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IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Yes, this is the official word that DOOM 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing!
It won't be long now until the anticipation ends and the PH34R begins ;-) We literally just hung up with
Activision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finally
GOLD. Thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, Activision and our
numerous partners for helping us create what I believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made.

So, the next question is release dates. Retailers in the States will be allowed to pick up games starting
at 12:01 AM on August 3rd. The official street date is actually August 5th in the U.S.A., but some of
your favorite stores will probably have it early for those of you who have to have it first. Check with
your local retailer for that information.

Internationally, the game will take a few more days to make it to the store shelves. The UK will probably get it first, on or about August 6th. Everywhere else will probably be Friday, August 13th (que Twilight Zone Theme) or close to that date, with just a few exceptions (e.g. Russia and Poland). This isn't
because we don't have love for you folks outside the U.S., but the localization and manufacturing process
takes a bit longer outside the U.S. where we will have JVC run 24/7 to get the units built. I guess the
European manufacturers prefer to give their employees nights and weekends off. Go figure!

The champagne is flowing here at id and smiles abound!

I'll update again with some DOOM 3 preparation tips (not what hardware to buy - you'll have to wait for
a programmer for that sort of thing). In the meantime, I want to see those "DOOM 3 GOLD!!!" threads set
new records for swamping message board servers, destroying productivity, and post counts ;-)

Recapping today's headlines....DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

Can you believe it? No -- I can't either. Pinch me, somebody.
oh why did this need its own thread? 
That's Good News 
Perhaps a celebratory, themed speedmap could be in order, whilst we await the release date. 
Not That 
I'll be playing it any time soon; I need an entirely new computer before I can think about that :P 
oh why did this need its own thread?

It's IMPORTANT, EARTH-SHATTERING and SOMEWHAT ANTICIPATED! It should be discussed, dissected and diagrammed, analyzed, oralyzed and otherwised, and even typed about from here to the farthest reaches.

And besides, I'm just sitting here waiting for this map to compile, and thought I'd see who got pissed if I did this ;D 
Well, As A Mapper 
I, for one, can't wait to see what they did with the 'Hell' levels. Mmmmm...gothic aesthetic in the Doom 3 engine *drools* 
Oh , Yeah. 
I can't wait to map for it, period. It's such a beautiful engine -- and its DOOM, to boot. 
Yep Yep Yep! 
hell! yay! (hopefully :P) 
Looking Forward To It 
Remember When Unreal Came Out? 
...and how the game title made reference to the machine specs required to play it as it was intended? Perhaps DooM3, rather then selling explosively right after it's release will have more modest sales stretched out over the span of time taken for suitable hardware to become affordable.

I have great hopes for D3 as I was totally sucked into DooM and like many others, consider it to hold the title of greatest game ever in context of that time in gaming history. I hope to experience the levels of immersion and innovation that id created for DooM and Quake in D3.

Like many others, I won't be buying D3 anytime soon but I will buy it when I feel that it's time to upgrade my machine. That won't happen until HL2 is out and perhaps some other promising titles like Stalker or Call of Cthulhu. The Radeon X800 will have to come down.

D3 going gold is good news though. I am really interested in people's reaction to this game but I don't want to know so much that the surprises are spoiled. 
already posted in GA thread. metlslime, please close. 
Don't do it metl! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 
Doom3 Needs Proper... 

Hi-poly, pretty pretty barrels. With explosive oomph. 
Will replace both crates AND pipes in importance, I forsee. 
Time to upgrade, when I have no $, BLEH :_( 
In Case Anyone Cares 
PCGamer got an exclusive review (got my issue yesterday) and it got a healthy 94%. No real spoilers in the review, and it was very informative of the kind of system that could run it respectively. 
What kind of system does it take to run Doom3 then? I'm kinda curious how much they improved the performance over the early alpha :) 
I can't be bothered to track the news down to quote the man, but I do remeber that when the first screens were released he was saying that the Geforce 3 would be a good card to run it on - and gamers could typically expect a solid 20-30fps running at 640*480 (might have been 800*600.) I'm sure the processor he was thinking of was something like 1-1.5ghz for this performance.

Of course, everybody these days has a Radeon superbastard 3000gb turbo slut 2400000 card installed in there 40ghz pentium 8 with 4 terabytes of ram, so he probably pushed the specs up a bit more. However, I doubt the tech has changed so much it won't run adequately on something slightly more powerful than Carmack's original target system.

Here's a quote from that pc Gamer review "A P4 3GHzwith a Georce 5950- class card will see u through okay." OK!?... but then it says "One of our test systems had a geforce 6800 ultra and ran flawlessly at 1024x 768 with high detail. (A higher level of quality and resolution is available , but the PC to run it well isnt)nning with a geforce4 MX card and 512 Mb RAM, the texture detail was great, although the game was choppier in spots." It looks like I'll be playing it at 640*480 - but I'm sure it'll look great. 
unfortunately i sold my Radeon superbastard 3000gb turbo slut 2400000 card before the game went gold. So it looks like i might have to upgrade... i actually own the geforce4 MX and 512 MB ram that was mentioned :P 
6800 Gt 
I will be purchasing this card today or tomorrow and I'm sure if people run at 800X600 they will be able run the game on a range of systems. Quake III has always scaled well on hardware, I'm sure D3s engine will do the same. I think even on my super rig I'll run at 800X600 and have 2 or 4AA and AF turned up as well. I don't understand the current push for such high resolutions personally. 
PC Gamer 
Coolness. Any scans yet? 
kinn: yes there are scans. but please, nobody post them here. last time scans like this hit the internet, message boards were shut down/threaten legally for having them. just ask for them in private. everyone else can find them elsewhere too.

also, the pictures in it show the new mancubus... ooooh :D :D he looks half elephant/half man. 
i just can't wait to see hellish, gothic stuff. the tech stuff looks cool, but the hell stuff is what i'm looking forward too. :) 
the hell stuff is what i'm looking forward too

I second that. After playing through gods know how many levels of grayscale-shaders, I'm hoping for terrain maps made of rotting flesh, castles formed from gigantic piled skulls and lakes of lava wide enough to sink a football pitch. And blood. Lots of blood.
I'm also hoping to seriously upgrade to the pitifully bare minimum apparently required to play this game o_O 
oh why did this need its own thread? 
Seen Scans 
They're a bit blurry, but there's lots of unseen new monsterage in them. What struck me though was the Archvile - is it just me or has he been completely redesigned from when we last saw him in D3? He looks a lot closer to the original Doom II Archvile now.

Couldn't make out the Cacodemon or the Mancubus from the scans though. Any idea when this PCGamer hits UK stores? 
Yummmmm , Grayscale Shaders . . . . 
Oh, That's The Mancubus 
silly me. :P Hmmm...doesn't look as fat or bloated as I'd imagined. 
If you want a card that should be more than capable of running it, and are looking for one of the top of the line cards, go with the ATI x800 series. It'll run you up for 500 bucks, which I think is the price of the best NVidia card, but it's just incredibly much faster.

NVidia went the route of more features, by adding Shader 3.0 to the card. Unfortunately, it will probably be a while until anyone uses Shader Version 3.0, because most games don't even touch 2.0 yet. ATI, on the other hand, just about doubled the card speed of the 9800 XT, and only slightly improved the Shader 2.0 support they had. Which means you have a video card for the generation of games that are just coming out (HL, D3, Stalker), with insane speeds.

Your call. 
does this mean that the saturday after d3 is released we'll have Doom 3 speedmap sessions now? ;) wink wink 
I cringe at the thought of all the "disco" maps n00bs will make. flashing lights all over the place, doom3 will be the sole culprit of a worldwide epileptic fit =) 
doom3 speedmaps are a definate possibility, but it'll mean the end of speedq1. and in anycase, for the first few months, i'd rather learn the lay of the game and such before attempting speedmaps. 
Jesus Yes, 
trying to make a map in 100 minutes while simultaneously learning the editor? O_o 
although those who use radiant already will be at a distinct advantage (i.e. not me :P) 
Those who know true cgi apps like 3DStudio, Lightwave, Maya or Blender (used in SpiderMan 2, my friends!) will be at a distinct advantage. Doom3(so I'm told by those who have the Alpha) is as well integrated with natively solid model rendering as UT2003. 
High Resolutions 
prod: I totally agree with you. Although it's nice when things look pin sharp, I don't feel there is enough detail in most games to warrant going over 1024*768. The only advantage is that smaller things become easier to see, so that little charlie bastard hiding in the bushes 400 yards away in Vietcong suddenly becomes a bit easier to target.
1600*1200 seems entirely pointless for games of today, and is just for people who want to say they run in 1600*1200 to make other people envious :)

As for Doom 3 editing... does anyone know how much of a typical level is made in radiant versus maya/max/whatever? I don't particularly want to have to detail anything in radiant after having used max for over a year and a half.... then again, max texturing sucks cock, and I don't want to have to unwrap everything I make and texture in max. 

takes you to their level editing forum. These guys already know the editor inside and out and they are very careful to keep things on the up and up (i.e. not pissing Id off). 
But I Imagine PJW 
is the guy we should be asking. nudge, nudge, wink, wink, eh? 
I've done plenty of research on the topic. Trust me, just about every article on the R420s and NV40 series I've already read. The X800 Pro pretty much gets beat in nearly every bench besides FarCry by the 6800GT. The Ultra vs XT Platium is a very close race. OpenGL performance is dominated by 6800 series cards, but in DirectX and Shader heavy programs the X800XT takes the lead. The X800XT does not have a massive performance lead. Also, Nvidia has also doubled it's performance between it's previous high end card and this one.

