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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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What A Night 
Crazy Quake these last few weeks indeed. I am throwing the idea of creating a retro episode like set of maps after this current AD project. Like I have said, I had an immense amount of enjoyment creating the RJ5 map. 
Yes, Please! 
There are not nearly enough episodes made these days. 
we need more demos of drunk playthrough with comments. 
I Say Old Chaps 
I'll have you know I am jolly refreshed right now 
Me Too 
I'm drinking Caesars
is that a thing anywhere outside of canada? 
As A Matter Of Fact On A Saturday Night 
me too. A book of mine was nominated for an award - didn't win, but it was open bar. Good enough for me. 
soz im drni tonight, drank some wine an thne some beer tried to woo a lass but 50+ peopl sin(t really the nice setting 
also otp sucs flaccid cock 
Go Map Skacky You're Drunk 
TBH, Looks Fairly Rational To Me. 
#1020 especially. 
i promise to get smashed soon just so i can post in this thread. 
#tf Celebrates Vondur's Birthday 
With a drinkception: 
Top Stuff. 
let's discuss personal preferences.
my choice is caol ila 
Deep spiritis 
Jim Beam 
But I prefer armenian brandy, 
La Fin Du Monde (Unibroue [Canada]) 
Bumping To Say 
DM6RMX by than was probably the best map last year. 
Wrong thread. 
I was accused of being too drunk to post this.

Mukor, I hope you kill yourself.

HTH (Hope This Helps).

Love (not to you),
cheers m8(mate) 
Missed his calling, he should be writing Hallmark cards. 
You did get the wrong thread tho OTP, GGWP 
You Rascals 
out and about even in these latter benighted days 
otp(onetruepurple, idk, just in case idk maybe you like idk didnt know what otp meant? idk?"), you suk. 
btw otp means onetruepurple just so you know, you know what i mean you know frfr? ok? 
Fucking Idiot 
This is the Drunk Thread, not the Delinquent Deadbeat Father Tweaking Out On Meth Thread. 
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