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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Don't be afraid of dark corners.

With spawn hiding in them... 
and Shambler... 
And Willem 
looking at your crotch.

I think the shots look great JPL - I really like the lava. definitely agree about it needing to be darker though - and I have pretty mixed emotions regarding the pillars. 
... I reused same texture set I used in CDA for sequel consistency reasons (hence walls and pillar textures choice)... Now I have to test different lightning settings (without minlight first) in order to see whether it looks better or not... and I'll try to align the pillar textures (I think it is possible with Quark using a tagged face and the "around pillar" function... let's make a try)

And I take notes abour spawn hidden in dark corners... sounds interesting in term of insecurity feeling >D

OK, so thanks a lot for the comments: you rock ! 
#6604 - Classic Quake Trap 
"classname" "item_soap"
"target" "Shambler" 
Sunlight 1 And 2... 
Might help in open areas, but you will have to be more creative indoors ;) 
Your new map, negke?? 
You are demented, you know that?? 
That is the best thing I have ever played. 
Yo Dawg 
Yo Dawg 
I heard you like beta testin' so I put a beta in yo beta so you can test while you test.

Check It 
I would seriously reconsider that green lighting / fog, it overpowers everything else in the map.

I've never played the mod, so no idea if the layout is good or not, sorry! 
i suppose your right, ill get on it :o 
Since It's All Silent Around Here... 
Oh Yes, 
Wait a mo, that one was released already? 
that was rj's map that originally had q3 block10 textures. 
ijed emailed me a while back asking if i'd be up for donating it to the project. i obliged and duly became part of the team :) 4 & 6 are also heavily in progress, maybe 7 too at a later date.. 
Fullbright So You Can See 
Pretty Cool Metch 
put trim around those platforms and put in lots of spotlights? 
Neat. The streched tile texture in the second shot could use improvement - mask the c/p transitions. 
A Small Wip 
Looks Great 
Which engine?

Point of fact, which game?

The green tiles look a bit washed out... personally I'd go for a terracotta or something, to tie in with the other details / lighting.

If you're wanting the red/green contrast maybe a bit more saturation. 
Those are Unreal Tournament textures ... so maybe UT? Looks good though! I've always loved that set. 
havent seen that used in a while.

Needs more saturation though like ijed said. DM or sp? 
It's UT 
It's DM.

Here's another 'wider' view of the area. The area on the immediate left hasn't been touched really so try to ignore that. 
Wow, UT 99? Awesome! Love that set... Definitely break that floor up with some tiling variation or something. 
I Suggest 
trying some of the converted WoT floor textures. 
I've been looking for some tile variation textures so I can do patterns of some kind on the floors. Floor textures seemed to be over looked in past games.

Not sure where to find the WoT textures. Unless it's quake, finding things for older games is tough. 
not sure either. I imagine if you grab a WoT themed UT map though, such as dm-baal, they would be in the unr? 
Beta Testing 
anyone interested? if i could get one or two testers for a q1sp, that'd be great.
email me at the address listed on func. :) 
Slow Progress 
The courtyard/plaza area is getting close to being completed. Still more details to add. 
looks like a good place to be! :) 
That Looks Great 
The Mission Landing soundtrack from UT started playing in my mind when I'd seen these screens..

How goes e2m2 Ricky? :) 
Very Nice. 
Put some tables and chairs out, I'd drink a cold beer there for sure homie. 
I Like That Look 
lighting needs tweaking though 
If your PC does not melt I highly recommend you enable some Anti-Aliasing. 
Wish I Could 
I lost my PC in the divorce but got to keep the old laptop. Anti-aliasing isn't even an option in the ATI control center. :( 
I like those screenshots a lot. Keep it up. And make a quake version from it :) 
RE #6641 
TBH I havent started on it yet, but I have been working on finishing e2m1 since I last committed a version. Its even bigger now :P
Building the last room rly.
I keep thinking of starting on e2m2 but I would have to keep loading different textures into WC and that puts me off. 
Some non-quake stuff if anyone is interested, just to update this thread for the sake of updating it and because I'm bored...

Something for Thief 2, slowly getting there. Exterior is pretty much based off of the manor of Ditton, since I really liked the simplicity of its design, but won't be completely the same either. Still very WIP.
Image 1 | Image 2

Ditton photos;
Ditton 1 | Ditton 2

And just something I've been messing around with in DarkRadiant for The Dark Mod. Again very early, but my focus right now is the Thief 2 project, on and off. Image 
How goes the map? 
still progressing slowly but still going :) my time is so short my friend...


I wish my bosses dont give me so much work, :\ since I have new responsibility and ~more � less time also came :\ 
Pretty Cool Looking Q3 Ctf Map By Noruen 
couple of screenies. I love the terrain work. 
looks badass. id games tend to present a coherent art style that can be expanded upon or reinterpreted, in some cases that style is way too narrow (ahem doom3), but it's nevertheless there. in contrast, epic games seem to have map themes totally up for grabs. that has its own strengths, but it's always a pleasure to see new, unique versions of "id hell" like the above shots. badass terrain indeed. 
What am I missing? These shots don't really look particularly impressive. Admittedly #2 peeks my curiosity, but #1 is just plain bad. 
looks like an interesting mix between medieval and q1met. i'm not a fan of the texture used for the steps, but i always loved the blue/yellow floor tiles. :)
poor jesus seems to be a popular guy in this map. ;)

i don't think rotating the dragon windows 90 degrees is a good idea though, as they are clearly drawn to be oriented vertically.

what could be interesting is if you recolour all 3 of the dragon windows to share the same colours, you could place them all side by side without looking repetitive. the dragon windows look quite cool, imo. well, i also love the sunbusrt/dagger window as well. oh, and the flaming wings/sword one too. ok, i like all the window textures. ^_^; 
Looks Cool 
Can't wait to play it in low-res textures :P 
hehe :) my time these days are really very small :\

But I still mapping be patient!!! :)

Just don�t expect a map like tchak :( don�t have time for so much brushes these days, but I�m still with will to map and is already a good thing!

This map still needs lots of fixes in lights and in some textures was just a warm up.

I didn�t born to map like necros and some guys in here, but I try to make maps fun to be played ;) so don�t expect a brilliant work, but a good effort from me you guys will find!


onetruepurple I forgot to rename the directory of textures. 
Yes, Trinca! Yes! 
I especially like the spotlights and the carved ceilings :) 
Quick Shot 
Lighting isn't done in this area. Just added some torches so I can see. 
mental screenshot...

you walk into a large room, ikblue room with those interlocking blue stone floors.

there's a massive machine in front of you, suspended from the ceiling. a conveyor belt is beneath it. stacks of blue bricks are everywhere.

you watch as a nozzle moves down over the conveyor and pours some blue slime onto the belt. it's a tarbaby!

luckily, you are hidden, so it doesn't react.

the conveyor starts to move with the tarbaby still on it. it moves the monster out of view into another large machine.

a moment later, out pops yet another blue brick that falls down amidst the piles.

Eat less cheese before you sleep... 
BTW, necros, I love this compiler UI you wrote. I use it all the time! 
give link =) 
I think it was that level efficieny thread or whatever it was ... something about "how do you map?" iirc? I forget.

But yeah, looked promising, wish it got finished. 

instructions on how to set it up with the link on the bottom. (setup takes maybe a couple of minutes but after that the settings are saved in a config.ini file) 
Sounds well cool :D 
"max leafs visible: 666 near (208 304 -384)"

Nice :) 
Must warn you though - I bought some stuff from the grocery store the other day and the reciept was for �6.66p. Unbenownst to me at the time I did infact at that very moment drop my wallet and spent 24 hours wondering where it was (only to retrieve it from the store the next day). 
And It's Mine.., Mine.., And Only 
hhehe n9ice pic! 
Started Something

Granted it's not even a wall and a whole ceiling, but first map I've started outside of work in years. 
...bricks on beams.

Other than that, cool, welcome back. 
:( is not Quake :|

delete and start a Q1 map! 
Its got that ProdigyXL style already =) 
... shot, indeed ;) 
a wall and ceiling surrounded by blackness. truly an awe inspiring map. 
well, it's a nice section of wall that could eventually be really cool. but yeah, needs more before i can really comment on anything. 
A Night And A Day

can you guess the inspiration for this?

hint: its an album cover 
What's great about mapping is that it always works best when one should be doing more important things. 
architecturally. Not so certain, texturally. Better make it nice and dark but with good, glowy lava :-) 
Terrible lighting, makes it hard to see any structure in that mess!

Rusted metal with metal/concrete (I never thought of those as metal to be honest) on the other face looks weird to me. 
you and your amazing off-axis mappery! i always shy away from that because it makes creating brushwork many times harder, but the results are always amazing. 
From now on all my maps are going to be fullbright. This way at least I don't have to worry about Spirit posting black screenshots!

Off-axis brushwork isn't so difficult to do - well, at 45� anyway. Though I must admit Gtkr's brush validation can make fixing the brushes a real pain in the ass. And for complex constructions, like spirals or rocks (basically anything trisoup), I might just switch back to Quest. :P 
My Motto 
"I am the wizmet king, I can map anything." - The Func_Doors 
LOLLLLL This Complain Is Mine... 
"This way at least I don't have to worry about Spirit posting black screenshots!"

Not Sold 
on the texturing, but I will take that brushwork. 
Ijed and Negke are you guys up for some beta? 
L4D2 Shots... 
I've been tinkering with L4D2 mapping for about a week now and I think I've got a good grip on Hammer now. I'm working on a small survival level to get my feet wet and while I don't think this will actually reach a complete state, it's been great fun working on it. The idea here is that the battleground is an old bus terminal (which itself was converted from an old barn). It's got a restaurant upstairs, places to wait for buses, and the usual amenities. Not sure what to do with the parking lot area yet - I was thinking of turning it into a military stand off type thing. Lots of bodies, gore, etc.

This level is a VIS terror, I know. That's why I don't think it'll actually become a real release - but it's fun to tinker with! 
There are a lot of things you can do to cut down on Vis time, such as func_details and hint brushes and whatnot. There's a lot of things you can do to optimize and give Vis a nudge in the right direction. 
Yeah, I know, I've just not really paid attention for this map. It's my learning phase, you know. I think VIS won't be the problem but it might be chuggy to play since the building is full of holes... 
It's Nice To See That Those Chairs Are Being Well Kept 
can't say much for that bathroom though 
Haha, well, the idea was that I was going to build the place basically in the state that they would have left it - and then fuck it up some to represent the zombie situation.

It's not working out that way as I'm doing bits of destruction here and there as the whim hits me. The bathroom was the first casualty. 
Bathroom Looks Good 
the rest is a bit plain. 
Trinca: If it doesn't include DBSing through hundreds of hell knights, sent it over.

Willem: Who would convert a barn into a bus terminal?! A road diner would make more sense. I agree it needs more chaos - toppled tables and chairs, menus and napkins on the ground etc. The graffiti seems out of place, the toilet a little too worn down. 
Work in progress! :) The place will be zombified, no worries. 
One Other Thing 
the outside roof design looks strange in the 2nd shot. Not quite sure why but it looks out of place for the setting you describe. 
negke on hard just have 100 :\ so... :) 
Working on getting a feel for L4D2 levels and how buildings should be structured. First attempt: 
Looking good so far, quite believable structures. Looking forward to whatever you come up with. 
Amazingly enough, I could see orange as a very believable choice for a strong jazz club. Structure's looking good too, though I imagine the top level could use a few more windows (or skylights). 
That looks like a really solid building. Wish I bothered to spend time playing around with cool shapes like that. Good show old chap. 
Some Progress 
Good Effort! 
First thing I wondered was, why the pillar stands so close to the wall, as for carrying weight it should have some distance.
But that's just seeking needles in a haystack.
Most of all that gun in the second pix reminded me of my frustration in the original game (/) I could only use it once.
Tiles versus rock very good done. Keep it up! 
re 6699: i thought that was the actual texture for the jazz club until i looked closer and noticed they were dev textures. :P like vigil said, it actually wouldn't be a bad colour to go with. you know, faded and busted up a bit, but still. :)

re 6703: been looking forward to this map for a while now. bricks and tile detail is good, lighting is maybe a little flat from sunlight, but there are some nice shadows and contrast now. 
cool shapes.

jpl, why last map? 2nd pic looks nice. 
Last = Latest 
.. don't worry ;) 
That looks great, JPL. 
that's a Malice gun, isn't it? 
Plasma gun ;) 
Did Quoth Invent The Plasmagun? 
I thought I saw it somewhere before that release.
(explaining my wondering I lost it after the cells were gone) 
the quoth model and sounds are original. of course, there have been dozens of 'plasma rifles' going back to doom's rapid-fire gun which i'm sure everyone is familiar with.

the gun is supposed to be similar to quake3's plasma rifle what with it's rapid fire, medium damage and small explosion radius but more in-line visually and audibly with the 'phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range' from the original Terminator. 
Willem I like that building outside, the curves look good, need to see more of that style, i.e. cool structures rather than just relying on textures/details.

JPL, looks good, Madfox has a good point tho... 
8 Bit Demo 
Not a map, but a way to demo maps online.

Will go out of my way for a rotfish, now, something about the sound. 
pretty cool... and you have transparent water too!

Is this a package that's easy to put together (given map x and demo y?)

Is there a way to set a smaller resolution (so you could embed it in a webpage the way youtube videos can be, rather than fullscreen? 
you wouldn't even have to download demos anymore, you could just watch them right in a release thread o.o 
It's not too hard, especially after setting it up the first time.

A wad is made with the map, demo, and data.
An IDE called FlashDevelop combines this with the engine, which has been precompiled to Flash.

The view window can be any size and imbedded in a web page.

The engine is an enhanced WinQuake based on the Makaqu engine and ported to Flash. Can play some big maps but not quite up to Marcher yet. 
You wouldn't even have to play the maps anymore, you could just watch them right in a release thread o.o 
Bloody Hell 
thats pretty cool!! 
Spirit adds demo upload to quaddicted (or integrates with willem's upload site), and adds a way to embed flash for any map.

So basically youtube for quakedemos, you'd upload the demo and would get back an embed link.

in a month or two I even might volunteer for some coding. 
QuakeTube would be very cool.

Of course it also requires the bsp (and/or the required mod) to also be included in the map.

But if those are already hosted on the server, the user only needs to upload the demo still. 
Maybe this is already solved, but there probably needs to be a way for the embedded flash to pass its width and height into the software renderer so quake's video launches with the correct dimensions (so you don't get pixel scaling.) For small embeds (say 320x240) this would be much better than scaling down an 800x600 render, which would be both slower and not look as good. 
As it stands, video resolution can be modified, but it's baked into the Flash engine code. The web design and code would need to match to avoid pixel scaling.

To clarify, this Flash demo is a self-contained swf file with all needed data- pak, bsp, dem, progs.dat, etc. Nothing is 'streamed' from the server. 
So what i was wondering is if there's a way for the flash applet to pass height and width into the engine at runtime (perhaps when the flash initializes it needs to write out a vid_mode into a config file before the engine reads it?) Otherwise i guess you would need to pick a size at the time you are uploading the demo.

And the idea was that the user uploads a demo and the server generates a flash file (which would include the bsp and mod pakfiles if needed) but the user doesn't need to provide them if the server has them already (like quaddicted does.) 
While Being A Nice Techdemo 
Sorry, but it's useless in practice. We had this discussion when the first Flash Quake came out.

It starts with no legal way to do it unless you use fugly FOSS art. And it ends with a shitload of data being downloaded each and every time (maybe some HTML5 stuff could work around that).

Last but not least Flash is cancer and needs to die.

You can simply create things like if you want an easy way to start demos. Or have an engine that can handle random files tossed at it. 
has the advantage that everybody can see it. I can show demos of great quake maps to my father, or my friends. Maybe we'd get more people into quake again ;-)

Legal problem: hm, I'm not into the q1 stuff, but I'm not sure it even is very different from distributing custom maps, so long as we don't allow demos on stock maps. Of course we need the models. Anyway, couldn't we ask ID if distributing the textures and models to play demos on single maps is a problem? There's not a lot of difference to a movie. 
an alternative is to simply generate an actual video and upload it to youtube. If we can magically generate flash applets surely we can magically generate a video. 
yeah, cant demos be made to output in avi or some other format? 
Extremely fast and easy (once jdhack finally releases his engine). 
Use videos. 
Quake demos in youtube will be awesome! 
QDQ Guys Aready Put Their Demos On 
Videos Have Drawbacks 
who has the bandwidth and processing power? 
Your problem applies to flash quake solutions more than it does to video, really. 
Videos are better for the environment. Encoded once and then people can play them with very low cpu/gpu stress. I am only partly joking. Everyone has the bandwidth. 
You need a server that generates the video (lots of cpu and disk), encodes it, then uploads to youtube (lots of upload).

Or is the "huge file once" thing not that much of a problem? if a 30min demo recording is 500+mb (is that even acceptable quality?), then you could serve about 50-100 flash thingies for that.

also, does youtube have an API? 
You can simply create things like if you want an easy way to start demos.

i got four words into that article. 
Scroll down to the comments where metlslime shared a Windows version of that idea. 
Not Using Videos 
Is a fail. 
I recorded a demo runthrough of one of my maps, used darkplaces to turn it into a video, and uploaded the ogg theora file straight to youtube. Quality was pretty good.

Don't see the problem, really. 
The Raw Swf... smaller file size. Self-contained.

It's not getting data from a server etc. Not a 'streaming demo player', not playable as a game, just linear playback of a specific prepackaged demo. Similar to video, resolution is pre-determined and it can't be resized w/o pixel scaling. Although versions at different resolutions can be created in advance.

This isn't a replacement for videos, just another option with pros and cons. 
I think you misunderstand -- we're describing an imaginary web app that can accept demo uploads from a user and package that demo, plus quake pak files, plus the bsp and perhaps a mod, into a unique swf file. All data except for the demo could live on the server already, and the web app could do the packaging.

The result is the same (a custom swf that plays one demo) but the difference is a web app automates most of the process. 
nice work on getting the size so small -- did you edit the pakfiles to include only the minimum files needed? Or is it just compressed? 
Web App 
Now I get it! The server could assemble the minimum files needed from a large resource. That is what I did manually to get the file smaller. (Plus they all get zipped.) An automatic system could do even better. 
Client -> Server Keepalive

smaller this time. 1600x1200 is probably excessive. 
Allways Have A Shotgun Handy 
when reading ancient lore. 
so clean man, looks rad! 
Broke Up Some Floors 
Shot 1 looks better, but a) pillars standing on a grille look very unbelievable and b) you need to frame that hole in the ground on the right of the shot using some sort of trim, otherwise it looks odd I think. Best thing would be to add the trim to the floor texture that is being cut off diagonally.

Other than that, it definitely looks better than before, breaking floors and ceilings is a very important part of making a map look less bland. It can also help to use different floor patterns / textures in different areas of the map. These can be used as clues so that the player can learn the map more quickly. 
Shot 3 
Has got a Predator in it.

"I seeee youuu" 
i think sleepwalkr pretty much said it all. nice looking map and breaking up the floor with different textures is a great idea, but the pipes and grill interfaces aren't very believable. 
Oh Well 
as far as I can see.
towards which down
under I'll agree. 
How about adding some of the Quake Arcade Tournament (timfixed.wad) textures for a little variety? 
hhhmmmm looks really nice.. a bit dark though... 
Feels very e4m4... 
how you're make that arch rotated at 45 degrees

with 90-180 degrees arch i have no problem, but with 45 its always pain in the ass 
btw , negke the screenies look very kewl, cant wait to grab the (finished) map 
In Radiant I would just make a special 45 degree arch using the clipping plane tool, because then it fits all nice and comfy. It won't be exactly as the other arches, but most people won't notice/care. 
ooo, scaled textures. 
timfixed.wad: Hey, there are some nice texture variations in there. But the few medieval ones that would fit thematically don't convince me. I do use that stock red face-trim, though.

The map is supposed to be dark (the screenshot is probably somewhat Spirited). Theme-wise, it's nowhere as epic as e4m4, I'm afraid.

spy: Zwiffle's approach might work. Then again, I could imagine this might as well lead to misaligned brushes.
I usually create a regular arch and rotate it, then snap it to the grid and realign the vertices in 2d mode so the lines are all perfectly diagonal on the grid. It IS a pain in the ass, especially with Radiant, but the result is rewarding. 
Thanks Guys 
i'd hoped there is some easy way to make such arch 
tbh I'd say Zwiffle's way is less likely to cause errors, but it requires being able to 3 point clip accurately (not that difficult tbh) 
Nice map btw, liking the prevalance of 45 degree angles 
45-degree Arches 
You should be able to just build regular arches out of six-sided brushes (where the top view of each brush looks like a box, and the side view shows that the bottom of each box is slanted appropriately) and then skew them in radiant to get it onto a 45-degree angle.

If you use spog/czg style 12-sided cylinder dimensions, you should be able to keep things on a large grid value even rotated. 
how do you use the third clip point then? 
i never use 3-point clipping as it's too awkward to use (always appears at the 0 on the hidden axis, instead of somewhere on the surface of the brush.)

I primarily use edge draging and skewing to make most shapes. Occasionally vertex dragging, but that is only really useful on certain shapes (like wedges and spikes.) 
This isn't actually a map, but it's in Unreal, and it's the closest thing I've done to mapping outside work in a looonng time.
All very much work in progress of course, no texture work yet (just normal and ambient occlusion maps). 
3 Point Clipping 
the three points define a plane that clips :o

basically, the first two set up an axis and the third generates the plane through it 
not sure if you're responding to negke or me, but i know what 3 point clipping is, i just don't use it because the UI is cumbersome (have to either drag all three points hundreds of units until they are on the brush, or move the brush to the world origin before clipping and then back to the proper location.) 
More Messing Around

yes, still no lighting
yes, I am slow 
megaman: I've had it with these motherfucking clips on this motherfucking plane! :P
Bal: Omg!
Jago: What's with that ramp/stairs thing - bricks?
Friction: Isn't it time for your annual posting of the same three D3 shots? 

NICE work. Very Shadow Complex mixed with Half-Life feel going on there. 
texture it please, you know it already looks great. 
Unreal Bal 
Makes me feel as if I'm in the Mystery of the Sith's fallen spacecraft. 
Oms2 Shots 
As promised, here are a few screenshots of my upcoming map. The map itself is finished, unfortunately it exceeds quite a few of Quake's raised limits. (marksurfaces, nodes) and needs more time for optimizing and pruning, as well as beta testing.

So here are a few shots that should tease your taste buds, and what to expect. 
that looks really different!
shot2 has great use of trim to highlight the structures and shot4 is impressive with it's melding of organic and inorganic.
the lighting is kind of bland though. not much contrast and very few shadows. with all the freestanding architecture, there should be some really dramatic shadows. 
I am not so sure about those flame textures though. Looks promising!!! 
Flame Textures 
it'll really depend on what it looks like animated i guess. 
Looks really nice, Orl. Please don't make it ridiculously hard. 
What others said: really nice ! Can't wait to play it... 
Nice Shots Orl... 
Also they give me an idea: Someone should make an "ikred" map... to go with the ikblue and ikwhite maps already out there. 
Nice one, cool shapes. The orange bricks fit well, too. I agree you might want to change the latern texture (why not use a flame mdl). Animated lavafall? 
Orl look's awesome :)

Hope release is soon, need to kick some ass on these babys! 
That looks really cool. Love the terrain design, the broken architecture, the curves, lanterns and most of the texturing. Not sure about the blue stuff.

One thing - the trim!! Make sure it looks like actual trim that goes down a bit onto the wall, not just like something painted on the top surface.

Also nice to see well lit, clearly visible shots :). 
This looks very good. 
Thanks For All The Positive Comments Guys :) 
gb: Difficulty levels will be supported, so it won't be ridiculously hard.

negke: I would use the regular flame model, but apparently I've already used too many of them (too many efrags) so I made the flame texture as a substitute. I'll try to make it more appealing though. And yes, the lava falls and waterfalls are animated. :)

Shambler: Blue stuff? What blue stuff? 
looks nice but please tell me that is fullbright lighting.

Also, is that a monster to vis, line of sight seems to be unbroken in those shots.

Architecture looks smashing though. 
But if the map exceeds various other limits, requires an enhanced engine anyway, which would take care of the efrags things, wouldn't it? Or do you think it's still possible to tweak it to fit into the standard protocol?
Depending on how many lamps there are and how many free edicts you still have, it probably could be done with info_notnull flames (=dynamic entities). Or a proper lantern texture - illuminated glas. One of the stock yellow-tinted window textures, for instance. 
Blue Stuff. 
The metal trim in the first shot. I take it back, it's not that bad. 
looks great, I like the flame texture, it's different but looks fine in the shots. Architecture looks great, a nice twist (uneven/broken/custom textures) on a Quakey theme. Looking forward to playing it. 
nitin: Lighting looks different in any map with a different engine, as well as what your gamma level is set to. I took those screenshots in glquake, and when they came out they were very dark so I manually brightened them. Chances are the lighting will look different with your setup, possibly darker.

Also, is that a monster to vis, line of sight seems to be unbroken in those shots.

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand.

negke: Believe it or not, the map currently exceeds some of Quake's enhanced limits (clipnodes are sitting at 64k, marksurfaces at 70k, nodes at 35k etc) and efrags are currently above 2048, which is enhanced glquake's limit. There is no chance that this map will fit onto Quake's standard limits.

As for the lantern texture, I'll try to make it look a bit more respectable, but I can't guarantee :) 
If that's the case, then using the hack for displaying flame models would work out fine. It would take two entities for each lantern if you want every single one of them to emit that fire sound, too.

Lantern texture: To specify what I meant earlier - e.g. the yellow region in window02_1, or a modified version of window1_3 (or 1_4?), or possibly something like +0light01. At least those would be textures readily available without additional effort required. 
Looks Good 
I like the rocks a lot.

Shame about the flame models - what engine are you running it in? 
negke: I had a look through the teaching progs dat new tricks thread, but I couldn't find the specific hack you are mentioning. Could you point me in the right direction, or re-post it?

ijed: enhanced glquake is what I was using. 
i think what negke was thinking of was the trick to get around the static entities limit. however, you mentioned efrags which is something else.

from aguirre's site:
"Too many efrags!"
This console warning is normally caused by having entities (typically torches) too close to or
even partly inside solid walls. Another possibility is too many (or too far apart) brushes that
are included in one brush entity. EFrags means Entity Fragments. Enhanced Win/GLQuake has higher

as you can see, the efrags problem is not directly related to the # of torches. check your func_ bmodels maybe. 
Other Possibility 
So it can probably be fixed by making the lantern cages into func_illusionary... 
How could making the laterns into func_illusionary help the efrags problem? I'm still not 100 percent certain what causes efrags in the first place. 
well, according to aguirre, it seems to me as though it has something to do with a bmodel being in more than one 'vis zone'. i don't fully understand all the bsp stuff, but when you vis a map, each volume separate 'area' which has faces assigned to it (ie: it can be visible or not such that it will or will not display faces attached to it) would be like a 'vis zone' and entities that have a bounding box (anything that has a visible model and isn't explicitly set to be a point entity via setsize() in qc can touch more than one of these zones. this means that the entity has to be attached to more than one zone and in a visually complex area that has been split up many times by vis, that entity could potentially be attached to quite a lot of these zones. these are entity fragments (efrags).
now if you have a big bmodel (say like a really tall elevator), it could be attached tons of zones and if you had more than one of these elevators (or equally larged doors, trains, etc) you can see that it may run over the limits.

but i'm honestly not even sure what i said above is right. :S bsp and vis are not transparent subjects. :P 
But I suspect that those small cages are causing complicated leafs. Efrags is related to 'solid walls' - that doesn't mean walls, just anything that's a world brush.

This is just an idea, but maybe the flame models were causing the bug because they were too close to fiddly world brushes. If they become entities then there's no more problem since they no longer define the vis tree but are commanded by it.

In other words, they become visible or not as vis says so, instead of causing the vis to be more complex.

On the other hand, necros could well be right... although I'm not so sure for two reasons. Firstly, you've already identified the lanterns as being the problem, for some reason. The second reason I'm just pulling out of the air and half-remembered conversations, but typically when you've got a large bmodel that's producing the efrags bug it's also subject to entity flicker (becomes visible/not) because it's residing in multiple leafs.

The lanterns are small... so I doubt that's the case. But I could be wrong. Those bars though are already producing multiple additional leafs though - the viz zones Necros mentions.

Either way, small brushwork tends to produce these types of problems and bump your compile time. It's a habit but I tend to avoid using such and go for alternatives. With a hack you could put the Nehahra lantern model in there instead. Not sure which hack though. 
In Fact 
Open the map up in Fitz or Quakespasm and use the command called r_showtris 1 (I think that's what its called) which will show you exactly what viz is allowing to be drawn.

If the lantern cages are creating the efrags problem then you'll see wierd effects there in comparison to the rest of the map.

Won't be easy to see though since they're small.

En fin. My advice, so you don't have to do too much work or a visual change, is to group the bars of each lantern into singular func_walls - func_illusionaries being slightly cheaper.

If it doesn't work at least it's a simple change to test, and should speed up compile anyway. 
Which flame entities did you try it with - yellow or white? I can't imagine small_yellow to cause problems if the inside of the lantern cages are at least 20-24 units high. 
My L4D2 Bus Depot Of Death Lurches Ahead... 
So much work! It's getting close though. I have to fix the lighting on some of the meshes, especially in the third shot, but I'll lump that into my upcoming mega-epic clipping brush pass. 
L4D city environments always remind me of Tony Hawk games. I wanna ollie on that pavement.

It's only missing the bums and destroyable fire hydrants.

Looks good of course. 
Lookin really good, can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. It's scavenge right? Or are you going to turn it into a campaign or some such? 
Survival. I don't have anywhere near the time necessary to do a campaign. :) 
That Looks Great! 
... does it mean your q1sp is cancelled or just delayed? 
"does it mean your q1sp is cancelled"

To be honest ... yeah, probably. I just can't work up the energy to work in Quake these days. It's too limiting and I find that I'm just plain tired of the monsters. Maybe I'll get that spark back some day in the future... 
oh well, good luck making bus stops! 
Nice shots - your rockwork has never looked better :)
Also the lava falls are really cool looking. And the whole map looks very organic - like it is falling apart. I'm only gonna say that perhaps the lighting looks a little bright. It would be very atmospheric if it was a little bit moodier and darker, with some dark shadows for monsters to lurk inside :)

Also cool shots :) I would like to see more of a distinct theme, like a specific location. Although I understand that you are finding your feet with the L4D style. And I also kinda understand that "generic suburbia/city streets" IS L4D style, so, er....... I dunno. Just seems very well built, but a bit samey. 
Oh Yeah 
orl, I really like the looks of those shots and am looking forward to messing around with those textures myself. I love it when people expand on quakey themes like you seem to be doing! 
I Agree With Ricky About Willem. 
Looks okay but I would prefer more visual hooks. I liked that untextured building shown before. I think with all the props and detailing and effects and shit, the importance of impressive structures can be lost these days... 
quake does more with less. 
I Like The Last Shot 
looks cool 
the city street shot looks really nice. i like the variations of roof heights as it makes it look like more than just a sky brush on top. 
i like the variations of roof heights as it makes it look like more than just a sky brush on top.

i agree, however i cannot say the same about the rock-tops in shot 3.. they seem a bit uniform. otherwise very nice though 
Slowly but surely you are becoming an 'on grid' kind of guy ;)

Nice shots! 
Av� Ceazar 
Thanks for you're answer!

@nintin - crunching my first terrainmap. It was a big chunk of Quakers outmeal, before I had the hom undom.

@necros - I would like to make them deeper in the horizon to enhance the feeling of depht.
But this map is so large I can't do anything more or I hit warnings.
32719 clipnodes.

@rj - strange, I added mdl-rocks to break up the uniform structure. Someone else complainted about the severence of uniform appearance.

@generic - I'm playing my wits to get it done! 
Looks Great 
Are those hand rails .mdl? Personally I'd remove the blue dots and just leave them black all over - the blue dot looks stretched.

The rocky areas could do with some green stuff - especially in the last shot there's green in the skybox whilst the terrain the player will be exploring is uniform brown. .mdl trees, moss, plants or bushes? Doesn't need to be much, would just be a nice tonal offset. 
Go Ahead 
and play it, see for yourself in the newspost.
My greatest concern was to get the texture of the endboss in the same value as the brushtes.

But as models are lighted different then plain brush texture I gave up. More from the point of vieuw that every engine has its own light specs. GlQuake suits more, Fitzquake less.
Telejanos blackens out, etc. 
i would say you succeeded, actually. i didn't notice anything until the thing started moving. :) 
when you know it is different. It gave me headaches to cover up the texture.

First I thought it would be just making a screenshot of the brushside, and take the same part on the model.
Then the shape of the texture wouldn't fit, the seize started to get smaller, and finally I ended up with a mirrored texture.

Strange that the colour of texture makes that difference on models or brushes. 
I even have it downloaded, on a handful of different machines... look forward to fragging Granito again. 
It looked great in DirectQ, my favorite engine of late. 
Titan Map 
Space colony with lots of spaceships and International SpaceStation (PlayStation) would make good senarios with that backdrop. 
Looks Goos. 
The ship is the level? 
Textures!! The front ones don't match the side ones at all!! 
It Looks Like Lego. 
Me Likes... 
The front texture does match, just customize it so the flat gray beams line up at ships edges. Then wrap the ships side dark gray texture bit about 32 units onto the front (add it onto the customization for the front texture). For the roof, continue the side angle higher to area the grunt is in. Then level off.

