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Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack

I'm organizing a Q1SP map pack for anyone interested. Everyone is welcomed to submit a map, but I will only be including maps that I feel are polished and fun. So far Zwiffle and Jago are on board, and I'm going to make something as well.

The only rules are that it be done using the DKTe3 .wad, (DKT Norway) that it is finished no later than the first week of December, and that it is no more than 1000 brushes.

This is not a contest, but I'm sure Shambler et. al, will be glad to give at least a small review to each map that makes it in -- so you can at least get a small amount of praise for your work. (or ridicule as the case may warrant)

The wad can be found here: courtesy of nonentity/Grind.

Good luck, have fun, and long live Quake.
go finish your qsp first, bastid 
I've long been looking at DKT Norway textures and wondering why they were so underused. I can only recall 2 "major" maps using this set, Lilith from Vondur and a SP map from KONA. I also think that 1000 brushes is a much better limit than 100 brushes. You can actually make some beatiful things with this and yet you are still quite limited at the same time. I'm in.

And no, I haven't abandoned my other Q1SP project :) 
Good idea, great for forthcoming season and proper winter vibe. Personally I think you should be allowed some other winter textures in there too but hey I'm sure DKT E3 will work fine.

Good luck guys, I will definitely be interested in the results. 
I need a small clarification: does the "DKY Norway theme" imply we can ONLY use the textures from that WAD or does it mean that we should primarily be using textures from that WAD? Ihope it's the latter. 
You're Also Allowed To Use Wizmet1_2 
I Think Bl1tz Means 
It's DKTe3/idbase of course. 
/me Hugs Wizmet1_2 
A Few Questions 
should we,

hold off on showing Beta shots of our work?

1000 brushes, does that include structural brushes and function brushes, or just structural in the 1000 count? 
that includes bmodels as well...

Empty Title 
I plan on not showing the map until it's done and yes, 1000 brushes means bmodels are included in that number. 
Headthump -- I would hold off...

Jago -- I'm going to say only the DKT wad simply because I really don't wanna see any Quake textures, as that kinda defeats the point. That being said, obviously clip, skies, and other "necesary" textures are allowed, but refrain from using the structural texs. 
OK Great! 
But,my questions are:
1)SP or DM >ctf-ra...
2)Day, exactly when
3)Sending, (To which e-mail?)

bye! QUAKE is the Best! 
I Have Found 
some of the textures in the wad have some overbright issues -- specifically, wellside2 and support01. 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
1) See topic...

2)I'd like to have all maps in by December 1st, but it won't be considered if it's later than December 4th.

3) Send your maps (.bsp, .map and .txt) to -- please .zip or .rar it. 
If you need to make coloring changes to correct fullbrights, that's fine. 
just a simple darkening with Wally will do it. 
Texmex Has A Lovely 'remove Fullbrights' Feature 
i suggest you use it or face the horrendous effects that happens to Vondur(tm) maps 
i will kill you 
fullbrights and overbright are not the same thing. 
And Also 
gl_fullbrights 0 in FitzQuake if you need to turn it off for a particular map. Or something similar. Correct me if I'm wrong, Metl! 
New Wad, Then? 
If there are fullbrights in the wad and someone has corrected them, do they fancy posting the new wad for those us who can't bothered? Saves effort.

Oh yeah, I might make one. I think I can just about stretch to 1000 brushes before I run out of ideas.

I have been retexturing some old temple based maps to get a feel for this texture set.

With a reshading in Wally, the results aren't so bad. The brick portion of the testures blend in well with the other bricks (support01 is actually a bit loud in contrast to the others unmodified). There is a slight loss of high end noise in the snow portion as it now looks slightly peed upon.

I'll try your recommendation, blackpope and see which is the more tolerable version. 
Yeah there are a few textures in this set in addition to the ones Headthump mentioned that have fullbright issues.

What do people reccomend as the best course of action? I messed around a bit in Wally but got frustrated because it was coming out a bit off...

