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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Those shots are looking pretty epic. I'm intrigued. 
Thanks for the demo! The idea with the generators is for them to power up the mechanisms nearby (the tram and platforms). I'll need to do more audio and visual work there to sell that idea though. 
Thanks! With your tutorials in mind, maping is real fun! In one or two weeks I should have a first playable version uploaded. I'm curious about your opinion. 
Galiduse Point 
That looks unreal. I love arctic themed stuff and that's better than anything that I could've imagined. 
Is that a goddamn aurora borealis? 
At This Time Of Year? 
I made a playthrough of the new version of Simplex \o/

Man, what a great adventure! It's like a totally new and different map! o_O

In this run i couldn't grab the nailgun in the beginning of the map, couldn't take the red armor and neither the supernailgun (i didn't noticed that one side of the cage was open, i must be blind) and i was so frustrated XD (i played the map three times now, so i could find all the secrets and take all the weapons)

One secret that i didn't understand was that door that opens behind the ogre (at 05:00). In my third run i nocliped to see where it leads, and found out that i had to shoot a wall in the corridor to go up there, but how can a player know that? there's no visual hint for me to shoot the wall :/

Anyway, back to the map... the design, the textures, the details, the monster's placement, the gameplay! I love it all!! XD

Congratulations! What a good job you did here =D 
@Tribal, thanks for giving it another playthrough! Definitely still some rough edges, especially around secrets and some visual bugs. Maybe by next weekend I'll have it in a spot where I'm ready to call it done :)

@KenChennar, dang that looks cool! I also hope that audio is an in game music track, because it gives the map a totally surreal feeling 
Localised Entirely Within Your Kitchen?? 
Orl, you are insane :) that looks awesome! 
Simplex Demo 
I love the look of it and the small platform puzzles. I really liked how the scrags filled that room in the beginning where the nailgun is. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff. Here's a demo: 
Holy crap that looks awesome!! Quite the reveal. Liked the roots in the cave too. 
Hi everybody. I've added some new screenshots of work in progress. Thanks for all your feedback. Have changed the textures where they were wrong and some map logics that had been asked for. 
Update 1.01 
Update 1.01. Missing 
Yeah. And still forgot to descibe the last screenshot. There are now three ways to finish. As I told before, it is your choice how to get down. You have to pass each zone, but the order of clean out is yours. 
As I told before, it is your choice how to get down

What happens if the player just steps off a platform and falls to the ground? 
Poorchop, Spud, Mclogenog, distrans, Qmaster. Thank you for the kind words and expressions of shock. With just some detailing and smoothing out the rough edges left, the map construction itself is pretty much done. Problem now is how to make it fun.

I've come to accept that I can't do Quake gameplay very good as it always ends up being too difficult or disjointed and unfair. And a map with this much space, well it just wouldn't work out at all. Not really sure what to do at this point. 
If you fall down, you are in one of three zones wich have to been passed anyway. The only thing that changes is that maybe you wake some monsters to early. :) 
Still looks really busy and unclear. I really can't tell what the flow is supposed to be when looking at the screenshots. The one with annotations isn't any more helpful in this regard sadly.

Crate mazes are not fun. Definitely reconsider!

A lot of the structural stuff looks really fiddly to get around, lots of stuff sticking out to snag the player etc. 
In Defense Of Crate Mazes 
Doom 1: e2m2: Containment Area 
In Opposition Of Crate Mazes 
Doom has some pieces of far worse level design than people like to remember, i.e. E2M2. Also, this isn't Doom so we have a third dimension to fuck around in. 
Thanks for the input. Pleas remember this is my first map. I'm working on it to get it as professional as I can. Some of my solutions now will not be the smartest in the world but they work at this stage of my leveldesign-learning.

Hopefully my first beta will give a better look!

About crate mazes. :) Every Doom, Quake, Jedi Knight, Tomb Raider,... I think every game since Commander Keen has crate mazes. There were so many that I dream of them since when I was a boy. So hopefully some day, somebody will write a "I've no idea how to fill this space in short time so bubbles would be a nice idea."- routine and free our minds from them. But till this day someone will run through crate mazes. :D 
I wanna throw in my WOW to you as well. I'm a huge admirer of your previous work, even if I was more forgiving of aspects of oms3's gameplay than some others. I'm sure I will have fun with it when you're finished, however it turns out. 
Crate maze? Bring it on! That sort of thing has a nice charm evn if it is a well used trope: 
Hey RJ! 
How goes the 5 map episode? 
You're dam right! Right now I'm creating the passage from zone blue to green with some cave stuff. But it now will have a bigger crate maze thing. Think I have to play some more Doom sessions for inspiration but will become funny. :) 
Soon! Had a lot on this past few weeks (as has Newhouse I believe) but it's on the home stretch.

