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Music Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss music...
i love music
i'd tell more, i love experimental music
etc etc
also i love neo folk like
and i love dark ambient like, nordvargr, raan, etc
i love noise music like NON, Navicon torture Technology, Bad Sector, hmmm , eh, etc etc etc.

anyway, music rocks, i love music, etc etc etc
ah btw, if u interested, here is my super nice list of my favorite musik!

music rocks!!!!11!!! 
Von that is a ridiculously large collection of almost entirely weird stuff!

I notice you are somewhat lacking in the Bolt Thrower department, sigh.

Now stop taking the piss out of my threads and go do something productive... 
ok i just wanted to bring some fun into your official tone of the thread
Music is nice. 
I Like 
Listening to the Quake soundtrack 
i like quite a bit of stuff...

Headstones, Cradle of Filth, Filter, Dimmu Borgir, Garmarna, Steppenwolf, Rolling Stones, Tea Party... etc...

i agree with ya, Vondur: music rocks!!!!!!1111
Please Populate This Thread You Twats 
I need to know what music to get.

Bah, it's not like any of the cds mentioned here are going to be available for me to buy anyway... 
Your The Twat 
Your The Twat 
Your The Twat 
hitting refresh in opera decides to post instead I guess...

that was UNintentional repetition... my apologies 
You Spelled "you're" Wrong... 
...all three times! 
i have been listening to lately:

indie-ish prog/math rock:
don caballero

oxes (weirder instrumental rock stuff)
mercury program (mellow jazz-inspired stuff) 
God Save The Clean 
Particularly Getaway and their recent two-disk Anthology.

At the moment I've got Happy Boy by the <a>Beat Farmers</a> stuck in my head for some reason, dammit. 
Getaway and Anthology are by The Clean, find out more through .

And that Beat Farmers page is . Obviously this board doesn't support Qmap-style links. 
Just Some Crap 
ok, filter out the cheesy tiesto stuff and there's some good tech trance (if they still have 3 monkeys - crazy). btw,they're ripped but you're ok if you then buy the vinyl on

btw, i listen to a lot of jazz and rock.

a good cd...hmmm...
global communication (the album has no name, it's comm. tom middleton and another guy for anyone who knows jedi and/or cosmos) 
Global Communication... 
....bloody good =) 
they are weird.

The Way (Secret Ingredients mix) is a rocking deep house/ tech house tune. whereas their albums are mellow ambient stuff! 
And Other Stuff 
tweaker -
chris vrenna, did the music to Alice, although this stuff is of a very diff mood, but still good

just my little donation there 
A Good Donation 
I might have a look at that....Alice music is wicked. 
tweaker is cool, and nonentity used the album tatatu for a map name i believe 
Thud Thud Thud 
Surprisingly enough I still listen to Drum'n'Bass =). Bought a few things in the last week:

)E|3( - Shot Down On Safari - hmmm quite cheesy DnB anthems, feels like BC are losing their bite despite a few good tracks. Great inlay tho!

Klute - Lie, Cheat & Steal - haven't listened yet but from what I heard in the shop it sounded great, deep, trancy, DnB.

Various - The Four Elements - Renegade Hardware comp, returning to form after some weaker comps. Very good dark techish DnB for the first half but gets a bit tedious later on.

I've also been listening to Loftgroover presents Speedcore (mighty hard gabber), Contaminated Vol3 (rabid deathmetal) and LSG (forget which album, nice trippy trance).

On the subject of music can anyone recommend me some good recent thrash/death metal?? Something heavy, bassy and methodical, not all rabid and chopped up... I used to like Bolt Throwever, Entombed, Baphomet, earlier Pantera, Ministry etc if it helps... 
Yeah Shambs 
can anyone recommend me some good recent thrash/death metal??

Ask Bal for fuck.mp3. 
Anyone With Any Useful Suggestions? 
I have narrowed my search down to a few ideas

Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin
Benediction - Grind Bastard
Beserker - Dissolution
Bolt Thrower - Honour Valour Pride
Impaled Nazarene - Abscence Of War
Mortician - Darkest Day Of Horror
Suffocation - Despise The Sun

It seems what I am after is perhaps more grindcore than deathmetal. Any comments on the artists listed or any other ideas?? 
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines 
I havent heard that one... I enjoyed Black Seeds of Vengeance, and Amongst the Catacombs of the Nephren Ka was okay, not as good as BSofV in my opinion, but track 5 Ramses Bringer of War is nice in that the opening is reminiscent of the war ships in Mario3 =)

How does In Their Darkened Shrines compare to BSoV and Nephren Ka ? 
try slipknot 
Igi-Nu Do-A-Hul Igi-Se-Zid-Gin 
I haven't heard the entirety of either of their two previous albumns, but it is my understanding that in terms of overall style, ITDS is much more furious and intense.

Other recommendations
Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Hate Eternal - King of all Kings
God Dethroned - Ravenous 
i like the good ol normal metal. with at least some melody and music involved.

mind you, i am guilty of making dance music with rather little melody and a lot of beats...

anyone a fan of megadeth? 
i was crazy megadeth fanatic back in 88-90
"so far, so good, so what..." was and is my fave megadeth cd! :)
their later stuff didn't impress me much since i switched to more brutal things like black metal, etc... 
Thanks for the suggestion of Nile, I've heard several tracks on John Peel but they didn't quite grab me, I respect what they do but....I'm not so sure about the archaic vibe.

Anyway today I got Arch Enemy and Bezerker. Not listened to them all but so far:

AE - good strong melodies and pace, but lacking bass, also growly vocals don't go so well with melodic leads.

Bezerker - haphazard and mindless noise, little rhythm and the guitars get lost in all the sloppy beats.

Von: Naaaa,I'd rather have something a bit more....less nu-metal. Anything else you can think of?? 
well, i can only recommend my current favourite metal bands: type o negative, fear factory, cathedral, my dying bride. these, plus some black metal bands are ones i only listen to these days.
btw, there will be new type o album released june 16th :) can't wait for it. 
I've not heard of nearly any of the bands you mention.

Recently I've bought:

Cold: 13 Ways to Bleed On Stage
Frank Sinatra: 2 Cd collection
Taproot: Welcome
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Lennon Murphy: 5:30 Saturday Morning
Primus: Pork Soda
Korn: Life Is Peachy 
Some Others For Shambler 
Satyricon - Volcano
Enslaved - Frost

These two bands are more black metal than death metal, but still definetly worth your time. 
volcano sucks, this is their worst cd, it's better to get their old stuff like 'the shadowthrone' 
But not into black really. I appreciate but not my style, I prefer something crunchier, bassier, maybe more industrial.

Will think about FF... 
Although i do believe the Shadowthrone is their finest acheivement, Volcano is the closest they've come to a more tradiotional sounding metal, so i thought it would be more interesting to someone not attenuated to black metal. 
uhm, yeah 
These Are Some Of My Favorite Artists... 
This might be a long post. Let's get started. Listed in no particular order. The best of the best are italicized. Weblinks where possible.

- Banco de Gaia -
- Shpongle -
- The Orb -
- Future Sound of London / Amorphous Androgynous -
- DJ Cheb i Sabbah -
- Shakatura -
- Pink Floyd
- Ozric Tentacles - - these guys totally rock, it's psychedelic progressive techno space rock or something

- Synaesthesia/Delerium -
- Ishq -
- Entheogenic - can't find a webpage so here's an album review:
- Nodens Ictus (ambient side project of the Ozric Tentacles, see above)
- Mystical Sun -

- Indian Ropeman - no webpage again, have a review link:
- Lemon Jelly -
- Massive Attack - (good stuff but their latest album is boring as hell if you ask me)
- DJ Shadow -
- Moby -
- Boards of Canada -

Aphex Twin
(Hmm that's a pretty obvious and weak IDM list. If anybody can suggest good artists in the genre I'd be much obliged.)

harder industrial/techno/metal
Speedy J -
Front Line Assembly -
Nine Inch Nails -
Tool -

progressive, breakbeat, Drum & Bass
Underworld -
Fluke -
Sasha -
John Digweed -
Satoshi Tomiie
Deep Dish
Sander Kleinenberg
(see for the last 5, and other similar dj's)
Hybrid -
Plump DJ's -
LTJ Bukem -
Goldie -
Hive -

psychedelic/goa trance
Hallucinogen (
Astral Projection
Eat Static (
Pleiadians / Etnica (
Growling Mad Scientists - (a tiny selection, but hey it's free)
Rabbit in the Moon -
Juno Reactor -

That took a really long time to compile. 
Ill Do The IDM Babycakes! 
hot tokey dizzam

Aphex Twin

And to pimp a few good labels that host a wonderful assortment

and score some bitchin review at

your welcome grahf 
thanks for the links blackpope, I'll check 'em out.

Thanks to Vondur for posting those dark ambient links as well, I need more of that stuff. 
Dark Ambient 
If you haven't already, try Thomas Koner and Yen Pox. Both rather minimal (the former especially so), but probably worth a listen. 
Dark Ambient 
Biosphere, anyone?? 
Shambler And Nb 
biosphere isn't dark ambient, it's just ambient.
it's ice ambient i'd say, there is no dark side in that project. :)

as for the thomas koner and yen pox, they are classic, add there troum yet, the same dark tasty drones... 

Go NZ Music! 
NZ Music... 
Concord Dawn, Shapeshifter & PMoney. That's about it as far as I'm concerned. Okay, Salmonella Dub are good if you like that sort of thing and 8' Sativa well the music's good but the attitude is tedious.

P.S. Sorry Von I don't really know much about ambient. The record shop dude called Biosphere "drone and tone" which sounded cool =) 
Music Thread? What Music Thread? 
Check The Archives 
its there somewhere 
On a related note:

(It's true you know, they do sound like pirates) 
classic, and with 8 signatures they're sure to do the public's bidding 
right now i am listening to Funkstorung - Appetite for Disctruction... but its a 45 and i'm listening on 33. it sounds cooler that way, you can hear the detailed crunchiness.

Klute - Lie, Cheat and Steal, as shambler said, is t3h r0x0r.
London Elektricity - Funky, Orchestrated, Dancefloor DnB
Soul:R Recordings - Soul:ution Pt. 3 - the best in funky dnb
Calibre - Hold Back - sex. on. legs.
high contrast - basement track
influx datum - take my

Tipper - Holding Path. oh my fucking god this album rocks!!!
The Streets

Ambient Buttcore/IDM:
Speedranch vs. Janskynoise
Venetian Snares
Mu-Ziq - Bilious Paths
electric birds
afx - melodies from mars

Funk and Soul:
David Holmes - new mix cd
Classic Salsoul Mastercuts
Elza Soares
Quincy Jones
Roy Ayers
Lalo Schifrin
Mark Farina
Mr. Scruff

Carl Cox - Want a Life
primate records
drumcode records
bush records
marco carola
bryan zentz
ben sims
beyer and lenk!

boink boink 
Dark Musik 
did you know dead can dance ??? 
Yes We Do, Here 
and it rocks 
I suggest you Listen to Kirkorov and Boris Moiseev. They are sweet 
who are they? tell me more! i'm intrigued. 
Its very dark music. You know, the kind that makes you want to stab yourself in the face, tear off ears and jump into the bottomless pit. 
Is it healthy to be listen to They're Coming to Take Me Away by Lard, over and over again?

The worms in my brain are complaining, you see. Got a good trump song to drive it out? 
Dead can dance isn't dark at all.
I've listened to them a fair amount, if we're thinking the same group then they're more of a light folk/world/ambient act.

gothic/punk/industrial in the 1970s:
Joy Division (influential on such diverse 90's acts as Nirvana, Radiohead and NIN)

try skinny puppy: they're very dark and eccentric. however, they might be a bit too weird for anyone who isn't fully into industrial music. 
Ah, Tronyn 
I believe they were talking about Kirkorov and Boris Moiseev. 
I m not agree with you , this is note suicide-music !
Listen "how to fortunate the man with none" I love this requiem 
...if you want some really nice chillout/ambient (sorry vondur not dark and evile) then I can heartily recommend:

Tipper - Surrounded (Myutopia)

Not breaks as his usually stuff is, just very nice mellow downtempo stuff.

And other music ideas...

Killjoy: Used to be a big man in the later era of the gabber scene here in the UK, sometime partner of the mighty DJ Producer and owner (I think) of Deathchant records. Tried a recent CD of his and it is some weird shit.

Vondur: Thanks to the Russian I now have some proper dark ambient - R|A|A|N - The Nacrasti (Malignant Antibody), very good dark droning.

Fatty: I had the Lard album with that on LOL. Didn't Lard end up vaguely related to Ministry or something?? I remember lyrics about pulling out ones teeth as the goverment were hiding data transmitters in your fillings... 
Buggered If I Know 
Maybe Jello Biafra played with 'em once, but I do recall an interview which said that the "lyrics" for Jesus Built My Hotrod were done by Gibbie Hayes from the Butthole Surfers. And I know that said "Gibbying" is exactly the same as in "Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales" off Independent Worm Saloon. 
There's Actually Someone Named Gibbie? 
yay hip and cool 
Gibbie Or Gibby, I Can't 'member. 
And I'm too lazy to look it up. 
Interesting Ambient Electronic Stuff

This woman needs to do the soundtrack to Doom 3 and Quake IV. 
Some nice chillout rhythms and bleeps and bits there.

But perhaps a bit too groovy and not evile enough for D3....ask Vondur, he will advise on such areas. 
I agree that someone like this could do a very good soundtrack if requested. After all it's definitely a good genre and combination of sounds. 
Too Much Metal 4 Me 
not a single ppls mentioned rap
thing with hiphop and rap is that if you search underground stuff there is much more quality than other genres. at least for me.

but if you like idm/ambient techno type stuff like boards of canada, then you should check out:

prefuse 73
anti-pop consortium - Arrhythmia
zion i
cannibal ox
jedi mind tricks
deep puddle dynamics
To Go With... seeing the matrix films recently, two matrix themed tracks, both kick some serious arse:

)E|B( - Bullet Time

Hive - Neo

The latter was actually commissioned for Reloaded but not used which to be honest is a crime against humanity, this would have pissed all over the tired RATM nonsense at the end. 
You Mean 
the song that suspiciously sounded like people yelling WACHOWSKI, WACHOSWKI, WACHOSWKI! 
I Don't Know... ears switched off then...

 the same way my brain had switched off two hours previously.

That Hive Track Is Ferocious 
/me likes.

Hive's album Devious Methods is killer too. 
Where?? Gimme gimme!!

And what the hell happened to UFO!'s album too?? 
sham - hive had a cd out in the 97 or so called devious methods. it's pretty good, but not neo-quality. also there was an ep a couple years ago.

UFO! had an artist album out last year called 'the future is listening'.

PS: i saw hive and ufo live a couple weeks ago. they both live around the sf bay area, and violence recordings (hive's label) now has a monthly gig. 
A copy of the UFO! album, please, thanks. 
Death Metal 
AMON AMARTH ownz your soulz!!!

Amon Amarth - Death In Fire
Amon Amarth - A Fury Divine
Amon Amarth - Victorious March
Amon Amarth - any-freaking-song
Bolt Thrower - No Guts, No Glory
Kataklysm - Beyond Salvation
Bloodbath - So You Die
Fleshcrawl - Beneath a Dying Sun
Ancient Existence - Vengeance
Cattle Decapitation - Chunk Blower (or Testicular Manslaughter)
Hertroertzen - Darkening
Vondur - Kill Everyone .... :D
Broken Hope - Pitbull Grin
All Shall Perish - Laid To Rest
Callenish Circle - Soul Messiah
Dark Funeral - Dead Skin Mask
Immortal - Damned In Black
Lord Belial - Massacre
Morbid Angel - He Who Sleeps
Naglfar - Blades
Nile - Unas Slayer of the Gods
Thy Disease - Impure Lust
Vulgar Degenerate - Accident of Life
The Other Dimension - Banished From Heaven
Bloodfeast - Bloodfeast

... I could go on forever ....

Heheheh ...

Novembers Doom - Shadows of Light ... if you like the Doom metal sh1t ... or Type O Neg. of course ... 
And if you like Dani Filth, you should be disemboweled with a rusty coat hanger ... 
I'm waiting for the rusty coat hanger 
I know Vondur will roll his eyes at this, but I checked out that Amon Amarth track you linked in #tf the other night, and I haven't been that impressed with death metal for quite a long time. Thus I have ordered the latest album (but the samples on the site made the older albums seem pretty appealing too).

I would also "big up" Bolt Thrower's "No Guts No Glory" as well, the best on Mercenary IMO.

Do you have an other recommendations for heavy, epic, seriously groovy riff-orientated DM?? I much prefer that to the rabid stuff or choppy experimental side.

Anyway, today I have mostly been listening to: Inade - Crackling Of The Anonymous. 
Amon Amarth 
Amon Amarth's one of those rare bands who are simply incapable of making a song that doesn't rock :) There isn't a single tune they have that I don't like.

You visited the site, Shamb? You saw the other songs linked here, right:

You'll find some more, here:

For death metal in general, though I've got zillions of links, you might test drive some of the ones here:

and here:

Careful which ones you choose. Some of these are OLD and not all "death metal" there :D 
Heavy And Epic 
hmm, Hades probably
and old Bathory ;) (92-93 viking metal era) 
I Like 
Now I know there's plenty people here who get off on the Cookie Monster singing against a wall of speedy guitar-scale-showoff-brutal-bass-drumming death metal, so, here ya go:

Oh, the lead singer is a parrot.


A parrot. 
Satanic Issue 
Playing Quake without a real good Satanic Black Death Metal music in background is an heresy (just for the ambiance..)... try some bands from ... and go burn in hell...

PS: parrot sucks, they don't have any guts... no more beyond-tomb voice... 
I Hate 
playing with loud music, unless it's deathmatch.. when I played bots in q2/q1 I'd play assortment of Coal Chamber, Deadlights, Mudvayne.. 
Loud music doesn't mean use of maximum volume... I'd prefer to have music in background, in order to be able to hear what happens in the game... it's usefull sometimes..;).... The music is just here to create an ambiance, not to cover the game sound effects...
Anyway, just don't believe I'm just able to listen Death Metal... sometimes I also listen some cool music (Cold Play, The Police, Texas, U2, Goldfrapp, etc.. etc.. ) and techno as well (Prodigy, Carl Cox, etc.. etc..)... I just say that Satanic Black Death Metal is the better music to find "killing inspiration" during the game.. and it works with any FPS game !!! 
I can't stand growling incoherent vocals or speed guitar 
So try Disney Music store... it will be more coherent, less growling, and with slowest guitars... (joke)..
Yes, I admit it's "sometimes" (not to say all the time) hard to understand (without explicit lyrics support) what is "song"... eerrrr... your likes are certainly more.. "aggressive" regarding your cool web site ;) 
your likes are certainly more.. "aggressive" regarding your cool web site ;)

I would like to say LESS aggressive... I apologize for this big mistake... 
Actually I don't listen to music when playing games lately. Especially with tactical shooters. 
.. is a nice sport I practiced a lot when I used to play Unreal Tournament in 2001... With the precision rifle, it was really cool to hide, and kill other players with head-shots... 
Can someone recommend some really good hard tech/trance (not Hard House) - i've been out of the music scene for so long, I don't really know where to start looking... 
What The 
hell is the difference between house/trance/techno anyway?

If I had a few good examples, but I always lump all that repetetive stuff into one ball. 
I'm Sure A Lot Of People Lump All Of Rock Into One Ball, Too 
Most Rock Though 
is rather intelligible from one another.

Cure = Korn? Nope.
Radiohead = Stone Temple Pilots? Nope.
Matchbox 20 = Blink 182? Nope. 
I could write out some long explanation, but it wouldn't be nearly as good as what this guy wrote: 
Totally Cool Site, Pushplay 
And educational! 
It's all pop music to me. 
If it's too loud, YOU'RE TOO OLD!!11!! 
Ok, Well It's About Time 
If anyone is interested, I need some honest crits on the demos I've done. If you see potential or think they straight out suck, let me know. They took about 6 months and I wrapped them up months ago. The "ante" stuff in the folder was for that Q1 mod I'd uh.. started, and the rest were just demos that I could've always spent alot more time on, but if I was gonna do that I'd of started my CD at that time. They were moreso ideas of where I might've wanted to go.

