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Coma - New Single Player Level For Quake
This is my first quake level. Try it out.

I hope you will enjoy it.

---mod's note---

no screens were available officially, so i decided to make ones. the map rocks btw, go play it now!
Excellent Map 
Play asap! Looks old but gameplay is solid. 
fucking amazing!
design - oldskool id quality
gameplay - loads of nice tricks and funneh gameplay setups
item balance - quite ok, had bad health in the middle but everything went smoothly in the end

ankh, you rock! keep 'em coming! :)

oh and here's the demo of my FIRST run, enjoy! (1,2mb dzipped) 
I don't really share the opinions of czg and vondur. It's ok. Doesn't look all that amazing imo, but it's adequate. Varied lighting, some rooms are super bright and some are pitch dark. The gameplay's not all that fun, but it 's adequate. I got stuck after the silver key. I didn't know what to do, so I quit, so I'm judging up to that part. It's OK, solid first map, but nothing spectacular imo. 
I enjoyed playing it. All-in-one Zwiffle said everything I could mention here. I finished the map without any problems:)
-added to 
It took me a lot of time to pass it thru because of 2 things: almost all the time I had <50 health and died many times, consiquently had to load again and again, also there were some places where I had no idea where to go. But I finished it!

Design is good for the first map (crusified zombie near the silver key was my favorite bit). Nice oldskool theme. Gameplay is interesting in places but not everywhere. And the size... really impressive for the first map.

Keep on mapping, you'll give us some really good q1sp maps if you learn more about design and gameplay. 
I like the old school look and the gameplay looks pretty nice, althogh I haven't played it, it was fun watching vondur do it. 
for a first map, there is some very nice and varied ideas going on here. I liked the gameplay a lot, tough but not unbeatable. I found plenty of health lying around on medium. ammo was just right.

Looks wise, it's ok, squarish designs and lighting could use more work. Texturing was good though and the size of some areas was very impressive. SOme nice details too, like the broken tele and the crucified silver key zombie.

Keep it up, build on your design skills and there will be some truly great stuff. 
didn't you already release a map? one with a big anhk filled with lava on the floor or something? O_o 
...J P Lambert gonna hit yo up side the head for that one necros. 
my mind is falling apart behind my eye. 
I�m really happy that you generally liked the map. It was a pleasure for me to see Vondur work thru it. In fact it was the first time I saw somebody play the level. If someone has recorded a demo on hard please send it to me or post it here.
Some background
The whole layout and all rooms were built some 4-5 years ago. That�s the reason for the oldskool look and squarish design. Then I have reached the compiler limits and abandoned the work. Early this year I wanted to check what is going on in the Quake world and was sooo surprised. I discovered all the great maps packed with tons of monsters, and also the speedrun demos. Then I decided to finish my work. I have added much more monsters and ammo, changed the brushwork here and there, and I have interconnected as many rooms as possible.
I agree, the layout and design is not as good as it should be, I tried to compensate this thru gameplay.
Easy skill is meant for newbie players, most of the �interesting� monsters are removed so it can be really boring for an experienced player. Maybe speedrunners will use this skill.
I think hard skill is survivable at first try, but needs careful approach. I really would like to see a demo of such run. 
good to realise that the map didn't end up the trash bin, but was polished and released instead.
you rock, ankh! 
Oldskool Indeed 
Good gameplay and ammo/health balance. Textures were OK but with weird scaling on some faces. Lighting had way too much contrast and no oversampling.

Gameflow was sometimes unclear but functional. Some areas and combats felt very haphazard. Nice touch with the broken teleporter.

Overall a solid first release with good gameplay.

Ankh: What kind of technical limitations did you exceed before? 
Possible Problem With File Download 
It is possible that there will be problems with file download from the specified link. If this happens could someone host the map for me? Thanks. 
I don't remember it very well. I was building the map in pieces and tested them separately because my computer was so slow during compiling. After adding another piece of the level (it was the underground chamber with slime) I encountered a crash whilst compiling the bsp (as far as I can remember). There was a problem with to many entities. I think the problem was because of the compiling tools.

What do you mean with no oversampling? 
Sure Thing 
By no oversampling I meant that you didn't use any of the -extra or -extra4 Light options, which is normally used for release builds. This usually improves lighting pretty much and with the -gate 1 option (which you already used), it would only have taken a few minutes.

I can only assume that the fullvis took quite a while on this map ... 
AguirRe - How Could I Forget About This 
I have used the wrong bat file - without the extra option. Such a mess. Now it's too late, i guess, since the map is already released. Would it be problematic to play already recorded demos on map recompiled with the extra4 option? I could swap the files.
Vis didn't take too long - only 18 minutes on Celeron 1200MHz - I think it is becouse there aren't many interconnections between the areas.