Maybe if I publicise my self-imposed deadline of 28 May on here (ie. right now, in this post) it might spur me on... 
28th It Is! 
send a couple more screenshots to gain more attention/extrinsic motivation! 
Sure Thing 
One word: Amazing!! 
Fuck Yeah 
assuming lighting is cranked up to avoid people on func spazzing out?

This looks very cool! 
Must Play Blue One Now! 
Your game play is spot on bro. Ter Shib was a masterpiece not just in design but also in terms of game play. The environment is a factor in my opinion and you managed to perfectly intertwine it with fights. Shib2 is a great example of this.

From what I remember, my only issue with Ter Shib was being severely ammo starved at some points. However, that was largely because I started from scratch at shib3 after losing my save files upon completion of shib2.

Pushing these old games like Doom and Quake to the limit presents new challenges because enemies weren't designed with these new, more elaborate, and substantially larger spaces in mind. However, you still made it work. Looking forward to your map (and maybe some day expanding on the arctic concept myself since I love the setting and theme). 
Shots a tiny bit dark, bot looks really cool, proper quakey :) 
Looking forward for your upcomimg release(s) 
Well don't keep us waiting much longer! :D 
Wow! Looks realy great. 
Thank you for the kind words, though I can see the glaring gameplay flaws the maps have. Lack of ammunition and even health isn't fun for some. Even on easy difficulty it is challenging.

This being said, future shib like maps I have planned will be more of the same mostly. Possibly with custom monsters to add variety that might work better with large maps. And the arctic theme isn't the only unique setting for a map I have in mind. And please, feel free to take inspiration from my maps and even the textures for your own project! I'm interested in seeing what you could create. 
Beta Map 
Hello everyone!

I'm making a new map and I really would like to get some feedback. It's quite short, and it's a remake of a famous FPS map. Can you guess it before looking at the screenshots?

Here's the link:

Screenshots (they are a bit old, I've added more detail to the map):

Also, it has difficulty settings (normal/hard).

Congrats on the new map. I love your selection of Knave textures and lighting was another standout. Feels evil and Quake-y.

Some thoughts in no particular order:

*combat was fun and hectic but maybe could use a few more trigger_counter setups to pace the monster spawning a bit better. Right now it seems a bit random as to when they spawn in. You may want that I dunno.

*Your trigger_monsterjumps are awesome good game on that!

*I really liked the lava jumping bit. Not too hard but just nerve wracking enough.

*I like dark and contrasty maps but others might say this map is too dark. If you get more than 2 or 3 comments on that use the gamma worldspawn key in ericw's tools to increase the gamma of your map slightly. (I just did this with a map on mine.)

*slow down the door opening to the exit to make it more obvious to the player that something has happened.

*there's a "post" or pillar near the doors in one area I got stuck on. it's dark and almost feels like a mistake. Maybe put a torch on it or thing about removing it.

Link to my demos:

I always play on normal. 
Here is my blind playthrough =D

As Dumptruck_ds said, the map is a little bit too dark. I had to mess with the gamma of the video before uploading it to youtube, because i couldn't see a thing :P

But I love the details, the architecture, the textures and the first fight! Man, I love multiple Vores attacking me at once just to use the purple balls to cause monster's infight XD Awesome!

Thank you for the map =D 
Thank you for playing and for the demos!

This time I've tried to make a brighter level, so I went to the worldspawn entity and set the light value to 80, therefore there shouldn't be completely black surfaces. I think I'll set it to 100 and raise the skylight value a little.

I'll also make the exit more obvious, since it's different in this map. The initial idea was to trigger the exit (I mean, the intermission screen and the next level) after the last fight, but I couldn't manage to do it. It might require some hacking.

I'm not sure which pillar is the one you pointed out, but I'll try to fix it. I assume it's part of the broken walkway, to which I accidentaly applied a wood texture, so it's pretty hard to see it.

Thanks a lot again, I'm also learning from your videos :) 
Thank you very much for the video!