- (for some MP3's not at the next URL)

It's not too loud, it's just too lame =D 
Dunno If I've Put This Up Before... 
But here it is again, if so:
Free mp3s in all kinds of genres -- not much of that vapid pop faggotry, tho. 
thanks biff! there's some really good stuff there! 
What Did Pop Faggotry Ever Do To You? 
It Made My World A Lot More Tedious 
It's pointless, boring, annoying, and basically the equivalent of watching paint dry. It does nothing, says nothing, creates nothing -- it's worse than a campaigning politician who is facing a landslide -- it smacks of desperation, futility and ultimate forgetability. It is shit. 
For You Music Nerds 
yes you fric & blitz

I'm sure you're aware that most pop music has compressed waveforms in order to make them sound "better" over as many forms of media as possible (especially shitty radio & tv speakers) ... the interesting part comes into play where this type of compressed sound actually slows the listeners brain down and makes it more susceptible to opinions/advertising/messages etc...

thus making pop music and even more effective advertising tool than originally planned. 
Thank you, Special Agent Mulder. 
Doesn't do anything except make the the sound in question louder without actually raising the volume. While I don't know the physics behind it, I know that's what it does.

"Most pop music" is mixed at the same level as any other kind of music or else it would sound like a blaring TV ad (which utilizes compression by making the ad louder without actually making your volume louder.) Since the biggest pop stars have the best budgets, obviously they have the most experienced engineers, who wouldn't let the album go out sounding anything but perfect.

We already had an exhaustive conversation about "pop" music and what it entails and all I can say is that you should never dismiss any kind of music -- all music has something to say.

I agree that the Britney Spears and commercial hip hop/rap type crap has got to go -- simply because I can't respect the type of people who put out music solely to make money and gain fame.

Good pop music is the type where the artist's intention is to say something and make art for art's sake. Not every person in the world wants to listen to Plastikman or Whitehouse and they take their musical art in small, lyrically adept, somewhat poetic doses. 
George Michael 
is #1 right now in our store...

c'mon after 10 years you gotta give the dude some credit! 
No, I Don't. 
looks like you misspelt
it must hurt to possess a unit like that when you are sliding out. 
Holy Shit - Mario Bros On Guitar... 
This person (guy/girl?) plays the SMB theme on guitar but with the coin noise on harmonics and other stuff.. looks like they forgot the fireworks though 
MIDI's Played Through A Pro Keyboard 
So I thought I'd get some MIDI files online and play them in my Fantom to see how they sound. Some are interesting some are "what the?".. I was impressed with how "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana sounded with the drums and guitars... of course it could be better - I'm not sure who composed the MIDI, and it wasn't explicitly made for the FS, but here it is:

and some more

Tool - Stinkfist

NIN - The Becoming 
Yeah Nice 
that nirvana one sounded very smooth, sounds like a quality keyboard 
It's A Great Board 
Cost me $1500 (originally $2k), but there's an updated version called the Fantom-X for around $2000. I'm gonna dig around for some other potential songs.. any "requests"? 
Whoa The Nirvana One Is Pretty Sweet. 
Still -- you should be using the Fantom to make your own electronica-style stuff :D

Nice though. 
I'm not really into Electronica... although I like Bjork, but alot of that stuffs been done already. I've been using it lately to conceptualise and experiment for the CD I want to release, but it can get frustrating so I've been taking a layed back stance on it and just messing around. Doing that I've found things getting less frustrating and alot more melodies and such start to come, especially on guitar. 
Well it was about time.. occured to me today to load in some DooM midis!

3.7 MB - a compilation of 9 songs.

Again, some things aren't going to sound the best because the midis' used GM patches, and those aren't the most realistic, but I didn't want to change anything.. although I did change some drums to ones with a bit more release, they just sound better. 
For Those Into Ambient, Electronic... 
you may want to check an interview I did with Mathias Grassow, of Nostalgia. He is from Germany, perhaps some here have heard of him. There is a link to clips from the first Nostalgia album and his website. 
Could Be Worth A Listen... 
Definitely Worth A Listen 
The Prodigy 
The Prodigy launched a brand new album called Always outnumbered, never outgunned .. Is there someone who bought it ?? And what about the album ?? Is it great or not ?? 
If I had say hypothetically downloaded it, it wouldn't have been worth the hypothetical effort. That's hyopthetical mind you. 
... I don't want to download it, I would like to have informations (what do you think about the album for example...) before taking a decision of buying or not the album, not more... 
If it isn't worth downloading it sure isn't worth buying, is it? 
Yeesssssss !!! 
I bought the CD this afternoon, and it's the third time I'm listening it... I've just one thing to say: WOAOW !!! If you like techno house rock punk metal fusion, it's realy impressive... Their last album "The Fat of The Land" was already a good one, but now, it's like if the 12 tiltles were done like if it was a big remix with "FireStarter" and "Smack my bitch up"... It's really a fucking album !!! To listen as loud as you can !!! 
In That Case I'll Skip 
I don't like techno house rock punk metal fusion I only listen to techno jazz rock punk metal fusion. 
... you suck... ;) 
In case anyone hasn't mentioned Bond, they're what I'm listening to right now. Standard-seeming techno/classical, but just strings from what I can tell. More pop than anything, definitely not for those who consider themselves 'hard' or whatever, but good imo. 
I'd shag them. 
Well, Maybe....

Pretty, but oh so skinny... 
Shambler Likes Big Bottom 
The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'
That's what I said
The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
Or so I have read

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

I met her on Monday, twas my lucky bun day
You know what I mean
I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
You know what I mean

My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights
Big game is waiting there inside her tights, yeah

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?
Awesome, where's it from?? 
It's From 
the legend that is Spinal Tap. It's worth getting the movie or the cd, but otherwise you can find the songs on filesharing apps pretty easily.

On a related note, I achieved a near-religious experience recently by playing the Spinal Tap song Stonehenge on my iPod while looking at Stonehenge itself! Stonehenge, where the demons dwell, where the banshees live, and they do live well. 
But Starbuck, 
Mine goes up to eleven. 
Denholm Elliot Reads T. S. Elliot 
Shambler = fire
Starbuck = ice
Headthump = lukewarm water 
Shanti Shanti Shanti 
Oh That's Pretty, What's It Called? 
err... Lick My Love Pump 
Sex Farm Woman 
Lesser Known Music 
I browsed around on and came across some interesting bands:

- Mira (interesting guitar work, nice female singer)

- Black Tape For A Blue Girl (strings, choir like vocals)

- Attrition (synth-beat stuff)

I'm glad I found these few, I like the music and you know, it's not on the radio and it's not on MTV and it's better than what's out there. Go hunt for music that needs to be heard! 
Mira Are Quite Good 
I wish they'd hurry up and release their new album already.

If you liked them, you might like Halou (more synth-ish); maybe Cranes circa Loved; perhaps The Plague Monkeys (underrated unfortunately now defunct); and, of course, the Cocteau Twins (...indescribable). 
I Am An Egomaniac 
Was messing around with a Commodore 64 emulator last night and found a pretty cool sound program for it. I was jamming around and I then remembered that my sound card has output recording. So I made this little, crazy sounding live session. There ended up being like a grinding in the background -- but I liked how it sounded and left it in :D

If there's anything you want to take from it, chop it up and use it as you wish. There's some noisy/industrial stuff going on at points, so feel free! 
Good Bands 
I've been listening too

The Killers - Saw em in Chicago and had a great time. Have tickets to Detriot show in a week and a half. Check em out, great 80s new-wavish alt rock dancy stuff

Ambulance Ltd - Opened for Killers, didn't know them at the time. Pretty much love em as much as Killers now. Very emo/indie ish, but very listenable and fun. Check em out.

Scissor Sisters - Just gotten into them, Elton John like rock/piano stuff. Takes a bit to grow on ya, but then you can't get em out of your head.

Polyphonic Spree - Besides the fact they are a cult, no matter what their crazy Jesus like singer says, they are just so fun to listen to. I mean the lyrics are rediculous but some how I feel pure 70s/Brady Family like elation.

Zero 7 - Good relaxation music, good stuff to wake up to. If you get into a mapping grove this seems to keep you into it cause it just pulls you along and doesn't distract you from your mapping.

Thats about it for now. 
Har Mar Superstar 
is where it's at... I partied with him last night and he's even sexier in person than in his videos. Since then I've been playing Easy Pass at full volume and feeling funky. 
Another One 
I've been getting alot of good feedback (including someone saying "it sounds like Martin Galway meets Suicide meets Olivier Messiaen) about this one on some other channels and messageboards so for those of you who haven't heard this, check it out.

I made it a few weeks ago just to test out some sounds on a C64 emulator (note: this track is different from the one in #148)

Er Shit -- Wrong One 
I'm Lovin' It 
Isis' Panopticon that is! 
Hey Blitz... 
...played that track you DCC'd a while ago on the radio show (theme was Integrity and Music). Well received by the dudes in the studio and no one fell offline while it was playing. The ex-drummer from 28 Days (now tech-percussionist with K-Oscillate dug it a lot. 
Link Dump 
Goa/Psy And Chillout 
A Sad Day For Music. 
25/26th October 2004: John Peel, veteran radio DJ and legendary music afficiando, died from a heart attack whilst on a working holiday in Peru, aged 65.

He had been working in broadcasting for over 40 years, and presenting an extremely highly-regarded show on Radio1 for over 30 years.

During this time he championed all genres of music from the mildest and most accessible to the most esoteric and extreme. He brought a huge number of influential bands to the British public's attention including New Order, The Smiths, The Fall, Pulp, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, and many others, and in recent decades became one of the earliest promoters of electronic music on national radio. He also presented a listener-orientated show called Home Truths on Radio4, and as well as his unparalleled love of music, his warm, intelligent, and "fatherly" nature stood out in an era of brash, arrogant presenters falling over themselves to be cool. No-one who heard his show could underestimate just how good it was as a genuine and true music show.

I've been a fan of Peely for many years, from when I was into metal and he introduced me to the delights of Carcass and Bolt Thrower as well as many good indie bands, to when I got into dance music and ended up recording no less than 26 cassettes absolutely packed with brilliant drum'n'bass and techno he played. At any time I always appreciated his open-minded and ultra-broad music tastes. I met him when I won a place at a live Lab4 set played on his show, and he was a genuinely nice and witty guy. Unfortunately I'd lapsed from listening to his show in the last couple of years....and now I no longer can.

RIP to a true music legend. 
I have a great amount of respect for Peely and all he achieved, and I was really quite upset when I heard the news.

You really can't overestimate the amount he single-handedly affected the music scene; just looking at the tributes that bands and artists have been sending in shows how much he and his shows were respected and loved.

RIP indeed, I really will miss his show 
I have very fond memories of the Peel Sessions.

...missed indeed. Let's hope at least another as good steps into the breach. 
The show is finally up: 
Oh, Rock! 
Gonna check it out now...I finished that tune you wanted for your next show...

...I'll run that under the third leg of the discussion. That way it definitely won't be edited out of the archived show. 
I listened to the whole show but it got cut out? Oh well. 
...I asked Simon not to cut it. Bleh! Heads will roll.

Was the reference to it in there at least? 
How did Blitz get away with a super long url? 
No, no reference either. If it's not too much trouble, is there anyway you could get the clip of it + some before and after talk just so I could see the context in which you were playing it?

I really enjoyed the show and the topic of conversation...and allthough I accepted that it was cut out of the archive that's there, I couldn't help but wonder how my song played into the inegrity debate. 
DVD Project Idea Question 
1. If a new artist, or a familiar artist that maybe you haven't gotten into - released a DVD that in theme essentially was a collection of music videos but with a central focused theme... (basically a DVD album), in surround-sound or not, would you buy it?

2. What if it was a re-release of the original album, but with video content, and you had the original CD? 
I have The Wall on Cd, but I didn't find the movie to be interesting, so a no in that case.

I have soundtracks to several movies but not the movies themselves. I often find one viewing of a good movie per decade enough so I dont see the point in buying them.

There are of course exceptions to that if the movie has a complex plot like Momento, Blade Runner, Usual Suspects, or Goodfellas or the like where multiple viewings reveal greater detail.

The musicaly oriented film that I most liked was Igmar Bergman's version of The Magic Flute. Don't be put off if it sounds too artsy fartsy, compared to Japanese anime it is not at all pretentious. It is just a simple story with good music and very likeable characters and that is all. 
1. Probably not. Especially not if it was "a familiar artist that maybe you haven't gotten into." I'd be more likely to do it for a new artist if I heard/saw some sort of preview and liked it.

2. That depends entirely on the band, album, etc. I own several CDs that I haven't listened to in years. But if it was some album that I'm totally into, then sure. 
Music DVDs 
For me, The Wall as an album makes no sense at all without the movie. Mother and Run Like Hell are good enough songs on their own, but the movie adds a sense of progression to it and turns it into a cohesive work. Without it songs like Young Lust come out of left field and make no sense at all.

Interstella 5555 adds a progression to Discovery where I didn't think one was needed. It's a cool movie of course. I think the difference is I associate Pink Floyd with concept albums more than Daft Punk.

I do have a few concert dvds (Pink Floyd, Underworld, Fatboy Slim, DJ Shadow) and documentaries (Scratch), but Chemical Brothers is the only collection of music videos I own. Though I would consider getting The Works Of Michel Gondry. I think this just represents the esteem in which I hold the concerts and music videos of these people. For the average group I like I probably wouldn't want to pay for a collection of their music videos. Also, what I like doesn't get played on Much enough for me to possibly get sick of it. Especially now that Much Music is a 24/7 Pimp My Ride station. 
The Work Of Director * 
That enitre series should definately be viewable, although I've only got the Chris Cunningham one. 
...and anyone else who might be interested. 
Dimebag Darrel Dead? 
I never liked Pantera, but anyway: 
Serious shit, sounds nasty.

I was a big Pantera fan some years ago (when Dimebag was still called Diamond, no less).... 
you just know the gunman is going to be a fan of another band or something. Shame that news story didn't explain what happened very well. It says he shot some people, then a bouncer tackled him. But a policeman turned up a couple of minutes later, and it says he had a hostage??

I guess it was probably complete chaos so we don't really know the details yet. Shocking though; I was never much of a Pantera or Damageplan fan, but if i was i'd appreciate knowing which other band member is dead. 
it looks like noone knows which other band member(s) died.

But i just found out this sick fuck decided to shoot Dimebag on the anniversary of John Lennon's murder. 
So, now that (uk)hardcore has climbed out of the filthy hole that was "happy hardcore" and into the "fucking storming hi-nrg acidized fecking awesome" seat it currnetly occupies, I was wondering if anyone else here listens to it? For anyone wanting to check it out may I suggest you have a look around for some of these great artists:

the CLSM
Plus System
Scott Brown
Dougal & Gammer (recent stuff only tho!)
Kevin Energy (Again recent only) 
Sorry Daz. 
But as I said on IRC I'm going back to mid-skool happy hardcore - Bonkers, Force&Styles, and all =). 

hardcore mixes in mp3 format with no fuss downloads, enjoy shambler :) 
The Irony Of Dimebag 
is that the shooter was angry because Pantera is no more. (Apparently he was a hardcore fan)

now the irony was that it wasn't dimebag that chose to break up the band, t'wad their singer. 
This Is A Song About You And I 
Hey !! Jesus does music now (Photo of Devendra Banhart in the top left) ?? 8P

BTW, I'm currently listening to Rammstein latest album titled "Reise Reise", and it's really good german industrial rock, perhaps less powerfull than previous albums, but anyway, it's IMHO good music... for those who like rock.. take a lok at 
Shambler / Von / Anyone 
I'm currently working overtime, but since nobody else is in the office, I can listen to music. I've been listening to various stuff, but right now I'm listening to Ed Rush & Optical (The Creeps.)

Anyway, I was into dnb a bit at uni, and although I haven't listened to much in the past couple of years, I think I might start getting some good dnb cds. Since I know I like Ed Rush, I just pre-ordered Out of the Box from Amazon (the bonus dvd sounded like it might be really cool.)

Are there any other good dnb cds that you think I might like? 
panacea shares needles with tarmvred 
well i'm not into dnb these times, but i can name some of the cds i still listen to:

Movement- Perpetual DNB Motion (And other from Movement)
Andy C - Ram Raiders in the mix (and other cds from Ram Records)
Anything from True Playaz
Dillinja - Cybotron
Torque (true oldskool darkness)

And of course Panacea, albums like:
Disorder - 2nd Gen
German Engineering
Underground Superstardom
Panacea/Cativo - The Hardest tour 
I Mainly Listen To Hardcore Death Metal Bands Such As 
Andrea True Connection
Burt Bacharach
The Carpenters
Perry Como
Cilla Black
Connie Francis
The Ronettes

and of coursse, the hardest, most controversial motherfucker to ever come out of Jacksonville -- Pat Boone 
1. Ignore blackpope, there is some good DNB on the Panacea shares thing but only a couple of tracks.

2. Mostly ignore Vondur as he is outdated, good suggestion for the time but mostly inapplicable.

3. Cancel your Ed Rush & Optical order unless you want a CD full off cheesey clownstep with wobbly basslines. However that is representative of ONE current DnB

4. Instead:

General DnB over the last few years:

Andy C - Nightlife (Ram)
Andy C - Nightlife2 (Ram)

--- both good for a varied selection of mostly energetic stuff.

(Also try: Both of the Ram Raiders Mix CDs)

Hard DnB recently:

Various - Biological Warfare (Outbreak Recs) --- generally good and raucous mix CD
Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane (BSE) --- two CDs of harder, trancier stuff, 2nd half of 2nd CD is best DnB evar.
Dom & Roland - Chronology (Moving Shadow) --- atmospheric / industrial DnB, well produced.

(Also try: Any of the recent albums on Renegade Hardware e.g. Four Elements, Paranoia, School Of Hard Knocks)

Dancefloor / jump up / clownstep:

Don't have much of this. The ER&O CD might be suitable. But also try:

3D Mode Presents: Under The Counter (DJ Hazard mix) --- energetic & raucous.
Futurebound presents: The New Generation (Infrared) --- errrr, ditto, plus the first track will blow your bollox off.

(Also, the new DJ Die album will probably be good in that style).

Mellow / atmospheric DnB:

Not really into this but there's a lot of the "liquid funk" style around at the moment. Stuff like Calibre, High Contrast, Hospital Records etc. I kinda like:

Klute - Lie Cheat and Steal --- more atmospheric and less howling vocals.

...that should do for the moment. I just need to add: "w3rd". 
P.S. Shambler Has Mostly Been Listening To: 

Shere Khan - Age (Petrol)
Omni Trio - Rogue Satellite (???)
3D Mode Presents: Under The Counter (3D Mode)


Bonkers 2 (React)
Bonkers 10 (React)
Hixxy's Exclusive John Peel Mix (React)


DJ Producer - Interpretations (Rebel Scum)


Richie Hawtin - Decks, EFX & 909 (???)
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Closer To The Edit (???)


Von Thronstahl - Imperium Internum (Coldspring)
VA - Chamber (Coldspring)

...w3rd =) 
now i'm outdated and obsolete

/me selfdeletes 
Nah Von... 
I'm sure for power-noise, black ambient, neo-industrial and evile-electronica (for example), you are as cutting edge as ever =). 
i feel better now ;)

/me restores 
evile electronica? O_O 
yeah Shambler u want to mp3 up and dcc me that Hixxy john peel mix, u know it! :) 
Daz u want to buy it, it was only �2 from HMV. Although it might have been a limited edition thing... 
Out Of The Box 
I haven't cancelled it yet, but I was trying to listen to a copy at work and I see what you mean by bouncy. Also, the tracks I could be arsed listening to all sounded very similar.

To be honest, I only listened to the first 3 tracks or so, then skipped into the album a bit to see if I could chance across something that sounded cool. My crappy speakers at work are a bit broken and the bass was making them fuck up, so I just stopped listening to the album.