For the landing pads, use 4 steel girders like in jets maybe (with angled support struts). If you make it move it could dock onto something and latch at side door. It's a good start for ideas and looks good. 
I Think 
it's marvelous! 
Titan More Screens
This shot shows the cargo pod thing. The idea is a space tugboat.
Shot looking out at the space port.
Inside the port looking out 
The third shot reminds me of the scene at the start of Aliens where Ripley dreams a chestburster coming out of her. Nice Work!! 
that looks pretty cool. please tell me those cargo containers move?? pretty please? ^_^;
i really functional space station maps. one of my favourites was the first map in the second episode of duke 3d. i loved that the station was under attack by that one ship that was flying around. what great ambience. 
that it lovely looking stuff. how near completion is it? 
Titan Map/Duke3d 
Necros of course the containers move.

Been playing Eduke32.
"Come get some":) If you have never played Duke3d or never played on a modern engine give it a go. You need a copy of DUKE3D.GRP

The Titan map is close. I would say 90 percent of the brush work, models and sounds are done. It's in about 5 pieces now. I need to finish up a connecting section then hope it doesn't crap out when combined on compile. It should break many of the OE Quake engine limits but that's what fitzquake085 is for.
I hope to have up for beta testing soon. 
I Presume. 
That 10% includes sorting those textures out? The map style looks very cool but stuff like that makes it look like a block of brushes rather than a spaceship... 
Still Mapping! 
Yet another bunch of pictures from the basemap I'm working on! 
Looks Good Hrim. 
Looking forward to it. 
i like the ikbase textures and you seem to be doing a great job with them. :) 
i think i just came. 
Yet another Quake jewel in the pipe I would say... shots looks really good, and map looks to be quite huge: keep it up !! 
Looks Like My Kind Of Map! 
Really man - very impressive, size and style. Looks to be well on its way too. Looking forwards to this one :) 
That looks rather huge, with transparant glass!
Monster of a map, how can you reach that polycount. 
Madfox And Others! 
Yes it's a huge map.
I'm over the max for clipnodes and marksurfaces but then again I haven't done anything yet to optimize the map!
So after I've done the last two corridors I will give the whole map an overhaul but I can't be sure it will run in anything other than a enhanced engine.
Time will tell! 
Can't Wait To Play It Hrim! 
I'm sure it'll be a blast - hope it's hard as hell! 
Firecult... Continued 
Hay guys... it's been about a year and a half, and I just started working on this again. I've had some IRL stuff that kept me away from mapping for awhile, but am back at it with this series. The former link is to a site that no longer exists...

Here are screenshots for the work I've done on those maps in the last few weeks. I've decided to keep with the series, but release it as a mini-mod complete with new monsters, new menu art, particles, etc. and a progs.dat. No more betas will be made for awhile. I've got some groovy new ideas for this. Cheers. 
PLEASE let me know if you need a tester

I'm into quake again, hahaha. 
When the time comes I'll let you know!
Going away for the next two weeks so no mapping. 
Good Stuff 
MechTech - that looks great. A bit shiny, but its definately an underexplored style, even if most maps in that style have been great.

Hrimfaxi - Great! Kudos on expanding into different themes as well.

enki - Sorry, have something to do just now, will check later. 
Very Early Shots 
Sorry, no lighting. I intend for this to be a pretty small map, should take 5-10 minutes to complete, so the layout is maybe half done? Depends on how much progress I can make.
The idea being smaller map = more likely to get done. 
shot1: the top horizontal metal brace looks awkward where it meets the vertical metal braces.
try pushing the horizontal piece up 32 units and putting a blank metal square texture in the gap (similar to how the cross lights are for the lower connection). 
what necros says about braces.
also, all crosses must be inverted. point lights will make it shine. looks promising. 
Zwiffle Means Business 
Half done already?
Careful with the hellknights this time! 
Shot 3 
Can the water be changed to lava? Something about them being so close together bothers me.

Can't wait! 
If it gets changed to lava then you would probably die trying to swim through it :( 
red water? 
Blue Lava? 
Hot Boiling Water ? 
Or Frozen Lava ? 
Come On Guys 
It's clearly Jell-o. 
Zwiffle Maps Like A Ninja! 
Naturally I can't let that go unchallenged.

Problem is, he's the layout master while I'm just a detail whore - which is a disadvantage at this stage. 
metal turtles maps to 25 December? 
The Alice stuff doesn't look like it is meshing greatly but, in the word of Tim Gunn, "Make it work."

BTW, if Zwiffle is the layout guy and Negke is the detail guy, then those guys should team up ;) 
fuck, all i have is box rooms. :P 
Oh Wait 
interesting zwiffle,
or is he a map?
can't wait to play zwiffle.

he won't play my map,
or is he a view mapper? 
It Is Getting Dark In Quakeland 
cementy brick textures... very nice. :) 
Ankh, the word is massive!!! 
So yeh. That stuff enki posted looks really, really nice. Good DKT texture usage (or is that Rune?)

And yeh, zwiff made something, big whoop (altho the metal turtle by december idea has merit... wanders off thinking). 
Problem is, he's the layout master while I'm just a detail whore

just struck me it would be interesting to see how people rate themselves regarding strength in, let's say: brushwork(macro), brushwork(detailing), brushwork(terrain), monster gameplay, layout gameplay, lighting, vis efficiency... maybe others, i dunno.

or maybe just do it as a poll and see what the general trend is... 
metal turtles maps to 25 December?

i don't like this. release them as individual maps with their own identity - not bundled as a pack with a silly label 
Vondur would say invert the crosses.

nntt: Yeah, I know. :( Also, it'd be cool if it got people making and releasing maps.

necros: Probably average across all fields, or thereabouts.

xen: Same as nntt. 
How dare you fob off both xen and me with the same answer. Especially when to took opposite views of the metal turtle idea (does anyone else get images of people being burned on giant metal turtles? Just me? (see Small Gods)).

That kind of laziness is exactly why you never release a map. And why my mother stopped loving you. 
Loving that! Reminds me of dranzdm6 actually :)

inb4 Vondur "make the crosses inverted" :) 
My intention was to get Zwif's attention - tried it this way because he's always so aloof and not easy to approach and I'm too scared to talk to him directly. But rj's got a point, too.

necros: I wish my imagination was more geared towards the bigger picture, interconnected stuff, not single rooms. Though I didn't have a clear idea apart from a few bits, just started placing brushes to see where it goes from there. 
good progress with crosses, but with jesus you got carried away, zwiffle. i advise you to invert him.
zmm06 - there's that conical (triangular) square brush - not good. 
turtle event to 25 dec or not? 
just go map whenever 
A Christmas map pack would be awesome to have, but I'm just gonna work on this map for the time being. If people want to organize their releases around the same time though ... 
Why not? Yeh, metal turtle for 25th dec. Will be a nice christmas present (and gives a reason to map) 
does anyone else get images of people being burned on giant metal turtles? Just me?

if anyone wanted to contribute to a christmas map pack with this specific theme, i wouldn't object to it.

PS. stop posting anonymously!

PPS. xen schmen 
And Erm.. 
isn't 3 months & 18 days a little long to be considered a turtle map anyway?

people used to grind out episodes in that kind of timeframe 
PS. stop posting anonymously!

Glad you said it. I figured I'd just seem my usual grouchy self if I complained about it.

PPS. xen's men? 
people used to grind out episodes in that kind of timeframe

We're old and lazy and have jobs. And SC2 in some cases. 
They're Chained Up In The Basement. 
Er That Was IRT #6887 
We're old and lazy and have jobs. And SC2 in some cases.

well yes. but my point was i just didn't really see the point in dressing up any map with a deadline as a 'turtle map', which is really a term for a speedmap refined over several sessions. surely it's just a 'map'...

(not that i'll lose any sleep over it) 
Metal Episode 
It'd be really swell if we could make this an actual episode ... but I'm afraid coordinating might be just a bit too problematic for most people, even if it just involves 'your map exits to this map, expect players to have these weapons' kind of thing. 
Metal Episode 
It'd be really swell if we could make this an actual episode ... but I'm afraid coordinating might be just a bit too problematic for most people, even if it just involves 'your map exits to this map, expect players to have these weapons' kind of thing. 
Sorry For Dbl Post 
Remove weapons hack at the beginning of each map?

Altho I don't see that much difficulty in co-ordinating some kind of progression without it. Apart from anything else different people have different skills at Quake and so naturally make harder or easier maps. That seems to lend itself to progression (discussion about more widely seperating the skill levels and not just building for a hardcore constant horde player aside).

And I don't really care what you call it tbh, I just like the phrase 'metal turtle'. 
Do you want e3m7rq?

Inverting the crosses looks wrong unless you modify the texture so the shadows from the rivets are below.

For me, I'd add some red metal structures (with corpses attached) for the water area.

Mapping is fun. Don't make it an inverted cross to bear.

To answer Neros' question:

Brushwork, Macro: 6
Brushwork, detail: 2
Brushwork, Terrain: 4
Monster Gameplay: 7
Layout Gameplay: 4
Lighting: 1
Vis Effieciency: 5

That's just off released maps, nothing I'm working on. 
My Typos Increase With Whisky 
Knew there had to be something. 
Inverting the crosses looks wrong unless you modify the texture so the shadows from the rivets are below.


also, i find inverting the long cross lights makes them look unbalanced. maybe if you added a second cross so that the texture was vertically symmetrical... 
Or Maybe 
make the whole map seem upside down. 
Cool. Keep at it guys. 
Will Look Better With Lights 
Maybe add some angles/slopes for detail. 
I started something and it might be finish in 25 December!

Will Zwiffle and negke try to release in that date or nothing will happened? 
Shot 3 
How about breaking up that big, bland back-wall with a recessed arch or something? 
But I'm not really doing detail atm. Any and all detail at this point is place holder for how I see it turning out in my mind. 
I thought Negke was doing all of the detailing ;) 
It's Almost Level Design! 
More UDK stuff I'm working for the Polycount Beat-Em-Up challenge.
Screenshots :
Video :
Still lots of work to do on the actual assets and textures... 
has a super weird feeling due to noisy lighting and low contrast/saturation. 
it seems like a shame if all the undoubtedly lovely backgrounds that come from this don't get used in an actual beat-em-up. Have you got any plans with what you'll do with your stuff at the end?

I like it a lot so far. The hand-painted/no-high-frequency detail look always sets my heart a-flutter. You gonna make some sort of samurai badasses to fill this place up? 
Spirit, yeah I'm having lots of trouble getting it right, looks so different on the 2 monitors I work on (work/home).

starbuck, I'm hoping to make some minigame out of it eventually if I find the time, but I'd actually go for something alot less serious than samurai badasses.
The idea rather would be an overworked japanese business man who has to go make an offering to a temple for luck, before an important meeting. He'd fight ninjas and crazy schoolgirls who have decided to get in his way for some reason, and probably a big buddha statue as final boss. 
What About. 
Used schoolgirl underwear?? 
Probably wouldn't make for a climatic boss fight sham. Mebe as powerups instead... 
Texture Trouble 
I'm pretty sure this is the right board to post this, if it isn't I apologize and will punish myself accordingly.

Now I am no stranger to making Quake textures. I know how they work, I know the color palette, I know they go in .wads, etc. So I know the process of making a new texture and putting it in a map. The problem is actually MAKING the texture. As in, I have absolutely no art skills whatsoever.

I've tried to make what seems to be a simple texture, five times so far, each with a different approach on how I make it, and each time it comes back looking like garbage. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It could be the way I'm going about making it, or I'm not using the right colors, I have no sense of depth, or I just plain suck at texture making.

So I come to you, the humble texture making artists, with a challenge. Do you think you could create a Quake texture, that closely resembles the floor tile in this H.R. giger artwork piece?

I understand if it may take a day or two to make it, there is no rush. And in the mean time I will continue to practice making more textures for Quake but for now, whomever would be willing to create that texture, it would be greatly appreciated :) 
Can you post pics of your textures? 
Well, I deleted the other four because I felt they were just too ugly to look at, but I did save the one that I thought might look decent. It didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but it was my best effort so far.

Here it is: 
That's Not So Bad 
but if you want to do ones like in that picture you'd be better off putting a lot of tiles into one image and putting those small designs on them (like in the picture) and then decide if it looks like crap. personally i think that tile looks good, accept maybe the rivets need to be a bit bigger and more square with the 'flatten' face. 
Good Start 
meTch is right, you want to do a 4x4 or 8x8 tiled texture, so you can get that line detail in an interesting pattern. Also, you want the light source on floor textures to be shining straight down onto the surface, not off to the side.

Good luck, palletted textures are an absolute whore to get right 
From the Giger image, I get the impression that those tiles would be 16x16 in Quake, not 128x128.

That's an awfully low resolution to work with, sadly.

I also get the idea that they're almost white, not brown. That's just how I see the image though. 
Make them in 128x128, and then resize to 32x32?

Orl, the bevel on that texture is too thick and sharp IMO 
Guess nobody wants a Christmas map pack :\

Then I will keep making my map slowly... and someday far will be made! 
I did a quick try on skewing the Geiger pix, transformed it to 64x64, added the Q1 pal and imported it into a wad. Here's how it looks.

It's just the black/white pix, in Wally you could perfektionise it with some colour. Here's the wad. 
That looks pretty good, and its what I'm aiming for. :) Although, would it seem right to rip out a segment of someone else's artwork to be used for a texture? Wouldn't it be more fair to make the texture yourself from scratch?

Does anyone really care about stuff like that, or is everyone more just focused on "use what looks best, whether you made it or not"? 
Can you steal the King's pie, without using his receipt?
Of course I do care about stuff like that.
But the same goes up by showing me Gieger's example,
you make me witness to art of someone else.
A little plausible, I spent weeks to skin the bitches boots,
after I realized I could import the skin right ahead.

Doesn't mean a didn't learn anything, I made some proofs of the skin gamma textures and past them with painshop layers over eachother.
Evreyone has his own way to deal with it.
I made some textures myself, but it takes some time to get the texture part right, especially with the Quake pal. 
I'm Too Tired... 
Kinda posted this in the help thread not the betas thread :p

It's a very linear, combat focused map. Also gameplay only. If you like pretty things it will probably make your face explode atm :/ 
Oh Yea 
Needs fitz/darkplaces and quoth :E

Please give feedback and all that jazz. 
hi ZealousQuakeFan if is your first map is quite good, need lots of fixes of course...

1� Computer console? didnt't find amy... had to nocliped

2� the stairs don't work :( had to fly or rocket jump!

more feedback when I will try again! 
Sounds Like You're Not Running It With Quoth! 
I should have stated that better. Uses a lot of Quoth enemies and entities. :) 
ops guess I miss that.. will try again a record a demo! 
Blimey, did I post something so bad no one has an opinion? :E 
I Would.. 
..sooner wait til it didn't make my face explode ;) 
That's going to take a while :p 
Had a quick look / dick around without Quoth.

Running around the vents and jumping / exploring around the crates and those weirdo industrial rooms was cool. Some good gameplay potential in those. But too many box rooms and not enough of a catchy theme to it - more like stuff just thrown together. It has potential. Keep the more interesting stuff and make it tighter and more distinctive. 
Re: Bal 
Had A Coupla Tries. 
Skill 3, I never got past 2nd room. Boring and unplayable.

Skill 1, Still a little too much, I think... Coupla notches beneath playable. Died in the jump puzzles.

Skill 0, just for the sake of getting to the end with little sweating, lovely idea with the maze/jump puzzles. Nice end battle, lots of niceties gameplay wise.

What Shambler said. Gospel. Don't give up on this.

Wanna demo? No fancy stuff. Skill 0. First run.

Still No Lighting 
And the layout is NOT half way done, seems it'll be a bit longer than I thought.

Maybe there will be some new textures in this, which apparently is now part of an episode with nntt and negke (maybe?) and someone else.

I wanted this to be done by now, akshully. 
I said it was an idea. That's all.

And you're the one who wanted to make textures...

Haha, awesome! Hadn't seen this before, definitely alot in common. :) 
Nah, I Was Just Kidding 
Haven't done any serious mapping. The room I posted is kind of meh, should have thought of a layout first. 
Thanks For The Feedback Guys 
I'm currently ripping up a couple of areas or rescripting them so they're smoother or more interesting.

As for the difficulty, I'm not too concerned about people finding it horrific on Hard (although I'm making the starting rooms less dick-move like). I'm one of those masocist players who enjoys the challenge of insane difficulty (I can't think off hand of any examples in Quake, but from Doom things like Plutonia or Hell Revealed), but I don't want to be an ass and flat out prevent others from playing (and hopefully) enjoying it.
So the fact you didn't like Normal gives me great concern and I'm looking into it. I've already made the first jumping area easier on normal. Looking into other areas. Out of interest, how easy did you find easy? :E

Again ta for the comments, will hopefully have another version up soonish. Will have a think about how to make it feel a bit more atmospheric.

PS I wish Nightmare was a seperate difficulty flag :( 
You Might 
Like to try this map:

Pump the difficulty up to 2 or 3 and see how far you get :) 
Played It... 
...on skill 2. Died once (the bomb just before the droles. Droles didn't kill me, but bomb left me on 2hp and I blew myself up :P )

Was fun though. Nice to have plenty of ammo and bigger guns for a change :) FPS drops made some bits annoying though, had to try and face away from the centre of the map whilst fighting (and led to further self-harm via grenades).

I recorded my run. Missed a few monsters and secrets, took 28 or so minutes iirc. recorded with Fitzquake 
Son I am disappoint. 
Easy Is Pretty Easy, Zealous... 
And, just to clear things up, I died in the jump puzzles because I generally suck at those, it's not they're too difficult IMO.

I think that maybe it's just the first rooms that are a pain in the ass, having to take out all those Rocketeers and Defenders and Eliminators with a meager shotgun is a bore, not a challenge, from my point of view. It essentially boils down to luck.

There's lot of good here, but has to be dug hard. 
I Too Am Disappointed In You. 
cruel trick. 
Heh - thanks for the demos, just watched them. You've got some skills with the old Quake, thats for sure :) That map was my second ever release, I build it in a week (then it took 6 days to vis, lol) out of pure spite for all of the comments I received for my first release. Im glad you enjoyed it, but watchin it again just makes me see all of the terrible faux-pas I committed with regards to gameplay, and brushwork, and general optimisations. It's basically just a huge arena box style map. Inspired by GTA for sure :)
For a softer but hopefully more entertaining map the maps I built after that one are a bit more suitable I would say.

I had a look at your map on skill 3. I always test my maps predominantly on skill 3. You see the mapper has the upper hand of knowing where everything is. Well, I hope you start doing the same. Test on skill 3. You could almost call this map fair if you gave some armour and a better gun. And by a better gun I mean a nailgun. Or a grenade launcher. Cause at the moment it's like masochism. Just frustrating. If you make it past the four rocket-grunts in the first room (which you likely wont do on your first run) then you get through the corridor into the next room. This room isn't too bad, but if you make it past two more rocket-grunts and the two defenders, then you avoid being killed by two more rocket-grunts, then you probably have very little health left, and seeing as you have no armour, and only a shotgun, the sight of the two health kits in the next corridor is a welcome one. So when you then get ambushed from behind by two extremely deadly, plasma rifle-toting boss-style base enemies AND two more grenade-launcher toting defenders, SIMULTANEOUSLY, well, it's just not fair. So then when you repeat this whole piece over and over again, maybe 4 or 5 times (cause it's barely possible) and you finally get past these four ambushers (with 1 health), and you try to get to the damn health kits, you are teased with first darkness, then you have to kill two more grunts (which you can't dodge their bullets, so insta-kill is likely), then when you do make it to the health kits you are ambushed AGAIN, SUDDENLY, STILL WITH NO ARMOUR OR DECENT WEAPONS - well, I just gave up in disgust. I took it as though you were mocking me, because I am supposed to know where everything is coming from before it comes. It's like "well I can do it, so you must suck, Ricky"


It reminds me of all the terrible mistakes I made with Sickbase. Like the part where you died. Not fair really. Anyone within the blast radius of that explosion would be severely wounded, then attacked by three droles. I mean there is plenty of ammo and health in that map, but that's OK because people enjoy searching for stuff. But things like getting blindly to the top of a lift, only to find you are boxed in with a bunch of fairly tough enemies, most of whom are facing you - well trust me, I got a LOT of bad comments and feedback for that one. And some of the guys who read this forum are true professionals. After I got over the blow to the ego, I actually learned a lot from it, but if you want people to enjoy your map then don't make the same mistake I did. You see, when you get to the top of the lifts in Sickbase, you are likely holding at the absolute minimum a Super Shotgun, with some armour and lots of health. In your map you don't get given SHIT.

The way I see it you have two options. Either give better guns and more armour, or remove some of the really tough enemies and replace them with softer ones. Hopefully you will do both. Some of those rocket-grunts could quite happily be normal grunts. Those plasma-defenders (what they called again - I forget) - well I dont think they should be there at all.

The map shows promise - some nice brushwork, exploding stuff, light effects. Reasonable atmosphere, even for an un-detailed map. I just think that skill 2/3 is too hard, and not really fair, even for the experienced player. You have to remember - EVERYONE who plays your map for the first time wont know what's coming. And skilled players will hate you if they die lots of times. It's just not going to be fun.

I hope you find this helpful, and I'm looking forwards to your finished map, or even if you want me to take another look at your next version you want to be tested, I would be happy to - nice work :) 
> And skilled players will hate you if they die lots of times.

All players will, actually. :) 
Yeah it the first rooms are a bit too much. I've moved the weapons forward so you essentially spawn on them. The enemy spawns are more or less the same but you have much better tools for quickly killing them.

The main problem I see in making a map truly challenging is that open form or non-linear layouts easily let the player fight on their own terms, rather than the mappers. By this I mean a fight starts (or a trap is sprung) but the player is free to run away, hide, snipe, or just avoid. It's tough to force the player to meet the threat full on without being a dick about it, and I've gone too far in the opening sections. It's hard to reveal a threat, give the player time to understand it, and then push them face first into it :E

Did anyone who played it on easy or normal have a problem with the pauses in the arena areas (the sky area with pillars and the finale)? To me they feel quite long because skill 2 enemies are pouring in constantly, but are they a nice break for players or should they be reduced/removed? 
Fab Looking Q3 Tech Base Map In The Works By Fkd 
Really beautiful !!! 
Very nice. 
Q3 ? 
Very cool, looks more like an UT2004 map though. 
Started Tarting Up My Previous Gameplay Test 
look like put lights more bright near source! look muck cooler :) put light 300 with delay 
look nice :| danw my English 
Yea the lightning hasn't really been touched since it was just a box layout so it's a bit shit :E 
second shot looks ok, but a little boxy. if you pulled the top edge of some of the brushes inwards to create sloping walls might help.
i like that you're spending some time on the trim. :) 
What Others Said... 
... keep it up ! 
"if you pulled the top edge of some of the brushes inwards to create sloping walls might help. "

That kind of what you meant? :E

Also couple more goes at corridors :p 
Lookin Good 
only thing i'd suggest from those latest shots is not alternating between red & blue lights too much. it's cool having both, but separated a bit (eg. a 'red wing' & 'blue wing' maybe) or denoting stages of the map, like changing colour after a key door or something 
hmm, hadn't thought of that :E 
Pretty Much 
interested in seeing this :) 
=any Progress On Your Metal Map? 
One More For The Road... 
Bigger area this time. They are a real pain. It's turning out a bit square :E 
Looking Good: 
Texturing of the door needs fixed - the inward facing faces need to be straightened.
Also the textures on the side of the slats on the flor need to be aligned.
Nice use of stock textures :) Map is looking nice :) 
Zealous Indeed... 
That map is evolving big time ;)

Keep up the good work! 
Biggest problem imo is the curved roof that just looks weird to me, and the arch/support beams under the ramp. Not so hot on the computer panels, but that's ok. 
Kind of annoyed there's no monsters ;) 
thats the shit! Looking good 
Texturing of the door needs fixed

so does your grammar :P

i think the curved ceiling looks ok, not totally sold on the ramp supports though.

and i think the stairs could use some narrow trim at the edge so they don't look like stairs from below (ie. a small triangle brush on each step to make it appear as one long diagonal surface) 
I'm not a fan of those - because if the player treads on the stair part or the ramp part their movement changes.

Personally I think movement should be consistent when navigating something. 
i guess they could be made func_illusionary in that case - i was only thinking for cosmetic value 
I Is Srry Man 
I was bein' a wee bitty tad faeces-shus 
u r missin loadz of Caps and .Stops. 
i always get torn when doing stairs like that.

do you make the sloping trim func_illusionary and preserve the stair physics, or do you clip the whole thing and make it one big slope?

T_T (i usually opt for illusionaries) 
Have to rebuild the roof bit so it merges properly. Some really iffy brush work there :p

"Kind of annoyed there's no monsters ;)"

that's cause I shot them all before taking the shots :P 
Re #6951 
You need to align those light textures in the corridor in the first picture. Other than that, it looks good. 
Small Image 
only 400x300

what do you think of my blocks and square-stone needle? 
hard to see anything
old school. Very oldschool. 
How Old Can You School? 
Good basemap, keen to see that texturefit.

I think the hill and ledge part fit well in, but it's a bit small. Give it 150 gamma.


hm.., where's the mapname generator. 
tyrannia - place for the tyrants
^x-tra gey ver. i just happened upon search :/ 
look very nice Madfox, really nice 
CTRL + mousewheel up 
Some Previous Cack: 
Nice architecture, but it could use a little texture variety :) 
Thems some pretty screens, zqf. More plz. 
I was just gibbin my lang to screw a mapname.

As I succeeded to make an unboxed map first time, I'm now trying to get hold on the texture grid. Reason why it's so plain textured.
It is builed on the afloor3_1 texture, which is usefull with its four squares.

As I succeeded to make an unboxed map first time, I'm now trying to get hold on the texture grid. Reason why it's so plain textured.

It is worth later than never :P

Anyway, the shots looks god: another pipe map to come !! 
I Herd U Leik Puzzluz 
wtf is that? :p 
Quark OWNS 
Quark Sucks Balls 
Good luck getting that to compile metch and madfox 
never had any problem with Quark gibbie...

and tchak had +7200 brushes... 
It Compiles Fine 
I do it at least 20 times every time I continue mapping, doesn't take to long either but I am only about hef doon.

The one main problem I'm getting is QuArK is being a MFCSSoBPoSDLBSAF and its getting all skippie and shit when I move stuff around or morph my squares and it causes me to select far away blocks or squash them into oblivion, I guess it has to so with updating all the views... 
Fuzzi had 17800 brushes and was my triumph to the max limit.

What I really hate with Quark is the freaking freezing viewer. It is my favourite compiler, but I wish there was a solution for it.
Imagine, working on two computers to controll one ingame for the textures to compile on the other.

meTch@ - in Quark you can create groups that are hideable, makes construckting much clearer.
(I write after loosing my player_start in group qaudratus incognita) 

you what? 
Let's Try An Ancronym 
My Favourite Clue Solution Solved over Binairy Partitionating off Spring Deletions But Safely Avoiding Freakresults. 
Another WIP

ignore the textures they're all misaligned due to some dodgy copy/pasting :E 
That would look really sick with proper lighting. 
well actually I can't tell, since it looks too dark (at least on my monitor).

curious, how many people (besides myself) have Q1SPs in progress? 
I Do 
A metal map. \o/ 
what ya working on at the moment tronyn? 
I Do 
but it's been on weeks wait 
i have 3 on the go atm. a metal one, a wood/bricks one and a knave one (i've posted a few shots). 
Got A Few Things On The Go... 
A few images of what I've been messing around with. I'm hopping between maps a little. Learning how to construct stuff better makes finishing stuff you know is poorly made even harder :P 
I Have A Few Things 
mostly I'm waiting for PM to come back to Quake after modding for a different game for the last few months. The coolest thing (in my view) that I'm working on is a Rune/DaikatainaE3/Unreal/HexenII/etc textured (basically gray and demonic medieval) massive castle map, based on other mappers scraps. I am worried that I might have finally broken some limits for real this time and I might have to split the map up. Vis time should be ridiculous either way, so this is a long ways away even if only for that reason.

Other than that I have a few smaller saner maps, and Unforgiven and Arcanum still which are mostly waiting on PM. 
I think I'll use Tyrann's title, Something Wicked This Way Comes 
since I lost the power to map at work... time is not my best friend since at home I dont have time for nothing...

But I want to make some stuff :\ 
You Guys Are Just TOO Epic... 
well i'll look forward to unforgiven, arcanum and something wicked :D

hopefully in dec/jan my work might ease up and i'll actually have time to play a game again. 
I Have A Map In Progress 
although it's currently just a few scraps I'm trying to decide what to do with.

Hey Tronyn, do you still have stuff from the arcane wizard project? I thought that looked really cool, especially the idea of doing a pack with a strong overarching lovecraftian story. 
tronyn, i think i remember the map scraps you were talking about before... it had like those two really tall pokey towers and that weird bridge that sort of curves up and down in an s shape right?

i remember having a hard time making stuff with those textures which is why, i think, i stopped. 
that's the map scraps of yours in question, and yeah there was some metal stuff in there but medieval doesn't seem your thing as much.

as for the arcane wizard, yeah it's called arcanum, there's five maps and a start map, its just waiting for PM to finish the mod side of it. 
Didn't make the connection between arcane wizard and arcanum for some reason :) The arcanum demo looked awesome btw, can't wait to see the finished project! 
Beacon Knight 
...some antioxydants have harsh effects on mappers, especially waxed radicals with large amounts of steroids, can effort your maps over the limits, when mixed with andrenalines to cover up the compressed spam, that off shore results will aprove your outcome... 
that's pretty creepy, tbh.
i also noticed we don't have a 'scared' icon. 
Very good Madfox. 
Lost My Head 
It is the most idiot model I ever done. 
Now make the upper body a new monster crawling around on those bacontacles! 
They're hard to animate and scream on verticemeshes. Like stringing your shoes with gloves.

Fighting against the upper part, while the underpart is kicking your ass. 
hey HeadThump where is mortisville?

so many brushes to trash? come on lazy bitch finish this PLEASE!!! 
hey HeadThump where is mortisville?

never mind the map, where is headthump?

i miss his semi-drunken ramblings and random line-breaks 
This shoot is nice - bad textures and lack of detail, but I like the shape, a menacing arcane stronghold... almost somewhat marcheresque. 
Actually, it's more like a Quake version of HL2's citadel. 
Holy Crap 
Textures Though...

For some reason this makes me think "Runic industrial" - possibly an interesting and unique theme for a map. 
ffs neg, that looks awesome. 
dunno if "runic industrial" is so unique anymore. 
I Agree 
I like the shot but grendel's keep was only the latest in a long line of fusions of those two ideas (extremely interesting of course: what kind of being with the capacity to travel across time or space and teleport things, would spend its time fucking around in medieval dungeons (made of contemporarily rare materials)?

I think Ziggurat Vertigo is still unsurpassed at hinting at this, but this is a thematic reflection, obviously the more negke maps the better the world is, and also originality of theme doesn't mean as much after decades. I think it's more convincing atmosphere. 
holy shit, negke look dawn sexy! 
Yeah, But At Dusk He Turns Into Negike. 
Promising screenshots everywhere! 
Daz's Shot 
is indeed quite fantastic

I typod daz's hot. 
Your Ad Here 
Negke, you have some nice overhead advertising space in that shot ;) 
Daz's Shot? 
are you talking about headthump's qexpo shots?

i was impressed with the brushwork back then (and now) but as was mentioned, the texture is pretty haphazard. 
Indeed. Though I was thinking about 'industrial' style maps that use the metal/runic set exclusively, not a metal/base mix. This is not to say that I wouldn't like to see more anything/base mix maps - any recommendations? 
Where does industrial metal stop and industrial base begin?

I'm convinced that any of the classic themes can be mixed with tech/industrial and give good results.

At least runic and green / brown wizard. Using mostly the different copper textures for the "tech", but also wood, like in some of necros' maps.

Some traps can also count as tech, depending on the design. So can "electrical" lights like all those spots in e1m8. I guess they have some kind of energy to make those work, so it's not that far out to have energy conduits of some sort in a runic map. Like lightning rods, lightning relays and stuff. See Chthon's lightning rods. I'd not be surprised to see cables in a metal map at all. And some sort of generators, with lots of sparks and lightning of course.

I think pipes for example can fit in any theme; here in our dimension, pipes are a very old thing. They are not limited to bases and recycling plants at all. 
ok rj, already sent him a offline msg in the msn ;) he will read it soon... 
No, No 
I mean strictly the runic variety (those grey-greenish concrete and skull-altar textures, like most of E3), NOT dominated by brown metal - episode 3 style, excluding E3M5. The idea is to create structures/shapes/environments that convey an 'industrial' atmosphere, maybe a sort of Netherworld factory; arcane 'machines' powered by magic; a plant-like facility whose purpose isn't immediately recognizable. Or something like that... 
pretty sure episode 3 is full of copper and other not strictly grey runic stuff. Anyway, I'll keep out of it now :-) 
Hmmm...dm4 Grows Into Sp7 
That Looks Tremendous 
but dm4 from what?

