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#tf / Func_qmap BEEF Thread.
Inspired by Scampie who has more beef going than the average American "lite" breakfast =).

So let's have it out here...

Scampie vs. Xen

Scampie vs. ProdXL

Maj vs. ProdXL

(actually most people vs. ProdXL)

Wrath vs. Everyone

Grindspire vs. someone it seems

Me vs. Speedy occasionally

Mod-makers vs. well they just look like a right bunch of knobs anyway.

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You really need to take it down a notch with your attitude 
Both Censored For Going Too Far. 
1. Threats.
2. Increasingly personal insults. 
Beefing with Hexcalk for not making any new maps!

Put up them dukes boi. We finna have a round of fisty cuffs. 
I Hope He Does Tbh 
People were giving him shit until the very last map (perhaps deservedly, for apparently rushing his releases out and not doing beta testing), but even so, I thought his last couple maps showed definite, if not spectacular improvement in terms of coherence, logical progression, and so on. Hexcalk could definitely go places if he put the work in, and I say that in all sincerity. 
Yeah I may be poking fun a little bit but I feel he had potential and at the very least, passion. We need more people who map just to map. 
Whoops Sorry, This Is Beef Thread 
Imagine that my last post contained a non-Euclidean matrix bristling with every slur in every language that has ever been spoken by denizens of both the Earth and the Elder World. 
shambler... you're a cunt 
I Know. But I'm Func's Cunt :P 
void () func_cunt =
func_wall ();
self.touch = SpawnBlood;
Qc Humor 
Alright Who Emailed Me With This 
You are a highly arrogant narcissist with years of experience in all aspects of hypocrisy and slander, trumpeting self-righteous opinions as loudly as possible to those who are susceptible, and working without any sign of empathy against those you deem unworthy of existence.

From someone using an anon email account. I'm pretty sure it was someone from here. 
At least to me, you don't seem to be like that.

And from my real life experiences, people who says stuff like "you need to be more empathic" actually wants us to lower our emotional defenses so we can be easier to manipulate.

I know people outside of here who really fits that description, and your attitude isn't even close to theirs. 
I Got Such An Email Too 
Right after TB2 was released. I have a strong suspicion as to the sender, but I won‘t voice it here without proof. But yes, it‘s someone from here. 
I predict this email will go to, say, metlslime, too. Trying to think of anyone else who LESS deserves that sort of nonsense. Still, top bantz. 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
This fucking community, man, I swear 
Fucking double tap 
Now I want an email - it seems like a rite of passage. "You're not a true func_msgboard user until you've gotten anonymous hatemail too."

I suppose I have to actually contribute something for that to happen... 
The real challenge for that of course is that they'd have to find out what my email actually is first... 
I'm Honored

Now I have to remember where I've left my email - was it in a readme? If so, which of the three people in the whole world who read quake map readmes actually sends these emails? 
i got repus'(who the sm180 map pack was made for) email from a 10+ year old readme.

basically ur fukd fer life m8. gotta change emails now! :D 
Soooo... mukor is a readme-reader... the plot thickens 
That's how I assumed it was someone from here because I can only think that he got my email via quake map readme. Certainly doesn't exist anywhere else on the internets to my knowledge.

Someone with long-standing beef. Can't think of anything I've done recently, other than some very gentle and pretty reasonable piss-taking in that Amid Evil thread. 
@Prichard And @Kinn 
You both posted in the Quakeulf (Quake 2) meltdown thread. Not saying this is the person who sent the emails but it's a recent episode and one common thread. 
Doubtful. Kinn's comment in there was quite irrelevant and wasn't even directed at the guy. 
I Agree It's A Stretch 
Let‘s Not Accuse Ppl Without Proof? 
Of Course, More Of A Curiosity 
I acknowledged it was a stretch and I doubt it was the person I mentioned because of the language used... but who doesn't love a good mystery? 
I am 99999% sure that my email was a joke email. But if someone is mad at me over forum drama, more power to 'em I guess lol 
Bumping this thread, as it seems like certain individual(s) are in need for a deep cathartic release. 
referring to yourself in the third person is really strange, otp []. 
What If OTP Is The Anon 
think about it, displaying his IP to throw us off his scent, as well as the excessive interest and virtue-signalling he's displaying over all this.

looks like over-compensation to me!

you've been rumbled dude 
:qthink: af famalam 
Definitely Trinca 
This "lol, mappers are too stupid to lit stuff in their own maps" thing has to stop. 
Bit of advice.

