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Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters
This information is repeated on the Lost Chapters webpage on my site, with images:

The Theme

Return To Fodrian

Fodrian is a planet. Though it isn't exaclty a medieval version of Coruscant, it is flecked and pitted with numerous cities, some vaster than could ever be fully explored. While the events of Contract Revoked depicted the trial of one lone slipgater, countless other beings have visited this world down the aeons.
Daring individuals frequently invade the library-cities, hoping to steal artifacts of great power and renown.

Written on pages torn out and discarded, filed away in secrecy or scattered to the winds, these are their stories.
The Rules

Deadline - The Ides Of March
Midnight GMT March 15th 2005

Quake 1 Single Player. No deathmatch configuration. Coop optional.
Skill configurations are not required, though obviously they would be appreciated.

Working intermittently on our mod, necros and I have developed an alarming amount of content, but we have allowed feature creep to take over and have a lot more to finish than we planned. As well as being an attempt to make Zwiffle stfu about Contract Revoked 2, this pack is an opportunity to fieldtest some of our work, both for mappers and players. This material has been thouroughly tested - it is not in a beta state.
You have the option of including the following:

Flying Polyp
Cross Of Deflection
Flame Mapobjects
Sprite Lights
Corpse Mapobjects

( see the web page for images of each )

You must include at least 1 point entity from this content. We would like you to experiment with and benefit from the new stuff, but we don't want to shove it down your throats either. If you find any of the new entities inhibit your map, stick a mapobject somewhere and leave it at that.
Although simple to use, the new content has various mapping options and implications not experienced in Quake before. If you do not intend to map for the pack, we advise that you don't download and review the material. We guarantee you will enjoy it more as a player if you wait to be surprised.

1666 brushes maximum
This includes clips, funcs and triggers. The Servitor Races recognise the cosmic significance of numerology and they are seriously not to be fucked with on the matter.

Use only the knave.wad as downloaded from the link below, not as extracted from the Contract Revoked maps. The wad has been distributed around and I assume has not been modified at any time so if you already have it you should be good to go, but you may wish to use this version which has been updated to include 5 new bookshelf textures with divisions at 128 and 64 units; you might find them useful.
No other textures will be accepted.
Note that the teleport texture in the knave wad is renamed *starfluid. Do not use *teleport.

Base Monsters
No grunts or enforcers. Rottweilers are acceptable.

Contract Revoked contained no biosuits. Do not use any in your map.
This isn't really much of a limitation since the knave.wad has no *slime texture anyway, so the only value of biosuits would be to prevent drowning in deep water. If water hazard becomes relevant to your map design, you have other options in the pak.

Episode Runes
Do not put any of the episode runes in your map. This is merely a technical restriction due to the new powerups.

Contract Revoked was noted for its plethora of secrets. Your map must contain at least 1 secret delivering at least 1 item entity of any type to the player, with a corresponding trigger_secret.
Valid items include all powerups, weapons, ammo, health and keys. Monsters optional. Knock yourselves out.

A start map will be built for the pack. The maps will not be played sequentially; each map will have a separate entrance in the start map. Place a trigger_changlevel at the exit of your map and give it the key/value "map" "start"

The title of your map must be derived from the Complete Works Of Shakespeare. You read that right. It can be from any of the plays or sonnets, but it must be a quotation rather than the title of one of the works, a character's name or simply a reference. It doesn't have to relate in any way to your map and if you don't like this bit of the project, simply google for a well-known quote and paste it into your worldspawn.
Where We Lay Our Scene
What Dreams May Come
That The Stars Are Fire
More Lovely And More Temperate

For your map filename, use chapter_ followed by your chosen nick.
Example: chapter_kell.bsp

The map must run in the latest version of FitzQuake. It does not need to run in WinQuake or GLQuake, but this is preferable.

