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Film Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss films...
films is a nice thing i'd say 
I've Seen Three French Films... 
and they're all great, so I've come to the conclusion that all French movies are great. Amelie, Happenstance and My Wife is an Actress were the three. The French language just sounds cool, though, so with subtitles it's just fun to listen to. 
Fight Club.
Monster's Ball.
American Beauty.
Shawshank Redemption.
Donnie Darko.
Apocalypse Now.
Silence of the Lambs.
Meet Joe Black.
The Abyss. (the extended version.)
Killing Fields.
American History X.
Midnight Express.
Metal Gear Solid 2. 
IMHO this is a very overrated movie that's overly self conscious and happy. Could just be me though, since so many people love it.

BTW, while we are on french movies, anyone seen brotherhood of the wolf? It doesnt completely work because it's trying to combine too many genres but there's some cool stuff in there.

Saw Donnie Darko the other day, good movie though some of the narrative was a bit forced. Just got Apocalypse Now so that should be good, I really liked Coppola's other non-godfather 70's movie, The Conversation.

Anyway, my list :

American Beauty
Apocalypse Now
Being John Malkovich
Blade runner
A Clockwork Orange
The Conversation
Donnie Darko
Dr Strangelove
Fight Club
Godfather 1 & 2
The Insider
LA Confidential
Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels
Mulholland Drive
Pulp Fiction
Raging Bull
Silence of the Lambs
Taxi Driver
Terminator 2
Toy Story
Usual Suspects 
I shan't make a list - I wouldn't know how to prioritise :/
But a couple of non-sf/horror movies that I might bring to your attention:

Blackrobe - the only movie I've ever seen that shows the north american indians with an almost documentary realism. Fuck 'Dances With Wolves', this is the real deal. A heartbreaking account of what happens when opposing cultures collide irrevocably.

Pathfinder - known as 'Ofelas' in it's native scandinavian tongue, this is a simple 'old-world' folktale depicting the confrontation between a peaceful rural tribe and a band of violent warriors. Like a fantasy RPG scenario but without any 'fantasy' elements. It has cool crossbows tho.

Dust Devil - okay, might be considered a horror movie, but really so much more. From the man who made the first two Neph videos, followed by Hardware, Dust Devil is the culmination of Richard Stanley's 'biblical nomad' character. A mixture of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Dry White Season and The Hitcher, with spaghetti western and occult imagery piled on for good measure. A movie about desperation, wandering, faith ( or lack of ) and madness it drifts across the eerie landscape of South Africa's Namib like a dry and desolate wind. The concepts are complex and sub-conciously challenging; the cinematography is to die for. One of the best British flicks of the 1990s.

For what it's worth :/ 
I Like 
Watching Quake movies 
IRREVERSIBLE is rather nice 
is it really as difficult to watch as some people say? 
if you've seen other brutal movies like, trainspotting, dobermann, etc, you'll be forged/ready to see this one. if you haven't, you could be really shocked or disgusted by one certain scene there. but, this movie shows the truth of life w/o any softening, as it is in real life. other words, it shows what happens in our live behind the corner. things we don't usually notice or we get edited information about them.
and answering directly to your question, yes, it's rather difficult to watch it, but it's useful to watch it i think... but if you're too sensitive, don't watch it... 
I dont think I am but I did find something like baise-moi hard to sit through, simply because the violence etc felt overly gratituous. As for Irreversible, I've only heard about the rape scene and have heard views both ways so I thought I'd ask. 
i see, nitin 
I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf and was disappointed. I guess I forgot it was a french movie. Maybe I just expected something different, but it didn't come off well with me. 
Brotherhood Of The Wolf 
Yeah, I've seen that one too. It wasn't that bad, considering it is a french movie. It was a bit too full of ideas and concepts to be really cool, a bit too hectic imo. 
Brotherhood Of The Wolf 
i thought it was bad ass. But, before watching it, i watched Blanc, Rogue, and Bleu. So maybe the french-ness of Brotherhood didn't bother me as much. 
Sitcom. It French. 
it's french...

anyone seen X2 yet? ;) 
I agree totally but some of the cinematography was amazing as was the cheezy CGI on the bone sword/whip thing :) And plus it had monica belluci. Seriously though, at least it was more ambituous than most american stuff, not that it pulled it all off well but still. 
yeah I saw X2 last saturday and spent the rest of the day wondering how they managed to make it so shit :)

I'm not a huge fan of the first one but still thought it was a decent flick apart from halle berry's dodgy african accent and "You know what happens to toad when they get hit by lightning?" line.

The 2nd one has some decent action scenes that really dont go on long enough and a killer start with nightcrawler. Apart from that, there's a decent scene with magneto and a whole lot of crap in between. Why do they try and make comic book movies so serious and dramatic when it's clearly not going to work? Just bring on the fights/effects since that's what it's all about. The first one's better focus and shorter running time also helped I think. 
more zany fun from the being john malkovich team. I'm definitely getting the dvd. 
Tryin' To Think Of Movies I've Enjoyed 
Spirited Away (most recent)
The Matrix
The Addams Family
The Addams Family Values
Naked Killer
Sex and Zen (I and II)
Erotic Ghost Story III (for sheer lunacy - flying dwarf monks on fire, anyone?)
Bad Taste
Meet the Feebles
Terminator I and II
Others I can't think of right now 
There's Nothing Like The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning 
just finished watching apocalypse now, fucking fantastic. Saw the redux version too, anyone else agree that coppola must have been on drugs re-adding those 50 minutes? I mean it's like he's butchering his own movie into a more boring, overlong which ends up distracting rather than enhancing the original.

"Surf or Fight, soldier". 
you should get hold of the 'making of' documentary, Hearts Of Darkness - one of the most insightful of its kind. 
Films Mentioned 
Brotherhood of the wolf was pretty cool, nice coats, i have to say. I had to watch it in french with subtitles though, as the english dubbing on the DVD was pretty damn awful.

Amelie i enjoyed a great deal, it's so quirky, and has a real feel good quality about it, although you have to 'go along with it' to really like it i feel. Jeunet & Caro's first film, Delicatessen is also good.

Seven is really interesting, definately worth checking out, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman at their most watchable, and a great performance as ever by Kevin Spacey.

Nitin mentioned loads of good films, including

Donnie Darko is very smooth, surreal, and with a great soundtrack

Mulholland Drive is just great film-making. It'll leave you trying to figuring it out for ages afterwards, after you reach one of the weirdest 'twists' ever near the end. Surreal stuff, and it's even got some lesbian sex! Lynch is great though, you should probably just watch all his films.

oh and Clockwork Orange has made me scared of Beethoven 
fek, a film thread, now i have to post just to preach about asian cinema...

but first off, on the cinema of my homeland, I slightly agree with nitin for amelie, but its still a very nice film, as for brotherhood of wolves, I really liked it, but it does have many flows, but i love good fights, and the atmosphere... anyways, Jeunet and Gans are 2 of the rare french directors i like... gans made crying freeman too if anyone remembers that, was fun =)
hmm, another few nice french movies i can remember... La Haine, Doberman (, Man Bites Dog (hehehhe..., its actually from belgium i think, whatever), city of lost children of course... hm, no others come to mind.

anyways, as i was saying, lots of cool stuff in asian cinema, i ramble enough about this on #tf... but i will here too.
I love most movies from
Takashi Miike (audition, ichi the killer, doa...)
Hayao Miyazaki (spirited away, totoro, nausica...)
and Wong Kar Wai (in the mood for love, chungking express, fallen angel...)
and plenty of other cool asian movies that dont get much promotion in our western civilizations, a few i saw in the last few months that were cool...

Infernal Affairs
Chinese Oddyssey 2002
Fulltime Killer

hmm... I better stop before i get carried away...
oh, and samurai and kung fu movies rock =) 
fek, a film thread, now i have to post just to preach about asian cinema...

but first off, on the cinema of my homeland, I slightly agree with nitin for amelie, but its still a very nice film, as for brotherhood of wolves, I really liked it, but it does have many flows, but i love good fights, and the atmosphere... anyways, Jeunet and Gans are 2 of the rare french directors i like... gans made crying freeman too if anyone remembers that, was fun =)
hmm, another few nice french movies i can remember... La Haine, Doberman (, Man Bites Dog (hehehhe..., its actually from belgium i think, whatever), city of lost children of course... hm, no others come to mind.

anyways, as i was saying, lots of cool stuff in asian cinema, i ramble enough about this on #tf... but i will here too.
I love most movies from
Takashi Miike (audition, ichi the killer, doa...)
Hayao Miyazaki (spirited away, totoro, nausica...)
and Wong Kar Wai (in the mood for love, chungking express, fallen angel...)
and plenty of other cool asian movies that dont get much promotion in our western civilizations, a few i saw in the last few months that were cool...

Infernal Affairs
Chinese Oddyssey 2002
Fulltime Killer

hmm... I better stop before i get carried away...
oh, and samurai and kung fu movies rock =) 
I thought Heart of Darkness was the book Apocalypse Now was based on. 
first post, double post, gahd i suck 
it is. 

I dont recall seeing that one on the orignal dvd? There's something about the destruction of the kurtz compound with commentary but I havent heard that yet. Is it by chance on the redux dvd? Also, does the heart of darknes commentary explain coppola's reason(s) for the redux version?


recommend any other lynch movies? I would like to see some of his other stuff but dont know which ones. I thought Mulholland Drive was pretty good (although to be honest the last half an hour sucked IMHO, but the sheer atmosphere and weirdness of the first two hours made me like it) and Lost Highway blew goats. Blue Velvet and Eraserhead both look interesting but which one is more mulhollandish and which one more lost highwayish? 
Heart Of Darkness is indeed the novella by Joseph Conrad on which Apocalypse Now is based ( recommended reading ).
Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmaker's Apocalypse is a documentary made some years ago by a group of student filmakers. It consists of interviews with Coppola, his wife Eleanor Coppola and some of the actors interpsersed with footage that Eleanor filmed while the movie was being made. It also has her narrating segements from the diary that she kept during the same period. The diary is available as the book Notes On The Making Of Apocalypse Now.
I heard there are some real cadavers in body bags at the Kurtz Compound set. I asked the propman about it; he said, "The script says 'a pile of burning bodies'; it doesn't say a pile of burning dummies."

I got the movie in widescreen plus the documenatry and book in a VHS boxed set years ago. I don't know if they appeared in any other form. 
Eraserhead and Blue Velvet are two very different films, so its quite hard to compare them really. They are both much better than Lost Highway though.

Eraserhead is much older, 1976 i think, with Blue Velvet coming 10 years later. Eraserhead is also much more surreal, in fact it's pretty insane. It unfolds in a free-form, almost poem-like way, so if you're looking for a more conventional movie format, you might prefer Blue Velvet. Blue velvet is still top of my list for cinematography as well, it perfectly suits a film this intense. So basically, it's down to you really, what you prefer...also i'd recommend Dune, though it is a little long, and wild at heart. 
Gay Pimp 
Anyone else see 8 1/2?
I just have... and O M G!!

I'm still glowing. It's almost like there's this vast repository of great cinema that I've never heard of before ... oooh la la

nitin: I thought Mulholland Drive was pretty good (although to be honest the last half an hour sucked IMHO,

Come on, the end was like, the best part. The begining was the setup; the symbolic palette that paints the masterpiece, which is my end. 
I disagree. Yes the beginning was the setup, but the ending just didnt work for me. There was a lot of hit and miss stuff there. 
weird, i saw x2 and thought it was so much better than the first one (disclaimer: this is coming from comic fanboy with a stack of jim lee x-men stashed in a box). like they didnt have to go through the explanation of the x-men ethos and mutant evolution, etc which i think took alot out of the first movie (every interview i read with brian singer said he agreed). but x2 WAS ridiculous amounts of action, with a very well-adapted story from the comics (weapon-x, lady deathstrike, jean grey dieing, etc). the only thing i didnt really like was the fact that a good portion of the middle of the movie was spent in the blackbird jet with their arch enemie(s) they fought from the previous movie, you know, that almost wiped out the population of new york. also just large amounts of wolverine being the best at what he does :) 
fair enough, but IMHO the first one was alot more focused and to the point. X2 seemed overlong and juggling way too much in one movie to be effective, well in my books anyway. I was hoping that they had concentrated more on 1 or 2 of those plotlines so that each one didnt look so rushed (specifically pyro's conversion, iceman's family problems and more importantly jean's dilemma were pretty awfully executed) and also it would have allowed for longer action scenes. When I saw nightcrawler's white house attack, I was hoping for more of the same but the few decent action bits were few and far between. IMHO, the wolverine vs deathstrike scenes was too quick and averagely executed when it could have been a mjor highlight. 
Some Good Movies 
apocalypse now is awesome. I've seen "the making of" which was quite interesting too "you know why it was so accurate.. because we WERE in the jungle, AND on drugs!"
also read heart of darkness, and some other joseph conrad stuff. all very good. however the redux version is way crappier.

A very good film is Dark City, from 1999. You have to hand it to a movie that comes up with a logical, if screwed up, explanation for someone being chased through halls, then out a door out of the side of a building, by a demon baby who bites his hands while he's hanging from a cliff.

requiem for a dream and pi are both by the same director, both very good. also, the thing of course and in the mouth of madness are both good as well. fallen with denzel washington is a nice creepy demon movie. and with x2, I thought it was quite good, however, they neglected to include the best character for a second time - gambit. 
where was gambit?

hopefully, gambit and the juggernaut make an appearance sometime soon. 
when most people ask 'where was <name of character that was at one time an x-man>, its usually that they were never an actual student at the acadamy, as is the case for gambit (in fact, he also never 'taught' like the others did/do, it would also be weird as in the comics at least he had a thing with rogue who is all young in the comics). as for juggernaut, i dont know if he'll ever appear, he was with the brotherhood but mainly is a solo character (and god knows even if the effects for him were done well, itd be hard to give such a one dimensional character some depth). probably more likely to see cyclops' brother and pheonix/whatever jean grey reincarnation they come up with.

besides, if you think there was too much going on already, what do you think will happen if they add x number of characters to each film? this is the issue with producing comic books that seems to venture into their respective films.

btw, i also hated the fact in x2 they never even made a single allusion to the fact that mystique is (supposedly) nightcrawler's mom. would have been so easy to do.

(yes, i AM a fanboy) 
thanks for clearing that up, I never read the comics I just saw some of the cartoons.

I was just mentioning that in terms of me preferring a character like gambit introduced over iceman. 
I Don't Really Watch Films... 
Well, hardly ever anyway. The two of note I've seen in the last few years:

Spirited Away - glad to see this got a few mentions =). Wonderful bonkers anime Alice In Wonderland. Stylish, atmospheric, hilarious in parts....and the train journey through the water is the most beautiful and touching scene I've seen...

LOTR: FOTR - the best public ambassador for fantasy there has been. Just a really good fantasy film, pity TTT succumbed to the heinous temptations of Hollywoodism. The whole Moria Mines scene is perhaps the best thing I've seen on screen...

Other than that I've a few oldies that are favourites:

Alien/s/3 (all great in different ways), Delicatessan (very funky and twisted), Falling Down (delightfully cynical and very accurate), Jacob's Ladder (dark and gripping), Remains Of The Day (great study of British repression, nice music), The Matrix (not as cool as it thought it was but still good), Robocop (just cool in lots of ways), Platoon (it just works)... 
Alien 3 
shambler you are clearly out of your mind :)

I do admit to loving the alien view camerawork near the end.

And if you thought the matrix was pretend cool a bit too much, watch Matric reloaded.

Or dont.

On a side note, I just saw Luc Besson's The Professional, quite a good film. Anyone know if the director's cut (international version) is worth getting or if it's like the T2 director's cut, reasonable but you could see why it was cut, it doesnt add anything.

Oh yeah, and I put in a vote for Batman and Bamtan Returns for best superhero movies ever. Burton's style was perfect for Batman. 
I must say... I did not enjoy Mulholland Drive at all. I watched it wide awake and got drowsy during it... it opens with long slow pans through dark fog and just seems to be taking up a lot of time for the sake of making the movie longer. I didnt care for the rearranging of the chapters either, to me it didnt seem clever, it seemed like it was hiding a rather flat story that wasnt interesting to begin with. Not even the shallow promise of lesbian scenes enhanced it in the juvenile sense one must ocassionally employ to get into a movie. It just felt rather flat... If Im gonna watch a scene shuffling movie, Im gonna watch one that does it well with a rewarding sense and a fair mix of different reactions, that movie being Memento.

Aside from Memento I really liked Amelie in its quirkyness, its little touches (such as when Nino 'joins the mujahadijn'(sp?)). It has some nice side stories which leave a good sensation and overall a good movie, and being the standard pessimistic lonely depressed kid, the ending didnt leave me as unsettled as most movies do, despite the way it did end.

random list of stuff Ive enjoyed

Nightmare Before Christmas
From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
Ranger Gone Bad 2
Lilo and Stitch (Stitch is just the damned coolest animated char ever...)
The Shawshank Redempt
The Doom Generation (or is it A Doomed ? cant rmbr, campy movie, good for watching in the middle of the night after a lot of caffeine and weird conversation with friends)
A.I. yes, i enjoyed it
Equilibrium yeah im one of those people who got into this much more then The Matrix, but it seems deeper as a movie to me, although The Matrix is deeper in its theory, its also far far less probable.
The Ring
i admit that i also have enjoyed both Harry Potter films (and all 4 books)
The Shining was quite good
and a bunch of other movies
my memory dances around on me sometimes 
no, it's evil :) Actually, Jude Law's character was quite cool and Haley Joel was pretty good too but it felt just like Minority Report, mesmerising for about 30 mins and then downhill from there.

The Shining I liked even though it was too arty for its own good. The Ring was enjoyable but WTF was up witht eh little kid. he seems like one of the rejected auditioners from the Sixth sense or somehting. 
Blue Velvet, Eraserhead & Other Stuff 
saw these finally.

Eraserhead was very David Lynch, albeit raw David Lynch. I dont think it's a great film but you can see Lych's techniques before they were refined. Worth watching.

Blue Velvet must be his most accessible and 'normal' film barring some of the scenes with Frank in it (notably the Baby wants to fuck scene). Not bad but I didnt find it particularly interesting, probably because the characters seemed too inconsistent. Still, worth a watch.

Also saw Platoon recently, classy stuff. The little details made it stand out unlike say Black Hawk Down, which was a glorified war movie. 
Usually I Just Skim This Thred... 
I saw Eraserhead recently myself. It makes recent David Lynch movies look down right coherent. I think a better director would be able to make movies equally weird while keeping the movie logical within itself. I didn't really like the cinema verite angle either.

Platoon is over-rated. I thought Black Hawk Down was pretty good, especially the music. I'm not particularly drawn to either glorification or condemnation of war. Apocalypse Now is one of my favorite movies, although Mull Metal Jacket is good too. 
perhaps you would like blue velvet then, it's a fairly standard movie that's got weird touches too.

Actually, if you can get over the glorification in black hawk down, the actual cinematography + camerawork is pretty stunning IMHO, and the tactical touch is a bit different too. Still to see Full Metal Jacket, maybe after exams. 
I'll give blue velvet a look then, thanks. 
Oceans 11

my two enthralling movies of the moment 
In All Seriousness, 
if you're looking for a "weird" kind of movie, filled with symbolic imagery etc, then get the excellent 8 1/2. Federico Fellini, the director, is marvelously talented, and the cinematography is full and beautiful. It's a black and white movie, subbed from Italian, but that should not stop you.

Lynch is a hack compared to Fellini. While I stand by what I said about the end of Mulholland Drive being the best part, to be honest that isn't saying a whole lot. 
Name That Movie 
A long time ago an action movie was mentioned on PennyArcade which I think had some sort of relation to Minority Report. I've just decided now that I want to see that movie. Anyone know which one that is? 
I doubt it but maybe it's Blade Runner since thery are both based on Phillip K Dick's short stories. But it's definatley not an action movie. 
Not even close. It's something far more obscure than that. 
Total Recall? 
Probably Not Actually... 
though it reminds me that it was a very enjoyable movie :) 
And That's 
yet another Philip K. Dick short story.
"We can remember it for you wholesale" 
There was a Gary Sinise flick called "Imposter" it is based on a P.K.D. short. I found it to be a bit bland but interesting none the less.

There is also "Screamers" wich I did enjoy quite a bit, though the special FX are not all that impressive. 
Oh And... 
... Not P.K.D. related but interesting as well is the movie Equilibrium. It is more or less a mix or 1984, Fahrenheit451 and The Matrix and yet has its own stylings and unique feel. I saw this one inb the morning a week or so ago and then went out to the theater to catch The Matrix:Reloaded that afternoon... I enjoyed Equilibrium a whole lot more. 
I Know Its PKD 
thats why i mentioned it 
That has to be it. I could kiss you. But I won't.

Thanks everyone for the help. 
I saw Blue Velvet and Crocadile Dundee in the theaters the same week. Dundee was actually fun, but possibly caused me to to consider Blue Velvet to be High Art. Good, anyway.

If I had to pick two favorite movies:
The Dark Crystal
Brazil (although there may be more than one version? .. anyway not one person in the theater moved until the end of the credits) 
Recent Viewings 
just saw ed wood, the animatrix and The Limey. All pretty good, ed wood's lsightly too long but a very good film regardless, the animatrix is overall very good with 'The flight of the osiris' and 'matriculated' being the two favorites personally.

The limey was surprisingly good, considering the standard plotline. The direction however, is top notch and very stylish. And it's short, which is always gppd. 
Equilibrium sucked.

Yeah, it did, but it was still good. 
if by good - you mean sucked, then yes, I agree. 
Sucked Good 
is probably what he means. 
More Viewings 
heh with time off to study for exams, I thought I'd do something constructive.

anyway, saw Ghost World, Insomnia, North by Northwest, Road to Perdition & the royal tenenbaums.

Ghost world is very good, nothing fresh but quite funny and well made. Steve Buscemi's character is a real hoot.

Hats off to Chris Nolan on his remake of Insomnia, apart from the weaker hollywood ending, I actually prefer this version somewhat. It's a lot more stylish, and although Pacino isnt as good as Skarsgard (though it's his best work in years, probably since Heat), the ensemble does better work IMHO. If only they'd kept the ending, it would have been a classic even if it's a remake.

North by Northwest is entertaining, no doubt about it but I dont think it's a top 100 movie as it is so often listed as. The plot is stupid, some of the dialogue between grant and eva marie saint is particularly cringeworthy and IMHO grnat hams it up a fair bit. Still worth a watch as Hitchcock pulls his strings nicely and makes a pretty good movie out of it.

Royal Tenenbaums is adored by many people but I dont like it, in fact I turned it off after about an hour. It's just not funny and there's not much else to like about it.

Road to Perdition was disappointing, probably because I was expecting way too much. I remember a thread about it on Qmap where it was being priased greatly which built my hopes up along with quite a few positive reviews I'd read. It's downright disappointing though, weak story, hanks was miscast (he doesnt do a bad job by any means but a better suited actor could have made more of it) and the overdosing of sentimentality was hard to take.

But, two things made me watch the entire movie and still like it enought o get the DVD. Firstly, it is hands down the most beautifully crafted visual film I've seen in a while. Every shot is very particular (especially with light and shadow usage), the graphic novel feel is perfectly recreated and the scene in the rain at the end with water dripping off the trenchcoats is fucking awesome. Secondly, jude law was good again but like his turn in AI, the film could have done with more of him.

Next up - deer hunter, chinatown, birthday girl and The Ring. 
Yah nitin, Road to Perdition was very disappointing. The atmosphere of the movie was quite ok but it was so damn predictable...

like what?

I've been meaning to watch spirited away but havent got around to it. Dont know much about asian stuff, I watch quite a few indian movies though. Most of them suck to be honest, they come up with something decent once or twice a year usually. If anyone's remotely interested the movie Company from 2002 is pretty damn good.

Anyway what's good asian stuff? 
Oh Yeah 
I have exams monday and tuesday but have a six day break before my next one and I intended to catch some more flicks. All recent releases at teh shop look like garbage, so I was probably going to get oldish stuff I havent seen. Here's some I was going to consider and pick from, any recommendations out of these :

boogie nights
the game
the man who wasnt there
big lebowski
midnight run
a simple plan
the thing 
Of all those, I've only seen The Game and The Thing. I enjoyed both so I recommend them, but all the other movies you listed seem to be quite famous, so you probably couldn't go wrong by just picking one depending on what mood you're in. 
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Some of the others are cool too, though take JFK with a pinch of salt - I don't rate Oliver Stone very highly. 
Asian Stuff 
Uh, there's lots of good asian stuff, for a very comprehensive list I suggest you ask Bal ;)...

To get you started I can suggest:

Legend of Ginko I and II
Audition (and other movies by Takeshi Miike)
Brother (and other movies by Takeshi Kitano) 
From your list I would recommend:

Big Lebowski
The Game

I would warn you against:

Boogie Nights 

City of God (Cicade de deus)

Surviving the Game (with ICE T)

Chines Flim 
I rather enjoyed Mister Vampire myself. Delightfully silly. 
Hmmm Umm Yeah Wha B0? 
Im a very cinematic & visual person, sometimes if a film has enough cool stuff going on visually I can enjoy it even if the story / characters etc are total shite. So without further ado, my favourites are :

The Matrix
Hard Boiled
The Killer
The Replacement Killers
Aliens SE
Abyss SE
Terminator 2
The Thing
Saving Private Ryan
Fight Club
Star Wars Trilogy

What usually captures my imagination the most is awesome gunplay scenes, which John Woo does so well in his films. The Warehouse and hospital scenes in hard boiled are simply the best gunplay/action scenes in any movie ever imo. His cinematic stylised way of showing it to the audience is also brilliant, with his trademark slow motion sequences and the sheer damage that all the weapons do to the environment it creates a really powerful driving scene thats totally sweet. Most films have gunplay scenes that dont actually have any impact at all, people just shoot guns at each other and thats it, and bullets just seem to ping off stuff and you never really feel the impact of any of them but Woo (and the wochawski's too) loves to turn the sets to rubble, everything seems to explode and sparks fly and stuff gets ripped up, and all the flying debris combined with the slow motion effect looks spectacular. One shot in hard boiled just sticks in my memory, where the guy jumps through the abandoned car just as someone shoots it with this massive shotgun, the camera pans from a headon perpective across the front of the car as the guy dives through it and you see all the debris and sparks coming after him. I dunno why but that one shot is so frikkin sweet :)

Shit dude this must be my longest post ever. Im off to bed to recover :) 
The Warehouse and hospital scenes in hard boiled are simply the best gunplay/action scenes in any movie ever imo.

Gotta agree. What I liked most about the gunplay in Hard Boiled is, what I think you may also be describing, the realism with which it is treated. The scenes are cool, but as I said to my mate who I was watching the movie with, in Hollywood action flicks the guns are treated more like fashion accessories. Whereas in HB, they are undoubtedly tools for killing people with. It's a great lack of the 'fetishism' that western media tends to apply to guns. 
Uhoh, Not Again! 

Here we go, with some faves I've seen of late:

The Holy Mountain. An incredibly fucked-up, nonetheless fun as hell to watch movie. It's written and directed by Alexandro Jodowrosky, who collaborated with my hero Moebius on Le Incal, and later on a series of short stories called Cat's Eye (not to be confused with that Stephen King compilation flick with Drew Barrymore). To be honest, there's not much of a story to it, but it's great fun to just look at.

Versus. Ryuhei Kitamura's live-action anime. This thing is non-stop in your face double-Magnum flesh-eating fury, and it sucks you in from the very beginning.

Dead Or Alive, Dead Or Alive 2, Audition, Ichi the Killer, Visitor Q, Happiness of the Katakuris. Er, anything by Takashi Miike. Don't think for a second that any of these films have much of anything to do with each other (even DOA and DOA2). Miike is quite simply astounding, and NEVER does what you would expect. GO watch these films now, with no preconceptions, and you'll be suprised with what you find.

From Beyond. More correctly "H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond", this is the dusty gem that came right after the Re-Animator and before the other HPL films cooked up by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna.
This thing is deliciously fucked, full of freaky latex monsters, funky purple lighting, and wicked performances by Jeffrey Combs, Linnea Quigley and one of my fave zombie-killers, Ken Foree.

Battle Royale. Fukusaku's incredibly dark and action-filled movie about Japanese schoolkids being forced to eradicate each other on a deserted island. Some of the scenes are simply amazing (my fave being how in a few minutes a gaggle of best-friend schoolgirls go from being almost too pleasant to wanting to kill each other outright), and if you're into action or black satire, you'll love this one.

Anyways, that's all I'll post for now -- mebbe more later. 
The Hulk 
Long and boring. Don't see it. 
nothing good in it all? 
Hulk does punch a dog in the penis. But it's not worth the price of admission. 
fair enough pushplay.

I dont know how many of you collect dvd's but I've bought quite a few recently due to shops having sales from overstocking etc and was wondering if anyone had suggestions to add to my current list which is here :

I've tried to keep a reasonable balance between fun mainstream stuff and other more intelligent stuff. And yes, it's mainly hollywood stuff.

I almost certainly plan on including the following at some stage but what about anything else :

-big lebowski
-edward scissorhands
-full metal jacket
-midnight run
-the thing

Die Hard 3
Dark City
This Is Spinaltap
Boiler Room

That's all I can think of. I have an easier time looking at a list of movies and saying which I like than comming up with title off the top of my head. 
Cheers Pushplay 
I'll take a look at those, the only one I've seen is dark city which is quite good. 
You saw Die Hard 1 but not 3? You really missed out. 
/me Pushes Pushplay 
Hay, I LIKED Hulk! It was a cool drama as well as the standard comic-book thrill-ride. And the ILM stuff was a lot better than most have made it out to be, too. I'd like to see a sequel, with Hulk taking on the Thing, or something cool like dat. 
/me Smashes Biff 
I think the problem with the movie is that you can't identify with the protagonist. Bruce is so quite and reserved that you don't get a good feel for who he is as a character, and the Hulk barely says Jack-all. When the Hulk is on screen you want to feel his rage and his energy, but it just doesn't come across. And you could walk in after the first 45 minutes of the movie and the movie will still make the same amount of sense. That much of a movie shouldn't be irrelevant. 
He's SUPPOSED to be like that -- all bottled up and repressed. That's part of the Magic Hulk Formula, after all. Besides, I think Eric Bana did a great job with what he'd been handed. And as for the Hulk, he does had some rage moments, but yah Ang Lee chose to show more of Bruce beneath the green skin, humanize him to a greater degree than had been done before. Altho, he does kick a great deal of mutant poodle and helicopter butt in the movie ;) 
You can still delve into the mind of repressed characters. Usually involving metaphors. A couple of stuffed toys don't cut it. 
So then what, make more room for psychoanalyzing Banner and eliminating scenes of Hulk bashing and smashing -- not to mention Jennifer Connelly screentime? C'MON. Go watch Five Easy Pieces or something... 
Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch 
Somebody recommend me some dark movies! I've seen Dark City, The Crow, and Sleepy Hollow, and I'm set to watch Donnie Darko and The City of Lost Children pretty soon. Any recommendations for dark movies? 
Dust Devil and Picnic At Hanging Rock - both have an emphasis on spooky atmosphere and beautiful cinematography. Though the term 'dark' can't be taken literally in either case; both have a supernatural element that is most prominent under the heat of a blazing sun. 
I'm saying there wasn't enough Hulk smashing scenes. 
Dag, then go finance a Hulk mini-series then. That way you can have all the psychological introspection and sweeping action scenes together. A movie's only got ninety minutes, unless Peter Jackson's involved ;) 
I had mentioned Gothic, Ghost Story and the original version of The Haunting as nice dark films - without them being too whacked-out, anyways. But my connec had begun to fuck up and it didn't work, but hay -- there you go =) 
I had mentioned Gothic, Ghost Story and the original version of The Haunting as nice dark films - without them being too whacked-out, anyways.

Whacked-out is good. :D 
A movie's only got ninety minutes

The Hulk was way over 90 minutes. Don't you agree that the first half hour at least needed to be a hella lot shorter? 
movies with dark atmosphere I take it rather than just plain dark movies?

If so, try these out :

batman and batman returns if you havent seen them

blade II (though it's really a mindless popcorn flick)

blue velvet

ring or ringu

the game 
movies with dark atmosphere I take it rather than just plain dark movies?

Either one, really.

Thanks for the suggestions. 
Donnie Darko !!!

I love this movie with the rabbit !!!
With the tehory of schtroumf :)
And the paper in ass :))) 
I Saw Ring 
Is it worth seeing ringu? 
different style, essentially same story. I prefer the visuals in the english version but the jap version is more creepy.


well all of fincher's stuff then including panic room. 
mulholland drive. 
anything by david lynch is "dark", in some sense of the word.

Apart from "the straight story", which isnt dark at all, really. :o 
Lost Highway?
Haven't seen it but been reading old NIN interviews about it.. 
Lost Highway 
nooo! dont watch it, not good.

uwf, I know but the two that I mentioned are more dark than some of his other stuff. 
I thin k movie is good inspiration my favourite movies are :

Matrix reloaded
Lord of the rings trilogy
All the aliens movie
Donnie darko
Being john malkovich
devil's avocate
Blade runner
Full metal jacket
The game
The 13th warrior
Final fantasy
Amerivan history X

I like violent film, no classic films , action films with human feels , Film who change your life in two hours . A film with you can dream !!! 
15 Minutes 
With Robert DeNiro.. it pulls on a range of emotions.. it has action, and.. god, I don't want to give any spoilers away.. but sometimes the film is genius. I missed like the first half hour or hour though.. 
Yeah ! 
Your right for the first half hour . 
15 Minutes 
I hated it, but I can see why some people like it. Personally I thought it was try hard trash.


you might like these :

black hawk down
the professional (also known as Leon)
terminator 1 & 2 
Thanks for the suggestions, all. Some I've seen, and some I haven't, so I'll be looking those up.

Also, I saw Donnie Darko last night. I liked it so much I purchased the DVD today. I can't wait to watch it again. 
Did You Just Call Me A Fuckass? 
why dont you go suck a fuck? 
My Faves: 
The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)
The Big Sleep (1946)
Big Trouble in Little China(1986)
Blade Runner (1982)
Bram Stoker�s Dracula (1992)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)
Casablanca (1942)
The City of Lost Children (1995)
Dark City (1998)
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)
The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition) (2001)
Ghost Story (1982)
The Goonies (1985)
Harvey (1950)
Highlander (1986)
It�s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)
Ladyhawke (1985)
The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
The Maltese Falcon (1941)
The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
The Matrix (1999)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)
Real Genius (1985)
The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)
The Professional(Leon) (1994)
The Road Warrior (1981)
The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)
The Stunt Man (1980)
The Terminator (1984)
The Terminator 2 (1991)
True Romance (1993)
The Usual Suspects (1995)
What's Up Doc? (1972)
Wild at Heart (1990)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

The above is most of my DVD collection--except for Wild at Heart, which isn't available on DVD for some crazed reason, and What's Up Doc, which just came out and I haven't gotten around to buying yet.

If anyone here hasn't seen City of Lost Children, I really *really* recommend it; it has some great dark images and sets. 
If anyone here hasn't seen City of Lost Children, I really *really* recommend it; it has some great dark images and sets.

City Of Lost Children 
the sets and visuals are amazing! Very very unique IMHO.

But I cant say the same about the rest of the movie, I didnt like it much. 
Yes i have forgoten leon, seven, braveheart (very good movies i have this !)
but i have never seen heat (i have heard f this movie)I don't know memento and black hawk down . But terminator 2 are good but i think the realisator frogot many thing and combat into the future are too quick ( i wait the 3 !!!) 
If you haven't seen Heat or Black Hawk Down, DO IT! Those are two of my absolute favorite movies. 
heat :

good movie but a little too long, but it has the best bank heist scene that I have ever seen.

Memento is excellent, one of my favorites. 
Yeah got that on DVD, the bank heist scene is fucking great! Worth it for that alone :)

Black Hawk Down is good but not brilliant. I prefered Saving Private Ryan's gritty and realistic outlook on war, and its consequences. Black Hawk Down does do this as well to a degree, but goes into no-where near as much detail. For actual battle scenes though not much comes close (Again SPR does rival it here though). I geuss it just depends how you like war to be portrayed on the screen. I found that the first time I watched SPR I was genuinely looking away from the screen when something particaualy grusome was happening (In particular at the end fight where that German slowly pushes the knife into that american soldiers throat) while with BHD It was more of a "Wholey shit thats grusome, but so cool at the same time" kind of affair. 
Charlie's Angels 
If you weren't wild about the first you won't like this one either. 
I think the big difference is character development. SPR was all about it. BHD had very little. I had read the book first, so I had all the character development going into it, as well as a good understanding of what was happening at all times.

I agree it depends on how you like war given to you. Personally, I really enjoyed how much BHD avoided sentimentality. It took you into the battle a little more, which made it more chaotic, confusing and exhausting, so that you only really get a chance to think about the big picture when it was over.

The other factor that affects me, is that BHD is really the only war movie about modern special forces that got things fairly accurate. I was quite tired of these movies where 3 guys hold off 10,000 people, rescue the beautiful woman, and suffer only minor wounds because they were "special forces" so they can apparently dodge bullets. 
I dont think either are great. Like I said before, IMHO BHD is a glorification of war but it is a visually stunning movie. And I'm with h-hour on the no sentimentality aspect actually working in favour of the film.

As for SPR, vastly overrated film apart from the the first 30 mins and the last 30 mins. the rest is a war road movie with setpieces every 10 mins or so. Again, it's visually stunning but like daz said, it feels more gruesome than cool.

Both good, but nto great IMHO. 
Anyone Hear About The Upcoming 9 Disc Alien Set? 
and I watched the thing, good stuff, Il iked it a lot. Pity the video quality on the dvd isnt better.

Alien Quadrilogy (DVD): Some exciting disc news today for fans of great sci-fi. has details on Fox's Alien Quadrology set which has set a tentative release of November 11th, and what's coming sounds quite cool. You will be able to play both the theatrical version and James Cameron's 'Special Edition' version of "Aliens", the former of which has never been released before on this format (only the SE has been available). "Alien Resurrection" will feature an alternate opening and ending (incl. crashdown on Earth), and biggest news of all is David Fincher's unreleased full 170 min original version of "Alien 3" will be here - almost a full hour longer than the theatrical print. The ninth disc in the set will include "Alien Legacy" Documentary, "Alien Evolution" BBC Documentary, Darkhorse Alien and Alien vs. Predator comics, and the complete collection of Laser Disc features which weren't on the previous DVD box-set. Thanks to 'The Fatfish Returns'. 
The long version of Alien3 would be worth watching. Any version of Alien:Resurrection would not. Except the version where the entire cast, production crew, Joss Whedon and the Fox executives are locked in the cargo hold when the ship hits the ground. I'd pay real money to see that.
And the BBC documentary isn't as good as it might have been - should of had less of Weaver and more of...well everyone else frankly. Especially Cobb. :D 
Long Version Of Alien3 
maybe, but it would have to be some huge alterations to turn it into anytihng decent. 
it sounds good, i'll probably be buying that set, as I havent got any of the films on DVD.

Thats presuming it costs less than a house 
I Like Alien3. 
I like the more understated, bleak, detached feel. I think it kinda works as a contrast to the original hi-tension of Alien and the gung-ho action of Aliens.

But I recognise I'm in a minority (of 1?) here... 
You will be able to play both the theatrical version and James Cameron's 'Special Edition' version of "Aliens", the former of which has never been released before on this format (only the SE has been available)

omg! :) I just fribbed all over Shamblers bald head! 
about war movies, I agree with nitin on BHD... I thought it was quite horrible (production is good tho). SPR was nice, fight scenes were cool... I still think Thin Red Line is one of the coolest war movies ever.

aliens 3 is great, dont understand why people dont like it... not enough guns I suppose. 
Fek Off 
Alien 3 is ok, it doesn't wow me like Alien and Aliens do, and its far better than ressurection. Its just missing something, a thing which made the first 2 films great, I just dont know what that thing is...

Maybe its flamethrowers, or smartguns, or apc's, or dropships, or power loaders, or jockeys, or lv426, or knives and sharp sticks.

Suspense And Freshness 
is what are missing. The first one had atmosphere to spare and great tension and suspense whilst the second one was a hell of an adrenaline ride once it got going.

The third one doesnt have the action of the second one as there's only one alien and nowhere near the tension level or freshness of the first since you already know so much about the alien species. 
I Think Alien Resurrection Is Worth Watching... 
... for the nice brown metal. 
just play quake2. 
Duh. Quake 2 was green, not brown. 
>-[^_^]-< BEEP BEEP I AM A ROBOT! 
I thought it was more orange 
well I think it was grey 
Mostly grey 
No, No, You're All Wrong 
It was definitely mostly harmless. 
28 Days Later 
Saw it a few days ago. S'good. 
Good Movies I Watched Recently 
Just a small list of recommendations, no reviews or opinions...

- Audition
- 28 days later
- Donnie Darko 
Full Metal Gokud� 
Just saw this last night -- an early (1997) TV film made by Takashi Miike (the Ichi and Audition duder). Yes, the effects are horrific, and yes, it's in Japanese (with subs), but it's funny as hell, and even dramatic in parts. It even foreshadows Ichi in several ways, but you'd have to see it to know what I'm talking about... 
spun was fun 
Schlachthof F�nf 
I watched Slaughterhouse Five a few days ago, and I must say I quite liked it. The name implies a cheesy hack-n-slash horror movie, but instead it's an adaption of Kurt Vonnegut's sci fi novel. Well worth checking, I must say. 
I Thought ... 
that the name would imply that it's based on the book of the same name :) 
Well ... 
One would normally presume so, but young people these days are so uncultured.

<RPG> Seen Slaughterhouse-Five?
<Bal> no sir
<RPG> Hmm
<RPG> I have that on my list to watch in a few weeks.
<Bal> biff is the gorry movie man =)
To Change ... 
What do you think about matrix reloaded ?

PS : bal never u check your email ??? 
What do you think about matrix reloaded ?

Entertaining. Intelligent, or at least intellectual. More like live-action anime than a hollywood action movie. Lots of potential made by expansion of the diagesis. The emotional core of the story was filled in the previous movie though, so Reloaded is not as inspiring or memorable or repeat-viewable. Twins are cool. 
<q>What Do You Think About Matrix Reloaded ? </q> 
I think I'm in love with the first horde-of-Agent Smiths battle. 
Matrix Reloaded 
Note, I'm not a huge fan of the first movie, but I'll admit that it was cool if nothing else. I guess I just dont like the pretentiousness of it all.

About Reloaded, I dislike it even more simply because of the increased level of pretentiousness (especially the last 10 mins or so). It's deliberately complicated to confuse rather than being "complex" as it is trying to be. Apart from that, the basic plotline is dispersed with kung fu fight scenes every 10 mins or so which feel forced rather than being exciting. The acting is of a lower level than in the first one, except Keanu who probably improves (must have been a real challenge for him) and the dialogue in general is heading towards George Lucas territory.

Also, this movie like LOTR:TTT seems to follow a more traditional hollwood structure unlike both the prequels which were different. IMHO, those approaches made them far more entertaining and memorable than the sequels.

Having said that, the 100 agent vs Neo fight was cool, even though you could spot when they were using CG neo (why would you slow mo a totally CGI fight, it make it more obvious). And I'm getting the DVD simply for the chase sequence, that's hands down the best I've seen. 
I'm Not Agree ... 
I think the 100 smith agent vs neo fight is until and too unreal . For the end of the film I wait for Matrix revolution ...
And i think the first Matrix was the Film of the 20th century . Twins are cool and the Merovingian is an important personnage of the film. I love the music !!! In the end of the first matrix they have choose Ratm - wake-up in the end of the second they have chose Ratm (again) - calm like a bomb . Good music :)

PS : R.P.G young people can have more culture than you ! 
For The Record 
I am 19 years old. It was a joke. 
I just read the post quickly ;)
We have the same age ! (1984 best year) 
I agree and disagree with Nitin at the same time :)

It could never be as revolutionary as the 1st film but still it expands the whole story or depth of the matrix universe very nicely, especially how you learn more about how the matrix really works, with all the programs and hacks etc etc, and the architect bit and the end was cool too (btw, did anyone notice that all the monitors on the walls looked exactly like the monitors that the camera dives into before going into the scene where neo gets pinned on the table in the 1st movie?)

The car chase is by far the best car chase I have ever seen ;) Totally wicked, but unfortunately most of the other fight scenes seem forced as Nitin said. The most obvious of which was when neo had a mini-fight with the protector of the oracle. Pointless. And again neo fights buttloads of agent smiths, why not just fly away? :)

Cant wait to see what happens in revelations. Should be very interresting... 
Why Doesnt He Fly Away? 
otherwise they couldnt insert the second coolest scene in the movie and wouldnt have anything to fill their trailers with :) 
Here, I sent u an email, but apparently u havent answered... or im not getting ur mails...

uhm, Im easily entertained when kungfu and big explosions are concerned, so I thought reloaded was pretty bad ass, and I thought there were some interesting ideas in the story (but yeah, its made out to be more complicated then it actually is... I think). 
While it can be argued that the second Matrix film plays Doom II to The Matrix's Doom, it still manages to set the scenario for the third movie: That humanity (and, if you buy the "humans as batteries" sctick, the AI) are at a critical point where the survival of one race, or the other, or both, is in the balance.

Other, smarter people than me, have argued that the AI couldn't get enough energy to survive from us meaties, and that they need us for something else, like mental abilities that they cannot simulate.

Now, allow my inebriated self to ass-ume the role of The Great Criswell and say:

I predict: that Neo will somehow bring about the fusion of both the human and the AI races into a future of mushy peace and harmony!

I predict: that Neo will somehow bring about the destruction of the AI's control of the Matrix and return control of the destiny of the human race to the human race!

I predict: that one or the other, or both, of these predictions will come true, for mine is the logical or!

/me takes off the Criswell role and sends it to the dry cleaners 
I send you an e-mail since one day ;) your e-mail is off !!! 
The Nost Obvious Prediction... 

Is that the real world is in fact another layer of the matrix. 
that's too easy to go with the pretentious nature of the films. They'll probably go with the more nonsensical idea that due to Agent Smith and Neo's interaction in the first film, Neo's developed some of his machine like abilities (including control) in the real world and Smith's developed some of his human like abilities. How they explain that, I can only guess but that'll probably be done in Revolutions. It also makes the dialogue between Smith and Neo before the horde fight make more sense.

Also, I'm sure they'll pull a 'twist' out invovling the real mother of the matrix since the Architect never admitted that the Oracle was in fact the mother of the matrix. 
More Likely 
In the real world, Neo and company will find out that the core systems of the Matrix are being run on an old Windows PC, hence the need to "reset" everything at frequent intervals. 
It's A Wonder 
there've been no BSODs yet... 
Pirates Of The Caribbean 
nice stuff! johnny depp is in nice form and the CG is nicely done. Verbinski's visual style continues in the same moody style as 'The Ring'. Well worth watching, it's a tad too long though. 
saw this last night. It has to be one of the greatest scripts ever written. Very classy stuff. 
You Know What 
Fuck the matrix.

I mean really.
Fuck it. It's crap. it really is.

It has good action scenes, in fact incredible action scenes, and besides that Laurence Fishburne is usually a good actor. But I mean really, what is it? It's a combined rip-off of Terminator and Dark City, with 1.1735% pretentiousness thrown in for good measure and 1.732% shittiness as an overall factor. My biased, arrogant opinion is that if you find the Matrix series thought-provoking, you're probably mentally retarded.

Good action? fine. But revolutionary and thought-provoking? My god, what has the human race come to... 
"Fuck the matrix.

I mean really.
Fuck it. It's crap. it really is."

Tronyn for President !!!!!!
You got my vote.
I seen the first one ( never paid to see it, seen it on TV, still felt ripped off ) When the second one comes on, I'll change channel and watch the test pattern instead. I really don't see what all the fuss is about. But thats the beauty of freedom of choice and individuality, each to his own, and his own to each. 
you forgot to mention that it was shot well, well the first one anyway. But I'm with you anyway.

Also, saw Vertigo last night. Pretty good, just not what I was expecting. Fantastic visuals, especially for the time but it's a bit long and windy for what it is. 
You went to an action flick looking for a meaningful philosophy lesson, and you're calling other people retarded? 
I think that's the problem, if it was a straighforward action flick, that'd be fine. But it's very pretentious, and IMHO that takes away from it. 
I Entirely Agree 
If you want a good action movie, fine. both matrix films are fairly entertaining. but the pretentiousness, and how stupid people go on and on about how clever and philosophical it is, is really what ruins it. I'm not saying it has no virtues, including being shot well and of course its action scenes, even some interesting ideas, but as an entire package you've got to include pretentiousness in there, and that just stinks. and WTF was that about vampires and ghosts being explained as exiled computer programs? THIS MAKES NO SENSE. that was just another example of them trying to be clever, and market the film as if it is thought provoking.