Gib - thanks for cooperation 
Don't Worry 
This map doesn't have so many clear shadow contours (and it's also very dark), so I don't think it's that detrimental. I'm no expert on demos, but I don't think that the light data should make any difference. 
Would it be problematic to play already recorded demos on map recompiled with the extra4 option?

No, it wouldn't be at all. Demos will still play as usual even if you rename another map into yours. 
I Have Replaced The Files 
I have rocompiled light with extra4 option and tested the oversampled version on vondurs demo - everything seems to work. I have replaced the files. The link didn't change.
Now I need help from Gib ;) - could you also replace the files?
Sorry for the confusion. 
does it look better? 
Good Question 
There is not much difference. If you have downloaded the first version you can stay with that. 
* Play infomation *

Single player : Yes
Co-op : Yes, but was not tested
Deathmatch : Yes

Deathmatch ? dont work!!! :( 
Trinca - You Are Right 
Wrong information in txt file. 
Screenshot Links 
are broked 
I like that map, i've finished it in 16 minutes on hard lvl xD pure gameplay, good work. 
they work now, there were probs at my isp... 
nice oldschool 
Tried once, died after accidentally falling onto a Fiend. Design was inspiring enough for me to try again, just looked through with god on. Gameplay seemed okay, design needed to be better - need to start with a smaller map and work on quality and coherence first, size second. 
Meh 2. 
"Design wasn't inspiring enough" etc etc. 
co to za gowno jest
smierdzi tylko i nic
popraw te twoje dzielo 
Good gameplay, good ammos/health balance... I just can complain about some weird texture use: I think the main problem is the coherence into the map... you constantly switch between "medieval" and "base" textures, that gave me a strange feeling about this map... Architecture design is not really inspired like said Shamy in his previous posts.... BTW, you only used ID standard textures, so just take a look at ... you will find here many cool textures !!
Furthermore, I was about to finsh the map when an error occurs (no Free Edicts) during the last big fight in the huge rune hall... It seems I reach limitation of the engine here.... anyway, it was not a problem while I killer almost 130 monsters, and had really good fights.... he he he...
Nevertheless, for a first map, it's really a good start, but I again fully agree with Shambler: you should work on design, coherence, quality, on shorter map before starting huge ones... Keep it up guy, you're on the right way !! 
Hi JPLambert 
I was already worried about the fact that you didn�t write anything about my map :). Thanks for your post. I fully agree with you and Shambler - if I ever commit another map it will be shorter and better design (I hope:). But this was my first one, and I had so much fun building it that it got bigger and bigger. Anyway I�m pleased that you liked the gameplay/fights because that was what I was concentrating on. And... he he, I never thought that many of the textures I have used are base textures, but you are right. Next time I will do better.
Strange the edict problem you encountered. I was testing so many times with aguirRes engine and never got it during the final fight (it appeared only on nightmare with cheats on � but in another place).

Thanks to all, who shared they opinion about this map. It all was exciting first time experience for me :) 
Edict Overflow 
Strange, I've also tried hard to provoke that error but haven't managed to no matter what I do. It seems to stay beneath about 582 at all times, even when using god/quad/RL on Hard. 
I forgot to say it was using the Quake Killer Pack. This one allow some extra cool weapons.... sorry... It seems it comes from the use of the pack... sorry for this lack of informations... Sorry for the stress... he he he... 
What Is Quake Killer Pack!?? 
Anyway, from time to time you can get edict overflow on skill 3 in the big green room, when using supernailgun. Don't touch any items on the way there. Just stand in the center of the room and shooting at the ceiling. It is hard to reproduce, maybe once on 10 tries. I wanted to record a demo, but when replaying it you don't get the edicts warning. I have also noticed that it is impossible to play demos recorded with aguirRes engines in joequake (or winquake). 
The reason for the demo/network incompatibilities is the increased capacity of my engines. They can handle and therefore also generate bigger network packages, which most other engines can't handle.

However, they're backwards compatible so they can playback normal demos or act as clients to a normal server. 
Quake Killer Pack is an mod pack which allow to have more weapons than in standard Quake game:

You have many much more axes (fire axes, vampire axes, etc..), shotguns (lite magnum, magnum, automatic), more grenade launcher (proximity mine, flame launcher, timed nuke), Rocket launcher (automatic, guided, nuke..) and many more... and dead bodies are solid... and many other features (personnal rotweiller, banana launch, etc...)

I didn't remember whereI found it (it was in 1997 something like this...errr.. in my youth.. he he.. ), but it's a really cool pack...