I put on Andy C - Nightlife instead, which I quite like, so perhaps I will buy that as opposed to Out of the Box. 
Peel Slowly & See... 
Black Angel Death Song - Velvet Underground

but nevermind. 
Everyone Should Listen To Huoratron. 
Fun stuff. 
Re: Everyone Should Listen To Huoratron 

War Is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Is Strength 
pushplay is boring 
I Masturbate To This 
Blackpope's Pedophilia Is Confirmed 
also has been updated , there will be 2 new released next week

I personally am looking forward to both of them alot. 
My Album IS DONE 
As sort of a side project or dual project between mapping, I've been working on an album since November. I finished it yesterday and now it's there for you all to enjoy.

Try to listen to it as a whole, otherwise the songs might seem to have no definite structure. 
I've just download all the stuff. I still didn't find time to listen all the titles (for sure I wil and give my humble opinion...), but title 3 "Qualude Font Design" link is broken... sorry for this bad news :( 
Should Be Fixed Now JPL 
There was a typo.

Carry on. 
Well, it's not the kind of music I'm generally listening (I'm rather used to listen Death Metal, Hard Core / Trance Techno, Pop Rock, etc..), but I found your album really interesting. It was a rather cool experience of quietness for me.... It's an ideal background music for a good diner at home with friends, or your girlfriend... Keep it up ! 
I gave that shit a try yo, I do listen to a bit of ambient stuff. This had some nice sounds in it and stuff and seemed well done but didn't really grab me much. Just my view tho, it's kinda tangential to my music tastes. 
Go Go Go 
JPL listens to hardcore, more respect to him! 
aphex twin's selected ambient works volume 2 roxors me. 
Blitz - Residue 
It reminds me a bit of the American McGee's Alice soundtrack--which is not altogether a bad thing--but as a unit, I'm not sure the ambience is cohesive or appropriate enough to provide good mapping music. Doubtless it was not intended to be mapping music, but that's mostly the only sort of music I listen to these days. 
Alice Soundtrack 
was done by the great Chris Vrenna 
Shut Up 
yes you 
Nice DnB And Stuff: 
Metallica - The Call of Ktulu

(dunno why they spelled it wrong, perhaps to help people pronounce it properly, but anyway, ace tunes, no singing, wish they would mix in a vague ktulu ftagn :D) 
I just want to tell you how much I like your album. It took me sometime to get into it, but now I'm listening to it quite often.
I especially like "November Saturday PT 1", "Imaginary Archipelago" and the last three tracks. "The Truth" is a fantastic track! I'll definitely use that on some mixes ;) 
Thank you very much Spirit of 85! Glad there are people out there who like it so much. Let me know if you do put some of the tracks out on a mix or something, I'd love to hear the type of context it's being used in. 
The Musings Of A First-time Drunk 
Joanna Newsom. Plain and simple. Magical and child-like, it takes me back to innocence and pure simple-minded indulgence. No rot like sex or politics, just helpful, loving mother's milk.

Pope, I think I would cyber you if you cybered me, reciprocity now that I think about it. You're a nice guy deep down, be at peace sir.

Vondur, I will defeat you while I'm drunk and tired one day. Some day I it will come true.

Right now, Joanna Newsom is all that matters. Bridges and Balloons and everything. 
Awwwww. Magical And Childlike Indeed. 
Zwiffle is about as cute a drunk as this dog.

Can we keep him? As long as he doesn't shit on the rug? 
I Don't Think I Wrote Anything So Innocent And Sweet 
I don't think I wrote anything so innocent and lame the first time I got drunk...and I was ten! 
He He, 
my best friend's dog got into the brownies once. He fell on his side and pissed himself.

Zwiffle is going to regret post #220 in the morning. 
Isn't Chocolate Lethal To Dogs? 
I've Heard That One 
before. I use to always give my dogs half of my candy bars when I was a kid, and never seen one get sick or die as a result. I suspect that that may be an urban legend, just from my experience (probably created by a cat lover), but I could be wrong. 
Chocolat is bad for most animals really, deadly in large doses, most of the time it just makes them sick, guess you had some tough dogs HeadThump, or maybe your candy bars just didn't have much chocolat in them. =) 
Just To Be On The Safe Side 
I haven't given them chocolate for quite some time.

But what about beer? My dogs love it; especially if it is warm and flat. 
Are your dogs australian? xD 
I just don't like to drink alone ;) 
Musings From A 2nd Time Drunk 
Dogs are wonderful beasts, I would become a farmer back before domestication existed and use my dogs as slaves for tree-climbing ... that way I can get to the sweetest watermelons. You see, before domestication, watermelons grew on huge oaks and you had to climb nearly 300 feet straight into the air to get one, and a watermelon only grew from a tree once every 13 and a half years.

I'm not drunk, this is really how I think. Seriously, I'm not drunk.

Sparta is a good band imo, got Porcelain a couple weeks ago and it is quite good. Not heavy or anything, but floats like a butterfly in a straight direction, instead of all over the place. Quite focused imo, good stuff. 
A person who needs to reaffirm people that he is not drunk, probably is, but not necessarily drunk from alcohol or other chemicals. As I like to call it, So Little Sleep Your Mind Can't Think Straight. 
Rouge~fire Demo 
Something I did recently.. beat and electric-piano was from some older demo experiment stuff I never used, so recently I sat with it and it kinda came together. 
5 Year Old Metal

5 year old kid doing vocals for some band
its... strange. though some people dont believe its real... however i have no problem accepting its occurance, ive heard worse tantrums. 
"playing God" 
Here's another rouge~fire demo.... it's kinda out there I mean... not my typical kind of arrangement. It's kind of an ironic song, given the title you'd think this might be hard rock, but it's not.

"playing god" - 03:26, 160 kbps, 3.93 MB 
Shambler's recent playlists:

These are almost all good stuff but some I recommend more than others if you're into those particular styles. For many of these you can check out excellent MP3 playlists at

Very recent:

The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks (hardcore techno, disappointing, not as good as his Interpretations CD)
Marco Bailey - Sindustry (techno, good stuff, solid banging funky mix) Recommended
Klute - No-one Is Listening Any More (intelligent drum'n'bass, good, well produced often atmospheric, with a strong downbeat/vocal 2nd CD) Recommended
Pentagon - Revelation (mellow / atmospheric drum'n'bass from Japan, with a fair bit of funk) Recommended
P Money - Magic City (hip-hop from New Zealand, quite good but not as good as his excellent Big Things CD)
VA - Riddim Driven: Rah Rah (ragga, rudebwoy business)
VA - Riddim Driven: Stepz (ragga, rudebwoy business)
VA - Riddim Driven: Strip Down (ragga, bit saucier than the other two)
(All Recommended if you like ragga)


The DJ Producer - Interpretations (hardcore techno) Recommended
Various - Bonkers 1 (mid-skool happy hardcore / trancecore)
Various - Bonkers 2 (mid-skool happy hardcore / trancecore)
Various - Bonkers X (modern hardcore)
DJ Hixxy - Exclusive John Peel Bonkers Mix (modern happy hardcore)
(All Recommended if you like hardcore)
Various - 3D Mode presents: Under The Counter (jump-up drum'n'bass) Recommended
Shere Khan - Age (tech-step and mellow drum'n'bass)
Omni Trio - Rogue Satellite (ambient drum'n'bass)
Richie Hawtin - Decks, Efx & 909 (techno)
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Closer To The Edit (techno)
Von Thronstahl - Imperium Infernum (neo-classical/martial) Recommended
Various - Chamber / Coldspring Sampler (dark-ambient/industrial/classical/experimental) 
Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore TECHNO TECHNO 
hardcore techno . . . hardcore techno . . . mid-skool happy hardcore . . . mid-skool happy hardcore . . . modern happy hardcore . . . dark-ambient/industrial/classical...

Shambler, I have some hardcore country-western you might be interested it.

Also, I bet that last line contained "hardcore" somewhere in there too, but it was blocked by Func's line limit. 
NIN - With Teeth 
No mention of NIN's "With Teeth" in this thread yet? Since the album has been out for a few weeks now, I figured someone would've posted about it by now.

Anyway, this is a very decent album. Not ground-breaking, but definately good. It may take a couple of run-throughs to "get it" and for the album to start growing on you. My favourite tracks are "All the Love in the World", "With Teeth" and "Right Where It Belongs".

I am looking forward to seeing NIN perform at the Provinssirock festival in Finland next month. 
I listened to it, and didn't want to get it. The Downward Spiral is my fav but Fragile was good in it's own right too. 
Aphex Twin 
is the rockzors. very different from what i listen to normally, but still extremly nice.

fenixfunc 5 & schottkey 7th path.. 
...The new(ish) album from Nu-nrg, the trance legends. If you like trance you've probably got this already... but if not, go get it now! Superb stuff all round. 
You probably know the demoscene?
There was this quite famous finnish
group way back called the future crew.
They made some quite nice pc demos.
Many of the guys then formed the game
company Remedy.

This is the original soundtrack for their
epic megademo "Unreal".

You need a plugin for winamp/whatever you use,
BASS module is good.

From 1993 or something... It's good, a bit uneven maybe for working background music.
If you're interested, you can check for all kinds of things from the demoscene. An example could be a 64kb minutes long 3d intro with scenery and everything... 
With Teeth 
at first i thought it sucked. but then i just gave it a few more spins and well, it's a good pop/rock album, nothing wrong here, as nin always were sorta electronic rock band. or whatever. only bad thing about with teeth is the vocals. and some lyrics. and reznor is at it again - creating several version of it, like, vinyl version having additional track. not that it's very good but still. anyways, the people in japan get the release with some neat bonuses, one of which is the alternate version of one of the best songs on with teeth - right where it belongs.

for the last couple of months i've been listening to various stuff from ministry, revolting cocks, and for some reason, zz top. 
DHR Anyone? 
panic dhh is what kicks my ass most at the moment. noise and pure energy. seeing them live was a unique experience. :)
unfortunately i missed the ambassador 21 gig (comparable to atari teenage riot, but better) last year, which could have been a similar one. the live recordings do not deliver their power very well, because the bass drums are hardly audible sometimes (like so often with 'non-professional' live recordings), but you might want to check it out nevertheless, along with the rest of the dtrash caralogue:
another trashy nice band from this label is schizoid, kind of grindcore influenced. my favortite is "covered in metal"... 
Really liked their early breakcore stuff - Harder Than The Rest compilation, Sonic Subjunkies, Christoph De Babalon, early Alec Empire. C de B's "My Confession" ranks highly as one of the darkest and most atmospheric jungle tracks ever. But as they tended more into punky stuff, I lost interest... 
As A Service To Everyone 
From here until eternity, there should be no one who ever uses the word "herein" in the context of a rock band due to the similar spelling of the word "heroin." 
Been listening a lot to some anime stuff - Wind from Naruto and the closing theme from Samurai Champloo are my absolute favorites so far. Absolutely fantastic shit, also groovin to various Bebop tracks, lookin for more, but those are the best I've found so far. 
Soul Mining 
Lately I've been really into "The The - Soul Mining"

It's just a great, overlooked alt/indie pop album from the 80s. The title as you might imagine, deals with soul searching and digging up the things you like and dislike about yourself. This is just about one of the most thoughtful and intricate pop albums ever made, and if you want to see where Trent Reznor picked up a few tricks, check this out.

(Reznor signed The The to his label, so the influence is even more obvious)

Sonically, it's really something. There's a lot of great synth work, but almost every song is peppered with some kind of chromatic percussion and energetic drum beat, so the complex lyrical content becomes more easily digestible.

Check out this album if you have an open mind for something odd but ultimately extremely rewarding. 
Reminds Me, 
I found The Cure's Wishes in an old case last weekend. I haven't listened to them in years, and I have to say, it stands the test of time very well, accept for 'Let's Get Happy.' 
The Cure 
Good stuff. But Robert isn't 25 anymore, he needs to lose his look. 
Trentem�ller - Polar Shift (Poker Flat Records)

Primus - Brown Album 
Stuff like Camelback Cinema, Bob's Party Time Lounge, Shake Hands With Beef...

Ahh good stuff. 
Drum'n'bass Mixes 
there are lots of it. and most of them are good, but also not really outstanding mostly.
i found the mixes by cativo, dunkelbunt and mookee to be quite unique and fresh in a way. plus they're suited for mapping AND playing alike.
you'll probably see what i mean if you check them out. 
Drum'n'bass CDs 
Blame - 720 Revolutions (720 Records)

YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. I got it for the shocking bargain price of �1 / E1.5 / $2 and it's the best DnB album I've got for quite a while, just top quality high energy no bullshit DnB tunage. W3rd. 
To Balance Out This Thread 
I know there's at least a couple of heterosexual real music listening mappers so here goes:

Gardenian - Soulburner (2000)

Yeah it's gothenburg-metal but it's a bit on the aggressive side and the melodies are full and the rhythms just right in many songs. A few pieces have cheesy clean vocals. Although they are really well sung (on one take!), they could have made the lyrics with a bit more style in those songs. The third track, Deserted, just moves your guts.

Gardenian is really good working music since the words are mumbled/growled so they don't disturb but you get a really good rhythm and furious feeling.
i meant to say the third track is good, not that it makes you want to vomit. :) 
Just One Track... 
The Upbeats - Werewolf


So who was insinuating dance music was fassyhole music again?? 
You Were 
<--- Sheet Music 
Pandora -

Can you help me discover more music that I'll like?
Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Each friend told us their favorite artists and songs, explored the music we suggested, gave us feedback, and we in turn made new suggestions. Everybody started joking that we were now their personal DJs.

We created Pandora so that we can have that same kind of conversation with you.


To start things off, we'll play a song that exemplifies Local H's hard rock roots, mild rhythmic syncopation, minor key tonality, repetitive melodic phrasing and extensive vamping.

LOL. But a cool site. I might subscribe after the free 10 hours expire. 
Or noise, if you prefer.

Thanks to the increasing bleak and wintery season, I've been getting back into dark amb and related noises.

Recent purchases have included:

Beneath The Lake - Silent Uprising (Glass Throat Recordings)
Biosphere - Autour De La Lune (Touch Records)
Ex.Order - War Within Breath (Malignant Records)
Herbst9 - Buried Under Time And Sand (Loki Foundation)
Kriegsfall-U - Kriefsfall-U (ColdSpring)
PH2 - Resource (Dark Vinyl)
Profane Grace - Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients (Memento Mori)

Out of that lot, my favourites are the throbbing noise of Ex.Order, and the ambient drones of PHD2. Most of them are good though.

Also, in a rare outing from the pit, I travelled down to the big city to go to Coldspring's 15th Anniversary party. Quite entertaining seeing some of this stuff live, and an amusing atmosphere ;). Bands were: Kriegsfall-U (good performance of tribal industrial drumming with nihilistic vocals and approach), H.E.R.R. (entertaining and varied performance of stirring military and industrial music), and Von Thronstahl (a bit disappointing, frontman has good stage presence, but too heavy metal compared to their CDs, and sound problems too).

Got some more stuff on order as well. The dark amb / noise scene is brain-achingly bewildering at times. But there's some gems to be found I think ;). 
Check out Biosphere & Dethprod - Nordheim Transformed -- very wintery dark ambient album 
Ambient? Oh Yes, Ambient Indeed. 
First, some nearly beatless ambient - I go for the drifting, psychedelic end of the genre more than the creepy dark stuff - though I can agree that Biosphere's an absolute master.

Ishq - Orchid
Ishvara - Magik Square of the Sun
Brian Eno and Robert Fripp - The Equatorial Stars
Delerium - Spheres
Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris - Dreamfish (on the FAX label, home of more ambient, synth, and dub than l'll ever fully explore)
Robert Rich - Below Zero / Calling Down the Sky
Maitreya - Telluric Waves
Global Communication - 76:14
Ornament - Bleu
H.U.V.A. Network - Distances
Aphex Twin - Select Ambient Works Vol. II

Then, some not-quite-pure-ambient. Trance, dub, and downtempo with heavy ambient stylings:

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden / The Path (download here: )
Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station / Leaving Home
Amorphous Androgynous - Tales of Ephidrina
Electric Skychurch - Sonic Diary
Future Sound of London - Lifeforms
Hesius Dome - Farewell Waltz
Mystery of the Yeti compilation
Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences
Shulman - In Search of a Meaningful Moment
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?
Nodens Ictus - Spacelines
Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes / Midnight's Children
Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit
Gus Till - Electric Oceans
Dub Trees - Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her

That was fun to compile. 
don't forget "hallucinogen - in dub" then! 
New Music From Canada 
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
Political thrash-punk at it's most anti-American.

Jesse Dangerously - Inter Alia
Fresh and creative hip-hop exists, Halifax's best MC proves it. 
Nice Grahf, seems like we have almost the same music taste :)
I'll try to add some more great albums to this list later. Meanwhile I can already say that I own and love almost everything from the Ultimae label! 
That Jesse Dangerously 
is pretty good

really weird, but in a good way 
Computer Geek Rappers... 
...are the last bastion of creativity in hip-hop.

MC Frontalot

MC Chris

Jesse Dangerously

Optimus Rhyme

Baddd Spellah

MC Hawking 
Anyone like the Trip-hop by Tricky? 
On the other hand, I do like Tip-Hop by Tipper, which is top notch instrumental hip-hop with some beats so phat they make yo mom look anorexic. W3rd. 
This Is Kind Of Stunning... 
An incredible rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by a dude on a ukelele. About eight million times better than it sounds like it would be. I think I may have shed a tear about halfway through. 
Oh My God 
As a person who had been playing guitar from the age of 6 to the age of 13 I found that video to be OHMYFUCKINGGODAMAZING :o Damn, the hair on my hands and my back rose when listening to that. 
Welcome To Fuck You Friday 
Fuck I hate guitar music. Fuck you. 
Damn you. I just watched it again and it reminded me what a ridiculously stupid teenager I was at the age of 13, dropping out of GUITAR SCHOOL (after 6 years of playing) due to some stupid anti-parent-authority rebellion period I was going throw at the time 
How Old Are You, 87? 
Join up again if you feel that strongly about it. It's not too late unless you're dead.

Hi czg, fuck you too man! :) /me waves merrily 
Son Doobie - Doobie Deluxe (Battle Axe) - phatass hip-hop with a slight gangsta feel. Solid beats and some class tracks.

Rob The Viking - Beats To Pillage And Conquer By (Battle Axe) - instrumentals from various Battle Axe releases, top quality stuff, real dope beats with nice melodies and stuff.

Hardcell and Grindvik - Gainlane (Drumcode) - proper banging dancefloor techno for a bit of change, Fric you'll like this.

P.S. TipHop is still excellent FFS everyone get it. 
As Of Late... 
...I've been listening to:

- Studio solo recordings of Tim Skold (bass player from Marilyn Manson). Seems like a very talented guy, tracks "I Hate" and "The Point" are exceptionally good.

- "The Starwheel" from Kammarheit. Dark Ambient awesomeness.

- The debut album of a finnish act Turmion K�til�t called "Hoitovirhe". Industrial, very Rammstein-like and overall very decent stuff.

- "Karma" from Delerium helps me relax. 
Some New Stuff 
That I've done

"a rare warmth" and "mohabbat"

Also does anyone listen to Massive Attack, Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird (trip-hop) ? 
Sounding Good 
you have nice production going there. Not quite enough happens for my taste, but then this type of music isn't my area of expertise. I liked the end of 'a rare warmth'; it builds convincingly and goes somewhere.

overall, nice mood; especially in mohabbat. I think the 'sounds of the sea' effect you used in 'a rare warmth' needs to be changed to something else though: seems kind of tacky... they've got that effect on little casio keyboards but you've got a sexy Fantom.

Cool backstory on your great-grandfather by the way. Nice thing to be able to write songs about. I'd do the same but my great-grandad ran a mill. What a shoddy concept-album that'd be. 
Oh I Was Going To Say 
I'm from Bristol, which is pretty much the place where Trip-Hop started, so I've been exposed to quite a lot of it. I like it but I'm not really an expert to be honest. The only related thing I've heard recently is Beth Gibbons' (the singer for Portishead) solo album. That's not even really trip-hop anymore, but if you like Portishead, you'll like that. 
Thanks for your insightful critique - I look forward to that more than "it was cool!" :)

To clarify a few things. The ocean-waves sound is something I contemplated for quite some time. Unfortunately I cannot remove them, as I no longer have the source WAV's - from a rather frustrated fit of deletion (although it did solve my issue of having 4 GB of raw files to backup :P)

Also, not sure what you mean by Cool backstory on your great-grandfather by the way. Nice thing to be able to write songs about -- I just felt I had to name what I've got, so I named it after him. The songs, if you can call them that (I consider them more like soundscapes) are just typical, sonic manifestations of life experiences and moods :)

A lot of movie scores influence me, sometimes I write with a scene in my head. Thanks for listening. 
By saying I just felt I had to name what I've got, I meant naming the humble studio after him. (I thought you might've mentioned 'studio' in your post and seem to have confused it all with the concept of an album) 
In Case Anyone Was Interested In Checking It Out 
My rather extensive metal CD collection, predominantly Black Metal.