Your map must be fully vised when submitted. Lighting is optional.
Compiled bsps and uncompiled maps can be submitted to:
Write Lost Chapter as the subject line and state in the email:
the number of brushes in the map
the source of the title
if you have implemented skill settings
any other information/thanks as you want them to appear in the readme, or include your own 
The Downloads

These downloads contain all you will need to map for the project.
There are two versions, one with the uncompiled prefab maps in q3map format for GtkRadiant users and one with them in q1map format for all other editors. ( 5,212 kb )
fileplanet: ( 5,207 kb )

Install by unzipping to your /quake folder; this will produce a subfolder called /chapters
It contains the following:

Utilise as appropriate for your editor.
This map contains prefabs of all the arch structures appearing in the knave.wad with correct texture alignment and optimised brushwork. You don't have to build your arches as they are in this prefab, it is provided simply to save you time.
This is a small piece of incomplete knavish architecture. You don't have to use it, but it might give you something to work with if you find inspiration running dry.

This contains the sounds, models and progs for the custom content.

One or other of these files will be included, depending on which format version you download.
GtkRadiant uses .def, Worldcraft/Hammer uses .fgd
We don't know how other editors store their entity lists. Both .def and .fgd can be opened in any text editor so you can transfer information from them into whatever file your editor uses. If you don't know how to do that, post in the Mapping Help thread.
Big thanks to Kinn for help with the fgd file.

This tastefully transcribed treatise will be your bible for all things custom in this project.
necros and I have endevoured to explain the technical specifics as clearly as possible. Nothing here should be difficult for anyone who has completed a map before. There is also general advice on how to get the most out of our content.

Get to it, and fortune favour you. 
Kell Rocks 
That is all. 
Kell AND necros rock. They are awesome.

/me hugs Kell^.

Anyway, I'm in. Do we have to produce only ONE map? 
Necros Rocks Too 
(sorry, I didn't forget ^___^ ) 
Sounds Like Fun 
1666 brushes sounds like a really good number. No monsterous maps that people will get tired of playing mid-way through.

And I thought you said this was going to be less restrictive than the SM40 event?! ;) 
this is pure excellence.......
all this.... 
Slight Update 
We found that the .def file included in the q3format zip file included some erroneous definitions (specifically, all the corpse mapobjects had the "mapobject_" prefix which it is not supposed to have).

We have updated the zip archives on spawnpoint and fileplanet, but those of you who already downloaded the packs should either fix the definition file yourself, or download this replacement to overwrite the old one:
note: the fgd is fine.

also, take note that the links for the files are reversed atm, so if you want the q3 format, look under the q1 format area, and vice versa (hopefully that can be fixed soon).

Kell did manage to make three massive posts without tag breakage though. yerr. ;) 
I'm Excited! 
I'm definitely going to go home and have a look at this. After playing Marcher, I'm in the mood for more Q1. I also looked at apsp1 the other day, and it hasn't aged well...

This project sounds awesome and I'm sure that there will be a better turnout of maps than usual.

weeeeee! And I have grilled chicken for tea! weee!*

*I am not stoned. I haven't taken weed or anything else for over a year. I don't touch that stuff anymore. I'M JUST EXCITED!!! 
The title of your map must be derived from the Complete Works Of Shakespeare.

Kell owns.
This sounds exciting. 
That's Krazy Talk! 
apsp1 is still a sweet ass ride. I played it for the first time last summer, and I digged it whole heartedly even though I lean more to the runic/midieval in my taste.

Good to hear you plan to map for this ambitious sounding project Kell and Necros have pulled together.

Documentation for it is particurly nice. 
If anyone of you is looking for famous Shakespeare quotes to name your map after, here's a pretty nice ressource: 
I Think 
someone just needs to make a Random Shakespeare Line Generator (TM). 
I Was Just About To Write 
a Random Shakespeare Line Generator, but it's alot of work thinking of the bits. 
Does the chapters.def have any problems regarding the .map's texture directory or map name? After switching the .config to accept .def instead of the .xml, I am no longer able to input texture directories to the Worldspawn. Same with map name. As a result, when I compile it into a .bsp the map loads up textureless, except for a lone, repeating black and white checker texture on everything.

afaik, def files don't affect textures at all. i'm guessing there's some hidden setting that gets switched when you change the file from xml to def... like a different mode. i don't know much beyond this since you're using 1.5... 
I'd Bet That Someone Will Use This Title 
And thus I clothe my naked villany

and that someone will be czg 
thinking of what bits? 
Well, I'm guessing he meant a Shakespeare-like quotes generator, and not just one that grabs random Shakespeare quotes as they were. 
From This Moment Forth 
I shall never speak word. 
Aye, spog said the texture directory and map name properties only work with .ent extensions, not .def. So, that sucks. But maybe he'll try to get them to work, or there's some quick hack I can fudge with. It's not too important right now, as there's still plenty of time to figure something out. 
Man, this is looking promising - Especially with Than throwing his pimp hat into the ring. If CZG were to get his worldcraft 1.6 on as well then I'd probably cum in my shorts. 
.ent File For GTKRadiant 1.5 
I converted the entity .def file to an .ent file so it works with GTKRadiant 1.5. I haven't had the time to test the file indepth and it's not very beautiful but it _should_ work.

