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New World Order, Government, Etc.
First, don't tell me this isn't a gaming discussion thread and that it has no place here, because there are several non-gaming discussion threads. Second, this is important for everyone.

What do you think about this?

New World Order -- it is stated that there are many skeptics of such a conspiracy, but that skepticism is expected by the Illuminati/government and is part of their plan for world domination. Paper currency will be gone and replaced with credit - 1 form of currency. Nobody will privately be able to own firearms. Anyone that does is an outlaw. Also speculated that diseases are manufactured to thin the population. West Nile, AIDS, anyone?

There is also mention of underground cities being built, mind-programming, humans and aliens (not illegal aliens, space aliens)... while the aliens bit seems far out there -- who fucking knows. I for one do not doubt the NWO plan. It has been going on for centuries -- it is believed every war was orchestrated for a purpose, and this NWO plays a part in it.

This stuff also involves the G8 (which I am not real familiar with I just know it is some government organization) -- unfortunately New Zealand is a part of the G8 from what I read, and I always had it in my mind I would move to NZ someday to get the fuck out of America before shit really starts going down. Now I don't know. How about Mexico?...

Scary, scary stuff.
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Damn It! 
Ok boys, the brat's on to us. We had a good run but I guess we have to pack it in now. Send out calls to stop putting the floride in the water and stop broadcasting on the fillings of the homeless. Tell the Jews to stop running the world bank. Oh yeah, and let Elvis out of his prison cell. 
Don't Get Mad At Me, Phait, 
Blitz is right. 
On behalf of the International Jewish Conspiracy I'm here to inform you all that you've completely forgotten about how the Bush family is attempting to antagonize a war with the Middle East by secretly bombing the World Trade Center because the alien spacecraft recovered at Roswell only run on crude oil and sand, and without them Majestic 12 can't track down the rogue nano-augmented UNATCO field agents attempting to locate Tracer Tong and scuttle the superfreighter. 
But it's funny. 
Ans Scampie Is Right, 
you all should be playing that wonderful speedmapping pack #95 instead of picking on the poor NWO. 
Phait is totally right! I found another NWO page that totally corroborates it! 
Stop pushing them Headthump or they might realise we all embedded subliminal messages in our maps. 
Off The Subject A Bit, Tron 
but I think we may be able to get Levelord to speed map for the next event if we all chip in and buy him a bottle of Canabis Vodka.

BTW, do you know what the Silent Hill reference means? I think Zwiffle must be doing Life(TM) related things. 

This thread will get at least 200 responses and will end as either a omg qmap is dying thread, or a omg elitist fucks thread.

You sir, have a gift. 
Phait, get the fuck off my internet. 
Well, I haven't looked at the links, but I might later though.

I don't really buy it, sure there are probably conspiracies going on, but nothing on this kind of level.

I do believe we're not alone in the universe though, it's a huge place and there are tons of galaxies. Whether they're floating above the Earth abducting people, I really can't say. But there's gotta be SOMETHING else out there somewhere - the universe is an infinitely complex place.

But, I do think it's strangely odd (redundant?) how many mappers in the US who frequent this board are anchoring in Wisconsin. We've got the majority of the United States' Quake mappers I think. Honestly, we've got like 7 or something like that. Not to make light of the thread, but that is kinda weird.

Still, a lot of this is really interesting, regardless of how ludicrous it sounds, and I would watch something about it on the History channel. 
OMG... Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum" FFS, have a laugh at your own expense, then get on with life. 
Worst Thread Ever. 
Someone please delete it. 
It isn't about believing. At this point I don't completely believe it, but my point is people need to be aware that things like this could happen, whether on the scale I am talking about, or on a less "crazy" scale but one that is still important.

I understand your skepticism and disinterest in anything that sets off your Loony-Alert´┐Ż, but I don't understand why some of you (Hi Frib) don't seem to care about what condition the government/world is in, or will come to, that at least ties into power, control -- something that obviously is not new. 
like you said "something that obviously is not new". No point discussing it here, it's already been done to death in many other forms of media. 
Why does Shambler want to monopolise the rights to create inane unrealted threads
Every one can do it! Even fait.

Tho have to admit that conspiracy is soo ZZzzz-inducing, compared to the ever funny 'most sexy mapper'

BTW I suspect that the New World Order Underground Alien Government made phait quit mapping and put the hate-implants into CZG cranium, not to mention its 4 year lasting attempts to prevent Bal from releasing baldm5

Some say that Vondur is to blame for it, but truth is somewhere out there ...

oh and the mandatory 'Go map!' 
Who says I quit mapping? Check screenshots thread... 
Btw Post #7 Is So Lol 
thread is worth it just for #39 :D Now if phait can somehow twist the theme of the thread to fit in with gaming/mapping then I will be impressed. 
You Know 
if you don't care about the world you live in or the government that runs your country, or ultimately how you live -- your loss. 
Phait, you say that, yet in your initial post you write things like:

This stuff also involves the G8 (which I am not real familiar with I just know it is some government organization)

When one obviously has no clue about world politics (no offence, blame your government about it if that makes you feel better), don't actually try and discuss such matters and actually expect serious replies and discussion to ensue.
You obviously have much to learn about how the world works before even considering if you want to believe or not in this world conspiracy mumbo jumbo. Making an opinion for oneself when missing so much info is not a good idea. 
Well That Is The Point 
I'm still learning about things, which is why for instance I'm not completely familiar with G8, I just hear about it. But as I seek more knowledge, of course I'll understand things more. 
One Way: Study 
well, if you don't have any chemical brain problems (some cause feelings of paranoia and can be helped with drugs) and can work rationally, there is only one way you can gain confidence whether these things are true or not: study. I am serious, and don't mean anything offending.

I once did that thing when I wanted to form a self-believable opinion about wind power and nuclear power - I found quite a lot of expert material on the net (you just have to discard the massive amounts of propaganda first.)
You have to gather quit a lot of basic information of how the government in your country and various organizations work etc.. You can probably get good books on that from the library too, and reading history helps as to why these organizations have formed the way they are.

All good citizens actually should behave like that, be concerned about what the people in power are doing! 
blitz, snusnupie and bal win. blitz should learn punctuation tho.

btw, phait, how old are you ? 
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