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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Looking great! 
OTP, Spud, Mfx 

The blue water is not exactly intended - it just happens to be the one water texture I currently have (I avoid non-free textures in hopes of going stand-alone sometimes in the future).

Whipping up a more muddled water texture shouldn't be a major problem, though. 
"Those outdoor shots looks great, and surprisingly similar to Turok:
almost, but better :) 
Heh, that's indeed a nice visual coincidence - I think I'll try to sneak in a reference to Turok into the map. 
My Approach To Churning Out Terrain Fast 
First: lay out all floors and walls as "quadsoup":

Second: Start pushing vertices around until things look "organic":

Overview after approx. three hours of messing in TrenchBroom:

The big sky brush marks the +/-4096 limit of unmodified Quake network protocol. I'm expect I'll have to switch to BSP2 before this map is done. 
Brushwork Terrain Tutorials 
Thanks for posting that, SavageX. I've been playing around with natural terrain recently, also mainly using the TB vertex tool, but I haven't settled into a method that works for me yet -- though broadly speaking, I try to do more or less what you have done here. In my experience so far, however, it's tempting to go overboard and end up with an unwieldy mess of overly complex brushwork (something which you seem to have avoided).

Every so often I see people recommending this terrain tutorial by Sock. As I recall, Adib used it when mapping for the Fire & Brimstone jam. The thing is, though, I can't really make much sense of it -- or perhaps I'm missing something?

To me it doesn't really look like a tutorial at all. Instead, it starts with what looks like some sort of historical overview of terrain in brush-based engines in general, and then it moves on to a fairly technical discussion of something called DotProduct2 and some stuff that seems specific to the Quake 3 engine and Radiant. I really have trouble picking out the parts that are relevant/helpful to Quake mapping in a different editor than the Radiant family. Or is there a tutorial buried in there somewhere, and have I just never found the right link to click? 
the dotproduct2 stuff is 'just' q3map2 autogenerating per-vertex alpha values based upon the similarity of the vertex normal and some specified unit vector. And then squaring it (hence the '2').
(dot(A,B) == cos(anglebetweenAandB)*length(A)*length(B)), or in other words, given unit vectors, dotproduct gives 1 when they are equal, 0 when perpendicular, and -1 when opposing, so its quite handy when doing geometry stuff. squaring it biases it towards 0 in a non-linear way, so you don't need such vertical cliffs)
combined with a shader that performs alpha blending according to said vertex alphas, this gives different textures appearing based upon how flat that part of the map is meant to be.
manually doing all that stuff would take excessive amounts of effort...

its worth noting that its all q3map2/q3bsp-specific and doesn't apply at all to q1bsp (which completely lacks vertex alpha values... and shaders). 
Yeah, Sock's tutorial is certainly covering a lot of things that only apply to Quake 3 (or compatible engines).

I cannot claim to be an authoritative source regarding Quake editing - I'm not a veteran mapper and have yet to properly release a single (!) Quake map (apart from the betas in this thread). I try to adhere to following rules:

- Most vertices I only displace on one axis. So if I want to push the rock surface in, I'll grab a vertex and just push that one in exactly according to one axis. I try to make sure my brushes keep quite some volume (no strangely flimsy brushes), which is why I start with 128x128x128 cubes. I can push those around without

- I try to keep all vertices on-grid. I certainly make sure all vertices are on integer positions.

- be gentle on the floor, don't go as crazy on vertex editing as on rock faces. A few hills and ramps usually work fine, but if you go overboard you can run into collision issues, like players getting stuck on random edges (for Quake 2 and 3 the collision system works quite differently and seems to be overall more robust).

I uploaded an example map with sources over at - perhaps that's useful for you. However, again, I might do things horribly wrong although they appear to be working fine for me for now ;-) 
I've been using FraQuake to generate fractal geometry for my Xmas Jam map. (cavewalls) You'll need to run it in a 16bit compatible OS. I'm probably going overboard with the number of polys but you can dial it in to your hearts content. It's a multi-step process. Create a map in the application and then copy and paste what you need from the output. (It adds monsters randomly FYI) I use TB2's CSG merge to weld faces together to create borders. Then add _phong 1 to make the lighting pretty. I'm having fun and I think it looks groovy

this is the only screenshot I have access to ATM but it illustrates the fractals well 
lots of improvements.
I'd recommend some minor things... for the outdoor area, some upscaled textures set at like a 33 degree angle might prevent textures looking too 'gridlike'...
re indoor base shots, some trim along stair edges etc might be nice. Also, I think you could extend some of the ceilings upwards more dramatically for a nice effect. like the first shot where the pipes jutting out are, if they went up way far into darkness might be nice.
Just off the top of my head. But yeah looks pretty good! 
new intro area looks very cool. Wish you the best of luck with the rehaul - I'm sure it will be tricky but worthwhile as the comments regarding the actual gameplay are almost uniformly positive 
Hopefully The Final Version Of Shifting Planes 
@Drew Thanks!

Finally done with a full artpass. In addition to that, I have also added two new skill levels to the map (easy/hard).
The only thing between this version and a full release is some clipping, some ambient sounds and a bit of testing.



