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Brits In #terrafusion Meet?
As part of anal banter we were thinking how many evile Brits are in #tf and thought why don`t we all meet up at some point during the summer. So we can pissed and take the mickey out of each other, etc.

Suggestion was that it could be in London, one weekend in June. So far the following people showed an interest : Me, Sock, Bal, Sleepwalker and Moz. Oh and if anyone is feeling generous, Friction would come if his air ticket was paid for.

We were kinda thinking people like nonentity, Cardo, pingu, spog etc may be interested in coming as well.

So if interested peeps could post and say when they`re free in June, we`ll take it from there.
252e ticket, what do they take me for, Nokia CEO? 
252e ticket, what do they take me for, Nokia CEO? 
This thing double posts easily. 
Its not just for people in the UK, hence Bal and Sleepwalker. Anyone in #tf is welcome to make the trek over. 
Need to decide on which weekend is everyone available for? 
That Would Be So Cool. 
But Ive only got $545 which is going towards a new PC and uh... yeah right! :P In merka here.. talk about a long flight. 
You Don't Need A New PC... 
to play quake! 
I`d Love To Come Except... 
1. You`re all cunts.
2. I don`t drink.
3. There`s no way I can be arsed to go to the city.
4. See 1. again. 
ooooooooh what if i came ? :P 
You`d be a cunt too.

But I doubt anyone is inviting you... 
Killes / Shambler 
If you came then we could have a BBQ. Spit roast Killes... actually on second thoughts that isn`t a good idea.

1. I don`t see that as reason to stop you.
2. You don`t have to drink.
3. London is not that bad. What about Birmingham?!
4. See 1. 
Shambler Won�t Show 
cause it would totally destroy his online persona. 
Sounds Good 
It`d be very interesting to see some #tf peeps in the flesh (and I don`t mean those pictures I was sent!). However, can I suggest early July instead of sometime in June? as from the start of July, I`ll have work and college over with and I`ll be able to turn up. 
Thats not good for me since I`m on me hols first week of July. 
Yeah, I`d be interested, I`ll ask pingu and than since they don`t read here much (afaik). 
are you back after the first week? 
Oh Wait 
i see you mean you`re off for a while after then

how about the weekend at the end of june (26th&27th)? 
Yeah I'd Come Too 
if somebody paid my air ticket. 
Shambler is just making cheap excuses because then somebody might actually (gasp!) know something about his real life!

Also, Vondur needs to be there. 
i`ll be drunk very quickly and will act silly. like trying to play quake or might start mapping even, or something like that. ie, i`ll be annoying ;)

and londonium is too far for me, a pity though ;) 
Chances Are... 
Me and DaZ will be indecisive, probably. 
Meh Si Teh No Brit.... 
.. but I'd be really interested in joining in on the fun. The only problem is that I don't really have the money :(...

/me thinks about robbing a bank 
No No, Gom 
Just become a prostitute! "Suck sucky, cheap cheap" and "Me ruv you rong time" usually work pretty well. Err, I mean, so I'm told. 
Im up for it, just name where/when... 
Know We Know How Rpg Makes A Living 
Id love to attend the meeting but as always..
money and visa problem .
Jet to london and back will be like 500$

How about VondurCon at some nearby city :) ? 
given RPG`s fascination with penises, it`s something you could have always guessed :) 
Better Idea 
you can all come to canada...

you can all live in my backyard... and build me a massive treehouse!

itll be fab 
1. True...
3. Getting better but not by very much...

Wrath: How do you know....I might be just as much of a cunt IRL as I am online =).

Vondur: Maybe we should go to Russia instead for Dark Cold Forest QFest Winter 2003 or something. 13 innocent Quakers, one small hut deep in the forests, Vondur`s collection of black metal weaponry, temperatures that vary from -20 to -30, a steady diet of potatoes and vodka....what could possibly go wrong?? 
you`re welcome! 
... (-.-) ... 
Maybe we should go to Russia instead for Dark Cold Forest QFest Winter 2003 or something. 13 innocent Quakers, one small hut deep in the forests, Vondur`s collection of black metal weaponry, temperatures that vary from -20 to -30, a steady diet of potatoes and vodka....what could possibly go wrong??