Hehe... course of action = = beg and grovel to Kell, send him .wad, upload fixed .wad upon its return to you. 
yeah, im aware that obrights and fbrights are different. But the DKT wads DO have heinous fbrights lurking in them. (run lilith.bsp in software - von will now kill me 2x)

as for obrights, well...could you enlighten us? Because until now I've never seen the term used... 
well, if some of the textures have "some overbright issues" and the solution is "a simple darkening with Wally" then my assumption is that the guy means the textures use such bright colors that in engines that support overbright (winquake, fitzquake, darkplaces) the texture will wash out to white in brightly-lit areas.

Or, he could have meant to say "fullbright" and was simply confused. 
What What'is Name Said Is Correct. 
The reference to snow was meant to give it away what I meant earlier without getting bogged down in the detail.

I particularly dislike washed out overbrights, even if it is a more realistic effect.

The textures do need to have the fullbrights removed though. I don't mind doing it manually. Just a seek and destroy mission with the eye dropper tool in Wally. 
Removing Fullbrights 
There are quicker ways of removng fullbrights from a texture, particularly if the texture has a lot of them. One is to import the texture into QMe, strangely enough. Make a model with a skin the same size as the texture, then import the texture in question as a skin for the model. Select skin pallette map editor from the view menu, and clear the tickboxes next to the two fullbright rows. Qme will automatically map the fullbrights to the nearest colour that's not a fullbright. Export the texture again and it's done.

The second way would be to make a custom palette in your image editor of choice(I use gimp for this). Just make a palette that doesn't contain the fullbrights, convert the image to that palette, then convert it back to the regular quake one. Make sure you have nearest match for the conversion, not dithering. Otherwise you'll get noise on other parts, or might even get fullbrights again when you do the second conversion.

I've not had a look at these textures, so if there are only a few with 4 pixels wrongly fullbright the above is probably too much hassel. But if you've got a lot of textures to deal with, a production line using those tools should be much quicker. 
The Problem Is Solved Easiest In Wally 
Simply take the textures that are coming fullbrights for you (don't bother combing through the whole set, we DO only have a little while to finish this :)) extract them to .mip. GRADUALLY decrease the brightness until the fullbrights are gone. Rename it so you don't overwrite the original in case it doesn't work, and just apply it. It took me literally a minute to do.

Don't worry about snow coming out too looks fine after darkening slightly in Wally.

you can just copy and paste each image in texmex, assuming you have fullbrights disallowed in the options menu. 
Texmex does not clear all the fullbrights when using Fitzquake or Darkplaces as the engine. But they do disappear in GL.

Do I remember something about a 'stray' fullbright? 
He He 
Don't worry about snow coming out too looks fine after darkening slightly in Wally.


It is Quake afterall. Even the snow should be grimey.
Texmex does not clear all the fullbrights when using Fitzquake or Darkplaces as the engine. But they do disappear in GL.

glquake doesn't support fullbrights at all. 
Ah, that explains it, thanks. But it's a bugger that Texmex isn't clearing all the fullbrights: I don't think I would have the patience to clear the leftovers by hand.

Perhaps someone has already done it???

Although, thinking outloud, if I could tell from within Texmex (or other package) which textures had fullbrights, I could simply select a texture set from the .wad that did not include any fullbrights. 
I'm going to extend the deadline a few more days because of this .wad fiasco. I really should have checked it out beforehand.

The new date is Decemeber 6th.

Sorry for the confusion. 
I might be going over the 1000 brush limit... but only by a little. 
I can't bend EVERY limit I've set so far. Keep it at 1000 or under Zwif...or else some goons will come to your door with leadpipes -- and they won't be there for some kind of home-makeover reality show if you get what I'm saying. 
With 1000 brushes, you should be able to make just about anything. 
Re: Hahaha 
I'm at about 500 now, and I've only got one room detailed. But then, you'll never know if I go over unless you count every single brush in the map!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
in gtkr: there's a mapinfo box which displays brush count, quark407 has the same thing... 
shhh, don't let them know man. 
we wouldnt have to count every single brush in the map, just count to 1000. And since the 1st room is 500, we can just scratch that off and start counting at room #2.