Last 2 shots are terrific, lovely lighting 
That Looks Tremendous 
LY DARK!! Lovely blackness 
And yeah - where are all the monsters. Hurry up and put them in already!!! :P

Also I remember the dm version of that. DisDm4 was it? 
Can't See Shit 
on those 
Calibrate Your Monitor

on the other hand, macos uses some different gamma value. maybe that is the culprit? 
Could Be The 
mac gamma value... but usually I have no problem seeing stuff on screenies! 
just see black screens with pinpricks of light. 
metal/runic stuff:

bare walls on the sides there... probably needs more details. 
metal/runic stuff:

bare walls on the sides there... probably needs more details. 
Ah Crap. 
those two rooms look very similar... 
very nice ^Distrans as always... 
I like that shot. The overhead pipe really makes it work, suggesting some kind of industrial complex overhead - yet this clashes with the runic skulls/decoration in a good way :) 
looks fine on mine, etc.

Actually, looks really really fucking good - never even ran through the DM map, but was pretty impressed by the screenshots.

Thanks for doing what you do, how you do it. Keep it up, please!

Necros - ditto. 
my monitor is calibrated fine and i can't see much in those shots. hopefully it's not that unlit in game? last shot looks great though. i love churchies in quake 
Distrans / Necros 
Looking forward to playing them! 
So Do I Of Course 
Though I hope distrans adds some brighter light sources to compensate for the lack of contrast of that min level. And for necros to put some lights in the lava. AND finish the map before starting another one. ;) 
distrans: Interesting to see a city style of level for Quake, and it looks pretty.

Actually brings me to a question; Are there any neat (SP) city themed levels I should check out that I most likely have missed out on? Probably not the thread to ask this though... 
i went and passed distrans' shots through photoshop's levels filter and i was able to tell what textures were being used. :P

i'm kind of excited to see a kingpin textured map. :)
the mix of kingpin and rtgnosis works rather well though i would not have initially guessed they would. 
I'm always impressed at how Distrans is able to get such an incredibly wide swathe of very different textures, and make them work together. 
by fat controller (I think?) is a cool city theme map.

Also, I think it was part of the mexx series of maps that was set in a large city environment? Or was it one of Tronyn/Kona's map packs? Gah can't remember! 
if you're thinking Towne directly, I think FC had a modified version in his episode called Otranto. 
Need Some Gameplay Opinions 
Hey, my map is getting there, just some polishing to do, being as this is my first map I need some opinions of it's deathmatch gameplay.

it's a 3 player FFA map

It'd be great if any of you could have a mess around, tell me what you think. 
compile it enliten as a .bsp not a .map 
I just loaded your map into Worldcraft then compiled it and ran it in Darkplaces engine.

I made the following observations (please dont take offence to any of this, I made all of the same mistakes with my first map(s):

The map leaks. You have sealed the map by placing a box around it. You should never have to do this because all of the space between the outside of the map and the inside of the box is drawn by the engine unnecessarily.

The best way of finding a leak is by loading the map into your engine, then type on the console "noclip" then "gl_clear 1" then type "pointfile" to load the .pts file generated by the compiler when it finds a leak. You can then fly around your map and you will see a dotted line. If you follow the dotted line you will find the leak.

The box is made of 6 brushes which are about 1 unit thick. Personally I dont like making anything which is less than 8 units thick EVER.
Then Quake engine and it's compilers dont like thin solid objects. The thicker, the better

There are lots of brushes in this map which are off-grid. This is probably the cause of your leaks. The QBSP compiler will have to move any points back onto the grid (the 1x1 .map file grid) and this will create gaps between brushes which will give you leaks.

I wouldn't use QuArK at all personally. Worldcraft is good, but also versions of Radiant and BSP editor are likely much better.
Quakrk is pretty notorious for making maps with leaks and off-grid brushes. Some people have success with it though (Trinca uses it well), but I think the other programs are probably easier.

The lights are too dark throughout the map. There are also textures which are chopped in funny places (the base texture on the wall in the first corridor for example - chopped off 32 units from it's bottom). I would make the walls 128 units high instead of 96.

The way you have blended the green mid-evil brick texture with the Id1Base textures doesn't really work too well IMO.

All of this aside, this isn't a bad attempt at a map, you could have a little fun with it, but you need to address all of the leaks, the off-grid brushes, the lighting (make brighter), and the texturing.

Inception's Pretty Good 
but not great IMHO.

And sleepy, maybe its the dearth of good horror films in recent times, bu IMHO The Descent gets the basics of the genre right and then some, which is more than I can say for most films in the genre in the last 10 years. I find both halves nerve wracking and entertaining. 
wrong thread 
to both of those. 
cheers for the feedback, I had alot of issues getting leaks and clipping brushes sorted, I thought I had fixed them all >_> hopefully I'll be able to chase down the leaks.

The texturing is a WIP and by no means final. What I'm really interested in is feedback of gameplay, i.e.
does the map work with the lightning, grenades and spikes?... Is the trap sufficient, does it need to trigger more often? Is the map too claustrophobic? Should there be lava instead of acid? Does the map need more health scattered around than the megahealth? etc.

Thanks in advance
ps uploaded the bsp 
I will take a look tonight, when I get home enliten and give you some advices! 
@enliten - For a deathmatch map it's a good start.
I thought the slime near the MH shouldn't be sloped, or at least place a fence behind it.
Also good to add a brush to walls that have a sharp side as in the startscene.
A kind of ledging around the carved side could solute this.

Good start! 
Hey Neg 
are you working on the runic industrial map you posted pics of before? 
I must not say anything that may have negative impacts on your finishing the papers. 
New Beta Q3map From Q1 
I remake e1m7 on quake3, this map was pretty fun in detahmatch. I got problem on the aas compiling. If someone wants to test it and give me some advices :)

download and screenshots :

You can also post comment on my website. 
I Like It :) 
Maybe the lower area corridors are a bit small for Q3/QL play? Its been years since I played q3 so im hardly an expert but I seem to remember that cramped corridors were quite annoying for bunnying and general movement in q3. 
I remember the name, what were your last few maps? 
looks cool - but I think you mean THE HOUSE OF CHTHON. The DOOR TO CHTHON was e1m6 in Quake, the map before, not the boss map. 
nitin>I think my last posted map is heresp4 q1sp.
DaZ> I'll try to modify corridors size. 
I renamed it, and I noticed that the alpha's near the teleporter haven't collision, and you fall into lava. I fixed it, and corridors are bigger I 'm waiting for other advices before upload next version.

Very thanks for quick answers :) 
updated !
new version on the same link,
bots are available.

Hope you'll enjoy it :) 
Safe3 Beta 3 
Hi guys,
It's been a year since I posted here the last time. Safe3 was close to completion. I got some valuable feedback from you guys. However, after playing the map some more I realized I didn't like the gameplay. Since then I've rebuilt the map from the ground up twice. I've kept the visual theme but the layout is completley different. It's been playtested a fair bit and I'm pretty happy with the result. Definelty the best map I've ever made :) There is work left to be done. But before proceeding I'd like to humbly ask for your feedback.

The map can be donwloaded from here:

Screenshots can be found here:

Some comments & questions:
* Lighting is just first pass. Still have some dark areas.
* Needs some more details.
* How do I make a lift that exists out of several brushes? The current lift is just temp.

Have a great weekend. 
Screenshots look good :)

I dont like the texture on the lower floor. I would go for a grimier dirtier texture.

The red cieling lights could be actually red lights (add a key to the light entity "_color" woth the value "255 0 0", compile with this light tool: )

use the command line "light (-parameters) yourmap.bsp" - the .bsp part is required AFAIK.

This will generate a .lit file :)

To make a lift from several brushes is quite easy - which editor are you using? In worldcraft for example you just need to make your brushes, select them all, then click "to entity"..... 
I Like Waste Set 
(and being wasted). I do think you need to vary the textures a little though, right now it looks a bit bland and boring. Using a slightly different theme for every floor (as in, story) of the map also makes it easier to learn. 
I agree that slightly colored lights could make this one a lot more interesting. You might want to combine rickys and my hints. 
I use Q3Radiant and Sleepwalkers tool :)

Agree the textrues needs to be be broken up some how. It's really hard to find a good way if doing taht though :)

Good feedback. Thx 
So I've Been Playing Oblivion... 
can you tell?

kind of an interesting inversion actually. mostly monochrome textures with lights providing colour. but then again, that's what the ayleid ruins are anyway. just white stone textures and blue lights. :S 
That Looks 
Fucking awesome. Like the round light fitting. Love the angled brushwork. The colour works so f#cking good :) 
I was really inspired by that first camp in Dragon Age where you first become a Grey Hunter - I really wanted to make a map based off those ruins. Totally sick, necros. 
Oh Yeah 
that was a fucking awesome map. dragon age had some seriously great locales.

also, even with the dated WoW engine, the Maker's Terrace area from WotLK looked amazing. 
Holy Shit. 
You're going to end up reskinning all the Quake monsters from brown into something more fitting for that. 
Keep At It Necros! 
It really does look neat, I love the colour scheme. Pretty refreshing for Quake. 
very neatly done. Looks great IMHO. 
looks cool, and really ghostly - it must be that tone of green but I'm getting a creepy, Colony-like ("you're the only living being here") feeling already. Did you make those textures?

btw I feel pretty guilty about not releasing something this year (PM and I were both distracted by various things), but I at least promise to put up some shots soon. 
what texture is that for the wall? Is it custom or part of a set? 
Speaking Of Wow 
those are a mixture of chicoruins and rune textures.

the ceiling lights and floating crystals are hexen2 models (the crystals are the mana items retextured and the ceiling light has been recoloured blue). 
Necros: awesome.

Ziffon: I agree with sleepy, looks a solid design but boring texture usage. 
the wall texture is from q2 and then I've added some stains / discolorations to break it up. 
Ziffron - totally agree about the lighting, would really liven things up to use hints of colour and more spotlight action. Also maybe some simple non-invasive details, like some small openings revealing pipes or wiring in the walls etc. overall though I think it looks good, nice and clean and easy to move through -not that I've played it.

Necros - please please please keep working on this, looks as great as every other person says!

Tronyn - you're crazy if you feel unproductive. I mean, I know it's all relative or whatever, but I think you can take it easy for alittle while considering the GIGANTIC mass of stuff you've contributed over the years. You definitely should feel bad about not putting up screenshots though. Asshole. 
Yeah, asshole! 
Sw Quake 
Ziffon, judging by the screens you prefer software quake. The textures look good in that mode.

The sooty smudges under the ducts are a great touch. A similar thought might work with some fake lighting highlights.

Could fake-in a red aura on the texture around the red lights, and a corresponding red glow on the floor texture directly below the lights.

Consider a recessed rim and sky texture over the center of the atrium. 
btw one more question.. Right now when you shoot a rocket into the teleporters they explode. I would like the to just pass though and not explode. My memory told me I should put a sky texture behind the teleporter instead of a solid wall. However, it didn't seem to do the trick. What am I missing here? 
That depends on your qbsp. aguirRe's tools make sky nonsolid by default (-solid overrides), so try those. 
someone should make a mod where rockets & grenades get teleported. that would be fun :) 
You Know What Mod Did This 
My Point Being 
after the fall is shit so this is a shit idea 
czg linked to quaddicted i think he likes me or at least something i created czg i like you too 
Screenshots Info 
Hi I'd like to know if I can post screens of other games projects mostly HalfLife 1..

..or is this a Quake only thread ? 
This Tutorial Makes Rockets Go Through Teleport 
But from what I remember you'll have to add the monsters to the teleportable list because it breaks them of their ability to teleport.

//unless i did it wrong, it was a while ago 
People Do Post Shots Of Other Games Here 
You can post direct links to pictures or links to other pages with several shots on. Original stuff is always cool :)

Seriously though, if you read up you will find shots of UE3, L4D, Doom3 and others...... 
Yeah Definitely. 
we like all kinds of screenshots here.

personally, i've found it's a good thing to see other games because it can spark some good creativity. :) 
fresh blood, change of flesh, new corpses! 
Misaligned Textures! 
Nice pipes tho. 
a great way to start a tuesday morning is viewing a new madfox gif :)

Necros : Loving it. You know you have to finish this now right? :) 
my current track record for finishing maps is pretty abysmal atm, so i won't be a dick and promise anything. :P

i'm just having a lot more fun than i thought i would with coloured lighting. :) 
This is the ultimate pipe factory for sure !!
Maybe you should add more diversity with several different pipe textures... I remember HalfLife wad has some good one :) 
@shambler - now I got the brushes on grid the copy/paste make them misaligne.

My first goal was to make it possible they would be available to walk through. Then the rings broke the way through and I had to clip them all which led to leaks.
Now they're sealed, but makes the level rather complex to interact.

@daz - thanks, chef de cuisine.

@necros - the coloured lights would be glad with a new level!

@jpl- spirit's coughs got me running into a metalmap, but the pipelines give me a spagethi gamekey. 
... but the pipelines give me a spagethi gamekey.

So where is the tomato sauce ? wait... I guess this will be added by the player.. making sauce with ennemies' blood >D

Ggggghhh...per Luck Cini 
As long it's not pepper-chilly, fine.

I experience Quark to handle pipes less leakreporting when they're in the box. 
Broke My Tongue.., 
per lush conto, no
par laush quinto, no
beer slash quanto.

20brush Map 
Bah, mixed up the deadline for the 20b contest. Also, not having mapped for Q3 in at least eight years shows. How do I get the light shaders to work again?!

It's surprisingly tricky to pull it off with such an extreme limitation. Well, actually not THAT surprising if you think about it...

My map would have been one of two Q3 submission that are NOT space maps: 
(18 visible brushes, 2 patches) 
Lol - Learning Some Flash: 
Made a flash movie-gallery thing. Very simple really, and I did it with Actionscript 2 even though im using CS4 (AS3), I wouldn't know how to do it in AS3. I know you have to declare a load of stuff with Eventlisteners or something, but I dont really see why this kind of simple thing works with an older format, but is much more complicated to set up in the new format.

Tried to upload this .swf to Quaketastic in its native format but Quaketastic said it was in an illegal format!

I used a tutorial video on youtube to do this. Interesting really - I could start having fun trying to make a simple game of some description, I really want to learn more. I still find most code of any description quite overwhelming, except for CSS/xhtml that is, although that's not really code. Its just the amount of commands, all of the rules, and understanding basically how things are done. Examples of stuff I flat-out cannot do, but am aware of - php/SQL, xml, formmail (!), tieing xml with Flash etc etc. 
Scripted Sequence Test 
Hi there, this isn't much of a beta really, but I'd like some feedback on how well this sequence works. I've been fidding with it on and off for a while to a point where I've lost a good critical eye for it :( I know what direction I'm always looking in when stuff is happening, but not if it works for others.

I put up a screenshot of the room a while back, this is the room actually 'animated'. Don't expect aligned textures or proper lighting :E

Needs Quoth2 Btw!!!! 
Damn I always forget to post that... 
Well That Worked For Me 
Truly awesome quake scripting. You should check it out guys, this reminds me of Half-Life big time! Nice work. More please. 
What RickyT23 said. Very good and awesome explosions !
Keep it up ! 
1. You cannot aim straight up in vanilla Quake. I had to jump and shoot at the highest point.

2. The messages were a mixture of "narrator/radio" and "game commanding the player". Can you use different colours? If not, use different formatting or prefix the radio messages with something.

3. Looked weird how the enforcers just stood there while hell was breaking loose. 
Thanks For Comments :) 
1. You cannot aim straight up in vanilla Quake. I had to jump and shoot at the highest point.

Good point. I tested it in Fitzquake/Darkplaces but they both allow you to look straight up. You need a limit removing engine for it, the amount of entities is huge but I will move them further to the sides, I dunno how many other engines support vertical looking like that :E

2. The messages were a mixture of "narrator/radio" and "game commanding the player". Can you use different colours? If not, use different formatting or prefix the radio messages with something.

Hadn't thought about that! The different colours is a good idea, though I don't know how to do it. Seen it done before though iirc. I suppose I could try using voice samples too, but I don't have a particularly menacing voice myself :P

3. Looked weird how the enforcers just stood there while hell was breaking loose.

Yeah, it's really fighting against their AI to make them move in a scripted fashion. It sometimes doesn't work and they don't get killed as they should too :E I thought it would look okay if they start running as the roof falls at least :p

Perhaps if the roof collapses earlier? 
Nice One 
Very cinematic. Though what seems a little odd is that two small pipes can make the entire base explode. Slipgate technology is quite unstable apparently, heh.

Search for "quake name generator" - you can just enter the colored text and paste the code in the message fields. 
Slipgate technology is quite unstable apparently

How do you think it creates so many hell portals? :p

Also ta for the generator thing, took a little searching since it just comes up with loads of stuff for Q3 :E 
Amazing! I wish more maps were like this. 
very impressive! if you can maintain that level of scripting throughout the map, it would be quite an achievement.

reminds me a lot of HL but also of those neil manke HL maps like darkstar.

Some Pics Of Progress. 
shot 1 and 2, could use small pointlights wherever the fullbright 16x16 lights are.
it's very dark, but from what i can see, it looks like you've done some nice curvy trims and such.
shot 3 is nearly pitch black.
shot 4 has some nice stuff but the placement of the lamps seems a bit haphazard. also, take a look around at custom texture sets and see if you can get a bigger texture for the grass. the 64x64 one really shows it's tiling. 
Yeah light placement is very slapdash :E

I'll have to look into sorting out my monitor or gamma, didn't realise they'd be so dark. hmm... 
it's probably fine in-game. indeed, even if it were too dark, there's always the brightness setting. 
I Don't Think 
you can make anyone happy with screenshots - it seems like they're almost always too dark for some.
Although, yeah... too dark, hahaha!
Agree about the grass - maybe even just make it bigger and rotate it, add some details to break up the grounda bit or something...
also, the sunlight looks a bit weird with a starry night sky,imo

But it looks pretty great so far, looking forward to playing it! 
I'll have a look at using a higher brightness but greater falloff and see what I can come up with. Also yea I've kinda not bothered making any lights have an apparent source in a fair few places.

The sunlight is a bit weird yeah. I was going to play with that coloured light compiler and see if I could have a softish blue sunlight over the place. It's currently OTT though.

Anyway, more soon :p 
Bit better?

Crossing the red and blue slightly mind... 
Much Better 
That "ayelid.jpg" screenshot looks fucking rad. Please finish / make something of that : ) 
Very atmospheric, feels like Rune! 
Yeah Definitely Very Rune 
I would personally go for a Shadar Logoth look though. 
both ZealousQuakeFan and necros got some nice stuff cooking... can't wait to play it...

necros pic look like a recente game with Quake weapons :p 
I Would Definitely Have Sex With Necros' Nose. 
Good stuff.

ZQF, also good stuff, a definite improvement. Some good designs and detailing. Make sure you keep it consistent. 
Nice stuff necros, nice use of mapmodels also. Everybody should use more models.

That arch is pretty mature and high brow. 
man that's cool necros :D 
yummers ^_^ 
FUNC_CHAN And More.... 
New Screenshots (Really.) 
I love Rubucon2esday! 
Sorry Metl 
But that is just too good to be true. 
..that ayleid jpg really nice!

The lightning fits perfectly.. How did u obtain that soft greenish ? did u set colored light by aguirre/mh in worldspawn? 
no, but all point lights use this setting for colour: 0.725490 1.000000 0.968627

so far i haven't deviated from this. infact, i've recoloured the flames in that hexen2 latern blue to preserve it. 
I just shit my pants.

Thank you, Metl! :) 
O RLY???????????? 
define 'soon' please. 
Just In Time For 2012 
I guess the world really is gonna end! 
:) zmgg this December as been awesome!!!

good news everywhere 
i'm trying. o.o

darn, i need it right now 
trying and doing a good job of it necros. I simply adore the colour, always been into mint-green (or within that range) 
Dead link. I think you messed your tags up or something. Copying it manually doesnt work for me either. Says</span> 
Mr. Richard 
just look at post #7157 
Sorry I Meant Spy 
shot 6 looks spaffworthy 
are they really new? at first i thought it was a joke but when i checked, i couldn't remember what the old shots looked like. o.o

anyway, all 6 look great although i'm not really holding my breath for a release. ;) 
necros: for the record, the first two shots are old, the last four are new.

nitin: january is the plan. 
Nah, but definitely looking forward to it. 
Gimme Gimme Gimme 
So I wasn't planning on posting anything from my map until it was near completion, but I feel like I'm gonna drive myself insane soon... thing is, I'm never really satisfied with areas I work on. I always think I have to add more and more details, even though they might look fine. I've come to a halt so many times already because of this, I just can't stick with something, and progress is veeery slow as a result. Anyway, what I want to know from you all, is if these following shots look ok to you??

This is the starting area, I didn't want to make this overly detailed seeing as the player will never return here anyway:

A minor hallway, I've got this feeling that the walls are too bland/flat, true or not?

On the other hand, I try to give more detail to more "major" areas or areas that will be revisited, such as this "hub" that connects a few areas:

And yes, it's fullbright. I haven't gotten to the lighting stage yet, I'm still only working on architecture and have a ton of stuff left, that's why I need to know if these areas look fine so I won't drive myself crazy with detailing every little nook and cranny!

Help me out here guys! 
..indoor corridors are not my cup of tea but still your pics look pretty fair and competently done. 
B:I think that looks pretty good! I guess you might be able to spruce up the ceiling in the corridors if you wanted to, but imo it looks pretty good.

ZQF: I want to play that.

Metl: my pants are slightly tighter. 
Just some quick links to the full pics ...

I think it's shaping up quite nicely, as for blandness it doesn't look too bland but not as detailed as some maps are nowadays. Don't let that discourage you though, it really does look very tasty. 
i think those shots are absolutely fine.
as for lower detailed areas like hallways, don't forget you can use lighting to your advantage.
shroud boring areas in shadows but use spotlights to keep the floor and eye-level walls illuminated.
you can also use trim more aggressively. you're already doing that on the walls, but you can trim along the floors too. idbase and ikbase have excellent trim textures. 
oh my oh my

2010 will be a awesome Quake year :)

even in fullbright they look awesome... nice ceelings!

I really need to start making something :( since tdl.bsp I made so many few brushes :( one speedmap and a map that I start that have like 50 brushes... 
shots 2-4 look absolutely fine, although like necros suggested, spotlights would work a treat on those flat beige walls

with shot 1, i'm not really a fan of the top of the building being completely level. height variation is a good thing.. although since i can't put into words exactly what i'd do i threw a quick example together in worldcraft, perhaps adding a little light fixture on the top of each one afterwards. i know you said the player only passes through once, but it's still an entrance, and entrances should be at least a little bit pretty ;) 
I think you'll be surprised by the difference in feel you get when you light the level Berntsen :) 
Dammit, Zwiff! 
I thought you were posting pics of your map...

...which, BTW, you need to be working on :) 
Working on style stuff so I can start prettying up rooms and whatnot soon, while continuing to balance gameplay/layout in the main map. Probably won't be able to work on it until after New Years though, so no updates for a while. 
Thanks for the feedback everyone! It's exactly what was needed for me to get motivated to kick-start my ass into some serious mapping again.

I'm already thinking of using light and shadows effectively, but I'll take into account your advice to conceal dull areas, necros. :)

I'll also see what I can do with trimming and some more interesting level/height differences in architecture.

Nice shots, got a nice clean look going there. I don't think you should worry too much about adding lots of detail since less can be more. I'm sure once you've got some lighting in there, that'll give it a nice touch of depth. Keep it up. 
Thanks. Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with the level of detail I already have throughout the entire map, then light it and see if anything else should be added. 
Because I Like To See This Thread Being Active :P 
I'm posting another:

I noticed that I was finishing a lot of my layouts with the player in lifts, and thought it was pretty boring ending every map in the same way, but I do like the idea of moving from one area to another, so I decided to add a train yard :E

Only blocked out so far though... 
Hot Tip 
You can do some angled crates (misaligned crates) which are still nicely on grid. You just offset each of the corners so that each side has an angle of 1 in 4. If see what I mean. I could post an image somewhere........

Massive base maps get my juices flowing ;) 
Hey Ricky 
when do we get starkmon2? ^_~ 
Hopefully Never 
I want some non-base Ricky maps for a change. 
Some Base Scraps: 
I just heard you could set alpha on a func_wall a few days ago, so I had to try building a glass walkway:

also, an exploding slipgate:

The recent posts look great.. should be an exciting new year for maps :-) 
First shot is really good: it reminds me a spatial base in Doom2 (I don't remember the exact title).. Good use of glasses here ! 
Playing With Scripts Again 
Not really happy with it right now, it takes so much tweaking to get rotating stuff moving right :E

Hard to get across in screenshots really... :p 
And I Hoped To Have Most Of It Finished Over Christmas :( 
Well I've almost finished connecting it all up, so it at least won't grow any more.

Should really have kept it small for a first map :E 
Well I've almost finished connecting it all up, so it at least won't grow any more.

that is one of the best feelings for me.

when you put down that last brush that seals up the map and you realize you can now run from start to finish without having to noclip around or whatever. 
ZealousQuakeFan for as first msp id pretty easy to say that you hasve talent!

keep good work! 
when you put down that last brush that seals up the map and you realize you can now run from start to finish without having to noclip around or whatever.

For me its a combination of relief and anxiety. It's cool to have it all in place, but seeing how much is left to go over with the prettiness paint is kinda scary :P 
you have some Unreal mapping experience? what maps? 
I made a deathmatch map for the 3D Buzz mapping competition a couple of years back, was called Dogs of War. Some shots of it if yer interested:
It's not really finished, and was a remake of something I'd made in ut2k3. I also built it more like a ut2k3 map, so it has an excess of BSP that needs stripping out really. The competition was very interesting cause I saw how the winners actually built stuff :)

I plan to go back to it and finish it, but I wanted to create something single player. Only ever really built multiplayer stuff that I played with friends, single player is vastly different :E 
when you put down that last brush that seals up the map and you realize you can now run from start to finish without having to noclip around or whatever.

I can't wait until I reach that stage. As of now, it feels like there's an endless amount of brushwork left, I've already worked on the map for some time and I've only done about 15%!

At least I have specific ideas about most of the areas in terms of layout and setups from now on, though, coupled with a self-imposed deadline of the beginning of april, so hopefully that will help motivate me... 
Working On Website....

My actual website this time. A bit gratuitous but it seems to be the done thing, and its for my course.

Need to finish it soon, deadline coming this summer, and there's an exam after the final website(s) 
Reviews? You're own, or referenced reviews of your maps? 
I Am Planning On Reviewing Maps 
Probably base maps :) Although I may extend it to just whichever maps I think are worth a review. 
So... really do have a thing for base maps then :p 
Ive only made 2 maps that weren't (3rd on the way, alongside another base map :) 
New Map - Q1shw1: Devastation 
Hi guys, I've made a dm map, and here's first beta of it. I would appreciate any feedback.

Download q1shw1_b1


Now, I also have 2 issues with that map:
Weird lighting
Vis issue

I need some help with getting around those, any ideas?

Wicked style - I love it! Without the QRP, that is.

Layout seems very good, no item placement - would have to play it against opponents.

Some technical notes: there are a few empty spaces outside of the map (between brushes of adjacent rooms), noclip around to find them.
The steps at -592 -432 216 (near the RL) could use clips on the side so players don't get stuck.
The gears panel at 373 768 360 isn't clipped off.
The angled skull textures at -589 -583 303 isn't properly aligned.
The base trim in the main atrium (image1) looks a bit off with its lack of seams. I'd say either make a 32 unit trim with seams or use the 16 unit texture on those faces as well.
There are some unrealistic shadows, or basically black walls, in sky areas. Not a big deal, but you might want to put a little light there just for neatness.

I strongly recommend turning all of the torch holders into func_illusionaries (or delete them altogether and move the torches to the walls). This should lower the polycount a bit. Likewise, the same could be done to the weapon platforms. Check with r_showtris 1 to see what I mean.

The lighting issue, did you compile the map with -extra4? This might make it go away.

The "vis issue" is a portal error that occurs sometimes when QBSP doesn't like the architecture for some reason, or just feels like it. You can try to fix it by splitting the brush into two triangles and shift the texture on one of them slightly (so they aren't merged by QBSP). 
*no idea about the item placement 
Looks Very Nice! 
Have you tried it in Darkplaces with all of the fluff turned on? I bet that would look cooler....

As for the vis error - yeah like Negke says, try splitting the brush. Or just try replacing the brushes in the affected area with slightly different ones.

Which light tool did you use?

If you ware using Worldcraft you might want to try "Check map for problems" - you often find some clangers at the bottom of that list ;) 
I see too many textures and clashes. Is it just me? 
No, But. 
The replacement textures highlight it too much. Without them, it works much better. Yes, they clash, but in a good way. IMO, anyway. Reminds me a bit of spirit's recent DM map which used a somewhat unorthodox style, too. 
Pictures were taken with DP+QRP.

For compilation I use Lordhavock's hmap2.exe (and Radiant 1.5 for building the stuff). 
OK, Some Stuff 
To make Darkplaces textures look even more awesome use these two console commands:

r_glsl_offsetmapping 1 r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 1

If you use this light tool:

You will probably find your lighting problem has gone.

And if you use this QBSP tool:

It might fix the vis error.

Please try it and report back here :) 
re QRP - not my fav, but looks very nice in game with regular textures! 
About QRP In Custom Maps 
You have to take the replacement textures into account while you map.

You have to map for the QRP textures, ie use Quake textures whose QRP replacements look good together. If your vanilla textures are a jumbled mess, the QRP will highlight that.

Try using a more cohesive style, and test your map with QRP enabled so you can detect problems early, and it will look great with QRP.

e1m6rq was made for the QRP. The vanilla textures are just placeholders in the editor. Dev textures pretty much. 
I'm a sucker for texture combinations and this map looked ace (Not so much with QRP though as gb said). Tastefully done colored lighting too, I liked the sparse fulldark areas.

The pitch black 'dead end' opposite the NG seemed like a good place for a ROS maybe(?). Unless it was your intention to not use any powerups. 
I will add later second .bsp to archive, which will be ffa and include Quad (or sth else). Thanks guys for all feedback, I will take care of things you mentioned, and will post new version soon. 
Q1shw1 Beta1 
Ok guys, second beta:

I've used that light compiler RickyT23 mentioned, it seems ligth issues are gone. Also I fixed some small things, all I could think about atm. I'm pretty content about the map right now, thanks once again for feedback. 
Great To See The Q3 Mapping Machine 
I highly suggest that you post about this on since that is where the multiplayer community sits (for quakeworld). There also is where netquake players from the US go. 
Yep, I know both, will do soon. 
Love it, awesome, very different, fresh...except This

The ledges blocking the arches just look wrong, really-really wrong. Or maybe, it's just me? 
This Time Shots Have Monsters In Them Omg. 
Really Liking Gold Door Shot 
That's looking good, the refinement and details are really helping. The last upper corridor shot shows it well, good base build quality.

The very WIP shots show progress and I'm sure you know about the textures and stuff. Not sure about those spindly pylon things.

Keep at it dude. 
Thanks For Comments 
I've posted quite a few shots of it so I'll stop posting them up as much now.

Having said that will try to have a beta ready soonish for gameplay purposes :E 
Devastation - Vis Issue 
Hey again. When running the map (Devastation - see few posts up) under WinQuake I have those strange Vis issues:

Part of the main room is dissapearing while moving around it. No problems under Darkplaces or Ezquake. 
Im Sure There Is A Command To Increase The Draw-distance 
The Winquake program was designed to play the original Quake maps, which were designed to run on a 486 system with 8MB of RAM. As a result it will only draw so many of the nearest world polys at once. There is a console command to increase this, but I cant remember what it is.

Any modern engine should run the map just fine! 
Yes, as I said DP and ezq runs it great. So there is no thing I can do from mapping point to help this under WinQuake? I mean like adding some copmile/worldspawn command option? 
That looks like if your map is too detailed/complex for winquake. iirc r_speeds must stay below ~800 or things will be greyed out. players can increase r_maxsurfs and r_maxedges to work around this. 
Wee The Console Commands 

r_maxsurfs (default 1000)


r_maxedges (default 2000)

The changes require a map-reload. This makes it difficult to use a Quoth info_command trigger to cause this to happen. You could fire those commands in a smaller start-map I suppose. Then when you start your actual map the commands will be activated. But users on non-Winquake engines might get wierd console messages like "unknown command" or something.

Not many people use WinQuake really. You can make Fitzquake and GlQuake etc look like Windquake if you so desire. 
I know that WinQuake isn't really popular ;). Just wanted to get it clear that I can't do anything with it before releaseing the map.

I simply try to test the map as much as it possible. 
You can do something about it. Question is if it's worth it. The map has many texture combinations on walls, all of which use individual brushes. You could take some of the more frequent ones, for example the bricks with the grey concrete trim on the upper and lower parts and merge them into a new custom texture. This would turn three brushes into one. And if you do this in several location, you can lower the polycount enough to make the grey flash go away in Winquake. Alternatively, you could inspect the area with r_showtris 1 (in Fitzquake; DP only with its native culling disabled) to see if what is rendered from that POV and if it can be changed by some vis blocking.

And there are still (few) people who use software QW engines. As crazy as that sounds - it's that entire frame rate++ crap. 
This gives me ideas like forcing "gl_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest" on map load. Are those things really possible with Quoth's *_command? I don't think so (I hope not). :D

Obviously ShadoW is not looking for such tricks though. 
Yes, They Are 
But why would you want to do this? 
Thanks guys. It is really not serious issue for me. I can live with it, as you said it yourself - nobody really use winquake, me neither. I asked about it only because to get clear it's engine/port thing. So case is closed ;). 
Heh - I Have Tested Maps In Winquake Before 
But that is when I was tailoring a map to fit within the limits of the engine. I was happy enough that the maps loaded in Winquake, and didnt crash it. But I got the same issue that you are experiencing. I think anyone who does use Winquake will probably know to set their draw distance higher. And you can always put a line in your README explaining that Winquake users must use those console commands..... 
This gives me ideas like forcing "gl_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest" on map load.