Also Shader Model 3.0 has proven to improve performance in one already shipping title, that being FarCry 1.2.

I am not saying that the X800XT isn't a great card, however I am happy with the Nvidia products I've used in the past and this round is just too close. The Nvidia boards will most certainly be ones with the best performance for Doom3, and frankly that's all I care about it. Half-Life 2 isn't that exciting for me, and the FarCry demo never really got my attention.

To get some more information on the pros and cons of each card I suggest you read the articles located on the following sites for indepth analysis.

The particular model I am looking at purchasing overclocks itself automatically passed the refrence Ultra speeds, so paying an extra $100 dollars for an Ultra is pointless. Google the BFG Tech 6800 GT OC for more information. The benches are all very impressive. Regardless, the X800 cards are great but just not my particular choice. 
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink 
Sorry guys--I made a decision a while back to not discuss D3/Q4 at all on any forums or messageboards. It's just way too difficult to be constantly wondering what I should and shouldn't say, and it makes my ass hurt.

Looks like everyone will find out soon enough. :) 
quite alright. I have been pouring through what they have over on doom3world on scripting matters. Makes my head hurt but also my ass gets tingly with anticipation. 
bastard! i'll pay you 50 bucks to breach your NDA and spill the beans! 
PJW do that disallows him to speak :O 
On Doom3 Editing 
I feel the same way as than; I'm learning Maya 6 at the moment, and it would be great if I could do most of my work in that. (That's if I decide to map for Doom3 of course). 
I'd Be.. 
overwhelmed mapping for something like D3 or beyond. Hell Q1 is enough :| 
I'd probably feel the same. From what I gather, full Doom3 levels are the product of multiple mappers. I'd probably just be happy to learn the editing techniques and make small "portfolio" type stuff. It's all pie-in-the-sky though until I get a big bastard computer. 
Oh, Posh. 
Amd I don't mean that snooty Spice Girl. If d3 editing intimidates you, try a testmap, then a small dm map, and mebbe a medium dm map. Wouldn't go much farther than that, since it'd prolly not get played ;D From what I can tell overall doomedit will be not unlike mapping for q3 with Radiant -- with the addition of a LOT of nifty models to throw in. Due to normalmaps and such, everything will look modeled, even if it's spectacularly simple brushwork. Add to that an uber-high brush count and NO COMPILING, and I'm just tickled to death, over here... 
No Compiling? 
Sign me up. Although I'm sure there will be compiling to a certain extent; collision maps, aas files - are just two that spring to mind. 
Yes Kinn 
but it takes about 30 seconds - to a minite - to complile a full map, basicly all that is done is the bsp stage, and its Uber quick. Lighting and vis are done on the fly inside the game. (YAY!) 
vis is done on the fly? SIGN ME UP x 10 
Wow that might mean that people who speedmap for it can actually put something decent out... maybe. 
mapping for d3 is sounding more and more appealing.

too bad hordes are out of the question... ;) 
Will It Have... 

Will It Have... 

What? Doom 3 is already out? I just got started on doom 2 ... hmm 
Dooom3 Request, 
When people start playing this game, can you please set up a seperate thread to discuss it in depth.

This is because I, amongst many other people, probably won't be playing it for a while, and we don't really want to see loads of opinions, information, spoilers, etc etc before we get a chance to play it. I'd prefer it if the GA thread was kept clear of D3 discussion, thanks. 
The Doom & Doom 2 Scenes are still huge with well done custom maps coming out on a regular basis. 
I Agree With Shambler 
(*shock*), since D3 will probably be the biggest subject for at least the next few months (and of course the mapping and such for much longer). And has anyone seen the G4 clip yet? It gets a lot more up close and personal with the arch-vile and some of the other baddies -- and the co-host at the end of the clip cracks me up. 
Head over to the site and head to the Media section, if you wanna hear a *very* shory clip of the Doom III theme. 
Which Is 
done by Tool BTW 
G4 Vid 
'done by Tool BTW'

That is one HUGE BTW 
Tool Song 
rocks...this intro is gonna be as famous as the first one :) 
Certainly, just go here to sign up:


Oh come on, even I have a better PC than that (bar the gfx card).

And quite frankly, I fail to see what the big deal is... (OK, I'm lying, I've been working on my D3 episode ever since the leak came out) 
Oh, That Definitely IS Tool? 
It did sound like them, but I didn't know if they got Tool to do it or not. Awestome =D 
Doom3 music should be dark and evil, not some stupid guitar riff crap.. (imo)

Totally does not fit the mood of the game... :( 
Exactly Daz 
that's exactly the point I was trying to get across in GA.

Way to kill the atmosphere, guys! 
But Wasn't The Original Theme 
some 'stupid guitar riff crap'?

The rest of the music was themed though. 
er... that song is the intro music, which is well and good to be hard rocking. And from all I've read, Tool was only doing one track for doom3. I'd assume the rest is moody stuff.

and really, it fits with how all of id's previous 'real' games were in regards to soundtrack. Quake had 1 hard rock track, and the rest were atmosphere. Listening to original Doom music, most sounds like midi guitar riffs, but most are very atmospheric none the less. Take a listen: 
The sample thats on the site you'll probably only hear when you first launch the game or are in the menu or something.

(I like it.) 
I Just Got An Idea.. 
Load some DooM MIDI's into my keyboard.. might turn out awesomer. 
Someone at a NIN message board says:

"That Doom3 Theme is actually by Chris and Clint from Tweaker. Interesting..."

Now I'm confused.. because I heard reports of Vrenna doing something, but I heard Tool at one point doing something... fuck the internet. 
The Id staff is basically contrived of MetalHeads with a nod to Industrial (Helmet!), hence the themes associated with Id games. So it is not even possible for it to be 'out of theme' with the game. 
So It WASN'T Tool? 
Bah. Well, it does sound cool -- but I agree with DaZ on the point that the actual game soundtrack should be a bit less in-your-face as a guitar theme would be -- which I'm sure it won't be. What'd really be cool is some Jerry Goldsmith or Ennio Morricone-esque synth-tinged stuff, but that'd be hoping for too much. Still, you never know...; 
Nobody knows who did the theme bit there. Nothing's been officially said yet. Most people say Tool becuase of how much it sounds like them from their last album. 
full doom3 title track hits the net. and it seems that it's by Tweaker. 
Hay Guys 
i heard doom3 has gone gold? 
Tool or Tweaker...sounds like it's either one, god bless the internet.

+1 vote for please. Maybe the sooner they win, the sooner they can go to hell and we can smuggle our copies of Doom in :) 
Important Doom3 Info. 
Dear Penthouse Forum, 
In normal times, I am just your ordinary marine out to blow some of the devil's minions away with a double barrel, but as I entered the bowels of hell, and I noticed all the walls formed of flesh and blood and ripped muscular tendons, I suddenly became arroused. I noticed how one shy Mancubis was looking at me . . . 
Making Of Doom Book.. 
I have a full chapter interview with John Carmack followed up by a 7-page dictionary of the terms he used.

Shut up, John, and go play with some rockets :P 
Are proper barrels confirmed yet??? 
whaddya mean 'proper'?! They're round and they explode when you shoot them. What more do you want? Volumetric rust flaking? 
Volumetric Rust Flaking Yummmmm 
The Far Cry team may have already perfected it with shader3 sexiness. Perhaps friction is talking physics. Can you roll'em, bounce'em, puncture holes in their sides and fuck'em? 
What's "barrels", Precious? 
What's "barrels", eh? 
I Was Impresssed... 
With the Allied Assault barrel code. The non-explosive ones actually leak oil out of each bullethole, and the code keeps track of the oil level, so that once it drops below a bullethole, that hole stops leaking. 
Cool Metlslime 
Does the oil exit velocity also vary with depth, to reflect the pressure at the level of the bullethole? 
I Can't Remember 
I actually noticed that effect while playing MoH, was impressed. 
I'm sure some of you will have seen this already, but;

DooM 3 benchmarks for the lastest NVidia/ATI cards. The NVidia card seems to destroy the ATI, but bare in mind that;

1) It's just 1 article

2) The tests were run by id. Who have been given a lot of money by NVidia recently. (And even if that didn't make id 'tweak' the results, NVidia had more access to the engine and effectively built the 6800 around D3) 
Oh, and the official min specs;

1.5 Ghz Pentium or AMD 1500
384Mb RAM
GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500
2Gb free HDD space 
You Forgot 
3) there is a large majority of people that do not have, and either cannot afford to or refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a video card despite how well it runs doom3.

sigh, i was hoping for a wider range of test hardware. something from their recommended specs to the complete high end with everything in between hopefully will be done by someone shortly after release. thats when i'll decide if/when i upgrade. 
Id Endorsed Benchmarks 
35+ fps on a gf4MX aint bad :) 
That Oil In A Barrel Thing... 
...time splitters 2 had that... 
The Age Of The Barrel Draweth Near! 
Verily I say unto thee, so that ye may upgrade and hie thee hence to yon Electronics Supershoppe: THE BARREL PWNS! 
I quote from an interview posted on with Tim Willts...

