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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Hey! This Is A Screenshot Thread. 
More Sexy Quake Screenshots! Give us an erection, dammit! 
Simple And Cubi 
I'm trying to make map with Trenchbroom 2.0 instead JACK and Radiant. 
Nice One DOOMer! 
I feel doom stricken already, Keep it up! 
Classic style. Nice lighting. 
Very Dark But Promising. 
I too like the style. 
Thanks for feedback, guys.

I did not work on the lighting at all, just placed the light sources through approximately equal distance between them. Even intensity of not drive the money changers.

Now I hasn't decided to make light in old school or more modern. But in General, the map will be most likely simple by design, doom-like geometry (without a large vertical gameplay). 
congrats looking like you are taking to TB2 nicely. 
Thanks for your TB2-tutorials, it very helpful for me. 

You do some awesome Model work.
The only thing I'm not too fond of in that last ogre is the Silver metalic looking "Q" sign. It's a bit distracting. Your other models in your 1.6 pack are great too. 

I recently discovered linear attenuation + fading and some better sunlight shaders :D 
Great stuff, looks faithful to the '98 era. 
Thanks ;) 
I'm relieved to finally have the lighting figured out for the most part... 
Looks Very 'unreal' 
Good work, best retro modern shooter to date? 
That's A Tall Order 
reserve your judgement until after you play it :D 
Nice Screenshot Killpixel! 
Spiffy lighting in that one. 
It's really coming together! GG 
@mjb & Dumptruck 
thanks ;) 
Any Playtesters For A Base Map? 
Hi guys!

Would anybody be interested in beta testing a small/medium base map? It's called the Subterrestrial Hangar picture, and is planned to be the first map in a series of maybe four maps.

The idea in all of the maps is that in the beginning you choose a path each with its own playstyle. In this picture you can see that this map has three paths: one involving Quad running, the middle one a "vanilla" path with no powerups and the last path about navigating a slime maze (probably a path everyone's gonna hate, but hey, if you don't like mazes, don't play that path!). ;)

So what I'd like you to do is give feedback on the gameplay: difficulty, balance, and above all, whether it's fun. :) I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions on how to improve the experience. A particular combat encounter of interest for me would be this slipgate room.

I'd like you to test each of the paths on all difficulty levels from easy to nightmare.

The vanilla and quad paths each contain three secrets, the third of which I anticipate is going to be quite tough to crack. Can YOU figure them out? ;) Should I provide more hints for the elusive third secret?

I've tested the map mostly on Quakespasm, but a little bit on Mark V GLQuake and WinQuake modes, too. The map is a mod (due to some custom decorative models), so unpack the zip onto the root of your Quake folder. It will unpack a mod folder called sthangar, so start the mod by typing "game sthangar" on your console and then type "map sthangar" to test the map. (Just giving detailed instructions like these in case of the unlikely scenario of a person with less experience with custom content happening to stumble upon this post.) 
Looking Good, Killpixel 
Quite a bit of work you've managed to pull off! You've made those monsters yourself from scratch? They remind me quite a bit of Doom2's revenants. Where'd you get the textures? 
Nice shots man, not sure when I'd find time for testing but I like the nice bright lighting especially in the 2nd. The multiple path choice does sound interesting as well! 
Thanks, I drew the textures ;) 
Thought About Making Bank On Your Game? 
You've certainly got quite the knack for art, I give you that! *o*

Got enough material on your hands already that you could showcase your game on a Kickstarter campaign, or something? ;) 
We have to help him make cool maps first :D 
@Esreal - Hangar Demos 
Hey Esreal,

I uploaded a zip with some demos and a txt with my thoughts and ruminations.

Neat little base map. Cheers. 
HD Textured Skies 

Zoomed in

Still got to implement save/load routines for these. 
That's simply beautiful. Looking forward to your release one day. 
What size is your texture? 
The texture in those shots and in the video is 8 times larger (128 * 8). But I've also tested with a 2x texture, and it looks good enough in full HD, even when zoomed in.

I'll upload that texture later, but it's basically the original texture with 2x Gaussian blur and a 2x sharpening filter, done in the GIMP. 
Beta Version 2 Of Subterrestrial Hangar 
I'd like to give a huge thank you to Redfield, who provided me with valuable feedback on the first beta version of my map.

Based on his feedback, I've made some changes and uploaded another version for you guys to playtest, if you like! 
If you are interested, i've recorded a playthrough of the beta 2 here:

I played the first beta, so i already knew what to do and where to go :P

What i still think it's strange (in middle route) is that you can completely miss a whole area of the map if you don't come back to that closed door at the stairs. Maybe if you put a key there to open the door to the slipgate you give the player a reason to search the map and explore that area ;) 
Thanks Tribal! 
Of course I'm interested; clicked the link pretty much immediately once I saw it.

Hmm, the more I think about your idea, the more appealing it becomes. Perhaps I will add a keycard to that area in the final version. Thanks for the good idea!

There's one thing I've been wondering based on your playthrough and Redfield's feedback. When playing the Quad damage route, did either of you notice the message popup informing that the quad damage has been respawned? Because when I watched your video, you didn't go back to the beginning to get a new Quad damage. Maybe you hadn't noticed the message or since you were already killing grunts and enforcers you were too busy to go back to the beginning?

Redfield had also told me on his feedback that the quad route is kind of brutal, so he suggested that I add another weapon early in the Quad damage path. So I was thinking that if I were to add a weapon to the path, maybe I could add an NG to the slipgate room storage shelf. Redfield, when you tested the 2nd beta, did you notice the message of the quad damage respawning? Because with that you could easily crush the opposition pouring down from the barracks room. Do you still think the path should get another early weapon even with the respawning quad damage?

If you guys didn't notice the quad damage respawn message, should I add more reminders to the player about the event? 
To be honest i only saw that message when i was editing the video to post on youtube XD
When i was playing i didn't see it, maybe because i was running around, shooting enemies and trying to stay alive =D

But i don't think a "respawning quad" is necessary here. only one is enough for me. but would be cool if you give me a double-shotgun before i enter the slipgate room. quad + double-shotgun = too much fun! =D 
opinions on Qoole editor pls? 
My Opinion On Qoole: 
Use Trenchbroom. 
Qoole Was 
well Qoole when it came out. But TB2 is a great option if you are coming back to Quake mapping or just starting out. 
RIP Qoole 
I learned on Qoole and loved it. Years later Trenchbroom came out and I can recommend it hands down.

The one BIG problem with Qoole is the brushes look fine in the editor but there is a rounding error in the save file which causes misaligned brushes and leaks. If Trenchbroom did not exist and Qoole's errors were fixed though, that would be the one I would have used. 
Qoole was the first editor that I hit a groove with after trying Worldcraft and not initially liking it. I ran into that same rounding / accuracy issue and abandoned it when a bunch of Qmap people said it was a known issue and not to use Qoole because of it.

There was something about it that *was* very user friendly to beginners, moreso than Worldcraft and Radiant.

Even in spite of that bug, a lot of people managed to put out some cool stuff with it. IIRC, a bunch of Aardappel's early maps were made in Qoole. 
"BETA" of BLUE ep, feel free to fool around in these maps. It is packed like a mod, create folder called BLUE, open editor, type to console game BLUE, and start the new game. I haven't been touching this for a while, but I want to finish this soon.

Couple screenshots

Link to zip: 
I Have Played Earlier Versions 
And that was a fantastic retro-ish adventure! NH uses "blue" to great extents here. 
I'll Second This 
Played an older version too and looking forward to playing this whole beta. 
Beta Version 3 Of Subterrestrial Hangar 
Thanks to Tribal's and Redfield's valuable feedback, I've made some more changes to the Subterrestrial Hangar:

-Major overhaul for Quad damage path: Quad damage is now permanent and high tier monsters appear later on.
-Silver key added to middle path
-Added dirtmapping

I've uploaded the 3rd beta version on Quaketastic for playtesting for people who are interested: 
What Do You Think Of My First Quake Map? 
Hello everyone!

I am a long-time Doom mapper and decided to try my hand at Quake mapping. I have just completed my first Quake map and could really use some feedback. What do you think? 
I Think... 
You need to post some screenshots! 
Ok, here is one. 
Nice Archwork! Wood And Stone 
Looks pretty good 
seen great screenshot of a giant runic sword somewhere here, was it from the upcoming dm4jam DLC expasion pack? 
That must be sock's upcoming standalone release inspired by dm4/dm4jam? 
Runic Pork Sword More Like 
Interesting experiment. Feels a bit anti-climatic, though. As if the level was only the introduction to something bigger, like an episode of path-defined levels.

Classic style - except for the props of course. They look just a little bit out of place in a Quake environment, or least next to the idbase textures. Not a big problem really. I found that the doors, while being useful for making the small base appear larger, can be slightly confusing as it's unclear which ones open and which ones are simply detail. You could maybe change the textures of the doors that never open, or add some detail to suggest they are permenently locked, or at the very least centerprint triggers.

No problems with gameplay really, even though for a moment it felt like I broke it when picking the middle path. Got through it fine eventually. Quad path, too. Not sure why anyone would want to pick the slime maze, though. It's a bit awkward with all the pipes one gets stuck on. You can see how to get past them, but it sometimes feels unnecessarily finicky to actually do it. The path is doable, though you can just as easily fail. Not much fun really, and no real benefit apart from skipping combat (e.g. no reward weapon if you dive up in the hangar itself). Quad is permanent while the suit isn't?

On a technical note, the map exceeds the edicts and the models limit as QS reports on developer mode. I believe this is something that can be fixed with little effort. In the slime maze part, each pipe is an individual func_wall which is completely unnecessary. All of them can be grouped into a single entity per corridor. Even better yet, if you use ericw's compilers, you can just turn them into func_detail_wall and save a large number of models while getting the same result (phonged pipes).
Likewise, the blankets on the bunk beds, which are all individual func_illusionaries by the looks of it, can be grouped into two big func_illusionaries (one for each side of the room= left and right of the door), or simply func_detail_illusionary.
And if these two measures aren't enough, there's another big potential for saving models in the monster teleporter room. The trigger_teleports there can all be turned into point entities and they won't count as individual models.

Doing all of that will also lower the edicts count, though I'm not sure if it's enough to get it under 600 (in practice should be lower than, say, 570). But I can look into that if required. 
Thanks, Negke! 
Thanks for the feedback, negke! I tried to download the demos, but the link was broken for me. o:

Yup, the level is to be the first in an episode of such levels, as you suspected. That's why there's a red armor in a tougher secret late in the level and is intended to be used mostly in the subsequent levels.

Yeah, I was wondering if the decorative doors would cause confusion, whether they will open later on or not. Maybe I'll add some large bars that make it obvious that they will never open or something... :/

Yeah, the slime maze... The idea behind the dense piping is to keep the maze challenging even for subsequent playthroughs, when the player has already learned the correct path. After all, it's supposed to be HARD difficulty. There are considerably fewer pipes in the lower difficulty levels, if the pipes are too much. But of course, making the maze hard in the expense of fun isn't quite right, so I just may have to decrease the amount of pipes for the hard difficulty. And btw, the slime maze DOES contribute to some other rewards besides just avoiding combat. c;

I also appreciate the technical feedback you give. I could give your suggestions a shot. Maybe they might help with the map's abysmal performance in Mark V. 
Forgot About The Biosuits 
The biosuits were made respawnable instead of permanent to keep the player on his/her toes. Gotta keep the feeling of urgency and the adrenaline flow going, you know! ;) 
Demo Link Fixed 
Detailed video showing most of Retroquad's scrolling sky rendering features.

I'm finally satisfied with it. 
Bloody beautiful, but the wooden archs could use less polygons.

Also, there's a piece of a wooden beam brush appearing on the inside of the top of the window on the right. 
insane. I've never seen any sky in Quake look that beautiful, including sky maps! GG 
I Don't Think The Arches Need Less Polygons 
sky looks very cool, interesting seeing all the options 
My First Quake Map "Ruins Of Mazotac" 
Hi folks! I made my first Quake map and would love to hear some feedback. It's pretty short and simple, maybe 3-5 minutes to play through.

some screenshots:

Is This A Beta Or A Final Release?? 
A beta. There are a few known bugs I need to fix, and I also wanted some gameplay feedback. Is this the wrong spot for me to post? 
Nope It's Correct. 
Nope That's Cool Man. 
Shots look nice, hope you get some good feedback. 
Nice Shots Mclogenog 
Congrats on the beta release! 
Why Can't I Hold All These First Maps! 
Yet another "My first map" post!
Took a map from an old doom2 dm wad of mine and remade it. Probably not the best dm map, but it served as a place to get used to working with TB.
Small map, 1v1 should be hectic, 2-4 would be bonkers.


From The Shots 
needs more verticality. something bout the colors is slightly off (palette issues maybe). Looks quite good otherwise, detailing looks weirdly good and sufficiently undetailed in those shots. 
Re: Colors 
I mean the mixture of textures. I find it quite hard to have good color scheme when choosing textures in quake myself :-( Something about the limited choice of base textures. 
Nice map for your first outing! Some thoughts:

1. good use of textures overall

2. good idea to choose DM as your first Quake map to work out the process of creating... the Quake SP community is much more active than MP for the most part. I switched from making only MP maps to SP and it's better overall as many more ppl play my maps. Something to consider. func is really geared toward SP maps

3. your lighting is quit good for an old school style map. I encourage you to look at ericw's tools website to see what can be done now with lighting. (I am currently working on lighting tutorials.