That's like being the Amish of Quake. 
it would be kind of funny to fuck with the player by repeatedly changing back and forth through different texture modes... with animating textures and stuff... could be really psychedelic. 
I rather be amish than a half-plugged peacock. 
Hyper Alpha State

all the shit disks will be jumppads at one point

still just a shell of a multiplayer map really 
The Pit 
look like a map parboil made but in the lava!

Old Crater

But this one guess is with wind :) look fun 
Safe3 Final "Deadly Momentum" 
Hi guys,
Been doing some tweaks to safe3 (q1 map) since last post here. Feel pretty good with the result. Cannot think of anything I want to fix right now so I'm thinking of making a release. However, before doing so I'd like to ask for your input. Are there any improvements to be done or bugs? Again, thanks to everyone who's been giving feedback and directions, it's very much appreciated.

Also, once I release the map should I notify any sites or people to get some attention? :)

Map can be found here:




Q1shw1: Devastation 
Shadow, i'd live to take a look at your map but the d/l url doesn't work. It looks very interesting judging by the screens. 
ziffon is a prioraty!

then you can post in here and at 
Prioraty My Ass 
Since when has posting new maps at ever lead to constructive feedback? 
ziffon, there is final release:

I've deleted betas from dl 
Grrreat, I just noticed on the front page as well :P

Gonna take a look at it. 
Hows your Q4 map going shadow? :)

Screens of Devastation look good. 
Q1shw2 - Layout Test 
Hey guys, me again :). So I had this idea for a map. And when I have an idea, I simply have to make things. So here's very fast (about 3h of work), first layout test for new map.

Ugly - no light (or vis), and no items exept MH and RL. 
You're A Mapping Machine Shadow! 
Layout seems okay in general. Parts of it feel too long or spacious, though. The teleporters are a bit odd. I'd say either relink them or turn them into jumppads. Lol at the door. Needs to be faster. 
So I Found My Install Of Fraps... 
...and thought I'd have a go recording some Quake

I know sod all about videos and compression and stuff, was mostly just fumbling a bit with Virtual dub and such. If anyone has any tips on this kind of thing I'd be interested :E 
When recording for Youtube, it's probably advisable to use a higher resolution (like 1024) and also increase the game's brightness more than you would for regular playing. Then compress the video with Xvid or any other proper codec (Spirit would say H264) so that the file size is reasonable for uploading but the quality doesn't suffer too much. This will also allow you to select different quality settings on the Youtube stream. Yours is 240p which is the lowest possible one. If the source video is good enough, there'll be 360 and 480, and even 720 HD. At least I found it's available on my videos which were done like described. 
Thanks Negke 
I'll give it another go later with a different resolution :) 
From a gameplay point of view, it's interesting that you see the pauses between the waves spawning as 'awkward'. To me they seemed like just long enough to let the player get their bearings back after defeating a wave - and at the end there was a great moment of anticipation for the Edie. "Hey, it's a bit too quiet...oh crap!" kind of moment. 
That Looks Like A Blast 
It would be hilarious if there was a second Edie behind the corner at the end.

Could use more melee action and less sniping though, IMO. 
> Since when has posting new maps at ever lead to constructive feedback?

If the mapper is from the qw community, there will be feedback I think... and only then. Pretty occult community. 
Quake video: h264 or webm with a bitrate >1500kbps should be good. Use avidemux if you need a frontend. Record with gamma 0.7. Use two-pass if your time allows.

Gb: not true, see shadow's release.

I think netquakers are more likely to actually play a map online. Qw is very limited unless for special occasions or ffa servers. I have no clue what the nq scene actually plays though. Weird maps and the lag from crossing the Atlantic always turned me off. 
if you join a clanarena or crmod server you'll probably play dm3

if you join you'll play from start to dm6, but will probably be on start or dm4

if you join (in Germany btw) you will play a variety of custom multipayer maps maps

if you join you will play a variety of estranged multiplayer and single player maps

i leik last 2 bestest 
just long enough to let the player get their bearings back
Yeah you do have a point... an effect that comes from testing your own stuff I suppose. Was having some trouble with monsters not waking properly there so I was kind of worried it was gonna break again :E
Will probably leave it as it is timing wise then :)

Could use more melee action and less sniping though
It's only one fight, hopefully you'll get enough of a close combat fix from the rest :) 
I can't wait for this map, zqf. It looks amazing so far. I haven't been this excited for a base map in a while! 
Just For Fun 
No, not a quad shotgun, just a four 'shot' panorama 
Mike gives me wood-ham. Tronyn, too. Cool that you finally seem to have made proper use of the sorrow scrap. Now I can delete it from my editor folder. 
So many good maps coming out soon, and so little time to play them. :( 
there is always time to play a Quake map :9

nice shots tronyn can't wait to play then 

That looks awesome, simple, yet very cool, it really makes you think that you are there. Can't wait to play that map... 
mike: looks like a cooler moria. :D i love that the upper area is shrouded in darkness. makes everything look even bigger.

tronyn: the scale is insane, especially on those industrial shots. ;) i was staring at the first industrial shot trying to place it, and then i noticed these tiny little ogres in the corner.
looks like you will be giving arwop a run for it's money. :P

also, i can recognize some stuff in those somethingwicked shots. ^_^ glad you could make use of it! 
I need to change my trousers. 
But Oh Dear. 
Trouser fail, I now need a 3rd pair after seeing Tronyn's shots.

Great stuff there. 
nice styles.

Mike, that looks great. 
A Desert Dusk 3 
The style in that Dry Sorrow(?) map is ace. 
Nice Shots! 
Mike & Tronyn! It's nice to see those scraps lit and so well put together. Can't wait! 
"Quakery!" New Q1 Conversion .. 
Have you tried PanQuake?

Would be nice if someone made a nice modern shader based version of fisheyequake and panquake... 
Playing With Coloured Lighting 
Shots 49, 52 = tastefully done.

Shot 51 = foul.

Shot 50 = unsure, but it might work well in game. 
slight use: very nice! might be even more subtle I think.
dramatic: looks like Shambler's rearside

Make sure not to create annoying grunt sniping gameplay, See as a anti-example (sorry Ricky :) ). 
Question On Strong Colour 
With strong lights, is it generally the saturation, the position (which wasn't thought out, I'm experimenting so was just matching them to the texture of the light source :p ) or the clash of colours (eg would switching spot lights to white improve it etc)

or is just the whole theme of the lighting shit?

ta for feedback :) 
51 just looks like 49 with the white light removed :P

too dark and saturated. the other three are all nice though.. the colour complements the normal light rather than smothering it 
Correct Comments. 
Subtle good, over-colourful vile. 
google up a colourwheel for painting houses and use that to figure out what colours to use.

full red/full blue lighting next to each other = ugly as fuck. 
First Shot 
Looks amazing. 
Had Another Go: 
Okay, a go at making that big room darker but less urgh...
Dropped saturation, increased ambient again, but moved the lights lower:

Too dark? Blue too strong? :E

Another corridor with some little highlights from the monitors 
it's really not necessary to colour-code every single light and monitor. for main lighting, i'd stay closer to white, as well. for example, in 53, i'd make the red lights be pure red and very small radius. highlights, mainly. the blue strip lights i'd make as the main light emitters but make them nearly white, a very pale cyan.
there are more colours than just rgb. 
Purple ? 
... bah, nevermind... :P 
Thanks for the comments guys, I'll try and do a more detailed outdoor area and see how that goes colour wise.

I think the style I'm generally going for now is making indoors look quite warm and the outdoor or open areas cold... :E 
with colored light, try reducing the radius of intensely colored ones (raise the wait value to 2 or more).

You have to play around with wait values really.

Also try combining white lights with the blue ones.

Although light blue and light-medium yellow seem to usually work well - watch for pure colors (red green blue) and reduce their radius / lower the brightness. The blue spot on the right side of shot 50 is kinda intense.

For a strong colored light effect like with lava or big flames, keep the brightness under 250 (avoid the washed out effect / clamping) and increase the radius instead / put several point lights spread out over an area instead of cranking up the brightness.

You can have subtle colore variations with this latter approach / combination with white. 
you can almost eliminate colour wash-out by using delay 5 in aguirre's light. delay 5 caps intensity at max instead of allowing intensity to approach the sun like delay 2 does. you can still get wash-out if you have multiple lights, of course, delay 5 doesn't do anything about that.

those ayleid shots i posted a few weeks ago all use delay 5 with between 450 to 600 intensity (and sometimes wait 0.75). 
This stuff is reminding me of old Unreal, where bright lights turned green :p

Quite a headache 

delay 5 changes the falloff formula though - I went through a phase where I used it everywhere, but moved away from it again.

It's good to know though and I'll try it for sure. I guess we're getting a grip on it :) 
Q1shw2 - Deep Scars (beta1) 
Looks Very Sexy Indeed! 
My only criticism from the shots is that you need to sort out the metal texture on those uprights. I would increase the dimension on the y axis slightly so that you can't see the trim, or atleast try and align the trim in a fashion which makes it more justified and less broken. 
Some Comments 
I see you went for a more cohesive texture style this time - presumably to make the map look better under QRP? - but the result turned out somewhat monotone and gray. It might help if you had more city2_6 trims everywhere.

The checkered floor texture clashes with the metal walls badly, IMO.

The lights on the stairs didn't look too good - either use a smaller light texture instead of resizing the large one, or shrink the floor texture.

Like negke said before, the teleporters felt unnecessary, and could as well have been jump pads, or lifts - or maybe even some E4-style stairs. Also, the actual teleporter seems a little too big.

This area seemed perfect for a powerup (maybe a MH?) but I dunno if that's a good idea for a 1v1 map. 
the shots with original quake textures look much better than with those shitty hi res ones. 
#7312: "I see you went for a more cohesive texture style this time"

If mixing metal, medieval, and tech-base all in one room is "more cohesive" than the last iteration, I'd love to see the earlier drafts... 
i like the texture scheme. i don't have a problem with it being monotone. kind of like a poured concrete runic map. the hirez textures work much better this time, and the regular textures go well too. at the same time, however, it could use more variation on the larger flat walls, not just the same texture over the whole surface.
for example:
blue area should be the same texture but at 90 degrees
green area should be like a demon head texture or something.

just an idea but this is what i mean by breaking up the wall. 
Notice how the textures on the angled surfaces look different from the rest - stretched to fit the width. For maximum neatness you should reduce their scale accordingly, e.g. on 45� walls it should be something around 0.75 (x or y, depending on which plane it is). 
Yep guys, there are some issues, and I know about them :). It's beta, obviously. Tbh I expected more feedback about layout and item layout then texturing ;) at this stage. 
well, you'll never get that from me. :P i never played quake dm and competitive layout has never interested me much. afaik, just put RA and RL at opposite ends of the map and you're set. :P 
ra and rl at OPPOSITE ends? shit no wonder no one played any of my dm maps :P 
Any News On "Mortisville" Mod ?? 
Someone knows if the mod "Mortisville" is dead or what else ?

..I remember some screenshots pretty good 
it's ne_melee 2.0! :P

not really, but just something i hammered out today. feels like a better implementation than that original mod i tried way back.

swing damage increases the longer you hold down fire, just like most games out there.
block is automatic though. you can't block when you're swinging, obviously, but you will block as long as you face your attacker.
you can only block other melee weapons though.

thinking of making some kind of stamina system so you get tired blocking or something but there isn't really anywhere on the UI to put that, unless i used the current ammo slot. i had planned to make the current ammo slot the 'swing power' though. :P

not sure if i'll actually make map that uses this thing... it's very powerful and needs multiple attackers to keep it in check (so that a monster can hit you on the side where you can't block). if it's just 1 on 1, you never have to take any damage. 
Looks Cool :) 
Yeah if there was a stamina thing it would make it quite a cool little upgrade in normal Quake for low ammo type maps. Why not just display your blocking stamina on the weapon's ammo counter? I suppose that wouldn't be great if you plan on including Hexen style weapons that are melee but use mana :E

Also would be cool if the sound of actually hitting something was more meaty. Also would be fairly entertaining if strong strikes would gib. Feedback is the best thing about the Half-Life crowbar and such :)


Video of my own, playing with video uploading, this time it's a better resolution. I knew the video was too dark but didn't realise it would fuck up the compression, but anyway hope you can see what's happening. It's fairly obvious I think. 
I tried to add &r_fullbright=1 onto the end of that link, but it didn't help. From what I could hear, it needs more Vorelings... 
Squeal piggy Squeal. 
Necros FFS 
I expect your cath/dragon/oblivion episode yesterday!
Please don't give up on that Doom 2 map, either. It's practically finished minus a few details. 
with all the qexpo talk lately, i'm holding off to see what happens. it'd be pretty cool to release everything over the course of qexpo. 
Are those custom realistic door swing physics? 
If there were a QExpo this year, I would work to finish my Quake map by then. It would be a quick, tiny map but at least I would finish it. 
Are those custom realistic door swing physics?

yep! :D i'm pretty proud of them. both players and monsters can push them and they emit sound depending on speed. i'm thinking of adding random sway for wind effects, but angle precision is too low for that kind of thing unless you use DP. 
That's the saloon variety. Now add a use (grab) mechanic. 
i don't know if that's fully possible without engine extensions.

you could haxor in a use key, but it wouldn't be perfect.

i suppose you could make the 'fire' button contextual for swinging doors, but that risks getting in the way of shooting. 
Swinging Door ? 
nice! I'd need them for a saloon in a western mod I was planning but aborted.

So how can I obtain that effect ? 
it's not overly complex, actually. i was surprised no one had done it before when i realized that.

you basically reverse the functionality of the func_movewalls and func_rotate_door.
drop the func_rotate_door into an endless loop and then set movewalls to use a touch function that sends the player's velocity to the rotate_door. from there, use dot product to figure out how fast to move based on angle of door.
there might be a smarter way to do this actually. calling the rotation code directly from the touch function for the first time or something instead of just leaving the door looping all the time, even if it's not moving.

for monsters, it's a little trickier. they will never proc a touch function on a solid_bsp like movewalls because movetogoal and walkmove will detect if it *would* hit, and just not let it.
luckily, the rotate_object has a nice bounding box sized to cover the entire area that it will rotate (i think that's done automatically by qbsp?).
so you give a touch function for the rotate_object and then use this math: to figure out if the monster is 'touching' the door or not. from there, it's a simple matter of deciding which way to push the door based on monster position. 
cool video, I liked the block function as well. nice looking map, good atmosphere with the storm and creaking doors, good combat. 
Don't use that "math" to figure out if a point is in a rectangle (or bounding box). It's slow and awkward compared to the simple solution, which is to check if each point coordinate is within the min and max vectors of the bbox.

Also, for checking whether a point is within a polygon, I prefer the "shoot ray from polygon and see how many polygon segments it hits" method because it is not computationally heavier, it is simpler and it deals with non-convex polygons as well. This method is esp. simple if you translate your polygon by the negative point (which then becomes the origin) and check whether the polygon becomes the origin.

To do this in 3D, project onto one of the coordinate planes (preferrably the plane where the projected polygon has the largest area). 
becomes == contains 
Stairs Clip 
Guys, should I turn all my stairs into func_wall, and cover them with clip ramps? I mean, is there any reason I shouldn't do that? I think it would be better to exclude stairs from mesh merging process, as they bring a lot of unnecessary splits. And in case I can do that - ramps or rather stairs shaped clip? 
I Would'nt Do That 
I dont think it's common practise. One of the querks of Quake is the ramp-jumping effect (if you jump whilst running up a ramp you will fly quite far), and doing what you describe will not reduce the complexity of the mesh that much, and the behaviour of the stairs will be weird.
Players are used to looking at stairs and knowing that you can't ramp-jump up them.

All of the vertexes of the bmodel stairs will still be counted towards your vertex limits (and some marksurfaces). You wont's save many polys. 
You're All Invited To .. 

some feedback is appreciated caus I don't know if make it a real mod/pack whatever 
I Would Spend A Bit More Time Putting 
some shading on the skins 
Don't use that "math" to figure out if a point is in a rectangle (or bounding box). It's slow and awkward compared to the simple solution, which is to check if each point coordinate is within the min and max vectors of the bbox.

you can't. first because as the door rotates, the bounding box's accuracy varies from completely so to completely not. you have to continually check from a rotated box, not a static one. if you could just use the bbox, then you could simply set it to a touch function and leave it at that.
on top of that, since we're using the rotate_object as the trigger field, modifying the bbox would change the way the rotating brush is displayed. qbsp seems to create it with a bbox that is larger than the bmodel itself. it seems to make it as large as the bmodel would be if it was rotated 360 all at once from it's origin entity.

Also, for checking whether a point is within a polygon, I prefer the "shoot ray from polygon and see how many polygon segments it hits" method because it is not computationally heavier, it is simpler and it deals with non-convex polygons as well. This method is esp. simple if you translate your polygon by the negative point (which then becomes the origin) and check whether the polygon becomes the origin.

To do this in 3D, project onto one of the coordinate planes (preferrably the plane where the projected polygon has the largest area).

i didn't understand what you mean here. anyway, the check i use is not 3d. the pushable doors only work for y axis doors and have seperate code from x and z axis rotation. (or they would if i needed that and bothered coding it).
doing it in 2d is pretty quick, just a few subtractions and a division. also, i have no idea how to do it in 3d. 
Ah I See 
In that case, your method is in fact better (and faster). 
Thanks :) 
it totally is a case of hackery such that it only works in one specific way. i'm not smart enough to generalize it to work for all cases. ^_^; 
I Know Rickt23..but 
the essence I want to achieve in all my mods is sort of cartoonish style so when I reach a certain level of detail previously planned I stop.

this is my method of mapping or else you could never get any map finished!

..hmm actually I never published anything til now :) 
Deep Scars Beta2 
Hi. Second beta of my Deep Scars map. It's suppose to be RC now, meaning there are clips, item layout should be final, ligting and textures were fixed in few places and so on. Will appreciate any feedback :). 
Check the skull textures. Some of them are cut off in the middle. The stretched textures on all all 45 degree walls look bad. I don't like the base floor textures here; the grey/blue one was better (contrast). There's also another 4*4 tile floor texture in brown.
One thing you got to keep in mind when using 32 unit tiles on the floor is to make sure the dimensions are right on every floor, otherwise they'll be cut off which looks wrong. An example for this is the floor under the GL. However, this can be easily fixed by making the edge trim 32 units wide and replacing the upper texture with metal4_4.
Also note that metal4_4 has distinct seams on each side - this means it has to rotated according to the adjacent brushes.
There's a rogue space behind a brick recess near the lower RL.

The stairs look a bit out of place. They were okay in the first map, but not so much here. Maybe change the texture, or put 16-wide ramps on each side of them.

I think there is too much health. Or at least too unevenly distributed. Quite a few spots that have 2*25 medkits but are also in relatively close proximity to more medkits. Maybe one of the large health boxes from the lower floor up to the LG, and the other ones a bit more spread out, or something. 
Hehe all were complaining about that floor texture before :). I liked it better too, maybe will get it back then. Will look into stuff you mentioned. 
Or try a completely different texture. I only meant there should be some contrast between floor and walls, which the present base floor doesn't offer. 
Quake Live Maps :) 
Sorry for a little off topic, but I just wanted to show you two new maps introduced with Quake Live february update ;).

Concrete Palace:

Dies Irae:

More about it:] 
Post missing on your blagh. 
Just Have To Remove The']' From The Address 
Nice work/congrats as usual, ShadoW. Dies Irae seems to be one of the few QL maps with a unique theme, however also somewhat samey colorwise. The design of the maps feels good, though I would have wished for some more refined ceilings and also more sophisticated (less flat) transitions between upper geometry and sky.
You really seem to like that staircase design. 
A Few Quick Shots... 
Under some train tracks
The weird blue metal things are the trains. I haven't textured them properly yet :p

Train yard area in WC :E
Doesn't look like much in game atm, but it's a fun amount of entities I suppose...

Decided to play with the Ikbase set for a change
I really liked the quiet bits of OUM, so going for that kind of feel I think :E 
anyone ever mixed ikbase with ikblue? i reckon it'd work, esp if it's 70% ikbase and 30% ikblue. 
sounds interesting. i'm all for doing unique combinations.

been trying koohoo/heretic2 + ikbase which isn't bad. 
Heretic2 + Ikblue 
Could equal elder world awesomeness! 
..about Textures Legal Issues 
Since you're talkin about textures.. I need to know about possible legal issues

..i mean all Quaddicted wads are free to use ? Should I credit the authors or not ? And what if I make a commercial project ?

OK, Im Speaking Broadly Here 
But I think you can use all of those wads. Some contain some permissions stuff in the info/readme, and it is good manners to put a credit with any public releases for everyone who 's work you used, but you never hear about anyone getting onto any trouble over using quake wads.

If you were using them for commercial purposes then I guess that's a whole different ball game. You would have to check any permissions info you can find for all of your resources, and take if from there I guess... Never been in that situation. 
Unless commercial use is explicitly allowed and you are certain about the legal background of the content, you can use it.

Many of the WADs at Quaddicted are actually content copied from other games. Violating copyright. No right holder ever cared so that has been done since the dawn of Quake levels. You definitely cannot use those for a commercial project.

id Software also does not allow use of their art for commercial projects. 
..mmh I Understand 
ok.. but what about old projects like SHRAK, MALICE,.. did they buy license from Id ?

I've heard that nowadays licensing Q1 engine for commercial project is $10.000 right ?

Can you create a permanent thread about legal stuff ? 
You can't license the quake engine anymore. Iirc, there was a page on that stated that.

Also, yes, the devs for malice and other (official) missions packs and total conversions did have to get a license. 
i wouldn't be so concerned dude. Quake's a 15 yr old game, it's pretty unlikely you'll get sued for releasing a free map (with stolen textures) that probably only a 100 ppl are gonna play. Hell if I were still mapping I'd be stealing textures out of some of all the latest games and converting them to wads.

Can't remember what I stole back in the day... pretty sure I ripped all the FAKK2 ones and used those in Carved in Flesh. Most of the good games back then using ID tech 2/3 had their textures ripped. 
I Thought You Were Making A Map 
I am disappoint. 
Kona is the reason where there was no FAKK3! He stole all their textures! 
..poor Me 
..only 100 people? I thought q1 community 'd have been at least some thousand scattered around the world :(

[Kona] crazy as it sounds I have the funny idea of making something more than a amateur free q1 addon

If all fails I'll have somethin to feed my portfolio, I'd really like to work in the industry

IdSoftware homepage still has a business/tech link but doesn't work! 
Who ever said that free quake mods are/were amateur? 
..obviously They Aren't 
but I'd like to know if there are chances to go commercial with Q1 engine.. today we have online distribution(Steam,..) and other channels

Is it true Q1 engine cannot be licensed from id? and by abiding GPL(aargh!) terms ?? 
Why Don't You Check The Website Or Email Carmack 
Instead of asking people on forum who more than likely don't know what we're talking about? 
I seriously doubt a cutting edge gaming studio would hire anyone making maps for Quake. Level design is totally different now to Worldcraft.

If you want to get hired in the industry, it doesn't need to be commercial. You can make something free. But i'd suggest doing it for a modern game.

Ooooh FAKK3 would be awesome!!! 
Last time I had a peak at level design jobs they all wanted knowledge of something like LUA.

Would Half-Life 2 count as modern? The way its scripting is done via entities and such is pretty much like Quake, very different from the Crysis Flowgraph or Kismet. 
I would say it's modern. 
Make Maps For Left 4 Dead 2! 
It's still very hip, the editor is Hammer, there is plenty scope for mapping interesting environments. Map replay-ability is potentially very high, people might play your maps online if they kick ass, maybe.
HL2 is a bit dead really, not much buzz surrounding it nowadays. My 2c. 
TF2 is awesome to map for, big community for it. L4D2 is a lot more involved with a lot less replayability imo, it doesn't get as much mileage as TF2. Plus if your map gets picked up they'll pay you for it. And it's just an awesome game.

Or wait until Portal 2. Or start a UDK mod. Or something. 
I never got into the TF scene. I can't compare.
I guess the art style put me off a bit, I wasn't feelin the cartoon element. But I never got round to playing it. I remember someone mapping for it on Func at one point. Was it Speeds? Or pjw or something? 
Well, could you potentially show your good design knowledge in something older like Quake but also demonstrate knowledge of more modern editors and scripting systems with something different?
Basically do you have to show the two always in the same project. As powerful as they are you're also limit asset and variety wise with stuff like Crysis or L4D.
Just a thought anyway :p 

Look what these guys are mapping for, plenty of pro LDs on there too. UDK, Crysis and L4D/TF2 are pretty high on the list it seems.

Personally I intend to map for Crysis and probably ETQW (or some semi-professional looking Doom3 mod) once I get time for it to create a portfolio. Have dabbled in both, but no time due to rmq. I'm starting to really like Crysis though, although was skeptical right after getting it.

Even installed Windows because of modern game LD considerations. x_x Linux is a no-no if you want to do any LD for recent games. Radiant, for example, is missing a lot of stuff that even the Doom3 editor has (which is Windows only). Sandbox? Can forget running that under wine.

Lua is apparently pretty commonly used for scripting, but if you can learn QuakeC or the Doom3 scripting thingy, you can learn Lua.

I think. 
From the limited amount I looked into it the Flowgraph is insanely powerful. Would be very interested to see how much you could change the gameplay with it. More arcadey gameplay (like Doom/Quake) + a modern engine would be my dream atm :p

I'm planning on building a portfolio myself at some point, but the main issue for me seems to be the separation of Level Design from Evironment Art. It's harder to find resources based around demonstrating the design side over just pretty things. I've found a few but not much... 
I remember someone mapping for it on Func at one point. Was it Speeds? Or pjw or something?

Wasn't me. List of games I've mapped for (non-professionally):

and an absolutely silly number of Trackmania maps.

And yeah, these days you're going to want to have something more modern in your portfolio than Quake maps if you're wanting to get hired as a level designer. At least something from the last few years.

Quake maps can demonstrate as much skill and creativity as any other sort of mapping (more, in some cases, due to limited tools and engine limits), but you're really rolling the dice if you want a prospective employer to look past the dated eye-candy. 
What do you map for professionally? :)

I plan on making a left 4 dead 2 map of my neighborhood/city, so I started with my house. I'm pretty sure it's not to scale; I plan on actually measuring tomorrow, but that's basically what my house looks like. I just need more time to work on this. :E 
What do you map for professionally? :)

I've worked on a few things through the years. I'm probably happiest with Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, Quake 4, and Wolfenstein. 
L4D2 still uses Hammer?! Fuck me, that game must look average. 
It Uses Hammer 
But there are a lot of hi-res assets, and the engine has great lighting. The animations are very good, and the character models are of an extremely high detail level. TBH it looks like a DX9 game (cause its is I suppose) but the bulk of the maps are of a high standard, the art style is basically realism-based but with a B-movie poster style. But the most hi-res thing about the game - the gameplay! 
Well, WIP L4D shots I've seen usually look less "eyecandy" than Crysis or Unreal, though by no means bad. It's just that a lot of people tend to build a couple boxes with orange textures, then slap brick textures on and scatter broken cars all around.

> It's harder to find resources based around demonstrating the design side over just pretty things.

Yeah, it seems so.

I can only suggest looking into neighboring categories of games, such as platformers, RPGs etc and trying to find what makes them interesting. I myself am making it a point recently to play major titles from the recent years and analyze them. Since established mechanics in FPS are kinda worn out - escort the NPC, defend the camp, collect X items, kill X enemies, etc - looking into other games can be inspiring. Nothing against established mechanics, if they're pulled off solidly - but if something's old, I wanna put a little shine on it...

I am guilty of shamelessly stealing from Tomb Raider: Anniversary when it comes to traps - that game is like a trap constructor's manual and many elements can be transferred to Quake for example (and still work).

Reading this thread at

I was thinking it could be insanely cool if you could really construct new weapons in an FPS by finding a broken rocket launcher and combining it with, say, an explobox and batteries to create a flame thrower... if you could really make that feel as if you had freedom in constructing things.

U-Invent machines come to mind. 
ZealousQuakeFan : 
The word/role level design is used differently at different companies. Often these days it's split into different parts so that building the level and doing the scripting is different jobs. And the building part will look very different too, a lot of the pretty geometry may be done by an "environment artist" and not the "level designer".

So you don't really have to learn lua or some other form of scripting unless that's the part of levels you want to work with. 
Yeah my passion is very much about building the level, scripting and gameplay. Art is a necessary evil to make it presentable :p 
Alternative Gameplay Paths In Legacy Quake Maps. 
Hey, I've just got that crazy idea about remaking original quake maps (few maps, episode, all episodes?) with alternative paths :). Quake community did a lot of weird things in last 15 years, why not make a campaign, or whatever you call it with old single player maps reworked, so the are not linear, or at least you can finish a level by more then one way. It could be cool, as it doesn't require as much work as making new sp maps, and it still could be really cool, with new places, new paths, secrets and stuff. I would like to see every map to be possible to finish in at least 3 different ways, so you can play and experience sinle maps few times, and it would be different all the time :). Probably just crazy idea, but you never know... 
i had a similar idea to remake episode 1 with the exact reverse player progression: every exit becomes a start, and the start points become exits, and you work your way from e1m7 back down to e1m1 ... maybe even repurpose start.bsp as a boss arena. 
That would be ... how would that work? 
We once had a speedmap pack where we reversed maps. Or remixed them, can't remember. I made one start on its end but only implemented a small part of the rest. I loved that idea and it very interesting. 
well, it would definitely require some creative adaptation, like moving keys around, adding buttons or triggers, etc. 
Re: Alternative Gameplay Paths In Legacy Quake Maps 
here's a map you can try out:

it has the same basic structure as that ne_qep1 map i made a year or so ago. it is e1m1->e1m7 glued together into one giant map, except this version has a huge outdoor area built around the original maps to connect them together and the path to the end is different.

there's no source map in there, though... this map's source was lost last year when my hdd died so it will never be finished (there were a bunch of areas that are unfinished) but it's playable to the end, at least. 
please note, the above map may not have enough ammo to complete...

it was originally going to be for that melee mod i've been trying to make. in the old version of the melee mod, it played a lot more like an rpg game... sort of like a 3d 1st person diablo, really. you had to level up by killing monsters or getting secrets, so most of the monsters were placed without any thought for ammo since the player was using mana that recharged and a melee weapon. 
Ah Crap 
one last thing: the map is only fast vised.
since the map source was gone, i couldn't generate a new .prt file for a new vis session.

bsp2prt just plain crashed (i guess the map is too big?) and the quakeforge bsp, while successful as creating a prt, the prt was not compatible with aguirre's vis and the quakeforge vis crashed trying to vis with the prt file. so yeah, epic failure. :) 
bjp's bspinfo -prt 
well, i'll upload a full vis when it finishes. :P

thanks random nameless person. 
99% of crashed hdd's can be recovered necros, if it's got stuff u really wanted on it. 
bloody hell that is fantastic!


ugly sunlight in the outside parts though. 
Thanks Spirit :) 
i've been thinking of doing another one like that for ep3 or 4. it's really a lot of fun to do, if anyone else is interested in trying. just grab the id map sources (romero's link is dead?) and start copy/pasting away. ^_^ 
Ok, Second Time's A Charm... 
here's the map again:

same link as before, but i replaced the file.

vis, level4 + light, extra4
runs a lot better.

btw, thanks for the demo, spirit. that was fun but fiends ate you! :D 
Interesting ..but there some sort of new levels ?
or is only a collage of pre-existent parts?

can you explain better the "alternate paths" ?

these type of works are not my cup of
tea(reminds me of a mod called "E5") ..anyway I'll take a look 
That Last Link 
map is utterly awesome up to the end of gloom keep, but e1m6 is almost completely unplayable as it appears to have been rotated 90 degrees without most of the door & teleport destination angles being adjusted accordingly. it's first noticeable at the silver key door and every door after it does the same :(

gold key bridge didn't work either and the hallway crusher was ~128 units out. and i couldn't work out how to exit after killing chthon? the usual teleporter leads back to grisly grotto (where the ziggurat vertigo entrance normally is)

such a shame as i was loving it up until then.. great fun to explore and quite a headfuck in places seeing all those familiar places from different perspectives. would have loved to see the big outdoor areas more polished though (the rock surfaces in particular) as well as the new link-up areas

the thing putting me off from trying it is how much tweaking to the architecture i'd want to do and i'd be too tempted to redesign whole rooms a la rmq :) 
sorry about that. :( like i said, it's unfinished. after you reach e1m6, it's pretty much exactly the same, except it was rotated and none of the doors were realigned.

as an aside, i looked over the e2, e3 and e4 maps and i didn't get the urge to combine them... i think it's because i am exponentially more familiar with e1. you gotta know the maps almost by heart if you're going to integrate them together. :S 
I had some fun playing your map. There wasn't much problem with ammo but I have used all possible secrets. I forgot to record a demo. Killed 309 monsters on hard skill. 
one time I thought I would combine all the non-base e2 maps (or even all of them period) into "the TOWER of black magic," literally stack them all up and remake them all in one map in modern style. but I'm not thinking that now. 
yeah, i would strongly suggest against that. mainly because bringing the id maps up to modern standards, no, up to 'clean brushwork' standards alone, is a monumental task.

e1 seemed the cleanest built of the 4 episodes. take a peek at e2m2 or e3m1... they are brutal and getting them to work with modern styles would basically mean rebuilding almost everything.

i suppose, if, after you had everything set up properly, you went from start to finish, room by room, rebuilding and then deleting the old version, it might be possible, but very very slow work, i suspect.
if you like building details, you might enjoy it, otherwise it'll likely get boring.

also, something of note is that, on average, the ep2,3 and 4 maps seem larger than e1 maps so a full combination may not be possible... i recall qep1 was pretty up there in vertices and clipnodes.
otoh, if you clean up the brushwork, you can probably reduce clipnodes and vertices by at least 30% and that is a pessimistic estimate. 
I've got e3m2 and e3m3 rebuilt and connected, e3m7 is connected and partially rebuilt, with backwards access to e3m3 via a remake of a section of e3m6. I just need to find a suitable end arena...Penile Devastation perhaps? Anyhoo, much larger than this and limits start to become a problem. If I can get it all glued together Necros, how do you feel about dropping in the gameplay? 
that sounds impressive. :)

sure, yeah, if you get the brushwork together, i think i could put some monsters in. 
when are we going to see a necros-tronyn megaproject ? 
well I have one map which includes some necros scraps

maybe next fall if necros is up for it. I'd like to try building something directly inspired by Piranesi after I get all my current in-progress Drake maps done. 
his stuff is pretty wild, although i wonder how well that will translate to quake due to the wide open nature of his drawings (at least, those prison ones). 
The smoking fire and the drawbridge might. 
In Celebration Of Czg's Birthday And Since Easter Is Coming Near 
I cleaned up everything I had for my silly non-violent bunny hugging game and also even already fixed a bug or two. Hopefully I will finish it this year...