Email me if you're not able to found it, and I'll send you a zipped file with the stuff if possible ;)

BTW, if someone knows where it's possible to download the pack, give Ankh the information please... 
Personal rotweiler sounds good :) 
you play all maps with that mod on? 
It depends... sometimes yes, sometimes not... ;) 
just a fyi, you do know that running these mods break the gameplay for maps that weren't designed with them in mind. 
I know, I fully agree with you, but don't worry... I generaly use only the vampire axe, and sometimes the proximity mine launcher (which is much more effficient tha the standard GL)... The idea is to be "re-health" when it becomes to hard, and awith the proximity mine launcher to have much power of destruction... it have really good performances with shambler and vore BTW ... not more.... 
Thanks to your description, I managed to pass 600 edicts in the green room on Nightmare skill. It's probably caused by the relentless attacks from especially DeathKnights and it happens rather frequently.

The missiles are also edicts and with enough DKs firing continuously, the edict limit is broken. 
you could get an edict overflow with one vore in a fairly large square room. ;) 
Please Note 
that by "fairly large" necros means: a room one-half the width of the worldgrid across each edge.
He is currently working on a map he describes as "large" :P 
Have to wonder how far a half-thousand vore ball jump would get you(r remains) :) 
Duh, I thought I was so special when I grenade+rocketjumped out of that "you are gonna die here" trap but apparently the teleporter right next to it was not the end teleporter but pretty much the same. The map felt much more rewarding with me thinking I had discovered a hidden trick/glitchy end game. Weird! 
Nice to see someone still playing this map :) 
in old "original" clients quake would just crash if you made the voreball bomb to big, havent tried it the new gen clients 
I Fail 
to find the exit. killed all found 3 secrets i got a rune but then what? 
Iirc you can use the rune on that blood stained rectangular "pillar" surrounded by teleporter texture in the room where the SK was used. 
no, sorry, that's where one gets it. I exited with it. Will upload my playthrough tomorrow. 
Is the bsp download ok ?
Host_Error: Mod_Q1BSP_Load: maps/coma.bsp has invalid lump 2 (offset 2326544, size 679840, file size 3006041)
Could someone please host a zip of this.
Using rar is clueless. 
It's an ancient thread.
... Thats Quake the way id did it. 
i had same trouble, grabbed a version form quaddicted wich worked, except i couldnt exit, certainly not where spirit mentioned, i even noclipped around there :) 
I Havent Played This Map Yet? 
After almost 10 years? I must have missed it by accident. So here's first run demo, hard skill, 10 years late!

Recorded in Fitzquake. 
Orl, never is late to play a Quake map :) 
Orl. Thanks for the demo. Will watch it when I'm back home.

This map is on the limit of edicts on standard engine. It can crash if too many vorebals etc are generated on skill 2. Was my first serious map with many flaws. i have played it again after years and still wonder on some decissions I took back then.

Onethepurple- I guess the map will never be finished. It was to big for me. 
Your demo is frickin great!!!
What a ride :)
You have played it exactly as I have imagined while designing the gameplay.
You have "broken" the game a bit by escaping from the notorious death trap but you have managed to finish the map anyway. By escaping the trap your way all monsters were already teleported etc and the final combat wasn't in waves but straight in your face. Also some doors were already open so you have taken the route from opposite side.
You have been many times close to death but survived by great skills.
Thank you very much for this demo!

PS. I think we should bump some old map once a week :) 
I guess the map will never be finished. It was to big for me.

Any chance of releasing the .map for the future generations? 
You're too kind :) I honestly thought that message of "you are going to die" was just a ruse, who would have guessed it was real?

And I'm all for resurrecting an old map once a week, let me at em'! 
What Was I (not) Smoking! 
`ant believe i didnt see that exit :P 
Place Your Bets Pls! 
What would be faster:
Cheating death or stealing runes? 
PS. I think we should bump some old map once a week :)

I agree! 
My playthrough is at Youtube (sorry):
Skip to ~13:30 for the hilarity. 
Przykro nam, strona o podanym adresie nie jest obecnie dost�pna

Kliknij tutaj, aby odblokowa� t� stron� 
I Can See It 
Hey Spirit - thanks for the vid. You have found all the strangest places :)
You tackled the map pretty haphazard. I hope you had some fun.
~13:30 - It sems everybody chooses the path to death there.

Shambler - it's an old web page, it got suspended. I have tried to unblock it.
The map is on quaddicted anyway. 
I hated it until the moment where I thought I broke it. Then it became rewarding in a way. 
Thought you meant Spirit's vid. 
Web page revived:

Spirit. Didn't you like the surprise spike shooter in your face?
When making the map I thought it couldn't do much harm. Just startle the player a bit.

Orl - thanks for the speedrun demos. The map isn't very good for speedrunning - not enough interconnectivity. 
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