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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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You Are Right About The Tunels 
I did make them purposely simple to emulate the tunels from Turok, thats why they are so simple, and also because I am still not good at making natural looking structures.

Also because I am still new to quake, I dont know how to add monsters on nightmare difficulty.

And, could you tell me which walls were shoothing at you? I dont know how could that happen. 
With normal Quake C, I don't believe you can make nightmare mode have different monsters than hard mode.

Also, IMO it's not useful to "playtest" with a mod that the map is not made to be played with. I mean, play how you want, but bug reports and balance complaints and stuff will be kind of meaningless. 
Should not be considered a tester man. 
Hey Dude 
I watched that cool movie you made but I swapped the audio track with that of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” so none of the dialogue made much sense which made your film suck so I didn’t enjoy it sorry. I hope this feedback is useful. 
I liked the map. For a newbie, not very bad. There are some points. As mentioned above, slick simple tunnels. And in one more place I noticed a sharp disappearance of fog during the descent into the dungeon.In general, I was pleased with the idea and the scale of what was done. I hope in the future you will grow and make better maps 
Here's a cool trick you can do to keep morons like Barnak out of screwing up your map: 
@otp [] 
Thanks for the idea!

I now updated the file to implement something similar to that using func_wall 
Then The Moron Was Useful To Improve Things, Heh!? 
Gang of shitbags! 
The map is now improved meaning that nobody will play it in AD and break it! 
Barnack Spotted During His Latest Beta-testing Marathon: 
@16023 Of course you can change monsters with regular QuakeC in nightmare mode. Just check for the "skill" value and set your monster type accordingly, before you place them on the map.
Just like they are removed in multiplayer.
The code is already there. Just use it.
If you still have problems, look at how Ogres are handled in Mission Pack 2. ;-) 
By "regular QuakeC" I mean unmodified progs. AFAIK you can only set monster entities to be flagged as "Not on Easy", "Not on Normal", and "Not on Hard". But when it comes to Q1SP mapping I'm just a spectator so I could easily be wrong. 
correct, nightmare uses the same flags as hard. 
Nolcoz, Re: Turok Map 
Very atmospheric. I didn't think the relatively simplistic brushwork mattered: to me it added to the retro charm and I found the tunnels perfectly convincing. The inside of the pyramid is a little ugly, though -- but I really like the implementation of breakables here.

Two (three) issues:

One: It's possible to exit the level early by accident. If you stand on the ledge on either side of the exit bridge and jump, the level ends. I did this by accident first, as I thought the ledge might lead to a secret. I would suggest actually putting a secret on that ledge and I guess moving the trigger_changelevel up and out of the way so it's not triggered by accident.

Two: The yellow armour secret in the arena-style fight near the end is far too obvious. You just go up the ladder and onto the pyramid-like structure and there it is. It's neither hidden nor hard to get to; it's just there, like a regular pickup. In my opinion it should not count as a secret. I haven't found the other secrets, so I can't comment on them.

Three: This may or may not be a problem, but it's really easy to kill the Gug at the end from a distance, without its ever having a chance to hurt you. Personally I don't mind as I don't really like boss fights and prefer overly easy combat to hard combat, but it might be something to consider. 
Second Release With Minor Changes. 
Good day, mate

I made some minor changes to the map considering what you told me. Hopefully this solves some of the problems with the map. 
Cool. I'll try and play through the new version within the next couple of days. I'm a bit busy with work etc. at the moment, so my apologies in advance if it takes a while. Or maybe someone else will have a look in the mean time. 
My Demo Of Nolcoz's 2nd Beta 
Link below:

You can read most of my commentary in the demos, but in general, I like the fresh theme compared to the standard Quake fare.

I played in nightmare, so it's supposed to be hard, and not sure if I was just being clumsy, but I would've liked more health.

I'm also not a big fan of the Quoth monsters, even though they fit the theme extremely well looks-wise. The spawn-like floating monsters are just annoying and the sentinels have too high reactions for my liking. I think I died something like 8 times in the map due to the combination of having low health and fighting those annoying monsters I don't have much experience with.

