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Hellchepsout New Q1SP Released !!!

So, it is finally done !! After 2 months of mapping, my first map is now released and avalaible on my web site...
This map was developed using QuArK 6.4.0-alpha3, and it also support transparent water and colored lights features... I used FitzQuake0.75 as test engine...

I would like to give a special thank to aguirRe who supported and gave me precious helps and feedbacks about my work... thanks a lot again man!!!

So please take a look at and please give me your opinion about my work..

Enjoy !!!!

cool! not many people do the egyptian theme any more. it was nice to go back to that.

played on skill 1, and difficulty was about spoton. the pit with the spawns was a little tough (lost a good 50 health) but beatable.

also, you used the coloured lighting fairly well, esp. considering this is your first map. good job. i would have went a little easier on the colours myself, though... made the lava less bright, and the ending arena was a little overlit (very apparent when using fq's gl_overbright) but otherwise good. thankfully there weren't too many different colours in there, so that's definatly a plus.

i'll be honest, i was ready to delete the .lit file if it didn't look good ingame, but i ended up keeping it. :)

i didn't like the button operated doors. they kept closing before i could go through (because there were monsters and such). they should have been "wait" "-1" doors instead of auto closing ones.

all in all, an enjoyable map. keep up the good work, dude! 
Ammo Shortage In Nightmare 
There isn't much ammo in the second half the map... I ended up facing two shamblers with an axe.

I'll be more careful next time :-) 
congrats with the first map, jpl!

well, this map is rather nice for the first time. i liked the hint of egypt atmosphere there. some nice architecture and lighting bits, tho, they're rather simple by modern standards. anyway, keep em going! :)

now bad things:
rather cramped hallways, i got stuck in every corner there.
not enough health, i had to use godmode to proceed.
scaled down textures - they look bad in quake.

here is my first run demo: 
scaled down textures - they look bad in quake.
hehe, i thought everything looked small! hahaha, that's funny. i didn't think anyone did that!

but... there was the 64x64 button texture... it fit the brush... the brush was smaller then? was everything shrunk down as well then? 
yes, everything was shrunk down (maybe that was the reason of overall crampiness)

and headthump dude done tex scaling that in his silly speedmaps several times btw.... 
Good Job 
The colored lights gave the map an 'egyptian-tech disco' theme, which i thought was cool. i didn't mind the crampedness too much, except fighting all those zombies in close range with gl was kinda tough. 
Good work.

It took me 18 minutes, which is a good amount of time. More than enough health, plenty of ammo. Interesting mix of textures. And the coloured lighting was different as it seems not to be overused in QuakeSP.

I look forward to more maps from you. 
Nice Map 
Atmospheric outdoor area and fun fiend fight in final lava arena. Minor niggles were a bit cramped at places and unbalanced ammo (too few shells and too many rockets) on Medium. The spawn pool was almost an IDT ...

Well done! 
forgot to mention that... i had about 50 rockets and 16 shells, 20 nails at one point. definatly balance out the ammo a bit. (before opening gkdoor) 
Picking At My Tie, Sweating Profusely . . . 
'and headthump dude done tex scaling that in his silly speedmaps several times btw....'

I've been caught! 
in one of my earliest maps i had some textures scaled at 0.2 :P
One was a dirt texture as well... 
you dirty bastard! 
A Fun Map Lambert 
I don't have much to complain about. I liked the game play even though what I'm going to point out caught my attention. Layout sort of reminded me of Sadlark in its temple style and being rationalistic or designed around the player.
The knights at the start were easy to mow down as I caught them unawares. I don't like feeling sorry for the monsters.
I wasn't distracted by the scale of the textures here except in a few instances when the size of a light emmitter texture did not look quite right.

Quake is peculiar in its scaling. The player represented in the game is a small sized object instead of the median object as you may expect so when you are watching game play through a chase cam, the player models look oddly sized compared to the brush models and monsters.
When I worked on Machinima (game engine based animated movies) projects it was necessary to scale things down to make them look proportional from a third person view. Old habits die hard.
Just use your best judgement from the experience you gain. 
Thanks For All Of You Men !! 
Thanks a lot for your feedback, advices, and support... I'm glad that my first map rather enjoyed many of you...
To give you addtionnal informations, I made some test with a scaling set to 1.0, and it was really scrappy. So I tried setting scale downto 0.5, and it was rather good (to my humble opinion...)...
Concerning ammo and health, I think I need to improve me again... I think it's very difficult to have an objective view about your own work.. I mean, even in nightmare mode it's rather easy to clear the level for me, because I know all the trap, monsters location, secret, etc... and so I can prevent all the problems you encountered while playing this level... and use all the features in a optimized order to defeat all the monsters...
Anyway, this is important for me to have an external opinion to improve myself.. Thanks again... 
Just a question, how can I run your demo ??? I'm not used with demo running... sorry.... 
unzip jpl.dem file from with dzip prog ( into your quake/id1 directory.
run the demo from console by typing:
playdemo jpl
have fun :) 
Thanks, i download all the stuff immediatly ! 
Nice Demo 
It was really cool to see how you play the map.. Just one thing, god mode is not necessary to clear the level... and you forgot some health in the start hall, as well for the secret (take a look in the second pillar zone, after the silver Door, just to the right ;-))
Bye !! 
yah, i just didn't feel good when walking in the map. scaled down textures making me nervous, so i couldn't explore the map properly :) 
Very nice for a first map. My only criticisms reflect what others have already said. Too narrow and cramped in places and the button doors annoyed me.