I didn't go to an action film looking for a philosophy lesson, but that is how the matrix presents itself. 
The Matrix relates to a few thoughts that are very universal and hadn't been wrapped up in one package before, and it was well done. However, the idea of a sequel delving deeper into the details of their specific embodiment of these messages almost seems to undo the universal message and has yet to tempt me. 
I Don't See It 
I didn't get a vibe of pretentiousness. Maybe I've been exposed to so many truely pretentious films that it rolls right off my back and I can no longer recognize it in smaller doses. What was pretentious about it? 
an example would be the architect's speech in Reloaded. What he revealed was not really all that complex (well maybe in plot terms but not so much otherwise), however the way it was presented was deliberately done so that it sounded confusing and intellectual. 
On Aohter Note 
I saw JFK last night, and took kell's advice of watching it with a grain of salt. Personally, I liked it, quite a lot. I think it works quite well as a film but no so good as a documentary (especially if you hear how much was inaccurate or fabricated in Stone's commentary). However, the question I guess is whether it would have worked as well as a film if the material was not about real events? 
What made the delivery seem falsely intellectual?

You're not just talking about the multiple Neos on the monitors, are you? I hope not, I thought that part was really cool. 
I meant the language (mainly) and structure it was delivered in. The terminology etc makes it sound complex and confusing when it's really not all that articulate an idea.

A lot of people I know that watched it didnt get the ending because they thought it was too complicated, which wither means that they're stupid or the creators got what they intended. 
The terminology etc makes it sound complex and confusing when it's really not all that articulate an idea.

As you said, if you're saying something simple then there's no real need to use complex language; but to me, that was part of the character. It would rather be an anticlimax to find that the architect, the creator of the Matrix, not only looks like Colonel Sanders, but talks like him, too.

You don't meet the smartest person in the world and expect him to use a vocabularly on the same level as a 4th year student, just because that's the average reading level for the population. 
And Yes 
I probably contradicted myself a bit in that message. Deal with it. 
The architect certainly spoke in a way that was hard to follow, but I don't think he spoke in a particularly intelligent way. A lot of the longer, more uncommon words were just put in there for the sake of it, where much clearer words could have been chosen to convey the message. A more intelligent way of speaking would choose a longer word because it conveyed something more subtle: a more complicated, subtle or elusive meaning. The architect from the Matrix Reloaded was made to speak big clevor words because it makes him, and the movies underlying philosophy and 'plot' seem big and clevor. Welcome to pretentiousness, for lesson two we'll be visiting the Art Department. 
E I E I O 
Words can't be clevah, only sentances.

If you want to create the impression that he's so intelligent, using longer and less common words would be a good route to go. And that's not pretentious. What they should have done was have Neo say everything back to him in a simpler language and probably using a metaphor (the Star Trek method). 
Teh Matraxz 
thats very typical.
you dont like *somthing* that others adore and you feel pissedoff and start to HATE it and even everyone who loves it...

if it makes you feel any better: you are fine if you dont dig matrix, dont worry :) 
Err Speedy 
talk about taking if out of context. I dont recall anyone (apart from maybe Tronyn) saying that they hate all Matrix-lovers or that they couldnt stand the film. I think it was more a discussion on what aspects of the film they did and didnt like.


I was going to reply, but starbuck said most of all I had to say. I'll just add that considering the rest of the film had dialogue that looked like it was stolen from George Lucas's safe, some of the "intellectual" conversations looked really out of place. The first one's a bit better in this respect, but still pretentious IMHO. 
/me shrugs

I had no real issues with that part of the movie, so suit yourself. 
It was someone on this board I think that said it best. They said something along the lines of:

"The Matrix wasn't nearly as cool as it thought it was."

I still use that phrase to explain to people what I don't like about The Matrix. That said, I do enjoy the movies quite a bit. Good action and a more interesting plot line then most blockbuster movies make up for all the things I don't like about the movie. 
I didn't really read this entire thread, or care to, but here is my view on whatever was said on the matrix.

Basicly it was a very good action movie, that is true. But to say it sucks when you like Dark City instead is just retarded. I only saw Dark City after the matrix, so I don't care if Matrix stole their ideas (I am sure they didn't tho, they actually stole most of it from a japense cartoon, and i don't think they had the time to steal dark citys ideas, it only came out a little before the matrix.)

The reason I think so many people hate it, is because of the many people who love it because they think it is smart. It is not smart at all, but either is Dark City.

The Matrix and dark city also have very nice styles. While dark city is very dark, the matrix is very clean and sci fi (i would also say somewhat industrial).

and about the movie being pretentious... it never is! I suppose a lot of people might think the end of reloaded is pretentious, but it really isn't. The reason it is complex is because he only gives little info on certain things, it is not that he uses big words.

Besides, what did you expect him to sound like? He is the creator of the matrix, did you expect him to say "hey neo waz up? did ya know your the 6th one, and that hot dark haired girlfriend of yours is going die". OF COURSE he was going to sound smart. Of COURSE he was going to use big words (I don't know why they made him look like the KFC guy tho)

anyway, to sum up my post, tronyn is an idiot who stills in his dark room all day having 26s listening to NIN (and i know this as a fact), and the matrix was really not that bad. 
Yes, Tronyn 
You're wrong because... because... you're just WRONG! Ok?! Cunt. 
An Old French Film 
a good movie. its old, weird and abstract. its called Un Chien Andalou, and its from 1928, and its 15 minutes or so.

Pixies - Debaser 
Got me a movie
I want you to know
Slicing up eyeballs
I want you to know
Girlie so groovy
I want you to know
Don't know about you
But I am un chien Andalusia

a very good song based on that very movie :)
more info:

Based on French surrealistic film "Un Chien Andalou" (An Andalusian Dog), by Spanish director Luis Bunuel (1928). The film starts with the scene in which an eyeball is being cut open.

Andalusia is the Southern region of Spain including Sierra Nevada & valley of the Guadalquivir.

"I wish Bunuel was still alive. He made this film about nothing in particular. The title itself is a nonsense. With my stupid, pseudo-scholar, naive, enthusiast, avant-garde-ish, amateurish way to watch 'Un Chien Andalou' (twice), I thought: 'Yeah, I will make a song about it,' he sings: "un chien andalou"...It sounds too French, so I will sing "un chien andalusia", it sounds good, no?" - Black Francis, translated from a Spanish interview
Anyone Else Seen NARC 
damn good film, just got released here in Australia. It's like a cross between Serpico and French Connection and you really cant go wrong with that. 
I wouldn't go so far as to compare it to those ground breaking films, but NARC does deliver what it set out to do. 
I always see it in Blockbuster and think maybe I'd like to see it. I just might have to go ahead and try it now. 
well it cant be as ground breaking as those two because the raw cop thriller was sort of original back then, whereas it has been done to death by now. I was more commenting on how it's different to nomral cop thrillers by comparing to those that seem similar in atmosphere. 
Recent Viewings From My Unwatched Dvd Stack 
who framed roger rabbit?

Pretty good, quite witty in parts and the toon stuff is actually integrated quite well for its age.

the truman show

This I like, cleverly executed idea that's quite interesting to watch. Dont know what all the fuss about Carrey's performance was though, this is Peter Weir's film.

Total Recall

Liked this too, even though I dont normally like Verheoven movies. Action was good and the movie wasnt as cheesy as his others.

The Third Man

Excellent stuff. Orson Welles is the man, he stole this movie even though he's only in it for about 1/3 of the time.


Good stuff, well written and acted and it didnt drag on.

A Simple Plan

Excellent movie with great script and decent acting. I was waiting for Bill Paxton's character to just lose it and start yelling "Game Over Man, Game Over!" at some point.

The Shawshank Redemption

Brilliant stuff, easily the best prison movie I've seen, Morgan Freeman is in grat form and Tim Robbins puts in one of those good one-note performances.

Rear Window

This has to be one of my favorite movies now. No faults in it at all IMHO.

Rosemary's Baby

good movie with excellent direction, too bad the lead up the to the ending sucked though, totally out of place with the rest of the movie. The Satan rape scene was bizarre and creepy too. 
I Just Saw 28 Lays Later For Free 
and I want my money back. 
I'll Send You The Money 
if you'll send me back the money I pay for a stamp. 
I dont want to spend another cent in relation that movie. 
More Ramblings 
again, more from my unwatched dvd stack :

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

ok movie, stunning visuals, nice climax.

Groundhog Day

Pretty funny, dont nomrally like Bill Murray but this is tailored perfectly for him.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's creative vision is pure genious. Musical numbers got a bit too much for me but it looks spectacular and the dark humor is done well.

The Quiet American

Good stuff, tight sotry at about 90 mins and pretty good acting and tension.

Punch-Drunk Love

Not as good as I was hoping but the quirky moments are quite welcome and the visuals are great. Adam Sandler does a Truman Show with this one.


No Gore but much better than the slasher flicks of the last 20 years or so. They way Hitchcock makes you think that the movie is about some woman with personal problems in the first hald hour is fantastic.

The Pianist

Brody deserved his oscar as did Polanski.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Jack Nicholson must have hit a pruple patch with this and Chinatown. Excellent stuff though the ending felt a bit too cute.

Once Upon a Time in America

Again, not as good as I'd hoped but there's a lot to like, especially in the first half. Leone probably bit off a bit too much though.

Monster's Ball

Way better than I thought it would be, quite an interesting handling of the subject.


Pretty good, the sledgehammer scene actually had me feeling James Caan's pain. Too contived and predictable in the end though.

Miller's Crossing

Excellent stuff, Gabriel Byrne does his best at a film noirish charcter and the Coens put together their best film after Fargo.

The Man Who Wasnt There

Average movie with moments of inspiration. Wonderful B & W cinematography.


Considering the age, the film holds up really well. I didnt think I'd like it this much given that I was watching it now.

The Hours

Everyone, I mean everyone, in this movie is in superb acting form. Movie itself is quite good, if a bit hard to relate to all the depression.

High Fidelity

Amusing film, probably because it has so many familiar characters.

Good Will Hunting

Wow, much better than I thought. The ending was poor, and the idea a bit too BS, but the rest is quite impressive.

Gangs of New York

average film with good visuals and a good performance by Day Lewis and a bearable performance from DiCaprio.

The Game

Very good till the very end, where it falls complteley flat on its face. Considering the script, Fincher did a damn fine job with it.


Not sure on this, it spares you the Matrix's philosophical crap yet the Matrix probably has a better script regardless. The action scenes are very good, even though some sequences (ie it has its very own Lobby Sequence near the end) are too Matrixey. Worth watching anyway. 
The Latest From Amazon.Com 
Finally got my copy of John Carpenter's classic 1988 Neo-Red Scare flick They Live on DVD. For details check and my take on it is very much along the lines of the comment on that page -- there SHOULD be more movies like this =)

The only drawback to the DVD tho is the lack of commentary by The Carpenter (I was hoping he and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper would have as much fun doing the commnetary as JC and Kurt Russell did on the The Thing and Big Trouble In Little China -- the clink of glasses and the flicks of lighters, along with some of the most wayward commentary you'll ever hear, simply adds to the movie experience after you've seen it the initial time).

All in all, it's just good to see this movie on DVD, but I'm still hoping a Special Edition is coming soon... 
Bad Boys 
Bad Boys 2 was just released, and I happened to find the first movie on DVD a few weeks ago. Even though you might not like the movie itself (about two-thirds of it is spent watching Will Smith running with his shirt open in slow motion), there are some nice extras.

The documentary is more about the special effects used in the movie than the movie itself, which is nice. Also, there are some short clips shot with special cameras that show you just what real bullets do to various items, and how those movie explosions look. And then there's an isolated music soundtrack, a very nice touch, and something I'd like to see used more often. 
thoughts? Wondering if I should go and see 
Boring vehicle for action scenes that aren't really all that cool.

Whatever-the-hell that girl's name is... (I can't think of it now, but the main star) she is the perfect vampire-killer-chick-in-leather. I did not feel cheated by the bad movie because she was just that hot (and I could barely sit through Blue Crush). She doesn't lap dance the whole erotic element of the dark, sexy killer chick thing. She's pissed off and bitchy and oh so hot for it. She out-acted the movie. Did I mention she was really hot? Because she was. 
Kate Beckinsale 
movie looks alright in the ad though.

On another note, saw Dark City again, but this time on DVD. Fuck it looks great! And the first 70 minutes is still awesome. 
Phone Booth 
I saw Phone Booth recently and quite enjoyed it. The brevity of the film is something rarely seen outside of animation, but it worked well. All in all, it's a bit different from all the rest and was worth the 81 minutes of my time. 
I recently saw Spider on DVD. It was a visual masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Acting was good. It's a good movie to figure out if you enjoy that sort of thing, with several subtle symbolic things to check out on subsequent viewings. The movie works surprisingly well considering how little dialogue there is.

My primary complaint is that it moves too slowly. There are too many shots of Mr Cleg slowly walking down a road, writing in his journal, or some other act that didn't really need to be shown on screen for that long. 
League Of Extraordinary Gentleman 
so-so film which had great potential. Some of the characters they picked were questionable though (ie Tom Sawyer just seemed to be in so that american audiences could identify with something). Action scenes were okay but the jerky usage of the camera was a clear sign of a limited budget. And there's a sequel coming.

Other viewings recently included :

Exorcist - very nice, not that scary but very cool nonetheless. I actually thought the much talked about spider walk was actually pretty cool. Didnt understand how Regan was posessed though, it went from Iraq to the US without much explanation.

edward scissorhands - tim burton needs to have his visual creativity bottled and sold. And he and johnny depp need to make more movies together. This is classy, albeit predictable & cliche storytelling. The avon lady would have to be the best character though.

dr strangelove - good but not as great as I was expecting. The scenes in the plane (barring the survival kit stuff) were too long and boring. The rest was pretty cool though, although the ending may have been better with just the first explosion as the last scene, and dr strangelove's speech moved to just before that.

dog day afternoon - very good and very funny, perhaps 15 mins too long but that's forgiveable given what precedes it. Al Pacino is in awesome form and the script is great. 
The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books, and the use of Dorian Gray in the movie made me want to wretch. It was heresy.

Long, boring movies with cool scenes is Kubrick's trademark.

Burton is the man. 
LOTR Festival 
Ooh, scored some tickets today to go see all three of the LOTR movies back to back to back on December 16. There'll be intermissions in between, of course -- and it'll rock just to see the whole thing together at the theater, like some uber-quality miniseries ;) They're only showing it in TWO theaters in Tennessee -- anyone else know when and where it's showing elsewhere? 
Hellboy Site 
LOTR Trilogy Showings In US 
/me hugs Quaketree 
Kill Bill 
Enjoyable. Not a serious a movie, but not corny either (I felt the trailer was trying to be too funny/cute, and that's not what the movie is). Lots of action, lots of gore, and lots of outrageous, laughable gore. I thought the movie got lost on side-stories too frequently and for too long, though. Still, I liked it. 
Latest DVDs 
Got Wrong Turn and The Gate -- with Wrong Turn being a solid survival horror flick with some great shocks, although its depiction of the South and the rural inhabitants is a bit off-putting in its exaggeration. I mean, the Redneck Trucker and the One-Toothed Gas Station Attendant were a bit much alongside the inbred mutants who are the prime offenders in the movie. All that aside, Wrong TUrn is a really good one-time view, but not necessarily a keeper for the collection.

The Gate is a classic in my book: It came out in 1987, and is a stand-out since it doesn't rely on either gore or titillation as did most movies of that period. It even has a PG-13 rating =) Yeah, it's sorta sappy at the core, but a really neat movie about the Old Gods invading from below via a hole in this kid's backyard =) 
you seem to be into horror stuff, can you recommend anything good? Only stuff I've seen from the genre that I'ave actually liked are Exorcist, The Thing & Rosemary's Baby. 
My Horror Picks, A Thru D (part One -- 5000 Character Limit) 
I love the horror genre, and am really happy that it seems to having a bit of a resurrection lately. But the genre itself is not nearly as cut-and-dry as most people think, and I detail some of my own specifications in the partial list below:

Audition (Oodishon) - 2000: Takashi Miike's utterly disturbing take on a May-December romance ;) It takes some time to get going (this is done deliberately, as far as I can tell), but when it does, it pays off. Mind you, this isn't a film for the weak-stomached, and it is Japanese with subtitles.

The Brood - 1979: David Cronenberg's take on internalizing our anger. Cronenberg's early films like this tend wind along a bit unevenly at times, but the performances are fairly solid, and some nice shocks are in store. Again, this is a disturbing and graphic film -- but Cronenberg, while excessive, is always effective.

C.H.U.D. - 1984: This is typical of one of my favorite sub-genres in horror, Cheese Horror. Cheese Horror is usually caused by a restricted budget, forcing the filmmakers to take what had been a serious concept and weaken it slightly, due to the lack of realism in production or of focus in the script. But when it's done well, Cheese Horror makes for a great watch -- and C.H.U.D. is one. If you can find the DVD, the commentary track by the director and lead actors is hilarious.

Cannibal Holocaust - 1980: This movie has to be seen to be believed. This is the template on which lesser films like The Blair Witch Project are based, providing a faux-documentary feel to its subject, but its it believable, and powerful. This is not as much a horror film as an exploitation film, and again it is graphic and disturbing. It won't leave your mind for some time after you see it.

The Car - 1977: The Cadillac of Cheese. The Mysterious Black Car From Hell torments a small town, and James Brolin vows to total it. What's odd here is that this is a really bad concept done really well, but since the concept is so bad, the overall effect is like watching one of the Airplane! movies. A hoot.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover - 1989: From the wonderfully whacked Peter Greenaway (I need to find more of his stuff, btw) comes this elegant and ultimately quite disturbing movie. The film is like a play or opera of sorts, very classical and well-paced -- and the ending is worth the wait.

Dawn of the Dead - 1978: One of my all-time faves, this rates as higher quality Cheese. The higher rating is for the thought-provoking premise, and the undercurrents of black satire that run throughout the film. Its predecessor Night of the Living Dead and sequel Day of the Dead seem to lack both of those qualities, IMO and aren't nearly as much fun to watch. This is getting ready to be re-released in a new version starring Ving Rhames, and I heartily suggest the original be seen first, although I have high hopes for the new version.

(see below for more)  
My Horror Picks, A Thru D (part Two) 
Dead & Buried - 1981: Written by Dan O'Bannon, the guy who helped script Alien and Total Recall, and who directed the original Return of the Living Dead (see below), this movie plays like a made for TV flick, but has a good bit of gore here and there, and a neat premise. Not way up on the list, but a good rental nonetheless.

The Dead Zone - 1983: David Cronenberg again, but considerably more solidified than his past films. One of the best Stephen King adaptations (my other faves are Tobe Hooper's made for TV miniseries Salem's Lot and Mick Garris' The Stand,), and starring The Man Himself, Christopher Walken. A really good thriller, simply put.

Deep Rising - 1998: Stephen Sommers' first hit before The Mummy. More a sci-fi/horror/action m�lange than anything, it's a great ride, funny as hell in parts (due mainly to Kevin J. O'Connor as Joey, who should be in more movies, dammit), and has some awesome shocks and great tension. Big, noisy fun.

Deliverance - 1972: The film Wrong Turn wanted to be like, but couldn't. Directed by John Boorman, one of my fave filmmakers (I even forgive him the retched Exorcist II), this is a very disturbing and effective movie, with solid performances by the likes of Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Burt Reynolds and Ronny Cox. A must-see.

Demon Seed - 1977: Sci-fi/horror, an adaptation of a novel by Dean Koontz, with the beautiful Julie Christie giving a nice performance in this tale of technology gone amok. Sure, it's somewhat dated, but effective and overall a creepy flick.

The Devil's Rain - 1975: This movie is total Cheese, but oddly enough the ending freaked me out a little. William Shatner takes on Ol' Scratch, vividly portrayed by Enrest Borgnine! No, really!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (TV) - 1973: I only include this for two reasons -- I've GOT to find it on VHS or DVD (doubtful if it'll ever come out), and it's being remade as well. In it a young woman nad her husband inherit her father's old Victorian house, which has a few suprises in store for her. Simply put, I watched this on late-night TV once was a kid, and couldn't sleep afterwards for a week. Creepy as fuck stuff.

That's all for now, I'm cramping here. But this is fun, and I'll add more later if anyone likes. 
The South 
If you're going to show the south at all then you might as well depict everyone in it as Fualknerian chuds.

I'm already afraid to drive through the bible belt. 
Well, you're an idiot. That's like depicting Noo Yawkers as guys named Vinny, Midwesterners as people obcessed with dairy products and the enitre state of California full of Jeff Spicolis. And it's Faulkneresque, you git. 
Sounds about a million times better. 
Cheers Biff 
will see if I can track down some of those. I've got Deliverance, didnt know it really classified as horror. 
All I know is that if I were Ned Beatty in that movie, I would have to disagree with you ;) 
All I know is that if I were Ned Beatty in that movie, I would have to disagree with you ;) 
appreciate the recommendations biff, i'll add them to the list and eventually watch them. i'm a big horror fan too, but don't watch much because there's so much garbage, unless it's had a good review or been recommended.

i saw 28 days later today. was alright although i would have liked more focus on surviving the zombie's rather than the second half of the movie with the camp of soldiers wanting to rape and murder - which was pretty unrealistic. the original ending would have been better too, and gave a good opportunity for a sequel.

looking forward to texas chainsaw2, jeepers creepers2 and freddy vs jason. anyone seem them yet?

look forward to more of your horror list later biffy :P 
(fingers In Ears) LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA....... 
[Kona] almost gave away the plot for 28 days. 
Come back! Make maps!

28 Days Later I liked much. 
Hay [Kona]! 
And thanks =) I'll get some more up later in the week, but one of the things I always stress about horror flicks is that since there is so little stuff that ain't garbage, an appreciation of the garbage is a given. But maybe it's just me -- I dig cranking up C.H.U.D. or Motel Hell and they're always entertaining. 
I've seen Freddy vs Jason 3 times, it's good if you like that kind of thing. Texas Chainsaw remake was good, actually one of the sickest movies I've seen, erm if you like that sort of thing. Never seen 28 days later. 
My Horror Picks, E Thru H (Part One) 
Well you asked for it -- here it go. We'll be getting into some of the major franchises of the genre, but I'll only mention the original films, with some asides to the sequels for the most part. As is the case with most series, if you've seen one, you can pretty much guess what the others will be like.

The Entity - 1981: Barbara Hershey is foxy as always, and extremely effective in this film about a woman tormented by an invisible being. It tries to go the route of The Exorcist and Polergeist, and offer some pseudo-scientific and psychological proof for and against the existence of said Entity, but isn't quite convincing (not that Poltergeist really was, either). Nonetheless, the film is really effective and doesn't fall over into exploitation when involving the attacks, which are basically rape scenes. A really good rental.

The Evil Dead - 1981: You can look at the Evil Dead movies as either comedies or horror films, but the first film was much more rooted in the latter. It nonetheless is extremely funny at times, due mainly to Sam Raimi's twisted perspective on the subject. Simply said, if you're a fan of horror or even curious, this in one of the movies you should see -- if anything to see the debut of The Chin That Roared, Bruce Campbell.

The Exorcist - 1973: My all-time fave. Nothing has yet to match the considerable impact this film made on me as a kid (no, not back in '73, later in the '80s when it was on HBO), and continues to through adulthood. It is an effective, thought-provoking, sometimes disturbing and always fascinating film, with marvellous performances, impressive visual effects (for the time), and a creepy-as-fuck soundtrack. It was in my opinion the first mainstream film to take the genre of horror seriously, and have the balls to carry all the way to the goal: endless streams of obscenities, a cruicifix masturbation, not to mention that scene at the hospital where poor Regan is stuck in the neck, and the blood goes flying. Avoid the first sequel if at all possible, but see the third movie, which was directed by William Peter Blatty, who wrote the original novel, as well as the one on which Exorcist III was based -- Legion.

The Fog - 1980: "Something like an albatross around the neck. No. More like a millstone. A plumbing stone, by God. Damn them all." Not necessarily a effective film, but has some creepy scenes, like when you hear the afore-mentioned statement (my fave scene, btw). A great ensemble cast, featuring the always-vulnerable Jamie Lee Curtis, the always-foxy Adrienne Barbeau, the always-consternated Hal "Blake, I Have Your Gold" Holbrook, and everybody's favorite two-fisted, hard-drinking, hard-loving (insert occupation here), Tom Aktins. It's obviously one of my faves -- now you can have a stomach-powder and a coke ;)

Frailty - 2001: This is a unique film in that it's not necessarily frightening, or even disturbing -- but it is unsettling. It is effective not as much because of what you see and hear on the screen, but what you think about it afterwards. Bill Paxton gives a great performance, as well as supplying a solid vision behind the camera as director, with Matthew McConaughey and Powers Booth, as well as the two young actors Jeremy Sumpter and Luke Askew offering excellent support. It won't leave your mind for a while after viewing. 
you forgot to mention the spiderwalk sequence, I thought it was pretty cool. 
Wanna see a Sick movie?
Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses

Haven't seen texas chainsaw so I can't compare, but this one is pretty sick.

Dagon //// 4 severed tentacles (we need a severed tentacle icon :)
Didn't know it was on so i missed the 1st half,
but the second half was nice and ummm
"atlantis gothic"??

Beyond Reanimator <skull><skull><skull> (3 skulls)
not bad if you like the inject them with glowing syringe and bring 'em back as zombies
type things.

Necronomicon <skull> <skull> / (2 skulls and one severed tentacle)
3 stories by Lovecraft
Good stuff.

Bone Snatcher <skull> <skull> (2 skulls)
Not scary enough :)
Also, carrying nitroglycerine without a stabilizing agent in the desert is suicidal at best (it explodes spontaneously if it reaches 90 degrees F), almost no one uses nitro as an explosive anymore, tnt, C4, Semtex, Ampho or other more stable explosives would be used (probably a binary explosive). 
Borked Icons 
doh no icons? or did I just bork the code? 
No Icons 
Right, so where's Alien?

Cannibal Holocaust was quite... interesting. Though I have to admit that the very last line made me laugh, some of the more graphical scenes were unsettling. Then again, it was too slow even for my tastes, and was pretty much made just to try out some neat special effects involving chopping people to bits. 
Nitin, Vigil 
Hehe, I actually don't mention the spider walk because I always go by the 25th Anniversary version of The Exorcist, which didn't have the spider walk. That is a really cool scene though, and the best additive to the otherwise wretched Version You've Never Seen, which I wish I never had, seeing as how William Friedkin did all of the cheap tricks with the film he swore he would never do some five years before.

And to be honest (and I'm sure many would disagree), I've always classified Alien as a sci-fi flick, and have never thought of it as a horror film -- even though it very obviously bears all the right characteristics. I'm a silly fuck, you know ;) 
My Horror Picks, E Thru H (Part Two) 
Friday the 13th - 1980: I know, I know, this is clich� from the word go, but nonetheless fairly strong cheese, here. Mind you, I lost interest after the first two sequels, and haven't seen all of the others at one time, which has left me with an odd patchwork of recollections about the rest of the series -- but the first film nonetheless is a hoot to watch.

The Gate - 1987: Probably the only PG-13 horror flick I'll ever recommend. As one could guess by the rating, it's not exactly filled with violence and titillation, and the leads are all kids -- but it has some really neat stop-motion effects, and moments of genuine creepiness. A nice rental.

Halloween - 1978: Basically, the film that started the whole "survival horror" sub-genre. This film seems tame by today's standards, since it mainly relies on tension and suspense more than shocks and violence. It nonetheless is one of my faves, if only for the always-excessive Donald Pleasance as the that wacky psychotherapist, Dr. Sam "He's Evil On Two Legs" Loomis. After the second film and third (a cheeesy delight, that one), I basically lost interest, as by then the original filmmakers were no longer involved, but the first film is great for its atmosphere.

Hellraiser - 1987: A decent flick from Clive Barker, unfortunately dated now in terms of visuals -- but a imaginative film anyway. To be honest, I like the sequel (Hellraiser II: Hellbound) better than this one, but again, lost interest after it. Really depends on if your into Barker's sfuff. I for one dig the otherworld of The Lament COnfiguration, and the Cenobites and lost souls who live there. Creepy stuff.

THe Hitcher - 1986: This one is a trip. C. Thomas Howell gets on the wrong side of Rutger Hauer, and lives to sincerely regret it. But he doesn't really get the worst of it - that's saved for the girl he meets along the way... I will say no more. Just see this one if you can.

THe Howling - 1981: High-grade cheesy fun, with some neat Rob Bottin werewolf effects thrown in. Like most of the Roger Corman-produced flicks of the '70s-'80s, this comes off like a made-for-TV movie with something extra. Director Joe Dante plays along well, but not without his usual dose of the tongue-in-cheek, fueled onward by John Sayles' quirky screenplay (Sayles makes an appearance in the film as a coroner, btw). And Dee Wallace Stone makes a cute werewolf, don't she?

That's it for now, again I'll post more if there's interest. 
I only saw the 'version you've never seen' edition, earlier this year. What's better/different in the other version? 
The 25th Anniversary edition was simply a digitally remastered version of the original theatrical release. What's different is that it is missing the spider walk scene, the extra scenes at the hospital (which mainly consist of Regan getting pissy with the nursing staff and some other tests that they run on her), a brief dialog between the two priests midway through the exorcism when they're sitting at the stairs, and a slightly elongated ending, where Lt. Kinderman and Father Dyer meet up at the end, which basically sets the stage for the third film, in which they're depicted as old friends. Also, there are those annoying digital paste-ins like fucking stickers one would get out of a box of cereal throughout the film, usually of ol' Pazuzu and one of Karras' mother that's seen on the curtains of Regan's window right before he jumps through it.

If you listen to the commentary on the 25th Anniversay edition, you can basically follow a list of stuff that William Friedkin says he wouldn't do to compromise his original vision for the film, and that's basically what he turned around and did with The Version You've Never Seen. Albeit it doesn't contain the spider walk, but I simply think the original is way better, since things aren't as spelled-out to the viewer on what's going on at the core of the film (the good vs. evil stuff), and those fucking digital pastiches aren't in there. 
I thought those things were meant to look like cheesy symbols, didnt know they were additions. Thanks for that though, will check the original out sometime but I'm viewing the version I have again since I still havent worked out a few things (eg how regan became possessed). At least it wasnt a total disaster ala Apocalypse Now Redux. 
Cut Directors 
you can basically follow a list of stuff that William Friedkin says he wouldn't do to compromise his original vision for the film, and that's basically what he turned around and did

That sounds suspicously like Alien: Directors Cut. When the bonus footage, including the infamous 'cocoon sequence', was released originally as part of the boxhugger set, it wasn't reinserted into the movie because Scott said the original release version was the 'director's cut'. But here we are with an extra 6 minutes of footage to justify the re-release. Oh, the thundering of the bandwagon :P 
How True Kell 
how true. 
Yeh... My God! 
Apocalypse Now redux was *horrible*.
I loved the original movie, it was so slow that you could only stand it because it was so good. It had mood and atmosphere. With the nearly hour of extra footage, the movie is just ruined. And the thing I'm most pissed off about is, I can't see Apocalpyse Now on DVD without the damned extra footage! Yes, I could technically skip the scenes, but that would just ruin the mood, and I'm serious that's the movie's primary strength. 
However, no less than nine discs of Alien-goodness will surely make up for the extra 6 mniutes. 
it depends what they've managed to find to pad out 9 discs; a proper interview with Ron 'N66 cyclone thrust tunnel' Cobb would be top of my list. Less of Sigourney 'you can't fire me' Weaver would be good too :P 
Alien Vs Predator Teaser 
from what I understand you should be able to watch both the theatrical and director's cut versions of both Alien and Aliens.

The only scene I didnt like in Aliens's drector's cut was the dune buggy ride by newt and her parents near the start fo the film, totally kneecaps the suspense when the marines find her. 
yes you can, order the original, it's still available in R1 format, albeit very expensively.

And it's harder than just skipping scenes since they've rearranged some of the footage in the timeline too. 
Starbuck: thank you, my man

Nitin: yes, the Jordan family scene was the one that stuck out the most to me, especially since it also includes Timmy, the derelict and a facehugger. Too much information. The Operations scene with Mac 'fat cop' McDonald ( aye, there's a canny name :) was rather good, though. Of course, by the time I saw the SE I'd seen the movie so often none of the extra scenes detracted very much. Perhaps it will be like that with Alien: DC.
Oh, and the 'dune buggy' is a Daihotai Tractor, btw. 
As For The 9 Disc Thing 
from what I understand, each movie will be on a standalone disc, hopefully meaning better quality and the extras on a separate disc. Disc 9 is prbably documentaries etc ala disc 5 of the original release. 
That AVP Trailer... 
...had me pissed off because it wasn't showing any footage of actual gameplay. Then I realized it's an actual movie! Sweet!

Though, I'd maybe prefer a game... Lots of movies like this end up being sub-standard (let us all forget Street Fighter, Mario Bros., and Mortal Combat - heaven help us). I did like Resident Evil though (I've never played the game, I got into Dino Crisis), so maybe AVP will be good enough to like. 
bear in mind that the franchises to which you refer are computer games -> movies; Aliens and Predators are movies -> games. The AvP movie is not to be based on the plot of either game - one little factoid that has come to my attention is that the movie is actually title Alien versus Predator and not Aliens versus Predator to subtly distinguish the movie from the games. Though that seems a bit too subtle for Hollywood :P
The plot for the movie has been posted around - I'll find the link if you want it. Near future. Antarctica. Ancient ruins. Read 'At The Mountains Of Madness' and you're halfway there. Anyone care to guess the author of said yarn? ;)
No holy cows. Nope, not here. 
Rob Zombie? 
You, sir, are extracting the urine :) 
teh humar! 
one little factoid that has come to my attention is that the movie is actually title Alien versus Predator and not Aliens versus Predator...

Yeah, that stood out to me too, but I was worried it might actually mean what it says, i.e. one alien versus one predator in some demented 'Freddy versus Jason' style bandwagon-jumping. Hopefully the plot thats circulating contains a few thousand aliens or the Predator would end the fight in five seconds and we'll have a very boring film :) 
Alien Quadrilogy 
Here's a long, long list of extras.

Bob Burns Alien Collection
Ridley Scott Q&A
Theatrical Trailer A
Director's Cut Trailer
TV Spots

"57 Years Later: Continuing the Story" Featurette
"Preparing For Battle: Casting and Characterization" Featurette
"Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn" Featurette
"Building Better Worlds: From Concept To Construction" Featurette
"Bug Hunt: Creature Design"
"The Risk Always Lives: Weapons And Action" Featurette
"The Power Of Real Tech: Visual Effects" Featurette
"Beauty And The Bitch: Power Loader vs Queen Alien" Featurette
"The Final Countdown: Music, Editing And Sound" Featurette
"Aliens Unleashed: Reaction To The Film" Featurette
"This Time It's War: Pinewood Studios" 1985 Featurette
Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics with optional Commentary
Interview With James Cameron
James Cameron Interview/Film Footage
James Cameron Intro to Extended Version
International Trailer
Domestic Trailer
TV Spots
Easter Egg: "The Boy And His Power Loader"

Alien 3:
The Making Of Alien 3
Alien 3 Advance Featurette
Theatrical Trailer A
Theatrical Trailer B
Theatrical Trailer C
Theatrical Trailer D
Theatrical Trailer E
TV Spots

Alien Resurrection:
The Making Of Alien Resurrection
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spots

Additional Supplementary Disc:
"Alien Evolution" BBC Documentary
"The Alien Legacy" Documentary
Alien Quadrilogy Trailer
Alien Legacy Trailer
Oh, Yeah 
And the source was for all of you who want to know. 
just saw this and my god is it disappointing. It's very slow to start off with (which isnt really a bad thing per se) and takes itself way too seriously. And when it finally gets going, its too hard to enjoy because of the crappy and utterly fake FX. I heard before that the hulk looked bad but even the other FX shots could use a lot more work.

Good points - funky 'comic book' style editing which actually works rather than being distracting. Too bad the direction is not as inspired as the editing.

Also saw Back to the future and the first sequel for the first time. The first one's pretty cool, I was worried it might look dated and cheesy but I didnt enjoy the second one too much (too much Biff IMHO). 
The Matrix Revolutions 
meh. Unimpressed. Should have quit after the first movie while they were still ahead.

Several scenes felt way too long. It seemed to alternate between taking itself too seriously and having too much cheese. Unlike the previous movies, there weren't even any cool fight scenes to pique my interest. There wasn't any tension, and it seems the lead characters finally realized that they were going to survive, and thus stopped trying to dodge bullets. The ending was overly happy.

On the plus side, I noticed several religious and philosophical bits that are open to analysis. Half-way through the movie we discover that Trinity and Neo are not invulnerable, but it wasn't soon enough to stop me from successfully predicting the ending; although the ending still had a few surprises.

Uh, I don't mean to be overly negative, but I was indeed quite disappointed. There weren't even any hot chicks at the theatre to sit next to. 
Thanks for the info, and I was worried while reading your post that you would give away lots of stuff but you didn't, yay!

Im seeing it on friday, we'll see... 
Revolutions; Cool action, although it all went a little Dragon Ball Z at the end :)

Plot was god awful, so were the last two, but this ignored a lot of previous plot as well.

I prefered it to the 2nd one, mainly since it was a lot more stylish and it had mecha :)

Oh, and the CG was better. 
agree with dragon ball z comment... kept expecting neo to start charging up power and release hyper goku hadoken at smith...

overall, i think it makes the second 2 movies into a decent futuristic scifi film. first movie is definatly the best, and I'm not sure how I feel about it tying into the sequels.

there were too many things that I felt were left hanging in the film's plot and it feels like everything was just thrown together to quickly wrap it up. an example, as it's pretty common knowledge the actor playing the original oracle died part way thru filming, her explination why here apperance is differant seemed lacking in an acual answer...

BUT! I still feel all the action scenes were excellant, and there's nothing absolutly WRONG with dragon ball z-ish things in a live action film, and the mecha battle with robots was awesome. Again, it's an excellant sci-fi film, but I miss alot of the 'bullet time' matrix fighting that had really defined the series.

I feel that the three films will be remembered as a great trilogy, with the first being very awesome, and the next two being a good supplement, but not have the same magic. I'll definatly be buying all three when they eventually come out on a DVD boxset. 
I think part of the problem with missing pieces in the plot is that some info in The Animatrix and Enter the Matrix was not included in the movie. There were several bits explained more fully in the game (the Oracle's shell, and how the Logos got downed for example). 
Just saw this one. I thought it was worth the price of the ticket (7.5 EUR), and, in the end, I actually liked it, though I loathed the start.

The gunfight is one of the worst I have ever seen, but the kung fu was pretty nice. In Reloaded, I think it was just the other way around. Oh, well...

Still, lacked all the innovative stuff that the first part had, and, yes, the plot was crap, and, yes, Keanu Reeves still can't act, and to top it off he was, at times, even worse than usual in this movie. 
I Liked It 
lacked all the innovative stuff that the first part had

That's what makes it a sequel and not just a movie with a suspiciously familiar title. 
Hard Boiled 
I just got this on DVD the other day, does anyone know what the native language is? I hate watching dubbed stuff. The options are : cantones, mandarin and taiwanese. 
Nitin lists Cantonese and English as the 2 availible audio tracks on the Criterion edition dvd, so I assume Cantonese is the original language. 
That's what makes it a sequel and not just a movie with a suspiciously familiar title.

I was talking mostly about cinematography. If they could've just recycled some of it from the first part, I would've been happy, but no, they just had to leave it all out. 
More Of Everything 
Fuck Me 
looks like the wachossojgsoigjosp(i dont care for their fucking spelling) bros try to impress me with like 1 mio instances of everything at once in one picture, in one frame. sad that it just doesnt work. 
just pick a language you can't understand, and then turn on subtitles in one you can. You'll be too busy reading to see if the lips match the soundtrack. 
Better than I expected it to be. More absurd things that were never explained. A hell of a lot more cheesy shit. And, winner of the Most Pointless Line Ever Award:

"Neo, I believe." 
Of Hard-Boiled And Men 
The Cantonese soundtrack, while sounds pretty good, doesn't really look like the lips sync with anything. It's not that uncommon (from what I've seen) that the Woo films of that time look like they could've used some more time in post-production. 
Got my Naked Lunch Critereon Collection DVD today! It's a two-disc set, one with a brand-spanking new digital transfer, and commentary from director David Cronenberg and lead Peter Weller, and the second with the customary Critereon Supplements, which include William Burroughs reading extracts from the original novel, and oodles of making-of stuff. I'm a happy camper for the weekend! 
forgot all about that coming out! I'll have to pick it up this weekend. Will go good next to my Fear and Loathing dvd :D 
I just saw it the other day and it wasn't what I expected, for a start there is a total lack of kung fu and with all those smiths at the end and he only fought one of them (although the punch through the rain was pretty sweet). Will there be a 4 or was that just to lead you to believe there would be one? 
Mulholland Drive 
saw it the other day. omigod what a load of pointless bs, an excuse for softcore lesbianism. lynch has an interview with some french guy and cannes press conference on the dvd - just rambles on about pointless crap nothing to do with the actual question. makes you realise the movie never will make sense.
what was alright was donnie darko. and i got audition, which was boring as hell until she cut his leg off. highlight of the movie.
just to sound lame, i enjoyed long time dead last night :P surprisingly slightly scary.
kill bill rocked too, though it should never have been chopped into 2, and instead shortened for theatres and release the long version on dvd instead. 
Since When Does Softcore Lesbianism 
need an excuse? 
Saw Bound The Other Day 
and it proved three things :

- it's not just the matrix movies, the wachowskis' dialogue writing skills in general are just above George Lucas'.

- they know how to direct a movie when the script is reasonably tight and not self indulgent.

- what metl said.

Oh, and I did enjoy it quite a lot once the actual caper started. But some of the stuff before that was tedious due to the extremely trite dialog. 
More Ramblings 
glengarry glen ross - more of a play than a film, but the weak direction made it even more so. Still, it has some pretty awesome acting from Lemmon and Pacino and one of the funniest cameos ever by Alec Baldwin.

italian job - enjoyable heist movie with some cool stunts and a novel way of stealing the loot. Not even remotely resembling the cool 1969 Michael Caine version apart from the inclusion of using minis to carry the stolen loot.

nurse betty - pretty good, but eneven and patchy overall. Reasonably funny, Chris Rock & Morgan Freeman steal the show but the other actors are good too.

the crow - saw it again and I have to say it looks dated. Sure, the visual prowess is still there, but Dark City did it much better later on. And the action scenes look pretty ordinary comparative to today's stuff.

identity - liked it up until the big twist which sucked IMHO. No clues given about it at all except one or two strange happenings which could have really led to any conclusion. The second twist was more conventional and more predictable. Well made up until about the 75 min mark.

big trouble in little china - heavily recommended, and maybe I just dont get it, but I couldnt care too much about it. Sure it has some nice humor and knows it's cheesy but I couldnt really get into it.

Lawrence of Arabia - lucky to see it for the first time on a projector, it looks fucking amazing! And a pretty good film to go with the spectacular visuals. Favorite shot has to be of the whirling dervishes along with the mirage when Omar Sharif's character first appears.

good, bad & ugly - I normally dont like westerns but reasonably enjoyed this one, probably because the style and coolness overcome the rest of the deficiencies. Good stuff.

Anyway, enough for now. 
Mulhullond Drive... 
It did kinda make sense. My girlfriend and I spent an hour going over our opinoins regarding what actually happened, and once we collaborated on ideas, the actual plot seemed to make sense somewhat. 
The Crow 
There's a part 4 coming out with Edward Furlong starring as the resurrected victim, and David Boreanz as the "bad guy" (I can't think of the word right now.. protaganist?). As much of a fan I am of The Crow (mostly part 1 but part 3 was cool) - I think they should stop. I will see it regardless though.

And little factoid: movie franchise is based upon a graphic novel (fat comic book) written by James O'Barr after his wife was killed. 
Two Towers Extended Version 
just finished watching the first disc and the movie is much better with the extra stuff. Its more rounded off and just flows a lot better. Its still inferior to FOTR IMHO, but much better than the theatrical cut so far. 
the Crow = protagonist
villain = antagonist

and yeah, I did know that about the graphic novel ( which is vastly superior to any movie ) 
Shambler Saw Some Films Recently!! 
No really. Other ppl's faults though.

Matrix Reloaded - pretty good but a mixed bag overall. Some excellent scenes, plenty of good, memorable action. But as mentioned before, too much pretentious twaddle without revealing much that was remotely interesting (aside from the programs admitting they were programs), and too much cheesey soppiness without genuine expression of feasible emotion. A good film that could have been a great film with much better editing - needed to be sharper.

Matrix Revolutions - Similar view to Reloaded, although I found this one more entertaining due to the hardcore sci-fi spectacles (the initial entrance of the squids, and the flight over the harvesting field, awesome) and smaller doses of soppiness (that were sometimes done well). Again though, pretensions without exciting relevations - the relationship between the matrix and reality, and the problem of the Smiths should have been explored in a way that added depth and interest. A little gung-ho in places too. Again, a good film that had the material and potential to be superb.

In fact, as a trilogy, they had the potential to be THE best films evar, IMHO. The material is there, the style is there, the visuals are there, the ideas are there. It just needed to be sharper, genuinely cleverer, and less hollywoodised in a few crucial places.

Kill Bill Vol 1 Chapters 1-5 etc - I didn't know it was supposed to be 2 films so I got quite surprised by the end. Quite good film, definitely entertaining. Obviously trying hard to be hip and cool but could have gone further in that respect and been slicker and sharper. I like Uma's character alternating between vicious effeciency and tortured haggardness, some of the surreal humour and the unanswered questions behind it all. "Leave your limbs behind, they belong to me now" - quality =). 
Come back when it's not in yahoo's gay "we can't let you have the actual files because we think you are a dumb cunt"-format 
YES, HAHAHA!! Godammit, Ron Perlman really is the perfect choice for Hellboy. This is good timing - I just bought my first Hellboy compilation a few days ago, and I'll be picking up the next one in a few days time.
Movie looks a bit like the X-men...only 666 times darker and grimmer. And Perlman/Hellboy is way more pithy and sanguine than Wolverine ever was.

*Kell goes bump in the night* 
The Quad, Part One 
What is The Quad? Why, the Alien Quadrilogy 9 DVD-set, of course. It was released as of Tuesday, and after watching the "Director's Cut" on the film (which should more properly be called "the Studio's Cut"), I'm still on the Alien extras disc. My God, pre-production art, an early draft of the Dan O'Bannon screenplay, Ridleyograms (the director's storyboard art) and interviews and photos and deleted scenes and alternate takes and every fucking angle of the Chestburster Scene you could imagine. This thing really rivals Peter Jackson and New Line's amazing work with the LotR:EE sets as far as all the detail and love in the package -- and I haven't gotten the second movie yet! 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new alien3 cut, that's really teh only thing I'm interested in from this set. 
Yeah, I'm anxious to see that too, not to mention the DC of Aliens (I know, I know...). Just don't wanna pass anything over -- and there's a LOT to look at here... 
The DC Of Aliens 
is much better, except for the dune buggy into at the start. 
DC Of Aliens 
is much better, except for the dune buggy into at the start.

Which pretty much ruins the whole movie anyway.

Nevertheless, the box set is incredibly sweet, since b_ff failed to mention that the set has both the original versions of all four films, and the special editions. Don't like the new version? Fine, go watch the original. 
True Dat. 
But I've already seen the originals already. So don't mess with me -- I got sonic eeelectronic ballbreakers, I got nukes, I got sticks! 
Knock It Off, B_ff! 
Alright, people. look sharp! Somebody wake up Hicks... 
Why aren't you working?

There's nothing to do.

Well you pretend that you're working.

...Why don't YOU pretend I'm working? You get paid more then me. Hell, pretend I'm mopping, knock yourself out. I'll pretend they're buying stuff and we can close up. Here's a fantasy for you bud, let's pretend I'm the boss and you're fired! If we're gonna make up shit we might as well rare on back! 
To Be Fair 
bill hicks isn't an alien movie

not yet anyway 
...holy ghost 
Actually Come To Think Of It 
This is the film thread after all, so maybe I can be a bit forgiving and just ignore it. 
The Quad, Part Two 
Was a little disappointed with this end of it, seeing as how they didn't have nearly as much pre-production art as the Alien part did, but otherwise it was quite nice. While the Director's Cut of Aliens was really excellent (it was like the LotR stuff in the way that none of it seemed to be "stuck in"), I was hoping for more of Ron Cobb's and Syd Mead's stuff on the extras disc. But there are tons of interviews, behind the scenes footage, lots of stuff with Stan the Man Winston (who up until Aliens I had seen as "that other guy who worked with Rob Bottin on The Thing") and his crew, and all kinds of ambivalence between Jim Cameron and the British crew ;) Didn't leave me as satisfied as the first movie's coverage, but it was really cool. 
Anyone Know 
who the initial choice to play Ripley was? 
Why Don't You Ask Her Herself? 
Yes, I am beside myself. Yes, I am kinda disappointed that it's R2, but like it's ever gonna have an R1 release. But it's Ichi, and it's mine. Plus it's got interviews with Takashi Miike and all the principal actors the Japanese press kit, storyboards and all kinds of shit on the second disc. I feel like Kakihara getting the shit beat out of him! 
I Just Got My RvB DVD 
Funny stuff. 
The Best ROTK Review Ever!!!!!1!

Better still, read the books and you'll save yourself ten dollars and three hours otherwise spent sitting in a dark room with a load of strangers, including several squalling infants and a giggle of teenage girls who are only there to dribble over Orlando Bloom.