Also, I think you might want to make a gate that prevents the player from just running away from the boss. It'd be kind of funny being Turok the Dinosaur Hunter and then not hunting the final monster. xD

Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed playing through the map, but it was just that one arena fight with droles and sentinels and ogres that I wasn't having a good time with. Perhaps give the player a bit more health before entering that fight? o: (Perhaps you did in a secret, but I didn't find any.) 
Forgot To Mention 
I think some of the ambushes felt a bit cheap; especially this one sudden vore ambush. The spider pit ambush was also sudden, but I guess I had enough health at that time, because I survived it without dying. So, if you're planning to make ambushes that could be considered cheap/unfair, perhaps you could at least ensure that the player has enough health to survive the initial cheap shots he or she receives. 
Third Release With A New Ending. 
Hello again.

I updated the map with a new ending and made some balance changes.

Tell me what you think about it :) 
Third Release Demos 
Demos below:

Take it into consideration that I'm not playing blind anymore, but I think the balance is better now. I also found some secrets this time, yay! :D They helped quite a bit along the way. I liked how there was a risk element involved with the secrets; that they don't come without a price. (I also found the third secret off camera.) Overall, nice secrets.

I'm still kind of pondering on the drole/sentinel/ogre arena. It feels like it's designed to encourage movement instead of having the player getting stuck fighting the droles from the bottom of the arena. I'd wager the player being in quite a bit of trouble if he's only armed with an NG instead of the SNG like I was this time around.

You placed nailboxes on the second level of the arena. I wonder if I would've been more likely to climb higher from the bottom of the arena to reach them, if I could see the boxes from the bottom. Perhaps the boxes could be placed closer to the ledge for the player to see, to encourage the player to get higher when he's starting to run low on nails while fighting the droles? Or maybe place a grenade ogre on the higher levels? Maybe grenades would flush the player more easily from the bottom floor than the droles' explosive shells? Just tossing ideas in the air here.

I think the final fight was executed better this time around. It was more climactic (and unavoidable). xD

Nice work so far! :) 
Just a suggestion to name your zip files clearly. It's hard to keep track of which I have. Maybe try adding beta or release candidate and a number to the name?

I do this: <mapname>

...then just drop the _rc# for the final release. 
Thanks for telling me that! I will put it in the next beta. 
Forth Release With Minor Changes. 
The forth (and maybe final) release is now in quaketastic.

Once again tell me what you think. 
Here's a short demo of the last part of the map. I use Mark V's auto demo to record and I died a few times so it overwrites the prior demo.

This is the version of the map before the release you posted above.

I really enjoyed playing this. I think Quoth is a good fit for what you are trying for. Some very nice areas and challenges over all. My only issue with the map is actually on display in this short demo. I wasn't quite sure where to go after the stairs were revealed to me. I could drop back down to the beginning of the map or ??? I think one thing you could do is use Quoth's light_marsh effect to draw attention to the horizontal teleporter that takes you to the final room. Just a suggestion. I watched a bit of Turok on YouTube so I know you nailed the aesthetic on this map!!!

Sorry it's not a complete demo: 
Sorry, Wrong Link 
SILENT BLOOD – Public Alpha 
Hello, it's me again with the "scarry" map.


Not sure what will come next – I just throw stuff at the wall to see if it sticks, so I'd like to observe other people's reaction on the stuff present. As usual, the last parts of the map are not complete. I wanted to include some sort of narrative, but it's not very coherent and not formed yet, so don't look for a black cat in a dark room.


The map needs two .wads: "blood_tiles" and "sb" (my custom textures, partly ripped from SH2). They all are included in the archive provided. Also, it probably won't work in the vanila Quake, due to it's enormous (12Mb) size. I ran it in Quakespasm.

Main Archive:

MAP file (if you're curious):


Some tips:

• sooner or later all doors will open, except for the jammed double door near the cracked wall (map's not complete there).

• conserve ammo

• don't touch the fire


If you want to experience the whole thing, without spoiling the impression with this half-baked version, I'd recommended to wait till the release, but I don't know, when it'll happen – I'm not a prolific author and it takes me months to get the ball rolling.