4. I really liked the small touches in your map. The uneven walls and floors, the door mysteriously cracked open in the other area. The warped woods planks were cool and I am stealing that idea!!! These all give your map life.

5. some of the areas felt a bit the same though so easy to get turned around. You can vary lighting and / or textures to give players signposts. The player should never be lost in a level.

6. congrats on a very nice looking level

7. keep mapping for Quake! you are off to a very good start.

bonus question: are there leaks? is this map vis'd? I only ask because I had a weird framerate issue here and there. It could be my computer tho. 
I posted this on YT but here's a repost:

I am working on videos this weekend. Would you mind if I did a "newb review" of your video as you mentioned? It may not be out for a while but I like this idea and of course will start with yours!

@megaman @dumptruck_ds 
Thank you both for the comments and suggestions, really appreciate it. :D
Coming from mapping for doom, I still a have bit more to get used to with quake hence the map is a bit more horz than vert. I kinda ran out of ideas at the time so yeah its a bit “where am I?”, as well as high and low detail all over.

As for the vis and leaks, I compiled in TB with ericw tools 0.18 and everything appeared to be ok, unless I missed something. It never complained about leaks in the log after the last compile so /shrug?
Hehe, I can’t even check it atm since my rig of out of commission until monday when the replacement for the new psu I got thursday comes in. 
I'll play it again today on my gaming rig. I wanted to be sure you had vis'd it. The compile is likely fine. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
I just played a DM session with Reaper bots. I added 4 - twas a bit hectic. But the framerate is fine. When I tested it before I was at work on an iMac so crappy Intel grfx. It's smooth as butter on my gaming rig. 
Impressive Penta-Post! 
Is this possibly func_record? 
Must Be A New Record 
2008 was a rough year for mobile internet. 
In 2008 I still had 56k dial-up. 
In 2008... 
I still had a Pentium II. 
Yearly Update 8-) 
A year ago I showed this of a basemap I has been working on for around 14 years.

Anyway here are some more pics of the map, or rather the maps, because since them I have split the map in 3.

I also wrote that maybe it would be done in about 5 or 6 years 8-)
Well it looks like I was right, since I hawen't had much time to work on the map.
Another reason is that I have promised Tronyn to finish this map. 
The Promise Shall Not Be Broken. 
Awesome screenshots! 
finish them 
Holy Schnikes! 
It would be a crime to not finish/release these. 
I recorded two runs with your map (Short Yardage) using DMSP2 (skill 2: 80 enemies).

The central area is great to make enemies fight each other while you watch everything from above =D 
I believe in you! 
I don't know if you are interested, but i recorded a playthrough of your map "Chapel of Darkness" =D 
Between Tribal and I - your map is getting a lot of attention!!! Here's a new series of more general Quake-y type of stuff. A newb mapper review this time. 
Preview Of Castle Darkheart Interior... 
So I posted a TB block out of the castle exterior on Discord earlier, but I've been working on a new texture set, and have done some work in Blender to get a new prop model.

This gallery has 2 shots of the interior of Castle Darkheart. The new texture set is based upon photo textures, taken from images of cathedrals and other materials, all converted to the Quake palette. I've also been using a lot of RTCW, ad_magna, and Daikatana textures as a base to make new ones. (The banner is a fabric sample with Daik dragon, painted in brown.)

So I used Blender to import the knight.mdc from RTCW, converted to OBJ then to .mdl. It had a lot of problems, inverted face normals, and some of the vertexes had to be edited. I also had to create a new UV map and material because the .mdc consits of multiple models and 2 textures, where Quake mdls can only have 1. The end result is ok I think, 509 polys. Now we can finally have a suit of armor to decorate all those Quake castles.

Imgur seems to darken my images, so take that into account. Screens here: 
Nice work. This is really looking cool but still Quake-y. 
That looks great! Maybe add a little more visual detail, for example some damage to the pillars or something. Otherwise it looks maybe a bit too clean.

But apart from that it's really nice, I hope it gets released! 
Puts my recent castle-building efforts to shame. I'll have to steal some ideas >_> 
Don't Worry 
It is too far over hill for me to not finish it now. @Sleepwalker yeah I plan to go over the map with a sledgehammer and smash some of those brushes to pieces. It looks too nice for Quake monsters to live in.

It just takes a long time to make new artwork (If it wasn't for google Blender would be worthless) I am hoping to have this map/mod done by the end of the year. 
Howdy all. I've been working on another map and got it to a point where some feedback would help! The aesthetics are all still pretty basic, since I want to make sure the gameplay is there first:

Here are some screenshots: 
This is on my to-do list today. Speedmapping to hit a deadline at the moment. 
Here is my playthrough \o/

I love how the rooms are huge, with plenty of space to move and run in combat... but there is almost no combat :P
There's a lot of times that i enter the rooms waiting for a scrag to spit on me or for a grenade to blow up in my head, but nothing happened... there's so much space for epic fights, but there are no enemies to fight. Too many empty rooms, man. I played in hard difficulty and it felt like easy mode :(

Oh, I have to say that i love the green theme with broken walls on the first and second room, with jumping puzzles, pressing buttons and pushing pillars... it reminds me the first tomb raider game =D I wish the whole map was like this =D 
Thanks for the playthrough video and feedback! Between this and mazotac, I'm definitely finding I need to add more enemies :| 
Andrew! Re: Simplex 
Simplex is looking great so far. Some thoughts after the link to my 4 demos. I had a long day between yard work and Speedmapping 182! So my playthru is terrible but I have some notes embedded in the demos. I'd suggest using Mark V to view them because it has FF and Rewind! You'll need them with my demos:

okay some thoughts:

*Yeah you def need more enemies but not a LOT more IMO. I like quiet moments but currently there are too many. Also, you need quality encounters as opposed to the quantity. So for example: You have no fiends in your maps but a lot of loooooong hallways. Fiends are designed for long hallways. Throw a few in your next beta in strategic areas. They do get stuck on stairs and in small corridors but you have a lot of areas where fiends can introduce tension and OMG moments.

* You need some Vore / Shalraths in this. They are great with areas where you have a lot of cover. And your map has a lot of columns - this would be perfect for Vores. They aren't too hard to beat if you know what you are doing so don't be afraid to use them where the player can take cover to avoid. Just make sure the player has enough ammo to deal with them.

*with more monsters you need more ammo and armor. Use your puzzles as places to reward the player. There's one area where I hit the wall with the ax. (Large area with jumping puzzles and water underneath.) That would be a great alcove for armor to reward the player for making the jumps.

I LOVE the jumping puzzles overall. I noted a texture issue in the first demo. When you hit a button the texture should go from animated to non-animated. I got fooled for a second thinking I needed to hit the button again (duh me). I know you are "gaming" the system by looking at the map because the whole thing is a func door. However, you COULD try having the button on the func door have the texture of the "off" position of the switch. (+abutton) Before the player triggers the func_door you could overlap that brush by one unit with a brush with the animated texture on it. You make that a func_wall that will be "killed" using a trigger relay and killtarget.

I copy and pasted an example from your map of this into a test map of mine:

It's a small thing but small things add up and it's not too hard to do. Quake has a visual language that we have to stick to and this is a good example of something subtle that can confuse a player.

* Think of enemy combos for this map. When to use ranged enemies like the Zombie and Wizards as opposed to Knights who are melee only. try different combos in different situations. Ogres below the player are pretty useless as I noted in the demo. I use Hellknights for those situations.

*The funiculars. I picked off a bunch of enemies from above before activation as you'll see. Trying setting them to the "ambush" spawnflag. They will stay asleep until they see the player or are fired upon. You don't have to fix this in this map but here's some food for thought: After the player activates the funicular maybe delay it for a second and teleport in those monsters so savvy players can't kill them before they are a threat.

Those are plenty of notes. This is going to be a cool map. You have some really unique game play ideas as with your first map! 
Thank you for all the feedback! This gives me a lot to work with for the next version :) 
Something I've Been Working On 
Hey friends, long time lurker- first time poster. I've been learning Trenchbroom thanks to dumptruck_ds' excellent tutorial series. I'm dipping my toes, so here are some screenshots:

I'll have a link for DL once I iron out a few last things. Looking forward to some initial impressions! 
The shots look very cool and retro in the best possible way. I'll be play testing the beta upon release! 
I can already hear the tink of grenades flying through the bars and the glorious glrrSSCHR-plsch of the zombies gibbing behind, and it is a good sound. 
Tester Wanted 
I have a retro-themed vanilla-ish q1sp episode of 5 smallish maps, currently at 'beta 2' stage. Looking for a tester who:

- is really nitpicky
- normally plays on hard skill
- can record demos over multiple maps

First to shout gets an email (obviously let me know address if it isn't in your profile)

Thank you kindly 8) 
Can do that, if you need some hard skill demos* 
great. I like episode of smallish maps. 
Mire Prison Beta 
After some feedback, I made some changes but couldn't reupload to Quaketastic, so here's a new link:

It's crazy the sort of stuff you'd miss without the perspective of others. Looking forward to more feedback! 
Gave it a playthrough (missed the update though, so hopefully this info is still useful), skill 1. Here's the demo:

Some fun stuff and a good scaling difficulty to it!

The biggest problem I ran into, as you'll see in the demo, is that I went to the jail side first and then quickly ran out of ammo. The choice at the start between the water and jail seems equal, but due to the ammo and also the key, it's really the water side I needed to go to first. The distances are short enough that this kind of backtracking isn't a big problem. Hopefully that helps! 
I recorded a blind playthrough of your map:

I found a weird bug below the health pack (look at 00:47 in my video) in FTE engine the bug looks like a hom effect, in quakespasm it looks like a grey polygon.

About the gameplay, I have some thoughts...

I felt a little restraint in my moviments, there's not much free space to run and move around, every place seems so tight, mainly the walkways...

I think the final fight would be more awesome if you had released the zombies when the shamblers appeared. The way it is now, you can just kill the shamblers and go to the exit without killing the zombies, they are no threat to the player. And about the zombies in the second floor... there's any way to go up there? Killing them from below is just tedious. There should be a elevator or a platform :P

Oh, and never let the player leave the final arena. I could easily run away and kill the shamblers from the corridor. You should consider locking the door =D

But, for a first map, this is an amazing job. Congratulations! =D 
Thanks for the feedback, your playthrough helped me a lot. I actually didn't consider the possibility of completing the map with 100% kills, so I'm making changes to ensure that is possible, as well as fixing all the other bugs and stuff. I'll also try making the secrets a bit more noticeable since many players seem to miss them. 
I would try a version with out all the railings. You don't need them for the player BUT if you want them for "show" I get it. And obviously a couple are there as platforms for the player. Just something to think about. 
My First Map. 
High everyone!

Know after one month of work, after watching dumptrack_ds inspiering tutorials, I wanna show some screenshots of my first map.

Its mainly inspired by the Indy_2 Movie Temple of Doom and has three parts: a greek temple, an indy stile cave and sewers.
This map should be Part 1 of a 3 Level Minigame with some oldschool tributes to classic games, music and movies.

Ready for feedback, critcs or ideas. :) 
Good Start 
Add more trim maybe.
Maybe add strange features like spikes or beams to the large flat walls to break it up. Make sure your trellises are func_detail s 
Tod1: The suspended platforms look very slim and therfore probably not conducive to Quake's fast pace strafey gameplay. It's hard to tell from the screenshot but I can't see any way to get back up if you fall off (assuming here that the goal is to navigate from the door through the platforms to the other side). Jumping puzzles like this can be pretty frustrating when falling off = a hard reset of the puzzle.

Tod2 : Fuck yeah

Tod 3 : Looks like an arena for a large combat encounter. A bit bland in the center. Maybe a central column or raised area could make the combat here more interesting (assuming it is combat focused).

Tod4 : I'd keep these barrels out of the way of the player. Have them stowed on shelves or around the side of the room so that it won't be such a nightmare to move around in them. 
tod_1 - try adding a few more angled brushes to those rock cliffs
tod_2 - looks cool, but the slight lack of symmetry does not sit well with my OCD :D
tod_3 - I'd break the floor up a bit, maybe cut a rectangle 6 or 8 tiles wide (and however long) and lower it by 16 units so you have a sunken section, helps distract from the repetitive tile texture
tod_4 - that wall texture is normally used for floors, looks a bit odd

I like it, reminds me of old maps I used to download from ~18 years ago in a cute, nostalgic way. 
Thanks For First Feedback 
Thanks for the first feedback!

@Qmaster: Thats a great idea because I'm still fighting with the big spaces and need more live in it.