(I wonder if, when ROTK finally appears in my local cineplex, there'll be any sound system failures, as happened with the last two in the series?) 
Fun Things To Do During ROTK 
(Which you've probably seen before)

# Stand up halfway through the movie and yell loudly, "Wait... where the hell is Harry Potter?"

# Block the entrance to the theater while screaming: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

# After the movie, say "Lucas could have done it better."

# At some point during the movie, stand up and shout: "I must go! Middle Earth needs me!" and run and try to jump into the screen. After bouncing off, return quietly to your seat.

# Play a drinking game where you have to take a sip every time someone says:"The Ring."

# Point and laugh whenever someone dies.

# Ask the nearest ring-nut if he thinks Gandalf went to Hogwarts.

# Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "Mr.Anderson."

# When Aragorn is crowned king, stand up and at the top of your lungs sing,"And I did it.... MY way...!"

# At the end, complain that Gollum was offensive to Ethiopians.

# Talk like Gollum all through the movie. At the end, bite off someone's finger and fall down the stairs.

# When Shelob appears, pinch the guy in front of you on the back of the neck.

# Dress up as old ladies and reenact "The Battle of Helms Deep" Monty Python style.

# When Denethor lights the fire, shout "Barbecue!"

# Ask people around you who they think is the next "Terminator" sent from the Middle Earth of the future to assassinate Frodo Baggins.

# In TTT when the Ents decide to march to war, stand up and shout "RUN FOREST, RUN!"

# Every time someone kills an Orc, yell: "That's what I'm Tolkien about!"

# During a wide shot of a battle, inquire, "Where's Waldo?"

# Talk loudly about how you heard that there is a single frame of a nude Elf hidden somewhere in the movie.

# Start an Orc sing-a-long.

# Come to the premiere dressed as Frankenfurter and wander around looking terribly confused.

# Remove the top off your drink, then proceed to light the straw on fire and tell people in the seats around you about a great battle that took place in your cup long ago.

# When they go in the paths of the dead, wait for tense moment and shout, "I see dead people!"

# Imitate what you think a conversation between Gollum, Dobby and Yoda would be like.
(Maybe Frodo should've given Gollum a sock?)

# Release a jar of daddy-long-legs into the theater during the Shelob scene.

# Wonder out loud if Aragorn is going to run for governor of California.

# When Sam holds Frodo's hand (or otherwise), start singing, "The Ambiguously Gay Duo!"

# When Shelob comes on, exclaim, "Man! Charlotte's really let herself go!"

# See how long it takes before you get kicked out of the theatre.
a giggle of teenage girls who are only there to dribble over Orlando Bloom

What, you're saying you won't be dribbling over him too? He's SOOOO dreamy! 
On Return Of The King 
Guard with Torch: That'll be ninepence.
Faramir: I'm not dead!
Guard: What?
Denethor: Nothing. Here's your ninepence.
Guard: 'Ere, he says he's not dead.
Denethor: Yes he is.
Faramir: I'm not!
Peregrin Tuk: He isn't.
Denethor: Well, he will be soon, he's very badly wounded.
Faramir: I'm getting better!
Denethor: No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.
Faramir: I don't want to go on the cart!
Guard: We can't burn him.
Faramir: I feel fine!
Denethor: Oh, do me a favor.
Guard: I can't!
Denethor: Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won't be long.
Guard: I promised I'd be with the rohirrim. They've lost 3000 today. 
On Return Of The King 
Frodo bites Gollums finger off and falls into Mount Doom.

(omg spoilers!) 
Oh And Trinity Dies 
nice satisfying conclusion to the series, with uber-happy ending! yay!

probably my favorite moment was the Gimli line "that still only counts as one" or something to that effect :) 
LOL Vigil 
I was thinking that same thing during the movie ;) And RotK absolutely kicked ass, especially the battle sequences. And I've completely changed my mind about Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee), who I originally couldn't stand seeing onscreen. His performance was quite good this go around, even better than in TTT
I just posted your little routine there on the CHUD forum -- hope you don't mind: 

Better than second, not quite as good as first.

Slow to start, but once it got going, it really got going.

Battle-scenes etc were great. Basically anything where special effects were involved, from the Shelob fight to the view of Minas Tirith, was really good. Proper fantasy spectacle bizzness tings.

Although there was the usual "Timoete advert" bollox with the Elves, the hollywoodised wanna-be coolness was mercifully toned down and even entertaining in a couple of places.

The destruction of Mordor and the final secen of Sam & Frodo sitting on the rock in the lava should have been an excellent finale.

Unfortunately all the tediously drawn out CHEESE after that spoilt it quite a bit. After each schmaltzy and unnecessary scene one thought "Ah okay, that's the end"....and then there was another....and another....and... The way this SHOULD have been done was to finish the film with Frodo being carried in the Eagle's claws, and then have just small, silent, sepia snippets of the "wrapping up" scenes during the credits. So obvious, so easy.

But still, a good film....probably a great film. But so easy to improve it by ditching the ending.. 
I Thought The Second Was Good 
but way below the standard set by the first. Seemed much more conventional Hollywood in TTT than in FOTR. So if ROTK is better than TTT, I'll be happy. As for the ending, I thought the last 15 mins of FOTR sucked but didnt spoil too much of the movie for me. So it really depends on how long the cheesy ending in ROTK goes for. 
Sorry For The Spoilers Nitin... 
...hope you just skimmed over and don't have too many inappropriate expectations. But one thing...

So it really depends on how long the cheesy ending in ROTK goes for.

Well, it feels like about 8 days when you're watching it... 
I'm not real sure how I feel about the end... On one hand, I see where you're coming from, but on the other hand, they cut alot out of the books just to get it that short! The third book was pretty much all ending, the Ring was destroyed in the first few chapters! (much of the beginning of ROTK:the movie was the end of TTT:the book)

(Book spoilers next paragraph, so don't read if you don't want)

Alot of the things done to equlize the pacing in the movie meant they got rid of things like the trip home with the farewell to Gimli and Legolas (who go to explore Fangorn Forest and The Mines of Moria together, as they had agreed to do with each other), and the Scouring of the Shire (where Sarumon, now stripped of his power, has taken over The Shire but the Hobbits drive him out and he's killed by Wormtongue).

Some of these would have just been anti-climatic in the film, while others are plain boring unless you really want 100% accurency. I feel the movie did a good job of balancing the end to what was important to bring some closure to the story and serves as a good ending to the full trilogy as a whole. 
They could have given Saruman just one of Montolio's lines... just cut five minutes from the biffo at Minas Tirith to deal to him.

(Virtual chocolate fish for whoever works out which line I man.) 
Fun Things To Do ROTK 
Point and laugh every time a horse dies 
My Humble List 
Alien (but not Aliens)
American Beauty
Animal House (I shouldn't put Old School on a list of best ofs because I have just seen it a few days ago, and I am still laughing)
Big Lebowski
Blade Runner
Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas
Fight Club
Full Metal Jacket
The Graduate (The long drive sequence (where Scarborough Fair is played twice!) makes me extremely nastalgic for Northern California)
The Kids are Alright (sonically inspiring, esp. live 'Underture')
The Magnificent Seven
Mean Streets
The Opening of Misty Beethoven (though generally speaking, I prefer 80's poof hair porn over 70's artsy porn)
Oh, Lord Where Are't Thou
The Professional
Pulp Fiction
The President�s Analyst
Taxi Driver
The Terminator
True Romance
The Usual Suspects

Excepting Fear and Loathing, where ever I fealt the book was better I didn't include the movie -- though the The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy deserves some honarable mention, my opinion of it hasn't solidified yet, and The Godfather was better than the trashy novel it was based upon.

If I had to pick one movie that literally changed my life, it would be Office Space. 
I Have To Disagree Scampie... 
If Jackson knew he was going to leave out the unfurling of the elven flag, the healing at the King's hand etc. - as well as the corollary to the return of the king (the Hobbit's battle filled return to the Shire) - then he should have named the thing LOTR: Famous Battle Sequences from the Fight for Middle Earth.

There was at least forty minutes of dead cinema available for chopping if Jackson had wanted to make space to include all the King Returns stuff.

Jackson did exceptionally well to capture the essence of FOTR, he tripped up slightly with TTT and ROTK is a travesty. 
I've been generally dissapointed with how much alteration and chopping the movie has done to the book. The movies, however, are still good, just tainted for me by how much is missing. I just wish they would have gone ahead and made it 6 movies, though I know the big studios would probably develop ulcer's on the spot at the possibility of flopping a six movie series (they're loss now, they could have made six movies worth of money).

I haven't seen ROTK yet, but I agree with distrans that Jackson puts in a lot of dead time. I saw the long version of FOTR and was amazed at how much useless movie time there was. It seems like he could have easily cut the dead stuff out and added in most of what he left out from the book.

Oh, and I heard they never go back to the Shire in ROTK. That part seemed essential to the allegorical nature of the story. Particularly the permanent effect the ring has on Frodo. Oh well. Not enough orc killing and special effects to make that part I guess. As pretentious as the Matrix series was (and good), at least they never shied away from the meaning behind the movies. As it is, the two movies I've seen are good action/fantasy movies, but nothing I need to see again. And that's too bad, because I already loved the story. 
distrans, I disagree. The scenes and sequences you mention work well as a book (especially the scouring of the shire) but not in a movie adaption. All that would have seemed anti-climatic and not really all that engrossing to non-readers as there isnt enough running time to include all that and make it flow nicely.

H-hour, again I disagree. The long version of FOTR was perfect IMHO, it flowed a lot better than the theatrical and the so called dead time was actually stuff that people complained about being left out of the theatrical cut. As for ROTK, they do return to the shire and enough (or pehaps too much) is shown of the aftermath.

In the end, a lot has to be left out and or adapted to make it work as a movie, and different people are going to value the different components left out differently. Some may not care for the scouring of the shire but would have wanted more background on the eagles or the army of the dead.

Personally I loved FOTR, though TTT was pretty good but too dragged out and place ROTK in the middle. There's too much chees to much FOTR but more spectacle to beat TTT. Also, being prepared for the cheesy last half hour, I didnt mind it that much. BUT


Eowyn killing the witch king and the manner it was done in was absolutely the weakest point of the trilogy IMHO.

Lastly, I thought the more emotional scenes seemed cheesy and excruciating simply because elijah wood and sean astin arent all that comfortable in doing those scenes. ELijah never really fully convinced me as Frodo anyway, but he was bearable enough. 
More Films 
12 angry men - quality stuff, good script and performances although some of the reasoning wasnt all that convincing.

bad eggs - pretty funny and remarkably well scripted for an aussie film. Well worth a watch, just ignore the incredibly dull trailer.

barton fink - very stylish and thoughtful, albeit quite obscure. John Goodman is great and it looks fantastic.

das boot - There is nother submarine film. Period.

Casablanca - Never seen it before, very glad to have seen it now. Great script and performances, thoroughly enjoyable.

Chasing Amy - finally a proper film by Kevin Smith and an absolute hoot as well. Great stuff!

City of God - Incredibly stylish, virtuoso visuals and raw realism, but nothing much beneath the surface.

A Clockwork Orange - still very disurbing the second time around, still a very impressive film.

Midnight Run - Deniro hols up an otherwise banal film.

Raising Arizona - tone and characters just too obscure and chaotic for me to appreciate the comedy.

big lebowski - john goodman is great again but there's not enough of him to save this otherwise awful film with completely dead laughs.

deer hunter - excellent film all round, didnt notice the length at all. Russian roulette scene is indeed a belter.

donnie brasco - pretty good, nothign new but everything's fairly solid.

finding nemo - enjoyable enough but not Pixar's best (Toy Stories)

Gattaca - quite impressive but the groundwork was there for this to be an evenr great film.

hudsucker proxy - pretty good except for the cheesy ending. Some very memorable scenes though, especially the hula hoop sales.

raiders of the lost ark - great stuff, how an action movie should be done.

indian jones and the temple of doom - terrible movie save the mine cart sequence.

indiana jones and the last crusade - pretty good though very reminiscent of Raiders. 
And Yet More 
italian job (2003) - pretty good, nothing like the original save the inclsuion of mini coopers which is good because they could have never captured the tone and mood of the original with the cast they had.

once upon a time in the west - didnt like the end (much too anticlimctic) but a fantastic start, great music and killer visuals.

pirates of the caribbean - didnt like Johnny Depp as much as everyone else, probably because I've seen him do similar stuff before (just not in a rockstar costume). Still, pretty good just not as good as it was made out to be.

to catch a thief - not as absorbing as hitchcock's other thrillers but pretty funny and well made.

deliverance - finally saw it, and didnt like it too much (Sorry Biff). The start was great (dueling banjos was pretty cool) and the movie worked well till the immediate aftermath of the rape (when they bury the first mountain man) but it just petered out after that. Voight was good but this is a one scene film if I've ever seen one. 
ROTK Again 
I forgot to mention that it's well worth getting the 4 disc sets for the films as some of the behind the scenes stuff is excellent. After you hear some of the reasonging of Jackson, the writers etc, it's easier to understand their point of view on additions/modifcations/deletions. Plus there's great audition footage of Andy Serkis as Gollum. 
Oh, and I heard they never go back to the Shire in ROTK. That part seemed essential to the allegorical nature of the story. Particularly the permanent effect the ring has on Frodo.

*** SPOILER ***

You heard wrong, they do, and the effect of the ring is about the only one of the 48 consecutive endings that is tolerable.

P.S. I have forgotten the books and wasn't particularly thrilled by them in the first place so I luckily can enjoy the films in their own right.

P.P.S. Whooops nitin already correct you, ah well. 
Good points nitin and shambler. Like I said, I still haven't seen ROTK and I've only seen the long version of FOTR so I'm just working with what I've seen.

I realize a lot had to be left out. I guess it just seemed odd what was left in and what was left out.

Like I said, the movies are still good. Just tainted for me. I guess I was hoping for a little more on the story/acting side of things. I agree Frodo/Sam did a terrible job of acting on the cheesy scenes. Cheese can drag a movie down real quick for me, and that's probably a big part of it.

Good to hear they kept Frodo's ending in. 
Sam Should've Been A Woman 
It would've all been so much less painful to watch.

It was still good though :-) 
Good List.
Midnight Run impressed me much less the second time I watched it. I liked ClockWork Orange but it came up against my better book rule. Raising Arizona is wonderful stuff.

The first Raiders movie was entertaining as hell but you have to put aside that most Speilberg films are highly manipulative Statist propaganda ('This belongs in a museum!' Argh!!)that can infest your soul with a thousand viralent memes. But then again, I'm paranoid.
Gattaca is another great underrated film. 
yeah, just trying to get through this stack of unwatched dvds that I have piled up. I was a bit worried at the start about getting so many movies blind and then not liking them but so far the unliked ones have been few and far between.

And no you dont take spielberg seriously (schindler's list excluded) :)

BTW, do you have any suggestions for stuff I should consider taking a look at? I already have these :

Still to watch about 10-15 of those, but fire away with any suggestions. 
Eiouyftdewtyuhijy6t5dx Vgbhjhutewsxdc 
Oooops just cleaning keyboard =).

Die Another Day

(in my usual attempt to see at most 1 in 10 "big" films, and at least many months after they were out :P).

WTF?? This is all a big spoof right?? Like all the most outrageous bits of old skool bond films, compressed into one, given an unhealthy dose of speed, and directed MTV stylee by some pop video director?? Bletch. Where can they go from here? Nowhere, hopefully. 
Die Another Day 
blows goat's balls. Hoverboat flamethrowers scene was ok but the rest was absolute trash like the last 2 bond films. Goldeneye was the only decent brosnan one IMHO. 
The Previous Two Weren't All That Bad... 
No way near as good as Goldeneye but miles above the steaming pile of crap that was Die Another Day. Without a doubt THE worst bond movie ever made... looked like they were trying to compete with the Matrix, and failing. Will be interested to see where the next one goes, since to go more OTT than the last would be, well... near impossible. 
I dunno, there were a few bits I liked - the Cuban island scene was pretty nice old skool style Bond, Jinx was cool, and Q was quite entertaining. But just as I was thinking "Oh this is okay", some utter bollox would crop up and my eyes would start rolling in despair. 
New Bond Films... 
I think Brosnan makes an excellant Bond... I just wish they'd get some better writers, directors, and quit the female equality crap and just leave the girls to be the eyecandy they should be. Bond is a sexist macho pig who happens to be a smooth talker, he shouldn't be dominated by strong female coherts who seemingly get as much screentime as the main character. 
Omg Scampie 
I agree completely with everything you have ever said. Especially your thoughts on Brosnan. 
the charcter was ok, halle berry just looked a lost kid in a playground holding a gun.

brsonan makes a decent bond, and I wouldnt say the latest films have strong female chorots, just try hard strong female cohorts.

Some of the older bond films have proper strong female cohorts without that aspect ever getting in the way of them being eyecandy. 
Loved it in the cinema, but it'll be much better when the extended edition comes out which is supposedly the longest of the extended editions, (TTT extended was fantastic, specially actually giving some decent screen time to merry and pippin) Hopefully it will give some closure to Saruman( though definitely not in the scouring of the shire way), the kingsfoil bit, faramir et Eowyn etc.

As for Die another Day, it is one of the shittest films i saw in a long time. Now if they had got the second half of Tomorrow never dies right (the first half was spectacular), it could quite possibly have beaten goldeneye. As it is however, the best bonds are still goldeneye and goldfinger. Just make the next film have the word "gold" in it, and not some meshed up combination of "dies", "world", "tomorrow" etc. 
More ROTK 
I just saw ROTK last night and I figured out what bugs me so much about the LOTR movies: Frodo and Sam. I don't know whether to blame the actors or the screenwriters. They're probably both to blame, but every time I see them on screen I want to beat the shit out of them. They weren't such whiny, neurotic, incompetent twats in the book. They bore their duty with some dignity, which is completely lost in the movies. Not to mention the fact that the actors were absolutely terrible at expressing inner turmoil. The director/screenwriter/whoeverisresponsible certainly doesn't help them by pacing their parts of the movie so slowly.

They ruined three otherwise good movies, for me.

The rest was all enjoyable, though. 
Thats Not A URL! 
That was supposed to be "director / screenwriter / whoeverisresponsible" in the post above. 
yeah, that's basically what I was saying in my earlier post. 
H-Hour, I actually thought the extended FOTR was brilliant. 
Random One Setence Recently Seens 
Pirates of the Caribbean

Good old plain fun action movie, Mr Bloom's sleepwalking nicely balanced by Miss Knightley's heaving bosom.

Donnie Darko

Brilliant, original, dripping with atmosphere, only slightly spoiled by Miss Barrymore's autocue reading and the slight impression of a puppy jumping up and down and squeaking "look! look! I'm so clever and referential". 
saw this last night. Pretty good and very funny in parts but IMHO it was covering way too much territory for there to be any real focus. Still, good stuff. 
Something about this movie made me watch it again immediately. I guess I liked the mood of the movie and was trying to soak it up or something.

Also i had this theory that Diane had somehow snuck into Howard Beale's bedroom that night he had the vision, but unfortunately it didn't fit the facts. 
I think what cracked me up the most was Ned Beatty's monologue to Beale, that just came out of left field without any warning. 
I Loved... 
the interactions between the extremist group and Faye Dunaway's people. 
Let's Move On To Clause E 
Subsidiary Rights. 
Recent Viewings 
Buffalo Soldiers - good premise, decent first twenty minutes but either the scriptwriters wee changed after that or forgot to go to their complete quota of scriptwriting classes because the rest is absolute garbage. Pity because there was potential here.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Quite good, quirky and enjoyably humorous. Bit fleeting in its take on the subject given the dark subject matter but maybe its better done in this fashion as the original story is ridiculously unbelievable anyway.

Finding Nemo - Very good, but no Toy Story. On par with Monsters inc though. The Psycho touch was nice with Darla.

Lost in Translation - Extremely good, albeit a bit slow. Also genuinely funny even though it relies heavilyon stereotype mockery. Nice uncontrived ending to finish up with too.

Once Upon A Time in Mexico - Complete garbage. What was Johnny Depp thinking when he accepted this? He's the only half decent thing in this film (although there probably wasnt enough of him) but not even he can save this atrocious film. Lackluster action sequences too BTW. 
Oh Yeah 
if anyone coudl suggest a few more films I should check out, that'd be helpful as I'm nearly through my DVD stack anyway. Here's what I currently have :

Here's what I'm getting in the near future : 
Requiem for a Dream 
Waking Life. Although it may be found to be pretentious.

Also, Underworld is rather poor IMO. Visuals are nice, though, if I recall correctly. 
IS rather poor. 

yeah I've actually been meaning to rder that, keep on forgetting.


I've seen it and liked it, it was too cool to let the semi-pretentiousness get in the way. but it made me very dizzy on the two occasions I saw it so that's why I never bought it.

As for Underworld, I'm getting it mainly for my siter and the visuals. If it's compelte crap, I plan to resell anyway.

Any othe suggested titles? 
I have seen three other movies with Audrey Tatou and, while they're not as good as Amelie, they are still good if you are as in love with her as I am.

Happenstance - Best of the three.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Decent movie until the twist, when it gets better.

L'auberge Espagnole - Cheesy, but it's French so it doesn't bother me as much. This one is probably worth passing up.

Also, State and Main is a good movie. Funny, it's about Hollywood taking over a small town to shoot a movie there. The characters are all just really good, and Philip Seymour Hoffman always picks good movies. 
More One Sentence Bollocks 
Requiem for a Dream - Visually interesting, spoilt for me by deeply unappealing characters (and Ms. Connelly doesn't get her baps out), but lots of other people seem to like it.

Memento - Definitely see at least once, certainly the most original film I've seen in years.

Twins Effect - Usual oriental sword nonsense, great fights spoilt by dull comedy.

FLCL - Possibly the best thing ever, only spoilt by the fact that it's not a movie. 
thanks for those but I dont really like Amelie as much as a lot of other people. I thought it was above average with some cool visuals and music which is why I have it.

State & Main, I'll try to check out. 
21 Garms 
saw it a coouple of nights ago and it's very very good. Initially it feels a bit gimmicky with the structure but the more you get into it, the more you appreciate the skilful storytelling rather than noticing the gimmick.

And the acting is very very good, made it a bit hard to watch in some scenes personally. Only thing I didnt like was the end monologue but it doesnt detract from the rest of the film.

Oh, and Ms Watts seems to have a thing for explicit sex scenes. 
Um... Hi 
Go see Big Fish if you can. 
The premise certainly looks good, but I was curious whether or not Burton seems to be trying too hard to be weird. Not that a great movie can't have its flaws, like Ed Wood, wow. For an entire week I couldn't stop myself from in the same manner as Johny Depp doing Ed Wood. My closest association to a movie -- there was a breif period of time when I was but a wee lad <que the magical awe inspiring transitional music>, and the movie Blue Velvet was being filmed near by in which the 'ear' prop you see at the beginning was in my possession for safe keeping. I got to know some of the people who worked on the set. It was very realistic in feel but it had a nasty latex smell to it. 
'from <insert verb> in the same manner '

<cross-dressing>? No.
<talking> yep that is what I meant 
Ed Wood 
depp and landau provide two of the best comical performances ever in that film. 
Big Fish is not a weird movie. Yes, there are a few fantastical elements (how can you have a tall tale without fantasy?), and a few sets that are reminiscent of more typical Burton fare, but over all the movie is a story about a man coming to terms with his dad's quirks. 
Well, Then 
I'm putting it on my schedule for next week end. 
Agree With Nitin 
atmosphere and comedy make that movie an incredible experience 
Big Fish 
was good.

me likey very much. 
WTF?? This is all a big spoof right??

ALL bond films are spoofs since the very first one. Most cynical moviemakers dislike portraying such competent characters, however the joke was too subtle and moviegoers took it seriously and loved it like a glass of fresh water in the middle of a desert.

Just saw Open Range, decent western with some great moments, if a little long and sappy at points. Nice bonus documentary on the DVD also. 
Spentron Is Right 
look at the Bond names, 'Pussy Galore'. Come on! Ian Fleming was a satirical genuis (of whom the Cold War era politicians took seriously). Both Alexander Cockburn and the late Anthony Burgess have written excellent commentaries on Flemings literary and social influence. 
just got through this last night and I didnt like it, but I could see why a lot of people do. I found the visuals ranging from average to above-average but again could see why some people adore this film's visuals so much. The humor's ok, de niro was the funniest, but it's not particularly my style. And the plot was way too pretentiously obscure given what it was.

Also saw Carlito's Way - not bad, cool climax, pretty standard crime-gangster film.

Watched Notorious last week as well. Pretty good, some great moments and reasonably tight plot.

Hoping to see Big Fish on the weekend, I love Tim Burton's visual style, even the non-dark stuff (ala pastel colore houses in Edward scissorhands). 
Oh Fuck 
Posters for The Cat in the Hat have just gone up all over my local multiplex... 
Just To Add To The Consensus 
Underworld does indeed suck. A lot. And there's going to be a sequel. Why?? 
I haven't really paid attention to who is backing the movie as the trailers never interested me, but the backstory usually goes like this. Movie was profitable, though a critical flop. Producer would prefer to put money in a new and riskier idea and see where it takes the studio, but being in the middle of a second divorce he can't afford to do that AND keep his first rate coke habit. Thumbs up on the tried and true. 
The Office 
just bought myself two seasons of this very very funny show.

Ricky Gervais is an absolute genius. 
Masked And Anonymous 
Anyone seen this? I saw a preview recently and it looked like it might be pretty good. Some comments online weren't too favorable, though. Just curious if you lot had any opinion of it. 
Bubba Ho-Tep 
Amusing, and definitely worth seeing more than once. Bruce Campbell as Elvis is unequivocally worth the price of admission. Cool story, and something to think about. Although a couple bits struck me as odd, it didn't detract significantly from the film. Go see it if you can (showtimes at ), and if you can't, it should be coming to DVD at some point. 
Tripplets Of Belleville 
You might have to go to an arthouse to see it, but it's excellent. Don't worry about the french. 
Don't Worry About The French... 
becuase there are only about 3 lines of dialogue in the whole movie, and they're dubbed into english (if you watch in the US at least.) 
Freddy Vs Jason 
I just watched this, and I leave with this final impression: it was alright. Perhaps because I've seen several Freddy/Jason films I knew what to expect and wasn't really thrilled. There were some amusing moments between Freddy & Jason, and parts of their fights were cool. But it was pretty much a rehash with a bit of spice added in the mix. Though what else is there to expect? 
Club Dread 
Club Dread
By SuperTroopers ppl. (Broken Lizard) coming out this friday, should be very funny indeed. 
Watching Supertroopers Sober Is A Waste Of Time 
You have to be wasted to truly appreciate it. Just an advisement if you plan to see the one coming out Friday. 
The Missing. 
Caught this late last night, and liked it a great deal. Ron Howard has essentially done a 70s style Western, but with state-of-the-whatever digital grading. And Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett are both wonderful -- dunno whyen they're not. I can see why it didn't hit big at the theaters, though -- as I mentioned, its an old-skool flick, and a bit slow to boil by today's standards. But once it does get going to a gallop, it's worth the wait. 
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 
worth watching?

I havent seen the original so just looking for opinions on how it stands on its own. 
I'm not going to elaborate. 
Orange County 
Yea late viewing but I watched it last night, had some funny moments mostly do to Jack Black but other than that it was ok.

Then Jason X was on, and I get like half an hour into the movie now realising how sucky it already is... so I didn't watch it. 
due*, christ we need an edit button UP IN HERE! AND SEARCH! 
La Jetee... 
... 26 minute French flick upon which 12 Monkeys is based. Anyone seen it? Is it worth hassling my local v-rental guy about? 
The Missing was great, I loved it. An interesting mix of social/political and supernatural, Tommy Lee Jones played the crazy irresponsible lone wolf very well.

As for the new Texas Chainsaw, I have to admit I've never seen any of the originals, but I liked this version. Likely this is very much like the old ones, in that it was very gruesome and very sick, not shying away from portraying any potential form of suffering. Really nasty and oppressive, but well-done for what it was supposed to be I thought. 
Love it.

Good solid plot, great visual style (B+W 'pictures' shown one by one with pacing to reflect moments of suspense and such), the 'background noise' of the audio is well used... just a great film. And it's got guys with those cool old style industrial goggles... :o

I'd say yes, try and get a copy of it. I have a 300mb .avi of it... you know, worse comes to worse, I could try and get it to you. 
Er, That Post Was Referring To La Jetee 
Ta Scampie... 
...turns out I don't need to hassle my v-rental guy at all, they already have it on video. 
And it's got guys with those cool old style industrial goggles... :o

I'll buy that for a dollar. Sold to the man with the industrial imagery fetish. Off to vstore I go... 
The Passion Of The Christ. 
I can't believe noone's posted about this in here. I would have earlier, had I seen the thread pop back up again, but figured it had finally died off...

Anyways, the film is not that long, or at least doesn't seem like it, mainly because the experience of some of the scenes detract from your observance of time (at least that was my take, mebbe others would have the opposite view). Yes, it is gory, and violent, and no, it's far from the standard Holiday Bio-Pic of Everyone's Favorite Saviour -- which, of course, is the first thing I dug about it. After all the passion spoken of in the case of Christ's is indeed the farthest thing possible from Don Juan DeMarco.

If I had a verdict on it, I would oddly enough recall the words of William Friedkin when he spoke of the appeal (or not) of his film The Exorcist -- that it only gives the viewer what they bring to it. If the person in question is a Christian, and if the presence or archetype of Jesus has any sort of impact upon them, they will be moved by this film (I know I was, having had a Baptist upbringing -- I was most moved by the shots of Christ's hands when he struggled with what he had been dealt with -- a nice touch, and effective). It is rather well done overall, with gorgeous cinematography, wonderful acting (James Caviesel gives a dramatic performance without overdoing it -- which a lot of fake Jesuses do -- and in Aramaic, no less!), but on the minus side, ol' Mel does milk the 'THIS is in SLOW-MOTION because it is IMPORTANT' shots, and the score does get a bit melodramatic in places, which always detracts from the viewing experience for me. But again, overall I found it to be a solid production, and an experience to have, at least once. No, I won't be getting this one on DVD. 
Good Review Biff 
I rarely have the patience to watch movies in theaters these days. I'm sure I'll see it on DVD given my brother is likely to get it.

This movie is like a Rorshash test definitely. I remember seeing Friedkin saying those remarks, and elaborating that a Christian viewing the Exorcist would likely see that the Priest prevailed upon the demon, and a materialist would see the exact opposite in the same event.

However, there are those who have slandered Mel gravely. Frank Rich and Abe Foxman come to mind and I will never respect the opinion of either man again given the intemperence and intolerence they displayed. 
since you are the resident horror buff, would you recommend the new texas chainsaw massacre to someone who hasnt seen the first one? 
To be honest, I haven't seen the new one yet -- I am gonna rent and watch mebbe next week. I've been told by some people at work who saw it at the theater that it is horrible, not even remotely scary and really dumb =D That on it's own could be a reason to avoid it, but silly me, I'm still curious ;)

But to actually answer your question, it might be a better idea not to have seen the original, I'd bet. I have, and it's a lot of fun -- nothing really like what came later with the slasher flicks of the 80s, but some effectively creepy moments and a bit of gallows humor here and there. Films in the 70s had a more 'experimental' feel to them, and tended to wind at their own pace, but the original TCM still rolls along really well, and has plenty of shocks and creeps along the way. I would bet the new version would have none of this, and might miss those little touches Tobe Hooper delivered in the first movie.

Bottom Line: Rent both, but I'd watch the original last -- you may appreciate it more. 
I meant, to do the title and the name opposite, jeez. 
Yeah, one of my fave things about The Exorcist -- and something you really don't seen in films nowadays -- is that the ending of the film is left ambiguous -- there is a resolution, but no "spin" to put it in one side of the court or another. Unfortunately, most films that simply show a story instead of leading the audience by the nose to tell them a story are Eastern and Western audiences apparently don't care to think much when they go to the movies anymore. 
Biff, I'm Curious How You Would Interpert 
the opening scene to the Exorcist? For me, it not so much sets the tone for the movie, but is an odd sort of moment in itself. The man stands toe to toe, face to face on an equal playing field with the abomination, and it at least appears that his mind is being consumed. It goes back to the old Philip K Dick question, how do you distinguish between an intense religious experience and a psychotic episode. 
The former doesn't exist and the latter does. Hey! I'm pretty good at this! 
except for the constant bleeding from my palms that just about covers all aspects of the matter; well, then there is this . . . . 
Well, the whole character of Merrin rocks, because he's more of a shaman than your typical priest. His spirituality completely affects his vision, he is the man who literally does see God in the details. He can read the signs, and immediately knows what is to come, and what he must do. Pazuzu has opened the door, and gotten his foot in, and Merrin is waiting for his head to poke through =D 
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 
I liked it. However, I don't feel like collecting my thoughts about it and coming up with something constructive, so I'll just post this conversation from IRC last night:

<RPG|h0t> BTW: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a fairly cool movie.
<RPG|h0t> Kaufman == teh r4wkest
<scampie> is it ok? i was hearing it'd suck
<scampie> mostly going on the fact jim carrey is in it
<RPG|h0t> Yeah it's pretty good. Not as deep as I thought it would be, but good.
<RPG|h0t> Acting is pretty tops, too.
<Asaki> What's wrong with Jim Carrey?
<Asaki> He doesn't do that Mask/Ace crap anymore.
<Asaki> Hasn't for a long time.
<scampie> Asaki: you mean, besides only being good in only... 2 movies?
<Asaki> I loved The Cable Guy.
<RPG|h0t> Jim Carrey doesn't do his Ace Ventura deal, so if that's what you're after you'll be disappointed.
<Asaki> RPG: No, I'm saying the Ace Ventura thing was crap.
<RPG|h0t> Meh you have no taste.
<RPG|h0t> But Carrey is good in Eternal Sunshine.
<RPG|h0t> Anyway, it's worth seeing, especially if you get to sit next to a hot girl like I did.
<RPG|h0t> Unfortunately, she was with her boyfriend. :/
How fitting that post 404 is about a movie that has memory loss as a central plot device. 
How fitting that post 404 is about a movie that has memory loss as a central plot device.

I was going to say something funny about that, but I've forgotten what it was. 
This Thread Has Become Cursed. 
One Sentence Reviews 
The Corporation:
I disagreed with a lot of it, but it was well done and an interesting piece.

It was ok, nothing spectacular.

If you could only see one of the two, see the former. 
Forget The Alamo 
Hah, I made a funny. 
As bad as Pearl Harbor in subjecting American History to the Hollywood formula? As far as historical war movies go, Tora, Tora, Tora, and the Thin Red Line are my personal favorites. A notch down but certainly worth seeing Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan; Stephen Lange's portrayal of Gen. Thomas Jackson in Gods and Generals was really first rate though the movie itself could have been trimmed down an hour in editing without losing anything. I don't think I would recommend it except to those who are inclined towards Civil War History. 
Besides, I Can't Imagine 
a movie about historical figures too stupid to get out of a cul de sac while the getting was good being worth my time. 
But it's ok to spoil it because you shouldn't be seeing this movie.

I don't give a rat's ass about american history, The Alamo was just a bad movie. The director tried to set up a bunch of characters for the audience to care about for when they get slaughtered. Only he did a half assed job.

For example: one of the guys is Bowie, the inventor of a stupid looking knife. He has this vision of some girl standing in his backyard. 20 minutes later he's dying of fever for no reason and we find out that the girl he envisioned is his dead (for no reason) wife. 20 minutes after that this mexican girl taking care of him starts to make out with him. Then we find out that that's his dead wife's sister. It was a real wtf moment. 
Dang Pushplay 
You are out cynicizing me and doing a damn good job of it! 
"the Victim"

saw it a couple of days ago on tv and I can recommen watching it. Unpredictable story wich keeps it interesting and some scenes in an abondoned hotel with excellent atmosphere making you want to do a resident evil like game set in that hotel just because it was so cool. 
Seen Heaps Of Stuff 
may have mentioned some already, cant remember

to catch a thief - good, hardly suspenseful but pretty funny.

this is spinal tap - I probably missed half the jokes since I'm not into this music scene but it was quite funny regardless. 18 inch stonehenge props rock.

sunset boulevard - quite good, though the acting occasionally gets annoying.

the hustler - pacing could be slightly better but very well made. Newman was great in this.

annie hall - th eonly woody allen film I have so far liked. Very funny stuff.

amadeus- good acting and story, interesting viewpoint and take on Mozart.

about schmidt - funny and poignant at the same time, jack nicholson is in good form too.

boogie nights - nto much beyond the pyrotechnic style but it's qutie dazzling nevertheless.

25th hour - fine film but I thought 2 sequences in the film hurt it pretty badly, the speech in the restroom and the dream sequence near the end. Otherwise, probably spkie lee's most accessible film, along with one of his best.

intolerable cruelty - coen bros lite but the first forty minutes were an absolute blast as were the last 10.

texas chainsaw massacre - Pushplay was right, very poor and a big waste of time.

SWAT - absolute rubbish, havent been this bored in quite a while.

rebecca - striking viusals (probably some of the best lighting ever) but it's extremely boring and poorly paced. Very un-Hitchcock.

the birds - dated visuals and poor acting, but the direction is top notch and it is quite creepy in parts. 
Kill Bill 
finally saw vol 1 last weekend and caught vol 2 the same night.

I didnt find Vol 1 as amazing as some people did, it was however a very entertaining and stylish film. Chapter 1 & 3 rocked, 2 & 5 were ok and 4 was passable.

I was disappointed with vol 2, it had moments but overall the film felt really bloated and could have been paced better.

The dialogue, like the film, had moments of Taranino spark (elle driver's black mamba monologue, the birth testing discussion, and probably the very last exchange between uma and bill), but meandered way too much and felt dull and uninteresting (especially chapter 1, bud's monologues in chapter 2 and the spanish pimp in chapter 5).

Still, chapter 3 with Pei Mei rocked as did 4 with the fantastic fight scene. Chapter 2 was pretty good once Uma was in the coffin and 5 had 2-3 good exchanged between Bill and Uma.

What did others think? 
I also caught Master & Commander last night, which is a very fine film. It's the Das Boot of the normal ship genre : cracking fight scenes, excellent sound and visuals, and decent drama + characterisations. 
Saw Kill Bill Vol 1 
When it came out. Good dialog, of course, but the Crazy 88 fight was absuredly stupid. The antagonist would never see it coming when Thurman's character swooped low to severe lower limb extremities, and never attempt the same tactic with her. I watched it with my brother, a veteren of martial arts tourneys, and it was all I could do to keep him from screaming at the screen.

Nice to Chiba again though. 
You're missing out on something vital though. The Crazy 88 fight scene isn't part of a martial arts movie, it's part of an omage to martial arts movies. People who love martial arts movies and westerns are going to get more out of Kill Bill 1 & 2 in the same way people who love french neo realism are going to get more out of Pulp Fiction. The movies have a meta quality to them. 
I Would Have Probably Appreciated 
the fight better if I had not seen it with a knowledgeable sword fighter who nick picked it to death. I guess I was at a disadvantage (and hope the mofo doesn't do one of his periodic visits to this site and see this entry), though I did like the movie it could have been more disciplined (the older martial arts movies tended towards more realism than the modern Segal era movies) in its presentation, and saved me some personal grief as well. 
Yea saw Kill Bill last night (Vol 1). I don't know what to think, as I've lost my ability to opinionize on movies, so I'll just sum it up with "it was alright". 
I Know What You Mean Mphait 
Old media becomes pretty hard to quantify in how much you take from it after playing something as fun as Farcry for a week. 
Loved both of em, thought they were awesome. Not perfect, but then again nothing is. And the previews for Troy and Hero got my blood all circulated in my groin.

Five point palm exploding heart technique! 
I like westerns and I've seen the odd martial arts movie. Vol 1 felt like it had that meta quality you talk about even though I wasnt a martial art movie veteran. Vol 2 on the other hand still felt bloated. 
While Vol 1 was mostly steeped in the martial arts side of things, Vol 2 was more of the western. Like a western its more psychological then physical. There's more going on, it's full of love gone wrong and regret. I've even said it makes the series a love story. I haven't seen a good reference guide for vol 2, but I'm willing to bet there would be more westerns in that one. 
There Are A Lot Of Western References 
probably quite a few I even missed, but my argument is that they dont make the film any more interesting. Admittedly, westerns have a lot of talk but in this case the talk isnt interesting, despite the numerous references. 
Yah, the strong Sergio Leone references and the DePalma split-screen stuff were my fave kudos in Vol. 1 -- haven't seen 2 yet.

Meanwhile, Master & Commander kicks un-Godly amounts of ass. I wholy recommend it to anyone who digs historical drama, ship-tp-ship dogfights, and a bit of wacky humor. 
Dont Forget The Dead On Anime 
The shot showing the girl on a rooftop aiming down was very memorable 
Eternal Sunshine 
Pure rockage. I guess the biggest compliment I can give it is that it blows all of Kaufman's other work right out of the water. 
And the previews for Troy and Hero got my blood all circulated in my groin.

Do you mean this:
Hard to be sure, but that definitely seems like it, except Jet Li was fighting the Imperial Army and their 4 best assassins because they killed his village or something, so the descriptions are a little off. Looked amazing. 
Sounds like it. Good movie, especially for the visuals and the fight scenes. It's not really excellent, and some may find it overly patriotic.

Came out here over a year ago, BTW, so you're pretty late. 
Doom 3 Film

"Universal Pictures has optioned Doom for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells, with Enda McCallion attached to make his directorial debut, reports Variety.

The script, originated by Dave Callaham, is adapted from the plotline for the id Software and Activision video game "Doom 3," slated for release July 15.

The story is set at a Mars space station, where an aerospace conglom is conducting secret experiments when something unleashes a demonic force that threatens to overtake the facility." 
i don't know what to make of this...

wasn't there suppose to have been a doom movie that was scrapped way back in 1990ish? 
Not that I ever heard of. Didn't Doom come out in 1991 or later? 
Notice that they're getting a n00b director in - not one who's done this sort of thing (or anything) before. I bet one long bent thing with a sort of lump on the end that if this movie ever appears, the director is Alan Smithee. 
I've Heard Reports 
of there being a doom film, a quake film, and a quake 2 film before. I've heard the new rumours that there'll be a doom 3 film. If they make it, it will suck. No doubt.

There's no way they'd get a top director to make a game tie-in... and to make a movie with the basis of doom 3 work, you'd need someone like James Cameron to give us a repeat performance of what he did with the amazing Aliens. Admittedly that'd be awesome, but if they get a crappy director and acting nobodies, the fact that it's based on a game wouldn't make it much more watchable than the standard Hollywood sci-fi fare. 
I Should Add 
that the hollywood sci-fi movies of late are about as watchable as seeing your village brutally murdered and your family raped. 
There were reports of a Duke Nukem movie getting made, and they even started hyping it and got a website, etc. That was 3-4 years ago.

And then there was the American McGee's Alice movie, which was listed on IMDb, etc, and has since been taked off IMDb. 
Anyone familiar with GW's Space Hulk ( anyone? hello? ) might remember that they reported plans to make a Space Hulk movie featuring the Deathwing space marines, sometime around...1990? '91? Yeah. Right. Like that would ever happen.
The rather obvious pitfall with this sort of project is that most of these games are non-copyright, other-franchise versions of the classics - Space Hulk was GW's direct answer to Aliens. Doom3 plagiarises so much of that stuff it's not even funny anymore ( well, it is still sort of funny ) Remember the upside-down-head-spiders? Rob Bottin won't see a dime for those either :P
But without the original pieces of incredible design, engaging story and characters that made these movies classics in the first place, all you have is 'Doom3: Aliens Without The Cool Stuff' or 'Alice: Not Quite A Tim Burton Movie'
In other words, pointless. 
Van Helsing - it crosses that line where it's so bad it's funny. Utter utter rubbish.

bridge ont he river kwai - fine fine film, lots of mood and good acting.

high noon - found it boring and rather one dimensional.

runaway jury - messy and formulaic, not really worth a look.

speed - I never saw this before becuase I'd seen speed2 and that put me off. Pity, because this one's obivously a lot more fun.

Oh and a doom3 movie wont be good unless there's an experienced hand behind it all. On a sie note, doesnt the upcoming avp2 movie look terrible? 
AvP, Not AvP2 
It doesn't look terrible, it looks generic. Which, I admit, may be a synonym for terrible :P 
Some Movies Seen Recently... 
Kill Bill Vol 2:

Finally got around to seeing it and while I didn�t enjoy it as much as I did Vol 1, it was a good flick and definately worth checking out. Vol 2 is noticably larger than Vol 1 (2.5 hours vs 1.5 hours) and doesn�t have as much shock value as Vol 1 did, but the dialogue and fight scenes are good. And Tarantino managed to bring much more depth to the characters with this one.

American Wedding (aka American Pie 3):
Overall, worse than the first one, better than the 2nd one. "Stifler�s Mom" got old this time. Not in the sense that the actress has gotten old, but in the sense that the joke(s) related to her got old. Some truly hilarious moments here and there (especially Stifler�s dance competition at a gay bar).

Next in line are: The Rundown, The Savage, Spirited Away and Gothika. 
The last movie I saw that has made the biggest impact on me in the past year is Fellini's Roma.

There's something about the way it's shot that just grabs you. The movie isn't really about anything, but rather it provides an impression of the sights and sounds of Rome as Fellini knew it. The segments are strange to say the least, but they really do leave you with a feeling of completeness after you watch the whole movie.

I would say that the movie is about history and how an ancient city like Rome evolves to become something totally fresh and new, while still retaining a fantastic sense of self.

Roma is like a living postcard, drawn by a great artist, sent to you simultaneously throughout hundreds of years. It's tremendous, and I highly recommend it. 
Max Payne Fan Film Or Something 
Smabherl actually went to see a film, yes really =).

My one film for this year and I thought it was really rather good. Unusually intelligent for a Hollywood blockbuster, I particularly appreciated the political conflicts depicted, and the notable lack of any obvious "good" or "bad" - plenty of flawed characters and the escalation of human error and misjudgement. No doubt this is due to the raw material of the story, and were I more familiar with the story and thus having to rely on the surface execution of the film for effect, I expect I'd have found it considerably less intriguing. As it was, I did find there was too much schmaltz, the politics should have been deeper, and worst of all the Trojan Horse, surely one of the most memorable features of human conflict ever, was woefully skimmed over when it should have been much more central. Nevertheless, still a surprisingly good film. 
they should have called it Brad Pitt's Pout-a-rama. And Helen wasn't fine enough. In fact, she wasn't fine at all. 'Face that launched a thousand ships' my ass.

Also, Orlando Blooms acting made me projectile vomit at the movie screen. You milk-drinking cockmop.

I also saw Harry Potter 3: When Puberty Attacks! recently... I really don't know why. I mean, I've read all the books and seen all the movies, and i've hated them all...I must hate myself. Hermione is hot though, better than Ron anyway. 
HP Sauce 
Apparently Harry is supposed to die about the end of book six - not that I've even bothered to check out the fifth one yet.

If this is true, it'll be interesting to see if Rowling succumbs to Doyle's affliction. 
What Is Doyle's Affliction? 
i had the impression he killed sherlock off because he was uncomfortable with how popular the series got, i don't know a lot about him though. 
C/f King's "Misery" 
After killing Holmes off at the Reichenbach falls ("The Final Problem," I think it was) fans of Holmes bayed so vehemently and so loudly that Doyle reluctantly had to bring the great detective back. Reading the stories from this period, their quality seems to go seriously downhill. Doyle clearly was sick of Watson's roomie towards the end.

Fortunately for Doyle, he didn't have a motor accident and wake up tended by his number one psycho fan!

In short: hopefully, Rowling won't give in to fan/commercial pressures and resurrect poor Potter.

Which makes me think of a possible alternate universe follow-on: Harry Potter and the Unfinished Business. In which an adult Potter, when not scandalising the wizardly establishment with novel application of the scientific method (especially one D. Malfoy, who thinks Mr. P. is trying to steal a march on him), is aggravating same with novel approaches to "Mundane Studies"... 
Or More Likely 
J.K. Rowling will fail to do anything in any of her books more adventurous and dramatic than would be allowed in an episode of friends.... no *main* character dies, people join at the beginning and leave at the end, but by the start of the next book its all pretty much the same.

There's no chance the next book will start with harry aged 40, even though that would be interesting (makes a change). I'd even wager a large amount that harry won't die before the last book. Book number 5 was supposed to reveal earth-shattering secrets and change everything around... did it fuck. The reason is that Rowling has (A) no creativity, and (B) not enough balls to do something that might spoil the commercial success of the series.

and i quote "And then Harry played with some cards, but they were MAGIC cards! And then they played MAGIC sports from MAGIC land. And then the MAGIC staircases moved around and confused everyone, which was really fucking useful. And then they jumped on some unicorns or centaurs or some stupid shit like that to go fight magical Lord Darth Evil."

Who cares if it doesnt hang together or the magical system isnt coherent or sensible in any way. At least the characters are complex and finely crafted, right? I mean in the last book, Harry felt ANGST, which meant he insulted his friends for no reason and listened to marilyn manson. 
"...listened To Marilyn Manson." Rofl 
Err but you lot do realize that the books are aimed at kids, and kids widely don't have the ability to critique something on an intellectual level? When they critique something, it's all about "I liked it," or "I didn't like it." Liking and disliking are, of course, subjective and completely irrational. 
FC And Starbuck 
I love you guys, but why would anybody expect any balls from Rowlings. It is aimed towards an adolescent audience, and though she is not up to the quirky imagination of Dahl or the sublime brilliance of C S Lewis, her work is quite good for today's standards. Just not what I really like.