P.S. Don't be confused with the .bsp name – it's an old working title. 
P.P.S. Parental Advisory: explicit language, disturbing content. 
Tried The Map 
Lots of atmosphere in there. It's a bit too dark, not enough monsters (I know it's unfinished). Not enough Playboy pictures on walls and mags on desks. Add more blood spills on walls in some rooms.

Also, add some piss or farts sounds when the player enters a toilet room.

And since I'M A MORON OF EPIC LEVEL, I played this under the AD mod. So fuck off OTP ! (hey, I even added a space before the !, just for you). 
Re: Tried The Map 
There should be more monsters on the hard difficulty (but now there's only 3 more if I'm not mistaken).

Rooms will become more blood-splattered the futher you are.

I'll think about Playboy mags, but no fart-sounds, thank you :). Only default drips or screams.

Did you feel lost? Was it easy to navigate? Did you notice "new" room?

P.S. And abot doors. It's clearer to say that if it' "jammed" or "broken", it won't open. If it's "locked", than it could be opened. 
New Map: A Trip To ADORIA - Screenshots 
Hi everybody.

After a long time here are some screenshots of my new project "A trip to ADORIA".
Thanks again for all the help, critcs and likes for my first encounter.

As the first map, for me, was to try out everything I'm now focusing on lighting and enviroment.

At the moment I'm in the state of level design and lighting. 3/4 are finished.

This map is ment to be a tribute to some realy great games of the 80/90s and films too.

Hope you enjoy it! 
I Have To Be Psychic!!! 
I was just wondering if you were still making maps. Glad to see you are onto a new adventure GunSgtHighway!

Looks like a ton of variety in this one. Will be fun to try and figure out the influences. 
Thanks. Yes, still kickin! :) Had some job to do and to pimp up my mapping skills.

Yes, there are "some" variations. :) As usual I was getting to excited in doing different ambients. so there are three different areas with there own design.

Also your progs_dump is in use. Took a time to learn, but it gives a big freedom in working. thanks for that inovation!

I don't want to promise to much but I hope to bring out a playable version in two months or so. 
Re: Progs_dump 
I have a new version coming out soon. Will have a test version in a few weeks (at the latest). It should be backwards comparable. Here are most of the features:

* Added reset_items key to worldspawn entity; resets players items on map load (no need for Rune hacks for new start maps!)
* Added classnames to "bonus item fell out of level" and "monster stuck in wall" errors when developer is set to 1.
* Add entities for Thunder, Water and Sky sounds. Use these when you want to hand place these instead of having VIS.exe add them automatically.
* Fixed door unlock sound not playing (id software bug)
* Added ladders
* Added breakables
* Added spawn_angry key/value for use with Trigger Spawned monsters
* Added meat_shower (regular or large, triggerable, silent or random gib sounds)
* Added trigger_void
* Added trigger_shake (earthquake)
* Renamed dtsounds.qc to dtmisc.qc
* Added deadstuff entities
* Added ritem (items respawn)
* Added trigger spawning to items
* Added items suspended flag
* Fixed trigger_ladder conflict with trigger_setgravity
* Revised FGDs
* Added pain_target and pain_threshold
* Added func_togglewall, func_counter, func_oncount and func_particlefield from Hipnotic
* Added pd_ladders test level
* Fixed H_MEGA respawn bug
* Added pd_zombies and pd_meat maps

If you ever have questions you can ask in this thread: 
Re. Progs_dump 
Wow! Thats an enormous update.
Great job. 
I think pain_target and pain_threshold excite me the most for a couple of reasons: it was an idea that came to me and after a bit of help from Qmaster, c0burn and others I was above to code it up myself based on exiting id1 code.

The second thing is that it allows you to fire a trigger when a monster reaches a certain amount of damage (in addition to when they die as usual).