Not much too do actually. But, well, I hacked this together 4 years ago and did not care about anyone trying to make sense of it in the future.

Anyone got an idea how to get bright neon pink as blood in Darkplaces? I am using a particlefont.tga at the moment and it always looks really dark. 
When I look at those rabbits faces, I have impression they just wait for getting the RL out of the pockets and to start the carnage. You can almost feel the tension in the air :). 
first thing i thought when i saw the screenshot was SSG and "wascali wabbits". 
That reminds me of the Watership Down mod that was once being developed for Quake 2 before moving on to another engine and into incompleteness... 
Hl2 Level 
was just gonna say 'you can't drop a hint about a map you're making without posting shots!' :P

all of them look great, but shot4 looks really cool! more of that please! 
lighting in shot 3 looks a little bland but the rest is swell. not played any hl2 custom maps yet 
HL2 Episode 2 is very nice, but is not as fun as Quake!

But is a nice game visualy and in gameplay 
"not played any hl2 custom maps yet"

Click this link =)

Map looks good Pulsar, looking forward to seeing more 
I seem to recall saying in January that my map was at least playable from beginning to end. Well I was lying. However, NOW it is...

Anyone interested in some Easy or Medium skill testing for me? :E 
Ill Test It For You 
My email address is in my profiler ;) 
452 Monsters?! 
Oh hell, no. 
It's under 300 on normal! :E 
452 monsters!!!

WTF I demand more secrets :p 3 is very few... 
Ye haven't added all of them yet. I'm not very good at secrets, was always crap at finding them myself and thinking of interesting places for them is tricky :p 
It's interesting to me how monster counts in custom maps skyrocketed while secrets have not. A typical E1 map has 30-40 monsters and 6 secrets. That's 1 secret for every 6-7 monsters! Now we have 5x or 10x the monsters but 6-7 is still the upper bound for secrets. ( I think warpspasm had more though?)

I know it's easier to drop 50 knights in a room than design 5 interesting secrets, but I think it's something people should focus more time on.

And , secrets don't always need to have a complicated mechanism or lead to a new area- if you can hide something in a dark corner or on top of a pile of crates, that's already a reward for exploring with not too much effort and no new brushwork. 
So what you're saying is I need about 75 secrets? :P

I'll take that as a personal challenge... 
Large scale usually impresses players.

Filling that large scale with interesting gameplay, and even things like secrets, sometimes seems like an afterthought...

50 knights are easily plopped down in no time, thanks to copy & paste. Yeah. (OK, that can still be limited fun with a quad and a supernailgun, but the dose makes the poison).

ZQF, I'll gladly test Easy skill for you. I will most likely tell you to remove a lot of monsters... ;-P

My email is in the profiles under golden_boy I think. 
Actual Screenshot 
needs a bit of vegetation gb. has big ass trees, but no weeds or grass? 
metslime, I have a map in work for quite a time now. It's not very large, I'd say it's a medium size, I already have 15 secrets in it, but I plan to add more :) 
Do your thoughts on secrets change depending on the linearity of the map? My map is very linear and many areas cannot be revisited, so if you miss a secret on your first trip through a room you won't be able to find it again without playing the whole thing through again (or noclipping natch :P ) 
Doesn't Matter 
If anything, it add replay value for treasure hunters. Besides, it doesn't have to be the most refined secret areas - sometimes a medkit or an ammo box placed behind a corner or a crate does the trick. Not hard to find, but satisfying for the player. 
Kona: Yep, true. I decided to do the main features like hills and large trees first, then fill in details later. I haven't looked at all the various grass models enough yet :)

I'll also need a lot more layers in the megatexture. 
Crysis grass: It seems like the small grass is about lawn height, and pretty sparse. Large/medium grass however is almost knee height, and people will see that while running around - so it seems large grass can be used like bushes and will catch the eye, while small grass often won't.

Probably going big to small will also work OK with grass etc. 
Secrets. And Backtrackability. 
I'm no mapper, just a user, but one of the biggest letdowns in my quake experience is not being able to go back to places after having cleared up the map.

Obviously, this is not that important in a standalone map as opposed to say, one part of a longer mission(where you may use the secret finding to regain supplies for subsequent maps), but I think that backtrackability should be paramount, when designing a good map... 
In the melt ruby map I was with 1% and saw a 100% secret in a crate... zomggg had to get it... made a almost impossible bunny jumping but I got it :)

that please me like honey! 
Hope My Lighting Technique Is Getting Better :E 
I Think It Looks Great 
but I am under experienced so that probably doesn't weigh much 
the white lamps at the top look like they should be scattering more light though 
I'll make the light texture smaller so they look like spot lights :) 
Nice ! 
Just maybe not enough lights on the top... though.. looks great ! 
this map a loooooooooooot of brushes for sure... I see many details! 
Reminds me a bit of Rage - take that how you will. Would like to see more.

Are these just you playing around with the UDK or are you working on a project? 
imo it could do with some extra texture layers on the heightmap, mainly to merge the meshes into the terrain better. And to just add a bit of detail to break up the open bits of terrain :) 
Ur A Pro Aren't U? 
The stacks of huge rocks in the distance look cool, better than anything I managed, I suck at making distant shit :P 
It's veeery early shots, actually I have sth better right now ;). Actually I was surprised myself at one point, that it indeed can remind Rage shots :P. And yes, almost no terrain blending yet there, also all (ALL) mountains were done with single rock model :). 
Finish my level I wanna get your feedback in before I do much more on it :D 
Beautiful shots, nice work. 
Anybody seen Ricky? Im gonna keep comin back until someone REMEMBERS seein Ricky. 
fixed ;) 
More Udk 
That Lookd 
Star Wars ish. 
I would like to see those arches smaller and lead into the side of some factory building. They look odd the way they are now.

I was thinking that it looked a little more Haloish but set in a desert instead of grassy hills. 
About UDK.. 
is it really free to use commercially though with 25% royalty per year ?

And what video card is required? (I got a poor Intel 96mb at moment) 
that first shot looks amazing. 
I think they're both pretty tasty :E 
nothing more to add ;) 
Stop it! You're going to make me buy ut3. :p 
You don't need UT3. It's udk, which is free UE3 distribution. You can have it for free, and make maps, or even games with it. 
Isn't It A Map For Ut3 Though? 
So i would need ut3 to play it. 
so is there any single player gameplay with udk? or is it dm based unless you create your own batch of single players baddies? 
Think Its Just DM Based Bots 
The Ball 
Is a sp udk made game. Pretty fun. 
With udk you can make both mp and sp modes/games. It's actually so easy to make different games like side-scroller, fpp, tpp and so on, that even non-coder can do that. Also it comes with small base of props, so you can make something fully working without need of making new assets at the begginig (you can even use those stock props in your commercial project). 
..a Not So Smart Question 
Hi folks, I got this eternal doubt:

-If I create a Q1 sp episode changing all textures/sounds may I charge for money(a small fee) those who download from my website ?

Legally, I guess a standalone project is out of question.. but simple levels ?

* I've read all ID legal blah-blah but I'm more confused than ever ! 
Is the simple answer =) 
Another Eternal Doubt: 
If I post the same question in three different threads, are the answers I get only a third of the quality I'd get if I asked only once? 
Yes That's Right 
And your penis shrinks to a third of it's original size too.... 
Enlarging Your Penis... 
.. cannot make yourself a best mapper... though... :P 
Did you make the models for the bridge, buildinga, etc., or are they in udk? 
Now it's starting to remind me of Borderlands for some reason - keep up the shwanky work Shadow. 
Udk has some basic meshes, and I put them together to have objects like bridge. I think one half of the bridge is composed of about 50 meshes and few bsp pieces. That goes for eveything you see there. 
Urgh don't make me go back to Ued you evil person :P 
sounds a bit like more advanced level editing in oblivion. you get basic things like cave meshes, but i've seen some people build caves and buildings out of scrap parts or single boulders. 
Great Detail 
in shots 2 and 3. 
Nice Again... 
... really :D 
Crysis, For Those Interested 
i stopped mapping for crysis because i found that all i created were nice looking places and not actual levels. :P

it was very surreal. i'd look up and find i'd spent on hour "role playing" inside the map, driving trucks around and such. it was very strange.

that said, i like that the map has passage of time included, even if you don't show it happening.
that was one of my favourite things about half life 2, how time kept passing between levels.
seems like it makes a map feel like it's moving forward somehow. 
Mapping for Crysis felt the same way, treating it as I would play Garry's Mod or Minecraft. 
That's an easy trap to fall into, I think. I can see how that could happen.

It's pretty easy to make some terrain (you can even autogenerate it), throw a lot of palm trees and rocks around and the engine will make it look pretty. That's what Crysis does best - making simple things look pretty with its lighting and time of day and fog and atmospheric effects and alpha blended foliage and even damn sun rays and volumetric clouds.

You have to admire how the Cryengine on a suitably high graphics setting can basically make crap look pretty.

It's also super easy to put tanks in and scatter a few buildings around, or a bunch of explosive barrels, and proceed to smash up the buildings with a tank looking at the pretty lighting (or explosions). :)

You have to have a plan, basically. Much like in a corridor shooter, you must guide the player from objective to objective and not leave too many routes open to them. Hence, all of the vanilla Crysis maps are "giant corridors" where roads run between the ocean and an impassable cliff, or some variation of that. Just like Far Cry. Pretty boring actually, and certainly not the advertised "sandbox" gameplay.

There needs to be pretty strict pathing/routing in the map and you can't give the player too many toys. Everything between those routes must largely be blocked in a more or less obvious way, or you'll have the player running around aimlessly.

Ideally, an area will quickly be "cleaned out" by the player so they are always motivated to move on. Crysis uses a lot of radio transmissions to urge the player on, as well. There's a psychological thing there - most people will want to be led instead of left alone. So if the radio says "go to the beach, Nomad", a lot of people will luckily do that.

It's only a sandbox in name, after all. Most stock Crysis maps are pretty linear - out of necessity. They even use "clip brushes" to keep players from jumping over cliffs using the Suit. There has to be meaningful progress.

I didn't show the sunrise because it looks pretty terrible - everything is orange basically. I'll tweak that later since it has nothing to do with the actual level - you can even import other map's TODs (time of day). I did tweak the sun colour to be more yellowish and modified the sun's height to be more Northern than Pacific. I might start using one of the European nature sets that the community made. No palm trees so far. :-P

I found that since it's hard to be sure how the player moves, I had to use "radius triggers" around the target instead of Quake-like box/line shaped triggers (linedefs...). Thus, enemies might spawn when the player is a certain distance away - regardless of direction...

You can do a lot more of "picking your fights" in Crysis. Triggering stuff etc. has to adapt to that.

When I started, it drew me in because it's easy to make something. Then it drew me in further because it's hard to make something meaningful, I guess. You quickly notice that you have to plan the routes even before creating the terrain. Since terrain usually serves to guide the player, or determines where they can go in what order.

The mapper decides how much "sandboxiness" the player is allowed. 
It's pretty easy to make some terrain (you can even autogenerate it), throw a lot of palm trees and rocks around and the engine will make it look pretty. That's what Crysis does best - making simple things look pretty with its lighting and time of day and fog and atmospheric effects and alpha blended foliage and even damn sun rays and volumetric clouds.

pretty much. i did that a few times at the start-- auto-generated a huge map with trees and stuff. didn't touch it at all beyond plopping a jeep in at the level start. then i just drove around looking and exploring.
it's surprisingly addictive. 'i'll just top one more hill, then i'll stop' 
Oops, Meant To Hit Preview :P 
honestly, if it wasn't for the clip brushes/impassable terrain + all the radio clips urging me on, i'd probably have just stayed in the starting area. XD 
I'm Loving This 
shot 2 rules. 
looks very good 
ye looks really pretty... I will never downloaded becuase my only love is Quake :)

but look really pretty! 
that looks nice, the sun even pops up a little above the water instead of just appearing over the horizon line. 
Re: 7411 
Can you remake the E3M4 platform area, except with the platforms sliding across lava rather than floating mid-air (aka how it was in the beta version of Quake) and stuff it into the map, somehow? 
Whiskey India Papa 
Don't know how many of you remember me posting shots from my map before, but anyway, it's time for an update. Progress is pretty slow but steadily going forwards, and I'd like to hear what you might think of the following areas... I consider them pretty much finished when it comes to architecture, just missing entities, therefore (still) fullbright.


also, sweeet :) 
Looks great. Excellent brushwork and texturing. :) :) :) Wish I could give more constructive feedback, but I can't!

Now hurry up and light it! 
Cool Stuff. 
Yes yes good. Only thing I can criticise is the curved ramp needs trim on the corner as the panels are too abruptly cut off at the mo. 
Random Crap 
Got bored of working on Base maps so I've been laying out some Medieval themed levels. Started five or so, these three actually have a fair bit of gameplay now.

Ruined castle, entities missing in the shot, sorry

Dungeon thing

Big lava thing. Too open to really run properly so needs some chopping

Seriously if anyone who likes doing architecture wants to help me finish some of these sometime I'm totally up for that. :E 
The problem with that kind of maps is that good lighting is way too much work. Might work with some radiosity, not sure. 
Careful with big open areas, those can easily get out of control. Otherwise, try compiling without doing a lightbake or get brighter lighting - map looks huge but hard to get a sense of it. 
Careful with big open areas, those can easily get out of control.
'i'll just make a little canyon...'

i get a little nauseous when i open it up in the editor now. i'm determined to finish it though. 
Necros looks like you have a real piece of art there! Hurry up and finish it!!! 
yeah, i'm going to try to finish it for real. i was saving it for qexpo, but i don't think there's enough interest this year. 
Yeah atm just lighting big stuff with a sunlight + ambient. When basic geometry is finished will then switch off the ambient, dim the sun and put in torches and such.

The ruins one I was actually thinking about VIS when setting it out so for the most part it works okay. The only problem is the lake of slime just suddenly stopping at the edge, but nothing I can really do about that. 
Also Necros what grid size were you generally laying out your brushes for terrain there?

I still can't get the hang of terrain at all :( 
16. for the super far away stuff along the edges, you can maybe get away with 64, but if you do too much 64, you can tell even when it's far away-- things just look very coarse and mechanical.
so you should remember to occasionally put in minute details even on far away terrain to make sure that it doesn't look like 'far away' terrain.

for making tri-souped terrain in general;

if you don't have the patience to do it by hand, you can always give a terrain generator a try. of course, that has it's own problems as you now have to make a height map image for the generator to use, and that's an art in it's own right. or you can use a fancy generator like the one in bryce to get access to crazy cool fractal generators and erosion and such and then export the height map and plug it into the generator.
my beef with terrain generators is that they will output the trisouping in a uniform manner irregardless of terrain features.
this makes things a little less efficient (smooth areas can be made with larger brushes, but a generator will just make a lot of brushes with small height differences) and if you're trying to make specific things like cliffs and such, you'll have to tear out the generated brushes and rebuild it which sort of defeats the purpose of generating in the first place.

if you want to do it by hand, first, make sure you actually have the patience. it's very long and can get boring.

next, depending on the type of terrain you're going to make, you should lay out the 'key points' in the terrain first and work out the height differences.
so make all your peaks first, even if they are a single brush.

then you'll want to lay down the player path next.

finally, you just connect everything together while trying to make it look interesting. this is the long and potentially boring part.

it helps playing games that use outdoor terrain a lot. it can keep you stoked about your own terrain and stop you from burning out whilst working on it. lucky i got borderlands. ^_^; 
Make your brushes triangles (two triangles per one square on the grid) and play with their vertices accordingly?

not-a-mapper talking, so feel free to disregard. 
Aka What Necros Said 
one tip i have to speed things up:

when you copy and paste the current triangle, instead of rearranging each vertex to fit onto the last, mirror the brush in both x and y axis. you can now match up any line on the triangle to the opposite line of the previous triangle (that you copied from). this means you only have to modify a single vertex instead of 3. speeds things up a lot. 
I Just 
make a bunch of triangles (maybe if I'm feelin' frisky, say 12) then I arrange them in the top-down view, then I start moving the edges up and down by using the handle between the two vertically aligned vertexes on one vertical edge of each prism. Yeah it takes a while, but put some good tunes on while you are doing it and it becomes easier. Or the TV on in the background. Or both ;) 
Alcohol Helps Too 
And Porn 
slide that brush in there... oh yeah, align those vertices, align them good! 
time to apply some caulk 
Never Forget 
Thanks for the feedback.

@Ricky: I'm eager to light it as well, but I'm gonna finish up all the brushwork before moving on to entities. I'd say I'm about halfway finished with architecure and layout, so lighting won't commence for a while unfortunately!

@Shambler: Thanks, I'll see what I can do about the ramp. 
I was more just curious about what general sizes he was going for. Cause you could spend ages with a tiny grid size and shitloads of brushes :p 
Brush size too I guess 
It's Not The Size That Matters... 
s'not what I heard :( 
Yeah Yeah Yeah 
and then you cry afterwards for like a week 
I Like My Condoms Like I Like My Q1SPs 
those shots look great, Bernsten. Seriously awesome!

I agree with shambler regarding the ramp, although it would probably be markedly less noticable depending how you light it.
Also, that's exactly the kind of architecture which is a pain in the ass to properly execute...
what editor are you using, anyway?

Do many other people here build and light seperately? I tend to do so, but I don't really take the time to light areas well - I imagine many of you light as you go... true? 
Oh, Also 
the pipes on the left in the 2nd shot might benefit from being the grainless cop texture, or something,instead of the grainless beige base texture. IMHO! 
You dont want to make them too small. I would make them maybe 128x64 or bigger for steep parts, or for example maybe up to 256x256, maybe 128x128 or whatever for more open parts. But you might have parts where you go quite a lot smaller if required, or if doing something really big them you could go bigger. Im just throwing some very vague figures on the table. But doing it 64x64 or smaller is going to be a real pain in the ass if you are doing a large are like that. 
^ Typo 
doing a large area like that
Lighting and architectural should go hand in hand... in other words building lighting features into the architecture. That way you can get some really cool effects, instead of just adding lighting in as the afterthought. 
I'm using QuArK.

I might start lighting everything I've made up until now, actually. It'd probably be great for motivation to finish up areas as they will look in the final compile, seeing as I've had some trouble with motivation recently...

Probably would be a good idea to light it room by room, I guess.
Anybody know if there's a cordon function in QuArK as there is in Hammer? I guess I could just hide everything but a single room and seal it off with a few brushes though. 
Beta As Fuck 
been working on map decided to show some stuff hur;

beta graveyard with no graves in it yet

pipe with sling-hook at the end to launch you back up top into said graveyard

pipe you travel down to the lower levels,which don't exist quite yet
put wings in the pipe so you don't -5 when you go down
outer pipe elbow
door that stops you at the various lower levels, shoot button to drop again

yeah it's a multi-player map 
I light as I go, unless I have a mental image of where the lights are going to be anyway, in which case I just keep blocking out and light later.

Especially with the orange textures method, lighting would just keep one from laying the sma-- brushes down. Hence lighting is done later.

When doing stuff like base corridors that have light fixtures built in, like this:

I use copy&paste&rotate with the actual lights selected as well, ie I move lights together with brushes.

Sometimes I use just sunlight or just torches, which I usually put in so I can get an idea of the "feeling" and tweak later.

So I guess it's dependant on situation. I don't think there is a "right way". 
I'm not worried about doing things the right way, just interested in how others do it and why they choose to do it that way.

I hadn't seen these posts you did, by the way - didn't you had tried the blocking method either. good read, thanks for posting it! 
3rd Shot Looks Sweet :D 
So does 2nd TBH ;) 
Overall the orange mapping thing worked OK, it did allow me to build some new areas quickly.

I'm more happy with some other areas though; focusing entirely on blocking out/expanding playable space can result in slightly "faceless" parts of the map (requiring several refining passes later). The alternative is waiting months until you feel "really inspired" and stuff. That's not an option if there is a release deadline sadly.

Ability to rapidly increase physical map size is a good skill to have. Something that exists, even in rough form, >>> something that is only a plan.

Plans/ideas are worthless if not put into practice. Even if the putting into practice requires compromises, this still holds true. Compromises are better than nothing.

Stuff that is released on a deadline, anything that actually gets done, usually is imperfect compared to ideas. It's a trade off.

Worthless philosophy for today. 
Sounds Like My Entire University Career. 
More Messing Around With Entities 
...and finally I think getting the hang of this video business. Hopefully the resolution is good and it isn't too bloody dark :( 
that's pretty cool. 
maybe a particle spray (of sawdust) as he cuts through the wood would help enhance it a little. Or some smaller and more numerous splinters. Splinters could be colored to match the reddish wood color too. 
Ye given how adaptable Quoth's rubble and breakable entities are I've been very lazy and done very little tweaking with them. I just use presets and move on atm :P 
that's cool. :D 
Glad you like it guys. More to come :) 
Yeah That's Cool 
I think I would have shit my pants if that had happened in the original 
that's pretty cool even as it is now 
How Did You DO That!??! 
That Is Cool 
now use it in a map, done at the right time, that could be an awesome wtf moment. 
Yes Very Cool Indeed 
Just make sure to briefly entrap the player somehow so they don't miss the scene. 
Skin Up 
Ye given how adaptable Quoth's rubble and breakable entities are I've been very lazy and done very little tweaking with them. I just use presets and move on atm :P

The idea is that the templates are a good start and shouldn't require much customisation if the material is the same* - nobody wants to set 5 sound paths manually. However, you only need to add one key to the breakable entity to make the colour of the splinter match the colour of the door there:

"ritem" "5"

If you're using the fgd, then the field is called "Skin(rock/wood/glass/brick/metal)" and the option is "Grave/Red wiz/Ale/IKBlue/Compbrown". I would have liked to be able to list the skin description according to which template you had chosen. But there doesn't seem to be a way of doing that in a fgd, so instead you get 5 inadequate descriptions squeezed onto one line. All I can recommend is diving into the pak file and looking at the rubble models to identify the skins available - although the gallery map is good for demonstrating what rubble skins are available. 
Cheers for the tip :) 
The Necros Moldy Tower technique (tm) btw Ricky 
There's A Hacky Way To Get Animated Models Too Btw. 
use the mapobject_custom entity and set it up with a model.

then, in the 'think' field, set that to 'old_idle1'
this is shub niggurath's idle animation.
the reason we can use it is because, afaik, it is the only animation sequence that does nothing else but advance frames.
you now have access to up to 46 frames of animation.

simply open up a model editor and copy/paste some frames in and you can make any animation you'd like. (within 46 frames).

one of the maps i lost had some hacked ogres sawing trees up.

you can set triggers up so that when you shoot them, they killtarget the mapobject_custom ogres and spawn in real ogres to chase you. 
More Hacks With Mapobject_custom 
you can use the hack with sprites too.

i was able to make a spark animation by setting 'use' to 'player_rocket1'

then i used the frames for the plasma projectile explosion and put in a bunch of empty frames as filler to that the explosion lined up with the frame number of the player shooting rockets.

when triggered, it would play the explosion graphic and make a muzzle flash dynamic light. 
Huh, okay... Would this involve creating a new mdl file with the specific animation frames you want in it then?

I've no idea how animation frames and stuff work. I just use qview to find the frame I want to freeze the model in :E

Would certainly be cool to animate say a Rocketeer firing, then use info_trap to fire a rocket and when it hits blow something up. A real problem for sequences like this though is that monsters have to be stationary. Oh for a Half-Life style 'run to this spot' entity :P 
Cool Video 
Now, I'd really like to see a "Teaching old Quoth new tricks" thread, or at least an exhaustive mapping manual with all the features that are missing on Kell's website. Right now there are many tiny bits of information on this and that entity posted in various threads that no one will ever find. 
I could try and make some tutorials putting together what I know with Quoth if anyone is interested?

I dunno if anyone was that mystified by some of the other stuff I've been doing (like that sequence ages ago of the slipgate blowing up) :E 
That is totally cool. 
Not Quake, As Usual

I know all Crysis screenies have basically trees and stuff, you'll just have to believe me when I say "it has gameplay".

I'm plotting the layout in screenie #3, which is something you practically have to do in Crysis because otherwise it's just "drive through the jungle and shoot people".

i recognise that entrance from SOE.

gb: those shots are making me want to map for crysis :\

one day... 
Thanks Negke 
re: rj - yeah, with significant improvements!

I was such a noob on anevil ;) 
some of your terrain looks weird. 
Yeah, it's work in progress. 
Cookie! :-) 
Thats A Nice Shot Jonas 
In the top-right of the screenshot there is a 45degree piece of wood. The texture needs to be stretched across the brush to make it fit laterally. I think the scale you need is 1.06 ;) 
Nice scene. Except for the sky. :P
Inside seems a bit bright, at least near the gable. Transparent banners? 
Sky will both be less visible in the finished scene (there will be more tiers of roofs etc) and since about 47 people complained about it, OK, I shall make a new skybox.

True about the lights - needs tweaking.

Banners - I might raise their alpha from .8 to .9, but a lot of textiles are letting light through when you think about it. Cloth physics would be nice, but...

Basically there aren't so many ways to make something seem textile in Quake, sadly. 
what about seeing if metl'd let you use the rubicon flags and retexture them?

you really like that doom wood texture. :P
course, it's a much nicer high res version.

like all the details like the railings and the interior supports and such.

feels like that much wood would need metal strapping or something to hold it together though.

also, should those banner really be transparent? doesn't really make any sense at all. banners are usually made of thick cloth and would be totally opaque. unless those banners are made of silk? in which case, they'd need to be animated models so they blow in the wind. 
That wood texture is sort of a relic from when I was a really bloody newb and thought wood beams would be a great idea... let's just say there were times when I couldn't see any wood beams anymore.

e1m3rq has some of that at the start, but I lost the wood beams a while later and started using custom stone trim and wizmetal, in fact.

True about the metal strapping. I'll put some in. Hey, free detail. :-E

I do want animated models for the banners, and the transparency was probably just my, um, goofy romanticism or something. It might change.

I'll look at the Rubicon ones Tronyn.

Anyway thanks for the feedback, it's quite motivating. I might finish it now. :-) 
really like those shots. Nice detail. I personally really like the wood beam stuff. 
Awesome shots! 
looks good 
Quake Or Not 
that looks promising. Your mapping's improved heaps gb. 
Why did you say Disclaimer: Not Quake? If it's supposed to be a remake of e1m2 from quake, what's not quake about that? :p 
long story ;p 
Thanks... I still take quite long to produce levels, I guess my workflow isn't ideal. Always get hung up on details. I'm learning on the job with RMQ - deadlines are really good teachers.

jt_, because I missed Spirit's point a while ago (is, or isn't, RMQ "Quake"). Let's not discuss that now. 
can anyone sent me email with a version already ready to map with all the links and files do d:quake/ for exemple? 
No Screenshot Posts For A Month...? 
It's looking really nice.

What about the pillars in the middle? They look a bit lego-like.

Maybe break the floor up a little with some details and add some small spots here and there.

Sorry, I'm a certified detail whore. 
Agree It Looks Nice 
I have a good feeling about this thing - do you think you'll get it out by Qexpo? 
the lego bits are blocking out bits of geometry I've not worked out how I'll add yet :E

Would like to finish it for Qexpo but it needs a lot of work :( 
Nice Screen Zealous 
..I'm so hurried for qexpo deadline so many have no time to post screens though god only knows how much stuff lies in my hdds :) 
nice, zqf. look at the ikbase and speedbz_fin wads for nice trim textures instead of the generic rivets.

also, since you asked for more shots...

here's an early dynamic spawning monster test . yeah.... needs tweaking. 
I was thinking just earlier today, "where did that ZealousQuakeFan guy go?" 
Nice Nice. 
Needs more Shamblers. 
Random dancing shamblers FTW. 
ZQF: good to see your base map again, I'm looking forward to it!

Here are some crappy screenshots of stuff I'm working on: 
Dunno what I'm looking at but cupola inspires me to play Scraggy's spring cleaning map now. 
It's Fall Cleaning actually. Nice quick draft of a mansion; the gameplay is rather shit though. 
I really like the wood panelled indoor architecture. Gabled windows they are called I think?

Second one seems dark and a bit random, can't quite tell what's going on there. 
Apparently they're gabled dormer windows. I couldn't find a reference picture of exactly what I was aiming for, but it's supposed to be a little tower sticking out of the roof of a new england mansion. The textures are ik2k.

The second shot will be a rusted space station using speedbase textures - it still needs a lot of work though. 
Love the wood map! Quake needs moar wood maps. 
Couple Of Shots 
Good Stuff ZQF. 
I am liking your dedication to this and plenty of what I see in the shots. 
Looks Good 
But jeez, why are you guys always going nuts with these maps? You're like a second Ricky. 58K vertices and anxiously anticipating the 65... it's like a whole id1 episode in one map. Tbh, I'd rather play two or three medium-sized maps with all intended stuff included than one huge level with with cool areas scrapped because of max limits.

Care to post a noclip shot from outside the map to show how big it is right now? 
What Negke Said. 
He makes good points. 
Yea I am still considering splitting it up even more but wrapping around itself as it does it'd be messy and require cloning areas :E Plus people complain that it's cheap having areas that can't be accessed in the same map!

Actually I think it's just sheer bloody mindedness :p 
Heh - Well You Know What I Think!! 
I like huge immersive maps that you can get totally lost in. It's the whole attraction of making a whole world of your own. Some people find huge maps can be overwhelming, but [we] have tackled this issue in our project by adding checkpoints. So you can play a section, and either die or just get tired, turn it off, and then pick it up again near to where you left off. 
It's Like Everyone Wants To Make 
a Warp Spasm of their own 
For Neg: 
Okay I put the pics the wrong way round. Go me. 
zomggg so many good stuff....

I think you might reach a bigger audience with smaller more accessible maps. I know I haven't played Arcanum etc because I can't be bothered with the custom engines and that. But this is just my theory though. And of course there are big masterpiece maps as well...

Of course you can argue "evolve or die", but I already liked Quake the way it was. 
Reaching A Bigger Audience.. 
if this was the aim then people wouldn't be choosing quake in the first place ;)

people will make what they like. i tend to prefer large sprawling epics so will naturally lean that way when it comes to mapping. i enjoy smaller ones too but generally if i've put hundreds of hours into something i'd rather it at least offer a decent playtime & memorable challenge in return.. small maps i generally tend to play once and forget about (with the exception of oldies that have nostalgia attached to them) 
i think it'd be more accurate to say that smaller maps would be more beneficial for the community because a larger number of releases would likely inspire other people (who may not be mappers yet) to get started on something.
large epics create an artificial barrier to mapping because it makes them feel like this is some kind of requirement or thing to aspire to which it totally isn't. 
I prefer a smaller map pack, like mini-episode. And those are all definitely memorable, instead of one huge sprawing map where you have to cut things out to get it to compile. Not to mention the hassle of it. From a mapping perspective, I always found it much more enjoyable making 2-3 small maps instead of struggling with a big one. 
Big Maps All The Way 
I like getting lost in massive worlds. 
Doom 3 Mod 
check out the very nice looking screens in this upcoming episode (you will need to scroll down the page): 
Those Doom3 Shots 
look impressive 
Holy Shit 
those d3 shots look fantastic! 
What They Said 
might just have to reinstall d3 when that is released! 
Can't have too much doom3. 
Huge Maps 
It depends.

Basically, rj is right - people will make what they like. If you have the detail to make a huge map look interesting, and the engine to run it, and these days we have both, so - why not.

Small maps are still easier to detail though. And it's easier to keep the action up in small maps because people don't have to walk far from hotspot to hotspot. And those 65k vertices are a hard limit. For now.