@DaZ: Yes you're right. I created them in an early stage and tested them to late. I've implemented in my idear of loosen up the gameplay, means shooting, adventure, shooting, jump'n run, shooting. I know that this is totally breaking with the original concept but hoping that it works.
About the way(s) to the goal. :) You have three, at least four with falling down. 1.)Youse an elevator and get into the action. 2.) find a way over the platforms, find weapons and ammunition, clean up the hords. 3.) Use a platform kind of stairway to get down, clean up the enemys one by one and finish.There is also a oldsch. J'n'R way back up and you will need it. (see tod_7) You're right about the frustrating thing and I'm working on keeping it on a minimum.
The barrels will be minimized.

@rj: Yeah the brushes. :) Now that I found out how to break the Noodlimitation I do. The symmetry first was a problem for me to change bacause of the limitations. I try to fix this with lights and shadows. The walltexture.. damm. Haven't recognized. Is changed.

Have added some better Screenshots with lightning. 
Simplex B2 
Got a new beta of Simplex with a lot of changes from the feedback :)
The encounters should be more interesting now, and I decided to take the more ruined aesthetic throughout the level.


Simplex B2 
It's coming along and feels much more cohesive than beta 1. Me being lame on skill 1.

I got got turned around a few times and felt lost more that once but your encounters are way more fun now! I'd say a touch more health in the first two rooms. Don't be afraid to put a couple of arrows in your level to tell the player where to go next.

I really like the look of the level. You have some really striking geometry throughout.

What do the generators do? Is that element still under development? Or did I miss something?

Overall it's really a huge improvement. I might play again and send some more feedback about little texture things. It's the end of a long day. 
Those shots are looking pretty epic. I'm intrigued. 
Thanks for the demo! The idea with the generators is for them to power up the mechanisms nearby (the tram and platforms). I'll need to do more audio and visual work there to sell that idea though. 
Thanks! With your tutorials in mind, maping is real fun! In one or two weeks I should have a first playable version uploaded. I'm curious about your opinion. 
Galiduse Point 
That looks unreal. I love arctic themed stuff and that's better than anything that I could've imagined. 
Is that a goddamn aurora borealis? 
At This Time Of Year? 
I made a playthrough of the new version of Simplex \o/

Man, what a great adventure! It's like a totally new and different map! o_O

In this run i couldn't grab the nailgun in the beginning of the map, couldn't take the red armor and neither the supernailgun (i didn't noticed that one side of the cage was open, i must be blind) and i was so frustrated XD (i played the map three times now, so i could find all the secrets and take all the weapons)

One secret that i didn't understand was that door that opens behind the ogre (at 05:00). In my third run i nocliped to see where it leads, and found out that i had to shoot a wall in the corridor to go up there, but how can a player know that? there's no visual hint for me to shoot the wall :/

Anyway, back to the map... the design, the textures, the details, the monster's placement, the gameplay! I love it all!! XD

Congratulations! What a good job you did here =D 
@Tribal, thanks for giving it another playthrough! Definitely still some rough edges, especially around secrets and some visual bugs. Maybe by next weekend I'll have it in a spot where I'm ready to call it done :)

@KenChennar, dang that looks cool! I also hope that audio is an in game music track, because it gives the map a totally surreal feeling 
Localised Entirely Within Your Kitchen?? 
Orl, you are insane :) that looks awesome! 
Simplex Demo 
I love the look of it and the small platform puzzles. I really liked how the scrags filled that room in the beginning where the nailgun is. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff. Here's a demo: 
Holy crap that looks awesome!! Quite the reveal. Liked the roots in the cave too. 
Hi everybody. I've added some new screenshots of work in progress. Thanks for all your feedback. Have changed the textures where they were wrong and some map logics that had been asked for. 
Update 1.01 
Update 1.01. Missing 
Yeah. And still forgot to descibe the last screenshot. There are now three ways to finish. As I told before, it is your choice how to get down. You have to pass each zone, but the order of clean out is yours. 
As I told before, it is your choice how to get down

What happens if the player just steps off a platform and falls to the ground? 
Poorchop, Spud, Mclogenog, distrans, Qmaster. Thank you for the kind words and expressions of shock. With just some detailing and smoothing out the rough edges left, the map construction itself is pretty much done. Problem now is how to make it fun.

I've come to accept that I can't do Quake gameplay very good as it always ends up being too difficult or disjointed and unfair. And a map with this much space, well it just wouldn't work out at all. Not really sure what to do at this point. 
If you fall down, you are in one of three zones wich have to been passed anyway. The only thing that changes is that maybe you wake some monsters to early. :) 
Still looks really busy and unclear. I really can't tell what the flow is supposed to be when looking at the screenshots. The one with annotations isn't any more helpful in this regard sadly.

Crate mazes are not fun. Definitely reconsider!

A lot of the structural stuff looks really fiddly to get around, lots of stuff sticking out to snag the player etc. 
In Defense Of Crate Mazes 
Doom 1: e2m2: Containment Area 
In Opposition Of Crate Mazes 
Doom has some pieces of far worse level design than people like to remember, i.e. E2M2. Also, this isn't Doom so we have a third dimension to fuck around in. 
Thanks for the input. Pleas remember this is my first map. I'm working on it to get it as professional as I can. Some of my solutions now will not be the smartest in the world but they work at this stage of my leveldesign-learning.

Hopefully my first beta will give a better look!

About crate mazes. :) Every Doom, Quake, Jedi Knight, Tomb Raider,... I think every game since Commander Keen has crate mazes. There were so many that I dream of them since when I was a boy. So hopefully some day, somebody will write a "I've no idea how to fill this space in short time so bubbles would be a nice idea."- routine and free our minds from them. But till this day someone will run through crate mazes. :D 
I wanna throw in my WOW to you as well. I'm a huge admirer of your previous work, even if I was more forgiving of aspects of oms3's gameplay than some others. I'm sure I will have fun with it when you're finished, however it turns out. 
Crate maze? Bring it on! That sort of thing has a nice charm evn if it is a well used trope: 
Hey RJ! 
How goes the 5 map episode? 
You're dam right! Right now I'm creating the passage from zone blue to green with some cave stuff. But it now will have a bigger crate maze thing. Think I have to play some more Doom sessions for inspiration but will become funny. :) 
Soon! Had a lot on this past few weeks (as has Newhouse I believe) but it's on the home stretch.

Maybe if I publicise my self-imposed deadline of 28 May on here (ie. right now, in this post) it might spur me on... 
28th It Is! 
send a couple more screenshots to gain more attention/extrinsic motivation! 
Sure Thing 
One word: Amazing!! 
Fuck Yeah 
assuming lighting is cranked up to avoid people on func spazzing out?

This looks very cool! 
Must Play Blue One Now! 
Your game play is spot on bro. Ter Shib was a masterpiece not just in design but also in terms of game play. The environment is a factor in my opinion and you managed to perfectly intertwine it with fights. Shib2 is a great example of this.

From what I remember, my only issue with Ter Shib was being severely ammo starved at some points. However, that was largely because I started from scratch at shib3 after losing my save files upon completion of shib2.

Pushing these old games like Doom and Quake to the limit presents new challenges because enemies weren't designed with these new, more elaborate, and substantially larger spaces in mind. However, you still made it work. Looking forward to your map (and maybe some day expanding on the arctic concept myself since I love the setting and theme). 
Shots a tiny bit dark, bot looks really cool, proper quakey :) 
Looking forward for your upcomimg release(s) 
Well don't keep us waiting much longer! :D 
Wow! Looks realy great. 
Thank you for the kind words, though I can see the glaring gameplay flaws the maps have. Lack of ammunition and even health isn't fun for some. Even on easy difficulty it is challenging.

This being said, future shib like maps I have planned will be more of the same mostly. Possibly with custom monsters to add variety that might work better with large maps. And the arctic theme isn't the only unique setting for a map I have in mind. And please, feel free to take inspiration from my maps and even the textures for your own project! I'm interested in seeing what you could create. 
Beta Map 
Hello everyone!

I'm making a new map and I really would like to get some feedback. It's quite short, and it's a remake of a famous FPS map. Can you guess it before looking at the screenshots?

Here's the link:

Screenshots (they are a bit old, I've added more detail to the map):

Also, it has difficulty settings (normal/hard).

Congrats on the new map. I love your selection of Knave textures and lighting was another standout. Feels evil and Quake-y.

Some thoughts in no particular order:

*combat was fun and hectic but maybe could use a few more trigger_counter setups to pace the monster spawning a bit better. Right now it seems a bit random as to when they spawn in. You may want that I dunno.

*Your trigger_monsterjumps are awesome good game on that!

*I really liked the lava jumping bit. Not too hard but just nerve wracking enough.

*I like dark and contrasty maps but others might say this map is too dark. If you get more than 2 or 3 comments on that use the gamma worldspawn key in ericw's tools to increase the gamma of your map slightly. (I just did this with a map on mine.)

*slow down the door opening to the exit to make it more obvious to the player that something has happened.

*there's a "post" or pillar near the doors in one area I got stuck on. it's dark and almost feels like a mistake. Maybe put a torch on it or thing about removing it.

Link to my demos:

I always play on normal. 
Here is my blind playthrough =D

As Dumptruck_ds said, the map is a little bit too dark. I had to mess with the gamma of the video before uploading it to youtube, because i couldn't see a thing :P

But I love the details, the architecture, the textures and the first fight! Man, I love multiple Vores attacking me at once just to use the purple balls to cause monster's infight XD Awesome!

Thank you for the map =D 
Thank you for playing and for the demos!

This time I've tried to make a brighter level, so I went to the worldspawn entity and set the light value to 80, therefore there shouldn't be completely black surfaces. I think I'll set it to 100 and raise the skylight value a little.

I'll also make the exit more obvious, since it's different in this map. The initial idea was to trigger the exit (I mean, the intermission screen and the next level) after the last fight, but I couldn't manage to do it. It might require some hacking.

I'm not sure which pillar is the one you pointed out, but I'll try to fix it. I assume it's part of the broken walkway, to which I accidentaly applied a wood texture, so it's pretty hard to see it.

Thanks a lot again, I'm also learning from your videos :) 
Thank you very much for the video!

I'll fix the darkness issue. It's supposed to be dark indoors, but not excessively dark.

There are only ogres in the start area on Normal, but then I decided put those vores because I knew you were going to play on Hard :P

thanks for playing. 
I'd advise against using the light key in the worldspawn. That raises everything and flattens out your lighting. If you increase the gamma slightly you retain your darkest areas a bit better if I am not mistaken. There are also some other command line settings/worldspawn settings you can tweak to adjust this. e.g. you can experiment with -bounce -bouncescale .4 - .8 - this will really change your lighting so I usually use bounce from the beginning of the lighting process. More info here:

If it was me, I'd increase all the lights by hand in 25 unit increments and see what results you can get. But I like that dramatic high contrast.

Food for thought. 
Here's a couple of demos, I died my first try :D Is it supposed to be inspired by dead simple? That's the impression I got. I think the final fight with the 4 shamblers needs work, they kind of just stand there until you engage them. Also more ammo towards the end would be nice. I liked the lava part with the jumping vore, spooked me the first time! 

Yup, I noticed the flattening. I'll read the documentation carefully and test it to see if I get better results. Thanks again.


Thanks for the demos and suggestions!

Indeed, it's inspired by Doom 64's Even Simpler, which by itself is based on Dead Simple.

I don't know what happened to your intermission camera, but that's not how it should have looked. By the way, did you find the map too dark?

thanks for playing! 
I didn't notice anything wrong with the intermission. I played on the latest Quakespasm if that matters. I don't think brightness was an issue, though you've been given advice on what to check out in that respect. 
@jcr , @vaf 
It's a known bug in Quake that the intermission camera looks wrong during demo playback.

See e.g.
That's good to know, thanks! 
Court Of Fools, DM Speedmap 
Speedmap'd today. Just got back into the Quake scene this year and wanted to crank out a deathmatch map. So I managed to put one together with some interesting shapes and layout. Put in about 8hrs. Only used a few textures, so I tried to creat variety with lighting and such.

Tested with Quakespasm and reaper bots. Will test with a human opponent tomorrow, but wanted to put this up in case anyone else wanted to try it out or provide feedback. Any and all comments are appreciated.


Download ZIP: 
Maybe a bit more contrasted shadows in some corners? Keep the general lighting level but make stronger shadows in places that won´t get that much action. 
RE: Cocerello 
Noted on the shadows, thank you! I'll try that out.

I did some playtesting this morning [ if interested, here's a video: ] and found a few dead spots for gameplay and a few balance issues between ammo and armor. So I'll probably head back into the editor today and clean up a few things. 
I recorded two runs with DMSP2 mod on hard difficulty (100 enemies) =D

awesome map, great job =D 
Awesome! I don't think I've seen this game mode/mod before. That was very cool to watch. Thanks for playing the map! Much appreciated. 
Court Of Fools V2 
Updated the map yesterday, rebuilt a couple areas for better navigability, added an another teleporter and another hallway connection between the two main interior spaces. Moved all the DM spawnpoints into lit "closets" in the walls. Tweaked the lighting.
Added ammo and one more weapon.

Reaper Bots are having a way easier time getting around the level, and the flow is much improved. It still basically looks like a speedmap, but I think I'll call this a successful experiment now. I learned quite a bit cranking this one out.

If anybody plays it, let me know what you think.


Court Of Fools V2 
I recorded a demo using the same mod that Tribal used.