When I want excapism, I want lurid horror, cynical mystery or Sword and Sorcery of the particurly Necromatic variety. Robert E Howard. Lovecraft. Zelazny of the 60's. Ross Thomas, or Neil Gaimon. Those sort of things.

If I'm searching for Ballsy Imaginitive fiction, Lucuis Shepard, J G Ballard, Gene Wolfe, Kate Wilhelm. Those sort of things.

If you are looking for that itch to be scratched from Rowlings, you are bound to be dissapointed from the first page onward. 
Very True 
But being 'aimed at kids' doesn't mean it has to be derivative shite. The HP books aren't aimed at primary school children after all, so they could be a bit more intellectually stimulating, that is, if J.K. Rowling had a reading age of above 10 years old.

Maybe children can't tell the difference between a good book and a harry potter book, but thats probably because they've never read a good book (too busy watching Party of Five). If the books teenagers read treat them like intellectual midgets with no taste then that's what they'll become, thats what pisses me off.

Childrens books don't have to suck, have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? Or for an older reader, Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy is incredible; it was written at the same time Harry Potter was being written and instead of being derivative, it's creative, and instead of killing braincells it's challenging and intelligent. One of the best series of books I ever read, and it gets trampled by Harry Potter for reasons completely unknown to me. Or do people really like not having to think *that much*? 
That Reply Was To RPG 
but i guess it applies to much of your post too, Headthump, which i largely agreed with, although I heartily hope you are wrong in saying "her work is quite good for today's standards".

Maybe I've just been lucky in everything else I've recently read, but if Harry Potter is good by today's standards then i should be able to get on the bestsellers list by drinking 10 pints of imported lager and then pissing my novel in the snow. 
No, Starbuck. 
But that would get you credit with the nihilistic artist crowd. 
I'll Have To Check Out That Dark Materials 
trilogy. I'm not familiar with it but you make it sound very interesting. Thing is, I could never relate to kids especially when I was a kid. At ten my favorite book was a collection of Tolstoy short stories. I was much smarter and more intellectual then (peaking at the age of twelve, downward spiral sense).

By the time I became an adolescent and teenager however, my taste changed to pretty much what they are today.

My three smug little nieces all read Harry Potter the way Rabinical students read the Talmud. I don't get it, I didn't like the two Potter books that I did read.

I think it may have something to do with the 'elitistic' concepts in the books. The idea of the muggles. It is an elitism they can wrap their itty, bitty little brains around and adopt as their own way of seeing things and looking down their upturned noses at those who are not in on it.

That to me, I believe is its real appeal. 
Interesting Point There 
you might be on to something. But if they wanted to do elitism right, why didn't they just create a Func_ account? 
It is my niece Rhonda who lost my Mission Pack CDs. She had a hand-me-down PI from me for years so it was one of the few games she could play; a little speedrunner devil at one time. Now her system is better than mine and it is loaded with nothing but Sims crap. What a waste. 
Rowling does seem to be poking sly fun at both the English class structure with her "muggle" talk, but also apartheid as well. Mind you, I couldn't read the damn books without wanting to cloud wizard-dom about its collective ears and drag it kicking and screaming into the modern era. 
starbuck your jokes are even better after the 3 months away. ;) 
Anyway, Back To Films... 
Voices from a Distant Star.

Unlike Vampire Hunter D, which used multiple media (at the back end) in delivering an awesome anime experience. 'Voices' uses different techniques in the same media. Some of the scenes are literally mere sketches, some fully worked up set pieces. The whole thing hangs together brilliantly, with the simple but well crafted soundtrack acting as subliminal glue.

Hire it, watch it, cry, be at peace. 
The Third HP... 
...might've had no balls in the literary sense, but the film was excellent. It did introduce some new elements (girl-power Hermione was a scream) but more importantly the director and cinematographer have finally opened up the vista to big screen dimensions. Visually, the first two now seem "made for television".

Did anyone else think "I'm going to use that" when the youngens where descending the divination tower and passed by the window with a stair on the other side of the tower heading upward? Cool!

...and eratum in the previous post: that should be Voices of a Distant Star. 
I think donnie darko was a kickass movie and i loved the six foot tall bunnyrabbit named frank he was so evil looking.The idea of time travel i thought was pretty cool. 
Nice Soundtrack Too 
echo and the bunnymen, the church, tears for fears, joy division... the cover of mad world was good too. 
Mad World 
was the perfect fit at the end. 
Mad World 
Brilliant Movie

The vacant, happy zombie expression on the leads face during the ENTIRE movie definitely leaves an impression. 
not only was mad world the perfect end, but i think putting 'The Killing Moon' at the beginning was just as good a choice. Great atmosphere, that movie... captured a familiar but obscure mood/feeling very well. 

I'm looking forward to checking out the re-relase of the movie in the Director Cut format. Most these DC's dont really do much, but it could be interesting in this case. 
Chronicles Of Riddick 
Was a blast. Sure, it's science fiction that's more heavy on the fiction, but it's a romp -- full of decent effects, sleek production and that foxey merc that somehow got lost in the shuffle (hope she shows up in the third movie -- which they damned well better have, btw, judging by the end of this one). 
Haven't seen Riddick, but the presence of the shockingly talentless Thandie Newton is enough to put me off. I'll probably catch it on DVD.

On another note, I've just downloaded the Aliens vs Predator trailer. I remember before this was announced, getting teased with rumours of Cameron's Alien 5 - but no... looks like we're gonna have to suffer this sci-fi-channel-grade shlock with Paul W S "Everything I touch turns to crap" Anderson at the helm. 
Thats A Bad Middle Name 
his parents must have been CRUEL 
blessed with precognitive ability 
As much as I desire everything with Anderson's name attached to it to tank miserably at the box office, I kind of want AvP to do well, because at least that should greenlight the above-mentioned Cameron project. 
But Thats Just A Rumor? 
I'm sure everyone would agree Cameron is the ultimate Alien films director, and he should not only do another, but make a new one every year to satisfy my craving. I'm sure if he wanted to do one it'd get greenlighted immediately, wouldnt it? I hope so. 
Ridley Scott's 
also expressed intentions to revisit the alien franchise if there is a good enough script. 
so he's not coming back then. 
Seed Of Chucky 
Chucky's little demonling kid is voiced by none-other than Billy Boyd of LOTR. 
James Cameron 
is apparently working on a huge project. He is being very secretive about it, but says that it's a) inspired by ROTK, and b) a sci-fi set in the future.

I have two theories - either this is the rumoured 'His Dark Materials' adaptation, or it could be an epic set in the Aliens universe, i.e. Alien 5. I'm hoping for the latter. 
Holy Fuck 
that sounds good

i don't think it sounds like the 1st, simply because its not set in the future.

I'll hope for Alien 5 too, but i can't really see how it can be inspired by Return of the King, unless he means huge battle scenes and impromptu singing. Also if he manages to bring back hudson somehow and cast arnie, he'll have made the best possible movie! 
I read the quote on, but I can't dig it up again, because their archive system is so fubared. The gist of it is that he wants to emulate the huge epicness/cinematic style of ROTK. I can see this being translated into massive battles on the Alien homeworld, or even *gasp* a massive Earth invasion. 
Starbuck, You Are Wrong. 
Cameron can hold his own and all, but he's no Ridley Scott. Just remember, if the first film had been like Cameron's the project would've been a really bad television series like Aliens AL-1 by now. 
Coming This Fall On UPN! 
By That 
should i infer that you prefer Alien to Aliens?! subjectivity aside, there's an opinion thats plain wrong
I hated Aliens; IMHO, a predictable and boring action flick.

I loved Alien; a first rate and very suspenseful horror movie that served to extend the Science Fiction genre at a time it was being dumbdowned by Star Wars and its imitators.

I actually liked Alien 3 as a low key and unpretensious sequel in the spirit of the first movie.

I have never seen the fourth even though Winona is a living doll incapable of fault of any kind no matter what the media may say, IMHO. 
was a far better film on every level, but Aliens was so much more fun. I like both but if I had to rate, I'd go with Alien.

As for having an epic scale Alien movie, please no. That sounds like immense suckage ala starship troopers. 
Immense Suckage Ala Starship Troopers 
Heinlein deserved much better than what they delivered in that movie. The novel was provocative in the best sense of the word. 
Don't Get Me Wrong 
I like Aliens big-time, and watch it my SE version regularly. But yes, Alienis way better. In retrospect I'm sure it looks like nothing innovative or groundbreaking, but in '79 it was -- and to a great degree it still is. Like 2001 and Blade Runner (another Ridley Scott film), it changed the genre of scifi at the movies significantly and for the better. 
<- USCM 
The suggested lineup when I last read the rumour was:

James Cameron: script
Ridley Scott: director
Sigourney Weaver: overpaid, underwhelming, clueless ego

One of these three would be very bad for the Aliens phenomenon. Can you guess which one?
[hint: it's not the first two] 
As I Said 
its time arnie starred in an alien movie :) 
I thought most would not prefer Arnie in Aliens much less another action movie 
Obviously It Depends 
... on the style and director of the film. He was good in Predator, for example. 
Total Recall. 
Best Ahnuld move ever: SEE J00 AHT DEH PAHTY RIKTURR! 
Awesome Movie 
The Stepford Wives 
Just got back from it. Basically, it's a Simpsons episode done as a live action film, and it doesn't carry over at all. Some really funny parts (The Walken handling the announcing chores during a remote-controlled toy robot battle was my personal fave), but the script was really faulty and confusing, and the balance was way too uneven to make the entire film an enjoyable experience. Just glad it was a matinee. 
Total Recall 

I love that line, typical arnie cheese & charm rolled into one. 
Best Ahnuld move ever: SEE J00 AHT DEH PAHTY RIKTURR!

Its somewhat scary that this man now has control over the state of california. 
The man came from a foreign country with a few bucks and some big muscles and is now worth a large fortune. He did an excellent job managing his identity and he made a lot of money in realestate and stocks. He may not have been elected for the right reasons but I think California could have done a lot worse. 
if nothing else, his drive to succeed will help him along 
<-- Squeal Taxpayer, Squeal! 
As if the professional politicians in California were doing any better. Arnold is a natural leader; optimistic and driven. Ideology is entirely secondary here. I would prefer to be fleeced by someone like Arnold than that sourpuss Davis. Arnold would never forget to include the reach around. 
Everyone just refers to him as "Arnold," whereas you felt obliged to call the former governer "Davis." People always prefer someone they're on a first-name basis with. 
...I am not my script. 
That's an interesting theory, but I think everyone says Arnold Schwarzenegger and types Arnold beause they're afraid to try to spell his last name. (I used google of course.) If someone walked up to me on the street and started talking aboit Arnold I probably wouldn't know who they were referring to. 
But If They Said It Like 
'Ahh-nahlld', you would get it. 
A person who has the determination, the will, the drive to achieve the heights that he has, whether it be in Body Building, Acting, whatever, I think has that special something that sets them apart from the pack. Over here in Oz, where I am, a lot of people I know think it's a bit of a joke, him being in that position. But hey, he is an achiever, whether he is any good at it or not, only time will tell. One thing for sure, he's not in it for the fame or fortune. 
I'm In Oz 
and I think it's a joke, but then the appointment of bush was no less a joke. 
Kinda Surprised 
People from other countries care about other countrie's politicians. 
Bush Thread 
With a president like Bush, everybody all over the world have to care about US politics, especially US peoples !!!
I know that "frenchies" are not able to criticate US politics with our "thousands" of politic party here, but at least admit that it will be a pure shame if US people trust one more time Bush and its administration...
Vote for Kerry !!!! just because he practice windsurf like me ;D 
.. view "Farenheit 9/11" to be conviced 
Well since it's back onto movies--I will not watch Farenheit 9/11 because:

1. Michael Moore is a propagandist. I'm not interested in the cinematography, or his "talent" as a film maker, so why else would I watch the movie if I know it's impartial and imbalanced?

2. Wait, I don't have a second reason, and the first is enough of a reason by itself. Well, I suppose I do have a second reason: I'd rather not support someone when they're intentionally spreading untruths.

3. Oh yeah, I knew there was another reason I don't like Michael Moore: he didn't have enough respect for Bradbury to ask him if he could name the movie after Bradbury's story.

P.S. The election is a long way off, but right now it looks like I'm not going to vote for Bush, so no comments saying I'm biased, okay? 
Weeee Totally Misspelled "Fahrenheit" Kekek ^__________^ 
I apologize for the typo error... anyway
Even if you think M.Moore is a propagandist, even if you don't like his "poor cinematographic talent", I think his film is really worth seen... just to understand what is M.Moore's feeling about US administration politics... I agree he overdoes a lot all the related topics, but it's for him the only way to make understand some people what is really Bush administration...
Furthermore, I'm not able to vote for Bush or Kerry... I don't live in USA.. I'm french...
Oh, just one thing... you are biased.... he he he...
I'm glad you liked the movie. I'm still not going to watch it. :) 
No problem... It was just my opinion... Everybody is free to watch or not any movies he wants...
... and you are still biased ... :D !!! 
Mike Moore 
all I've seen of his is Bowling for Columbine and based on that, I agree with RPG's assessment of him as a filmaker and interviewer.

Having said that, I still found BFC to be quite good simply because the topic, the people he interviewed and some of their viewpoints were just flat out interesting. 
On A Side Note 
Finally caught Big Fish and thought it stank. It's like a collection of snippets from all of burton's other filmas mismashed with an overdose of sentimentality.

Also saw Shrek2 and was disappointed, no where near the same level as the first (which was pretty good), some good laughs though. 
. . . Moore & Reality -- Tofu For You, Cow For Me! 
I have also seen the other Moore movies Roger & Me, and Bowling for Columbine. Too much of his work is dependent on distortion of fact (in Roger & Me, he literally turned the time line of events backwards to achieve his narative logic). In Farenheit 9/11 he spends the first thirty minutes or so making the argument that the Bush family is in cohoots with the Saudi's and that the reason we went to war is due to these vaguely defined powers-that-be and their commercial interest. However to achieve this logic Moore ignores the fact that the Saudis opposed the war!
Moore's agenda would be worse for this Nation than what the Democrats or the current Republicans have to offer. I have read his blogs and know his opinions pretty well. He is a creature of the hard Left. Whatever peace he advocates on the foreign policy scene would be more than made up for by the coercion he advocates in matters of domestic policy.

My biasis certainly are not pro Bush. I voted for him in 2000, but like RPG I am not at all happy with the results. 
One would think Moore would be the guy to open people's eyes with all sorts of truths, but now that people evidently hate him, and no one likes Bush, I wonder who the fuck to trust? No one, I guess. 
How do we know Moore is lying? 
As Well, 
How do we know Moore is true ?? There certainly in Moore, like in Bush a part of truth, and a part of lie.. more or less.. Just a question, after 9/11, the target was Bin Laden, in Afghanistan..I'm sure Afhganistan war was justified, but Iraq was was not for sure.. oil was the only target, like if Bush was frustrated not to catch Bin Laden... Do you really think Irak was friendly with AlQaida ?? Anyway, oil is there for sure ... do you really think Saddam have massive destruction weapons ?? And so where are these weapons ?? Anyway, oil is here for sure ... The target has just moved..
And I agree Moore exagerate deliberatly in his film and he is clearly not impartial...
And like Phait said, Moore would be the guy to open people's eyes with all sorts of truths ... and sure truth will be very hard to find.. even if we are hardly looking for it... 
I Dont Want To Get Into A Debate 
that gets off the subject of the movie. But ask your self this, the claim that it is 'about oil', what does it answer? Does Exon need war to get rich off of oil? No. Do the Saudis need war to get rich off of oil? Or even as a precursor to jack the price up? No (the supply peaks are doing a good job of that). Does even the milatary-industrial-complex need the war to get rich? Not even them. Their stock shot up and their contracts were signed in the days fallowing 9/11.

The war was ideologically drive, and its perpertrators and their interests are easy to identify by their own writings. 
No film ever made is "true" -- it's been edited and even before the edit phase shots were taken while others weren't. For it to be "true" it would have to conisder all angles and dimensions of every given argument, and -- short of turning it into a Charles Ives-esque assault with multiple screens and soundtracks -- this simply isn't possible.

Additionally, if anyone's viewpoints are so weak that any documentary -- no matter how badly made, edited or planned -- could radically change them, the said viewpoints were either unfounded or the person is a complete schizophrenic.

BTW, I want to see Fahrenheit 9/11
'-- short of turning it into a Charles Ives-esque assault with multiple screens and soundtracks -- this simply isn't possible. '

That is a pretty fucking awesome idea. Imagine a documentary on the drug war using cinematography like that, interlaced with psychedlic effects and music. 
I'm sure it's been done, but yeah -- it is a neat idea =D 
How Do We Know Moore Is Lying? 
His lips are moving.

I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress. 
Fahrenheit 9/11 
If Moore was to present "factual lies" about Bush, he would get sued into oblivion. He hasn�t been sued, thefore he is not lying. 
3. Oh yeah, I knew there was another reason I don't like Michael Moore: he didn't have enough respect for Bradbury to ask him if he could name the movie after Bradbury's story.

Fahrenheit 451 
I didn't mean that Bradbury's book title was "Fahrenheit 9/11." Obviously that wouldn't have made sense when the book was published in 1953. But Moore's movie is clearly named after the book, and as I said, Moore didn't care enough to ask Bradbury if he could name his movie after Bradbury's story. 
I'm not saying everything Moore says is a lie, I just couldn't resist.

Libel suits aren't so easily thrown around. This is a pretty good summary:

You don't need to tell lies to propagandize though. A careful choice of what facts you want to present can be even more powerful (see Leni Riefenstahl), and there's no question that Moore is being selective. I saw an article listing a bunch of examples but can't find it now. That wouldn't bother me except somehow his film got labeled a documentary. 
R.P.G. I just read that article. Thanks for the link! If the article is accurate then Ray Bradbury is a real dick.

Bradbury, who is a registered political independent, said he would rather avoid litigation and is "hoping to settle this as two gentlemen, if he'll shake hands with me and give me back my book and title."

Ray...get over it, you hack. 
Here is a fairly balanced article on the Farenheit 9/11. He makes some of the same points that I made earlier but obviously he can afford to go into greater legnth.

BTW, go see the movie. Whatever you think of Micheal Moore, and I am not what you may call a fan, just seeing Ashcroft being his nutball self is worth the ticket price.

Better yet, rent Waco: Rules of Engagement, a documentary with better research standards and presentation. If you are looking to get pissed off at your government, that is a mighty good place to start. 
Mystic River 
I just finished watching this and I'm kind of dissappointed. The acting was top notch though and I thought it was worthy of the accolades it recieved.

I thought the pace was too plodding and ultimately while the story was entertaining, I thought it didn't pack enough punch in terms of being deep enough or conveying some kind of message. I don't know whether this is Eastwood's fault or Lehane's. (I've never read the book)

The last 10 minutes seemed out of place and the ending as a whole was generally unsatisfying. 
I hope Moore's viewpoint is slanted as hell, it makes for better entertainment. It's just no fun when everyone is being "politically correct". 
I Fealt Pretty Much The Same On That One, 
Mystic River's weak point was the script, but the directing and acting were on the mark. 
Politically Correct Film.... Sucks... 
If non politically correct film will be banned out cinemas, it will remains only films.... without violence, sex, fights, blood, monsters, etc.. etc.. just Disney's films for children... A shame... sights.... 
Mystic River 
I really enjoyed it. I did feel like it was trying to milk every bit of emotion out of it that it could, but I also realized that each time it tried it managed to impact me emotionally. A bit much? Yeah. A powerful movie? Sure. 
The Day After Tomorrow. 
Which in fact I saw yesterday i.e. the day after two days ago although one day before that it would have been the day after tomorrow but I didn't know I was going to see it yet.

I quite enjoyed it. A great spectacle, a frightening concept and a fair romp. Obviously it was an utterly shallow cheese-fest of embarrassing proportions and would been significantly better if any part that contained people had been cut out....apart from the dog begging for the sausage and the British chopper pilot shouting at his failing machine which were the only 3.5 seconds of convincing acting in the whole thing.

Clearly a truly great film could have been made out of the idea (i.e. if they'd actually bothered to try) and this wasn't it.

There were two aspects that interested me further though...

1. The initial tornado destruction in LA reminded me a bit of the 11/9 footage, and made me think that actually there has been a comparatively shocking city-based disaster recently....with a strong public/government reaction which a GOOD film would have learnt from to provide a much more convincing reaction on screen.

2. The instant freeze effect....I was watching this happen to the choppers and thinking "I know this from somewhere!". If anyone has read "The Chronoliths" by Robert Charles Wilson (a good, intelligent sci-fi book, so you should have), the book describes an instant freezing effect caused by the appearance of an object from the future....and the effect in TDAT is exactly how the book describes it. Which is nice and marginally improved the experience. 
I didn't wanna go to that because outside a few choice scenes (in the trailer, at least) it looked like a finely polished turd. Now I like the old-skool Irwin Allen disaster flicks, but that's only because you get invited to this weird quasi-reality where Chuck Heston rubs shoulders with Richard Roundtree and Victoria Principal (va-VOOM!). Otherwise, it's usually preposterous, bombastic filmmaking that doesn't even make for popcorn science-fiction. 
Victoria Has Nice Principals 
Spiderman 2 
Oh my!

Somebody finally got it right, this is how a comic book movie should be. Cool bad guy, cool fight scenes, nice pacing, tobey maguire born to play this character etc etc

Go watch it, way better than the first (which wasnt bad but the bad guy was piss poor). 
I gotta gree -- normally Defoe kicks ass in my book, but he just didn't cut it as the Goblin. I'm much happier about having Doc Ock in the second one, for sure -- next up should be Patrick Stewart as The Vulture =D 
DaFoe Is 
from Appleton here where I live. His father was my Gramma's doctor. 
there's hints that three will be Lizard and/or Hobgoblin.

As for Dafoe, I didnt find him that bad, it was just the horrible Power Rangers Costume and bad writing for his part. 
Spiderman 2 
Oh, yes. Probably the best comic-based movie. Period. I was amazed at how effortlessly it swings from drama to camp, to complete schtick (Peter's back injury, for example), and back to high drama again. I was moved by the aftermath of the train, and by Aunt May's "hero speech". And McGuire, Dunst and Molina were all amazing, and spot-on the whole show. And don't get me started with John's Dykstra's effects. DAYUM. Make the Matrix movies look poor, IMO.

All in all, I'll get this one on DVD when it comes out -- and prolly the first one too. 
Yeah, pretty sure it'll be either Hobgoblin or Green Goblin 2 (ehh), next flick =D 
American Psycho 2 
Watched it because I had nothing else to do. Predictable at times, but then it swings around. Mila Kunis stars. I haven't seen the first AP, but if that was a more serious film - this certainly was, definitely intentional comical vibe going on here.

The Shat is in it too.

And I will probably be seeing Spiderman 2 soon. 
OH Yeah 
American Psycho 2 basically sucked. 
yeah but they make go two villains so Lizard may make it since Kurt COnnors was introduced. 
AP 2 
I haven't had the nerve to actually watch this yet, but i guess i should. I got the impression it's basically a brainless teen slasher movie banking on the name of the original. 
that would be very good assumption. 
Gah, Just Can't Keep Up With Miike 
Trailer to Izo, his latest: Be prepared -- it's not your tpyical sort of flick ;D 
Izo has Takeshi Kitano, another reason to see it.

Spider-Man 2 was impressive, Alfred Molina being my absolutely favorite part of it. He was simply perfect, easily surpassing Willem Dafoe. Then again, the Green Goblin wasn't brought to the screen nearly as well as Doc Ock. (Doc Oc?) Really liked the movie, though it felt like a summer blockbuster to me. Could've used more substance.

And I finally saw The Man Who Wasn't There. Reminded me a lot of Albert Camus's novel The Stranger (L'etranger). The lighting was fabulous, and Billy Bob Thornton was a pleasure to watch. 
watched it today, it's really close to be the ideal comics-movie for me. Dr. Octopus was great, he looked perfect. 
what about Tony Shaloub as Riedenschnieder? 
Mystic River 
pretty good, excellent acting.

direction was a bit flawed, some scenes at the start and especially near the end.

The content of the last 10 mins was interesting and I thought important to the film. But the execution was jarring, confusing and ultimately distracting.

I think this stems mainly from the entire last 10 mins being completely out of tone from the rest of the film coupled with not really getting the point across clearly.

still, well worth seeing. 
Anyone Else Notice This?

As far as B-list action stars go, I actually think The Rock is one of the better ones. He has a sort of camp, Arnie-esque charm about him, that could well be perfect for this film. Fingers crossed the film doesn't turn out to be a steaming pile, eh? 
i think that'd rock(haw haw)! I agree about the comparison to arnie... the Scorpion King in particular is the nearest thing to an arnie film i've seen, and its fantastic if you take it for what it is, a tongue-in-cheek quip-a-thon.

This is clearly going to fall through like every other Doom film, but if it doesn't, it'd be a lot of fun i reckon. 
I think this is the real deal - they've got the script finalised, they've got a director (can't remember who, but it's no-one you'd have heard of :P), and they're obviously in talks with Mr. Rock.

As long as they don't turn it into a WS Anderson- MTV-style-editing-guitar-riff bullshit fest, they might be able to make this work. Let's hope the studio execs realise the potential and invest a shitload of money into this. 
in this day and age, MTV style editing is a given, especially for action films.

On a side note, I saw Spartan last night and dont really know what I think about it. FOr the first two thirds it's a very intriguing film that looks at being more than a standard spy thriller. Unfortuately the last third becomes just that and comes across as a wasted opportunity.

The Mamet dialogue is better than Heist but is still a bit distracting at times, this genre is probably not the best forum for his style of writing.

worth a see though. 
Qs About Spiderman2 
1. I see a lot of praise about how good a comic-book movie it is. Is it also a good hero/action movie for someone who hasn't the slightest interest in comic books??

2. Assuming it is, does one need to have seen the first movie to appreciate the second??

P.S. "movie" = "film", duh americanisation >:( 
As About Spiderman2 
1. Yes
2. No

I'm a long-time comic nerd, and while the movie isn't flawless by any means, I think it's the best "comic" movie I've seen, whether you're a knowledgable viewer or not. 
The Non-Comic-Nerd Opinion 
1. yes
2. yes

It's hard to justify my answer on the second without going into spoilers. So let's just say that if you want to see the second you might as well see the first anyways. It's out on dvd iirc. 
1 - yes
2- at least half of it. It's not as good but it's not exactly a waste of time either. 
Looking forward to this... looks fucked up 
They Have.. 
2 trailers for SAW now btw 
I honestly don't know what to think about that movie. 
Just saw signs.. while the director did a good job playing on suspense and intrigue, I thought the plot was poorly written. I suppose it's worth a rent, but nothing more. 
blows dogs balls. I mean it's all good to ape Hitchcock, Shymalan seems to have suspense down pat, but like Phait said, what about combining it with a decent plot?

It seems as if the sixth sense was a fluke, as all his other work is below par despite being interesting in parts. 
All You Need To Know About Signs

Maddox got it right again 
saw this last night, pretty nifty film. a bit too self-consciously quirky in places but a fun film regardless.

oh yeah, did anyone catch Hellboy? What was that like, I'm thinking of getting the DVD? 
some Hellboy reviews in this thread I believe, and/or GA. Haven't seen it myself, not terribly interested, but will probably end up seeing it. 
I loved that movie. The Vietnam War reenactment with explosives done on a High School stage. Unforgettable. 
Charlies ANgels 
Don't remember which one of the series, but came out in 2003.. Saw most of it.. fucking amazing action sequences and I really liked how it was directed and the humor. And the grrls. 
Cameron Diaz Scares Me 
as does any girl who has a mouth that's actually bigger than her face. 
I have this feeling she could portray Tori Amos if there ever was a movie about her.. something about the face, eyes, but that smile is wide.

Another interesting thing I read.. Jaime Foxx is portraying Ray Charles in a film.. I read a review of the pre-screening and the reviewer, at first had hesitations about Jaime as Ray, but said he was rather surprised. I'm not sure if it's going to be a theatrical release or on TV.. probably TV. 
yeah that was pretty cool.

"Please use your safety glasses and ear plugs if you feel it necessary." 
Jerry Goldsmith -- 1929 -2004 
Film composer Jerry Goldsmith has died at the age of 75. He passed away overnight after struggling with cancer. Kick-starting a long and successful career in the early 1950s at CBS (Twilight Zone, anyone?), Goldsmith has since contributed to the horror genre in ways a more seasoned music nut can better explain than myself. Alien. Planet of the Apes. Gremlins. Poltergeist. Psycho II. Warlock. Deep Rising. The Haunting ('99). The list goes on. He won an Academy Award for The Omen in 1976 and is a five-time Emmy winner.

My all-time fave composer -- next to Zappa, of course. Recognize. 
He Was A Fine Composer 
but I love Enrio Morricone's work the best. 
I don't necessarily agree with you, but Morricone is one of my faves, as well. Meanwhile, on the SAW front, the official site is finally up -- and it's a trip: 
The Obit Did Not List My Fav Of Goldsmith's 
The score was responseable for
A great bulk of its odd California Noir mood 
is one of my favorite flms ever. Class in each and every department. 
My Fave 
will always be Planet of the Apes. The music when I first heard it was so alien, and yet perfectly suited to the movie. My first taste of post-modernism -- even though at the time, I had no idea what it was, just thought it was really really cool =D 
would have to be my personal favorite of Goldsmith.

The bit where they discover the big fossilised alien in his gun turret, the music in that scene is great.

I also saw the hunt for Red october yesterday and obviously I was seeing the wrong submarine movies before because this and Das Boot have completely changed my opinion of the submarine genre. 
"submarine genre" ?

That's a new one... 
Revenge Of The Sith 
It's official, biatches! In other news, Star Wars ROTS and has been rotting ever since 1983. 
Return Of The King EE 
Quite a bit has happened this weekend in Movie Geekdom. At Comic-Con, we got the EpIII title, and the first real look at RotK:EE, although I'm not sure I dig what I'm hearing about the cinematography in the Mouth of Sauron scene; I think we got our fill of Rotting Mouth Closeups in Smeagol's Gollumisation sequence, thank you very much.

Now I hear the Star Wars:OT DVDs have been leaked (ROTJ at least), confirming some truly horrific Lucasian Revisionism - Hayden Christensen's head pasted onto Sebastian Shaw's body? I think I'm gonna barf. 
The Bourne Supremacy
Has anyone seen it yet? How is it? 
Bourne Supremacy 
I saw it last night.
The 5 of us got to the theater halfway into the previews, with nowhere to sit, so we ended up lying down on the floor right in front of the screen -- it was like real life fov 120! The movie was good, it continues fairly well from the original, but I found some of the character addition/deletions lacking much purpose and substance. However, Matt Damon is superb as ever in his role, and the action sequences are, as expected, really fucking cool.

Verdict: spend the money for the theater showing version 
Bourne Etc. 
I hope the fight scenes in this one are better than the first. The choppy, strobe-like editing style really didn't do anything for me. 
Terminator 3 Star Cast As BloodRayne 
I hope the fight scenes in this one are better than the first. The choppy, strobe-like editing style really didn't do anything for me.

I really dug the fight scenes in the first one. Yes, they were really choppy, annoying, like from a music video, but they really drew me in. I was as stunned as the protagonist when he fought those two policemen. 
I went to see it hoping for an movie in the Alien style. It's really more of a Preditor movie though. If you saw it you would know exactly what I meant. So it's ok, but it's not going to redefine genres for you. 
Donnie Darko Director's Cut 
just caught this last Friday, much preferred the original cut. The 20 mins of extra footage explains the time travel aspect more but hinders the pace and mood otherwise IMO.

Also saw hellboy and thought it was ok but the potential was there to be much much better. 
Donnie Darko Director's Cut
just caught this last Friday

I want to see it, too. :( 
is AvP as shite as I've heard/read? Anyone seen it? 
What am I? Chopped liver? 
I was vaguely considering seeing this, but then I heard they had a facehugger-pause-bullet-time-pan-round-360-unpause shot. Which just about made me want to ram a rusty glave up P.W.S. Anderson's talentless, derivative arse. 
that should be: facehugger-pause-bullet-time -pan-round-360-unpause shot 
You are kiding? o_0
Please god, say it ain't so...

/Kell weeps 
Not Kidding 
The film takes anything remotely cool from the two franchises, and flushes them down the crapper. But then again I wouldn't expect anything less from Paul "Wretched Shit" Anderson. 
if you go in expecting shit stacked high, you'll come out disappointed.

If you go in expecting anything else, you'll pull all your hair out and then proceed to pull the hair off anyone else in the vicinity.

Yes, it's that bad. And even in the hands of Paul W Anderson, it couldnt have been worse. 
Blood The Last Vampire 
*very* short anime title.

Visually its bloody fantastic, I've never seen animation this good. But its all style, all of it. Luckily it runs for only about 45 mins but its worth a look for the eye candy anyway.

Also finally finished 24 season 2. Silly, preposterous stuff but after about a dozen episodes, it's really fun and interesting.

Season 1 was far more compelling though. 
RE: AvP 
I've watched the movie yesterday and after reading up on it a bit, I can say this: If you live in the US, wait for the Director's Cut unrated version. The word on the street is that if you live in Europe, you will get to see the extended Director's Cut version in the theaters as well. The difference between the versions is about 20 minutes and is supposed to add a lot of good material.

Paul Anderson himself was furious when the studio informed him 3 weeks before the movie release date that they will be cutting the movie in the US to fit PG-13 guidelines, thus cutting out several important scenes altogether and ripping out a lot of gore.

That being said, I saw the "cut" version that is being shown in the US theaters and thought the movie was OK. I wasn't good, it wasn't bad, just... average. It had some really good moments (like the final battle) and some truly horrible ones (360 degree camera rotation around a flying facehugger a la Matrix). I will definately be getting the DVD version. 
Good to know. It'll at least be worth a rent/dl then. 
...yes Blood was very classy. Have you caught a look at Voices of a Distant Star yet?

And, I should've pimped this earlier but anyways... today at 14:00 AEST myself and two collegues will be running a 2 hour radio show on Philosophy and Film on SubFM Melbourne. It's streaming on so why not tune in and shoot through some insults. 
Manchurian Candidate 
saw the original because I was sort of interested in seeing the remake when it's released here in Oz.

Liked what I saw, some very clever scenes and memorable set pieces but I didnt really get into it all that much. 
I'll try and get a copy of voices of a distant star. 
Interesting at first but then cheese. Always thought it was about guy-in-wheel-chair, and then when I started to watch it, Elijah getting some kind of strength breakthrough for his illness. But no. 
Manchurian Candidate 
I saw this again recently, and it really is pretty entertaining. The only thing i really thought was weak was the frank sinatra/janet leigh relationship, which seemed tacked-on.

The remake is playing at a local cinema; i'm really curious to see how they updated it, considering the obvious parallels between the political situation then and the one now. It's by the same director who made that terrible remake of Charade, but he also directed Silence of the Lambs so maybe it'll be good. 
I thought that was one of the more interesting aspects. The conversation on the train (which is apparently word for word from the book) was so strange that IMHO it hints at janet leigh being frank's handler. I watched that scene twice and that's the only explanation I could come up with for the bizarre dialogue there. 
Interesting, i hadn't thought of it being any more than just the obligatory romantic interest plotline. I'd have to watch it again to see how your angle works. 
given how tight the script is, it just seems strange that the dialogue between those two (especially in the train scene, but also in the scene in the car later on) was so bizarre for no reason whatsoever. 
Last Samurai 
I'd heard good things about this but apart from 1 or 2 decent fight scenes, IMHO this movie represents everything that's wrong with Hollywood when it tries to make a serious film. 
Films Films Films 
bah I can't even begin to remember all the films i've seen recently, but some that spring to mind...

Eternal Sunshine yada yada:
Really liked this, I felt the central relationship was very convincing and well portrayed, the other two minor relationships (not spoiling anything) could have used a little more detail. Also the whole 'escape' process was great, but it didn't seem to have much depth as far that the plot goes, although it might improve with repeated viewings.

Bourne Identity/Supremacy
Bourne is the new Bond. I say this with authority because all recent Bond films are HORSESHIT. Actually the old ones suck pretty bad too if you ignore the hotties. Hmm, maybe bourne isnt the new bond then, as he's quite good. I hadn't seen either film until recently, and I found the first better than the second, but if you've seen the Bourne Identity, you'll probably want to see the sequel anyway... there are loads more books in the series I believe (from staring at a book jacket), and if the hand-to-hand fighting was a little better it'll make a nice little franchise.

Film about a mexican painter who gets her tits out a lot. Nice boobs. Film also features Dr. Octavius and some communists.

13 going on 30
I saw this on a plane so I have an excuse. I tried to take my mind off the movie by stabbing my balls with my fork, but unfortunately the fork was made of plastic so I only caused minor chaffage and had to go on watching. I'm tempted to go easy on this piece of work because it was clearly made by children with special needs, and sporting a cast of actors all recovering from addiction to prescription drugs. Seriously, 13 year old girls would come out of the theatre saying "dude, that was so fucking bad it gave me cancer", even if they went to catholic schools and didnt know words like that.

It appears to center around a girl who is 13, ugly, unpopular, untalented, ugly, and desperate to conform with popular kids and fit in. She then goes in a closet and wishes she was 30 and slightly manly looking, and VOILA she wakes up and she's Jenifer Garner.

Hilarity ensues as she acts like a 13 year old, in a 30 year old's body!! LOL!! She also has to work in her dream job of being the editor of a fictional fashion mag, called Ponce, or <g>Girth or something.

But conformity is bad, ok? So its time for some moral lessons. Seriously, I could take the lecturing from Lion-o of the thundercats, even He-Man, or Captain Planet, but this is a new low. We then get to see how her life would have been better if she didnt act like a shit her whole life. Wow, now being a dickhead pays off, eh? Better try it! I'm off to remove the landmines I hid outside the local retirement home. 
you could take the moral lessons from captain planet?? Dude you have high tolerance levels. 
She then goes in a closet and wishes she was 30 and slightly manly looking, and VOILA she wakes up and she's Jenifer Garner.

So that explains her attractive qualities. Grrrowwllll.

Seriously, your reviews should come with a tag line warning that they may cause in pants shittage from laughing so hard (I just tinkled myself a little). 
Give Us Spoilage... 
I was tempted to go see that movie only because Jennifer Garner looks insanely cute in all the trailers for it, but was put off by the fact that the audience would be full of teeny boppers.

How does the movie end, does she return to being 13 ala Tom Hanks in Big? 
She makes another giant leap forward in age and becomes an 87-year-old who recounts the tale of how her true love Jack Dawson died when the Titanic sank at sea. 
Hahahah Starbuck 
I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, sir. 
you could just watch alias. 
I saw 'I Shot Andy Warhol' tonight. It was pretty good -- I thought Lily Taylor was really good in it. It wasn't innovative in too many ways, but it told a good story about the life of a crazed woman and the events leading up to one of 20th century art's biggest names being shot. Not bad if you have an hour and a half to kill. 
massive spoilage!

she goes back to 13 again (going back in time) so she can live her life differently this time, and then they show you the happy ending, that she marries her childhood friend (mark?) when she grows up. 
i saw that recently, too. Good performance by the main actress, but overall i didn't find the story or the themes very enlightening. 
Warhol SHot 
Personally, I found the postscript to be rather enlightening. 
...I sent your review through to my sister (who is a big JG fan) and now she has stopped talking to me.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Starbuck :) 
lol, I've broken up marriages before, but never the eternal beautiful bond only a brother and sister have! i'll drink to that :)) 
Aeon Flux 
...this from my sister in law

Dom (my niece [ed]) had day off school yesterday and we trotted off to local cinema with friend in tow to watch Suddenly 30. Thank God it was not showing and having read the review you sent "what a lucky escape", especially as there wouldn't of been one single ball to stab with fork between us!

Starbuck, your fan base grows... 
Aeon Flux == Charlize Theron 
Worst casting ever! 
if you don't have any balls or forks, similar discomfort can be had be forcing hot popcorn into your eye-sockets! 
Aeon Flux 
dammit, I predicted over a year ago they'd make a movie of her. Sure to be full of bullet-ti...uh, aeon-time? Bullet-flux?
Somehow, I doubt it will be as eccentric as the pseudo-anime. 
The Horror, The Horror 
9 disc Matrix boxset

Right down the bottom of the page under Special Features : a new cut of Matrix Reloaded with 1 hour extra footage.

If anything it needs trimming, not more footage. 
I hadnt seen this in a long time and was surprised at how cheesy it now comes across as. Sure, it's still suspenseful and fun but some of the scenes (the invasion of the rebel base especially) just seem ludicrous.

And the marines seem like poor imitations of Hudson, Vasquez and co (yeah I know predator was made earlier). The creature design, however, is still fantastic. 
But It Stars 
2 governors! 2!! and apollo creed! 
Carl Weathers 
should run for office. 
Just saw it. Sort of a cross between Fahrenheit 451 and The Matrix. I think the main problem with it is that for a movie whose ostensive point is that emotions are important and complex and make us human, emotion comes too cheaply in the film itself -- how are you supposed to feel about this or that plot point? Don't worry, the movie will tell you, so you won't have to deal with the complexity or contradiction of emotions that the movie claims to celebrate.

However, nice pacing, good action, plot twists and stuff. I don't regret watching it. 
and the studio obviously made them add a few extra scenes to explain it to the imagined stupid audience; for example the intro footage where it talks about war and stuff. The opening would have been much stronger if they started you off with the police raid. 
The movie that made me fall in love with the chaingun 
And =librium, 
I loved the cinematography, a rich tapestry of grey and light saturation. 
Just the mention of the movie makes me want to watch it again just to see that guy surf the door and gunfu a room full of people. 
.. Terminator II also have a big chaingun "cleaning" sequence, which is at least as good as the one in Predator... If you love chaingun, you're gonna be pleased...:) 
Yes it is -- though I didn't care for the scene where he gives all the cops leg wounds -- would they have shown him the same curtesy? Besides that, a great action flick. 
In the same way, Rambo 2 have also its heavy chaingun cleaning sequence... if you really like this.... ;) 
I've Never Seen Rambo 2 
but I liked the first one, as a sensitive portrait of a tormented Vietnam War Vet who finds a means of coping with his psychological traumas by wasting a bunch of bastards who get in his way.

Kind of like A Razor's Edge, except with guns.

Inner Peace through superior fire power. 
Shortly Rambo 2 is the come back to Vietnam of the hero of the first episode... and this time he have to take photos of US prisonners keept in Viet jail for many years, just to have proof for UN and diplomacy... But, Rambo changes the plan: he choose to save the prisonners. And there are memorable fights with chaingun, many explosions, many kills, etc.. etc.. A basic "Stallone movie" in fact... 
favorite action scene has to be the one after he's attacked for keeping the dog. I hadnt heard much about gun-kata etc when I watched it, so I was amazed at that sequence. th eone that pushplay mentions was pretty cool too.

Actually all of them were good, even the direct lobby scene ripped from the Matrix. And whilst the movie was passable, Bale does a better job being Keanu than Keanu himself.

The T2 chaingun scene beats the predator one anyday. 
The T2 chaingun scene beats the predator one anyday.

I agree with that point of view: Predator chaingun sequence is just a "deforestation" sequence, whereas T2 chaingun sequence has many much more "target-hits"... 
the T2 scene is lame in meaning; it's firstly to show that Ahnuld is really a 'good guy' ( *wretch* ) and secondly a gratuitous excuse for cameron to blow shit up.
The scene in predator when Blaine gets killed by the pred and his pal Mac picks up the minigun and lets rip is awesome because it demonstrates the extensive firepower the marines are packing...and its total impotence against the pred.
"no blood, no bodies...we hit nothing"

Also: metl, there has never been a better time to have had a chaingun icon. I hope you're taking notes. 
Yes, you are right, but the movie context is really different: Predator is more or less a "Jungle Thriller" with an invisible ennemy, that explain the impotence of marines' fire power... And T2 is an action movie where explosions are "free distributed" to enjoy peoples, and it demonstrates the Terminator's power against common human being... That's the main difference between the 2 movies... even if "Schwarzy" wins at the end ... ;) 
I Wanted To Write The Entire Post Here Just To Annoy All Of You, But I 
as there wouldn't of been one

wouldn't of

distrans, I hate your family.

Oh, I also saw King Arthur and The Chronicles of Riddick a few weeks ago.

King Arthur Clive Owen as Arthur was crap. Where was the inspiring, charismatic king? Keira Knightley was cute/beautiful/scary. All in all, even the fight scenes were too mediocre. The only real highlights were Bors and Dagonet (Ray Winstone and Ray Stevenson).

The Chronicles of Riddick Ummm, what? Unfortunately (or not so) I missed the first 20 minutes of this, but was vaguely entertained by the rest. Can't really explain the feeling. Sure, it was crap, but was it in a good way, or a bad way? Makes me want to see more sci-fi in any case.

Not to mention Vares, a certain good Finnish movie none of you will probably ever see. Your loss. 
More Flicks 
Finally got around to seeing two that I'd wanted to see for a while, both ended up being quite enjoyable without being anything spectacular.

Halloween - killer score and nice tension. One of the rare enjoyable slasher movies.

a fish called wanda - not as funny as I'd heard but a lot funnier than most comedies. We need more british comedies. 
is vares based on the book(s)? 
Wow. Not exactly what I was expecting, but managed to surpass Crouching Tiger imo. Everything is good imo (I saw it in Mandarin with english subtitles) from the acting, the action scenes, story, etc. Woot. 
I just got it on friday, hoping to watch it soon, just waiting till I'm home alone so I can pump up the sound. 
good movie; but managed to surpass CTHD? I don't think so, but it depends on your criteria i suppose.

No regrets watching it; there were good fights, a nice story (particularly the way the first half unfolded,) and visually it was very stylish. 
I Personally 
thought CTHD was very overrated. A good movie it sure was, but nothing more than that.

The fight scene between zhang ziyi and michelle yeoh is another story. 
is vares based on the books?

Yup. Can't remember which book right now. Might've been a hybrid of several books. Haven't read any myself, but after seeing the movie I might try one of them. 
saw it yesterday. excellent, and certainly up there with cthd. 
When I watched I thought it wasn't too interesting apart from the beautifull visuals. 
I Polled My Family... 
...95% said they loved Vigil, especially for that level where you have to defend the tomb of your friend.

5% said... Who? 
this was almost a very fine film, but as it is it's fairly dodgy. The script is too weak and some of the dialogue about psychoanalysis is cringeworthy, even for a movie this old.

But, there's no denying the classy direction that's on display here. Keeps you watching despite all the flaws. 
That Level Was Made By 
wright bagwell, and it was CALLED Vigil, not actually made by Vigil the mapper. 
Joss Whedon Directing Xmen3?

Being both a comic book and buffy geek, I for one, am exited for this. (nevermind the fact most of whedons angel episodes suck ass). At least so far, his comic run has been pretty damn good. 
<-- Throwing Cards 
Of course, there's currently no script, and to the best of my knowledge no major talent has actually signed for the movie (and we know Halle Berry has little interest in returning unless she's in the spotlight).

Then piss off, Halle, no one likes you. He could be a good director i think. Oh, and GAMBIT GAMBIT GAMBIT GAMBIT GAMBIT GAMBIT GAMBIT FUCKING GAMBIT GAMBIT GODDAMN GAMBIT BASTARDS GAMBIT please thanks. 
I was never a fan of Beast persay, but that might be interesting. 
I like Halle Berry. I'd like to see Psylocke. I didn't see X2 so I don't know if she was in there or not -_- 
And when are they going to make a Lobo movie? 
and while we're at the whole comic movies thing, just saw this interesting bit...

Finally, Comic Book Resources reports that "Allegedly, DC's lord of the seas "Aquaman" is getting the cinematic treatment, courtesy of producers Alan and Peter Riche and writer Ben Grant. They want this Aquaman to be a goofy screwball comedy. Their thought was, 'since he's such a stupid character let's play that up.'" He then warned me that despite his source's reliability, this is still just a rumor for now, so caveat emptor and what not".

Yet another comic -> movie destined to suck :\

oh, as for Halle Barry... she's not good looking, she has no acting skill, and really is only famous becuase she cried getting some token award and showed her tits in a few films. I'll be glad to see her gone for any film I may be interested in. 
I can prove you wrong with 2 words: Cat and Woman. Instant gold. 

so you're attempting a rebuttal on the grounds that she's such a shitty actor she has to play in a cheesy crapfest where she fully relies on her supposed looks? I guess she can pass for hot while she wears a mask and not much else. 
I guess she can pass for hot while she wears a mask and not much else.

she still looked ugly to me :) 
Are you gay, or blind, or both ?? Even if she looks ugly in her ridiculous costume, it remains she had a wonderful bunny, and big tits woawwhat a girl.. That's enough to see the film.. grrrrr... and furthermore if someone tells me that she's naked in the film: I'll buy it :P... 
I thought she was good in Monster's ball, probably not oscar worthy but enough to show acting ability. 
Well, I'm Just A Modest Blind Gay Man 
but going by feel alone she doesnt do it for me, honey. But masks and leather? Fabulous, I say! 
With masks and leather: it will turn into a sado-maso sex contest.. he he he ... 
That Sounds Like A Contest 
where everybody loses :( 
Perhaps The.. 
.... only winner will be the one who have the mask and leather.. :P...