TW: There are a lot of things you do in Doom 3's multiplayer that are pretty cool. We have dynamic lights, we have physics objects. You can push barrels around and blow them up.

Barrels are go. 
I think I messed myself. 
I Watched The TechTV Video On Doom 
very exciting stuff.... makes you want to play the game NOW. The cacodemons are awesome, scariest tomatoes i've seen all week. Quotes from the IGN interview:

IGNPC: What kind of mod support are we going to see? There will be a map editor and SDK, yes?

Tim: Well the great thing about DOOM 3 is that all the tools that we used to develop the game like the map editor, the map compiler and thing that makes all the monsters smart ships with the title. Then we even went one step further. We're actually shipping all of the source maps for the game. No game has done this and no game is going to do this. If you're making a mod and you want to see how we did something, load up our source material. That's a major advantage to modmakers that we have in DOOM 3 and it's very exciting because it really gives everybody the same tools we used. It makes me really excited to see the great mods that will be available soon.

Todd: To answer your question about the SDK, Robert and Timothy will be pulling that together but we don't have a time estimate. Probably there are a couple of things that are source related when it comes to that like the dedicated server and getting the demo out and those sorts of things. It'll come out as soon as we can pull it together. We're usually pretty good about that.

GNPC: We've heard that John Carmack is either working on a new engine or improving the DOOM 3 engine, is that going to be used for the new game?

Todd: He's not really working on a new engine, he's just updating the DOOM 3 technology. I think his comments about that were just mis-conveyed or misunderstood.

IGNPC: I assume it's an update for this next game or in general?

Todd: Exactly, the DOOM 3 technology is brand spanking new. It hasn't even been seen yet. John will probably be work on a whole new rendering engine the game after this one that we'll be working on next.

so in conclusion, editing tools for maps, models etc immediately availible! Map sources included! And the next id game will be a new franchise based on an updated Doom 3 engine with a relatively short Dev cycle. 
so i guess rubicon2 won't come out before doom3. But i still have a chance to beat coriolis force! 
id is my hero 
"Then we even went one step further. We're actually shipping all of the source maps for the game. No game has done this and no game is going to do this."


Have they not played Unreal, Unreal 2, UT, UT2003 and UT2004? 
*AHEM* X2 
Or Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, or any other Build game?

Granted, those games didn't exactly distinguish between "compiled" and "uncompiled" like the Quake-based engines do. So I can definitely see his point that Doom 3 might be the first game where the developers made the conscious decision to release the source maps, instead of being forced to release them as a byproduct of how the game engine works. 
That would seem to lend weight to the heretical idea that Doom3 is an engine with a game attached :-)

(not that I'll be able to play it any time soon) 
*AHEM* Troi 
Or, er... Doom? Unless I dreamt opening all those .wad's in DoomEd. 
Doom 3 Review 
Maj You Slag 
I don't remember doom coming with editing tools. Not a single one of those four floppy disks had the tools I so desperately wanted. I drew maps on graph paper for ages and never ever got a Doom editor...

Then I got a new pc and Duke 3d, which DID come with tools and source :)

Sorry for calling you a slag by the way, just felt it was neccessary since I've not abused or been abused by you in irc for so long. 
That's Alright, Than 
Your clumsy and inarticulate insults make me feel strangely aroused.

Also, you're probably right, cos I was only referring to the "We're actually shipping all of the source maps for the game" bit and missed the whole "editor in box" thing. I am a poo. 
Another Review Link 


They are quite illegal and I will not have that shit on this board. If you find them, anyone else can find them. I've already stated this in this thread before. 
gg ubb tags 
And That's Why I 
I never use them

Sorry for stepping on your humongous cock. I didn't see your statement. 
Phait: I am a moderator here, and I am saying not to post shit that will get our board in trouble. Scans from a commerical magazine are no more legal than rips from a music CD, or warez games, or whatever stolen intellectual property. I'd kinda expect things like that wouldn't be posted here, and would yell just as harshly at the people who posted them even if it wasn't stated specifically before hand not to do so.

If you can't understand why I'm not being very friendly about this issue, I suggest you stay at your fucking 3drealms shithole forum. 
No I understand why you didn't want them posted, I just wasn't aware, and also didn't think anything of it because I've seen some links to scans posted here and no one cared, and no 3DR mods jumped on the scans either. 
So...source maps... 
You Know 
after seeing all these new monsters in the scans, I'm beginning to wonder if there are any monsters we haven't seen yet. (Apart from bosses). 
Also Box Art 
I See They Went With The Crap Version Of The Logo Then 
Doom cubed? 
They Are Doing It On Purpose 
Just to fuck with us. 
it worked for Alien3, right? Right...? 
Now, Isn't It Safe To Assume 
The image Starbuck posted is a copyright infringement as well? ;) 
people will no longer buy Doom3 because they were only getting it to see the box art anyway 
type in google "i want to see pictures of my neighbours naked" 
Not If You Have Seen My Neighbors 
New Shots 
On low graphics settings, but still tasty. 
XBox version (actually :) 
Win2000/XP Required For Doom 3. 
And I say it�s about goddamn time to force 95/98/ME users to upgrade:

"Well there have been rumours flying around lately that DOOM 3 would not be able to run on computers that have Windows 98 or Windows 98SE as their operating systems. Since we here at planetDOOM dislike rumours in all shapes and sizes, we went straight to the horses mouth so to speak and asked Activision themselves. The reply we got was that it is confirmed and indeed true that DOOM 3 will only run on Windows machines that have windows 2000 or XP and not lower. So there you have it, looks like some peoples upgrading woes just aren't quite over yet." 
bill Gates is gonna love ID now.

this seems unfair to me, also i wonder why it wouldnt work on win98 etc, all other recent games have. 
RE: Well 
AFAIK, there have been some games that require win2k/winxp, but I can�t come up with any names right now. Besides, if you have a machine that is the minimum spec for Doom 3, there is absolutely no reason to stick to Win95/98 or the abomination that is WinME. 
this seems unfair to me, also i wonder why it wouldnt work on win98 etc, all other recent games have.

My first guess would be that it is easier to implement an effective copy protection scheme with the XP/2000 root command structure. 
My first guess would be that it is easier to implement an effective copy protection scheme with the XP/2000 root command structure.

Ha ha!

That's not funny. �_� 
Ah, Now I Remember 
Thief: Deadly Shadows requires Win2000 or WinXP to run. 
When I built this PC, I'd installed 98, and some of the motherboard drivers wouldn't install - the setup program required Win2k or XP. So we upgraded to XP, and they installed. I wonder how many others have come across this. 
SB Live! Value... 
Hasn't updated their Win9x drivers since 1999 or something. Consequently I've been unable to play NOLF2 because of sound issues. :( 
Adobe CS Products Including Photoshop 
won't install on win98 either and I think it's just the start of developers not supportin win9x anymore 
oh shit guys! a game designed for post-2004 technology won't run on 1997's operating system! 
i have winXP so i dont really care, i was just interested in why. 
Operating systems are a technological dead end, or pretty much near it. Connectivity, file management and sorting, media compatabilaty all of these things are not new. What can change are matters of stabilaty (for the good) and whatever copy protection schemes they can incorporate to avoid lawsuits from the likes of the recording industry, intellectual property fascist and Hollywood.

The future is looking to be one of less flexibilaty and freedom to use the medium for your own purposes. Even the open source nature of Linux is threatened as well as the validity of the Gnu license agreement.

That is why I am weary of whatever changes are in store. I have a good idea of what is driving that change. 
What scampie said.

Also, copy protection is a joke, it takes about 30 seconds longer to copy a game that has CD protection (SafeDisk et al) than it does to copy one without it.

(This is of course after some other poor bugger has done the 'real' cracking, but that happens within about 2 days of a new system and after that it's just outdated tech) 
also, btw. id wouldn't be the one adding copy protection to their game, further than cd keys. that would all lie on activision's hand. the 2k/xp thing is most likely a code desision made by id and irrelevant to copy protection. 
Well, XP and 2000 are at least 10% faster than 98/95, same base speed as ME.

There's a CPU bit they can un-set in these OS-es that has something to do with memory paging, nets a smooth 10% increase in speed.

But aside from that, I don't know why it requires XP/2k. A more unified OS base perhaps, since XP is just 2000 with attachments. 
Official Doom3 Hardware Guide. 
Read it -- it's not as bad as you think. No, really. 
Note To Self: Don't Post While Medicated. 
Is there any word out on DooM3 multiplayer yet? 
RE: Multiplayer 
The only multiplayer that�s supported out of the box is DeathMatch with up to 4 people. The network model has (thank god) been changed from peer2peer to client/server. MOD authors should have no problems bumping up the maximum ammount of allowed players. One of the included DM maps is a remake of Q2DM1. 
Also, it's pretty much 'broadband' only, since the clients will need to know not only the position/movement of other players but of all the physics objects too.

(And it's by Splash Damage) 
Or Lan =] 
so I'm assuming you'll have a good opportunity to frag happily in a lag free environment at uni eh?