I think it's a really good map, although it's kinda big. I only dislike the fact that the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher are relatively close, so, by the time you grab the grenade launcher, you already have the rocket launcher in your inventory. Also, it seems to be easy to cut your opponents off rocket based weapons.

I love the textures and the archtecture. Nice! 
RE: Vaf 
Thanks for playtesting! I see what you mean about the rocket/grenade proximity. I think I might be able to swap the RL and the SSG (which are not on the same path) and have a similar overall balance.

I've also decided to reduce the cell supply, as we ran into scenario where someone could dominate the map for a good while with one pickup of the Thunderbolt (with cells already collected for it + too much opportunity to get more).

As to the large-feeling scale of the map, that's probably from playing too much ClanArena on QuakeLive, in which a lot of the popular maps make gratuitous use of long sight lines (for the sake of the railgun). On my last playtest, I found several sight lines long enough to see streams of nails/spikes coming at you, which is longer than I intended.

I think for this particular design it's as tight as it's going to get, but I'll try to scale down my next map a bit. I appreciate you commenting on that. 
RE: Demo 
Just watched the demo... that was delightful! Really intense moment when you grab the Mega and just chill there shotgunning the death knights until you can get off the ledge. I need to try out that mod. 
Update, Request For Support 
Hi guys.Have seen your awsome work meanwhile.
It's inspiring!
Had some exhausting weeks behind me and hope to did a good job on the map. Leveldesign is now 90% done, Entities and logics I would say 30%. Have some new screenshots for you and a request?
This Level got bigger than I thought. Would someone of you be so auxiliary to check out the map in its nower status? You know that this is a five mans job and at this state of progress the sight for errors is becoming smaler.credits are for sure. best wishes! 
is not showing.

The map looks like it is one i am going to enjoy. My advice is that seeing that you have several large brushes, to hide a bit that fact with lighting, by only lighting some parts or make contrasted areas.

The black lines in tod_17, as first i thought they were leak lines from the pointfile but they are curved. What are those? Now they look to me like the typical lines in Windows Paint 
Time Quake Ogre 
I finally decided to lay my hands again on this one.
Trouble is that now I've got so many poses there are not enough funcs to handle it, only seven th_funcs.
I can combine some but it will be a hussle.
Flies were pretty obvious, but came one dimensional out. Wish I had more qc knowledge so I could add that like in Q2.

Bastard Ogre 
Love It 
Love It 
Thanks for your comment. Yes the black lines are from paint. Seams I catched the wrong tool at first. :D I've the lighting thing in mind and do so between two area designs. Thanks! 
Theme and architecture show some promise, but at the moment it is very samey, very uniform in colour and tone, textures are repetitive and lighting is flat. Try to add some stronger designs, some complementary but different colours / textures, and improve the lighting contrast. Look at Id medieval levels for a very basic start, or some of the more recent medieval levels. 
Thanks for the tips. Do you mean with designs the leveldesign itself or to add more and different Objects in the sections? 
Structures, overall design, rather than objects. 
Its A Hot Day 
Cool off with this start to end playthrough of the yet unreleased Galiduse Point. Normal skill, one route taken. 
Very cool. Running with the Manke-on-steroids vibe and making most of the 'retro FPSs' look lame as fuck 
I've been looking forward to that map ever since you posted the preview clip so I'm pretty stoked over what I saw in the video. The point at which the player comes upon the hill overlooking the town is still awesome. The map is a lot more ominous than I thought it would be. The bunker area combined with the music kind of gives it horror vibes. I kind of didn't want to watch the full video since I wanted to experience it blind after you release it but I ended up watching it anyway. Really looking forward to the release. 
A Drake Map In 2018?!? 
Why, Is That Impossible Or Something? 

...wanders away grumbling like an old man... 
@KenChannar: looks dope as expected from what I watched, but I'm waiting to play the whole thing myself.

@Tronyn: go map lol ;) 
Ice To See You! 
Don't want to to spoil it Ken. Hurry up and release it already! 
Throne Room 
'Finished' another room in the castle:

Its unfortunate that Snow White and the Huntsman was a very poor film, but you gotta love Charlez in any case. The Raven throne was inspired from this. 
This map is screaming for some Hexen2 enemies =D 
Drake Mod 
It has many Hexen2/medieval-style enemies. And then some. 
Beta Testers Wanted. 
For this:

Skill 0 and skill 1 especially. Gimme ur email and I will send the map over.

Looking for feedback from a player's perspective about gameplay balance etc. Not from a mapper's perspective as I know it's technically shoddy and chaotic mapping behind the scenes!

I know there's issues with 2D-ness, simple layout, lack of detail inside etc etc. 
Looks old skool Shambler. Raises hand. I dig the simpleness.

And Redfield looks good too. About Drake enemies, why compromise. Use Keep mod and you can have (almost) any enemy. 
I Ask You To Unforgive Me? 
I like the drake mod, and had a really good time blasting through Unforgiven. Except for those like air strafing dragonoid type beings that seem to have the same code as an F-22 Raptor electronic warfare suite.

I am currently using the AD progs as the base for my mod, cause it has all the nifty tricks, and the potential for some Hexen 2 monsters is in there. The map is mainly supposed to feature my new monsters, although I'm not sure how things are going to pan out yet. 
Ooh You Have New Monsters?? 
Intrigued even more than I already am just from seeing the screenshots. 
I am in. Feel free to shoot me an email. 
New Q1SP Beta: Amphitheater Of Abaddon 
Don't know if many of you are busy playing maps from 2017 for the Quake awards, but if someone happens to find the time to beta test my newest map, that would be great!

The working title of the map is Amphitheater of Abaddon. It is to be the second map in my miniepisode (see here for more details). The way how the Quad damage works in this map is a little different from the first map, though. In the first map the Quad was permanent but in this one there are multiple normal Quad damages littered over the map (and I was thinking of modifying the first map to work like that, too... maybe).

So, I'd like you to play the map and provide me any feedback that comes on your mind for how to improve the map. It would be preferable if you tested all three of the different playstyles (and, optionally, in multiple difficulty levels).

You can download the map (source included) here. Just place the map in your id1/maps folder and fire away like a normal custom map. No mods this time around, unlike the first map in the episode. I haven't linked the two maps together yet, so you can't test the two maps in succession.

Note, that there are two versions of the map included in the package: an older version that hasn't been gamma corrected and a gamma corrected version (worldspawn has a "_gamma" key with a value of "1.3"). I think the gamma corrected version is more similar in brightness to the original Quake start map, so it may be the better version of the two. I've just gotten so used to the older version, that I'm not sure which I like better, so if you like, you guys could also give your opinion on which version is better.


To-do list for the map:
- Make the necessary modifications for dm.
- Fix compilation errors caused by the gamma correction (too many lightstyles on a face).
- Add some decorative corpses/gibs.
- Implement possible suggestions from beta testers. 
The map started out incredibly strong. The amphitheater is a really cool concept and it looked great. I was impressed with how you maintained the smooth curvature and symmetry of it all. The area under the stage helped to sell the concept as well. I assume that those were dressing rooms that were locked at first.

The first area that you climb up as ogre grenades rain down upon you was such a neat mechanic. I'll never get tired of people using the high ground ogre in unique fashions such as this. Finally unlocking the main amphitheater area was a groundbreaking moment as you are presented with the scale of it as well as the grenade barrage. It was tricky at first but I learned to avoid too much trouble by constantly pushing forward.

I started to become a little disenchanted as I began scaling the audience balconies. Taking the elevator up sometimes put me face to face with an ogre - first a grenade to the face, then chainsawed to death as I had no way of getting past the ogre and no way to go back down. At this point, health and ammo were extremely scarce. I started save scumming in order to make it to the end and even then, it felt too rough. I started to flat out ignore the teleporting scrags and the final vore. On one hand, the final elevator up was interesting with more ogre grenades but if one made it inside the elevator, it was almost impossible to avoid the explosion. The shootable switch that closes the door only helps a tiny bit.

I did feel that the first half of the map was pretty perfect though. The ogre placement was spot on. They were exactly the proper distance to cause just enough trouble without feeling unfair. In the amphitheater, I would give the player a way to jump back down when taking the elevators up. Either that or make it so that the ogres are clear from the space immediately in front of the elevator.

Also please, please, please give ammo. I really don't even mind scarce health but if I don't have the ammo to kill monsters, then that's a huge problem. I never found a grenade launcher either so those basement zombies were just roaming around freely.

I have a demo but I don't think that it recorded much given that I had to reload saves a ton towards the end. I played on skill 2.

The non-gamma corrected version of the map won't load for me in Quakespasm. The version that I played looked fine. I think that the lighting was well done. 
Recorded A First Run Quad Demo 
pretty rough on me, let me know where to email with demo/discussions 
Will hopefully get a chance to play the map later, I made some quick notes on your screenshots 
Amphitheater Of Abaddon, Beta Version 2 
Drew, I sent you an e-mail a moment ago, so you can send your demo to me in the reply message. Thanks in advance for testing! :)

And thank you, Poorchop, for your valuable feedback! Reading it motivates me and makes mapping even more worthwhile. :) Watching your demo was quite thrilling, with all the ammo and health shortages and close calls.

Hmm, I thought I HAD tested the map on the middle path with no secrets found, but I guess I hadn't, because I ran out of ammo, too, now that I tested it myself. @~@

Thanks to your feedback and additional testing, I added 40 shells to the map. Now I was able to end the map with around 40 shells and 20-30 nails (if I recall correctly); no secrets, skill 2, no zombies killed. I was also intentionally somewhat wasteful with my shells to allow some misses.

Of course, if one finds the grenade launcher, ammo becomes a LOT more plentiful after that. And don't forget that this is the second map of the episode, so the player could very well be stocked up with shells, nails and even a grenade launcher from the get-go.

Based on your feedback and some additional testing I've done, I've uploaded beta version 2 of the map:

Download here

Changes from beta 1:
- Added 40 shells and 15 health.
- Made a torch illusionary, so the player won't hit their head in it when using an elevator.
- Added a killtarget trigger for some some monsterjump triggers to ease movement of a fiend.
- Prevented ogres from getting right in front of an elevator in the amphitheater. 
Sorry, I forgot to reply to your message in my previous post. Thanks for the notes! I had actually thought about the roof indentation, but wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble.

Maybe try out the beta version and then give me an update on the previous notes, whether you think they're still relevant after seeing the map live. 
Don't Have Time To Play This 
But man those screenshots look great. I'll be keeping tabs on this one! 
Here's my second demo of the middle path. Sloppy playing (I actually died a few times before this due to being careless) but I was trying to run through fairly quickly. The ammo situation was good, as was the health. The center path is at a point now where it's challenging but completely fair. My only complaint was the fiend that sneaks out from behind the wall at the top of the first area you climb. I died there on an earlier attempt because I didn't have enough time to react to the wall opening behind me, and fiends hit hard.

It's hard to gauge the difficulty at this point since I mostly remembered what to expect but even then, it was still pretty tough. That's fine though - players who want an easier time can lower the difficulty. I tried a bit of the quad path but I didn't get too far with it yet. I also managed to find the grenade launcher this time and it made the map way easier.

I'll try to check out the right path as well. It's a cool concept to give the players three major variations of playing the same map. 
Nice Replay 
Thanks for testing again, Poorchop! :) Some highlights from your replay:

- Knights ganging up against a vore.
- Finding the GL. Yaay, good job! :)
- Killing with a single grenade three bumbling knights flailing their swords in vain against a shambler.
- Trying to reach the silver key with a trick jump. Believe me, I did my best to make it as difficult as possible! >:D I've been able to get to the dangling beams on the other side but not quite able to find a way to climb to the key itself (if I recall correctly).
- The two final fiends accidentally charging at each other, inadvertently killing the other one in a hilarious slapstick comedy fashion! xD

Too bad you didn't quite figure out the fountain room secret. I was so rooting for you to find it! :'( There's also a secret the location of which will probably become more clear to the player who tries to clear the map following the Quad path.

About the difficulty: Yeah, after watching your first demo and feedback, the idea of suggesting playing the map in normal difficulty did cross my mind. After all, skill 2 is supposed to be HARD difficulty, and the map sure is pretty tough in that difficulty.

Sure, it may be tougher than most id maps at that difficulty, but this map is tough even with modern control schemes. So maybe I should add a disclaimer to the readme that hard really means hard for this map.

I'm wondering about the fiend. Should I have the fiend first make its presence known to the player by aggroing it with a trigger and only after a second long delay, or so, the monster closet would open. Does the ambush feel unfair otherwise? o:

I guess otherwise the middle path starts to look pretty finished. Thanks for your help! :) 
Screenshots look good, I'll get you a demo tonight! 
Overall I thought it was great, my favorite part was the gold key room with the vores at the bottom. I thought the invisibility ring path was interesting, ring respawn points were chosen well. The final elevator with the ogres raining on you was clever too! Some critique:

The area where the walls lower to reveal death knights was a bit much, I think a lesser enemy or enemy combo would be more interesting. I feel that the death knight is tedious to fight because of their high HP, putting one after another made that area a chore for me.

Entering the Shambler room was instadeath in every way I managed to approach it.