Blitz Organizing A Q1SP Map Pack! 
omg! Im definately IN 
The idea is that you stick with the rules of the contest, aye? That's part of the challenge and theme, learning to work with the 1000 brushes rather than the usual Quake limits. 
You Guys Suck 
Now I have to start a new map. :( I'll just work this map into a proper man then, I s'pose. 
man = map

freud? are you there? 
Is it OK if I use the lava textures from knave.wad? I think they are the best lava textures in any q1 wad I've seen, and that's the only tex from knave.wad I'd use. Pretty please? 
Fuck You Speedy 
Well, I've downloaded the Daikatana texture set, and for sure there are good stuff in it... but just some questions about your "pack wishes"... Globally I think it's a good idea but, did you fixed a kind of "target date" for the map(s) delivery ?? What is/are the theme(s) you would like ?? You mentionned winter/snow theme... but is is really enough to start with ?? And so are the designers fully free to build whatever they want ?? etc..etc.. So, I think some "general" guiding rules, or something like this, should be great to "drive" each mappers in order to have a real pack consistency.. Do you agree ?? or not ?? That were just comments coming as evidences to me... 
build whatever you want with the texture set by 10 december.

anyone correct me if I'm wrong. 
Thousands apologizes, I've read too quickly the thread's "header", and all the informations are here, and I missed it... Well, If I have time I will try to build something for you... 
It's December 6 
JPL -- build something with those textures, keep it under 1000 brushes, and make sure it has some kind of snow/ice somewhere in the map (but don't make a QMD style house with 1x1 texture of snow inside of an ice cube tray inside of a freezer) 
... I'm very disapointed about your last meany advice about my "mapping potential"... *sigh* 
W Hat? 
To what are you referring JPL? 
I refer to this...

... snow inside of an ice cube tray inside of a freezer...

I'm not so stupid to build an "cubic snowed freezer" map... errrr... like I've seen for Unreal DM (Hamster Cage, or Bathroom, or Freezer ....)... cool DM levels indeed.... anyway...

... So don't be afraid, I'm not angry... I was just joking... bleh... 
Yeah...hahaha you misunderstood me too. I was just making a joke aimed at everyone, not you. Anyone who knows QMD's maps knows that he always used to make 'real world' maps, so I was just mentioning it as a point to stay with in the theme of the texture set. No jab at you. 
Thanks for these precisions.... 
Ice Cube Tray is out?

Fixed WAD 
Could anyone PLEASE post a fixed WAD file? 
Give Me A List Of What Textures You Need Fixed Jago 
Where's the nazi texture's damnit! 
so can we use idbase for this contest? 
A Few Years From Now 
I will be in the middle of playing the latest title from Raven Software, and something will show up that looks like it belongs in the Slip Gate Complex and it will make me mutter -

"Hey, how did that get in there?"

-- before the 'ping' goes off in my head. 
Scampie Works For Raven Software 
Wrong thread, but are we allowed to know what you are working on Scampie? (maybe reply in general). 
i dont think we are 
In Order To Promote Excitement... 
In order to promote some excitement in this thread after being blatantly clusterfucked by another thread(that will remain nameless), I want to see what people have been working on!!

Post your sexy screenshots now!

I will start. 
Not nearly as impressive, but I still have ~100 brushes left to work with!! 
I Like Zwiffle's Better 
What Is That Hanging In The Middle Of The Air? 
Xmen Legends 2. No more about me here, just ask in the General Abuse thread if you want to know more about me. 
Apropriate For All Those Who Haven't Posted Screenshots: 
Nice, I'm excited about these, proper winter theme is cool. I like the snow on the ground in Blitz's. W3rd. 
Get on #tf -- I am lonely and confused. 
don't worry. My shot will be coming soon. Dumb holiday getting in my way. 
My Map 
So far, I've tried getting started on a map for this over a dozen of times already. Yesterday I finally managed to build a single room that can be made into something interesting. I am quite afraid that I simply won't be able to meet the competition deadline.

Just Work On It 
It doesn't have to be the best, my map is shite, but I'm almost done with everything. All you have to do is map on it, 1000 brushes isn't a lot, and with the detail you have you should be filled up in no time. Small but quality is good too.
BTW, screenie looks delicious. Mmmm... turkey... 
So Far:

Don't know if I make it 8-( 
Looks good Hrim! Hope you make it in time (you too Jago.) 
That's pretty cool.