(Includes movplan_b1.bsp and .lit. Requires Qouth) 
Fine Screenies! 
Epic style, dark atmosphere! 
Some cool stuff there for sure. #2 and #4 especially nice. Hope it's a strong theme throughout - looking forward to playing it! 
Accidents Happen 
This happened by accident:

Hmmm... keep or remove... 
Happy Accident! 
Okay, Keeping For Now 
the facial features were unplanned for, but I guess they're somewhat charming, albeit cheesy.

Reminds me of 
Maybe Not Directly Related But It Made Me Think Of This

I once wanted to make a Rune level like that, but could not get it to to work. Maybe one day in Rune 2. 
More Dreadfulness 
I assembled a new snapshot of dreadful things. The "Dreadful Dreadbase of Dread" (base1) always was intended to be part of a short campaign I call "Zernichter".

I zipped up the current state of a custom start map ("Paths aplenty") and base1.


- Start: All new start map for all four difficulties. Of course, the entryway for the hardest difficulty needs to be discovered first. Also includes a hidden reference to another video game franchise.

- Base1: Added another secret, put some gameplay into the existing secrets. Got rid of a boring elevator and replaced it with a more exciting arrangement of stairs. Made sure the first Shambler-fight doesn't derail due to monster infighting.

- Canyons: Not yet playable enough, so not included yet. When finishing base1 it's thus normal to have an error message that canyons.bsp cannot be found.

Nice Rocks Man.

Dipping my toes back in the water, as I do every xmas break, to see where things are at. The current state of Quake editing is so good, it's surreal. 
Vibes Man. 
Love the light and atmosphere. Wooden struts seem a bit spindly but that might be deliberate and work well in context. 
I did a thing.

Ever imagined de_dust in Quake?

Probably not but I did it anyways.

Theres an included readme that attempts to explain the entity chain.

also dont ask me why i put it in demos :P i feel dumb 
and in case its not implied, feel free to use this set up in your maps. the readme explains how to expand upon it with some simple find/replace of the appropriate values.

Only want one bomb? Remove the extra sets of trigger_counter/relays and bombs.

This set up is actually really generic and could power more than just a bomb site :P 
Cool Shit 
the real question is if it works in team multiplayer games :P 
New Dreamcast/Windows 3D Platformer Based On The Quake Engine! 
Hey there! Just wanted to post my project I'm creating! It's a minimalist styled 3D platformer for the Dreamcast using the Makaqu Quake engine!

Patreon Trailer:

Alpha Tech Demo:

Future Player Character w/ animations:

The game is a tribute to my late Uncles music! I need some QuakeC coders for the project so it would be great if you are willing to help! Contact me at if you are interested!

Otherwise, the games Patreon is here if you wish to donate to the project, but it's okay if you can't!

Tell me what you think based on the stuff you see! 
youtube links are broken; they link to creator studio. 
Oops! Here Are The Correct Ones! 
Patreon Trailer:

Alpha Tech Demo:

Future Player Character w/ animations: 
Look Good And Old School ! Dreamcast Lives ! 
A Gun (spoiler) 
I said I wouldn't share anymore so as not to spoil more stuff (assuming that's even an issue). If you do care about spoilers, don't look :D

video (all the usual disclaimers: WIP, unfinished skin, unbalanced, etc).

This gun almost got cut/totally redesigned and was the last to get modeled since I kept pushing it back because I just wasn't able to execute properly. The design did get simplified quite a bit (the intended design was asymmetrical and had a couple broken ribs instead of all metal "claws" as well as some intricate mechanical bits to move them).

Modeling all the other guns first really helped me get over the mental block/lack of experience. I'm not super happy with it, but satisfied overall considering I thought I was going to have to trash it up until the very end of its production.

I like how I come here intending to post a link then end up writing an essay. Sorry about that :P 
Reminds me of a Flak Cannon 
Very Unreal. 
But that's not a bad thing. Really like the teeth/claw style. I think less obvious green might be better tho. 
Unreal Tournament 
Others have said it's reminiscent of UT and I assumed they meant the bio-rifle (I've only played UT3). I guess previous iterations of the flak cannon were similar to this? 
Gameplay Wise 
i think it is like a Bio-Rifle and less bouncy RL's grenades. I suppose that the Flak Cannon is mentioned due to how the weapon launchs its projectiles through it. And by the way i am talking about UT, as I never saw much point in UT2003 and 2004 over UT and forgot about them quickly. 
I have a suggestion regarding this weapon if you want to hear it:

Keep the teethy stuff, but turn it into a cursed gauntlet that the player wears, it bites into the players arm, curses it and morphs the arm itself into a weapon that shoots the green cursed goop or something similar.

Could have some fun sounds, like this:

or maybe a bit fleshier.

You could even do fun stuff like 1hp of life is one shot. Would make for an interesting risk / reward thing. 
Great Suggestions 
But there already is a gauntlet type weapon that consumes (a large portion of health) as ammo. However, this mechanic can be exploited by activating the 'life siphon' artifact if you have it.

