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Film Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss films...
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Yes Definitely Agree 
Depsite all the attempts to replicate Sigourney Weaver's awesomeness in the original film, they have never done it. She just sold it completely, even more impressive given how certain script decisions including which characters would be male or female, was done at the last moment (then again, random selection is better than allowing any political ideology to write your script/characters for you). If anyone hasn't seen the documentary about the making of Alien which features interviews with her and the writers, it's definitely worth checking out.

Also they never explained what David did to Shaw, and it's so frustrating to see the modern movies still be shit even after Alien vs Predator; with Giger's vision and some Lovecraft inspiration you COULD make a great film instead of rehashing tired of bullshit in increasingly inferior ways. Copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a....

Fassbender is great but he can't save a bad script.

P.S. lol the opposite of how they had to talk Javier Bardem into accepting his haircut for No Country for Old Men. He wasn't happy about it at all apparently, but it was awesome. 
Logan Lucky - 7/10

Nothing amazing, but definitely well made character driven entertainment. It's not quite as goofy as the trailer makes out but it still has its share of left field laugh out loud moments, plus the usual heist movie shenanigans.

Atomic Blonde - 5.5-6/10

Some neat action scenes for sure (although I wasnt a huge fan of the Max Payne/Matrix esque shot last one) but the tone is very serious for something that doesnt have too much substance. Committed performances from Theron and McAvoy only manage to take it so far. 
The Matrix 4, 5 And 6 
Jonathan of Wycke part one - 4/5

Very entertaining and has some beautifully filmed sequences IMHO. The fights felt really good too and I liked all the little details where he runs out of ammo and has to reload and so forth. Some of the dialogue to build up his persona felt a bit forced, though.

Jonathan of Wycke part two - 3.5/4

Still very entertaining and had a rather hilarious and elongated fight sequence in which they shoot at each others in an underground rail complex thing while other commuters walk past them. It didn't feel as fresh as the first one, though, and they really didn't have to show him kill someone with a pencil.

Joanna of Wycke - 3/5

Good fights but the cinematography started failing a bit here. It could have gone for more long and stabilising shots to establish the setting a bit more so we as viewers can settle in. The quick cuts made it messier than it should have been. 
Stephen King's The Shining 
miniseries was broadcasted on french TV tonight and I found it quite boring. I really struggled to keep my attention focused on the screen. Cinematography is bland and lightyears away from Kubrick's mastery, but that was to be expected.

My true grievances are:
- The actor playing Jack Torrance is nowhere near as good as Nicholson, who remains the all-time Sith Lord of psychotic characters.
- The kid looks dumb and I can't stand his twangy voice - he sounds like he has a shit-ton of snot held up in there!
- FX are too cheap, to the point where the whole thing looks kinda like a Z movie.
- The epilogue is downright cheesy AF. 
mother! - 5.5/10

I thought this worked on a metaphorical level only. And IMHO if all you are going to do is attempt to dramatise (not so subtle) metaphor, you need to have something interesting and thought provoking to say. And apart from the point of view taken here, I didn't find much of interest. 
Blade Runner 2049 - 8/10

Clearly a lot of work went into this, making sure it both thematically and aesthetically builds on, and does not just retread/remix, the first film. A little too overreliant on plotting than the first one, and I actually think it could have been a bit longer (or at least the back half should have been given more time than the first half) to flesh out the impact of some of the plot points more.

The direction however is very on point even when the script isn't and there are a number of stunning sequences throughout. Overall, a hugely satisfying film in its own right and as a sequel. 
Oats Studios 
Came here to look for movie tips and ended up watching Oats Studios Rakka and Firebase on Youtube. Thanks for the links, it was quite interesting.

Firebase overexplained its thing. Blomkamp to me seems to be at his best when the situation seems quite chaotic from a personal point of view, and things just unfold. I guess District 9 relied on the excellent lead actor and main character improvising a lot. Everybody was given some (insane) orders and they tried to carry them out as best as they could. It seems very life like when it works. 
Bladerunner 2049. 
Such film, so little discussion, wow?

