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#tf / Func_qmap BEEF Thread.
Inspired by Scampie who has more beef going than the average American "lite" breakfast =).

So let's have it out here...

Scampie vs. Xen

Scampie vs. ProdXL

Maj vs. ProdXL

(actually most people vs. ProdXL)

Wrath vs. Everyone

Grindspire vs. someone it seems

Me vs. Speedy occasionally

Mod-makers vs. well they just look like a right bunch of knobs anyway.

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Beefy Farts 
Meat, and especially beef, makes me fart more than usual after consumption.

Guess my digestion has a beef with the food I eat. 
Hmmmh, I Don't Really Get It 
Good to take it to beef I guess.

First of all, this is not at all about ionous, so lets take him out of the equation. I like what he's doing!

The way I see it:

0) I complain about stream advertising

a) I accept that majority agrees that stream advertisement is okay.

b) I stream advertise while expressing my opinion that I think it is not a good idea to do so

c) suddenly this is a problem for some reason

The logical error here creates a strong urge to
troll some more.

Note that I really am streaming sometimes at the advertised url, so it really is not much different from the other spam.

And at what point did this become personal, btw? :-( 
And No, I'm Not Trying To Piss You Guys Off 
This is just about those conventions we somehow implicitely agree upon. 
But this might all be worth it for shambler's comments, which make me laugh every time. 
What Are Streaming Ads? 
I use adblock and Chrome. I honestly see NO ADS. Never once have I seen an ad. What gives? 
"b) I stream advertise while expressing my opinion that I think it is not a good idea to do so

c) suddenly this is a problem for some reason"

You did it in jest. You didnt actually stream anything.

The only point you proved was that youre willing to be petty about a non issue.

Go map. 
How's this for irony?

When he goes online -I get an email, an Android notification and I see the posts for ionous' Twitch streams. I am gonna go fix the email thing now. Thanks! 
Beef Blog 
Tonight I went to a shitty restaurant on a short stretch of the beach in Bali and had a terrible beef curry dish. It was incredibly tough and the cauliflower (?!) was barely cooked.

But at least I didn't see any ads for Twitch streams. 
On the beach in Bali?

I hate you. 
@P R I T C H A R D 
Did you experience an increase in flatulence? 
Spicy Shit 
A tropical escape is a good way to generate beef, apparently.

Gotta say that I'm enjoying the tucker up here, plenty of chilli available so that's been fun. Been getting the staff where I'm staying to throw one or two in my breakfast, toughens you up that does.

Sadly I'm coming home soon. Back to the daily stress of University study :( 
Well, watch a sunset for me...

I mean that in the most masculine way. 
That Discord Spammer 
That's my BEEF :(

F*&K him and that server...

Can I have Mod abilities just to deal with his spam??? Pleeeease. 
We Need A Word For "Quake Beef" 
That gets my vote.

No disagreement there. Top quality cockcheeser. 
that was fowl. I prefer this one myself (nsfw). 
That Url Is Fooling Nobody Here 
How about you stop your fucking disgusting obsession with taking pictures of your own shit, you disturbing creep? 
Just PM Them To #onetruepurple Direct. 
Y u heff 2 b mad? Is jus a poops 
OTP-SOCK-MUK Chainmap 200% Confirmed. 
Theme: "Poop" (AD vs RemakeQuake version) 
Oh my favorite part of this is OTP mutually masturbating with Shambler to heavy-r but a picture of shit in the NSFW channel is just unacceptable.

ur fully cuck'd m8 
Calling out ayyy lmao

Start posting again or you have to 1v1 me 
You really need to take it down a notch with your attitude 
Both Censored For Going Too Far. 
1. Threats.
2. Increasingly personal insults. 
Beefing with Hexcalk for not making any new maps!

Put up them dukes boi. We finna have a round of fisty cuffs. 
I Hope He Does Tbh 
People were giving him shit until the very last map (perhaps deservedly, for apparently rushing his releases out and not doing beta testing), but even so, I thought his last couple maps showed definite, if not spectacular improvement in terms of coherence, logical progression, and so on. Hexcalk could definitely go places if he put the work in, and I say that in all sincerity. 
Yeah I may be poking fun a little bit but I feel he had potential and at the very least, passion. We need more people who map just to map. 
Whoops Sorry, This Is Beef Thread 
Imagine that my last post contained a non-Euclidean matrix bristling with every slur in every language that has ever been spoken by denizens of both the Earth and the Elder World. 
shambler... you're a cunt 
I Know. But I'm Func's Cunt :P 
void () func_cunt =
func_wall ();
self.touch = SpawnBlood;
Qc Humor 
Alright Who Emailed Me With This 
You are a highly arrogant narcissist with years of experience in all aspects of hypocrisy and slander, trumpeting self-righteous opinions as loudly as possible to those who are susceptible, and working without any sign of empathy against those you deem unworthy of existence.

From someone using an anon email account. I'm pretty sure it was someone from here. 
At least to me, you don't seem to be like that.

And from my real life experiences, people who says stuff like "you need to be more empathic" actually wants us to lower our emotional defenses so we can be easier to manipulate.

I know people outside of here who really fits that description, and your attitude isn't even close to theirs. 
I Got Such An Email Too 
Right after TB2 was released. I have a strong suspicion as to the sender, but I won‘t voice it here without proof. But yes, it‘s someone from here. 
I predict this email will go to, say, metlslime, too. Trying to think of anyone else who LESS deserves that sort of nonsense. Still, top bantz. 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
Fucking double tap 
Now I want an email - it seems like a rite of passage. "You're not a true func_msgboard user until you've gotten anonymous hatemail too."

I suppose I have to actually contribute something for that to happen... 
The real challenge for that of course is that they'd have to find out what my email actually is first... 
I'm Honored

Now I have to remember where I've left my email - was it in a readme? If so, which of the three people in the whole world who read quake map readmes actually sends these emails? 
i got repus'(who the sm180 map pack was made for) email from a 10+ year old readme.

basically ur fukd fer life m8. gotta change emails now! :D 
Soooo... mukor is a readme-reader... the plot thickens 
That's how I assumed it was someone from here because I can only think that he got my email via quake map readme. Certainly doesn't exist anywhere else on the internets to my knowledge.

Someone with long-standing beef. Can't think of anything I've done recently, other than some very gentle and pretty reasonable piss-taking in that Amid Evil thread. 
@Prichard And @Kinn 
You both posted in the Quakeulf (Quake 2) meltdown thread. Not saying this is the person who sent the emails but it's a recent episode and one common thread. 
Doubtful. Kinn's comment in there was quite irrelevant and wasn't even directed at the guy. 
I Agree It's A Stretch 
Let‘s Not Accuse Ppl Without Proof? 
Of Course, More Of A Curiosity 
I acknowledged it was a stretch and I doubt it was the person I mentioned because of the language used... but who doesn't love a good mystery? 
I am 99999% sure that my email was a joke email. But if someone is mad at me over forum drama, more power to 'em I guess lol 
Bumping this thread, as it seems like certain individual(s) are in need for a deep cathartic release. 
referring to yourself in the third person is really strange, otp []. 
What If OTP Is The Anon 
think about it, displaying his IP to throw us off his scent, as well as the excessive interest and virtue-signalling he's displaying over all this.

looks like over-compensation to me!

you've been rumbled dude 
:qthink: af famalam 
3 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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