Cool idea, I think. My current design for the gauntlet is less magic/cursed and more gory/mechanical (think of the absurdity of the bees plasmid in bioshock, sorta that kinda feel). 
The "Get-away-car" For One Of My 3 Projects 
That looks neat. Reminds me of the spore launcher in HL: opposing force. 
That is super Bio-Rifle-esque in its operation. TBH I always found UT's Bio-Rifle quite unsatisfying to use. I love your model and animations though. Maybe you could swap the green goop for something a bit less "50's B-Movie". Try changing to a purpley colour if you want it to be more Quakey, and maybe when it explodes the blob should really quickly expand rather than just dissipating like a wet fart. 
First One 
Hi! Kind of new here.
Started something simple, I looove Trenchbroom! 
Proper id1-feel* 
Angles Are Goood Mmmmkay. 
@Newhouse & @Shambler 
@qmaster - that's some good ship. Perhaps the wood planks of the hull should run horizontally as opposed to vertically. Also, I totally forgot about the spore launcher! Funny weapon.

@text_fish - Thanks for the feedback. TBH I always found UT's Bio-Rifle quite unsatisfying to use.

How about Quake's grenade launcher? 
Oh Quake's Grenade launcher is splendid. If the power of your goop gun is similar to the Q1 'nade launcher you definitely need to work on the explosion effect though, because right now it looks like a Tinkerbell sneeze. :P 
Mmm, Yeah 
you're right. It does look rather wimpy...

googles how to simulate liquid explosions in blender 
And by that I mean sprites. But if you must know...

Use hooks and shape keys. 
Shapekeys, Eh? 
so far, using fluid sim to use as a mask for sprite creation works like a charm :D the new explosions have much power behind them.

first time learning about hooks and shapekeys, though. Definitely useful things to know. 
They Are Good For Blobby Lovecraftian Things 
Terrain Practice, Getting The Hang Of It :) 
Cool Stuff #15483 
I would say you are nicknick! 
The blobs did remind me of this, not sure if you can do as much shader magic without being somewhat specialized, but I love this effect looks. 
Yup Good Terrain Keep It Going. 
Very nice looking~ 
Thanks!! Some More (heavy WIP) 
Looks Nice 
Good lighting and rock work 
I agree with Fifth, I like the softness of the light at the top and the light source looks spot on. 
so i feel good enough to work more on this stupid pack 
You Have Never Looked Better... 
And that shot is to die for! 
Youre beautiful. 
Loving Those Textures Lunaran 
I Like Everything About It 
Nice Lunaran. 
Holky Fuck 
Ionous and I were just talking about this the other day.

Looks great!

(But: With a floor this wide and open it's maybe worth considering a new variant of the texture with less contrast and repetition, maybe the honey ones?) 
Looks Awesome 
Lunsp2 Confirmed? 
very nice btw 
It looks great...BUT...break up that god damn floor and use a different texture entirely 
63 people on Facebook in 12 hours think you are pretty. Also, several people now are waiting for a new map from you. 
<- Func Heart Emoji 
i guess that floor texture is shit, isn't it 
Not Really 
It's good as a wall texture in small doses. But there's a reason why id used wmet4_8 for floors instead. 
Silly Idea. 
How about a wooden floor instead? 
Keep hoping for a follow up to lunsp1! Is this still the one you were talking about a ways back where the plan is for the map to go downwards? Either way, looks very good and please continue to work on it, or turn it into a speedmap, or something. 
Lunaran, More Pictures Please ! 
That last picture gave me a total erection.

More picts ! 
Yeah Lunaran! 
Interesting. Definitely have potential. 
#15507 God Damn 
yeah! Love it! The unfiltered card/sprite look for trees has (perhaps weirdly) always appealed to me.

These ones from Daggerfall are some of my favourites: 

That's gotta be some pimped out modern Daggerfall port, right? Because if the game looked like that originally, bloody hell did I miss out... 
Actually just looking at the # of trees drawn at once obviously it's a modern port. 
Those Trees Look Nice And Fluffy Pritchard, Good Stuff.j 
The grass could use a few darker shades towards the bottom of the tufts. 
yeah it's the Daggerfall port in the Unity engine. Well worth downloading and having a wander round. Gameplay-wise it's pretty "dated" but has it's moments. 
that's pretty cool! 
I came to Elder Scrolls pretty late with Oblivion on Ps3 so this is great for folks like me. 
A New Map - Work In Progress - Early Screen 
First off, Pritchard those tree sprites look awesome.

So after the craziness of a Disney map is over, I'm going back to something darker and more Quake/medieval in style. After just playing the excellent Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001), I absolutely loved the castles, crypts and brick textures. I've started converting the RTCW textures over to the Quake palette and currently have a new texture set with nearly 100 textures including some modified Sock/Hexen2/Magna textures.

Here is a really early screen of the new RTCW textures in action. I've made some groined vaults, as the set actually has custom textures for these vaults. The architecture is mostly styled directly after RTCW but is different in scale so I had to chop up the textures a bit.

To my knowledge not many RTCW textures are in Quake WADS, as I've not seen these bricks and trim and colours before. I love the Quake palette so that's why I'm converting them over, rather than use true colour, but obviously I've lost a good deal of fidelity as a result.