It's never, ever worth it to debate anything with mh.

The man is "lalala I can't hear you" incarnate.

Just ignore him, or laugh at him if he keeps posting inane asspulls. 
It's never, ever worth it to debate anything with [INSERT NAME].

Especially if turn a debate or point of view into ad-hominem? 
no, that wasn't me 
Hey Metlslime can you get rid of the ability to post anonymously so we don't have trolls running around and shit k thx 
Gtfo out the beef thread crying to metlslime 
1 Post Not Shown On This Page Because It Was Spam 
Don't you have anything better to do with your life than trolling people who are fuckin' trying to abide by the forum's rules?

The good old have you got nothing better to do than telling me to fuck off.. No, I haven't. Fuck off 
Whatevs. Remain Pathetic, Then... 
PRITCHARD has joined the beef.

Mugwump, you should probably just shut up lmao. Maybe people would care and 'abide by the forum's rules' if an actual moderator showed up. As it is, you just look like fool trying to bully around other people for... fun, i guess? I'm really not sure what you get out of this, other than perhaps a misguided feeling of satisfaction when you push people around vigilante-style? 
Remain Pathetic... 
trying to bully around other people
Uhhh... what?
when you push people around vigilante-style

Did you even care to read what happened or did you just jump in for the fun of it? 
I Mean, It Is Pretty Funny, But... 
I have receipts...
Pushing people around like a moderator (When you aren't one):

being a bully and an ass:

Some of these are 'less bad' than others, and other people involved have said 'worse' than that, but you asked if I'd read up on the beef so far and I decided the easiest way to do that was to demonstrate your own inability to read. 
First 3 links: read again. There was no pushing people around whatsoever in these posts. Also, what does my comment to mfx have to do with any of this shit?

Last 4: those are the direct consequences of ww's own attitude. I'd appreciate if you didn't pin it on me, thanks. 
Should just link to all of mugwumps posts when he's responding to someone. It'll be 50/50 whether or not he's been an ass, or at least coming off as one. The winky faces and constant "..." is what triggered me. I don't think he's a bully tho, just annoying. 
I'm Only An Ass When Responding To An Ass. 
Might want to ponder that.


Ok, Here's a simple question for you Mugwump. Are you a moderator or admin on func_msgboard?

If the answer is yes, then feel free to tell people like mfx where they should put their posts - in fact, why not move it yourself, since you have moderation tools?

If the answer is no, why tell someone where to post? You are not in a position of authority over anyone, and pressuring them to leave a thread or post elsewhere isn't your job. Hence "pushing people around" and "vigilante".

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse? That's like saying it's okay to steal someone's lunch because they stole yours. Two wrongs don't make a right... 
My Two Cents 
Well, I think it was respectful of Mugwump toward vicpas (the author of the "RTCW - Age of Horror" thread) to suggest moving the off-course discussion away from vicpas's thread. Why should you have to be a moderator to suggest moving discussion elsewhere out of respect toward the OP? And I don't think his suggestion was written in a rude manner:

Guys, if you want to continue this discussion, let's move it to GA, shall we? It has nothing to do in a RTCW post.

I'd also like to address this quote from Pritchard:

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse? That's like saying it's okay to steal someone's lunch because they stole yours. Two wrongs don't make a right...

You're right Pritchard, but I think kwenan and ww should also be scolded, for acting upon their anger when they were triggered by Mugwump's tone. If Mugwump's tone (the ;) and ... symbols) triggers you, there are more civilized ways to find out whether he was indeed being rude, or if there's simply just been a classic misinterpretation of text-trasmitted communication that may have just made Mugwump's text seem rude. I think you guys ganging up on him while leaving kwenan and ww unaccounted for is unfair and bully behavior.