Not a lot really; that sounds depressingly like a LARP event :( 
friction: there are cheaper flights than 250e i`m sure (wot airline and from where dyou fly?
sham: you might wanna drink by the end...

russia sounds good but its prolly best left for a christmas time reunion. 
I dont even now if Im welcome, but if I could get away from work perhaps I can muster up the energy to join you.

Any chance of staying at someones place? The ticket is no problem, but paying for a hotel on top of it might be too much bother than it�s worth to see your ugly mugs. 
Hey Seriously 
what if i came ? i swear im not as bad IRL as on Irc, promise :P 
Hello Dudes/dudettes. 
Long time no see.
Sounds like a plan to me.

Hello Dudes/dudettes. 
Long time no see.
Sounds like a plan to me.

You can have my couch if you need it. 
You Want Me?? 
Well given Oxford is near London I can make it down, just set a date and I will hop on a bus and meet up. Word of warning though - I might try and recruit you for my world domination plans.

Oh, and if that cunt Shambler turns up then I will leave 

now folks, there you have it, the world famous qmap-spirit. :) 
thanks for the offer - i will take you up on it if I can make it down. 
Someone pay my flight! NOW! 
shit, you�re in germany. can�t you take the train? or trek through frogland and swim the bloody channel? 
Sure Wrath... 
The positive effect with that would be that I don't have to pay the flight ticket.
On the other hand... Someone pay my train ticket! Damnit!

Hmm, will check the prices within the next days.... 
Swimming Lessons (+ World Record) 
i`ll pay for it
am printing euros right now

<every body be cool this is a robbery!>


btw. wrath suggested you pay for new shoes and swimsuit. train? wot train?

Yeah... Seriously 
how can they afford to ship your ass over the english channel when they gotta fly me via the atlantic ocean!


remeber guys I only fly first class 
Oh, and if that cunt Shambler turns up then I will leave

Pingu I love you soooo much.

And that after I had decided just the other night that A2 was the best Q1DM map ever... 
Mmm London... 
is doable :) 
Which weekend can everybody make in June? 
Like Shambler.. 
How was I supposed to know that you loved my maps so?

I was looking at A2 the other day and thought it sucked. dayDream was a way cooler map. And p3a plays better. When Bal next releases a map I may unleash A4 on you all. In fact, how does this sound. Bal - release a map. Shambler - turn up at this meet & I will release A4.

And before you all think this is someone else pretending to me be..... well, you`ll just all have to believe me =D 
Yes, People Please Answer Sock. 
What weekend in June is good for everyone, then we can start to knock up a list of who is going and decide what to do. 
Any weekend is cool with me (i think..) so Im staying neutral on this one :) 
Daz Said It All. 
Then again, I may not be able to do the 7th.

How does the 14th sound? 
I`m In The Us 
if they give me a visa. :-/ 
14th Is Good 
but same as Daz, any weekend is fine for me. 
Any weekend is (in theory) fine for me, just say when. 
Im Not Gonna Be Able To Come 
since i live in the us and have other obligations.... but make sure to take lots of pictures! and dont let the inside jokes get carried away ;) 
...of Card0 , i hear he has an agenda!

According to CardO, it is nonentity who has the agenda. 
post pics on a section in this board perhaps? 
Ok Then 
Lets go with the 14th of June. We need to discuss where we`re going to meet etc. Since sock actually lives in London, hopefully he should have some ideas on this front :). 
stringfellows? :) 
For that last time;






(I admit it was a non-monetary bet, but it amused me to wind up Card0) 
I`m going to email all the lovely people who expressed an interested and see if we can sort something out. 
Hmmm I am not sure if I can make the 14th.. I need to take some time off to recover from e3 crunch, so I might be out of the country :-(

Idea For Where To Go 
Remembered that last time I was in London, I went to the Trocadero and Funland. Which was nice. Maybe we could go there.

