized, it's old news already and the excitement about its novelty has been over for a long while...

Most indie teams have to work really hard to market themselves to get their game noticed by anybody. Your worry about doing no marketing and yet the early alpha of your engine going viral and everyone on the internet sees it, seems to go against reality for most indie teams. 
I have shame enough to hide my face when talking shit online. Shame the same can not be said for all. Woe unto the wise, the bane of us all 
At least you are ashamed, that's a first step in the right direction. 
Join me mugwump. Realize you're an idiot with nothing worth saying and refrain from posting. Make some wooden spoons or something. Please. 
Whatever Makes You Feel Better... 
You did poorly […] because you […], did not make it sound exciting and did not explain why you think it is great.

It did sound exciting to me, and I did say why I thought it's great.

The fact that you and several other people could never recognize that just proves my point. 
Promoting things can be hard work.

But since you emailed 1000 people, posted on Reddit, contacted several gaming web sites, spread the word on social networks, knocked door to door in wealthy neighborhoods --- and did it all repeatedly for months on end -- I think you can take comfort that you showed up the battlefield.

You gave it your all! That is the best anyone can do.

/See metlslime post #264 above. 
That would only make sense if I was promoting a (nearly) finished product.

Spending most of my time doing PR work instead of coding would be essentially a scam.

Anyway, I don't need money anymore. 
That is good to hear.

Someone working on a project should spend maybe 2% of time promoting it passively (blog? an occasional screenshot in random places)

Someone in an active promotion mode, should spend 100% of time available to very vigorously promoting their work.

Func_Msgboard examples are like when Sleepwalker was trying to get John Romero to say something about TrenchBroom (it worked!) or the kind of promotion Sock did with early Quake releases around the 2012 period, Sock hit a lot of different places -- including some very non-Quake places -- and was thinking "2 thumbs up, finally someone doing it right!".

Self-promotion is not a crime. Especially if the cause is just.

Someone afraid of seeming a bit like a spammer is guilty of the crime --- the crime of not being perceived as definitely a spammer.

I hope you do succeed, you have always made interesting and unique contributions, particularly to things like the software renderer and lit water and such. I can remember years back digging through your engine for innovations.

I still can remember trying your pixelated water technique in WinQuake way early in this decade WinQuake pixelated water and acquiring WinQuake skybox support, which I know probably was derived from ToChris but you did it better ;-) 
beefing with Breezeep for saying he didnt have enough time or inspiration for this jam but then ABSOLUTELY KILLING IT WITH HIS SCREENSHOT GAME.

1v1 me bro 
U Wot M8? 
fuk u m8. go fekin map. 
The GPL 
"The GPL forces software to become widely available even when it still is a piece of crap"

This is a common misconception. If you are a business that uses software based on a GPL project, but you only use it internally, you DO NOT have to publically distribute the source to your changes.

Additionally, when you must make the source "available", you do not have to make it easy. It is absolutely legal to not offer the source for download directly on your webpage, but instead have it available on request AND ONLY to those who already have access to your binaries.

That being said, obviously if some paying customer does ask and receive the source code from you, theres nothing to stop them from sharing it elsewhere. 
Beefing With Megaman 
Fucking calm down about Ionous' Twitch posts. No one cares that he does this, they are not excessive and you are acting like a fucking baby. You got some attention and made your point. The majority of people disagree so let's get back to talking about mapping. 
Beefy Farts 
Meat, and especially beef, makes me fart more than usual after consumption.

Guess my digestion has a beef with the food I eat. 
Hmmmh, I Don't Really Get It 
Good to take it to beef I guess.

First of all, this is not at all about ionous, so lets take him out of the equation. I like what he's doing!

The way I see it:

0) I complain about stream advertising

a) I accept that majority agrees that stream advertisement is okay.

b) I stream advertise while expressing my opinion that I think it is not a good idea to do so

c) suddenly this is a problem for some reason

The logical error here creates a strong urge to
troll some more.

Note that I really am streaming sometimes at the advertised url, so it really is not much different from the other spam.

And at what point did this become personal, btw? :-( 
And No, I'm Not Trying To Piss You Guys Off 
This is just about those conventions we somehow implicitely agree upon. 
But this might all be worth it for shambler's comments, which make me laugh every time. 
What Are Streaming Ads? 
I use adblock and Chrome. I honestly see NO ADS. Never once have I seen an ad. What gives? 
"b) I stream advertise while expressing my opinion that I think it is not a good idea to do so

c) suddenly this is a problem for some reason"

You did it in jest. You didnt actually stream anything.

The only point you proved was that youre willing to be petty about a non issue.

Go map. 
How's this for irony?

When he goes online -I get an email, an Android notification and I see the posts for ionous' Twitch streams. I am gonna go fix the email thing now. Thanks! 
Beef Blog 
Tonight I went to a shitty restaurant on a short stretch of the beach in Bali and had a terrible beef curry dish. It was incredibly tough and the cauliflower (?!) was barely cooked.

But at least I didn't see any ads for Twitch streams. 
On the beach in Bali?

I hate you. 
@P R I T C H A R D 
Did you experience an increase in flatulence? 
Spicy Shit 
A tropical escape is a good way to generate beef, apparently.

Gotta say that I'm enjoying the tucker up here, plenty of chilli available so that's been fun. Been getting the staff where I'm staying to throw one or two in my breakfast, toughens you up that does.

Sadly I'm coming home soon. Back to the daily stress of University study :( 
Well, watch a sunset for me...

I mean that in the most masculine way. 
That Discord Spammer 
That's my BEEF :(

F*&K him and that server...

Can I have Mod abilities just to deal with his spam??? Pleeeease. 
We Need A Word For "Quake Beef" 
That gets my vote.

No disagreement there. Top quality cockcheeser. 
that was fowl. I prefer this one myself (nsfw). 
That Url Is Fooling Nobody Here 
How about you stop your fucking disgusting obsession with taking pictures of your own shit, you disturbing creep? 
Just PM Them To #onetruepurple Direct. 
Y u heff 2 b mad? Is jus a poops 
OTP-SOCK-MUK Chainmap 200% Confirmed. 
Theme: "Poop" (AD vs RemakeQuake version) 
Oh my favorite part of this is OTP mutually masturbating with Shambler to heavy-r but a picture of shit in the NSFW channel is just unacceptable.

ur fully cuck'd m8 
Calling out ayyy lmao

Start posting again or you have to 1v1 me 
You really need to take it down a notch with your attitude 
Both Censored For Going Too Far. 
1. Threats.
2. Increasingly personal insults. 
Beefing with Hexcalk for not making any new maps!

Put up them dukes boi. We finna have a round of fisty cuffs. 
I Hope He Does Tbh 
People were giving him shit until the very last map (perhaps deservedly, for apparently rushing his releases out and not doing beta testing), but even so, I thought his last couple maps showed definite, if not spectacular improvement in terms of coherence, logical progression, and so on. Hexcalk could definitely go places if he put the work in, and I say that in all sincerity. 
Yeah I may be poking fun a little bit but I feel he had potential and at the very least, passion. We need more people who map just to map. 
Whoops Sorry, This Is Beef Thread 
Imagine that my last post contained a non-Euclidean matrix bristling with every slur in every language that has ever been spoken by denizens of both the Earth and the Elder World. 
shambler... you're a cunt 
I Know. But I'm Func's Cunt :P 
void () func_cunt =
func_wall ();
self.touch = SpawnBlood;
Qc Humor 
Alright Who Emailed Me With This 
You are a highly arrogant narcissist with years of experience in all aspects of hypocrisy and slander, trumpeting self-righteous opinions as loudly as possible to those who are susceptible, and working without any sign of empathy against those you deem unworthy of existence.