In fact, I really don't know, because I don't practice this kind of ... errr could we say: "sport"... o_O 
Yet another comic -> movie destined to suck :\

What (recent) movies like this are you referring to? I guess you mean Catwoman, although it doesn't really count as its not even selina kyle and has fuck all to do with the batman/catwoman ethos. Punisher? It was OK, but I wouldn't say it sucked.

Wait for the next batman movie. My hopes on that being good are fading by the minute. :( 
why? there's too much talent behind batman begins for it to suck. But I guess stranger things have happened.

And I read somewhere that Jack BLack was playing Aquaman. 
I thought the footage/shots of the new Batman looked really nice actually. Not that they provide a lot to go on, but the new batmobile is buff. 
Sky Captain 
Looks like pretentious, over-done-dreamy-effect action crap. And too many stars. But y'never know, either way I don't really have high hopes for it. 
You Know, 
I couldn't resist Angeline Jolie if I wanted too. That outfit makes it an even more difficult task.

confusing plot, stupid dialog, robotic acting, pretentious cinematagraphy, all those I give a big so what. For the cost of mere ticket, I get a reason to live! 
Just the word I was looking for. 
Just look at the fucking name of the movie!!

It sounds like a fake movie from the Simpsons starring Troy McClure as the Sky Captain. 
And when are they going to make a Lobo movie?

Movie? Why haven't they made a Lobo game yet? Space motorbikes, gratuitous violence, and a character that looks like Rob Zombie on steroids: it's a franchise just begging to pander to the power fantasies of the pimple-eyed. 
Doom 3 New Director 
"Universal Pictures has hired Polish director Andrzej Bartkowiak ("Cradle 2 the Grave") in a pay-or-play pact to helm the studio's upcoming vidgame adaptation, "Doom." He replaces the film's original director, Enda McCallion, who the studio said is bowing out due to personal reasons...

A former cinematographer on pics like "Lethal Weapon 4" and "Thirteen Days," Bartkowiak's recent helming credits include "Exit Wounds" and "Romeo Must Die." 
I saw Lethal Weapon 4, but none of the others, so I can't say if I'm excited or not. I hope they don't seriously screw it up like Resident Evil though.

On a slightly different-but-related topic, anyone have any info on the Silent Hill movie? I heard the Resident Evil director was doing that movie too, which really worries me. 
Well, looking at Bartkowiak's directing credits, he just sounds like another alumni from the Paul W S Anderson School of Shit Action Films. I think he majored in "101 ways to fuck up an action scene by trying to make it look like a bad parody of The Matrix".

Can't say I'm totally shocked; it's not as if film studios hold video games in very high regard. 
After seeing Exit Wounds, Romeo Must die and Cradle 2 the Grave, I wish the process seen in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was possible.

In other news, everyone's favorite level (that being me) just recently (that being yesterday) saw that one movie called I, Robot, and for some strange reason enjoyed it quite a lot.

Was able to turn my brain off, and it was indeed rather nice. The action was good, the sets were nice, and there was nothing too stupid. The artsy person inside me wished that the movie had concentrated more on Sonny. Would've been more like Asimov's short stories. Then again, I was expecting an action movie, and I got what I wished for.

And the three laws are perfect? Ummm, say again? 
it's really just a bunch of beautiful images stuck together, but when they look this good, they hold your attention. Well worth watching. 
Triplets Of Belleville 
sheer brilliance.

Mesmerising stuff from start to finish, the animation's a sight to behold and the film is like a cross between a Tim Burton work and a Hayao Miyazaki film. 
I Remember The Tune From ToB 
at the Oscars. All of the other nominated tunes bored me pissless; it at least had a beat and some umph. The worst set of music they have had since Celine Dion won it for the Titanic theme and a big let down from the previous year when Dylan won for the Wonderboys. Brrrr

Anyway. I had that freakin ToB tune and accompanying visuals stuck in my head for a week after that. I'm sure if I watch the movie it would get stuck there again.

Please tell me the movie is worth enduring that. 
was pretty good. Mostly lighthearted and comedic, but became abruptly serious when the mobster killed one of the bicyclists, which completely took me out of the movie. Everything else went well together except that one scene imo. Plus there were animated boobies. 
Beautiful to look at, but just wasn't as clever and consistent in its writing as it thought it was. As a result the visuals and the main theme were the only things keeping me going. 
Seen it a couple times actually...

a treat to watch, but as a consistent storyline yawn...more focus on the travels of the triplets themselves and less on the biker would of made for a more interesting watch.

That is not to say there weren't some great parts. I not feel bad recommending it to be watched. Just don't go buy the DVD 
yeah, I was a bit surprised at that moment too. I was waiting for them to show that the goon fired the shot at something else.

It's definitely uneven, but even when it was dawdling, I found it strangely entertaining and enjoyable. 
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 
Had a few good moments, but other than that it was pretty bad. Noticably worse than the 1st installment (AND they are making a 3rd). 
Noticeable Worse Than The 1st Installment 
is that even possible? 
I was one of those who had actually thought the first one was quite decent. 
I Have The Same Problem 
with Jovovich that I have with Jolie,
I can't be objective about a movie when she is on the screen. 
Jovovich is not that hot. Same with Jolie. Yeah, she has some sexy lips, but... well... she's not hot. 
"Old School" DVD today. I now own an impressive 3 (three) DVD's. (aforementioned, Vanilla Sky & One Hour Photo).

Gonna checkout Red Dragon in a bit. Haven't seen any new releases yet, not really interested to be honest. Spiderman 2, Collateral and Paparazzi I'd like to see. 
...looks like somebodys grandma... I know she's not old, but I can't help but see how she'll apear when she gets all wrinkled...

I hope to watch Shaun of the Dead tonight... 
Jovovich Is Not That Hot. 
Yeap. That is why she gets roles in movies, although she hasn't demonstrated much in the way of acting abilaty, and that is why she is Revlon's cover girl because she is so unatractive.

okay, smarty pants, Headthump, explain Demi Moore's success?

er . . . Damnit! Zwiffle, you when this time . . . 
that's one very good looking grandma you know. 
meh and those blasted hononyms . 
GranMa ??? 
If my GranMa would dress like Angelina Jolie... sure I fall in love with her... she was pretty good in her youth !! 
Doom Movie 
I have to admit to being more than a little curious about the progress of this film.

Anyway, latest news is the casting of Karl Urban as (I presume) the lead marine guy.

A better choice than The Rock, I'll admit. Also he made a pretty decent Eomer in LotR. (Now if only they'd change that fucking director...) 
Anyone who is willing to show her tits in movies can be a success in hollywood. and also, queen latifah has done commercials for revlon. Or one of those cosmetics thingies anyway. 
They're not even *her* tits either. (I was devastated when I found that out, although I'll admit they're pretty realistic-looking falsies). 
Queen Latifah 
appearing was the result of demographics and marketing. Hot European babes like Milla have no built in demographic appeal to the buyers of Revlon products. The only reason she is their cover girl is because she is hot.

As my previous post suggest, I can understand that a certain type of woman and feminity does not appeal to everyman. Some guys I know use to go apeshit over Demi Moore, and I never understood that; not only can't she act, she can't even move her facial muscles to express human emotion.

Anyway, if Milla doesn't appeal, nor does Angeline or Queen, just who does?

Are you being skeptical for the sake of skepticism? 
That Hot Asian School Girl 
In Kill Bill 
RE: That Hot Asian School Girl actually Japanese (both the movie character and the actual actress). 
excellent taste -- kinda does it for me too
Uma looked better than ever as well

Asia = {China, Indochina, Siberia, Japan, etc.} 
Like Saying Britons Are Not European 
My Top 3 Hot Asian Chicks 
1. Michelle Yeoh
2. Fann Wong
3. Zhang Ziyi

Say what you want, Michelle Yeoh is hot. 
How Can Gong Li Not Be In That List? 
Gong Li Via Google 
wont let me link it :/ 
...Gong Li is spesh, but I can't go past Lucy Liu's freckles...tres bon...and now we need a freckle icon.

Gong Li isn't on the list because it's a top *3*, not a top 4. And, since there's already 3 on that list, that doesn't leave any room for Gong. If I had a top 4, she still probably wouldn't be on it, but maybe in a top 6. 
She Isnt An Actress 
But there is a CNN anchor named Betty Nguyen who is so divinely pretty I get light headed when she is on air. 
you'd never guess that most mappers are male... 
I think Ming Na could be a part of your top 5 asian actress...

I like this kind of "doctor" .. grrrr... 
More Stuff I Saw 
dirty pretty things - really good, the lead actor was excellent. Audrey Tatou had a nice change from her Amelie role too.

dial m for murder - more class from hitchcock, easily one of his better films. Great script.

the producers - very clever film and script. I dont really like Mel Brooks' slapstick humour generally but this was different to his usual stuff, but still had that manic energy that seems to be prevalent in all his films. Highlight was easily the castingof the hippie as Hitler. 
Film Thoughts Please... 
Chronicles of Riddick - any good??

Hellboy - any good??

Would like some feedback please (not based around how faithful they are to comics/prequels etc etc - just how they are in their own right) - more about what they're like rather than just "s4wk / r4wk".

Also, another other sci-fi / thriller / weird films around or coming out this autumn?? Can quite happily watch trashy sci-fi in it's own right but prefer other films to have a bit more bite (not into arty abstract weirdness though). 
Chronicles Of Riddick 
Trashy sci-fi; nothing at all like Pitch Black. Vin Diesel co-produces; the result is about what you'd expect. 
i thought it was alright. good music, and cool effects... ending was strange and a bit awkward. just don't go in expecting pitch black 2. 
I don't really know about new releases, but Dark City is always a good bet. And of course the original Pitch Black if you haven't seen it.


Um, this was actually going to be a very big list, but I don't really have anything else to add. 
Well, Since We're Throwing Out Older Films Too... 
I'll second the Dark City vote, and add a few faves from the sci-fi/thriller/weird camp:

Angel Heart
Brotherhood of the Wolf
The City of Lost Children
The Man Who Would Be King
The Stunt Man
True Romance
Wild at Heart 
Forget Older Films For My Benefit. 
I'm interested in the cinema shizznaz at present. 
Dark City. 
Dark City was smelly, don't watch it. 
riddick is crap, some of the design work is good but the movie is crap.

Hellboy is ok, decent effects and so forth but it's a bit too long and there's nothing truly spectacular in it.

Good current stuff in line with what you asked for :

donnie darko (I think the director's cut, albeit an inferior version, is playing at cinemas around the world)

Spartan's not bad for a thriller.

Collateral is also pretty good for a thriller.

Also, I havent seen it but Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow looks like an interstingly styled pulp sci-fi film. 
'bout Sky Captain 
a direct qote from my brother

' so, so, so, bad. Cutesy crap made me wanna gash my eyes out.'

I haven't seen it. 
'bout Sky Captain 
a direct quote from my brother

' so, so, so, bad. Cutesy crap made me wanna gash my eyes out.'

I haven't seen it. 
I Dunno 
When Shambler said "not into arty abstract weirdness though", I pretty much assumed that Donnie Darko would be out. Plus the sci-fi themes aren't as much in the foreground of the film as other sci-fi films. 
they are in the director's cut (to the detriment IMHO but that's another issue). 
Donnie Darko sounds fine actually, but I thought it was long gone to DVD.

Funnily enough the Sky Captain thing looked pretty entertaining - the style of it looked cool, and it makes no pretence to have an ounce of sense to it.

Will consider Collateral then.., 
the original cut of Donnie has been on DVD for ages. However, a new director's cut (with about 25 mins extra footage) is showing in many cinemas around the world. 
Like Saying Britons Are Not European

Try asking my average countryman about it and they'll deny it vehemently.

Xenophobic bastards the lot of them. 
Sky Captain 
It has some excellent moments. Style++ for about 3/4 of the movie. Towards the end it starts to decohere, but all in all it's worth the price of admission. 
how noticeable is the cg? I hate obvious cg (hello Matrix sequels), especially when it's used in large parts as it is here. 
The Salton Sea 
Predictable. Nothing special in the writing. There is a small bit to consider after you're through watching, but as I said it's not anything special. Visual style is kinda nice and dark.

Oh, and it had the phone ringing sound from The Matrix. 
I Liked 
the salton sea, yeah it wasn't AMAZING, i didn't rush out and buy the dvd, but I didn't walk out of the theatre feeling ripped off.
It had some giggles, some sad, some bad, and some yummy val kilmer. 
Well since I am neither A) a homosexual male, nor B) a heterosexual female, I didn't find Val Kilmer all that hot. The sad was just cliche stuff (can you say "The Crow"?). The giggles were... okay, they were giggles.

As I said, it had a decent style in the visuals, but everything else was either mediocer or cliche.

Oh, and I didn't feel ripped off. But the movie just wasn't that great. 
It holds up pretty well. The fact that the whole thing is done in one style is what makes it all work. The only time I thought the cg was off was for the rain. Rain is hard. 

Watch the 'exclusive clip', that probably gives as good an indication of the CG as you'll get. 
Shaun Of The Dead 
I love a good zombie movie. For some reason hordes of slow witted numbsculls appeals to me. Shaun of the Dead isn't an esception. There are some hilarious moments, but they don't take you out of the movie. It manages to be funny and still hold up well as a standard zombie flick, which is impressive. 
Can I Get Any Of You Cunts A Drink? 
Yes, great film. I saw it in the cinema way back when it was released. Is it true though that they filtered out Ed's classic opening line for the American release? 
If That's The Line You're Referring To 
Then yes, it was in there. Usually the Canadian release is the American release, though not always. We do have a different rating system. More focus on violence, less on fucking language. 
Re: Shaun 
Lovely, lovely movie. Two thumbs up. Though I'm not big on gore, I did kind of like when David got ripped apart. The best zombie movie I've seen, though I haven't seen all that many. Can't wait for DVD. 
Yep Yep, 
damned hilarious! :D 
Aw, Fuck! 
Now I know about David. Thanks Zwif (Just kidding. It will be on DVD before I get a chance to see it. My retention is pure ass.) 
American Splendor 
I really enjoyed this one. I never knew about Harvey Pekar until this movie, and he seems like a real weird/fascinating guy. I liked how the man himself did certain scenes, I thought it really added to the feel of the movie.

I couldn't help laughing out loud at some of the scenes, but at the same time I thought the movie was really depressing, but not in an exploitative way.

I reccomend it to anyone interested in a great story about an average, yet largely disturbed and flawed individual trying to find his place in this world.

I laughed the hardest at subtle things in the movie -- for example, at one point the movie becomes the filming of the movie, and we see Paul Giamatti and the actor who plays Harvey's nerdy friend sitting down and watching the real Pekar and nerdy friend have a conversation. Giamatti seems exhausted from doing what is definitely a demanding role, yet he still cracks a grin as he watches the bizarre, but still loving interaction between Pekar and his friend. 
More Stuff 
ninja scroll - finally saw this popular anime title and it is pretty cool, depsite the inclusion of certain scenes purely inserted to attract a certain male demographic.

the graduate - really good stuff here, I was surprised how much I liked it. Excellent performances, camerawork and music.

manhattan - alongside Annie Hall, easilty Woody allen's best film. The B&W photography is a treat too.

shattered glass - pretty nifty little film about the downfall of Stephen Glass and it highlights George Lucas's godgiven gift of making reasonable actors put in unbelievably horrid performances in star Wars films.

Strangers on a Train - Top tier Hitchcok film, one of his best works.

suspicion - pretty good Hitch film, ending's a bit flat but otherwise it's a fairly solid suspense exercise utilising point of view. 
I finally got around to seeing the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time. No I'm not joking.

And it's easy to see why it was the one of the most cherished film trilogies of all time. The first two films are on the cheesy side but they are almost the perfect popcorn film, with Empire coming out slightly stronger.

But Return of the Jedi? Ugh! Although it's nowhere near Episodes 1 & 2, you can see the rot setting in. 
What I've Been Watching: 
All 5 dirty harry movies -- only the first one is worth it, and even then you have to be interested in the genre. However, even the bad sequels had good scenes with some memorable lines; but they don't justify watching the whole movie. Example:

Harry Callahan: Do you have any kids, lieutenant?
Lt. Ackerman: No.
Harry Callahan: Lucky for them.

Responses to nitin: yeah, the graduate, ninja scroll, and empire strikes back are movies that i'd recommend to people. Strangers on a Train just arrived from Netflix; i haven't watched it yet. Star Wars and Jedi are okay of course, and much better than the new trilogy, but not as good as Empire. 
Strangers is very good, especially if you like any of the other Hitchcock films. 
Speaking Of Netflix 
Is it a good deal? Is it better than going to the local Blockbuster in terms of convenience and selection? 
convenience, absolutely. Selection, probably. Plus finding what you want is MUCH faster than wandering a store for 20 minutes wondering, "hmm, maybe it's in the drama section... no, well maybe it's in the action section... or is it foreign?" If they don't have something, you find out in a couple seconds.

The only downside is you can't spontaneously decide you want to watch some movie and rent it that night; instead you watch movies that you picked, at the earliest, two or three days ago.

Also, "good deal" depends on how often you rent movies, since it's a flat monthly fee. 
Yeah, What Metlslime Said 
The selection is way better from Netflix than from any of my local shops. All the ones within 10 miles of my house are tiny rural shops that think the Coen brothers are esoteric. Nevermind finding a foreign film other than Amelie or maybe Spirited Away.

I don't think I have anything to add, except that I should stress the flat monthly fee. Some cities are farther away from distribution centers than others, so the shipping time can vary greatly. Also, because you don't get to really pick which movie you watch that night, sometimes a movie will sit around unwatched for a few weeks before you get in the right mood to watch it. Thus, your rate of movies watched per month may decrease, and the value of the service will decrease with it. 
Thanks Guys 
I'll try that out then. It seems NetFlix only does the US. Can anyone recommend a good Canadian equivalent? 
I've been told that Blockbuster edits their movies to remove the content they precieve to be most objectionable to mainstream america. Which is another reason i don't want anything to do with them. 
...Blockbuster edits their movies to remove the content they precieve to be most objectionable to mainstream america.

You mean like an original or creative idea? 
I Know 
Blockbuster raped Requiem for a Dream, which was a travesty. 
I use the Aussie equivalent of netflix and it is quite handy. The sheer selection is huge, plus they readily acquire new DVD releases of old films which most Blockbuster stores dont do or take a long time to do.

But keep in mind what rpg said, if it takes more than 2-3 days for delivery to your area, the value is greatly diminished. 
and canada rental places : 
The problem is that there are way too many clones...

In addition to the two you mentioned. They can't all not suck. 
just pick one that's close to you so that delivery times arent too much. Most of them have a trial feature so you can get an idea what to expect. 
More Movies 
Rashomon - although it doesnt really have that groundbreaking effect nowdays, this is still quite a film. Didnt think it was a great film, but a very good one neverthless.

Irreversible - This movie made me sick. The content combined with the camerwork made me want to throw up. I knew what I was getting into but it still made me feel that way. Many other films have gotten the same point/theme across (and arguably a lot more successfully) without having the primary intention to assault the viewer whenever possible.

House of Sand and Fog - Ben Kinglsey is a fucking gun. Film's pretty good, I like how it doesnt really take sides but some of the events seem too contrived and take away from the whole IMHO. 
Re: Fahrenheit 9/11 
Awesome. Fuck George. Thank you. 
Mean Girls 
Rogers Video 
perhaps the competition for BlockBusters in Vancouver here, instead of editing movies will actually tabulate everything on the back of a movie for you (or parental guardian)

Profanity - 23 counts
Drug use - 4 counts
Nudity - 12 counts
Graphic Violence - 7 counts

etc... thus helping to guage whether the movie is worth watching for that 1 titty shot!! 
Screamin' Mad George Movie FX... 
Profanity - 23 counts
Drug use - 4 counts
Nudity - 12 counts
Graphic Violence - 7 counts

That sounds like a fun movie. 
Not Really RPG 
as it only lists 'Nudity' no 'Sexual Behaviour' or 'Explicit Sexual Behaviour' so thats just tits and ass, or maybe penis. And not much swearing either... 
I've Noticed A Lot Of Movies These Days 
for instance like the Boyle zombie movie from last summer are showing winkies and guy buttocks but no female nudity. I knew Harvey Keitel doing full frontal was the start of something really bad. 
An excellent execution of a really dumb concept. So does that means it's good or what? Well it has good moments and bad. The end leaves an aweful lot unresolved. I don't need a hollywood hack, storybook ending, but I do need some sort of ending. My brother and I agreed that if this was the start of a cool trillogy it would be a lot more enjoyable in retrospect. 
...sounds like our free to air multi-cultural station SBS on a Saturday night. Only our station gives more info without tabulation:

SBS advises that the following program contains - adult themes, drug references, sex references, frequent coarse language, high level sex scenes, violence and frequent nudity.

...and that is just their music video program. 
just be glad we actually get some free to air foreign films :) 
Hehe... complaints this end nitin. SBS can be one good reason not to have anything to do on a Saturday night.

I love the foreign movie theme weeks SBS has. 
It's Not Film 
but have any of you seen Arrested Development? If so, would you recommend it? It's not being shown on tv here in Australia but I see that the dvd set is out in the US. 
Triggermen - A light hearted ganster film shot on a low budget. It's pretty entertaining and has an excellent soundtrack. The characters are definitely what makes it worth watching, though the ending is a little weak. Everything wraps up too neatly.

After the Apocalypse - Saw it at the Edmonton Film Festival. Takes place after WW3 featuring a bunch of people trying to get by without any verbal communication. Shot in b/w on a shoestring budget, with absolutely no dialog. Not a single line. I liked it, but there's no chance you'll ever see it so hah!

Arrested Development - Nitin, the best way to decide for yourself is to grab a torrent and watch an episode. The style is fresh and I think the jokes are pretty damn funny. A friend of mine thought the jokes were tired, but I don't see it. Also, if you grab the first episode, it did improve as it went but should give you a good idea. If you grab a later episode... well some jokes are only funny because of what happened earlier. So I guess you can't win. 
fair enough, but in your opinion is it even enough over the whole season or is it patchy like a lot of shows? 
IMO, that show is kind of like Seinfeld. A whole bunch of unrelated crazy shit happens, and then somehow comes together at the end. It's also kind of wierd, they got this big wierd incest story going on, and it's just fuckin crazy. I wouldn't call it like hilarious, but I do feel satisfied after watching it. 
Nah, it's pretty consistent. The episodes pretty much flow from one into the other. It's not even a little like Seinfeld. 
I'll look into getting it then. 


'Nuff said. 
All Good Teenagers Take Off Their Clothes! 
Game Over Man! Game Over! 
UK Teletext reports that British director Paul W. S. Anderson ("Alien vs. Predator", "Resident Evil") is to write the sixth movie in the "Alien" franchise, according to sources close to the film maker.

Newcastle-born Anderson, 39, has apparently been asked by Twentieth Century Fox to pen a new script featuring the creatures on their own (ie. no Predators). Whether that includes the return of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) however is unknown.

The offer for the moment is simply to pen the script, not to direct as such although that may happen thanks to the success of AVP
While I'm Here 
some more stuff I saw :

Yojimbo - pretty good, has a coolness about it in terms of mood which is nice.

King of Comedy - I'm glad I checked this out because for a Scorcese film, this doesnt get much mention. I guess that might have to do with the lack of any signatory Scorcese visual pyrotechnics, but it's easily one of his best films. Robert DeNiro is excellent in this psychotic/comic role.

Cool Hand Luke - Excellent film, Paul Newman in great form and pretty good script. Also, I would have never thought this to be the movie behind some of the inspiration for the Coens' O Brother Where Art Thou.

Ran - Drags a bit in the middle due to the script but the direction is outstanding. The use of the screen is seldomly done so well. It's also refreshing to see 'real' armies in this day of CGI everything.

The Day After Tomorrow - Big, dumb and boring. I quit after about an hour in, despite some impressive effects.

All About Eve - Didnt like this much, seemed like a lite version of Sunset Boulevard, which is a much beter film. 
Re: Paul W S Anderson 
Yeah, it's a fucking shame, but there's very little art in mainstream cinema these days - Anderson will bang out a film in half the time it takes a proper director, make sure there's enough explosions and "bullet time" to amuse the braying hordes, and he'll do all this on the cheap as well, which is why Hollywood love him so much. The only director that can out-shit Anderson is Uwe Boll. (Watch the "Alone in the Dark" teaser trailer if you don't believe me). 
it really doesnt have to be ART, Aliens wasnt an art film, Die Hard wasnt an art film but they were bloody enjoyable nonetheless.

As for Alien 6, given Mr Anderson's past scripts, I expect the final draft to be ready by the weekend. 
Alien 6 
aliens are let loose in a shopping mall. It's up to a sassy cop with street smarts to find an antidote to the aliens acid blood before its too late, and the aliens escape from Dunkin' Donuts to theaten mankind.

But all hell breaks loose and its time for an ethnically diverse team of civilians (including one comic relief character and one guy in a wheelchair) to block the motorway, so the aliens can't leave the city. They succeed, but a few of them die. The End. 
You should be making films, coming up with a script like that usually takes at least a weekend.

With people like you around, how can Paul W S Anderson compete? The world is too unfair. 
German Movie 
dunno if youll ever get the opportunity to watch this one, buts its very nice. title translates into
"agnes and his brothers" by oskar roehler

im not sure what genre i should sort this one into - portrait/melodrama or sth., but anyways its a very intense watch! 
nitin: well, you know what I mean. I'm not saying Alien 6 should be a black and white foreign language film about an incestual thalidomide family or anything, but I'd at least expect that the director respect Ridley Scott's legacy and produce something other than the badger-felching cinematic offal that characterises every single other film on Paul W S Anderson's resume. 
Alien 6? WTF happened to 5? Surely AvP isn't considered the 5th Alien film? 
Looks Like 
avp considered as 5th film

and people, stop speaking about alien franchise when kell is around! 
Oh God 
They should of stopped at 3, at least that had some artistic value. 4 and AVP have just destroyed the franchise. I haven't seen AVP, and I refuse to, I don't want to loose any more faith in these movies.

I have the Quadrology or whatever and someone made the point that the 5th film could be a precursor to the first film. Like how the first alien ship goot there, did someone get their first? That kind of thing, that would be interesting. 
I Think 
I think I am actually going to be physically sick :( 
exploring the origins of the derelict, its pilot and the alien species-as-bioweapon has been a perennial for fanbois like myself.
While I and a few others would be very interested in such expansion, I don't think it would make for a good film in its own right, because it would rely so much on knowledge of the franchise while at the same time trying to mask the alien behind the mystery of the first film ( essentially impossible now that so much has been revealed over the course of the films ).

I always believed the best source for Aliens stories, following the second film, was the graphic novels. An Animatrix type project could have been an option at one time.

With a new alien-only movie, I think the best approach they could have taken with regard the latter film(s) could have been the same as Highlander 3 ( still an awful movie ), i.e. disregarding the previous sequel entirely.

However, if AvP is considered canon by the studio and Anderson has been handed the project ( instead of Cameron and/or Ridley as was previously rumoured ) then all hope is truly lost.
Really, I think the alien franchise lost it when Weaver was allowed to decide she was its most important element. Which, just to clarify, she fucking isn't. 
Alien Resurrection 
I don't really get it why people diss it so much. IMHO, it's 2nd best alien film, right after Aliens (the 2nd movie). I can't understand how could anyone consider the first Alien movie to be the best of them all, it was B-grade trash. 
Farscape - Peacekeeper Wars 
I guess some of you might've heard of the new Farscape miniseries which is aired on Sci-Fi. Since Sci-Fi is no longer avaible in Scandinavia (yes, not avaible at all), I had to download the episodes off the net, but oh well.

Anyways, the websites say that it's a 4 houts long miniseries consisting of 4 episodes made to finish the story of Farscape (yes, John and Aeryn are brought back, in a sensible way). It was a very decent flick, but I was left wondering why the websites were lying about it. It's actually 3 hours long and consists of 2 episodes, 1 1/2 hours each. 
watch Alien on a big screen with surround sound, it's a stunning film in all respects.

Especially if you see it first and then the others (the chestburster scene and android reveal dont have the same impact if you know whats coming). 
I�ve watched all Alien movies in their proper order and the first movie failed to do a whole lot of impact on me. To top that off, the latter movies have noticably higher re-watch value. I think that at this point, I've seen Aliens SE about 15 times, Alien 3 about 8 times and Alien Resurrection 6 times. I've only watched Alien twice. 
You Lie 
no one could have seen alien resurrection 6 times and still live to tell the tale! 
Regardless of which order you watch the films, Alien remains the best of the series. Aliens is very very close second tho. I think you went into the movies with the idea that they would all be similar to Aliens, high octane action flick. The orginal Alien tho is a suspense driven, horror flick. It was about atmosphere and sounds, mystery. It came down to what you didn't see, more than what you did see.

The best way to experience a film like that is, as mentioned above, dark room, by yourself with surround sound cranked up. I really suggest you take another look at the original and see that even by todays standards a marvolous movie.

As ar as watching Resurretion 6 times, I can't help but think you must be dead inside by now. No matter if you're a fan or the series or not, that was just a bad movie. Predictable plot, poor and unrealistic special effects, emmensily annoying characters, and on and on, just bad. 
I love it how this thread always ends up being about Alien.

but I'd at least expect that the director respect Ridley Scott's legacy

But Aliens didn't respect Scott's legacy, at all. Neither did Alien 3, it didn't even respect Cameron's legacy.

Having a queen was Cameron's idea, Ridley Scott had the eggs made from humans. Scott didn't like this.

Moving on a few years, and Cameron didn't really like how Newt and Hicks were killed so abruptly.

Three quality films (oh shut up, I really like Alien 3), each with a different director with his own, different ideas, which also means that the sequels aren't quite what the previous director(s) wanted. This is quite true if you watch the special editions. In each movie, the creature itself behaves differently, and looks different. Of course, I'm not saying this is entirely a bad thing. I'm having real problems getting my point across, aren't I? It's just that the ethos itself, if one only counts the movies, isn't that consistent within itself.

I can't understand how could anyone consider the first Alien movie to be the best of them all, it was B-grade trash.

First of all, I agree with nitin. Second of all, you should remember the year this movie was made, and think about the scifi movies made before it. Alien came out in 1979. All of a sudden, space wasn't a happy place to be, it was eerie, claustrophobic, plausible, and, most of all, fucking scary.

This creature wasn't just some guy wearing a rubber suit in a movie, it was simply... alien (mind the pun), horrifying. So fucking frightening that Veronic Cartwright's character freezes when she sees it. It has acid for blood, it seems terrifyingly smart, and it's extremely fast and deadly.

Then consider the budget, which wasn't much. Yet Nostromo's insides look absolutely fabulous, very compact, very empty and desolate. Octagonal hallways? Yup, got plenty of them here. Seen them elsewhere? Guess where they're from. (Somebody point out if this is horribly wrong.)

And then there's the chest burster scene... 
Christ, That Was Long 
One more thing thought. The Quadrilogy set is very much worth buying. Thank you.

Now, Fox should simply send me that check... 
The Quadrilogy Set 
I plan on buying it when I get a spare 60 euro. Too bad there are many things I have to buy which are somewhat higher on my priority list (like new monitor, new cpu heatsink/cooler and possibly a new CPU). But eventually, I'll get it. 
Relating to the comics from Dark Horse, of which I am a big fan, Aliens themselves are explained very clearly in how they act as a hive species. Not all Aliens are of the same hive, thus sometimes you get hive wars - hence the comic Alien: Hive War which IMO was one of the best.

As far as the movies go, this is my order:
Alien (It's classic, so that's why it rates this high.)
Alien Resurrection
Alien 3

Alien 3 is abysmal. (sp?) Why they brought Ripley back in Resurrection makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Yeah, geeks like that 'familiar' feeling, but seriously, the whole Alien mythos is too big to be concentrated on one character again and again.

The Alien series is also very diverse as far as movie genres go; You have horror, action, suspense, thriller, etc etc. Yes, you also have some comedy and maybe some romance - but I won't get into that.

As for Alien 6, I'm looking forward to it. I would love to see AvP 2 as well, I'm a diehard fan of both, and AvP made me very, very happy. I mean it's so early that you can't say "GOD DAMN THEY GOT THAT ONE GUY TO PEN THE SCRIPT TO THE 6th ALIEN MOVIE??? FUCK !!! THOSE SCAMPIE-WORSHIPPERS!!!" It could turn out really, really well.

I would like to see other Alien species though, instead of the normal Human-alien, Dog-alien, Queen, facehugger etc. That's one of the great things about the comics - they explore so many different aspects of the Alien mythos, including diverse Alien species. 
a script is very important, and Mr Anderson has repeatedly shown an inability to even produce a script, let alone a good one. 
America! Fuck Yeah! 
Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a script when you are unable to write?

I just saw Team America World Police. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. If you like South Park or hate Jerry Bruckheimer then you absolutely have to see it. 
i love ALL the aliens equally, they ALL rock!

/me gonna watch avp soonish tho 
Team America 
Yeah I saw that on Monday. It was pretty damn funny, and like you said I pretty much expected it to be that way. In one way thats good, but in the other way it was very similar to watching an episode of South Park. Which makes sense, but I was hoping it would be a little more different. Either way, it was funny as hell so people should see it. 
Films I've Seen Recently 
Fairly average movie, I thought. I wasn't particularly shocked by the SHOCKER element, and I wasn't kept in much suspense by the plot either, partly because I didn't give a shit about the characters. Not terrible by any means though, and it's a very un-holywood concept of a film, which can only be a good thing. Just don't expect to "work out what's going to happen" or who the "bad guy" is, as they made it up with 5 minutes to spare, after downing tequilas for a few hours.

Layer Cake
A British Gangster flick currently doing the rounds. I have two problems with this film.
1) Every review I read of this movie told me that Jude Law's missus would be prancing around in her underwear for about 1/2 of the movie. Was she fuck. Five seconds at best.
2)No cakes. Not even a speed-eating tournament. No lessons on baking OR decorating sweet dough-based desserts.
Apart from these shortcomings this is a quality film, and rare in that it doesn't copy the Lock-Stock style, instead preferring a classier, understated feel. Daniel Craig was great as the lead, reminded me of Michael Caine in the original Get Carter. All in all, pretty good, bit of a disappointing ending though.

Anchorman / Dodgeball
I put these two together because they're so similar. These are two of the stupidest movies i've ever seen in my life. Also, some of the funniest. You have to be in the right mood, maybe partly drunk and in a large group, but this is some hilarious shit. Out of the two, i'd probably pick Dodgeball, as i'm more of a Ben Stiller fan, but Will Farrell kicks ass as Ron Burgandy, the man with suits so fine he made Sinatra look like a hobo.

Barely passable arty shite. Firstly, it fails to be a good kung-fu movie. How? By not actually having any fights. Do you like it in Crouching Tiger, Wanking Dragon when people fly away like pussies? Then rejoice, because in this film you don't get anything else. I don't think anybody gets hit in the whole film. A few people get stabbed, but you dont get to see it. In fact you don't get to see any blood at all. But you do get to see some flimsy wire-work and some laughable characters, wrapped around a story unsuitable for an episode of the 'jackie chan adventures' cartoon.

Seriously, it might seem I was being harsh, but for the price of a ticket or two to see Hero, you could go see a good Jet Li film, like Twin Warriors. Basically in that film jet li and his friend are badass shaolin monks that get into lots of other fights with other monks, then they start a massive fight and kick awesome amounts of ass but then get kicked out of the shaolin temple for being too badass. So basically they go around beating LOADS of people up, the police, the army, rebels, villagers, drunkards, women, FOR AGES. It's awesome, trust me... watch that, and Hero, then tell me which is better. 
Some Older Films 
The Virgin Suicides
Do you know what it's like when its the start of the weekend, and there's so much you've got planned; so much stuff you could do, and you're so excited.... then in what seems like seconds you've wasted your time and you better sleep because you've got work tomorrow?
Now, translate that into a movie and you've got The Virgin Suicides. It's about this family, where there's a strict devout mother, and slightly less-so father. They have lots of daughters, including the definitely-not-virgin Kirsten Dunst. The girls arent allowed out so they start killing themselves (note: not a spoiler). Most of the film surrounds the local loser kids who obsess over these kids, and some dork who ends up shagging Kirstin (you dont get to see, no). They build up this whole mystery around the girls, repeatedly saying that no one understood them, asking why they might have possibly killed themselves, while you're there shouting "IT'S FUCKING OBVIOUS WHY THEY DID IT!! THEY'RE CRAZY, AND TRAPPED IN A HOUSE WITH A CRAZY WOMAN FOR YEARS, YOU DICKHEADS!". Well I was anyway. It annoyed me, as this film had potential, and used up all its screentime on pointless crap. It's interesting and it tries to be mysterious, but it's as shallow as kirstin's cleavage.

Office Space
Great comedy. I'm glad I don't work in a cubicle, but if I did, i'd probably quit my job. It's all about how an office worker goes from completely stressed out, to completely mellow after his hypnotist dies mid-session. He gets promoted, gets Jennifer Aniston, and a fat load of money by de-frauding the company.

On the subject of office-comedy, if you haven't already seen the Terry Tate adverts, go watch them NOW!! It's highly unlikely you'll have seen them if you aren't from the U.S.

I would recommend watching the Ad called Terry's World first. 
Starbuck, you must've been totally on acid if you really think Twin Warriors was better than Hero. 
"You know you need a cover sheet on your TPS reports, Richard! That ain't new, baby!"

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker is funny. 
Oh, And 
I felt pretty much the samething about The Virgin Suicides, Starbuck. 
C'mon Now 
maybe you could give a little more insight into why you preferred Hero?

My reasons for preferring Twin Dragons are simple. I watch martial arts films to watch fights. Good fights, showing lots of ability, speed, power and originality in the proponents. I like the simple joy of watching kung-fu nutcases kicking ass with explosive speed and style. Other things that worked against Hero, by my own ratings system were "too bloody pretentious", "too big a budget", and "thinks it's clever (isn't)". Just because a film is slow and arty, doesn't mean its deep. Seriously, grow some balls, next you're gonna be telling me you don't like Army of Darkness ;) 
that line had me in hysterics when I heard it in Terry Tate... by coincidence it was about a day after i watched office space. For the record, i think the director of Virgin Suicides needs some of Terry's extra special Pain Cake, and you won't want seconds of that! 
Starbuck Where'd You 
get to see SAW? its not in theatres until the 28th here..

all the versions ive seen online were of decent calibre :| 
Hero is definitely pretentious, but it does look stunning IMHO. The use of color and space is very well done. The looks held my attention.

And it's not really a kung fu movie either. Personally I think both this and crouching tiger are overrated (except the michelle yeoh/zhang ziyi fight at the end which is brilliant), but still well worth watching.

And no, I dont like Army of Darkness :) 
And Recent Viewings Again 
Dawn of the Dead remake - pretty good solid action movie with standard ludicrous plot points and character relations. I never really liked the original that much but it did have more humour.

Arsenic and old lace - Surprisingly good comedy even though some of the slapstick towards the end is silly. What it does right, IMHO, is play the outlandish plot so straight that it seems normal.

Cowboy Bebop Movie - Easily the best feature length anime I've seen because it actually has a proper plot that wasnt written by drunk monkeys with a heroin problem. And as usual, it looks nice with some killer animation during the fights.

Delicatassen - Not bad quirky french comedy from Jeunet and Caro. Better than City of Lost Children but not as good as the overrated Amelie.

Sanjuro - good followup to Yojimbo, much better paced but lacks some of the mood.

Schindler's List - I had never seen this before but it is every bit as good as it was made out to be. It looks phenomenal and Spielberg does not sentimentalise the story at all which is rare. Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson are terrific.

The Treasure of Sierra Madre - Very good film, let down by a lame ending. Bogart probably puts in his best performance. 
'ahem', Ladies And Gentlemen, 
My Personal Award for Least Pretentious and Reasonably Informative Movie Review goes too . . . (break the seal, open the razor sharp fold, ruffle the silky gold paper inserts) Starbuck! (Applause! Applause! Applause!) 
Hey, Nitin 
Badges? We Dont Need No Stinkin' Badges! 
One of my favourite films. "Not bad" eh. 
IMHO the script wasnt as clever as the filmakers thought. Like a few Coen Brother movies, it mistook just being quirky and stylish as being clever. 
i agree with Nitin pretty much; I do like the film, nice visual style, good idea, great cast. Felt a little insubstantial to my tastes though, couldn't really see where it was going. Maybe reading the book would help flesh it out a little, it's on my desk but I haven't got round to starting it yet.

Blackpope: I saw it in Scotland, but I know it's out in England too. That's surprising that we got it first, has that ever happened before?

Headthump: cheers, dude... glad someone appreciates me raising my blood pressure like this ;) 
Office Space 
is it at all like the BBC series The Office? That has to be one of the funniest shows ever made. 
No, Not Really 
i wouldn't put 'Office Space' in the same class as 'The Office'. Office Space is a lot lighter and less subtle, and no one would ever accuse it of being a work of genius. It's funny, yes, but 'The Office' messes with you a lot more, you can feel depressed, you might be cringing, and then you're in hysterics for a good 10 minutes. Office Space is just a funny movie about cover sheets on TPS reports. 
It's A Wonderful Life 
this movie is dripping with sentimentality and coated with enough sugar to give you diabetes.

Yet, it's extremely difficult to resist its charm. I dont know what it is, but I'm sure that James Stewart's performance is part of the reason why this isnt a pile of mush. 
Great Film 
You have to go along with it, but its cheesy sentimentality makes for an enjoyable viewing, especially at Christmas, of course. The only thing that grates for me is the painful Christian references that are thrown out throughout the film. 
If you can be satisfied with stylish action movies that don't make much sense then you'll like this. It gets a million bonus points for style and 50/100 for plot. Keeping track of two scenes happening simulaneously is easy enough, but quick cuts between three with overlapping audio in subtitles is tricky. There are a few scenes where it's hard to tell if what you see is really happening or a metaphor. Also, there's a random clamation scene thrown in for no reason.

The end of the movie does pull together what would otherwise be a series of nonsequitors, but it's still confusing. 
Movie Suggestions And Recent Viewings 
I've had a lot of spare time lately so I've gone through a ton of my unwatched DVD stack since my comp is too crap to run any new games. I've only got 3 movies left so I'm going to ask for suggestions of movies to watch. What I currently own and have seen can be found here :

Great Escape - Pretty good escape flick. Nice cast and script.

On the Waterfront - Brilliant film, especially the acting. the ending's a bit of a copout but the acting almsost saves it.

Rope - Not a bad little experimental film from Hitch. Ther performances and script never quite click but it's worth a watch anyway.

Troy - Was this a parody of epic war films or just plain stupid? It seems that the prerequisite to act in this movie was to have previous experience and exceptional skill in gazing into the distance. 
Smith Bot - It Coming! 
I, Robot was surprisingly watchable movie, pacing was good and most of the action good. Just don't expect much or any hard sci-fi from it. Also, SHODAN! 
RE: Starbuck: Saw 
Very, very disappointing. I feel bad for Danny Glover, he was the only good actor in the entire thing. Premise: Awesome. Acting/dialogue was pretty awful. Some of the scenes were downright hilarious, though they weren't supposed to be. So, a dude cut off his foot for $6.50. If it had a different director, bigger budget, decent actors, and better script, woulda been good. But it's a B-Movie "psychological thriller" attempting to be an A-movie modern day suspense with some gore. 
Suggestions For Movies To Watch 
I'm just going to list some from my owned list that I don't see on yours that I think are especially good and/or significant.

(I should maybe note that I am really picky about what DVDs I actually buy--I went through a tape phase where I had about 87 million videotapes sitting around that I never watched; I eventually threw most of them away and vowed to not make the same mistake with DVDs.)

The Bank Dick (1940) - If you like W.C. Fields, it's one of his best.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986) - If you don't like this movie, you are a sad, sad person.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - Has its flaws, but is one of the more original and compelling visions of Dracula to come along in quite a while.

Brazil - Very different and original science fiction/fantasy from Terry Gilliam.

The Company of Wolves - An interesting (and at times very visually striking and somewhat shocking) take on a number of different werewolf themes and legends. Inconsistent, but some of the bits are really nicely done.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - I'm not normally a big Steve Martin fan, but he shines alongside Micheal Caine in this tale of deception, scams, and iffy behavior.

The Goonies - This movie kind of epitomizes growing up in the 80s and the peculiar sort of "feel" that had, at least for some, and while it's certainly not great cinema for the ages, it's fun and lighthearted and doesn't really take itself too seriously.

Wow, this is getting sorta long...
More next post. 
Also, just realized I stopped listing dates. Oh well.

Harvey - James Stewart is absolutely wonderful in this very odd movie. If I were going to make a top ten list, this would probably be on it.

Highlander - I was surprised this wasn't on your list. It's kinda cheesy and weird (especially with the glam-rock soundtrack from Queen), but has a odd sort of power to it. Sean Connery helps a lot.

Key Largo - John Houston, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, and Lionel Barrymore. How can you go wrong?

The Man Who Would Be King - Another excellent John Houston movie based on a Kipling tale of two adventurers (Sean Connery and Micheal Caine) in India.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - C'mon?! You don't have this movie? What's wrong with you? :) (Or are you just not a Monty Python fan?)

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Again, what? No Raiders?! The best of the three, IMO.

The Return of the Pink Panther and The Revenge of the Pink Panther - IMO, these two movies best showcase the particular comedic genius that Peter Sellers polished to a high gloss with the Inspector Clouseau character.

The Professional - Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and a very young Natalie Portman are excellent in this odd tale of a hit man with a heart.

S.O.B. - Blake Edwards made this absolutely wickedly funny send up and dissection of Hollywood and the movie making establishment. And Julie Andrews flashes her boobs and cusses like a sailor, can't beat that.

Bleh, part three: 
Something Wicked This Way Comes - Pretty good adaptation of a wonderful Ray Bradbury story. There are some changes from the text, some of which may have been ill-considered, but overall it's well worth watching.

Sorcerer - Incredibly tense, taut action film about poor bastards trying to transport unstable dynamite through miles of jungle in shitty old trucks. Great Tangarine Dream score.

True Romance - One of my favorite films. An awesome Thriller/Romance/Action/Crime/Drama from Quentin Tarantino involving drugs and whores and pimps and Hollywood and the power of True Love. It really kicks ass. Great performances from Christian Slater, Patrica Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer and Gary Oldman. Get the director's cut, if possible.

Wild at Heart - Another fave, and another freaky love story strained through David Lynch's typical screen of violence, sex, and just plain weird shit. Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage shine, and while the ending is a little...different...and probably won't appeal to everyone, IMO it's just the cherry on top of the ice cream and hot fudge.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder with a performance that is, by turns, endearing and sorta nutty and scary. A nice adaptation of the Roald Dahl book, Charie and the Chocolate Factory.

Young Sherlock Holmes - Very nice take on what might have been, if Holmes and Watson had met as teens, and been drawn into evil plots and Egyptian cults.

k', I'll quit hogging the thread now. That got a little out of control. 
thanks for that, lots there that I havent seen. Some comments on some you did suggest though :

big trouble in little china - Maybe I'm a sad sad person, but I dont really like this film. But then again, I never got into Evil dead either.

brazil - it has moments of brilliance but overall, I could never quite get into this movie either.

key largo - been meaning to check this out.

monty python stuff - all three films are hilarious in parts, downright silly in others. They're jsut too patchy for my taste.

raiders of the lost ark - this is there, it is like you said the best of the three by far. The DVD release re-titles it to Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark which is probably why you didnt see it.

Pink Panther movies - Sellers is a brilliant comedian, but slapstick is not my thing and although the Panther films are high class slapstick, it still doesnt work for me.

The Professional - Have this too, just under its original title of Leon rather than The Professional.

Thanks for the other suggestions, I'll take a look into them. 
Brazil is long, boring, pretentiosly esoteric drivel. Nice designs, though.

My thoughts may be because I saw the 142 minute director's cut.

Also, I just really feel like bashing something. 
the DC is better than the original cut, but I have similar feelings to you, but probably not as strong. 
Big Trouble In Little China 
is tooooooooooooo Hollywood for my taste, but I am the only person I know who didn't like it.

Though it reminds me of how cute Kim Cattrall use to be before she got caught up in the whole Vapid Whores in New York, I mean Sex in the City thing. 
well now you know another person that didnt like it. 
yes, I meant to add 'before Nitin's comment, I was the only . . .'. I got distracted with visions of Kim Cattrall in an 80's puff dew in my head.

My brother made me watch it with his family a few weeks back. It is still fresh in my memory. 
Oh well. :)

It's ninjas and magic and goofy shit and Kurt Russell making smart-ass comments, and tongue-in-cheek way out to here. What's not to like? :)

I think David LoPan said it best. 
Big Trouble In Little China 
rocks! Me and 4 other guys hit the clubs dressed as ninjas last night, so I've got background experience to support my opinion.

