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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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I've noticed that too after Daz comments.. This is changed now... Screenshots will be updated as soon as possible..
I just meant it was a cookie-cutter hallway that could have come from one of a billion maps. 
First screenshot updated !!
PS: All others part with floor and ceiling with same texture are also modified: thanks for the advice... it looks better now
Enjoy !!! 
Yes, that looks much better than it did with the same texture as the floor.

Here is something that may be of interest to you, when you get time, have a look at this tutorial from xenon,(if you haven't seen it already)

It may give you some ideas, or get you thinking more/differently about how you go about things. You may or maynot be able to implement the ideas in your current project, but it is good to keep this sort of thing in mind.

I'm glad to see that you are keeping at it, good on you. 
Skybox Clamping 
You can run q3map2 (the latest version) with the -skyfix switch to fix the black skybox border on ati cards. 
balance is the basis of design harmony. Balance and symmetry are not the same - ( see: The Golden Section )

inertia: you mispelt both those words. Is that supposed to be irony? 
Thanks for the link, it really interesting to have an overview how to modify a hall in order to improve its quality...
Thanks, I'll use that from now on. It still looks the same on geforce, right? 
In the first shot:

Flat ceilings in large rooms are a design no no. No offence, but this room reminds me of something from Wolfenstein (the original). Consider a recessed ceiling.

The sides of the sarcophagi don't gel with the tops, I believe there is a sarco "side" texture available from the DoE set that matches the tops you are using.

In the second shot:

The "rock" walls are too clean/square, natural caverns do not have such perfect geometry. Try messing 'em up a bit and maybe introducing some outcroppings in a different but complementary texture. (I made a similar "mistake" in my first level, but was saved by the small size of the area concerned...your huge cavern will be very unforgiving in this respect)

In the third shot:

This also looks a little too "clean". Just a few brushes (to break up the lines) can make all the difference. Does jumping down the well get you to pic 4?

In the forth shot:

I actually like the lighting effect quite a bit. Once more though, perhaps a rail around the columns would break up the plain ceiling.

Otherwise, keep it going... I'm craving a good temple level. 
Bastion Of The Underworld: The Abode Of The Nethergoat 
Do those weapons have the changeover/reload time of the ones used in Q2 also? One of the game's major flaws imho. 
changeover time is halved from q2 - i have kept the "weapon up" anim, but "weapon down" has been dropped in default mode.

I plan to support 4 weapon modes in my SP mod (dubbed "Total Slaughter" of which BotU is the first map):

Q2 Enhanced (Default) - weapon up but no weapon down.
Q2 Classic - weapon up and down.
Q2 Instant - instant switching like Q1.
Classic - classic Q1 guns.

Some weapons may not be in though - the railgun doesn't really sit with the Quake 1 feel imo, and i haven't even begun on the BFG. Hyperblaster is currently a plasmagun but i may change it to a nailgun for a "grittier" feel. 
lighting looks very washed out, could be a lot lot more moodier. 
Kinn: I'd suggest not releasing a map with models and textures that aren't legal for distribution. The textures could be overlooked, and normally are... but when you start grabbing models as well... well, that's just asking for a letter from id's legal department.

The map looks decent enough, rather dull architecture in my opinion, q3gothic needs a ton of details to look cool. Agree with nitin's comment about the lighting. Not fond of colored lights in q1 maps, but that's your choice. Sounds like you're looking to keep things cross engine and such, which gains you points in my book, as I'd be playing in standard glquake only.

I will say, it looks like you have ambition to spare and that map looks a hell a lot better than most people's first map. Hope to see it do well and be a fun map. 
Scampie Has A Goodpoint 
'The textures could be overlooked, and normally are... but when you start grabbing models as well... well, that's just asking for a letter from id's legal department'

There are custom made versions of the standard weapons from Quake 3 and UnReal2. One guy had a site booth at last year's QuakeCon. I remember that they looked pretty nice but I don't remember the name of the mod. 
Skyscraper Captains Beta1 (5megs ish)

This is my first q3 map, but I'd really like this to be a good map. I'd appreciate a lot of feedback on what I can do better and what I did right. The more specific the better. :) 
I'll try to take a look tonight. 
i don't get it...

is this a q2 map for quake2 with monsters from q1 ported over or is this q1 with q2 weapons ported over?

what engines?

what's going on! i'm confused!

the map looks cool though 
from what he said, its a q1 map with q2 weapons. 
Hello, thanks for your comments..