From someone using an anon email account. I'm pretty sure it was someone from here. 
At least to me, you don't seem to be like that.

And from my real life experiences, people who says stuff like "you need to be more empathic" actually wants us to lower our emotional defenses so we can be easier to manipulate.

I know people outside of here who really fits that description, and your attitude isn't even close to theirs. 
I Got Such An Email Too 
Right after TB2 was released. I have a strong suspicion as to the sender, but I won‘t voice it here without proof. But yes, it‘s someone from here. 
I predict this email will go to, say, metlslime, too. Trying to think of anyone else who LESS deserves that sort of nonsense. Still, top bantz. 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
Fucking double tap 
Now I want an email - it seems like a rite of passage. "You're not a true func_msgboard user until you've gotten anonymous hatemail too."

I suppose I have to actually contribute something for that to happen... 
The real challenge for that of course is that they'd have to find out what my email actually is first... 
I'm Honored

Now I have to remember where I've left my email - was it in a readme? If so, which of the three people in the whole world who read quake map readmes actually sends these emails? 
i got repus'(who the sm180 map pack was made for) email from a 10+ year old readme.

basically ur fukd fer life m8. gotta change emails now! :D 
Soooo... mukor is a readme-reader... the plot thickens 
That's how I assumed it was someone from here because I can only think that he got my email via quake map readme. Certainly doesn't exist anywhere else on the internets to my knowledge.

Someone with long-standing beef. Can't think of anything I've done recently, other than some very gentle and pretty reasonable piss-taking in that Amid Evil thread. 
@Prichard And @Kinn 
You both posted in the Quakeulf (Quake 2) meltdown thread. Not saying this is the person who sent the emails but it's a recent episode and one common thread. 
Doubtful. Kinn's comment in there was quite irrelevant and wasn't even directed at the guy. 
I Agree It's A Stretch 
Let‘s Not Accuse Ppl Without Proof? 
Of Course, More Of A Curiosity 
I acknowledged it was a stretch and I doubt it was the person I mentioned because of the language used... but who doesn't love a good mystery? 
I am 99999% sure that my email was a joke email. But if someone is mad at me over forum drama, more power to 'em I guess lol 
Bumping this thread, as it seems like certain individual(s) are in need for a deep cathartic release. 
referring to yourself in the third person is really strange, otp []. 
What If OTP Is The Anon 
think about it, displaying his IP to throw us off his scent, as well as the excessive interest and virtue-signalling he's displaying over all this.

looks like over-compensation to me!

you've been rumbled dude 
:qthink: af famalam 
Definitely Trinca 
This "lol, mappers are too stupid to lit stuff in their own maps" thing has to stop. 
Bit of advice.

It's never, ever worth it to debate anything with mh.

The man is "lalala I can't hear you" incarnate.

Just ignore him, or laugh at him if he keeps posting inane asspulls. 
It's never, ever worth it to debate anything with [INSERT NAME].

Especially if turn a debate or point of view into ad-hominem? 
no, that wasn't me 
Hey Metlslime can you get rid of the ability to post anonymously so we don't have trolls running around and shit k thx 
Gtfo out the beef thread crying to metlslime 
1 Post Not Shown On This Page Because It Was Spam 
Don't you have anything better to do with your life than trolling people who are fuckin' trying to abide by the forum's rules?

The good old have you got nothing better to do than telling me to fuck off.. No, I haven't. Fuck off 
Whatevs. Remain Pathetic, Then... 
PRITCHARD has joined the beef.

Mugwump, you should probably just shut up lmao. Maybe people would care and 'abide by the forum's rules' if an actual moderator showed up. As it is, you just look like fool trying to bully around other people for... fun, i guess? I'm really not sure what you get out of this, other than perhaps a misguided feeling of satisfaction when you push people around vigilante-style? 
Remain Pathetic... 
trying to bully around other people
Uhhh... what?
when you push people around vigilante-style

Did you even care to read what happened or did you just jump in for the fun of it? 
I Mean, It Is Pretty Funny, But... 
I have receipts...
Pushing people around like a moderator (When you aren't one):

being a bully and an ass:

Some of these are 'less bad' than others, and other people involved have said 'worse' than that, but you asked if I'd read up on the beef so far and I decided the easiest way to do that was to demonstrate your own inability to read. 
First 3 links: read again. There was no pushing people around whatsoever in these posts. Also, what does my comment to mfx have to do with any of this shit?

Last 4: those are the direct consequences of ww's own attitude. I'd appreciate if you didn't pin it on me, thanks. 
Should just link to all of mugwumps posts when he's responding to someone. It'll be 50/50 whether or not he's been an ass, or at least coming off as one. The winky faces and constant "..." is what triggered me. I don't think he's a bully tho, just annoying. 
I'm Only An Ass When Responding To An Ass. 
Might want to ponder that.


Ok, Here's a simple question for you Mugwump. Are you a moderator or admin on func_msgboard?

If the answer is yes, then feel free to tell people like mfx where they should put their posts - in fact, why not move it yourself, since you have moderation tools?

If the answer is no, why tell someone where to post? You are not in a position of authority over anyone, and pressuring them to leave a thread or post elsewhere isn't your job. Hence "pushing people around" and "vigilante".

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse? That's like saying it's okay to steal someone's lunch because they stole yours. Two wrongs don't make a right... 
My Two Cents 
Well, I think it was respectful of Mugwump toward vicpas (the author of the "RTCW - Age of Horror" thread) to suggest moving the off-course discussion away from vicpas's thread. Why should you have to be a moderator to suggest moving discussion elsewhere out of respect toward the OP? And I don't think his suggestion was written in a rude manner:

Guys, if you want to continue this discussion, let's move it to GA, shall we? It has nothing to do in a RTCW post.

I'd also like to address this quote from Pritchard:

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse? That's like saying it's okay to steal someone's lunch because they stole yours. Two wrongs don't make a right...

You're right Pritchard, but I think kwenan and ww should also be scolded, for acting upon their anger when they were triggered by Mugwump's tone. If Mugwump's tone (the ;) and ... symbols) triggers you, there are more civilized ways to find out whether he was indeed being rude, or if there's simply just been a classic misinterpretation of text-trasmitted communication that may have just made Mugwump's text seem rude. I think you guys ganging up on him while leaving kwenan and ww unaccounted for is unfair and bully behavior.

And actually, I've been feeling partially to blame for this whole thing, because I myself was steering the discussion away from vicpas's "Age of Horror" level pack in the thread. And for that, I'm sorry. 
Nothing ever happens in a vacuum, so there's definitely blame to be laid at the feet of everyone involved to some degree. However the point I was trying to demonstrate was specifically addressed towards Mugwump, as he had become the most inflammatory person at that point.
There's less (but still something) to be said about ww's behavior, or yours and mine in comparison, and the topic of the conversation quickly focused on Mugwump's tendency to interject in ways that bothered other users.