And cold.

And is that joke old yet? 
Some Progress... 
And Some More... 
I know my map is gonna be the worst of the bunch. Probably shoulda worked on it some more maybe before turning it in. Oh well still looking forward to it. 
I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far, you guys have really put alot of hard work into these and I am grateful. It looks like it's going to be a very good pack. :) 
Hrim, that's gorgeous, really good sense of place there. That (DKT?) rock texture is exceptionally good.

Jago, that's good stuff, I'm not so inspired as it doesn't feel so wintery, but a good solid map, keep going with it. 
A Small Note 
If it's not too much trouble, try to work difficulty levels into your maps. It doesn't have to be *perfect* but enough of a cakewalk for people who want an easy run, and enough of a gauntlet for those who are into sadomasochism. 
RE: A Small Note 
Seeing as there are 6 days left 'till the deadline and my map consists of only 3 rooms thus far, I don't think my map will be a challenge to anybody. I'll see if I find time to put in diff skill settings though. 
Damaul made Damaul3 (lol, forgotten the name) in about 20 hours.

6 days is 144 hours. Halve that for sleep, eating, and other essentials, approx 70 hours.

70 > 20 - 3 rooms = you do the maths. 
I Am No Damaul 
So? You've got 3 1/2 times longer to work with AND 3 rooms done already... 
Jago, from your screens, only real comment I have is that the light on the bits that open to the sky seem really bright, while the rooms seem very dark, even under the skylights. May want to do something about that. 
6 days is 144 hours. Halve that for sleep, eating, and other essentials, approx 70 hours.

You might have a future in management at a game developer. 
12 hours a day mapping? I know we're supposed to be hardcore, but damn we gotta take a 10 hour break sometime, bler. 
Metl, EA here I come!

Zwiffle, well, it's crunch time (for Jago), isn't it?? 
Don't Worry 
"crunch time" is only temporary.

like... until you die. 
I really fucking hate mapping under pressure, but at the same time this is something I do very seldom, so I�m interested in what I can accomplish. So far, it looks like the map is turning out to look similar to my old Unreal SP maps, in the sense that it�s blatantly linear. Contrary to that, apinaraivo.bsp (which I have now been working on since early summer, I think) has a MUCH more complex and interesting layout. I guess it�s just because under time pressure, there is very little time to try out multiple ideas in any given area to see which one works/looks best. You don�t have the luxury of being able to create/tweak/delete an area 20 times in a row until you get something you are truly satisfied with. 
The DktE3 wad is lacking in a few functional textures like the teleport and has few light emmiters as well.

Mind if we fudge it a bit on those? I just need a few solid fullbright textures to make it work, and the teleporter. 
I think I'm done now, finally, once and for all, with the map. I've got skill settings and everything implemented properly. I can't get on mIRC currently for some reason but I'll keep trying. I'll send you the .zip when/if I get on. Just thought you'd like to know. 
Oi -- Stupid Internet 
Sorry for not answering questions for a few days, I was without the blood that sustains my vampire-esque lifestyle. (the internet)

Jago : Don't worry's really not that formal. Your map looks fine and I'm sure it will turn out great.

Headthump: Go nuts.

Zwif: Ok. I should be on IRC now that I have a connection again...if you can't get on, send the .zip to teh_blitz at comcast dot net. 
Don't Worry, 
I came up with a solution involving lavalamps.

Map is nearly complete, I'm in a deleaking mode though -- brrrr. 
It Is Due By 
12:00 PM GMT time? 
No...not Due Til The 6th 
Big Thanks! 
Got Your Map Zwif 
You need to send the .map file as well. 
Just some minor fixes and adjustments on the skill settings (Hard maybe too killa) and I am done, done, on to the next one.

