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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
Let's Start From Me 
I believe that most of mappers drink. They drink anything: vodka, visky, jin of anything else.

Of our drunk influences should be posted here:

I want to say, I want to map, but I'm not able to do it right now, cuz I'm far away from my PC. Fuck, that's awful.

Anyone next? 
I Don't Drink 
But I sure can ramble.

Imagine fifty sheep on a field in front of you, remove two of those, and you shall see that there is less around. This is why you should watch out for all your sheep, so you can keep your wool. 
I Drink 
Drink is good. 
Drink Vodka 
ooooh fuck 
Scampie :( 
I don't like scampie. I've never liked him. I wish he didn't have operator status anywhere. 
Scampie Is Operator Everywhere 
Even in sweden!

Yes children, that is correct, the man we know as scampie is actually hirsute king of sweden, Carl Gustaf: 
/me ^_^'s voodoochopsticks around a ^_^ with a ^_^ ^_^

(i'd get banned by czg if i did that in #tf) 
couldn't this thread at least have been about drunk mapping!? 
couldn't this thread at least have been about drunk mapping!?

That is not excluded 
Drunk Mapping Roxors 
Vomiting Pack 
I'm not use to drink so much I did in my "youth".. I'm now married, with 2 children, so I (try to) forget the time when I came back home the sunday early (or late) in the morning, fully drunk after a party, and sometimes after having sex (when I was lucky ;) err) .. I now prefer to drink less, but drink "quality"... that's safer... I'm "too old" for this "follies"...
Anyway, here are my favourite drinks:

- Zubrovska + Apple Juice (I know here russians will kill me very quickly ;)...)
- Jack Daniels (+ ice)
- Bier (+ bier...)
- Pastis (South of France local anised based drink)
- French Wine (red or white, but good wine AFAP)

That's it.... 
French Wine (red or white, but good wine AFAP)

Ripple, man. You gotta go cheap and nasty for the right 'I hate myself for doing this' effect. 
Hey ! I'm not one of those guys who drink platisc-bottled wine ! Be serious ! Wine is rather for a good diner than to drunk yourself.. For this I prefer Vodka, or Whiskey... ;) 
[18:54] <Kinn> talking of dreaming about #tf/func peeps - my dream last night featured necros
[18:54] <Kinn> it was really fucked up
[18:56] <Kinn> myself and an ex-gf were being driven in a minibus, across some kind of swamp - necros was the driver. he crashed into a tree, and we had to bail out into the swamp. I have since sought some kind of meaning to that dream, but so far i am left perplexed
[18:57] <Kinn> it was one of the most cathartic, vivid dreams in recent memory

[18:58] <Kinn> and just as i wrote that last sentence, a fucking crow just cawed right outside my bedroom window and nearly caused me to fall off my chair o_O 
French Wine 
is for those times in your life you are content with yourself and you have a stable significant other to share it with.

So, I dont really disagree with you there.

I just haven't had French wine to drink in a long time. 
Dreams . . . 
I dreamt last night that I was a black guy in dreadlocks driving an Emergency Service Vehicle, and the guy working the 911 lines was fucking with me by screaming about a zombie invasion of the city. I kept rolling down the windows to check things out and the outside always seemed strangely tranquil. 
let's turn it into a kind of dicussion:

what do you drink? How do you drink? How often do you drink?

How does drinking affect your mapping creativity? 
I Drink Only To ... 
... train my zigzagging techniques :) 
Easy Answer .... Again 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..), and as far as possible, I try not to drink in order not to be affected when I map.. I already have enough problem with my map editor so, for sure, IMHO, it's not a good idea to introduce alcohool ;) doh !! 
i was drunk for the majority of nesp03 :\ 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..)

Cont. Friday, Saturday, weekend, evening, Wednesday, any holiday, any day off work, getting off work, before going to work, day's last class ending, before going home, watching a movie, spotting a liquor store, spotting a bar, enjoying a sunny day, enjoying a rainy day, meeting a friend, meeting a stranger, meeting family, feeling like it, trying to have fun, having nothing else to do, trying to get over someone, avoiding spouse waiting at home, etc.

Welcome to Finland. 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..)

It's a birthday of my friend tonight. This thread lives. I can't map now, it's a bit pity.

but anyway, fuck, i'm drunk again, and it's vodka again.

I usually map when i'm not drunk, but it's rather fun to speedmap when you're drunk. But when I make a proper map I prefer not to drink.

Any thoughts? 
feeling like it

Doesn't that pretty much sum up all the other ones? An otherwise good list was spoiled by being redundant. 
Doesn't that pretty much sum up all the other ones? An otherwise good list was spoiled by being redundant.

No. You are wrong. If there is nothing else, then feeling like it is a valid reason, but only then. In any other case, there's always some other excuse to start drinking. 
Is there only alcoholic here ?? 
The Drunk Thread 
It is inappropriate to post in the Drunk Thread without actually being drunk. As such, I'm aware I am not currently drunk, yet I am soon to be. I shall keep thine posted, noble and loyal forum-folk.

Again, not drunk yet. 
Drunk. So I've arrived at the point I can consider drunk, and I am drunk. Hello. More posts later. Drink now. 
Well, I got drunk, and I think I had phonesex last night, or at least I had sex while I was on the phone, so that counts I suppose. Anyway, nothing really cool happened, I don't think I was really really drunk, cuz I don't feel too bad today except for thirsty.

Drunk thread remains sketchy. 
One Of The Dumbest Things I've Done Drunk 
I don't think I have told this one before, but okay. I have a friend who has an incredible pitching arm. He took his team to the Texas State championship some years back, but the arm still remains rock solid.

We were drinking so much liquor that night, I couldn't feel my face, so inspired by Fight Club, I put a packet of ketchup up against my forehead, and I told him, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can". It didn't take any prompting on his part, and I was knocked out for a three or four minutes. He helps me up, and we both wondered, 'where the hell did the ketchup go?' because the pack was empty and none of it landed on either of us.

We didn't find it til the next morning when we discovered it to be splattered all over the cieling. 
That Is Actually About Tenth On The List 
of dumbest things. 
Dunno About The Dumbest But 
I am very drunk at the moment. Cheap rum, while cheap, is still rum and effective. 
Thoughts On Mapping/life 
I was thinking about it, and realizing that my life is pretty sweet right now, but depending on whether or not I can get a job mapping, it's probably gonna suck in about 3-4 months. So I'm sort of really happy right now because basically I don't have to worry about anything excepting finishing up some maps and it's really gratifying to just be able to create what I want and doing what I love to do, but it will be even greater if I can make a go of it for a career.

Even if I can't, I know that no matter what happens, I'll always be able to take solace in my imagination. Remember that anyone who creates something that the average person sees, and cannot deconstruct yet, is a magician.

You are all magicians. 
Tru Mate, 
(i'm not drunk atm, sorry!)

record a demo of you playing an easy map.
record another demo
until you're completly smashed.

watch the demos later when you're up to it. ;)
(or post them on the board!) 
I've Played 
some pretty solid games whilst drunk.

especially when i'd be tense, it keeps me more relaxed 
Wow, there is still a place up :D

I Havn't dropped by in quite sometime. 
Blitz... my friend, are a champion. 
Drunk. Will post demos soon.

Though they don't seem to be that funny. Perhaps it's because I've played Quake for so long. Perhaps it's just my reflexes, just something I've gotten used to.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the lack of spelling. I still have some sense left; enough to correct my spelling. Of punctuation, I have no idea. 
I Thought I Would Be Sober Today 
but i was wrong

sweet vodka...
i can't recognize myself these days 
Drunk Demos 
I watched a demo where metlslime was playing some Quake map while drunk. It wasn't very amusing. I think this is because people always do stupid things while playing a game, but you never notice them until you watch a demo. And drunk people who can still correctly record a demo in Quake really aren't drunk enough to do truly outrageous stuff; especially in Quake where the interactivity and user input is rather limited. I think if we could watch a video of the drunk person falling out of his chair while playing Quake, that would be a lot more interesting. Or maybe if we saw demos of drunk people playing more complex games such as GTA3. 
what amused me is that i could still run around and aim, but i had no damn clue where to go next. So after clearing out 2/3 of e1m6, i just started wandering in circles. 
That You Retain 
some of the more basic instincts of aim is a comfort. Pathfinding however is rather risky to lose whilst drunk. Especially out on the town at night! :O

Does anyone else get super paranoid cab drivers will try and rip them off while your super gooned, and you try and appear more alert than you are so they don't do something like take a side street to rack up a fatter bill? 
Also... Summer Is Almost Here! 
"Excuse Me Bartender, Could You Give Me A Tropical Itch" 
*punch in the face* 
Drunk Demos 
Well, I decided to test this out in practice last night. I recorded a total of 5 demos at various levels of drunkenness.

I was having trouble just sitting upright by the last demos, but strangely enough playing Quake single player wasn't really hard. My movement wasn't too erratic, and not even aiming was more difficult.

I guess that after 9 years, everytime I play the game, my reflexes work purely on their own. I'm an automated machine, only thinking where to move next from a more general (and strategic) point of view. After picking up the silver key, for example, my brain starts going over the location of the door, while my reflexes take care of the monsters, while not really thinking about the combat.

However, I also tried Counter-Strike. Christ.

I'll post the demos when I get home if anyone is interested.

Oh, and don't try this at home kids. It might feel like a good idea, but you'll regret it the next day. 
Hey Hey My Favorit Threat 
my country is very important in this matter :))))) most drunk people in the world :) best wine!

1� wine of Porto
2� wine of madeira
3� wine of alentejo

:) all great very famous but me... not as much as a few years past...i�m now with 33 years old with a small no more time for get drunk (p.s-->wife kills me) :) i already had my days but always love to drink some scoth with gaz water and playing some Quake :)i did this a lot.

p.s2--> the problem is wend i get with the father of my wife...ehehe he lover to drink and i always get drunk with him...he drink to much for me! 
i don't see any drunk demos do far. Why?

btw i'm drunk again btw 
Drunk Demos 
i tried it once. not very entertaining. just meant it took me longer to kill things, and i died earlier... 
Hmmm. I shall try that tonight perhaps, when I get DRUNK. But I don't know how to record a demo anyway, so maybe I won't. Any map suggestions? :) 
Feel good. tipsy really, but feel good. So, who wants to chat? 
I figured this should go in the drunk thread.
I cussed scampie out, played qw with him, and beat him 18-17. Don't hate me scampie, just be nicer more. S'all. Drunk thread brings happiness to some I think. I'm drunk, don't hate me. 
I've been drinking and I'm browsing func_, so I feel obligated to post here.

Honestly... this is a dumb thread. 
Yeah, it is. I'm also drunk-ish. Waiting to get my Tequila. Then we'll see. 
Yeha so trhe drunk thread return!!! LOLOLO!

Yeah enough qmd, so like W T F mates!

I am currently listening to Scott Brown - 10 Years of Hardcore cd2. Which is totally old skool and rockinging, evolution records make me wet, and I am not even a woman. I shit u not!!

and fo sho'! Stop bitching about doom 3 base maps! Doom3 does base so well u scrat ends!!!! shutup and lap it up u q3 hugging mofos!

omg EV49 Roll The Track :D:D:D:D:D:D

Yeah RoE is cool, Loving it so far, just got to hell, and it is blowing off huge boners for me atm. Though the hazmat section did blow a biut imo!!

Also playing KOTOR2, which ownz!!! Just got a lightsabre (I rock), so will ow n everything obviously!!! Yeah

Another terrifying intro!!!!!!

Sorry tunage getting to me.

Where is shambler exactly? This board sucks without him!!!!! (oOOhahHH!!)

Omg games rule. now fuck off and play for fucks sake u fucking scrat ends!!! 
Shambler mentioned on one of his other sites that he'd be going away for a few months. 
are you drunk or not? 
Well, My Theory Is, 
and it is obvious. Shambler has traveled to Austin to consult with Romero on the Quake1 remake because all of those ideas he came up with that one night got back to Romero. Do you think he'll take to Tex-Mex BBQ? 
Romero will just put all shmabler's ideas for a quake sequel into a java cellphone game and change the names of stuff so as not to infringe on id's intellectual property. And include a black sidekick called PimpDaddy Thompson or something. Fo' sho. 
Shambler has gone to south africa to shamble things!1 
A Song To Scampie 
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends
If you're Scampie and you know it and you'll never ever bone it
If you're Scampie and you know it ban your friends.

I'm drunk. 
[22:44] <scampie> hahaha that sucks
[22:44] <ZweiKindaDrunk> yeah
[22:44] <ZweiKindaDrunk> it totally does
[22:45] <ZweiKindaDrunk> and like, i thought of that while i was sober too 
But I beat you twice while I was drunk.

And you beat me once, when I had like 260 ping.


Drunk Ressurection 
i found this thread dying while i was away. this is ungood...

i'm drunk so much today that i felt myself so freely to ressurect this thread for more drunk discussions 
People Are For Other People 
Yes well I went off to celebrate a friend's PhD thingy and well he had a keg so I helped myself. There were lots of people, and I knew almost no one. After a while I knew none of them. Well at least there was beer.

Trying to drink water to deminish the negative effects of alcohol. 
the negative effects of alcohol

Any examples? 
Getting Drunk 
means scampie will ban you from #tf for a couple days. Oh, negative effects you say?


Eventually, you'll run out. 
Any examples?

Hangovers. But that's only a negative effect if you're not a masochist. 
just double checking to see if the drunken rant I wrote last night about my ex wife posted. It didn't, thank God.

Now I'm not so sure this is a good idea for a topic. 
Like your wife would read the post. I say on with the ranting! On with the ex-wives! On with more booze! 
He He He 
Nah, I only think about her when I'm drunk and there is no one else around.

Maybe some funny stories about her next time I'm drunk, like about our last argument . . . she's a vegan, I'm a carnivore and the argument was whether Ted Nugent is an asshole. 
I've heard Nugent is really nice, but he's kind of a redneck (hunting and outdoorsy-stuff an all.) But, southern hospitality and all. I will join in the debate later tonight!! 
Isn't really known for its southern hospitality. 
My uncle, Ben Southard, invented the portable deerstand that is quite common among hunters now and owned the now defunct company Loc-On. Nugent owned a hunting shop in Michigan in the eighties and had my uncle design a custom stand for the shop. I met Nugent a few times and he really was understated and nice in person.

So I couldn't let her vegan lies go unchallenged. 
Southern Hospitality 
All about Ludacris yo! 
I Lost The The Whole Saturday 
thanks to excessive drinking of free wine and other stuff on friday, resulting in the worst hangover I've ever had 
I'd just like to point out that you can get drunk in World of Warcraft. 
Party Time 
Well, we had a party at office today due to many May birthday celebrations, and now I'm drunk... not fully, not as I can't walk, but yes.. I'm drunk...
Wow, it was a long time I was not drunk like this... not enough to fall, but enough to not be able to speak clearly ... ;) even in french.... 8P
Anyway, I decided to go back home... and try to play Quake in order to see if I'm better when I'm drunk... or not... not is the answer I guess... 
not be able to speak clearly [...] in french

For most of us that's difficult even when sober. 
... you suck... 
Not Drunk Yet 
but I got a warm fuzzy buzz from downing my second beer, and this is my warm fuzzy thought suffused from there of --

Dave Chapelle has done more to improve race relations in the US with his show than any dozen political advocacy groups put together. Hope to see him back soon. 
Always Rejected This 'thear'd' 
but no now 
Headthump Explain Your Reasoning 
400 words. double spaced. I will grade on a curve 
if you grade one person on a curve, they will always get the same grade: average. 
Sorry Blitz, 
this is the drunk thread
not the essay thread,

I may not even feel the same way about the subject without the aid of beer. But if I do, I might take you up on the essay.

Hey, ever see the Family Guy episode where the guys walk into a lesbian bar and Quigmire saunters up to a couple and says, "so, any of you ladies ever been penetrated?"

That was funny. 
I come across as such an asshole when I write on political topics. 
I've Just Finished My Last Beer 
time to start speed mapping! 
Family Guy is the most overrated cartoon I've ever seen. 
Oh Oh Zwiffle 
You didn't mean that! 
Your mom is the most overpriced asswhore I've ever seen. 
Oh I'm Drunk Again 
this time I have a good reason: i've successfully passed thru my first exam this summer... 
Congrats ! In anyway, passing sucessfully his exams is a very good reason to celebrate and then get drunk... ;) 
I Passed My Exams 
I celebrated like it was 1999.

By speedmapping.
Eat that, bitch. 
Back in 1999 you celebrated by speedmapping?

I am at work, and I am not drunk. Problem will be solved once I get home. 
1999 was a good year for a lot of illicit behavior, particularly involving things bearing astrological signs imported from Europe. 
But What Stands Out The Most From That Year 
was spending July the 4th alone on an island, roaming up and down the beach with out seeing a soul. Nothing but a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Tripple-Sec and a pack of Camels to keep me happy. Waiting six hours for the tide to recede so I could hit the main island back out.

Good times. 
Canada Day 
Cheers to all my maple-pinko, snow-commie, Northern Kanukistani brothers and sisters out there.

Isn't it nice to be free from tyranny? 
Isn't it nice to be free from tyranny?

yes it is a joy since scampie left

although he still checks in now and again

least he dont speak

only if he would leave #tf

but as time passes more and more people will leave #tf because of his way

as you can see

one day maybe one day we will be totaly free 
I'm on vacation, my friend is coming to stay a week, we're gonna get some alcohol - see what happens. Not gay or anything, just see what goes down with the drunkening an' all. 
I got some 50% Vodka, and some 95% Everclear. Takin some shots of the Everclear to start off, then we'll move to the Vodka, cuz after Everclear we probably won't want to drink anyway. But that'll be tomorrow or something. I'll let you know. 
You are a fag.

Antiscamp you're a fag too. Yes he's a prime arse but at least have the common human courtesy to say it to his e-face.

Oh god, did I just use the word "e-face"?! Someone kill me now... 
I wouldn't mind killing you, but does it have to be an e-kill? 
Oh Man 
im soooo fucked up

i didnt think a human being could actually puke neon green... i thought actual green puke was a myth

to brag like some dick would... camping trip, 66 of rye plus beer and weed over2.5 days

im seriously getting help 
i didnt think a human being could actually puke neon green... i thought actual green puke was a myth

You're the man! 
Go map. 
drunk = depressed

fucking life fucking sucks

I want to go create something painful and meaningful, but I'm too intoxicated to do something with the least bit of merit; and I haven't fixed my fucked up site so I can't post that literary thing I made the last time life kicked my ass.

sod it all 
Well at least you set my pants on fire. 
I'll set your pants on fire any day. 
Blah Indeed. 
RPG your misery and drunken ranting is meaningless and irrelevant unless you come back on IRC and start drunkenly abusing scampie. 
I applaud your grunge/etc taste in music, and your drunkness, and your depressedness also 
/me felt the same way as PRG last saturday evening
but unfortunatelly I didn't get drunk 
I don't understand why you brought up my musical taste. 
It seems to be a part of the same "pack" for him ;) 
It's True 
The three don't nessecarily go together, but they do go well together. Don't try to tell me that Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and etc (I think you had a title referring to NIN on your site one time?) don't deal more often than not with intoxication and a less-than-peachy view of life. 
Ah Right 
Well I agree with your post. I just thought you were inferring a musical reference from my post, and I didn't understand where that was coming from. Now I'm guessing you knew my musical preference based on things I've said on my site, which makes more sense. 
Well, if you try to re-live the "Nirvana-like grunge packing" Tronyn described... (which is quite close to reality IMHO...) please don't go till suicide... :( ... You still have "to work" for me... remember ... ;P 
Ever Wonder, 
if Lane Staley wrote happy songs, he might not be the man in the box right now. 
true, them bones might not be rotting in the ground right now! 
It's "Layne" 
And I still think he outdid Cobain in every possible way

Not that Cobain himself didn't outdo anyone else ever forever.

Here's a long awaited question for this thread: how often do you folks engage in intoxication anyway

School generally prevents me from the most excessive behaviours. When I have money and no type of overall goal (ie, school, term paper, final, studying, etc) I find myself engaging in habits like drinking almost every single day.

and yeah, I know, go map. There's an obvious deadline which no self respecting nerd needs to be reminded of. 
All Apologies 
I knew that, but I'm so bad at names, I often get the 'i' and 'e' reversed in my own middle name (which I never use). 
Current Average: Once In 2 Weeks 
Although recently it's been more often as I'm slowly consuming a 6-pack I bought a week ago. 
Name B0rkage 
I often get the 'i' and 'e' reversed in my own middle name

My dad got pissed off when I switched up the "a" and "u" in my middle name when I was like 7 years old. I don't remember if he was drunk or not, though. 
Once A Week 
for both smoking my camels and drinking and consistently on either Thursday or Saturday nights, depending on my schedule.

