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I Agree 
that prefab thread has been a cunt magnet, and i'm not talking about the good sort 
MAGA Bitches Trump Rules Etc 
i think what we are seeing in the prefabs thread is a bunch of board regulars who have strong and controversial opinions on a quake thing and want to express those strong and possibly controversial opinions without being hounded out of this board by the usual manchildren.

but by all means stop the ability for us to do that yeah. 
Epic Post. 
Changed my mindset completely. Please ignore me metl, I want more stuff like #2267 all over the board. 
Option To Mark And Censor Post As Anon Idiocy Instead Of Spam. 
Would be fine. 
2 posts not shown on this page because they were anon idiocy. 
I Kind If Agree With Anon Though So What Is Happening!?!? 
If anyone actually were to get "hounded off of this board" for a Quake opinion then I would guess that their delivery was the issue.

We're talking about a video game here. Among the possible controversial opinions you'll deal with in life, the actual content of the most extreme Quake-maps-related opinion is a bee fart in a hurricane.

I mean someone can walk in here and say "hey I think hi-res normal mapped textures are pretty cool in Quake" and they are going to get their nose whacked with a newspaper a little, but "hounded off the board"? What does that even mean? Maybe if you lead with something like "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fascist sheeple" and then double down and escalate when that goes poorly.

Anon posting has been some of the worst stuff on this board. If you don't feel like you can shitpost under your normal handle, how about: don't shitpost. I don't think that preventing anon posting will help though, because then the dedicated shitposters will just create character accounts. 
I don't think that preventing anon posting will help though, because then the dedicated shitposters will just create character accounts.

Rubbish, they won't be bothered to go through all that.

Anyway, as we were saying, I think people are being really hard on Trump. If you don't want your kids to be caged, don't try to break into my country bitch. 
shitpost on main or gtfo, tbh. 
Error 1: Can't connect to database.
Error 2: SQL error 2002 on line 126 of _user.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.
thanks for the report, this seems to be an occasional issue where the database connection fails. 
Something that would be nice someday is allowing "\" characters. They tend to disappear after preview and you end up telling someone to run cquakeyourengine.exe 
What are the chances you change your mind about https and hashed passwords? 
HTTPS is out of my control since sleepwalkr hosts me. Hashed passwords are a viable thing I just need to implement them. 
Fixes To The Preview Function 
I fixed the problem of backslashes \\ getting swallowed by the preview feature, and also fixed the bug where if you put </textarea> in your post you can cause text to appear outside of the form when you preview it. (as reported by CZG about 100 years ago) 
The Latest News Thread 
(the one about the Discord channel)is not showing for me on the forum page but it does on the front (news) page. Is it only me? 
The news page is sorted by when the thread was created, the forum page is sorted by threads with the most recent comments. 
Oh ,ok 
I know that but never saw that thread on the forum page, so i assumed it was never there. Checked the other news threads and their last messages are from later. 
Well Now. 
How come IP addresses no longer show? I have other people posting in my name. 
many discussions about it:

The general consensus is that it doesn't prevent abuse. And other people believe it is a privacy issue.

I see you haven't logged in since last year, is there a problem with your account? There is a known issue where password recovery doesn't work. 
As per the Quake 2018 thread, please please can we have a "Mark As Unsuitable" option (as an alternative to "Mark As Spam") which would hide the post but not block the IP. I think it would also be a more suitable censorship of non-spam unsuitable / abusive posts. 
yeah, I'll come up with something like you describe. 
Feature Request 
A checkbox in the account options to enfore Preview when clicking on Submit the first time. 
Addendum To Negke's Feature 
Require preview before anon posting 
What Good Would That Do 
Would probably break all the spambots for a bit lol 
Can You Just Ban/block Spy? 
We're tired of his shit. It's not funny, it's not clever, he's overstayed his welcome, just bring the fucking hammer down now please. 
No Header Update This Year? 
it's been a busy time for me. maybe next year i'll finally get around to automating it. 
What About Another Moderator 
Sometimes there are long periods where nobody is around to approve news, block spam posts, or deface thread titles.

How about SleepwalkR? 
Just about to post a request for this. 
Who else will tell me how fascinating my content is? 
No-one On Here That's For Sure. 
literally the only defence of anon-posting that comes up is "oh but we will miss out on some great, valid anon posts, which have occasionally historically been made I'll have you know *snort* *snert* now where did I leave my anorak...".

To be honest, given the signal-to-noise ratio of these, plus the fact that everyone is on discord anyway now, the amount of cool and awesome anon posts we'll miss will be approximately equal to the square root of fuck all. 
just add an option to hide your username when posting next to Preview or Submit. 
Mod approval on discussion threads please. 
I am up for adding more moderators to get better coverage.

Also kinn, sorry but i guess i need to flag #2304 since it has a bunch of urls to escort services. 
Not Exactly Volunteering... 
But if you needed someone to cover Pacific Standard Time West Coast, I've visited func daily since 2015. Happy to contribute but fine if you'd prefer other mods. 
Since My Name Came Up 
I'm already busy not moderating the TrenchBroom discord, so I don't think I have any time left to not moderate func! 
I think the most applicable is dumptruck. Not many other americans are on here(not lurking) as often as him and i. 
Where Would I Ask A Question About Quake C ? 
The question i asked earlier was moved to "GA" and then deleted
My question regards the animation frames shown after firing, when reloading or cocking.
I think you are playing with a mod, because quake doesn't have reloading or cocking weapons 
hi kaisersozeh, thanks for asking.

Your question about weapon animations could go in Modelling Help or Coding Help. I think it's probably more Coding Help becuase you want to use existing animation frames with new functionality. 
For the love of god can you please get one of your func_minions to spend 5 minutes make modding help and coding help into sticky threads, it would be, errr, helpful for people with specific questions that way. 
Metl. I Need Some Site Help Re: Above. 
Right, thanks for reminding me 
I Meant The Post Directly Above Mine Mostly ;) 
Ban Spy? 
It's long overdue. 
It would be nice to remove the spam replies from the new replies counter in the forum index. This way we won't end up opening old threads just to find a "2 posts not shown on this page because they were spam" message.

A way to implement it would be to check the new replies from newest to oldest, and eliminate the "new replies" indicator if all of them are spam. 
mankrip, I agree. Right now the way it works is, each user x thread has a "last seen postnum", and then that gets compared to the "last postnum" for that thread, and the difference is the number of new posts. It's efficient but relies on cached data. To extend this system I could update last post num every time spam is flagged, which would at least eliminate the case you describe (all new posts are spam.) But the count could be wrong.

Last fall i spent some time writing new SQL queries that dynamically counted new posts excluding spam. It has some other nice features like ignoring posts from before you registered your account. The only issue with it is the performance -- 200ms vs. 0.7ms for the old query. Which is why they haven't gone live yet. 
13 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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