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The Lost Chapters
info and screenshots:

direct download 15.5mb:
great! downloading now. but you said it's gonna be 40mb.. 
You'll need to unzip it first. 
Okay Then 
Vondur's and Kell's maps were the best. The rest were kinda dull.

I absolutely loathe the new monsters, probably becuase they keep on murdering me.

Zwiffle should be spanked with a ferret. 
no, i thought it would be 40mb zipped.

at first glance i like it, except the flying polyphs and these walking somethings that shoot fireballs.

vorelings are cool though.

W_GetLumpinfo:inv_laser not found 
odd, sounds SoA related but I know some people are running with it installed and some without.
For the moment, my only suggestion is to remove the -hipnotic bit from your command line: it will mean you won't see the powerup icons on the HUD if you grab them, but everything else should work as normal. 
Finished On Nightmare 
I formally withdraw my map. It will make the pack that much better.

1.) Kell (He falls like Lucifer)
2.) Vondur
3.) Kell (the other one)

Great maps. I think it was well worth the wait. I agree I think the Droles and Polyps are annoying, and are different from Vorelings in that they are actually lethal. Good shit, thx a bunch Kell and Necros, I liked this a lot. Woot. 
Top Job 
I just finished it. Some good ideas in the maps, and Kell's and Von's were definitely the highlight, but I don't think Zwiffle's was bad at all.

Thanks to all who contributed, and to those who organized!

Kell rocks. 
What Can I Say!!! 
All good maps, gameplay is great, congractilacion all and many thks for your work!!! 
this was rad. i had fun playing it. the new monsters and items were definately top notch. Great Job!! 
at last!
congrats to kell&necros!
it turned to be rather nice pack :) 
/me Retreats Unto The Void 
Great stuff. I couldn't put it down from start to end, effectively killing my afternoon. I nominate Flying Polyp for most aggrivating baddie of the year. 
Well Well... 
Polyp - most annoying enemy ever (possibly even more so than Ground Zero's turrets). Like the disappearing shizznit, loathe the fucking attacks and dodging shit. For some reason in Kell's lucifer map they weren't as awful to play against.

Trole or whatever the fuck it's called - second most annoying enemy ever. Could have toned down the damage just a little EH??

Voreling - kinda annoying but pale in comparison to above.

Random map entities - all good. The corpses are great.

Start map - favour map in the pack, loved it.

Innousis - S'okay. Not enough health.

Eric - neat ideas, I think he got some of the essential contract vibe. Low build quality though.

Zwiffle - good enough map but lacking in sparkle.

Necros - another one with a strong vibe to it AND inconsistent in quality. The start area theme could have been continued which would have been better. Quite distinctive gameplay, some frustrations.

Vondur - good designs with it's own flavour, and good build quality. Some very annoying gameplay with moving platforms above lava and infinite scrags. The end was much more fun.

Kell_Lucifer - my other favourite map. In fact this was really good. Surprisingly unfrustrating given the design, as there was always room to escape somewhere. Nice gameplay that rewarded tactics instead of just shoving you in a small room with two polyps. I like the vorelings in ammo crates. Design was very cool and atmospheric, especially the corpse tree.

Kell_other_one - Was okay until I ended up running into the polyp hell with 25 health - fighting 4 polyps with that health above way. Died and finished with god mode. Seemed a decent enough map, but lacking in the sparkle of the other one.

Boss map - OMG a non-frustrating boss combat. Surprisingly easy - circle strafe until dead. Some cool designs despite being a boss arena - the hanging corner early on was great.