Anyways, the map is planned to be a mod with new enemies, and as such is still a ways off... Cheers! 
Damn Nice Textures Son. 
There is a WAD file with all the textures from RtCW on Quaddicted. If you like the, it will save you from all the work you are doing.

Liking those shots, very atmospheric, man. 
not sure if this help, but the screens are too dark for my tastes
otherwise this is incredible 5/5 
Damn Quaddicted! 
It just figures this would be the case, I never saw the RTCW wad there in that mass of wads. Anyways I'm pretty much done converting the textures over anyway. Yeah the screens are really dark, mostly because coloured lighting sucks. 
I've maxed out my phone's brightness and still can't see anything on those screenshots besides a faint light in the ceiling.

Have you increased the gamma brightness in the engine, and are using low brightness in the map's lights to compensate? 
Embrace The Dark! 
Yeah, I always have gamma/brightness set to 0. Its just a dark room with only dark orange and dark blue coloured lights, cause its dark. DARK! My monitor is set at low brightness as well, and its still very visible on my end, but I usually go about adding white light sources to the map later on to brighten things up. I also just threw those lights in to take a screen, the map isn't anywhere nears complete.

Also yeah I can't see anything on my tablet either so I think I bigger screen makes a difference. 
I played RTCW recently. Need to finish it though. I had the same idea you are doing now. using those amazing textures for a Quake level. I won't have time for many months to do something so I am very excited to see your work on this!

The screens look promising! 
fiddle with the colors of the coloured lights and they will never suck.

For the darkness, they are a bit dark but i think that is almost spot on for the first. 
I can't see anything on my tablet either so I think I bigger screen makes a difference.

Yeah, I'm on my 40 inch TV right now and can see it. Still too dark to analyze the texture quality, though. 
Not going to post this elsewhere, as it's very unfinished, but here's a fullbright screenshot from yesterday.

There are dozens of other textures that I've been creating with the same level of quality, maybe hundreds. Still some more hundreds to go.

However, I get easily demotivated when trying to actually create maps. Anyway, maybe someday this will become something... 
Then Make Shorter Ones 
it will help with motivation 
Coce Dropping Wisdom Bombs Like I Drop Post-curry Shits. 
Serious business. Listen to him. 
Well, the maps I'm creating are headed towards environment art rather than gameplay, since their purpose is to showcase the renderer's abilities. In the end I'll merge all of them in a single map, if there's enough memory.

Probably the main creative block I'm having is that textures are self-contained. All the ones I'm creating are photosourced, so they only require artistic sensibility, not artistic creativity, while mapping is a more open-ended task and therefore does actually require creativity.

It's easy for me to create photosourced textures, no matter how depressed I'm feeling. Mapping is a lot harder, not just to envision pleasant environments but also to make them fun. It seems to require a pleasant & playful state of mind.

My current approach is to create textures, try to figure out good matches between them, and to create structural pieces out of those matches (walls, columns, ceilings, etc).
Trying to figure out good matches between those structural pieces and creating good environmental structures out of them is exponentially harder. But it should eventually happen. 
Didn't Know You Had The Copyright To Them 
Shambler, how much for the rights? 
I think the secret is to light it to let the player see everything, but still trick it into looking like deep darkness. Like night scenes in the movies that are shot on broad daylight with a black background. Maybe high contrast with dark colored lights would do the trick.

This kind of "old mansion" set is one of my favorites. Loving this one. 
Hey! This Is A Screenshot Thread. 
More Sexy Quake Screenshots! Give us an erection, dammit! 
Simple And Cubi 
I'm trying to make map with Trenchbroom 2.0 instead JACK and Radiant. 
Nice One DOOMer! 
I feel doom stricken already, Keep it up! 
Classic style. Nice lighting. 
Very Dark But Promising. 
I too like the style. 
Thanks for feedback, guys.

I did not work on the lighting at all, just placed the light sources through approximately equal distance between them. Even intensity of not drive the money changers.

Now I hasn't decided to make light in old school or more modern. But in General, the map will be most likely simple by design, doom-like geometry (without a large vertical gameplay). 
congrats looking like you are taking to TB2 nicely. 
Thanks for your TB2-tutorials, it very helpful for me. 

You do some awesome Model work.
The only thing I'm not too fond of in that last ogre is the Silver metalic looking "Q" sign. It's a bit distracting. Your other models in your 1.6 pack are great too. 

I recently discovered linear attenuation + fading and some better sunlight shaders :D 
Great stuff, looks faithful to the '98 era. 
Thanks ;) 
I'm relieved to finally have the lighting figured out for the most part... 
Looks Very 'unreal' 
Good work, best retro modern shooter to date? 
That's A Tall Order 
reserve your judgement until after you play it :D 
Nice Screenshot Killpixel! 
Spiffy lighting in that one. 
It's really coming together! GG 
@mjb & Dumptruck 
thanks ;) 
Any Playtesters For A Base Map? 
Hi guys!

Would anybody be interested in beta testing a small/medium base map? It's called the Subterrestrial Hangar picture, and is planned to be the first map in a series of maybe four maps.