122 Stab wounds � The Deity of Perversion
1349 � Beyond the Apocalypse

Abigor � Orkblut: The Retaliation
Abigor � Nachthymnen ( From the Twilight Kingdom )
Abigor � Channeling the Quintessence of Satan
Abruptum � Casus Luciferi
Absu � The Sun of Tipareth
Absu � Tara
Abyssos � Together We Summon the Dark
Algaion � Oimai Algaion
Algaion � General Enmity
Anata � The Infernal Depths of Hatred
And Oceans � A.M.G.O.D.
Akercocke � Choronzon
Anorexia Nervosa � Suicide is Sexy
Anorexia Nervosa � Sodomizing the Archangel
Anorexia Nervosa � Drudenhaus
Anorexia Nervosa � New Obscuritis Order
Anorexia Nervosa � The September EP
Arckanum / Svartsyn Split
Arcturus � Constellation / My Angel
Arcturus � Aspera Hiems Symphonia
Arcturus � La Masquerade Infernale
Arcturus � The Sham Mirrors
Arcturus � Sideshow Symphonies
Arkona � An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Gods
Ataraxia � El Fantasama dell Opera
Axis of Perdition � The Ichneumon Method
Axis of Perdition � Physical Illucinations In The Sewer Of Xuchilbara (The Red God)
Axis of Perdition � Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital
Azaghal � Of Beasts and Vultures
Azaghal � Perkeleen Luoma

Behemoth � Chaotica
Behemoth � Satanica
Behemoth � Zos Kia Cultus
Behemoth � Demigod
Belkatre - Ambre Zu�rkl Vuorhdr�varvtre
Bethlehem - Schatten Auf Der Alexander Welt
Blut Aus Nord � Ultima Thulee
Blut Aus Nord � Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age
Blut Aus Nord � The Mystical Beast of Rebellion
Blut Aus Nord � The Work Which Transforms God
Blut Aus Nord � Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity
Burzum � Burzum/Aske
Burzum � Det Som Engang Var
Burzum � Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Children of Bodom � Something Wild
Children of Bodom � Hatebreeder
Children of Bodom � Follow the Reaper
Children of Bodom � Hate Crew Deathroll
Corpus Domini � ST
Covenant � Nexus Polaris
Cradle of Filth � The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle of Filth � Vempire
Cradle of Filth � Dusk and Her Embrace
Cradle of Filth � Cruelty and the Beast
Cradle of Filth � From the Cradle to Enslave
Cradle of Filth � Midian
Cradle of Filth � Bitter Suites to Succubi
Cradle of Filth � Lovecraft and Witchhearts
Cradle of Filth � Damnation and a Day
Cradle of Filth � Nymphetamine

Dark Funeral � The Secret of the Black Arts
Dark Funeral � Diabolis Interium
Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus
Dark Throne � Soulside Journey
Deathspell Omega � Infernal Battles
Deathspell Omega � Inquisitors of Satan
Deathspell Omega � Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
Deathspell Omega - Kenose
Deathstars � Synthetic Generation
Deicide � In Torment in Hell
Deicide � Scars of the Crucifix
Diabolical Masquerade � Ravendusk in my Heart
Diabolicum � The Dark Blood Rising
Dimmu Borigr � Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dimmu Borgir � Spiritual Black Dimensions
Dimmu Borgir � Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Dimmu Borgir � Death Cult Armageddon
Disiplin � ST
Disiplin � Anti-Life
Dissection � The Past is Alive
Dissection � The Somberlain
Dissection � Storm of the Light�s Bane
Dodheimsgard � Monumental Possession
Dodheimsgard � 666 International

Einherjer - Blot
Emperor � Wrath of the Tyrants
Emperor � In the Nightshade Eclipse
Emperor � Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Emperor � IX Equilibrium
Emperor � Prometheus
Endstille � Fruhlingserwachen
Endstille � Dominanz
Endstille - Navigator
Enslaved/Satyricon � Yggdrasill/The Forest is my Throne
Enslaved � Frost
Enslaved � Eld
Enslaved � Mardraum
Enslaved � Monumension
Enslaved � Below the Lights
Enslaved � Isa

Fields of the Nephilim � Dawnrazor
Fields of the Nephilim � The Nephilim
Fields of the Nephilim � Elizium
Fields of the Nephilim � Revelations
Fog � Through the Eyes of Night�Winged They Come
Funeral Mist - Salvation 
Part 2 
Gestapo 666 � Black Gestapo Metal
Goetia � Hail Satan
Gorgoroth � Twilight of the Idols
Grabnelelfursten � Von Schemen und Trugbildern
Graveland � Immortal Pride
Graveland � Creed of Iron
Graveland � Blood of Heroes
Graveworm � Scourge of Malice
Graveworm � Engraved in Black
Green Carnation � Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Green Carnation � A Blessing in Disguise

Hate Eternal � Conquering the Throne
Hate Eternal � King of all Kings
The Haunted � The Haunted Made Me Do It
The Haunted � One Kill Wonder
Hecate Enthroned � Upon Promethean Shores
Hecate Enthroned � The Slaughter of Innocence
Hecate Enthroned � Dark Requiems and Unsilent Massacre
Hecate Enthroned � Kings of Chaos
Hecate Enthroned � Redimus
Hefeystos � Hefeystos
Hell Milita � Canonisation of the Foul Spirit
Honor � The Fire of the Final Battle
Hypocrisy � The Arrival

Immortal � Battles in the North
Immortal � At the Heart of Winter
Immortal � Damned in Black
Immortal � Sons of Northern Darkness
Isengard � Vinterskugge

Judas Iscariot � The Cold Earth Slept Below
Judas Iscariot � Thy Dying Light
Judas Iscariot � Distant in Solitary Night

Kataklysm � Serenity in Fire
Keep of Kalessin � Agnen
Kovenant - Animatronic

Limbonic Art � Epitome of Illusions
Limbonic Art � Moon in the Scorpio
Limbonic Art � In Abhorrence Dementia
Limbonic Art � Ad Noctum
Lord Belial � Unholy Crusade
Lucifugum (Spain) � Invade
Lucifugum (Ukraine) � Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism
Lux Occulta � Forever Alone Immortal
Lux Occulta � Dionysos
Lux Occulta � My Guardian Anger

Marduk � Nightwing
Mayhem � De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem � Wolf�s Lair Abyss
Mayhem � Grand Declaration of War
Mayhem - Chimera
Meshuggah � Contradictions Collapse
Meshuggah � None
Meshuggah � Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah � Chaosphere
Meshuggah � Rare Trax
Meshuggah � Nothing
Moonblood � Fullmoon Witchery
Moonblood � Kingdom Under the Funeral Skies
Moonblood � Sob a Lua Do Bode
Moonblood � Taste Our German Steel
Mindgrinder � Mindtech
Moonspell � The Antidote
Moonspell - Wolfheart
Morbid Angel � Altars of Madness
Morbid Angel � Blessed are the Sick
Morbid Angel � Covenant
Morbid Angel � Domination
Morbid Angel � Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Morbid Angel � Gateways to Annihilation
Morbid Angel � Heretic
Mortiis � Fodt til a Herske
Mutiilation � Majestas Leprosus
Mutiilation � Rattenkonig
My Dying Bride � The Angel and the Dark River
My Dying Bride � The Light at the End of the World
Myrkskog � Deathmachine
Mystic Circle � Morgenrote
Mystic Circle � Dracenblut
Mystic Circle � Infernal Satanic Verses
Mystic Circle � Kriegsgrotter 2
Mystic Circle � The Great Beast
Mystic Circle � Damien
Mystic Circle � Open the Gates of Hell
Mystic Forest � Green Hell 
Part 3 
Narglfar - Sheol
Nightwish � Angels Fall First
Nightwish � Century Child
Nile � Amongst the Catacombs of Nephen-Ka
Nile � In Their Darkened Shrines
Nine Inch Nails � Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails � Broken
Nine Inch Nails � The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails � The Fragile
Ninnghizhidda - Blasphemy
Ninnghizhidda � Demigod
Nocternity � En Oria
Nocternity - Onyx
Nokturnal Mortum � The Taste of Victory

Octinimos � On the Demiurge
Octinimos � Welcome to my Planet
Old Man�s Child � Born of the Flickering
Old Man�s Child � The Pagan Prosperity
Old Man�s Child � In Defiance of Existence
Old Man�s Child - Vermin
Opeth � Orchid
Opeth � Morningrise
Opeth � My Arms, Your Hearse
Opeth � Still Life
Opeth � Blackwater Park
Opeth � Deliverance
Opeth � Damnation
Orphaned Land � Mabool
Oxiplegatz � Worlds and Worlds
Oxiplegatz � Sidereal Journey

Peccatum � Lost in Reverie
Pessimist � Cult of the Initiated
Pessimist � Blood for the Gods

Samael � Worship Him
Samael � Blood Ritual
Samael � Ceremony of Opposites
Samael � Rebellion
Samael � Passage
Samael � Exodus
Samael � Eternal
Samael � Reign of Light
Satyricon � Dark Medieval Times
Satyricon � The Shadowthrone
Satyricon � Nemesis Divina
Satyricon � Rebel Extravaganza
Satyricon � Volcano
Skymning � Artificial Supernova
Skymning � Machina Genova
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Suffocation � Pierced from Within
Suffocation � Souls to Deny
Summoning � Dol Goldur

Tartaros � The Red Jewel
Tenebrae in Perpetuum � Onori Funebri Rituali
Thergothon - Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth
Thergothon � Everlasting
Therion � Beyond Sanctorum
Therion � Symphony Masses
Therion � Theli
Therion � Vovin
Therion � Deggial
Therion � Secret of the Runes
Therion � Lemuria
Therion � Sirius B
Thorns � ST
Thou Shalt Suffer � Somnium
Thyrfing - ST
Tinieblas � Dark Infernal Light
Tool � Opiate
Tool � Undertow
Tool � Aenima
Tool � Lateralis
Tristania � Widow�s Weeds
Trollheims Grott � Bloodsoaked and Ill-fated
Tvangeste � Firestorm

Ulver � Bergtatt
Ulver � Kveldssanger
Ulver � Nattens Madrigal
Unlord � Gladiator

Vital Remains � Dawn of the Apocolypse
Vital Remains � Dechristianize
Vlad Tepes � An Ode to Our Ruin
Vlad Tepes � Black Legions Spirits
Vlad Tepes � March to the Black Holocaust
Vlad Tepes � The Black Legions
Vlad Tepes � La Morte Luna

Watain � Rabid Death�s Curse
Watain � Casus Luciferi
Winds � Reflections of the I
Winds � The Imaginary Direction of Time

Zyklon � World ov Worms
Zyklon � Aeon 
Fucking Hell 
I don't see Zoon though �_� 
I have it, just forgot to add it...whoops.

On that note, how's Mourning Sun? Hasn't come out in the US yet. 
Mourning Sun 
It's good, not a disappointment, worth the wait etc. I'd say it made a good companion to Zoon; it's closer to it in terms of structure and the mix of atmospheric/aggressive sounds than it is to e.g. The Nephilim album. It's clearly more a product of Carl's personal digital audio craftsmanship, like Zoon, than the old style 'five blokes with guitars, incense and understanding neighbours' outfit of Petit et al.
As with Zoon, it doesn't reach the same transcendent momentousness of Elizium or Earth Inferno. But it definitely contains compelling and memorable stuff.
And it's great to map to. 
I've Always Found That 
Fields of the Nephilim is the single greatest mapping inspiration to myself. That's how i think i was able to finish my chapters map in such a short time, by just looping The Nephilim, Elizium and Revelations.

Just read on the Sumerland website that Mourning Sun doens't come out in the US until April 25. Methinks i'm going to say fuck it, and order it from Amazon UK. 
your cd collexion is impressive :) 
Thanks Vondur 
Your collection also has some sexy parts to it as well.

Now we need the third member of the Quake Metal Trinity to post his album collection. 
New Purchase 
What might be the first of many posts, depending on whether i feel like writing them or not, on new CD purchases.

Taake - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid

Norweigan Black Metal, utilizing the traditional Black Metal approach, to great success. Varied, interesting guitar work accented with heavy, pounding bass lines and solid drumming. Standard Black Metal vocals, with the occasional clean, deep vocals to add that special viking veneer. Well worth the 41 minutes.

9 / 10 
I Like 
my dying bride ( )
cryptopsy ( )

the first is a very weird mixture and changes quite a bit over the course of a few albums. sometimes death/doom(?)-metal; sometimes a weird mixture of katatonia/opeth/nirvana. I like the latter the most :)

cryptopsy is 'an extreme brutal technical death metal band' according to wikipedia and just has nice rhythms - to a nonmusician it sounds like they really, really know what they're doing. growling sucks though.

(i normally listen to katatonia, opeth, tool, korn, dnb, prodigy, afx, apparat) 
did u like the latest darkthrone album?
i'm fan of it :) 
Recent Bits 
John B - In Transit. This album totally pwnz0rz, starts off with a strange mix of dnb and electro which works really well, then cascades into some excellent darker dnb towards the end, special mention must go to track 5 (Sight Beyond 2004) for the coolest beat ever.

and my new genre addiction...

Finland pwnz the freeform sound! Think of it as a refreshing alternative to the happy go lucky UK sound, these artists are not afraid to get their hands dirty and the results are fantastic. Just check out "Pain on creation - Adaptation" or any of the "Alek Szahala" tracks. Amazing stuff. 
better links please - cant find the pain on creation link. 

Cryptopsy has always left the listener speechless with their technical prowess. With their latest album, however, they added in vastly creative song structure and strange pieces to further their already vast legacy.
My Dying Bride i like, in particular their Angel and the Dark River Album, and The Light at the End of the World. Haven't heard anything more recent than that though.

After listening to the new album, i've got mixed feelings for it. To me, at least, it sounded like a punk / black metal fusion. Regardless, its a good album to listen to, despite my utter contempt for punk. 
Today We Have 
Nokturnal Mortum - Lunar Poetry

The second release from Ukraine's most prolific Black Metal band does not disappoint. Majestic keyboard flourishes wage war with the almost melodic BM riffing, with the keyboards winning most of the time. Production is a bit rough, but only furthers the atmosphere. Oddly, vocals are mixed down the lowest, which works well on a symphonic album such as this. Overall, worth the time, the point where Nokturnal Mortum started to get good.

7.5 / 10 
Megaman You Suck

but on second thoughts, that is a horrid sample of the track, crap quality and about 30bpm to slow... 
Fuck That 
GODFLESH pwns you all no shit

(and yeah i got a bottle of wodka in me so fu) 
Godflesh Is Nice. 
Here in Thailand I've mostly listened to Logh and Pelican's brilliant song "March to the sea", only brought a few mp3 cds though. 
Godflesh / MDB 
Yeah, Godflesh is perfect mapping music - I listen to Pure and Streetcleaner a lot while mapping.

Ionous - My Dying Bride is one of my favourite bands. You should definately check out Songs of Darkness, Words of Light. IMO it's their best work yet.

Anyone else here listen to stuff like Sins of Thy Beloved (Lake of Sorrow) or Theatre of Tragedy (Velvet Darkness, Aegis)? 
Thanks Tyrann 
I had meant to check out more of their discography, but mainly trafficing in the VAST Black Metal underground, you sometimes forget to check out material outside the genre. So, yeah, procuring SoD,WoL has just moved to the top of the list. 
I don't remember if I already spoke about Rammstein band here. Anyway, they are from Germany and play gothic metal/hard rock that is very good IMHO. They "sing" in german most of the time, even there are some titles in english and spanish. BTW german lyrics give a "special" rythmic effects to the songs.
They sorted 5 albums titled respectively

- "Herzeleid"
- "Sehnsucht"
- "Mutter"
- "Reise, Reise"
- "Rosenrot".

The last 2 ones are so far the best of the fifth, and I really recommended them.

BTW they got many awards last year for their work:
In the MTV - Hit or Shit annual statement 2005, which was decided by voting, Rammstein came in on number one in three categories (Best Song - Benzin, Best Album - Rosenrot), in the category Best Video Rammstein even came in on all the three first positions (1st Rosenrot, 2nd Keine Lust, 3rd Benzin).

I really encourage you guys to listen or discover this band if you don't know them ! It's up to you.. ;P 
I have the first three Rammstein albums, of which i like Sehnsucht the best.

In terms of pure German metal, Bethlehem definetly provides an interest level on par with Rammstein, especially their "Schatten Aus Alexander Veldt" album. 
You should buy "Mutter", "Reise, Reise" and "Rosenrot".. They are better than "Sehnsucht" album... believe me ;)

BT, I don't know Bethlehem band... I mean I don't know their music: I've heard their name, but for the rest... I'm unkowledgeable... sorry... 
no offence and thx to others for not taking my drunken rant about GF too seriously, but rammstein are just a poor rip-off of the great industrial rock band called MINISTRY, listen to the Psalm69 album. (i�m german btw) 
2nd Thought 
Tyrann: Godflesh being perfect mapping music ?

lol ;) I always go berserk to their stuff, how can you sit still and even map ?? 
I Might As Well Make A Post Then 
Lately I have been listening to mostly:

A lot of various electronica albums I got off (Elektronische Musik - Interkontinental 3, Advanced Public Listening 1, Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go)

The Rephlex remix album of the Manhunt soundtrack.

A whole fucking lot of Autechre and Gescom.
Especially Untilted and Keynell EP, but I also downloaded this huge .rar of all remixes done in the name of Autechre and Gescom, and there are a lot of sexcellent tracks there.

The Knife - A swedish band that makes pretty synth/elektro/vocal music.


The odd bit of noise here and there. Vondur sent me some Brighter Death Now which I need to get more of.

The Rez soundtrack, both original and official.

The Streets, which is surprising I guess.

This: (NSFW) 
PLEASE. The Rhythms are sooo simple. The Lyrics are very lyrical though, which is a nice thing. Not much meaning, but they sound great. Also the america song is hilarious. 
The Knife 
yeah, looking forward to hearing their new album when I get home, their previous one wa mostly good. 
My New Tunes... 
because the music thread was there 
This Band Seems Pretty Amazing: 
In Soviet Russia, Circles Are Squares! 
Just ask Von. 
Ambient Music 
i'm searching for nice, calm ambient music; for sleeping/resting, but also for background noise during work hours.

ATM i'm listening to afx (selected ambients mostly) and apparat.

Any ideas? (links'd be great!) 
I've always liked the Fresh Aire series by Mannheim Steamroller. Andreas Vollenweider is nice too, for some calming stuff. I'm especially fond of his "Dancing With The Lion" disc. If you like flamenco guitar, Ottmar Liebert kicks much ass. You can easily find all of these (plus samples to listen to) on Amazon with a search. 
Brian Eno's ambient series and also Music for Airports and Thursday Afternoon.

Vondur can probably recommend shitloads of dark ambient if that's your cup of tea. Lustmord and R A A N and whatever the fuck.

Biosphere is supposedly good tho I don't like it much myself... 
Thank You 
thanks ill look into those. 
Ulrich Shnauss 
If you want to relax, he is the king :)

"far away trains passing by" and "A strangely isolated place" are the albums of his that I own, and both pwn. 
Adham Shaikh - Journey To The Sun
Everything by
Global Communication - 76 14 (a classic!)
Steve Roach
the mixes by stef: (
Aural Planet - Lightflow
The Mystery Of The Yeti 1+2
Solar Quest
The Infinity Project
Human Blue
Vir Unis (uhm, not soo good imho)

Most of this is psyambient. Tell me more about your taste and I will try to recommend more. 
Oh, And About Rammstein 
If you like them give the "Farmer Boys" from southern Germany a try. Maybe you can find their fantastic "The World Is Ours" album. 
Streaming Radio 
Hey guys, I am looking for a station similar to SomaFM's "cliq-hop" station, which plays IDM all day long at 128kbps. However, they do tend to repeat stuff a lot, which is why I am looking for a similar station that maybe has a little more variety.