I don't think that big is automatically better, but most people seem generally more impressed when something is physically big. *g*

The downside to huge maps is that you'll have a lot of running around just to get from A to B, which is sort of boring, so you're tempted to put 500 monsters in to keep the action up. And that's a downward spiral...

Plus shamblers look puny in front of some mega-architecture. 
Plus shamblers look puny in front of some mega-architecture.

actually, i love that. when the architecture dwarfs everything. 
simple solution, make bigger shamblers. Fuckin n00bs. 

actually, i think a starving shambler that can't shoot lightning and charges you like a maniac would be wild. 
That's large alright, although from that angle it doesn't look THAT extreme. It's probably hiding a good chunk of the map considering you once posted a shot showing a 400+ monstercount. Or excessively detailed?

Ricky, is that the same e2m1rmx I've played a couple of months ago? That was huge already. Considering rj's maps as well, is your E2 aiming at one hour playtime per map or something? 
Nah - The Monstercount Is Not That High 
Yet!!!! No seriously though - it's quite a fast map to play, there are lots of low-level enemies to kill and lots of exploring. I had filled with with shamblers and vores, but I've just replaced them all with grunts and enforcers, and the map is better for it. It's the first map of an episode, so I couldn't make it too hard. 
8 Maps 
for that Doom 3 episode, six complete to beta-ish stage according to the site. 
Well, F**k Me With A Boomstick... 
...Those D3 shots are gorgeous! Some of them are kinda overtextured (in variety) though...

And, for the Quake part, in my book episodes rule over spawling maps.

But, if someone fells like coming up with an episode of sprawling maps, I won't back down. 
Another mod with ridiculously high goals and ambitions which is not even 1/3 of the way done after 2 years. Unless they're huge, 6 maps isn't much for an entire team, so even though they're only planning on 2 more (instead of another 18) I wouldn't hold high hopes of it ever being released. Looks pretty awesome though nonetheless. 
But the eye candy is here.

Speaking of mods scope, yesterday I replayed Zerstorer, and after some 12 years it's still one of the very best efforts made for Quake. It certainly was ambitious fot its time, but man, did they hit the spot!

Not trying to make a point pro ambitious mod plans, just rambling freely... 
Monster count in mine is inflated partially by having a bunch of arena fights, where an area is quite small but involves 50 odd monsters (on hard anyway).

Also the centre of the map is very compact so hard to see all the rooms :E 
..those Doom3 Shots 
..are whole fuck black !
I can see nothing in them.. Brightness.. an amazing invention :) 
I Can See Them Fine 
Your monitor is just dark ;D 
Shambler, You Look Hungry. 
Looks Like A Rider Without A Horse. 
Well, and strange arms that suggest proficiency at putting up laundry. 
yeah, i animated it to run on all fours, but it kind of looks stupid. when you skinny him up like that, you can see how weird it's skeleton would be like. i'd have to change the skeleton structure for it to not look retarded as a bipedal monster. oh well. :P 
Kinky Pipe 
That must been a very cold winter for Shambler to get out of shape.
It serves me the look of getting an incredible hunger.

When adding a skybox, the sky suddenly went plain blue. Not the box that I wanted, but when I turned it back in worldspan for the normal animated one, it was still there.

When I make another map with only a skybox it's just there. What could be wrong? 
pipeworld.bsp madfox?


look nice! 
Pipy Kink 
@Trinca - yes, so it looks.
Now I'm confronted with the theme layout. You can see the first two shots look metal, but the third makes me feel it is from another level.
Keeping the same texture isn't the same as the same theme.

Most of all.., where's my skybox? 
The map editor just needs to have the skybox .tga's in the default folder it's configs are pointed to. For the BSP editor, I need my skybox in the:


folder. Then, a key:

"sky" "name of skybox"

is entered for the worldspawn entity. The "name of skybox" does not include the "bk" "dn" "ft" "lf" "rt" "up" part of the name and not the .tga extension. 
Oh Yeh 
The 6 .tga's then need to be in either:

Id1/gfx/env folder
mod/gfx/env folder
pak/gfx/env directory

that's most important. 
I know, and I had all these parameters used.

It always works, but not this time.
As I wrote, a new map with only an animated sky shows the skybox.
If I use it in the map with the screenshots you can see a plain blue box.
While I deleted the skybox to see the animated ones.

So I think something messed up with my worldspan, although these parms are the same as I always use. 
Yup, I just posted anyway, in case anybody didn't know skybox stuff. 
just try to load the skybox manually in game via console 
There Be Dragons In Them Hills 
It's a trap! 
Chia Dragons 
Not Bad 
do you have shot with more grass viewed from a distance?

You can have a lot of grass, in principle. The placement in these screenies is bad, it's just copypasted for demonstration without regard for natural distribution or variation.

Also, the type of grass is wrong for a large grassy plain - you'd use a different type of grass patch for that.

Pretty much the same rules for vegetation placement apply as in Crysis (which has many different kinds of grass, other objects like rocks, and many options for placing and rendering vegetation).

So, Quake can do large terrain (and also detailed, if you use 64 or even 32 unit blocks in CTE), and vegetation. You don't even need Darkplaces for that (in fact, a fast renderer like in RMQ or DirectQ is more important).

What it can't do is proper texturing of the terrain - textures don't blend in Quake unlike in Sandbox. Megatexture could help. 
I'm liking the lighting a lot. 
that looks similar to how modern games do it, how much of a performance hit is there? 
definitely thumbs up on the lighting zqf, very nice. 
No noticeable performance hit. 
You Guys Are Still Kicking Ass 
I leave for a year and a half and come back to see All You People still active.... so awesome. 
Well where else would we go? :) 
sure, what would world become without us? 
One less desert in the oasis. 
Where the hell were you? 
a lot. 
Coding What? 
Creepy New Quake1 
monster I made on DrDire's model.

Hes cute :) 
hehe yeah, cute is a better descriptor. :) 
i want one! 
nice pet! 
Reminds Me Of The DoomSkull 
The guy that made the 3DS file wondered how to get the 256x256 skinfile in QMLE.
I searched the the tutorial from Necros, who did something like that by converting it into a mdl3. 
Nice One 
I'd feel bad shooting him. Better make him a buddy to follow the player around. The model also reminds me of some item from Heretic. 
I thought the red things from Heretic looked really pants, but the burning version in hexen was kinda fun. If they were also a dynamic light source it could look pretty cool imo :) 
... re-post in "Inspiration and Reference" thread ;) 
Give 'm Screenies, Buthead! 
Screenies, Beavis! 
Looks Nice! 
But those curved pipes are clearly not on grid and aligned, that's gonna give you some compiling headaches later on. I wish I still had the link to czg's curved objects tutorial as that would really help here! :P

I like the general aesthetic however, lighting in particular. 
@DaZ> cgz's curved objects was the startingpoint, as I had a download of it.
The thing that breaks me up is that I can't skew the side of the group brushes to get them on grid. It's clearly an option in WC1.6 but I can't find it. See the screenshots of Quark in Mapping Help.

I tried in BSP96d, QRediant but it slipped out of my manual knowledge. So indeed, the chance on leaks and HOM's are compared to the map development. 
TL;DR is: Two failed websites, one proprietary batch processing system, a lot of backend CRUD, and a mad-scientist lecture about TCS. Criticizing the Ruby community and reading everything by Brian Kernighan.

You should make your profile link work bee tee dubs... 
Truly Worthy Of The Norse God Of Thunder... 
Necros Is Last True Believer 
that thing rocks the world 
hehe AWESOME negke :) 
Dear God 
THAT Is... 
.. a fly killer ! 
You Kidnapped 
a smartphone killer. 
Mjolnir Swatter. 
I Just Wonder 
if anyone here is interested in betatesting a hl2 map that has some quake-ish style? 
I'll take a look if you want :) 
Don't Shoot, It's Udk :P 
where are the Xenomorphs? i love it <3 
That is one well-lit ceiling! 
You got mail =) 
Yes Daz Yes Please 
I have been replaying that a lot lately and would love to if you need more. 
sorry, hahaha! tired... 
This is a map I'm making for my new mod, it's metal themed, with several different areas
that contrast with each other.

Worshiping hall


Other side of the transition

Transition room from another angle

Tunnel before transition room, looking into the Worshiping hall ;) 
Forgot to mention that's just one of the areas. 
jt: Nice editor. :P

Madfox: Interesting shots in your booth. Seems to need proper trim on several transitions and ledges. Why do you always mirror that metal skull texture? 
Duke3d Shots 
Talking about the diverse texture set in Duke tempted me to post these two shots from another project of mine slowly being worked on. 
Add Some Colour ;) 
looks sweet dude! make sure you post that when you're done. i really liked your other d3d map.

also, is that a space ship? would explain the monochrome textures. i love space ship maps... probably cause one of the first q1sps was that hell in a can map.

i loved the concept of that map. dunno if it's too late to nudge you in that direction a bit. ;)
i just like the slice of life concept of being on a space ship in the middle of nowhere and having to fix problems (like aliens breaking out of containment!) 
@DaZ - Plan to in other sections like the cafeteria/recreation sections of the map. Keeping the white scheme here mostly for the medical section and areas close to it.

@necros - Actually, it is a space map, nice to see you picked up on that. I don't really have much direction at the moment so anything that can nudge ideas is good, I'll probably check out that map asap. Thinking about it, anything like System Shock 2 / RTC 3057 (ZDoom) would be an interesting direction. 
hell in a can:

also, have you played that neil manke hl1 map 'uss dark star'? 
oh wow, I remember playing that back when it was new, it blew me away! :) 
@neg!ke - thanks for comment. I have the retexture pack in my iD directory but for some reason all textures are upside down.
I turned some in the directory but it didn't help. So it isn't something I do on purpose.

btw, the level took 15 houres extra vising and had teo giant hom's.
Why do they only show at the end? 
i've noticed this happening sometimes with texmex when importing/exporting textures to targa. not sure why it does that. annoying though. 
Neil Manke 
It's a shame Neil Manke's full game version of They Hunger was never finished. Supposed to be released years ago on the source engine but apparently Neil fell ill and wasn't able to finish it. He was a friggin mapping machine that guy.

They should just get a new mapper to take over. Shit I would have finished it if this was 10 years ago. 
some targas are stored in "upside down" format (bottom rows of pixels first, top rows last) and there is a flag in the header that indicates this, so perhaps texmex doesn't pay attention to that flag.

(Fitzquake had a similar problem with upside-down TGAs, long ago, before i fixed it.) 
I'm using Fitzquake080, but if I turn all tga files in the directory, in game they are still upside down. 
try 0.85 
Great-looking Church With Terrible Lighting By Scott Perry 
lighting looks good to me. also, what is this from? it indeed looks amazing! 
Lighting is so dark I had to increase the contrast three times as much as with regular screenshots. 
Ah Ok 
didn't know you tweaked that image and yeah, playing it, it's quite dark.

also, it's a lot less cool as an actual map. :(
way too small for a quake map. it looks like it was meant to be built to scale.
so in that regard, it succeeds, but too cramped for an actual map.

you could totally blow that up 2x and you'd have enough room to move around.
i could really see a map being built with the same basic layout only with locked doors for each successive floor connected to the spiral stairs.
and maybe lighter textures like q3gothic block10 or something. 
Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Map 
Been working on this slowly over the last month or so, would appreciate some feedback!

It's a night time map with a rainstorm that occasionally storms like in the valve hard rain campaign. trying to find a nice balance between darkness and the rain fog effect, how doe's it look so far? 
Looks good to me, though I'm not sure where it actually takes place. Looks like near a pier/docks under a giant bridge. Other than that it feels like generic trashy urban sprawl.

I would love to help playtest it if you need some testers. 
Lights Are Too Bright/cast Too Much Light 
Other than that it looks good. Is it in a favela or hooverville? :p 
The idea is for it to be in a construction site / industrial park just outside a city, maybe it doe's look a tad generic currently, something to work on!

It probably needs some set piece monument to define the look which it's lacking at the moment, the "bridge" you can see in some of the shots is actually a large in-construction "industrial thing" but it's not really finished yet, I'm actually sure what it meant to be I just wanted something looming overhead :)

Thanks for the feedback, got some things to work harder on now :) 
looks cool! but maybe a bit.. drab? could you add some more colour to it, maybe some orange via rusted metal and such?

ironically, i find the vibrant blue light in the last shot a bit too cyan. :P

wish i had l4d to run around in this. :) 
heh, yeah it is very grey in those shots. I've actually changed a few of the structures to a red brick and added some warmer lights in places to add some colour, it's looking better!

I'll posts a link to a beta when its in a playable state, will probably still be a while though. 
L4D2 Survival Map Beta (7mb -ish)

1) extract the 2 files to "Steam\SteamApps\common\lef&#8203;t 4 dead 2\left4dead2\maps"
2) Load left4dead2 and in the console type "map dazsurv1 survival"
3) Play it, tell me what breaks and what sucks!

Post feedback here or feel free to send it to my email. Let me know if you played with bots or humans!

Stuff I know about:
a) Visuals are not finished yet, ie in some areas its very obvious where the level ends and the skybox begins, will fix that :)
b) some weirdness on the pile of wet mud next to where you spawn.
c) rain ambience is constant and can get annoying, will fix in next version!

What I'm mostly after is gameplay feedback/bugs and ai pathing bugs. I've spent the best part of 5-6 hours tuning up the navigation mesh and it seems to be working without any fuckups but let me know if you find anything. 
Some New Pics Too 
I played through it once, made it past 4:00.

I think the map is cool so far, I like a lot of the verticality it has. It's neat to see swarms of zombies dropping from the bridge, for example, onto nearby roofs or what have you.

I think the start area seems way easy to defend, but not with AI. I can't be sure unless tested with people, but it seems very advantageous being up high, with only one main route off. I suspect smokers would be the only real problem. Also, it was kind of hard to find initially. I saw it after walking around, but then I didn't know how to get up there.

The only bug I saw was in a corner of the map, where some tree was planted. The tank was chasing us around, and decided to jump into the tree. I guess it has its model clip turned on or something. You might want to add monster clip around that all the way to the ceiling so tanks or other zombies don't climb up there.

The puddle is annoying. Moving at half speed would keep me away from that side of the map.
There also seems to be a dead end area, maybe it was because I didn't explore it thoroughly but its just a big empty dead end. I'm not sure if I missed something, or if just a death trap.

Cool progress so far though. 
Thanks Zwiff 
The start area is something I tried to fix by putting that infected only ladder up one side of it, but it still doe's feel quite strong to just stay up there.

Perhaps making it more enclosed from the outside will help as Sinfected would be able to get a lot closer without being shot at.

Tank in a tree? Damn thought I caught all of that :) which tree specifically? I'll take a look at it.

With the puddle, perhaps it is quite annoying in its current location as its a high traffic area, but maybe if I increased the puddles in that dead end area and put a health pack there it would make it a risk/reward type situation. Worth looking into as i'm not quite sure what to do with that dead end otherwise :)

Thanks for the feedback. 
I might be looking at your pics wrong, but in the top-down shot you just posted, it would be the tree in the bottom left corner. I think I took a screenshot of it, I can check when I get home and send it to you. 
Nice map DaZ, it has a really really well polished nav mesh! I've played two rounds and intend to have another play later. Here are some observations.

Overall good thanks to the size of the map and the quality of the AI nav. Lots of different places for attacks to come from which is great. Something that detracts from this is that there are a couple of quite safe areas, such as the start area mentioned by Zwiffle which has too much cover and too many guns. I lasted over 6 minutes with bots by bunking in the yellow apartment and just unloading bullets down the long corridor. In the end a tank/spitter combo took us out, but not before we very easily finished off four previous tanks and goodness knows how many common and special infected! You could make this area a bit more difficult by allowing infected to come through the window (maybe by dropping down from a higher room on to a balcony or something?) or a hole in the ceiling and introducing some corners to the "long" corridor so that you can't see from one end all the way to the other. In such a big map it seems a shame to think that players will spend all their time in one fairly safe location rather than feeling they have to move on from time to time. A few more health pick ups dotted around would certainly encourage movement and exploration.

Visuals(I realise these are WIP):
I really like the foreboding atmosphere. It's not immediately clear what "real world" purpose the map would have and this is another problem I found with the apartment, which had odd furniture placement and an unusual brick wall in the empty room at the back! All in all though, I actually found the lack of hyper-realism quite refreshing, as most L4D mappers get bogged down in realism details and end up producing boring gameplay as a result.

I also found the ceiling tiles in the rooms/buildings near the spawn position to be a bit out of place. Ceiling tiles are usually used to lower a high ceiling and cover up pipes/cables but in this case it seemed they were right up against a 16 unit roof. They also looked a bit too clean compared the wall texture in one of the buildings.

I got stuck on one of the displacements in the park area, but couldn't recreate the problem so it probably won't happen very often!

Until you mentioned it in this thread I thought the ladder leading up to the radio position wasn't working properly. If it's intended to only be for the infected you should turn it in to some sort of drainpipe or something so as not to confuse players. 
One More Thing... 
I might be blind, but I didn't notice any fuel canisters or explosive barrels around. Most players (myself included) quite enjoy strategically placing this sort of thing before the timer starts. Not only does that encourage teams to come up with a plan, I also find it heightens the tension somewhat as it feels like you're preparing for the fight of your life. 
Thanks Fish!

Ladder to drainpipe is inc in the next version, for now I've uploaded a slightly newer, shinier Beta1 on ( ) .

As for the apartments, yeah they are unfinished atm, the aim is to for the entire house to be explorable with different levels etc, I just have not got around to making it all yet :) I agree that the radio area and the apartments are currently too easy to defend so I'll get to work on making them in a bit more perilous ;)

Thanks for the feedback! 
Hi.. Need To Know 
Direct links to [img].. can be posted here ?
so pictures would appear directly in the messages without clicking 
Img tags do not work im afraid. But this way a thread with 10'000 posts will load this century, if you choose to load it all. And it doesn't take ten years to scroll to the bottom, yay! 
yes I know what u mean.. but I've noticed that in this thread the actual screenshots are always very few so I asked 
Some Screenshots 
Hi guys this is the game I'm workin on(God only knows since when!)
Do you think it could work as a real game? I mean one day I'd like to port it another engine.
The thing I'm most proud of is the new dynamic hud. 
...that is terrible 
hi Jpl could
you be more specific ? 
I Like It 
But I think the skins and the HUD needs more grit and grime..... Good work though. Also a nice skybox might help a little..... 
I can't help but think of Captain Harlock when I look at those screens. 
Some Details.. 
thank ricky, thank quakis(I mostly agree with you)

-it's supposed to be an intended mix of adventure/horror/parody
-I want to keep things simple but effective so
no overdetails no ultra-techie features;
I'm more focused on storytelling
-Hud is yellow, it's supposed made of gold
-about the skins: yes could be better but modifying all monsters was already a pain ass and don't know if I have time for this.
-I have a vision in my mind that I want to finish so some trade-off are necessary ;) 
Yeah, sorry for this. It is not constructive at all, and I have to apologize, as I don't like people behaving like this with my work (i.e just saying it is pure shit without justifying it)

So to be more specific about what I think is horrible, (even after having read your previous post):
- monster skin
- texture selection
- skybox selection
- You've almost stolen Albator face for the main player ( apart from the dead eye side.
- I don't know whether the map is for testing but we are in 2011, not in 1996: you could have put more stuff in (details, lightning effects, etc...)

Sorry if it sounds rude as it looks like you have put lot of efforts in your game, and I respect that, but well definitely not my taste...
And afterall these are only screenshots, and maybe gameplay is fuckingly awesome.. but regarding what you have shown, it didn't give me desire to play this..

Is that an acceptable answer ? 
I Know, Looooool 
I gave constructive criticism too, all I said is that I think the textures need more work, cause really, it looks like you spent a couple of hours on them, and no more, but that is besides the point.

If u dont want a bunch of feedback then dont post in the screenshots and betas thread on Func_. The terrain at least looks nice. The ceiling in the stone tower in the second shot - cut the top brush into wedges and align the textures :D And work into the skins a bit more. And pick a nice skybox. And the texture which is used on the HUD at the sides (original shit-brown Quake one) - replace that with a similar yellow colour to the rest of the HUD, because the two colours clash quite badly. Also I think the HUD needs more texture and noise added - at the moment it looks like you made is using MS Paint, in about 5 minutes. 
Thank To All Comments 
they're always useful..
JPL: now you've been more specific

I only add that I'm more interested in creating an atmosphere,a background not a showcase of technical details going nowhere(seems to be the trend nowadays)

Mine is a homage to old days 'o Quake when conversions such as FantasyQuake ruled

RickyT23: I use mostly for my work..eheh simple but good enough

I'd like more comments about the concept/theme of piracy in a game like Quake and why so few mappers try to depart from the usual obsolete Quake theme?

Ah one last thing: the game that inspired me so much is the legendary AloneInTheDark-2 (Infogrames) a fantastic mix of horror/piracy.. Some of you remember it ? 
L4D2 Survival Map Beta 2 
For any that are interested :) 
Amazing map. I really like what you've done with the apartments, it makes them feel much more dangerous. Spreading the weapons out more helps as well, though I'd suggest having one or two more next to either the start trigger or the spawn point for those players who don't enjoy exploration so much.

I only found one "bug" in this version. Near the start trigger, if you climb up the generator and the lamp on top of it you can get on to the four vertical girders. This is a fun place to snipe from but unfortunately tanks and common infected can't climb up to you, meaning the only infected that really stand a chance of hurting you are smokers and spitters. Also, if you are unlucky enough to be incapacitated or knocked down by either of the afforementioned when you're up here the bots don't try to revive you as I guess you're out of their reach too. 
Base Map Is Still Being A Pain 
So I'm playing with maps that actually give you powerful weapons :)

If anyone likes horde fights you can test it :E 
Thanks once again, I had no idea you could get up there! Seeing that bug made me go on a mad clipping spree around the map to make sure no other craziness could happen :)

Added some low tier weapons to the spawn position, the lazies will have to put some effort in to get better weapons ;)

Next release will be final I think, unless I find anything showstopping! 
Coloured Lighting Is A Little Too Saturated 
otherwise good. 
plenty of scope for some cool looking tall shit above that skylight! 
so biologized of the neatness, that I wonder what the screen hangs in the upwalk. 
coloured light looks fine to me. subtle but still visible. 
toned down the colour a bit further. The floating laptop is, uh, a dimensional accident. 
I Like It Gb! 
Looks very natural, love the lightning in particular. 
looks good 
weard and cool 
Trinca said. 
Looks Great! 
I'm intrigued 
... really Doom3-ish :E 
that looks seriously cool. Nice work gb 
Finally decided to strip most of the end area of my Base map out for performance and vertex count reasons

Will still have some meaty fights in it, though I apologise for the crate maze factor :E 
Looks really cool zqf. Maybe vary those crates a little - have some of them rotated or off-center instead of these long straight walls? 
Looks Awesome 
align the textures on the skybridge 
I gotta finish the geometry before I worry about textures :/ PS will need to have it tested again since a lot has changed since you chaps played it. If you want to try it again I'll send you a new version. 
Don't Want To Make It Into A Seperate End Area? 
Wips From My New Q3 Map - Sanctum. Map Releae Soon 
That's really elegant. I'm a fan of that style. I don't like the green pool though, I would suggest changing it to a blue color personally, but it doesn't destroy the look for me. 
looks cool 
Dont Like The Green Either 
Blue like zwiffle said or maybe dark velvet red (lava or sub-dimensional void). 
very nice! same here re: blue instead of green pools.
if only because the blue will go better with the tan coloured bricks. 
Heh thanks guys and sorry, but it's too late for blue :). 
Looks sweet :) 
I think that green is perfect, it looks like acid and I think it's slime that kills the player, right ?

I don't like the "vegetation", if you want to keep that you better add more broken things, the entire place looks "too ok" and the vegetation ruins everything - it suggests ruins, but everything else suggest a place that's actually NOT in ruin. 
Yeah it's slime, and you are probably right about vegetation. I intended to make more broken things but didn't have enough time for that :|. It was a competition and my time is very limited now, especially for such stuff. 
Needs M0ar Crates. 
OMG !!! 
Amazing architecture and very high level of details O_O Impressive... I can't wait to play this level ! 
Start Vising now to be finish in chrismas :) 
I Like It 
but yeah, many crates ahoy! Surely there is something a bit more interesting that could be done with the floor?

With such a vertical area, maybe it doesn't need a floor at all :)

Also for all the detail lavished in the center of the area, the side walls stand out as being very bare indeed, I'm sure some simple geometry and texturing can fix that up no problem though. 
Quake Portal Mod 
I found that on PlanetQuake... Anybody already tested it ? I can't remember having seen any post on this mod... or maybe I am wrong :P 
you poor SOB!

nice one though. ;) 
AWESOME ! And it works with regular quake levels. A speedrun with this mod would be so funny. I think that some levels could be finished in one second. 
Only Problem Is 
you can't really make 'unportalable' surfaces. 
Darkplaces Renders 
That looks great. 
looks like a preview render in 3dsmax. ^_^
nice brushwork! 
That's beautiful, ShadoW. Is that a high-res texture? I would not have thought you could get pure smooth white with quake's original textures. 
i thought it was fitzquake with r_lightmap 1. 
The doodle project appears to have its own engine based on NPRQuake, but he mentions in his OP that the "screenshots were taken with DP" which I assume means darkplaces. Does Darkplaces have r_lightmap 1? 
just checked. if it does, it's not r_lightmap. possibly just used all greyish textures?

should have realized it wasn't r_lightmap, actually, because the ammo box and monster in the shot are still textured. 
using hmap2? 
That Just Doesnt Look Anything Like Sealed 
from the top. 
Was a path node very obviously in void space :p 
Screenshots were taken with Darkplaces. No idea about r_lightmap during making them :P. Map was compiled with BJ tools. Texture is just plane white :). 
... really nice ! 
ZealousQuakeFan why don't you split the level in two? 
Competently Done But.. 
I hate this base/standard style..
..too orthodox, boring, old if you can get what I mean :)

you could try change theme for example 
Same here. Original base wasn't never that great to start with - the weaker of the Quake styles. There's plenty of newer base textures to use without sticking with the originals that we've already had 500 others maps in. Just my opinion though. 
atm Base is the only theme I have any confidence with :p 
Try combining idbase with something else.

Try having a theme.

Use new textures / models. 
awesome Mechtech 
Maybe a bit too much color. Took me days to add the green waterfall, just before preach released his waterfall tut. Creepy colorchannel. 
Looks good, I especially like the last screenshot.

Try switching on antialiasing for screenshots though.

Criticism: The texture alignment on the pipes needs work; try to make the plates fit the width of the pipe's side. Just scale and rotate the textures as needed. Alternatively try using simpler textures on the pipes.

The colour of the lava doesn't fit completely with the rest - have you considered slime instead of lava?

A tiny amount of fog might look pretty good here as well.

I really like the overall look of it though. 
look's great madfox :) and all look alight!

Really nice ! 
I used another way to brighten the screenshots.
Something like bright/100% contrast/78%.
Small size makes moir�, but normal screen tends well.
Normally I use gamma 150%, but then it flattens all grey.

I tried for once to keep my polys on grid. (and get of course) Pipes have the bad condukt to screw the textures.

It's actuallt green water, I don't know why the glow is that intensive. Places where I use the +fall texture with func_illusion get dark in compare.

The break in my heart is a big hom in the bottum of the map. I tried so long to get rid of it that it is stopping my mapping progress. 
Bits of the curved pipes look off grid to me btw :E 
I like your attention to lighting madfox. Keep it up :) 
Wip L4d2 Map 
I'm working on a new survival map and thought I'd get some feedback before I go nuts and map everything out.

1st photo is the reference shot, I decided to go for a night-time setting however as it suits the game a bit more. Anything stand out as being particularly shit? Let me know! 
looks pretty good so far. are those stairs on the screenshot 007 made of displacements? 
I tried it with standard brushes but wasn't getting the detail I wanted, god I love displacements! 
that looks great so far! don't forget to keep posting shots! 
Looking At The Reference More.. 
i think it would look better with the heavy fog but daylight setting... dunno, it would bring out more of the winding path brushwork with more light or something.

dunno if that makes any sense. 
I'll Give It A Shot 
made some more of the map now it'll be easier to get an idea of how it will look. I'll post some test shots when I find some more time to work on it. 
Made Time :P 
quick skybox, lighting and fog change to test daylight, could still use some tweaks i think, the ambient light is still too low so a lot of the map is still in shadow :P 
a little hard to tell how good it will look atm since the skybox is kind of sticking out like a sore thumb right now. :P

but yeah, basically what i was talking about... giving it a silent hill look (the film anyway). 
i'd use a little more blue-ish fog. but that looks good also. 
1st area of my map. PAK file for Quoth. Has textures, models and sounds. Mostly other peoples work modified for Quake 1. Used Hammer 3.4. RMF,map,fgd and wad files included. Breaks Quake limits, use Fitzquake 0.85. Will have startup errors.
Stuck with free file hosting again (quaketastic has 50meg limit) hope it works. 
Why put the Quoth pack in? It's not like people will not check you said requires quoth and then fire it up in iD1

Oh wait...

Fish and Chips on my shoulder 
Heyo, been awhile since I've posted anything here! Anywho, started working on a 1on1 map that's nearing beta.
I haven't lit it properly yet, it's all ambientlit. Rocks needs to be changed too. :) 
i like it. the yellow point lights go well with the skybox. good attention to detail re: trim and texture alignment. 
that is nice! I like all the little bevels and extrusions. Skybox looks psychedelic (in a good way).

What textures are those? They are really nice. 
Castles N Shit (go to page 2)

Any improvements I can make to the castle structure to make it look more authentic? I've messed with a few things but they didn't really work. It looks a bit bare imo and I'm not sure what I can add to fix that, maybe its just the texture I'm using... hmmz

Is the lighting of it a bit ott? A lot of castles I've visited have those huge floodlights that light up the walls in that way when it goes dark, I really like the look of it and that's what I'm trying to emulate here. 
i think i can see something...

seriously, it seems nice, but the shots are tiny, man. :P

i like that like none of the walls are straight and they all meander back and forth like in the ref. makes it look very natural.

maybe 2 or 3 larger shots though so i can see more details? 
Um :) 
There is a "fullscreen" button below each picture in the gallery view :) 
DaZ Is A Pro 
Pro level designer.

He knows what he's talking about.

Must admit the shots do look sexy. You should make a maya-themed Q1SP ;) 
The thing I noticed most in your path compared to the real life photo you worked from was that the real one was much more broken and rugged. Your path was a perfectly smooth path. Same with the castle, it's like it's just been built, but castles are rougher. Add some broken and crumbling bits to it.

But otherwise I'm loving the atmosphere of it. 
Already making one Ricky :p 
Cool Stuff, Mech 
"Ogres floating in outerspace is a good thing".

-Martha Stewart

A few more shadows would help with the textures in some areas (too evenly lit).Lot a good ideas though. And I couldn't use r_oldwater 0 in my autoexec.cfg, the game would crash. 
R_oldwater 0 
Could not reproduce a crash. Did remove the fish.mdl from the pak file redundant in the Quoth pak0. I agree lighting does look a bit flat in some spots. Will work on that. 
Found the problem. I resized nost.tga to 512 x 336 and titan.tga to 1024 x 1024 and all's well. It wasn't an oldwater issue at all, though it crashed more often using it. 
Changes Done! 
Hella Cool 
what am i looking at though? You added a helipad to e1m1? 

The above shot is the entrance to the second indoor part.

In this shot, the bridge and the lift are to the right (the lift room is behind another of these arches). Crossing the bridge was turned into a mini-objective (without being called such) where you have to press a button to extend the bridge. Otherwise the route is the same.

There is a second entrance to the nailgun area now (to the right behind the helipad) leading through some new areas.

The base got more of an outside, but the route was changed very little.

Preach's "Beatles" comparison is apt; if Quake is "Abbey Road", RemakeQuake is a tribute album. It's not the same, because the original is untoppable. So why not have some fun. 
And I ripped from ETQW, Crysis and even Doom3 here quite liberally, besides Half-Life. To me they're all Quake's children. 
Looks Like Geocomp 
Pretty epic looking map! I loved all the intricate details - the grunts floating off in to space when the walkway blows up, sleeping dude and the quake jukebox, the ogre body, etc.

Things I would suggest:
- in the blue room with the slipgate, it looked like I should have been able to pick up the power cube - I thought I was supposed to be collecting those?
- the air ducts were confusing for me; I appreciated some navigation aids like ambient sounds, the odd voreling, but I still was not sure if I found the right exit and was getting tired of running around
- overall I felt a bit lost, like too much of the map was opened up right at the start.
- it would benefit from more monsters, I think, or at least having the current monster encounter spots be more of a fight. I can appreciate wanting to have a map that's mostly about exploring, but it left me craving more action :-)

Here is a demo of my first attempt: 
Disco Zombies ! 
.. are killing me ;) 
Oh Man 
How did my nan's knitted hats get into my Quake! 
Thanks for the Demo
set skill 0. That's were the monsters are.
Gameplay should be easy. I might but some arrows in the duct work for easy skill only.
The cubes get placed by the teleport.
You missed cube 2 and 3
Will setup more in game info about need to power the teleport.
At the end of the demo the sign did say DANGER :) 
..I Was Thinking 
..why so few people actually post screenshots ?
This should be a screenshots section instead I see mostly endless flows of words.
..Maybe all the Q1 comunity is slowly disappearing ? 
heydan the community still active and small as have been in the last few years, we just don't need to post a screenshot on every room we make... it spoils all the surprise in the release...