The idea in all of the maps is that in the beginning you choose a path each with its own playstyle. In this picture you can see that this map has three paths: one involving Quad running, the middle one a "vanilla" path with no powerups and the last path about navigating a slime maze (probably a path everyone's gonna hate, but hey, if you don't like mazes, don't play that path!). ;)

So what I'd like you to do is give feedback on the gameplay: difficulty, balance, and above all, whether it's fun. :) I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions on how to improve the experience. A particular combat encounter of interest for me would be this slipgate room.

I'd like you to test each of the paths on all difficulty levels from easy to nightmare.

The vanilla and quad paths each contain three secrets, the third of which I anticipate is going to be quite tough to crack. Can YOU figure them out? ;) Should I provide more hints for the elusive third secret?

I've tested the map mostly on Quakespasm, but a little bit on Mark V GLQuake and WinQuake modes, too. The map is a mod (due to some custom decorative models), so unpack the zip onto the root of your Quake folder. It will unpack a mod folder called sthangar, so start the mod by typing "game sthangar" on your console and then type "map sthangar" to test the map. (Just giving detailed instructions like these in case of the unlikely scenario of a person with less experience with custom content happening to stumble upon this post.) 
Looking Good, Killpixel 
Quite a bit of work you've managed to pull off! You've made those monsters yourself from scratch? They remind me quite a bit of Doom2's revenants. Where'd you get the textures? 
Nice shots man, not sure when I'd find time for testing but I like the nice bright lighting especially in the 2nd. The multiple path choice does sound interesting as well! 
Thanks, I drew the textures ;) 
Thought About Making Bank On Your Game? 
You've certainly got quite the knack for art, I give you that! *o*

Got enough material on your hands already that you could showcase your game on a Kickstarter campaign, or something? ;) 
We have to help him make cool maps first :D 
@Esreal - Hangar Demos 
Hey Esreal,

I uploaded a zip with some demos and a txt with my thoughts and ruminations.

Neat little base map. Cheers. 
HD Textured Skies 

Zoomed in

Still got to implement save/load routines for these. 
That's simply beautiful. Looking forward to your release one day. 
What size is your texture? 
The texture in those shots and in the video is 8 times larger (128 * 8). But I've also tested with a 2x texture, and it looks good enough in full HD, even when zoomed in.

I'll upload that texture later, but it's basically the original texture with 2x Gaussian blur and a 2x sharpening filter, done in the GIMP. 
Beta Version 2 Of Subterrestrial Hangar 
I'd like to give a huge thank you to Redfield, who provided me with valuable feedback on the first beta version of my map.

Based on his feedback, I've made some changes and uploaded another version for you guys to playtest, if you like! 
If you are interested, i've recorded a playthrough of the beta 2 here:

I played the first beta, so i already knew what to do and where to go :P

What i still think it's strange (in middle route) is that you can completely miss a whole area of the map if you don't come back to that closed door at the stairs. Maybe if you put a key there to open the door to the slipgate you give the player a reason to search the map and explore that area ;) 
Thanks Tribal! 
Of course I'm interested; clicked the link pretty much immediately once I saw it.

Hmm, the more I think about your idea, the more appealing it becomes. Perhaps I will add a keycard to that area in the final version. Thanks for the good idea!

There's one thing I've been wondering based on your playthrough and Redfield's feedback. When playing the Quad damage route, did either of you notice the message popup informing that the quad damage has been respawned? Because when I watched your video, you didn't go back to the beginning to get a new Quad damage. Maybe you hadn't noticed the message or since you were already killing grunts and enforcers you were too busy to go back to the beginning?

Redfield had also told me on his feedback that the quad route is kind of brutal, so he suggested that I add another weapon early in the Quad damage path. So I was thinking that if I were to add a weapon to the path, maybe I could add an NG to the slipgate room storage shelf. Redfield, when you tested the 2nd beta, did you notice the message of the quad damage respawning? Because with that you could easily crush the opposition pouring down from the barracks room. Do you still think the path should get another early weapon even with the respawning quad damage?

If you guys didn't notice the quad damage respawn message, should I add more reminders to the player about the event? 
To be honest i only saw that message when i was editing the video to post on youtube XD
When i was playing i didn't see it, maybe because i was running around, shooting enemies and trying to stay alive =D

But i don't think a "respawning quad" is necessary here. only one is enough for me. but would be cool if you give me a double-shotgun before i enter the slipgate room. quad + double-shotgun = too much fun! =D 
opinions on Qoole editor pls? 
My Opinion On Qoole: 
Use Trenchbroom. 
Qoole Was 
well Qoole when it came out. But TB2 is a great option if you are coming back to Quake mapping or just starting out. 
RIP Qoole 
I learned on Qoole and loved it. Years later Trenchbroom came out and I can recommend it hands down.

The one BIG problem with Qoole is the brushes look fine in the editor but there is a rounding error in the save file which causes misaligned brushes and leaks. If Trenchbroom did not exist and Qoole's errors were fixed though, that would be the one I would have used. 
Qoole was the first editor that I hit a groove with after trying Worldcraft and not initially liking it. I ran into that same rounding / accuracy issue and abandoned it when a bunch of Qmap people said it was a known issue and not to use Qoole because of it.

There was something about it that *was* very user friendly to beginners, moreso than Worldcraft and Radiant.