So during play testing if you notice someone "cheesing" a Shambler or other monster encounter you can spawn in reinforcements or set off some other trigger to enhance the battle in the middle of the action. I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with. 
Re: Pain_target _threshold 
That sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to test this in the map. Would be nice in an area with enemy waves. 
Cooler Master tie-in? 
Episode Beta 
Some months ago I started work on a mini episode, but then life got in the way. I thought I'd upload progress so far (a start map and one map) rather than leave it sitting on my hard disk.

The download is here:

(requires quoth)

Here's a screenshot: 
Screenshot Looks Different In A Good Way! 
Single Player Map Beta 
Good day mate.

I have a new map that needs some testing.

It is a void map with a city theme that has various paths to the end.

There is also a SUPER secret area. It is so secret it doesnt even count as a secret.

Here is the map:

Here are some screenshots:

I await your feedback. 
Those Shots 
...look pretty interesting. I'll be checking this out when I get home. 
Shib7 Preview 
5 minute preview of shib7, a 30+ minute map to be released in the second part of Ter Shibboleth. 
Played your map for a bit. It needs a lot of balancing. Not enough ammo across the board so IMO unplayable.

Here's a partial run through with a few notes. The theme and layout are interesting and I do want to play it all the way thru. Not crazy about the custom textures. Some look good but the yellow ones are a bit too bright and over-used. I think if this was a base map it would work a bit better but you are using the city theme. 
Can't wait! 
The fact that there is not a lot of ammo is actually on porpuse and i was being a little experimental. I may have gone too far in few places.

I should probably rebalance the begining of the map, and maybe add some other changes. Or I could leave it how it is for the hard mode.

Also, when I was saying it was a city theme I didnt mean like quake style city, I meant like a (not that)real city. 
So you are "experimenting" with pissing off the player? Got it. ;) 
Void Town Now With Less Pain 
And minor changes.

Although the hard mode is still EXPERIMENTAL PAIN.

There is no SUPER secret. ;) 
Gave your map a shot. To echo some of Dumptruck's comments, ammo is still a bit tight but I did finish the map. The art is definitely not standard Quake fare, but that's fine- I like maps that look like they're out of left field. The map is just open-ended enough to make me think I was breaking something at the start though, and I missed both secrets and only found them when noclipping afterwards- there were definitely some issues with lighting being too dark (to requiring using shells/nails to light the floor) and possibly the fog being too heavy as well. The finale on the rooftop was unexpected because I wasn't keeping track of monster count- I thought it was just a few waves but then the thing started taking up the sky and that was unexpected and pants-shitting so absolutely keep that setpiece.

Recorded a few partial to full demos with text comments here. 
Thanks Spud!

I will try to change what you told me. Also that part where it seemed like you where breaking the map was actually intentional.

And good to know you liked the ending. :) 
Since the beginning of this month i was working in this "special effects" mod. Right now i'm too busy with real-life stuff and i don't know when i'll be able to come back to it, so i'm releasing it today as a BETA (because there are more things that i still want to add):

It only works with Quakespasm-Spiked because it uses to change some effects. You can use it to play any map (that doesn't come with its own progs.dat, of course).

From the Readme:
TribalFX is a mod that doesn't change Quake's original gameplay. It just add some "special FX" to enhance the game's experience.

I started this little project making some changes in the file that i took from Arcane Dimensions Mod. So, if you played AD you will notice that i made some ajustments in the weapons's particles code. But some things can't be changed just with That's why i jumped into the QuakeC world.

In this mod you will find the following features:

-Fish count bug is fixed (by C0burn)
-Fish can be gibbed (also by C0burn)
-Crucified zombies now bleed when you shoot them and if you hit them with an Axe you won't hear that weird "stone" sound anymore (but you still can't kill them because this would change the gameplay of some custom maps).
-The axe now makes a distinct sound when you hit enemies and triggers (like shootable buttons and secrets).
-The enemies now lose some meat chunks when you chop them with the axe.
-Chopping a Tarbaby with the Axe make him lose blue goo.
-I increased the number of blood-particles that shows up when you hit an enemy.
-Tarbabies now have blue particles when you shoot them.
-Tarbabies explosions now have blue gibs, leaving blue stains on the ground.
-The gibs create blood-splats instead of blood trails (like in AD, but i selected another stain to make it more evident and gory).
-The attack from the Scrags now leaves a green trail of spit on the ground.
-I changed Shambler's "casting" effect for a "thunder" cloud with 4 randomized new sounds (this also fixes the "shambler vanishing with rockets and grenades when casting lightning" bug)
-The lightning attack from the Lightning-gun and from Shamblers now makes a spark effect when something is hit by it.
-The Tarbaby explosion now have a blue effect.
-The Vore's attack explosions now have a purple effect.
-I changed the teleport effect to make it more cool.
-The explosions from rockets, grenages and exploding-boxes now have orange and yellow particles. And they don't have that old explosion-sprite anymore.