True Romance:
It's been a while since I saw this, but it was really good, christian slater in particular does a great job. Seems like it tries a little bit hard sometimes though... I know it's a Tarantino script, but it's SO Tarantino, it grates a little bit.

Raiders of the lost Ark:
Spielberg + George Lucas + Harrison Ford = Pure Entertainment
If you haven't seen the Indy films then seriously, what are you thinking? I don't know why I'm even commenting on this, other than because it makes me happy just thinking about it.
Need you sa 
I Dont Know What That End Bit Was 
you can complete the sentence yourself if you feel like it 
Need You Sa 
ve up a cellar of diseased rat-monkies for sexual relief? 
You just listen to the ol' Pork Chop Express an' take his advice on a dark and stormy night when some wild-eyed eight-foot tall maniac grabs your neck an' taps the back of your favorite head up against a barroom wall. An' he looks you crooked in the eye an' he asks if you've paid your dues. You look right back at that big sucker an' remember what Jack Burton
always says at times like that.

"Have you paid your dues, Jack"

"No, sir, I've just charged 'em." 
Actually, I Think That Ends With 
"The check is in the mail!" 
I'm working off an earlier draft of the script. 
Regardless... family and I do need to gather every couple of years to watch BTILC amongst other things (Black Adder series two for instance). It brings us closer together. 
Well, You Know What Old Jack Burton Says... 
About people quoting Jack Burton? Well hell, he likes it. Then he gets all pissed off because he didn't get to say it at the time. But then he thinks about it for a bit, thinks that maybe it was like someone did him a favor, and he likes that. Then he gets tired of thinkin' about it, and goes back to the bottle of Cuervo. 
The Incredibles... 
... are incredible. Great movie, went to see it with PJW and the rest of the Raven crew this afternoon. Pixar always blows you away with it's CGI wonders, but I always worry going in that due to their affiliation with Disney that the films will be too cutesy and preachy. Fortunatly, everything came off as an entertaining piece of work and never tried to drill any morals into your brain.

Only true issues with the film is that all the super characters are copy and paste rip offs and the villian's origin and motive are rather cliche. Both were things easily overlooked with all the great humor and the decent plotline.

I give the movie a Scampie TWO THUMBS UP!

Also, there was a great little short film at the beginning of the movie that was pure excellence... but that's where they did all their preachy moral stuff. Still can't beat naked sheep. 
Toy Story 
is my favorite pixar film, though I like them all. I'm really looking forward to the Incredibles after the poor run of recent animated films (shark tale, shrek 2, ice age) 
Pixar And Flying Daggers 
didn't they break free from disney or something?

I saw flying daggers yesterday and I liked most of what I saw. Even if there are things in it I don't like it would be worth watching just for the incredibly beautifull opening scenes and the coolness of the male main character running around in the woods wearing his blue dress and funky cap. 
More Films 
night of the hunter</> - I have to admit that the visuls were well done, some of the imagery was very striking and dreamy. But the rest of it was very hokey in every department, especially the score.

open range - typically slow but perfectly watchable kevin costner western that looks beautiful and has an absolute corker of a shootout at the end.

touch of evil - confusing, elaborate, hammy but in the end very stylish and well made noir film by Orson Welles.
Pushplay & Zwiflle 
thanks for recommending Arrested Development.

I got the DVD set and it's fucking hilarious. Only about a third of the way through the season but it's the funniest show I've seen in ages. 
As moderator, I ban myself from this thread till I learn how to use tags. 
As moderator, I ban myself from this thread till I learn how to use tags.


It only took nearly 900 posts... 
Hot Crap On A Stick! 
That looks very awesome :D

I'll definately be seeking a subtitled copy of that out once it's availible! 
Looks very cool indeed - that a forthcoming film?? If so, someone get me to an arthouse cinema ASAP! 
It's Already Out On DVD In Japan 
GoFish, a division of DreamWorks, bought the US licensing properties and whatnot in October, so it should be out sometime in 2005. Maybe even Christmas . :D 
More Stuff 
been on a hitchcock binge lately, thought I'd check out the rest of his works since I'd been through most of the big ones.

saboteur - crap script and crap acting, but the film gets up to average standard because of the good direction.

marnie - another psycholgical thriller attempt after Spellbound and like that one, it comes across heavily dated but probably not as much. In fact, it could have been a neat little film despite the weakish script if the leads were better actors.

frenzy - took too long to get going and none of the charcters were too appealing for me to really care for this one.

the man who knew too much - good effective thriller, but the ending was lame.

the trouble with harry - as non-hitchock as you can get. Its funny in that deadpan british kind of way but its a one ida film that doesnt really work.

foreign correspondent<i/> - good film, dated script but great set pieces that are executed very well. 
Almost Had It That Time 
but it wouldnt be a Func post without borked tags.

Arrested Development - Finished the entire first season. Easily the best american sitcom since Seinfeld's glory days and the funniest show I've viewed since The Office.

Shaun of the Dead - Mildly amusing but hardly hilarious IMHO. It runs out of steam at about the hour mark too. 
Hard Boiled And The Iron Giant 
Had heard a lot about Hard Boiled and the gunplay. The action scenes, especially the climactic one, are definitely spectacular and creative. But the rest of the film is utter garbage. If only John Woo could attach that sort of action to a decent film. Face Off would have been a great candidate for that sort of gunplay. The action scenes in that were decent but nothing like what was in Hard Boiled.

The Iron Giant, whilst nowhere near being a perfect film, just whets my appetite more for The Incredibles. Brad Bird knows what he's doing and The Iron Giant's an impressive film. But I can only wonder at what wonders he could work with the magicians at Pixar. 
Anime made all in 3d that starts with a battle scene with horrible music (at least in this context) that makes it impossible to be immersed and believe what's happening on the screen. When the first battle is over and soundtrack starts working with the film instead of against it you can actually start buying the animated world your shown although it doesn't stop the first half of the movie from being mostly crap and the soundtrack problem does come back in som more places. The last half of the film is better although it has it's share of crappy moments and clich�s it's balanced out by some good action scenes featuring some nice mech designs, a quicker pace and at least slightly interesting story developments that the first half lacked. 
Ghost In The Shell 2 
anyone seen it? opinions on looks/story? 
I'm Going To See It 
on saturday, both appleseed and gits 2 is part of the programme of the stockholm filmfestival that is taking place atm. 
Ghost In The Shell 2 
Some good visuals, but nowhere near as good as the original.
Story is your typical metaphysical etheric phantom japanese spirit nonsense that noone gives a fuck about.
Basicly I thought it was crap, with a few moments where you think 'kawaaiii prettyu'. 
Spongebob Square Pants The Movie TV shows rarely translate well to movies. The larger plots and random musical segments tend to run contrary to the feel of the original show. This movie is exactly like the tv show.

Coffee and Cigarettes Weird talking film which wasn't particularly deep. It's really funny, but not lol funny. 
He He 
Story is your typical metaphysical etheric phantom japanese spirit nonsense that noone gives a fuck about.

I am in 9000 percent agreement with that remark.

When the lead character at the ending declares her self a new being ready to seize whatever new opportunites the world has instore for her, I wanted to blow the world to smithereens just to wipe that stupid smile off her stupid face. 
Do you mean the movie is not as good as the original or the visuals are not as good as the original?

I thought the original movie was crap dressed in extremely gorgeous animation. 
what's appleseed? 
ignore the last question, I just read the post above. 
I mean the entire movie is not as good as the original.
If you thought the story of the first one was bad, this one is a willion times worse.
Hello now we are in a simulation of someones mind in a simulation of the world and we are experiencing time as a simulation of ones soul's craving for a reality without simulation and basset hounds are an integral part of a metaphysical mirror of simulated simula. 
Bleh? Why Am I Posting Here... 
Heh, I liked Ghost in the Shell 2, but I'm a huge fan of the first one (which is still find alot better). But I'm a sucker for "metaphysical etheric phantom japanese spirit nonsense", hehe. I thought the themes where quite different from the first movie, and Avalon (czg's last post looks more like a description of Avalon to me, hehe). But yeah, if you didn't like the first movie, there's little chance you'll like the second.

I saw House of Flying Daggers too recently, I really enjoyed it, but you have to imagine it as some kind of legendary tales (= lots of dramatic exageration), visuals are definatly great anyways, and some nice classix wuxia martial arts ideas.

Also saw Nobody Knows, really nice japanese movie about abandoned kids in Tokyo, if you really want to see what Tokyo looks like without going there, check this out. Quite sad movie tho, the kids did an incredible job acting.

Bleh, bear you bastard you watched Appleseed before me... Have to see it.

/me runs off yay! 
House of Flying Daggers is out in your area already? Have you seen Banlieue 13, and if so is it good? I wanted to see both of those, but I'm not sure if Banlieue is my thing. 
Banlieue 13 looks just plain stupid... =) Stupid french gangstah shit. 
really? i saw a trailer for it, kinda looked neat. oh well, i'll wait til ong bak gets released. 
Spongebob was funny, I thought. I mean, sure -- it was a kid's movie, but for that it was funny. Of course, I'm a big fan of lower-grade humor...

Finally saw Shrek2, which was good but didn't hit the same spot as the original. It was more of a congenial flick, not as wacky as the first.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch -- waiting on my region 1 uncut version of Ichi the Killer and Gozu to arrive (should be in by Monday). Ooh, Miike goodness. 
Avalon did it for me despite the lack of Basset Hounds.

GITS impressed me so much I was inspired to write a paper "Consciousness, AI and the Love that Dare not Speak Its Name." Yes, I was able to work a reference to goatse into a philosophical text. Probably won't see Innocence antil it's part of the 6 for $10 deal at the DVD hire place.

I was bored shitless during all but 12 seconds of Shrek2.

Looking to pick up Invader Zim Volumes 1-3 before the year is out... Doom, D'Doom, Doom! 
Open Water... 
...was the worst movie I've seen this year. That is all. 
Princess Mononoke 
as overrated as Spirited Away. By no means a bad film, but just an above average one with stunning animation. 
Just one question:

What DO you like in a film?? What really gets you and appeals to you??

I ask this because I view you as Func_Q#TF's resident film critic and you certainly seem to opine on them with knowledge and passion - but sometimes I just think your taste is ass and can't make any sense of it... 
Just Saw 'The Incredibles' 
I thought I'd try not to describe it as 'incredible', but that's just what it is. Fucking awesome stuff.
Pixar �wns meh, Brad Bird (The Iron Giant) �wns meh. 
That's What I Like About Living In NZ 
Getting all the reviews off the net and all the tie-in products months before the movies themselves get released. You can opine knowledgably about 'em without ever having to see the movie at all. 
Fuck Overrated. 
'Overrated' isn't a criticism of a movie, it's a criticism of the people who talk about it.

I liked Spirited Away a lot more than Mononoke mainly becuase the story was more interesting to me. It's an Alice in Wonderland story and they did a good job with the wonderland. I'll agree with you, nitin, that neither are Great Films, but just because a movie has a bunch of slobbering fanboys doesn't make it any worse in my estimation. 
yeah, I generally agree with that statement.

Anyway, what I didnt like about both films (although it's more an issue with Mononoke than Spirited Away) was a very disjointed narrative that meandered along and ended up going on for far too long.

The Alice in Wonderland concept was realised very well in Spirited Away but it went for 2+ hours, running out of steam about a half our before the end. 
I cant really pinpoint what exactly I like in a film but I guess I value a good script over anything else. By good, I dont mean that it necessarily has to be an original concept or quirky or innovative. It does, however, have to a fully realised cohesion of ideas rather than just a half baked concept which sounds cool when you write a summary about it. And good dialogue helps too.

Of course, if this is then joined with some nice visuals and/or acting, then we're getting somewhere.

but sometimes I just think your taste is ass and can't make any sense of it

Well, maybe it is :) I dont really have a particular genre etc that I really focus on, I just try to watch heaps of stuff and comment on what I like/dislike.

If it's any help, go through this list of stuff that I've seen and have, I've rated evrything out of four. I know ratings are not necessarily the best way, but it might help you to get an idea of what I do like. 
Just To Add To The Confusion 
I meant good performances rather than good acting in the second paragraph there. To explain that, Indiana Jones was a good performance even though it wouldnt count as good acting. Also, Raiders of the Lost Ark was a good script in my book. 
I Robot And Infernal Affairs 
I Robot - above average sci fi blockbuster with some excellent CGI and action sequences. Alex Proyas's vision of the future is also one of the coolest ever implemented. Too bad it's all ruined completely by Will Smith and his black homeboy act. Oh, and it's nothing like Asimov's short stories so dont go in expecting that.

Infernal Affairs - classy hong kong crime thriller but a bit too overstylized. In the hands of someone who is less infatuated with visual pyrotechnics, this could have been a spectacular suspense film. As it stands, it's a cool, slick, well made genre film. 
I, Robot = Total Trash 
I saw that movie a few months ago when it was released against my will and demanded my friend pay for the ticket afterwards. It isn't above average, it's below any form of standards.

The acting while mostly terrible was made even worse when Smith would bring out his inner "BLACK" when it was convienent. Such as the last line he says to the CPU thing... "Oh you gotta die!" with all his black attitude. The rest of the film he's just normal, but during key instances such as that he totally breaks character. ANNOYING.

The damn robot friend of theirs was able to emote more feeling than the entire real cast. PATHETIC.

Also how are we to expect thats what the world will be like in just 30 years or whatever. I mean they fucked so much with the original story why couldn't at least make the date a bit more believable? I don't expect to be seeing the Lake Michigan Landfill anytime soon, do you?

Avoid this movie. 
My Couple Reviews 
+ Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Interesting concept but it reminded me alot of Vanilla Sky, although this is more cheeky in tone. I enjoyed Carrey's acting despite the fact that the friend I watched it with told me some parts of Jim's character, remind him of me. Anyway, this movie was hard to follow initially and I think it requires 2 or 3 viewings to completely understand. But it is worth a watch.

+ The Ladykillers
I was anxious to see Hanks in this and his acting was interesting... I just kept thinking of his acting in "Big" and how he's evolved from there. Most of the characters throughout provide the comic relief, but while I expected the movie to be funny enough to watch again, I didn't find that. Yet I'd still suggest to see it at least once. I think it has to grow on you. 
I Robot. 
I really liked it. 
Saw Hellboy. It was OK, some decent effects, no real sense of danger and the monster fights weren't very entertaining overall. Story didn't seem urgent or make me care.

Dawn of the Dead remake
Great movie. I thought everything was good. Unrated widescreen version. Good shit. 
Dawn Of The Dead 
One movie where I prefered the remake. Good scary stuff. 
Too bad it's all ruined completely by Will Smith and his black homeboy act.

Looks like we agree on the same point.

Oh, and it's nothing like Asimov's short stories so dont go in expecting that.

I read somewhere that the script was written before they tacked the name I, Robot onto it. I mean all it really has in common with the stories is a chracter called Calvin and the 3 laws. 
Eternal Sunshine is the best movie of 2004 so far, comparing it to Vanilla Sky is a sin. In fact, comparing any movie to Vanilla Sky is a crime. 
I Didn't See, I, Robot 
But Harlan Ellison once wrote an excellent adaptation of the stories. It sounds like they didn't use that version from the descriptions you guys give. Oh. well. 
I love Vanilla Sky. I own the DVD. To each their own. But they do share similarities in that the characters are dealing with a sort of memory regression or erasing, thus my comparsion. 
Ending Of Vanilla Sky... 
Was pretty insulting in terms of artistic side of film making. In fact the ending felt incredibly out place.

Imagine if in a Fellini movie there was a scene at the end where a character (basically doing a commentary or voice over except inside the film) explains everything that just happened as to dumb it down to the worst possible level and destroy any kind of intepretation.

It seems like they had the movie done except for the last 10 minutes, where some test audience or studio exec said "What the hell is going on?! This movie will never see a release unless you put some kind of explanation in here!"

A very disappointing movie, especially coming from Crowe who has always done excellent work. 
AFAIK, it was a shot for shot remake of Open Your Eyes (spanish film) so the ending as well as the rest of the film was taken from that.

But yes, it did definitely suck. 
The Incredibles 
Pixar rocks. The chacters were three dimensional and the plot was entertaining and avoided cliches. Pixar's usual sense of humor is in there. Also includes a cartoon short before the feature sure to make you go wtf. Oh yeah, and the end credits are super stylin'.

I think mappers need watch this movie twice. Once for the enjoyment of the movie, and a second time paying attention to the set design. The world Pixar crafted comes alive and every single location feels like a real place. It's not just detail but variety while maintaining a consistency. Disney can buy a renderer as good as anyone else's, but I think designing the world is one place they'll never match Pixar. 
I Cant Wait Till This Film Shows Up Here 
dec 26th is a long time away. 
Vanilla Sky 
personally I find the acting far inferior to the original, and maybe even a little insulting, in that they took an excellent spanish film and copied it, replacing the actors with hollywood stars, and upping the budget. You can almost see the studio execs planning it out; setting the movie in a more expensive location and closing off times square, getting much more expensive cars than in the original, etc, and thinking that'd make a better film.

Still, i'm surprised anyone could have such a negative opinion of this, it's not a great movie, but its certainly not bad. I'd definitely recommend 'Open Your Eyes' though. 
Hey millet Enrio Morricone'nin mp3'�n� bulabilece�im bir adres bilen var m�??? 
The Ecstasy of Gold ~~ All Inspiring 
More Stuff 
In the Mood for Love - Wow, this was a really good film, with brilliant music and visuals. I now have to check out mr stuff by Wong Kar Wai.

Key Largo - I think someone suggested this before, maybe pjw, anyway I didnt care for it too much. The script was average and didnt really give Bogart or Bacall too much to work with like The Big Sleep did.

Harry Potter 3 - Having not read the books, I enjoyed the first film and didnt care much at all for the second. Saw this because of the change of director and it definitely brings a beter mood and visual style to the franchise. There are some really cool touches in this film. But, the narrative is an absolute mess and I didnt end really end up liking this all that much. 
Key Largo 
Yeah, that was me. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but yeah, you're certainly correct that it isn't in the same league as The Big Sleep or Casablance or whatever. 
Star Trek 
Fucking sucks my fucking thick member. Good day. 
Garden State 
not bad, reasonably funny film that's let down by a crap ending. Also, the main lead's performance (he's on a show called Scrubs) is medicore, could have been a really good film with a better actor.

Natalie Portman on the other hand shows off a bit of the talent she showed in her pre Star Wars days. 
In The Mood For Love And WKW 
I'm a big Wong Kar Wai fan, love tha atmosphere he gets in his movies, and I really like the actors he works with (Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung and co.) In the Mood for Love is most certainly his best film...
I'd recommend seeing Chungking Express if you liked it, and if you also liked that one, you'll probably enjoy his others.

I was a bit dissapointed by his newest film, 2046, it kinda felt like he was just trying to do more of ITMFL. It has some very good scenes tho, and great acting. 
Hey Bal 
thanks, I'll try those out first. The atmosphere was what impressed me too, the combination of visuals and music was almost perfect.

I was reading up on some of his stuff and it seemed that all his films before ITMFL were of a different style? Is that true? Also, have you seen Fallen Angels, what's that like?

I just put the following on order :

chungking express
house of flying daggers
WKW And More... 
Hmm, all of his films are actually quite similar where film making is concerned, the visual style itself changes though.
Fallen Angels is pretty good, guess its like some artsy HK action film...

By the way, if you want more visualy stunning asian cinema, I'd recommend you check out stuff from the vietnamese director Anh Hung Tran (movies like Cyclo, or his most popular, The Scent of Green Papaya) or chinese mainland director Hsiao-hsien Hou (I watched Goodbye South, Goodbye recently and quite liked it.)
But be warned that I enjoy films even if the plot is rather uninteresting, as long as the visuals are good. =)

Oh and Oldboy is awesome, be prepared to be slightly disgusted tho. =) 
Obligatory Response 
...I enjoy films even if the plot is rather uninteresting, as long as the visuals are good. =)

Sorry to disapoint you RPG, that isn't what I meant by good visuals. =) 
are you asexual? 
Thanks Bal 
I'll see what I can get my hands on. 
come back to us :( 
Old Trailers 
Supah Mutah Virus! 
One character is a technician called "Pinky" who has a cybernetic wheelchair thanks to a bad teleporting accident. Pinky later mutates into something remotely resembling a creature from Doom 3.

Well at least they know how to make a good comedy. 
House Of The Flying Daggers 
Just watched it, thanks to a recommendation seen in this thread :) WOW, it was *DAMN GOOD*. A first movie in quite a while that has managed to bring a tear to my eye. I am a fan of the genre, but this once really excels in many areas. The fights/jumps/etc aren't as over the top as in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Nice enviroments and camerawork and boy does Hollywood have a thing or two to learn from the Chinese about shooting passionate kisses. 
Bio Force Gun
My Precious 
I have the ROTK:EE in my hands now but wont be able to watch before saturday night. I cant wait to see this given the quality of the previous two EE's. 
Top 5 80's 
1.) Gremlins 2
2.) The Goonies
3.) Gremlins
4.) Big Trouble in Little China
5.) Hmmm probably had something else to put here, but forgot what it was. 
#5 Was Probably UHF 
it rocks. 
You forgot The Princess Bride... 
You forgot The Princess Bride... 
first post in ages and I make a doble post...
me dies of shame. 
saw this at a friends last night and didnt even make it the whole way through. Way too many effects and someone was on acid while shooting the action scenes. The strobe lighting and relentless chopping made it hard to tell what the fuck was going on.

Production design stuff was pretyy good though, even though it was ripped straight from Dune or Coriolis Storm. 
Top 10 80's 
1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
2 - Empire Strikes Back
3 - Raging Bull
4 - Die Hard
5 - Aliens
6 - Blade Runner
7 - Back to The Future
8 - Das Boot
9 - Scarface
10 - Ran 
Top 5? 
on what criteria? 
Good List 
I would substitute Fast Times for Back to the Future, Terminator for Aliens, and Empire of the Sun for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And no Porkies, Police Academy, Revenge of the Nerds or movies with Ron Jeremy in them? How representative of the 80's could it really be? 
Raiders of the Lost ark cant be substituted in my books :)

There were others that could have snuck on to that list too : Platoon, IJ & the Last Crusade, The King of Comedy, This is Spinal Tap, and Blue Velvet. 
It would be impossible to take it off the list, but I have always considered EOS his most underrated film (but then I am a JG Ballard fan too).

I notice we haven't even touched on the great schlock horror flicks of that time; Amityville, NightMare on Elm Street, etc.

PS. when I was a kid, I got to mess around the Blue Velvet set because it was being made locally. The ear prop was really cool to touch. 
Did You Get To Ask 
dennis hopper what he was on when he was performing as frank booth? That has to be one of the evilest performances ever. 
I Did See Him 
and I do believe he was own something 
That Was An Amazing Performance 
he gave. He nailed that character dead on with that jive talk that was sort of Jazzy and Honky Tonk at the same time. 
The #5 slot on my list was Short Circuit 1 or 2, either one. BTW, it's based on simple zaniness, not actual quality. Just good simple mindless fun! 
Chungking Express 
just finished watching this and although it has some nice bits, it didnt really work for me. In the Mood For Love was a much superior film.

The heavy stylish touches on display here severely distract from the actual film and on the whole this actually seems like a lot of random footage was shot and then spliced together to make a movie. 
Top 5 
Top 5 Best of the 80s

1. Shinning
2. Full Metal Jacket
3. Salvador
4. Elephant Man
5. Rainman

Top 5 'Fun' 80s movies

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2. Big
3. Say Anything (how can you make lists without giving props to someone who wrote for the magazine that is most famous for writing useless lists)
4. Revenge of the Nerds
5. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade (my favorite of them all) 
Eh Maybe #6.... 
Goonies. C'mon, fun to be a kid. 
just saw this 1996 french film with Vincent Cassel and the extremely hot Monica Bellucci, I think there's a recent american remake called Wicker Park. Anyway, it's an outstanding film with a clever plot and effortless direction. And I wonder if the remake will keep the same ending given the Hollywood Way of upbeat conclusions. 
First a disclaimer - I am a massive fan of the LotR theatrical versions. Easily my favourite films of all time, and they will most likely remain that way.

Also, I can seperate my enjoyment of the films completely from that of the books (which I have read once, when very young, so my memory of them isn't that great).

Thus, I judge these films on their own merits, and not on how accurately they duplicate the text of the book.

======== MASSIVE SPOILERS =========

That said, I was a bit dissapointed with the EE cut of RotK. I felt that the new additions were a real mixed bag; most of them I'd rate as mediocre, with a couple of outstanding moments, and a couple of downright bloody awful moments.

First of all, the downright bloody awful:

Gimli's antics during the drinking game, and the similar stupid crap he did at the beginning of the extended Paths of the Dead sequence. The PotD additions were uniformly shite in fact - the avalanche of skulls was just bizarre and the arrival of the Corsairs was equally rubbish. It also killed the surprise of the Dead Army revealing themselves later at the Pelennor.

Another scene I hated was when Denethor was giving Faramir a bollocking for letting Frodo go, and then we get a stupidly cheesy bit where he looks over Faramir's shoulder and sees a ghostly vision of Boromir. I felt that John Noble's acting in this scene was a bit shoddy as well; perhaps they only did a couple of takes of this one.

Another bit I hated was the alternate take of the Gandalf-Merry "Deep breath before the plunge" scene. WTF was up with Gandalf's coughing fit? I mean WTF!?

The outstanding bits:

The one single great moment that stuck out in my mind was at the aftermath of the Pelennor battle, when Eomer finds his sister's seemingly lifeless body. Karl Urban's performance here along with the cinematography amounted to one of the most emotionally powerful moments of the film. Combine this with the following sequence in the Houses of Healing, and then the subsequent re-edited scene where Pippin finds Merry on the battlefield (this time at night!) and you have a moment which really, really had no right to be cut from the theatrical version.

(I guess you could argue that to make the Eomer-Eowyn scene work you had to show the HoH bit as well, so that the audience knows she's not actually dead after all, and that this would slow the film down too much at this point. It's worth it though, IMO).

The mediocre:

Well, as for the rest of it, I can pretty much take it or leave it. Saruman's scene was a pretty good scene in it's own right, but I don't think the theatrical version suffered from it's absence. If anything, Saruman's fate should have been dealt with at the end of TTT, but I'm not sure how exactly.

Or maybe the Smeagol-Deagol prologue should have been left out entirely from the theatrical version (it was originally intended to slot into the TTT Dead Marshes scene) - this would have freed up some time for the inclusion of the Saruman scene in the TE.

Similarly, the Gandalf-Witch King confrontation was a cool scene, but it felt a little tacked on.

Gothmog's death was pretty cool, and gave closure to a major bad guy, and although the build up to it was a little comical, with him groaning and lurching towards Eowyn, I'd probably have liked to have seen it in the TE.

Aragorn confronting Sauron in the Palantir before the march on the Black Gates felt a little off IMO, and I'm glad it was cut.

I could go on really, giving a breakdown of all the new bits, and how I felt about them, but, meh. The odd new battle shot here and there was cool, especially the smaller battering rams stuff before Grond. The extended Grond bit felt a bit silly though.

Just for the record, I feel similarly towards the EEs for the other two films. I can quite happily take them or leave them; the theatrical editions will always be the definitive version of LotR for me. 
WTF was up with Gandalf's coughing fit?

He smokes teh weed. 
Have You Seen The Trailer 
to Willy Wonka?

Depp looks like a, uhm, errr, how to put this ... a chick. 
Willy Wonka 
And Depp sounds like a 16-yr old goth schoolgirl brat - especially when he goes "eww!"

But if there's anyone that can make this film worthwhile, it's Depp :) 
Lol, You Hit The Nail There 
he is obviously having fun making the flick.

I can't wait to see Keith Richards as his poppa in Pirates of the Caribean 2. 
Still Havent Got To Watch ROTK : EE 
but I thought the other two EE's were much better than the theatrical cuts. They just flowed a lot smoother. TTT in particular benefited a lot from the EE. 
And Johnny Depp 
is an absolute gun, if Willy wonka sucks, there's a veru good chance it wont be because of him. 
Salo : 120 Days Of Sodom 
Directed by
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Wow... just... wow... I don't really know what to say about this movie. It made my uncomfortable, it cleared out half of the theatre during the 3rd act.

I don't think I can recommend anyone except the extremely curious go watch this film. Not that it is a bad movie, it's VERY true to the original text (by Marquis De Sade) except for it being set in WW2 italy.

the Basic story premise is 4 friends ( 2 brothers) of powerful status in society round up 16 youths (including their own daughters, whom they marry off to each other), boys and girls, who are taken away to their villa. Then over the course of 2 hours they act out any and all perversions that they feel like. It starts with sex, and quickly turns into something else. Apparently this is all social commentary on fascism and anti consumerism by Pasolini... I can't really say.

In an ironic twist however Pasolini himself was murdered 1 week after the release of this film by a Male prostitute which he frequented.

The film was also banned in the UK for over 25 years, and probably in alot of other places.

This is a hard movie to watch, so bring a date. 
Why do I keep hearing about this? Is it being re-released in cinemas or something? Anyway, shit-eating and eyeball-slitting isn't really my cup of cha, if you know what I mean, so I'll probably give this one a miss. 
Pope set out to watch a movie centred on one taboo I picked a movie centred on another: canibalism. Ravenous isn't a Texas Chainsaw style slasher and is more entertaining for it. The music is good and is downright innapropriate at times which serves to add the the discomfort while watching some scenes. Also, I would recommend you don't watch this film if you're a little hungry. I did and I ended up feeling a little guilty over it.

Anyways, good movie. 
Very Long Engagement 
anyone seen it? what's it like? 
Rotk:EE (spoilers) 
finally got around to seeing the enitre thing. First impression is that it wasnt as good as the previous EE's. FOTR:EE smoothed out the flow of the theatrical and the film was better for it. TTT:EE was the best one because I thought the theatrical cut was severely lacking and the EE fixed it up.

This one adds a few good scenes, but a lot of it seems like fluff (in a movie that already contained quite a few moments of cheese in between a lot of greatness). I would have added only the extended fight scenes, saruman's scene, the extended scene in the dead city (I liked the skull fall), the gandalf-witch king confrontation, the mouth of sauron scene and the aragorn-palantir scene. The rest didnt add much. The House of healing scene was ok, but was as poor in establishing the eowyn-faramir scenario as the theatrical was.

Still, I'm glad i watched it and maybe it works better on repeat viewings. 
The last 15 minutes were a letdown and the overall script could have been better but its a well made and reasonably well acted film. Stylish action and cinematography.

I Did See Saw 
So you saw Saw you say?

It was a shakey cam. The funney thing is that the colour shift the process causes was apropriate to the film.

All I can say is that the amount of time left in the film was proportional to how much sense it was making. In a good suspence movie you don't know the ending before it happens, but when it does happen you feel like you could have seen it comming. No body could have seen the ending of Saw comming. I bet the writer didn't see it comming either. He probably got fucked up on cocaine, went on a writing binge, and when he came to was shocked at the ending he had written and submitted. 
Lady From Shanghai 
Clunky, muddled film from Orson Welles. Maybe the hour that was cut out by studio execs could have redeemed this but in its current form, it is a bit of a stinker. Welles is miscast and the film seems to change tone every 5 minutes for no real reason.

The only reason to see this through was Rita Hayworth. I know whe was a WWII pinup etc but I hadnt seen her apart from in photos. What a stunner! Every time she's on screen, it's hard to take you eyes off her. Pity about the film though. 
Incredibles And Other Stuff 
[b]The Incredibles[/b] - Very good, only it whets my appetite for what Pixar can do when they break off from Disney. Their best film since Toy Story (the others were good too but these 2 are my favorites).

[b]The 39 Steps[/b] - Good early Hitchcok film, very reminiscent of the later North by Northwest but noas spectacular. Its a very good film in its own right though, and quite funny too.

[b]Bourne supremacy[/b] - pretty good action flick, let down by frenetic editing in two key action scenes which looked like (from what was possible) that they were actually decently staged. I prefer bourne identity but this is still not bad.

[b]The Lady Vanishes[/b] - another good early hitch film that starts off more a comedy than a mystery but gradually moves along with his signature direction. Some of the dialog is hilarious.

[b]The Postman Always Rings Twice[/b] - good noir film thats more of a romance than a crime film with romance. Still, its pretty good although the first half seems to be in slow burn while the second whistles past too quick.

[b]This Gun For Hire[/b] - Low level early film noir. Above average script coupled with avergae direction and some average to above average performances. Not bad, but hardly the best noir film goign around. Veronica Lake does look very pretty though. 
Shawn Of The Dead 
Was fucking awesome. I haven't seen a movie great in such a long time. Gonna pick up a copy sometime this week for myself, a buddy of mine rented it and we're both gonna buy it. It was funny, it was a comedy, a horror flick, and drama all at once and worked so remarkably well. Great stuff, diffenently one of the tops for the year. 
Lord Of The Rings: ROTK EE 
Loved it. every part that was added I loved...

Spoilers, I guess, here on in.

...except I have mixed feelings on Saruman being killed on top of his tower rather than the original film being closer to the book and leaving him there for all eternity. (In the book he later escapes and is killed in much the same way as in EE, but that's besides the point). But I like how it made the seeing orb (can't remember it's correct name) make sense being in the water... alot of the additions made me happy this way, making things make more sense.

My fave addition was The Mouth of Sauron, which confuses me why it was cut, since it was excellant.

Now I need to get the EE of the first two films, which I missed. Hope those are as cool as this. 
IMHO the first two films have betetr EE:s, especially TTT (though FOTR was almost perfect in the theatrical anyway). 
Yes, I felt that the EE's of the first two films generally worked better than the ROTK EE, despite suffering from the same pacing problems (there's a reason we don't see the EE's in the cinema, and it's not just because of the running time). Although I hated Fellowship's extended Hobbiton intro, which was pants IMO. 
I Disagree In TTT Case 
because I thought the theatrical felt disjointed and not very smooth. The EE fixed that up. 
Continuing The Film Noir Marathon 
Gilda - Had to see this after being gobsmacked by Rita Hayworth in Lady From Shanghai. On its own, it's a decent low level noir film which would have been better with a better ending and an actor like Bogart in Glenn Ford's role. Still, it provides for further gobsmacking as Rita Hayworth looks absolutely stunning. And she knows she looks absolutely stunning. That combination makes it a breeze to sit through the film.

The Killers - Saw the 1946 version with Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner. This is a damn fine hard edged noir film, just the way they should be. Whilst nothing that comes afterwards matches the sheer brilliance of the opening, its a very well made and engrossing film that would have to be one of the masterpieces of the genre. 
Post Topic: I Thought It Would Suck, But It Didn't 
I saw Finding Nemo last night. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be an amusing and entertaining film.

I also watched The Butterfly Effect (the DC, not theatrical version). I have vague remembrances of people saying it sucked, but I rather thought it was good. But people were probably talking about the theatrical version, which apparently had more of a Hollywood ending to it. From the descriptions I've heard of the theatrical ending, the DC ending really makes a lot more sense and fits in better with the movie. But then again, I'm a sucker for introspective films, so I'm apt to liking this one. 
can I ask why you thought it would suck?

Just interested. 
Pixar Movies Have A Habit Of Seeming Like They Will Suck 
Pixar movies for me have a habit of looking like they are going to disapoint me by sucking badly, when I originally heard the premise for Monsters Inc. I thought it sounded crap, saw the trailers, got interested, went to see it and loved it. Same with Finding Nemo. And while I haven't seen the Incredibles yet I fully intend to in the next few days as the trailers have convinced me that it might actually be a good film. :)

I think it is just an aversion to some of the stinkers Disney has put out over the last few years. While I know that Pixar only makes good films, I see the Disney logo on the first teaser trailers and it sends me into a cold sweat. 
I assume you're refering to Nemo.

Quite frankly the premise didn't sound interesting to me. I mean, a fish swimming through the ocean looking for his lost son? It sounds like a boring story and boring visuals.

And people had mentioned that they thought it was funny, but not as funny as other Pixar works. My sense of humor is rather warped--and comedies that are supposed to be "uproariously funny" tend to only hold one or two laughs for me--so I figured I wouldn't find it amusing at all.

So by this point I'm thinking, boring story, boring visuals, unfunny--why bother?

Except, of course, I was wrong. 
And On A Side Note 
I want to see The Incredibles when it comes out on DVD, as that looks like it will be amusing, too. (See? It's not that I'm not interested in kid's movies; I'm just not interested in kid's movies that I'm not interested in. Make sense?) 
The Butterfly Effect 
i can't understand how people would think it sucked. I mean, I know it stars Ashton Kutcher, but the general premise is so good that the film couldn't easily be crap.

I got the feeling that there was a lot of unrealised potential that could have propelled it into being really brilliant, but most areas lack the 'magic' as it were. The overall effect is very good, but it could have been a whole lot better.

RPG, I understand exactly what you mean about not being too excited about finding nemo before seeing it. I also often get that with pixar movies, and then i'm proved wrong, The Incredibles for example was really enjoyable. I didn't really like Bugs Life or Monsters Inc. though (apart from when Mike is famous; on the cover of the magasine but under the barcode, hilarious :)). 
The Butterfly Effect 
I thought it was pretty average, most notably cause of giant paradoxes in the whole time traveling shizat (can't remember in detail, but theres something about the prison scene that doesnt work, won't go into detail not to spoil tho).
I'd be curious to know what's different in the ending of the DC, cause the ending I saw sucked, instead of explaining the movie it just made it into something stupid. 
fair enough, i was just wondering. 
I've been thinking about the movie quite a bit since I saw it, and, actually, I was surprised at how few paradoxes there are. Thinking back on that specific scene, I can't remember any paradoxes there, either. If you think of one you'd like to share, I'd like to know it.

I'm not sure where the two movies start diverging, but in the DC, he ends up in the sanitarium after going back in time and watching Kayleigh get blown up in her dad's basement. He asks for his journals, but he had used the first entry to go back in time, and he's told he never wrote any journals. He asks his mom to bring him some old home movies that his dad made, and uses one of them to go back in time to when he was still in his mother's womb, where he strangles himself on his own umbilical cord. Cue scenes of his mother screaming "no, not again", flashbacks of the psychic saying he had no lifeline and was not meant to be born, and flashforwards of everyone growing up with perfectly normal and happy lives.

So, err, IMO that works a whole lot better than what I've read about the other ending. 
Lemony Snicket's Overly Wordy Title 
The acting was great, the writing ranged from ok to great, but the visual design was friggin fantastic. It was consistent, creative, and attractive. If you watch the movie remember to stay for the credits at the end, they're gorgeous.

This was Jim Carrey's second second great performance this year. 
Ah yeah, the DC ending sounds a bit better, to be honest I can't quite remember what happens in the original after he locks himself up with the movies... But I think its a happy ending with him surviving.
My prob with the prison scene: he uses a journal to make some scars appear on his flesh by going back to his moms kitchen and hacking away at himself with a knife, to make it look like he is getting holy stigmata or some such shit. Prob is, it's presented as if the scars just appear all of a sudden to the other people in the prison, when in fact for them the scars should have always been there in the first place... no? So why the hell are they surprised. Bleh. There were some other things like that but I can't quite remember anymore, they aren't really paradoxes, just badly exploited time travel stuff. 
Ah yeah I see. Indeed, that is insonsitant with the way time travel works in the movie. 
Stephen King's "It" 
I have the DVD and was browsing IMDB about it... and, if you remember the character Beverly Marsh... the actress was probably just 12 then...

But now?!

Er, If That IMDB Link Doesn't Work... 
...what are you trying to point out? that she grew up? 
The Incredibles 
Was indeed.... incredible!

My only complaint would be that the killer machine v.10 didn't get to play longer than it did in the big city. 
White Noise 
The trailer didn't look promising but it was free so I decided to watch it anyways and I'm actually glad I did. I can sympathize with whoever was charged with making an interesting trailer, I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. White Noise is a horror flick without being a slasher, which is refreshing. It attacks the genre from a new angle of EVP ( EVP is obviously interference but all horror films require a leap of faith like that.

The movie is all around a great horror film but there was one thing in particular that captured my attention. At one point the movie comes to a setting of a rather modern looking apartment with a wall of glass windows and a waterfall directly beneath. The waterfall creates a white-noise sound which is a cool little reminder. Shots with the glass window often have out-of-focus (and thus faceless) people walking and going about their business. It's obviously a reminder of the transient ghosts they're contacting. Clever design like that makes me happy. 
Faux Wide Screen 
All of MGM's 'theatrical wide screen' DVD releases for the last few years have been the pan-scanned versions with the top and bottoms cut off.

That's a really shitty thing to do to movie fans. There's an eligible dvd list on the site and the claims procedure. 
I Saw A Film... 
House Of Flying Daggers

(Bear in mind I haven't seen CT,HD nor Hero).

Weak. A vacuous shell of a potentially great movie. Stylistically it was good, although few parts were as aesthetically striking as the bamboo forest. The OTT action scenes were good and entertaining too. However, the pontentially gripping storyline was wasted and badly executed. The basic story itself was, as a basic story, very good, BUT the way it was presented was so banal and crude (the explanation just after they are both captured at the house, for example), with simple, child-like dialogue, that it's potential was wasted. This could have been a very slickly presented intriguing medieval Japanase love-story-cum-intellectual-thriller with a captivating focus on duplicity, betrayal, secrets, love between warring factions. But disappointingly, it wasn't, in the slightest. 
Meet The Fockers 
better than meet the parents. A straight up good laugh if you like embarassing sex jokes.

good movie to watch w/ a girl (but not her parents)

for a sequel, i was more than happy with it. 
If by linking that you intend to let us know that the movie is perhaps the most intellectually insulting thing ever made in Flash, then I'd have to agree with you. 
If by linking that you meant to imply that the movie is perhaps the most intellectually insulting thing ever made in Flash, then I'd have to agree with you. 
Sky Captain - Nice fun film with a very cool style. I love the look of the film, the retro fell is excellently exceuted. If it had few more spectacular atcion sequences or set pieces it could have been great, but as it stands it's still a pretty fun film.

Also saw Double Indemnity which has a dynamite script, especially the dialog. I love a good script and this is an almost perfect one (I still rate Chinatown as the benchmark). The performances are good too. The DVD is horrible though, there better be a newer release of this soon. 
Sky Captain.. 
Was pissed I missed that in the cinemas, looked like it would be, as you say, good fun on the big screen. Just not that inspired for the DVD =/ 
I just got the dvd today, the quality is amazing so if you have access to a big screen and a decent sound system, it will still get the same feeling across. 
Haven't posted here in a while...

Howl's Moving Castle - Well, if you liked other Miyazaki movies, this one is definatly recomended, not his best, but very very enjoyable like most of his movies. Great art, great animation, fun characters.
I loved it obviously... ^_____^

Kung Fu Hustle - Newest Stephen Chow movies, lots of very exagerated silly martial arts with funky techniques and stupid characters. Good entertainement, especially if you like his other movies (Shaolin Soccer, God of Cookery, etc). The CGI is a bit weak at times, but didn't really bother me so much.

Dead Leaves - This is some crazy 50 minute animation video that was released on dvd a while back, lots of violence and sex, some very cool animation and funky designs. (kinda has an american animation style going). Very fun, just don't watch this with your kids. =)
Oh and one of the characters has a giant drill instead of a penis... �_�

Alexander - Hmmm, this movie really didn't do much to me, I didn't love it, and didn't hate it... Never really got too bored during the 3 hours, but wasn't so excited either. Probably more believable than stuff like Troy, but maybe not quite as entertaining.
Angelina Jolies role in this is actually pretty cool.
Oh and the views of Babylon are pretty impressive, some good brushwork there. =)

Danny the Dog (called Unleashed in the US) - Got invited for the premiere of this, Jet Li was in the theatre and all, yay. Probably his best occidental movie (which isn't too hard considering all his hollywood movies are utter shite). Some stylish action and nice atmosphere (cool music by Massive Attack). Only recommended to people who like martial arts movies I guess. 
Jolie In Alexander 
only seen the trailer but she sounds like she has a transalvanian accent or something. I sthat how it is for the whole film? 
kung fu hustle - i saw the trailer of this and laughed so hard at the slow-mo scene of the two people kicking that guy's face full force. I wanna see it, good to know it doesn't suck.

Also wanted to see Dead Leaves and Howl. 
Futurama Volumes 1 - 4 
Got my DVDs of Futurama today, and while technically not a film, I'll be watching this a lot over the next week or two. One of the best cartoons ever made IMO. 
I Started To Get Into The Family Guy 
after watching the DVD set released last fall. Pretty wicked comedy. Funny, when it ran five years ago, I completely ignored the series, but then again I use to have a life way back when.

If you are a fan of the Venture Brother's, did you see how the series ended? Let me, give you a hint. Easy Rider. Though the kids were wearing an American Flag helmet and a New Orleans Saints helmet like Jack and Peter in the movie during most of the show, I did not see THAT coming, wow. 
very very funny for the first 2 seasons, I didnt really like it after that. But those first two seasons are viewable so many times. 
and I just got my hand on my friend's Astroboy DVD set, brings back some cool memories.

thats the 80's version, not the crappy new version. 
Hey, Did You Get Choked Up 
while watching the episode where the lead protagonist discovers his brother named a son after him, and they played the Simple Minds toon from The Breakfast Club as they panned out.

Bwwaaaaa -- I cried like a wee girl. 
I Cried 
on the Futurama episode where Fry tries to clone his dog from the 1990s and then decides not to, but at the end they show his dog waiting for him to get back. Seriously, I cried. It was sad. :( 
I Haven't Seen That One 
but no doubt, I would have been sobbing away too. 
Charade - Good but harldy great light thriller that apes Hitchcock at every opportunity. However, it lacks the clever humor and setpieces that Hitch employed in most his successful films. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn dont really click as well as they should and some of the dialogue's a bit spotty rather than being witty.

Still, the direction's decent and pulls the strings nicely so its worth a see. 
Good movie, good acting by Foxx, but a bit long winded with all the performances. Maybe a little more story to Ray's growing up and immediate family.

Watched the extended version. A recommended movie though, I read they got so many things right. 
Appleseed (2004) - Hmmm, cool animation and designs, music felt out of place during most of the movie (despite there being some good tunes). Story and characteres could have been developed a bit more, I guess I mostly enjoyed it for all the giant mecha and explosions... �__�

La Marche de l'Empereur - This is a documentary movie about emperor penguins, very nicely made, great images. Some of the stuff they filmed is pretty amazing, and must of been hell to achieve (had to live through crazy blizzards and all). The story of the penguins itself is great, very sad at times (dying children cause of the cold and lack of food and stuff). Definatly recommended for people who have the slightest interests in animal documentaries. Unfortunatly I doubt it'll be released in theatres outside of France, and probably isn't as amazing on a smaller screen 
is the best that I watched this year 
hmm, I actually like Charade, and would say it's better than To Catch A Theif, which has the same sort of thiller/comedy hybrid. I admit that there are a few exchanges between Grant and Hepburn that seem forced or badly written, but overall I liked it. Especially for some of the amusing supporting characters, like Walter Matthau and Jacques Marin.

I guess I agree with you in that it's not as good as Hitchcock's best, like Rear Window, but that's a pure thriller and so it's going to be more thrilling. 
I was thinking more North by Northwest than Rear Window.

Also, I actually preferred To Catch a Thief. I just found the writing funnier although admittedly Charade's much better in the thriller department. Overall, I liked Charade too. 
Jules And Jim 
My first real taste of european cinema apart from the recent bunch of popular french films and Run Lola Run.

It was certainly very different and the first half was definitely quite excellent. But after halfway, the story just seems to plod along and the characters lost my empathy. The music was great as was the direction but IMHO the script was sevrely lacking in the second half. 
I've just finished watching the new film by Wong Kar Wai and I would add this film to my list now. Brilliant combination of visuals and music to create a mysterious and enchanting mood. It has its flaws as the script looks as if it was unfinished but the direction and acting are great. 
2045 Bis 
Nitin, there was no script... Or rather, there was, but WKW is always changing stuff at the last minute, or just improvising completely, which explains why the flow can seem a bit strange at times in his films. 
yeah I realise that but in comparison, ITMFL still seemed more cohesive and felt like a script. But I still liked 2046 a lot. 
Too bad Netflix doesn't seem to have it. 
Netflix have many asian films at all?? 
well I dont think there's been a US theatrical release yet, so there wont be a R1 DVD for a while. I imported mined from Asia. 
Yeah! They have Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon!

But seriously, they have more anime series than I care to watch. Perhaps a better example is that they have Vampire Hunter D, but not Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

I was actually a little surprised they didn't have 2046 since you all seem to think it was good, but since nitin says there hasn't been an R1 release, that would explain it.