Quad path was boring for me since I didn't find any weapons.

Anyway, here are some demos: 
Great Demos! 
This isn't the first time I've seen your demos but I must say, you're one skilled player! O_O

Demo 1:

Wow, that was nerve-racking to watch, and you got so close to the ending, too, and on a blind run to boot! You were on the brink of death there quite a number of times, and in the end being down to just one hp at that one point!

You have a super aggressive playstyle, rushing headlong into the hotzone! Like jumping down to the vores in the gk room, running to the middle of the amphitheater with the shambler, and the most ridiculous of all, juggling yourself along three shamblers to get a yellow armor! O_O

Your strategy of minimizing ammo usage by resorting to the axe from time to time was also interesting to observe. Seeing you pick up a quad damage prematurely was heartbreaking to watch. D': I was also worried seeing you pick up shells, while being almost stocked up already, but it seemed like you had the ammo situation pretty well taken care of.

An interesting point was seeing you being able to get up the elevator at the shambler room, while they were still alive; something that I had intended to make as difficult as possible, so congrats on "breaking" the map at that point. ;D I was kind of wondering, if you had forgotten about the elevator in the long corridor close to the vore. That elevator would have taken you to the second floor a lot more safely than trying to use the elevator in the shambler room.

As with the Subterrestrial Hangar, I wanted to keep the map somewhat challenging even on the quad path, which is why other weapons are hidden and nail boxes have been drastically decreased. A nailgun would be possible to find in a secret early on, though. You did find the first button to unlock the secret.

Demo 2:

Nice work there! For some reason I hadn't actually thought about the player going through the shambler room while following the ring path, so using that route certainly made the map even shorter that way. :D

Demo 3:

Hmm, you were also caught off-guard by the fiend ambush at the ogre tower climb room, were you not? Do you think I should add an invisible clip wall to prevent the fiend from immediately lunging at you after being aggroed? That would give the player a little more time to react to the fiend.

Demo 4:

Really fun to watch! I liked how you just danced and toyed with your enemies in the gold key room. I can see why you liked that room the most.

About the shambler room being instadeath: That's kinda the way it's designed to be. :D It's indended to be either carefully cleared on the quad path by taking potshots from behind the door or then by the crusher button up the elevator. And uuuuuh, after seeing your ring of shadows run, apparently by sneaking past the shamblers altogether! :D

I can see you were prepared for the fiend ambush before the GK room this time. But I'd rather have it be possible for the player to react to it on his/her blind run, so maybe I should add a temporary invisible barrier to add some time to react...

About the tedious death knights: I think this demo demonstrates quite nicely why I went with death knights, because they can still keep harassing the player with their flame attack from down below if the player decides to ignore them altogether. That way the player has two directions to be aware of: both up and down. But yeah, maybe I could drive that point across with fewer death knights too. Maybe have them appear only the first and maybe the second time...

As a bit of trivia, in earlier versions of the GK room, the player could get stuck in the ramp corners really easily. There was discussion on the issue not that long ago, actually, in the Quakespasm thread. To make the ramps smooth to traverse in that engine, I had the slopes fall one quake unit short of reaching the plateaus and having the player instead climb a step of 1 unit. I did add some illusionary brushes to give the illusion of a perfectly smooth climb, though. </the more you know>

Demo 5:

A nice run. It was cool to see the chaos as you mostly just ran past your opposition before reaching the gold key door. It was also interesting to see how you were so bent on trying to get through the shambler room, going so far as to first rush to the lever, then stock up on health and then take the elevator again, but it seems the ogres were less willing to let you keep the health you had gone to accumulate.

Thanks for the insightful and entertaining demos! :) I think I just might decrease the amount of death knights in the ogre tower climb room and allow the player a bit more time to react to the fiend. 
Amphitheater Of Abaddon, Beta Version 3 
In case somebody would still like to test the map, here you can download the third beta version of the map. I think, unless I get more feedback, I'd consider the single player portion of the map more or less complete. While waiting for possible feedback I'll work on dm modifications.

Changes from beta 2:
- Replaced two death knights with four knights to lessen tedium.
- Increased the chances of a player to react to a fiend ambush.
- Compiled sunlight2 with 1000 sunsamples to improve sky lighting quality a bit. 
Re: Quad Path 
The way I see it, the quad path could be an opportunity for a more run&gun approach, where the ring path is the opposite. I think throwing more beefy enemies and weapons along with the quads could make it pretty chaotic. Maybe something borderline horde-ish as a quad path. 
sorry but I don't seem to have received the email, or I may have accidentally deleted it or something. 
Drew And JCR 
Drew, did you check the spam folder in your Gmail? It could have very well ended up in there. o: Look for a message with the title "Your demo on the Amphitheater of Abaddon".

About the run n' gun approach: I think changing the quad path to include beefier monsters and weapons would require a bit too much of an overhaul at this point of development to make the change worth it for me.

Plus, unlike in the Subterretrial Hangar, the premise in this map is to keep the core level more or less the same with the same monsters on each of the paths. Adding additional/beefier monsters for the quad path would break that premise, and in the Subterrestrial hangar I hated having to resort to telefragging monsters that are not encountered in other paths (to make it possible to get 100 % kills at the end of the map).

Speaking of the Subterrestrial Hangar, one can finish the map with an SSG, NG, GL, 100 shells, 130 nails, 25 rockets (and an RA if one finds the toughish secret), and with a little bit of testing I just did, I think the arsenal allows for some nice cathartic quad path action, while still keeping the map somewhat challenging.

So perhaps I COULD add at least an SSG to the quad path without making it too easy... 
Looks super nice Nick! 
Qtest SP 
Here are some screenshots of maps I made for a SP qtest mod
with the early qtest gifs that were published.

This is awesome! =D

I saw the dragon/serpent flying in one of the screenshots... Your mod will feature all the unused models?

just for curiosity's sake i've found this page with three skins for some of the monsters of qtest 
Yes, all models that were in the original q1test.
I added the advanced dragons from Patrick Martin,
and my own Serpent and Axe_Ogre.

I'm fiddling a bit how to make the Axe_Ogre pee, laugh and give him flees.
Still in beta, but if you're curious, see the coding thread. 
realy thanks for the skinfiles. Vormit already had a skin from the conversion of Dark Mage.
I was forgotten about the 
Looks great!! looking forward to this! 
Morphing Monster 
The Quaddamage and the Serpent 
Nice Sprite, Kell! 
Thanks to the coding of Dr.Shadowborough I overcome this great moment. Looks quiet spectacular, although the demo only works on quakespasm ad standards.

Be aware, it's alife 
Nice! Some sound design should help make it a bit more menacing. 
Ha, I'm a creep recording Q1.

Mostly I'm interested in the way it is done in the code.
Like the Headcrab in RMQ, I tried to extract it from the src,
but it is so integrated I can't lay my hand on it. 
Madfox, are you still going to try to create some chasm monsters? 
That looks cool. That pentagram effect was awesome. Is that all original? 
@yhe1- I finished the dino, although it's hard to give it the right skin.
I started with straphos and I must say the examples to work from are rather poor.

@Qmaster- Most of the coding is done by Shadowborgh. I was looking for a statue code and he turned it into this rare scene of turning a static into an entity. It is still a bit kinky and crashes on "trigger in clipping list". 
madfox, I will gladly donate if you can create the monster and weapons in quake, since that chasm port appears to have stalled. 
I finished the scorpio and the dino, as the static entity of the fans.
For my clear understanding,
you want all weapons and monsters from Chasm in Quake?
That's a pretty large case.

This is what I'v got so far.
Well, I am not demanding anything, but since you are creating new monsters and weapons anyway, why not take inspiration from Chasm?

I know m210 got a lot of donations for Bloodgdx, and Chasm doesn't have a finished port 
I know m210 got a lot of donations for Bloodgdx

Explains why all instances of bloodgdx have been nuked from orbit 
Nah, that was just m210 trolling everyone 
A highly respectable decision. Should donate more money to the cause. 
Title Screwers 
While working on the Stratos model I exceeded the tris/verts limits.
So I left it at that point.

I'd like to develop models, but it always goes as far as I've got fun in doing. I once tried the GlDoom models and that was alright, but these models were already in obj format. 
Maybe the chasm models could be converted: 
I checked, they are converted in the pak file 
That's a better way to start then constructing them myself again. Looking for a way to export them and add poses and skin. 
Quick Try 
I can import it from a md2 to a mdl model.
Only the skinfile is a bit tricky, as I have to remodel it again. There are a lot of vertices under it, out of the basebox of the model I had to delete.

I'd be curious to see how it mixes with enforcers when you are done. 
I have always wondered how difficult it is to fulfill a wish
until I have the know-how to make it work.
I thought all Quake engines nowadays supported md2 files :/ 
Noesis Can Convert Chasm Models 
that zdoom kid doesnt mention it because he know hes violating noesis license by theft 
Who cares? Action Forms has been out of business for a long time 
Who Cares? 
another zdoomkid, because he knows how to convert the skinfile
Is the stratos done? maybe an video with him and the enforcer? 
It's Starting To Feel Like Quake Can Do ANYTHING... 
That looks awesome and I'm stoked about another Arcane map. 
Was wondering what happened with that spaceship map. 
Can't wait to put my dirty quaker fingers on that thing! 
This Place Is A Little Dry... Here's A Wet And Slimy Preview 
First I want to say that mfx's shot looks awesome!

Second Madfox if you are reading this, I hope you finish that StarTrek mod cause it looks great.

Third, I'm working on a really late under the sea themed map. The map itself isn't anything special, but it does have new monsters and other surprises! Take a peek:

Shark spray?

A witch!

Mdl animation demo: 
Those models do not fit into Quake in my opinion. They would better fit into a child game. There are already additional underwater monsters available for Quake including qc code. Ready to rumble:

The eel from Dissolution of Eternity:

The Q2 Barracuda Shark:

The jellyfish from Madfox:

You could even use the serpent as an underwater model because it looks and moves exactly like a skate:

The Hydra: 
Quake Map? 
Yes I am aware of the other water monsters, I have played Quake for a long time.

I made these monsters because it is intended NOT to feel like a Quake map. Mission accomplished maybe:) 
Yes, that looks like a fairy monster that could fit well in your mod.
Don't look ugly like the ordinary quake ones, but attraction can have its own kind of scrambled inescapability.

As far for the StarTrek mod I'm still betatesting.
The new monsters are still a bit wriggled and tend to overload the game. I could post it on Quaddicted but with the site down, well uh..,
It's almost done, just have an 744 eddict where only 640 is permitted.

A bit strange I never had a response from the Gorge level I made for the QAnniversary 2016. 
Madfox, did you ever finish the stratos? 
It tumbles for code. 
First Map, Feedback Appreciated 
I wasn't able to finish this map and I won't be able to work on it for a really long time, so I'm releasing it as an unfinished beta. This is my first Quake map and it was mostly an exercise in learning the tools. There are some bugs but it should be playable from start to finish. The ending areas were cobbled together at the last minute so some of it still looks like an unfinished mess.

This is a short map heavily inspired by sock, muk, Orl, and many others including everyone who worked on jam9. I'd like to say more but I'm already running really late for something and I have to bounce.

Feedback will be appreciated, although I might not have time to watch demos for a while. I'm hoping to get some advice on game play so that I can make something much better for my next map.


Dropbox link 
That Looks Very Impressive Mr Chop. 
Mahogany Map 
Dude, your map is awesome.

It's unfinished? It looks like a finished product to me. Didn't found any bug yet. This map feels very Sock style.

About game play : in nightmare mode, there's not enough ass holes to frag in there. Need more arses to kick.

Map style and details are really great. Please, finish this! 
Sorry Madfox, you mean that the stratos code is not finished? 
One of the major problems I have with the chasm models is, that it is rather hard to convert the skin file.
The models self are easy, but to remain to the original skinfile I have to paint them back again from a side-to-side skin to a qmle skinfile.
I know there are other methods to do this, but that is not in range of my workstyle.

So here is the result of my archivement. As you know Stratos shoots a double ringed sprite.
For getting that code right I have to lean back on the G-Rail code of Dr.Shadowborough.

So for maintaining your request: no, the code is not finished yet. 
Linked Animation Looks Great Madfox 
Thanks m8

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm really glad that you thought it felt like sock's style because that's exactly what I was shooting for.

I had initially planned for a lot more monsters but once I started adding them in, it felt like I didn't really allocate enough space for combat. Big open spaces and long lines of sight also made it hard to add monsters since that kind of forced me to teleport most of them in. 
this is vanilla? 
Got it, Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Did you convert any other chasm models? 
Yeah I forgot to include installation instructions in the readme, I just typed it up really quickly without thinking. Regular id1. 
Congrats on an excellent first map, here's a Playthrough for you. I'd say aside from some minor clipping, there's little reason not to release it outright IMO. 
Thanks a lot for the compliments and for the video. It's really rewarding to watch other people play through my maps.

Regarding the clipping, I had a really hard time blocking off that roof that you tried jumping onto without making it look really ugly. I actually added that wooden bar and a drape on the other side of the tower in order to try and discourage it but you were determined to try and get on there, understandably so - I'd have tried doing it myself.