Please keep in mind that i am NOT a coder. I'm learning by changing things to see what happens. Usually my technique is the good old copy-and-paste and a lot of try-and-error.

To see the new effects you have to write in the console: r_particledesc effectinfo

Or you can just add this line on your autoexec.cfg:
"r_particledesc" "effectinfo"

Thanks :) 
Congrats on modding Quake. Downloaded!!! Usually my technique is the good old copy-and-paste and a lot of try-and-error. I hear you there. Keep at it - QuakeC is a blast. 

I'm especially proud of the Shambler's thunder. I think the blue explosion and the sound effect add much more fear and power to his attack :)

I hope you enjoy =D 
Third Release Of Void Town 
How you doin.

I added some cosmetic changes and tweaked some other gameplay things.

Here, a screenshot:

: ) 
Can Someone Please Playtest It And Give Me Their Opinion? 
I wont even have a problem if Barnak plays it on AD, it is id1. 
Call Me, And Here I Am! 
Yep, I'll probably try it on AD, since I'm a moron of epic level. 
Tried It Out 
Below is the download link to my demos:

Really liked the unique looks of the map; made the map very interesting to explore! You can read the rest of my commentary in the demos. Good job! :) 
Tried The Map With AD :*P 
It's not my cup of poo. I really don't like the aesthetics, but this is just the moronic me.

The map remind me an old game called "Oni" (anyone here remember that cyberpunk game?). 
It's my tamagotchi of the ninties.
(no foolin). 
Hi, this is very much WIP but wanted to share some progress. Pardon my misaligned/temporary textures.

It's using AD, and loosely based on E1M1, as you might notice in third and fourth screenshots.

I keep trying not to expand and add more to the map (there are 10 secrets already), and finish it ;p 
Looks Interesting. 
I like the weird organic shit. 
I love the screenshots.

But in the last one, there's a door using a blue-keycard texture (on the whole door o_O)... that texture is supposed to be used like a keycard-lock that scans your keycard to open the door. 
Looks Great 
I agree with Tribal re: the door texture. 
That looks dope. 
Thank You Guys! 
about the door: The thing is, I'm still not sure about the design of the front door. So right now it's basically a giant signpost screaming 'I AM SILVER KEY DOOR!!!'. 
Thanks for the demo and what you commented, but im interested on what you said about info_notnull. Until now I though they had no porpuse. I looked it on quake wiki and they seem so be very usefull.

But how can I use them to make corpses? 
Whats This 
The Wonderful World Of Map Hacks And Info_notnulls 
Yup, all kinds of cool stuff can be done with info_notnulls. I learned about info_notnull models in this post:

In addition to the keys mentioned in the post, you can also add "frame" and "angle"/"angles" keys to adjust the model's posture and facing and whatnot.

To figure out the model's modelindex in Quakespasm, playtest your map and type mcache in the console and check out the placement of the model you want to display on the list.