It has been a few years since I have been on a narcotic ridden haze of a binder worthy of a Hunter Thompson. 
I don't drink anymore, but when I did it was only on Friday or Saturday nights, never if I had school/work the next day. I only did it because school really put the pressure on, or if RPG commands me to. 
Here's a long awaited question for this thread: how often do you folks engage in intoxication anyway

Effectively never (once by accident).

Drunkeness is yet another sympton of humanities stupidity, boxed in thinking, and lack of self-awareness. 
Drink != drunk 
getting all L. Ron Hubbard on us.

Sobriety is for Suckers who are naive enough to believe there is any real meaning to life. 
Drunkeness has its merits.

Sobriety also has its merits.

I often find myself wanting to be sober when I'm high or drunk, and that's why I often give up on drugs or alcohol.

RPG speaks truth, drinking doesn't mean drunk, but why else would you drink if not to get drunk? Surely not because you're a conos... connosiue... lover of drinking? 
Depends what you're drinking really.

I've very, very rarely get drunk deliberately (damn punch!), as in, once every year or two if that.

I do however enjoy a glass or two of good red wine every now and again (about a bottle a month I suppose). 
Why Bud Sucks: Or How I Learned To Stop Masochism And Buy A Real Beer 
See title. Respond as you feel inclined.

P.S. Killian's seems really nice for a macro. I think I could drink that stuff all night long. 
Picon !!!! 
Whatever beer I drink, I just add picon... Picon is a orange-liqueur (with 25% alcool) that gives a sugared taste to beer... It's very used in North of France... You should try it... BTW, you are also drunk faster with this ;) 
Picon is disgusting. =)
I don't like alcohol too much, rare things I do enjoy occasionaly are Sapporo beer, Chu-hi, Kriek, and good cidre. 
About Beer... 
I also enjoy to drink Guinness (the famous irish "black" beer).. In the morning it replaces very well a good coffee ;P
In anyway it's just my taste... 
By the way, why do you drink? What does it do to you?

I've stopped almost entirely (had 9 beers in the summer) and noticed ~no difference except less money wasted. Hangover is almost similar because of the cigarette smoke in bars here (until they get around to banning smoking).

[no connection to the norwegian weight lifter medicine student mapping guy] 
never heard about it. I just drink normal beer. It depends on my money in my pocket what sort of beer I'll choose. But I never add anything into the actual beer. 
Unless it is a lime wedge in a Corona. I agree with RPG, Budweiser has gone down hill over the last four or so years. It use to be a consistent beer taste-wise but every other batch I've tasted now turns out to be skanky.

If I'm going cheap, I stick to three beers; Miller Light, Yuengling, or Southpaw.

Otherwise, Dos Equis or Sam Adams work for me.

Unless I'm TRYING to make a bad impression, then it's a King Cobra 40 oz in a paper bag. 
King Cobra 
Muha! How I (barely) remember the King Cobra binge weekends. 
By the way, why do you drink? What does it do to you?

It makes my hands hurt less; although they're still swollen. (Interpret as you wish. I know Kell is going to say something about Freud.)

Plus you have a good excuse to turn down that ugly skank that's hitting on you. "Sorry, I'm impotent." 
By the way, why do you drink? What does it do to you?

getting fucked up is its own reward. Maybe, Bambuz, you are just too anal retentive to enjoy yourself; in that case you shouldn't drink. 
Speaking Of Cobras 
Python Explodes After Eating Alligator 
Exploded Python After Alligator Eat: Here's The Photo 
Yeah I Saw Those On Yahoo Mail 
I drink coffee instead of alcohol now, cuz I'd rather get a strong, unnoticable buzz than have my brain feel like it's gonna fall to the ceiling and then vomit on me like that baby in that one movie about drugs and what not. You know the movie I'm talking about. Yeah, that one. 
Anal Retentiveness 
maybe I just am, although I'm not exactly sure what that means.

sigh. another joy in life gone forever from me. 
No party or anything, just me and some psuedo-whiskey-sours, and some Bloodhound Gang, bringin in the New Year's slightly-tipsy style. Maybe more than slightly tipsy, but definitely not as wasted I want to be. :( Lemon soda instead of lemon juice. WOOT 2006! 
New Year Recipe 
1 x bottle of champagne (10,5%)
2 x 0,5l beers
3 x "Testarossa" drink (campari + vodka + tonic on ice)
2 x tequila shot
2 x absinth

Adds up to one hell of a hangover the next morning. 
Why does western society have a holiday where the only point is to get as drunk as possible? 
Well that "point" applies to a lot of western social activities, really. 
The Genes 
A big percentage of the population in the east doesn't get happiness from alcohol or their organs can't handle it very well at all. But in the west, it's otherwise.

I can't think of having much fun by just drinking alcohol and sitting on the sofa. I guess I have some far eastern heritage then.

This is all an absolute scientific fact, as you know. 
St. Patrick's day isn't for ages yet... why mention it now?

Also, judging by the amount of wasted salarymen you see on the night trains in Japan, the not enjoying alchol thing is bullcrap.

Also, I saw a Japanese woman (probably in her 40s/50s) drink 10 large glasses of beer in 2 or 3 hours. Admittedly, she was drunk afterwards, but she handled it admirably. Compared to most people (men included) I think she was quite a drinker. 
I Love You All... 
for just 3 martinis and 2 glasses of organic red wine... 
Fer Bollox 
aye, pissed. to be honest I map most of my stuff 25% (1.5% rejuvenation p/Msecond) pissed and all most posts here (not this thread alone) ave been a bit drunk.

anyhoo - whatever happend to professionalism? Jesus H fuckin tapdancin christ I jus played (unnamed) mod and it was shite, granted it was made awhile ago but what a waste of everyone�s time - thier own included. bah.

ayeh - I got hold of SiN just to have a look (no, I never liked the Q2 engine either - slow as a 1 legged rockin horse) and on me weekly scheduled system works optimise I couldn�t load my save game . . . or start a new game . . . or map_wherever to anywhere - I�ve given up on it to be honest, but ahd like to know what happened there.

Not a bad game but

aheh watchin southpark 
Vodka Man - 
jus read the first few posts, an ive got a mystic secret to impart

before you drink a bottle of vodka make sure its:

1. good quality: %quid crap from the corner shop aint worth it, mind you, my favourite for this is absolute (the NORMAL not all that tuti fruti crap)

2. been in the freezer for 36 hours (at least). don�t worry, the bottle won�t break cos the alcohol level is too high in the liquid.

once you�ve got yer partially frozen vodka then fuckin drink it. its not as harsh as normal vodka so don�t bother puttin a mixer in it (orange juice or coke or whatever) and in the bottle it looks stringy where the impurities have frozen and seperated from the alcohol.

maybe yer alloud ice to keep it frosty wi a bit of ice like but remember - cos its so cold it enters yer bloodstream alot quicker so after 1 healthly glass you won�t know what the fux goin on. 
Vodka Always Tastes Horrible 
Cheap cornershop vodka (e.g Glen's, Imperial) + coke is your fastest most efficient route to a relatively painless drunken state. Embrace it: after a few hefty glasses you won't even notice it tastes terrible. 
Ah Bawls 
I was talkin about the gentlemanly route to notavinafukinclue

trust me all the drugs are a pale shadow of 2/1.5 day frozen vodka

yeh, I have tried it wi glenns (grants it used 2 be) an yeh, still worx but for tht shit you might as well drink thinners - its cheaper 
paint thinners

ie. turps (turpuntine) 
About Vodka 
Eristoff/Smirnoff/etc.. Vodka suck and are ungood. I'd rather prefer drinking either Absolut Vodka, or (my favourite) Zubrovska Vodka... simply pure directly out of the freezer, or with apple juice (don't kill me Vondur ;P ... ).. You should try... :) 
Im Drunk 
I had one of the strangest experiences of my life visiting a game development team today and now I am drinking to wash it all into my subconscious.

I'm Not Drunk But... 
How expensive does this vodka have to be, ijed? When I was at uni, I found Tesco Finest to be the best. It was better than all the well known brands, and a couple of quid cheaper too. I agree that just buying the cheapest you can find will only yeild bad results in the case of alchol, but I think you need to try various brands to see which is the best taste for the money, and to determine you skank threshold.

With beer, I won't sink to tenants super or any of the other tramp beers you can get. In fact, I've really gone off most lagers, and drink real ale if I'm in a pub. In Japan I have lager, because there is little else, and the lager is fairly decent. In the UK, it's fairly disgusting (but real ales pwn lager)

By the way, drinking 1/3-1/2 a pint of vodka very quickly is a relatively painless way to get drunk too. It's pretty bad at first, but you don't feel it after a minute or two. The drunken effect kicks in very quickly too. I've only done this once, and won't do it again, since I don't really drink to get drunk these days...

...I drink to take away the bitter taste of death and take away the pain and endless suffering in my life!

Ok, that's a lie, I rarely drink because it's expensive :( 
I'm not much of a drinker, so bleh.
You drink any of those Chu-hi things in Japan than? I really like those, but I guess you can't really call it true alcohol. 
Zubrowka is cheap in Japan :) Same price as in Poland (under 4 EUR if someone is interested). At least it was two years ago.
So, than just go for it and don't forget to use JPL's recipe (apple juice, citron, ice) 
went for the tramp beer a few times in my youth - good old special brew.

It tastes like devil piss but after the second gulp all your taste buds are paralyised . . .

for lager, in england at least, you should find your nearest sam smiths brewery pub, they�re all in the north but the lager is very nice indeed. It�s powerful as well and comes in three varieties, from normal to rocket fuel: eingerbrau, eingerbrau pills and prinz. I wouldn�t reccomend going for pills first off, its 6%, same as prinz but not as nice tasting.

and best off; samuel smiths pubs are very cheap.

beer I used to avoid (don�t really have a choice here in SA) but my favourite is a real ale (northern again) called summer lightening, with its seasonal counterpoint being winter lightening. Very nice stuff - you don�t want to finish your pint and make an effort to just sip it, but cos it�s so nice as soon as you�re distracted you end up drinking half of it by accident.


I worked in pubs for five years. 
My Fave Real Ale Is... 
drum roll...

Northern Glory. It was the special when I went into my favourite pub once, but the next time I went (quite a while later, because said pub is small and always full) they didn't have any :( As a result, I've only had it once.

I think all the best ale must be from the north. I've not hear of Sam Smiths Breweries, but I will check it out if I ever see one.

Bal: yes, I like ume-chu the best. ume-shu (similar taste, but not fizzy, and probably aimed at older folk) is also very good. Not terribly fond of sake though. I'm not really keen on spirits, but I prefer both whiskey and vodka to sake. 
In Japan I have lager, because there is little else, and the lager is fairly decent.

Asahi SUPER DRY, pretty good tipple that, goes with the food too I reckon. 
Asahi Is A Good Lager 
My favorite is Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
(Ironically, made in California by the North Coast Brewing Co.).

It really has an interesting rich taste, and runs about 9%... 
In Thailand 
everyone mix their vodka/whiskey with soda water, water and ice so it doesn't taste anything, they do this to bear too with lots of ice so all the taste is washed away :/ 
they do this to bear too

Poor bear. Do they do it to cybears? 
Summer Lightning is not a northern beer, it's brewed in Wiltshire ffs. It is very nice though.

It's almost as inaccurate to say that all good real ales are from the north of England, there's plenty of good beer to be found in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Suffolk -- even London! 
A Few Things 
1.) Tequila is gross.
2.) Vodka is great, especially Absolut.
3.) Everclear is great too, in small quantities. Like Vodka, but less tasty and more powerful.
4.) Salud. 
Beer > All 
Too bad Zwiffle has never had Guinness. Yet. I'll have to see what I can do about that. 
Actually Rob 
I had some Guinness Drought around Christmas. Y'know, beer's not all that great, at least the stuff I had, but Guinness kinda grew on me. I still prefer Vodka though. And lolicon. I MEAN WHO SAID THAT OMG. 
To Whomever Said Beer's Not All That Great 
You just haven't had the right beer yet. There's beer, and then there's BEER, if you know what I mean. Don't listen to those people who tell you that Budweiser is good, or even real, beer. However, if you need to satisfy a sweet tooth while drinking, there's always hard cider. Wow, that stuff is nice. 
Yeah, Saying Beer Isn't Good 
Is like saying food isn't good. There's a ridiculously wide range of beer tastes and types.

And yeah, hard cider is quite nice.

Tequila with Dr. Pepper is a pretty good combo. It's like the two tastes end up in a drunken embrace saying "Oh no, you're the greatest" over and over. 
When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Popstar 
heheh - offended southerner?

only thought summer / winter lightning was northern cos its the only place I ever drank / saw it.

And yeah there are some nice ales below the divide but there�s more in the north, though they�re not necessarily all nice.

Guinness is lovely stuff and used to be my drink of choice but after a few you find it hard to stand cos you�ve got a iron-rich bowling ball in your gut.

Hard cider is great stuff - went to a party last year of a mate of me dad�s who brews his own on his farm in big fukin kegs. He had two varieties, normal and clear. The normal was pretty strong but the clear stuff you had to drink in a shot glass cos otherwise it�d send you blind. 
Leffe Blonde is a so-called Belgian Abbey beer and since I discovered it (here in the UK), I look out for it in every pub I visit. I can't get enough of the stuff. If they do it on tap (which one of my locals does), it comes in a poncy custom glass (a bit like a wine glass) and at 6.6% it gets you in the party mood fairly quickly :}

I've noticed it popping up in quite a few pubs and bars in bottled form, and there's a darker variant, Leffe Brune, which I've only seen in supermarkets.

Very awesome and unique tasting beer. Highly recommended. 
Come on, if you're going to talk about beer, accuracy is important!

I'm grew up the east midlands, not a place good beer comes from...

(Ill, not drunk, and not happy about either).

Kinn: get ye to belgium and drink. 
Welcome to last millenium. Good choice though. 
Dunno - accuracy and beer tend to be �mpossible at the same time . . . 
I Usually Drink A Pack 
of Guinness for New Year's Day. This New Year's I went about the neighborhoods seeing if anyone had any fireworks. When I got back, I found my house guests had wasted my Guinness on something called IRA Carbombs.

Sons of Bitches. 
Eve, Of Course 
got that U2 song in my head with all the Irish thematics going on up there 
Sam Adams Double Bock 
This is the kind of beer I could make myself sick on and not regret it.

Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right. Very tasty beer, though. Sweet aroma, excellent malty goodness without the charred flavor of some darker brews. This is something I'll try to get some stocks of and keep for when it goes out of season. 
Ever tried Grimbergen? It is a Begian Beer that sounds similar to Sam Adams Double Bock: sweet and strong. It even comes in a triple bock!!! :o

Highly recommended. 
I don't remember seeing that in stores around here. I'll have a look next time I'm at my favorite beer shop, though. Thanks for the tip! 
Sam Adams White Ale 
I poured this beer almost 20 minutes ago and it still has a head on it.

/me continues to drink blissfully as the week's stresses fade away in a haze of Type O Negative and beautiful aromatic spices mixed with beer 
You Fool 
Get to work you bastard! I gotta keep these idiots thinking I'm working on that Wintery Map Pack while we build a secret mapping lair in the tundra called Poland. I mean... errr... GET TO WORK.

BTW: Cap'n Morgran Tattoo r4wks. 
Cherry Baby 
I think I just had the best cherry-flavoured lambic in the universe. A proper lambic beer, but powerful cherry flavour. Fuck RTDs made of syrup and vodka! LAM-BIC! LAM-BIC!

Oh, my supplier:

Finally worked out how to use the damn site. It was a Timmerman's Kriek, from Germany. 
"I Drink Alone" By George Thorogood (lol) 
I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else.
I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else.
Yeah, you know when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

Now, every morning, just before breakfast,
I don't want no coffee or tea.
Just me and my good buddy Weiser.
That's all I ever need.


Now, the other night I lay sleeping,
And I woke from a terrible dream.
So I called up my pal, Jack Daniels,
And his partner Jimmy Beam.


Well, the other night I got invited to a party,
But I stayed home instead.
Just me and my pal Johnny Walker,
And his brothers Black and Red.


Well, my whole family done give up on me,
And it makes me feel so bad.
The only one who'll hang out with me
Is my dear old Granddad.

Yeah last night I drank 26oz of rye by myself, for no concievable good reason. 
Drinking itself is concievably good. 
I came back yesterday. And the first thing that i've done was:
1. I came to my friends
2. Bought a LOT of beer
3. Got drunk

So I spent a very good night with my friends 
Good times, PuLSaR. :) 
Kilkenny For $2 A Can? 
God, I love loss leaders! 
I can baresly see., I fucking love haniami parties!

I love hyou ALL! yES i DO! 
Whre Has Shambler Beeen Recently 
he has the biggest penis of all and I think he is th greatest; 
This Guy... 
... is really drunk !!! 
I'd just like to point out that tequila is my new favorite beverage, especially of the alcoholic kind. 
I Didn't Know Tequila Came In Non-alcoholic Versions 
Beer Rules The World 
now i drink alive non-filtered dark beer 
Alright, Alright 
Excuse the poor of my grammar.

Out of alcoholic stuff, tequila is my favorite? 
you can say what you want to,
even if you're not serious
Fuck myself,
fuck myself,
im a piece of shit
why dont i just go and kill myself
you cant say what you want to. 
Oh Yes, 
cant = to be able to 
You Don't Wanna Do That 
How are you gonna get laid if you are dead? 
Three Types Of Drunkedness I Despise 
1) The drama queen drunk. My friend Tom is highly succeptable to this. One time he convinced himself he was possessed by demons. I have to admit he did some pretty decent speaking in tounges. But my other friends fell for it, they started crying their eyes out. I couldn't stand it so I pushed Tom to the ground, and I tickled him under his ribcage until he puked up everything. That ended that tirade. My friends did not understand that drunks feed off of peoples emotions. You only make it worse by taking them seriously.

The other two are the 1) Sodium pentathol drunk. My biggest weakness, where I want to confess every damn thing I've ever done, and 2) the sentimental drunk. I guess every body at sometime has paid an ex a visit in the middle of the night. 
I Also Hate 
4) the slayer drunks. they tend to destroy everything when they're drunk 
I Was Going 
to add the 5) horny drunk. But that is really the same as the sentimental drunk, as the sentiments arise out of a unseviceable (due to alchohol consumption) libido. 
So Basically 
You hate drunks period. 
Oh No, 
that would be hypocritical -- I despise certain stages of drunkedness, caused by the wrong combinations of alcohol. 
Erm Yeah Wrong Combinations 

that's it

what about drugs, anyone do drugs?
back when I was far less cynical than I am now (and my life is a linear process of increasing cynicism, so I guess I could say that exact thing at any point) I read The Doors of Perception and got interested in psychadelics. But alcohol is really the ultimate drug - worth all the other ones combined. 
an Off the Topic question, are you still working on the SoE expansion, possibly for the QExpo, and do you need any help. I wouldn't mind, as it has been on my back burner as well for some time. 
This Is Actually Pretty Appropriate Right Now 
as I am quite drunk
well here are my plans:
release arcane soon (top priority)
release other stuff (SoE expansion included)
whatever help you want to offer is much appreciated
my map for that project went way over all limits (as always happens). As it is, SoE expansion will very likely be the last project that I release.
But hey, you want to build some stuff or contribute here or there, please be my guest. I *NEVER* make deadlines, as you know (even in reviews - my apologies to all). I was always interested to see what other creators would do with my fantasy/outdoor/dungeon idea anyway.

Hey megaman
I think I might understand what you are saying 
Glad to give it a shot. I've been anxious to get back into mapping after a month of strictly building models; the preperations for the mapping phase of my project isn't ready yet, so a wizard/SoE style map or two is just what the doctor ordered (that and a pinch of hair from the dog that bit ya). 
never interested me. Kinda pointless to feel stuff if it's not real and all that reasoning. I'm slightly drunk btw. 
well, what is truth worth anyway? Not much from my point of view, within which I include philosphical as well as aesthetic reasons. I mean I sentimentally go for truh, but aside from sentimentality I think there is no reason at all.

Existentialism blah blah blah. We are monkeys on a rock in space. As sad as it is.

I never tried drugs to escape though; I drink to escape (and still do, and am doing so now in fact). In my own experience though I learned a bit about how I think, and what I apply to perceptions, from drugs. Not that I am saying it has really been that useful; of an experience. 
Identify This Monster 
< >

first one to get it wrong commits suicide or signs a CUBE consent form instead...

yep, I'm not really that sober right now... 
"Kinda pointless to feel stuff if it's not real and all that reasoning. I'm slightly drunk btw."

You don't see the 2nd part of your statement to be contradicting the first? 
it was mostly intentional.
Habits and trends define much of what's "the ultimate absolute truth and principle that has always been and always will be".