And actually, I've been feeling partially to blame for this whole thing, because I myself was steering the discussion away from vicpas's "Age of Horror" level pack in the thread. And for that, I'm sorry. 
Nothing ever happens in a vacuum, so there's definitely blame to be laid at the feet of everyone involved to some degree. However the point I was trying to demonstrate was specifically addressed towards Mugwump, as he had become the most inflammatory person at that point.
There's less (but still something) to be said about ww's behavior, or yours and mine in comparison, and the topic of the conversation quickly focused on Mugwump's tendency to interject in ways that bothered other users.

As respectful to vicpas as Mugwump could be said to have been, it wasn't his place to make those suggestions, and it rubbed people the wrong way. I would say that getting so annoyed about someone suggesting that you're being offtopic that you start beef is a bit much, but beef was met with beef and so on and so on.

(by the way, I wouldn't bother being overly sincere about any of this... simply because this really shouldn't be a big deal...) 
Alright, I'll Play Ball 
Are you a moderator or admin on func_msgboard?
No, but I remember my early days on this board, when I was guilty of indulging in ongoing OT and got repeatedly scolded for it. I've learned my lesson and now, whenever an OT that I have participated in (I've just checked and I'm not the instigator after all, I only replied to Esrael - blame him! lol) drags on a little too much, I ask the people involved to move to GA. How is that a bad thing? And about it not being my place, let me tell you that I've been congratulated for it several times by historical figures of Func_ like Baker.

tell people like mfx where they should put their posts
Can't you tell the difference between an order and a question?

pressuring them to leave a thread or post elsewhere
Again with this? How can you possibly infer pressure from the suggestion Esrael quoted (and adequately analyzed) in #362?

Also, how is "ww triggered me, I must therefore respond likewise" a good excuse?
It's not an excuse, it's an explanation. I'm certainly not a diplomat and I tend to act like a mirror and give people a taste of their own medicine. If they're cool, I'm cool but if they act like jerks, gloves are off. And I most certainly don't have to give excuses for it while the jerks keep on jerking like if I was to blame. You don't want me to bother you, then don't piss me off with bullshit, plain and simple (not you Pritchard, I'm using the generic "you" here).

Lastly, on what planet exactly is a fuckin' wink considered rude?! Tone is precisely why emoticons were invented, and if someone mistakes benevolence/kindness/playfulness for rudeness, they seriously need to reassess their communication chops. Similarly, 3 dots usually imply a continuation to a story or a conclusion to be drawn. Not rude either. 
Sorry, I meant benevolence/friendliness/playfulness. 
I haven't been on the board for very long, and even I have seen quite a few cases like (new) people posting beta maps somewhere else than the "Screenshots & Betas" thread, for example.

Then, people (who weren't moderators, if I recall correctly) would advice the posters to post their maps in the betas thread in the future and inform them that they'll move over to the betas thread to give their feedback. Nobody made a fuss about it back then, so why should they now?

Maybe because winks and emoticons like :D CAN be interpreted as sarcastic and passive aggressive signs over the Internet. Just shows how important non-verbal communication is, it seems. 
Okay this beef shit is fucking retarded. I insincerely apologize for been a shithead and telling you to fuck off. That will have to do. There isn't anything else to bang on about so we'll just call it a win for me. 
I love how you can squeeze a "sincere" apology with (emoticon-free) passive-aggressiveness in only 3 lines... Couldn't you just leave it at the hatchet burial? I would have gladly accepted (I don't enjoy conflict) but that last bit just ruined your so-called sincerity big time!

And yes, you're right, it is retarded. 
Seems Ww Took Pritchard's Advice To Heart 
(by the way, I wouldn't bother being overly sincere about any of this... simply because this really shouldn't be a big deal...)

I insincerely apologize...

Deduction: ww agrees that this isn't a big deal.

I should become a detective. B) 
Everyone Shut The Fuck Up 
Or I'll get my tits out. 
No, not that; anything but that! D: We'll be good, we'll be good! 
vore tits or gtfo 
So Much Butthurt 
lamest beef ever 
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