As respectful to vicpas as Mugwump could be said to have been, it wasn't his place to make those suggestions, and it rubbed people the wrong way. I would say that getting so annoyed about someone suggesting that you're being offtopic that you start beef is a bit much, but beef was met with beef and so on and so on.

(by the way, I wouldn't bother being overly sincere about any of this... simply because this really shouldn't be a big deal...) 
Alright, I'll Play Ball 
Are you a moderator or admin on func_msgboard?
No, but I remember my early days on this board, when I was guilty of indulging in ongoing OT and got repeatedly scolded for it. I've learned my lesson and now, whenever an OT that I have participated in (I've just checked and I'm not the instigator after all, I only replied to Esrael - blame him! lol) drags on a little too much, I ask the people involved to move to GA. How is that a bad thing? And about it not being my place, let me tell you that I've been congratulated for it several times by historical figures of Func_ like Baker.

tell people like mfx where they should put their posts
Can't you tell the difference between an order and a question?

pressuring them to leave a thread or post elsewhere
Again with this? How can you possibly infer pressure from the suggestion Esrael quoted (and adequately analyzed) in #362?

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse?
It's not an excuse, it's an explanation. I'm certainly not a diplomat and I tend to act like a mirror and give people a taste of their own medicine. If they're cool, I'm cool but if they act like jerks, gloves are off. And I most certainly don't have to give excuses for it while the jerks keep on jerking like if I was to blame. You don't want me to bother you, then don't piss me off with bullshit, plain and simple (not you Pritchard, I'm using the generic "you" here).

Lastly, on what planet exactly is a fuckin' wink considered rude?! Tone is precisely why emoticons were invented, and if someone mistakes benevolence/kindness/playfulness for rudeness, they seriously need to reassess their communication chops. Similarly, 3 dots usually imply a continuation to a story or a conclusion to be drawn. Not rude either. 
Sorry, I meant benevolence/friendliness/playfulness. 
I haven't been on the board for very long, and even I have seen quite a few cases like (new) people posting beta maps somewhere else than the "Screenshots & Betas" thread, for example.

Then, people (who weren't moderators, if I recall correctly) would advice the posters to post their maps in the betas thread in the future and inform them that they'll move over to the betas thread to give their feedback. Nobody made a fuss about it back then, so why should they now?

Maybe because winks and emoticons like :D CAN be interpreted as sarcastic and passive aggressive signs over the Internet. Just shows how important non-verbal communication is, it seems. 
Okay this beef shit is fucking retarded. I insincerely apologize for been a shithead and telling you to fuck off. That will have to do. There isn't anything else to bang on about so we'll just call it a win for me. 
I love how you can squeeze a "sincere" apology with (emoticon-free) passive-aggressiveness in only 3 lines... Couldn't you just leave it at the hatchet burial? I would have gladly accepted (I don't enjoy conflict) but that last bit just ruined your so-called sincerity big time!

And yes, you're right, it is retarded. 
Seems Ww Took Pritchard's Advice To Heart 
(by the way, I wouldn't bother being overly sincere about any of this... simply because this really shouldn't be a big deal...)

I insincerely apologize...

Deduction: ww agrees that this isn't a big deal.

I should become a detective. B) 
Everyone Shut The Fuck Up 
Or I'll get my tits out. 
No, not that; anything but that! D: We'll be good, we'll be good! 
vore tits or gtfo 
So Much Butthurt 
lamest beef ever 
Right It's Time!! 
Quake Crapawards 2018

(in no particular order, yet....)

1. Spirit for being a humourless prick with a stick up his arse

2. OTP for beefing everyone and everything.

3. Dumptruck DS for being an anti-free-speech scene-splitting fascist

4. Shambler for being a foul -mouthed child

5. LavaCroft for drama-leaving #tf

6. Killes for reappearing full stop

7. Negke for watching every single one of my mapping streams but not joining #tf

8. Metlslime for refusing to upgrade func_ to any form of useful functionality

9. Tddaz for playing Dusk, abandoning customgamer, and giving #tf into the hands of a moron

10. [The ever popular people's nomination - submit below]

So please post your top 3 votes, including your personal nomination if suitable below. Then in a couple of weeks time we can celebrate that although 90% of people here are utter twats, some are bigger, flappier twats than others :) 
For lowering the barrier to entry too much and letting us have a scale tool

Then #2 and some more #2

Poor Daz 
dusk wouldnt be that bad if it had a solid visual style. the map structures are actually good. 
10. Bloughsburg 
for leaving the Quake scene. 
SleepwalkR for allowing sub-integer grid sizes and thus allowing me to make appalling and disgusting botch jobs. 
Why Are 1 And 9 On The List 
If they're not even in the community anymore?

Anyhow I vote 2, 4, and ionous for 10, not that I have any beef with him, but I think he'd find receiving a Quake Crapaward funny. 
Scale Tool Was Added By Ericw Tho 
Aye Vote 6,6 & 6 Thank You 
I Nominate Arceee 
For not finishing ter shibboleth and getting frustrated with it.

And then I nominate myself for thinking everyone has to enjoy my work and any criticism is a personal attack against me. 
I was actually wondering when the moronic "community split" debuckle would spill over to func, since there's some air to be cleared in this regard, and boy oh boy does it happen to be in the beef thread no less.

If you move back to earlier this year, you probably won't even remember this wholly unremarkable former #terrafusion poster, whose entire claim to fame have been two middling maps and reactionary alt-right responses to anything criticising the sentient fatberg at 1600 Penn Ave. You won't remember because they haven't actually been there in many months - after trying to "embed myself in the func/tf community" they realised that they "just don't fit in there". Of course this has nothing to do with being called out on being a stupid trump cocksucker.

Those quotes actually come from the Trenchbroom discord server, where this refugee from #tf sought asylum. It didn't take long for them to try to "embed" themselves in that place either, with pretty hilarious results, such as telling people to google it when they asked for easily available links, or calling first-time-mappers' WIP editor shots ugly. A great way to keep people interested in mapping for Quake if I ever saw one.

So about a month or so in, this ex-terrafuser has firmly "embedded" themselves in the TB server, and has apparently brought a lot of friends with them, a fact that has not gone unnoticed at #tf, with others remarking how the average age seems to have apparently dropped to 13. (A number vastly inflated by Dumptruck's mere presence.) All the while, our nameless Byronic Hero laments the fact that despite their herculean efforts, the nasty skanks at #tf rejected their courtship and advances. Soon they're even joined by another dropout with an attitude.

This merry paradise continues until early July, which is when the Trenchbroom discord gets "raided" by somebody our ex-terrafuser seems to know personally. Apparently this is how Generation Z likes to spend their summer, so maybe the end of our world is actually warranted. After this terrible and earth shattering event, wherein dozens of people received a tiny notification in their browser tabs, this person and their new partner in crime seem to actively pursue moderator privileges on #trenchbroom - which, incidentally, were previously denied to another poster, since SleepwalkR said there's no need to moderate the channel - due to the virtue of "being around a lot".