I haven't had a chance to burn stuff to bring into work so I need a temporary fix.

czg, pope, I am looking squarely at you guys o_o 
I Have Some... Somewheres, Maybe Not All IDM Stuffs 
[ 11:58 ] � <@czg|Work|Etc> pope: don't reply to blitz in the music thread plz. don't.
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[ 12:01 ] � <@Vondur> what

i'm getting bounce backs from your comcast email.. send me one so I can get ya in my contacts right & proper,

I miss ya :cry: 
<3 Pope 
You shouldn't be getting any sort of messages from my Comcast mail because the account is still active and paid for :|

In the meantime if that isn't working for you, I regularly check [b]lolleyballz AT gmail dot com[/b]

So yeah let me know of any stations you listen to regularly because I feel like I usually dig anything you're into usually. czg too, but he wants to remain entrenched firmly in cuntdom so that is that :)

I'll try and get on IRC at some point to talk to you, I've just been working long almost everyday to get up to speed (I'm at work now), and haven't even had time to unpack and setup my stuff :(

Anyway thanks dude and I will talk to you soon hopefully 
Thanks A Bunch 
great stuff. Already got one schnauss album and it rocks ;) 
New Freeform 
for those that are into it, check out these new releases (if you can find them!)

[FINRGHARD003] 2 great tunes from dj rx, fisheye being my personal favourite as its much darker =)

[EPLATE006] Electroplates is a spinoff from the label "electronic" that do some great stuff, this one is limited to 150 presses but its great, "Horatsu" is a swirling monster of a track and "Eidetiker" is more UK bouncy sound but still ok.

[EPLATE004] The finland inspired vinyl, hitting off with Alek Szahala's "Unicorn grove", and fantastical swirling ride that he does so well, the on the flip you've got "Holocaust of death" and "imitation of life" which are both fantastic UK efforts at the finish freeform sound, highly recommended!

[ETRIC022] Eternal Damnation EP. Woot for Panacea!! A fantastic Panacea remix of Shanty's "Times Trouble" featuring a full on mix of hardcore and dnb in that crazy way that panacea is known for. On the flip is a evil but tasty one called "Reign of terror" by Oli G and Shanty. 
This Is Kind Of A Longshot... 
but does anyone who has seen Cube 2: Hypercube, know what the song is that plays for both the titles, and end credits? i love it so much... i recorded it from the movie, but i'd much rather have a proper version of it with good quality :P 
Necros is all I could find. And that movie sucked super-ass. Never mention it again. 
i can spend 5 minutes in google too. :P

also, i think *you* suck ass, but that's ok. ;) 
MI : 3 
poo, unless ypu like cheesey american action movies. kthx bye 
As I Lay Dying 
Just played in Melbourne. Fucking great.
... that's it, really. 
Wicked Techno / Acid 
Please direct yourselves to :

check their mp3 downloads, some fantastic stuff here, "need another drink" "Whipped" and their remix of "Marco V - Godd" are my favourites. But the rest is good too.

Lordi Makes History! 
(in before voodoochopsticks) 
Fascinated to see what will happen at next years eurovision, this year was the first time I watched with real keen interest, next year will be exciting too :D

Go Finland Go !!! 
I saw yesterday night the results of Eurovision 2006 contest... and what a surprise to see Finland's Black Metal band won the price... Is it the rebirth of Death Metal ? I hope personally !!

Lab4 : None Of Us Are Saints 
If you like hard dance, you should own this album already :)

What a brilliant collection this is, ranging from the upfront UK sound to the more bizarre finnish freeform stuff currently doing the rounds, this album is definitely on the crest of current hard dance infuluences. The self titled track takes the album by storm I think with a brilliantly vibrant and dark melody that captivates me to no end, all the other tracks seem to meld into this showpiece that proves that lab4 are still the kings of hard dance music.


ps - I am very drunk 
Which band won?

Finland has been putting out some great Black Metal as of late, most notably Horna. 
The band is named LORDI, and they performed a song titled "Hard Rock Hallejuah" 
the Finnish band that won eurovison?

Now there is a lot of good music coming out of Finland, but that isn't one of them :D 
Just checked out Lordi, pretty amusing. Though when it comes to slightly goofy metal, i still prefer Finntroll.

Good stuff coming out of Finland:

Guess this fits in here:

Trailer for Eve Online, music by Black Sun Empire, pretty fucking class if you ask me. 
Planetscape Torment OST 
for free:

What is it:
Ethereal, Ambient, Synth-Orchstral, New-Age, Typical Game OST, Evil, Positive. 
Oh yes ! The video is very good... Nice indeed.. And the techno soundtrack is fucking good ! 
New CD Purchases 
Had originally planned to see Ministry, but since i suffer from narcolepsy, needed someone to go with, and make sure i'd stay awake on the 90 minute drive home. Didn't find anyone, so bought albums instead.

Katatonia - Viva Emptiness
Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
Ministry - Psalm 69
Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
Shoshtakovich - Best of...
Tidfall - Nucleus 
New Shizzle... 
Just picked these up on Sunday, some very enjoyable laid back & melodic trance with some great vocal work too;

Above & Beyond - Tri-State

A great single cd album, the classic above and beyond light pad work and wide synths mixed with some fantastic vocal work. The album shifts pace quite a bit, a few tracks with a steady beat and then a more ambient laid back track or a vocal soundscape will come in. Very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.

Gabriel & Dresden

The self titled album from G&D features some excellent vocals and interresting, fresh melodies mixed with that unmistakable G&D "bouncy" beat and rythem. Some of the tracks sound very unique with some interresting synth work that you don't really hear anywhere else. Its a lot less "trancy" than the Above & Beyond album, with the vocals doing the work instead of big wide synths or pads.

Both are recommended if you like Trance with a slightly laid back & relaxing atmosphere. 
Guitar Sounds 
I have always been into bands that have a unique, individual sound, these are the ones I like most:

Chrome/Helios Creed: unbelievable droning guitar sound and very strange lyrics dealing with all kinds of strange psycho stuff... (meaningful pause)

Big Black/Shellac/Steve Albini: at first if you hear this you think your speakers are broken or something, it�s that weird, but after some listening it sure grows, Albini was at some time regarded the most prolific "independent" producer, having recorded countless bands, i.e. the final Nirvana lp "In Utero"

God (pathological records label): a collaborational project including england�s finest "alternative" forces at that time, members from SLAB, Godflesh, etc.

Tar: Chicago based group with an unbelievable guitar flow, dirty and beautyful at the same time, house producer was mostly Steve Albini...

Cows: again a very unique sound, "fun punk" seems quite appropriate though not really fitting, some of their stuff seemed to me like a very slow but forceful lava stream :0

Hawkwind: THE psychedelic 70�s band IMO, two guitars complementing each other perfectly, kills Pink Floyd anyday (j/k)

Skullflower: the end of all guitar sounds/drones, minimalistic and forceful, geniuses at work IMO

Swans: it�s more the bass than the guitar, but M. Gira sure knows how to tear shit up no less. 
Thanks for that list. I'm gonna try to have a listen to some of those and maybe snag a few when I have somemore $$. 
That EVE Online Vid... 
The track is "arrakis" from this album :

w00t :) 
I have been going through this weird phase of listening to a lot of techno groups from the 90'ies and I can wholeheartedly recommend the album "Dune" from the band of the same name if you are into happy hardcore / eurotrance. Some Wikipedia info on the band here:

According to my Last.FM page ( ) I have also been listening to a lot of Placebo, ATB, Depeche Mode, Robert Miles and as always, Nine Inch Nails as of late. 
Dune is great! I would also recommend you give RMB a try. I love their album Widescreen. 
bought a new cd yesterday. Karl Sanders - Saurian Meditation. Very interesting ethno-dark-folk-ambient sound. I laughted a lot when I saw that one track was called The Elder God Shrine. And the author mention the game Quake in the info about this track. 
I picked that up about a year ago off of Relapse's ebay store, good stuff. Excellent to play Diablo2 (act2) with, and Id imagine some Quake as well. Nice variation from the crushing death metal he usually plays with Nile.

Where did he mention Quake? On a website or in the booklet? I had not noticed such.
Elder God Shrine has too many quads anyways ;) 
Karl Sanders Samples... 
Here's the album Pulsar is on aboot: 
Where did he mention Quake? On a website or in the booklet? I had not noticed such.

In the booklet. He said that the title had come from the old game Quake. 
Paradise Lost 
thought to bring this thread up again.
I'm listening to shades of god. Shame this band became pop then later. Well, I guess that happens to every band. Hard to sustain your style or aspect for ten years and not become repetitive. So they turn to pop. Or maybe it's a financial necessity. I can't understand average people, are their feelings and experiences described by such horrible plastic what you see on MTV?

I guess I'm a purist and like this raw touch here. The vocalist is really good. Although the music is a bit brutal at times. 
Dog Fashion Disco 
if you're into Mike Patton's Mr. Bungle you should really try Dog Fashion Disco with their latest effort, Adultery.

it's one of the best records so far for this year. 
Lab 4 Are Splitting :(

Its official, the best hard dance live act of the last decade will end on NYE this year :(

Sad, sad, sad news 
Uk Breakbeat 
Been listening to a lot of breakbeat recently I thought some of you might be interested, its pretty cool stuff ranging from electro tinged retro sounds to more of a rough, dirty drum n bass approach and its just really fun to listen to as well. Check out some of these artists :


Some personal favourites you might want to check out...

Scam - Killer
Scam - Acid Love
Screwface - Army of darkness
Freestylers - Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz Remix)
Freestylers - Jump N Twist
D-Ranged - Get Shift (Far Too Loud Remix)
Rektchordz - Bass Pressure (Wavewhore Remix)

Happy listening :D 
What is happier music than Eurodance?
I don't know. But sometimes I really like Eurodance. So here are three nice mixsets I found in the forums:

Screamboy - The Classic Eurodance Scream 1-3

And for the calm moments I started a small blog (yuck) where I am posting free Ambient stuff as reminder about it for myself and sharing with others. :) 
As Might Be Obvious, 
I'm a really big Alice in Chains fan. It seems to be the one band that combines every element or attribute of music that interests me into one sweet style of awesomeness. So I felt like posting here, the fact that quite some time ago I ran into a cd which was a side project by the late lead singer Layne Staley.

The band, called Mad Season, was short lived (just one 10 song album and a short tour). This album though, has become one of my favourite albums. While I love Alice in Chains for the heavy metal bashing and smashing, Mad Season is a lot slower and more thoughtful music. There's things that even someone who gets past all the grunge/alt-metal cliches will be surprised by (blues, for one). Although this is basically a cult following type cd today, it's really good and listening to it now really drives home just how incredibly far rock music has strayed from anything resembling sincere personal expression and artistry in the twelve years since its release.

The slow, quiet single "River of Deciet" is on youtube. 
And Also 
this is not an official video, but suits this song really well, and it is one of the albums best songs: 
Mad Season 
The CD is on my regular circulation and is one of my favorites; it definitely strays from HM cliches and avoids the mannered approach that makes Fusion unlistenable (the bassist is a Jazz player). They staked out a territory that is quite unique with that album. 
how incredibly far rock music has strayed from anything resembling sincere personal expression and artistry

/me sheds a tear 
AIC has long been one of my fav's and inspirations.

Checkout Would? live but it's with their tour singer, not Layne: 
Doom Remix Album

Covers/remixes of Doom I music put together by people from the OC Remix scene. 
Mad Season 
Yeah I've had that album for a while too, good stuff, was happy to hear Layne Staley once again when I found it a few years back. 
John B 
Love him or hate. He's doing some kind of drum'n'bass, somethingstep, electro stuff. You can download great mixes from (audio). 
He Rocks 
but his older stuff was much better, check out his Album - "In transit" from 2002-3-4 cant remember :) Pure class! 
Yeah, I have that one. I got known of John B by the "russian version" of his American Girls on Russian Drum & Bass Vol 01 ( ). I really want to buy that CD but all I can find are torrentsites or mp3 shops. :(

This track is from Russian Drum & Bass Vol 01 too, 
In Transit? 
"Older"?? You kids crack me up. Get back to the Catalyst / Redox era, that's the shit you need.

Good guy though, don't rate everything he's doing these days, but I respect his blending of styles and his production has always been top notch. 
American Girls 
[valley girl]oh yeah![/valley girl] 
Shambler get back to your black and white TV, porridge oats and fighting the Germans plz :D 
You guys need to find this track:

The Bezerker - Final Sacrifice

(for some reason I am almost addicted to listening to it) 
I finally finished my deep space ambient mix.

Happy traveling. :) 
Ron Jarzombek 
I found some vids of him playing guitar (along with his brother Bobby, who is an amazing drummer) whilst looking on Youtube a while ago and decided to have a listen to some of his music. You can find plenty of sample tracks on his website

His band, Spastic Ink recorded a song that matches up to a scene in Bambi, which is quite interesting and can be found on Youtube.

Anyway, it looks like he is about to release a new album soon, and there are samples of 5 tracks on his website.

He is also a guitar teacher... 
I made a 24x24" poster out of that UV sun image :)

downloading now 
If anyone is attracted to warm and beautiful Ambient or Classic, go check out Olafur Arnalds - Eulogy for Evolution. It's wonderful. He is a death metal guy, but somehow does Classic too. (not so good tracks)
I found this while googling, maybe it's the album :o
Buy it here: 
Sweet - 'pon the dl for both of those.

Recently I have been listening to (deep breath):

Merzbow, Swollen Members, Juice Blender records comp, Drokz & Tafkat, Hospital records comp, Calyx, Raison D'Etre, Herbst 9, Baphomet, Therapy?, The God Machine, Hixxy, Sharkey, LSG, and Billy Nasty.

<insert moshing badger smiley here> 
Post your Sleepdrive mix here 
scroll up to where it says #376

Shambler, LSG, yay. I hope you got their The Best of L.S.G.: The Singles Reworked (Disc 1 is the good one). I grabbed that last remaining copy of it I think. :) 
I hadn't heard of that, no. Just ordered it through Amazon, I expect it will be out of stock though....still the super-saver delivery might carry forward to the rest of my order... 
netherworld <3
hearts <3
hidden sun of venus <3

i never did check out 'the singles reworked', although i own 'the black album' and also the free unreleased album released via mp3 on lieb's myspace: .. less dancey than his older stuff, but still awesome. mostly chilled, breaksy & atmospheric

the guy is such a versatile producer & the amount of work he's been involved with is nigh on neverending 
Hidden Sun of Venus?

We got the sci-fantasy name randomizer up and running.

Good. Any parameter checks built in to weed out absurd results?


Well, we'll just have to go with what we have then. 
..he more than made up for it by naming a tune after a quake episode ;D 
True. What is odd, I looked up some of those tracks and a few sounded farmilar to me though I don't recall the context. Probably from club DJ sampling, that sort of thing. 
awesome, thanks!

The Singles Reworked is pretty that chilled but very energetic mood much like that unreleased one. If anyones needs it but can't purchase anymore, just send me a mail (cough). 
FAO Vondur, Spirit, Etc. 
After a very long break from buying any dark amb -style music, I have just had a blitz on the Coldspring Summer Sale:

And after much MP3 sample perusal have ordered the following:

ATRIUM CARCERI - 'Ptahil' CD (Cold Meat Industry)
COLD FUSION - 'Simmetria' CD (War Office Propaganda)
CORDELL KLIER - 'Winter' CD (Ad Noiseam)
GRIMBERGEN - 'A Lonely Place' CD (Steinklang)
HAVEN - 'Naos' CD (War Office Propaganda)
NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER - 'Disturbed Visceral Nociception' CD (Crionic Mind)
NOS - 'Not Otherwise Specified' CD (Manifold)
TAM�S K�TAI - 'Erika Szob�ja' CD (Ars Benevola Mater)
VIROLOGIC - 'Bugged' 3" MCD (Power & Steel)

A fine blend of dark ambient, ethereal dronecore, neo-classical, data ambient and ritual glitch-hop. Grimbergen wasn't in the sale but the sample sounded great.

Just letting you guys know :) 
Ritual Glitch-hop 
wtf who comes up with these names? 
Ok Then, So Where's The Ambient Gore-hop? 
i'm definitely excited to hear more about these albums, but i have never heard data ambient... 
I do believe Virologic at least could be described as Data Ambient, as could Cordell Klier. Search for the MP3s on that Cold Spring page and see what you think. 
I Honksh 2 Vo 
Patti Smith's Recent Cover Of Smells Like Teen Spirit 
is bloody brilliant! 
Just stumbled upon some nice droning: 
Brain Fart 
I was going through a ton of CD's from the 90's that I keep up in a closet and I noticed I'm missing three cd's from a particular group. I can't remember the name of the group, nor the names of particular songs though a few tunes are running in my head.

The lead singer sounds like David Byrne and the band takes a similar Afro-Caribbean approach to their sound as did The Talking Heads. I skimmed a few best of the 90's album lists to see if that would pump my memory, but nada.

Who the hell is this band? 
Nah, That's Not The Band 
I'm pretty sure it isn't. Thanks, though.
It's more than the Mormons who came to my door this morning were willing to do. I'm trying to recall a band name, and they are all like, 'have you been saved?' Like they just didn't get it, or something. 
Bronski Beat 
He, Good One 
I remember their hit from the 80's. Sort of appealed to the inner persecuted homosexual in everyone, just as Stumbling Towards Ecstasy appealed to everyone's inner new age feminist, Bulls On Parade to everyone's inner leftest punkass, and Back and Black to everyone's inner badass.

Music is the Universal Language.
Still not the correct group though. 
Bogdan Raczynski 
May 2007 
Did anyone here (Kell) make it to the Fields of the Nephilim show?

I'd be interested to hear any accounts. 
Hey HT... 
...Jane's Addiction? 
I'd Never Forget Their Name! 
what's funny about this is I have a good idea who has the CD's, but I can't call them on it until I remember.

'You have those cds of mine from, uhm, that group?'

"what group are you talking about?"

'you know, the one who did the song Universal -- the title escapes me'

"Not ringing a bell."

'you know, they did a ballad, Heaven '

"Lotta groups have songs titled that."

'They turned part of Ginsburg's Howl into an upbeat ditty.'

"I can't help you."

"This is killing me!" 
They might be giants? 
Alice In Chains? 
Reverend Horton Heat?
The Jimi Hendrix Experience? 
The Way Back Machine 

Not TMBG or the ones listed in #408, I'm starting to feel like there may be a glitch in the Matrix. 
Jazzy Jeff? 
Dillinger Escape Plan 
Found a mention of them in a Ron Jarzombek interview so decided to check them out and found lots of stuff on youtube. Got kind of hooked on Panasonic Youth (downloadable from their MySpace page) from their Miss Machine album and ended up grabbing the album too.

Greg Puciato's screaming sometimes gets a bit much, but he can kind of sing too, and the guitar and drum work more than makes up for it when you can hear it. 
Dillinger Escape Plan 

you might like converge, too, although that's more metalcore than mathcore. 
Dillinger Escape Plan & Mike Patton - [12/31/2002 San Francisco, CA @ The Great American Music Hall #06] Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake) 4:52 
Any fellow Shantel fans here? I just got his new album Disco Partizani and damn it's nice. More vocals than on the Bucovina albums (don't know his other works) but well down. I love music from the balkan.

Can't see how one can enjoy that screaming growl metal rattattadam mess of noise above. I am missing rhythm and melody there. :o 
Ha! Found It! 
I stopped to get a beer and sandwich for lunch this afternoon at a place downtown and saw a posted advert showing the band will be playing here locally next week. Woo Hoo!

Oh, the band, Rusted Root. 
I'm looking for durable ones to take around with me, preferably not too expensive. Maybe even a "collapsible" pair (that fold up).