If you run into any problems please contact me through this thread and I'll see what I can do.

You can download the file here:

Conversion was done using a small tool I'm currently working on that converts from and to .ent, .def and .fgd. I'm going to release this tool sooner or later, just need to polish it, add some features and test it a bit more... 
thanks a lot for this, Gom Jabbar! ^_^ 
is the best german evar! 
are you doing a map for this? Also, do you use worldcraft (if so, what version) - I'd be bloody amazed if you managed to make Marcher with WC 1.6 (even on a fast pc, the old unnaccelerated wc versions run pretty slowly unless you use visgroups wisely) 
are we allowed to use skyboxes, since fitzquake supports them?

What about hipnotic func entities? 
than, and anyone else interested:

I've already made 3 new skyboxes to complement the knave.wad
necros and I decided not to include them in the downloads because of the skybox bug still present in FitzQuake. We're hoping metlslime will be able to release the new version of FQ before the final Lost Chpaters pak is complete. I understand Von has already been harassing him about it :P

The 3 skyboxes can be downloaded here:

They correspond with the conventional scrolling-cloud sky textures in the knave.wad thus:

sky_red = fodrian
sky_starfield = stars
sky_void = void

Since I consider skyboxes to be 'special' textures like sky_ and *liquids, these skyboxes are officially part of the knave.wad
Do not use any other skyboxes.

To implement, add the key/value to your map's worldspawn, e.g:
"sky" "fodrian"

Note that the void skybox panels are tiny 16x16 black squares. Even if you intend to use void for your map, the skybox is preferable to the sky_void texture because ( as with all skyboxes ) the rendering can be significantly faster.

Hope this helps. 
Hipnotic Funcs 
Hipnotic rotating entities are currently not included with our chapters progs and are not part of this event. Sorry. 
Omg My Map Got P1mped 
I might just make a map for this now, kell u fecker! :) 
not sure where to post it.
decided here cuz it's hot editing thread now
(will copy in the mapping help too)

there's a bug in info_intermission description in the entities.def that goes with gtkrad 1.4.

here's the right part, replace it if you want less puzzlement with info_intermission:

/*QUAKED info_intermission (0 1 1) (-16 -16 -16) (16 16 16)
This is the camera point for the intermission.
Use mangle instead of angle, so you can set pitch or roll as well as yaw: 'pitch yaw roll'
If there is more than one info_intermission in the map, Quake will randomly pick one.
If no info_intermission entity is in the map, Quake uses the player start.
pitch -10 (look up10 degs) yaw 10 (look 10 deg left) roll 10 (tilt 10 degs right)

set 'pitch yaw roll'

I'm not that bothered about the lack of hipnotic ents, I just wondered if there was any more stuff planned or just not mentioned in the docs. 
there is plenty more stuff planned, but not for inclusion in the Lost Chapters - the rest will come dot O_O 
Entity Definition File Converter 
Just uploaded the little program I was talking about that converts entity definition files for Quake.

Currently it only converts the good old .def files into .ent files to be used with GTKRadiant 1.5. Additional file formats (i.e. .fgd) and games might be added in the future.

You can download the program here:

Hope it's of any use to some of you... 
the 1666 brush limit exactly? 
I could drivel on for a bit in order to explain, but I don't want to spam the thread and the short answer is: to increase the chances that stuff actually gets finished. 
Yes, I made Marcher with WorldCraft 3.4, aka "Teh Hammre". I'd like to do a map for this, but I'm not sure I've got the time atm sadly, which is a shame because the theme and custom content available here is stupendously good. 
not even in two months? :( 
I always feel good when I hear that another awesome map has been produced with worldcraft - not that other editors haven't been employed to create other works of genius in the past (spogsp1, gmsp3 for example.)