Overall, I liked it, although I thought the styles, designs, and atmosphere of the maps were better than the gameplay, which was often frustrating, almost entirely due to the new monsters. Well done everyone who did the maps, they all were worthwhile and had qualities in their own way, as well as distinctive executions of the chosen style. 
Sorry Eric and Innou I didn't mean to dismiss your maps with single comments whilst lavishing attention on everyone else's. It's just that I played yours first so they're less fresh in my mind, and my views on them aren't as strong. Basically Innou's was good for design consistency but needed more creativity, Erics was good for creativity but needed more design consistency, both had reasonable gameplay but needed more health. 
Polyps - Good monsters when used in small quantities and in appropriate areas. Shamblers are also good monsters, but are not well used when in large groups and in open areas; similarly, polyps also need to be used intelligently.

Droles - Really tough monsters, and I thought they were a little over-powered.

Vorelings - Cute little buggers that like to gnaw your feet off. Good in small numbers, and nice for giving the player a scare.

All monsters fit in rather well with Quake, and I didn't think any of them were bad or frustrating when used well. 
Oh Yeah 
the corpses, how could i forget about that. very very very nice touch! 
kells maps were the best imo :>
and the final boss was indeed fun, and i liked how it threw me all over the level. very nice idea and implementation!
oh and the mysteries page rocks!

kell rocks!
necros rocks!
we all rock dammit! :) 
That Made My Day 
great work!

the new monsters are pretty nice and i'm glad they offer a little more challence than the regular quake monsters, but i didn't find them to difficult or anything, even though more than two or three polyps at a time can become tough in a room without cover.
the vorelings are neat little buggers, i would have liked to see them used in larger amounts...

imho all maps were very satisfying, though some had a bit more atmosphere than others, but nevertheless they all fit into the theme rather well.

originally i intended to do a map for this, too, but then abandoned it due to the deadline. now considering the actual release date, it could have been easily done 'in time'.
oh well, maybe there will be "more lost chapters" sometime... ;) 
Missing Shambler Frame 159 
is a sustained error message in the console of several engines (DP, FQ, GLQ) when there are shamblers in view. In some engines the console is completely flooded with these messages. I suspect something in QC.

Is this a known issue? 
Nope, not seen that one before. Will look into it. By which I mean: I'll throw empty soda bottles and assorted cuttlery at necros until he makes it stop happening. 
The "Nail" Powerup 
That "3 Nails" powerup is a bit weird. Let me explain:

-I saved before picking it up.
-I picked it up, the screen got a green/blue touch
-I died :>
-I reloaded (powerup isn't picked up yet!), the screen is still green/blueish

Seems like the state "picked up that powerup" isn't cleared...

(Yuck, gotta work on my english =)
I hope you understand. 
Thanks, you can see it immediately after enabling developer 1 cvar and loading e.g. the shamblertest map. 
Things Wot I Forgot. 
The monster behaviour, aside from what they actually do to you, is good. I like the randomness of the Polyps (not their attacks and dodging tho), and the manouvres of the Droles - when one actually jumped across the void to get me, it gave me a right shock (note: interesting and more challenging monster behaviour without being annoying).

The models were good too. Vorelings could have been a tiny bit larger. Didn't like the polyp skin. But in general a cut above most custom monsters. I like the Drole death anim BUT it could have been more obvious.

Monsters oozing into the floor were cool.

The lava/spike pit in Von's map was real nice. 
I'm Having Trouble With The Download 
It downloads for a few minutes and then adbruptly stops. I'll give it another try tomorrow. 
Some Weird Graphics Bug 
I got some weird bugs with the corpse models in some of the maps. Using JoeQuake GL in windows xp.

At first some models start up huge and stretched all over the level. Then, gradually they are contracted to what they should look like. But it's weird.

Screenshot here:
Avi (500 k) here: 
that is definatly an engine specific bug...
i have no idea what that is...

the only solution i can make is to use fitzquake, as we have tested it the most on that engine, or normal glquake/software quake. 
Nice Work... 
Cheers to everyone else involved, great job by Kell on pulling this all together.

I actually liked the new monsters. I thought that the Drole might have too large of a splash radius with his attack, but that's my only gripe.

Start map was very nicely done, very non-standard in its layout style.

Vondur's map was large amounts of goodness, as i suspected it may be. A fun fight with Chthon is a rare thing indeed.