Koss Porta Pro 
Is it me or is EVERYONE wearing those Koss headphones? 
I Know I Do 
You're So Trendy Czg <3 
Nah, Just A Sheeple Trendwhore Cashteat Suckerfart 
To be serious they are decent headphones.
I can't say too much about the sound quality since I'm half deaf, but they're comfy, durable and fold up into a neat little lump. 
God Dammit 
Kingston Wall. I picked it up again, thinking naah, it's the third album, it ain't that good. But it is. Gets better towards the end. The godlike drumming, and everything just works. The saxophone.

You guys really should get into it, it's a totally underappreciated band.

They only did three albums. The second one is the best. But get them all. Ultimate feeling music that gets your blood flowing. 
Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust! (It's free!)
It is brilliant.
Trent Reznor produced it so it sounds like NIN mixed with hiphop. 
Jason Muuttaa Taivaaseen 
Ambitious progressive stuff that also has power and takes you with in the rhythm. It's quite diverse and some songs suck ass, while others are great. :)

Heard them twice live, dunno how it'd work on a record. It probably wouldn't. 
NIN-hop is weird. It's very interesting; but it seems to drift too much into pop-/(too common hip-hop/rnb)-melodies in some parts.

needs a few more listens :o 
Oh And By The Way 
Bogdan Raczynski's got a new album coming out on the 19th.
It used to be called Yeeeeehhhaaaaawww but now it's called Alright!

Bogdan said
This one will be funny, I promise. No more of that accordion magic and 'woe is my' mystyness.

The new album is all about joy. It is the music I would play if the universe only had ~45 minutes left. Or if I were to pass, I would be content, knowing that I had unleashed a bit of happy energy onto the planet.

Think 1992 megamixes, trance, math beats, my favorite basil-based kitchen recipes, four to the floor, giggles and an explosive happy energy.

You can download the entire thing as a preview for free in 16kbps mp3.
I think the embedded player on his site has a bit better quality. 

Well, it may be a King Crimson and other seventies proge ripoff in ways but nevertheless they had the ambition and balls and did it. It has some nice rhythms and unorthodox stuff but some of the absolute numbness of that era progressive stuff as well.
The whole album tells a real epic story as well.
I didn't like the music or story at first that much but it's slowly growing on me.

You can look up "punainen komentaja" on youtube to see a video that is a short summary of the story at the same time. WH40K inspired scifi, planets, battles, cyborgs...
Oh and everything in Finnish. So requires some openness of mind. 
sux, typical mtv "angry-young-men-and-they-are rly-serious-omg" stuff.

I�d recommend Brutal Truth or Pig Destroyer, at least their stuff is fun. 
"Converge formed in the winter of 1990."

how's that angry-young-men-and-they-are rly-serious-omg
hey guys i made a mix you might like:

dubstep, techno, ambient 
Oh My Goodness
Dub, Reggae etc.
I am just listening to
one of my ex-flatmates loved Pig Destroyer, we used to play the drinking game where you take a shot every time a new song starts.... I forget the name of the album but the songs were all like 20 seconds long, it was horrible. Not really my style of music but pretty fucking hardcore, I'll say that. 
ok, just replace "young" with "middle-aged" then (as you might have guessed I�m not a big fan of hardcore)

@starbuck: sounds like a nice way to get wasted pronto heheh 
hehe, well, then the music just isn't for you, i guess. 
I will post a couple of tracks what me and my mate Steevo layed down on my 8-track. All this talk of people making music reminded me (dont have the mp3's at work with me at the mo).

Who likes thrash/NWAHM type stuff?

Also is anyone any good at sequencing beats?

I know this is heresay at the mo. Im gonna post them on the Shub-Hub, for not being arsed to post them anywhere else. Might do it later actually... 
Here they are:

All original stuff guys

You heard it here first!

I Just thought it might go quite well with Quake, except there are no drums or bass. If anyone recons they might be able to stick some cool sequenced drums over them then feel free.

Both recorded in my living room on my Gibson LP Studio through either a JTM45 Re-issue or a MG30DFX (a really good amp or a REALLY shit one!)

I wrote Pow! and Steeve wrote Dialemma, then we both accompanied eachothers ideas. 
I'm listening it right now, Dialemma it is.. Great stuff!
Has the melody richness of more than probably the whole year of these dull noise and ambient repetition listening mappers, summed into one song...
A small bit of cleaning up required. But definitely nice ideas and style there! 
Thanks :) 
I will tell steve that somebody likes it!

I know about the recording quality! Each song has just two guitars, each part recorded in one take through a couple of vocal microphones in my livingroom.

Apparently theres this thing called 'dig-it-al mod-el-ling'!!?

Pow Wins 
I think Pow is by far the better of the 2, and not only in sound quality. The first one sounds like crap to my ears. How are you recording, via a mic'd amp, or direct into the recording system?

Much better than that hip hop, bop 'till you drop, aint never gonna stop, rap crap, scratchy scratch, chicka chicka, duff duff, yo momma, wazzup, yo bro, who's the ho, synthesized, homogenized, pasteurized, hardcore, softcore, applecore, Club, House, get down, get back up again . . . ,

if the guitars ain't slayin', it aint worth playin' . . . , you know what I'm sayin'

Oh, get a real guitar, LP Custom or SG ;)

Play it loud and Play it proud!! 
Didn't read the part about a couple of vocal microphones in my livingroom So I know the answer to my question How are you recording . . .

Apparently theres this thing called 'dig-it-al mod-el-ling

Nay, blasphemer, there is no better way to capture the sound of a slightly bent guitar, then through a mic'd amp, of course it does depend on the quality of the amp, and the mic, but you can get a good sound with an SM58, which is a Vocal mic, better still a SM57 though. If you haven't got a good sound from the amp, or you can't pump it loud enough, then I guess you could use digital stuff (ooh, I feel unclean)


A better sound on the first one would have done wonders, Pow could use better sound to, but also you need to get more separation, plus some drums and bass of course would be good.

Grab yourself a copy of BFD and Trilogy, and away you go :) 
As It Happens 
I was using an SM57 (I know its not technically a vocal mic, but if you want to go into detail....) and a 'Stagg - �30-ish cheapo-mic', next to a highly modified dual 12" celestion cab.

And yeah, recording stuff is educational. Its all abiout getting the recording levels just right, the microphones just the right distance away from the speakers, the living room with the best acoustics etc etc...

I think there was too much gain on Pow (and also it lacked 'separation' like you say, partially as a result of a tad too much gain, partially cause I was using a crappy Fostex 8-Track, with a shit mixing capabilities), and Dialemma has a slightly too muddy tone...

And I have never touched a modeller in my life, just for the record, but I know a lot of people use that kinda stuff, 'specially young folks these days, they dont know how good a real tube amp sounds!

BTW - Whats BFD and Trilogy? (cant be arsed to google it right now, would be easier if you just tell me ;P) 
BFD And Trilogy 
BFD is an acoustic drum module, the name I think is a bit of a take on the BFG, 'cause they answer the question,
'What does BFD stand for?' with, 'Whatever you want it to :) - but it's certainly big and it's certainly drums'

It's very nice, very realistic sounds, the whole set (plus expansions)comes on 21 DVD's take up about 130GB space, it Rocks.

Trilogy is a base module, it too is awesome, very real sounding.

You should get yourself some form of multi track recording program for the PC, you will find it much, much better than the Fostex, easier to use, once you learn it, far more flexible, and the options are endless. You can get good cheap ones, even free ones, but once you try, you'll never go back. 
base = bass 
Yeah - Sounds Fat 
But I would have to spend money. Stevo has got an actual Ktama kit, we could just go and hire a village hall somewhere and lay down some drums and bass....

He's a bit of a double bass pedal monster as it goes :)

Also dont knock my guitar. Ive been (unsucessfully) paying for it for the last 11 months, and there aint nothing wrong with a studio! I mean with classics, standards and customs you paying extra money just for cosmetics (the outer bindings are gonna cost �300 without doing anything else), you might get a 'better' pickup too, but its not worth paying and extra �1000 for. For a metal tone, I'd be better off with an American Jackson with some EMGs or an Ibanez or something, but I wanted something versatile and affordable.

Besides, its black, ebony fretboard with NO INLAYS , 50's neck and a copper top!! I need the rhythm pickup checked actually, I knocked it during a gig - we were doing a cover of 'A State of Love and Trust' by Pearl Jam, and I think I bashed it on the floor a little bit too hard during a part of the song where I needed some feedback! (oops) The other pickup works mmmm-good tho... 
Also dont knock my guitar

Oh, get a real guitar, LP Custom or SG ;)

Notice the ;)

Studio is good, but it also comes down to quality of wood etc, there is a lot in it. LP custom are very versatile, SG on the other hand are made to rock, I have one of the original Tony Iommi signature models, it only has one thing on its mind :) Ibanez are good, although I did start to get a bit tired of them, the feel, had a few RG 750's, 760's, S520, but I keep my old JS1000 (satriani signature model) it feels so nice.

Besides, its black
Yes black looks very nice, all mine are black. 

Not very Quake, but awesome! 
I hate to sound protective of my guitar, Plant, but theres not much in it really BTW.

The only difference your gonna get is something like 1mm (yes - 1mm) of cherry in the body of the higher end gibsons, ply wood binding, nickel hardware as opposed to chrome/gold and, er, 'different' (slighty) pickups. Alnico V instead of IV I think. Not worth �1000 
I have a roughly 400� Ibanez RG. :)
Proceed with bashing. 
Turn Up Your Amp 
And bash it youself. You can get a good sound from just hitting your guitar you know... What kind of amp do you use? 
Some Cheap 
15 watt Peavey transtube thingy.

I mostly play around with my acoustic steel string, or have for the last years. 
Sounds Good 
have you ever seen the pixies live? They have parts of the song which involve the guitarist kicking the amp to give a sort of explosion sound! But you need an amp which will do it, not just any old amp. You want one which makes a horrendous popping sound when you turn it off at the wall socket. It doesnt have to be an expensive amp... 
It's got to do with the reverb unit in the amps, I won't bother correcting your other mistakes/mis-information further above, because as the owner of a large Music store chain for the past 12 years, and an Australian Gibson rep for 8 years prior to that, I probably don't know what I am talking about ;) 
Enough With The Queer Music 
Let's get some proper tunes up in this place 
love it when yer joking czg. 
OK - Fair Play

OK - So the pickups models arent quoted exactly, and the wood specs arent exact - I mean were you ever a luthier? But its near enough to illustrate my point.

Are you talking about coil reverb units?

On another note, what do you think of the BFG? I was thinking of getting one of them, but I have been advised from 'other' sources that they probably wont retain their value very well (I still want one tho ;-) 
For Ricky 
and Plant

This is what I talked about much earlier.
The most underrespected band in the world, Kingston Wall.
Sorry about the bad quality. Just listen to.. well, everything! The drumming, the guitar, the bass, the feeling! 
That's some good stuff. 
I have never heard that before!

Is like GNR/Floyd/Hendrix/Pearl Jam...

Reminded me of this for some strange reason: 
A Reccommendation

This is a band from Austin Texas. I know of them because the man behind the band used to front the blues/reggae/rock group Big Sugar, one of Canada's best bands during the 90s. Their live show blew the fucking roof off of places. I have not seen a better show than them. He broke up the band in 2004 and moved to Texas.

Of his current band, he said �We�re trying to find the common ground between punk, metal and
gospel. I like to think we sound like Motorhead just got the job of backing up John Lee Hooker.�

This is obviously not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like earblasting rock with some blues in it, you will probably like this. 
funky stuff there, Bambuz!
Sounds more like a three of a kind! 
I'm looking forward to seeing them live this month

That's the video for Big Sugar's breakthrough video. In Canada we have rules that a certain percentage of music played on music stations has to be of Canadian origin, but as a guy who hates mainstream music I'm glad of it. If a band becomes just plain old successful (ie, hits the US market, and most Canadian bands that have done so I'd feel dirty to even mention by name), we will hear them anyway. Oh god will we hear them. But there are plenty of good bands that we hear because of these rules.

Normally I like the more intellectual and depressing stuff, but I grew up on Big Sugar, and they just rocked so hard, and had so much talent for performance, improv, and just plain music, that they are definately one of Canada's best bands to me (and many others). 
that's simple music 
This Is Now Officially U2b Music Video Thread 
i just listened to the two mp3s you uploaded. great stuff, lots of potential! thanks for that! :) 
Thanks Necros : ) 
Heres some cool dance music!
I think the guy's too busy pratting about with Madonna nowadays... 
Saw Portishead Live Two Nights Back... 
... you may now all be jealous. 
doesn't ring a bell. 
Saw Breach Reunion Show Live 
... you may now be jealous (or more likely you won't have heard them and don't give a damn). 
I Wanted To See Led Zeppelin 
THEN you'd ALL be jealous (or I'll kill you!) 
It'd Be Difficult 
without John Henry Bonham ... 
They Played Last Night Man! 
Not Joking - Was big news!

Theres not much on YouTube yet but I found this!!! 
Oh Yeah - Jason Bonham On Drums (Jon's Son!) 
I bantered with David Grohl at a Queen of the Stone Age gig a while back. He sat at our
table during the opening act (VAST). I have a feeling Shambler will top us all on this score, though. 
so it was more like, he comes up, asks, 'mind if I take this chair', and I said, 'sure'. You bitches should still be jealous, though. 
Well He's A Big Guy... 
I wouldnt argue with him!!

Thanks Ricky 
that's helps my ego. I do know one famous musician, personally. But I think he is overrated, writes his songs in a way that is bait for Rolling Stone music critic types, and is a jackass in
real life, so I wont mention his name. 
No....Shambler has no interesting celebrity tales. 
Well MY DAD Did The Sound Setup For QUEEN!!! 
one time, before they were really famous

so THERE!!! 
I Know Some Incredible Queers 
on the internet 
Some Famous Mappers 
made obnoxious remarks towards me, too! 
My Bad 
No....Shambler has no interesting celebrity tales.

Someone once said you DJ'ed, and DJ's tend to meet everybody that rolls through town. 
First Track For 2008 Available... 
The first track from distran's 2008 solo album is now available for listening and download from his myspace page.

The track, 'Cristo Zatten Gaylord', from the upcoming "of webs and friends" album, is a frivolous, wry and sometimes deeply disturbing piece...much like the person who inspired it.


Other tracks being worked on at the moment include "Smabintor 08" and "Joy; Luck; Sympatico". Keep your ears open... 
Nice track !! 
that sounds really cool! Ambient but not invisible... dark but not morbid... 
fantastic free psychedelic chillout / ambient goa that is. 
Free Folk! 
Dongas Tribe - Rainy Night in the Bell Tent

These were british anti-highway counterculture guys and nomads. And how nice and passionate they play! 
Lovers Of Free Music 
in Ambient, Chillout, Psychedelic, Goa, Dub etc visit me at
RSS subscription recommended. ;) 
Fucking GABBER. 
Been rating this recently. Currently listening to The Destroyer's album on Epileptik, well banging.

Also been linking Manu Le Malin's sophisticated Biomechanik Vol 3 on Uncivilised World, and some of Hardoholic's Global Disorder on BEAST Records.

And have ordered the Nordcore GMBH mix CD from Epileptik (have always rated Lord Nord's excellent productions), Biomechanik Vol 2 (to complete the collection), and the ultraclassic Technohead 3 compilation on React (just class stuff).

Life is best lived at 220 bpm... 
Clark - Turning Dragon 
It's cool. 
Autechre - Quaristice 
It's brilliant. 
Not sure if you people know Ugress and Shadow Of The Beat, two projects by Gisle Martens Meyer from Bergen (Norway). He's been producing and releasing music on the internet for years, and it's quite brilliant in my opinion. It ranges from very cinematic, soundtrack-like tracks to excellent dance tunes with great vocals, all very atmospheric.

Anyway, you can listen to his latest albums for free on

And here's the latest Shadow Of The Beat album:

Hope some of you enjoy his stuff. 
Big fan of electro-industrial, Dark-elektro and Death-Robot music personally. Fave bands are Allied vision and Front Line Assembly. 
Unlikely As It Is 
I should commend here the soundtrack to "Ravenous," by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn. It is unconventional, odd, and extraordinarily effective in capturing a simultaneously sinister and absurd/amusing mood. This movie is a cult classic (I've seen it far too many times) but it would be nothing without this music (which I often listen to by itself). 
I Love The Soundtrack To Ravenous!! 
That song that plays at the end, when they're lieing in the bear-trap, bleeding to death sends shivers up my spine!

Anyone got a link?

I didnt know who it was by though. I've seen it advertised as a CD on the net... 
Cave Story Remixes 
Ghosts I-IV 
still listening but so far this has the ambling pointlessness of a zip of unfinished .maps. I suspect that's essentially all it is.

I had pretty high hopes this was going to be four more Quake Soundtracks of Awesome. :( 
There are a few nice tracks, but mostly lots of boring stuff unfortunatly. I was hoping for another "Still", but this definetely isn't it. 
Feeling Sad Cause Theres No Life In My Town.. cant even sit in a bar, smoke, have a drink in a dark corner and look cool anymore.


captures my mood. 
Who would win in a fight, Dr. Octagon or Dr. Funkenstein? Assume no element of suprise. 
One Of My Favorite Music Vids

two punks and a roland, no pretentious rock-star bullshit, sorry. 
Lots of buzz, feedback and distortion. Truly a revelation in music making. 
I Don't Like Most Of The Electronic Music 
when you put everything through a million filters there's no information left, it all just sounds the same. It's extremely dull. You have quantization and you have sine waves and that's it.
It usually also doesn't have much inspiration - other music tells of human relations and feelings, nature or history and all kinds of expressions. That isn't as itself necessarily bad, but it sometimes turns out that way.

You need some input to produce some output. Otherwise it's just recycling.

The rhythms in dance music are usually idiotic. And other music of that sort like breakbeat does have changing rhythms but usually doesn't have any melody sot it sucks because of that.

Chip tunes on the other hand don't try to be "atmospheric" by ramping the same buzz sound slightly louder for a minute, but concentrate on the compositions, and they often rock. If you just don't listen to that stuff too much.

Spd's scifi movie music demonstrates the fact very well, it's completely horrible and unatmospheric. Feels like some kids just played with a cheap effects toy. You get humm and buzz and cling, volume ramps and a dulling filter and that's it.

Sorry, tired. 
My Tenpenneth: (10c)

Pleasant cacophony !

(just watch it through ;P ) 
Try This Instead:

(its the same piece but loads faster on my machine, and seems to have 50'000 views as opposed to 8'000... 
Filters Rock. You're All A Bunch Of Fruits. 
Ricky: that´s the stuff, though don´t like him destroying his guitar, and his vibe IS that of an aging rock-star, still cool though

czg: nice stomper

Btw I get up to 80-90% cpu usage on youtube and sometimes videos lag, any ideas; weird because fullscreen everything is normal ? 
For Czg

The originals sound interesting to me even in the short clips - because they actually are part of some composition versus pure repetition.

But if you view teletubbies as good TV drama then I guess these sampling hacks can be heard as good music. 
Oh Noes Sampling 
It's All Just Tools 
that can be abused or used to great effect. 
It's Just The Kids These Days 
They think they're musicians if they are playing records.

Im Playing A Gig Tomorrow Night...

nothing to get too excited about . . .


(note: the artist who wrote the material on that site is not me, I just play the guitar for them, joined a few weeks ago...) 
you obviously havent listened to much of the music you are so closemindedly and blatantly labeling there

oh, and all your favorite bands suck 
keep the rune glowing...and say hallo from me to some chicks after the show ;) 
I Hate Alternative Rock 
And I hate it even more when pretentious alternative rock "audiophiles" bash other music because they feel it is inferior. You know, there is nothing more pure than field recordings, the true sound of nature, the music of the world. Your music sucks.

At least sounds from musical intruments are not just sine waves! 
Field Music?!?! 
Ghosts (NIN) 

I'm in the unusual position of still respecting Trent Reznor for the most part (except for the cliched bush-bashing) but having no interest at all in his new music. Giving away music for free and trying out new things is great, but it would be even better to give away for free music that is actually worth paying for.

Ah well, at least he's better than others of his generation who're currently making bad music AND trying to sell it (and sell out).