I'll fix the darkness issue. It's supposed to be dark indoors, but not excessively dark.

There are only ogres in the start area on Normal, but then I decided put those vores because I knew you were going to play on Hard :P

thanks for playing. 
I'd advise against using the light key in the worldspawn. That raises everything and flattens out your lighting. If you increase the gamma slightly you retain your darkest areas a bit better if I am not mistaken. There are also some other command line settings/worldspawn settings you can tweak to adjust this. e.g. you can experiment with -bounce -bouncescale .4 - .8 - this will really change your lighting so I usually use bounce from the beginning of the lighting process. More info here:

If it was me, I'd increase all the lights by hand in 25 unit increments and see what results you can get. But I like that dramatic high contrast.

Food for thought. 
Here's a couple of demos, I died my first try :D Is it supposed to be inspired by dead simple? That's the impression I got. I think the final fight with the 4 shamblers needs work, they kind of just stand there until you engage them. Also more ammo towards the end would be nice. I liked the lava part with the jumping vore, spooked me the first time! 

Yup, I noticed the flattening. I'll read the documentation carefully and test it to see if I get better results. Thanks again.


Thanks for the demos and suggestions!

Indeed, it's inspired by Doom 64's Even Simpler, which by itself is based on Dead Simple.

I don't know what happened to your intermission camera, but that's not how it should have looked. By the way, did you find the map too dark?

thanks for playing! 
I didn't notice anything wrong with the intermission. I played on the latest Quakespasm if that matters. I don't think brightness was an issue, though you've been given advice on what to check out in that respect. 
@jcr , @vaf 
It's a known bug in Quake that the intermission camera looks wrong during demo playback.

See e.g.
That's good to know, thanks! 
Court Of Fools, DM Speedmap 
Speedmap'd today. Just got back into the Quake scene this year and wanted to crank out a deathmatch map. So I managed to put one together with some interesting shapes and layout. Put in about 8hrs. Only used a few textures, so I tried to creat variety with lighting and such.

Tested with Quakespasm and reaper bots. Will test with a human opponent tomorrow, but wanted to put this up in case anyone else wanted to try it out or provide feedback. Any and all comments are appreciated.


Download ZIP: 
Maybe a bit more contrasted shadows in some corners? Keep the general lighting level but make stronger shadows in places that won´t get that much action. 
RE: Cocerello 
Noted on the shadows, thank you! I'll try that out.

I did some playtesting this morning [ if interested, here's a video: ] and found a few dead spots for gameplay and a few balance issues between ammo and armor. So I'll probably head back into the editor today and clean up a few things. 
I recorded two runs with DMSP2 mod on hard difficulty (100 enemies) =D

awesome map, great job =D 
Awesome! I don't think I've seen this game mode/mod before. That was very cool to watch. Thanks for playing the map! Much appreciated. 
Court Of Fools V2 
Updated the map yesterday, rebuilt a couple areas for better navigability, added an another teleporter and another hallway connection between the two main interior spaces. Moved all the DM spawnpoints into lit "closets" in the walls. Tweaked the lighting.
Added ammo and one more weapon.

Reaper Bots are having a way easier time getting around the level, and the flow is much improved. It still basically looks like a speedmap, but I think I'll call this a successful experiment now. I learned quite a bit cranking this one out.

If anybody plays it, let me know what you think.


Court Of Fools V2 
I recorded a demo using the same mod that Tribal used.

I think it's a really good map, although it's kinda big. I only dislike the fact that the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher are relatively close, so, by the time you grab the grenade launcher, you already have the rocket launcher in your inventory. Also, it seems to be easy to cut your opponents off rocket based weapons.

I love the textures and the archtecture. Nice! 
RE: Vaf 
Thanks for playtesting! I see what you mean about the rocket/grenade proximity. I think I might be able to swap the RL and the SSG (which are not on the same path) and have a similar overall balance.

I've also decided to reduce the cell supply, as we ran into scenario where someone could dominate the map for a good while with one pickup of the Thunderbolt (with cells already collected for it + too much opportunity to get more).

As to the large-feeling scale of the map, that's probably from playing too much ClanArena on QuakeLive, in which a lot of the popular maps make gratuitous use of long sight lines (for the sake of the railgun). On my last playtest, I found several sight lines long enough to see streams of nails/spikes coming at you, which is longer than I intended.