Kell's main maps were pretty decent, with "Lucifer" being the real winner. The new monsters really mopped the floor with me on these maps.

Necros' map seem to run slowly on my computer. I'm not that big of a fan of the horde combat presented. First area looked really nice, but after that the quality went down.

I liked Zwiffle's map. Nice, claustrophobic place monsters placed to cause maximum amounts of headaches. I died many times on one of the ambushes near the end.

Eric had some good ideas. I think keeping that he would have been better off concentrating on making a whole level in the style of just on half of the level.

I didn't realize how plain my map was until i played the other maps. Well, back to the drawing board. 
I think the plainness of your map was because you expended brushes on trimming the flagstones with the limestone kceil0 texture; that's how my knave maps look, but I don't usually use extra brushes to construct it ( that's how I could get away with it in 'He Falls Like Lucifer' without exceeding 1666 ) and you also used plenty brushes for the non-prefab arches in the central room.
These were both attractive and welcome architectural choices imo, and it's clear your solid brushwork is the foundation for some fine mapping now that you're free of my tyrannical brushlimit.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you map next. 
^^^ Agree with that last paragraph - Ionuous, you've made a well good start with mapping, definitely good potential there. 
The JoeQuake model issue seems to be caused by the interpolation code. Just disable smooth animations in video menu. It appears local for JoeQuake as other engines with model interpolation (NehQuake, DP, Tomaz) have no obvious problems.

Interesting effect, though; the corpse model is slowly zoomed in from infinity to the real position and size. 
Mandel, that was very cool!

Thanks Kell, Necros et al. I rather enjoyed this.

Start level was excellent - with places one couldn't get to (normally) providing added perspective. Great technique, which I'll be adopting.

Kell and Vondur served up some fresh 'contract' work but I must admit to enjoying Eric's level immensely (even though it didn't really evoke 'contract') - necropolis floating in a void, shadowy environs, shambler by firelight, yum!

Zwiffle's was much more enjoyable with the right progs.dat :)

Ionous' level reminded me of Leviathan's style... though with more detail and proper lighting.

The construction of the end level was impressive. Let me guess, Kell made the level as new then necros went in and crumbled it. Fantastic! Pity about the bland lighting.

Vorelings sleeping under ammo boxes, priceless. I agree with Ionous about Drole splash damage. Wonderful anims though. That other thing... bleh!

All in all, yay and hugs all round. 
Very astute of you... 
And To Shambler And Kell 
Thanks for the kind words. I've been at this for approaching five years now ( Around the time Nehahra came out ), and it's taken me a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of time to start to become decent at it. 
To Kell... 
Do you plan on releasing an updated .fgd file so we can use Vermis in our maps? 
Absolutely. I wanted to have an updated mapping tutorial and .fgd/.def already done for the mysteries page, but there are a few other bits and pieces to add to them and I wasn't going to delay release for that.
In the meantime, it's easy enough to modify your own .fgd/.def by adding monster_vermis
This is what the entry looks like for our chpaters.def:

/*QUAKED monster_vermis (1 0 0) (-64 -64 -448) (64 64 256) AMBUSH x x x x SPAWNSILENT DELAYSPAWN SPAWNALERT NOEASY NOMEDIUM NOHARD NODM
Huge Worm Monster
3000 Health Points

the monster will only wake up on
really seeing the player, not another
monster getting angry

0 = normal skin ( default )
1 = void darkness
2 = slime glow
3 = lava glow


I can't offer an .fgd entry atm since neither necros nor I use WC/Hammer, but it shouldn't be too hard to add the appropriate information to your own. 
you can have the vermis start in both the down or up position.

if set to '1', will cause the vermis to start 'down' and rise up when it has been awakened.
if set to '0', will spawn already up, and will awake on sight.
Mostly Awesome! 
I really really like "He Falls Like Lucifer". Kell should make more maps! OTOH, if they have lots of polyps in rooms containing patches of lava, maybe not...