Now imagine we live in an alternate universe where that happened. This friendly guy was already treating themselves as some sort of authority on #trenchbroom, despite their limited-at-best experience. Assume they were trusted with actual moderator powers (which imply not only control, but also a degree of trust and community "status", Killes I am putting that word in quotes specifically for you, HTH) there, while still talking nonsense about "the quakedads" on func and tf.

Is that not the instant recipe for a community split between #trenchbroom and func?? It definitely was to me. This was potentially a real problem, because dumptruck's mapping tutorials were rapidly gaining popularity, and each and every one of them featured a link to the trenchbroom discord, which became debased with time.

So that same day, I pitched the idea of hosting a new server to dumptruck, as a kind of "neutral zone" between #tf and #trenchbroom. He agreed that a more reasonable discussion server should exist, and almost 6 months later, here we are! 367 members, making it the largest Quake mapping oriented discord in existence. And practically everybody is happy with it, save for 2 or 3 tf regulars who break out in cold sweat when seeing the server rules such as "Be kind and respectful to others" and "Act in a professional manner".

And our self-exiled jizzstain? I actually joined #trenchbroom a couple weeks later and started hanging out, the mere notion on which caused them to shrivel up like a cock in the cold and disappear. "otp claims another victim", yells out a func poster who prefers to stay anonymous! ":grin: yeah dude is cucked af. lmao", cries out another!

Hope you enjoyed the story of how the Quake Mapping Discord not only didn't cause a community split, but actually prevented one! 
If you decide to actually and unironically vote for 3... actually mean to vote for 2 instead! 
Tl:dr Otp 
Anyway, was hoping I'd be on Omnishambles' list. I suppose I'll have to try harder. 
Write in for Scampie. If not him then bler for sure. 
I vote for everyone cause i hate you all. You soulless heathens 
Apart from the bit about it being cool, and the idea that anyone would read it.

And not saying out right it was Mariteaux. 
Literally Who 
#390 Not You Def 
my vote is tronyn, he is just teasin nowadays. 
I'm onto you. 
whose entire claim to fame have been two middling maps

and that's claim from some random polisschsshg boy
who yet to release a single mop, thats -

you know what you are 
That Same Ole Girl, Who's Started To Crying For Metl Deciding To Rem 
ove the ip adrisk

the same old shit who started to whine when i started to impersonate his pocking otr letters 
I literally said "thanks metl", you fucking idiot! 
Fuck Yo 

thts ext nums std pp
after \the metl dissn\

fok you 
Now who are you voting for?? 
црщ еру нщг фку 
отр пшекская наркошка 
ты и так загубила дохера проэктов

иди в джопы 
Liked When Teh Randope Peelesh 
Tu es plus bête qu'un putain de mouton. Je suis content que ta femme t'ait quitté, triste sac de merde. 
Tu Es 

отр -соосни , соосни 
тупо заткнулса,

потому-что - отр, просто тупое - гавно, это очевидно 
Ain't Found A Way To Kill Me Yet 
Now who are you voting for??

basically, you're effing ok, after teh kinn attaking 
I've Found The Otr Grave 

yep? it's on the otr plain place

it's still theeree 
до дна 
Point Well Made. 
GGWP Spy. 
[22] new posts

Came in expecting spicy beef but its just spy being spy. 
And In Case Anyone Is Wondering. 
Spy is disqualified for being irrelevant and inebriated during the awards ceremony. 
Myself, for cluttering up func, mapping discord, and tb discord with my useless drivel that only serves to satisfy my urge to respond to every vaguely interesting comment or perhaps to coax my hubris to the point of needing bsp2 to contain my head.

And anonymous. May your veiled posts R.I.P. 
Top Drama LULZ From Gypsy: 
Quake Release [EDIT]
Posted by Gypsy on 2018/12/21 13:12:05
When I was 9 years old my parents split up. Without my Father's income in the house I was forced to go to some really shitty schools. By the time I was 12 I was in the worst school, ever. I was cornered in the bathroom in the middle of pissing by a kid from a nearby highschool (ie. he didn't even belong in my school) and he proceeded to beat my fucking brains in with some form of weapon. I say some "form of weapon" because one moment I was awake and the next moment I was in a hospital struggling to stay alive. Terms like "severe brain damage" and "multiple skull fractures" were being spoken around me. At 12 years old I was robbed of my true personality and handed PTSD and Bi-Polar Disorder to take it's place. Thanks, shitty school.

All you people on Discord that find it acceptable to judge me, and label me, you have no clue how wrong you are. I don't mean "wrong" as incorrect (although you are incorrect). I mean "wrong" as in unacceptable. That encounter in the bathroom wasn't my last brush with death, either. I've been stabbed, shot, beaten on by countless blunt objects, jumped, run into with vehicles. I was the nicest kid on earth for a whopping 12 years and due to circumstances I had no control over I was forced to warrior-up OR DIE. Y'all call me crazy and all these other terms that imply I don't have a grip on reality. Boy, wouldn't that be nice. That would be fucking bliss. Unfortunately, in reality, I have to fight PTSD and BiPolar episodes like a prisoner in my own body. How lucky are you that you never get shoved down inside of yourself and have to stare, perfectly sane, out of your own eyes completely unable to stop yourself from being triggered. I never asked for this. I went to french private schools and lived in suburbia and then I was dropped into hell.

I read it all discord Quakers. My stuff is all garbage ... god forbid you have to come to my site ... apparently y'all will never let me live down a bad idea ~ I get it (got it long ago) Runes was a bad idea! You want to come put a bullet in me over a year old bad idea? I have sweat blood and tears over this forum trying to give this community a Quakeone replacement. The community avoids me like the plague, talks shit behind my back, shows quite a bit of animosity towards EVERYTHING I DO and I just keep on trucking. I keep trying. Show me where I talk behind your back. Show me where I call your works garbage. Show me where I have put any effort at all into "hating" you.

I can't do this anymore. It's like me against 100's of people and I thought we were all supposed to be on the same team. Y'all win. I give up. I completely give up. Pat yourself on the back. You just made one of the most doggedly determined people on this planet give up on you. I have some work to do to make sure that the handful of people that actually did believe in me, and did participate on my site don't lose all their efforts but, I'm going to shut it all down and you can talk about my ghost.


#1 posted by Gypsy on 2018/12/21 13:39:47 spam
Out of all the stuff I read tonight I want to say I have mad respect for you, bro. You had opinions about things I've done and probably shouldn't have done but, you never brought it to that level where it's magically personal for no apparent reason. Your buddies would do well to take a lesson from you. Critical opinions are one thing. Dragging people through the mud behind their back is entirely different thing. You never stooped to that low-class level and I respect the hell out of you for it.

Coolstorybro. I'm sure if you were intending to quit, you'd just quit, instead of the epic novel. 
Apparently I Should Care Vast Amounts That I Quoted My Own Comments... 
Let's pretend I do. The bottom line of that essay is mine. The rest is a masterpiece. 
I was the nicest kid on earth for a whopping 12 years

Shit, that's longer than I've ever been nice. One of my kindergarten memories was loudly saying "I don't like any of you!!!" to the entire nursery. I was probably 6 years old at the time. 
The world would be a better place without onetruepurple. 
Wow, This Meltdown Is The Best. 
Gonna save the best bits of the dramapostz from in case he deletes them...