Take note, that as you work more on the map and add new entities, the model's placement in the modelindex might very well change so you'll have to update the info_notnull's modelindex key value. Worst case scenario, you might have to make separate entities for different skill levels, with each having the correct model indices for the corresponding skill levels. :/ 
Thanks Esrael 
I am not gonna use it for this map but i will take into account in the future 
Impressive geometry. 
some nice elements there even though rough around edges 
Quoth Arena Map Timed To Music 
Im looking for testers for this base map, timed to music. I still have to fix some things but I just want to know what do you think of the general layout as it is now.
Here is the map and music:

Here are some screenshots:
If you are gonna play this map take this into account:
*Dont pause the game in any way while you are in the map, this desyncs events timed to the music.
*Dont quickload a save of the map, You have to always start on the begining of it, as the music will also start from the begining too.
*This map ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE WORKS WITH Quoth 2.2. It it isnt played in quoth, the map breaks(This goes to you Barnak)
*If you cant get the music to work...get it to work
*This map contains flashing lights so look out for that.
(But please not too much) 
Now that's an interesting concept.

nolcoz, I see you're a fan of alphamasked textures. I've made a WAD with many textures edited for alphamasking, but nobody ever used it for anything. You can get it here
I will check it out 
I Really Like Some Of The Textures In There, But... 
There are some textures that just seem redundant, like the doors.
Apart from that, usefull stuff 
Second Release Of The C.G.L Project 
If you are gonna play this map take this into account:
*Dont pause the game in any way while you are in the map, this desyncs events timed to the music.
*Dont quickload a save of the map, You have to always start on the begining of it, as the music will also start from the begining too.
*This map ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE WORKS WITH Quoth 2.2. It it isnt played in quoth, the map breaks(This goes to you Barnak)
*If you cant get the music to work...get it to work
*This map contains flashing lights so look out for that.
*This is more of a recomendation but turn the music up before playing it.
I fixed a lot of problems with the map and changed some other things. If you are gonna play this map play it in Quoth 2.2. It doesnt work properly if its played on something else.
Here is the map: 
I Have Quoth 2.2, Map Crashed To Console 
Is there more than "one" version of 2.2?

host_error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Bad Server Message

It happened as soon as I fired the nailgun. 
I Have No Idea What That Is. 
I got my version of quoth from here: 
I started Quake/Quoth using SQLauncher2 but switched to using the Quoth Launch.bat file, it was OKEE DOKEE then. 
Some Random Screens. 
Was looking at the maps I have. I should end SB someday.

===Silent Blood===


===Drakanoid (working title, very early wip)===

Stumps and outdoor tiles attempts


Good theme. 
Third Release Of The C.G.L Project 
If you are gonna play this map take this into account:
*Dont pause the game in any way while you are in the map, this desyncs events timed to the music.
*Dont quickload a save of the map, You have to always start on the begining of it, as the music will also start from the begining too.
*This map ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE WORKS WITH Quoth 2.2. It it isnt played in quoth, the map breaks(This goes to you Barnak)
*If you cant get the music to work...get it to work
*This map contains flashing lights so look out for that.
*This is more of a recomendation but turn the music up before playing it.
This version adds some health and replaces edies with dogs. If you are gonna play this map play it in Quoth 2.2. It doesnt work properly if its played on something else.
Here is the map: 
First Map In 20 Years 
Hey all -
I'm getting close to releasing my first map in 20 years. It's really incredible to see that the Q1 scene is still thriving and so many passionate people helping it grow. Exciting to get back into it.

If anyone would like to check out my map, The Lost Tomb, here are some shots:

And here's the pre-release version (I haven't written the readme yet...let me know if that's not kosher):!AoR-AHsUdeQDiqIWNlp7M3S0-NQ-Kw

Still need to tweak some lighting and stuff like that but please fire away with any feedback you have. I'm particularly interested in weapon/monster placement/balance. I'm sort of thinking the last bit might be a little too ridiculous, but please give me your thoughts. 
That Really Looks Quite Decent. 
Proper Id style and harmonious theme. 
Oh Yes. 
Very good. 
wooden caskets in a flooded room -- those won't last long :) 
Environmental Storytelling! 
Two options: either that room hadn't been previously flooded, or it has, and those caskets were never meant to last long :)

OP: I strongly recommend you set gl_anisotropy to the highest value you can, it will make your linear filtered look much crisper (no more blurring into nonsense towards the horizon). 
Retro-style Map... 
This map is a bit too retro for my taste, but it's okay (it's just me anyway).