I don't really have enough time myself, but I'm willing to try and make time, because I do shit at work allday and want to do something that doesn't fuck me off horrendously. 
I know the rules say FitzQuake but if I try to run a map with a light_flame_brazier_short in WinQuake I get the following Quake Error:

Mod_LoadAliasGroup: interval<=0 
it appears some stuff still managed to slip past our eyes. :\

i found out what causes this though. apparently, somewhere along the line, the short brazier's model accidentally got set two sets of framegroups (instead of one) and it appears to only bother software quake engines (tyrann's Software quake does the same).

there are two solutions to this:
if you know how to use qme, you can extra the small brazier model file, ungroup the extra frames and then replace the old brazier file, or you can download this:
which contains pak1.pak and drop that in your chapters folder.
it contains the fixed model file which will override the broken one in the pak0.pak file.

this will be fixed when we reupload the pack with all the maps in it.

sorry about the inconvenience! ^_^ 
Started mapping a bit for this project and playing around with the new features, but came across a strange problem.
Every time I load Chapters up, everything goes smoothly for about 5 seconds, at which point the game is minimized into the taskbar. If I click on it I'll be brought back into the game for a few seconds and then spat out once more. I've never encountered anything like this with Quake before, and so I'm wondering if anybody has any idea as to what I can do to resolve the problem. Has this happened to any one else? 
sounds like you've got a program running in the background that keeps asking for screentime... either turn it off or get it to stop?

sorry, that's all that i can think of. afaik, there is nothing in qc that is capable of doing that.
heh, that'd be a funny trap -- instead of getting killed, the game minimizes. :P 
Well I'll have to look into it - been away from my computer for a while...
Pretty sure that the problem lies elsewhere, but I'll figure it out eventually.
Thanks necros 
irritatingly I have a lot on at work at the moment, so haven't got any further with this map than a paper layout sketch and gameplay ideas.

Don't know if I will be able to make the deadline or even continue the map. Sorry if I seemed to have comitted to doing something. I will give it a try if I get some time. 
than just said he's making THREE whole maps for this!! 
What A Coincindence This Is Bumped Up... 
* Shambler makes a map for kell's ludicruous contest that consists entirely of secret areas full of grunts and biosuits
<DaZ> omgomgomgOMG
<DaZ> teh Shamblarr maps!
<DaZ> arb denied
* Shambler removes all arbs from the vicinity
<Kinn|Maya> Shambler: what's the title of your map? :D
<DaZ> "kinns anus makes goatse look like childrens material"
<Kinn|Maya> :(
<Shambler> correct
<DaZ> oh sorry no, thats my map title :/
<Shambler> and that is indeed a quote from one of the works of Shakespeare
<Shambler> admittedly an unreleased work...
<DaZ> an unrealised work ;)
<Kinn|Maya> DaZ: you'd have to turn someone completely inside out to achieve that :/
<redfellaq3dm5> they had goatse back then?
<DaZ> of course 
for kell's ludicruous contest
look, if you don't like our contest, that's fine, but what was that post for. O_o 
Shock! Horror! 
A #tf quote revolving around goatse! Can it be true?!?

But yeah, me slaps Shambler around a bit with a large trout for disrespectin' the Kellster. 
I Wasn't Even Aware It Was A Contest 
More like an event, I thought.

Shambler, go back to your dungeon instead of hating on people who actually encourage mapping. 
No, Your Right. 
no, you were right. it's not a contest, you can't win anything and no one is being judged. kell and i like to think of it as an event as well. i just tend to revert to the word 'contest'. d'oh. :) 
Go back to a planet where everyone has their humour gland removed, you might fit in there. 
also all testicles removed 
i-nerd go map 
I was wondering if you got the email I sent you along with the submitted map? I sent it out a couple days ago, but haven't gotten a reply yet. 
Yup, We Got It. 
what's up with the project?
it's the deadline tomorrow, how many maps submitted, when the release? give us the information!
i haven't been able to talk to Kell for a little while... i have been on msn only sporadically of late (i picked up WoW and have been playing that nearly all day O_o)

but, we did get two map submissions (that i'm aware of).

