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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Escape From Quakertraz 
Hey guys, would love some of you peeps to give my map a try. It's the first one I have made but it's getting some good compliments over at the quake speedrunning discord, which i'm a part of. I think you guys might really like it. hopefully lol

Give it a look. There are screen shots in the .zip too so you can get a taste before trying :)

File download: 
I've tried your map-beta.

I like very much all the original details (cameras on ceiling, broken buttons, tools, etc). I laughed at the squared cigarets on a table.

But here are my critics:

1. The start map lacks a nightmare entrance.
2. Many doors of the main map are too crude or doesn't look like doors.
3. The rocky natural parts are too "squared", especially the exterior parts near the end. Need more debris, smaller rocks and cracks or something there.
4. level was too easy, not enough assholes to squash (especially in nightmare mode).

I suggest that you make this an AD level (with some of the new monsters).

Some parts could be breakable... 
Thank you for the feedback Barnak 👍 very helpfull and I'm glad you liked it :)

Is it possible to convert it to an AD map this far down the line? How would I do that? 
Here i have a demo of your map, so you can see how others play it. It is a first time playthrough.

liked it: it has some good looks and lighting, and plenty of ideas added and detail to it. The combats are not tedious or unfair, and the secrets are well done. It is also good to see that you put the effort so the map does not require any special engine or mod.

On the other side, it seems that you put too much attention on adding detail and not on detailing the map itself: Putting more work on making the rooms' general brushwork and composition, combats and layout themselves more detailed and varied would have worked better than adding lots of details to blocky rooms.
- The combat are a bit too straightforward and need some surprise or ambush, or just use the T intersections to throw enemies to the player from both sides.
- Some more variety in scale of the rooms.
- The way to the NG is probably too hard, save for speedrunners. As you set it up to make lots of damage it needs also a green armour or megahealth with the NG, at least on skill 0 and 1, and make the pipe on diagonal a bit bigger.
You need to give also a clue to the player that the slime is so harmful. Maybe a message and use another slime texture.
- Some doors need to be set up so they last longer open or stay open (wait -1 on the editor). For example, on the start map, as the player cannot hear what the door opened from there and the door itself has no message, it is hard to guess it is related to the beginning, even more as that side room resembles the ones on SoA expansion pack start map.
- Some doors are a bit hard to navigate and would need some clip brushes.
-It is too easy, save for the NG part or in skill 0. I would recommend to spice up the encounters or to set them up so the enemies do not aggro till the player is inside the rooms. The number of enemies is ok.
- Make it harder than the rest from the endless pit onwards.

To summarize, i would focus on spicing up the combats, fix some of the doors closing and the NG part, and yo would be ready to release. 
Is this a beta or a released map? You put in here as beta and on Quaddicted as a release. 
I was ready to release it, as I had a couple of testers play it and I made the adjustments they suggested so I thought it was ready to release lol. I'm extremely new at all this so wasn't really sure where I was supposed to post it or what the normal procedure was :/

I couldn't get your demos to play. I tried them on JoeQuake and Quakespasm but it just gives me an error.

In terms of the NG and the acid, were you not using the hazmat suit?

Thank you for all your feedback as well man and taking the time to play the level. I'd really like to watch those demos. 
is it a beta or a release? If it is a release you need to make a news thread (bottom of the page while on the main or news page).

About the error in the demos, could you copy the text here? I recorded them on Quakespasm without anything special so they should work. Were you maybe playing them on AD or any other mod? That could be the reason as i recorded them in id1 (modless), and would also explain why i haven't seen an envirosuit in the map. 
To submit a news thread is on the TOP of the news page and bottom of the forum page. 
I would say it's a release.

in terms of the demos. For Quakespasm it says:

playing demo from efqc.dem (I renamed it)
fitzquake 0.85 server (24778 crc)
escape from quakertraz
using protocol 666
host_error: model maps/efq.bsp not found

for joequake it say:
playing demo from efqc.dem
fitzquake 0.85 server (24778 crc)
server returned version 666. not 15
host_error: cl_parseservermessage: Illegible server message.

I don't know what any of that means lol 
did you record the demo and then later rename the bsp? That would explain Quakespasm's error. 
It is ok to rename the demo file, it will not change a thing.

About Quakespasm, it is what metlslime said: The .bsp file you have has a different name. You probably renamed it for release but the one you were compiling has another filename. Grab the one from the pack you linked here, put it in /id1/maps and try again.

