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> is me

I am feeling angry, dissapointed, irritated and most of all sad. I don't think I'll ever show my face around here again, at least not with some of its current members around.

I want to say goodbye and thank you to those of you who were nice and friendly. (Vondur, SPoG, inert and more)

To those who acted like asses:
I really hope you realized what you did was wrong and that you were under some kind of drug or in a very strange state of mind. I think you who did this (Asaki, Scamp, AUTUMN(you get a special fuck you all to yourself)) Sorry to those I left out in both categories.

I had no problem with kickbans and insults regarding me raining over me constantly, but you guys just crossed the line, not just took a step over but more like a polevault over the line. What you guys did was WRONG and I hope someday you can end up as normal functioning individuals.
I said nothing mean about your mom. 
Fucked Up. 
voodoo -- don't exile yourself on account of a few people's ignorant comments. I'm sure the people in question wouldn't be so cruel as to blatantly disrespect you and your mother.

I apologize on behalf of all of #terrafusion and it's needless for you to go away if you ever need help with anything. Ignore the stupid comments -- sometimes people forget that we're more than just anonymous nicknames and that we're real people with real problems.

I'm sorry for the loss of your mother and if you wanna talk, drop me a message. 
voodoo: please leave #tf drama off func_msgboard.

That being said, I don't think any of us thought you were serious about your mother being dead. I thought you just mentioned it in jest, so I was just funning you. It's not like #tf is the most serious place in the world. 
Someone being dead is not something I would joke about. Sorry for dragging this into the boards, but couldn't really think of any other way to put this up without getting showered by another wave of insults.

Very Sorry! Was a big mistake I made putting you there, you were on "my" side so to say, once again I wish I had an edit function here.
Got pretty stressed out and angry and in some way I made that connection.

Thanks, I appreciate it, may still ask questions about mapping here but I think that the "socializing" in #tf is bad for as a person and seldomly brings me anything but anger and/or feeling bad about myself for telling a mean joke on someone. 
People Being Insensitive On The Internet?! 
How can this be?!

I wasn't involved in any of this, but I just have to say that if you're going to take rude, disgusting, or otherwise incorrect behavior on the internet seriously, then you are quite right to stop posting on most chat channels. And you should probably be very careful about what message boards you post on as well.

Caveman Urg was sending smoke signals in 1,000,000 BC that said something about Caveman Oog's mom, and I don't think it will stop anytime soon. Hell, check out the latest Penny Arcade comic.

I'm sorry it happened, and I'm sorry you're upset, but you'll either need to grow a thicker skin, or restrict your internet use accordingly. 
I really hate when people on forums write a 'goodbye' thread hoping to get attention, just leave. Then again, I can't really talk about leaving #tf drama off func_msgboard 
Voodoo... Etc... ;-) 
I don't know about the full story that provoked this "goodbye".. and if the really main reason is the text file link, which relates the sad discussion about your mother, OK, everybody can agree it was very very unfair.. But, Voodoo.., agree yourself that you are perhaps a little bit susceptible on this "topic"... I can understand you were hurted by these sad comments, but you just must know that joking is one of the main rules on a forum, even if sometimes comments are very disrespectful... Every time people are joking about your work, your name, sometimes your english (I know what I'm talking about... I'm french.. ), and they can be really cruel... As well all people are not able to understand jest like you understand it... So, even if the comments about your mother were really sad and disrespectful, and I think everybody is sorry for your mother's death, and as well for the meany comments about her (as well for the guys involved in it... I hope so), I really think your reaction is bigger than the real "jest intention" of the discussion... the more if people didn't know about your mother's death...
Just think about it... and if you really want to leave the forum, then goodbye, it's your own choice...
and good luck for the future... 
Hang in there dude, don't let them get to you. You'll be right, what goes around comes around. 
what goes around comes around. is that a "Brazilian Hard Rock Metal" Sepultura (see "Chaos AD" album - "Endangered Species" title if I remember well...) deliberate reference, or just a coincidence ??
Sorry for the off-topic comments... sigh... 
No Reference 
Just like, what you give out, you will eventually receive back in kind.