i have a map i made for it, but it's taking ages to vis (currently, elapsed time is 209h 55minutes).

i don't want to shoot myself in the foot by giving a release date that's wrong, so i'll just say that it should be 'soon'. shouldn't be any later than the end of the month though, but please don't quote me on that. (also, since i haven't talked to kell, this may not be completly accurate) 
I DL'd the resource kit for this and planned on releasing a map but, seeing how the deadline is tonight (and that I NEVER mapped before), there just isn't way I am going to make it :(

Have mercy on my soul :)

Anyway, I CAN say that there is some really cool stuff here and I am eagerly looking forward to what an accomplished mapper might do with it.

It is just too bad that there aren't more entries... 
there could be a Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters: The Lost Chapters pack, which would be made up of maps people had plannedfor the original, but never made due to time constraints :) 
Good idea! Count me in... 
I don't understand why a lot of people's maps take forever to vis. My LC map took about 10 minutes to vis level 4. I guess I just need to add a lot more detail to maps. =/ 
It's because necros used all 1666 brushes to make giant phalluses. VIS just needs that much time to properly oogle at it. 
I've been working on one for the last month or two, my first real finished and released map.. it's close to completion! Just have to tweak (heavily) monster/weapon/ammo placement.

By my calculations the deadline was 5 minutes ago.. so my submission will prob be a bit late though.. 
you'll see why when you play it. O_O 
Yohoooo? there anybody here? 
You're not very good at being Silent are you? 
i already forgot that i have made a map for this...

where's the fucking pak? 
bastid ;) 
guess they were lost as the name say... :) 
...I ain't no good at almost nuthin' ; ) 
...I'd be glad to prove my ineptitude on the Lost Chapters maps.... 
Update: there are some 'additional' elements being incorporated into the progs that I have managed so far to make a bit of a hash of, but I'm making progress slowly and steadily - code is not as obvious to me as creating purdy pikchoors. The moral of the story? Never send a goth to do a geek's job :P

Anyway, here are some screenshots from the completed maps. I won't tell you who the respective authors are: you'll just have to guess... 
at least approximantely? 
The Librarian 
Hahahahahaha, rather like the chimp, except he talks :D 
Cheers for the shots and the update. I hope things smooth out a bit for you. 
can wait to see play it!!! 
damn, no edit button, I meant Orangutang, not chimp. 

"when its done!"


screenshots looks good. [make sure the gameplay is BETTER than contract revoked] :P 
The moral of the story? Never send a goth to do a geek's job :P

That Goth has a great sense of humor. 
Kell Is Great 
...anyway! all praise to him! 
.wad Policy? 
I was thinking about starting a new topic, but I saw this one and figured it was as good as any (and it saves a new topic).

Anyway: I emailed Kell a while back but never got a response. I was just wondering what his policy was on other people using his .wad files and skyboxes. I wanted to use some of them for a standalone DM project I'm doing with Quake.

BTW - The levels are pretty great! :) 
Drat that lack of edit button.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'd be making maps with the .wad files, but possibly using replacement textures (hi-res, tga or pcx). 
you can use any wad files found on the net w/o any limitation and w/o mailing author etc.

as for the hi res textures, please for quake's sake do not use them..... 
you can use any wad files found on the net w/o any limitation and w/o mailing author etc.

That was quite possibly the most retarded thing I've ever heard you say.

From what it sounds like, Entar is making an engine mod and full on game code change, meaning it's no longer 'Quake', and is instead something new and differant... perhaps Kell doesn't want his work associated with that.

If there's no readme with the wad or nothing about it's use is specified, it's always best to try and get in contact with the original author beforehand. 
well under 'w/o any limitation' i meant just usage of the wad, possibility to edit it etc. maybe that was too wide statement, i agree. of course, any respected programmer/designer will read corresponting txt file and do what's said there, i.e. giving credits etc.
as for the mailing author, well, if there'are special conditions stated in the readme mailing is required of course.
i said that meaning all that conditions, i just lazily thought that entar realizes all that as only truth. of course i constantly keep forgetting that there are a lot of newbies around who don't understand such things ;)

so from your arrogant pov it sounded retarded, but from my pov it was rather advanced and short statement meaning i speak with the person who understand all that netiquette or how u call it ;)

bleh, i hate typing so much.... 
I Promiss Vondur! 
I will play i fteqw :) with no textures...eheheh 
Oops... Found It 
Found the .html file - it's got distribution information in there.