Even in spite of that bug, a lot of people managed to put out some cool stuff with it. IIRC, a bunch of Aardappel's early maps were made in Qoole. 
"BETA" of BLUE ep, feel free to fool around in these maps. It is packed like a mod, create folder called BLUE, open editor, type to console game BLUE, and start the new game. I haven't been touching this for a while, but I want to finish this soon.

Couple screenshots

Link to zip: 
I Have Played Earlier Versions 
And that was a fantastic retro-ish adventure! NH uses "blue" to great extents here. 
I'll Second This 
Played an older version too and looking forward to playing this whole beta. 
Beta Version 3 Of Subterrestrial Hangar 
Thanks to Tribal's and Redfield's valuable feedback, I've made some more changes to the Subterrestrial Hangar:

-Major overhaul for Quad damage path: Quad damage is now permanent and high tier monsters appear later on.
-Silver key added to middle path
-Added dirtmapping

I've uploaded the 3rd beta version on Quaketastic for playtesting for people who are interested: 
What Do You Think Of My First Quake Map? 
Hello everyone!

I am a long-time Doom mapper and decided to try my hand at Quake mapping. I have just completed my first Quake map and could really use some feedback. What do you think? 
I Think... 
You need to post some screenshots! 
Ok, here is one. 
Nice Archwork! Wood And Stone 
Looks pretty good 
seen great screenshot of a giant runic sword somewhere here, was it from the upcoming dm4jam DLC expasion pack? 
That must be sock's upcoming standalone release inspired by dm4/dm4jam? 
Runic Pork Sword More Like 
Interesting experiment. Feels a bit anti-climatic, though. As if the level was only the introduction to something bigger, like an episode of path-defined levels.

Classic style - except for the props of course. They look just a little bit out of place in a Quake environment, or least next to the idbase textures. Not a big problem really. I found that the doors, while being useful for making the small base appear larger, can be slightly confusing as it's unclear which ones open and which ones are simply detail. You could maybe change the textures of the doors that never open, or add some detail to suggest they are permenently locked, or at the very least centerprint triggers.

No problems with gameplay really, even though for a moment it felt like I broke it when picking the middle path. Got through it fine eventually. Quad path, too. Not sure why anyone would want to pick the slime maze, though. It's a bit awkward with all the pipes one gets stuck on. You can see how to get past them, but it sometimes feels unnecessarily finicky to actually do it. The path is doable, though you can just as easily fail. Not much fun really, and no real benefit apart from skipping combat (e.g. no reward weapon if you dive up in the hangar itself). Quad is permanent while the suit isn't?

On a technical note, the map exceeds the edicts and the models limit as QS reports on developer mode. I believe this is something that can be fixed with little effort. In the slime maze part, each pipe is an individual func_wall which is completely unnecessary. All of them can be grouped into a single entity per corridor. Even better yet, if you use ericw's compilers, you can just turn them into func_detail_wall and save a large number of models while getting the same result (phonged pipes).
Likewise, the blankets on the bunk beds, which are all individual func_illusionaries by the looks of it, can be grouped into two big func_illusionaries (one for each side of the room= left and right of the door), or simply func_detail_illusionary.
And if these two measures aren't enough, there's another big potential for saving models in the monster teleporter room. The trigger_teleports there can all be turned into point entities and they won't count as individual models.

Doing all of that will also lower the edicts count, though I'm not sure if it's enough to get it under 600 (in practice should be lower than, say, 570). But I can look into that if required. 
Thanks, Negke! 
Thanks for the feedback, negke! I tried to download the demos, but the link was broken for me. o:

Yup, the level is to be the first in an episode of such levels, as you suspected. That's why there's a red armor in a tougher secret late in the level and is intended to be used mostly in the subsequent levels.

Yeah, I was wondering if the decorative doors would cause confusion, whether they will open later on or not. Maybe I'll add some large bars that make it obvious that they will never open or something... :/

Yeah, the slime maze... The idea behind the dense piping is to keep the maze challenging even for subsequent playthroughs, when the player has already learned the correct path. After all, it's supposed to be HARD difficulty. There are considerably fewer pipes in the lower difficulty levels, if the pipes are too much. But of course, making the maze hard in the expense of fun isn't quite right, so I just may have to decrease the amount of pipes for the hard difficulty. And btw, the slime maze DOES contribute to some other rewards besides just avoiding combat. c;

I also appreciate the technical feedback you give. I could give your suggestions a shot. Maybe they might help with the map's abysmal performance in Mark V. 
Forgot About The Biosuits 
The biosuits were made respawnable instead of permanent to keep the player on his/her toes. Gotta keep the feeling of urgency and the adrenaline flow going, you know! ;) 
Demo Link Fixed 
Detailed video showing most of Retroquad's scrolling sky rendering features.

I'm finally satisfied with it. 
Bloody beautiful, but the wooden archs could use less polygons.