I’ve acquired so many skills and knowledge the sum of what I have forgotten is greater than everything they will ever know. I can pick up and do anything I want. ANYTHING. I’m the 1000’s of skills guy

I’m not generally one to give up but, we are at a point where I either give up or run through this community with a great dedication to destroying it all ~ fill a pi up with ddos attacks and shell scripts and just turn it on forever. Fuck, buy 100 of them and create a cluster of problems. Or maybe this community would ironically like to start mining Runes whether they like it or not. What part of idea->implement (when it comes to me) that this community does not understand is beyond me. Nothing is outside my grasp or capabilities. I could have you spending your life savings just to armor up your server. Quake could be the most expensive thing you’ve ever endeavored in.

These outdated homemade sites are paper-thin. The only reason they haven’t been wiped off the net is because they haven’t made the right enemies. But they want to swear up and down that I am one. That’s an incredibly stupid thing to swear. You might as well stick a shotgun in your mouth to see what bullets taste like.

Gotta love those big man internet warrior threats.


Ironically, I’m annoyed about what I read but I’m not really mad at anybody.

Preceeded by:

I have people that align boxes in a virtual space and skin it with someone else’s textures talking shit about 10’s of thousands of lines of code written completely from scratch in numerous languages. These mother fuckers don’t deserve to even utter my name. …Just a bunch of groupthink faggots with no clue.

Take OneTruePurple for instance, I don’t know a fucking thing about this guy. I have never said a single thing about him EVER (until this thread). He is totally comfortable talking shit about me and making accusations but this dude does not even exist to me for the most part. I am mildly aware of his existence. This could be said about a number of these people. Muk (mukor) ~ who the fuck is that?

I almost feel sorry for these people ~ like they were born with down-syndrome and I should be more understanding of their condition. Maybe that’s the whole deal. I’m getting ticked off by people that do not have the capacity to grasp how deficient they are in common sense. Although, I think even someone with down-syndrome could grasp a concept like “I don’t have to use it so, why waste any time hating it.” Does that mean that these people are basically operating on a brain stem level of intelligence? Like they can’t even implement a down-syndrome level…?

It’s not important to me to reply to dumptrucks post with “Hey dumbfuck, what do you think NGQ is?” or go in chatrooms and explain to everyone behind his back how oblivious he is. Actually, it’s beyond not important to me. It is completely against my nature to be a fucking coward. Dumptruck will “Gypsy, that’s awesome! Gypsy you are the man! Gypsy [insert two-faced bullshit]” and then dog me behind my back like a complete fucking coward.

Yup. Not mad at all. Nope. 
I Must Be Out Of The Loop 
Who is this person and why is he mad? 
I’m the 1000’s of skills guy

I guess it's a shame those skills don't include the all-important "Ability to not act like a little toddler having a paddy".

Bless his cotton socks. :) 
Please copy and paste what I posted about you. And make sure and add the dates. I don't recall posting anything negative about you once we got to know each other. But then again I am pretty oblivious. Set the record straight for me. Or I dunno direct message me so we can talk like adults. 
I am writing this as a longtime member of func. That has gone long enough and in the end it is too much for me. For obvious reasons, I choose to be anonymous.

Dear John Fitzgibbons, will you seriously continue to support the abuse of people on this site?

Above you have Shambler copying the collapse of a poor soul on the internet "in case he deletes them". Shambler is a moderator for func_msgboard, so you do not just let them publish vile garbage like above, you pretty much reward them with power over this community.

The person said they have to fight PTSD and BiPolar episodes. And here we have Shambler gleefully and with the support of other members make fun of it. This is neither the first time nor even something to be surprised about. The Quake community could be stronger than it has been for a long time, but instead you let a a couple of psychos drive out both oldtimers and newbieswith their continued shit.

Please consider not only the damages these actions cause to the community but, especially in this case, the effects on a person mentally struggling.

Quite a few people here are certainly familiar with mental health problems. "Normal" people rarely care about a 20 year old video game. 
Fuck Off Scampie. 
Come On Anon Coward. 
Get a grip. Your aims might be right but stand by your own convictions. 
Quite a few people here are certainly familiar with mental health problems. "Normal" people rarely care about a 20 year old video game.

I like how you post this big thing complaining about abuse and then just call us all mentals at the end anyway.

Anyway whatever, anonyclown, I'm off to follow this goose for a bit 
Are newbies really scared off by how mean func is?

I'll just go on the record and say the reason I've been neglecting mapping has more to do with being a lazy stoner than my having problems with the community.

Did Bloughsburg really leave? If so that's a shame. 
This was not meant as an insult or abuse, but as a true statement. Friends talk privately over the years. Several people know my own struggles and I know them. Your reactions show that you have no regard for mental problems and I'm glad I stayed anonymous ... Metal issues are not something adults considering funny or appropriate to use as insults, specially if true. 
Glad that you're the authority on what everyone else knows about mental health issues. You might have noticed that I have not posted any quotes about Gypsy's mental health issues, only the more outrageous non-mental-health-related statements about himself, his threats, and his insults to other people, that he choose to write (and I'm assuming it took him long enough that he had plenty of time to even temporarily transcend his mental health issues and reconsider his words) and choose to make publicly available. 
I think you misspoke. #429 has some metal health quotes above. 
Late Night Musings 
Somehow feel this BEEF thread is a sort of "rite of passage"! You get into with some here, get your ass kicked, or mutually hold your ground and then... come out the other side in good standing, relatively speaking, hehe. Sure, you may be a bit bloody but HEY.. it's QUAKE so... par for the course.

Or maybe I'm just reading to much into it :-P 
That #429 post was posted as a thread on here and I moved it wholesale - I only put that in quote text to highlight it was someone else's different thread.

I was referring to my cherrypick quoting later on in the second large post #433. 
I For One 
liked G's voice in his vids, as well as shamblernaught's voice, and on the other hand the other shambler voice is a pretty meh voice 
Spy Is Disqualified For Being Irrelevant And Inebriated During The Awa 
color me surprised 
It's Actually A Common Practice 
talking shit behind the back for TF regulars 
And Were's 
the ssacki-repus drama? ah, the other shambler's befriended ssacki, so won't expect that drama here 
The soul of a single virtuous man hath the worth of ten evil men, for canst not the virtuous man both slay the wicked and preserve his own? 
Terrafusion never changes.

So ?? 
.. drama is over ? 
Drama is never over. 
Beef never changes. 
Happy New Year. 
Okay This Is Not Beef, But This Needs To Be Enshrined Forever. 
And didn't know where else to put it:

[17:59] Clench Throckmorton: i'm tempted to spare you the deets of my latest bathroom expedition @Shambler
[18:00] Clench Throckmorton: there was no joy to be had in it, especially not for me
[18:00] Clench Throckmorton: at one point, i honestly thought I was about to pull an elvis
[18:01] Clench Throckmorton: and the thought ran through my mind "which poor fucker will be the one who finds me like this?"
[18:01] Clench Throckmorton: tldr version....
[18:01] Clench Throckmorton: the quality of my diet over christmas went to absolute fucking pot
[18:02] Clench Throckmorton: and I very painfully paid the price in an unbelievably unpleasant and torturous way
[18:02] Clench Throckmorton: at one point i had to literally work it out with a fucking finger
[18:03] Clench Throckmorton: that has added a few mental scars i can fucking tell you that for nothing
[18:03] Clench Throckmorton: anyway, not in the best of moods right now.
[18:03] Clench Throckmorton: gonna have a cuppa and reflect on the new year
[18:03] Clench Throckmorton: maybe i do things differently from now on, i dunno

People who are just a bit off, as many are, openly or suppressed, but not offensive - I do not see them getting treated meanly for just being odd or saying odd stuff. This I would say is an even a better outcome than would become to, say, a kid in school being odd :D

Someone having a meltdown - suffering of mental illness, of whichever degree, well, what ?