Not that I feel that those people who were saying things about voodoo's mum, actually believed she had died, they most likely thought it as a joke. God, I hope they did, otherwise they are complete asshats, and deserved of immediate extinction. I didn't actually see or read the txt that was linked to until later. 
that is officially the scariest thread title there is 
"Endangered Species" title comes from Sepultura "Roots" album, sorry...

VoreLord, if it was a joke from Voodoo, it was a bad joke, but if it's not, I can easily understand why he is hangry...

Anyway, you are fully right... there is some topics where joke are not welcomed... 
voodoochopsticks: ok, i'm sorry then. but it didn't come across that you were very serious seeming as moments before you were kidding with us all and calling us sissys and faggots. i've been a gay man all my life and would appreciate no one making gay jokes around me anymore. 
Holy Fucking Shit 
I just read that text thing, that's so fucking awful. You know what's worse? They didn't even make that much fun of me when my cat died. Scampie made a joke about me fucking it too hard or something then everyone got serious :( You TF people fucking suck donkey balls sometimes, and btw my best friend lost his mother to cancer when he was 12, so I can understand how it feels (sort of.) I'm sorry about your loss. 
I didn't mean that voodoo WAS joking, but that the others may have thought that him saying his mother had died was a joke, joke is not the right word, more like they may have thought he was having them on, and they, well, the rest is history. I don't know, I wasn't there, but reading that txt is, well, it's pathetic, the only thing I can is, they MUST have thought voodoo was "having them on" Normal people wouldn't do that sought of thing. (hmmm, using the phrase "Normal People" whilst talking about #TF'ers anf Func_ 'ers maybe a contradiction in terms) Any way best let it alone 
OK, I didn't understand all the language subtility... Sorry... even if it's quite the same regarding the result: joke or not joke (from Voodoo, or others) it was not fair to talk like this about a family's member of any part. People should take much more care before, in order to avoid this kind of "verbal aggression"... some people are more sensible than others... A little bit more of humbleness and respect would be better... sigh... 
Don't let this foolishness deter you from experimenting with Quake. For every person willing to disrespect you, there are three more who are happy to help you out. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, so don't drop out completely. 
<Friction> you guys are tasteless
<Friction> like bland, you know?

And who's autumn? 
Who Are All These People? 
Who Is ProdigyXL ? 
Some Sense... 
A regrettable situation I think.

1. The internet is a harsh place full of banter and pisstaking. I think that's fine and most people get used to it. I don't think anyone is suggesting it should be otherwise.

2. I think a line can be crossed when you start insulting people about personal off-line circumstances that are causing them genuine hurt. There is quite a difference between slagging someone off about something they choose to do online, or slagging them off with non-specific insults, and slagging them off about something personal and hurtful which they have no control over.

I would hope that people online would have enough honour to respect that boundary and realise that even in this free and easy medium that there are limits to what's appropriate behaviour.

Obviously if someone explains that they have this offline issue that is hurting them and shouldn't be abused, well, you have to trust them - they could be lying and the whole thing could be a farce. Sobeit. There's plenty of opportunity to take the piss and if you have to leave one avenue of pisstaking alone, I'm sure you can cope.

3. However from the other side, if you are being hurt, expressing your vulnerability publically is probably the wrong way to go about it. Better ways to go about it would be to leave the public situation immediately, and then privately message the people who have been abusing the situation - if they respond badly to the PM, then just ignore them.

As an example, I had been slagging off another user with "mother" jokes, and that user explained to me privately that his mother was dead and he really objected to such insults. So I stopped and started slagging him off with all sorts of other things instead. 
I Really... the way Shambler is writing things in english. I wish I know the damn language so well =( 
I Agree With Shambler 
It's more or less what i think about the theme. 
still funny 
dead moms are funny, on the internet. 
immaturities are embarrassing for a while, then just funny :> 
i hate scampei to :| many sadam kids will revenge dady and bomb him :p 
Don't let the bastards get you down.