I played through on Nightmare first time and died once so I don't have a recording. I actually died by.... missing the pentagram!! How I did that I don't know.

Ammo was a little unbalanced, I had to kill the outside shamblers with rockets. And I couldn't find the secret.

The final fight was a little easy once the vores were disposed of from the entrance but it was a good ending. Running backwards rocketing fiends while jumping over lava pits was quite tense. The shamblers all died from above.

Look forward to your next map. ;-) 
Errata, the secret entry is located in the second pillar zone, after the silver door, but to the left, not the right... I apologize for this stupid mistake...
Nice Map 

Very nice lagre ankhs:) fun final battle
but those evil doors...

and yes, egyptian theme is always cool to me

BTW Metlslime you should add ankh icon, it would be nice 
+1 point for egypt theme
-1 point for scale
-1 point for map name I can't spell
-1,000 points for blue blobby bastards in the pool 
Further Explications ... 
The level name "Hellchepsout" comes from the Egyptian Hatchepsout Temple.. Hatchepsout was a egyptian queen... The architecture of the level is globally the same, with the 2 ramps, the 2 pillar zones, and the ruin part... For the rest of the map, all comes from me... As well, I know the Sadlark series, and yes, I also took a little inspiration from it... for the 2 obelix for example...

Anyway, thanks all of you guys, thanks to support me, and gave me precious advices and mapping informations during these last 3 months.. hoping my next map will be better than this first one...

-1 point for map name I can't spell

Yes, I did wonder if anyone else thought that

Hatchepsout was an egyptian queen

This I like; I always appreciate names with substance.

JP, what you may be better doing if your map title is as long or convoluted as that is use the old, boring abbreviation style for your filenames e.g.
And save the title for the worldspawn and the web.

Also: nice debut map. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next. 
Very Nice First Map 
gameplay was good except too many rockets and armor on medium and I'll restate my hatred for underwater spawns.

layout wise, it was a bit cramped at times but no big deal.

Looks wise, you did well with basic brushwork and the final room was prtty cool. Lighting was a bit inconsistent though (the colored lighting was a bit overdone, I took oit out as it was too strong).

nice job. 

nice debut map 
So, I will try to choose title name easier to spell, I didn't think it will become a big prononciation challenge for some of you... Anyway, the most important was most of people enjoyed while playing this map... I restart mapping on a DM this time.. The name will be simpler, and thanks again for comments, advices, feedback, etc... Thanks also for those who helped me during this last months to achieve this work...
See you soon with a new map.
No, don't do anything with your ideas for map names. I'm sure that if someone doesn't know how to pronounce "Hellchepsout", he'll then ask you for not naming your maps, because he can't read either. 
nice map :) i like it a lot! 
do you hate me? 
certainly not, my russian brother- you have the same communistic blood in your veins, as i do :-* :-* :-* :-* 
i thought that the war was imminent... :D 
/me stands behind Vondur, gently holds his hips and starts to dance romantically 
Is There A Love Story 
... starting between Vondur and MisYu ??? ... hhmmm ... very interesting ... I didn't know this forum was a gay one... ;-) sorry... hum... 
JPL, sorry for the offtopic though..

Misyu, you rock bastard! 
No Problem... 
... I was laughing just reading your conversation while out of its context... (don't know if it's clear...)
No, Von, u rok kthxbye

JPLambert, good map, although I hate meeting the monster, who looks like a just picked up snot. 
Thanks a lot... but a Q1SP without monsters is too easy to clear... no ??? ;-p
Anyway, this first map was really interesting to build. I learn a lot of things about mapping stuff and editors, and certainly I will have to learn more in the future. I hope the next one will be better...
Map Reviewed At My Site: 
Hellchepsout : "The temple of Hell" reviewed,
plus also other map news. 
I've just take a look at the link, and as well to the summary area, and what a big good surprise for me to read the comments and to see the overall score !! I didn't think this first map will have this success... It's really encouraging for me to forward mapping !!!
Thank you very much.... Thank you very much... 
Another Review At 
Great !! 
Thanks again to all guys who supported me for this map..
A Good Time! 
Fun map! Great work for a first release. Not very hard but fun to play. I could actually explore w/out fear of "sudden eradication"=) 
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