I'm thinking the same will be happening here at work, although it looks like I'll be playing the singleplayer here after hours, as my pc isn't up to running it (256mb ram, gf2mx) :( 
It Will Also Feature 
TeamDM, as well as a mode called Last Man Standing. Pretty self explanitory (sp). I think it was shipping with 5-7 dm maps if I remember correctly. 
Uni? Nah, I dropped out, however, I'm pretty sure my home connection can handle it (4Mib is good enough right? :) 
actually read someone recently.. MP supports 16 players out of the box. But most of the included maps where designed around 4-6 players and would be crowded with a large player load. 
i read an interview with some id guy (maybe duffy?) and he said it would only support 4 players, but he thought one of the first mods that would come out would be 8-player Doom deathmatch.

also, nice connection Nonentity! 
Every single interview with the id guys since the gold announcement has said it will be limited to 4 players out of the box.

However, that'll be changed in a mod about 3 seconds after the SDK is released. 
who needs any more players eh?

2on2 is great since it's not quite as intensely stressful as 1on1 and has teamplay thrown in for more fun. I like it anyway.

Petty only the xbox version supports coop. Does anyone know if the xbox coop is separate coop only maps, or if the regular singple player game is coopable? 
Start Looking In The Stores 
Now, you lucky overseas like American type people,

You just never know ........................ 
However, that'll be changed in a mod about 3 seconds after the SDK is released.

maybe 5 seconds as its a more complex game. 
You won't be able to play more than 4 players over the net most likely, since doom3 requires a lot of data to be transfered to each client (because of the physics). So that 8 player mod will probley only be useful for lan games. 
Did You Hear The News? 
The Question Is... 
what sort of turkey punching game requires 8 buttons? 
The Best One 
And Also 
a sprite-based arcade game in 2145 would be a bit like walking into a modern arcade and dropping �1 to play with a wooden ball and a stick. 
You mean Ultra Croquet Challenge 4000? Honestly, I think I might enjoy it. 
It�s Out There 
"[19:55:07] <+slidez> this game is scary
[19:55:08] <+slidez> :(
[19:55:16] <+ziper> not at 4fps :P
Well it's certainly the first game that has convinced me I'm going insane.

Not that I'd d/l it anyway, I pre-ordered it afterall 
A Little Over 15 Hours 
And I will have it in my greedy little hands :) 
Doom3 Is Out Tomorrow Here 
I'm going to demonstrate my indifference to it by not buying it for a week or two...

...either that or I can't afford it this week. 
Conclusion; HL as written by lovecraft 
MR Fribbles 
I salute you, sir! For your indomitable fortitude under the most grevious of pressures. 
DooM 3 In 3.5 Hours 
And I'm going to show my lack of restraint and indifference by driving the 200KM round trip to get a copy, even though I have 2 coppies on pre-order locally, which unfortunately wont show up until tommorrow. It is August the 3rd, nay, It is DooM the 3rd !! 
Call Ahead!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I Know A Thing Or Two About Impulsive Road Trips 
call ahead!! 
I have called ahead, and been called a Head, they assure me if I am on there doorstep at 8am, I'll get what I desire 
This Sounds Nice 
I'd like to point out that this game contains some genuinely disturbing visuals. The gore is excessive and realistic, without resorting to camp, and the descent into Hell itself is not without its own myriad of devilish imagery. If I can get one thing across in this review, it's that this is one of the most evil games I can think of - and that's fine by me.

I haven't read the review, I have gone back into DooM3 info Shutdown , but that little snippet on the front page of PlanetDooM just sounded nice, warm and comforting. 
I Imagine That 
Tommorow will be one of the biggest call in sick days in human history. 
My local EB, who I just preordered it from becuase they guaranteed me a copy tomorrow, won't have it until 3pm anyway, I get out of work at 5.

But I've already taken the week after next off for vacation to start mapping :D 
Touch Down !! 
Be back after I have cleaned out the minions of Hell !! 
Can't imagine a better vacation. My brother called ten minutes ago to brag that he already has a copy. Damn, he beat me this time.

I have some Quake maps I need to polish up before I really get into Doom mapping or else I'll never finish them. 
Like, ......... WOW!! 

Pack plenty of clean underwear for Mars

Press Ctrl+Alt+~(Tilde) to bring up the command console in a single player game:
give doom95 - Load the '95 version of Doom 
give doom95 doesn't work from what I've been told.

ctrl-alt-tilde is console, but then if you set com_allowconsole 1 you can use just tilde to bring down the console like in Quake. 
Give Me Doom3 Or Give Me Death 
I really want to map for Doom3.

Soon...once I finally have the new computer. I think it will be a bit of a jump for me going from software based Quake/Quake2 mapping into Doom3! 
No, give doom95 doesn't work.

And you mean you guys haven't completed it yet :p 
runs like a dog on my pc at work but the game is till scaring the crap out of me. I had to go take a dump twice earlier. Not sure if it was the high fibre cereal, or doom 3 that was doing it.

Still, it's wicked. Don't think I'm very far into the game yet. I've got the chaingun, but I've had it a while. Read a PDA message saying something about the BFG though =] 
/me Makes Out A Shopping List 
CD burner
second hard disk drive (80GB or more)
WinXP Pro (before course runs out)
3D card
Myst III
Morrowwind GOTY (both expansions y'know)
Uru (that edition with the expansions)
Doom3? (this last in pencil)

Priorities, y'know. 
Uru Rawks 

At work yesterday we were deploying some computers in a flight-control room on base here. Lots of dimly lit rooms with bright monitors, in addition to steel panelling and little tech whatsits all over the place. If nothing else wanted to make me want to play doom3, that sure did :) 
What an awesome fucking game so far :D only an hour and some into it, but :D :D :D

Running great on my system, medium quality 800x600. Think I could handle a bit more, but I'll chill at these settings for now as the game looks fucking excellant as is. 
Yes it is AWESOME alright, I've haven't experienced anything quite like it. As some one said in a review/article about some of the things you see/experience in the game "It's just wrong lol, deliciously wrong :) 
But I've already taken the week after next off for vacation to start mapping :D

So I guess we can kiss RubicoSM goodbye, no? 
What are your specs? I'm thinking of picking it up, should fare well on 2ghz, 512MB RAM, 256MB GeForce 5600XT - but I'm not certain my card has some of the latest features D3 probably takes advantage of. 
GF FX 5600 256mb ?

You should be right, that card is DX9, there are people playing on lower specs than that. You will hafe to probably run at 800x600, or 640x 480 or what ever it is, medium to high. The game looks good even at lower res/detail levels, and apart from that, it really is the atmosphere that will kick you in the pants, simple amazing. Go for it, you won't regret it. 
You need Windows XP or 2000 I beleive, plus medium to high might be a little over, maybe low to medium, but it depends really on what your willing to accept in the trade off, some will accept more stuttering etc, for better image quality, others would rather smoothness over image quality. Have a read around the forums, see what others are running on. But if I was you, I would definitely go for it. Got to go get back to the action 
My Specs: 
Athlon A64 3400+ CPU, 1 GB RAM, Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb. 
Opinion So Far 
Down right fantastic. The level of world detail is unparalleled at this time. The gameplay is standard id fare, but the atmosphere ups the ante, and the claustrophobic spaces put the monsters in your face making ranged attacks limited. The shadows are not your friend.

Totally impressed, finally no more Quake II bathed in light style maps.

The creatures are especially well modeled and animated, and the sound design is well above all other games at this point.

So finally, a worthwhile id release, first time since 95....

I can honestly say, these cd's won't double as coasters. 
It's Pretty Nice... 
...even at 3fps in low quality! The fps does get higher though when things aren't too hot but you can't expect much when playing with a p3 550. 
It's not an FX - at least, on the box and everywhere else it said 5600 XT. Other's I've told here were like "XT? Never heard of it". It's made by eVGA. 
Valiant Effort CyBear! 
Positively Intense 
Gripping. From the beginning I have been glued to my screen. Id created a stunning world to emmerse yourself in. If you take the time that I have, there are all kinds of goodies stashed about levels. The PDA is full of useful/less information that just adds so much depeth. It's surprising how much character can be gleaned from the environment through a simple e-mail. I haven't really gotten all that far but from what I've seen it's shaping up to be one of my tops of all time. I know I say that now so I'll hold final judgement till later. For the rest of you, chances are you will have a system that will run it in some fashion. Check out the article at if you don't believe me. They ran a pretty complete set of benches over a wide range of systems to give you a general idea of what to expect from your rig. Anyways good fun so far. Multiplayer wise it's pretty rough if you ask me, everyone is just hosting their own games and the resulting lag for everyone else is pretty bad. I'm guessing they will do something about that in a patch later on. For now tho, this single player game has me by the balls. 
I searched "5600xt 256" in Google, and it seems that it is a 256mb GF FX5600, I wouldn't think twice if I were you, like I said you may have to turn things down, res/details, but it will still look sweet, and the sound /atmosphere, it's truely freaky. But I'm sure you will have MUCH fun.

I got to eat (if you call potato chips and softdrink eating, no time to cook etc) then back to the carnage.

mmmmmm the night is approaching, even gets better in the dark :) 
Doom 3 Performance Boost 
Detailed here:

"I dunno if it's just me, but I noticed this trick beefed up my DOOM3 performance by a lot.