Trocadero :
Funland : 
I'm not sure if I can escape from the living hell that is my work, but if I do, wanna meet up in stockholm for the ride down? if you're going that is. 
I don't know if I'll be going yet, I'll contact you in someway when I do. 
that'll be great. 
Go To 
lazy dog if you wanna go clubbing in the evening. really nice place.

run by ben watt and jay hannan (forget which one is part of Everything But The Girl...damn my memory!) 
Since I will not be attending, I would like to request that someone address Paul as "Pauk" for me.

Also, considering the unlikelyhood that Vondur will be there, he would probably be appreciative if someone called him a bastard, too. 
People decide or at least discuss stuff damnit! For people like me that might come flying from abroad it's necessary to know if anything will happend in advance (=soon) for buying plane tickets and stuff. 
Tis a good idea. 
don't particularly count on me. sorry. 
I can't get away from work.

so no meat meet for me. 
It Looks Like I Can Come 
wrath and aard :( 
I cannot come :(...

/me cries 
So when? 
Re : Hmm 
Well the 14th was suggested, but since there have been no replies, nothing has been sorted. As such I've made other plans and I'm busy until September. 
would suggest brits meeting this time round...
people buying air tickets from germany or wherever is a bit risky IMO.

hope you have fun on the day! 
OK, given that that failed...

Some discussion in #tf just produce 20th September as a date.

Is that OK with everyone (since we need to get this organised early if we actually want to meet)? 
Lets just say that Sept 20th is the date we're going to meet and also set where we're going to meet from the start. That way people can plan were they're going to.

Btw, count me and Sock in (again). 
im up for that. 
20th Sept... 
Hmmmm that's more like it. Now get it somewhere less twatty than London :P.

I had a cunning plan, I could come along, introduce myself as Shambler, so you could see what I look like, and then reveal absolutely nothing about myself. Genius. 
u really gonna come along?

...snap out of it daz! :) 
...think about it. 
Perhaps you could sent a frien of yours in your place, have him drink a beer with the guys, then disappear before they get a chance to talk about any mappery. 
Sounds Good 
yeah 20th of september sounds fine to me. and bearing in mind that my birthday's on the 16th, u can all get me presents! cheers guys :D 
Sounds Good 
yeah 20th of september sounds fine to me. and bearing in mind that my birthday's on the 16th, u can all get me presents! cheers guys :D 
Sounds Good 
yeah 20th of september sounds fine to me. and bearing in mind that my birthday's on the 16th, u can all get me presents! cheers guys :D 
But The Real Question Is 
Does the 20th of September sound fine to you? 
I Dunno Pushplay... 
...maybe ask Cardo he might know.

Are participants expected to like each other's company?? 
but as were going to the pub Im sure there will be lots of bottles and glasses around that you can put to good use should someone piss you off :) 
Late To The Party... 
lol, just found this thread. Did this actually come to fruition? 
No Scots Allowed. 
Oh wait, that's Kell. Same difference. 
Hugh Grant would be allowed but not Kell? 
Brits ??? 
Don't you told about Britney Spears ?? What the hell she has something to "do" with us... unless it was for blow job party ! 
... do I misunderstood something ?? 
perhaps, jpl. perhaps. 
Brits. As in the people with bad teeth from Britain. Also known as the UK, or 'those guys who lost to America 200 years ago'. 
"those guys who spawned the fucking nation that you lot managed to turn to s4wkage in just a few centuries" 
well, you guys managed to lose an entire empire. to a skinny guy. with glasses. 
What The!!!!%$� 
We in the UK are obviously superior to you Yanky-doodles. Here fatty fatty fatty, Bush, fatty. 
Seemed Appropriate 

In light of your recent failure to make the correct decision in electing your President, thus showing you to be unfit to govern yourselves, we hereby give you notice of the revocation of your independence effective as of Monday 8th November 2004.

Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she doesn't much fancy, and is frankly a bit dodgy.

Your new Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair M.P. (for the 97.85% of you unaware of the outside world), will appoint a Minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated in twelve months time to determine if any of you noticed.