As I said, these screenshots are previews... so even if comments are not good, I take them into account to improve map quality... Don't be afraid, I'm not offenced if someone doesn't like my work... while good advices are given....

About the first screenshot, it's true, sarcophage textures doesn't match with the top... because I only have the top texture, and not the side.. I haven't find it yet... grrr...

About the second screenshot, I have not added yet some brushes to break the clean rock look... I'm still working on it...

For the third screenshot, that's the same... sorry..

For the fourth screenshot, yes, this is the arrival of the well (see third screenshot)... a little swim in lava naver kill the player unless he misses the pentagram ;-)) he he he ...

Anyway, I will made another screenshots release in a near future.... trying to improve map look quality...

Thanks again...

Necros, this is a Q1 map which uses a number of md2 models (including weapons) converted to mdl. About the legality of it - yes, I feared it might be a bit dodgy, but I ploughed on regardless (I was having too much fun!) At the end of the day, if it's too risky I will remove the Quake2 models rather than risk upsetting id. A shame really, because it was always my grand vision to create a sort of hybrid between all three Quakes.

As mentioned before, I have gone to some lengths to make sure this will work in all engines, even good old WinQuake. Screenshots were taken in DarkPlaces, and that uses the actual md2 weaponmodels, along with coloured lighting, and some custom sprite effects (made by me so they can stay!).

Monster count is huge (around 250) but to ensure no risk of max edicts in standard quake, most monsters are spawned on the fly, according to player progression via my own "gang spawner" QC code, which uses a single entity to spawn whole groups of monsters into the level in various spatial distributions. (eg. - you can place a single entity in the map that says "when triggered - spawn X fiends, Y hellknights, Z shamblers D units apart, in ranks of R, starting from this point" and so on... I have also set up special triggers that purge monster corpses from previously cleared areas, as well as numerous other misc. edict-minimising QC changes.

About the lighting - if the outside areas appear washed out, then i may lower the sky light value. As for the rest of the map - I am using my own modified version of Tyrlite, which mimics a kind of radiosity effect. Every single light is placed with this attenuation in mind, so it's far too late to change the indoor areas - besides I personally think they look great (which is what matters, after all ;) ).

re: Scampie's comment about the architecture - if some areas appear plain, that's hopefully balanced by the vastness of it all - nearly 6000 brushes and counting!

I am taking the legality issue very seriously, and that may delay the map as I rethink the item/monster placement to reflect the changes. 
(around 250)
just because of that, i now really want to play this map!

also, don't worry about brushes, you've still got lots more to go before any serious problems arise.

i'm also intrigued by your solution to edict problems and gang monster spawning! i never thought of letter qc take care of the positioning of the monsters at spawn time! :D 
Gang Spawners 
necros, in a nutshell, gang spawners are quite complicated, but the main idea is as follows:

i have given all known monster types a bitflag reference, eg. knight = 1, ogre = 2, scrag = 4, hellknight = 8,

etc etc.

work out the sum of the bitflags for each monster type present in the gang and put it in a field (eg. i use

".items2") this tells the gang spawner what monsters it contains, and to do the necessary precaches. monsters

are also ranked in a "placing order" which dictates where each monster type appears in the gang.

you specify the total no. of monsters present, and you can optionally fix the numbers of up to four unique types

in a gang - the rest are allocated in equal numbers.

next i have a series of fields that describes the geometrical shape of the gang - rank/file, spacing, height

offsets, radial, vertical (good for scrags!) face inward/outward/forward etc. etc. (there's a lot to play

around with here!)

loads of spawnflags are available - (spawn angry, no tfog, no droptofloor - to name but a few)

obviously to make this all work, i had to write code that enables monsters to be spawned dynamically, rather

than just at the start.

hope that's given you something to think about - i'll never forget the feeling on my first successful test of

this - pressing a button and watching an army of 100 knights spring into existence, all in perfect formation!

couple this with corpse-removal code, archvile-type monsters and things and you've the basis for a very unique game experience :) 
oh, crap - sorry for the formatting on that last post. 
Impressive stuff, though you are quite likely to be sent a polite mail from Tod H. because you are using both Q2 model and Q3 texture content. Shame.

But your architecture looks good. As mentioned above, the lighting is on the bland side which isn't helped by the low detail or texture trim/variation. But it's still solid Quakelicious mappage.
And custom qc as well? Scampie's right, you are ambitious. Good to see this sort of dedication in the community.
Overall, looks like you're going to make a more than competent debut.

Your name is also curiously similar to mine :/
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