In your DOOM 3 directory, find "DoomConfig.cfg" (x:\Program Files\Doom 3\base). Open DoomConfig.cfg in Notepad.

Find the line:

seta image_cacheMegs "32"

I changed 32 to 96.

I got a nice boost in performance. I dunno if the tweak worked or not (maybe my machine did something wierd, have no clue), so I'm just seeing if this works for others as well, or if a different setting works better than others."

Others report similiar results. 
New ATI Catalyst Beta Driver Labeled Doom Hotfix
"These are 4.9 betas, btw. To avoid installing the whole package and just getting the OpenGL driver, open the downloaded .exe file in a program like WinRAR or Winzip, extract atioglxx.dl_ to a temporary folder, expand the file using the command line utility expand.exe like this:

expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll

Make a backup of the atioglxx.dll file in %systemroot%\system32\ and copy the new atioglxx.dll to that folder. That's it."

^ From 3DR forum 
Hardware Reviews 
I'm just waiting for hardware reviewers to start using Doom 3 in benchmarks so I can figure out what card to buy.

And yes, I realize there have been some Doom 3 benchmarks, but I haven't really seen any comparisons between the 128MB and 256MB versions of the same card. And yes, I know the extra 128MBs will be useful, but I don't know if it's worth the extra wad of money. 
How I Got My Copy Of Doom 3... 
I took the day off yesterday with the sole purpose I purchasing Doom3 and playing it all day on my new rig. My boss new I had the day off for that reason and she just laughed it off and let me go ahead. I wake up at 9:00Am and get around.

Now the day before, Monday I had already called around to all the nearest places that might have a copy and not a single one was carrying it with in a 50 mile radius (no joke) on August 3rd. Bestbuy however was going to carry it on the 3rd, it just was in Lansing over an hour away.

At 10:00 I call them as they open to make sure they have copies out and they do. I grab my shit and rush out the door and start my drive down. Problem was, I wasn't that fimilar with Lansing. I've driven through it tons of times, just on the east side. I figure though I'll make my way there, I always get to my destination.

Well after taking the directions given to me online, I am pretty much lost. I thankfully find a major road in Lansing and eventually come across CompUSA. I figured why not try since I'm already lost. Once inside I find the shelf space empty for DoomIII. It's only 11:30 at this point, did they sell out that fast? Well no, they wouldn't sell it until the 4th either.

Back in the car I head back the way I came and stop at a gas station for directions. "What's the best way to Bestbuy from here?" I ask. The lady at the desk then proceeds to tell me to directions I knew were wrong. Thankfuly the other person working politely told her she was wrong, and that I was already on the right road just keep driving just another 4 miles.

So I get to Bestbuy, run in a circle once, then find the game. I quickly dash off and figure the best way back home to Mount Pleasant. While on my celphone however, I forgot to take an excit on 96/69 and promptly drove to Portland, 10 minutes west of Lansing. I stop for gas and buy a map, at this point I'm fed up with being lost.

An hour and half later I'm back Mt. Pleasant. But first I had to stop by work, wish my co-worker happy birthday and grab some free pizza. So while I left at 10:00 in the morning, I only arrived at my house a 2:00.

Now it gets worse.

I place the first disk in the drive and begin the installation. Ding, "Cannot read file pak002.pk4, are you sure it's there?" asks the install disk. So I click yes and try again. And again. And again and again and again.

I can copy the other 2 disks manually fine, so I download a CRC checker, try moving it that way. Nope. I try opening the pk4 file with Winzip, it works, try to extract to c:\, of course that doesn't. I call Activision, sit on hold for 30 more minutes, and find that yes I do have a bad disk.

I want to murder, maim, kill, slash, destroy and just cause general pain to everyone around me. I've waited years for this game, and this is what happens? On my day off?

Since I had the time tho, and it wasn't like I was going to do anything else I decide that the only rational thing to do would make another 3 hour trip to Lansing and back. Thankfully a friend of mine accompinied me this time and I was able to at least stay rather positive.

Finally at 7:30 I arrive home, place the disk in the drive, copy the pk4 manually and walla. After nearly 7 hours of driving I am able to play the game, I just happen to be so damn tired form all the driving I can't stay up that late. I'm in bed by 2:30 wishing that today would be a better day. 
Such A Trooper 
Sob sob 
I just made it into hell. Wow. Overall, the first section (mars base) was really long, and a bit too many corridors (open but dark warehouses would have been nice, like doom's e2m2), but ridiculously impressive technology, awesome combat/weapons, and obviously a lot of effort put into making a better single player experience. Some of the new monsters I didn't like, the new imp however is the most common enemy and is very well designed. So far, so good. 
A Question Re: D3 Tech 
This is a shot of D3 at it's highest settings - everything at it's highest:

You can see blurred pixelation on the walls and some other things (character/player/weapon models).... you'd think that with the highest settings, these textures would be decently sharp. I'm wondering if, when 512MB cards debut, would these textures look loads better? Are these compressed even at their highest setting due to hardware limitations? I know that id had to make compromises in a few areas to get it all working... 
Could he have picked a more boring and less representative place to take a screenshot? 
Current texture compression does not lower the resolution, it just messes with the colours slightly (similarly to jpg block artifacts). 
2 > 3 
The Eyes Of Anna Navarro 
Textures on models, materials that is,
get a much greater deal of stretching than they do on brushes. The game that comes to mind where this easily seen is Dues Ex where a lot of static map models were used. The brushes were sharply detailed whereas almost all of the models were stretched and blurred.

The simplest solution is to devide a model into several parts and UV them seperately; however, because of the normal and glow maps and the extra passes they require this isnt as effective a solution with the Doom3 tech because it results in a performance hit. Texture processing being one of the weaker aspects of the standard GPU pipeline it is the most evident compromise in Doom3's design.

Okay, I need to add a joke here or no one is going to believe this post came from me. 
um, if that's everything at max, then why does my medium settings at 800x600 look better? someone, somewhere, is lying. 
I Play On Ultra Mode... 
I have been playing the game in ultra mode just fine. Mind you my system is rather kick ass, but it runs rather sexy all the time. You need to see it in action to understand the difference between high and ultra. The specular maps are much shaper. This is the effect of light hitting a edge of a texture.

My 6800GT runs along fine even at this level, but I think it helps I have 2 gigs of ram. That screenshot really doesn't show the detail that Ultra mode has. Goto and heck out the in depth benchmark guide the posted a bit ago. It has a image quality comparison between the different modes. That will help you notice the little details like that. In motion tho, you can diffenently see the difference. 
1 + 1 = 1 
That is if we are talking about clouds.

Could be that the anti-aliasing is off in that pic. 
"Goto and heck out the in depth benchmark guide the posted a bit ago. It has a image quality comparison between the different modes."

I did, alot of those shots were sized down or the JPG compression ruined 'em. 
stop whining!

start winning 
I Want... play Doom3, but my ordered Athlon64 PC doesn't arrive until late August :(

I'll be making a Doom3 SP map-pack or two for this game, that's about 100% certain.

Much of it reminds me of an upgraded version of Quake 1, and can't wait to get my teeth sunk into it. 
Upgraded Is Right 
The game is still pop around a corner, put a load of ammo into the nearest baddie, duck into cover, and repeat. But it's still fun after all this time, and the graphics are gorgeous. The story is VERY driving, I played a 5 hour stretch last night, causing me to sleep through my first class of the day today, just to get to the ending.

The DM is standard ID fare though, which may or may not be good, depends on your opinion. 
DM standard!?

Respawning explosive barrels, traps, beserk pack (!), weapons are well balenced, run speed is great, switchable lights... Doom3 Deathmatch is awesome... all it needs is better maps as the id ones are pretty much shit. 
out of all the previous id games, which is closest to Doom3 DM? 
DooM3 DM 
I'd have to say DooM3 DM is excellent, I just had a run through on a ded server and it was great. 
Kinn: Mix between Doom1/2 DM and Quake DM 
But Really... 
it's kinda a mix all of the Quake DMs and is quite good from what I've played of it. 
surely all the shadows result in everyone camping.

Respawning explosive barrels are cool though. 
nitin: it's just part of the fun now. hiding in the dark is a valid tactic, but really affords a first shot, and none of the weapons beside the bfg and beserk pack punch are one shot kills (btw... i've not seen a bfg on any of the stock id maps? could it be they decided it was far too powerful for standard dm?) 
The lack of dynamic light on weapons fire is notably absent and really hurts this game. Whilst I understand it must have been excluded for performance reasons, I feel they should have sacrificed something else and kept dynamic lights from weapons.

As for the deathmatch, it reminded me mostly of Quake2 DM, ie physics feel pretty bad, the game is pretty slow, etc. 
you know, you can enable muzzle flashes, they're just turned off by default due to performance reasons like you said.

Add (or change the values) these to your doom3 config

seta g_decals "1"
seta g_projectileLights "1"
seta g_doubleVision "1"
seta g_muzzleFlash "1" 
You are the man. :D

I just figured the option to turn it on did not exist, since it wasn't in the menu (like every other game).

Thanks, I'll try changing those variables! 
yay! got to play a bit at a friends... wow, this game is amazing -- they can have movies for textures! :o
and holy shit this game is tense. :D
reminds me of a updated system shock 2 kind of. 
That makes such a huge difference. I'm a bit puzzled as to why those options aren't in the menu. I'm also wondering why I had those options turned off when it reckons the default is ON. Probably just because I'm running on medium quality instead of high.