As for electronic music, Radiohead is as far as I will stray from music with conventional instruments (not far, I know, although I still think Kid A remains their most coherent start-to-finish album). For ambient music for its own sake, I gravitate toward NIN instrumentals (pre-Ghosts), soundtracks, etc. Just not interested enough to find bands that do only that. 
Bambuz Re: Rant

(ignore the video for a moment)

and tell me the same again. 
I posted my reply to the above aforementioned rant in the FitzQuake Minimum System Requirements thread by accident yesterday (#34) and incidentally it too was Aphex Twin...

At the end of the day we all know what Bambuz means, but he's not really being fair to a culture as broad as this... Shit badly put together electronic music will always be shit and badly put together( possibly a hit tho), but there will always be some truly beautiful examples too!

Sielwolf - SRV = God!! (+ now he has the vibe of a dead rock start ;P ) 
Bambuz + Everyone 
This could turn into a habit, so I'll stop after these:

Exactly Ricky 
your latter post.

Aphex Twin tones don't form melodies and the rhythms don't sound nice either, almost random. Modern demoscene music is like that too. Hyperactive hihat hitting punctuated by an occasional BOOOOM (usually with clipping).

I grant it's different from the usual steady beat dance music. Hard to judge if it's better. Gets perhaps the artsy points.

It's like judging which art do you like more, a grid or random black and white splotches. Neither is exactly enjoyable.

Radiohead's Kid A is exactly what I'm talking about too. "Let's put everything through a million filters so it becomes just a dull duuuuuuuuuuuuu sound and we get rave reviews from the press how progressive and deep we are." I've never even listened the whole album through, just heard it over at a friend's place back when it was new.

I like some of the earlier guitar melodies and singing of Radiohead but mostly it's just such whiny music that it doesn't offer much to me personally. One of my friends likes that kind of stuff (coldplay, mew etc).

Chip tunes are probably the best electronic music I've heard so far. Well, there's also stuff like Jean Michel Jarre etc... The idea that there is actually some ambition with the composition and it's not just repetition or randomness.

This is all of course a matter of taste and how I perceive things personally. 
I dunno man, I get off on all sorts of music.

If its shit its shit. I go out of my way to see bands who play in my town's bars. I get a real mixed bag, and sometimes theres only one venue which will put bands on, on a Friday night, and they only allow bands to play chart music, (old or new) of a completely sterilized nature. I go and see those gigs if I know the guys who are actually playing are shit hot, and can make it really good (which happens about twice a year :-| )

If im chilling out I can listen to anything as long as its sincere and either hypnotically intense or relaxing

If im getting drunk I can listen to almost anything. Preferably rock music, but I really love some dance music too, I'm not into the really mainstream stuff with overly produced/processed female vocals, and the same shitty bland melodies/filters as all of the other similar stuff, but heavier dirty dance music is usually good or anything that just rocks.

I like Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

Kid A = bizarre. Completely new style of music, a little over complicated in places, a little too spaced on others.

The Bends = Much better! :-) 
Can I Just Say.. 
i fucking love soulless repetitive crass loud electronic dance music with simplistic derivative melodies/pads & no singing. and i'm not ashamed to admit it 8)

it's like the musical equivalent of fast food. it may be cheaply created, lazy & lacking in nutrients but it tastes fucking great ;D 
it leaves a bad aftertaste 
don't get me wrong, i'm all for computer-is-an-instrument, but i'm totally against 'soulless repetitive crass loud electronic dance music' - and a lot of music is like that (house a year or so ago... :/) 
Coldplay, as far as I can tell, is just a pop-based ripoff of Radiohead's style around the time of The Bends. I'm not interested in them whatsoever.

I guess there's no way to convince you that Kid A and The Bends should be enjoyed in two different ways. One's a rock album, the other's a trippy, weird sonic space (my god I sound pretentious - this from a guy whose favourite band has been Alice in Chains for almost 5 years). Even if you aren't interested in "How To Disappear Completely" and "The National Anthem," the follow-up Amnesiac seemed like less of an overall album, but it had better songs (to this day "Pakt Like Sardines in a Crush Tin Box" is one of my favourite songs.)

I realize that there is too much of a split between critics (if it's boring and pretentious, it's good) and the masses (if it's shallow and stupid, it's good), and therefore critics will rave over anything remotely weird/pretentious. But, not much you can do about it. 
megaman: I could imagine that music to be fun for dancing. A lot of fun actually.

And I love these pieces of 'soulless repetitive crass loud electronic dance music':
Ticon - We are the Mammoth Hunters
Just like Project Balance - Tranceferia (bad sound)

Very monotone and repetitive and stompstompstompstomp. For me these are full of soul and emotion. It is ALL a matter of taste.

PS: Eurodance rules 
that's waaay too boring for dancing. one, two, one, two. :( 
Do you prefer to dance cha-cha-cha or walzer? 
ticon.. good call! although that's one of their weaker tracks imo. i love back to basic, in the dirt, some simple sounds, rip it up, spincycle.. plus loads of stuff from other scandanavian prog-psy acts like human blue, vibrasphere etc.. probably my favourite sound at the moment. pretty much everything john 00 fleming has been playing recently too.

i was a little tongue-in-cheek in using the soulless term.. tis indeed a matter of taste. a couple examples of (what i consider) soulful/emotional dance music:

although in a club i'm more likely to lose it to something like this: 
damn that Ticon track is rocking my pants 
Electronic Music 
+1 vote from me :) 
Subcouds or astral projection would experiment a tiny bit with the rhythms it could be music. Or some of the newer things. I listen to it occasionally when doing something else.

It's like they force themselves inside this very very narrow cage.

A very small subset of electronic "music" is actually music. I understand why the extremely repetitive stuff only happens with computers, no musician could be forced to hit the bass drum completely constantly for ten minutes like that, damn it, even a retard would get creative.

So it serves some different bizarre purpose. Maybe generating some atmosphere. It isn't rhytmhic and doesn't generate any dancing urges with me.

I like a lot of classical and folk music.

As an example of a very simple rhythm track that gets me moving at the start of this:
(Ignore the visuals) 
Dancing Is For Effeminates Anyway, Hope This Helps! 
Blah, Whatever 
Good thing the definition of music is open to everyone, i.e. the individual listener, and not solely to all those elitist "professionals". 
Yeah, I Should Tone 
that these are only "for me" opinions and very provoking on purpose. :) 
The problem being, they are obviously very provoking on purpose... 
This is a forum with people cynical enough not to get worked up about my shit stirring. Internet reading comprehension is good. 
I Love Joe Satriani 
bambuz you are obvioiusly biased. nothing to discuss here. dont like it - dont listen.
but your laughable 'insights' of what counts as music are just annoying 
he has the right to piss on what he doesn't like. I mean, surely we can all agree that there's way too much music which is absolute shit out there which shouldn't even exist, the question is simply - what music is that?

I'm all for free speech and I'm all for using it to say that things I hate wouldn't even exist in a reasonable world.

Although I do like electronic music (a very mainstream, from the perspective of this board, style of it), I'm happy to see someone challenge this assumption. Pretentiousness is too strong of a force in Western society, people need to be able to say "Fuck that" and it's not just rednecks who do it. Too many intellectual and artistic trends are given a free pass because critics assume they don't understand. It's a service to society to bypass that assumption and just come up with a good old fashion "Fuck that." If the trend has merit people will be able to defend it. 
Too many intellectual and artistic trends are given a free pass because critics assume they don't understand. It's a service to society to bypass that assumption and just come up with a good old fashion "Fuck that."

That's very well put, and is going into my quotes.txt. Thanks! 
Real Music Question 
Can someone tell me, who played drums on Frank Zappa's Apostrophe' on the track 'Nanook rubs it'?

The wikip page for the album lists several drummers and doesn't specify for the track :( 
Ruth Underwood? 
This Is Cool

No real reason for posting this except for the fact that it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen 
new is pretty good at least after first listening.
Intense conspiracy theories, war, death, destruction and corruption. Seems it tries to say a lot, which kind of fits the aggressive msical style.
Maybe it will get tiring after some more listening. 
Neil And Bruce 
Damn. That was good.

This is good too: 
You Like Ugress? 
Free soundtrack to some movie about latin subculture:

It's much more relaxed than Ugress but has a similar vibe. Anyone know what this music genre/style is called? 
spazierfahrt mit einer leiche

rocks. Thank you. 
Spazierfahrt =) 
thanks a lot, megaman! i'm into doing nin remixes at the moment, so you might want to check:

from time to time... hopefully i'll get some more tracks done soon. 
I This Beyond The Limits? 
(dont drink and post) 
Some Very Loud Stuff I Bought:

It's a budget set up that we're using to get louder. Anybody got any wisdom they'd care to share on such an issue? 
Good Morning!!!!! 
This Video Is Not Available In Your Country. 
Thank god! It was probably shit! 
Tommy The Cat 
by Primus - it's sooooooo shit its good! 
Man these guys are awesome, I have no idea why I never checked them out before. 
get back motherfucker get back 
Thee Ol' Boozeroony 
John Garcia = win 
also, Kyuss spawned many side projects and follow-ups, slo-Burn/Unida/Hermano/SunnO)))Void etc, all great...except QOTSA imo 
QOTSA didn't stick to the hardcore stoner metal life of getting high and not wearing shirts 

This one work any better ... ? 
you mean shoes surely ? :) 
For Ricky 
Just ran into random stuff...

I don't think much music has such
1) Ambition and intensity
2) Funky basslines
Red Sparowes 
awesome instrumental rock 
Here's A Recording Of Then Gig I Did Last Night:

Please tell me what you think!! 
Check This

while lots of bands start great and get crappy, there is to me no more stunning example of that than these guys. 
to soft :p

this is more fun 
It Is What I Call.. 
.. "pur�e"... 
Rock N Roll Nigger 
I saw Patti Smith rock. 
Horses, Horses, Horses 
For Megaman's Shitty Mood 
since when is it not allowed to bitch and moan on func? I thought this was a place that didn't rely on politeness.

Ricky, wtf. What on earth is on that site that's ugly?! it's basically a black background with about 2 words on it. get off the drugs. 
It Gets Repetitive And Boring 
plus didn't at least some people realise that this ongoing negativity and bitching and hate and ranting creates bad feelings and accomplishes nothing? 
did i post this in music? 
Spirit, you're Hugh Bliss, right? 
Yeah Thats My Point 
Trigger-On's website is nice and pretty, but the one you linked to is shitty and boring. Trigger-On's website is easier to navigate, the one you linked to is like a big ocean with no indexing.

Surely you are the one with the warped perceptions.

it's basically a black background with about 2 words on it

My point exactly. Trigger-Ons site actually has had a little bit of time spent on design. And functionality.
So what you're saying is that a website which has any degree of detail and design, like an artistic theme is rubbish?!?!! Go fuck youself. Miserable wanker. 
haha, you guys spoiled ricky in the cocksuck thread :D 
Your Just Jealous 
Alkaline trio - Private Eye 
Dom & Roland - Through The Looking Glass 
Gusgus - David (Luke Chable remix) 
That is an excellent remix indeed! One of his best. 
Im not familiar with the rest of his work, but the track appears on the "Hybrid presents Y4K" (which is awesome) cd and I fell in love with it! 
is always awesome. I have that mix too. If you want to download more of their DJ work, go to - good stuff there (try their older mixes).

You should definitely check out PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass):

Available on 
Is nice, but.... god damn they would rock so much more if they worked in more noise and electro. 
Hm Indeed 
not so skillful vocals, but breakbeats rock 
My Fav Luke Chable Remixes 
trafik - your light

gwill morris - time

daz, i have that CD :) i even bought the vinyl with david on it, although that was more for one perfect sunrise on the other side, which was one of my absolute favourite tunes from around that time 
that's damn boring. And extremely pleasant to have in the bg. Interesting. 

"Holy shit"

(not all downloads work, I got it off File Factory) 
This is not your mom and dad's and little sister's sort of drum'n'bass. This is some serious shit.

Don't download it and come whining to me "awww my ears wanna puke" or "I can't get to sleep at night now". K. 
1/2 Way Through 
\m/ Happy Days :) \m/ 
Me Quit Band Today :( 
My singer is a wanker. He takes too many drugs. He's arrogant. He is almost 26 and he talks to his parents like I have never heard. He cheats women and friends.

His music sucks (I'm bored with it)

I'm going back to METAL!!!

That was us a couple of months back. Sound reproduction is shit. Also the video is shit, but you get the idea.

I'm the one with the red T-shirt.

Oh well. Not to worry. More time for mapping.
3119 brushes on new project already, since E4M1RMX (wherever the hell that is). But it's too early for shots. Although there are 900 lights already in place..... 
Just Like To Note 
that Gary Numan - Exile is seeming more and more impressive to me lately. What an awesome album (oh god it's over 10 years old now), so smooth yet so strangely evil. I've tried his other stuff but it's nowhere near as good. 
Okay Ricky 
You play well.
The singer sucks.
Play metal, yes, definitely, but that kind of stuff seems to work nicely too.
Ditch the glasses and be more in the front and man, take the stage. At least some people love your solos. Be there for them.

About women. I thought the main reason for being in a band was to get laid after gigs. Seems that's why the long haired dude is in it. That's just the nature of the beast. It doesn't make any sense. It doesn't have to make any sense. It's women. They rarely do. Now, if you're in a steady relationship then I guess avoid it but otherwise, well... Not that it's supposed to be especially glorious, I don't have first hand experience from it. Fucking so completely separated from love, closeness, judgment and equality, with drunken stupidity and fantasizing group mentality standing in for them.

Also, I don't get binge drinking but I don't get a lot of things actually. 
I Left The Band 
I'll record you guys something.....

Also I fell out with my singer. My whole band actually. They were not telling me things they should have been, in a collective and calculated manor. To do with people fucking around with my friends.

Also I dont get binge drinking. I dont get going out on an evening and pissing #50 up the wall. I just do it.

Also rock and roll 'culture' is an ideology. A fairly absurd thing really. I mean we learned these lessons on the 70's man.

The 'long haired' dude WAS the singer! And yes, he sucks. But even worse than just that - he walks around 'bigging himself up', bragging, and was very arrogant. And tactless. Not very good entertainment. A pub-band singer. At best.

Naah, fuck man, I really dont know....

As For The Glasses 
Well, I wear glasses! Maybe I should take them off on stage..... ? 
glasses are sexy, you just need more *clong* 
I'm not a good singer but when I left off my glasses on stage I hardly could get on stage again. 
U Mean 
after stagediving, the women got such a tight grip on you... 
other band members wondered where I was and I couldn't get through the crowd. They thought I was a waitress. 
Joy Division Cover 
Finrg Hakkapeliitta Volume 1 
new q4sp map soundtrack (one of the set). it plays when player gets out of indoor section and sees the outdoor area the very first time: 
the best beatboxing i've ever heard:

holy shit o_O 
That Owns 
I can't say I'd ever imagined seeing someone beatbox an LFO song but there it was 
Question For Daz And The Hardstyle Freaks... 
...where can I buy a copy of this:

(am liking the crude and relentless kicks on CD1) 
Tommarow (since today is now technically wednsday) i get to go to my first concert "blaze and ABK" its gunna be freakin awsome! 
My Finger 
is still broken. Its weird because I can move it again, but the first and second knuckles have restricted movement. I can't quite make a fist.
Still it is improving.....slowly.

I wont have to improvise any washing-up bottle caps as finger end, or worse...

Killa - Listen to Metallica!!! 
heard the new Opeth? It's fricking sweet, as good as anything they've done previously, although the symphony stuff on some tracks is a bit much. If only they had released their cover of Alice in Chains Would along with it. 
Answer my question u gaylord! 
How The Fuck Should I Know? 
I mean seriously? :) 
I went to an orchestral dubstep concert in a cathedral... 
Cos it's freestyle hardstyle hard dance shizzle, your bag I'd have thought. I've found it in french / dutch sites....might have to use one of those I guess. Those kicks are too phat! 
Thanks for linking to that Pat Metheny guy, he's great! 
Psychadelic Sundays Sunday 8th 
For all you Englishmen & Women, this Sunday 8th in Brighton

Playing Hard Trance going up to Psy-Trance. Starting at 4pm until 1am.

Free Entry, cheap drinks! 
Yeah Yeah. 
Fookin come up Norf you gaylords. 
So I can eat battered mars bars and stare at coal mines all day? ;) 
Come Up To Scotland Motherfuckas 
we got battered boost bars here. Also, battered creme eggs (seasonal). Also, battered haggis (cultural). Also, battered cheeseburgers (unforgivable). 
Haggis pwnz. Battered mars bars are foul. Scotland is ace overall. 
you're not living in scotchland are you? I quite like my flat and don't want to have to move :(

seriously though, fucking love it here in Edinburgh. Everyone come up here and I'll meet ya. I don't know anything about psych-trance-house-music and I hope that isn't a problem. 
Shut ye' face. Damn southern fairy.

Actually, my housemate did have a deep fried pork pie yesterday. I was horrified... 
That's Nothing 
my mate ate 9 battered mars bars for a bet. One of the legendary "9 tasks of Rab". Apparently easier than the 9 big macs challenge though. 
I could do 9 big macs I reckon. Sponsor me guys! :P 
I Ate 3 Once 
that was bad enough. Food isn't supposed to give you a hangover, but life found a way. By far the hardest task (of Rab) was listening to the James Blunt album "Back To Bedlam" back-to-back 9 times. I've never seen someone's spirit truly break before. The soul, crushed. The brain, scrambled. All hope, destroyed. 
Holy Shit, Starbuck 
if Nietzsche was right, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', I fear for your enemies. 
Daz! Advice Plz. 
Grrrrrr. I need to find a way to persuade a friend to go to this....I'm visiting them in Glasgow, and this happens to be on: perfect timing, but they're all like "meh, too hardcore, full of neds" etc etc and other such gayness.

Don't see Uberdruck listed as playing, which is a crime looking at the other artists!

As for your friends, drugs are the key!

Neds, lol. Not heard that for a while :) 
It's true tho, does look like cheezee shite full of neds 
Drugs have been mentioned as the way forward (for them not me).

Yes there looks like plenty of cheeze there but also MOH arena + Mark E.G., nuff said. 
Seen Mark E.G.

He's a'ight, but bit too hardcore for my tastes. Know nuff people who rate him tho, so each to their own.

And yeh, a fine mix of mdma, speed and mebe a cheeky dab of charlie and they'll be loving it... 
Mark EG 
Love this guy, seen him live twice a few years ago and NEO and CYPHER respectively (Sanctuary music complex FTW!) and he really is just a total nutcase.

A thing that stuck in my mind was that no one really liked a tune he put on so he ripped it off the deck and proceeded to smash it against his head and then put the remains of the vinyl into the fridge (!) behind the dj stand.

I think that really sums him up :) 
Free Album 
For the progressive trance crowd, this is a nice little album being given away for free by one of Brighton's finest.

They are also hosting an event this Saturday in Brighton called ULTRA SONIC, more details here 

You could definately play Quake to this, but better just listen. 
I'm not usually the biggest fan of squeaky Lite Metal, but yup, I can actually imagine Quaking to that. 
RickyT23 the link you sent me the other day i listening...

zomggg is worse that i thought... zomggg :\ 
random bringing up of Gary Numan's "Exile"
I'm sure I brought this up some other time before but what an amazing album. Warped biblical prophecies, the apocalypse, faith, sexual attraction, murder, blasphemy, and revolution: it's all there.

This makes me think, if it hasn't been done in this thread, a top 10 albums list. 
Next Weekend 
I posted it practically everywhere else so why not here too...

Next weekend (Saturday 11th) is a big rave which we are organising in the fields near steyning (south coast england) playing mainly Psy-trance and trance/hard trance and the following day from 4pm onwards at Hectors House in Brighton is Psychadelic-Sundays free entry and cheap drinks all night long!

Everyone that can make it is welcome and we would really appreciate the support of this new night in Brighton! 
I'd like to officially champion anti-social metal, industrial, and grunge, in the face of any kind of music that draws women to it like moths to a bright light, etc - why - because I'm an ass.
Sorry, I share far too much with Lovecraft to be psychologically healthy.
Anyway yeah (perhaps this is better put in the drunk thread, but then, so are most of my posts) - he who is provided with female approval and whose survival in life is mostly due to external evolutionary approval ('sex'), as opposed to internal emotional cowardice (that is, the sheer stupidity to believe that "this can't be what there is" and that one "deserves" something not-this) - is a fool.