I think for this particular design it's as tight as it's going to get, but I'll try to scale down my next map a bit. I appreciate you commenting on that. 
RE: Demo 
Just watched the demo... that was delightful! Really intense moment when you grab the Mega and just chill there shotgunning the death knights until you can get off the ledge. I need to try out that mod. 
Update, Request For Support 
Hi guys.Have seen your awsome work meanwhile.
It's inspiring!
Had some exhausting weeks behind me and hope to did a good job on the map. Leveldesign is now 90% done, Entities and logics I would say 30%. Have some new screenshots for you and a request?
This Level got bigger than I thought. Would someone of you be so auxiliary to check out the map in its nower status? You know that this is a five mans job and at this state of progress the sight for errors is becoming smaler.credits are for sure. best wishes! 
is not showing.

The map looks like it is one i am going to enjoy. My advice is that seeing that you have several large brushes, to hide a bit that fact with lighting, by only lighting some parts or make contrasted areas.

The black lines in tod_17, as first i thought they were leak lines from the pointfile but they are curved. What are those? Now they look to me like the typical lines in Windows Paint 
Time Quake Ogre 
I finally decided to lay my hands again on this one.
Trouble is that now I've got so many poses there are not enough funcs to handle it, only seven th_funcs.
I can combine some but it will be a hussle.
Flies were pretty obvious, but came one dimensional out. Wish I had more qc knowledge so I could add that like in Q2.

Bastard Ogre 
Love It 
Love It 
Thanks for your comment. Yes the black lines are from paint. Seams I catched the wrong tool at first. :D I've the lighting thing in mind and do so between two area designs. Thanks! 
Theme and architecture show some promise, but at the moment it is very samey, very uniform in colour and tone, textures are repetitive and lighting is flat. Try to add some stronger designs, some complementary but different colours / textures, and improve the lighting contrast. Look at Id medieval levels for a very basic start, or some of the more recent medieval levels. 
Thanks for the tips. Do you mean with designs the leveldesign itself or to add more and different Objects in the sections? 
Structures, overall design, rather than objects. 
Its A Hot Day 
Cool off with this start to end playthrough of the yet unreleased Galiduse Point. Normal skill, one route taken. 
Very cool. Running with the Manke-on-steroids vibe and making most of the 'retro FPSs' look lame as fuck 
I've been looking forward to that map ever since you posted the preview clip so I'm pretty stoked over what I saw in the video. The point at which the player comes upon the hill overlooking the town is still awesome. The map is a lot more ominous than I thought it would be. The bunker area combined with the music kind of gives it horror vibes. I kind of didn't want to watch the full video since I wanted to experience it blind after you release it but I ended up watching it anyway. Really looking forward to the release. 
A Drake Map In 2018?!? 
Why, Is That Impossible Or Something? 

...wanders away grumbling like an old man... 
@KenChannar: looks dope as expected from what I watched, but I'm waiting to play the whole thing myself.

@Tronyn: go map lol ;) 
Ice To See You! 
Don't want to to spoil it Ken. Hurry up and release it already! 
Throne Room 
'Finished' another room in the castle:

Its unfortunate that Snow White and the Huntsman was a very poor film, but you gotta love Charlez in any case. The Raven throne was inspired from this. 
This map is screaming for some Hexen2 enemies =D 
Drake Mod 
It has many Hexen2/medieval-style enemies. And then some. 
Beta Testers Wanted. 
For this:

Skill 0 and skill 1 especially. Gimme ur email and I will send the map over.

Looking for feedback from a player's perspective about gameplay balance etc. Not from a mapper's perspective as I know it's technically shoddy and chaotic mapping behind the scenes!

I know there's issues with 2D-ness, simple layout, lack of detail inside etc etc. 
Looks old skool Shambler. Raises hand. I dig the simpleness.

And Redfield looks good too. About Drake enemies, why compromise. Use Keep mod and you can have (almost) any enemy. 
I Ask You To Unforgive Me? 
I like the drake mod, and had a really good time blasting through Unforgiven. Except for those like air strafing dragonoid type beings that seem to have the same code as an F-22 Raptor electronic warfare suite.

I am currently using the AD progs as the base for my mod, cause it has all the nifty tricks, and the potential for some Hexen 2 monsters is in there. The map is mainly supposed to feature my new monsters, although I'm not sure how things are going to pan out yet. 
Ooh You Have New Monsters?? 
Intrigued even more than I already am just from seeing the screenshots. 
I am in. Feel free to shoot me an email. 
New Q1SP Beta: Amphitheater Of Abaddon 
Don't know if many of you are busy playing maps from 2017 for the Quake awards, but if someone happens to find the time to beta test my newest map, that would be great!