Does having a disease excuse antisocial behavior in society at large ? Should it here ? Why should it particularly be that people are supposed to react in a special way here ?

What happens in public if one starts ranting off aggressively at people ? They stop and say - oh no poor dear he has a mental illness we must embrace his shitty attitude ?

Don't get me wrong, some metldowns are indeed gut wrenching (for anyone with a touch of empathy) but expecting internet people on forums to not take a slag at such meltdown especially if it contains insulting content - is just out of touch.

People with severe mental illness do need help and not dissing, but among a loose knit group of game/creative enthusiasts is not the place to hope to get it from. its not the function of such a place, it is not a "safe space", its a community of rando people tied by interest in creative activities, no more. You will get unpleasant brush ups with what you perceive to be unpleasant people, one has to deal with such things, it is not elsewise outside the house.
You might through PM get something more, forge a closer friendship with some members of such a community, but this is not going to happen with any community "at large" othe than ones focused on being support groups around the subject of mental illness. 
I was going to post this in the Quake 1.5 mod thread, but decided against that since it's off topic and will possible incur a good flaming.

I get that not everyone likes this mod and that most people can give a valid reason why they don't like it. I personally haven't played it so I cannot say. I did like some of the things I saw in the videos, even though I'm not a fan of the DP aesthetics either.

What I don't understand is the amount of vitriol that's being poured out over this by some people on this board, and elsewhere. Is it really not possible to discuss the merits / faults of this mod without resorting to this kind of language? How hard is it to write "hey, nice effort, but it's not my cup of tea because of X, Y, and Z" instead?

You can be against something without vilifying it our the people who made it. I know it's kind of in the DNA of this community to be overly harsh and critical, but I personally thing it's getting a bit old, and it's detrimental to the overall purpose of this place, which is advocating and improving the Quake mapping (and modding) community.

A lot of people are putting a great effort into keeping this place alive by attracting new talent in various ways. This kind of behavior just counteracts all of these efforts.

Please take a second to read whatever you are posting before you submit it, and maybe tone down the language here and there. You can criticize without being aggressive. 
What kind of "new talent" is it if they're not attracted to Quake by the multiple other great things happening that happened in the recent past, but instead it's Brutal Bloom that attracts them? 
You Mean Vitriol.... accusing people of having "infantile knee-jerk reactions"?? 
I Don‘t Care How They Get Here 
It increases the likelihood of them seeing the other content as well. Also generally people are more likely to join a conversation rather that a flamewar. 
And Of Course 
My rant applies to both sides of the aisle ;-) 
Well Said, SleepwalkR 
You're not alone with your thoughts. 
I take it you're unfamiliar with how big Brutal Doom is, and how tunnel visioned its fanbase is. The question "will this run with brutal doom" is practically a running joke amongst the Doom mappers nowadays.

I can't speak for every single mapper obviously, but I would find it very sad, and frustrating, that people would be interested in playing my content only with a mod that actively spoils the experience I intended the player to have. 
I Wasn‘t Arguing For This Mod Otp 
What you‘re saying seems like a proper argument to dislike it. I was taking offense with the way such feedback is offered by some people. 
There Are TWO Types Of People... 
Those that create...
...and those that critique.

...actually I suppose there's a third type of person which is "those that create and ALSO critique", which I guess categorises a lot of us considering 90% of the people posting here are mappers, even the trolls. Also, for symmetry purposes I guess we also have to include a 4th type - which is "those that neither create NOR critique", but you probably don't hear much about them on this board, and they wouldn't really have much to post that's particularly interesting or informative. Hmmmm... actually that leads to what I would consider a 5th type of person, roughly corresponding to "those that create, and are all really nice and uncritical to other people at the time, because they want other people to be nice to them and their maps, but then if they've gone on a mapping hiatus for quite a long while, they lapse back into being all cynical and critical because they have no immediate worries about burning bridges that might cause a backlash regarding projects that they are personally involved in." And then conversely, I guess there's a 6th type of person, best described as "one who both maps and/or doesn't map depending on mood/time, and just says what he likes and doesn't give a flying monkey's bollocks about what others think". Oh, and also I guess there's a 7th type of person, who never maps and has never mapped, but does post here, and is also really nice and friendly and positive to all and everyone all the time, a sort of "wallpaper cheerleader" if you want to coin a term for it (which I guess I just did - please credit me if you use that term). Also - and probably unlikely, this one - I guess it's theoretically possible to include an 8th type of person, who is really nice to people when he is NOT active in the scene (mapping), yet bizarrely really shitty to people only when he IS active in the scene (mapping). Perhaps this theoretical type of mapper could be discovered in the wild one day, but I'm not sure we've seen one yet. In any case he's probably quite difficult to work with in collaborative projects. So anyway, as I was saying... 
TL, DR: Kinn Can Literally Not Stop Inhaling Grandma's Anal Leaks. 
Type 6 
You're a textbook Type 6, shamblechaps, for sure. 
Backhanded mea culpas aren't allowed here? Pu-lease. 
Backhanded mea culpas aren't allowed here? Pu-lease. 
Quake is what makes people play it.

Quake is 1.5. 
Neither Are Double Posts. 
Some people will hate Darkplaces mods because they hate Darkplaces. And some people hates Darkplaces because they hate LordHavoc.

All I know is that there was a lot of drama about DP because of Xonotic/Nexuiz, and about LH because of politics.

FTEQW also has lots of the same features found in DP, but people don't hate it. People who aren't fans of the FTEQW style simply ignore it.

It's quite sad that while Carmack wanted people to enjoy being wildly creative with his games, a significant part of the fanbase hates that.

If Quake was supposed to be a sacred thing where deviating from the norm should be frowned upon, id software could have kept if fully closed source with nothing more than a SnapMap-styled editor.

It's quite ridiculous that people who considers themselves Quake fans hates the freedom that Carmack's work is about. It's sad to see silly drama being put above that freedom. 
Sounds like Carmack is messiah and we fight against each other like medieval orthodox and catholics.
It's a shame cause Quake is just a game. Legendary inspiring... entertainment
Some people will hate Darkplaces mods because they hate Darkplaces. And some people hates Darkplaces because they hate LordHavoc.

I actually think most of the the DP (ooh behave) "haters" here, dislike DP mainly not because of those reasons.

They dislike it because DP has become synonymous with the garish, tasteless "shovelware from 2002" look that many of the modders using DP actively choose to pursue - I'm talking blown-out full-saturation primary-coloured lighting, HD textures that seem to have been created using up to, but no more than, 2 clicks on a photoshop filter, and bloom that makes you wonder whether it's astigmatism kicking in, or the dreaded cataracts are starting to play up.