Also, ProdigyXL made the ProdigyXL map pack, which is very good. 
this is 3 years old. 
this isn't the year 2004? 
Still true though. 
We Should Bump More Old Threads 
and talk in them like they happened today. and when random people don't understand our playful ribs at each other, or that old flamewars have actually died off, we can make fun of them. 
ghehe they are fun :)

oh scampie sorry my english!!! i mean i love u!!! and i want to eat your ass :) 
Scampie is already in affair with a eye-licking girl ;P so he will not be your man unfortunately ! 
JPL i�m latin... i dont want him to be my man but my BITCH! :) 
I see... and you expect from a guy that has been flamed by his mother, just for having an affair at home, to prostitute himself for you ? Do you really think will make money like this ? Come on, be serious.... 
Who Said It Di Ed Down? 
I still hate you Scamphoe. I don't know why, but everyone else does, at least in 2004, so I am jumping on the bandwagon in the interest of remaining fashionable. 
My brain just di ed. Preview be damned. I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF YOUR PREVIEW. 
2004 is out of fashion now dude, the real action is back in 1999 watching Shambler chunk a wobbly over Q3A not having a proper SP component. 

chunk a wobbly? 
Yeah, You Know 
toss a bumcherry
pitch a cromwell
fling a crisper
yoke a land yak
that sort of gubbins 
Mr. Flibbles 
Stop hating me just because my IN YOUR FACE style is too hardcore for you to deal with.

Also, cheese still sux. 
Cheese Never Sucks 
Well that blue cheese is a little weird. I ate some once at a fancy cocktail place when I was drunk once, but that was only because they had mood lighting in there which made everything look blue so you couldn't see it's sickly colour.

The first person to decide to eat blue cheese was a crazy bastard. 
tron: Here's the thing. Cheese has long been documented as being made from milk. Do you know where milk comes from?

Cow tits.

Every time you eat cheese, you may as well be getting in bed with a heffer, whispering sweet nothings, and getting 12 inches of cow tongue down your throat as you kiss goodnight. 
And... know what fish do in water don't you! 
over the course of your life you have been squirted out of first a penis, then a vagina. 
... But Not.. 
... out of your ass... ;p 
I Had Sex With Your Mom Last Night 
What?! Your mom's dead?


I thought she was just playing hard to get. 
"your mother is deaf"
"my mother's dead, asshole"
"that must be why she didn't move around much"

You actually WATCHED baseketball? 
Baseketball Rocks 

Scampie: What about ice cream? Surely you can't pass that by and yet by your logic you must.

What about chocolate?

Clearly you are just blindly discriminating against cheese, or are some kind of chocolate icecream hating freak, in which case all hope is lost. 
Lun I love you now 
[21:58] * You were kicked from #terrafusion by scamp|work (and demanding gets you banned)
[21:58] #terrafusion unable to join channel (address is banned) 
View All Threads is working again!

Go Shambler! 
On your bumping rampage! 
anyone know where is this bitch? 
Trinca, awesome.

Everyone who says teh retarded shit is on teh internetz (including me) and deserves to be remembered!

from post #37: "and you expect from a guy that has been flamed by his mother, just for having an affair at home, to prostitute himself for you ?" - lol man, where's JPL these days too... 
JPL is always here... he post someting some days ago I think!

Voodo is the missing link 
Why the fuck are you reviving this? chopsticks is in #tf. 
is it? :p roulf sent him a hug for me :)

I�m at work cant see him... tell him to login in here :p 
I Still... 
... in the place !!!

And I have to say that resurrecting shity thread is not a good idea... though :P 
JPL just trying to found out some lost links... not because of the THEME of this thread...

:( u guys are so negative

fuck :( go drink beer and wine and be happy :p 
the good ole trinca is back 
Woop Woop 
Already drinking beer at the moment :) 
RickyT23 Likes This 
Maybe Its Time To Resurrect The Drunk Thread Again? 
Tonight At The Latest! 
I Can Feel The Repressed Alchoholic Within Me 
trying to get out. Friday syndrome...... 
same same 
for the record!!!

I love Scampie he is even my friend in fagetbook! 
Lol @ Fagetbook 
anyone see the recent southpark making fun of it? so long overdue... 
Really, LOL @ Fagetbook? What did that take, 2 seconds to think up? Less? Yeah, good one. ZING! 
Sarcasm Is The Lowest Form Of Humour 
Not to assume Willem was attempting to be humourous though.
And yeah, that episode of South Park was prett funny. In a cheap, lame and nasty South Park way. I think Facebook has some real uses, and its free so I rather appreciate it. I have got back in contact with a bunch of people from my youth who I didnt think I'd see again, so thats kinda awesome. And it was easy to talk to my freinds when they were abroad.
But Farm World and Cafe World and Fish Tank World - seriously?!?!? And people who now just stay in and "socialise" on Facebook - get a life!!! Use Facebook to arrange a rendezvous and then meet up, go for a drink, or go and play some sports or something.