(Although I get masses of "out of edges for bmodel" messages in the centre of he falls like lucifer).

Generally, a fine pack with all maps average or better! 
BModel Edges 
This WinQuake warning seems to be caused by a large func_illusionary beneath that map. Maybe it's too big or gets split up by many solids due to its position. 
Crash Bug 
Obviously, you guys couldnt have tested on every engine, but would anyone have any idea why the pack freezes in MHQuake when I jump into any portal in the start map to select which level I want to play? 
Is this like any normal mod where you drop into a folder and play? Or are there special EXE's supplied that you need to use? If it's drop-in-and-play, I can play it on my Powerbook when I'm bummin' around downstairs. 
I had that same problem on the original Contract Revoked, which is what pushed me onto Fitzquake. I've been on it since. 
nitin: I was going to suggest it was elements within the progs related to the start map, but if Ionous also had problems with Contract ( which had no custom progs ) then I dunno. Really, use FitzQuake, you won't regret it ;)

Phait: no special exes are supplied with the download, just your regular subdir in /quake, though given the number of problems with other engines so far, the fitzquake080.exe comes highly recommended. 
FQ should be *the* standard for map playing. 
once metl releases the new version :)

I'm too used to smoth anims to go back to non-interpolated engines I guess. 
The non-smooth animations bug me a lot about Fitz. It's OK I guess. 
I Agree Totally 
It's hideous with no model interpolation, I can't understand how people can actually look at it, it's just to shakey, jerky looking for me. I to await the next FQ release, but until then I'm happy to stick with the earlier version of nglquake that I have been using for now for years. But even then I fear that the muffled sound that most engines have (compared to nglquake) will hold me back. Only time will tell 
could you send me this old version of nglquake if it looks identical (or can be tweaked) to glquake except with smooth animations? 
Yes, I'll send it to you now.

As for MHQuake, I just tried the latest version, and it worked fine for me with Chapters, (I only played a bit into a map with it) the only problem for me is it wouldn't allow me to use 1600x1200. 
Just Finished It 
Congratulations to all involved; this turned out to be well-rounded pak that gave me many hours of enjoyment.

The custom elements were all of a high standard, although I felt the Drole's missiles were a bit too powerful and the Polyp was even more fatal than the regular spawn. The Voreling was a perfectly balanced enemy though, and constantly kept me on my toes without being frustrating.

Kell's Lucifer map was the highlight for me, being one of the most cleverly designed and connected Quake maps I've played, and is probably the definitive example of maximising gameplay within a fixed brushlimit (and looking damn good as well).

Kell's other map ties nicely with Vondur's for second place; both are great maps which I will no doubt be visiting again. Bonus points to Vondur for the sneaky Chthon cameo ^_~

The others all deserve a mention; Necros' was fun with the obligatory horde combat, but ultimately seemed a little rushed. Eric had a great concept, but I felt the gameflow wasn't very intuitive. Zwiffle got the essential Contract look down, but I needed a bit more room to move around. Ionous' was rather plain, but it had a good foundation for a first-time mapper.

The boss map was great - reminding me of Am McGee's Alice, and the Vermis monster was extremely cool.

Well done :) 
It works absolutely perfectly fine in GLQuake. And I disagree with Necros. 
Mac Quake Problem 
I'm using a GL port of Quake on OS X 10.2.8, not an official Mac Quake. I launch the pack with the right parameters (yes Mac Quake supports them), and it gives me:

"GLQUake has encountered an error. W_GetLumpinfo: inv_laser not found"

I'll just try the pack on my PC with FitzQuake. 
So I Had This Big Response 
but the window shut down and I lost it. Cant be bothered typing it out again, so here's a recap :

Mostly average to above average with some nice designs but generally frustrating and annoying gameplay. Polyps sucked, their skin made it hard to tell when they reappeared anyway since it blended into the backgrounds. Droles were good except their damage was too high and most maps suffered from ammo and health shortage (probably because so much ammo and health was wasted trying to kill polyps and drole hordes).