Your play style is really interesting. You were really conservative with ammo, opting to use the axe on occasion. You also went in head first in the library and I got a little worried when you dropped down to 5 health.

I got a kick out of your in game comments and I appreciate you taking the time to write them while playing. I was keeping my fingers crossed that you'd find the lower library secret with the books. You actually found the hardest book by accident and you came so very close to finding the final one. Three of the books are illuminated and you happened to stumble upon the one that was barely visible. I was still glad that you persisted for a while and tried hard to find that last book.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing through. I might take a few minutes to fix some of the known bugs and then release it properly due to the encouragement. 
It would be really a shame not to release that great map, with its bugs fixing.

Don't stop maping dude, you have talent. 
Regarding the books, I think it would be best to illuminate them all consistently to ensure the player finds them IF he is looking for them. I actually noticed the relief before I noticed the spotlight on them. I thought it was a well done secret but I didn't want to spend much more time on it. Regarding the clipping, the faraway cave was a cool intermission screen, but seeing it from the player's perspective was obviously tempting to try going after! 
Thanks Barnak. I'll be mapping more in the future when I get some more time. It's a lot of fun.

jcr, the book you hit accidentally actually is illuminated but there's a nearby flame that kind of obscures it and it's hard to make it any brighter than it already is. I actually thought that the other 3 books were way too obvious, which is why I didn't do much about making the fourth book stand out too much against the torch light. You brushed up against the surface of almost every single book case except for the one with the final book. The biggest issue I noticed with that secret is that you thought one of the books might have been on the upper level.

Anyhow, that was supposed to be the hardest secret so I wanted the player to work for it. As for the cave, I remember RC playing breezeep's Mayan jam map and appreciating some unreachable details like distant trees, so that's kind of what I going for with the cave. It was also a shoutout to Orl's Ter Shib maps with how he had some details and storytelling elements in the far distance. In retrospect, I'd redesign the entire layout to ensure that the player wouldn't be in any position to even try and jump on top of the roof. 
I echo what everyone else is saying in that for an unfinished map, it looks and plays extremely well. I really enjoyed it, and I am flattered that it was a shout out to Ter Shibboleth.

If this map is what you consider to be unfinished, I can only imagine a finished map of yours will be amazing.

First run demo, hard skill:

Terrific work Poorchop! 
Skill 2 Demo 
Super Solid First Release 
got cocky in first run, will record 2nd run and send soon 
See post #15792. 
What a great map! Keep mapping please. I know you are busy but don't stop mapping. 
Thanks Everyone 
Thanks a lot Orl, ww, Drew, and dumptruck.

Orl, I'm honored that you played the map since Ter Shib was a big inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to record and send the demo. Watching it made me realize that I never closed off the library entrance after the player gets the gold key, which allows them to bypass the final shambler. Hopefully I'll eventually get around to making the shib3 inspired map that I initially had in mind before I made this one.

Thanks as well for the demo, ww. Your playing was really good and you're the first person to get the rocket launcher. You also have a keen eye because I think that you were the first to notice the secret books before accidentally bumping into one of them. The same book eluded both you and jcr and I was really hoping that you'd find it.

dumptruck, thanks for taking the time to check this out. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. Your videos were an invaluable resource and I always had them up alongside Trenchbroom as I was doing this. As fun as Trenchbroom is to use, I wouldn't have attempted this if not for your tutorials. I'll definitely map more in the future. 
Thanks - those are the types of comments that make the time involved worth it! 
I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm excited to hear you planning on building a map inspired by shib3. Heck I think the far east Asian setup would make a great theme for a speedmap pack, but that's not up to me to decide. 
Got A Trailer And Demo For A Quake Based Dreamcast Game I'm Making! 
Hey there! I'm making a Dreamcast game using the Quake engine and thought you guys might want to take a look at what I got so far! I have a trailer and a demo that I update with new gameplay and fixes every so often.
Check it out!
Here's the trailer

Here's the demo: 
I Was 
trolled appropriately. 
For Poorchop 
Want to reiterate - very strong debut material! 1st demo sober and cocky, dies poorly. next two demoes quite high so hopefully not too frustrating to watch 
420 blaze it fam 
glad to see you're still working on this and making progress 
My 2nd map :

Screenshots :

Download : 
Getting Some Maps Finished Up, Need Feedbacks 
Hey guys, looking for feedback for my map, it started off as a map for the copper jam, which evolved into an e2m5 remix, which evolved into the beast that it currently is.

Only one skill at the moment, there is a bit of detail to be added to some areas, and there is a lot of clip brushes to add.

Any playthrough demos would be awesome. Thanks in advance :)


If I had a lampoon fish, how would I make it glow in the dark?

I first tought fullbrights would do the trick,
but in complete darkness there's no light to reflekt. 
Fullbrights work in complete darkness 
Then at least the trick works.
I wondered how it look in a dark cave. 
It looks kind of like the Angler Fish from Rayman Legends, and it would light the way in the dark.

Also there is a trick you can use to keep the environment dark, but light up your models: Since the model adopts the light value of the floor, you can make the floor a func_illusionary (with clip/skip brushes for collision). Beneath the func_illusionary place a func_group brush with _minlight set on it.

This method will allow you to keep the environment very dark, but also light up your models. I used this trick to light up my seahorses and mermaid splash in this dark cave of water: 
For my clear understanding,
I made a map with the lampoonfish, but in dark I see no sign of fullbrights.
So I made a tex brush of quakepal to see if the lower range would glow in the dark, but they don't.
Do I have my settings wrong?

r_fullbright 1
r_fullbright 0

Sounds interesting, Redfield. Also a bit complicated, I remember I had to do such a thing to make the startrek model have a good lightning. 
some models in quake have a glowing attribute, like the lasers from Enforcers (newmis.effects = EF_DIMLIGHT;). Maybe you can copy that attribute and adapt it to your fish code, this way he will really glow in the dark, it doesn't matter the skin color. 
Thanks, Tribal. That could work, I was thinking of the moving_light code also. But after working with new models for so long deleting fullbright's, I just can'you see why they won'the appear now as in the example. 
Madfox: do you seen fullbrights on models created by other people?

If not, make sure gl_fullbrights is 1 
It works as soon as I made a subdirectory.
It seems my TmpQuark has got a bit diluted. 
Quark Is Best 
Madfox, Keep on! 
I remember how I got this idea. I lowered the triangles untill qmle could load it. My texturing is bad, when I had a good UV skin file I spent a week and now the midle ridge is meshed up.

A bit dark, but that's what this baracuda needs. 
New Multiplayer Map 
I have created small multiplayer map for duel.
Anyone would like to take a look on it and let me know what might be improved?



Thanks folks 
I didn't play a match but I did load it up and looked around.

Things I liked:

I has a very solid old school feed to it.
Very nice lighting overall. The shadows from the skylights look great.
Looks like a fun layout for a duel map for sure.
You have some nice brushwork, particularly the Red Amor area.


Some of the areas are a bit bland looking. And monochromatic. Try a darker floor color in different areas maybe? You also may want to add some simple trim here and there. Or add some accents like torches or light fixtures. This would help to differentiate the areas.

There's an area with a pool of water and room behind the bars it is very dark. Might be a good area for a secret or a strobing or pulsing light. Right now it's just dark.

I would consider one more connection between your play areas. The layout seems like a loop and maybe you could add one passageway somewhere to open up the flow a bit.

Overall you have a very nice level - keep mapping! 
I forgot something important in my last post. Use -soft and -extra4 when you light your map. You have a lot of "jaggy" shadows at the moment in your map. These settings will look way better.

More info here: 
Played against the Reaperbot and had a lot of fun. It can improve on the looks for sure. I'm not talking about brush sculpting, only common sense design like: door frames, variation of color and light/dark on the textures, etc.

I frequently got stuck on teleport frames. Also, I couldn't see a point in that water volume. Am I missing something? 
Follow Up 
Hi guys,
thanks for comments so far!!!!
Yeah, I've needed it. Answers to you comments are below.

I admit maps is not finished yet.
- Teleportes stuck me frequently when I am playing. I plan to correct it. I will move it into wall
- Some areas are "bland looking", I have paused work on on great look and testing playability.
- I am plannig to retuxturize it. Maybe I will give up for brick texture and try dm4 texture.
- I am planning to add frames and details at the end.

Regarding dark area, there was passage to the GL room but I have close it. It was not used when we have played with my friend.

Water... My plan was to use it to set up trap to kill player who dominates at the moment (it is all about keeping red armor). So you could jump into water and discharge :)
Aparently no one has used it so far when playing. It might be removed.

I have to admin i have got various comments on the level.
First. my own opinion is that level is bit small for duel, as you can run around level within few seconds (yes, strafe jumping!). Then I got feeedback that level is to big and is better for FFA. And another, that it shuld be more open map, not so many corridors as in maze :)

At the end I think each plays differently and expect different motions, like more shooting, more sniffing and setting traps.

Anyway, thanks again for feedback and yes, I am going to continues mapping as this gives me fun! 
I Always Wanted To Make A Map Inspired By The Giant's Causeway 
So I wrote a script to generate arbitrarily-sized stepped terrain from a height map. 
Ooh! Can you do hexagons? 
Could use OBJ2MAP to do that 
That's very cool. Feel free to share! 
Happy to share, but I wrote the script in Mathematica which is not the most mainstream of languages! 
Mathematica Rules! 
Hey Ubiq, I'm a Mathematica user too!

Mma is the best math package out there, and fuck Maple.

I didn't tried your code though. 
Loving This 
That Looks Ace. 
That's a Doom map? The verticality is strong with this one. 
New Map, Need Advice 
Hi guys,
I've been working on my first map for 6 weeks and it's almost ready for release but I'm not sure about the ammo/health distribution and number of monsters. If anyone wants to test it and let me know if it's too easy/hard I'd really appreciate it. Also, any general criticism or advice is always welcome, as it will help me plan future maps better.

I intended to just test some ideas and learn the basics of TrenchBroom (thanks dumptruck for the great tutorials) but it got out of hand very quickly so I combined it all into a playable level. There are some puzzle experiments which I decided to leave in, but I made them easy to avoid frustration.

I limited myself to just using start.wad, so there isn't much texture variety, but I tried to compensate with geometry

The map is based on an ancient Dwarven Forge, infested with monsters. There's a small back story in the readme.txt

map & screenshots here: 
Sir, More Monsters In Nightmare Mode! 
I didn't tested the map yet, but I feel it is for sissies again.

In nightmare mode, there should be 500 monsters, at the very least. 
I Agree 
People play Nightmare because they want a real challenge, so I'll add plenty of pain for the release.
For now, I'd just like to get it balanced for Normal/Hard and then I can remove some for Easy and add loads for Nightmare. 
The zombie/underground area was the highlight for me. The blue areas felt a bit cramped and the strong enemies made it challenging. I noticed bumping into the geometry in certain areas, see the demos. Check out my comments in the demos as well. It was fun and well designed. Great job!

Thanks for checking it out, glad you enjoyed it!

How do I access those dem files? 
Figured It Out 
Thanks jcr for the great demos, and your kind words. I'll definitely take note of your suggestions, I need to tidy up those door edge textures, I keep forgetting because they're not visible in the editor :) 
City Of Lights 
City Lights 
Looks pretty chilling! Excellent work! 
Well God Damn. 
just watched that 3 times... looks fucking cool, keep it up! 
Well That's A Bit Bonkers!! 
Looks interesting to say the least. 
Friend: So they're finally getting used to your weirdness in mapping?

Me: They have no choice. 
LOL True Dat. 
Looks awesome. I like the alleys, and yeah
Also impressive texture usage.
My eyes nearly fell off, as is expected i guess.
Cannot wait to play this. 
The Big Skeleton's Eyes Fell Out As Well 
Also its a bit hard to spot but the Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance. And its not just a background decoration either, its part of the map from the bottom all the way to the top. 
Digs09 Test 
Hi all!

Need testers

Map require Quoth2.2 and engine with increase limits, support bsp2 and transparent sprites. In my arsenal only quakespasm can work with this map.


I tried your map. It's a nice one, but it needs MUCH more monsters in nightmare mode. Only 139 monsters on such a large map? Come on, it needs at least 1000 arses to fuck.

The ascending scales are not working. I had to noclip to move on.

The zombie pictures from the shooting plants game are funny. Not very Quacky though.

The last part before exit wasn't working. No monsters at all in that place (with all the broken bricks walls). I had to noclip to exit the level. 
You did not play correctly. The map must be run under the mod Quoth2.2

This is what I did. Quoth 2.2 here.

I placed the sounds and progs folders directly into the Quoth folder, and they appear to not be recognized. 
Maybe you forget to make the right start?

quakespasm -game quoth 
Of course, I did this. Here's my exact start command :

-hipnotic -game quoth +skill 3 -heapsize 480000 -zone 4096 -sndspeed 44100 -fsaa 2

Using the 0.92.2 Spike version of QuakeSpasm, under OS X.

I'll retry your map to see what happens... 
-game quoth

-hipnotic -game quoth

It's just -quoth, and has been for many years. 
What is hipnotic again? I'll never remember what it's doing. 
Rotations, I Believe? 
Hipnotic was the studio that developed Mission Pack 1.