Drunkenness is a thing. Sometimes it makes you somewhat happier and sometimes it makes you just pity yourself (which can be almost hilarious in hindsight). Some friend speculated that it amplifies whatever mood you already have. Dunno. Then there's the social dimension, which is probably often much bigger than the actual effect.

I don't know if any lasting good has come to me from any drinking ever. It's like being out on saturday night and you're feeling that the place you're in sucks so bad, but you know you'd feel even worse at home. (Sorry, my english ain't that colourful.) I heard there's a new non-smoking bar in town. Gotta check it out some time.

Do you guys smoke? 
I mean cigarettes, tobacco, the plain thing. 
but only when I drink. I smoke nasty Camels so I don't get a compulsion to smoke while I'm sober. 
No Drugs 
Although if I had a good source, I might be tempted to try a hit of DMT. Then again maybe that is just a fleeting notion. 
Ow, my friggin head... o_O

Last night, I ended up sharing with a friend, the better part of a bottle of imported Czech absinthe, with 72% AbV, that he'd got as a birthday present. Once we ran out, we brought out the Scotch >_<

Got to bed at around 4am, was woken up at 8.30am by the shitsmear living below me doing DIY (who the fuck does DIY at 8:30am on a Saturday morning?)

Needless to say, I'm feeling absolutely scrazzled, and I don't think I'll be repeating the experience in a hurry oh christ I need to lie dow- 
Excellent Story, 
Discussion Drunk 
very annoying 
Shows Middle Finger To Dj If He Doesn't Play The Song In 
it's completeness. +drunk who...
very, very honest. not if the dj is a girl. 
yea, i think you get me most of the time ;) probably more often than the other guys.. hehe

smoke: i recently noticed that i think of cancer almost as often as i think of sex. I stopped smoking last august. never touched a single cig since then... 
12pack Molsen, 1/2 Bottle Of Jack, 
a DVD of a live Dane Cook act. Typical Saturday night with my comrades. 
Don't you celebrate midsummer? I know you do in Sweden?

Sleeping outside without a tent needs, besides good weather (warm & no rain), a somewhat windy weather and place. The mosquitoes are really annoying and only leave when it gets warm and light. Also pick a place which doesn't have an ant path. >8C

Also, swimming in cold waters tends to make you feel somewhat more alive compared to all these virtual experiences that nowadays fill out a big part of a day. It doesn't last very long though.
Nature gives such incredible wealth of detail and forms and colors and sounds and smells and even touches of surface texture that it's hard to remember that when just living your days in the city.

At this old age, I don't understand the people at 5 am drinking ever more even when very tired. But a beer or few at times is good for relaxing or firing up some extrovertion. Like now.

I was using a car so didn't drink much, that's a reason too, why I didn't take much then but now some. 
was drinking 3 days in a row: the first day was my friends bday, the second was a pagan holiday we made and the third one was the continue of a pagan holiday.

Just came back from woods/mountains/sea where we celebrated it. And got some vodka and beer after I had returned to civilization 
I had my first beer in a week. Weihenstephaner original, 0.5L bottle. Nice beer. I might try their Hefeweissbier next weekend.

I'm laying off beer during the week while I read about ancient Mesopotamia and the next-dumbest "science" after sociology: anthropology. 
Oh my god. A 10% AbV stout on tap in my favourite Derby real ale pub is just asking for trouble.

It did.

wtf - the title of that post should be "Durham Temptation" - the name of the stout in question. 
Because I'm Running Out Of Non-macro Beer At The Supermarket 
Sammy Smith's Lager Beer tonight. 550ml. Nice yellow color, small white head. Little lacing. I still have an excess of mucas from being sick last weekend so my sense of smell is a bit off right now, but it smells vaguely sweet. Taste is bitter, hops, reminding me of Warsteiner (it seems I compare all lagers/pilsners to that), alcohol becomes present as the temperature approaches 50F/10C and goes beyond. Carbonation is nice, but not tons of CO2 thankfully.

I'm not sure it was worth the $3, but it's cheaper than going to the bar. 
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier 
I had Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier last night. I don't remember much about it other than it wasn't as floral or spicey as I thought it would be.

BTW Kinn, you should take it easy with teh b00ze. 
Palace Of Wisdom 
built on the steps of the road of excess or some shit like that so keep drinking Kinn. Though Absinthe, I don't know man, I have heard stories of dudes shaving their skin off with razors after embibing the green fairy. Could be pure bullshit.

I've been drinking Amstel light, tonight. 
Me, bamb and Jago. I think bamb was sober nearly the whole evening, I was mildly buzzed, and Jago had that blissful look of someone who knows he's got to get up early the next morning but doesn't care about it right there and then.

Another tomorrow? 
I've appointed a m�kkireissu.

I'm so old I don't do that alcohol thing much anymore. All the workplace parties years ago with free drinks etc... kinda took the magic off. And my parents have never taken a secretive or forbidden aspect to drinking, it's normal to have some with good friends. So there was never a mystery for me to "explore". :/

I think my stomach didn't like that whateveritwas half-salmari-half-unknown shot and I've been a little tired and painful today.

Jago: for some reason it was quieter than two weeks ago, even in the bar I went then later to. But on weekends it's always more stuff. 
Yeah, waking up at 7 AM the next morning was slightly painful, but I did manage to do it and get to work on time :) 
Oh And 
I get off work at 15.00, leaving Helsinki at around 17.20 and I am out of money until Monday, so I can't stick around unfortunately. Maybe some other time :) 
Heard You 
boys wanted to check out the gay bars! 
Keeping Up Appearances 
It was slightly awkward, meeting a friend's little brother in a gay bar (not the "gay" bar where everyone is straight, but the gay bar, not the hard gay bar though), when I'm hanging around with Jago who is wearing makeup and a gay shirt. :)
No, it was fine really. Vigil made us do it.

Ok, this subject is starting to get beaten to death. 
Bambuz I wasn't wearing any makeup that day. 
Oh Well 
how would I know. Didn't you say you had some? And the shirt. Dunno / don't remember. 
Bambuz I wasn't wearing any makeup that day.

yeah whatever

Jago said he sometimes puts makeup on when he goes out. And I happen to think DTM is a nice, clean place, though I have no idea why it was so empty that night.

Now, what you should be asking is what was the little brother doing there. 
What I'm asking is why all three of you decided to go to a gay bar.

I mean, you clearly had enough people and of the correct gender to have a gay orgy already. 
Mostly good music, clean toilets. 
the lil bro guy is getting married this summer so maybe he was feeling out the last vibes of "freedom" or sth. Dunno. Maybe it was just a place which was not too full and showed football. Maybe her fiance (?) only allowed him to go to gay bars so women won't snatch him. Yeah he is marrying a woman.

And vig, music and toilets are better where older people go.

?: can you use that word for both the man and the woman? 
Yes, there are male and female fiances.

But why did you call him a "her"? This is just getting even more confusing. And scary. O_O 
I get mixed up at times. In my native language there are no gender-specific third person pronomina. I ment to say "his fiance". 
Hangovers. Ouch. 
Hangovers Indeed 
Went out to a bar that was showcasing a friend of a friend's art, and an old highschool friend said if I'd buy the first round he'd buy the second. Eight rounds later, we finally get around to leaving.

I had to stay awake an extra hour after I went to bed, cuz every time I closed my eyes I was pulled through one of those Prey portals. So, I focused all my energy on making the room stop spinning, and the ceiling fan was my saving grace. It was, oddly enough, the only thing anchored down in space-time, so I stared at that as intensely as I could to stop from vomiting on myself.

Mission success! 
Magic Hat #9 
Nice ale. Think pale ale, but different. Light copper color, slightly thin, with a fruiter-than-usual nose and taste. Plus you get those nifty messages on the underneath of the bottle caps. I got this one tonight, which I thought Bobby W might like:

Be Alert, not Inert 
...cuz every time I closed my eyes I was pulled through one of those Prey portals. 
I Some How Missed Zwif's 
post the first time around. LOL.

Last summer I had one of those moments. It is never the liquor that gets me but the shit I'm willing to try with my inhibitions down. Whenever a friend who plays baseball in college, I find myself willing to give chewing tobacco another try.

It wasn't pretty. After I finished barfing, I had to spray down the patio with a pressure jet hose and a bottle of Clorox. Just the thought of snuff can make me quiver with nausea. Oh, well, I'll probably do it again next summer. Good Times. 
Whenever a friend who plays baseball in college is in town.  
absinthe has absolutely no psycotropic effects whatsoever - its just a fairly standard alcohol. in france some nobles had the idea that the stuff sent you loopy because all the artists were drinking it; in reality it has no adverse effects apart from what you�d expect from alcohol (eg. liver failure).

on a side note; i�ve now been banned from drinking whisky. sigh. back to beer. 
mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mloo mlurgh mlurgh mlurgh mlurgh mlurgh 

cunt? Is there a ruder word? How is cunt rude anyway? The meaning of cunt is basically just vagina, so what is the problem. If I say "vagina", nobody is likely to complain, unless I precede it with the words "you have a stinking hairy and utterly unpleasant" are they? So why does the word cunt ruffle so many feathers? I can say buggery until the cows come home without an eyebrow raised, but the moment the c-bomb impacts you could break the silence with the drop of a pin.

Why do people get so upset about a four letter word that means vagina? Or one that means intercourse, or faeces? People are shit, that's why. A bunch of shitty fucking cunts. 
Clitty, Clitty, Bang, Bang 
words can be so contextual too. One woman I was involved with some time to go, demanded to hear the word cunt while making out, but in any other context she would find the word appalling. I hate the word vagina because it sounds clinical and latinate; 'gina is better,
pussy is good, and snatch is the best over all.

Beaver only works for me in a hirsute context. The phrase 'hairy beaver' sounds wrong. 
'The phrase 'hairy beaver' sounds wrong'

make that, 'sounds redundant' to be more precise. 
I Came Back From Spain 
and now I'm an alcoholic.

/me sips on some Spanish wine. 
What, no sangria? 
It's ok. It's a bit too much liquid to make for one person though, and definitely a waste of good wine--and why would anyone buy bad wine?

Besides, opening a new bottle of nice wine is always a pleasant surprise of flavors. 
In the period when I was absolutely comletely drunk after graduated from my academy I have found that I said fuck up to my girlfiend (though I was I in condition while I didn't remember it at all) and she still remembers me it. People told me about this about a few days after it. Ohh I'm drunk atm. Many things can change, but many things you can can change wher you're sober. Don't forget about this. It means much imho 
'gina is better, pussy is good, snatch is almost there, but sangria really is the best of them all. 
fuck I actually did turn into an alcoholic while I was in Spain; although I finally managed to drink something other than Spanish wine (this time it was Argentinan). 
There's nothing wrong with being an alcoholic other than admitting it. 
I Enjoy 
Argentinian wine.

and it fits nicely into my budget (or lack thereof) 
Rebirth Day !!! 
I think this is the rigth day to rebirth this thread..

I'm currently at home, with friends of mine, and we already started to drink some Champagne... he he he...
It is 19:15 here in France, so I guess I will be totally drunk in a couple of hours

I hope to see 1st of Januarry 00:00 :P

Happy New Year everybody !!! 
We Need 
A hangover thread. 
We Need 
A "slept all day, WTF" thread! 
You can find those on 4chan. 
Hey !!! 
You are not supposed to post here if you are not drunk !!! Go drink !! 
I Was Still Half Cut 
from yesterday.

And no I'm nursing a whisky. Needs care, whisky. 
No - Now 
got drunk yesterday. almost missed my train, but forgot everything 
Oulah !! You've been "charged" a lot ! 
Drunk Notice 
New years eve, I was back with all my friends and we did the usual drinking/drugs thing, supposedly good times/etc, but it never quite kicked in and just as I was having a good time talking to this one girl my friend did what anyone in his position would do, and I ended up responsible, to a degree anyway, for getting everyone (and myself) out of his house so this chick could stay over. I was pretty calm and polite at the time, for the person who was really at fault in that situation was me, for expecting anything different than that, but I knew I'd be getting absolutely fucked up the second I woke up the next morning once I was done being calm and responsible. Next morning came, I called up my crazier friend and we got fucked for 12 hours straight. I didn't feel any better afterwards (I never do), but I was physically incapable of doing it anymore and got quite sick, which lasted for 3-4 days, so I decided to try and not drink at all for as long as I could. From January 1 until earlier tonight, is 11 days. I'd say I learned a lesson but I never do. I drink for the wrong reasons. 
Xmas - New Years 
Is a time of enforced party. Most everyone likes parties but having to fucking go to them defeats the purpose.

Or maybe that's the hangover talking. 
There's truth in that. I'm happy to host a party but having to get in the car and go to one drains my energy. 
after I got drunk and almost missed my train, I came home. 4 hours have passed and the phone called. I was invited to a crazy drunk party. I managed to escape from there only at 3 a.m.
tomorrow I'm returning to another city where people are waiting for me to get completely drunk...

what a crazy life 
Hehe - My Town Is So Small... walk everywhere! Theres about 20 pubs man!! all within a mile radius!! I was so fucking drunk on Friday night, i stayed in last night and slept all day today (I was too drunk to sleep on Saturday) Some sort of fucked up party on Friday night - one friend disgraced me by saying he's gonna cheat on his Girlfriend of 5 years, and "dont tell anyone else - who else can I tell??!" - im just like "dont tell fucking me - I dont want to know!!"

And Then...

My sisters ex-boyfreind shags my girlfriend's sister so fucking loud upstairs we could all hear them - I thought they were gonna break the bed!!

Well Tronyn 
If it doesn't help, why DO you drink then? 
sometimes socially, but other times just to break up the monotony, and as an escape, etc. Bad habit. 
Most of people drink to forget... and a certain they forget why they are drinking :P 
Ggrrrrr.... Frozen Finger.. 
This morning is really cold, and I have my fingers that are frozen... so my previous post means nothing reading it back.....
I wanted to type (while I "enriched" the initial sentence):
Most of people drink to forget, and after a certain time, they forget why they are drinking. However they don't forget to drink, so the "drunkiness"
It has a "sense" now :/ 
Nothing Makes Sense In The Drunk Thread 
JPL makes sense in the drunk thread. 
Are you suggesting I'm drunk all day ? I even didn't think try that... thought.... :P 
"Feck, Arse, Girls"

You funcers need to relax a bit. Me included, but now I'm on holiday.

There's been a drought of good posts recently.

Less Sex Therds and more . . . BEES? 
hardly constitute a good thread. I thought the first bees thread was very wanky. 
It Was Wanky, 
but didn't really bug me too much. I couldn't relate to it and didn't get any buzz from it, though. 
Excellent Post 
great content

I'm surprised we haven't had a "stoned thread." 
Nobodys Been Drunk In The Last 2 Month 
bytway. i was at araklly cool gay wedding last week. gays are pretty nice people aparently. good paerty.



anybidy ever been top a gay wedding ? I csn only recommend it. good food and super nice people. good music too

looking forweward to soe gay func_msgbaoard weddings. its only a question ofd ftime. have all yur coming out! haha!


haha! you sghould get runk more often!!

�s you may only answer thks thread when your drunk yurself. rmeber this.

sober doesnt ount.

seriously its summer, and fking 40 degree celsidu d outside. you doint &#331;et drunk???? shamee.-

Ricky I would have assumed better of you. you sbold get properly filled. in one of tzhose nice pubs on your island.


rly its been TWO MONTHS since anybody was drunk?

are oyu kidding=?

supee r ce people. 
Ive Been Drunk Loads 
all the time - well every week, and the rest.

I was completely leathered on Saturday night. And not too bad neither on Friday. Yesterday I chilled. I am "sun drunk" at the moment. 
i drink sometimes becouse it�s the way of Portuguese life :p

we cant escape from alcool he always cought us!!! 
Fucking Bloody Bollocks! 
I went to a nice civilized house warming party tomnight and some fucking loser teenagers threw stones through all the windows of my mate's new house because we wouldn't let them in! Fucking losers. What a fucking world eh. 
Sounds like teenagers with social problems and a smashed in face time. 
At least they didn't pull out nines and light up the entire household. Rocks you can pick up and throw back. 
At Least 
They didn't put a load of bricks in a carrier bag and leave it in the middle of the road so that an unsuspecting driver would driver over it, thinking it empty.

Now that's ASBO. 
Decent liquids cargoil smoothly
Run down my blazard mind & soul
Understand was before I was groovly
Nothingng aiming at my goal
Kid you keep that bottle bootly... 
Kills my time.
Started studying architecture. It's like Beer-Hangover-Study-Beer-Study-Wine-Beer-Weekend. And working with CAD and CAAD kills my mapping interest at the moment a bit 
Every student's life is full of alcohol. It's normal.

Keep on drinking:) 
Damage From Last Night 
1 X Key broken off in front door lock
1 X Kinda damaged front door (probably kicked it open after broke key)
1 X broken in half debit card
1 X missing jacket i only bought a week ago
1 X broken button on my phone. How does that even happen?
1 X royally shafted right knee
1 X bleeding ankle
0 X memory after 1am apart from vague memory of running. 
I Lost My Wallet On Saturday Night 
fucking idiot!

The club rang me this morning to say they had found it!

Shame I already cancelled my cards.... 
I went to a nice civilized house warming party tomnight and some fucking loser teenagers threw stones through all the windows of my mate's new house because we wouldn't let them in! Fucking losers. What a fucking world eh.

Same thing happened to me last year or the year before, I cant really remember. We only found out the front window was smashed the next morning when most of us went outside for a smoke, turns out the music was so loud no one noticed the impact ;)

I have to use this space to give a big "fuck you!" to Sussex Police force also, as the officers I dealt with sounded like they would rather be eating cow pats than listening to my problem. What a world indeed :) 
Starbuck U Forgot One... 
1 X Grossly distended anus. 
speaks from experience 
Yaeh AloholllWOHOOHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm An Alcoholic 
yeah i admit it 
You're below 30 and will continue mapping whilst drunk, then you don't need help yet.

If you're over 30 and will continue mapping then only drink whisky.

If you're giving up on mapping for drink then for fucks sake book in somewhere, take up heroin or 5 quid slappers - as long as we get to see what happens after Marcher. 
if you are over 30 and still drunk then you only map 
do we have a thread where people can boast how they are so damn drunk? Is there something glorious about it? Does it make you happy? Has it ever gotten you anywhere? Laid? 
Because drunk posts are the best posts on the internet. Bar none. 
The Purpose Of The Drunk Thread 
Is to show the Future Overlords with the powers of resurrection how much fun we would be to have around.

Do you think they would be impressed with our scientific knowledge and mathematical skills? as if. They have the powers of resurrection, what could we possibly teach them except how to have a good time? To love, to care, to live in harmony? They might go to a 13th century Benedictine monk or the first Buddha if by some oddity of future history they are looking for those things, but to us? The only possible reason they would come to us is that we know how to throw it down.

You sober minded, moralistic types just have no concept of the Big Picture. 
Does it make you happy?

Yes, it does 
Does it make you happy? Has it ever gotten you anywhere? Laid?

Sometimes it makes you happy when you are gathered with good friends, having a deep and un-inhibited conversation or a laugh and joke. You might feel more inclined to share thoughts you otherwise wouldn't!

Has it ever gotten me anywhere? Yes, nightclubs generally. Has it ever gotten me laid.....

(i'm not even going to entertain that with an answer, but I think you see where I am going with this...)

Although you must realize that alcohol is going to temporarily enhance traits of your character which are ALREADY THERE. So if you are a totally uncharming, boring, bland and cynical character then you should probably aviod it because it will bring out the worse in you as your depraved little mind struggles in frustration to grasp all of the socialbilty and uncensored human emotion which you might find yourself subjected to, depending on the company you find yourself in. 
Does it make you happy?

hell yes 
Alcoohol Is Your Ennemi... 
... If you are not a coward, you just have to face it.. and...

Go Drink !! 
you divl 
Sometimes You Are Just Too Close 
to something to see the humor,
but I have a sister who smokes cigars, drinks bourbon and has a pair of pygmy goats for pets whom she named Topsy and Bottom. It only occurred to me right now, as I'm a bit plastard that that is fucking hilarious. 
Please, introduce me to your sister: she's funny ;) 
I Have A Friend 
Who doesn't smoke or drink, works quite dutifully, and is very funny. Partly because she is both smart and has such a vast general knowledge so she can invent humor from almost anything. She is a blonde girl too.

I think people who drink a lot think people who don't are somehow "square", ie serious or not able to let go. I've found the opposite to be true. 
+1 Bambuz. 
Eh, the same goes the other way. Some people who don't drink think that people who do can't socialize or be funny without it. That's not always true either.