My 10p 
"Use Facebook to arrange a rendezvous and then meet up, go for a drink, or go and play some sports or something."

This assumes that everyone on your Facebook friend list lives down the street from you. Most of mine are across the country or the globe. 
Very True 
IMO using Facebook to communicate with people who you dont get to see is a good thing.

Its like Christmas cards - people traditionally sent cards to their freinds and loved ones at Christmas to say hi and wish them all the best because they wouldnt get to see them at Christmas. Giving cards to everyone you see everyday I think is false, you might aswell wish them a merry Christmas in person! Some people obsessively write and give Chistmas cards to every single person that they can think of - everyone - early in the season, probably just because they want to get as many back and put them on their wall so that anyone who comes into their house can see how manyy "freinds" they have.

Dont get me wrong, I use Facebook a lot, but I dont bother playing these terrible games which work in real time like Aquarium World or whatever it is. In that 'game' you have to log on every few hours to perform maintenance tasks. Or Farm World where you have to log on often to perform maintenance tasks and you need to rope your freinds into it. Boooooring. Unless you are about eight years old I guess.

Horses for courses I guess :) 
In Short: 

Excellent way of communicating with people.
Very convenient.
Encourages young people to learn IT.

Quickly turns into a popularity contest for some people which is smarmy and annoying. / 
So just block the apps the first time they appear in your feed. Done. It takes 2 mouse clicks. Then it need never bother you again. 
Honestely I just go to facebook to add new friends :) never use it... 
So just block the apps the first time they appear in your feed

Oh, believe me, I did! Cant stop my fiance from blowing up to 4 hours a day on them though :(

Trinca how many friends have you got now? 
She just tries hard to get any satisfaction in her life. 
By Serving Lo-res Food 
To badly animated customers. 
Each to their own tbh, how many hours do you spend playing Quake, etc?

But I do agree with the pointlessness of using it to talk to people you see reguarly. I only started using it when friends started emmigrating, China is kinda far to pop round for a cuppa... 
Do you guys not send email to people you see locally? Or text messages?

It's just another way of communicating with people. 
Locally I'v gtalk(work and home), and MSN at work same email as the one I'v in here!

Go add me ladies! ;) 
Fuck Facebook 
I'm on it, but only for actual real friends that I actually really interact with. Yeah I have friends in other places, I chat to them direct on MSN or exchange long rambling emails or pick up the fucking phone and speak to them... 
You guys really don't understand Facebook at all. It's not for chatting. 
I guess my question is, why do you apparently believe that it's a binary choice? You either use Facebook or you talk to people in real life. It's totally possible to do both. Really, I do it all the time!

Facebook is a great way to share pictures of events and to share stuff with a lot of people without setting up an email list. Use it for what it's good for and stop focusing on what it isn't. 
It's just another way of communicating with people.

It's not for chatting.

que o_0 
WTF, really? 
i deactivated my account earlier this year. i have nothing against it in principle but i'm personally happier without it; it was the source of way too much anti-escapism for me 
Oh Hey It's 20 Posts About Facebook On Func_book 
This one website isn't really meant for what people use it for, so they must be wrong.

P.S. Pictures on FB look horrible. 
"P.S. Pictures on FB look horrible."

Hint : Use Flickr or your own hosting if you care about resolution. Facebook is about sharing fun pictures with your friends and family (usually photos with them in them). They don't need to be super high-res for that. 
I Still Think Its Funny Trinca Called It Fagetbook 
hahahahahhahahahaaa Go Trinca!

I dont think he meant anything by it really. 
I Don't Care Enough About Facebook To Have An Account 
But I keep getting friend invites from girls... and Trinca...

Ps: Don't Tell My Wife 
got the biggest closet ever 
Horses For Courses 
strokes for folks? 
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