Also, I think you don't need the heapsize/zone stuff anymore in QS/QSS, and you should upgrade to latest version 0.93.1. 
The -hipnotic switch was required to enable the modified status bar that was introduced in Mission Pack 1 and is also used in Quoth. Newer ports like Quakespasm have a -quoth switch that does it automatically. 
Not your typical digs map... but I dig it nonetheless. Assuming the final arena is still being worked on, I thought the rest of the map was quite polished and good to go. The layout can be a bit confusing and the silver key door is tricky to find - I think I stumbled upon it accidentally. Otherwise nice map, especially the underground sections, and the secrets kicked my ass, 1/4. 
Played through the map on skill 1, 2/4 secrets found.

The map is very good-looking and plays very well. I liked especially the underground areas, as i'm not a big fan of open spaces.
All areas are well connected, so i never got lost as it happens usually when i play maps this large.
Good art style too, you can really feel the horror atmosphere playing through every area.
Pace was good, and i never found myself struggling too much for ammos. I like the way you put the right amount of them over the map.

I din't like too much the paintings from plants vs zombies, as i think tributes to other games should be put in some secret areas, and not all over the place. I felt like they were a bit taking away that horror feel (that i loved) from the map.
Some areas of the map felt like they were supposed to be important, with good detail and interesting design (that area under the bridge for example) but then i found they were useless. Maybe that's just because i didn't found the secrets, who knows! 
Ascending Scales 
I don't understand what is happening with the ascending scales. I can't use them wathever what I'm doing (walking, running on it, jumping, ...). I tried the default QS 0.93.0 and the Spike version.

Something seems fishy here.

I agree about the zombie cartoons. They feel goofy in Quake. Maybe some monsters porn instead ? 
I can explain what they do on the walls. This map was made at the request of my son. He is 12 years old. Therefore, there are such awkward things on the map. I myself understand that they are not written off in the overall design, but still decided to leave them 
Wow, you're a super-dad dude!

My dad is 81 years and would never make Quake maps for me :-( 
impressive stuff, very blood-like. I like that you're using tronyn's mod, not enough people use it tbh 
Mirror Effect 
When downloading AfterQuake I saw a screenshot of a mirrored player.
Is this effect obtainable in AfterQuke, or is it a sidecase effect of DarkPlaces that creates this mirror? 
that's FTE's r_telestyle 3 setting. 
Thanks for info, Spike!

Or should I say, blame me for not reading the manual. 
Dear friends, a.k.a fucking morons.
Please learn to upload your files to the right folder instead of cluttering the main page with your shit, forcing people to scoll down endlessly for the login button.
I'm Probably Guilty Of This 
Any way of just moving the files? I know it would break some hyperlinks but the files would still be retained 
Delete Them All 
quake skill 3 with respawning monsters and items/powerups is it ok thing ?

and skill 2 behaves as skill 3 
Also Neg Can Press The ‘end’ Key? 
I'm late on this one, but I finally got around to playing it and I just love it! Of course whenever I see a map that isn't the conventional Quake theme of castle or base gets my attention. (Not that that's a bad thing) You did a stellar job of creating a farmhouse, at least that's what I think it is. Everything looks good from the decrepit interiors and the windows letting you see the inside, to the vegetation outside. My only suggestion would have been to make the spinning part of the windmill more visible to the player throughout the map, as I think it makes an excellent set piece.

As far as gameplay, it wasn't too bad on hard skill. Almost died at the end but I always have trouble with those gugs.

I think you did an excellent job with this one, certainly well enough to be fully released.

First run demo, hard skill: 
Thanks a lot! I already thought that no one would record a demo for me. I liked that you managed to pass the map from the first time. The last hall is difficult for me, but I think it should be so. 

As for the mill ... Her blades and so big. And they have no physical collision with objects. I calculated its length so that it was not noticeable.

For the release, I will add a few monsters on a hard level, otherwise it is not much different from the normal level. And the last room due to the large delays between the waves of monsters will be a little easier.

I am also glad that the map is like. In the coming days I will post a release 
hi, here's my attempt to beat the map on skill 3

lasted 'til the gugs

reminded me of hexen2/blood combo 
Thank you very much for the game. When you killed the vorelings, I also thought about monster_jump. In the release I will add it. Thanks again! 
Inspired By Lunaran 
@digs (if It's Possible) 
i would advise you to increase the secret count on your map, for a such big map the number of the secrets is to low 
Too Low 
Tempel Of Doom-Beta; Testing 
Hallo friends. six months have been gone till I started with mapping for quake. Now I think this thing is going for finish.
Right now I'm checking out the failures in compiling.

I would ask you guys now for help.
Are there bugs? Graphic problems? or other issues.
Please tell me!

best wishes

My Thoughts On Temple Of Doom 
An interesting map you have in the making here, GunSgtHighway. :) I like its oldschool looks. It's really rough around the edges, but there are elements that are nicely detailed, like individual decorations and I like the brushwork in the cave areas, especially in the Shambler/Scrag room.

One thing about the map's filename: It's called tod.bsp, but there is already a map called tod in Quaddicted, Tower of Death, so when I tried to extract your map to my maps directory, it was trying overwrite the older tod map. You might want to change your map's filename. People often name their maps after themselves, like in my case I could name my map esrael01.bsp, for example.

To spare the older map from being overwritten, I renamed your map files to and recorded a demo of my playthrough in Quakespasm. You can download my demo from the link below:

You may have to rename your own tod.bsp and tod.lit to GSH_tod.bsp and GSH_tod.lit, so my demo would work on your computer.

Most of my comments are in the demo, but my main gripes about the map would be the low difficulty and the lack of guidance. Combat could be made more difficult by adding more tough monsters like ogres, fiends and scrags. The map is mostly populated by lowly grunts and knights, which makes the map quite easy. I'd also recommend mixing monsters together. You could combine Scrags to attack from above while other monsters keep you occupied below.

I couldn't also find the Thunderbolt anywhere, even though you added cells in the map. Is it hidden in some secret? If it is, you could also add secret markers in the map.

The biggest problem would be the lack of guidance. Doors aren't marked with the symbols of the corresponding keys, especially the gold key door I found completely by accident.

All in all, it's clearly a beginner map with its flaws, but it was really interesting to explore. I was really interested to see what I was going to see in the next room. I'm looking forward to seeing the map finished and your future maps! :) 
Thanks for your thoughts on the map Esrael. I will rename it and rethink the guidance and monsters. Will take a week or more.

A stupid question. How can I open the demofile? :D 
Instructions For Playing Demos 
1. Place the dem file to your id1 folder
2. Start up your Quake engine
3. Open the console and type

playdemo <demoname>

That's it! :) In this case you'd type

playdemo tod_esrael01

If it doesn't work, rename your map files to GSH_tod.bsp and GSH_tod.lit, because that's what I renamed them to when I extracted your files to my maps directory. 
Ok. I Finaly got it. :)
Yes you're definitly right with the guidance. Will place the keylogos on the doors and maybe some signs on the way too. The clipping is a big thing too. Hmm a little of work to do. :) 
Almost There! 
If you want to fix the clipping issues without affecting the looks of the map, you can prevent the player from going to forbidden places with invisible walls. Just make a brush with the clip texture.

Glad I could help you out by testing the map. It's easy to become blind to flaws when creating stuff, so having someone else inspect your creations with a set of fresh eyes can be really beneficial.

Anyway, don't give up! Doing the final touches to a map can be tedious, but reaching the point where you're happy with the end result can be very rewarding! 
Baddies Keep Coming.., 
Made a new ogre model (with some glitches) bow_ogre
Hoo boy, like the concept but the QME jitters are strong with this one. 
With a glitch, I know.

I use a bone model to animate and it measures normal lengths (1m70). The Quake models are in this standard just 40cm.
When converting from this scale a lot of adjustments get lost, because the modelgrid is 512x512. Importing a giant in Qmle and scaling down is not the way to do it.

I'm convering down the bone-model, as it produces finer details in the movements. 
QME Jitters 
errrmm...aka "fundamental unavoidable artifact when using the mdl model format, irrespective of tools" jitters you mean?

I've often banged on about a hypothetical "mdl2" format that just uses higher precision for vert coords. This is what I'm going on about. 
512x512 Grid 
Adjusting the bone model had a better result.
Still it's hard to make the right movement with the shoulders. There are two cubes in the upper arm that have a wicked connection.
High Precision 
I've often banged on about a hypothetical "mdl2" format that just uses higher precision for vert coords. This is what I'm going on about.

Something backwards compatible would be nice, what I'm picturing is:

[standard binary for an MDL]
[extra double-precision frame data]

The idea would be MDL standard, just with 16 bit precision instead of 8 bit on each coordinate. The most compact way of doing that is to treat the standard frame data as containing the upper 8 bits of the coordinate. Then the double-precision part is a second chunk, the same size as the normal frame data, but the vertex coordinates in this chunk are used in the lower bytes instead.

I suppose it would be healthier to add a small header between the two chunks, so further extensions could be added.

[standard binary for an MDL]
[extension 1 header]
[extra double-precision frame data]
[extension 2 header]
[shader language]
[extension 3 header]
[hidden bitcoin miner]
[extension 4 header]
[interpolation rules]

The header could be quite minimal, just a value to indicate what type of extension is coming up, then the size of the extension data. That way engines could skip the extensions they don't recognise and keep going. Existing engines wouldn't even look for the extensions, there would just be a bunch of junk at the end of the file they don't look at (this is how Extended-BSP format worked).

May be worth also adding a value that can be set in the standard MDL header to signal to compatible engines that there are extensions to look for. Otherwise any junk at the end of the file might be misinterpreted as an extension (and I think QME used to write bonus stuff to the end of files). 
How would an extension not cause a file read error? 
File Reading 
The header of the MDL file tells you how many of each repeating element the file contains (skins, triangles, frames). Based on the rest of the data in the header (vertex count, skin dimensions) you can pretty much predict exactly how much data you need to read for each one (animation groups complicate this a bit but you can read them one at a time).

This scheme relies on the loading code running loops of the lengths specified in the header, reading elements from the file until the correct count is reached. At that point, it just stops reading the file - in a normal mdl file that happens to be the end of the data anyway, but if there's more data it's just discarded*. This is known to work OK in the base engines because QME used to tag additional data on the end without making the .mdl file unreadable.

* There is the possibility that a source-port engine rewrote its mdl loading code, and by doing so made an error of excess data at the file-end. The QME files might mean the issue was already caught. Otherwise this engine would not be compatible with extended-mdl files until fixed. I'd say this is unlikely in practice, and would be easy to patch. 
Sometimes You Have To Be Awkward 
When it comes to getting people to support new formats, you need both a carrot and a stick.

carrot: higher precision coords.
stick: an annoying message appears until its actually supported properly.

Without the stick its just something that can be put off for another day if anyone ever uses the format, and if no engines support it then noone will ever bother using the bulkier format that tools cannot even write. Think of it simply as a constant reminder that action is needed.
Without the carrot its just an annoying format that has no reason to exist.
So by designing your extended format to have no stick, you ensure that there's no reason for anyone to ever support the format, and thus that there's no reason to ever write it either. Never underestimate how lazy engine devs can be...

Another thing is that the reason to use mdl is qme. remove qme (because it cannot write the format) and you remove the reason for people to stick with such an ancient obtuse format too. Just use MD3 or something, QSS is such a minor upgrade. (ignoring bugs new to qss,) The only reason not to is if you're targetting vanilla, in which case any hidden extensions are pointless anyway.

Additionally, if you're trying to make it easy for engines to support then just add a new alternative type of framegroup - one that's 16bit instead (the stick being that engines that don't recognise it will glitch out weirdly putting the blame on the engine). Nothing drives adoption better than users constantly reporting horrendous glitches.
That way there's no need to go backwards or anything, its just a struct/datatype change (with the old stuff being padded where its read).

Either way, you still need tools. You already explicitly mentioned QME's additional data - part of that additional data being 16bit data. Find out+document the format of that existing additional data and you not only have a tool that can already write your extended mdls (one that people already seem to be using for some reason), but you also grandfather in all those models that were already (unintentionally) distributed with that data. Still needs a stick though.

Or just provide both an mdl and an md3 and throw in a little qc to select formats based upon the engine's supported formats (hurrah for in-game messages recommending users switch to another engine until a feature is implemented properly).
Or just use md3 exclusively and ignore anyone using an engine that STILL doesn't support that. Yes, it sucks for vanilla but in fairness its been a while since I(and presumably most people) ran quake in dos/dosbox. 
Respectfully Disagree 
People have had 15 years to say "I'm using MD3 and you just need to switch engines", but nobody does that. Nearly all the engine additions that have been actually adopted (skyboxes, fog, coloured lights) succeeded because they were backwards compatible.

It's not about being able to still play it in dosquake, it's about being able to play it in any engine. That's pretty important if you want to keep all the players who don't pay much attention to engine developments, or who value the stability of engines with slow release cycles. Writing off a percentage of an already small audience seems unwise.