The working title of the map is Amphitheater of Abaddon. It is to be the second map in my miniepisode (see here for more details). The way how the Quad damage works in this map is a little different from the first map, though. In the first map the Quad was permanent but in this one there are multiple normal Quad damages littered over the map (and I was thinking of modifying the first map to work like that, too... maybe).

So, I'd like you to play the map and provide me any feedback that comes on your mind for how to improve the map. It would be preferable if you tested all three of the different playstyles (and, optionally, in multiple difficulty levels).

You can download the map (source included) here. Just place the map in your id1/maps folder and fire away like a normal custom map. No mods this time around, unlike the first map in the episode. I haven't linked the two maps together yet, so you can't test the two maps in succession.

Note, that there are two versions of the map included in the package: an older version that hasn't been gamma corrected and a gamma corrected version (worldspawn has a "_gamma" key with a value of "1.3"). I think the gamma corrected version is more similar in brightness to the original Quake start map, so it may be the better version of the two. I've just gotten so used to the older version, that I'm not sure which I like better, so if you like, you guys could also give your opinion on which version is better.


To-do list for the map:
- Make the necessary modifications for dm.
- Fix compilation errors caused by the gamma correction (too many lightstyles on a face).
- Add some decorative corpses/gibs.
- Implement possible suggestions from beta testers. 
The map started out incredibly strong. The amphitheater is a really cool concept and it looked great. I was impressed with how you maintained the smooth curvature and symmetry of it all. The area under the stage helped to sell the concept as well. I assume that those were dressing rooms that were locked at first.

The first area that you climb up as ogre grenades rain down upon you was such a neat mechanic. I'll never get tired of people using the high ground ogre in unique fashions such as this. Finally unlocking the main amphitheater area was a groundbreaking moment as you are presented with the scale of it as well as the grenade barrage. It was tricky at first but I learned to avoid too much trouble by constantly pushing forward.

I started to become a little disenchanted as I began scaling the audience balconies. Taking the elevator up sometimes put me face to face with an ogre - first a grenade to the face, then chainsawed to death as I had no way of getting past the ogre and no way to go back down. At this point, health and ammo were extremely scarce. I started save scumming in order to make it to the end and even then, it felt too rough. I started to flat out ignore the teleporting scrags and the final vore. On one hand, the final elevator up was interesting with more ogre grenades but if one made it inside the elevator, it was almost impossible to avoid the explosion. The shootable switch that closes the door only helps a tiny bit.

I did feel that the first half of the map was pretty perfect though. The ogre placement was spot on. They were exactly the proper distance to cause just enough trouble without feeling unfair. In the amphitheater, I would give the player a way to jump back down when taking the elevators up. Either that or make it so that the ogres are clear from the space immediately in front of the elevator.

Also please, please, please give ammo. I really don't even mind scarce health but if I don't have the ammo to kill monsters, then that's a huge problem. I never found a grenade launcher either so those basement zombies were just roaming around freely.

I have a demo but I don't think that it recorded much given that I had to reload saves a ton towards the end. I played on skill 2.

The non-gamma corrected version of the map won't load for me in Quakespasm. The version that I played looked fine. I think that the lighting was well done. 
Recorded A First Run Quad Demo 
pretty rough on me, let me know where to email with demo/discussions 
Will hopefully get a chance to play the map later, I made some quick notes on your screenshots 
Amphitheater Of Abaddon, Beta Version 2 
Drew, I sent you an e-mail a moment ago, so you can send your demo to me in the reply message. Thanks in advance for testing! :)

And thank you, Poorchop, for your valuable feedback! Reading it motivates me and makes mapping even more worthwhile. :) Watching your demo was quite thrilling, with all the ammo and health shortages and close calls.

Hmm, I thought I HAD tested the map on the middle path with no secrets found, but I guess I hadn't, because I ran out of ammo, too, now that I tested it myself. @~@

Thanks to your feedback and additional testing, I added 40 shells to the map. Now I was able to end the map with around 40 shells and 20-30 nails (if I recall correctly); no secrets, skill 2, no zombies killed. I was also intentionally somewhat wasteful with my shells to allow some misses.