Furthermore, I'm a bit disappointed they don't have the movie Stalker based on the Strugatskys' novel. That's a movie I definitely want to see, but I'm not sure I want to spend $45 and buy it from Amazon. 
I'm sure there are plenty of very good asian films they don't have. =)
Do they even have In the Mood for Love, and did you see it? 
I'm Sure There Are Plenty Of Very Good U.S. Films They Don't Have 
Yes, they have it. No, I have not seen it. 
If you had the sligthest interest in seeing 2046, just get ITMFL for now instead, its really the same kind of film (except better in my opinion)...
Oh, and if you don't like ITMFL, chances are you won't like 2046 either. 
there's nothing wrong with Shanghai Noon... I find it very entertaining and enjoyable. The sequel is even better. Can't wait for Ong Bak to come out on DVD. And it's rumored Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan are gonna do a movie together - spooge. 
And More 
Playtime - Not hilarious, but always amusing french film. The extended restuarant sequence is very well handled. But the most striking aspect has to be the extremelly well composed shots, the use of space is the best I've seen since I viewed Kurosawa's Ran. 
House Of Flying Daggers 
Looks nice with one or two nice fights, like the bamboo forest scene, but the screenplay is an utter mess. The story and characters are not good enough to merit the ponderous visual style. 
Strugatskys' novel

Read it, by any chance? 
No, I haven't. I might be able to find it at the uni library. Maybe I'll look for it. 
Definitely recommend it. Part of the enjoyment comes from the fact that nobody knows what has happened exactly, they just see the results. Light reading, unlike some Russian works.

And there's supposedly an RPG coming out, based on the book. 
Well isn't the game Stalker based on that book a bit? 
Stalker Book 
I read it. It's great. Once I started to read it I couldn't get out of it.

Chapter 3 was the most awesome, especialy the scene where they treat zombie-father as a real man.

I haven't seen the movie, but it's old and I'm not sure that it is good. I think reading the book is much more intertaining. 
Winter Light 
saw this ingmar bergman film last night and was completely blown away by it. It's about as structurally perfect as a film could be and when you combine that with the excellent performances and the extremely understated yet very compelling tone, it's hard not to be impressed. 
Haute Tension (Switchblade Romance) 
hmm, I'm no horror buff but this french film is one of the most stylish, taut and efficient horror/slasher movies that I have come across. Its shot extremely well, acted quite well, and is reasonably intelligently plotted.

BUT, it has one of the most ridiculous third acts ever. If it finished up 15 mins before its actual running time, the paragraph above would be all that you would need to say. But the 'twist' is so bullshit that it completely degrades the quality of what preceded it. This is a perfect example of how an otherwise fine film completely implodes due to a badly written ending. 
And More 
M Hulot's Holiday - Not a fan of slapstick but after enjoying Playtime, I thought I should give the other Tati films a go. Didnt do much to change my opinion of slapstick, though it's a pleasant time passer. The score is outstanding though. 
Doom Movie More Bleh

Where's the chunky green armor?! 

That's Doom? Why doesn't it look anything like Doom? 
Doom: The Movie 
Starring The Rock as Doom Guy.

Why do I get the impression that this is going to be a cross between Duke Nukem and Aliens?

Apone: You secure that shit, Doom Guy!
Doom Guy: I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck!
: The Movie 
I'm dying to see it if only to see where The Rock inserts his armor shards. 
It's Doom The Movie 
not Doom3, so clearly there will have to be SPECTRAL ARMOR and Health potions!! 
apparently hollywood has a near-monopoly on things that suck. I've only seen that one publicity shot for Doom: the Movie but BAM! i'm disappointed already.

Maybe they're just not wearing their pretty green armour in that shot, maybe we'll see it in the film. Heh, probably not though, black sweaters are much cheaper i guess.

I remember when this came up last time; didn't we read some info which said the marines wouldn't be fighting demons in the movie, and that it wasnt on phobos or mars? I think that means there is now nothing in common between the game and the movie.

Seriously, Doom was about a lone armour clad marine taking on the legion of hell in a research base on a moon of mars. The movie will stay true to the original vision by giving us a squad of ex-wrestlers taking on aliens on a made up planet. That's only based on what little i've read in the past though, so it may not be accurate. I really hope all that stuff isnt true. 
Pickup On South Street 
Some good bits but the overall script is spotty and some of the acting is even spottier. It definitely looks like a top level noir but comes out as a low level one IMHO. 
why does that look so unbelievably cheesy, ffs. 
Le Doome 
Set on some research facility. No demons, no Hell, no Phobos, just some horrid virus that's turning people into monsters. 
Doom movie will suck for sure... 
...why is it called the Doom movie again? And can't whoever owns the rights and the name (id or their publishers) crack down on their ass for misusing it?? 
Once They Sell The Rights 
they really dont care unless they specifically want to get involved in the movie production. 
surely the value of "the doom brand" has *some* value to id? Perhaps not enough to be worth making a fuss here. 
Apparently, the religious overtones (Demons/Hell etc.) were seen as too unsuitable for the target PG-13 rating, so it was changed to "A Virus". Graphic murder and gun violence is still ok for the kids though, it seems. 
Da Fuck? 
Have they really changed it that much? What a fucking HEAP OF SHIT.

Apparently, the religious overtones (Demons/Hell etc.) were seen as too unsuitable for the target PG-13 rating

whoa, what the fuck. A Target PG-13 rating?! Oh my god. Makes so much sense, I mean that is Doom's target audience, is it not? Children too young to play Doom 3, and who were still pissing their pants when the original doom came out.

That said, i just read this comment by someone on

"The Rock was on the Daily Show with John Stewart last night and told everyone that he would be starring in the Doom movie." ... "He did state that the movie would be rated R and not PG-13 as some websites have stated (thank God!!) and that the BFG weapon would be in the flick but is referred to as a "Bio-Force Gun"....funny."

So maybe it is rated R, if so, great! But er, the Bio-Force Gun? Anyway, it says on the imdb page that they named fome characters after the id guys, namely Dr Steve Willits and Dr Carmack, which is cool, but the better way to show respect for the id guys would be to not remove their creative vision from the movie en-fucking-tirely.

I'm looking forward to seeing the character called pinky though �_� 
Set on some research facility. No demons, no Hell, no Phobos, just some horrid virus that's turning people into monsters.

So basically this is Resident Evil in Space? Not only have they ruined the concept but now it's a derivative of every other zombie story ever made? 
Chunking Express 
In continuing with the fine tradition of pretending to be cool by taking part in Asian culture, I've just watched Chunking Express. Its a nice enough film, but it really didn't do anything for me. 
Chungking Express 
didnt do much for me either, the heavy stylish touches on display severely distracted from the actual film and on the whole it seemed too much like random footage spliced together.

Also, just finished Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Both are fine films but while most of it is reasonably well scripted, some of the dialogue jars with the rest because it sounds scripted as opposed to the conversational tone that's employed in the rest of the film(s). Still, both are good views. 
So basically this is Resident Evil in Space? Not only have they ruined the concept but now it's a derivative of every other zombie story ever made?

That's basically the idea I got from reading a few previews. 
hi i dont really get what this is about at all this is the first time ive been on this site plz help im confused?? 
This is FUNC_MSGBOARD the best place in the universe omg!!!!!!!!!!!111eleven!!111one11!!

additional : I am the MOST HELPFUL person in the universe omg!!!!!!!!!!!111eleven!!111one11!! 
@ Tiffany 
On the miniscule chance that you are not simply an alt-nick of one of the regular mouth-breathers:

func_msgboard is a site that mostly revolves around making user-created levels for the Quake series of games, although there are various other types of discussions going on at any given time as well. Welcome. Also "please" is spelled "please".

On the other hand, it's almost certain that this is some clownboat regular, so if so, then I hope you get anally violated by a hobo for wasting the previous few seconds of my life. 
show respect for the id guys would be to not remove their creative vision from the movie

I think calling it a creative vision is giving them a little too much credit. Let's face it, the Doom and Quake series are more a collection of ad-hoc shit that seemeed cool at the time. 
Hey Tiffany 
I think we're alone now/There doesn't seem to be anyone around 
Australian IP Address 
This is the work of Zombie/Black Dog/PeeJ/distrans et. al 
But Peej is in the UK... 
But Peej is in the UK...

Or is he? 
And More 
Three Colours - Blue - This is very good, some of the visuals are very haunting and memorable and the themes are very well communicated to the viewer. Well worth watching.

His Girl Friday - Good film, but after a while the manic delivery and acting coupled with the extremely loud and overlapping dialogue started to make my head hurt. Still, theres some good wit on display and its well worth a watch. 
...Three colours in general. what did you think of the "series." Are they all worth watching, or just Blue? 
havent made it to red and white yet, I'll post once I get to them. 
Three Colors... 
I think i liked white best. 
Three Movies... 
Constantine - Stupid, but fairly amusing I guess. Some ok visuals and ideas, Hell looks cool, but I was dissapointed there was only really one kind of demon, too bad. Ending was not quite as stupid as I was excpecting. Oh, and Keanu still doesn't know how to act, also, the movie just kinda feels like a long anti-smoking ad.

Beyond the Clouds - Gorgeous anime movie, the backgrounds and visuals here are just so fresh and nice, that alone was enough to make me enjoy it. Otherwise it's some strange (duh, its japanese) sci-fi-ish drama, with a touch of fantasy... the story doesn't make all that much sense, especially during the end, but the characters are ok.

Trouble - Some french movie released here recently, I have trouble deciding if I like it or hate it. The story is pretty interesting, some good psychological thriller ideas... Directing was badly overdone at times tho, some anoying shackycam, and too much zooming on the characters faces all the time, oh and the music sucks horrendously, really unoriginal and predictable classical stuff. 
Re; Constantine 
I seem to have enjoyed this a lot more than you did. Don't get me wrong--it's not OMGAWESOME or anything, but I thought it was quite good.

I was initially horrified when I heard that Keanu was cast as John Constantine and figured he would screw it up beyond all recognition, but I thought he actually did a pretty decent job in the role.

Maybe my opinion is just a bit rose-colored due to the movie being decent and entertaining as opposed to the steaming pile of shit I was expecting, but I liked it. 
Oh yeah, it was better than what I was expecting too, and I enjoyed it, just would'nt see it again or easily recommend it to people. =)
I really didn't think Keanu was any good, just his usual self... (which, fortunatly, didn't fit too bad with the character). His opening and closing his lighter all the time kind of anoyed me too, wonder how many times he accidently sent that thing flying across the stage during filming, hehe, bet he wounded some people with it. 
Der Untergang 
You know, that Hitler movie.
I thought I remembered someone mentioned it in this thread, but I've been scrolling through 300 posts here now and not found anything.

Anyway, awesome film. Powerful.
Top notch acting, fantastic directing, completely heart-wrenching story. Wonderful account of the physical brutality of WW2 and the mental breakdown of those behind it. Very highly recommended.

(And although it feels really wrong to even think about the movie in this context: There's a lot of sexy uniforms in it.) 
I agree wholeheartedly with you about constantine pjw, and I agree with Bal about hell being very cool. I guess I'll go watch der untergang at the movies sometime. 
I agree wholeheartedly with you about constantine pjw, and I agree with Bal about hell being very cool. I guess I'll go watch der untergang at the movies sometime. 
shit, sorry for double post mates 
More Stuff 
Machurian Candidate (2004) - I saw this last night too and have to say that this was an average movie at best. I have seen the original, so unfortunately comparisons had to be made. Whilst the new version was efficient, the old one kills it in comparison.

Three Colors White - Not as good as blue but still a fine film. Lacks the memorable scenes and visuals that Blue had and the overall script's weak. The acting's pretty good though and that coupled with the efficient direction make it worth watching.

Breathless (godard) - Pretty good although it hardly comes across as innovative now. Still, the direction's pretty assured and the whole thing has a definite sense of cool about it. Hope there's a better dvd release of it soon though.

AvP - yes I guess I'm a sucker for punishment and yes its bad but its not awful. It's actually slow paced for a Paul WS Anderson film with a decent buildup. What it lacks is any characters that are even 2% interesting and decent fight scenes. The ones that are there are in near darkness with 500 cuts a minute applied to them. YOu see shome green stuff spurt there and some blades flashing somewhere else but it's hard to really know whats going on.

And the updated alien queen moves like a t-rex from jurassic park. 
I Recently Caught AvP On DVD 
It was pure LCD -- Lowest Common Denominator. Not an interesting idea, character or fight in the entire movie. Better, more original and newer material could have been found in John Campbell's rejection pile for Astounding Magazine in the 1950's but Hollywood is fixated on a very narrow spectrum when Science Fiction is concerned.

I really disliked this movie. 
three colours red - very very good, as good as blue if not better. Performances are excellent and the script is well executed. Also sports the best use of color out of the trilogy IMHO.

The Philadelphia Story - started off quite well with some good witty dialogue. But the further along it went, the scacer the witty repartee became and I didnt think that the rest of the story was convincing enough. Performances were good, espcially Hepburn and Stewart, although I'm at a loss to explain why James Stewart got an oscar for this and not for some of his other more better roles. 
anyone seen Sin City? it's been delayed for release in Australia till august and I've been wanting to catch it ever since I saw the trailer. 
Same Here 
Got the download through the UJ forums. Sometimes it sucks living in the future, because by the time the movie screens here, the tie-ins have already crawled up everybody's ass and died...
if they're lucky. 
yeah, there's a good chance the US dvd version will be out by the time the movie gets out here. 
Sometimes it sucks living in the future,

You Oceanians with your hover cars, shiny jumpsuits, robot wives and your thirty meter tall ganja acreage.

Damn cursant present! 
Sin City 
overall i liked it. Ive never read the comics, though I was aware of them. At times i thought this would become an empty excerise in style, like Moulin Rogue, but it managed to have a decent story to tell. Reminds me more of kill bill in the sense that it's the latest iteration of ever-slicker regurgitations of pop culture -- in this case comics and film noir. I liked clive owen's story the least; the other two were for the most part solidly entertaining. Visually a success. 
Sin City 
Saw it day after it came out. Loved it.

I think it had everything, all types of action scenes, love scenes, foul-mouothed 70 year old heroes, all types of stuff. All around wonderful, a great film. Don't take it too seriously though, it will ruin the film for you. It's really good. Partially because I'm drunk, partially because it was a great movie, but it was a great movie. Honestly. 5 thumbs up. 
Partially because I'm drunk, partially because it was a great movie, but it was a great movie. Honestly. 5 thumbs up.

Whoa. I've never been so drunk that I saw double-and-a-half, but I was drunk enough to type this:

<RPG> da fekj tgat najes no sense.

P.S. I went to see Sin City and it had an interesting style but the stories didn't seem all that special or like they had any meaning so I guess I'm a philistine. 
Spiderman 2 
I thought it was done as well as the first (i.e. worthwhile to watch), except it seemed it was missing something throughout the Doc Oc action span... unfortunately I can't remember what it was I thought was missing. Either way theres more character development.

Thomas Haden Church is playing a villain in Spiderman 3. He could be The Lizard or Sandman... I believe The Green Goblin will return (different person obviously) (or is it the Hobgoblin, whats the diff?) and I don't see why Man-Wolf will make an appearance (John Jameson from 2nd movie.)

I also felt the Doc Oc surgery-room scene was very intense for PG-13. No gore, but rather terrifying for what it was - but that's the Sam Raimi touch. 
Eh I Meant 
"I don't see why Man-wolf WOULDN'T make an appearance"...

[EDIT] <-button 
maybe because he'll be in spidey 4. 
Edit Button... 
use the damn preview button, then you won't need an edit button. 
Edit Button... 
I prefer a damn edit button, then I won't need a preview button. 
Edit Button Is For Losers. 
I saw Robots couple days ago, really liked all the mechanical stuff, some cool visuals and ideas. Story was fairly typical and predictable though. 
<Vondur> Sarcasm = Laughing Hitler 
Story was fairly typical and predictable though.

That's a problem with the viewer's intellect and not the movie's script, though. 
Recent Viewings.. 
saw SinCity on the weekend, since I have read through the graphic novels and enjoyed those I was more than pleased with how true they were to the scenes/style/dialogue. I was also quite pleased with the stories they selected. The 'Marv' story was probably my favourite from the comics themselves, so I was happy to see that one.

Other recent viewings have been 'Toxic Avenger' and 'Class of Nuke 'Em High 2' both from Troma studios. ...if you haven't seen a troma film before, you should. But you should get drunk/high/in a stupid mood before you do! Hah, they are the epitome of incorrect. Considering most of the production/cast/costumes are provided by fans/ makes for...interesting cinematography... 
Id Software/Doom Movie... 
Dunno if you read PlanetDOOM much but they mentioned this:

"The film industry trade publication Variety announced today that Showtime plans to make a bio-pic movie based on Masters of Doom, the 2003 released non-fiction book on the formation of Doom developer id Software."

So who's takin' the lead as Carmack? Romero? Heh... this reminds me of that biopic on Microsoft that was for TV... 
Totally Inappropriate Choices 
John Carmack -- Vin Diesel
Adrian Carmack -- Bob Balaban
John Romero -- Cher
Tom Hall -- Haley Joel Osment

the rest of the cast will be midgets, like the Wizard of Oz.

On a side note, my mom knew one of the midgets from the Wizard of Oz when she lived in South Boston. Apparently the guy had been in quite a few things, and could be found doing such regular person things as shopping at the supermarket, taking a dump, and dragging a sack of kittens into a burning building. 
Anto Doom Movie Petition 
Sign Up !!!

At least we can claim this movie must change in order to match Doom concept.... 
Witness for the Prosecution - classy film. If there's one thing Billy Widler could do, it was write dialogue. Although not in the same class as Sunset Boulevard or Double indemntiy, it still has some sparkling exchanges.

The Royal Tenebaums - Also quite classy. It's more of a comedy/rama but the funny moments are well built up and the drama by itself is quite well done. The attention to detail and shooting style is also outstanding. 
Ok so I finally saw this. I wouldn't normally bother to comment, but I read it's other reviews in this thread, and I seem to hate this film so much more than the other guys that saw it.

I think my main complaint with this movie is that the script seems to have been written by a load of 14 year old boys. I also get the feeling that the boys aren't keeping up to the times, because they obviously missed the memo that told them that smoking isn't that cool any more. I think approximately 30-40% of the movie was dedicated to Keanu:

(A) Lighting a cigarette
(B) Smoking a cigarette
(C) Dropping a cigarette in slow motion
(D) Putting out his cigarette in his own blood, no really.
(E) Being told by people that he shouldn't smoke.

Other things that only 14 year old boys think are cool include:

... Weapons covered in crosses
... Erm, including a knuckleduster with one on each knuckle
... Having Constantine be an asshole to everyone to make him 'darker'
... Trapping demons in mirrors. Mirrors are just shiny things, get over it.

I don't know how explain what a huge pile of steaming cliched feces this is. Don't start thinking that it might be so bad it's good either, like Rambo or something. Here, the cliches are all the ones you hate.

We've got one of my favourites, the bit where a female character says some line like "leave it to the men? oh hell naw!", designed to appeal to the feminists. Actually thats less of a favourite, more of something that makes me punch the person next to me in the neck.

We've got the classic snivelling kid who wants to be the hero's partner, but he only lets him do something basic, in this case driving a taxi. In this case, the kid is played by that asshole from Holes, and near the end he saves John Constantine and starts being useful. Surprise, surprise.

All this said, there are some great moments. I think my favourite is where Constantine has to do a spell or some shit, so he sits on a chair holding a cat, and puts his feet in a tupperware box full of water. The water is there to lubricate the transition between the planes of Hell and Earth by the way. I defy you not to laugh when he does that, it's amazing.

All in all, a great movie, and well worth seeing. Two thumbs up my ass! 
Starbuck Never Fails To Disappoint. 
No, really! 
managed to capture the essence of Constantine in his short review. 
If this film is like Starbuck discribed it, for sure I will not go to see it.. It seems to suck a lot ! 
Nelly and Mr Arnaud - Pretty good french film by Claude Sautet with the stunning Emanuelle Beart. Not much plot but the acting and script are well done.

La Notte - Very good film by Michaelangelo Antoinini (Blow-Up) with well pitched performances from Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastroianni as a married couple with no emotions for each other. The framing in this film is also the best I've seen since my viewing of Playtime. Also features a cameo from the very hot Monica Vitti.

Repulsion - Another awesome film from Roman Polanski's early days. Has the same eerie and unsettling atmoshpere that was displayed in Rosemary's Baby and an excellent turn from Catherine Deneuve as a woman who is sexually repressed and has some very strange halucinations. The Direction is also outstanding.

Crossifre - Very good noir film with a nice script and good performances. Not up there with the greatest noirs but definitely close. 
You rock. Seriously, one day when I get some free time, I'm gonna compile a list of all the movies you liked that sound interesting to me and seek them out. You seem to put a good deal of thought and effort into your evaluations, so I just wanted to say thanks for reccomending some of the more obscure films to those of us who don't have the time or the education on that sort of thing. Cheers. 
no problem, although I'd hardly call the comments thought out. 
this might be more helpful, if you ever want make a list :

That ones without ratings I havent got around to seeing yet. 
Withnail And I 
The eminently quotable film that probably has more than a few parallels with the amateur game development scene, and failed to grab my interest or evoke more than a couple of grins. Good movie, I just didn't like it. 
Spike Lee 
hm, 25th hour is one of my personal favorites, does anyone know of any other movies of the same brilliance by spike lee ? movies listed at imdb dont ring a bell. 
Do The Right Thing 
is supposed to be his best, havent seen it though. 
Spike Lee 
Do the Right Thing -- it is quite good...the one thing about it though is that it leaves a lot of unanswered questions in terms of what it brings up during the course of it. Great performances all around.

Bamboozled -- OK. The first half was really promising, but it starts to get a bit dilluted. The whole movie is like that "Black People Love Us" webpage. You'll see what I mean :D It's along the same lines as Do The Right Thing in that it brings up alot of tough questions, and doesn't resolve them in any definite way. 
Let's See, 
I have seen a fair number of Spike Lee movies. Here are my general assessments. If I get any titles screwed up, it is because I haven't seen these flicks in a long time.

School Daze -- I don't like musicals nor marching bands but some of the numbers were pretty catchy. Probably some of his smartest dialog on matters of inter-racial conflict.

She's Gotta Have It -- where as marching bands and musicals don't do it for me, sexually aggressive black women -- I like. The male characters were a bit iritating, either too whiny or too control freakish.

Do The Right Thing -- Over rated. The conflict was completely manufactured and the dialog of whiteys was not realistic. Burn a place down because the owner had pictures of Italians and not blacks? Get the fuck out of here, that is just stupid.

Jungle Fever -- Kind'a boring, except for the sex scenes and even there it ain't Cinemax or Showtime.

Crooklyn -- He filmed his sister nekad. How twisted! I don't remember much about the movie, however, except his sister's titties.

He Got Game -- A movie I liked better than most critics did. Paints a pretty corrupt portrait of Collegiate Athletic programs, and Denzel is excellent in this one. His first anti-hero role, I believe.

Get On The Bus -- my personal favorite. It reads like a swan song for the Civil Rights movement; it's sentimentalist vision is quite moving here and the late Ossie Davis was memorable.

Summer of Sam -- great idea (and title) for a movie, just not well executed. 
I Just Downloaded 
a VCD version of Ed Wood Jr.'s Plan 9 From Outer Space from alt.binaries.monter-movies.

(And no, I have not misspelled the group name.)

Yea verily, I am fucked in the head. 
What Do You Mean? 
Plan 9 is a true classic of American Film. I admire your taste. 
Lovecraft Is Rolling In His Grave... 
I was watching Re-Animator yesterday when a friend pointed this out to me...

I doubt HPL would approve of this. 
Someone underground comic label is coming out with a series "Army of Darkness vs The Reanimator." Just thought you'd like to know they're finally combining to of the most class artworks cinema has to offer into one glorious amalgam of orgasm and chainsaws. 
A new film genre is born: it can be called X-Gore... it's like Hell's blood Demons having a sex party... bbrrrrr.... 
for the spike lee info! 
Doom Movie Trading Cards


ps I'll trade you 4 scientists for 1 sarge 
Throw in a Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 foil card and you got a deal. 
TTP3 Rulez... 
I'm looking for a film (French?) that consists of long still frames shot from a train. I believe the camera never moves (in itself) but the train does, when the train moves the doors to the carriage (boxcar?) are closed and when the train stops the doors open.

Ring any bells? 
Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy 
...was fucking awesome :)

Didn't go in expecting it to be perfect, holy, and true to the books, just that it'd be funny and has stunning visuals and I wasn't disappointed at all. 
Animation Show

It's a little festival of animations making a tour of arthouses. Check the trailer and act quick if you want to see it. 
...was fucking awesome :)

I hope I feel the same. I've read some pretty horrible reviews for it (it's not doing too well on Rottentomatoes atm :( ), and I really wanted this film to kick arse. 
More Stuff 
Fallen Angel - Caught up on a few Otto Preminger films and this was the first one. It started off well but lost its way afte about halfway not really knowing how norish it wanted to be.

Whirlpool - A total misfire from Preminger, the plot is very hard to take seriously. If it werent for the hot Gene Tierney, I wouldnt have botheed sitting all the way through.

Un Coeur En Hiver - Took a break from Preminger to see this French film and it's very good. Another combination from Emanuelle Beart and Claude Sautet, I preferred this a bit more to Nelly and Mr Arnaud, which was a good film to start off with.

Where the Sidewalk Ends - This is more like it from Preminger, apart from a bit of corniness at the end its pretty good. A worthy entry into the noir genre.

Also saw National Treasure, which IMHO was a pile of wank. I'd heard that it was a fun film along the lines of Indy and Sky Captain but it took itself a lot more seriously than either of those. But hey, if you're into Bruckheimer's stuff, it's more of the same I guess. 
Neon Genesis Evangelion 
I just finished watching the last 6 episodes today. I was highly amazed by the ending, the entire show in fact was not at all what I thought it would be like. Total class.

26 episodes of psychological anime sci-fi robot battle goodness I must say. Althought I think FLCL is a better Gainax production, (only because it's more humorous) Evangelion is a great watch. I got the Perfect Edition for about $75, which I think was highly worth it.
To compare, I got all 3 DVDs of FLCL for about $55.

7 thumbs up. Gainax r0x hardcore. 

Best watched in an atmospheric setting on a big screen...

It's just a silent artfilm-documentary consisting of slow-motion pictures of landscapes and technological stuff and then fast-motion (or what's it called, where people move like ants) pictures of people working etc., all with accompanying music. It's a bit hard to describe.

It just depicts the total craziness of modern society without actually saying a word, just being this patient onlooker.

It was photographed between 1975 and 1982, direction is by Godfrey Reggio and music is by Philip Glass.

(had to google with: french movie rocket people slow-motion still music... :) )
I haven't seen the other parts of the trilogy. 
that sounds a lot like Baraka. Have you seen that? How do they compare? 
xact same idea as baraka.

however the qatsi films are actually a trio of 3. each with a theme, I've only seen the war themed one so far.

comparatively if you liked one, you'll like the other. amazing visuals of our planet & it's people, i'd say the qatsi films music is better suited for it's presentation... of course they were assembled post baraka success. 
Hmm, gotta watch that.
Says it's almost ten years younger than Koyaanisqatsi (the first, original) though, and the shots show it's a bit human-centered, which I'm not that interested of. I liked Koyaanisqatsi's "cold pondering observer"-style a lot. Raising a silent question.

Btw I also watched Winged Migration - I liked it too, maybe it was a tad long - there were so many perfect end-scenes where the birds vanish into the distance.

I think these kinds of films have to be looked with the right kind of friends for the feeling and on a big screen for the photography to really have effect. If you have friends who are patient enough for something with no miniguns, muscles, tits or teenagers.

In winged migration, that iceberg breaking up was quite majestic, and the gooses in the desert were funny. :) When you look at birds you never kind of think of what they have experienced in their life already.

btw you know the Koyaanisqatsi movie is quite old the moment you see assembly line work at an electronics factory and the workers are white. 
baraka has tits. 
I attended one party where the visuals from the movies popped up everywhere (sync'd), from a whole wall projection to a couple of 64cm TVs to several strategically placed LCDs. The sountracks where "piped" through the place via several sets of speakers at a level that was clear but not intrusive. Excellent party experience. 
oh come on. 
Why the scowl friend? 
I really enjoyed it. You could accuse it of being disjointed and fairly pointless, but the same charges apply to all the other incarnations of HHGTTG just as well.

I'd very carefully avoided reading any reviews of it before going to see it, which probably helped :) 
"HHGTTG" Makes Me Think Of DNA Palindromes 
Except "H" isn't a nucleotide. 
..So Primitive They Thought Novelty Ringtones Were A Pretty Neat Idea 
HHGTTG fans will also be glad to know that the new and final part of the radio show is being broadcast now by the BBC. If you visit the radio section of the BBC website you can listen to the first episode, and the rest are on at 6:30pm each Tuesday. Of course, I don't think making a Radio Thread will be all that sucessful, but if you're a fan of Douglas Adams, you'll probably enjoy this show. 
i had the same reaction to GATTACA. 
Coincidentally enough, DNA were Douglas ( Noel ) Adams' initials. He was born in Cambridge in 1952, so one of his stock jokes used to be that he was DNA in Cambridge 9 months before Watson and Crick made their discovery. 
This is the most useless forum ever. 
Some Stuff I Saw 
All About My Mother - I'd never seen an Almodovar film before but judging by this, he's a man in complete control. The direction is outstanding, the acting is outstanding. Whilst the script isnt as outstanding, it's still very good and interesting. Probably not for all tastes, I'd still highly recommend this to anyone who's interested in good cinema.

Napoleon Dynamite - This is a movie that's self consciously quirky and thinks its funnier than it really is. It follows a current trend where filmmakers think that just having strange people in strange situations doing strange things is automatically funny. It does have its share of laughs but overall it's still not up to scratch IMHO. 
More Stuff 
Laura - I liked this quite a bit although I think it falls well short of the 'great' category. IMHO, the absurd plot which is a bit too convulted and silly in parts detracts from the film but the style and script do serve it well. As does the presence of Gene Tierney.

To Have and Have Not - Quite good as long as you can ignore the 'Casablanca' hangover and some hokey sidekick antics. Bogart and Bacall do a much better job together here than in Key Largo and whenever they're on screen, the movie works well.

The Apartment - Probably doesnt work as well as it did back when it was released. The first hour or so is quite good with some nice Wilder dialogue and Lemmon in top form but after the hour mark, the movie comes to a bit of a halt and never really reaches the same heights as before. That's not to say its a bad film in the second half, it's actually quite well made and acted the whole way through, but the two halfs are drastically different in pacing and IMHO dont quite fit. Still, well worth watching because of some great lines. 
Meet The Fokkers 
Just rented it and watched it, but I have never seen Meet the Parents. Man, oh, man this is a funny movie. Be warned, if you have a glass eye, Dustin Hoffman will rip it right out of the socker with all the laughter he'll get out of you. Man. I'm still crying.

Ben Stiller, the older and more bulked up he gets, the more he looks like his mother O'Mara than his dad Jerry Stiller, so the schmeil comedy bit of his is getting a bit worn.

And there is only one word for Barbra Streisand in this movie: Hot! 
whilst by no means a great film, meet the parents is better than meet the fockers. SO if you liked the sequel, the first ont is marginally better. 
Bought Koyaanisqatsi today. Came in a nice double pack along with Powaqqatsi. Will be watching them <bal>soon</bal>.

I do have a feeling that I'll probably like them, since I'm such a sucker for cinematography, and music. All this "acting" is just an annoyance in some movies. 
I Have Seen Two Films Recently... 
Robots - decent idea executed poorly, in a distinctive but subjective style. Okay so the plot is ultra-basic, it's laden with cliches, and were it anything other than an animation it would barely flesh out a 1/2 hour TV episode - but all of that is well compensated for by bags of style and plenty of sharp wit that appeals to adults whilst the cuteness appeals to children, right? Right? No, not really. Whilst other animations spice up the cartoon with adult wit, this throws in a load of mercilessly cheesy pop-media references that lack any sort of comedic bite or philosophical insight. The style of the film I sometimes found similarly weak, but in this area I do admit it's a matter of taste and the cutesy look is perhaps the point. Nevertheless I found the grimy undercity to show the appeal this film could have had. At any rate, the cheesyness and lack of depth is the main issue, and as such this film is strictly paddling in the shallow end.

Kingdom Of Heaven - I do like medieval stuff and thus had a positive expectation of an intriguing medieval spectacle. What I got instead was an incoherent mismash of toiletry adverts and pop-video snippets bound together by the insubstantial glue of a series of non-sequitors. Deep moral issues and crucial plot links were glossed over with minimal explanation and even less sense, whilst arbitrary posturing and random cheesey atmospherics were drawn out to irritating lengths. This was a film that was simultaneously too long and far too short. In fact, it was the way off the mark. Why the makers chose to make it into a series of adverts for Eau De Wandering Aimlessly Along The Sand and Random Mysterious Stare Conditioner For Faggots, instead of a gripping exploration of religion, politics and morality against a backdrop of brutal conflict in a new world, I don't know. Having said all that, some of the LOTR rip-off battlescenes were pretty good, and it got better enough towards the end to keep my arse in the seat. 
Star Wars Episode III 
First post! Hah!

Wraps up the prequels in a satisfying way and has some of the most attractive renders known to man. And that's really all you need to know. You may not fall in love with it, but you won't leave angy. 
Star Wars Episode III 
Second post! Hah!

Wraps up the prequels in a satisfying way and has some of the most attractive renders known to man. And that's really all you need to know. You may not fall in love with it, but you won't leave angy.

P.S. I fucking hate star wars and I can't wait until George Lucas dies from his bloated neck syndrome. 
Star Wars Episode III 
A good film, rather tragical for its genre.

but I haven't watched episodes 4,5,6 from the beginning till the end. Only partialy.. 
I don't get it, you want to explain that? 
I Don't Think He Likes Star Wars, Or Me For That Matter 
bloated neck syndrome

OMG, is it that obvious, I tried to hide it as long as I could, I am receiving treatment for the condition. 
And I Wouldn't Feel So Chipper If I Were You 
perhaps you are on his hit list as well 
More Stuff 
L'Avventura - I cant say I was too taken in by the movie but Antoinini definitely has a veryd istinctive style that keeps me watching. In this particular film, some of the shots are just very arresting, cant explain it because they arent fancy nor is much happening, but they create a very distinctive mood and feeling. The one thing this movie does do extremely well is make you feel as alienated as the characters in it.

The Asphalt Jungle - Solid all round noir film with well cast characters and a decent script.

Office Space - I went into this hearing a lot of good things and expecting something along the lines of The Office. Instead, I got an above average american comedy with some terrific scenes but mostly heavyhanded instances of the film thinking itself to be cooler and cleverer than it was. 
Revenge Of The Sith 
Awesome, powerful, emotional film; in a completely different league to the other two prequels.

Pandered a little bit too much to kids in the beginning, but as soon as it kicked in properly, it was relentless and satisfyingly brutal in its execution. 
It almost sucks as much as the LotR films!

You don't suck tho, unless you want to... ^_~ 
Revenge Of The Sith 
Pretty good, although the overall vibe of Star Wars does look quite ridiculous in this day and again. Also it was quite patchy, there were some tedious moments, a fair amount of kiddie moments (although the two slapstick bits were actually funny), combined with some spectacular bits and some gripping bits.

I do think the actual basic story is a very good (if totally blatant) one to be told in this sort of setting - true space opera with strong classical overtones. And this did show in the film, with some fairly powerful moments. As the over-effusive Kinn points out, more so towards the end. And the whole sci-fi-ness of it all is great, although I do find the technology to be nonsensical.

I think there is a lot of potential for a very powerful, very adult sci-fi film with this sort of story, something that explores BIG issues in a spectacular setting with mind-boggling but comprehensible technology. THIS isn't quite it as it is still quite a kiddie film, but it did have some inspiring parallels.

Worth going to see, I thought. But neither spectacularly good (although it was goodly spectacular) not remotely awful. 
Again = Age 
Also, I'd like to know whether these two are worth watching:

Sin City - sounds kinda entertaining. Max Payne2 got me into the film noir style.

The Jacket - sounds really cool, and indeed quite a lot like Jacob's Ladder which was great.

Re: Shambler 
Sin City: See above. There were quite a few comments posted when it came out in the US. Generally recommended, although it didn't seem to me to be as deep as some people thought it was.

The Jacket: I dunno, but it's on my rental list. 
Sin City 
I'll get to the point and say I though this was absolutely fantastic. Everything you'll read in a positive review is true, and the only negative points i've read is that some people think there's too much violence, and that it's degrading to women. How awesome is that?

It's important that you watch it not expecting anything deep or complex of course. This is a classic action film, like Die Hard or True Lies, with characters 100 times more badass than Max Payne, no bullet-time bullshit, and no pussification of the dialogue or content as you'd expect to see in a comic-adaptation. All you get is strippers being punched in the face, priests being shot in the head; henchmen being taken down by hatchets. And thats by the GOOD guys.

Thats just one thing that makes this movie so good. The good guys are tough assholes, but the bad guys are really bad, really evil. Something so satisfying about seeing Bruce Willis's Detective Hartigan punch a pedo's head into the ground, or Mickey Rourke's Marv beat the shit out of a cannibal weirdo.

I'm just so happy to see a film this much fun, and this un-PC get realeased to such a wide audience. It's worth the price of admission to just see the 'Marv' section. It's worth the price of admission just to see him call all the women he meets 'broads', or for the line:
"That's my Parole officer. She's a dyke, but god knows why. With that body she could have any man she wanted."

So, yeah definitely go see this movie. I watched a copy of it with a room of people, and most of the guys broke into cheers every 5 minutes (most of the girls didn't really get it :)). Ive never seen a movie do that to people before. Maybe Indiana Jones would do that, in its own much less violent way.

OK now I may have over-hyped it, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 
see the trailer for sin city, the style's not for everyone but I have been waiting very eagerly for australian cinemas to actually fucking release the thing here. 
Sin City 
The movie's so good that I'd pass a chance to see pictures of Shambler's naked mother just to see Sin City again. 
Just Saw 
'A Tale of Two Sisters'
a korean horror flick from 2003, just released on NTSC DVD for those interested in buying/watching it.
I saw it, I manifested my own interpretation of how the story unfolded. Then after a bit of reading up on it I found my idea of how it played out doesn't match in a lot of places. Although these were all other personal explanations from other viewers, so nobody is technically 'correct', and it would seem this was intended after glancing quickly at some of the extra dvd content titles which include a 'psychiatrists commentary'. I didn't get to view that stuff so I guess I'll be left in the dark for a while.

overall it was great bit of horror/psychology. 
Yeah, I watched that with my girlfriend, and neither of us understood it the same way, definatly some strange story telling... But yeah, a nice film. 
question you on your take of the plot, but here is probably not the best place in the rare case someone else here wants to indulge in this piece of horror. 
Some Stuff I Saw Recently 
The Devil's Backbone - I liked Del Toro's work in Blade II and bits of Hellboy so I thought I'd check out what's considered his best and personal favorite film.

Nice story but this is not a horror/thriller as it is marketed. The acting/directing and cinematography is first rate. The problem lies with the melding of the supernatural story to the more normal civil war story. It just doesnt click together as well as it should. Still, it's well worth checking out.

Thieves Highway - Quite classy film noir from Jules Dassin. The acting and story are first rate but it falters quite badly towards the end.

Nine Queens - Recently remade by Hollywood as 'Criminal', this recent Argentinian con film is quite enjoyable. The decent performances cover up some glaring holes in the plot which is also a bit too contrived to achieve its twist ending. It doesnt help that its made really obvious that there's a bigger con game at work than what's shown onscreen.

The Emperor and the Assassin - Another take on the tale told more recently in Hero, one thats meant to be more faithful. It features some excellent cinematography and impressive 'real' battle scenes along with some good acting at times. Unfortunately, the script is a terrible mess trying to cover way too much and rushing many key scenes. The all over the place approach is not aided by some clunky directing either. Still, it's very watchable despite all this due to the sheer presence of Gong Li and the actor that played the Emperor.

Belle de Jour - Interesting is probably the best way to describe this film. Too enigmatic in some parts, too obvious in others but it still has something that just draws you in. Will probably have to rewatch but even after first viewing, it's recommended.

Out of the Past - Double Indemnity and Maltese Falcon aside, this is the definitive film noir. Terrific dialogue and some very cool performances from Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and Jane Greer. The cinematography is also extremely well done. 
I'm A John Houston Fan 
But I've never thought the Maltese Falcon was really that good. Petrified Forest, now that is more like it in the classic Noir tradition. 
The Triplets Of Bellevue... 
...understated, inventive magic. 
Agreed Distrans 
that was great stuff! 
Series 7: The Contenders 
It was at the Sundance a while ago and I always meant to see it but never did until now. I was expecting a social commentary and instead got 40% commentary and 60% love story. A fucked up love story, but one none the less. I would recommend it.

Also, if I were being hunted, I would probably go with some sort of semi-automatic sniper rifle hidden somewhere, a pump-action shotgun, an automatic handgun with extended magazine, and a small crowbar. 
Hooray, the nearby theatre is having it's own Pasolini festival at the end of june. showcasing all of his movies over a 2 week period (some are played multiple times) and finishing off with the appropriate 'Salo: 120 days of sodom'

bit of irony, Pasolini was murdered by a gay prostitute when that film was released. However the film, while I don't think I could honestly "recommend" someone watch it, I do think it should be seen. I guarantee it will be the hardest feature length film you will ever sit through. Half the theatre walked out during it, and these were people expecting the worst.

If you can bring a date. 
Kinn, I'd Like 
to see a repeat performance of the last time you ripped on Pasolini. It is mind boggling how often he comes up as a subject.

I guarantee it will be the hardest feature length film you will ever sit through.

Nah. The documentary made in the eighties on nuclear war with footage of test pigs squeeling and the aftermath of Hiroshima makes mere shit eating perversions look like mere shit eating perversions. 
No offence Headthump but I think you may have missed the point. The people who were being forced to eat the shit and bathe in it weren't actually "into" the practice. 
I would watch the nuclear war documentary, because i'm sure it will be thought-provoking and educational (being based on real-world events and all).

Salo is just fictional snuff showing a bunch of teenagers getting raped, mutilated and forced to eat their own poo. 
Atomic Cafe 
I'm pretty sure that that was the title. 
Oh Yeah, 
i saw that. 
just fictional snuff showing a bunch of teenagers getting raped, mutilated and forced to eat their own poo?

pfft, thats so ZZzzz
really, I thout there is more to 'Salo' 
Some More Stuff 
The Killing - Fabulous film noir by Stanley Kubrick, I'm surprised that this doesnt get a mention amongst his best films. It's far better than his later work like The Shining and Full Metal Jacket. Spot on acting and very confident and assured direction.

Sideways - Quite an enjoyable film with some very funny moments counterbalanced with strong characters and situations. Only thing holding it back from greatness is an overlong running time, 20 mins shorter would have been perfect for the story at work here.

Days of Being Wild - I've been trying to get a hold of wong kar wai's earlier films after liking his last 2 films a lot. This is considered his best early period film but I really cant see why. The screenplay is very weak, even for his standards, and the mood the he so heavily relies on just does not come across here. Very disappointing. 
And 2 More 
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - It's too stagey with too many rough spots and a weak ending to be entitled great, but when it fires, it does so on all cylinders. There's enough brilliant acting and moments in this film to overcome the shortcomings.

Night and The City - A little weak at the start and an even weaker end but the rest is very very good. Another very solid film noir by Jules Dassin. 
...did you happen to catch the Kubrick festival and associated doco's on SBS recently? I think I preferred the doco's in the end (The Killing was featured highly in one). Kubrick rules, but in short doses with long gaps in between. 
Good Selections There Nitin, 
I really liked Sideways too. Adult comedies of the Wes Anderson vain are more likely to get me in the theaters than any other genre.

Giamati's (spelling correct?)acting was a first rate job. So good in fact, he took a character I would probably loathe in real life (wine sniffer who steals from his mother) and he makes the character very sympathetic.

I saw Life Aquatic last week, but was too drunk to remember anything but a vague feeling that it was all an homage to Fellini (The camera followed Bill Murray, who played a fustrated genius while nutso-quirkos aggraviated the hell out of him, kind of like 9&1/2 or Fellini's Poe short). 
didnt see the kubrick festival since I own or have seen most the stuff anyway (with the exception of spartacus, lolita and eyes wide shut). I did see the doco though, interesting but not as good as scorscese's doco shown recently.


yeah he was a prick done really well wasnt he? Same for his friend, I thought. I havent seen Fellini's stuff yet, although I have 8 1/2, amarcord, la dolce vita and la strada lying around.

Too much to see, not enough time now that there's full time work :( 
Yeah, but i think the best comedies often involve characters that are simultaneously sympathetic and detestable. This way you want them to succeed, but you can also laugh at their misfortune. John Cleese in Fawlty Towers is a great example of this.

Nitin: The Killing is one of my favorites from Kubrick. It feels so modern in the storytelling, editing, etc. that it obviously was the ancestor of may more recent crime movies. 
yeah but Sidewyas worked as a dram too, it wasnt an all out comedy, therefore needing the character to be more sympathetic than detestable.

And yeah, first thing that popped into my head after seeing the killing was Reservoir Dogs. 
Id Some Film Quotes Please. 
"There is no possibility of of release here, no chance of escape. This place will be your holding pen till your death, because death is the only way out of here. You are condemned - either accept it, or die."

"Welcome to Central Industrial, part of Correctional Services ever-expanding network of new-generation facilities, dedicated to the goal of humane containment."

Both on seperate and equally PHAT drum'n'bass tracks - they might belong to some right shite films tho =/.

There's another one I wanted ided but I forget... 
second one's from :

Ghosts...of the Civil Dead 
And A Link 
Sadly, Vin Diesel Is Hitman: Agent 47

Vin Diesel will star as Agent 47 in 20th Century Fox's upcoming adaptation of Hitman, the best-selling video game franchise from Eidos and developer IO Interactive.

Diesel also will serve as executive producer. Charles Gordon and Adrian Askarieh are producing through their respective companies, Daybreak Productions and Prime Universe Productions. Daniel Alter will co-produce.

The game's story centers on an international assassin known as Agent 47 who works for a mysterious organization dubbed the Agency. The first three games in the franchise have sold more than 10 million units. Eidos plans to release another sequel, "Hitman: Blood Money," this fall.

"'Hitman' is a project that by the virtue of its DNA can and will reach far beyond its already substantial core audience," Askarieh said. "The canvas on which this adventure takes place is something that movie audiences have embraced for the last 40 years. We obviously are delighted to have Vin Diesel on board, too -- he and Agent 47 are a match made in heaven (HELL)."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That baby-faced bulky fuck is NOT 47! Fuckdammit.

***** video game movies. 
Yah that figures, there's another sample in the track from some Aussie dood too...

Anyone know the first one? 
Tale Of Two Sisters 
I have to say, I was a little disappointed.

Sure, it's well shot, well acted and has a nice Kubrick/Polanski type of atmosphere. But in these post-Sixth Sense days, horror films with plot bending twists just cant afford to give all their cards away too early. Say what you will about Sixth Sense, but it singlehandedly revived and killed the horror twist ending genre.

In this particular case, the revelation(s) were signalled too obviously and too early IMHO. One twist was easier to spot than the other, but once yo work out one, the other follows if you think about it logically. And apart from the twist(s), I thought it failed to be scary in its key shock scenes. Buildup was usually good, but it was compromised either by predictability or poor execution.

I'm sure it works better if the twist(s) are not spotted, but there really is not much there once you've spotted them. 
Batman Begins 
Very very good and although Burton's films were completely different and also enjoyable, this is the best by far.

The mood and setting was nailed perfectly as was the character of Batman. Full marks to Christian Bale and the other actors for their performances. The script and direction are also very good save for a couple of moments which I'll go into later on. The city was realised beautifully, the buildup was fantastic and it leads nicely for a sequel. Too many cool moments to list.

What can be definitely imrpoved are the fight scenes. The jerky fast cutting camera style for the hand to hand fights needs to be ditched for something better. It got away with it a bit because most of it was still reasonably incharacter with the tone of the film but there has to be a better way wheer you can tell what's going on. The musical score, whilst adequate, was nothing memorable and perhaps this can also be looked into.

Overall, up there with spiderman 2 as best comic adaptation yet, albeit a very different one 
Bringing up Baby - Disappointing IMHO. Slapstick was never my thing but I'd heard this was one of the best comedies. I expected a bit more wittiness, I mean it was ok but nothing special for my tastes.

Sullivan's Travels - First 20 mins into this and I was quite impressed, some clever wit and good lines. After that, it went all over the place and degenerated into slapstick, corn, silliness and didnt realy know what it was doing.

A Streetcar Name Desire - This was very interesting. On the one hand, I loved Brando's performance and some of the story. On the other hand I felt Vivien Leigh's performance was way over the top and too mannered, campy and overdramatic.

I dont know if that was deliberate or not but IMHO it really jarred with the more realistic approach of Brando. Still, it's worth watching. 
Nitin -- Have You Seen The Machinist? 
Bale was great in it but also quite disgusting to look at -- Good fucked up flick. 
The Machinist 
More disturbing than interesting. Definitely not as intelligent as it tried to be. Fairly predictable as well, and it lost a lot of its tension near the end. 
getting it tomorrow I think. Dont know when I'll get around to watching it, still got heaps of other stuff to go through. 
The Machinist 
Isn't really a traditional fucked-up flick as much as it is Hitchcockian fucked-up. Especially the music is reminiscent of his films. 
Hitchcockian Fucked Up 
I'm there, it just went to the top of my to watch pile.

BTW, also saw SAW which is not bad till the stupid twist ending which goes completely in the face of everything that went before. I think pushplay summed it up best in that the longer it runs the dumber it gets. 
The Aviator 
A movie with greatness in its grasp.