To each his own. 
tho, since the majority drink a lot, those who do not are a minority and have to take lots of sneers because of it, at least over here. 
If You Do Not Drink... 
.. do try drugs ;) 
Good Gawd, I Knew That Was You 
Has the opportunity slipped by since the inception of the Drunk Thread that Bambuz didn't start an anti intoxication rant when the thread starts to pick up in traffic? Of course you are square, you shouldn't try to deny it, you have more hang ups than a Visa/Master Card collection department. Start a sober thread if you feel you have to, but leave us alone. 
An Apology 
Yeah Headthump and everyone, I'm sorry, had a bad day.

This post has no sarcasm. It will be very easy to read such into it.

Your point is very easy clear and rational, people shouldn't care or judge what other people do to their own enjoyment. Be it alcohol, even drugs or something as weird and ultimate as self mutilation. If they are adults in full mental health and are not hurting others, it's their own business.

I'm trying to grow up in this regard. I guess I've got a bit of a spoiled kid syndrome trying to get everybody to act according to what is smart in my view.

But I recognize the huge value of the concept of letting people do what they do, if they just don't harm others. 
You Come Across As A Pretty Good Guy 
so, I hope my last post didn't have much in the way of harshness to it, or bummed you out. Don't worry about it, I should be mapping and not yapping, anyways ;) 
you're cool

you gave us something to really think about. and it was a fun topic of argument. but also in many ways you're right - a person shouldn't need alcohol to relax, socialize and have a good time.

"what dont kill you makes you more strong" 
Dont Ever Change - The World Needs "control" 
Hm Either My Clock Or The Servers Clock Is Horribly Wrong 
8:28 here, 8:40 on the laste post 
For some reason, the clock is off. I have to investigate, because it is supposed to be set using ntp. 
evryone still searchs for the phone call at 4 a.m 
A Stupid Question Idles My Mind 
If the word 'heck' is a combination of 'hell' and 'fuck' which seems plausible, then why does it have lamer status instead of super curse status?

Something not worth thinking about. 
Because Its A Non-word 
neither hell nor fuck makes it half of anything. 
Just Occurs... 
bear headthump, I mean
dear teadhump , we mean
hear beathump , us mean
tear headbump. 
if it itches I scratches,
is too a word,
tag you're it (rumble Venture Bros intro)
& though
testing our communication
you too can MadFox your forum replies: 
Fait Divers 
misuse common phrases

Can you read that when you are drunk?

Alright, I read "The Ape & The SushiMaster" from Frans de Waal to understand the subjeckt culture, and how animals take part in that evolution.

Divided by nature's own truth of surviving, they too have a way of using a way of culture. It's only difficult for us to see, having our own way of defining the word.

Maybe it is not what you ment, but I usually have more interspace in my way of writing.
And three ltrs of beer can make thinkfailures
been more overlooked than printfaults. 
Better switch to three liters of vodka 
switch to three liters of vodka better 
so by the time you read a w you know you're only on the half way there... 
Stevie or Christie? 
madfox + drunk thread = ???

i think we're finally through the looking glass, people...

oh and by the way, i'm not an alcoholic - far from it; i just like a drink now and then, although "now" seems to happen quite a lot i've noticed... 
They say the first step to admitting you're an alcoholic is denial. 
Far Enough 
to see the w of a v?

I live close to Belgium, which has a tradition of beer brewers. They have at least 60 different sorts, and the most are quite pleasant. Then there are beers that can be tapped at home, and have a surprising light taste, as there are no additions to them to conserve it. And it has a good taste to melt away in white foam with the advantage for some pint or twenty to go. 
Best Draught Beer Ever 
in Vietnam. Bia Hoi is only 15 canadian cents a glass, with no preservatives, served fresh from a keg to people usually sitting on tiny plastic chairs right next to the road. 
I have to build a papercube with some parts cut off until tomorrow, Problem is I'm a bit drunk at the moment. 
try angles 
triangles :P 
Only Orthogonal Is Allowed 

Architekture can suck sometimes 
... you should conisder stop mapping and follow a therapy ;) 
Well I'm Not Mapping At All At The Moment 
I have to do this because I study architekture and not for mapping

And the cube thing ends in a few weeks, I have only two more to go 

(its german)

Habe to built something like that until 10.12 
First cube with non-orthogonal parts 
You're blazing a brave new path into crate research. Approved! 
It Is Not Good For Me 
I have a funcking headhache today: I had a party with some friends yesterday night... and I think I drank too much... I'm not sick (as I didn't vomit), but damned my head is about too explode... I really have to stop drinking :( 
Ok, Goddammit 
2,5l of vodka and 12 bottles of beer, i'm done
tonight, �� �� ��� :(((( 
Jpl....I Really Have To Stop Drinking :( 
Im At Work 
today is the employee holiday party
im drinking with my buddy
rum n coke
getting drunk
playing n64 smash bros
and parking cars
checking out hot milfs
I love christmas 
2,5l of vodka and 12 bottles of beer

That's 120 shots. You lightweight... 
love you guys... 
Once Again I Lost 
my mobile of been drunk, what is wrong with me?

i know i should drink no more, ever,
pants, socks, t-shirt, deodourant, toothbrush, bag.

All of which I can deal with, but I also lost the book I'd just started reading. Was really enjoying it too :( 
what was the worst hangover of your life? 
At home after drinking 2 botlles of white wine at dinner with a friend and then go out of home and smoke some grass :\

After i came home when i wakeup in the night to piss, i get the wrong door to piss and come to the street door and close it...

in underpants in winter ~:| had to ring at my sister home that is about 500 mts from my home... :(

was very bad after that i never smoke grass again... :( 
It Happens Everytime... 
and everytime i promise myself i won't do it again, but this never happened, to recover myself its required ~ 3 days, maybe i'm getting older... usually its starts with a beer and finishes with vodka and amnesia 
Next Time 
Just strap a digital camera to your head or something so you can see what you did last night. 
I Was At The Beach House 
I rent most every year for a few weeks near the end of June. I loaded up at the local liquor store, vodka, Ouzo, and some Triple-Sec for a nasty combo to win a drinking contest with my friends.

Also, so one girl brought some grass and a jug of cheap wine, and later on that evening feeling like the king of the world I stripped and ran across the beach nekid. I spotted a couple down the stretch a half mile or so and I walked up to them while singing The Door's Moonlight Drive at the top of my lungs.

They too were skinny dipping (off the Carolina Outerbanks lots of privacy and no cops), and they turned out to be English. I asked them if they cared for a threesome, and when they gave me a look of sheer panic, I laughed and played it off. "I'm kidding," and then flopping my flaccid pecker side to side. "He is in no condition for anything, tonight."

We carried on a conversation, and then went over to where they had a tent and sleeping bags spread out. I spread my blanket, fell asleep soon after.

I recall not being able to get up or move as I was incapacitated from all the shit I had consumed as little turtles crawled on and around me as they did their nightly migration.

I woke up around noon naked on the beach with two black guys I didn't know fishing with bamboo poles just a few yards away. The English couple were long gone. I covered up with the towel, and walked back to the beach house with what felt like the sun bursting inside my head. 
Headthump Wins 
that scene with you completely KOed and tiny sea turtles crawling over you against your will is a terrible and wonderful image. 
I Remember One Night When I Was 16 
I went out, met one of my freinds in the pub, drank a load of bitter (that was the stuff as far as I was concerned back then) when we met this crazy guy I know called mad mitch who gave us a little pice of weed. I remember wandering round the fringes of the town, and then smoking the weed through a can-pipe (a pipe made from a beer can with a dent and a few pin holes in it), blowing the smoke back into a condom, then passing this second hand smoke-filled condom around and generally getting wasted.
My freind went his seperate way eventually, and I returned back home at about three am or something only to find that I had lost my keys. Unwilling to rouse my parents to let me in (probably due to the obvious state I was in) I ventured back into the town center....
I woke up on a bench in a church-yard surrounded by freezing-fog at around seven am, and I recall standing up, but unable to feel my legs I instantly fell back to the ground, and lay there untill the feeling came back.

I had work that day too..... 
But That Dont Top HT's Story Neither.... 
Maybe five beers but a wrap of bolivian. Checking wikipedia to find out what date christmas is. Wife seriously hacked off cos I got in at 6. Stomach hurts cos its empty, thought of food makes me feel like topping myself.

Got the jump on that christmas hangover.

Not big and not clever.

Merry christmas. 
I Have A Drummer Friend 
some indie rock types would likely recognize his name, but I wont drop that. Back when he was with another band, he was touring down in Miami, when he got a hold of a form of acid that is referred to as 'Black'. After dropping it, he had no memory of anything up to the point he found himself lucid inside a full scuba outfit at the bottom of a nice sized hot tub. Once he realizes what is going on, he raises up out of the water only to scare the shit out of a group of people who never knew he was there. 
My driving on the motorway in a stolen ride-on lawnmower story comes to that, but that's another league. 
You Guys Got Some Heaving Hitting Hangover Stories 
But here I go anyways. It's my friends' wedding this past spring, the wedding party is at a private woodsy campground place, and among other things, they have two kegs of homebrewed mead, raspberry and honey. now i've been working the kegs for hours now, so has everbody else, the parental types are gone, and the kegs are still not near drained. Basically I get convinced to do a mead keg-stand and the part of my brain that should have said "this is a terrible idea" never kicked in. I passed out in a bathroom, and spent the next day in bed. Of course I later realize obvious fact I failed to notice at the time which was the people who convinced me to do this have massively higher tolerances than I do.

Also, the moral of all of these stories is that you should never combine alchohol and weed in large quantities, it fucks you up hardcore. 
ok I don't feel so alone now, thanks for those awesome stories, I found the snorkel one the most goddamn hilarious, though they were all great.

the weekend before last I had the worst hangover of my life - it took my over 36 hours from the time the effects wore off to recover, I got sick for a week, I was useless for days. Just when you think you understand the various drinks/drugs and what they do, and the consequences... you endup taking shit you never verified beforehand. 
Nice stories, i'll tell some stories of my drunk adventures later 
Okay Another One 
This one is a little, hell, a lot sick that I shared on another forum site, I'll repeat in full to protect the guilty, me:

XXXXXXX| December 3, 2008, 4:42pm | #
while we are sharing drunken activity stories, I have one from just two weeks ago. While doing shots of Jager with some Coronas on the side I was attempting to put a DVD in my friend's player and not getting it accomplished. I'm a very mellow guy unless threatened, so he makes the mistake of starting a countdown, 'I'm going to hit you . . . 9, 8, 7, I'm going to hit you, 6, 5, 4, ' I promptly jumped him and threw him around like a ragdoll for a few minutes. He is not happy, so he puts a finger up his ass and tells me he is going to chase me down and make
me lick it. I quickly counter by ripping a huge patch of hair from my ass and I chased him down and made him eat it. He is a martial arts tourney champ by the way, but Jager is a hell of a drink.
And This One 
A decade ago I had a bit of a substance abuse problem. One evening I get a call from a guy who I bought from at the time who wants to get together in a parking lot for a social, and he asks me to bring some liquor. I do so and he has two of his friends with him. We actually had a pretty good time shooting the shit, but I was suspicious because his two henchmen were behaving squirrelly.

He asks if we could take my car cruising, and I'm game for it. So I get in the driver's seat, one guy is shotgun, the dude is directly behind me. We are driving around a bit, and his guys start snickering. Then I feel a barrel up against the nape of my neck.

He is saying, 'You owe me twenty, man.'

I did what he likely least expected. I ignored him. He rants for a few minutes about me owing him money, and I didn't know what he was talking about, so I just keep driving. He starts to poke the barrel a few times against my head for emphasis, and raises his voice. I respond by turning the music full blast. After a minute I no longer feel the barrel against my neck and he goes silent.

We reach the parking lot, he and his friends jump out. I roll down the window and yell out, 'hey, XXX, pretty awesome. We'll have to do it again some time.'

He comes over to my window and makes a case for why I owed him money. I tell him I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, but he could take the rest of the liquor with him. Pretty much defeated, he walks to the back seat of his guy's car, gets in and they roll.

A few weeks later it dawned on me that I really did owe him twenty bucks. I had forgotten about it from being pretty trashed when he lent it.

A year later I'm eating at a booth at a Taco Bell around lunch time and out of nowhere he just saunters into the seat on the other side of the table.

He is grinning from ear to ear, happy to see me. We talk a bit, and I ask him about some mutual acquaintances I haven't seen in a while. He tells me the latest, and then asks me, 'why haven't you called me, man. It's been like a year.'

I asked him, you honestly don't remember. You held a gun to the back of my head. He looks confused, and says something like, 'you thought that was a gun? I was just poking you with that pipe we were smoking weed from. Shit, you thought it was a gun? Shit, you could have crashed us all.'

To this day, I have no idea if I was being overly paranoid about the whole situation, or if he was covering his own ass for some particularly antisocial behavior. 
ifanyone ever talks about someone else being overly offensive here, i'll link to that post. 
No Problem, Megaman 
As Garth Brooks would put it, you've got friends in low places (as much as I hate modern country music, Garth is pretty damn acceptable to my ear, hard to explain).

Drinking Seagrams and Cranberry juice tonight. Listening to Alanis Morrisette. 'You already won me over, in spite of me . . .'

I preferred Alanis when she was angry.

Ouch, just heard an annoying phrase from this song . . . 'friends with benefits'. Hate it, despise it, would like to bury it forever. The most insipid common expression from my own generation, and I can still recall quite vividly, a guy several years ago repeating the expression with a grin on his face as if he was the most clever motherfucker on the planet for using it, and how I felt burning him alive would have been a guilt free crime due to the lack of a soul inside that meat puppet.

Megaman, you've got friends in low places, just not with benefits. 
Well . . . 
There was that time I had three drinks, blacked out, and the next thing I know I'm waking up in my bed with my shorts inside out, and my shoes are on the floor covered in vomit. I'm sure plenty of exciting shenanigans occurred between 11pm and 9am the next day, but it's too bad I can't remember them. The hangover itself wasn't too bad, though.

P.S. Tronyn, I hate to say it, but it sounds like every hangover you have is the worst hangover of your life. :/

P.P.S. I still need to open that bottle of Chinchon I brought back from Spain. Who wants to come over for a drink? 
I do. o/ 

Drinking Seagrams and Cranberry juice tonight. Listening to Alanis Morrisette. 'You already won me over, in spite of me . . .'

Cranberry juice? You on your period or something??

Deserved That One 
left that wide open for abuse.

I got a Zune from a friend (with benefits, te hee) for Christmas, and the music she loaded it with was from her collection. To be honest, I harmonize really well with Morrisette, and when I saw the best of collection was on the load out, I went straight away looking for 'One Hand In My Pocket' because (brace yourself) back in the day I could Karaoke the shit out of that song at a local joint like a high pitched little bitch. 
Oh And, Sniff 
#398 posted by starbuck [] on 2008/12/30 21:00:10

Drinking Seagrams and Cranberry juice tonight. Listening to Alanis Morrisette. 'You already won me over, in spite of me . . .'

Cranberry juice? You on your period or something??

I was out of rocky road double chunk fudge brownie ice cream and Kleenex, so what else was I suppose to do. 
Put On 
The Sex in the City DVD and invite the girls round? 
You Go Girl! 
Holy Crap 
just noticed RPG posted. Welcomz back. 
Haaaaapppppyy Neeeww Yeearrr 
hi guys, I'm completely drunk at home with lots of friends of mine...

Happy new year guys !!! I hope you the best for this fucking coming year !!!

And now go map !! 
holly fuck :| my smaller kid is sick so i had to saty at home, but beer, wine, wishky and Moet Chandon help me in this painfull hour!!!

Happy New Year Bitches!!! 
Oh sweet baby jebus my head hurts.

Gz gaia ding ting 
That clip from the departed cut out the best bit.


Oh fucking what? CRUNCH 
That's Alright 
the lesson is the same either way: The guy in the bar who orders the girliest drink is the guy you least wont to fuck with because he is likely just taunting you to say something.

Watch out for:

"Hey, where is my umbrella?"

"Pineapple juice in this pena colada is a little stale, doncha think?"

"Mmmmm, peppermint snaps . . ." 
Homonyms 121,111 Heaththump 0 
guy you least wont to fuck with

Wont get what I want. 
schnapps though girlie man could mean peppermint snap cookies 
Working In A Bar 
Years ago, one guy only drinking non-alcoholic beer. New guy working there takes the piss and the guy leans over the bar and picks him up by his shirt, looks at him for a bit and drops him.

Talked to the guy afterwards - he'd been inside on GBH and assault + battery charges a load of times and couldn't touch alcohol without someone ending up in hospital. 
I Was Slightly Drunk 
During the new year. The cider was stronger than it tasted. Was pretty fun although the discussion tends to go a little into shouting when people are drunk. I don't really know if it would have been *that* different if people had been sober.
Nice smart people there were. 
Today Is My Brother's B/d 
i'm drunk again wtf?
please somebody help me frommmysekf
it's flaming here................... 
spy mix with water... before you burn for good :)

when i take to much booze i take to much water next! 
Good Advice 
Talked to the guy afterwards - he'd been inside on GBH and assault + battery charges a load of times and couldn't touch alcohol without someone ending up in hospital.

Met a guy like that once, was having no place to sleep bc his gf had thrown him out. Eventually he said, umm, I just got out, and the problem is I beat up six cops and now I dunno where to go...

Wanted train money to go to Hamburg and see his mother... I was pretty broke, but for the next hour I helped him talk to people, which seemed to be a problem. None of them wanted to help, so eventually I told him to just get on the train. Never found out what happened, or how many more cops got beat up that night :-P

Was definitely a nice guy though, if a bit helpless somehow. Like a big kid.

People... O_o 
I've almost certainly got a drinking problem - why some of my posts go west.

Alcoholism's what killed my grandfather so most likely something genetic, though that no reason to just let things happen.

That's the sad thing about it all - the ones who go too far with drugs or drink or both just can't be arsed sorting it out - they're their own best enemy. 

I drink very little nowadays. In the final two or three school years, me and my best buddies were perma-drunk, though. It was a posh school, which was part of the reason for that - we didn't fit in well (wore the wrong fucking sunglasses, etc).

Trinca, does having kids make you drink less? 
of course gb... u dont have time to be with your friends... this make u drink less... but when you meat then you are out of shape and get drunk real fast...hehehe 
Does This Thread Cover Drugs Too? 
Just dj'ed a mansion party with my mate all night, from what I remember things were going fantastic until the weed & mdma, then things got FUCKING fantastic ;)

I might sleep in a few hours Oo 
Well Obviously Drugs Are Illegal 
so I would never take them, but my buddy, er, BarStuck hasn't taken mdma for almost a year now. Might be ok to go back to it again. Once you've experienced something so mind-bogglingly wonderful though, it's kinda hard not to want to do it a lot. Never really felt weed improved it much though, just made me feel a bit weird, and drinking a lot with it never helped either. He said. 
He Sounds Quite Knowledeable 
MDMA Is For Girls 
Hm, My Alias Is Already Inverted... 
actually for me weed is the only drug that hasn't become shitty over time. It's nice and relaxing.

everything else I've tried more than once (a few things once was enough), I've done enough not only to get sick of, but to eventually find really unpleasant - shrooms, mdma, acid especially - all started great, but became complete shit over time. I have rarely done anything but drink in the last couple years too, but I think switching to weed as a mainstay would be better. 
best thing is booze...

but weed sometimes is quite fun, last time i smoked week was something like 20 years... arghhhh ;) booze something like last night... 
Love Weed 
but it makes me claustrophobic where I have to be outside. I can't just chill and watch a flick, though driving or riding a bike especially after midnight on a long desolate highway on a warm summer night while buzzing is about the best feeling in the world. 
And By Bike, 
I mean motorized. You wont catch me alive or dead on the self propelled kind. 
Well Atleast Your Not All Addicted To Cocaine 
Half of the people I know are, it would seem at the moment. Shitty overpriced drug which makes people turn into big-headed lying fools.
Not me. Maybe if its put infront of me I would do it, but never pay for it...... The first mistake. 
Got To Agree With Nynort 
After a while drugs take it out of you - I've given up on most apart from booze, cigs and coke now.

So uh, yeah. 
Coke - A - Cola ? 
Coca Zero 
Coca Culo 
Please behave!!!