There are some maps in construction, Quake is no more a game of young teenagers that don't have nothing to do, almost all of us have jobs and kids to take care... things come more slowly :)
But we still alive and kicking... : ) 
where's your screenshot then? HUH?

Green's back baby! 
So much for not touching the editor until christmas... 
Not sure about those ceiling lights in the corners. Something feels off about them, but I can't grasp why. 
dawn necros, u were made to map :\

I will never produce nothing like you even if I map for more 30 years :|

talent born with people... I don't I've even close to yours... 
lets shoot some more screens, and glbind them. 
that actually looks kinda cool :p 
Give some love to the floor. 
i haven't touched it in a month, neg :P
as for floors, probably, yeah. this is more experimentation with CnP building so no floor details yet, but i remember what you said before. :) 
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 
here are two more shots of my map using ik2k textures. I'm making slow progress, but also working on two other maps to go with it in a mini-episode :D 
Love It 
awesome ericw 
wow, very nice! want to see more of this! 
My willy went a bit harder. 
I like the use of those textures, I look forward to seeing how this turns out. 
Willy Went Fishing... 
looks like he's having a wank 

I like it - reminds me of the ogre cook. 
OMG !!!! 
Ogres are Hell garden gnomes !! Really ? 
lol madfox. :P 
I'm Doomed 
sadly its not quake, but its doom2. its a level i started for a community project. each level is designed around a phobia, and i choose isolopgobia [and a 2nd map, with claustrophobia as its theme]. - i thought a city without anyone, no corpses, no items, no enemies, etc - would make it feel empty and lonely.

my idea for the level is to start in some canyon/dessert area and the player slowly makes its way to the city, and that's that. i hope to make it big enough to get lost in, without it being boring.. which i think might be hard. 
Looks Good 
That's an odd theme you're going for. Not sure if it works in a Doom map. But kudos for the attempt. Really no entities whatsoever? Not even a few blood splats hinting at something terrible that took place there, or at a few Lost Souls? 
Wow, that is awesome and I want to play it. 
i thought having corpses & blood smears or anything like that would be too obvious. so i decided against the idea of using any dead thins or enemies and even items. there are props and all, but without any items to pick up i think the player will either grow bored of them map very quickly or maybe they'll feel that it is actually empty. or maybe think nothing at all!

i'm also thinking of not having any puzzles in it, like no switch-open-door stuff, maybe have a few that feel like someone already solved the "puzzle" or something. will make things boring as hell maybe, but i dont know.

i'm sleepy so hopefully i did not write any gibberish. :) 
with corpses and blood and such you can attempt to build some kind of story that may keep the player interested for longer than just wandering around a completely empty map. 
Never Played Doom 
But I think it would be cool if there was a Spectre or two there. 
I actually think the original concept is great. Not every map has to do the usual thing. There are loads of DOOM maps with monsters already.

Going only for atmosphere of the place and exploring that sounds great.

Plus, I'm sure someone will mod it to have monsters quickly enough.

nakasuhito: Trying to grab the player's attention without any combat will not be easy, I look forward to your solution. I'm doing the same in one of my maps atm, which is why I'm doubly interested. I use small puzzles, though, to keep the player nominally busy while they explore. To keep their interest, I use somewhat unusual setpieces, a lot of new mapmodels, stark contrast in lighting and a lot of sounds.

The first part of Doom3's Delta Labs was an inspiration, since it also has no combat (but does require getting a key).

I think such alternative angles to making a map can be very interesting. 
Beta Map 
Map is complete for easy skill (skill 0). Please take a look. Should be easy fighting. Getting lost/stuck? let me know. Pak file for Quoth. Use fitzquake 0.85
Pak file
Screen (for people who love quake crates)

Links will die in 14 days :(
Email me or post comments
Thanks mechtech 
I'm Pretty Sure Everyone Has Quoth 
Packing in .zip would have been nice... 
Another Beta 
After a longer vis I wanted here's the beta of Tarratorium.
It has only one skill setting on normal, as I'm still corecting the gameflow. I have the feeling it is a bit too dark.
If you have some sparetime and want to try out, you're welcome with good advice!


Oops, Bad Phonetics 
Wow. Coloured lighting a bit too much, but other than that very cool, nice rock structures indeed, decent textures too. 
Holy Colored Lights Batman! 
Nice job, madfox. 
yeah, brushwork looks great, but the coloured lights make no sense at all. blue liquid but red light for no reason? 
Tube Larshed 
I admit the colored light is a bit overdone.
I needed some brown color to lit the green tex.
Then again, without the lit file lights are still sufficient. 
Forgot To Hit Record... 
someone please make a demo of MadFox's beta, wandering around in circles and saying "is there even a goddamn silver key in this level?" Thanks in advance. 
Aight, played it and recorded a demo. Comments and thoughts during the playthrough, overall it was good, but needs some work. Most importantly, the layout is pretty confusing, probably substantiated by the same-ish look of most of the areas. This could probably be avoided by varying the textures a little, as I also note during the demo, and making the rooms more unique in other ways. I also noticed a lot of misaligned textures and corners of brushes extruding through walls and such, especially with the curved pipes (which were nice by the way!), probably caused by the vertices not being exactly on grid - but I know how difficult such structures are to work with and such problems are almost impossible to avoid. I didn't really get stuck on any architecture either, so I guess it isn't more than just an aesthetic problem.

Also, I think you should indeed tone down the colored lights a little, as in some areas they were overdone - make them more subtle, and also add some more neat, subtle light/shadow effects like I noted near the exit in the demo - it works wonders for atmosphere! And yes, I thought it was a bit too dark overall as well.

On the gameplay side of things, I thought it was pretty good, except for the confusing layout that makes it easy to get lost. I found it a bit empty though, maybe add some more enemies and interesting ambushes, perhaps some powerups to keep the action flowing?

Pretty good stuff, looking forward to more. Oh and yes, the demo of course: 
The architecture is interesting, though rather small. And yet all raw. The key, I could not find. Sometimes get stuck in the pipes. Maybe this should be at the bottom of the tube put noclip texture? 
Still Using DMM, I See... 
You could have at least vised the thing. 
Mech's titan is really good and alienish. I didn,t expect the level to get much larger than it was, but the extras really added to a great space outpost atmosphere. Hope the regular and hard skills add a challenging battle though. Excellent ending too! The only thing I would change is the static solarflare in the skybox. I think colored gaseous clouds and smaller astro objects would look better. Moon's could be large though.

Madfox's Tarraterratorium is excellent. Lighting, mood and level layout the way I like it. My crt monitor had that screenshot area looking good (better than the screenshot). I would keep the lighting as it is. Combat was just right for for the skill. 
MADFOX: Nicey Layout... 
...Some weird logical errors, like windows showing the skybox when they should show the wall that's right behind them.

Quite a few texture misplacing. Too much colored lighting.

Gameplay so and so, skill 1 is on the easy side, have not tested the other ones.

Add some details and variation, take care of the clipping issues...

You may have something really great here, but needs a lot of refinement...

BTW, the BK is quite easy to find. First playthrough demo: 
Okay, a few comments.
Please call it tor.bsp so it corresponds to the mod dir and zip, ffs. There's no reason to give it a different name (see vidi).

Largely consistent theme throughout the map and some nice layoutish things. But also many sloppy bits in construction/brushwork and poor texture work. Aligning those textures on the pipes is a pain, but you could use a non-detail texture or modify the current ones not to have seams. Some texture choices are bad, e.g on transitions (or the lack thereof) and on sides of walkways, for example, where a properly fit trim would be better than wood or whatever else is used. Or clashing textures next to each other without proper transition.
Countless misaligned skulls and other textures, even on the same planes. The beams are good, but either align the metal4_4 texture properly or use a different one, especially on the ceilings.
The textures used on the arches don't work this way, either rotate/align or replace - angular cut off rivets and tiles look bad.

I don't like the skybox, it doesn't fit with the dark cistern theme of the map, but okay... At least fix the logical errors with sky windows placed where it doesn't make sense, or where they make the walls/building look thin and feeble. You can build little detail areas behind the windows that only show the wall of the adjacent corridors.
What's with the lame doors again? And why shootable buttons that suggest pressability?

Lighting looks like ass. Deleting the .lit file made it slightly better, but not only the weird colors are the problem, also the darkness. Keeping the map dark is not bad in theory, even beneficial for the atmosphere, but there are many areas that feel too dark. Plus the skybox is very bright in contrast. And there are light textures that don't emit any light. Put some lights with "delay" "2" and "wait" "2" there - that should look nice.

I didn't get lost; or let's say, I always managed to find the way somehow, but you should really consider making the progression a little easier for the player. Better highlighting of important areas or where to go next; maybe a few arrow textures here and there (possibly funcs), while still maintaining the openness and certain feeling of exploration.

No real problem with gameplay difficulty, lots of health and all. 
Valid Points 
The chaotic and darkness work well to make this map interesting. Sometimes neatly brushed, mirror imaging all over the place, etc. can be boring. Like digs said about the rawness of the level. Madfox is Piccasso.

Also, the Jerry Springer show seems to have alot of Quake texturing on the set. Even green colored lighting. And what about the X-Files? Every room Skull/Muld is in, is dark! Operating rooms have doctors working on a patient with 1 spotlight in the center, and the whole rest of the room is plain dark. What's up with that?

Anyways, the truth is out there. 
Kinky Pipes 
@generic - I forgot to add a demo, it's my logic of knowing the map versus players, who are completely new to the map. Sorry for that.

@digs - I understand the error, but from the SilverKey sign it seemed logic to me you walk back along the cave part. There are two doors on the screenshot.

@Berntsen - I started with afloor3_1 and construckted the whole thing on grid. Always curves are breaking up and I started with alignment. There was a rather sticky hom I couldn't avoid. So I worked it up untill it wa gone. Often it are the hardest part in mapping.

Right then, it is a bit too dark. I thought as I turned brightness to 80%. Colors are a wicky thing compared the lack of lit file.

I'm planning for some static entities like machines and puffing tubes.

@neg!ke - The first time vising took 3h40.This one took about 13h40, I considered quiet long for 3.1Ghz. The bsp file slunk from 4.3 to 1.8Mb.
And dmm, no I installed radiant but i'm not that good in configurating. This one is Quark6.3.

@roblot - thanked you liked it!

@thesilent - I know the missing walls look stupid. RThat was the start room and there was only one thing I kept in mind. Keep the first 'till the last poly on grid. Now I want to add things as I think the map isn't that big. There was only one skill setting.

Thanks for your replies, and the demo's. I will take a look at them.
And at Mh beta, of course. 
at MechTech beta. 
..Yes I Like It Madfox 
those red caves remind me of Quake2 ! 
Well, Would Anybody Try... 
...and pack Mechtech's map as a zip, so that I can give it a try? 
Nevermind, I Found A Utility... 
...And gave it a try.

Killed 11 monsters, roamed in circles for a good 15 minutes in the air ducts (no hints whatsoever as to where to go), then got sucked into the void.


Kinda awesome in places, some extra ugly texture choices (door signs above all), boooring gameplay and a little blocky architecture. Diving back in to get tom the end... 
Got To The End. 3rd Attempt. 
Some very good architecture/layout. Too much colored lighting. Subtlety is required. Gameplay non existent. With this kind of spaces, I'd expect a kill count around 300+. Lots and lots of potential. Some very clever tricks and devices, you just need to use them wisely.

3 demos, to give you an idea of the difficulties encountered... Only last one complete, played with no sound. 
Why 7z ? 
Processing archive: titanbeta2.7z

Extracting pak3.pak Unsupported Method
Extracting Titanbeta.txt Unsupported Method
Extracting quoth2test.fgd Unsupported Method
Extracting Unsupported Method
Extracting titan.rmf Unsupported Method
Extracting titan.wad Unsupported Method

Sub items Errors: 6

WHY do people insist on choosing those weird formats ? Isn't ZIP/RAR good enough ? Does it worth selecting obscure formats just to save a few kb in archive ?

I will never understand this, now I have to search for somwthing that can unpack this and probably it will be a cmdline tool. Why, why, why ? When I could simply click on it and unpack it if it where ZIP (without any tool installed, it works in Windows, in Linux, anywhere) 
because rar is not free and 7z can be significantly smaller than zip. just use the official tool from 
and this is why i fucking hate the trend of omitting the protocol in the address bar. 
well u should get 7zip. u don't need winrar, winzip, winace and all the millions of other compression programs if you have 7zip, it does them all. thank god for no more fucking shareware winrar and it's popup i put up with for years before 7zip came along. 
Nevermind, I just think that ZIP is much better, because it's a STANDARD for such a long time and now any operating system has integrated support for ZIP.

Anyway, back to map : it's awesome. I haven't finished it yet, but I gathered almost all CPUs, I need the last one, I'm at 111 kils from 208, that's half of monsters.

I assume that the teleporter from the CPU room will send me to another area, that would be awesome, the map is very large, but detalied at the same time.

And some scripting sequences are perfect, the way that the second tunnel exploded and those monsters floating in space - jaw dropping... 
"Every operating system" also has support for BMP which does not mean we should not be using PNG and the like nowadays. 
Titan Set Skill 0 :) 
The Silent - set skill 0 in console and restart map. I have 208 monsters on easy. NO SOUND? Then you missed part of the map. I made it a point to have ambient throughout.
Please check for errors, texture align problems, get stuck spots, to hard on easy...

RaverX - 7zip is the best compression tool out there. Thanks for trying my map. The end teleport will link to the next map (one of the planets or comsat).

I'm getting tired of using free hosting. Anyone know a good hosting site. Don't need much maybe 1gb storage.

Now on to the Tormentarium 
WHY do people insist on choosing those weird formats ? Isn't ZIP/RAR good enough ?

winrar supports .7z

u don't need winrar, winzip, winace and all the millions of other compression programs if you have 7zip, it does them all.

so does winrar ;)

"Every operating system" also has support for BMP which does not mean we should not be using PNG and the like nowadays.

or to paraphrase bash... "Saying that .zip is nice because it works on all OS's is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on all genders
That Said.. 
quake releases have always been in zip. it would feel weird if that ever changed 
Mechtech:, pw ilovetheshubhub
Not sure what the size limit is though. Iirc is nice.

I am being a hypocrite about ZIP. At Quaddicted I do not accept any non-zip into the main sp map archive because only zip is supported by the backend scripts and the Quake Injector. It's the lowest common demoninator. 
quaketastic=50meg limit
I see your point about .zip now. Will use it for compatibility.

.zip 93,323kb ultra
.7z 66,001kb LZMA2

Too bad 7Zip is the better compressor.
Thanks for the link to the hosting site. Testing it. 
Shots from Tormentarium by Madfox
I relit using -dist 0.5 -range 1.5
Vis taking awhile?

Nice looking area 
The 7zip GUI program is free to download and supports zip and rar as well. If Winrar also supports 7zip, then I don't see what the problem is.

7z is much better for big releases (especially if they don't need to apply for Quaddicted in the first case) since it compresses a heck of a lot better than Zip. The difference is large. So the bigger your file gets, the more attractive something like 7z becomes.

Installing an unpacker for a commonly used format isn't really too much to ask for, in Linux you can simply use the package manager like for everything else, and for Windows it's a simple download of either Winrar or 7zip GUI. Either of those will serve you well. It takes 5 minutes to install but serves you for a long time.

"It's always been done like X" is a very bad argument when it comes to IT. You're not using DOS anymore, right.

Some of the Stalker mods I downloaded recently were packed with 7z, so there's a practical example. Any final RMQ release is likely to be very, very large, so using Zip would be suboptimal in that case, too. Of course if someone is diehard enough to repack something like that with Zip because he loves that combination of letters the most, more power to them.

If a person is flexible enough to download and install mods for a game in the first place, it's reasonable to assume they can do the same with an unpacker in the unlikely case that they need to.

Now if I had to *sell* a download, then I would probably use Zip because I might lose some customers otherwise. Luckily, that's not the scenario I'm in. 
@Bernsen - I had to watch the demo in dark places. And having this dark map it is double dark. I had some cfg settings to get it right although the screen kept shakery.

I don't know how you managed to get on the second tube from the first outview. I can't jump 64 units, and by doing so you missed the key.
It seems one can jump higher in DP.

The squad was there before you killed all enemies on the lift. Thanks for bringing up the hom in the round lift. I almost forgot.
The corridor in the chapel is too dark.

@Silent - Good demo, straight away. There are some textures that didn't align although I repeatly had changed them. Even lowering the whole poly, but the texture kept on the wrong place.

@digs - I admit the entrence to the last cave in the cathedral part is too dark to see. So it's rather hard to find it. I will make it better in vieuw.

@Mechtech - vis-13h40 Looks a bit lighter indeed.

Thanks for the demo's, it cleared up a lot! 
Compress It 
.7z, Winrar, ZIP, any one of them is fine, just for the love of Mary, do not use dzip! For anything! 
ever since i started using 7z, i'm actually surprised people still put up with the winzip/winrar nag screens. we need to spread the word more! 
necros : some people actually buy the program, not everyone use them in freeware/nagware mode. But I work in Total Commander, there I copy, delete, etc. Am I use it to pack file (to ZIP) and to unpack.

It's so easy to unpack ZIP in Total Commander. I don't care what programs are using other people, but it would be nice to see standard formats, everyone can unpack a ZIP file without any other tool, but 7z, dz, etc.

I will never understand the need for so many formats (the same problems are in images - bmp, jpg, tga, gif, png and much, much more). 
That's because you don't understand their purpose. 

Oh yes, please do explain me. You think I don't understand that some support alpha channel (tga), some compress very well loseless (png), some compress very well but with information loss (jpg), etc ?

I understand that there's the need for "a few" formats. But when you have BMP, DIB, JPG, GIF, ICO, ICB, PCX, PCD, PSP, PBM, PGM, PSD, PPM, PSG, PNG, VST, VDA, EMF, WMF, TIF, TIFF, WBMP, RLE, SGI, and many, many other formats it doesn't make any sense.

Ankh : thanks, I'll try them, they should solve the problem on my system, but I work on many computers (and at work I have hundreds of virtual machine, I barely managed to install Total Commander on most of them, I don't have time to install plugins everywhere : ) 
Hey raverx, now you are ranting just for the sake of it. 
I mean, there's loads of reasons why all those formats exist, what's the problem?

Proprietary formats for editors are inevitable, obviously. BMP isn't useless, it's extremely easy to operate on (and actually compresses well with a .zip :P). Some formats are legacy, because, you know, things change as time passes. Some formats are patent-free, some aren't. Some as OS/device specific. ICO can contain a lot of sizes, GIFs animate....

I suppose maybe there are cases where someone developed a new format when there was something out there that fit their needs exactly, and there weren't any licensing issues, but it's probably not that common. 
Please Move This Discussion To General Abuse... 
Proprietary formats are just a symptom of the wonderful world of the free market. /irony

Hence, there is no Volksformat. 
i use jpg, gif, png, tiff, psd, ico. I need them all. It would be useful if gifs or pngs could be used instead of ico's, but the others are all needed - gif and jpg for their different types of compression and tiff for no compression. all the other formats, like bmp, i find pointless. 
That's cute. 
You Guys Are Dicks, Move This To General Abuse 
I keep hoping someone put up a screenshot. 
For You, Drew... 
Thank You Necros 
you are a sweet, precious angel.

excellent format choice also.

(1st jpeg = fav though all look super interesting) 
Needs More Fog 
necros, winter challenge: aim for a turtle map. You know, what we discussed, small/medium size with short construction time, medium fanciness at most. 
The First Shot. 
Trim TRIM TRIM!!!!!!

It looks like it's just painted on. The rivetted metal should be an actual....thing....with depth. Not just a 2-d thing painted on the edge.

Why oh WHY do people still do this in 2011??!?!!!!!!

(p.s. looks good otherwise) 
1st screen: tantalising, took me a while to realise it's not a new map per se (even considering the filename).

2nd: great skybox choice, the chimneys are amusing.

3rd: um, that rock texture might need some fullbright removal? Or was it intended to go along with the red theme? Otherwise cool.

Seconding the sweet, precious angel statement. 
1st shot: really good old Quakish style. Love it !

2nd shot: Well, looks to be a re-hash of a Quake map I can't remember the name.. though.. not my cup of tea...

3rd shot: So far the best one. Give me the impression that is part of Hell Doom3 level. I love the architecture and the red effect (lava or blood?) This is so cool !

Good job ! 
Great Shots 
1st its remake of e2m3 i assume?
and 2nd the nameless city remake/remix 
fuck yeah on all 3 counts. what's that in the distance in shot 1? is it... another level from e2? awesome if so. awesome either way.

I need to go map. 
what's that in the distance in shot 1? is it... another level from e2?

Looks like E2M2 to me! (Or so the misaligned wiz1_4 suggests..) 
aim for a turtle map. You know, what we discussed, small/medium size with short construction time, medium fanciness at most.

i know... i felt like such a dick after i said all that stuff about medium maps. i just find it much harder to stop mapping at medium size than to just keep going until i hit a map limit.
by the time your map is medium sized, that's when all the awesome shit starts to come to you. you just hit on some great idea and then you start to feel that it'd be such a waste not to fully explore the theme, you know? 
Now czg can maried with scampie! 
A Quake Wedding 
Would be a wonderful wedding. Handsome groom, the bride in radiant white, the ominous hum from the death cathedral of C'thesdht'Cdutthhhth filling the air.

The fiend might get over excited when handing over the ring though :( 
Wow now I want a sweater with the Q logo on it. 
hahaha, those are incredibly lame. :D
mind you, more creative than today's game ads. :P 
I Want The #tf Wizmet T-shirt! 
I Remember... 
...the beach one :) 
Re #7947 
we already are 
[quake1 Ads] I Only Remember 
the wedding one, but in spanish [from a magazine called micromania, we would get it 6 months late! so the games i would read on previews would most likely be out already]. 
Those shots look great. I have some scraps from a Nameless City redux that a started a while back. I could forward them along if you are interested. 
i'd be interested in seeing them but as i said in my post, those are shots of maps i'm NOT working on. ;) 
should be some kind of scraps section on quaddicted or somewhere, it'd be cool to have a bunch of scrapped sections to look around when mapping. 
yeah totally tronyn, for inspiration or maybe someone will be bored and make a scrapmap!

i wasn't totally inspired by those shots necros, at least the first 2. the first one looked okay but lacked a lot of detail, and there's been probably 100 levels in that texture set already. the 2nd just looks like a flat nameless city, which is the worst level in quake.

the 3rd screeny looks good though, i'd like to see that one finished if you ever return to those :) 
Not sure if anyone cares about q3 these days but I figured I might post this here anyway, like the old days. ;)
Released a new beta of one of my older maps, all cleaned up. 4 years after that last beta, 7 years after the first. :P
Fjo3tourney1, using Lunarans textures and some of my own modifications.


I wish I played q3 more. 
Looks Good 
Nice shapes 
Btw, the new Quaddicted has a Pipeline-ish page:

You should be able to add your shots if you log in. Ignore "Expectation failed" errors on image upload, close the popup and use the add media button again. The image will have been uploaded. 
Expectation Failed 
This message appears if you try to upload a subpar screenshot that does not meet Quaddicted's high quality standards, so beware. 
New Version 
Those Screenshots Look Beautiful 
Nice work!!! 
Titan Beta 
All skill levels. Map is done (i hope).
PAK file for Quoth. Source included. 
I like the use of blue lighting mixed with the yellow. Is it final? 
Ricky: Thanks!
Not final yet! Still open for suggestions. :)

This sort of just happened. I was trying to get back into mapping after a couple weeks absence (and loads of RL stress). I might take this idea and run with it for a while. 
Oh Oh Oh 
Those lightning effect are awesome ! 
Just To Clarify 
there is a lightning barrier being charged by shamblers?

or is it some sort of refueling station?

Either way, looks cool.
It's a magical apparatus using Shamblers as power sources for doors or traps. At least that's one way to sell it.

In fact it is a small, useless setpiece doubling as a fancy shootable button and lightning turret. 
gb looks awesome, love to see this in a full map! 
Nice Lighthouse... 
That's a windmill, metl. Looks cool tho. 
Fuck That's Awesome 
Are the wings turning ? If yes it is cool... if no... it is cool in anyway ;) 
not sure why i typed lighthouse instead of windmill... i guess it made me think about a lighthouse i built once, then when it came time to post the comment, the word "lighthouse" was at the front of my mind. 
It's A Common Typo 
The keys are like right next to each other. 
#7983 Wins 10 Internets 
and that windmill needs to rotate!

some subtle triangle terrain wouldn't go amiss on that ground either. 
That Looks Awesome 
in general. 
The Lightmill 
i'd extend the wood to the bottom as well. looks a little underdetailed where the bottom bricks are.

don't like the 2 ground textures either, they look too different.

but otherwise looks very cool! 
Hl2 Ep2 Map

Still pretty much wip. Rocks need some love, especially near the house. Main thing I want to know is : Is the journey from the sea shore to the house boring?

I want to extend the sentry gun part to be more puzzle orientated, but I suck at designing puzzles so any ideas are appreciated ;) 
seems fine. the beach area isn't ugly, but it's not stand-out awesome either.
the area right after that (where the gun was) looks much cooler (and i wish you could explore more there, like be able to enter than building with the double-doors.

still, i mean, there's only so much you can do with a beach since it's just sand and rocks. i wouldn't worry too much about it. 
Looks cool, doesn't seem boring.

Allow the player to move something in front of the turrets to avoid their fire? Pushable box, activate a crane that lowers a container, shoot a wire that drops something on them. Stuff like that. Just random ideas. But like necros said, since this looks to be the start of the map, I don't see the need for more puzzling. 
Beach part does seem a little bit bland, at least the cliff view, but no idea what to do. Perhaps a few plants, logs, some grassy bits.

I don't like leech-infested puddles. Sure, it's part of the puzzle/careful approach, hmm...
The brick arches (or curved bits) look strange just like that. Trim or something?

For effects, perhaps have a burning headcrab climb out of the exploding missle near the stairs. And a single spider headcrab in the dark tunnel at the end for a brief shocking moment. 
Nice Ideas 
Thanks guys. 
about the leech pools...
it kind of goes against how they are used in normal hl2, which may bother some players. i don't know that i bother me exactly, but it would probably feel contrived.

is this a mod btw? are the hopper mines instakill here? i mean, i'd just sprint past everything if i was playing.

if you want to puzzle it up... put in like loads and loads of solutions to the same puzzle. that way you can be assured that everyone will figure out at least 1 way to get through it.

ok, maybe not 'loads and loads' but like at least 2 ways, 3 would be better. 
i don't know that it bothers me exactly

keys got stuck there or something... 
It's Standard Ep2 
The main idea with the hoppers and leech pools is to zone the player so that the beach doesnt feel like one large open empty space, but an area you progress through by exploring.

With that said, you are totally correct, you can basicly sprint through everything that is there currently, which is the fatal flaw at the moment. I think I need to create some artificial walls to help zone the player in better and keep things more focused.

I agree with necros also that more exploration of the house/combine fort area is needed, this will help make the level longer (5 minutes for 1 map in a slow playthrough is still ridiculously short for 1 map). The combine fort in particular is the visual focus of the map and yet you never really get near it.

Thanks guys, inspiration is acquired :D 
About That Fort 
it would be cool if you could go under it and there's like rusty support structures and such... this is where you can put in some hard walls to route the player around traps and such. 
I think the beach is nice, clean, what is expected. maybe to make more interesting you could have an extended segment of base going out to a sub base oil riggy type seciton there, connected by wires or walkway.... of course totally unnecessary - maybe some more houses along the far cliff, or maybe some other architectural points of interest, or more vegetation would add a touch more interest at that end if needed.
agree about oddness of leach puddles but also loved the trickiness of that section with the turrets and other hazards. looked quite fun.

The big base - I wish you'd taken it in more - looks great but I would be looking at that thing from all angles, for a while just to take it in, if I were actually playing. as far as I can tell, it looks fucking awesome!

Agree about building - should be enterable, even if minimal details inside.

first thing I was gonna say was about theweird brick arches negke mentioned - flat tops with cropped edges would look better than the rounded off angle I think. mayb keep the inner curve though... maybe one crumbling.
Didn't think the single electro ball added much - would rather have negke's crabs.
not a big fan of electroballs anyways.

and yes. I did say that. fuck off. 
Watched Again 
pay attention to comments re crabs and balls. but ignore oil rig shit. stupid. looks good without it. desolation is the key there.
one thing though - felt the sand texture looks REALLY tiled around 0:52 ... maybe put some more rocks/boats/debris? 
Worked on it some more today, the turret part is extended with some changes to make it more focused, in general the route up the beach will be more involved.

The houses area now has a combine forcefield just before you reach the grate leading into the sewer which will need to be gotten around somehow, involving a puzzle to get onto the top of the houses and navigate around it.

Decided that the sewer tunnel wont hold the level change as it does now, but it will re-surface inside the combine base where you will do some shit(tm) and open the route into the island.

Noted on the sand tiling, will work on it some more, generally with the new zoning props on the beach there is less sand visible over-all so it will be less of an issue, but I can spruce it up some for sure :) 
Don't spend too long on 2mins of gameplay on the beach when you're intending to make an entire episode. You'll end up mucking around with the beach scene for so long that you never get to any other maps. I actually think it's long enough as it is. More exploration once on/in the structure would be good though. 
..Kona You're Right 
time is 1st enemy of a game designer;
a mapper must be able to make choices and do them fast !
if you find yourself caught still with a specific issue for too long.. then it's too late already.
(funny I say that cause I got nothing released yet ;) 
Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer 
As promised, here are a couple of screenshots of my current map in progress. It was hard to decide where I and what I wanted to screenshot, since I don't want to give out too much of the map.

I think the two screenshots shown give out enough detail on what to expect in the map, but obviously there is much more then what you see.

And of course, since this is still a map in the works, the screenshots do not show the final product, as the scenery may change as things progress. 
Those very tiny screenshots look awesome! 
I am a giant fan of your total disregard of r_speeds. I suspect it will continue to work out well. "Business" works well for a Q1SP map as long as the theme is tight/coherent. 
My mistake, I linked the small pictures instead of the full size ones.

Sorry :) 
Looks Epic 
They have a quake 2 vibe to them, not a bad thing. 
not a big fan of the rock texture in 2nd shot...
but the rest looks AMAZING.
also... shot 2 reminds me of ALIEN 3 a bit?
Definitely looking forward to this, whenever it gets done. I'd be happy to offer playtesting services, if you'd like, btw. 
also I meant BUSY-ness.
Nice alienish vibe. Like Unreal's Skaarj maps. 
those shots look wild, man. :)
same here, btw, not a fan of those rocks.
also, scale the water up at least 2x, even 3 or 4x in the second shot. it'll hide the tiling and the waterwarp + translucency will hide the pixelization.
very interested in seeing this map. 
That looks awesome. Like me (and almost everyone else) you have started to make huge open environments for Quake. Which lets face it just looks cool. Rlly nice work man, cant wait to see this.

The green tiled texture on the wall in the first shot - well, I think you should give it a 256x256 texture or maybe a 256x128 texture perhaps? Or even better still, break it up into horizontal layers or something. Or give it some support pillars embedded in the wall maybe. Bit of texture aligning here and there.

I wonder what fauna will be present in these maps?

Map limits B gone, the way things are going I dont think it will be long before people are making maps double the size of anything that has been made up until now. ;) 
Yeah, looks great!

Finish it bitch ;) 
The first shot looks so cool, it looks like an UT map. 
Amazing Shots 
although I'm with ricky about the green tiled texture and the others about the rocks. 
Yes that is very cool indeed especially shot 1. Texturing could be a bit smarter but designs are great. 
I Made A Video Too!

not as awesome as daz's playthroughs though. 
point of vieuw I think.
Daz fixes a player, this looks more like a giant CFT.
The monster AI looks good with that Shambler explo. Funny to see it jumping down and taking the elevator again. Good it's named anylizing monster Ai, because I could't undertow a feeling of panic, as one man player. 
i remember it used to be a bit of a teenage nerd gaming fantasy of mine to see a full on battle between the quake & q2 monsters. so that is still awesome :D

are you converting all of them? 
i've been tossing the idea around of making a map where you either play as a futuristic soldier assaulting a demonic stronghold with your buddies (you and q2 'monsters' vs quake monstes) or a map where you are just trying to stay alive during an epic battle between q2 monsters (who hate you) and original quake monsters (who also hate you).

but i'm not sure how cheesy it would be to convert all those q2 monsters so that kind of puts a damper on it for me and i haven't converted more than 5 or 6 of them. the jorg boss (minus the guy sitting on him) is pretty cool, and i'd like to make a q1 boss out of him though. 
arguably the very idea of combining the two sets of monsters is cheesy from the outset, considering one set is organic and demonic and the other is futuristic and mechanical. but i still maintain it would be awesome (in a cheesy way)

a mod where you could choose to fight for either side would be cool. maybe it could even be done without weapons...

and a jorg vs armagon final showdown would be pretty epic :D 
RQ Guys 
Big Gun boss vs monster_wizard. Make it happen. 
monster_boss2 I mean 
Something Non-stupid This Time... 
i've long had plans to add ambient creatures (birds, bats, rats) to quake levels, to enhance the mood. 
i know it's just birds... but this just looked really cool:


fps is shit though cause i had to turn on realtime lighting otherwise the birds were fullbright for some reason. 
Nice one, I've been planning to do the same thing for a while. Looks good. Can you post the code, or do I have to write my own? :)

You're going Darkplaces? Makes sense, unfortunately all my maps run like shit in DP though. RT lighting and stuff like pretty water would probably kill my FPS for good.