To aid your transition into a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect:

1. All citizens are to look up "revocation" in the Oxford English Dictionary. While there, check the pronunciation guide for "aluminium" - this may be surprising for you. Generally attempt to raise your vocabulary to acceptable levels. Look up vocabulary". Using the same 27 words interspersed with "like" and "you know" is an unacceptable form of communication. NB. Look up "interspersed".
2. There is no such thing as "U.S. English". We will let Microsoft know on your behalf.
3. Learn to distinguish between British and Australian accents. It's not difficult.
4. Hollywood will henceforth be required to occasionally cast Englishmen as good guys.
5. Re-learn your original anthem, "God Save the Queen". Please ensure that you have complied with the first law before attempting this.
6. Stop playing American "football". There is only one kind of "football". What you refer to as "football" is not a very good game. The 2.15% of you aware of a world outside of your borders may have noticed that no one else plays it. Play proper football instead; to start with get the girls to help you - it is a difficult game. Those of you brave enough will, eventually, be allowed to play rugby, which is similar to American "football", but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full Kevlar body armour like nancies.
7. Declare war on Quebec and France, using nukes if they give you any merde. The 97.85% of you unaware of the outside world should count yourselves lucky - the Russians have never really been bad guys. NB. "Merde" is French for "sh*t".
8. 4th July is no longer a public holiday. 2nd November will be the new national holiday.
9. American cars are hereby banned. They are crap; its for your own good. When we show you German and Japanese cars you'll understand.
10. Please tell us who killed JFK. Its been driving us crazy.

Is That Going To Be Recycled Now After Every US Presidential Election? 
Because if it is, I think I'll just disconnect from the internet for a month or so after the next one. 
You mean you think you are ready for round three? Surely, you can't be serious. Are you going to be marching in unison and dressed in all red this time?

To the Tune of �nema by Tool

Some say the Brits are near.
Some say we'll see the Union Jack soon.
I certainly hope we will.
I sure could use a rousing good fight

(with a)

Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of

There in their hopeless fucking hole we call the UK
The only way to fix it is to blow it all away.
Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
Learn to swim, I'll see you down Oklahoma beach way. 
Of Course, 
I have a personal interest in this. By way of my ancestor the Lord of Fairfax, I am aproximately 220 thousanth in line of succession for the English Throne.

So, I'll Acomodate you alright, and become your King! 
I will comply provided the following conditions are met:
1.) Brits get rid of their nasty, disgusting eggs'n'pork livers mixed with chocolate cheese sauce foods and adopt Burger Kings on every corner. Starbucks will follow. (They have Starbucks in England? Oh, wait, I guess they might ^_^ )
2.) American Football stays. No exceptions.
3.) Brits quit being so faggy.
4.) Brits take it upon themselves to "deNazi-ize" those evangelist scum that voted Bush in a 2nd term. This leaves the rest of us time to move into our new mansions.

Thank you, and I look forward to spelling words with "ou". God save Princess Diana. Whatever happened to her, anyway? 
Australian Football 
is clearly the winnder out of american football and rugby. Full contact and nor armour, that's the way it should be done. 
The Geography Of Near 
Dunno how many of you read Phrack -- but there was an excellent set of short stories/essays in the last issue covering a good deal of topics, including the dissolution of the "real world's" borders.

It's pretty long, but definitely worth the read. One of the points the person makes in the piece, is that people now are so fixated on the idea of trying to get the most of regionalism; that is to say, pining for something (regional identity) and pretending that it still exists.

Before sophisticated communication, the flow of information generally took time to move back and forth, and therefore ideas and movements took longer to gain strength, and were less susceptible to being broken down by contradicting information.

So I think alot of this ridiculous knee-jerk regional bullshit that I see not only in the US, but around the world is only the product of people pretending that the place they live is actually any different than anywhere else. (It isn't. Thank you international corporations.)

It's scary too, because that is actually quite a frightening thing for alot of people. In the South US, it may seem a bit different from the North, but only because now, more than ever, people are trying to be different. 
...220 thousandth in line...