... I promise I will not redo this.. shame on me... 
Coca Cthulhu? 
[03:59] <RickyT23> workd czg is cool
[03:59] <RickyT23> :)
[03:59] <RickyT23> word
[03:59] <RickyT23> life sucks he is right
[04:09] <RickyT23> my freind is going to join the army
[04:09] <RickyT23> i will miss him 
yep its me again (I do restrain myself from a) being drunk, and 2) posting from that state, as much as possible - and still that's not much restraint...)

here's my random drunken thought (20 shots of rye, and usually I tend to be a lot more bitter, and a lot more vulgar in expressing it, than this):

I wonder what the dividing line between great art and nostalgia is. I wonder if we all would think Quake was so great if we hadn't encountered it at whatever youngish age we did. I wonder how the mind makes things seem better than they were, just so as to provide itself with some sort of masturbatory hope; ie whatever is shit now need not be that way. The older you get, the less new memories you generate. I think the games industry now is shit, and I have a shitload of reasons for that;I could write essays and essays. But if I was part of "generation Y" that grew up on the stuff that I consider shit, would I argue the same things based on that? 
I encountered Quake at about age 25 or slightly later.

I noticed the somewhat pixel-y graphics, but the gameplay, the sounds, and the dark atmosphere hooked me nonetheless. I knew DOOM/2 from back in school (so that's what I grew up with), but Quake's gameplay was simply brutal, and the sounds matched it. It was the simple, brutal, no compromise feeling that got through to me and hooked me.

As for the latter question, no, you would not. You would probably be amazed at the good stuff, instead of always finding fault. You would buy loads and loads of console games and *enjoy* them.

There's lots of nostalgia involved. 
Where's the Hungover Thread? X(

As a mapper, part of Quake's appeal is its visual simplicity. Although I do occasionally enjoy dabbling in CSS/HL2 mapping and I can't wait to try some in Left4Dead, I'll always come back to Quake because it doesn't restrict my creativity. Abstract architecture modern games needs some sort of context to look good, whereas in Quake, abstraction IS the context. I also get a bit weary of modern monster designs, as they tend to lack variety and are programmed with too much self-awareness, rather than to be fiendishly placed by the mapper. 
I'll always come back to Quake because it doesn't restrict my creativity

i find quake does restrict my creativity because some things just can't be built with brushes.

by can't, i mean cannot be built in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable amount of effort. 
Just A Stupid Question 
What do you consider as a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable amount of effort?
I guess it depends of the mapper patience, and determination to do things... so what's the threshold that allow you to decide whether it is worth to stop or continue to map ? 
Yes And No 
obviously, yes, what a mapper considers reasonable will vary. i'm talking about, for example, a room that would take 1 month to make in a brush-based editor vs. 1 day to make in a proper 3d package. 
Getting back into music after a drought.

Listening to Underworld pissed up on rum and beer whilst mapping; great.

Now downloading lots of nutty crap, Infected Mushroom is on the list, and Distran's stuff. 
1/3 a bottle of Seagram's and I feel this shitty? Really? Three hours later, I've taken my neighbor's Jack Russel terrier out for a two mile walk in the middle of a foggy night, popped a coyote on the side of the head with a rock to scare it off, you'd think that alone would have sobered me up but no, I still feel this shitty, after a third of a fifth? This is ridiculous. My head feels like it is going to explode, over this? I have felt less shitty over some real hard core illicit shit -- there is no excuse for this; it is an insult. 
Well Fuck All 
I now have the hiccups.


My hiccups are pretty fucking weird. Words don't do 'em justice, so hear for your self, me just a few moments ago, unedited:

no, I'm not summoning demons, those are just a few hiccups. Avoid cemeteries while listening, you may accidentally wake the dead. 
Go And Seek Professional Medical Attention 
try YeagerMeister mixed with gin. As a single shot. I dare you. /n 
I tend to have less problems with alcohol than with eating too much while drunk. I tend to get this unbelievable appetite when I'm drunk, and forget to properly chew the stuff, and regret it next morning.

I Like 
Jagermeister.The taste, I mean. 
I'm free associating off Quake. I always suspected that addiction was where you found it.

For the record, submarines (Guiness + whisky) blow all those fairy drinks out the water like a U boat.

Oh yes, func, I'm going back to that period again. 
My friends are fucking hilarious. I have been a light drinker for several months now, so they thought it would be funny to slip a muscle relaxer in my Seagram's&GingerAle. Thank God, I didn't pass out while walking that dog, or we both would have been some coyote's bitch. I woke up a little after 7 pm, and I have been drinking coffee ever since. I have to be up early in the morning, but who knows, I'll likely not need the sleep.

If anyone has some good ideas how to get those fuckers back, I'm all ears.

FWIW, White Lightening iz ze best for a really strong drink that will make you hear colors, mutate your semen, and see shit. 
Get A Bottle Of Jagermeister (bad Spelling I Know Meh) 
and a bottle of gin, take a shot glass. Half fill with Jagermeister, and top up with Gin.

Down in one. Blech! 
As much as I am excited about the prospect of more WARP-scale-esque content from Ijed, I cant help but feel slightly concerned for his menntal well-being. 
Try laxatives. The drop kind - three or four drops (or half a bottle if it's not in your house) and there'll be plenty of shits and giggles. Saw this played out once when a friend had to tear off his keks and pebble-dash a car.

Ricky, these things happen in cycles and RQ is on no deadline, although we are thinking of a demo for the Expo, assuming it drops at the same time. 

Aah no, now you said it!11!

That was just drunk talk, don't take him seriozle 
Ahum jus drink on tha drank agon. 
Drinking + L4D 
While I can't say I was actually drunk, I was quite tipsy the last time I played L4D with moz and tha drank really ups the tension in that game. Will be picking up some more Pauli Girl for the week + gaming.

Ijed Can Jusht Shee The Futshoor 
Wait, Look At This One Firsht 
pretty much the rmq team in acshun lol 
Preemptive Drunk Post 
dissertation due on wednesday, 4000 words to go. Can I have some beer now please? No? Well I've got the next best thing, MATLAB. 
Reflective drunk post.

What a great place this is for us to be. Almost makes me think there is a god, the genius of it.

Starbuck, when your finished there's work to be done, if you want it.

And the offer is open, RQ needs serious mappers. As mentioned earlier we are wanting to release a demo for the next Qexpo.

The plan is a single DM and SP map with supporting progs, models and sound. Its a shitload of work, most of which is done. What matters is the rest of it.

As has been commented before, people are wondering where the 'big community project' is. The Q1 community is of a sufficient size that this should have happenened before, or maybe never would. But I like aggression so I'm pushing it.

30SP, 8DM with COOP and DM in all of Sp. Q2 as it should have been, or maybe Q1.5000 would be a better description. 
On The Topological Reduction Of The Dissertation Completeness Problem 
I feel you, Starbuck. I finished my 65-page undergrad math thesis on Friday, and spent Saturday night trying to forget the last month or so. A friend was in from out of town, and festivities included drunk Quake coop (no demos, sorry--we played SM82, and I think I've already released enough drunk demos on that one). I've always been a lightweight, but god it felt good to get a few drinks in me. Now I need to finish my capstone computer science project.

Off topic: I've been pretty disappointed with Matlab, though. Something which would normally require a bit of effort in C--shall we say principal component analysis, or finding the eigenvalues of a matrix--can be done in one line, but god help you if you want to do something simple like output the results in a custom-formatted txt file. I have similar complaints about SAGE and most software of that ilk, really. Out of curiosity, what are you doing in Matlab? 
Long Time No See 
Yo RPG... 
good to see you're still kicking... 
Hey John 
I've been meaning to send you an e-mail. When are we going to finish SM69? 
Yeah RPG 
good to see you back. I'm hoping to release Unforgiven fairly soon, and I still have your start map, so that would be like a legacy/reminder of your existence for the community. 
not sure, i'm focussing on rubicon2 right now, but i have considered trying to finish sm69 first since it mostly just needs a finale room (and all monster/item/etc. placement, of course.) 
What Is It Sm69 ? 
i guess another speedchain map?, maybe we should complete sm100 kell chain map also 
If you finish the architecture, I could do the entities this summer. 
"sm69" is a joke name for a speedchainmap originally organized by RPG. The true number based on when we started would be more like sm32, and our joke was that it would take so long to finish that the number would be really high (69 sounded like a really high number for speedmap sessions back then, of course now we're in the hundreds.)

In the remaining years, RPG and I have passed it back and forth several times, adding and overhauling various sections. 
Sounds good, I'll work on getting a finale room finished up. 
today i've been fired, so now i'm unemployed
at least it is a really good reason to get drunk tonite 
no it�s not... go to bed early!

wakeup at 7 AM, and go from company to company door, and ask if there is any job for you...

newspaper suck! 
Oh Trinca This Way Is Not For Me :) 
i'm too lazy, i just should to concentrate with my final year of university and i'll become a jurist:) 
Way To Go, Spy!!! 
Bust them final exams and leave university behind!

And, most important of all, take it easy. All of it. There's no problem, only solutions...

Spring is coming(in this emisphere, anyway), girls start undressing, boobs start peeking from shirts... Now it's a good time to have a good time! 
zomgg so trueeeeee the silence! boobs rocksss

spy intead of go drink go study bitch :p finish this off. 
intead of drinking tonight or touching the boobs i'll try to record some demos from coagula pak, shit i can't enable aguirre's kascam mod 
It sounded quite complicated to use to me, I think he said you have to run it as a server on one incident if quake, whilst running the game on another something like that.....

email him! :D 
Shit, [intead=instead] 
i did it with bod, but 't was one year ago, and now i just forgot how to do it properly :) 
Oh, Maybe 
i should connect to localhost to enable kascam,
i'll try it one more time 
Boobs Are Easier To Get To Work... 
...than Kascam mod, though...

BTW, what is that? 

Me coming down off acid at ~9:30am Sunday morning. The system behind me was fairly quiet at the time (only ~80-90 dB). Still had ear plugs in tho...

For reference, the speakers you can see are just the sub-base (60hz and below). The entire system was ~10k. We measured it using a noise meter with a limit of 135dB on Saturday night and it said 'OVER', so it was somewhere in the region of 150% the percieved volume of a jumbo jet taking off next to you... 
but what did you use the loudness for? 
Make the windows vibrate. 
The windows? Shit man, the floor (tiles on top of 2 foot of concrete foundations) was vibrating enough to make a rizla move rapidly across the floor.

You can't really see scale there, but the big scoops at the bottom are the ones in the photo of me (and I'm 6ft 1). Was about 10ft high... 
Reminds me of Toil - sound system setup a few years ago in the north. 
Holy shit.

You know the Toil crew? Been to a few of their parties...

Done stuff with High Pressure a few times too and our system was originally some old speakers from Stumblefunk (north western system) 
Long Time Ago 
Now it seems. 
Last I Heard 
They were winding down - still going then? 
To Say 
seeing as this is the drunk thread. I went to a few of thier nights but that was about it. It'd be nice to know of Nige and all them are still going but I haven't heard of the others you mention.

Christ. I'm not even going to delete all that shit, after corrections. GN 
been drunk the last few nights and plan to be the next few, but have held off lately. But, I have an interesting question (I think) which is, isn't hip-quake dead? This is a personal view - but I'm tempted to speculate that Quake, Quake based on atriums and very tight angles, cram as many vertical levels in as possible, uber-indoor, no sense of place, minimize the amount of textures used - it seems to me that that, is dead. My stuff is on the opposite end of the scale - messy, too many textures, setpiece based - but, I like the idea that I (and yeah, 12 years of Q1SP mapping shows there's something wrong with me) have outlasted the more hip people. No offense taken to any view whose expression was provoked by this. 
PS it's tempting to believe that this type of quake was just too cool to stick with an old game this long
and yes even at my current age and at my current ability to simulate objectivity, I still have a huge bias against things that are cool, hip, in, avant-garde, new art, experimental, acknowledged by pretentious artists, etc. In my view that's all just code words for circlejerk. In fact maybe here I'll raise a far bigger issue than in the post before: aren't artists assholes? Here we have a bunch of sarcastic, but highly reasonable people, which is great - no one is saying "you don't understand X", or I'm too smart for you, or here's some inside joke, here's some elite group of artists who area "ahead" of everyone else ("ahead" - in art!). My point is that everyone here knows what everyone else is saying, and complexity for the sake of confusion is not a virtue but a vice (and I mean in any kind of art, I'm not saying that occurs here now). 
Didn't Suppose To 
post it, but....
once again.....
please god ....:) 
So I'm in an internet chatroom trying to engage happily in a conversation with people from all over the globalized world, when suddenly some stranger posts pictures of genital mutilation and the like. My life will never be the same again. 
Blame CZG. 
It's all his fault. 
I'm not sure tbh, Toil may well have decided to quit. Certainly I haven't been to any of their parties in a few years and haven't heard much of them. Sure I've heard mention of a party or two they've run more recently, but didn't go and may be misinformed, so entirely possible they've shut shop... 
here's some inside joke; here's some elite group

punctuation is fun ;p 
Non I just ordered some Bennys' jeans, these better be fucking rudebwoy or there'll be trouble. 
They be phat like yo' moms 
... without drinking a single drop of alcohol.. Does it count as drunkiness or not ? 
I Have Also Had A Headache Today 
Weird. A weird headache for me. Maybe its biological warfare 
I Have A Headache Now 
After half a bottle last night and speed eating mcdonalds. 
This is drunk thrd, I said hello.

FFS shambler is always the woman in l4d 
Task Scheduling Algorithm 
private void taskScheduler (LinkedList<Task> taskList) {
ListIterator<Task> taskItr = taskList.listIterator();
while (taskItr.hasNext()) {
Task nextTask =; //look at the next task in the list
if(nextTask.canBePerformedDrunk()) {
getDrink(); //accomplished something! have a drink!
} else {
getDrink(); //can't do the task, so have a drink instead
getDrink(); //everything is finished; reward yourself!

I'm seriously considering implementing this task performance heuristic in my daily life. 
i just realized, i'm drunk so this thread applies to me, too. welcome to my thread! poeple of the earth 
I'm Not... 
..; but this week my father in law is visiting us for 3 weeks... He likes a lot to have a beer (or ten) before the diner..
Also, we are going in Corsica for 1 week, and there food and wine are tasty :P
I think I'm gonna be drunk a lot... and I may post a lot then...
Hurrah !! 
I'm Scared 
today we are celebrating 4 birth days together. we have 10 liters of vodka, 20 liters of wine, 30/40 persons, lots of food, guitar and forest.

good bye my mind, good bye 
A Pity 
I would have loved to see your maps... 
Oh... seems the hospital will have PuLSaR visit this evening... :P 
Ben Gordon pwns j00.

That is all 
Correction. That was posted at the end of the 3rd quarter. Apparently Pierce pwns j00 more 
Farking Ell. 
Noooone those Berny's jeans are fucking WIDE, even by my standards. Going to have to go for a size down. They are sweet tho.

Also, how to the kids of today keep the bottoms from getting trodden on?? All my old ones have drawstring bottoms which are ace. 
Uber Fashonable Turn-ups :P 
You let the heel wear away so the ends are kinda a U shape but hang down round the edge of your feet nicely... 
Out Of Order 
sorry for inconvenience... 


you don't even know 
We Can Guess... 
<Friction> ogggggggggg
<Friction> mein gottt
<Friction> himmel, sukeltakaa
<Friction> i have to type with just one eye open or this shit wil not work
<Friction> agggg
<@Shambler> hi fric
<@Shambler> you have beer too?
<Friction> oh so many beers. (ten)
<Friction> + whisky
<Friction> christ. tomorrow will be quite terrible
<@Shambler> lol
<@Shambler> HI FRIC!!
<Friction> HLO!!!

....something like that?? 
Shambler, Try Growing Longer Legs 
On another note, birthday party tomorrow, so I'll be getting drunk tomorrow as soon as my exam is over. 
So Your Drinking Now 
good man :) 
Brain Cell Count Reduced By 50% 
You know the deal if it takes more than one Aspirin to get back on track. A successful night, others might say... 
Yeah, I've been drinking for a long time. Gotta have something to help me forget about spectral graphs and eigenvalues. 
Party was a success: drank tons, had a blast, I remember most of it, and this morning I didn't have a hangover. What more can I ask for? 
I am assuming boobies were involved, but you just neglected to mention them. 
No, those were involved two weeks ago, although the same girl was at my party last night. 
Did You Have A Hangover In The Afternoon, Though? 
Waking up not hungover either means you escaped, or that you're still drunk and much pain is on the way... 
No Hangover At All 
I drank enough water before I went to bed that it wasn't an issue. /me is awesome that way 
Benny Page is in my house. werd. 
Me wants more beer, tho it's 5am here. Russia never sleeps!

And never drinks... 
WEnt To Chicago For Friend's Bday 
1st day was a bust - my Greyhound bus caught fire and I didn't leave until 3 hours later, so by the time I got to Chicago all the bars were closed.

2nd day we walk around everywhere but unfortunately all the bars are cash bars and I only have like a $10, so I decided I'll just give up.

The next day we get a bunch of friends together and start bar hopping - unfortunately my friend decides he doesn't want to get drunk so he ruins the whole thing. Then the next day he blames me for getting him drunk.

I hate alcohol. 
Sounds Like The Worst Weekend Ever 
He doesn't want to get drunk, so he gets drunk anyway? Whatever.

At least you weren't sick all weekend sitting at home writing Java code for someone who keeps changing his mind about what he wants. 
No ATMs In Chicago? 
A single fucking one.

That he would take me to. So. =/ 
Root Beer Vodka 
Well damn. I never thought root beer and liquor would go together, but root beer flavored vodka is the shit. I'm seriously impressed--and getting drunk.

Also, who else is looking forward to seeing District 9? 
Ijed, guess what I did this weekend...

Been working on the Toil system at a festival at the old Toil Trees free party site. Only one of their crew I really met was Tim, but they're still going and well, just legit these days.

Oh, and I got to do the running man dance from this track [ ] on stage with the Utah Saints! :D 
Heh Good Video 
Toil - thems were the days. 
The ones when I could still abuse substances... 
That's A Fucking 
great track as well. 
Post More 

Links, I mean. 
Copyright Restricted 
Este v�deo no est� disponible en tu pa�s debido a restricciones de copyright.

What is it? 
Means the video is not available in your country for some reasons.. You may have to unlock the limitations, not sticking only to what is available in your country, but rather accepting all videos... worldwide... BTW I don't remember how to do that, but I know it is possible from your navigator... though...

So, to come back to the video itself, it is a pseudo-rock band that is doing pure noisy crapy music: forget it ;) ... afterall it is my own taste...

I need a beer now :) 

Last night was in a friend birthday :| I�m so drunk... I�m at work but I�m not here :( 2 hours of sleep full of alcohol :\ 
Ya intendi que quiere decir - solo para preguntar que wea era.

No sabe que puedo desbloquear cosas de youtube. 
Si quieres hablar espanol, yo puedo tambien... pero yo preferio ingles, porque hace mucho tiempo no he hablado espanol... entiendes ? 
Es que lo se que te hablas spanish so thats why I wrote in it ;) 
Thank you very mucho, I appreciated this :P 
bloody mary should help ;\ 
Blooooody Maryyyy !!! 
Hablo muy poco espanol, que es el banana? 
El Platino? 
Oye JPL 
Debo que mantener el idioma vivo en tu cabeza para no olvidarlo.

...only trying to help. 
Strangely, the first thing I noticed was that her belly button wasn't properly painted rather than the boob (in my defense, the nipple is quite well hidden by the paint...) 
I know, I know.... :/ 
Que Passa 
Non - Nfi 
Mf -

With C at the start not S = beer (but pronounced as S)
and sleep during the day 
Hehe Cervesas... 
Moral Of The Story? 
Never Leave the House? 
abe's exodus never reached mexico.

I stopped ordering sangria in Spain as everyone understood singorita. 
Madfox problem of sandria is that they use cheap condiments :\

bad soda
bad wine
think you're too drunk to read well. 
they kept telling me sanGria is a woman liquid.
by that time my pronounciation got lost. 
It Is 2:15 AM... 
... and I'm drunk at office. Yes, at office... There are though negotiations with our directors that want to close the site, and we are here to support our delegates.. but as the weather is quite warm (25 degrees), we have to drink a lot to compensate dehydration :P
A beer awaits for me... :) 
Are you gonna blow up your plant tonight? 
That Warm? 
You won't get drunk blowing plants.
I blew my plants for days but all that they got was some fresh wind. 
A week of drinking all night long, playing guitar, singing songs and no sleeping before job. Tonight's gonna be the final chord. At least i hope so. 
head is gonna blowing up,we've been drinking all fucking night, that fucking baltika 9 beer :(
If only there was some way you could have prevented that. 
Baltika 9 is a very evil beer, it leads to the dark side of the force, i usually try to avoid it. 
Go drinkin. 
How many coders (well, people who code on this board) don't drink?

Alcohol makes it impossible to code, the clarity of thought's not there. Just learned the other day that most coders in my office don't drink.

Just wondering. 
I drink plenty but not while I'm working, obviously. And I certainly don't brag to people on the internet about it. 
I Do 
Little bit of bass, little bit of bounce... 
Charly Sez 
Always Tell Your Mummy When You Go Off Somewhere 
I can't drink and code. The concentration just goes out the window, even after a couple of beers I just can't be bothered.