I got stuck (ie "glued") on a moving wall, under water (the first secret in the start room). I had to use noclip to get away from that funny position.

I feel that the map is too "rectangular", too old school. It needs more broken parts, random bits, rocks or traps here and there. More "out of this world" details and weird decorations on the walls.

But hey, I'm a moron of epic level, so ... 
Thanks all!

@Barnak - was that inside of the secret area, I'm guessing? I'll try hitting it with some clip brushes to see if that helps. 
Good Map! 
Here is a demo with comments if you wanna check it out: 
Thanks Nolcoz! 
Downloaded, watched, and took notes! I noticed a few things that I hadn't before as well! Thanks a bunch! 
The Lost Tomb Released 
Thank you so much for all of the great feedback! I've released the map here: 
QuakeEd For MacOS 
First screenshot of the project that is at a point where I feel I've done something worth the effort: 
That's pretty cool. Need a tester? I use Macs at work and would be happy to help on occasion. 
That would be great! I'll work on bringing up a release as soon as possible. There is still some code that needs to be reenabled, tool views and command-line tools to finish porting. But I'm confident I will be able to do it soon enough. 
No Rush 
But happy to help when you are ready. 
Making A Quake Vanilla Episode 
Dat Shit Is Looking Interestng 
that ladder out of the lava looks useful. :) 
Psychedelic Jrbase1

This is obviously wrong. Yet, this is proof that QuakeEd for MacOS actually works - all strange things you see happen only because 1) I'm using fake, wrongly built textures and 2) I exported a map with entities randomly taken out.

At some point today I'll be posting v 1.0.1 of the application, the test_maps folder and the engine executable, so you can also create and run an instance of this... masterpiece ;D 
Test Map: Lots Of Doors 
This is a test map I created using QuakeEd and a modified qbsp to allow more than 256 entities to be generated:

It's a plain floor, with about 240 doors, of the common, run-of-the-mill "approach to open" variety.

This, obviously, won't run on vanilla, unmodified Quake. I was, however, curious about the other engines. Can I convince you guys to open this map and tell me if it works as expected? 
Works just fine in Quakespasm. 
My first attempt to create a forcefield for Quake1. It is still a bit chunky, it needs more variety in surface. So far it is more checking out what works, size and appearance
I won't force youtube to field my access! 
Could Also Double As A Swarm Of Bees. 
You may want to make the particles little crosses with a dark, medium and light variance. Similar to this. 
is this a finger in low res? 
I thought someone might see that. No offence intended. It's a sprite from extras_r4 particles. 
Thumb Up! 
Some particles are a bit shattered, but it is getting close to what I intented to. The fine structure gets lost in the copying proces.
I started with four splined vertices, but some of them stick together.
So it is wrenching like a spike in a haystack
New Screenshots Map Adoria 
Some new screenshots of my work in progress.
I would say 1/3 has been done.
There's a story that conects all the id-fps and some easter eggs, related to them and other oldschool games too.
Still there's a lot to do and I'm trying to don't play to much with progs_dump. It's such an amazing tool. Thanks to dumptruck again.
Hope I can make some progress in the near future. Theres a prison level to do and that means a much of logical work.

best wishes. 
Neon Lights 
Those neon lights labelling the control room/quarters are hella cool and you should get as many of them into the level as you can get away with.... 
Pretty epic shots. Looking forward to this bad boy. 
Cool Atmosphere 
I especially like the vibes in the prison screenshot and the preceding screenshot. 
Re Screenshots 
Thanks for the positiv comments.
More neon labells are in work. :) 
Slowly But Steady 
i'm mapping, adding a thousand shortcuts and broken tiles along the way.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2.otpsuxdik

Thats a screeneffect you see in shot 2, by transparency. 
i also uploaded another noclip shot which i wont link now because the weather is just nuts here and idc. 
take your time. looks wonderful and worth the wait 
Looking Great As Always Mfx! 
Looks amazing mfx. Can't wait to play, your maps so far have been some of my favorites of all time. 
Rockwork Looks Great In That First Shot. 
how far along is this approx? 
3-4 Years 
I have several maps In the works, need to figure out how to tie them together.
Episode or just hub style.
We‘ll see. 
2023's gonna be an awesome year for quake! 
Nice System Shock 1 Beds There GunSgtHighway! 
Looks nice, bit dark in some places though. 
My first map, a super short techbase thing. I learned a lot!