brief map comments :

ionus - average in all areas, at least new monsters were used well and not annoyingly.

eric - poorest technical execution, big HOM error when looking towards the hill and ran very slow. Had the best collection of ideas though. Most creative map but executed poorly.

zwiffle - above average design, as usual not enough health and ammo. zwiffle, not everyone's as good a player as you are so ease up on the supplies.

kell's lucifer map - least frustrating map, it seems as kell know what the capabilities of new monsters were best. nice design and layout, I thought lighting could have been more imposing.

kell's othe rmap - decent without being spectacular and ruined by polyps in lava room.

vondur - traditional vondur map with solid gameplay and design. My favorite. What was the point og chthon though? He was too far below the player to do any damage whatsoever.

start - best map in terms of lighting and overall design.

necros - impressive design and scale as usual but the combat was plain ridiculous. I dont mind necros's style of horde combat but horde combat with droles?????????

end - pretty good and not annoying but too easy.

Overall, a solid pack lacking enjoyable gameplay and more spectacular scenery. 
I'm Only On My Fifth Level 
Pretty impressed so far -- it is evident that I'll have to heap the most praise on Necros, after all he begins his level in the most proper of fashions -- with a boat! 
Thanks too all of you for this. =)
Nice map pack, all of them were worth playing, Vondur's and Kell's were definatly my favorites.
Final map was nice too, too bad the boss was so easy tho (spawning in some other normal baddies would have been good I think).

Great work guys. 
Phait, About GLQuake On Mac OS X, 
are you talking about Fruitz of Dojo's GLQuake 1.0.9?
Anyway if you want to use this port here, you'll have first to unpak the Chapters pak0 and trash the 'glquake' folder+content. GLQ creates a new full working folder+content on launch. This doesn't work with a previous 'glquake' folder inside the pak. Check maybe also for a 'glquake' folder in 'ID1' and trash it. The Chapters pak runs better when unpak'd. At least on Mac OS X, with this port.

The best port actually available for Mac OS X is the MacNehahra engine. It runs the original Chapters pak0 well. If you get some crash to desktop, just process with the pak the same way as with GLQuake. MacNehahra is generally the best choice for big levels+custom models, PC, TC or so (I successfully used it for instance with Kinn's Marcher Fortress and Bastion of the Underworld, The Demon King, Rapture, Malice or XMen MP and such). But, you better have to trash the 'glquake' folder before each new game. Not doing so ends up with errors, crashes, in game messed up models...

PS- Outside of PakRat, not much Mac OS X Quake tools out there. So I run them on VPC+Win98 and simply copy all the files back and forth without problems...

Reading this forum as guest since some times now and sharing a real passion for Q1, I thought these lines could help and finally decided to register. So, hi everybody!

I enjoyed The Lost Chapters as much as Contract Revoked... Atmospheric, deadly, eerie... as H.P. Lovecraft stories... as... Quake! Many thanks to all of you guys involved in this great creation. 
Hi, and thanks for the contribution :) 
Lost Chapters: 
esteemed quake mappers and their admirers;

a review will be posted at my site "soon-ish". ;) 
not enough ammo in Vondur map! hammer that Drooler on hard yeah...

monsters: very hard to dodge attack = bad

polyp does little damage, but it hits you even if you hide behind the corner and seemingly avoid the projectiles (that fly really fast)
I dare anyone to fight these not taking any damage at all

the other monster is devastating and has big area effect and the fireball flies really fast

if you`d make the attacks more dodgeable they would be more interesting and better monsters 
decrease the drole fireball splash damage? (or speed)
It now shoots it from pretty high so it hits the floor and you get splash damage often...
And the running attack is pretty long too - you could make the dash a little bit shorter. There really isn't any weak point in them right now. 
Review Is Up: 
I bet it has a score and all =| 
I really liked Eric (wonder, who is that) map
That was interesting