Sometimes, I think the slightly drunk me has more sense than the sober version... 
Apart from the bit where coding is my job, obviously. 
Although mapping on a couple of beers works fine. 
Whatever Happened To The Ballmer Peak? 
I never drunk although my name is brewers.
I just stopped blowing because it focussed me so stong on mapping I had to give it up finding me working for years day in day out.

Now I started drinking, and...stopped mapping. 
Im In The Dam 
in the Bulldog on a coin operated thing....

Now I started drinking, and...stopped mapping.

please stop drinking, and come back to mapping
there are already enough barflies in here 
Bulldog - Been There 
I'd say check the graffiti, although I can't even remember what I wrote. Strange, that.

Ballmer peak? Windows ME? 
I Drink And Code 
...but not at the same time; the latter suffers for the former. Same with mathematics... if you can prove the algebra of continuous functions while drinking, you're better than I. 
... to get a clear mind even after 2 beers: that's why it is forbidden to drive after drinking... though...
So same for mapping: I tried once, and it ends in pure crap, and a waste of time...
Stay sober !! unless you want to ahve fun in a party ;) 
Have a crippled self-esteem and need to use alcohol as a cruch, to eventually die from it at around 50, your two children having disowned you and your ex wife taking half your money still. 
..this is called divorce, not alcoholism :P 
Back in sunny England! Only minor smuggling happened.....

Tee hee..... ;) 
Did You 
smuggle dildos in your ass? You sneaky monkey. 
Never Thought Of That 

would have been a lot less painful 
Nobody's Home 
i'm alone, the devil in miss jones

i'd try to invite some remained friends of mine but didn't succeed, WTF, ok/ i'll drink tonight alone,
trinca where are you? 
its fecking friday, i hate its 
Sorrry For The Tripple Post 
actually fourth :(((( 
Go drink and stop post ! 
i got a question for you, im just curious did you ever meet some of the 'helene et les garcons' guys? 
but I met this one, recalling my nick... 
Big M 

you're didn't suppose to ever met 'em
,y life is broken...... 
i'm still love you Madfox

would rather say this.....

oh nevermind////

Is Spy drunk yet? 
Ferment your own piss maybe? 
/me raises a glass to spy 
I got a question for you, im just curious did you ever meet some of the 'helene et les garcons' guys?

No... why ?

BTW this sitcom is very old and very stupid :P 
it still rocks BelleVille a la Tours! 
I'm Drunk... 
.. it's been a while I've not been drunk like this... I will have headhache tomorrow morning for sure... but wow.. it's gooooooood !!

I have some family members at home, and we "killed" 2 bottles of wine, + the "apero" (picon + beer)... Anyway, I'm not trying to drown my sadness in alcohol, but wtf !!! It is cool !!!

Let's go drink again !! :) 
Io Bachus 
as the old Egyptians offered their fruit to the Beazebel God and closed the temple to come back three months later finding their shells were filled with a liquid touched by the Gods... 
And It Is Called.... 
... alcohol !!!!! Go drink !!! 
I got drunk last night with my ~wife family...

But dont ask me what i drunk...


today i�m wated... breath and water owns!!! 
Fucking Lightweights 

For the best. 
Lol @ #621 
a 'give or take' wife is what i read that as 
my ex wife is visiting me for the first time since divorce...

shit, she's still a fecking beautiful, goddammit.... 
drink, that's gonna help you move on... 
my exe beer comes up to me since my last drink

cheers...she stills that wicked cool! 

you're rule ;) 
I was, but I'm a sinking bachelor. 
wait a minute, spy = speedy, right? You were married? 
No You're Wrong 
>wait a minute, spy = speedy, right? You were married? 
Spy != Speedy 
You'd have to be at least 300% bitterer and grumpier for that. 
if spy would be speedy
spy pronounced mark
I turned up my idy
and bite like a shark

I just look double
2 counterparts I'm in
just lost in the rubble
of post-inking gin

not I'm complaining
reading between lines
drunk people raining
all of their signs

sounding as childish
as wrote in the book
burping in malfish
drunk as a crook! 
Madfox == Drunk With Style 
Drunk Humour 

this is perfection. you know its true - its so much better than the last 20 posts, not that I've looked at them.

I just drank 2 1.18 L BlackBulls, for any Canadian Funcers - listening to Coffin and waiting for a fucking pizza. Next to getting fresh pussy I'm in like the best drunk situation ever. 
too bad none of us will ever meet in real life.
except for you living-one-hour-away-from-eachother english fuckers. 
I think that when angles fuck they're not one half hour away from eachother... 
Is That 
in radians? 
No, In Gallons 
I ment angels. 
This Week's Accomplishments 
1. Grade 55 project submissions for the class I'm TAing. (Note to self: Respect your professors more--god, that was exhausting.)

2. Drink a bottle wine in one night.

God, what a shitty week. Why can't I sleep? And why haven't those fuckers fixed my fucking fridge yet
Look On The Bright Side... 
your awesome start map of 3-4 years ago will be released within the month. (I cut the rest of this paragraph to saying yeah, TA'ing sucks)

Anyway, I always thought that from what I could decipher you had similar music taste to me - AND - I'd recommend switching to Opeth (at least this is what I did when I realized North American alternative/folk/metal had run dry). Their cover of "Would" is nothing special, but their catalogue is astounding. Scandinavia (as far as I can tell) doesn't have the social problems North America has, so you don't get the same real-desperation music (tupac, cobain, etc) stuff that you get from the US, but the Opeth dude doesn't need to be Staley (or Cantrell) to make some fucking amazing music.

PS Quake Condensed was awesome. IF only we were all private billionaries and we could offer annual prizes of houseboat parties, hookers, and giant shambler statues full of coke for artistic accomplishment. Just imagine the possibilities. 
That's good news. I'll have to reinstall Quake so I can have a look. I'm looking forward to seeing it put to use.

Also, due to structural ambiguity in your second-to-last sentence, I'm not sure if the coke is to be used for artistic accomplishment, or if the coke is being given in honor of artistic accomplishment. Or perhaps both? 
Last Day Before Official Site Shutdown Announce... 
... we have made a lay-off party... I am drunk, it is 2:45 AM, I am still in the office...
Damned, I will miss this fucking job, but not my fucking management. I already saw several managers, but what we get these last 3 years is for sure the worst morons I ever met.
Let's have a beer to celebrate freedom !!! 
Cheers! To Freedom!

(Getting a lil tipsy myself...) 
Lay-off Party 
As you all may know already, I will be laid off in a couple of days now... Hence we organized a lay-off party at office during the lunch today.
I eat nothing, but after 7 beers, I'm ready to have an Unreal Tournament Deathmatch... they will suffer, believe me !!!! 
Are you the office FPS expert? 
Yes !!! 
Of course !!! :) 
I Have To Admit... 
..I am not alone to play FPS, there are other people that are not that bad ...
4 months ago, I tried to convert them to Quake DM, but they were a bit disappointed very quickly as I was kicking their ass 99% of the time.... so we decided to move to Unreal Tournament in order to team play against bots team (i.e DM in team, CTF, Assault, etc... ) and even drunk, I still own them all.... 
lol RPG, I meant that the coke would be a prize, but I guess it could also fuel creativity. Maybe some people could do some really crazy shit mapping on coke.

I've actually had some weird dreams involving mapping - anyone else? If the subconscious can envision/design stuff without a lot of conscious involvement, maybe being drugged and in some sort of artistic trance could work for mapping like it has worked for music. 
maybe being drugged and in some sort of artistic trance could work for mapping like it has worked for music.

or just being insane. it'd be interesting to see what people who were like, psychotic or something, could make. 
My Small Consolation 
Although I'm not drunk I ain't exactly clean in a low mellowyellow way. Before I break out in my jaggery monoloog I have watched myself for the last three years and a strange habbit occured to me.

As soon as I start blowing this marjoni I get this onstoppable urge to fade into Quark and start mapping as if my life's time hangs on a wig. I don't care about anything and many months have passes untill I have concealed what I was spending at.

As soon as I start drinking beer, I stop mapping, watch football on TV for days and there is not a more stupid thing to do than to get crutched by this mapping minisculus offendings. And not in the slightest way done to give someone else the feeling of having a outragious event.

But as I regard times I was construkting maps for months later on, I get the same kind of glorious memory of these moments. Almost in the same way as making a painting, or composing music. 
do you mean like, a David Lynch of mapping?

because, interesting as his stuff is, given what our community is no one could possibly make a career out of being as pretentious as him. I mean, CZG got away with being a dick only because his work was brilliant. I've seen plenty of cryptic shit (Carnivale season 1, anyone?) and my conclusion after having been encouraged to look at Lynch many times and having done so - is that we are talking about an "artist" here who derives a great deal of fame by simply being foreign to logic. If we can derive Q1SP maps from the minds of madmen, I'm all for it. But my biggest question is based on the issue Madfox brings up: given this drug or that drug what would we do? And in my case, who knows, but mapping itself has been a drug for me. What is normality, what is weed, what is hard liquor. It seems a bit weird to condemn chemical escapism on a forum dedicated to artistic escapism. I am fucking happy to know that none of our art here relates to saving vixens from werewolves, but the art we create is still an escape from the office/water cooler/coffee maker/bottom line/customer/paperwork. Anyway. 
well, not really as david lynch himself isn't insane.
a mapper lacking sanity creating a map lacking sanity has an honest quality to it, though.

you lost me at the bottom half of your post though. your stream of consciousness posting is confusing. were you responding to madfox's post? i confess, i didn't understand that either. :S 
Half The Post Is Yours, Necros...I Wasn't Even Making Sense 
I'm not sure if ther's a difference between mapping on drugs and clean compiling. A logic map where nothing perculiour happens leaves a plain conclusion. A map done after a grass melt can look extraordinairy odd
and proceed an irrational feeling.

You call it DavidLynche as a director, putting fragments of a puzzle and leave the watcher in question. I think of Cortazar and his book Rayuela, where all the registering of time are gone and one can start reading on everypage to get in the story.

I mean, being logical isn't the goal of a good map. Something unexplain-
able must be there, something to hold the player on urge. And sometimes that feeling can be created by getting into a good mood. 
You're Untouchable Playing 
An FPS on cocaine.

Is it specifically screened for at pro gaming events? 
well I was pretty drunk at the time of making that post, but I think what my wasted self meant was, I'd find a David Lynch map both frustrating and fascinating, because that's how I find David Lynch movies - AND, I say this despite the fact that (a good point) Lynch is not himself insane, because an insane person's artistic output would obviously reflect their insanity HONESTLY, whereas lynch is what I (just invented this term) would call a sanity-tease.

Bah, this isn't making any sense. I love weird nonsensical stuff, but it really pisses me of when there's no framework (and in our community, LOVECRAFT is that FRAMEWORK, however weird things get) to interpret it. Anyway. 
In Other Words 
in other words imagine some unprecedentedly weird map - with no entrance, exit, etc.

actually, goddamn it, that's starting to sound like a better idea than it actually is.

fuck my brain. 
hm, i think we're not exactly on the same page here.

when i was talking about getting an insane dude to make an insane map, i didn't actually mean for it to be nonsensical.

there is an important distinction between insane and nonsensical. so let's just assume for the sake of discussion that this insane dude who's mapping understands the basics of gameplay and that the map he'd create would be playable (the map would have a start, an end and something in-between). 
Beer Is Nutritious, Attention Shall Be Paid When Drinking It 
Summer is the best season for drinking beer. In summer, beer is drunk for it is cool in hot temperature, however, it is never the more the better, and furthermore, it is not to be drunk extravagantly. There are some points to which attention shall be paid when drinking beer.
Beer shall not be drunk when eating barbecue. For during the period of baking food, 10 kinds of different carcinogenic matters will be generated. While at this time the content of lead in the blood will be increased, and combination of carcinogenic matters will easily lead to alimentary canal disease or even cancer.

It is not appropriate to drink beer when eating seafood. Seafood is something that contains purin and glucoside acid, where beer is abun-dant in Vitamin B1, which is key catalyst to the decomposition of these two contents, so if beer is drunk when eating seafood, the content of uric acid in human blood will be increased through the combination of such matter with matters inside the body so as to make them lose balance and unable to be discharged outside the human body on a timely basis, and will further sediment in the form of sodium and form the urinary stone that can not be discharged easily.

Care shall be taken to drink beer after violent sports activities. A glass of beer after violent sports activities can allay temporary thirst, however, since the pores are open when the skin is on sweat, which may easily lead to the block to the emission of heat inside the body, and even result in the increase in the concentration of uric acid in human blood, affect the drainage uric acid, lead to fever, arthritis and gout, etc.

It is inappropriate to drink beer when your stomach is empty. If beer is drunk when hungry, then the vein will be contracted quickly, physical function will be affected, and normal dieting and the digestion and absorption of food will be affected. Frozen beer protein and tannin will be subsided, and people will feel uncomfortable after drinking the beer, and they may lead to the disorder of digestive function and generate bad consequence of diarrhea and stomachache, etc. Hot liquor shall be drunk when drinking beer, for beer contains large quantities of water and carbon dioxide, while the concentration of alcohol in the hot spirit is relatively high, drinking of the two together will result in the infiltration of alcohol to all parts of the body and affect the safety of liver, lung and intestines and kidney, hinder the generation of digestion enzyme, reduce the secretion of stomach acid, and lead to stomach convulsion and acute enteritis and gastritis, etc.

Care shall be taken to avoid the loss of foam when drinking beer. When beer is poured quickly into the glass, large quantities of foam will be generated, and at this time, such foam shall be drunk quickly to reduce the overflow of its main content of carbon dioxide, while in daily drinking, the rate of drinking shall be accelerated to maintain the coolness of human body. It is undesirable to drink beer slowly so as to result in the loss of foam. In addition, thermos shall not be used to store beer to prevent hydrargyrum, cadmium, arsenic and lead, etc. in the scale from generating harm to human body. And at the same time, attention shall be taken to eat less fish, meat as well as oily, hot, sour, sweet food, etc. when drinking beer to maintain the health of your body. 
I'll never drink again... 
Neither Myself... 
... I have a massive headhache since this morning. We've got friends last evening for the diner, and we have drunk biers, 3 bottles of red wine, and some digestive alcohol... for 4 people... hence pain in my brain today...
I will never drink again... till next party :) 
for mixing beer and wine 
Never gonna drink again
Ceilings spinning, I got no feeling
In my fingertips my friend
Oh why'd we drink cheap boo-oo-ooze?

(Sung to the tune of Never Gonna Dance Again) 
Beer: Never had problems with it.

Only without^^ 
That Thing 
Above was from a Chinese website on public health. 
lets go pens............. 
I've lost track of how many of my homebrews I've drunk tonight, but I'm keeping one eye closed so I can still see the world. I need to work on my witbier technique (too thin, not enough body, too dry, too bitter, etc), but I think my kolsch turned out well (too dark in color, but flavor is great). 
no WAY
I still have your start map, in fact the episode with it should be released this year... and I always thought you were some kinda drunken grunge guy (like me - heh) - so if I'm not hallucinating this is some fucking awesome timing, since I'm also drunk, but in this case unintentionally (I'm not going too far I gotta get up tomorrow morning - but yeah). Anyway! 
Howdy RPG 
i haven't seen this thread in a while... has everyone been sober recently? :P 
not me 
not now 
Stupid Question... 
... stupid answer: not me ! 
i had no recollection of what time i got home last night until reading that post, later than i thought :P 
i haven't seen this thread in a while... has everyone been sober recently?

yeah... what was i thinking? :D 
Just Too Drunk To Type 
Drink To Get Drunk... 
... this is a real way of life !!! 
Tronyn, if I had a beer for every time you said that... wait, actually I think I did have that many beers last weekend. :p And I don't remember making that post, but it confirms my suspicion that I didn't go to bed until after 3am. 
oh hai Zwiffle ^_^

/me wanders off to consider linear regression models for regression testing 
haha RPG I think I said that 3 times. I'm sure you had more than 3 beer that time. But I'll stop saying it ;) 
Ireland Forever 
Well, I'm just back from Dublin center town, and by Saturday night, there are a lot of people outside, it's amazing ! the city is really nice, with a lot of cool places...
Unfortunately, Temple Bar was crowded, so impossible to reach the bar :(
Then I tried "Cafe en Seine" (this one is really interesting as it reminds me a lot of the old Paris' bar, and not Paris Hilton you damn' perverts) and another old Irish Typical Bar, in which we get several Guinness Pints... :)
Anyway, after 2 liters of Guinness (or more I can't remember) and a Fish & Chips plate for the dinner, it is "game over" for me.
Really, Dublin is definitely a cool place !

PS: One more beer for Trinca's come back ! 
hm, i can't remember the last time i was drunk. :P

i will have a shot of vodka on your behalf tonight. 
necros was it so hard that you dont remenber? :) 
Oh Man 
I was in Dublin for two days in July and some of the best pubs I've ever seen were there. Not quite like Iceland, with the attitude toward drinking/socializing, but it is a bigger/more touristy country with a reputation for drinking so that's to be expected. This one bar called The Porterhouse was awesome, all these different floors and staircases, the whole thing out of wood with low lamps, it reminded me of a damn Quake map. I also saw the Book of Kells while I was there that was fucking awesome. Also drunk now. Also got mocked by a cliched Irishman, exactly what you'd imagine an Irish guy to be - at 4 in the morning, with no motive (ie money - and there were way more beggars than I would have expected) for doing so - he was just fucking around for fun, oh man. Great times, times that exist. 
We've been through this such a long long time, jus tryin' to kill the pain.

Ooooooooooh yeeeeeeh

But lovers always come and lovers always go n no one's really sure who's lettin' go today.

Walking away

If we could take the time to lay it on the line, I could rest my head, just knowin' that you were miiiiiiiiiiiiine

All mine

(do you need some time? On your own?) 
referring to a song I don't know, and yeah, don't know as in never heard of. 
Everybody needs some time, on their ooo-oown..

Oooooh dont you know you neeeeed some time.......

On your own

In the cold ________ ____.

Tronyn - I love you but you suck :P 
I Like Nice Bitter... 
irl is gonna suck this week, so I'm getting a little sloshed and doing mapping. <puts pink floyd on>

That one chianty yeast cell that smuggles the whole apricot bottle to ferment in wine,
takes some time, but then you're mine. 
Guiness By The Litre!!! 
Must've gone all European since I was there. I remember going into a pub on O'Connell Street for lunch. A pint of Guiness was poured for me before I'd even opened my mouth. I ordered the roast beef for lunch. "You'll be wanting taters?", the server asked. I nodded. Back came a plate the size of a tin bath, along with the 'taters' - boiled, roast and mashed, all on the same plate, complete with carrots, peas and caulie, and three slices of beef as big as your average laptop.

Nice place, Dublin. 
They have really nice beef in Ireland. Apparently half of the reason is that the farmers are allowed to kill their livestock on farm, so the animal is relaxed when it is killed. AFAIK they aren't allowed to do it in the UK. 
Why Do Gringos Complain 
About food in the British Isles? 
mike you rule btw did you see my version of Roman Wilderness or my article about the history of it including your version...? Also awesome to know you're stil around. Hell awesome to know thatm even CZG is still around. Anyway I am now working on a map based on scraps by Necros and (drum roll) TYRANN. Give me a few more months (my work's been semi-reuglar) and you'll be seeing it. What I want to see is THIS ONION PART 2. Dunno how much attention you paid but I called THIS ONION one of the best medieval maps of all time. 
i have map scraps? o.0 
I'll post a shot soon and you'll recognize it 
College Football! 
Hi! :) 
Shit Guys 
Hi Tronyn 
Yes, I did see Roman Wilderness and although I didn't play it (I don't play Quake anymore) I had a walk through to see if I could recognise any of the areas that I used. It looked awesome.

This Onion 2 (The Imp's Castle) is finished but as I don't play Quake I have sort of lost the feel for game-play. Consequently, apart from a few test monsters, or those used as switches, it is effectively unpopulated. I do have the additional music pieces but they need editing down to usable size and I have not placed them within the map yet.

The Imp's Castle is just more of the same and is a direct continuation from the end of This Onion.

I will get around to finishing it (no timescales) and recently played through HL2 again just to try to get a feel for games again, I also started Far Cry2 but didn't really latch onto it and gave up.

But one day, one day... 
thanks for the response, it's nice to know you aim at letting your work be finished some day. That's been a major part of my motivation to keep mapping for a very long time. The other part is just that mapping is a decent way to spend time however unproductive it is. But I thought that the end of This Onion was some of the most epic scenery possible, so I'm glad to know that I will be able to explore that for real one day, and I'll be there to review it.

