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Whoever Wins... 
we lose. 
If Paul Anderson Directs 
we lose 
hats off to the comedy stylings of Kinnan and Kell 
I have never been stung by a bee. Or a wasp. 
Many years ago I had a kitten and his paw got
stung by wasp or bee or something and his paw
swelled up bigger than his head.

it was horrible......but yet somehow amusing.

oh FYI he survived and is still around. 
Sale Royal Jelly And Pure Honey 
I am the director manager of XinXiang City FengJing Apicultural Co.,Ltd. Now our company have researched abundant of fresh Royal Jelly and Pure Honey. In order to meet market��s demand and considerate consumers health protection, our company want to look for new companions in foreign countries. Every year our company can gain fresh Royal Jelly more than one hundred Ton, Pure Honey is more than three thousand Ton. We will guarantee the qualities of our productions, besides, we can offer you the mutual wholesale prices. If you are interested in, please connect with us.
Warm Regards,
Li Baojun
XinXiang City FengJing Apicultural Co.,Ltd
T: 86-0373-5411569
F: 86-0373-5413063
M: 13783733301 
I Wonder 
...did he just Google search for 'bees' to find messageboards to sell his honey-laced wares to? 
Li Baojun 
I want some of this royal jelly!

Can you email me directly, I've been meening to buy cases of it to increase the size of my phallus. thank you! 
<-- Pint Of Royal Jelly For Drunk Bees !! 
I Mean It As No Exaggeration When I Say: 
Post #106 is the greatest post in the history of the func_msgboard. 
ah...the good old

XinXiang City FengJing Apicultural Co.,Ltd

as my grandfather used to say:

"son, dont buy your honey from anywhere else, our family has been using XinXiang City FengJing Apicultural Co.,Ltd for the last 120 years for all our honey." 
Hahahah Uwfan 
yo bees are very gay liek u people 
Help Please! 
Hi all
I'm an university student and have a homework to analyze a system in which there are no people taking part. So I choose bee system and I have to analize this.
Do you know a source of info ?
Everything about the bees will be helpful for me...
Thank you in advance
Now That's The Best Post Ever 
(that other thread was way too much bullshit to handle.. and I'm not a negative person so take that for what it is) 
coming here to sudy bees is like going to an American Irish themed pub (usually means putting up a Guinness sign)to study the Emerald Isle. 
but I bet sudying would be more fun. Unless that is a term for blowjobs that I don't know about. 
Somewhere in this thread is a Japanese businessman (bees-nessman?) selling something. He left contact info. Find him and let him know! 
I got stung by a bee the other day, on the back of my leg. Only once, but it hurt like buggery and was still aching and itchy for several days. Ow. 
Worker Bees 
judge where to go from the queen's dance.

Also, they build the beehive out of hexagons.

a few months a go a bee got stuck on the inside of my t-shirt when I was at a club (what was it doing in there?) and stuck me 7 times in the shoulder before I noticed and got it out.

...It still hurts :( 
Stuck = Stung 
yeah its late. Kill this thead plz, bye 
Thead = Thread 
you suck 
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