Also, there's a piece of a wooden beam brush appearing on the inside of the top of the window on the right. 
insane. I've never seen any sky in Quake look that beautiful, including sky maps! GG 
I Don't Think The Arches Need Less Polygons 
sky looks very cool, interesting seeing all the options 
My First Quake Map "Ruins Of Mazotac" 
Hi folks! I made my first Quake map and would love to hear some feedback. It's pretty short and simple, maybe 3-5 minutes to play through.

some screenshots:

Is This A Beta Or A Final Release?? 
A beta. There are a few known bugs I need to fix, and I also wanted some gameplay feedback. Is this the wrong spot for me to post? 
Nope It's Correct. 
Nope That's Cool Man. 
Shots look nice, hope you get some good feedback. 
Nice Shots Mclogenog 
Congrats on the beta release! 
Why Can't I Hold All These First Maps! 
Yet another "My first map" post!
Took a map from an old doom2 dm wad of mine and remade it. Probably not the best dm map, but it served as a place to get used to working with TB.
Small map, 1v1 should be hectic, 2-4 would be bonkers.


From The Shots 
needs more verticality. something bout the colors is slightly off (palette issues maybe). Looks quite good otherwise, detailing looks weirdly good and sufficiently undetailed in those shots. 
Re: Colors 
I mean the mixture of textures. I find it quite hard to have good color scheme when choosing textures in quake myself :-( Something about the limited choice of base textures. 
Nice map for your first outing! Some thoughts:

1. good use of textures overall

2. good idea to choose DM as your first Quake map to work out the process of creating... the Quake SP community is much more active than MP for the most part. I switched from making only MP maps to SP and it's better overall as many more ppl play my maps. Something to consider. func is really geared toward SP maps

3. your lighting is quit good for an old school style map. I encourage you to look at ericw's tools website to see what can be done now with lighting. (I am currently working on lighting tutorials.

4. I really liked the small touches in your map. The uneven walls and floors, the door mysteriously cracked open in the other area. The warped woods planks were cool and I am stealing that idea!!! These all give your map life.

5. some of the areas felt a bit the same though so easy to get turned around. You can vary lighting and / or textures to give players signposts. The player should never be lost in a level.

6. congrats on a very nice looking level

7. keep mapping for Quake! you are off to a very good start.

bonus question: are there leaks? is this map vis'd? I only ask because I had a weird framerate issue here and there. It could be my computer tho. 
I posted this on YT but here's a repost:

I am working on videos this weekend. Would you mind if I did a "newb review" of your video as you mentioned? It may not be out for a while but I like this idea and of course will start with yours!

@megaman @dumptruck_ds 
Thank you both for the comments and suggestions, really appreciate it. :D
Coming from mapping for doom, I still a have bit more to get used to with quake hence the map is a bit more horz than vert. I kinda ran out of ideas at the time so yeah its a bit “where am I?”, as well as high and low detail all over.

As for the vis and leaks, I compiled in TB with ericw tools 0.18 and everything appeared to be ok, unless I missed something. It never complained about leaks in the log after the last compile so /shrug?
Hehe, I can’t even check it atm since my rig of out of commission until monday when the replacement for the new psu I got thursday comes in. 
I'll play it again today on my gaming rig. I wanted to be sure you had vis'd it. The compile is likely fine. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
Impressive Penta-Post! 
Is this possibly func_record? 
Must Be A New Record 
2008 was a rough year for mobile internet. 
In 2008 I still had 56k dial-up. 
In 2008... 
I still had a Pentium II. 
Yearly Update 8-) 
A year ago I showed this of a basemap I has been working on for around 14 years.

Anyway here are some more pics of the map, or rather the maps, because since them I have split the map in 3.

I also wrote that maybe it would be done in about 5 or 6 years 8-)
Well it looks like I was right, since I hawen't had much time to work on the map.
Another reason is that I have promised Tronyn to finish this map. 
The Promise Shall Not Be Broken. 
Awesome screenshots! 
finish them 
Holy Schnikes! 
It would be a crime to not finish/release these. 
I recorded two runs with your map (Short Yardage) using DMSP2 (skill 2: 80 enemies).

The central area is great to make enemies fight each other while you watch everything from above =D 
I believe in you! 
I don't know if you are interested, but i recorded a playthrough of your map "Chapel of Darkness" =D 
Between Tribal and I - your map is getting a lot of attention!!! Here's a new series of more general Quake-y type of stuff. A newb mapper review this time. 
Preview Of Castle Darkheart Interior... 
So I posted a TB block out of the castle exterior on Discord earlier, but I've been working on a new texture set, and have done some work in Blender to get a new prop model.

This gallery has 2 shots of the interior of Castle Darkheart. The new texture set is based upon photo textures, taken from images of cathedrals and other materials, all converted to the Quake palette. I've also been using a lot of RTCW, ad_magna, and Daikatana textures as a base to make new ones. (The banner is a fabric sample with Daik dragon, painted in brown.)

So I used Blender to import the knight.mdc from RTCW, converted to OBJ then to .mdl. It had a lot of problems, inverted face normals, and some of the vertexes had to be edited. I also had to create a new UV map and material because the .mdc consits of multiple models and 2 textures, where Quake mdls can only have 1. The end result is ok I think, 509 polys. Now we can finally have a suit of armor to decorate all those Quake castles.