Let's say you have an Uncle - call him Toby - but every time Uncle Toby picks you up from school, he insists on wearing a fucking clown costume, and spraying all the rest of the kids and waiting parents in the eyes with his stupid fucking water-pistol clown-flower. Now, Toby's otherwise a nice chap - he's a smart guy and has the potential to be good - but every time he comes out he pulls this shit.

Ask yourself this - do you really hate Uncle Toby? Or would you, maybe, give him a second chance if once in his life he just put the stupid clown shit away and starting acting his age? 
If you're not running ULTRA settings with HD textures then you must have a shit PC. It's 2019 lol. 
I don't see people blaming the QW engines for the d_mipcap 3 high fov etc crappy looking configs that many multiplayer users uses.

I understand people disliking what users do, but it's silly to blame the engine.

The only other case I remember of people specifically hating an engine was Tenebrae. But in that case the engine was really not intended to retain the classic look & feel.

My only problems with DP are the viewmodel position (which has no cvar for a classic fov 100 look) and the bloated system requirements. FTEQW is more lightweight despite offering similar features. Still, I don't hate DP for it. 
If you're not going to make any more quake maps because of your fucking erectile dysfunction or whatever, at least do everybody else a favor and shut the fuck up aobut speedmaps. 
Maybe He'll Make WRATH Maps From Now On 
You Need Erectile Dysfunction To Map For Wrath? 
It's Not A Requirement, Per Se 
Is Looking Like A Reptillian A Requirement? 
Question totally unrelated to your face, BTW. 
Are You Referencing 
my cloaca? 
If you're not going to make any more quake maps because of your fucking erectile dysfunction or whatever

who said that??? Fine if that's the way you feel, I've already started "re-inventing" something I was doing recently: 
Oh My 
this will make a fine addition

I could make a big rant about how I get pissed off everytime I remember what happened, but I prefer to focus on how I'm pround of this game's team. 
well, unless killpixel/3DR says otherwise, pretty sure Wrake: Rune of Onions is using the q3bsp format which has lit water "out of the box" as it were. 
how I get pissed off everytime I remember what happened

So what did happen?

I thought eric's compilers do light water, but the engines largely don't do anything with it.... or am I wrong? (probably very wrong) 
Water Is Different In Wrath 
than it is in standard Quake, this may be why we're able to have lit water. 
great shot, i'd rather see this as a regular q map, but anyway... 
Find Out The Otp Leach 
Anna Grodzka 
Spy Vs Any Notion Of Sobriety Or Comprehensibility 
I'm Afraid I Was Bamboozling 
That WIP is neither for quake, or wrath, but is actually for something hitherto unseen. 
hitherto unseen 
thanks and glad you like our water :D

we are using q3bsp, but water was lightmapped when we used q1bsp as well - just plopped a q3 shader on it (so DP/FTE only AFAIK) 
SM194: Spy goes to rehab.

Deadline: March 32nd, 23:59:59 GMT (func time).

Texture wad:

Progs: ID1 but every map must use the drunk vision hack trigger from sm179_otp. 
Oops Wrong Thread. 
Got post #500 though. 
SM194: Spy Goes To Rehab. 
<Oops Wrong Thread.

otp's going to rehab too 
About The Drunkenness 
otp -

the hypocrite in its bestes 
I'm Ok With The Singlemalt Tho 
To Otp And The Other Eddie-shambler 
For Posterity 
Because 1000sofskillsguy loves it:

Struggling and striving to give a bunch of overly opinionated cry babies a well maintained and feature rich alternative to “craigslist quake” (quakeone) was the hard part. Watching them avoid this all due to one guy (me … as if “I am the community”) was even harder. With the exception of how this effects a small handfull of people that are important to me, shutting this down is the easiest thing I’ve done in a long time. I actually perceive it as a testament to just how crappy this community is… more concerned with “boo hoo” than opportunity and expanding the very thing they claim to have a passion for. I was on Quakeone yesterday and noticed WickedLord complaining about the state of Quakeone. This alternative has existed for over a year but he would rather choose to sit in shit and cry about sitting in shit. Genius! This is what we are working with. “I don’t like Gypsy so, fuck myself.” lol … 7 months can’t come soon enough.

A smart attack on me would have been to sign up and participate in droves … forcing me to keep working and paying regardless if I wanted to and gaining your extra exposure in the process. Nobody claimed y’all are smart though. 😀 Your “smartest attack” to date is copy/pasting my pissed off rants, to SPAM your own site with the forethought that I would be smart enough to remove the SPAM from mine. Impressively stupid.

The pretence at "don't care" B2B the obvious bitterness B2B the planet-sized ego is truly even more impressive. 
Too much energy. 
The truth is, such initiatives gives the impression that their authors are control freaks. And people don't like control freaks.

Such highly passionate people feels like they can help everyone, but they end up freaking people out. Most people invest their time in hobbies to chill out, but euphoric people engages in their hobbies as a mission. It's a recipe for stress, because they end up going against the emotional needs of the community. 
Three Cheers To DrunkTruck 
For seeing imaginary "jabs" everywhere but also being very keen on passive aggressively handing them out on the DUSKcast.

Thumbs up! 
Nice of you to act like a jilted ex after being called out for being the perpetually indignant, ass-incensed, micro manager you are: 
Best Part Of The Above 
The "jilted ex" comment isn't even from me, it's from one of the many people who were rather amused when I DM'd them that screencap.

Really, if you knew how little respect you actually have you'd shut down both your playground discord and the youtube channel immediately. But obviously you'll never allow yourself to accept the thought of not being a "community lodestar" (this may or may not be an exact quote). 
I had a nice cup of tea sitting not far from my monitor when I clicked on this thread - and now it's turned into a mug of Bovril. 
I Was Kindly Told The Above Might Need A Clarification... 
I got banned from dumptruck's server after reacting to one of his messages with a "thumbs up" emote. 
That Does Not Clarify Anything Tho 
otp, these posts really bother me. Usually this thread is for tongue-in-cheek ranting about someone who did something to piss you off. That's fine by me, the beef is part of this community. But this is something different in my opinion, it feels like it's crossing the line.

We don't know what happened between you two, and by posting only slander and select pieces of information that do not even paint half of a picture, what you are doing here feels like an attempt at manipulating public opinion in your favour.

Either keep this beef between the two of you or put everything out in the open if you want to involve other people. Personally, I would prefer the former. 
If I wanted to manipulate public opinion in my favor, I would have stopped posting long ago... 
That's a good point. 
What SleepWalkR said. 
God Otp 
just lighten the fuck up and go outside already 
Says who? 
Still Waiting For An Explanation Or An Apology BTW. 
Im Blocked 
Keep It Up Mfx. 
Too Good To Leave On Discord 

Shambler Today at 8:05 AM
Kinn is simultaneously the worst, and the best. Schrodinger's twat.
Still Blocked 
at this point, otp prolly has more of us blocked than not. 
My two favorite insane people, right next to eachother. It's like a literal nutsack. 
What SleepWalkR Already Said 
OTP, learn to map. Use your Illusion. 
To Be Fair To Onetruebuttmunch 
He deffo can map and has been candid about losing his mojo recently. Which is fair enough. 
he needs to learn to map to even be recognised here. 
The only reason anybody recognizes you for anything is because you knew how to suck uo to the right people at the right time. 
No u. Learn 2 map idiot. 
Come On 
That's not the worst insult you can think of, after all you called me "scum", "polish thief", and "white supremacist" earlier, even if the last one was an anon post. 
I believe u did this yourself. And you still cant map. 
Yup It Was Me. 
I posted #231 and also insulted myself on ionous' stream while using both your accounts.