Of course, if one finds the grenade launcher, ammo becomes a LOT more plentiful after that. And don't forget that this is the second map of the episode, so the player could very well be stocked up with shells, nails and even a grenade launcher from the get-go.

Based on your feedback and some additional testing I've done, I've uploaded beta version 2 of the map:

Download here

Changes from beta 1:
- Added 40 shells and 15 health.
- Made a torch illusionary, so the player won't hit their head in it when using an elevator.
- Added a killtarget trigger for some some monsterjump triggers to ease movement of a fiend.
- Prevented ogres from getting right in front of an elevator in the amphitheater. 
Sorry, I forgot to reply to your message in my previous post. Thanks for the notes! I had actually thought about the roof indentation, but wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble.

Maybe try out the beta version and then give me an update on the previous notes, whether you think they're still relevant after seeing the map live. 
Don't Have Time To Play This 
But man those screenshots look great. I'll be keeping tabs on this one! 
Here's my second demo of the middle path. Sloppy playing (I actually died a few times before this due to being careless) but I was trying to run through fairly quickly. The ammo situation was good, as was the health. The center path is at a point now where it's challenging but completely fair. My only complaint was the fiend that sneaks out from behind the wall at the top of the first area you climb. I died there on an earlier attempt because I didn't have enough time to react to the wall opening behind me, and fiends hit hard.

It's hard to gauge the difficulty at this point since I mostly remembered what to expect but even then, it was still pretty tough. That's fine though - players who want an easier time can lower the difficulty. I tried a bit of the quad path but I didn't get too far with it yet. I also managed to find the grenade launcher this time and it made the map way easier.

I'll try to check out the right path as well. It's a cool concept to give the players three major variations of playing the same map. 
Nice Replay 
Thanks for testing again, Poorchop! :) Some highlights from your replay:

- Knights ganging up against a vore.
- Finding the GL. Yaay, good job! :)
- Killing with a single grenade three bumbling knights flailing their swords in vain against a shambler.
- Trying to reach the silver key with a trick jump. Believe me, I did my best to make it as difficult as possible! >:D I've been able to get to the dangling beams on the other side but not quite able to find a way to climb to the key itself (if I recall correctly).
- The two final fiends accidentally charging at each other, inadvertently killing the other one in a hilarious slapstick comedy fashion! xD

Too bad you didn't quite figure out the fountain room secret. I was so rooting for you to find it! :'( There's also a secret the location of which will probably become more clear to the player who tries to clear the map following the Quad path.

About the difficulty: Yeah, after watching your first demo and feedback, the idea of suggesting playing the map in normal difficulty did cross my mind. After all, skill 2 is supposed to be HARD difficulty, and the map sure is pretty tough in that difficulty.

Sure, it may be tougher than most id maps at that difficulty, but this map is tough even with modern control schemes. So maybe I should add a disclaimer to the readme that hard really means hard for this map.

I'm wondering about the fiend. Should I have the fiend first make its presence known to the player by aggroing it with a trigger and only after a second long delay, or so, the monster closet would open. Does the ambush feel unfair otherwise? o:

I guess otherwise the middle path starts to look pretty finished. Thanks for your help! :) 
Screenshots look good, I'll get you a demo tonight! 
Overall I thought it was great, my favorite part was the gold key room with the vores at the bottom. I thought the invisibility ring path was interesting, ring respawn points were chosen well. The final elevator with the ogres raining on you was clever too! Some critique:

The area where the walls lower to reveal death knights was a bit much, I think a lesser enemy or enemy combo would be more interesting. I feel that the death knight is tedious to fight because of their high HP, putting one after another made that area a chore for me.

Entering the Shambler room was instadeath in every way I managed to approach it.

Quad path was boring for me since I didn't find any weapons.

Anyway, here are some demos: 
Great Demos! 
This isn't the first time I've seen your demos but I must say, you're one skilled player! O_O

Demo 1:

Wow, that was nerve-racking to watch, and you got so close to the ending, too, and on a blind run to boot! You were on the brink of death there quite a number of times, and in the end being down to just one hp at that one point!

You have a super aggressive playstyle, rushing headlong into the hotzone! Like jumping down to the vores in the gk room, running to the middle of the amphitheater with the shambler, and the most ridiculous of all, juggling yourself along three shamblers to get a yellow armor! O_O

Your strategy of minimizing ammo usage by resorting to the axe from time to time was also interesting to observe. Seeing you pick up a quad damage prematurely was heartbreaking to watch. D': I was also worried seeing you pick up shells, while being almost stocked up already, but it seemed like you had the ammo situation pretty well taken care of.

