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RPG Suspects Appendicitis, Releases RPGDM1
/me Votes Vondur for World Domination

With the testers divided equally over what should be changed, and each half calling the other morons/gay/fag/etc, it's a wonder this ever got released.


this map sucks 
lol scampie knows the secrats 
My custom map server has this on it. (My, that sounds rather arrogant, doesn't it?) You can go play it there. 
Awesome atmosphere, perfect lighting and spot-on brushes. Wow. 
I heard that elevator sucks, confirm/deny? 
This Map 
is good except rpg balanced it in a way that makes me bad at deathmatch 
Played On The Server For A Little While.. 
i don't play dm on quake often, but this i what i thought:

everything seems to connect together nicely although i thought the gl was kind of pointless...
the ladder up to the third floor was kind of wierd... the clip brush extended far out at the base so if you approach it from the side, you can't climb it which got me killed a few times. :P

didn't get bothered by the lift too much... i liked the fact that it closes at the top so you can't go back down.

the map itself is well built with nice lighting (although a bit dark at times) a just a cool look in general.

nice map, rpg! 
the elevator is broken, but only when RPG plays and camps on top of it. when normal people who play for real play, the elevator is just fine. 
Class map. Very distinctive - I learnt the layout in approximately 15 seconds which is a novelty for me. Hope you guys have fun playing it, it deserves it. 
The Gl Is Never Useless! 
no clowns :( 
i guess it could be because i am t3h s4wk at dm. i mean, the gl has its uses in SP and i can use that easily to dispatch monsters, but in mp, i can't seem to hit anybody with it. :P 
You just suck then, I got a few good ones with the GL shooting them down the stairs right next to it, hitting people getting the RL. Also useful for shooting into the grates... and generally for DM, it's a good weapon for drawing out people in odd places, like say RPG is camping on top of the elevator, I could come out by the LG and lob a few grenades and get him off his spot and quickly switch to a better weapon for general combat. 
Bleh. I Know I Suck. ;) 
i realised just how accustomed i was to the slower pace of cs when i played today. man, i love this game. ^_^ 
Good Stuff RPG 
I've really grown to like the map. Nice job on your first proper DM. 
1on1 Lunch Break Craziness 
frib and i played this map twice during our lunch break

it plays well.. good connectivity and placement, the only gripe was the teleporter... because you can get knocked with a rocket in the outdoor area, and then you can end up going past the teleporter, and as you are flying past you end up getting teleported to YA (which essentially saves your day). The teleporter would have been better off indented into some rock, or even just indented into a metal frame or something rather than being flush with it.

other than that we had fun on the level, visually it's nice also, no real gripes with that.

my server recorded the 2 matches we had (frib won the first (gg fribby!) and i won the second)

we'll pass them around in #terrafusion mebbe. 
quick, fun, nice looking map, what else we need :) 
great. almost
I will play it 
Yeah, Yeah. 
Turned out well! gg

RPG, learn to respect your testers, you gaybait. 
Good Work 
O love the map if anybody like this map as much as i do i will make some waypoints for fbcakt bots by parboil that works under fuhquake and zquake say something 
Good Work 
I love the map if anybody like this map as much as i do i will make some waypoints for fbcakt bots by parboil that works under fuhquake and zquake say something 
I've just took a look at the screenshots, and they are really good !!! I like lightning effects, and architecture as well... It remind me a sort of Maya temple... and I love temple architecure in general... I'll try the map tonight.. Congrats R.P.G !! 
Just A Idear! 
is it possible to add a Quad were i stand in this screenshot? 
quads are for losers 
Learn to respect the mapper. 
You seem to like big fight challenge, huh ?? 
Vondur ;) 
Vondur :p i kick everyone ass :) is to give chance to the other�s la la la 
looks great, dont play q1 dm anymore but shots look very cool. 
Thanks For The Comments Thus Far. :) 
Keep 'em coming! 
just let these others to learn the map, and you'll be equal. of course if these others are equal to you players... 
Vondur I Love Your Maps :p 
Vondur just keep doing great maps like lilith i love it is my next project to bots play it will be impossible to win :p 
Aghast = Greatest Vondur Map EVAR. 
And oh yeah -- RPG's map is nice, too ;D 
RPG Map Is Realy,realy,realy Great! 
know try to beat this guy...

vondur give it a shot! 
a really nice and fun map.
it plays fast - I like it =) 
Ok, I finally got around to playing this online, and by "playing" I mean flailing around like a 'tard whilst Speedy knocked seven shades of shinola out of me. Anyway, this rocks in every way: Architecture, texturing, lighting. I'm not exactly a DM connoisseur per se, so I'm probably not really qualified to comment on the gameplay, but it seemed pretty good even for a DM rookie such as myself; I had no trouble learning the layout/item placement in just a few minutes - plenty of time for me to get gibletised multiple times. 

Word of the year! :D 
i gibletised your mum last night daz, she liked it too 
This is a great little map, very easy to learn and fun to play. Well done RPG! 
As Electro mentioned, we have a couple of demos of our games on RPGDM1. I can easily email them to you, RPG, if you want them, as they're very small (in .mvd format), the email would be less than 1 meg in total.

As mentioned above the demos are in .mvd format, meaning you can watch the game from any player's perspective (and switch between them), but it does mean you'll need fuhquake or some other quakeworld client that supports that format. 
Sent Me :) 
nice demos Mr Fribbles :) i love you pkeg1 map
and this great map made bye RPG you are a great mapper to, i love this one! all in .mvd format recorded at work with Estike 
I played last night your map, using Reaper Bot, and it was really a big fun !!! I take a look to the map, and particularly to textures, which looks very very good... Just some questions: the first is, where do you find your set of textures ?? I found they are extremely cool, and I would like (with your agreement) to re-use it, so, where can I download/find the stuff ?? Can I extract them (as default) from your map ??
I have other questions, but I will post them to the mapping help thread because they are more "technical".
Anyway it's a really cool map, with lot of fun, great architecture and lightning effects... As Vondur said
what else we need :) .. Good work... 
Waypoints For Rpgdm1 
reaper bots suck a lot man...i�m making waypoints for frogbots version by Parboil they will play realy good... :) 
Try This One R.P.G! 
they give a lot of fight not like reaper bots
the qc file!
P.S--> getright dont work in this adress! 
Most of the textures are made by speedy afaik and can be found at 
Thank you very for this great information !!! 
I mean: Thank you very much for this great information !!!... I really have to take off my mittens... bye.. 
Firstly, thanks to all for your comments on the map. :)

Yes please! I would like to check out those demos you recorded. I sent you an e-mail about it, and you should be able to send the demos to that address.

As cyBeAr said, most of the textures are from Speedy's Cr8 texture set. Here is some info on the other textures:
plat1 -- I made this by combining some Cr8 textures.
rpgrocks1_rock8 -- This texture was originally made by Lunaran for Lun3DM4, and was then modified by Scampie, and finally modified by me.
slime1_jf -- Created by metlslime for his Rubicon texture set.
grass5g_g -- I'm uncertain, but I credited it as being created by Human Head.
sky_z1 -- Originally from Shrak, but I took it from Vondur's zed.bsp.

None of the textures are really mine, so I don't mind if you use them. Just be sure to credit the authors. :)

Thanks for the waypoint files! I'll have to check them out sometime. 
Finally found some time to play some games and I really do like it. Fast, open layout, good item placement... If I only had some DM skills :).

Oh yeah, another plus for making me have a look at my SP map, using the cr8 set, again. 
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