I can live without decals, but I do want muzzleflash and projectilelights on... what does doublevision do though? Is that the blur effect when you get hit? 
Big Command List Here 
Must be a "quality setting thing" it was all there by default for me. (high).

I started to think, hey ,whats he on about, I was getting all that stuff, then I thought I might be loosing it, I have been seeing all sorts of things in the shadows lately
Actually, The Screens 
Aren't even pre-rendered movies, from the looks of it...they're multilayered, realtime-generated movies. Even more impressive.

Anyone else's jaw drop when, at the one security station, you could turn the camera on to the one right behind the desk you were standing at, and lo and behold, you showed up on the screen? I was incredibly impressed. 
'you can have movies for textures! :o '

Check out the extension file that comes with Dark Places; you can do the same there as well. 
I Have The BFG. 
Mess wit me. 
Red & White Snow 
If anyone here with a Radeon 9800 pro has a problem with red and white pixels all over the place then you're not alone. ATI is apparently aware of the problem and installing the full 4.9b drivers do help the situation quite a bit. 
Played It For Quite A While At A Friend's House 
4-5 hours probably. It thought it was intially fantastic but the more you play, the more predictable and boring it becomes. I think this review is exactly how I feel about doom, though I havent finished it like the reviewer has.

And I hate the monster intro movies, if they had been scripted in-game events, that would have been more involving and cool (espically the pinky demon's door busting intro). 
I Should Add 
the art design and level design is fantastic though. 
pushplay, fantastic, I wondered what the fuck was going on with that (I've got a 9800XT) 
And I hate the monster intro movies

I agree that that was one really annoying aspect, and they did the monster gets really close to you as you watch helplessly cutscene trick too too many times. 
...are all whore (those who have the game already)

that is until i get back from vacation and am able to pick up my copy. I traded 3 crap old console games for it. 
Movies As Textures 
has been in q3 since the release of Q3:TA... 
More Snow 
I found just opening up my case was enough to get rid of the extra snow. I suppose if I had gone for a more expensive cooling system this wouldn't be a problem, but with my few super quiet fans leaving the case open isn't that bad.

What's with that jackass and his duct tape mod? Is he just entirely oblivious to the point of the game? 
G_muzzleFlash Is In The Menu 
Options | System | Advanced Options | Set High Quality Special Effects to "on". 
"But I want to just run and gun!" 
Doom3 (no Shit Zwiffle?) 
I just beat it, what a great game. The ending was disappointing imo, so was the end battle (on veteran it was too easy), but the journey there was amazing. I give it a 95%. Now someone go map for it. 
Any Config Tweakers Find A Way To... 
turn off the friggin crosshairs? I keep focusing on it and it messes up my aim. I went over to PD and checked out their console guide but found no reference to crosshairs at all. What was ID thinking when they removed the +crosshair"x" command? 
IS there a choice of crosshair styles? I'm hoping theres a chance to modify them yourself. 
Should Be Easy Enough . . . 
Just find the proper file, change it to suit, pak it properly, and place it in your base directory . . . should be just like any other mod. 
Got A Fix... Sort Of. 
I found a way to turn off the HUD. Not really looking to change the crosshair just get rid of it. Kinda sad though I got rid of the entire HUD just for the crosshair. I will say it helps with immersion quite a bit... though I keep dying. 
You Can't Aim Because Of The Crosshair? 
Look, it's simple. When you hit the "fire" button, you're actually shooting in the direction of the crosshair.

That means all you have to do is move the mouse until the monster has a crosshair over him, and press fire. Voila!

It almost makes it too easy. 
But what about the other 8 weapons that aren't hitscan? 
You lead your shots 
Have you been playing the game? Dont mean to be a smart ass but, several of the weapons are off center of the crosshair at close range. Specifically the shotgun and plasmagun. Its easy enough to compensate but in the heat of battle I quite frequently use the crosshair out of habit/panic/whatever.

No biggie though I am geting used to not having a HUD. Turning it off was the only way I could find to disable the crosshair. 
Cell Shaded D3

If anyone gets this can they post better shots? 
Dear Scampie 
in doom3 (GOLD OMG BEES) no weapons are hitscan. unless they lied of course and if if they aren't they might function like one but I hope you get the point(BEES). 
Cell Shading, Ugghhh 
let it die already 
cyBeAr: I relieze, but they're damn close at times. 
"WASHINGTON - id Software, the Texas based PC games developer responsible for culture hit series of violent games "Doom" and "Quake" have a new nightmare within a nightmare that is their latest release, "Doom 3".

PETA officials have been notified of an "easter egg" gag in id's latest gory and suspsenseful blockbuster "Doom 3" -- an in-game arcade game where the player can toy around punching a turkey and score points. "They think this is just a little, harmless joke, but it's not" says Hardoff Vlemmenkofter, PETA spokesperson - "we adamantly oppose any violence and mistreatment against turkeys amongst all animals - among this turkey hunting and turkey racing. We feel this Doom 3 gag is tasteless and misrepresents turkeys in an unfair and demeaning context."

PETA has recently filed a suit against id Software (, hoping to ilk the company of an unknown amount of money for damages. id Software would not comment on the issue at hand. Meanwhile, PETA officials are optimistic of the case. "I think we'll settle this quickly and I am optimistic this will win out in the turkeys favor" remarked Vlemmenkofter.

I keed, I keed. 
PETA Is Evil... 
As a vegetarian I feel quite safe in saying that PETA should fuck off and die. 
You Saw The Disclaimer, Right? 
I hope so. ;) Yeah, I'm not really agreeing with PETA regardless. 
"ilk" Eh? 
The writing feels a bit off... strange wording and stuff...odd placement of commas... etc. 
Oh Well 
DooM3 is avalaible now (or in few days for us Frenchies) on PC, but what about game console ?? I mean, is there someone who have informations about DooM3 for Game console (XBox, PS2, GC...) relase date ?? 
I Sure As Hell... 
punched the turkey several times. And then I fired up Doom 3. And punched the turkey some more.

Am I going to hell?

(I sure hope so after I get past the monorail part! See you there). 
There is no official release date, AFAIk. Doom 3 is only coming to the XBOX. 
Holy Shit... AaaaAAAAAAAaaarrgghhh !!!! 
It sucks !!!! I don't have a X-Box, I have a PS2... *sigh*.... 
This isn�t exactly surprising, considering the amount of cpu/gpu horsepower Doom 3 requires. Carmack has long ago stated that XBOX is the onlt console with fast enough hardware to run the game and they will still (obviously) have to cut down on texture/world detail and resolution. I don�t think that you will see Thief: Deadly Shadows on any other console than XBOX either. 
Isn't it on par with the XBox too, besides being stupidly more difficult to program for? 
AFAIK, bump mapping on GC isn't powerful enough to do Doom3 justice. 
Maybe Another ATI Performance Boost

I'll try it out when I get home. 
Re: Maybe Another ATI Performance Boost 
Got me a 3fps boost. More over it does feel noticeably faster. 
I got that ati boost thingymabob and it seemed to smooth everything out nicely, running 800x600 medium detail. I have a rad 9600pro tho, I think it benefits the lwoer end cards better than say a radeon 9800pro. 
PC Performances... 
Definitively, I will not be able to play DooM3... My PC have less memory than required (it's not a problem in fact I just have to buy 256Mo RAM more and I will have enough), but it seems, according to the requirements of the game, that ATI Radeon 9200 graphic cards will not fully support DirectX9.0... I have one, and so i'm fucked... grrr... I don't like this feeling...
Furthermore I only have a PS2... and I will not buy an XBox just for DooM3.... I just can wait for HalfLife2 hoping it will work either on my PC or my PS2... 
You don't need to have a DirectX9 card to play DooM3, you will just miss out on a few things like "The heatwave" effect. There are many people playing with cards that are not DirectX9, GF4 ti 4200-4600 etc even lesser. I don't know about ATI cards, I don't follow them, I just stick with Nvidia, so I don't know how fast your card is, but if it is comparable to the above mentioned Nvidia cards, I see no problem. You will have to play at a lower resolution and detail settings, but hey. 
Well, the DirectX9.0b full compatibility is mentionned in DooM3 system requirements... (see Take a look at the note below the requirements concerning Video cards, and you will understan why I'm a little bit worry... It seems my video card is on a black list that should be able to crash the game !!! Hmmmmm, I'm not sure I will buy the game if I will not be able to ply it correctly... 
Yes, But 
You Do Not Need a DirectX9 card to run the game, the GF4 ti series are not DirectX9 and they are running the game. You just miss out on the DirectX specific stuff.
Like I said, I don't know about ATI cards, but if yours is on the Black List well. Go to some DooM3 forums and see if others are using your card

Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipset listed here may not be compatible with the 3D accelerator features utilized by Doom 3. That is what I am saying, you will just miss out on the DirectX9 specific stuff, because your card does not support DirectX9.