Necros looks impressive, but those areas you can't get out from are silly. Gameplay was meh - left them fight eachother 
Forgot That 
"but those areas you can't get out from are silly"

that annoyed me a lot too. 
Those screens look quite bright, or is it just me? 
I was wondering about this before completing the review
FitzQuake's seemed too dark... I used DP for those shots, and they're completely unmodified
My take was, well, at least you can see what's going on in the shots 
screens need some more contrast

but did you rate the levels like said in site faq (out of 10 for construction/looks + out of 10 for gameplay) 
hmm, screenshots looks ok to me, although i could adjust them easily.same as most of the other reviews.

As Tronyn mentions, if anything its best to be on the side of too bright, [so you can see the details] rather than too dark. 
Thanks for the review, i really like to get feedback to my stuff. 
Some Great Looking Maps, But ... 
Ionous' map was a bit boxy and had too little armor (only in secret), otherwise it had solid gameplay and sufficient ammo/health. Secret were difficult to find and a GL would've been nice for variety in combat.

Eric's was very different and in a good way, having diverse architecture and interesting lighting (doesn't q1rad have any -extra samples ...?). Layout felt explorative although not very intuitive. Combat was challenging, especially with the stiff ammo shortage (mainly shells), but manageable.

Zwiffle's was almost in traditional [Kona] style with two-story layout and with attractive blueish ingredients. Combat was pretty tense with many close-up ambushes but had good balance. Couldn't find the secrets ...

Kell's Lucifer map was very good-looking (in all aspects) and more in recognizable Contract style. However, I found combat too hard and frustrating as well as progress being confusing. Too many teleporters and similar walkways. Btw, why was this map called secret?

Kell's Golden Sorrow map was even better-looking, but gameplay was again too hard. The GK trap felt absurd (taking on four droles and some scrags in a confined space with pea shooters) and the exit arena was also unbalanced with lava everywhere.

Necros' map was unfortunately in the same vein; very good looks (although with an unfinished feel), but frustrating gameplay. Fighting the drole hordes was weird; them having both the power of the RL (while the player had nothing) and much higher speed. Not to mention their rage attack ...

Vondur's map had much better gameplay; even the usually annoying Chthon fight was reasonable, thanks to sheltering architecture. Visuals were good, very vertical but maybe a bit repetitive and some more room for movements wouldn't hurt.

The final boss map was very good-looking but the vermis was tricky to deal with before finding out how to use the shield effectively. The vermis itself had great skin and animation and resembled of the Dune worms, albeit a bit smaller ...

General impression was great theme and still varied maps and the new enemies looked good (especially the drole and vermis), but were unbalanced. The drole and voreling were too powerful/fast for typical fun Quake close-up combat.

Most drole fights were just a matter of using the most powerful weapon as fast as possible and at secure range to avoid heavy damage or instant death. Pretty annoying after a few rounds. The polyp wasn't so bad, except maybe for its whiny sound. Its damage was reasonable and it was rather eager to get into infighting.

One contributor to the unbalanced gameplay was probably the fact that you couldn't accumulate weapons. Some of the maps seemed to expect the player to be heavily armed and not coming in with just the shotgun and no armor.

Still, impressive stuff! I hope there'll be more maps in this style but with better gameplay. 
I like the Lost Marshmallow 
re-post with http:// please... 
There should be an http:// tack-on bit of code...

I dunno why this happened, but when I relaunched QUake and reloaded my save later, the skin showed. At first I thought "what the... is that the monster?" but I wouldn't believe it. ;) 
Are you using FitzQuake 0.75 by any chance? That looks like the skybox bug. 
http://that's http://a http://terrible http://idea.

Also: give 0.80 a try. Some people like it. 
It's Not A Terrible Idea 
Many other sites do it.