Really rather good. I'm not a fanboi of the original but this seems to tribute it and eventually sequelise it AND stand fine in it's own right. Some scenes and shots dragged on too much, and there was a bit of pretentiousness (like the original IIRC), but as intelligent stylish cyberpunk it was cool, plot was neat, and most prominently many of the scenes and scenery were stunning - enough to make me wish I'd caught it earlier on a bigger screen. 
Not perfect but better script/story IMO than the original. I saw 2x and enjoyed it and I thought it only dragged in a few places.

I saw it at Warner Bros Studios and the sound was amazing! My 19 and 15 year liked it a lot (which surprised me.) 
Yeah, 2049 Was Surprisingly Good 
caught it in theaters a few weeks ago and enjoyed it more than the first one. visually/sonically it was fantastic. the acting wasn't annoying for the most part, which is usually one of my main gripes. i think the story was good but the telling could have been much more subtle as i found it predictable throughout. but yeah, all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. or something. 
I was actually going to post asking why havent you seen it :) 
I Dunno That It Was Surprisingly Good. 
The trailer looked like it was going to be good to anyone except the most jaded fanboi....

I agree the story was unsubtle - but perfectly fine for a film - maybe that's why I found some of the lengthy moments a bit jarring (like finding the horse).

Good call about the sound design too. Some good music - the noises when he meets the hos for the first time were great.

Nitin, a bit slow with the cinema these days :) 
Not Really A Fanboi 
but certainly jaded and cynical when it comes to new mainstream films (especially established franchises that are ripe for raping). I'm accustomed to disappointment so 2049 was a welcome surprise :D

I think something that helped 2049 was keeping scott out of the director's chair (villeneuve was a great pick too, glad it wasn't nolan).

also, let's take a moment to appreciate that 2049 isn't an alien/prometheus tie-in. 
I Claim The Previous Post 
I'm sure you guys have heard by now, but cameron is on board the new terminator (as well as schwarzenegger and hamilton). an interview, for those interested. 
I dunno. I am kinda over The Terminator story. And recall that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had the originals back together. Maybe it will be groundbreaking in some way but..? 
I Wish 
Alien was the only Alien movie, Blade Runner was the only Blade Runner movie, and the first two Terminators were the only Terminator movies or even if it was only T2. 2049 was alright, worth watching and of course the visuals were spectacular, but I really wish they would focus more on original scifi visions; it's not like there isn't material for it (there will never be an At the Mountains of Madness movie, alas).

Nolan made Following for like $6,000 if I recall correctly. Noir can be such a win when well done, and blends well with scifi (ie Blade Runner, Dark City, etc). 
Yeah, I don't have high hopes, but the fact that Cameron is part of it and that it's a sequel to T2 (and ignores the other movies) is enough for me to care to some degree. I like the Terminator universe and aesthetic so I would welcome a good modern rendition of it. Fingers crossed.

@Tronyn - Alien was the only Alien movie

No love for Aliens? 
Game Over Man! 
heh, I like Aliens, it's the best one other than the first one, but I still don't think the first one benefits from associating with it. 
Iron Sky 2: 
The Coming Race

Gonna be out in a few months. Anyone hyped? :D 
BR 2049 
was like a dream and I loved it! I don't know, but even though movie felt slow and the story wasn't anything too original, just that there is so much time to see and feel how semi-depressive the future would be like. I loved the soundtrack, and I would watch it again just for that.
Slow it felt, but it is really the selling point here, I think. I don't often watch movies, which tie on the ambience with so steady grip and this made me zombie for long amount of time after the ending. 
Was a very pretty film but the soundtrack was garbage. I didn't care for the story that much either.

The original film is a masterpiece in film-making. 
The Soundtrack Worked Really Well During The Film IMHO 
The Soundtrack Was Far Better Than Fifth's Post. 
Fifth's Post Was Better Than The Story Telling. 
IS 2 
Curiosity strikes again. Although in the first one I lost attention at the second half, I still wanna see what they got in their sleeves. 
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