ATI Radeon 8500
ATI Radeon 9000
ATI Radeon 9200
ATI Radeon 9500
ATI Radeon 9600
ATI Radeon 9700
ATI Radeon 9800
All nVidia GeForce 3/Ti series
All nVidia GeForce 4/Ti series
All nVidia GeForce FX series
nVidia GeForce

And notice it says Supported Chipsets your card IS listed as Supported 
Thanks for these explanations... As many times, I didn't understand the language subtility, or I was reading too quickly the stuff... I really need to improve my english... or take much more care about what I read...
Anyway, sorry for this waste of time.. I will wait for the game, when avalaible (in few days now..) here in France, and I will see if I will buy it or not, regarding the requirements in french this time... obviously it will be easier for me to understand... 
Anyway, sorry for this waste of time..
You did not waste my time, far from it. 
Happy to hear that, thanks... 
Hell (spoilers) 
um... was i the only person disappointed in hell?

there are some great things there, so i'm not saying it sucks outright. great atmosphere, and the usual d3 coolness from effects and whatnot, and sounds are downright amazing.

but i've yet to see any real architecture there yet.

i've seen some rather nondescript arches and such, but for the most part, it's just tunnels with bricks and dirt.
some areas are wide open and look kind of cool, (like the area where you pick up the bfg) but nothing as spectacular as the tech stuff before it.

i hope there's some cool stuff before hell is over... :\
now i'm convinced d3 really needs some proper gothic maps. :P 
I was surprised hell was as short as it was, i thought it would have been a lot bigger part of the game. As it was, I beat Hell in about 10 minutes, the Guardian in about the same. To stuff all those Hell ideas in one tiny portion of the game, where each could easily be a level in itself, seemed like a waste to me. But, I think it was intended to be like that just so it could be a derivation from the normal base-style level. Maybe they'll expand upon it in an expansion pack. 
I Notice In One Of The Pics, Phait 
in that first thread (there are no enumeration of the postings, unfortunately) that there is a pic showing glossy looking caution posts. Gloss on rubber? Well, maybe on used condoms, but on non sexed up caution posts this looks unrealistic. 
Recursion & Maze Generator 
This Is Wrong: 
From PlanetDOOM:

"Argo from the DOOM 3: Hell on Earth Mod Team sent word that they are having a "Spider Mastermind" Competition over at their site. Here's the pitch:

"You all remember the Spider Mastermind (SM), dont you? Well, we decided to let it return in our mod as a big bad ass Boss. Your creativity is welcome! Design your ideas, how it should look like, and post it here, in this thread. You can go with original designs for D1+2 or use the concept of the SM for D3 by id, or go by your own ideas. Everything is welcome!

The winner will earn an appearance in the mod storyline, as well as a lead artist position on their mod development team. The contest will end in 3 weeks, on September 9th and all entries must be posted in this thread on their forum."

Lead artist position, just for (re)designing an old DooM monster. Please. That's like "You're promoted to Detective because you found my keys!" 
It's just a mod team. Not like it's a real company. They probabally have no artists on the team as of yet and found a way to get some publicity to get some. 
Lets Get This Straight... 
if you "win" you get to work on a (probably shit) Doom 3 mod for no money? 
Wasn't That Big Spider 
The Vore from Quake? Maybe it's just me, but it looked and attacked a lot like a Vore (without conjuring up spike balls) 
heh, i am suprized planetdoom would post that crap <<< just like every startup mod they have one render of a unskinned shitty weapon 
Ugh . . .

Based in the same Time frame as Doom 3, you play as the son of the space marine you play in Doom 3. You will in Long Beach, California with your mom.

If this doesn't appeal to your inner badass, I don't know what will. 
Opinions So Far (I'm At Site 3 Or So At The Mo) - Fairly Spoiler Free 
Although I'm enjoying the game so far, and am exptremely impressed by the graphics, I can't help feeling a little let down by the gameplay at times. I'm not going to complain that it is too old school or simple, but id seem to keep throwing cheap tricks at me to take my health. There are so many instances where something will appear in front of me, whilst at the same time something will appear behind, and just far back enough so I don't notice it teleport in. Although I've grown wise to this trick, it still catches me out on many occasions.

This is a right menace when I get trapped in a corner, as taking damage makes attacking precisely very difficult. Usually, the only times I die are when I get trapped by a couple of enemies ina corner and can't see what's going on. I have been VERY wary of spiders since they first appeared, since getting crowded by them usually means curtains.

Also, although this doesn't seem to be happening (at least as obviously) nearer the end of the game, for the first few levels, just about everything I picked up seemed to trigger at least one imp to appear. This had the effect of me just ignoring a lot of items (particularly armour, since I never seemed to need it anyway.)

Also, I don't know how you guys found the difficulty, but to me it seemed much more difficult at the beginning when I just had the pistol and flashlight and was only facing the weak ass bad guys. Strangley the only bad guys that seem to give me any real trouble are the various marines and the whip and chaingun mutants.

Having said that, I think id have done a fairly good job with health and ammo balance. I'm usually switching between weapons and getting a fair bit of use out of all of them. Also, I'm usually getting low on health, then managing to survive until the next health boost - which I think means the skill level is balanced just right for me.) 
God Damn Whip Marines... 
jesus, they piss me off. as soon as i got the rl, i just started blowing them up before they even got close. :\

btw, i finally finished it! what a great game, and a cool ending... plus the cyberdemon looks crazy cool. :) 
necros: whip demons are easy once you relieze they can't adjust to you ducking under their arm whips. just blow them away with the shotgun. 
It appears I am not meant to play this game. Crashes either during or a few seconds/minutes after the intro movie to the first level. Tried windowed mode, it got through the movie, but I didn't keep it windowed as I refuse to play the whole game like that. While I had it windowed I had my little asus probe utility displayed which had my cpu and motherboard temps at 27C and 25C respectively. As far as I know those are good temperatures.

Obligatory e-penis:
asus a7v333 motherboard
athlon 1900 cpu
512mb ram
geforce4 ti4200 128mb

Tried latest nvidia drivers and directx 9.0c. This system is defragged and was flattened/reinstalled just a few weeks ago (before i left to go to florida for a few weeks).

Any suggestions? This really sux :( 
To Clarify 
by 'crash' i mean either 'lock up, requiring hitting the reset button' or 'system restarts', the former happening more often than the latter. 
necros: whip demons are easy once you relieze they can't adjust to you ducking under their arm whips. just blow them away with the shotgun.

jesus, i'm an idiot, apparently, because i never realised that through the whole game.
i never duck. x_x 
Well, There Is The Next Time Though 
It was quite sometime before I caught on, so dont feel so bad 
I've also had success sidestepping to the right to avoid their whip things, but if you sidestep to the left you'll still get hit. 
oh yeah, and the chaingunners pissed me off quite a bit as well. fucking hitscan, roar. here's a rocket up your ass too!

i liked all the other monsters though. in particular, the pinky with it's forward curving horns and huge bulk is both cool looking and fun to fight, not to mention the hellknights and mancubi.

i wonder, is there a way to stop the game from disintegrating the corpses right away? i actually really disliked that... i'm guessing this was for speed... although only 'hell' monsters disintegrate-- zombies don't... 
Zombies Are Never Spawned 
If bodies didn't disintegrate, after a hectic battle with spawning demons you'd have a dozen or so corpses lying around. Not very good for the framerate. Also, demons don't gib - which means that they'll fuck up doors and lifts if their ragdolls get stuck in them.

You can disable the disintegrating by altering monster_base::state_Dead() in scripts/ai_monster_base.script (try if(!resurrect) stopThinking();), if you still want to. 
make a nice squishy sound when you give em the old "Chainsaw down the center of the cranium" move.

Ok, I am probably gonna get a shit storm of comments bitching at me here but... I thought that the levels in the game were poorly done from a gameplay perspective . As an example, getting back to an elevated health station was blocked by a door that wont open again? (With no explanation as to why I might add) Lame.

Another example. A crate falls over, and a doorway is blocked. Mind you, I can get on top of the same crate in the game anywhere else in the game.

Ect ect. Carmak screwed up by NOT getting the most creative mappers. But he did get a bunch of cookie cutter mappers that seem to toe the company line. I am sooo looking forward to seeing (and playing) user made levels (and mod's)

Before you give me a hard time. Compare the "Quake" experience with the "Doom 3" Experience.

IMO Quake had way more "Scare" point's than Doom 3. And Doom 1-2 had way more scare point's than Q1. I really do miss John Romero's levels.

D3 had a bunch of "Shit, an imp teleported in front of me, and then another imp teleported behind me at the same time" moment's. So did Q2. Q2 dumped after less than 2 years.

D3 is nothing more than HL1 with updated graphics. Ok there is the Hell vs. Xen debate, and overall I see it a a split. Both suck as a gameplay variant in some way.

On the plus side, I can see no nice posts coming from this soon. 
Was My Last Post... 
I Disagree. 
i jumped way more times playing d3 than q1 or d1/2.

sometimes i'd jump when i'd get hit by a monster i could see. it's just the way the whole screen shakes and that flesh tearing sound.
and the spider things gave me shivers almost every time... must have to do with the slow movement speed and the clicking of their legs.

and the map just before hell where you can use the teleporters was pretty neat: it had you visiting old places or using the teleporters to get to previously locked areas. i didn't think the maps were that bad in regard to gameplay.

i will admit, i wasn't very fond of some choices like having jumping imps right behind a door so that it is nearly impossible to avoid damage except by knowing the monster is there and triggering the door from the side.
also, the whole beginning was kind of annoying because of the same reasons some one else mentioned: nearly every item spawned in a monster so it got very predictable.

still though, i think it's an excellent game. those monsters would feel at home in a wide variety of maps, and now that i've seen them all in action, i want to see (or make) a runic style map even more now. 
tailed off quite a bit near the end, and I found some of it quite boring since it was just the same thing over and over... I mean, open door, enter room/area baddies teleport in front of me, along with one behind... repeat again and again.