Nobody's ever tried to make backwards compatible enhancement to the .mdl format, I'd like to see if it works. Maybe it won't catch on, but the nice part is that it won't matter - because any content that experiments with it will also be forwards-compatible with future engines if it turns out to be a dead end. 
I'd like to see if I can make it work 
I agree that the model that seems to succeed is where there is an acceptable fallback for engines that don't support that feature, such as entity alpha, skyboxes, fog, fence textures, lit files, external textures, etc. In all those cases the content is mostly still playable in a vanilla engine.

There are exceptions: aguirre's extended bsp limits, and the bsp2 format are two cases where there is no fallback and it still caught on and became accepted. I was going to add protocol 666 to this list, but this is not something forced on people by a map or mod, so users still have a choice of protocols that provide the raised limits. 
protocol 999 
Large Bsps 
I agree that extended BSP limits are the rare exception that tests the rule (and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't bother playing maps in bsp2 format). To my mind the key difference there is that it's about breaking limits more than visual enhancement, and there's no obvious way you can do that in a backwards-compatible way. 
Just To Complicate Things 
I always figured the reason to do a 16-bit mdl format is so you can make monsters that would otherwise look like total trash in mdl. The thought of having a large chunk (most?) of your audience just seeing the trash version anyway because of backwards compat will probably make you design the model in a conservative way to minimise this, which itself weakens the reason for doing 16-bit in the first place, so eh I ‘unno. 
For The Record I Still Like Preach’s Take On The Idea 
It seems elegant despite my above misgivings 
wouldn't it be simple to code into the engine a search for a md3(or md2) version of the same model name? So much like the high def textures for those who want to use them.

It would mean that so long as the person modelling had released a lower poly version of the mdl too it would be available and wouldn't break vanilla compatibility. 
you could fall back to an existing entity in the pak. If I make a new monster md3 but the engine doesn't support it, fallback to an Ogre. Have that fallback mdl definable by the mapper. 
^^^^ that's stupid 
I still don't see how it would be possible to do the amazing effects (outside of full fledged particles a'la Maya or Blender) that Preach manages to pull off with the mdl format. I'm still at a loss on how to make polygons dissappear into themselves. 
Zero Scale 
The trick is that you take each particle, and on the frames where you want it to be invisible you apply a scaling transformation with scale factor 0 (typing the value numerically is the surest way to do it). There are variations on this, like on some models I only apply the transformation on one axis, so that the particle collapses into a line rather than a point. But it's all about scaling - it's the easiest way to ensure that all the vertices align so the polygon disappears. 
I Had No Idea... 
and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't bother playing maps in bsp2 format

This is heartbreaking. 
I Wonder 
Is there anything that would bring cause for a bsp3? 
Tris/verts Weights 
I have now made an arc_ogre, but I am faced with the problem that my splines are converted into four on each clip node when converted. The result is that a q1 model with relative weight triangles is converted to two triangles in each square. I can only save them in squares, which are converted to two triangles.
If I import this to qmle, the ratio of internal triangles has almost doubled.

Would this make much difference to a model with only half of verts / tris? As long as it stays below 1000tris / 2000verts, it should make little difference. 
Sepulcher allegedly came close to hitting the upper limits, and also it did something that required a change in Quakespasm, but I don't remember what.

The 3DRealms game has some gigantic maps, but IIRC they don't use their own map format.

I suspect Bal will be the first one to break bsp2 ;-) but at that point, adopting q3bsp would probably happen first. 
Tri Limit 
Although strictly speaking some engines (e.g. unmodified GLQuake) do have a limit of 1000 triangles, the original software engines allowed 2000 triangles, and pretty much every custom engine at least restored the limit to that level. So you're probably OK to exceed 1000 if you need to. 
In my case it is not the tri limit, but the question if I should simplify a working model with relative high counts into one with less for benifit of better performance.
It's quiet a lot of work doing this in Qmle. 
Screenshots, Please! 
Pictures, screen captures, screenshots, views of work in progress, ... come on, make us get an hard on, Quake style! 
Trying to adjust maps by the hand of the first screenshots, with no dynamic light.
Sorry for the low resolution, old quake school.

Nothing Too Special 
Temple Of Doom Final Beta 
Hi everyone!

I've over worked my map and think its ready for release.
Hope that some of you can take a look on it and tell me if it works.

best wishes
Thoughts On The Temple Again 
Below you can find my demo with comments:

Having more guidance in the map was a welcome addition in this version. I also liked the little story texts. :)

I still think the map was a bit on the easy side. Especially the temple area with the yellow and red armors being so easily available, not to mention giving the player the quad damage. Maybe some of the stuff could be hidden behind secrets?

I wasn't able to exit the map this time around. I opened the map file in Trenchbroom, and it looks like the reason is because you haven't specified the next map for the changelevel trigger. You have to specify a map, or else the change level trigger won't work. (Didn't know that myself, actually. Well, the more I know, I guess.)

While having the map open in Trenchbroom I also noticed that you had used the wrong texture in the clip brushes that were supposed to prevent the player from jumping over the fence. You should use the "clip" texture, not the "trigger" texture. 
Thanks again! :)

Ahh yes I forgot the armor.
Will It change something if I change the Level to normal or hard?
The exit thing is a little bit frightening cause I entert the start map for exit and never changed it? Yes it disapeared Hmmm. I changed that again.
Do you think after that last changes this is a map for release? 
New DM Map Beta 
I got an idea for a map last week, and probably 50+ hours later have a working beta of it. Wanted to pass this around for testing, for anyone who is interested.

I have played it with FrikBots, but not against humans yet. Even if DM isn't your thing, I'm open to feedback on the map build itself.



Somewhat cheery style, if one can say that. Farily brightly lit (I usually say the opposite), though of course you don't want a DM map to be too dark, either.

There's something about the layout.. so many corridors, and the upper/outside part seems to be a little bit secluded from the normal flow? Possibly a misconception on my part as I didn't actually play it properly.

The light beam effect is cool, but I wouldn't use an engine-specific effect in a DM map, because it looks bad on older/non-QS/DM-focused ports: pic

The teleporter triggers should be a few units in front of the entire structure imo, to avoid getting stuck on the sides and dropping into the lava by accident.

Mandatory suggestion: consider putting in some single player stuff once the DM portion is finished and finetuned! ;) 
The level seems to be SSG-focused by the looks of it. Very little in terms of nailgun ammo - they run out so quickly in a fight. I would suggest adding a little more, especially near the nailguns, and turn every small nail box into a big one. Testing with bots is tricky, because they are so dumb that low-tier weapons appear viable where in a real DM they are usually not (at least against players with RL/LG).

GL is very close to the RL, so the explosive-type of weapons are centered on the upper part of the map. Maybe put the GL somewhere in the lower part, or add a second one down there? In this sense, however, I have to quality my "upper part somewhat secluded" statement, since this way it's a bit of a king-of-the-hill setup where the teams can try to conquer/dominate the RL area. Especially with the RA being so close to the RL. I usually try to spread out the powerful items to encourage movement.

No LG at all?

A little pet peeve if you allow: please rotate the teleporter destination platforms so the runes are aligned to the direction the player appears on the platform. The arcane magic requires it! 
Thank You! 
@negke - the outdoor section did get a little out of hand during the build. Bigger than planned. During my tests (not that bots are a great test), the RL was sort of a fetch quest, get it and head back into the interior of the map. I might have to just chalk that one up to lesson learned, regarding layouts. It sort of violates some guidelines I'm trying develop for DM maps, too. So I should probably just be intentional about sticking to my principles, keeping things more tightly connected, and not have sprawling sections away from the rest of the space.

Good notes about not being port-specific with feature use. I can remove the beam of light for the final release. One other thing I learned with my last map is that DM servers which transfer maps automatically don't transfer the .lit file, which I forgot to test this time around. Is there a command to shut off colored lighting in QS so I can toggle that?

Re: Weapons... Will definitely up the ammo for nailguns. I'm sure I can figure out an alternate location for the Grenade Launcher to spread out the explosion stuff. The absence of the LG is a selfish point, but intentional. I play DM with my kid, and so far the LG seems to be a destabilizing element when we play, leading to frustration. But I can put one in the public release, I suppose. Suggestions on location for that?

Re: Arcane Magic... had I but known! Definitely will fix the runes. To be clear... does the proper alignment mean the bottom of the texture (as it appears in the texture window in editor) should be in front of the player as they appear, or should it be the top of the texture? 
Re: Adding SP Stuff 
So... I don't have a lot of experience with SP yet. So I have questions.

Do you think this map would be very interesting for a single player setup?

It is preferred these days to make a map that does both, or it is acceptable to rip out all the entities and do a separate release for an SP version?

Is this map big enough to contain a satisfying single player experience? Seems small. Do I extend it with changing elements within the same space or building out new areas? What are your recommendations? 
I don't know the command to disable colored lighting, but you can rename or delete the .lit file before loading the map to test it.

LG should probably be as far away from the RL as possible (including lifts/teles). Usually there is one in a DM map, I think, but don't feel like you need to add one just because I said so.

Doesn't really matter if the runes point forward or backward. I mean, most player probably wouldn't even notice it if they are sideways. Only mappers may cringe a little bit. :)

As for SP mode, I would say it's always possible to have some monsters and specific progression like (key) doors, activatable lifts etc to add some extra flavor to the map. It won't be the best SP experience, but people who don't care about DM can still enjoy the map then. Check out the DMC maps for simple yet fun conversions. 
Cool, I will give these a play. I've done a lot of digging since returning to the community, but there's always something new to find it seems.

Again- thanks for your feedback. Very good recommendations. Much appreciated. 
Ok, this has been a good beta. Revisions include...

New wall textures, some fixed geometry, ammo adjustments, moved one weapon for spacial balance, teleporters triggers extended a bit, removed some graphical features that won't be available in minimal-feature clients commonly used for DM, and yeah... I think we're good.

Oh, and the teleporter pads are arrival-view-aligned for optimal ArcaneMagic(tm) performance. 
Final Release 
Hi everyone.

Now thats my final release of "Temple of doom".
Thanks to Daz, Dumptruck_ds, Esrael, Reyond and Roman De Renard for Tips and testing. Hope you enjoy it. 
***URGENT*** @GunSgtHighway 
You forgot to include your skymap files. Can't load your map.

Also please name your readme with the name of the map. 
Can I delete the old file from quaketastic? 
Final Release Second Try :) 
Uuups! Sorry. skymap was missing.

Now it should work. :) 
Any volenteers for testing a startrack demo
I'm still working in progress, and I could use some adfo about how the map feels.

Captain's Log 
I Love It 
Keep working 
I hadn't noticed, it suits nice. For viewing it has a smooth look. A bit concerned about the UV files, as I never had chance to make use of it. 
You should submit a news post with your Temple of Doom map. It's lost in the mix here! Click on the tiny Submit News link on the upper right hand side of the top post on the News Page. A mod will review your post and it will be featured in the news items. 

Got it! 
Beta Map Release 
Normal Difficulty Run 
Hi nolcoz! Great job on completing your first map. I've recorded a demo of my blind run on normal mode (using Quakespasm).

In general, I found there was probably too much ammo relative to the number of monsters you have in the map. I was nearly always full on shells and spikes. I ran out of spikes once, but there were rooms nearby with tons of ammo.

For the encounter design, it looks that in general I'm only fighting one type of enemy at a time, and that they come in waves. This made most of the map quite easy to overcome, as there was also generally a lot of room to run backward or strafe around a room to stay out of the way of both projectiles and melee.

To break that up a bit, consider mixing encounters with various enemies. On normal mode, it's nice to feel like we're not running out of ammo, but there's no tension if player has plenty of room to move and are always fully stocked.

Conversely, the first encounter in a small, dark room with two Vores in it takes the difficulty way up. I would suggest: turning the lights up a bit in there, and only have one Vore on normal mode. Opinions may differ on that, but I if you want to keep the difficulty up, consider a Vore and some other monster to go along with it. Whenever a Vore launches a Vore-ball, that's basically another enemy in the room. Given how small the room is, I'm not sure that's appropriate for Normal mode.

As for archicture: love the progression. The rooms are simple, but you're using a lot of interactive elements and surprises. I liked running around in it.

There's one area (upstairs near the Shambler fight) where are a bunch of electrical devices. I'd love to see a little glow around those electronics that shed a tiny bit of light on the geometry around them. And it seems a missed opportunity not to put a little damage trigger on those, so that running around to avoid enemies isn't completely free. That could spice it up a little.

Once again, great job! Looking forward to the release :)

Demo link: 
Thanks for the feedback!

I will try to keep in mind what you said when modifing
the map. 
Second Beta Release Of The Secrets Of The Mansion 
Hello again

I have finished improving the map according to what I have been told

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy it :) 
The updates feel good. Lot more challenge, and it increases steadily throughout the map. That's good stuff.

Finished with 1/4 secrets :)

If you haven't seen it already, dumptruck_ds's YouTube channel has lots of additional instructional videos on Quake Mapping. Here's one on steps for releasing you map. Good luck! 
Thank you for testing the map and telling me what you think about it. :)

I do know about dumptruck_ds mapping videos, in fact I am subscribed to his channel.

I am gonna wait before submitting it to quaddicted to see if someone else can playtest it and give me their opinion about the map. 
I'll try and load your new version up tonight. 
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