I look forward to seeing what the system requirements will be. 
And Also 
we have a great engine already. :-P 
DarkPlaces == DP 
The name says it all :-P 
Errr, senseless slaughter... Looks cool, though. 
So do your screenshots. But make sure to have those textures aligned properly this time... like, fucking hell! 
i'm not 'going' darkplaces. bad wording on my part, i just meant i wouldn't ignore DP until the last minute and hope that it was playable. :P
i still plan to have everything compatible with fq/qs. :) 
If You Are Interested In The Bird... 
here's the current source code for it:
you'll also need this model: (that's the h2 raven model with an ugly new skin)

should be almost plug and playable. probably just need to declare a few extra entity fields.

also, this is totally a WIP... that code is probably pretty wasteful atm and there is a lot of unimplemented stuff.
i eventually want to give them real goals like eating (diving for fish in the ocean), hunting (flying in a local area over water) and resting (standing on the ground wandering around) as well as making them sort 'stubborn' so they'll form up in distinct groups and tend to stay with their own group, instead of forming one giant flock 100% of the time.
they don't land on their own, but if they hit the ground in a way to set their on_ground flag, they will sit around for a little while before flying again. there's supposed to be some extra stuff here that's not implemented, but standing birds should try to move together if other standing birds are near, and should be more likely to wait on the ground if they have company or fly sooner if they are lonely.

to use birds, just put some creature_bird entities in and then make some bird_anchorPoint entities in areas you'd like birds to loiter around. they'll move to the different anchor points randomly. 
Good example for in the model thread, as I apreciate your sharing models with others.
For good fun, I would like to try it with the serpent, the old scratched model from QuakeTest.

As I expected my ancient proqcc turned the qc into ogregibs. 
Unfortunate link name! 
Zwiffle very pretty place in the Ville of Sintra next to Lisbon

There are some castles and palaces nearby this small one, was the Ville of kings in Portugal in meddle age 
Happy Christmas Mappers 
That Looks Ridiculously Awesome 
love the textures. 
looks great, textures and details (the roof window :)) like the first floor color
flags could be brighter 
Nice Mood 
No heads under the christmas tree though? 
A City Doomed From The Start 
anyone remember that doom2 city map i was doing?

well i finished it. my idea of having a big canyon/desert area didn't work at all [too boring and doom is not really good at big open rocky areas, or i just suck at it].

the idea for the map was to make levels based on phobias, so i choose isolophobia. no items or enemies, but i needed gameplay so i made some key hunting. hopefully its not frustrating, but it think it might be.

i'm going to write a midi for it, and hopefully that will give it some atmosphere, i hope so anyway.

if this is the right place to post them, then here's the map. i still need to polish some parts, but i think its pretty much done.

the map was made for doom2.exe but it wont run because of visplane overflow errors. shouldnt be a problem since the project dude said to use a limit removing port, so i recommend zdoom, but try not to jump. its tempting yes, but whatever :D 
wow this map is huge! i ran around for a few minutes and managed to make it inside the city. very cool .... uh sector? work. nice details with broken bricks and such. i see what you mean by the outdoor areas... neg showed me a bit how to do it... mostly breaking up straight/slowly curving lines with rocks of varying sector heights. it's really an art though. 
@grahf i remember seeing those screenshots! so he never finished it? i forgot all about it.

thanks for playing the map necros. i think i'm pretty good at doing outdoor areas that are more canyon like [as in cramped stuff] but big wide open ones is just too hard to make them look good in doom. at least for me anyway.

now i need to fix the midi that keeps changing the drums to bass and its done i think. :) 
A Quick Doodle ... 
Sequel To Edge Of Forever? 
cause DAMN that looks awesome. are those all your own textures again? fantastic work, if they are. ;) 
that Italy trip seems to have been paying off :) 
Holy Textures Batman! 
Performance Testing? 
Any one with a relatively slowe pc, like p4 or an old a64 willing to do some performance testing? 
I have here an nf2 ultra board, I can put on it xp1700+ xp2100+ xp2500+ or xp2800+
I also have tualatin 1400, but I guess that's too slow.
Videocard - anything you want, I have a videocard collection, I can test it with anything from voodoo1 to gtx460 (my current card). 
Gone Forever 
necros, the textures are all my own work, I am not sure you why you are winking in your comments, I thought they were good quality. I was planning another puzzle map but my laptop just died yesterday and took all the data with it, such as life! :)
nitin, yeah the Italy trip was good, I took about 5K of photo's and I have mountains of new texture / architecture reference. It is always refreshing to see new places when wanting some inspiration. 
not winking, just a little light on the shift key. i really do think they look good. 
you planning on using Eraser's enttiyplus mod? 
check mail 
I was developing my own set of SP style entities which I was hoping could be merged into entityplus. Unfortunately if I don't get my HD back from my old laptop, it will be all gone. 
Bleh rather fed up with fiddling with this thing, it appears to be working okay now, so anyone interested please take a look.
No area in it is finalised, and a lot of it is raw layout with no brushwork (but a lot is also pretty heavily worked on).

I'm quite busy irl so I wanted to get this out for feedback before I disappear off again, so sorry for releasing an unfinished product :(

If you have an old machine don't try it, it's only fast-VIS'd

Easy: 247
Normal: 291
Hard: 490

Hard has loads of Quoth monsters, less powerups, more traps and is generally really nasty.

***Requires Quoth and a powerful engine*** 
Damn It 
was looking forward to that. 
If people like it I still want to finish it properly, would probably want some help though :E 
Other Bits Of My Base Episode... 
Light Glitches 
Just catching up on 2 months of stuff! That's a large amount of texturing to be done zqf. Got halfway into it so far. For now on I'm using a shotgun to learn code.

I was getting a problem in one area where a brushface wasn't getting lit fully, even by adding a light directly under the face. Nearby is a triggered light, and at a distance some other non triggered lights. Turned out the distant, non triggered lights overwrote (lit) the final version of the rendered face, and not the later (much closer) triggered lights. By deleting the non triggered lights, the face was lit the way I wanted it. 
Did you see any warnings like "too many styles on a face" when running light.exe? That would explain the problem you were seeing. 
Nice pipes; for the lighting either play with anglesense, switch to q3bsp and darkplaces and use patch meshes, or place point lights around them to fake proper lighting.

Plus, any light problems are less visible when your map is overall bright...

The reactor: Just surround it with tons of pipes and blinking lights ;-)

Ambient sounds!!

Could be overall a lot brighter, but I realize the space theme requires deep shadows. 
.. just eat the shots... 
At first I was using bjp's light with no warnings. Months later I tried Tyrann's tools and got the too many lightstyles, so I stuck with bjp light. Thing is, the light setup and architecture is mirrored (i'm guilty) and one side works correct the other not. I fixed it by moving lights around, but the problem came back when adding more brushes in the room in other remote areas.

Tyrann's warnings may be correct, not sure, but I still have the same number of lightstyles and it's all working. It just seemed like the same triggered-on light would act up on the same brush face on occasion. 
You Were Right, Metl/Tyrann 
I deleted those lights a while ago and thought they were regular ambient. I loaded a backup of the map and found they were switchable lights, thus pushing past the 4 style limit. 
More Architectural Doodles 
It looks interesting for the visible part.. but damn: can't you tune the gamma ?? It is way too dark even with my laptop screen brightness to its max :/ 
i'd get that laptop looked at 
Usually laptop screens and TFT etc are fairly bright, or at least make things more visible where poor CRT users (like me) see only blackness. This shot isn't particularly bright, but I can still see it fairly well, so yeah, what rj said.

sock: There's something about the floor texture I find odd. In its current size, there are too many of those bright spots (reminds of a one of those Quake rivet textures used on the floor). If the whole thing, each floor tile, was twice the size (32x32?), it might be less 'spotty'. 
CRT = Dark?!?! 
My monitor is LCD, anyway. I remembered my CRTs as being quite bright. Long time ago, that. 
yeah it shows perfectly fine on my screen. Calibrate your laptop dude :) 
i still have a CRT, so I still complain! :D

but yeah, very nice. i'd love to see another map like edge of forever. 
I was not planning to tweak the lighting much, speed mapping doodle thing, but here is a brighter more contrasting image?

I really liked the shape more than anything else, the ribbed ceiling curling down to the walls which are all sloped and angled. It all feels like it could stand up architectural, I think!

@negke, yeah the texture surface needs some detail, decals or maybe broken stuff. It is just one big flat surface at the moment. 
is that floor texture carpet or interlocking stone?
that'd be my only complaint-- that it's hard to tell.
i'm leaning toward stone, but it'd be cool if it was carpet. 
Seeing that screenshot made me work on a map I haven't in six months. :) 
It is a stone floor of interlocking diamond/square tiles. It does not have a very good contrast balance as you can see light spots but with some carpet, broken bits and decals it would go away. I don't have many carpet textures, it is always hard to get a good picture of them. (large one's)

@jt_ cool, hope you post screenshots sometime. 
If anything I'd want accentuated edges via appropriate textures. 
Great Spot 

Seeing more and more of the map urges my game attitude.
Can't argue about the screenshots, as quake.pal is a horror. 
Nice rock texture. 
i think he was showing off the blended texture. :)
is that some kind of height map thing or is it done with brushes? 
Tree Mapmodel 
Another Doodle 
this time concentrating on lighting and prefabs. 
Reeks of e1m2, in a good way :) 
I love the textures and what you do with them. The room looks great, but may I suggest that you avoid using that 'missing tiles' deco thing in the final product. It tends to feel off when there's no reason for it being there, I just imagine these little creatures come by and steal a few floor tiles just for the sake of stealing them...


Also a duke3d shot from me, since I already posted it elsewhere, might as well throw it here. Been testing out TROR (True Room over Room) in a side project, a bit frustrating to use but has some nice results with the parasols not normally possible. Offers a ton of potential for future maps. 
that room looks amazing 
sock: each sketch is better than the last. :) i like the way the stairs are pushed back to make that u shape.

quakis: how the heck did you build a 3d shape like that in duke??
speaking of 3d, can you make that terrace a little more varied in heights? maybe have some stairs or something? 
Really good sketch Sock.

I see what Quakis is saying about the missing tiles but I think it's fixable. The texture underneath just needs to have indentations from where the tile used to be and there maybe needs to be some scattered dirt and tile bits around the general area. 
The Alcove 
@RickyT23, yeah one of my favorite Quake levels, the knight trap with the secret Quad.

@quakis, @Text_Fish, yeah I was experimenting with cutting the floor but it did not turn out too well. Need to think of another way to break the floor space. Plan B, carpets!

@necros, Thanks, the textures are certainly getting easier to lock together into useful shapes. 
how the heck did you build a 3d shape like that in duke??

Through a fairly new addition added to Eduke32; TROR. Think along the lines of 3D Floors in GZDoom or such. 
ohh ok, that clears it up. :)
i really liked that last map you made, so i'm looking forward to your new one! 
Crazy Cobweb Library 
Based on the previous feedback I have re-created the lighting (it was bad), a detail pass (dirt,dust and cobwebs, but not crazy industrial mine complex) and fixed a couple of texture issues on prefabs. I have included before and after images if you are curious on what has changed.



As always if you see something wrong or bothering you, say so, silence is the worst kind of feedback. ;) 
Dearest Simon 
i luv u 
light looks a bit bright maybe? it's hard to tell light levels in screenshots.
but yeah, that's fantastic, dude. :) 
wow nice, big atmosphere boost already. Indoors feels nice a warm while outdoor lighting coming through the windows adds a bit of cool/coldness. I like. 
High Def 
@scampie, you lurker! :)
@necros, ummm I tested the general image brightness on my Ipad to see it was acceptable and I got a good moody image.
@quakis, you have described the atmosphere perfectly! :)

Here are some HD versions, they are 1.4Mb each so be warned. (1450x1080 pixels) These were the original images I used to create the other ones. 
that's totally going on my wallpaper. :) 
Holy Shit !! 
That is really nice ! 
As the others mentionened, lighting changes emphasize atmosphere in a fairy tale sort of way, but be aware that it comes at the cost of reduced "realism" (in the lighting).

It's sad that you could never place prefabs like this in a real q3 map that's supposed to have competetive-good gameplay! :/

Other than that... keep up inspiring me and increasing my urge to map instead of coding, please!

Also, if you have any scenes like this that are a bit more complex than "single box room" (not a criticism), I'd be happy to get a copy, because I'm always on the lookout for nice scenes/models to use with my prototypes (and I have just implemented q3 loading ;-)), just that they have to have a certain kind of complexity. 
More Mappin! 
@necros, wow cool!
@JPL, thanks :)
@megaman, I wondered what you were doing. I saw a map by you a while back but it never got beyond beta. Most of my current test maps are just to test textures so everything is really staged for certain angles. 
Palace Of The Guardian Before/after 
Well, the "after" screenshots looks much better, but it seems that you used anisotropic filtering there while in the "before" there's no aniso (bilinear or trilinear). But I don't understand why you removed some "details" from the map (the damaged floor for example). 
Missing floor tiles are pretty cliche, everybody and my mom does it. It's ok if it isn't the only or main detail in an area though (or if something heavy obviously crashed into the floor).

@Sock: Nice. Is it possible to get the arches smoother looking? They're pretty edgy.

Perhaps kick over one of those chairs. It looks too tidy. Candles and books on the floor? 
Dodgy Floor 
@RaverX, most people disliked the floor detail and it needed a lot of work to look better so it was easier to replace with decals instead.

@gb, true the floor damage is cliche but so is crates and barrels. The problem was I made it too obvious, it should of been a small thing, a couple of tiles shifted. I certainly like the idea of more prefabs and damaged versions. Time for a new engine (UDK) which has more toys to play with. 
what about rage when the tools are released? 
Colouring isn't right on some of those textures sock. Especially the roof, those triangular parts might look better in a dark brown. They look a bit sickly at the moment. Maybe the lighting needs to be more yellow-based. 
Don't you want to finish and release your metal map eventually?

What else is there, Orl, Hrim...? 
Missing In Action Projects 
It comes to my mind that some interesting projects seem now defunct, vanished..dead!
One example?
Where that "Mortisville" mod has gone ?? I looked forward to it ! or that Glassman map ?

So.. why not open a section/thread called M.I.A. ? what do ya think ? 
lunsp2 :)

Also I'm sitting on a rpg-metlslime collaboration codenamed "sm69" which we started as a chainmap like 9-10 years ago. 
Oh wait... 
woah, maybe i'm tripping but i thought sm69 was released already. 
well, the joke was that 69 was a really large number (since speedmap numbers were in the 30s at that time.) And that we were mapping really slow, so it would take until ~69 to actually finish our "speed chain map". Of course now the numbers are up past 150... so there was probably a real sm69, but this was unrelated to it. 
oops :P 
Easy Fix... 
Just rename yours sm666 metlslime, maybe it could be finished by then. 
also has something in the works, does he not?

And considering how SM has slowed down (as much my fault as anyone's I guess?) you have approximately 20 years to get it out by then Metl. 
@negke- The metal map I was making hung like stone around me, hooking off hom's ie. The respons on the beta were reasonable.

It's just the point mapping for weeks gets so usual I needed a break and got lost in Bioshock2.

I installed QRadiant and became so excited by its exakt carving I imported my Quark map into it. When I made some additions I imported it back into Quark, but all my poly's were crunched(!>?). I can't make radiant compile within its programm self.

I still have the intention to finish it, but I first have to outrun my textures. :P 
Base In Your Face 
The start map, which I salvaged from a failed q1sp from 2008

Now work starts on the actual map that it links to :P 
I remember that one. Instant boneresque! 
looks fucking awesome 
#8107 by negke

I have a lot of maps almost there! But I haven't
had the time to finish anything in quite a while.
But it looks like I will have some spare time over the next months to finish something.
I have the map pack I showed at the QExpo, Then there is one or two metal maps and there are the wery large base map I showed pics of over a year ago.

So yes there are maps coming but don't ask when! 
sounds like an awesome mini-episode! 
Fuck Yes 
I was wondering where you went Hrimfaxi. I always enjoy your maps.

Also Daz that looks weird in an awesome way! 
i remember that brushwork (the weird support things) from a screenshot from like 10 years ago :) 
Oh Yeah Plus 
Wasn't Mike Woodham making a sequel to the map, which was one of the best maps in a single .bsp imo, "This Onion"? Maybe that'll surface.

Building a map out of scraps is a very difficult. I don't know how he managed to do it. My scrap-map has taken me easily the longest to do of any map. 
RE: #8117 
looks mega 
looks awesome, daz! 
Go map and release it please ! It looks awesome ! 
It certainly has a cool style about it but it does not feel right to me. I assume you are after feedback or suggestions?

I would suggest to make the platform thicker or with a nice chunky under-support. (Take the originally platform, drop it down and push it inwards to create a staggered effect) The far left floor support would look better push out at the top and maybe pushing through the floor above. The top supports would make more sense straight and pushing through the floor like a nut/bolt scenario. Also try the rocks a dark brown, it might look more harmonious. 
Also try the rocks a dark brown, it might look more harmonious.

I'll have to disagree - the gray rock works well because it makes the idbase texes stand out more. 
i like that rock texture too. i've never seen it before either. :)

but yeah, thanks for pointing out the support thing. it was kind of bugging me but i couldn't figure out why.
basically, it looks like it would just collapse since it wouldn't actually distribute any weight (but actually create more stress)
otoh, from the looks side, it's more visually interesting the original way. :) 
Heavy Metal 
Start of a hi-res metal/concrete texture pack, no detail, just basic blocks at the moment. Missing a ton of stuff like panel variety, decals, sfx. 
Is that in Quake? Because I may need to change my pants. 
Sock: Looks Cool! 
Yeah I like the dark coloured rocks, it makes the base stand out more imo, I think brown rocks wouldn't fit as well with the skybox either.

Valid points about the supports and walkway thickness however, I'll get on that :) 

Nice! I love that light panel texture. 
I like the grating with pipework beneath. Its done in such a subtle way yet can break up the floor well. 
That's how a revamped Q1 should look. 
i was just thinking that too. those textures look ridiculous. ridiculously GOOD that is. ;)

a base map made out of those might be very interesting. ^_^ 
Yeah looks awesome, although I get the feeling it's Quake3? Still, you could convert em to Quake when you're done :P 
U R good at textures 
Q1MP Elysium Beta 2 
map filename: elysium2b.bsp
It's a 1on1 / 2on2 deathmatch map for QuakeWorld.

My first quake map (well second if you count remaking it.) Looking for playtesting / item positioning advice or any kind of advice/suggestions/feedback really.

download map:
textures (credits to painkiller / zaka for converting them to qw / dm_sacred):
-- thread:

Thanks for the look! 
Style looks good, but how does it look in actual QUAKE?? 
======SERVER ERROR in SelectSpawnPoint:
PutClientInServer: no info_player_start on level
deathmatch 1 
Fucked up the arguments order in the console. 
Looks Cool, Judging From The Shot 
But at the same time the textures look very samey in color, not much contrast. There's a texture issue in screenshot 046, left of the light. 
Architecture is nice and the layout seems good. However, there are several big and small empty spaces behind in between walls and floors which should removed. I suggest you put clip brushes on ledges and window frames so players can't get stuck or camp there.

Some of the lights, at least the lanterns need to be brighter to makes them easily identifyable as proper light sources. If your light tools supports it (e.g Bengt Jardrup's), add "delay" "2" to them, and experiement with the light value. The cross lights could do with "delay" "2" and "wait" "2"; this would give them a more pronounced light effect. Again, experiment a little.

There's a player start placed on top of an armor, this can make the item fall out of the map, and thus should be moved.
As for the item placement, I'm not sure if a Quad is good in such a small map, might be overkill. Instead, I'd suggest turning the second YA into a RA (the one near the Quad, where the nail box is) and remove the Quad. Is there a GA somewhere on the ground floor that I've missed?
Small nail boxes are useless in DM - you know how weak nails are against rockets or lightning. At least turn them into big ones.

Does the level have an info_intermission? 
Big Shells Too 
And considering how few nail boxes there are, I'd say put two big ones on each spot.

I also spotted a misangled window frame texture on one of those big double-windows. 
Thank you negke going to take a good look at your suggestions. I'll try to fix all of the texture bugs I really felt crappy when I looked at the screenshots after the post and found that one. It's like come on you took a picture of it and you missed it? :(

I have to experiment with light more. Only last night did I actually start running it with command line options instead of just running the base light.exe. So do I put delay as a key on the entity and then the value 2 in radiant? I'll experiment and try to find out.

There's a GA in the bottom lift room. The level does have 1 info intermission similar to screenshot043s camera point.

It also looks like I should add an info_player_start position for single player quake? (or just for onetruepurple)

This probably isn't the place to ask but how do you search this forum? I see no search link anywhere, not on the forum or the site for that matter. 
Yes, manually add them as extra keys in Radiant. What they do is modify the way the lights are rendered: delay changes the attenuation of a light, wait sets its fade distance (default is 1, a higher value makes it fade faster). Delay 2 and wait 2 with a light value of 200 or 250 make a bright light bubble which may look good around light sources like the cross tiles. Note that your light.exe must support it, otherwise it'll do nothing.

If the delay tricks are not satisfying, you can also try a high light value and a slightly limited fade distance, e.g. 400 + wait 1.5.
For the final compile, be sure to use light.exe -extra4 for smoother shadows.

Having an info_player_start is always good, for testing and for players who want to check out the layout. After all, you can't noclip in deathmatch mode.

This board doesn't have a native search, but you can use Google and add
Call It 
The Vis-Mulcher 
Now, construct a map around it and sign it 'Zwiffle' thx 
No, The Rest Is On You 
Use it as a prefab to finish one of your maps, or the speedmap you're going to make. 
Nice style and very cool texture choice considering what you had to make. How long did it take you to create it? What is the scale like compared to the player? 
I think it took me some 30-40 minutes. The scale is quite off - the columns in the original picture are much taller; in the screenshot they are 128 units. In Quake, everything is larger anyway (or rather the models are small), so the player size would roughly be from the ledge to the railing (~56 units?). Obviously a building designed for shamblers. 
Obviously a building designed for shamblers
the best buildings always are. 
Industrial Box 
More box maps to test my industrial texture set - 
First thought it was a picture.
You sure use the right messures. 
Needs more yellow and grey. 
very cool, my only complaint is the main vertical supports have that angled jog in them -- this makes them look unsuitable to support weight. Vertical pillars, a-frame structures, or arches would look more sturdy. 
sock, do you think you'll ever make some single player maps? 
@Kona: I made a community SP map for SIN (link on my website if you are interested). I also create SP maps professionally (Wolf,Warhead,SM), but I doubt I will create any Q1 SP, I prefer to work with other mappers instead and just provide art assets nowadays.

@metlslime: Yeah the vertical supports are certainly more art than structural, but I do like they way they surround the empty space in the middle. 
..textures.. Textures We Need Textures 
I'm no good at creating textures though I've learned the mechanics behind that..
so I'm always lookin for original brand new sets.
Sock, are your textures free to use ? Would you create some sets for me ? 
All use of my digital work is covered by this Creative Commons Deed. -

At the moment I am busy with a new Q1 mapping project and I don't want to get involved in anymore. 
Industrial Block

@metlslime, I reduced the size of the metal wall supports and pushed the upper metal ceiling support away from the edge. Is this better?

Finished off the crane detail, added fog and tweaked some of the textures. Next to add more junk to the room and do a final decal pass. Feedback and comments are always welcome. 
I like the overall scene.

I would reduce the fog a little - it's blowing out your shadows and leaving everything a little flat looking.

You might also consider upping the lighting behind the main structure so that the silhouette pops a little more.

And finally there might be a little too much yellow. Not sure how to fix that other than "don't use so much yellow", though. :) 
Is this Quake 3? I don't know enough about that engine but does it support over brightening? Like, can you get the light hitting the top of that center structure to pop a little more by amping it up or is it clamped 0-1 like? 
sock: it helps a lot; i think the load of the pillars is still resting on the overhang part of the wall below it, but visually it's less obvious now that the pillars are pulled back. 
i assume it is q3 indeed? fucking awesome, esp. the crane brushwork. Or is it modeled? 
and sorry that i can't provide much constructive feedback at all! 
More Colour Perhaps 
I like the textures but it looks quite dull, colour wise, to me.

It kind-of reminds me of Mirror's edge in a way, with a single bold primary colour for each area and everything else sort of fades into greys and whites. Perhaps add some different colour variants of the yellow texture? 
Midnight Blue 
I do have other metal colours, one of my favourites is the dock style metal blue, it reminds me of my SIN mapping days. :)

The fog is certainly too thick and making everything too washed out and soft. The above screen is the new fog setting, a lot thinner but still there in the background. I certainly need to create a much higher glow from above and try to over bright the outline more.

Once I add spot lights to floor/wall areas the greyness should be pushed back. This is a night time shot with everyone gone home for the night. I am going for the central area being bright (glow from above) and the rest melting into shadows.

The crane and the various map objects (girders, machinery) are all brushwork and patches scaled up and down via ASE files. No modelling package was used, besides GTKRadiant.

Any nitpicks or thing that bugs you about the screenshot let me know. I consider all feedback. 
The new shot is a definite improvement. I think once you punch up the lighting, you'll be home. :) 
Not sure about the blue color (perhaps try something orange, too?), but it looks better contrasted like that as opposed to all yellow as before. Architecture looks ace. 
Especially Orange

I have four base colours, orange was one of them. I also have green ... 
Awesome shot ! 
amateur feedback:

Not a fan of the orange, hahaha! obviously green is the way to go.

Also - the metal4_4 style texture. I know its supposed to be a fairly clean, well maintained facility.
but it seems to me, personally like it could use just a smidgeon more grit.

salt grain 
I like the orange/yellow a lot more, especially if you can complement it with some blue ambient/sky light and some white hot spots. 
Regal Metal 
Another light/texture pass on my industrial box ...

large sized images (1365x1024) @ 1Mb each 
Q1sp Wip 
about a week of work. not planning to make this overly lengthy of a production 
looking nice so far! only little thing i'd point out is the lighting at the very top looks a little bright considering the dark sky. maybe some light fixtures could work up there 
sock: maybe if that skylight was triangular instead of flat?

scampie: nice trims. :) lights look like they're capping out near the source though. you're using delay2? problem is if you use an engine with overbrights, it'll look kind of gross. 
rj: I'll likely change the sky texture actually

necros: yes delay2. does Fitz not do overbright lighting? 
that's a fiztquake shot? ignore what i said i guess, cause it looks fine. :)
it's only that there's no gradient until a little out from the light source which i thought was a non-overbright engine displaying overbright lights. oops 
@necros, do you mean a pyramid glass roof? triangulate the squares and push them upwards to form an inverted pyramid? Cool idea :)

@scampie, if it is a quickie, why not included it with a speed mapping pack? 
sock: that, or a triangular prism one.

even just a more interesting pattern with the bars than just the axial crossing would be nice. everything else is so detailed and that skylight look so plain.
i like that it casts hard shadows, btw. :) 
I meant it as I'm not attempting some magnum opus of a q1sp. 
Wow! You Red-haired Devil 
Looking hot. And when you lose interest in a couple of days, perhaps consider teaming up with cardo who will be at the same point by then, and join the maps for a full-size q1sp. 
Yes please! Good luck keeping momentum!

still working. 
meant to also have this pic in that album too... so many entities 
Very Tasteful Scampie. 
I like! 
Final Screenshots 
of my industrial scene ...

If you need more pixels and a larger download size, try these ...

This is an architectural concept showing a bridge crane perched over an industrial mine shaft surrounded by a large factory environment. This concept was inspired by a Russian Aluminum Processing Plant (thanks Vondur) which had an awesome communist scale, where everything felt larger than life and over-sized elements were favoured over small and fragile mechanics.

The bridge crane idea came from watching a documentary about CERN and how they transported parts of the large hadron collider down a mine shaft. I looked at various photo's of bridge cranes and eventually mashed all of them together in my head and produced this rough concept.

If you are interested I do have some more screenshots (more angles of the room) and will post them on my website later today. I have no plans to release this map, it is just a concept, but I will release all the textures at some point. 
Nice Indeed :) 
Textures look excellent, looking forward to having a go with them. 
scampie: i like your attention to detail re: trims. i love that kind of thing.

sock: all i'm thinking is that wish i could get up in there and use all that machinery. ^_^ 
much better lighting. looks great now!

the ones earlier on looked way too dark - if you're going to build a realistic factory, at least light the fucker realistically cos no cunt can work in the dark, OSH won't be pleased about all the fingers going missing. 
So Sock 
when can we play it? 
thanks, sadly most every trim on large curved areas I have to use a flat texture rather than an edged one since I can't rotate textures to 63.5 degrees in Quake, so I can only fake it on the smaller curves where you won't notice the texture isn't actually rotated right. 
Ohyeah Simon 
that is awesome stuff :D 
Like I said, try to move one end of the trim brush by one or two units to make it fit at 63 or 64 degrees; or split the brush in the middle and use either angle on each side.

Also, sometimes it's necessary to change the texture scale in very small steps (like 1.00x or 1.000x) to make the rotated texture align with adjacent ones on grid brushes, e.g. trims with seams. 
I messed with those solutions and was never really happy with the results :( 
@necros, I need to develop on a engine with moving parts, then I could make stuff that worked!
@Kona, Thanks. The lighting on my levels always goes through loads of revisions and is never helped by the fact I develop on a laptop.
@jt_, there are no plans to release this map. It was just a vehicle for me to try out some new textures and see how they work together. Only plan to release the textures.
@Scampie, The 63/27 rotation thing is not that bad, it is what I use all the time. 
Those shots are amazing, really ! 
QWMP Reckless(Meatless Remake) - A New 1on1 / 2on2 Map [Beta1 Testing] 
This is a map from the game Painkiller originally made by Tectonic and Pha3z.

I did the best I could to recreate the jump pads and I think they do work out just fine or better than most other maps with airlifts. They don't hold your hand like aerowalks so you might have to use a little practice to get used to them.

I would love to get some feedback on the map. I've already played it in a 2on2 with a friend and I think the score was like 80 - 1 in our favor so it isnt a slow map or too big for qw. In comparison I would say that the size is similar to dm2s. Only had a chance to duel it once but it seemed alright. My prediction is in the end it will play best as a 2v2 map but we will never find out because no one in quakeworld plays custom maps.

Please if you do upload this to your server let me know, also if you start a game on it let me know as well and I'll come and watch and try to get feedback from it. I'm always idling on IRC authed as foogs. nickname foogs or foogs_

I'm really interested in top euro players that I see 2v2ing all the time like Milton etc have to say about it. Also any NA players!! Maybe I could host a 1 map tournament like QuakePhil did a couple years back for all TB5 maps.

map - recklessb1.bsp: 
I can't rotate textures to 63.5 degrees in Quake

I'm pretty sure I have a QBSP that can handle floating point rotations for texture alignment, want to try that?

p.s. you're fucking awesome for even knowing and wanting that. 
i didn't realize that qbsp could make that possible -- so engine support isn't needed? 
I finally got a chance to organize the other images (small/medium/large formats available) for your viewing pleasure and I quickly wrote a bit of waffle about the map for anyone that is interested.

If anyone has a favourite image from the above page, I would be interested to know. 
Even I managed to hack in floating point rotation in qbsp.
It's just replacing an int with a float and an atoi() with an atof(). 
indust_f13 and f14-- that's where I want to be! :D

f01 is nice because it's an angle shot and also has more depth because it lets you see a little down those two side corridors.
also, any shot where the camera is down in the pit looking up. i don't know why but they look cool to me. 
Just the compiler, that's right. So anyone working on modified tools should add that little sucker. It'd be nice if it was a standard feature! 
wouldn't matter too much for me since qe3 clamps angle settings to integers. :)
do other editors do that too? 
That's Right 
What a pain in the ass. Yes, the editor needs to support it too. I forgot about that. GtkR didn't support it either (no surprise) so the version I'm using had to be modified as well.

Hopefully newer editors like Willem's and Sleepywalkr's are allowing for floating point rotations (if not, please add it!) 
only thing i'd add there is some dirt on the ceiling windows, as for the factory they're too clean atm ;)

not as much as here:

but maybe something like this: 
I'm willing to try anything once, maybe twice!

From what I see, GTKR 1.5 .maps do keep the floating point rotation intact, so if it's as easy as using a different Qbsp, that would kind of own. 
At Least, This Is A Sample Brushface 
( 64 64 64 ) ( 64 -64 64 ) ( -64 64 64 ) +1slip 0 0 63.5 1 1 
While this is certainly cool and it would be great if someone could add/change that in BJP's Txqbsp code, I'm also a little sad that Scampie, the lazy fuck, gets away this easily for being with his first Q1SP. 
Err, What 
Not for being. When making! 
Just let me find that sucker. I'll email it to you, assuming the address in your profile is valid. I'm sure mine isn't... hah! 
Editor Support For Floating Point Rotation 
I'm sure you're right in that the .map format supports it. If you're on 1.5 then hopefully the GUI has been updated to work with the floats as well.

If I recall correctly, in 1.4 and earlier builds, the editor would let you set a rotation of say 26.5 and would write it out to the .map... but on re-loading the map (or re-opening the surface inspector for that face, can't remember which) it would round it back to an integer... haha.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this stuff, this is going back > 5 years and my memory is hazy. 
Email Bounced Mr. Scamp