Sorry I never posted pics, but time was limited until this very weekend. 
I don't see your e-mail address listed. Where can we send it? 
Zwif: Ok. I should be on IRC now that I have a connection again...if you can't get on, send the .zip to teh_blitz at comcast dot net.
Ahhh, Thanks 
I read through the posts and missed it. My eyes are just droopy mangled attachments at this point 
I wonder if you've noticed this: the .map file I sent you along with the map is slightly borked. It contains a trigger_counter, it works ok, etc, but... it doesn't have a brush accociated with it :) Must've deleted it by mistake when I was fixing those texture misalignments. 
I was working on a Q1SP/DM map for your Winter/Norway pack, but while I'm really late (today is the scheduled date... and I'm not really ready, because of the birth of my last daughter essentially...), I guess you will understand why I'm not able to deliver anything... I'm really sorry not to participate to this pack... grr...
Anyway, I will try to release my map later, (which will be based on the DKT3 texture set, but I'm afraid it will be build with more than 1k brushes ..sorry...), hoping before the start of Xmas holiday... 
See Folks 
this is the kind of stuff that happens when you breed. 
Yes, I agree, but that's life... 
Blitz, Did You Get My E-mail? 
Oh, Wow, 
congratulations on the spawning thing, JPL 
So it's FMB from you to from now on!

Many nappy returns.

(mmmm, I wonder if that translates into French with the same amount of unbridled hilarity as in the English?)

Regards to Mrs JPL too - I'm sure she played her part. 
Congrats JPL 
Nice news :) I hope you still have time to map between getting 2 hours of sleep a night and helping out with le bebe.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a map...Zwif, Jago, Headthump, and Hrim. There is still 5 more hours to send in a map before the pack officially closes, so don't be shy if anyone else out there is working on a map. 
... thanks for the congrats, but most of the job was done by my wife... and don't be afraid, I however find time to map... ;D... 
Are the maps availiable for download yet?
Sorry if this has already been answered, but i can't be bothered to read through... :) 
Blitz hasn't released them yet. Something about some hostage situation with scampie in #tf. 
He He He! That Sounds Interesting, 
but I'm afraid if I ever check out what is going on in IRC I will get hooked again like I did in the mid 90's.

take your time if you need to clean some things up, add linking level changes or what you may have planned, Blitz.

My only concern is not stepping on your release date with the release of a two map pack I have planned soon, so an ETA might be helpful. 
Headthump: lol. No one cares about your 2 map pack enough to not download this pack. Don't flatter yourself. 
figured you would say something like that. 
I will have the last laugh 
bitches like you don't mean shit to me anymore. 
And It Wasn't A Matter Of Flattering Myself, 
I was being considerate of Blitz's timing. 
And Blitz, 
if you do choose to include my map, please delete the thanks I tribute to Mr. Fuckwad there. It would be highly appreciated on my part. 
Jesus Dude. 
chill. I just meant that having more than 1 map released at a time isn't stepping on any toes. 
No one cares about your 2 map pack enough to not download this pack.

It appears here you were deriding my level making ability. I now know you reacted this way because you thought I was being an ego maniac so you jumped the gun.

Put some thought into these things before you make assumptions.

I asked about the timing earlier because Blitz (I'm sure it was in jest) mentioned the sm_40 contest stole some of the Norway pak's thunder and I wanted to know if it was cool with him to release something close to the date of that pak's release. 
Kinda Lamey 
one map is worthwhile of a news post, while shouldnt two maps? Also considering we're not excactly SWAMPED with news items here on func.

Of course my opinion has never counted for more than a cookie. 
Shows What I Know 
he has even 'released' it yet

fucking slackers 
Whoever gave you a cookie for your opinion was seriously ripped off. 
I'm working on the start map now...but I have a question for everyone. Would you prefer it if the start map was the kind where each teleport went to each person's map? Or the kind where there are teleports for the various difficulty levels, and then you just play through the maps like a unit?

Personally I would prefer to do the latter, just because I think it makes the pack feel more connected, but if I did choose to do that, you would have to change your level ending to fit the next map accordingly. Nothing major, just make sure the end of your map doesn't clash with the map ahead of it. 
Later Sounds Good. 
Mine ends with a gate, so no need to change that, at least I wouldn't think.