Phew, that's an awful lot of poisoning, garroting, etc. to get through. If you can do it... I'm sure the poms will open their arms to you. 
Your argument for Universal Irredential Reductionism will not get in the way of my quest for the throne. I will not be denied! 
Yes, indeed. However, it occurred to me that that list would have to include my own dearly beloved mum. I just couldn't do it, and to deny Britian a ex-convict, reformed bank robbing lesbian as her soveriegn would be to deny her richly deserved chapter in her history. 
The #tf meet did go ahead, a few of the lads turned up with their gfs (or fiancees, in Pauk's case), and someone got a pic on their crappy phone cam and posted in when drunk: 
Shambler was really drunk because he thinks I attented.

"<Shambler> popa = bottom left in that pic" 
A cunning plan.

Alton Towers.

Central in the country, great fun, basically it rocks. Better that than sitting in some stinking bar in London drinking lager at �8 a pint thinking "God you're actually all cunts IRL".

Preferably take a day off and do a weekday, too crowded otherwise.

Start early in the morning to avoid queues.

Go on all the hardcore rides until people start collapsing.

Anyone left alive eats hot-dogs until they need to be carted away by paramedics.

Kinn gets thrown in the lake.

Pub meal afterwards.

Shambler actually wants to meet people and well... come out of the shadows???!

Couldn't agree more tho, Alton Towers owns my pants, and I need to go there to get them back... 
A plan 2+ years in the making...
and Zwiffle will join in and ruin it all.

Can I come please? 
...will not be obligatory. Kell will be wearing a skirt anyway. 
Fuck Yeah 
Count me in.

Although I'm not sure I'd want to take a weekday off so soon after starting my new job. 
just checked and Alton Towers is like slap-bang next to Derby, which is where I'll be living shortly. 
I Would So Like To Be There 
you can't; limeys only. 
I Tried To Have A Yank-only Meeting 
But they didn't show up. 
I would if I could but I can't drive yet, then I would need to get a day or two off or sumthin. You'd have to get the drinks too, I'm only 20. But all those things satisfied, I would come probably. 
You'd have to get the drinks too, I'm only 20

lol, America, lol. I was gittin' tha fookin' drinks in with ease from age 15 onwards. I've only been ID'd once actually, aged 19 funnily, in some tourist pub in Cornwall, but I did have retarded raver hair at the time.

Of course, when I visited the States a few months ago, I managed to forget to bring ID the first time I went to a pub (sorry, bar), but amazingly managed to get away with it, through a combination of pleading ignorance, coupled with the fact that the friend I was with had ID and was about 35.

One of my work colleagues is in his 50s and was on a similar trip to the States. He told me he was rather flattered when they asked him to produce his ID at a bar. 
Requesting Pictures Of Kinn With 'retarded Raver Hair' 
Also wanting to go to Alton Towers, Nemesis rocked. 
Alton Towers Does Bloody Rule. 
Haven't been there for about eleven years, but have to agree with czg, Nemesis is fantastic! 
Oblivion Was Cool Too 
Almost made me pee my pants, which is cool. 
Why are all you foreign people coming to England!?

P.S. Nemesis, awesome, hadn't been on a proper roller-coaster ever, and had only been on half-arsed Disney ones a decade or more ago. Did Nem as the first one of the day, bloody hell, can't actually remember anything as my brain couldn't keep up, but it left me with jet lag =). 
Sounds good. I'd be up for it assuming it doesn't clash with my hideously busy summer.

(I'm lying of course, my only plans are for Glades in a couple of weeks and I don't have a job) 
I have to knock the level of the conversation down a notch or two to say this (and don't I always?) but:


I also really loved the Thunder Loopa single loop coaster next to the Nemesis, but I think it's been removed in the last few years. It was highly prime and the ride time was about the same as queue time (i.e. the queues were really short.)

I haven't been to Alton Towers since they built the Oblivion and certainly wouldn't mind going again if I get the chance sometime.

I have to say though, I've been on a couple of very fine rollercoasters since Nemesis, so Alton Towers better have installed some good stuff since my last trip. 
any idea what sort of date we're looking at here? 
Or have you scally charvers bottled it already? 
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