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yep! it works! thanks 
Metl Is Ur Email Working?? 
Forwarded you an email which is beyond my capabilities. 
Page Load Times 
Anyone else getting slower than usual page load times for the site, or is it just my Australian™ Internet acting up the past few days? 
I Have Been Getting It Too For A Few Weeks 
but I also thought it was maybe Australian internet... 
If you are on windows, try in command line:


...and you'll see what bottleneck you have on your road to func_msgboard :)

I feel like it's a commentary on my university studies that I'm currently learning a CCNP subject and I don't really know how to use tracert properly yet.
I guess Telstra is having trouble connecting to Germany though...

If any identifying information about me has leaked with this screenshot, please don't use it to hack into my house or anything like that :( 
It kinda bounce between servers in Hong Kong - lol weird :D 
I have problem like this though:

Every time I post, I get mixture of CSS/JSON and other shit, instead of proper site view.
If I refresh this, it will post reply again.
I have to go to main page and load thread again, to see my reply. 
full  width  unicode 
escapes  the  camel  case  conversion 
in  post  titles 
O O H ! T H A T ' S C O O L 
Now my steam name and func_ name look the same! Please don't ban fullwidth on the site or anything like that :( 
T E S T W I T H U N I C O D E 
Trying to see how to type unicode on my phone....let's try copypasta out of this online thing...dang it. Guess we mobile folk are stuck with autocap nonsense. 
It's Impossible To Edit The News Before It's Approved 
I accidentally hit submit instead of preview on a news submission and submitted the news without any links. And I can't edit it in no way. It's kinda ridiculous that I have to submit another news to get it right.

Metlslime can you add a feature the allows to edit your own submited news before it is approved? 
yeah, that seems like a good idea. I'll add it to the list. 
Can you give us mods "Edit Post" powers for normal posts please? It would enable minor censorship on the few occasions it's required, rather than referring to you or marking as spam.

Also, but maybe trickier, a "Move Thread To GA As New Post" option would be cool. 
Can You Fix My Account :) 
Hey there,

During the recent change relating to utf-8 and whatnot, my account appears to have become broken. The username was "ma†echa" but now it changed to "ma�echa" and I am unable to log in. Can you change the username back to "ma†echa" , or if that's not possible, I guess just "matecha"? Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need any other info to proceed :) 
hi, sorry for the delay. I changed your name to ma†echa. 
Awesome, thanks!! :D 
Dear Shambler/metl. 
Could you please rename the Quoth tricks thread to something else, so the proper progs.dat tricks thread is the first search result instead? 
curious -- what was the search string you were using? 
I meant browser search, not func search. 
6 out of 10 of the chronologically latest discussion threads are marked as invalid/duplicates and closed. Can I once again suggest an approval process for discussion threads? 
Make that 7 now. 
How About It? 
Add a link to Spirit's comical file packaging standards to the Submit News page so newbies have an easier time adapting to them. 
those standards aren't that comical. He spent a lot of words saying a few simple rules:

1. blah.bsp should have blah.txt and be packaged inside

2. no directories for bsp files, mod directory for mods (should also match zip name)

As for whether adding that link to the Submit News page will actually help, not sure? Do people read those instructions? I'm willing to try it.

It makes me wonder, did this problem exist back in the old days? Were there a lot of weirdly packaged maps back then too? If not, what social pressures existed to keep people in line back then? Was the guy who ran idgames2 on enforcing these standards? It seems like almost every map I downloaded back then followed the standards. 
I Believe 
those rules are basically related to Quake Injector util, it doesnt read rar/uppercased files etc. Just guessing 
I recall there being the 8.3 file limits in the early days of Doom content, so that helped keep things tidy. Now you have what 256 characters for a filename and spaces? 
Anonymous Posting. 
Has largely increased in quantity since removing the IP displays and has not improved in quality a single iota. Please disable it altogether. 
I Agree 
that prefab thread has been a cunt magnet, and i'm not talking about the good sort 
MAGA Bitches Trump Rules Etc 
i think what we are seeing in the prefabs thread is a bunch of board regulars who have strong and controversial opinions on a quake thing and want to express those strong and possibly controversial opinions without being hounded out of this board by the usual manchildren.

but by all means stop the ability for us to do that yeah. 
Epic Post. 
Changed my mindset completely. Please ignore me metl, I want more stuff like #2267 all over the board. 
Option To Mark And Censor Post As Anon Idiocy Instead Of Spam. 
Would be fine. 
2 posts not shown on this page because they were anon idiocy. 
I Kind If Agree With Anon Though So What Is Happening!?!? 
If anyone actually were to get "hounded off of this board" for a Quake opinion then I would guess that their delivery was the issue.

We're talking about a video game here. Among the possible controversial opinions you'll deal with in life, the actual content of the most extreme Quake-maps-related opinion is a bee fart in a hurricane.

I mean someone can walk in here and say "hey I think hi-res normal mapped textures are pretty cool in Quake" and they are going to get their nose whacked with a newspaper a little, but "hounded off the board"? What does that even mean? Maybe if you lead with something like "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fascist sheeple" and then double down and escalate when that goes poorly.

Anon posting has been some of the worst stuff on this board. If you don't feel like you can shitpost under your normal handle, how about: don't shitpost. I don't think that preventing anon posting will help though, because then the dedicated shitposters will just create character accounts. 
I don't think that preventing anon posting will help though, because then the dedicated shitposters will just create character accounts.

Rubbish, they won't be bothered to go through all that.

Anyway, as we were saying, I think people are being really hard on Trump. If you don't want your kids to be caged, don't try to break into my country bitch. 
shitpost on main or gtfo, tbh. 
Error 1: Can't connect to database.
Error 2: SQL error 2002 on line 126 of _user.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.
thanks for the report, this seems to be an occasional issue where the database connection fails. 
Something that would be nice someday is allowing "\" characters. They tend to disappear after preview and you end up telling someone to run cquakeyourengine.exe 
What are the chances you change your mind about https and hashed passwords? 
HTTPS is out of my control since sleepwalkr hosts me. Hashed passwords are a viable thing I just need to implement them. 
Fixes To The Preview Function 
I fixed the problem of backslashes \\ getting swallowed by the preview feature, and also fixed the bug where if you put </textarea> in your post you can cause text to appear outside of the form when you preview it. (as reported by CZG about 100 years ago) 
The Latest News Thread 
(the one about the Discord channel)is not showing for me on the forum page but it does on the front (news) page. Is it only me? 
The news page is sorted by when the thread was created, the forum page is sorted by threads with the most recent comments. 
Oh ,ok 
I know that but never saw that thread on the forum page, so i assumed it was never there. Checked the other news threads and their last messages are from later. 
Well Now. 
How come IP addresses no longer show? I have other people posting in my name. 
many discussions about it:

The general consensus is that it doesn't prevent abuse. And other people believe it is a privacy issue.

I see you haven't logged in since last year, is there a problem with your account? There is a known issue where password recovery doesn't work. 
As per the Quake 2018 thread, please please can we have a "Mark As Unsuitable" option (as an alternative to "Mark As Spam") which would hide the post but not block the IP. I think it would also be a more suitable censorship of non-spam unsuitable / abusive posts. 
yeah, I'll come up with something like you describe. 
Feature Request 
A checkbox in the account options to enfore Preview when clicking on Submit the first time. 
Addendum To Negke's Feature 
Require preview before anon posting 
What Good Would That Do 
Would probably break all the spambots for a bit lol 
3 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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