There are a few minor things I have noticed since submitting my map I would not mind changing, like the silver key, due to backing up the entity part of the map seperately, I have two keys in that position. Does not effect the game, but still, it does give you a bit of a wtf? when the silver key is tagged. 
First Option's Better 
unless the maps are going to be edited to seem like a coherent unit. 
Start Map 
First option, so accumulated weapons and ammo don't fuxor the gameplay of subsequent maps. 
Opcion Numero Uno 
Blitz I asked you a while ago if it was gonna be like a an actual episode type thing, so that coherency wouldn't be a problem. An actual episode would be kickass, but I have to agree that option 1 is probably best because of the way the pack was handled. But maybe after this you can host an actual episode pack thing under a different theme. 
Oh Yeah... 
Didn't think of ammo...oh well =/

1st it is! 
My Suggestion... to go for type 1. Even if 2nd option would be best, but it would have neeeded some advance planning i.e. distributing among contestants(is this a real word? I'm not sure)which weapons to put in the map and establish an increasing level of difficulty in monster placement as the episode progresses... Obviously this would take some knowledge of who's gonna send a map in, but leaves even space to squeeze in the middle some late arrivals, provided that they're told which weapons they cannot put in...

Just a rant early in the morning after a night of musical&alcoholic mayhem... any corrections to my english are greatly appreciated, I'm not really able to organize thoughts properly..... 
Re: Silent's English 
Dude you speak English fine. Don't worry about it. 
...Thanx, Zwif.... 
...luckily today my brain has fallen back into place so I can articulate a little better... waiting for holidays, and 1000b pack... and sm82(where has it gone?)... and sm40 contest results... and Headthump's 2 pack.... whatta xmas! 
Please don't tell me you are actually going to finish the start map and release the pack on Cristmas day. 
Some Of Us Celebrate 
on christmas eve...

and I want a hannukah release aswell...

The Start Map... 
what about putting a rune at the end of each level, then going back to the start map, and after all the runes are collected, unlocking a final end boss fight or something? a lovely throwback to the original q1sp i might say 
How About 
you release the damn thing already 
or that. ;) 
Sarcometer Just Broke... 
Pack Is Uploading... 
Thanks to everyone who participated! 
...Nice! Don't understand why not making it news, though.... 
What's Wrong With My Map Again? Yeah, I Am Still Alive 
Hi there,

What's wrong again with my maps? 2006 now.
I just got T-Boned by a firetruck in february and getting back in shape at the hospital. 5 ribs broken, 35 stitches on my stomach because I got a diaphragm rupture and liver stomach went into my upchest; 5 fracture of the pelvis.
Then I got an blood clothe pulmonary ambolia.

Close to "real" death this time, in 'real world'.
Weekend I am at home since yesterday, then I'm at hospital for physiotherapy monday to friday.

Cheers everybody.
Jesus Qmd 
its a great thing you're still alive...especially blot clots, they are SCARY! take care, and heal well! 
Might As Well Carry On The Tradition 
I'd hate to have blued clouts,

all the best to you QMD, hope ya come out the other end in good shape... 
Well, it is a miracle you are still alive ! I wish you all the best in the future.. 
Bloody Hell... 
...and I thought an infarction was scary. Well done on the survival QMD. How many of your nine lives went on that one :) All the best to your family in these times.

PS: Apologies to Poms for the 'bloody' in the title, apologies to Canadians for the 'hell' in the title. 
QMD's Ice Cube Trey Map 
Hello people!

I'm still alive, 10 years after that firetruck blood party in my pants ramping rave in the street (that was in 2006..). 10 years, goes so fast...

Are you still mapping QMD?
Of course I do. Well, I was in �off� mode of it for the past 6 years and few months ago I took back at it, still in HL2DM maps.

What is that project you on buddy?
Something related with the initial movie of TRON, back in 1982. Making it around the FLYNN ARCADE. Preview here:

The link to QUAKE MATRIX you posted before is broken, any good one?

Question, is my friend Scampie still in the videogame industry? cool buddy

JPL: Don't be scared, these jokes are for me ;)
Actually, that was the only result you can get for a map as I was using a so crappy map editor called DEATHMATCH MAKER by Virtus.

Cheers all & keep on mapping 
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