I got into Far Cry 1, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but never Far Cry2 or HL2, I couldn't run those games but I wouldn't be interested if I could. For me, games have to take me somewhere I couldn't be normally - and that isn't just a crashing 747 or a the matrix keanu reeves, it's instead a different sort of world and that's what Quake kicks ass at.

In other words AVATAR shows exactly what is wrong with the last 15 years of tech, tech visionaries, artists, popular culture, nerdism, psychological problems, etc, when compared to Quake. 
avatar? i thought it was a pretty good action movie, but i don't understand what you meant.
and i still have a soft spot for dark messiah, if only for that wooden village attached to the side of a sheer stone cliff. 
I guess what I was trying to say is I want this weird, elusive sense that the RULES of a created world are different - ie ALIEN - not just the scenery - - ie AVATAR. One reason why Quake is so exceptional. 
I Liked The Floating Rock Shiznazz 
That Was 
the most idiotic thing ever. It totally got me to snap out of the movie because:

1) how are they kept in the air, and why are the dragons flying around it not affected by that effect

i remember reading some blog or article or whatever after seeing the film. it was written by some hard science fiction buff or something.

basically, it worked out that a magnetic field powerful enough to hold a hole fucking island in the air would rip the iron right out of your blood, to say nothing of those little helicopter type ships they use.

i guess we're just supposed to accept the magic hand-waving. especially regarding things like the water falling out of the floating islands. 9_9

looks fucking cool though....... :P 
Omg! An Unrealistic Or Inexplicable Scene In A Scifi/fantasy Movie!! 
tech nerds on barricades!!!!! 
some things are better left unexplained. in this particular case, those which have no explanation other than to look fucking cool ;p

i actually think it's an accurate example of what tronyn was arguing for with games like quake; it doesn't make sense, it doesn't abide by any rules of physics or logic but it looks awesome and enhances the atmosphere. how many void maps are there that just float without any explanation? or waterfalls in maps without rain or mountains.. etc

plus i don't think they were that out of character with the rest of the film. none of it is exactly realistic 
Well I sort of agree with Sleepy, the flying rock thing just kind of threw me out of it. I can buy an ecosystem where organisms have evolved some kind of USB hub to communicate with each other or whatever, and forests of memories and what not, but the floating rock islands could have been really high cliffs and it would have made a lot more sense/been more believable.

Also, unobtainium. w t f 
i actually didn't mind the floating islands per se. i thought it looked quite badass. but the waterfalls just made no sense.
you can sort of imagine that it's the unobtanium that has some kind of special property that makes things float. maybe that's why earth needs it so bad. but how is water being pumped up to those islands to fall down in such large quantities??

also, i hate it when movie dudes think they are being clever using joke terms as actual stuff in their films.

besides, unobtanium was already used as a joke in 'the core'. at least in that one, the material in question actually did have a name, but it was nicknamed unobtanium (and the other characters laugh as though they know it's silly).

in avatar, everyone says it like it's serious business which just ended up looking silly. 
you guys will say that minecraft is unrealistic... 
Also See... 
I'm Old... 
Twice twenty, you whippersnappers! Go Quake! 
Life Begins....... 
Heh - Im Drunk 
My friends are all sat in a tiny bachelor pad, squatting over an xBox360, playing CODBLOPS. Two of them just came with me to the kebab shop to get a plain cheeseburger and chips ~(approx 200yds from bachelor pad).

I just bobbed round to my house to grab a box of Stella Artois and finish my burger. Friday night -woooo!!!!

Confined spaces and CODLOPS. The thing is that when I got there in the first place he they were playing the zombie manse level, and they re still playing it now. And the entire Slayer discography was queued on a PC, and is still going strong :S 
sounds like a fun night... was the Stella because of the Slayer, or vice versa? 
They Were Both Just Because 
They were. Stella just because it is, and Slayer just because they were. And tonight just because its Friday etc. TBH I honestly think its just because thats what we always do. Im no alcoholic, but i get drunk every Friday night :D Almost. Very occasional exceptions, and I often drink on Saturday night TBF. But Sun - Thur = school nights. Cant get drunk on a school night. 
Sure You Can :) 
1- writing a paper
2- drinking a Colt 45
3- listening to slayer.
4- not actually writing my paper, at all, anymore. 
I would very much like to hear a drunk brit say the word 'kebab' - if it's nearly as funny as when a kiwi says it it will be hilarious. 
Here's A Pair Of Geordies 
Dear God 
That seems like such an American thing to do :( 
Being Drunk Last Night... 
... We had a dinner with friends in order to prepare our X-mas dinner, as we decided to celebrate X-mas together (both family will not move this year...).
It turned right, but we had 4 bottles of wine (1 per people) knowing ladies didn't drink that much...
And as usual: headache this morning... but not sick, and that is cool ! 
hearing about that crazy brit McNutt (iirc correctly) who's claiming that alcohol is more harmful than heroin and that the war on drugs is stupid lies? As an alcoholic, I'd rather be a pothead. Imagine - a scientist -trying to talk about public policy! haha, imagine, a scientist - a person professionally dedicated to finding out what is true about reality - trying to have some influence on - the governemtn! ha ha! 
Oh Yeah 
well, X-mas is like X-men, but not. 
Christmas Party 
I am so drunk. I am too drunk. Will try to wake it out. Be better. 7-8 shots of whidkty on top of whatever I had tonight. Like 6 beers + 1 whiskey sour. I am so god damn drunk. Viva las company christmas parties. How much of this will I remember?? 
My friend once woke up to find a note addressed "to his sober self" that he had no memory of :-) It turned out that another friend had forced him to write it... 
Game Over 
2 bottle of red wine
1 bottle of Champagne
and we are starting after-dinner "digestive" liqueur (so to say "Chartreuse").. :P

I am already "dead"... night will be hard I guess ;) 
*slowly Claps Hands* 
Unexpected !! 
I am not sick this morning... but my wife is vomiting her guts in the toilets :P 
Christmas Party 
Well I had to miss this year's company christmas party due to having the most awful cold. Probably for the best considering last year we just ended up hideously drunk and taking pictures of our rude bits with the free cameras that they placed on everyones tables. Sadly, those pictures didn't get published it seemed :( 
hehe JPL my wife never drink more then half a glass :p

she never was drunk... she don't know what se is missing :) 
Like For Example 
mishaps, embarrasment, irrational aggression, hangover, sickness, vomiting, remorse 
negke that depends ;) I rarely stays like this.... I always try to control!

God, This Is Like High School! 
Go and rape a bible or something. Troll. Go start a new thread "The High Brow Thread For Sophisticated Mature Adults and God Fearing Christians, Virgins and Tee-Totalers". 
Calm Down... 
.. there's no reason to fight here ! 
I'm a virgin... :( 
On A Serious Note 
I'm pretty sure this thread was put in place to corral all the sporadic drunk posts that littered other threads so that you can go to, say, the Speedmapping Thread, and not find some drunk ramblings. Whether you will actually find discussion of speedmapping is a different point entirely, but you shouldn't find drunk posts there. Yes, it is a childish thread, but it lessens the childishness (theoretically) of the rest of the threads, and thus you can skip this one single thread if is not your cup of tea. 
Drunk Postings++ 
sober postings with ppl bragging about how much they can drink--

"Go rape a bible" - LOL 
Heh - Shame We Can All Meet Up And Have A Beer Drinking Competition 
I always win! HAHAHAHAHAAA! Last man standing every time. Usually. Most of the time. Except for the times I get all sleepy..... 
Except for the times I get all sleepy.....

don't leave drinks unattended! 
Win, Loose, Or Draw. 
I once convinced myself, that drinking till I couldn't, would help me ever drink too much.

So I was in a nightclub with friends, and we would drink untill we would reach the end, and then paying the shared bill.

The only thing I can remember was that I stood at the bar, lots of talking and drinking, untill I got biologged (?) by a door behind the bar. I was quiet sure it didn't excisted when I started drinking.

It was the most volume of beer I ever drunk that night, and I still I'm sure that door didn't excisted.
They have an expression for it, I think.
As drunk as a door. 
story of my life...

You mean you walked into the door?
I've definitely done that move. I got a standing ovation, hahaha! 
knew drew had to draw

I was so paralyzed by the impression that door could not excist I even didn't try, knowing my head would be of wood after trying.

And indeed, my head knocked as wood afterall. 
"full as a bucket" is a common expression here. 
woman are exhausting XD 
*omfg ^^ 
...and expensive 
oh fuck my god

I find that somewhat amusing at this late hour. 
been drunk every night 1 week straight but didnt make any retarded posts here except this one! yay. 
Common Expressions Here: 

I'm just picturing my freind Bill looking at me in the club and slurring "I'm fucking gashed hey! Write-off man, eurrghhh, ''" etc 
drunken sibling conflicts are also fun. yay xmas. 
Happy New Year 
To everyone! 
I am someones house petting their dog 
Drunk Post 
Mila Kunis is fucking hot 
Fuck The Lot Of You 
Yeah Fuck It 
this is horrible there have only been 6 posts in this thread since I last posted more than one year ago. Are we getting lame, clean, or just dead?

BTW TY Ricky, we can always count on you! 
I Don't Drink 
Nearly as much anymore. I don't like hangovers and I need to drink more water as it is. 
.. people are so drunk they cannot post here after the party ;) 
dawn, I've drunk to much and I mapped for 2 hours! iek 
my russian 's much better, definitely

oh whatevar.. 
i demand proofs 
I am done... Those BT events are awesome, and Canadian Beers kill me... holy Shit I really need a shower, and go to bed. Jetlag + beer = bad medicine :P 
So Yeah. Everclear. 
lidl's grafenwalder does it fer me on a friday after work! six of them with a bottle of rioja...wahey!! 
Transferred To Drunk Thread 
Ogre> you know why mortals never reach maximal brew?
They can't stand maximum health! 
Any Other Whisky Fans Here? 
I never really got excited about single malt during the 7 years I lived in Scotland, which I massively regret, because nowadays it's one of my absolute favourite things.

I'm back at my family home now, and my main cause of excitement is that there's a log fire here, and I can drink beside it.

My preference is that my drink tastes about the same as the fire smells. Currently have a bottle of Lagavulin 16, a Laphroaig 10 and also a Highland Park 12 on the shelf. Usually Islay is the region for me but I really like HP12 as an all-rounder, on the rare occasions I don't want to drink liquid peat.

Favourite whiskies are really the Ardbegs though. Ardbeg 10 is rock solid, but the Uigeadail is the best single malt I've ever tasted. Cask strength and sherry casks is a winner of a combination, it's just the spiciest, richest dram.

Other than those, there's loads of stuff I like from the region, Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, etc. Elsewhere in particular I'm a big fan of Jura and Dalwhinnie.

Does anyone know about blends? I'd like to add a cheaper bottle or two to the shelf I can drink and not make a dent on the serious stuff. Anyone tried Black Grouse? I'm interested in how a peated blend like that would work out. 
Is nice. Tastes like smoked seaweed.

Glenmorange is good as well.

I'd be more informative, but I'm halfway through a bottle of William Lawson.

It's a blend, and a pretty nice one - smoky like a wet bonfire. 
haven't killed he bortle yet. People keep wocialising. This thread is a terrible ideq btw 
that drunk spelling is too perfect. That bottle is getting the job done nicely it appears :) 
Smokey! I had a bottle of that stuff once. Really strong smoky taste, I would pull it out at partys just to watch people shuddering after taking a shot. 
yea, i'm fan of single malts, agreed with all you mentioned.
try irish connemara, very nice peaty soft single. and don't miss classic macallan, one of the best whiskeys. and i'd recommend not peaty auberfeldy, very nice flower aromas and overal taste. but u probably tried it all :)

as for the blends, not sure about black grouse, i remember it didn't impress me much, but good old chivas 18 is very nice, not so peaty ofc, but still. and Jameson Special Reserve 12yr old i tried recently was very nice as well, not peaty tho. 
Uh... Guys, Don't Know If This Is Your Thing... 
...Since you're talking mainly Scotch, but if you ever feel like givin' Bourbon a spin, I'd suggest you try Booker's Full Proof. I'm in the process of drying up my wife's collection and it's really something... 
Silent, thanks, happy to get some Bourbon suggestions. That Booker's sounds like I'd love it based on the reviews I just googled! Looks like I'd struggle to find anywhere I could go give it a taste though - can't even find it on sale in our fair British Isles.

Vondur, never tried connemara but it sounds superb. It's on sale at right now too, hmmm......

As for the Jameson... turns out I may possibly not understand irish wkiskey that well. Your mention made me dig out the Jameson Gold bottle I got as a gift. I had drunk some before, and didn't think much of it, but I tried it again last night and it's actually quite interesting and complex. The triple casking (boubon/sherry/virgin) seems to be working wonders. Glad you mentioned Jameson, this might be a good road into irish whiskey! 
Oh, Well... 
...glad you find my suggestion useful! I'm not that big a connoisseur, but this one seems a long way ahead from the rest.

And, right now there are 2 auctions going on EvilBay that may get you the golden loot... ;) 
Been on a three day bender
Incredible I tell you ncredible

Seven Dvils

Some says it taste too boozy. Well, I like booze so wtf! It's a damn solid rocking ale!

Others in the mix:

Sam Adams 13th aHour and New World Both tasty desert beers. Kinda prefer the later as its a decent interpretation of the treples I had when I lived in Belgium.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye -- fuck fucking yeah me innered hopshead is dur happy!

also, Expresso Stout, heyzy louiz nice. Taste like chewing on a coffee bean while quaffing anchovies. A Jap beer and very nice. 
Too Much Gin 
Can't keep eyes open now... 
3rd Cup Of Coffee... 
Note to self: do not attempt to act wiseguy on func when drowzy and slightly hungover 
Why Not 
That's the way its done. 
I'll spam this thread, instead, because its a GREAT idea.

Triple distilled jamesons is the new doom.

But maybe I should have gone out and talked to real people, not mappers, as my leaving do. 
nuff said. 
wow... some friends of mine are at home tonight, and we opened a bottle of "lirette" (North East of France typical wine like bottle). This is roughly mirabelle-made liquor mixed with non-fermented wine (almost grappe juice.. though..) It is 17.5% alcohol, very sweet, that makes you drunk even faster as quite easy to make it "vanish" away..
We were 4 (2 wives and my friend...) and we "killed 2 bottles... but wives didn't drink... so... :S
I can let you imagine the headache I already have now :P
Time to go to bed now, no vomit I promise :) 
Does anyone know about blends?

Teacher's Highland Cream is nice for a blend. I'm currently slowly tasting myself through various blends.

This guy has reviews of lots of whiskies. He's fun to watch as well. 
Ha, I knew it'd be ralfy! I think I stumbled upon his reviews after spending too much time on /r/scotch.

I'll check out the Teacher's, thanks. Recently in blends I've been ordering the odd dram of Monkey Shoulder. It's pretty good. 
I am drunk and I'm posting in the drunk thread. Good night out in manchester watching Mega Ran. Who's Mega Ran? Here you go kiddos - 
"Triple Distilled Jamesons Is The New Doom. " 
There should be some 90% drink called "Doom" 
in unlimited ways. Man!
I mean like, such a good beer! 
And If You Are Into Real Drinking 
Gin Tonic with cucumber and nothing but Hendricks and QTonic with a bit of black pepper.. 3 of them 
Or 4. 
Headache In 3...2...1... 
If the rest of you have had an "arc" of aging/drinking, ie the two have some correlation, what was it? 
A Sine Wave 
Tronyn, bring on them reviews! 
I'm sorry. I am slow my friend. I just need a few free moments.
Look I will review your latest and I'm pretty sure it'll be badass, but you're obviously an intellectual (for which I congratulate you) relative to me. 
sorry, about all this. I feel like what you do with the engine is so clever you just deserve to win. And that whatever your personal life is, who cares. 
And Now 
sorry entirely I'm going to budget sober-person, time, and then do that. Yee. 
If You Like Ale... 
then you owe it to yourself to get some Brewdog in your face. They make some rather extravagant beers... like this - 
Ale is not beer. but i liked those chipmunk bottles.:)
And brits seem to have a affinity for those strong brew, i mean 41% percent alc.??!?
Was once at the Dogbolter brewery and tried one of the harder ales
they brew, can�t remember since then. 
Ale Is Not Beer... 
... that is the craziest thing I've ever heard. Ale is definitely a beer! Not only that, it's the best kind of beer!

Brits are starting to see the light and ditch that piss water rubbish lager stuff that has been popular in the last couple of decades. If it's less than 5% it's probably crap. My go-to drink of choice is Old Tom Strong Ale. 
Ale is definitely a beer. Knew you�d jump on that;)
K�lsch is my choice, icecold. 
Beer Is Beer 
Happy Upcoming The 1st Of May 
Glad to see them doing well. The Brewdog pubs are good too, I used to frequent the first one in Edinburgh, and now I've moved to London there's one round the corner too! Usually some great imports in there, and they're happy to let you taste them. Their own stuff is solid too, really like the Punk IPA! 
Re: Gb 
I found Teacher's selling at �11 at my local Morrisons and took a couple of bottles camping last weekend. Totally swiggable and tasty for such a cheap bottle. 
MRGZE%MFGIJ3ZM4T835PT34NHMFFSDHJ65IK68847 587TM84 984 46ZU5T4284YG4H285YU465?L4?32I?J%I,ipojht�gv ,t ojgetkihn uhfglsdf g5465LP6LUJ�57.Nrbnnuhyo�p!��))))))))�yj rp�yh'yh!�p�fzt!�ufi�e!ufzu bni"���t(����)pl'l(ojr^�fh�nj�fdd�ji jhmuu84

Combining alcohol and drugs is definitely a good idea :P 
Ok Im Drunk But 

Herrer, guess what ;) 
I'm not as drunk as i should be. gurmble grumble. 
i�was serosly getin hit b y the falin fyreworks debris

my neck hurtss 
Who Is Negke?! 
drinking real ales, listening to the ut soundtrack and working on the old school quake episode. Beer of choice is Lancaster Bomber and also Fraoch Heather Ale. 
Hey Fifth... 
...checking out the latest Shiraz release from Oomoo. Could do with a few more years in the bottle but obviously plenty of potential. I think I'm about to open the editor... 
I Don't Really Drink Red Wine. 
I prefer white to be honest. But only when offered, I rarely buy it for myself.

I very frequently buy ale though, it's the northern blood that attracts me so. 
Drumk Thraad!!!! 
i'm going to trwat this place ads my blog just because ican. what ate ou gonnaco about it aggot?

idunno how it happened but i am in the best nood achievavle by ahuman possibly

i just texted; like 3 sepeatragte guys to send me a nr of a girl whom ive been fully ignoring since may just to make amends. i dunno why anf how but im he happiest human beana athis point.

It would not be an exhaggeragetion to say thatI sincerely love you all, Scampfuck included, and you can tell, because this is the only sentence spelt correctly.

quake is a relatively minor part of my life but i cherish it gratly, anf evyeryone who contributs to the longevity is a hero in mu book <3<3<3<3<3


I Love This Community 
The banter in between Quake stuff is awesome here.

I am fucking gassed.

Wanted to say - new mappers, old mappers, regular mappers... we have a great community here.

I can only apologize for my lack of participation in a lot of stuff.

There are so many awesome new mappers that suddenly showed up. It's like mfx, gawd I'm so drunk, RingOfQuadDamage, FifthElephant, Skacky, others too... you guys have released some great looking maps, and I haven't played them yet. And other old-timers too, Negke, Necros, Tronyn, others...... the same thing entirely. I'm totally out of touch. I feel guilty for NOT playing the maps. I always find time to look at the shots though.

And Sock.... just Wow. You are the king. But I haven't played your maps either. But MY GOD!!! do they look amazing. You are the king.

And Sleepwalkr 
Trenchbroom is brilliant. I don't use it, but the effect it has had is undeniable. And I should learn to use it :) 
Good Drunk Post 
good points made, with proper enthusiasm too!

I am inspired to drink and map this very night in fact. 
I'm Worried Here 
that I can drink a lot of ale, mead, crystal skull vodka and rum and yet not be as clearly drunk as most people posting in the drunk thread.

L2Drink ;) 
It would not be an exhaggeragetion to say thatI sincerely love you all, Scampfuck included, and you can tell, because this is the only sentence spelt correctly.

A rare snow day here in North Carolina.

Martinis with 3 olives on a sliver of wood. 
and single...

So I'm drinking some cool smooth ones to kill the pain. 
Oh Don't Be Depressed 
Fifth darling. Being single is often the best option.

That being said, gawd I'm depressed. Life has taken so many wrong turns it's hard to say where, if anywhere, I was ever heading...