trainstation.bsp, used progs_dump which is included. 
Sweet Looking Shots 
congrats on the first release

I'll d/l this tonight and take a spin. 
For a first Quake map it's really beautiful and highly detailed. Most importantly, it's fun. I loved the floor grates etc. Quick little map on the easy side, nice usage of the progs. I believe yours is the first single release using progs_dump.(?) There have been two jams already but this is how I intended the devkit to be used. So thanks for trying it out and congrats on the results!

If you are planning to revise this, my only suggestion is the ammo balance is a bit off. There are sections where I ran out of ammo but I am a pretty terrible player.

Here's a demo that should be compatible with Quakespasm. 
Thanks, I really appreciate seeing how people approach my map. Got another demo on discord and I can see what worked and what didn't. 
Great first release. It's indeed a tad easy, but there were moments I was low on supplies, and after clearing a room I got some breathing space to restock. Good atmosphere and overall theme, although the monsters weren't that varied, but meh - base maps right. You've given me more reasons to finally finish map_1a_final_2b_final_final_forreal.bsp 

Hey, I've been working on this Deathmatch map for a while now and I think it's finally ready for some public feedback. It has reaper bot included so once you move your PAK files to Id1 you should be able to just play from the shortcuts, no friends required. Also Explore has no bots so you can just look around and practice your sick trick jumps.

I also want to thanks to the Trenchbroom community and especially their discord channel for putting up with my questions and just being awesome.

Please let me know what you think, I'm really open to any feedback you have. I'm new to quake mapping so I'm sure there are some embarrassing mistakes for you to find. Let me know and I will fix them as soon as I can. 
Seems you're the first to find out. :)

Can't say if the room is to dark. On my screen the lightbalance looks ok.
On old Monitors I would calibrate my RGB-settings.
Do you have any idea to do this on modern flatscreens? 
Hi all,
Recently got back into mapping for Quake. Last time I did anything like this was probably back in 2000.
I have been working on and off for the last 2 weeks on a Duel / 2on2 / FFA map using only the Metal.wad.

I've always been a fan of DM4 by American McGee and it started out with a lot of inspiration from that.
As things went on, it changed a lot!
I've uploaded the map to Quaketastic and would love some feed back.

Weapon / item placement
Lighting (gamma 1)
Any modifications to the layout to better the flow of the map.

Thank you! 
A Link That Works! 
@ ORuin 
I don't see any fog in your screenshots but if you added it after those were taken it is waaaaay to strong.

Jus' thought I'd let you know.

QS shows density as 0.600000 
I See What Happened. 
From your map:

"fog" "0.600000 0.500000 0.400000"

A single line fog command is formatted as such:

"fog" "Density | Red | Green | Blue" 
DM4 is a good look! I'm sure McGee would approve! 
Fimmy, I forgot that I recorded a first-run demo of your trainstation map. Better late than never?

Demo is here. It's protocol 666 (QuakeSpasm default), Nightmare skill.

I wouldn't normally do a first run on Nightmare, but IIRC the readme made it clear that there wouldn't be a difference between Easy/Normal/Hard, so I figured that if I played Nightmare, I'd at least have the faster monster attacks to keep it challenging.

It was a really nice map! Short and sweet. With the textures and theme, it felt like a good Quake 2 map, but with some modern design sensibilities and attention to detail.

Random points of constructive criticism / feedback:

* The first secret felt rather too easy.

* The medieval knights felt out of place in the high-tech setting.

* The grenade launcher felt like it should have counted as a secret.

But those were minor things and overall this was a very positive play. It felt like it could have been the first map of a Quake 2 style episode, and I would have been happy to play the rest of that episode.

Keep up the good work! 
New Map For QuakeWorld 1v1/2v2: The Catalyst 
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