Go to your master sock now, and tell him what a good guard dog you were on func. 
You Really Have Serious Issues 
Not being able to map is only one of them. 
Lol QuArK Is Good 
otr is dope 
You Really Have Serious Issues 
it's already been spoken
otr's needed some professional help 
Nice Projecting. 
How's the professional help for your drinking going? 
I'm Ok With My Drinking 
6-8 lits of beer in a span of friday-sunday 
Nobody Else Is OK With Your Drinking. 
Or your posting. 
Nobody Else Is OK With Your Drinking. 
name it sister those nobodies. 
i don't queer about that shit , just wondering

who's removed teh spy char from the mapping discord channel 
LOL Quark IS Good 
Congrats On The Team Finland 
win over team ru 
To Shitbler 
zombie eaters 
To Shamb 
Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration 
God Is God 
Laibach Performs Live In North Korea 
Jeez Wats Wrong With That Fucking Asians 
Limo Wreck 
Lol Otp 
you really nailed it 
My Screenshots Are Waiting To Be Posted 
they will destroy your puny existence at glance, you fucking homophobe nazi shit 
You Are Done 
why do mess with content creators for your fav gamelike that? 
Maybe We Meet In The Future 
and maybe even talk, before i kick your face, but why all this hate you stupid non mapper?!? 
Not Fun 
Even Better You Shitstain 
Btw ionous hates you too... 
Who Isn't 
a cancer here out of all of us? 
What about that content creator is slagging someone off for not currently creating content?? 
Important Announcement 
Good Point Shambler 
He still sucks 
I'm not otp, or indeed anyone beefing out in this thread, just a neutral bystander who wishes to remain anonymous so as not to associate myself with this bullshit.

I have to ask, what the fuck is this otp / mfx beef all about, is there something incredibly entertaining happening outside of func that the rest of us are not privy to? 
For example, posts #560 to #564 kind of read like they are in response to something completely awful otp did elsewhere, and I think it would be a great public service to make the rest of us aware of it, even if just for the rubbernecking value. 
Have A Slice Of Hate. 
It's just a bunch of wrinkled old nerds spreading slander about each other.

Back and forth, toss the hate around. See who is the purest Quake fan.

No one gives a shit about the maps anymore, they're all derivative these days with everyone and their grandmother mapping.

Much more fun to spread the hate. 
Marcher 2 Announced 
exclusive trailer here: 
posts #560 to #564 kind of read like they are in response to something completely awful otp did elsewhere

If that gutless, ball-less fuck Scampie is to be believed (lol), apparently there exists a person who chases your every move around the internet telling you to kill yourself and that you're a jew sjw cuck like someone does to sock and MFX and me.

Since I was guilty of such high crimes against the AD team such as: posting one of sock's twitter jams on func, and posting a download link to an early version of Giftmacher's proto-Sepulcher, it seems like that very unsubtle emphasis is supposed to mean "otp did it".

Which is obviously fucking bullshit, for a multitude of reasons that I shouldn't even undignify myself by presenting. 
You could ignore the "chases your every move" cause who knows if thats factual or not. But, you DO tell people to kill themselves and call them "soy". 
1. No, I just tell that to mukor, since he's a blight on society.

2. Daz has revealed himself to be a giant pussy the moment he hosted tf on Discord and made it safe for work.

@anon Asking A Sensible Question,. 
I think there is twitter beef or something. 
For Fucks Sake! 
The only interesting piece of shit post in this monkey feces slinging bitch fight was Kinn teasing about Marcher 2.

Except we all know he's to senile to map anymore... 

You are obviously the same guy as #575

People who I respect and communicate with on discord know what I've got cooking, gamedev-wise ;) 
Here's A Sneak Peek...for Any Doubters 
Less Beef More Playing/making Maps 
Also why is anon posting still a thing? 
Since Shambler Asked So Nicely. 
ww, you are a bigot and a racist, and it's fucking laughable that every other person in quake turns a blind eye to that.

And to answer your other question:

ww Today at 2:17 AM
do you actually have friends that aren;t white?
not counting the cheap asian girls

1. Yes,
2. They weren't cheap - there's actually an interesting IMO story behind all of that, and I suggested it to dumptruck for my Quakecast episode, but he was more interested in dicks and Jazz Jackrabbit. 
Okay, Glad You Cleared That Up. 
I have friends that aren't white too. I guess that makes us both great people. 
Oh Really. 
I'm sure they all share your views on "mass migration". 
According to otp, if you voted brexit and express any misgivings about immigration/integration it makes you a bigot and a racist; uneducated and probably inbred.
You're so full of shit, you pretend to be some humanitarian dog lover but it's all just a ploy to get your dick wet. For the amount of bile you spew it doesn't wash. Given the chance you'd be the first cunt loading people into the ovens. 
Whitewhite Is Very White 
who knew? 
Things I learned in discord yesterday: free movement of existing EU citizens inside the EU is exactly the same as free movement of people from outside the EU into the EU, and if you dare to imply that the two things may have different political ramifications in the eyes of the general EU populace, then you are stupid and misguided and ill-informed and and and and and and... (Note: merely observing this makes you hitler, expressing any opinion on this yourself isn't even necessary). 
To Whom It May Concern. 
Why the sudden need to look me up on Instagram and LinkedIn? It's only been a couple of months since you said "Lol otp thinking i give a flying fuck about any of his personal details".

If you need a reference, or something, just ask. 
Would be nice if I didn't have to ask Vondur again to remove posts where you use my real name, just because it's an open secret doesn't mean I like to have it out in the open. 
Yeah I Agree. 
No need to probe into off-line / off-topic stuff. I can't imagine otp having a real name would make him any more appalling than he already is :p 
Will it be more successful than the project you chose to completely not mention on your podcast? Who knows.

(At least ignoring it was better than enabling Scampie in his quest to rate everything skacky and I made a 1...)

What do I have to do with your beef with Scampie OPT? I am baffled. 
Oh...there actually is something you DON'T want to have to do with Quake related ? :D 
Threats now huh?

I'm just participating in the forum. Sorry you don't like it. I'm not stopping any time soon. But I will try and be more selective about what I reply to and how I reply. But you may want to do the same.

Just a reminder of some examples of times you have come after me recently (unprovoked):

These are just the ones off the top of my head. I'm willing to live and let live and I'm man enough to say I was wrong to comment about sm200 at all.

I'm sorry and I will back off now. You do the same. 
I was wrong to end that post with that sentence, I'll admit. It was nearing 2 AM and I was getting increasingly sleepless and restless so I lashed out.

I will back off now. You do the same.

Yes, good. 
Still No Q1 Logo On #tf Discord Admin 
Also A Request To Bring Back :qsad: 
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