Imgur seems to darken my images, so take that into account. Screens here: 
Nice work. This is really looking cool but still Quake-y. 
That looks great! Maybe add a little more visual detail, for example some damage to the pillars or something. Otherwise it looks maybe a bit too clean.

But apart from that it's really nice, I hope it gets released! 
Puts my recent castle-building efforts to shame. I'll have to steal some ideas >_> 
Don't Worry 
It is too far over hill for me to not finish it now. @Sleepwalker yeah I plan to go over the map with a sledgehammer and smash some of those brushes to pieces. It looks too nice for Quake monsters to live in.

It just takes a long time to make new artwork (If it wasn't for google Blender would be worthless) I am hoping to have this map/mod done by the end of the year. 
Howdy all. I've been working on another map and got it to a point where some feedback would help! The aesthetics are all still pretty basic, since I want to make sure the gameplay is there first:

Here are some screenshots: 
This is on my to-do list today. Speedmapping to hit a deadline at the moment. 
Here is my playthrough \o/

I love how the rooms are huge, with plenty of space to move and run in combat... but there is almost no combat :P
There's a lot of times that i enter the rooms waiting for a scrag to spit on me or for a grenade to blow up in my head, but nothing happened... there's so much space for epic fights, but there are no enemies to fight. Too many empty rooms, man. I played in hard difficulty and it felt like easy mode :(

Oh, I have to say that i love the green theme with broken walls on the first and second room, with jumping puzzles, pressing buttons and pushing pillars... it reminds me the first tomb raider game =D I wish the whole map was like this =D 
Thanks for the playthrough video and feedback! Between this and mazotac, I'm definitely finding I need to add more enemies :| 
Andrew! Re: Simplex 
Simplex is looking great so far. Some thoughts after the link to my 4 demos. I had a long day between yard work and Speedmapping 182! So my playthru is terrible but I have some notes embedded in the demos. I'd suggest using Mark V to view them because it has FF and Rewind! You'll need them with my demos:

okay some thoughts:

*Yeah you def need more enemies but not a LOT more IMO. I like quiet moments but currently there are too many. Also, you need quality encounters as opposed to the quantity. So for example: You have no fiends in your maps but a lot of loooooong hallways. Fiends are designed for long hallways. Throw a few in your next beta in strategic areas. They do get stuck on stairs and in small corridors but you have a lot of areas where fiends can introduce tension and OMG moments.

* You need some Vore / Shalraths in this. They are great with areas where you have a lot of cover. And your map has a lot of columns - this would be perfect for Vores. They aren't too hard to beat if you know what you are doing so don't be afraid to use them where the player can take cover to avoid. Just make sure the player has enough ammo to deal with them.

*with more monsters you need more ammo and armor. Use your puzzles as places to reward the player. There's one area where I hit the wall with the ax. (Large area with jumping puzzles and water underneath.) That would be a great alcove for armor to reward the player for making the jumps.

I LOVE the jumping puzzles overall. I noted a texture issue in the first demo. When you hit a button the texture should go from animated to non-animated. I got fooled for a second thinking I needed to hit the button again (duh me). I know you are "gaming" the system by looking at the map because the whole thing is a func door. However, you COULD try having the button on the func door have the texture of the "off" position of the switch. (+abutton) Before the player triggers the func_door you could overlap that brush by one unit with a brush with the animated texture on it. You make that a func_wall that will be "killed" using a trigger relay and killtarget.

I copy and pasted an example from your map of this into a test map of mine:

It's a small thing but small things add up and it's not too hard to do. Quake has a visual language that we have to stick to and this is a good example of something subtle that can confuse a player.

* Think of enemy combos for this map. When to use ranged enemies like the Zombie and Wizards as opposed to Knights who are melee only. try different combos in different situations. Ogres below the player are pretty useless as I noted in the demo. I use Hellknights for those situations.

*The funiculars. I picked off a bunch of enemies from above before activation as you'll see. Trying setting them to the "ambush" spawnflag. They will stay asleep until they see the player or are fired upon. You don't have to fix this in this map but here's some food for thought: After the player activates the funicular maybe delay it for a second and teleport in those monsters so savvy players can't kill them before they are a threat.

Those are plenty of notes. This is going to be a cool map. You have some really unique game play ideas as with your first map! 
Thank you for all the feedback! This gives me a lot to work with for the next version :) 
Something I've Been Working On 
Hey friends, long time lurker- first time poster. I've been learning Trenchbroom thanks to dumptruck_ds' excellent tutorial series. I'm dipping my toes, so here are some screenshots:

I'll have a link for DL once I iron out a few last things. Looking forward to some initial impressions! 
The shots look very cool and retro in the best possible way. I'll be play testing the beta upon release! 
I can already hear the tink of grenades flying through the bars and the glorious glrrSSCHR-plsch of the zombies gibbing behind, and it is a good sound. 
Tester Wanted 
I have a retro-themed vanilla-ish q1sp episode of 5 smallish maps, currently at 'beta 2' stage. Looking for a tester who:

- is really nitpicky
- normally plays on hard skill
- can record demos over multiple maps

First to shout gets an email (obviously let me know address if it isn't in your profile)

Thank you kindly 8) 
Can do that, if you need some hard skill demos* 
great. I like episode of smallish maps. 
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