The final boss might have looked cool if I had the graphics settings turned up, but I wasn't that impressed. Some of the effects during the final level before the boss were quite nice though - especially the wall that gets swept back. Bloody easy though.

Yes, I found the brick and the pda. 
Same Here Than, 
I just felt that torwards the end it got repetitive. Nothing really suprised me and I just began to run and gun. Which wasn't all that bad, it was nice to start just not caring, felt a little old school. Still the ending left me bored. The end boss wasn't that impressive. I had it on Ultra mode and his textures still appeared extremely washed out.

The brush work was rather cool, like Than mentioned the stones moving back and away from the coffin was a cool effect. But you had already seen that in hell.

The actual gameplay of the boss seemed frantic and unorganized. Maybe it was because I beat him after 2 tries, and not replayed since, I just felt like the whole thing was slapped together. That and the difficulty really was to easy. I found the Guardian to be a much more difficult foe for some reason.

Also, as I think I mentioned before, the ending sequence was a complete let down. Yes there will be a mission back, but to leave the plot completely unfinished like that felt like they were cheating us. I just played the game for how long and all I get is 60 sec? (or short) in game cut scene and that's that?

Still as poor as the ending levels were, I can see where this engine leaves lots of creative space for us to exploit. The movable brushes, lighting, and fairly balanced weapons/monsters should really give us the building blocks to create some truely great experiences. For me personally I'm excited about crafting my own story and telling it through this engine, should be fun.

And the hidden id pda didn't feel like a secret, I stumbled into it and just did what made sense. 
yeah, I stumbled into it too. I was just looking at the blocks and the marker stood out quite clearly.

I wasn't too bothered by the end sequence to be honest. It was just a bit meh.

I thought the guardian was a bit shit. VERY easy. I had WAAAAY more trouble with sarge, although I hadn't noticed the health lying around (but luckily I had the soul cube powered up :)

Generally it was enjoyable, although perhaps a bit of a let down (but as you might guess, I had pretty high expectations.) 
I had no problem with Sarge at all. He was a cool looking baddie and all, but when I reached him I had my sc charged. I shot down the bfg cell, gave him the sc treatment, and then he goes down quicker than inertia in a truck stop. 
I forgot I had the soul cube when it came time for Sarge, figuring it wouldn't work on him anyway... Died a few times from falling in the pit on the side of his room, but otherwise a decent fight. 
Maybe the mapper forgot about the soul cube as well. It's the only excuse for how easy it was. 
pushplay: 'the mapper' is applicible here. the game was designed by a committee and fully storyboarded and designed. they should have seen this and somehow designed a loophole or something so you had to fight the boss. 
isn't applicible 
Wait A Minute... 
The cube kills sarge? 
That's How I Killed Him. 
I Think 
a good way of fixing the sarge vs soulcube problem would have been to treat sarge the same way the cyberdemon was. it would take multiple hits from the soulcube (say two, one less than the cyberdemon (i think)) so you could use the soulcube to get some damage in, but you'd still need to inflict more damage via normal weapons... 
You could have just used the BFG. I believe that is the only time I used the BFG, maybe besides once or twice. But really, the Sarge was easy. 
i didn't have the bfg at the time. i got it off sarge. :P the soulcube hadn't been charged at the time either.

i just basically used the chaingun and plasma gun and ran back and forth into the little alcoves to get some shelter from the bfg rays... 
I was playing on veteran and the soulcube did not kill sarge, it just did some damage. My problem was that I didn't charge the bfg up enough. I think I mainly killed him with the chaingun. I used the soulcube to restore health halfway through the battle. 
Where was the BFG between Hell and Sarge? 
i don't think there was one... there was one in hell, but you loose everything except the soul cube when you travel through the portal.

there may be one in a locker just before meeting sarge, but i could never find the code (or the pda with the code) for it, so i don't know what's in there. 
Martianbuddy Locker? 
Go to for the's on the site somewhere. 
Heh, No... 
it was a locker with "Heavy Weapons" or something on the display. 
There Was Also One... 
in some guys office. I found the code really early on in the game and thought I would find a bfg early too, but I got the bfg just a bit before hell. I think it was around the time the arch viles started appearing, because I killed one at the end of a level with the bfg. 
yes yes, those are BEFORE HELL WHERE IT TAKES ALL YOUR WEAPONS AWAY AND THEN TAKES THEM AWAY AGAIN WHEN YOU RETURN. now, where between the time you leave hell and fight sarge do you get a BFG? 
Scampie: you get the bfg before you go into hell, in the doctor guy's lab. then you get it after you fight sarge. answer your question? ;) 
Give Weapon_bfg 
Go to:

Look under:
Inter-steller Marketing Venture

The BFG locker is located in:
Level: Delta 2B
Location: Security Storage

It's gonna be easy to do a secret's list in D3. 
I leave empty titles with impunity.

I have a Doom III mapping question. What's the policy on map naming? It seems like author/(sp|dm)# is a good route. Or we could just go the q3 style route like kiltron went. author/q3style like Zombie did seems kinda redundant though. 
dude, it doesn't matter... you could just name your map as a short form of the map's title. 
I'm talking about file names here. And I think it does make a bit of a difference. 
I'm talking about file names here.
i know. ;) 
It Doesn't Really Matter 
Since we'll end up with a mishmash of mutually contradictory naming schemes all in use at the same time anyway... 
...and then some idiot will name their level 'spd' even though a designer in the same community has already released a classic experimental sp/dm "icon" level with the file name 'spd' two years before.

Just Keep In Mind . . . 
That you can put your maps in their own unique folder within base/maps (e.g. mine will all be in base/maps/pjw). This makes things a lot cleaner than having loads of shite floating around loose in base.

(please do this)

Just because not everyone is going to follow a nice convention doesn't mean it's wrong to try. 
Filenames Are Important, 
So I wish people would put a bit of thought into it! It doesn't matter if everyone adheres to the same naming convention or not (who cares?); what does matter is the following:

1. Filename should be as short as possible and easy to remember. It really sucks when you download a map, unzip it, run the game, and then can't remember the damn filename to run it from the console in-game (or you can remember vaguely but its some kind of obscure shit like hapschepzut, and you just can't recall how to spell it right).

2. Be consistent. It doesn't matter if you conform with the same standard as everyone else or not, but it really helps if you at least stick with your own naming scheme. This helps me, the player, identify your maps and be able to easily find them and load them in game when I need to.

For example, in the case of crazy polish mappers: its a lot easier to find and play all DM maps by Misyu as they're called misdm1, misdm2...misdm13. Its much harder to identify all maps by Qurnel as he keeps calling them different things, like omf, frag, whatever, I can't remember the rest.

3. If you really must name your levels different shit all the time, because you can't bear to have some generic looking naming scheme for your levels (like, its art man, don't oppress me!)... then at the very least, try to make the filename memorable in some way - something catchy, something vaguely related to the map (similar to the full name, or the setting). For example, Moonlite and Swamp are fairly easy to remember, and relate to the map titles and settings.

4. As mentioned earlier, try not to use the same filename as anybody else. Of course nobody has every single quake map ever created to check against, but if you avoid cliched names and especially if you use your own naming scheme, you have a better chance of avoiding clashes with other files.

5. If you include a text file, html file, or whatever in the zip with your maps, please call it the same name as the actual filename for the map. No more readme.txt (which will always be overwritten by the next joker who does that) and no obscure shit that has no relation to the filename. If you keep the names the same (eg crapdm01.txt for crapdm01.bsp) then you'll easily find the readme files when you need to.

As a side note, since Q3, Doom3 and other games based on those engines have .pk3 or .pk4 files, and those files are just plain zip files... you might as well include your mapname.txt or mapname.html inside the pk3/4 file as well, in addition to having it in the main zip. This will ensure that even if people lose, delete or never get the seperate readme files, they'll always be able to find them inside the pak files. (For example if someone downloads the .pk3/4 from a server and they didn't get the proper zip).

yeah, yeah, whatever.. if it all seems like a load of wank, just remember that the above may help people to find and play your maps more easily, or help you get the credit and praise that you deserve for your creations. If you care about that at all, then think about it. 
Yeah, It Had To Happen Sometime 
func_msgb0rked tag madness! 
So Yeah 
Where's that 'edit post' feature, metlslime?? :D 
I Agree 100% With Everything You Said 
and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

(especially re: people naming their read me fucking "readme.txt", that's annoying to me way out of proportion) 
I go out of my way to avoid reading any map .txt files called readme.txt. I also refuse to extract them out of map .zips, which I delete after extracting the map. I do this completely out of spite for morons naming things like that. 
Frib got 0wned bad by Func_Board there =)

Still if it was me, I'd have written all that and then reset the damn thing =(

More bees please. 
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