An interesting point was seeing you being able to get up the elevator at the shambler room, while they were still alive; something that I had intended to make as difficult as possible, so congrats on "breaking" the map at that point. ;D I was kind of wondering, if you had forgotten about the elevator in the long corridor close to the vore. That elevator would have taken you to the second floor a lot more safely than trying to use the elevator in the shambler room.

As with the Subterrestrial Hangar, I wanted to keep the map somewhat challenging even on the quad path, which is why other weapons are hidden and nail boxes have been drastically decreased. A nailgun would be possible to find in a secret early on, though. You did find the first button to unlock the secret.

Demo 2:

Nice work there! For some reason I hadn't actually thought about the player going through the shambler room while following the ring path, so using that route certainly made the map even shorter that way. :D

Demo 3:

Hmm, you were also caught off-guard by the fiend ambush at the ogre tower climb room, were you not? Do you think I should add an invisible clip wall to prevent the fiend from immediately lunging at you after being aggroed? That would give the player a little more time to react to the fiend.

Demo 4:

Really fun to watch! I liked how you just danced and toyed with your enemies in the gold key room. I can see why you liked that room the most.

About the shambler room being instadeath: That's kinda the way it's designed to be. :D It's indended to be either carefully cleared on the quad path by taking potshots from behind the door or then by the crusher button up the elevator. And uuuuuh, after seeing your ring of shadows run, apparently by sneaking past the shamblers altogether! :D

I can see you were prepared for the fiend ambush before the GK room this time. But I'd rather have it be possible for the player to react to it on his/her blind run, so maybe I should add a temporary invisible barrier to add some time to react...

About the tedious death knights: I think this demo demonstrates quite nicely why I went with death knights, because they can still keep harassing the player with their flame attack from down below if the player decides to ignore them altogether. That way the player has two directions to be aware of: both up and down. But yeah, maybe I could drive that point across with fewer death knights too. Maybe have them appear only the first and maybe the second time...

As a bit of trivia, in earlier versions of the GK room, the player could get stuck in the ramp corners really easily. There was discussion on the issue not that long ago, actually, in the Quakespasm thread. To make the ramps smooth to traverse in that engine, I had the slopes fall one quake unit short of reaching the plateaus and having the player instead climb a step of 1 unit. I did add some illusionary brushes to give the illusion of a perfectly smooth climb, though. </the more you know>

Demo 5:

A nice run. It was cool to see the chaos as you mostly just ran past your opposition before reaching the gold key door. It was also interesting to see how you were so bent on trying to get through the shambler room, going so far as to first rush to the lever, then stock up on health and then take the elevator again, but it seems the ogres were less willing to let you keep the health you had gone to accumulate.

Thanks for the insightful and entertaining demos! :) I think I just might decrease the amount of death knights in the ogre tower climb room and allow the player a bit more time to react to the fiend. 
Amphitheater Of Abaddon, Beta Version 3 
In case somebody would still like to test the map, here you can download the third beta version of the map. I think, unless I get more feedback, I'd consider the single player portion of the map more or less complete. While waiting for possible feedback I'll work on dm modifications.

Changes from beta 2:
- Replaced two death knights with four knights to lessen tedium.
- Increased the chances of a player to react to a fiend ambush.
- Compiled sunlight2 with 1000 sunsamples to improve sky lighting quality a bit. 
Re: Quad Path 
The way I see it, the quad path could be an opportunity for a more run&gun approach, where the ring path is the opposite. I think throwing more beefy enemies and weapons along with the quads could make it pretty chaotic. Maybe something borderline horde-ish as a quad path. 
sorry but I don't seem to have received the email, or I may have accidentally deleted it or something. 
Drew And JCR 
Drew, did you check the spam folder in your Gmail? It could have very well ended up in there. o: Look for a message with the title "Your demo on the Amphitheater of Abaddon".

About the run n' gun approach: I think changing the quad path to include beefier monsters and weapons would require a bit too much of an overhaul at this point of development to make the change worth it for me.