Which is why I'm currently drunkposting. 
Rioja Reserva 2009, by the way. The local supermarket had it on special and I can't afford anything more flamboyant on my embarrassingly meagre salary, but hey -- it does the job. 
Should one be posting something Quake-related? If so, neg!#$%@^&%$*))&^%#%^%^%^&%^&%^&%ke, what is up with your name, and why don't I get it? Probably not supposed to ask, so as not to lose my street cred. Ha! Anyway, your maps are the bee's knees *snicker*. No, really, you are the God of Quake. You and Sock and, um, the others. I can't remember right now. Who were those guys? Hey, what do these emoticon thingies all mean?

Does it say something about one when one is very, very, very drunk and yet one is worried about posting something that may contain a typo?

Look, I added a pink fedora. No idea what it's supposed to mean, but it seems appropriate in a sort of, um, Marlene Dietrich-esque way...

Haha, what? I am the walrus, I am the Cheshire cat. I am a speck of dust on the, err, something. 
And I Am The Eggman 
����puple, I think we know who you are. Please don't write "aggot". Please. Seriously. Even as a joke. That word should not be used as an insult. If you have not walked "in my shoes", you cannot know how much pain you are causing with your casual homophobia. Seriously. We are all friends here. Let's not drag bigotry into the mix here. Call me an asshole if you want, whatever. But don't use a word that insults an entire sizeable chunk of the population just because you are drunk. You wouldn't use the "N"-word, so please, don't use the "F"-word either. You're better than that. 
Hi mfx! 
Oh crap, I' out of wine. 
Don't exhaggerate, Wroc&#322;aw guy. 
Maybe I'm exaggerating. But you know what Poland is like. Katowice-guy. 
In a different time, a different place, it wouldn't hurt so much. But one is tired. 
"Don't blow things out of proportion" would perhaps be a better translation for "nie przesadzaj", by the way. Yay, found some whiskey! Keep the buzz going! Should I be worried that onetruepurple has located me?

What does the devil-piglet mean? 
Yeah, I understand what you mean. But hopefully you understand what I mean too.

This time I added what seems to be a slice of cheesecake. Smacznego!

It's not a stock response I had handy -- just something google served up a few second ago. But it seems to make the point to my very inebriated eyes. Since we're swapping links. 
secondSSSSSSS, I meant.

An .... extension cord, this time? Or maybe a paintbrush? Or a laser? 
May I be as pretentious as to quote Larkin? Will the formatting remain intact? Or will the goblins mangle everything we hold dear?

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another�s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don�t have any kids yourself. 
Find your feet 
Oh god, my head... 
How exactly ale differs from beer? 
My Head Is Hurting Enough 
Already thanks. 
Flu Shot + Single Malt 
25 posts of me not being the village drunk!
progress grinds slow but does grind 
I'm Not Really Drunk... 
...but I'd just like to say I love Berlin. I mean I am in love with Berlin. I want to marry Kreuzberg and have its babies. 
Yeah, Berlin 
Berlin's pretty sweet 
*obligatory Berlin Praise* 


Are Those 
One Direction lyrics? 
Nice Try. 
But no. I wasn't even drunk when I posted that though. 


I r drunk... 2 hundres followers on tumblr. Giod timea!! 
My Tumbelar 
has 2k of follows on average posts, but yours is sweeter!!

No, i wont tell what it is...
bad engrish by all means, whitr and red wine don�t mix that easy in my belly. 
Only 5 Beers 
And feeling it hard. These kids are ruining my social life, though probably saving my liver. 
indeed, silly me 
I Had An Epic Drunk Post 
Then fucked it up.

So all you get now is this.

Yeah, WTF 
I mean, I'm drunk, so... 
I'm too old for this shit. 
First Ever Drunk Mapping Session... 
Surprisingly effective. I'm copying and pasting like a mad man. Fuck making new architecture. 
Sober, But Drunk..... 
I have been in Amsterdam for the last 3 days for business reasons. With some of the guys I had meetings with, we ended up in Red Light District, and some Coffee shop(s)..
So even though I didn't smoked at all (just got some pints as usual), smokes killed me as if I had drunk 100 pints... Needless to say it was one of the best ambiance place I visited since a while.. cause while drinking you can have a look at cute whores-at-work and have fun to the guy negotiating the cost of the "operation"

Additionally, as "good" engineers, we spent some time doing some statistics about the time spent by men till entry to exit with ladies...
So average is less than 10mn.. min 3mn30s, and max 15mn... (suddenly feeling quite good at this sport despite my 45 years old :P)..

Anyway, for those who never visited Amsterdam and Red Light District: please believe me, it is really really worth it !!! 
Yup, My Favorite Hobby 
Watching modern slaves at work and doing statistics about it. 
lol at the last 5 posts! all awesome especially 875.

ended up getting kind of wasted last night, more than I was expecting. sober mapping tonight! well maybe some beer. 
I t was either doing statistic, or consuming...
Beers were more attractive :) 
I meant it was either beers + statistic, or "consuming" some whores... As I'd like to be able to look at myself each morning in the mirror without being ashamed... and as I have a little bit of respect for my wife and my kids is normal... the choice was easy..

Nevertheless, it is not because you're on diet, that you can't have a look at the menu ;) 
If Only You Could Respect Those "whores" Too 
are you guys saying you think prostitution should be illegal because it necessarily entails "modern slavery"? No matter how distasteful you might find something, if there's a supply and demand for it then legalizing and regulating it is the only way to keep it safe, and it's also condescending to assume that all sex workers are doing it because they have no choice (this is clearly not the case). 
Not At All 
Not all the girls there are doing it by choice, is all. 
Right, not all of them are there against their will ... but to pretend none of them are is na�ve. 
Didn't imply that either. But JPL could use other terms than "whore", for example.

I'm not one of those Sarkeesian-adoring fucktards but this bothered me. 
And This Is All Offtopic Because I'm Not Drunk 
Even though I planned to be tonight. Gah... 
And This Is All Offtopic Because I'm Not Drunk 
Even though I planned to be tonight. Gah... 
"Sarkeesian-adoring fucktards" awesome. Or as Christine Sommers called them "hipsters with cultural studies degrees."

It obviously is terrible that for some people being a prostitute is the best option they have, or they are forced into it, but the same could be said of lots of awful ways of making money like being a soldier (say in the Iraqi army - guess what guys, ISIS is coming!) or a migrant labourer in a kind of semi-legal limbo that's been described as human trafficking. 
Is a wonder. 
But JPL could use other terms than "whore", for example.

You are absolutely correct, I could have done that... I apologize if you have been hurt.. 
moderators should remove sober posts from this thread 
got drunk with mfx. Cheers mate! 
I Wasnt There 
maybe half, but full drunk ya!
Sleepy looks like Carmack, no joke, maybe a lost sibling? 
Syro u473t8+e (Piezoluminescence Mix)

4th minute. 
Codebase Is Up YEAH! 
Midi Recieved Bye 
Dude I Look Better 
There Are Things 
Propped up in fields that look better than Carmack! 
That Hurt. 
I'm Sorry. 
Still Sick 
after some K�lsch i had friday(!!).
Terribly ill yesterday, no joke.
Man, i�m getting old.

Next time only juice for me. 
Drink Better Beer! 
mfx and sleepwalkr, you ought to play "Mr. X" with sissyg's current facebook updates. 
our queen bee roams the streets of berlin 
Getting Old 
Question, if anyone is interested in answering:
What's the most extreme drunken behaviour you've ever witnessed? 
... I am not really proud of sharing all this... so I don't :P 
Isn't This The Sort Of Thing That Gets Spammed? 
And If You Mean 
Eyewitnessed, then its probably joyriding a ride on lawnmower on the motorway with four passengers. Then crashing it down an embankment, two of us getting off to carry the guy who fractured his ankle when that happened, then the owner crashing it into a drystone wall and snapping the front axel, the guy with the broken ankle had to hop back while we all staggered down the road bearing the mower like a coffin.

I think we knocked a lump out of the doorframe a few times before realizing we could just carry it round the back.

And the back garden was completely fucked as well, skid marks and figure 8's all over the place.

Then we bribed another mate to come over with his welding kit. And then he was the only one sober enough to drive the guy (we'd only just realised his ankle was fractured and not just twisted because it swelled up and he couldnt put his trainer back on).

So then the party kind of ended for most. It was about 8 in the morning so we decided to have breakfast then. We dumped some scotch into the coffees without telling everyone as well - it was hilarious until we all started puking in the bushes / on the wall / on the table.

Good times. 
A Very Very Old Video Filmed Back In 2007 
I was just diagnosed with pneumonia so tonight I'm going to try MAPPIN ON CODIENE 
Lean Into It ? ?
Lun what is your coediene stream plz 
If you really have pneumonia, you may not be doing much of anything. I had it once and it took all I had just to crawl to the bathroom.

Good thing was I could barely breathe, much less smoke a cigarette, so after 4 smoke-free days it was easy to just quit completely. 
Get Well Soon, Lun. 
turns out this is some weaksauce codeine 
get well Lunaran. 
Only Had Codeine Once And I Was Catatonic On It 
must have been the good shit

have no time, no money (hope to map soon when I do), & I am about to be crushed, but these guys do make the hobo lifestyle seem kind of awesome in its own way: 
yes, this one is drunk. 
Yes, indeed. 
im doing it again soon. 
Does all Tequila taste like feet?

I was never into cheap Tequila when I was in college... Crappy vodka was my poison of choice back then.

I decided to give a mid level Tequila a try; leyenda del milagro. Coming from Whisky (Scotch to be specific, although some bourbons are nice), I found the taste horrid... Any opinions? 
is insta-vomit for me, but I did spend a lot of time in college hitting Tequila really hard... I think I just drink my lifes worth and now my body rejects it.

And yes, it tastes crap. 
Well, the cheap college stuff I can understand being garbage. Same as how cheap vodka is garbage.

I had hoped they weren't all that way. Males me sad. :( 
Males you sad?

Either you're really thinking about guys and beer right now or you're wishing that func_ had an edit button. 
A nice Anejo (aged) tequila can taste like Scotch. They are never cheap, though :{ 
Ok, maybe those extra months will help it out a bit... I shall try one more time. :)

Fifth: android auto correct is shit :P 
Does mood swing posts count as drunk posts?

I'm doing some starving to save some money to get out of the red, because I've finally acquitted two of my loans but the money in my account wasn't enough. Acquitting the loans was more important because half of their monthly payments were taxes.

I'm used to starving, so it's not a problem� I've learned to control it:

But the starvation makes my thinking processes slower and affects my sensibility and my mood, so I may become annoying. I'm still feeling somewhat good enough, but in a few days I'm probably going to avoid using the internet, to avoid posting brainless crap.

After getting my account out of the red this time, my financial situation should be finally stable. And when I manage to acquit the third loan, I should have enough spare money to have Internet access at home. 
Good Call On The Self-awareness 
I can empathize with the shitty financial situation too, I just dug myself out of a situation like that which lasted for way too long.

I will be expecting some drunk posts after new years, people!

Omg I just got my good computer restored to full functionality, and should have some time in the new year. Not a lot, but for the last 6 months I've had no time and no money. Yee. 
Just got back from a restaurant where I had a glass of dark beer. I'm not anywhere near drunk, but since I don't drink at all, I think this qualifies as a drunk post.


Your health first, man... 
Eating Without A Budget 
Lots of pasta to fill your stomach and try and ration yourself to meat of some type once a week. Vegetable soup is cheap and easy, but make it yourself instead of using instant packets - they play hell with a weakened stomach.

Ensure is expensive, but you can use it as an emergency measure when the weight loss sets in.

I found it helps to have a morning ritual (shower, shave, do push ups even if weak) to keep your mind together.

Water is your friend to make sure you don't dehydrate when your body starts breaking down the fats.

Have one goal a day, no matter how small, to get yourself out of the situation you're in. Even if its only 'read the jobs page' - you need a positive achievement you can feel good about every day.

Sorry if this sounds arrogant... but I've been there a couple of times myself. 
Health is for the weak!

Jokes aside, I had gained some weight back between 2013 & 2014, so there's no problem.

:P And I've been drinking lots and lots of lemon juice, and taking some vitamin pills and coffee. Going good so far, still doing the 28 Km bike ride to work with no problems.

As for drinking, the last good time I got some beer was in October:

Typical coder day. 
You Got 
bombom Garoto as well. That yellow box. 
i'm sowwee 
My Favorite 
I Think 
we need love thread 
I loves you man. 
mfx, SleepwalkR, Mandel in Berlin: 
was not expecting a face to the names! 
It's Three Faces Tho 
as fuck

Sleepy is way more slim. 
Is This The Music Thread? 
Is This The Music Thread? 
Who's Mandel? 
All Of Us 
All Of Us 
Sober Up Meffex 
No You Sober Up That 
Sissy G 
That's My Name Don't Wear It Out 
It Already Is, At The Sides, Only A Bit Though. 
It keeps growing back. You knew that, right? 
Spiritual Meeting In Berlin Last Weekend Of January? 
Not 100% sure yet how long I will stay and if I will have time (aka not sure if I want to meet you weirdos). 
Well Report Back When You Know For Sure. 
Post Some Drunk Ideas� 
What keeps the Quake community so sexually active?

"Your bouncing grenades makes my func_train.solid = SOLID_BSP, babe". 
^ Go Fap 
It hurts to eat again. The blood pressure changes, the body starts sweating like crazy, and there's this stomach pain that takes days to go away. 
Eat fruits and veggies

keep way from red meat and too much salt, dont drink alcohol.

Pasta, any noodles taste better with chili and garlic, these two things keep you healthy as well.

If you can, smoke weed, this saturates and kills your pain.

Avoid cheap tobacco.
Get a good lighter.

Another advice is to drink some acidic solution everyday, like balsamico. Any acid helps your stomach through the day, and olive oil 
I'm getting better, it just takes some time.

I don't smoke, and I certainly avoid any alcohol in this condition.

I guess lemonade counts as acid� I'm doing that, and eating chicken instead of red meat. Also fruits and vegetables.

Forgot to take some vitamin supplements today� doing that now. 
Why are bicycle pump farts a thing and how did I end up on that part of youtube? 
Inflation Fetish 
You read on func_ about it, did a Google search and voil�. How did I end up doing it too?

Shambler confirmed. 
i kinda wanna know but i kinda don't want the NSA to know that i know 
I'm being shadowed
You've found that only now? 
how did you even find that, I didn't know it was there.

anyone remember how old that is? I mean, it's got me in #terrafusion, so obviously pretty old. the file is dated 2008, which ... doesn't seem old enough. 
I was the one responsible for the MadFox irc bot.

I copied the entire history of MadFox's func_ posts and fed it into this Markov chain bot thing. I was quite chuffed with the results.

It was one of my more successful irc trolls, and there have been a few over the years.

I hope MadFox will forgive me, it was only meant as a bit of fun :} 
Might Get Drunk Sometimes.., 
but never on this proportional scale.

I do remind a toppic here on func_msg people asked me if I was an editor machine. At that time I was.., well .., just as old.
[] on 2004/10/04 14:27:24 
Even though that offer is now 12 years old, it still stands 
Toast To Markov Chain Thing 
Bl1tz will officially buy you drinks should you ever meet with him.

Why is it that I feel like hugging pretty ladies by their waists when I have a beer? 
Because alcohol dampens your inhibitions and allows your inner swine to shine. 
Why are women so confusing? 
Cheers, I'll have a real ale, the maltiest one they do around 4%. Just with you though - I don't want to hang around with any of these other weirds. 
Bullshit CZG 
Having such thoughts does not make one a swine. Acting on them does. 
Should we act on them with swines them?

Maybe we're just poor souls trapped in human bodies.

On a semi-related note, Cow & Chicken was a great cartoon. 
� You remind me of the baby.

� Which baby?

� The tarbaby with the power.

� What power?

� The power to go boom! 
Can David Bowie Be The Next Mapjam Theme Please 
Tarbaby Power Sounds Good 
There's A Scrag Man 
waiting in the sky.

Skill levels:
- absolute begginer
- let's dance
- major tom 
Haha Adib 
i'm on board with that.
this is hard...
Ziggurat Stardust?
Shambler-gette City?? 
that is a terrible idea for anything other than topically david bowie related map names 
That's why it's in this thread. 
"Star-Spawn waiting in the sky", surely? 
John, I'm Shambler Dancing 
Preach Wins 
No Internet Sucks 
Stirring Up The Pot 
Yes this is it

Who is the greatest mapper ever?

Does Spirit know HTML?

Name dropping lies? Necros, Sock, ijed, metlsime, Tronyn??

Is WarrenM going to complain I don't know how to do typos and bad english even when I'm drunk?

Am I trolling? You bet I'm fucking trolling --- do you know how hard it is for me to get drunk? I'm more German than most of you so-called Germans.

It's not easy, and I'm rather pleased with myself at the moment.

Will I regret tomorrow? Well -- hey, that's a question for another day? Get it? Like, you know, I can worry about the answer to that question tomorrow?

Cuz like at this point, I might close my eyes and it be tomorrow at any given time. Get it? Haha.

(Did I take the joke too far? But more importantly [<--- WarrenM, note good adverb usageness] with the number of beverages I have consumed, is that thought dominating my mental process?]

Anyway, if you would like to check out a rational and high quality thread --- the kind you expect from uninhibited thought processes, I encourage you to check out:

Now, at this point, I have 2 more tall beverages averages ... so ...

(But yeah, high quality entertainment or low quality entertainment perhaps. Fuck if I know.) 
Hey Hey 
drink another one haha 
"do you know how hard it is for me to get drunk?"

I'll let you in on the secret - Place alcohol in mouth, swallow, repeat until drunk.

You're welcome! 
I'm post 666# upside down. Wooow Nelly! 
Bad brain, you did math wrong! 
I Did It 
I Did It!! 
Something really great may happen to me. Time will tell. 
The first concert I ever went to was Black Sabbath. February 13 Louisville, KY

Wednesday apparently, though I would have bet money on Thursday. At least that's how I remember it.

It was 1974. I would have been a senior in high school. If I hadn't dropped out.

One of the best things about getting old is remembering your youth.

Even if you get it wrong. 
Where's my Vore with puffy tits !?

And I want a new female Fiend model with falling flat tits ! 
It'd Trip On Them 
Because of its eyes or something. 
htere's a shambler waiting in thhhhhhhe sdfgh;y, he'd like to com we and neeet us butt he thikkkkl 
Quake Is Fuckim Good Shit 
I Was Sober And Thought Exactly The Same Thing. 
Really been enjoying AAA games this year, DS3, D4, TF2, ROTR etc.

And then the last few weeks have been great Quaking, from what ppl did in a few days for RJ5, to replaying previous maps and still loving them in AD1.5. 
Quaker != Sober 
Quake is the hardest drug there is! I felt like reinstalling it when the first Doom trailer popped up and I haven't played anything else ever since - except for that MiniDOOM game. 
What A Night 
Crazy Quake these last few weeks indeed. I am throwing the idea of creating a retro episode like set of maps after this current AD project. Like I have said, I had an immense amount of enjoyment creating the RJ5 map. 
Yes, Please! 
There are not nearly enough episodes made these days. 
we need more demos of drunk playthrough with comments. 
I Say Old Chaps 
I'll have you know I am jolly refreshed right now 
Me Too 
I'm drinking Caesars
is that a thing anywhere outside of canada? 
As A Matter Of Fact On A Saturday Night 
me too. A book of mine was nominated for an award - didn't win, but it was open bar. Good enough for me. 
soz im drni tonight, drank some wine an thne some beer tried to woo a lass but 50+ peopl sin(t really the nice setting 
also otp sucs flaccid cock 
Go Map Skacky You're Drunk 
TBH, Looks Fairly Rational To Me. 
#1020 especially. 
i promise to get smashed soon just so i can post in this thread. 
#tf Celebrates Vondur's Birthday 
With a drinkception: 
Top Stuff. 
let's discuss personal preferences.
my choice is caol ila 
Deep spiritis 
Jim Beam 
But I prefer armenian brandy, 
La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue [Canada]) 
Bumping To Say 
DM6RMX by than was probably the best map last year. 
Wrong thread. 
I was accused of being too drunk to post this.

Mukor, I hope you kill yourself.

HTH (Hope This Helps).

Love (not to you),
cheers m8(mate) 
Missed his calling, he should be writing Hallmark cards. 
You did get the wrong thread tho OTP, GGWP 
You Rascals 
out and about even in these latter benighted days 
otp(onetruepurple, idk, just in case idk maybe you like idk didnt know what otp meant? idk?"), you suk. 
btw otp means onetruepurple just so you know, you know what i mean you know frfr? ok? 
Fucking Idiot 
This is the Drunk Thread, not the Delinquent Deadbeat Father Tweaking Out On Meth Thread. 
wow this thread sucks 
inb4: "no u do, muk" 
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