"If you release a map containing any of these textures, I would appreciate a credit."

Will do. 
i just don't want to let this thread to sink in the sands of time....

/me still prays for kellnecros creature to give birth soon 
i�m unger for some Drole... :) 
Almost had a late submission yesterday, but it didn't happen. Pity :(
*Kell continues making teh mess of teh start map... 
kell is alive afterall :)

/me looks to the future with hope 
Hurry hurry hurry I need me some fine quality Quakeage, plz. 
Regarding Time Table... 
How long until you finish the start map ( roughly ) and are able to package a finished product? 
Seven Days 
Only seven days to leave a quake legacy. 
Have you received my email? 
Yes, I'll reply later this evening ( Hard Drive permitting :/ ) 
That Made Me Love ... Uhm Laugh 
For Kell 
AH AH AH !!! I didn't read all the vault, I stopped to 55 but, it's really good... !! Thanks Vondur for this funny piece of cake... ;) 
Have you recieved my email yet? 
Just got it now. Thx :) Reply to follow.
Nice map.

necros: get on the hotdog, dude 
heyyy The lost chapters...??? did anybody found it???

hope some one found it soon :)

then will be!

Aaahhh... Trinca... 
...glad you did it! I didn't wanna play the bugger, but I've been itching to post something like you did... Are the Chapters lost for good? I made func_msgboard my homepage just to see when it comes out... 
Chif Chif 
i miss a new quake map :( dm or sp... 
some souls that are responsible for this project are devoured by the wow monster.... so until it hold them we will not see this pack. be eternally patient... 
big time, I wish the WOW servers could take a 1 month break, and we could see if activity online picked up alot again. 
no, necros tore himself away from it for long enough to fix0r stuff. Now it's just a little bit of polish and html.
Only days to go. 
...I just wet my pants... 
Last exam done with on Thursday... just in time to start tearing into Revoked. Neat.

Kell is my God. 
Your book is overdue. 
it's coming ... soon ;) 
How Soon Is Soon? 
(automatic thread reanimation message) 
ehehe nice one!

>(automatic thread reanimation message) 
I'm...not sure :/ Everything content wise is done from my end. I'm just waiting for necros to get back online.
If it's any consolation, the pak is looking to weigh in at ~40mb. Which is a fair chunk I reckon. 
the pak is looking to weigh in at ~40 . . . Which is a fair chunk I reckon.

A fair chunk of what? I'd reckon that's only about 1/3 of a shambler; but if you're talking about sp00ge, then that is surely and uncommonly large amount. 
humm if is 40 mb then is a real big pack!!! coolllllllll many hours off QUAKINGGGGG 
well, there's also the final map that is being compiled atm (or did you get word on that, Kell?). once that's done, and a small tiny bit of code, it will be ready. 
If you're referring to me fullvising, I must disappoint you. I haven't received anything from your first request May 1st.

I've just sent a reply to you regarding this issue. This post is to make sure I get through to you. 
i got the email. :) 
While Wiping Away A Nostlogic Single Tear Of Laughter... 
/Recalls that he sacrificed some of his final study time for fear of not making the deadline.

Funny how things work out sometimes, no? 
...size does matter, don't let anyone fool you by telling you otherwise, I'm relieved!!! 
Hang On... 
So we're just waiting for a necros map to be fullvised?

Argh, another month! :) 
When Is This Going To Be Released? 
I can't wait to play this :) I am itching for a new Quake Adventure! 
is 2006 a good date for release of this pack? [sarcastic] 
Thanks for the indication. :D

Release it now!!!!!! 
I was concerned i wouldn't finish my map to make the deadline for this pack.

Now i'm 1665 brushes into my next map. Perhaps i'll wait to procede further, i would not want to face the wrath of the Servitor races for ridiculing their contest. 
Probably not since my mapping time has been scarce of late. 
info and screenshots:

direct download ( 15.5mb ):

I've also submitted it as news. 
Hmmm, Kell.... 
...downloading right now... more on this later... You're the best.... 
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