Plus, unlike in the Subterretrial Hangar, the premise in this map is to keep the core level more or less the same with the same monsters on each of the paths. Adding additional/beefier monsters for the quad path would break that premise, and in the Subterrestrial hangar I hated having to resort to telefragging monsters that are not encountered in other paths (to make it possible to get 100 % kills at the end of the map).

Speaking of the Subterrestrial Hangar, one can finish the map with an SSG, NG, GL, 100 shells, 130 nails, 25 rockets (and an RA if one finds the toughish secret), and with a little bit of testing I just did, I think the arsenal allows for some nice cathartic quad path action, while still keeping the map somewhat challenging.

So perhaps I COULD add at least an SSG to the quad path without making it too easy... 
Looks super nice Nick! 
Qtest SP 
Here are some screenshots of maps I made for a SP qtest mod
with the early qtest gifs that were published.

This is awesome! =D

I saw the dragon/serpent flying in one of the screenshots... Your mod will feature all the unused models?

just for curiosity's sake i've found this page with three skins for some of the monsters of qtest 
Yes, all models that were in the original q1test.
I added the advanced dragons from Patrick Martin,
and my own Serpent and Axe_Ogre.

I'm fiddling a bit how to make the Axe_Ogre pee, laugh and give him flees.
Still in beta, but if you're curious, see the coding thread. 
realy thanks for the skinfiles. Vormit already had a skin from the conversion of Dark Mage.
I was forgotten about the 
Looks great!! looking forward to this! 
Morphing Monster 
The Quaddamage and the Serpent 
Nice Sprite, Kell! 
Thanks to the coding of Dr.Shadowborough I overcome this great moment. Looks quiet spectacular, although the demo only works on quakespasm ad standards.

Be aware, it's alife 
Nice! Some sound design should help make it a bit more menacing. 
Ha, I'm a creep recording Q1.

Mostly I'm interested in the way it is done in the code.
Like the Headcrab in RMQ, I tried to extract it from the src,
but it is so integrated I can't lay my hand on it. 
Madfox, are you still going to try to create some chasm monsters? 
That looks cool. That pentagram effect was awesome. Is that all original? 
@yhe1- I finished the dino, although it's hard to give it the right skin.
I started with straphos and I must say the examples to work from are rather poor.

@Qmaster- Most of the coding is done by Shadowborgh. I was looking for a statue code and he turned it into this rare scene of turning a static into an entity. It is still a bit kinky and crashes on "trigger in clipping list". 
madfox, I will gladly donate if you can create the monster and weapons in quake, since that chasm port appears to have stalled. 
I finished the scorpio and the dino, as the static entity of the fans.
For my clear understanding,
you want all weapons and monsters from Chasm in Quake?
That's a pretty large case.

This is what I'v got so far.
Well, I am not demanding anything, but since you are creating new monsters and weapons anyway, why not take inspiration from Chasm?

I know m210 got a lot of donations for Bloodgdx, and Chasm doesn't have a finished port 
I know m210 got a lot of donations for Bloodgdx

Explains why all instances of bloodgdx have been nuked from orbit 
Nah, that was just m210 trolling everyone 
A highly respectable decision. Should donate more money to the cause. 
Title Screwers 
While working on the Stratos model I exceeded the tris/verts limits.
So I left it at that point.

I'd like to develop models, but it always goes as far as I've got fun in doing. I once tried the GlDoom models and that was alright, but these models were already in obj format. 
Maybe the chasm models could be converted: 
I checked, they are converted in the pak file 
That's a better way to start then constructing them myself again. Looking for a way to export them and add poses and skin. 
Quick Try 
I can import it from a md2 to a mdl model.
Only the skinfile is a bit tricky, as I have to remodel it again. There are a lot of vertices under it, out of the basebox of the model I had to delete.

I'd be curious to see how it mixes with enforcers when you are done. 
I have always wondered how difficult it is to fulfill a wish
until I have the know-how to make it work.
I thought all Quake engines nowadays supported md2 files :/ 
Noesis Can Convert Chasm Models 
that zdoom kid doesnt mention it because he know hes violating noesis license by theft 
Who cares? Action Forms has been out of business for a long time 
Who Cares? 
another zdoomkid, because he knows how to convert the skinfile
Is the stratos done? maybe an video with him and the enforcer? 
It's Starting To Feel Like Quake Can Do ANYTHING... 
That looks awesome and I'm stoked about another Arcane map. 
Was wondering what happened with that spaceship map. 
Can't wait to put my dirty quaker fingers on that thing! 
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