Anyway, I'll give 0.80 a try. Oh by the way, since there is a lack of model interpolation in FQ, the hanging bodies looked kinda odd as they "rotated". 
since net was broken last night I actually got round to finishing the chapters. (And checked a bit of those old maps I played earlier.)

I played Vondur's map first back then weeks ago and I like it the best from all the chapters. A bit tight ammo, some annoying jumps and at least one wank-the corner drole and a similar vore. What's the use to put such (or any) monsters in a box / lower pit / where you just have to patiently ssg shoot-hide-shoot-hide them. Boring. The boss didn't do me one point of damage - I was too well shielded.

Kell's golden whatever was nice, kinda an intermediate style map. Some tough fights but manageable. It felt kinda comfortable.

Zwiffle's map was in my opinion a bit too modest and 2-d. I ended up running past enemies in the end since I had no ammo.

Ionous' map was the toughest - I had to put the droles and vores infighting many times by running and attracting the vore balls and making them hit the drole. Lots of save-loads and retries. Some wank-the-corner vores on the high platform. A bit boxyish and uglyish.

Necros' map was almost unplayable because of bad fps - it was just too open for the quake engine and the hordes were a bit too big. At least give some ammo! And the places where you could drop to but not get out were bad. Map felt a bit unconsidered, although it had it's pretty places and atmosphere (the droles majestically descending the huge stairs). Ran past enemies in the end here too.

Eric's map was an odd experience. Almost no monsters in the early part - that would have made a difference. And maybe a bit more guides to the player - now I was wandering back and forth a lot. The latter part of the map was awesome. Talk about a library. :)
Was the cemetary supposed to float in void? At least there was no ground brush there for me and the stones were in mid-air. And what was the thing with that book? More back story please.

Kell's lucifer platformvoidmap was ok'ish I guess. Good-looking at least. A bit similar walkways and no clear idea what to do and where to go to - spent a lot of time just wandering. No idea what the keys and buttons did.

End - I was curious what happened when I pushed all the buttons (was waiting long)... I thought there was some gimmick there, until I realized what it did. The boss model and animation and the attack idea was extremely nice - but the gameplay mechanic could have been more interesting.
Btw now I tried to jump to the teleport before the kill but it just didn't work, just fell to death what didn't make any sense. You should have made it so it's not possible to jump in.

Whole pack:

Death knights and SG/SSG with reasonable retreat space make very boring combat where you never take any damage, but still take long to kill them because they have so much hitpoints. Actually death knights are quite boring in most situations.

The new enemies were refreshing - the polyp was a bit annoying when it was invisible, but I guess I could bear it. The drole was a bit too strong overall. If his running dash were shorter, it could be a more bearable enemy. The voreling was funny. The hammer was definitely a good idea. The powerups were allright. Not very often used though.

Overall: good effort, this is a pretty big thing.

Make for the next project a more linear progression for better feel and inject some story! And don't be afraid to give other weapons than ssg. ffs! 
Very Worthy Map Pack 
Just wondering though, is Kell gonna release the Source code for those monsters? ;) 
Finally got back home, downloaded and played it.

A very good pack of good maps and great theme.

Thanks Kell & Necros and everyone contributed to this project.

As for me, I enjoyed Kell's void map and Vondur's one most of all. Mosters were good (though Polyp was annoying) and those little baddies (don't remember their name) were very fun. Boss wasn't that fun but was good anyway. Models were cool. Flying fires were amazing.

Contract Revoked never ends, keep 'em comin'! 
I'm currently trying to make a map using the chapters features and can't find the original documentation for mappers working on the pak. I know there is a bit in the contract revoked: the lost chapters thread, but can't find the stuff that was on kell's site (contract_tutorial.html)

Can anyone help? 
If You Download 
The original workstuff, there should be a tutorial in there on how things work. >_< I think it's an .html. 
I had guessed at close, but no bacon :(

I'll probably get some more mapping done tomorrow, then scrap it and give up sometime next week ;) 
Great Thanks 
Eric's map impressed most of all 
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