Di Caprio has never done anything as good as this. Even when the script and makeup fail him, he is very very good. He's ably supported by some very fine performances from Cate Blanchett, Alan Alda and John C Reilly.

Scorcese is in his best form since Goodfellas, with some brilliant sequences, some in terms of flashiness other in terms of rawness. I've seen many awesomely photographed films but there's some amazing cinematography and camerawork at work.

What fails is the cohesiveness of the script. In parts brilliant, in parts equally surface-scratching especially in relation to the mental challenges faced by Hughes. I wasnt convinced with the OCD depiction (except dicaprio's performance) and the half-hearted attempt to explain it. The film probably could have attributed more time to this area and taken out some other peripheral stuff.

Still, this is well worth watching and is a pleasure to look at. 
I'll Have To Check 
out The Aviator. After Chaplin, I have avoided bio flicks as a general rule. In that case, even though Robert Downey Jr.s acting was spot on, the story they made of Chaplin's life was so damn self serving (of Hollywood).

I spent yesterday watching a bunch of movies. Batman Begins for starters. This has to be the best superhero adaptation I have seen yet. Faithful to the DarkKnight ethos with no Burtonesque cheese that ruined the Nicholson\Keaton movie for me. I love how batman fights in this one. No grace, just pure pummeling and tackling the hell out the SOB's.

Great supporting cast with the exception of the character Katie Holmes played. I wont blame the actress because there is no salvation for the goody-two shoes, sanctimonious twat she played.
I mean, the guy saves your entire fucking city and you still think that you are too good for him. Go jump in a lake (of fire).

Next up, The Jacket. Slow start but the plotting overall is nicely done. I like how the characters open up during the movie. Most every one Brodie meets at the start are prickly, icily cold, by the end and because of the choices he make,s there is a subtle change in the temperment.

Keira Knightley is, uhm, wow.

Hurly Burly was a decent flick, however, it is the weakest of these three. I enjoyed it because of the chemistry between Penn and Spacek and there is a good ammount of humor to keep your interest, but if anyone who watched it actually hated it for being a self consciously pedantic yakity-yak, I would understand since it is based upon a play.

The part of a coke head fits Penn like a glove. 
Oh, And Kudos 
to Liam Neeson, in his last several roles he has single handedly built back the manly image of the Irish race which was severely emascalated in the 1990's by The Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley.

It is a tough row to hoe but Liam is getting it done. 
I Dunno Headthump 
I always thought Daniel Day Lewis was pretty badass 
Good Point

He is the Last of the Mohicans afterall. 
Just Saw War Of The Worlds 
Pretty good fun as far as films about the mindless desctruction of humankind under an alien holocaust powered by awesome special effects and cool designs go. 
Batman Begins 
Good fun. Recommended for 2.5 hours of good entertainment. Finally something that more closely resembles the Batman stuff I gew up with: Batman The Animated Series. I'm hoping future Batman movies live up to this one; especially since the Burton films never really did it for me, and the others are miserable failures. 
Need Another Quote Id... 
This is from a wicked track, 7 Angels With 7 Plagues by Evol Intent...

"It is written: in the last days, a world leader will rise up, rebuild Solomon's Temple, and usher in three and a half years of world peace under a new Roman Empire. Then possessed by Satan, he will declare himself God and embark on a reign of terror until the Lord comes to destroy him. The final battle between Heaven and Hell approaches." 
I'd guess either The Omega Code or Vanished. Probably The Omega Code
t is written: in the last days, a world leader will rise up... he will declare himself God and embark on a reign of terror

scampies autobiography ? 
Sin City 
Just watched Sin City and all the good stuff I heard about it's true: it's violent and it's damn good. Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro and even Elijah Wood all show a very good perfomance. Recommended. 
Some Stuff 
The Vanishing - Saw the original dutch version not the extremely badly adapted american one with sandra bullock.

Quite a well made albeit slow burn thriller with a very good buildup and climax. Very different to your standard serial killer type film which is why the hollywood version sucked since it took away most of what was original in the dutch version.

Insomnia - I liked the remake, I thought Chris Nolan and the actors made that quite a good film (except the badly executed ending). So I went and checked out the original.

The original is also a very well made and effective film. However, it is almost a completely different take on the story. The basic plot elements are the same but this is almost entirely about the main character (played by Pacino in the remake) with everyone else getting a lot less screen time. And the take on Insomnia in the original is also different, with it being less of a dominant force on the character and more of a constant, annoying disturbance.

If I had to pick one, I'd go with the remake, mainly becuase I like Nolan's style but if I had to pick the one with more strengths than weaknesses, I'd go with the original.

Diabolique - Very good thriller which takes a while to get going but then hits all the right notes. The ending is well executed if a little predictable now with the numerous films that have ripped it off.

I dont know if the story about Hitchcock wanting to make this and missing out on the rights is true, but I would have liked to see what he would have done with this material. it could have been very interesting ala the Insomnia comparison.

The Lady Eve - It's highly regarded but I thought it was average to above average at best. Barbara stanwyck's pretty good but it never really clicked for me. A few nicely judgedmoments but nothing that would make me watch it again.

Leave Her to Heaven - Dated old fashioned melodrama with Gene Tierney as an obsessive/possessive wife. Filled with some woeful acting, Tierney is average but some of the other actors are just plain bad. What saves it is some eye popping cinematography. Nothing flashy in terms of camerawork but very well shot.

The Bad and The Beautiful - Sunset Boulevard Lite, probably what Wilder's film would have been like had a studio got its way. Still, it's an above average film with a decent script except for one or two badly misjudged scenes (most invovling Lana turner and her lack of acting abilities). 
War Of The Worlds 
Just got back from the cinema. And well I geuss I enjoyed it overall, but I was very dissapointed about the 2nd half of the film, after they take shelter in the crazy mans basement the film just falls apart and became very boring from then onwards. But all the events leading upto that were fantastic. I really got into it at the beginning, spielberg's directing is great and fx is nice etc. But it does all feel a little hollow in the 2nd half.

Worth seeing... 
Nitin... you have any idea how one might get one's hands on 35mm print of Bergman's The Seventh Seal? I can't find back catalogues for the major distributors. 

The Criterion DVD looks pretty decent blown up though.

"This new digital transfer was created from a new 35mm fine-grain master positive made from the restored camera negative" 
...thanks, that Criterion transfer might cut it (blown up) in an 110 seat cinema. A bit of grain adds to the charm of that film anyways. I've got a PhD of History lined up to do a brief intro focussing on Pestilence and the Plague, & a PhD of Philsophy lined up to do a brief paper on the 'existential hero' afterward (followed by wine, nibbles and a Q&A). Now I just need to get the copyright stuff sorted. 
sounds like it would fall under fair use. I remember seeing full-length movies in some university classes. 
...yes, if I was showing in the uni theatre to students and fellow academics fair use would apply. However, this is part of our community enrichment brief and will be open to the public in a public cinema. Criterion should be back to me with a solution tomorrow. 
Batman Begins... 
....bloody excellent!! One of the very few films I've been to and walked out thinking "That was great" without reservation.

This is the QUALITY of action / action hero film the world has been needing for a long time, and something anyone trying to make a modern action film should be forced to watch and learn from. Stuff that actually makes some SENSE, a world and characters with some COHERENCE (both in the context of it being a fantastical world, of course), a film that delivered thing STRAIGHT without wallowing in CHEESE. Basically a lot of the little details that other action films do wrong, this did right. Great entertainment and good hope for the future of action films. 
seventh seal is an early criterion release and nowhere near some of their best restorations but it's still a pretty good image. Hopefully, it will satisfy what you need to do. 
I think in the end it comes down to having a good director at the helm with good actors to play with. Christopher Nolan had directed two very good films before this and with that cast, he had adequate resources for a quality film. 
Full agreement with shambler, but as someone else said, I didn't like the way that the fight scenes were directed, all the quick cuts and the way you can never really see both combatants at the same time made it very confusing to follow. If they had filmed the punch ups in a more "matrix" way im sure they would have had more effect. Thats the only crit I can come up with at the moment, recommended to everyone! 
Full agreement with Daz and nitin about the fight scenes, they were the only obvious thing that didn't work, because you couldn't see what the hell was going on.

Another, more minor criticism, was that apart from The Narrows and the trains, Gotham was not as striking and dramatic as it could have been.

Oh P.S., Anyone else spot the cunning jibe at the previous Batman films?? 
I thought it was well done. Very blade runnerish but not too fantasy like, still grounded in reality. 
Batman Begins 
Yeah, I agree with all that's been said, good film, too bad they didn't get some crazy chinese dude to help out on the fight scenes, hehe.
I liked the whole nightmarish scenes caused by the drug, would have liked more of those.
Why didn't that microwave machine blow up humans though? I can't imagine all the water in my body vaporising without me noticing.

Oh, and the batmobile rocks. =) 
because in true comic book form, no one thinks those things through.

And the batmobile was perfect in action, even though it looked terrible in still shots. 
Tristana - Pretty good film by Luis Bunuel, not as surreal as some of his other stuff, but definitely featuring some of his favorite themes. Catherine Deneuve puts in a commanding performance that starts out looking like most her roles but by the end is something different. Plus she has never looked better.

If anyhting, the script could use more work, time periods jump too suddenly for my liking.

Million Dollar Baby - This is not best picture material. Having got that out of the way, its a very good film. The direction is very assured (the best direcotr oscar is actually well judged), confident and hides some script problems well. It's helped further by some nuanced performances although why Freeman won best supporting actor for this is also a wonder. He's put in decent work, but nothing remarkable compared to other work. S and Eastwood are pretty good and work well together.

The main issue is the script. Mostly very good, it has some glaring shrotcomings in relation to some very cliche one dimensional characters and also some situations. For what he had to work with, Eastwood did very well, helped ably by some fine acting.

PS - I think Sideways, this and Aviator are on the same level. All very good films but falling short of greatness due to some issues. My pick for Best Picture was Eternal Sunshine but thats not really Academy material.

The Machinist - Nifty little thriller with Christian Bale. Definitely employs Hitchcock flavour for most of its running time (especially the bernard hermann like score).

Some people, like I did through most the running time, may groan at the attempted twist and its predictability. However, the final few seconds make the film work not because of the twist reveal (which I now genuinely believe is deliberately signposted numerous times in a not so subtle manner) but because of the "why?" denouement.

And this film probably wasnt 'important' enough for Bale to undergo the physical transformation that he did, but if only every actor was as committed to roles as this. Another winner of a performance from him. 
Miami Connection 
Has to be one of the best movies ever! The acting, story and soundtrack and everythign else is excellent!

Before watching this movie I thought karate was the best form of martial arts and that ninjas were also very cool but know I know better - taekwando owns them all and I look foward to when I am a blackbelt so I can kick ass in the name of world peace! 
The Descent 
Saw this yesterday with Dranz, and I went in with no expectations having only seen 1 short trailer which didn't really show anything...

And I was pleasantly surprised! This is one gory sick film! Its about some thrill seekers who go caving in the USA for fun and everything turns to shit and they need to esacpe.

Its a real dark film, set about 90% underground with just headlamps and glowsticks etc, and it does get really tense at times. Fantastic directing throughout as well I thought, you really get the sense of claustraphobia and darkness.

The film does fall down in a few areas though. The first 45 mins - 1hr are absolutely fucking boring :( Its all about the people involved and not much happens at all, very dull. Some could argue that it is TOO DARK and u cant really see whats going on, but I found there was enough illumination to see whats happening, while still leave some blanks to keep u on the edge of your seat.

The other crit is that once you've worked out what is going on in the film with regard to the challenges the characters need to face then you can start working out what is gonna happen next without much difficulty.

That said, if you like gore, this must be one of the more bloodthirsty and downright sick at times film I have seen this year, if not in YEARS, and is genuinely disturbing at times.

Try it, you might like it. 
Before Speedy Tries To Be Funny 
"set about 90% underground with just headlamps and glowsticks etc,"

Desperado - Disappointing. I'd heard a lot about the action in this fim but there was nothing that was really that good here. I've seen much better and of course the rest of the plot was non-existant even though for some reason the director thought he was making some sort of epic.

Ringu - Anyone that's seen the remake and this original and still claims that the japanese version is better and scarier is in denial that a US remake of a foreign film actually came out supeior.

The original, which lacks Gore Verbinski's visual flair from the remake, just accentuates just how silly the whole plot is. Sure, the remake had a few too neat explanatory scenes and some unecessary and unrelated subplots, but when the main concept is so silly, it doesnt really matter.

And Hideo Nakata did a better directing job with (regrettably even sillier material) Dark Water. 
I generally agree with you, but I remember Ringu having the nicer ending. (though I can't even remember how it ended, anymore!) 
Well, this is a totally non-objective way of comparing movies, but I prefered the Japanese version just cause it felt stranger, and sadako was alot creepier than samara (you never see her face, and they've got that nice freaky eye-through-hair thing going that they didn't keep in the american version).
The american version just felt alot less scarier (which doesn't mean it's not a better movie I suppose).
And yeah, I also prefered the ending to Ringu. 
really? See that's thing, I felt the remake felt stranger and creepier (minus the horse scene, that was just dumb).

The ending (assuming you mean driving to the grandfather to make him watch the tape) is better.

Maybe this is one of those that because it relies so much on strangeness, the version yo watch first will be better since you dont know the plot (well loosely anyway). 
Yeah, you're probably right, and I saw Ringu at least twice (along with Ringu 2 and Ringu 0) before seeing the american version, so I suppose the whole idea was already a bit stale to me by then. =\
The fact that I found it not bad is probably proof enough that it's a good adaptation. =) 
Knife in the Water - Early Roman Polanski film which demonstrates his ability to create tension even out of seemingly non-threatening situations. But the script and movie are pretty average on the whole.

The Letter - Pretty good noir/melodrama with bette davis. Has some strange characters and is pretty well acted. The direction by william wyler is also pretty impressive.

Mean Streets - Not as good as his masterworks, but this Scorcese film is still pretty good. Lacklustre script but strong performances by Harvey Keitel in particular and laso Rovert de niro. Direction by scorcese is very good.

To Live - Hero was good, House of Flying Daggers was not but this is in another league altogether. Apart from a slight drag in pacing in the last half hour, this is a pretty awesome film by Zhang Yimou. Everything just clicks and works perfectly together. And the acting by Ge You is one of the great performaces in the history of cinema. 
So Sin Cit Finally Made It To Oz 
The visuals are very inventive and it's the most visually striking film in a while but I found it too sadistic and twisted to really enjoy. Marv storyline, as many people have said, was the best by far.

Also, being a film-noir fan, I was expecting much better dialog and use of narration.

So overall, I personally found it worth a watch but ultimately not all that satisfying/engaging. 
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou 
I'm not sure what drew me to watch this subtle comedy or whatever it is... maybe to see Bill Murray acting again.

It wasn't worth watching. It's just an eccentric little movie with a few mildly amusing dialogue bits but nothing more. I didn't catch it's motive. Maybe the entire movie was just an all-too-subtle story for me... 
Actually, The Life Aquatic was one of my favorite movies this year, it was just so weird and different (and the retro music when they are in the submarine rocks, hehe). 
I Was So Piss Drunk 
when I watched The Life Aquatic, I dont trust my own opinion.

Like when I went to see Death to Smoochie after drinking a pitcher of beer and I laughed my ass off in the theater only to watch it on cable months later, wondering, 'what the hell was I thinking? This movie is awful.' 
TLA Music 
Yeah it was cheesy fun. 
Stuff I Saw Recently 
Constantine - Ponderous, overblown & silly. Keanu was woeful, rachel weisz was actually pretty decent given the role but this is one of the most stupidly scripted and directed films in a while. Visuals are ok, I wasnt all that impressed.

The most annoying thing is it takes itself so seriously.

Oldboy - Pretty impressive stuff. Even more so when you consider the script is a bit silly and as high concept as most US blockbusters. However, the direction is very well done and the main actor commands a lot of presence. The last half hour doesnt work as well as it should, probably because I thought the twist was telegraphed way too early and obviously.

But the craftsmanship and storytelling skill are definitely of a very high quality.

A Letter to Three Wives - Felt very much like a warmup to All About Eve for Mankiewicz. Decent performances, assured direction and some clever dialogue make up for some unecessary and oveblown melodrama. Not as good as Eve but worth a watch. 
Batman Begins. Yeah, this was si teh rock - better than any of the last batch of batman films. Still had it's fair share of cliches though. I didn't like the way the nerdy guy gets to drive the batmobile at the end (cue shots of said nerdy guy going "whoah!" a lot as he struggles to control the batmobile). We also got the obligatory shot of random bystander staring into his drink in disbelief after seeing the batmobile whizz past, but apart from that the film kicked arse.

War of the Worlds. One of Spielberg's best, and my opinion of Tom Cruise as an actor has definately gone up after seeing this. Although it winds down towards the end, most of the film is just one spectacular Spielbergian set-piece after another. Watching the beautifully-shot, indiscriminate, and disturbingly cathartic mass extermination of the human race has never been so entertaining. It's also dark as fuck for a "summer blockbuster" but that's Spielberg's influence for you. 
And Some More 
My Sassy Girl - another pretty impressive korean film. For most of its running time, its likable, amusing, well made but ultimately disposable. However, the last 15 min take it up a few notches into the pretty good territory. In fact, I'd say the last 15 min is some of the best scripted and acted passages that I have seen in a film from this genre. And the lead actress is hot.

Picnic at Hanging Rock - Also a pretty good film. It has quite a few moments where there is some quite shoddy acting and the script's a bit thin, especially in the last half hour or so but the direction by Peter Weir is first rate. Combining excellent cinematography with some nifty music, he manages to create a lot of mood and atmosphere in a polanski mixed with some antoinini kind of way (in fact, it's hard not to thinkof L'Avventura when watching this). While the movie centers aroun Hanging Rock, its very very good, the rest of it is average to above average at best. 
And Again 
Appleseed (2004) - Recentish anime made entirely in 3d with cel shaded characters to give them a 2d look. Comes complete with requisite ponderous, overblown, cliche sci-fi story. But in anime, I'm generally really attracted by the visuals.

In that department, this is a mixed bag. The characters look pretty good, and the 2d shading on 3d models works quite well. the backgrounds however were disappointing IMHO. They just looked like very dodgy CGI and the artwork/design just wasnt that attractive/memorable. As the story wasnt engaging either, I came out of it pretty underwhelmed.

L'Eclisse - Final part of Michaelangelo Antonioni's loose trilogy around the theme of alienation (the other two being L'Avventura and La Notte). While La Note's usually regarded as the weakest, I actually thought this was the toughest one to really get into.

It's beautfiully shot as usual by Antonioni (further enhancedby the absolutely magnificent video transfer by criterion) and Monica Vitti puts in a good perfromance but combined they only held my interest for the first hour or so. After that, I found it pretty tough to care. Most of that really stems from the fact that there's really no narrative whatsoever. Some films work with that element missing, and this worked for an hour like I said but in the end, it just didnt work out. 
Closer - Pretty good film with strong performances and good script. Nifty ending too, which ties most the themes in the film together quite well. Suffered a bit from not flowing all that well but a good film regardless. Clive Owen was easily the standout.

Finding Neverland - Self consciously happy and gentle, but Johnny Depp grabs it by the throat and single handedly lifts it into the pretty good territory. He handles many scenes with great subtlety where shouting/overacting could have been justified. Beautifully shot too, especially the pirate dream sequence with the funky water.

Queen Margot - Best way to describe the is some sort of french epic blockbuster. Its well shot, mostly well acted and has some great scenes. But it's hampered by some poor performances in key roles and also a very messy narrative (which admittedly might not be so distracting if you were familiar with the characters and the time period). In the end, it comes across as poorly as most recent US epics.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf - Brilliant! Awesome script, awesome acting, great direction. Easy to see the similarities between this and Closer even though they're almost 40 yrs apart. In fact, Closer almost comes across as a more modern sequel. But this is by far the superior film. Only flaw would be perhaps a *slightly* overlong running time. 
War Of Teh Worlds 
First 3/4 are really good. Tripods are genuinely powerful and menacing. Build-up is great. But what I like the most is how gritty it is compared to most big blockbusters - seeing the trauma and shock and the human side of it - like the guy ripping his hands trying to get into the car, the girl screaming with shock, the ferry cable ripping through those left behind - good stuff. Also liked the crazy flaming train that went past. I saw ID recently and it fucking blew compared to this - so LITE, so WEAK. So yeah big ups to WOTW for getting a bit more grimey on us, it's good, hopefully this will be part of a trend for more gripping blockbusters.

Unfortunately the last 1/4 is a lot weaker, doesn't really go anywhere, from a pretty tense situation under the house it's suddenly a combination of: action hero saves the day + barely explored event stops the tripods + happy ending. The organic stuff across the world wasn't as gnarly as it should have been either. The last bit....just didn't continue the pace of the earlier bit, and glossed over how things went without any exploration of interesting aspects nor any continuation of the earlier darkness. A pity as it could have been wrapped up well pretty easily. But still, overall a good film. W3rd. 
I Recently Saw 
Windstruck - Reunion of the My Sassy Girl team, but this time it's an absolute disaster. Never knowing what it wants to be, this ends up being a very incohesive, contrived and generally uninvolving film.

Jun Ji Hyun is talented and extremely hot, but this role highlights her limited range. Shs is very unconvincing as a police officer. Also, the directions is rather pedestrian save once scene (dancing in the rain) which is well done. And I dont know th reasoning behind the ending, but it is a very bad decision (probably because all it ends up doing is remind you how much better My Sassy Girl was). 
Brothers Grimm 
That movie looks really cool, just saw commercials for it and it's the only movie in a while that got me interested. Will try to go see it when it comes out, plus Ben Affleck's friend is generally a happy kinda guy in movies, so ... yeah. 
I've Just Finished 
Bourne Supremecy -- nice cinematography all the way around. Great shots of Moscow and Berlin dominated the entire movie. I know, most people go for the acting, and Ben Affleck's friend is certainly good at that, but I've already read the novel, so the car chases and exterior camera were really what got my attention, and Julia Stiles crying.

I find Julia Stiles in tears a very enjoyable experience because she turns the traumatic break down into high artistic expression. I don't know what school she learned her chops, but wow, she can make that face of hers plummet threw the through-ways of oblivion.

I would like to date her just so I could break up with her and see that exquisite gift of hers up close and personal. 
Ha! 'Threw' 
as in threw up, but 'through' still makes more since. 
Lord Of The Rings 
LOTR is a very good film because it lets us escape from the world and think of things from another person's point of view... i mean if we think we have problems look at Frodo a litle kid who has been given all the responsibility in the world.. and he does not fall from the task at hand.. he grows up quickly as he looks after himself and his new friends. he overcomes all these problems and still keeps some sanity. 
Little Kid? Eh? 
Try aged fifty. If you've read the book, anyway. 
I thought he was like 33. And Bilbo was like 133.A Long Expected Party or somesuch. 
sure, but hobbits mature even slower than human boys! 
A 33 year old hobbit is like a 10 year old boy??? FINALLY A LOOPHOLE!!!!

/end pedo 
Time Travelling Hobbits And Other Stories 
My understanding was that in the book a long time passed between Bilbo's eleventeenth birthday and the war of the ring/Frodo setting out, so he was about 50 when he left. In the film they changed this for pacing reasons, so Frodo only had the ring for a few months before he set out to destroy it. Sorry to disappoint, Zwiffle... 
50 is still like 15 in hobbit years, right? 
And More 
Il Mare- Quite good korean film which relies more on mood than anything else. The slow style suits the story but the ending falls into the familiar paradox pitfalls that plague most time travel films. Still worth watching.

Memories of Murder - Excellent film based around the investigation into Korea's first serial killings. Seven and Silence of the Lambs aside, this is better than most serial killer films that come out of the US and is easily one of the more intelligent films in the genre. 
Il Mare 
I heard about that one somewhere else, and it looked really good. I'll try and find it now that it has the nitin approval. 
War Of The Worlds 
spot on, sham
but rewatching it at home on dvd was kinda boring 
Korean film by Kim Ki-Duk and its a very low key but enthralling movie for the slowly but effectively built first two thirds. Its an unusual story with hardly any dialogue between the two leads but the writing, acting and cinematography are strong enough to get you into it.

Then comes the last third, which depending on your own point of view, will either make you appreciate the film more or, like me, or will make you wish the initial premise was stuck to.

I thought the last third came off as showy and pretentious while the first two thirds were effortless in their engagement.

Still, worth a watch, chances are more people than not will like the last act more than me. 
The Descent - any good? I used to like the odd bit of horror (well, Hellraiser anyway), but watching Event Horizon scared so many shades of crap out of me that I haven't watched any since. I've heard The Descent is pretty good and quite scary - would it be worth a look as an example of the modern horror film? 
daz posted his thoughts (he liked it) earlier on.

And scared by Event Horizon? Was that sarcasm or seriousness? 
Finally, took long enough to find Daz's comments.

Anyone else got any??

And yes, I'm serious, myself and a friend saw it in the cinema and although were we both blase about violence, horror etc etc, it freaked us out no end. In fact I had to go home and play Quake for 6 hours solid before I could sleep =). Yeah so some film buffs might be "whatever" about it, but I've been somewhat vindicated that whenever the subject of scary films is raised online amongst the supposedly unshockable gaming/internet community, EH always gets mentioned as something that freaked people out. So, there :P 
Easy On The Shambler 
It was a weak movie, plot wise, but I agree, it was also pretty damn scary. 
Event Horizon? 
yeah, it really was scary, at least until about the halfway mark. Then it got really silly. 
Harold And Maude 
loved it, just fucking loved it.
C'mon it has a Jaguar automobile converted into a hearse!! Bud Corts' character 'Harold' is phenomenal, spot on, all that and a bit more.

there's also quite the underlying story that is explained only after putting together a lot of the details maude gives about her life/past. 
Harold and Maude does indeed kick much ass. Probably in my top 20 or so... 
Seul Contre Tous 
I saw this movie in a theatre when it came out in 1998.

It's called "I Stand Alone" in USA and is directed by Gaspar Noe.

It's a picture of a french butcher. I hate when the plot is exposed so I just say that you should watch it. (to all people over 18 and mentally stable). It's quite brutal, but that's not the point in it. It's also not beautiful at all. I still think it's highly worth watching. I haven't seen other movies quite like this although several have tried to do that kind of stuff after this movie's success, but they have missed the point and just ran on violence. I think it tries to portray a person's mind, where movies are often really bad at. 
The Seventh Seal 
I thought I may as well make Bergman's most famous film my second viewing of his work. This was very impressive, I cant quite put my finger on what aspect(s) of this I liked, but on the whole this was extremely well made. A little more understatment in some bits would have made this even greater. 
There Is Something 
very elemental about that movie. 
The Interpreter - Not a bad film, but just not very good either. It's competently made, acted and directed but is never really involving, mostly due to a bland script. All involved have done better. 
The Interpreter 
I found to be good, but focused too much on character development and not enough on the more interesting political side... it could have carried more of "a message," as opposed to tragedies involving specific people.

Of course, political messages don't survive too long in the media without some interesting personalities to communicate it :) 
It Takes A Rare Artist, 
a Graham Greene or an Ayn Rand who can orient their art around a political credo without killing the art. Le Carre for one is one who couldn't. His early works like The Spy Who Came In From The Cold took place in a political
milieu but were not at all ideological, and they were damn good, but his later works suffers from trying to be politicaly relevant.

Except for documentaries, I prefer the guilds of Hollywood to stay far away from politics because they often don't have enough awareness of history or social reality to know what they are talking about, like the Robert Redford movie Havana which casts the ousted dictator Batista, a black man in life, as a blonde haired, blue eyed villian (Kaufman, the director, sincerely did not know).

Documetaries are a different story. Fahrenheit 911*, Waco: Rules of Engagement, Atomic Cafe, all were worth seeing (even if you think Moore is a punk, like I do, the movie is still worth seeing). 
well I didnt mind the character building stuff, that was actually done well, but the thriller aspect of it was non-existant. There was zero suspense and some rather truck sized plot holes.

Graham Greene was demonstrated well in the recent The Quiet American. Captured the political aspect well despite apparing to be about 3 characters and their experiences. 
Some More 
Under Suspicion - Overdircected, badly scripted and terribly scored thriller with Hackman, Freeman and Bellucci. Only saving grace is semi-decent performances and a stunning looking Bellucci.

Amores Perros - Outstanding.

Mexican director Alejandro Innarritu hit a home run with 21 grams but this, his first film, is similar in theme and style but perhaps better orchestrated. Its very confronting and at 154 min, a little too long, but one that is very hard to forget. 
And Some Godard 
Contempt - This is one of the more uninvolving things I've seen in a while and I wouldnt recommend it to most people. But, if you're into ideas, this is well worth a watch because there's definitely quite a few neat ideas and concepts on display here.

As for the film itself, theres an extended conversation sequence much like the one in Breathless which is just as good, but apart from that there's nothing more to really like.

Worth watching for ideas (and brigitte bardot), but not really for the film. 
The old soviet version is good (it's color so seventies). Natalie Bondarchuk is amazing. The movie is a bit long and slow and some "artsy" scenes don't really fit but overall, it's a mind-moving experience. It is somewhat faithful to the book, but it's mostly ok in that aspect, which is rare.

I haven't completely seen the new hollywood version, but from the first half, it seems they've missed quite a lot of points in general feeling, although it gets better with time.
No comment.

I've read the book twice, first when I was maybe seventeen and now later as twenty-something. It felt very different on both times. On the first time, I couldn't identify with the psychological problems of the characters, while on the latter time it's scary how much similarities one finds in one's own life and actions. 
Solaris And Stalker (original Russian Ones) 
I just got a hold of both the other day and intend to see.

Is Stalker the game based on the film/book ? 
This is from the Stalker website:

Q: What inspired the creation of the game?
Quite a few things, deliberately or not, have an influence on developers. Speaking about computer games, we can say that the "three whales" which have inspired the developers of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" are "Elite", "Daggerfall" and, of course, "Fallout". The Zone's atmosphere is based on Strugatsky brothers' book "Roadside Picnic", and the movie "Stalker", directed by Tarkovsky, based on the Strugatsky brothers' script.
have you read the strugatskis' book stalker? It clearly inspires the game. Some effects seen in the dx9 demo are directly from it. 
Uwe Boll + The Rock = Far Cry

And it looks like 9/10 times he's blaming some part of the industry for his film failures than himself. 
Oh Man... 
Phait, that has got to be one of the most hilarious things that I have read in ages. There is a whole lot of finger-pointing and excue making going... YOIKS!

That is an example of denial on parade. 
Be good lads and add an "s" in that last post of mine... would ya'?

No excuse in spelling sexcues worng wryte? 
Some More 
Kagemusha - Big, epic scaled film from Kurosawa that is very similar in style to Ran. In fact, a lot of it seems like practice for Ran. It's not quite the masterpiece that Ran is, but on its own is quite a good film. Quite overlong at 180 min, it sometimes gets a bit too bogged down, but is a refershing change from the modern hollywood epic.

Heavenly Creatures - The movie that put Peter Jackson on the map, even though nobody really knew who he was until LOTR.

It's easy to see why, its an inventive look at a disturbing true story with impressive peformances. However, I thought a lot of it was overdirected and many scenes could have done with more understatement/subtlety. The last 20 min are lyrical in their simplicity, and chilling in their effectiveness. More of the movie could have done with that sort of direction.

Down by Law - A strange, raw, familiar and languid film from Jim Jarmusch. Gloriously shot, extremely moody and impeccably acted with some clever humour, it's hard not to like even though there is absolutely zero plot. 
Doom Movie Poster 
Some More 
Rififi - French film noir by Jules Dassin and a pretty good one. Well made and acted, the only thing that stopped it going into the very good - great category was the fact that noirs have cool dialogue and in this case, it didnt have the same impact since I was reading it rather than hearing it.

The Innocents - Gloriously gothic and filled with atmosphere. But the script (I understand its adpetd pretty well from a book) is not that great. There is zero mystery and barring one or two scenes hardly any suspense. And the ending (or rather the execution) is very silly. Pity, because it's well made, acted and shot.

Also, its influence on many films, especially The Others is easy to see. 
I've had one or two courses of french at high school, and it's surprising how much you understand out of movies if you have the text there to help you out. I don't know if you speak much french, but if you don't and like that movie stuff, I'd recommend taking a few courses so you get the basics. After all a lot of english and latin words are the same as in french so it's easy to deduce what they speak, and you learn some more if you have your native language text and the original speech there. 
I know a fair bit of french from school but when people converse in their native language, they talk a lot lot faster! 
sorry, I didn't know if you knew french. But I think watching with subtitles where you see the thing before they say it makes understanding easier / remotely possible in some instances where they don't talk so much. Although it might hurt the feeling a bit. 
I've Noticed... 
Even knowing very little Japanese gives me a little more insight into subtitled Japanese movies. Especially when the subtitles are not a literal translation, I think you get a little more out of it by seeing one and hearing the other. 
...why is there an 'Alien' in the Doom movie poster? 
distrans: you're right: there's an 'Alien' in the Doom movie poster !! God, there're back as well... 
how alieny of an imp.. 
id's hellknight head design for that 
The Talented Mr Ripley - Ok, its overlong, a little overdirected in parts but I still found it to be quite enjoyable thanks to the performances, the settings and a smart enough script.

Rio Bravo - Also overlong, has quite contrived plot points and fairly stereotypical characters, but this western from Howard Hawks is still quite entertaining.

Cinema Paradiso - I just didnt like this. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I thought this was just overly-sentimental tosh. I'd bought the R1 DVD to check out both cuts but since I saw the shorter theatrical and didnt think much of it, I'm not going to bother with the director's cut.

Also, I should mention, that despite all that I didnt like about this movie, the ending is a perfectly judged and executed scene. 
Cape Fear (1991) - I dont know if it was entirely deliberate but I found this to be gloriously campy and if it was all intentional, it was a masterstroke to go over the top in every department. I havent seen the original but this is not strictly a remake, it's more of a semi-serious parody.

If, on the other hand, this was not intended tongue in cheek, I dont know what Martin Scorsese was thinking. 
Corpse Bride 
Worth seeing? 
I Remember Scorcese's Interviews 
at the time, he meant it to be over the top in every way. I loved it, that lurid, EC comics feel . The camera work feels like it was shot using gamma rays. Half the cast should be dead from cancer mutations by now. 
good to hear.

And yes, quite a lot of it was shot on acid. 
Had A Day Off Work 
Through a Glass Darkly - Part of bergman's loose trilogy along with The Silence and the far superior Winter Light. This one had some good acting and cinematography but the direction was too heavy handed and despite being 87 min, it felt 10-15 min far too long.

Above average fare from the great director.

La Dolce Vita - Once I'd gotten over the shoddy sound design and the dodgy dubbing used for some actors, I started enjoying it a bit more.

But, I dont get it. There's some memeorable sequences and nice scenes but, as a whole, this just didnt work for me. And at 160 min, it began to get frustrating 
Extremely well made and shot, with very good performances. It also features a script with a bit of a copout last act.

Luckily, the limp finish doesnt completely detract from the rest of the quality on offer and it still ends being a decent film overall. 
The Scarlett Empress - Heavily flawed but very watchable movie with Marlene Dietrich as Catherine of Russia. Most notable aspect and drawcard are the very impressive costume designs and sets that put a lot of recent productions to shame. 
Nochnoy Dozor 
anyone seen it?
the trailer looks interesting... 
La Dolce Vita is one the best movies ever
maybe not for everyone. old but gold

Nochnoy Dozor (night watch) is bleh, honestly
casting sux, script is a mess (based on quite good but very legthy book)
picture is nice, some cool camera\directing
Its ok-ish, nothing more

whatever I watched lately..
blade3 (got this by accident) - sux big time, boring and very forgetable

closer - unconvincing, clive owen fails

The Island (with mcGregor) alot of nobrainer/commonplace in the plot, but really entertaining with good stunts and chases, prolly best action Iv seen this year 
Amores Perros is very good indeed.

Tarkovsky` stalker movie has nothing to do with action really. The game could borrow only some ideas for the setting. It�s quite a philosophic flick, Im afraid a lot of it is lost in translation.

Speaking of Solaris - I love the original, but the american version is not bad, surprisingly.
(And the book did nothing for me - I dont even remember much of it) 
Serenity And Other 

Saw one episode of Firefly and didn't like it. Decided to give the movie a try and it bloody ruled. Definitely one of the better sf movies I have seen in a fair while and has inspired me to give the series another chance when I see it cheap on DVD.

Pride and Prejudice:

*sigh*, yeah I know, but I got dragged along with my girlfriend. Never actually seen any previous version of this so can't say how it compares, but there are some truly hideous edits and camera shot choices. I'm not a cinematography buff at all but even I cringed at the cheesiness of how some of the shots were filmed. Guess most of us wouldn't like it but your historical romance buffs (ie women) will lap it up. 
I dont know, Dolce Vita just didnt click with me.

I intend on watching the original Solaris this weekend actually. I've heard the american version's not bad (soderbergh and clonney work well together generally) but have only heard good things about the original. 
I Loved Dolce Vita As Well 
There needs to be made an over the top, garish, cocaine scene American version. No, I mean it. 
Funny U Mention 
there is Russian version (somewhat different) of Dolce Vita, not a bad one 
"There needs to be made an over the top, garish, cocaine scene American version"

makes you want to drop everything, fill up the tank, and head down to Miami.

Just don't blow your own snow. 
Weekend Viewings 
The Uninvited - korean "horror" film whihc is really more a psychogical drama rather than a horror movie. As a former, it works reasonably well with good direction and acting. But, the script, is really what should be a ough draft and not a final cut. It's overlong by about 30 mins and a little scattered and incoherent. With some more judicious editing, this could have been a very good film rather than an above avergae one.

Solaris - Saw the russian version on the weekend like I planned to. Outstanding stuff.

It drags a little in some parts, but is quality all the way apart from that. The ending is fabulous and I'm now keen to check out the remake, just to see what's kept and what's not.

To speedy and anyone else that's seen it, do you know the reasoning behind the colour/b&w shooting. This is one movie where I couldnt work otu why it was done. 
I enjoyed it. I didn't even know it's based on a TV show, so it's very accesible. I didn't really like paying $8 for a ticket, though. 
B&w Shooting 
I dont rememer what was in b&w 
Dr.Stanley Buba
Chairman Foreign Contract Award Committee(NNPC)
Maputo Street Zone 3
Victoria Island- Lagos-Nigeria.

Dear Sir ,

Dr.Stanley Buba
Chairman Foreign Contract Award Committee(NNPC)
Maputo Street Zone 3
Victoria Island- Lagos-Nigeria.

Dear Sir ,

Is MC Frontalot for real? 
The Solarisses 
the american version seems too "clean" although I haven't yet seen all of it...
the russian version had some strange parts like the really long pointless car-driving scene.
I liked the book the most - on second reading. 
that car scene reminded me a lot of 2001 and its imagery. 
@ Nigerian scam posting on func_, and the "kept secret forever" on a public message board is pretty solid as well.

I actually liked Cinema Paradiso. But yeah, I tend toward the overly-sentimental if I'm not careful.

I get all choked up at the drop of a hat and am easily manipulated by tear-jerk tactics. So it goes. 
seen a lot of tv stuff over the last month or so :

24 Season 3 - easily the weakest of the seasons, some preposterous plotting and unecessary subplots. Given the scripting it had though, it made a decent fist out of it.


24 Season 4 - A welcome return to form. It's almost as if the writers finally acknowledged that the novelty had worn off and the show had become a slave to its format. So to combat this, they upped the ante in terms of action, twists and stakes. As good as if not better than Season 1, though for completely different reasons.


Six Feet Under season 3 - The show changed trajectory this season and the results were hit and miss. For every thing that was done well, something else was done poorly. The last 4 episodes are a knockout bunch though. Still, it was weaker than the much stronger first two seasons.


Six Feet Under Season 4 - The decline continues. Personally, I thought the show just turned into high grade soap opera by this point. Some good episodes (david and the hitchiker) but overall the weakest season I've seen.


Spooks Season 1 - competently made BBC spy series, nothing really wrong with it overall. But it's much too cliche for all the reverence it receives.


Entourage Season 1 - Decent series about the life of an up and coming movie star with not much talent, a killer agent, and some leechy friends. Sets up nicely and could be a real winner if the writing becomes sharper.

The Thing 
you know, the John Carpenter Antarctica base scifi/horror movie. It was on telly last night. I didn't see it from the beginning, and I've seen it partly before, but it was pretty good to watch again.

They don't do such movies anymore. This is from 1982.
I don't know what is different... I guess the special effects here were still mostly to support the story and not an act itself, although they were a bit cheesy at a few places. Then also, the people acted pretty rationally feeling and felt reserved, and the surrounding base was very no-frills. No cheesy high technology there.

And there were no women in the film to distract the plot.

It's based on a fifties scifi story. I guess the whole thing is just that it's more "adult" than modern scifi movies. The plot had some sidetracks that were good, necessary and consistent, so it felt "realistic". Plus the hero, "Mac" played by the Snake Plissken guy was a good good guy - such actors with some peculiar character are not made anymore, but the casting just selects some generic hunks. 
Just Got Back From Seeing Doom... 
...and while it didn't suck balls as badly as I was led to believe it would, it certainly wasn't what I would call a good movie. :)

Kinda cheesy and kinda predictable, cookie-cutter characters, an elite military team that continually does really stupid things, slow to get started, and with a "first-person-cam" sequence that actually embarrassed me in a dark movie theater.

The BFG effect was cool, and some of the fight sequences were fun. Meh. 
yeah, it actually had suspense and a script, that's the main difference. The effects were a bit hit and miss but it's a pretty nifty movie. 
The Thing 
That is a good one. So is the original The Fog with its slow, malevolent atmosphere. Has anyone seen the remake yet? 
The Fog with its slow, malevolent atmosphere

That was intentional, right? 
It Is An Empty Day 
without a 'mal' to pre/fix things. 
Hauru No Ugoku Shiro/Howl's Moving Castle 
Finally made it to the theatres here and it's fantastic even if the ending is too abrupt. Adorable characters and lots of really cool and weird designs. 
Oh Yeah Howl's 
I forgot I went to see that.

Not as good as you know what but still nice fun film with, as the bear says, lots of cute designs and cool stuff, and a pleasing sense of dislocation. Ending was a bit weak though even if it was tongue-in-cheek, could have been a bit darker.

Good to watch a straight up plain fun film really. 
Wallace & Gromit - Curse Of The Were-Rabbit 
I was quite depressed and detached from reality before I went to see this movie but it changed my mind.
First it annoyed the hell out of me when the audience was laughing at every crappy cliche joke, but then the movie started rolling and it was so nice to notice so many small details in the scenes and sets that were so funny.

I had read a few lines of a "critique" in some newspaper and it had already spoiled half of the plot, but the movie worked nevertheless. I always hate such articles.

I really wonder how they do all those sets to be so good-looking. Computer game makers could learn from that - some things were so cute and lively animated too that it was impossible to think of them as clay - even if you often saw the fingerprints on Gromit's forehead. 
Stay makes my head spin. Cool scene transitions, though. 
Alias Season 3 - contrary to popular belief, I thought the show had already started its decline in the much loved season 2. That decline continues further in this season, with the whole rambaldi thing going way out of control, and a major twist that doesnt seem to have been thought through. And they relegated the best asset they had, ron rifkin's Arvin Sloane to a lesser supporting role.

Scrubs Season 1 - Maybe it was a case of too much expectation, as this came highly recommended, but I thought this was trying way too hard (eg voiceovers outlining everything braff is thinking/feeling when sufficient acting and comic timing would have done the same) and is only psuedo-witty.

Some nice bits, but lacking overall.

A Very Long Engagment - I've always found Jean Pierre Jeunet to be an extremely self-indulgent director who is as shamelessly and forcefully manipulative in his sentimentality as the more heavily criticised Spielberg.

He is a fine visual artist but the rest of his director's canon has a rather scattershot approach.

Amelie was a good film, mainly because he had Audrey Tatou, but she is badly miscast in this movie. Not that her character is given much to do apart from appearing sad and smile very now and then.

The script is an absolute mess, there are plenty of subplots and chracters but it seems as if Jeunet decided that giving his characters unique idiosyncracies sufficed for character development.

On top of all that, the visual style of the film, although gorgeous in its own right, does not fit well with the content of the film.

The one aspect that works is a well realised ending, which although predictable, is pulled off well. 
Lost Season 1 - pretty good overall but the shot in the kneecap pacing is evident even on dvd.

I didnt mind the flashbacks but its *extensive* use as a storytelling device was lazy writing.

More interestingly, now that the characters are pretty well built, if season 2 continues with the same flashback orientated structure, that's a sign the show doesnt really know where it's going. If they have it laid out, then the pacing can afford to pickup as characters are well established. 
Oldish Movies 
Some sick sunday morning i watched telly and it showed "country girl". Black & white, from 1956 or so, with grace kelly, william holden and bing crosby. Funny how those old movies are so much based on the strong characters and everything else is just a blurry background. Very much contrast to newer movies. And the old actors have strong peculiar character and charisma, I think it's mainly since they had live performance and theater backgrounds, but I might be wrong.

Maybe that kind of powerful acting wouldn't work in modern day movies. Every scene starts with someone lighting a cigarette. 
Two Films. 
Serenity - entertaining sci-fi, definitely felt like part of a series, which is good as it feels like it has a strong background, but bad because it has a bit of that "soft" Star Trek feel to it, kinda weak technological spectacle too. Still, a good film overall, quite good characters in it, and a nice sense of mystery.

Night Watch - another entertaining film (Russian fantasy thriller thing), although this time because of the style and OTT effects and camera work (sometimes too OTT). Really a load of nonsense, but entertaining and stylish nonsense with a decent atmosphere. Again, had a "part of a series" feel, which added to the background. 
Broken Flowers 
Broken Flowers by Jim Jarmusch feat. Bill Murray.

Well, being a fain of the JJ i liked thjis movie too. I liekd the main idea of it and the excellent play of the Murray. Being good Don Juan in the past and end up being lonely old fart sucks ;) 
I believe nightwatch is the first part of a three movie series.

And vondur, I've been hanging for that one to be released here in australia. 
Anyone Watch Deadwood? 
I usually hate westerns but this couldn't be further from the good guys vs bad guys scenario that makes me hate 'em so much. It is much closer to a mafia show actually. I've seen all 24 episodes and it's brilliant stuff. Perhaps I like it so much because it's so extremely cynical. Violence, betrayal, illegality lurking behind the appearance of the law, corruption, prostitution, drugs - it's all there. For some reason the new season doesn't come out until next september, and I don't think season 2 is on DVD yet, but check out season one. Dark, adult, psychological drama. 
yep, it' a knockout.

On another note, finished season 2 of Arrested Development which is still pretty funny but nowhere near the almost perfect season 1. The writing is more scattershot and not as consistent resulting in a lot more cheap jokes.

But still one of the funniest shows created IMHO.

And complaining about season 2 of tv shows on dvd, where the hell is Carnivale ?? Easily the best tv show currently screening (although that's debatable since it's now cancelled) and it gets relegated to the backburner. 
The Descent 
This was not a great horror movie but definitely a good one. The first half buildup was excellent (although those used to the recent crop of american horrors will probably find this a bit slow) and the second half was nicely done but not as well executed as the buildup.

One annoyance was that ever-increasing trend to edit so quickly that you have no idea what the hell is going on. I know they're trying to make you feel like the character but Marshall goes overboard like most other dircetors that attempt this style.

The other annoyance was the false ending. It does leave it a bit 'open' for interpretation but I dont see why it was included.

But the claustrophobic atmosphere of the first half and the decently executed visceral second half make up for these shortcomings.

And for those wondering, yes, there is some nice gore. 
Some More 
The Children of Paradise - I got this blind as it was a Criterion and went in knowing nothing except that it's a highly revered French classic. I was not disappointed.

The first half is flawlessly executed, one of the best 90 min of cinema ever. Although the second half loses its way a bit and is not quite as good, this is a definite recommendation to anyone interested in films.

Bad Education - now this one has me in two minds. On the one hand, it's a nice blend of Hitchcock (especially Vertigo), noir and Almodovar's garish colours. It also features another stellar performance from Gael Garcia Bernal.

On the other hand, the script is far more concerned in its machinations, that it leaves no room to get to know the characters. We are never let into their motivations throughout the labyrinthine plot. And unfortunately, that leads to none of the scenes having much impact. 
War Of The Worlds (2005) 
This was quite good. Loved the carnage and some of the set pieces were very well executed.

On the downside, the family dynamic didnt work and was weak, and there was next to no narrative really.

But it achieves what it sets out to do and is good fun. 
War Of The Worlds 
I'm glad I saw that in the cheap theatres
First half was great, dramatic, good special effects, etc
The ending, although it apparently follows the book, consists of one giant plothole in my opinion.


A species could not advance further than humans have without knowledge of disease! I mean christ, these aliens can do all of this, yet they can't think to wear BIOHAZARD SUITS, a technology that WE HAVE? I can forgive them not nuking earth as Wells was writing before that came along, but really... how could these aliens survive that long without knowing anything at all about disease. The ending was really, really weak.

Plus cruise is an insane moron. But that goes for hollywood in general - if you can think of a ridiculous, pseudo-scientific, retarded idea, then half of 'em believe it. 
Not Quite Right