About Joequake, it is saying that it does not recognize the version of the server used for recording the demo, as it is exclusive of Fitzquake-type Quake engines. 
I Shrunk 
a shambler & shambler shrunk my textures.
There Is Any News? 
First Map, Feedback Appreciated
#15806 posted by Poorchop on 2018/08/30 18:11:45
I wasn't able to finish this map and I won't be able to work on it for a really long time, so I'm releasing it as an unfinished beta...

Is this avesome map still beta? 
First Single Player Beta. "Can't Stop Me Now" 
Map Layout Testing 
I have a map blockout that needs testing if anyone is interested.
Requires Arcane Dimensions. Base themed and very combat focused.
Please ignore the fugly build and some rather blunt triggering atm :) 
First Single Player Beta 2. Electric Boogaloo 
Just an update of the beta I posted before.

Comments and critiques welcome. 
Rogue Teleporter Noise At Origin 
Use the "silent" spawnflag (2) on all point-sized trigger_teleport entities! 
Re: Rogue Teleporter Noise At Origin 
HA! It worked! Many thanks negke! 
Tribute To Escher 
While mapping some idiot samples of a distorted Escher map I came to the point to add the TurnWig to the level. Faintly the thing came up with a 3000 vertices model.
After a few days grimming on giving up I found a movearound with *.obj transport that minimized it back to the save zone of 800 verts. Now wait till it starts rolling against the walls. :P 
Cute Guy 
I have an skill 1 demo of your map.

It is a good map, solid and well balanced. The lighting is adequate and the secret i found was well planned.

On the other side, the map is too straightforward, as it is most of the time just staying on the place and shooting at the front. I think it needs some more ambushes or enemies from the side or a different floor, like it is on the two slime areas or at the silver door. For example, the encounter at the silver key would be a lot better if making the room a bit bigger and teleporting the enemies to the sides or at an upper floor, while being careful that the player not just stays at the door shooting. Other way would be to change some more corridors into T sections that end soon and place the enemies there.
Another thing to take into account is that the map can be finished even in skill 2 with only the SG and even leave withan almost full caché of shells. I think you should change some big shell boxes for normal ones, like the one with the NG.
I would also make it so the jumping grunt at the beginning will ot aggro till the player is inside the room. 
First Single Player Beta 3 
Reworked some areas. Added some stuff.

A little more light and monster/ammo tweaking should be about all.

Should be a slight improvement over beta 2 I hope.

Pics of tweaked areas 
Here's a Skill 1 demo with commentary throughout.

Things I liked:

Nice little old school map. I prefer shorter maps so this was great for my tastes. The secrets I found were fun and rewarding. I liked how you wove in some outdoor areas here and there. I'd suggest adding more if you want. i.e in the the silver key area you have an enemy fire in at you from outside. That was cool. The exit room was really nice. High contrast looks great in there. You have some nice multi-stage contraptions (silver key room) - more of those would be awesome.

Some things to consider:

Base maps are kind of hard to nail because they can get "busy" very quickly if you use a bunch of colorful textures. You have some very "vibrant" areas in the map that are almost too much to look at. So for example you have some doors with big yellow light textures surrounding them. Some of those are a bit much for my tastes. But this is a subjective thing. I think overall you have a decent looking base map here.

As far as gameplay. It's an easy map.I am going to go back and play this on hard to see any differences. Many of the enemies are on the same plane as the player. That's too Doom-y for me. There's one area where you have enemies attack from above though. That took me off guard because it was rare in your map. You may want to mix up some of the elevations in the map where possible.

You had some dead end areas and that's okay but I was a bit confused here and there as you'll see in the demo. Also maybe mix it up a bit on your doors. I missed the nail gun area completely. If you had a "see thru" door that showed me the gun was there I would have noticed it. As it stands, you have some doors that are unlocked and some that are "opened elsewhere.

One last thing: those "phat" railings in the central slime room are out of control! I'd re-work those to match some of the better railings in the map. Makes for much better visibility. I didn't notice the hatch until much later for example.

There are some buttons you need to fix the lip and add wait -1 after they are tripped. Little fixes here and there.

Okay, that's enough from me! Good job. Keep mapping and enjoy yourself. 
FSPM Beta 4. 
Some more tweaks ect.

Hopefully should be the last construction build
and will be moving on to monster placement ect ect. 
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