May Shub-Niggurath grasp, spit and spew for many more aeons than I am around for. 
Psy Trance? Hard Trance? What is this madness.

We got a free party up in Hull with DnB/Dubstep/Reggae/other real music same weekend, all weekend. Good luck with yours DaZ :D 
Oh, and a fool he may be, but he's a fool who gets laid ;p 
apparently this is a rare perspective, BUT

to derive arbitrary pleasure from a physical act is retarded - even though it is also the only way. And I, an alcoholic, say the same about what I do, as it is equally appropriate to say of as those who chase women like the orbit of the moon. We are all stupid monkeys chasing a fix.

Insert disclaimers, apologies,concessions to the idea that getting arbitrary pleasure from females is a real value - etc. Insert those many preemptive apologies, here. 
Not a fan of real music then I guess!

Maybe you like this better: 
That's Funny 
i like the ska music, is there any bands that sound like mr.bungle early demos? any suggestions? 
Insert those many preemptive apologies, here.

That's not what you're supposed to insert ;p

But yes, I would claim that sex is a more directly pleasurable act that other addictions (which tend to be more escapist pleasure), however, this obviously doesn't apply equally to womanising (which is what you're getting at)... 
*than other 
Yeah I Guess It Is Different 
but nevertheless it comes down to deriving a "good" ("pleasurable"?) chemical 'experience' from some physical circumstance. I realize how retarded it is of me to complain about this, but when someone champions a philosophy other than nihilism I believe it will become clear that my view, despite its whininess, is technically unassailable. 
do you also think it's bad that our bodies get energy from mere food? 
AC/DC with bag-pipes does it for me.
Here's some aussie rock - Kram from Spiderbait

As far as hard rock goes.. AC/DC, Eddie Vedder, Veruca Salt, Magic Dirt, FNM come to mind. I kind-of hate Dave Grohl... but the Foo Fighters have some nice power riffs too. Hard ass stuff like Metallica and Tool... meh. 
This Week I Have Mostly Been Listening To: 
Bolt Thrower

On the top-tip front, Bolt Thrower's "And Those Once Loyal" album is really rather good, as riff-tastic as anything they've done. 
Sole & The Skyrider Band Remix LP
Vibesquad - Basslove
CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Vol. 1
Joy Division discog (I watched 24 Hour Party People a'ight?)
Mr. Lif - Welcome To The World

Yeh, mostly hip hop. But nice downbeat shiznat rather than thug crap.

Also loooooove, love will tear apart agaaaaaaaaain! 
us apart. ofc. 
New Stuff 
I bought Proteus new album "Nature of the beast" and found this absolute GEM on it.

Proteus & lab 4, zomg! 
OMG ! Hard Core Techo ! Sounds like first Prodigy Album... but more aggressive :)
That rocks !!! 
Merrraw Merou MRAW Mer MAAAAW 
charly says, always tell your mum when you go off somewhere 
Im Was Luistening To That Last Night Also 
can you somebody pls link the new 8-bit NIN Perfect Drug remake in mp3-rip format, thanks.

there already was one Album Of 8-Bit NIN Covers soem time ago
(just click on the "Innen tudj�tok.." writing bellow tracklist) 
I Think What You Wants 
will be on here...cos im looking at it :O or atlest i think i am ..orr err ... 
I already have the Nine Chip Nails 8-bit Tribute album. what I am looking for now is the new 8bit Perfect Drug track, in mp3 format, thanks 
Oh Sorry 
"it was late" shall be my excuse :S

ill looks for it also :o i like 8-bit music a lot 
you are forgiven meTch 
Unethical Illegal Immoral Request 
Does someone have the track Delerium - Symbolism? I just need to listen to it once to verify it is what it is so something along preview quality is perfectly fine (64kbps or whatever). It seems to be rather rare. 
Which one of the following is it on Spirit?;

2006 - Nuages Du Monde
ambient, electronic, vocal, chill
2001 - Poem
alternative, ambient, electronic, house, industrial, new.age, pop, rock
2000 - Poem II
alternative, ambient
1997 - Karma
dance, electronic, new.age, techno, trance, hardstyle
1997 - Spheres
1997 - Stone Tower
ambient, electronic, house
1997 - Euphoria (Firefly)
1995 - Semantic Spaces
ambient, electronic, new.age, canada
1995 - Reflections I
1994 - Spheres II
90s, ambient, electronic, experimental, industrial
1994 - Flowers Become Screens
ambient, electronic, trance
1991 - Spiritual Archives
1990 - Syrophenikan
ambient, electronic, house
1989 - Faces, Forms, And Illusions
alternative, ambient, electronic, house
1971 - Dolce Acqua
70s, progressive.rock, psychedelic,

EPs (hide) Size Snatches Seeders Leechers
1991 - Euphoric

Compilations (hide) Size Snatches Seeders Leechers
2007 - Cained (a compilation of chill out classics by the actor Sir Michael Caine)
ambient, compilation
2004 - The Best Of
1995 - Reflections II

Singles (hide) Size Snatches Seeders Leechers
2007 - Angelicus
house, united.states
2003 - Truly
electronic, house, trance, progressive
2003 - After all
2001 - Innocente
electronic, house, trance
CD / 5 Track CDS [0 6700 33130 2 5] - 2001 293.95 MB 13 6 0
1998 - Silence
electronic, house, new.age, trance, downtempo,, drum.n.bass

Remix - 2003 10.30 MB 33 2 0

Remixes (hide) Size Snatches Seeders Leechers
2008 - Silence Remixes
house, progressive
2008 - Silence (2008 Remixes)
2001 - Odyssey (The Remix Collection)
dance, electronic, pop, techno, trance, remix

Unknowns (hide) Size Snatches Seeders Leechers
2007 - Innocente
2007 - Lost & Found (Incl Blank & Jones Mixes)
2004 - Silence
electronic, house, trance
2003 - Chimera
ambient, electronic, house, industrial, pop, rock
[DL] � FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue / CD 484.58 MB 2 0 0
1989 - Morpheus
[DL] � FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue / CD / Hypnotic - 1997 321.80 MB 23 5 0 
Also, lawl rare ;p 
Got It 
From some ass overnight. 
re-discovered the mr.bungle album 'california' recently, OMG, i didn't listent it almost five years 
Syndicate Intro Music 
Anyone know the title of the original? 
The Horrors - Primary Colours. opinions? 
Pretty whiny dissonant emo crap. 
Spirit: requires more listens, that will make you like it, first listen is boring cacophony. it is post punk, Joy Division followers. 
+ TRez himself recommends it! 
...oh Yyyeeeaaaaaaa? 
i recommend explosive dismemberment via rocketbombs 
Check Out My Latest Song 
Uh Huh. 
I don't believe for one minute that's you, Negke :P

This week I have mostly been listening to progressive house, and Carcass, again. 
Stoner Doom 
stoner sludge drone doom is what fills dark space around in vondurland 
Quite Fitting Really 
Vondurland is a murky place... 
Spirit: The Horrors - Primary Colours; I was talking about whole CD/album, not about the one song only (which is arguably the weakest on the album)

Vondur: stoner sludge drone doom? wow, sounds heavy, Void must be full of this noise 
Listening To Right Now: 
"Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion" by Eluveitie. Just bought it tonight. Folk metal type stuff. Seems a lot more subdued than the last album, though I am only a few songs in.

Samples from the previous album here: 
nice musics there, you probably know, but still, i'd recommend you Enslaved, they're gods of proper viking metal
track Isa, for example
and the rest 
No, I don't know, so I'll definitely check it out - thanks! 
And Now For Relaxation 
Some beautiful ambient to sleep to: 
BORIS - Japanese trippy, ambient, psychedelic drone 
BORIS - very boring noise 
all over the place sonically

some of it is nice 
I once had a family cat called Boris. He was cool, proper ginger tom.
The XIZM releases are great mellow drum'n'bass. 
i esp. like Equand - [Function Funk]

Xizm008 i like the least of the bunch. 
Mellow drum n base is pretty cool. 
New album from Alestorm, "Black Sails At Midnight". This is the pirate metal band. Grab a flagon of mead and sing along. :) 
Oh I really like Korpiklaani but this stuff seems even better, thanks for the recommendation. 
Pirate Metal! 
Brilliant idea lol.

Although it does sound a lot like a pantomine version of old Iron Maiden.

You know, I might have to get it though. There's something a bit irresistable about it... 
Too Cheesy To Be Real Pirates (maybe They Can Be Disney Ones) 
For me Mastodon's Leviathan album better capture the pirate spirit even if it's built around Moby Dick and not actual pirating. 
Not really my area of music, but after being recommended Leviathan many times, I was very impressed when I finally checked it out.

That pirate metal sounds truly horrific. Novelty, aye. Quality, nay. The gigs are probably full of fat nerds. 
Infected Mushroom Live 
I Just Ordered... 
...the pirate metal CD. Sorry but....well....I think I just had to :P.

I've also found a couple more death metal CDs that have tickled my fancy:

All Shall Perish - The Price Of Existence:

(also quite tempted by their slightly cruder and more brutal Hate Malice Revenge (which sounds quite a lot like Baphomet, no bad thing): )

Kataklysm - In The Arms Of Devastation: 
Pirate Metal? 
How about pirate hip-hop?

I love those guys. 
Of Course Its Cheesy... 
Its pirate metal ffs! Super cheesy to the max with cheese on top. Love it!

I have also had Leviathan recommended to me several times. I have that album and "Remission" here as well, they haven't really grabbed me yet though. I'm sure I'll come back to them eventually.

Shambler, thanks for the recommendations, I don't have those particular albums available to me (I only buy stuff through emusic these days) but I have bookmarked the artists for later consideration. In particular Kataklysm interested me ("Prevail" was the one I listed to briefly). 
Too Much Music is a nice netlabel with techno/trance/progressive/house kind of sounds. 
If Cheesy Music Is Up Your Ally 
then u just might like Public Image Limited; 
P.I.L. is cheesy? Really? 
Well, I Like Them 
its like punk you can dance to, but when other people hear me listing to them they give me strange looks 
It Also Happens When I Listen To Sigue Sigue 
Video Game Music 
The internet is full of video game covers but this guy instead sings reviews of games of old and he does it rather well I must say: 
Pirate Metal. 
That Alestorm CD is ace. Great fun, well produced, and some well catchy pirate stuff on it. I've had to order the other one too lol. Nice one fribulisor. 
New Sage Francis mixtape. Good shit.

(underground/indie hip hop in case you were wondering) 
If you're into experimental electronics stuff... check this out! 
nuice :D 
Nooo Michael Jackson 
This was Zwiffle's doing, I'm sure of it! 
Michael Jackson 
negke, grab that Ott set:
The server is terribly slow and the music is zipped but it is worth it.
The Pitch Black set should be great too, dunno about the others. 
Will check it out for sure 
I saw Ott play live in Richmond VA a few months ago. His set was fairly similar to that gnomelandia one, though I think he played longer. I talked to him for a bit after the show, quite a nice fellow, he showed me his setup - he was using two of those Korg tactile surface thingies for extra live beats and melodies, in addition to the obligatory laptop+mixer+ableton.

Before I ever played Quake, my favorite 3D game was Mechwarrior 2, which had an amazing ambient-tribal-orchestral soundtrack. It's been so many years, but I finally found it:
1st link has individual mp3's, 2nd has more complete zipped albums.

I also just discovered, while digging the above links up, that the game's composer, Jeehun Hwang, also did the music for the Hipnotic and Rogue Quake mission packs! So it is said in this interview: 
Since there seem to be several versions of the Mech 2 soundtrack, let me just add that the one I specifically remember from my misspent youth, and probably the best anyways, is:

It's so epic. I probably made some of my first quake maps listening to this, now it's come full circle, bwahaha. 
Breakcore And Other Genres 
Electronic Beat Music.

It's a dance-esque progression of goth rock 
Just bought the Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight CD&DVD edition two times (one as gift for a friend). Thanks again Fribbles! Best Metal album since Ziltoid the Omniscient for me.

PS: I laughed each time the "this song is called pirate song" .... "remember piracy is a crime" stuff came up, I just had to buy it. 
It Is Great Isn't It. 
I am on a mission converting my friends to it. 
Ava Inferi 
Gothic doom.

The new album "Blood of Bacchus" is superb.

Short samples here:

If you go to the following site and let it load, you can hear the full version of "Colours of the Dark" which is the strongest track from the new album:

Here is a video for "Dan�a Das Ondas" which was the best song from the previous album "The Silhouette": 

Dark and evile dubstep remix of a Mistabishi track made of the noises from an epson printer. Also, phat. 
(bass required) 
a very rough cut mono track I just layed down for crack....

HEAVY METAL !!!!!!!!

Just Gave This To Spirit 
Quake Soundtrack ? 
For negke: Nebulist - Infected Wisdom
experimental breakcore idm drumnbass psychedelic drumandbass space jazzcore hardcore jungle 
Gotta Listen To It Later 
Spirit: Dunno, seems a bit random (yeah, experimental). Will have to listen to it in its entirety some time.

Othersbler: New Fexomat metal mashup mix, posting it because this must be somewhat of a record - more than 80 tracks in 30 minutes. 
'Pon the dl.

Zinc did a dnb mix, 82 tracks in 5 minutes:

This week I have been particularly liking Gojira - The Way Of all Flesh 
Get Your Ass To MARS!!!!! 
New Slayer!

"World Painted Blood"

FUCK yes. 
Lamb Of God - Wrath
Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh

both really good. 
I Hear Thunder... 
...but there's no rain. 
Do They Still Have That Same Drummer? 
I guess then I'll have to take a look. 
woe unto thee for ordering pirated metal ! 
Take Me To The... 
Fast Forward, I Move And I Swings Toward 
Exit load, put your brain in right mode. 
This board is awesome. We are a bunch of smart, sensitive, white guys. I'm curious as to what people would rate as the best music groups they've ever heard, after what is in my case 11-13 years or so of messing around in Quake levels (I did it for 2 years with Doom/Duke3d before Shambler was kind enough (and I mean that for real) to tell me that what I was releasing was not sufficient quality)... and obviously, great music doesn't change year per year... but we've all been around a decade or so... and that's occasion for some observations.

Anyway, given those disclaimers, I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm picking music from different eras, and that I'm picking it for its quality. Here goes: 
Hard To Please . . . 
. . . that's a short list. 
the obligatory awesome ones:

Joy Division - Who could be weirder or more atmospheric than them - ye who think so, provide me with a track equivalent to "I Remember Nothing" or even worse(I mean better) "The Eternal."

Fields of the Nephilim - "At the Gates of Silent Memory" - this is impressive - though "Last Exist For the Lost" and "Darkcell" are similarly great

NIN - the MOST obvious - "The Downward Spiral" "Ruiner" "Hurt" and ETC. 
Various Additional Spam 
Alice In Chains, (Dirt, JAR OF FLIES), The Doors, Black Sabbath, even early Metallica, Nirvana, MAD SEASON a lot, Radiohead (some), The Tea Party (Canadian), OPETH (uhh.. probably the best band I've heard), actually yeah my idea of the perfect band pretty much ends with opeth (who covered alice in chains), except with a female lead singer (add in that staley/junkie aspect)... anyway... 
The Tea Party... hell yeah! :D

One of my old favourites, they were pretty popular here in Australia. 
Ever Heard Of Partyzant? 
Third link rocks !!!! 
there was a great new hardcore aussie act on abc2 last month doing a fairly big live show. Do you know who they are ? Death music isn't really my scene, but they f-in kicked arse. Singer had a couple of inches of black(?) hair. 
I Have Pretty Wide Musical Tastes... 
Pirate hip hop, it seems so obvious in retrospect... 
No idea, sorry! 
Best Music Groups (in Their Respective Fields) 

The God Machine

Bolt Thrower




(in pretty much that order)


Swollen Members


errr....I'll do electronic music another time. 
This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Due To Copyright Restricti 
morbid angel
dying fetus
killing joke
alice in chains
pearl jam 
Forgot Killing Joke, they're definitely worth a place on the list, Pandemonium is classic. 
Worth A Click If You're Not In Nz 
"Always on my mind" by Tiki Taane:

If you are in NZ you're probably very sick of it by now :-) 
Never asked - how do you rate the album? 
Invaders Must Die 
Jilted Generation and Fat of the Land are both better. Omen is good tho... 
FOTL is their weakest album. 
Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble 
Listening to their first album (thx Pope!) and I must say while it gives me a Silent Hill vibe, which is a good thing, my favorite song is Adaptation of the Koto Song, which is just a cool, smooth piece of music that reminds me of winter. Awesome shit. 
Jilted Gen > All 
I really didn't enjoy Invaders, or the album they did before that, I forget the name.

The Prodigy I knew and loved is dead =( 
Previous Album 
Was crap for me (can't even remember the name). Invaders has some good tracks on it - Take me to the Hospital and Thunder come to mind. But there's none of the long drawn out pieces like Voodoo People or Climbatize.

In fact all the songs seem too short to be Prodigy, coming in at under 4-5 minutes. The sort of length I'd associate with pop music. 
Prodigy fell for the loudness wars. Listen to their new stuff with that in mind and you might see. I liked Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned but never could listen to it as much as Jilted. One day I saw the waveforms...

What DaZ said but for me the album is still alive and great. So relaxed and yet so damn powerful. :) 
Started dying with Jilted. Experience is where it's at. 
i thought it was good :O

charly is still my favorite song though 
New Bad Loop 
I'm still listening to it constantly though :) 
I bet you'd all like FOTL more if it hadn't been so popular :-) 
I Just Bought One Of These
and its AWESOMEEE 
For Negke...

He did another mix earlier in January, I can't find it though, but it was well nasty, makes the Cativo 666 mix look like LTJ Bukem ;) 
'Pon The Dl 
Nein it's shorter than that, 44mins. Was on DrumAndBassArena but I lost the thread. 
Listened To It 
and, well, the mix has some hard beats and all, but it's missing the actual dnb. Somehow feels like a random mashup of high-bpm samples.
Gonna search for that January mix. 
Neggers #2 
Yes it is a bit like that. The previous mix is better, hard but more palatable. 
For The Headz...

This is murderrrrration, absolutely wicked. How to have ruffness without nonsense. 
Could have carried it better, unless mine's too low.

Like it. 
Good Stuff. 
Somewhat related: Temulent - Chatterbox. 
sort of bummed about the bioshock 2 ads on pitchfork these days.

Its getting harder each day for me to decide whether there is a line, and if they have crossed it.

then again, whatever. 
What's the issue Drew? I'm not sure I understand what your gripe is. 
Yeah, same here. They're advertising on pitchforks? 
/crawls Out From The Shadows... 
I came across this;

...and it struck me as something that would be appreciated in these here parts, particularly Inkraktare. OH! And it is free! 
Just Heard 
Lost Beats EP from Invaders Must Die - so THAT's where all the real tracks went. The Big Gun Down is a great track. 
Thanks for the link, I listened to it today on the train and enjoyed it a lot. Not really sure how to describe it, kind of zone out / late night music. 
This is pretty cool: - check out the song performances. 
Just Heard This... 
Listening on thesixtyone ( if you're interested--lots of cool not-so-well-known music).


Buying the CD now. 
Cool stuff, I never heard of him before (I don't think...) but I'm at the edinburgh festival every year!

Kinda reminded me of RATATAT, if you haven't watched this video, do, it's awesome.
Yes, those are clips from Predator. 
Beautiful Warm Light Ambient 
thank you so much for posting that. gorgeous.. the first track especially. definitely bookmarking this for a proverbial rainy day :-) 
This Summers Platinum Hit 
And here is some sunshine: 

You MUST get hold of Swollen Members - Armed To The Teeth. It is fucking fantastic. Swollens' previous albums (Balance, Bad Dreams, Heavy, Monsters In The Closet & Black Magic) have all been great but this is the next level for sheer dopeness. The beats are so PHAT they make Sloper look anorexic, and then you get to track 13 - Flyest and holy fucking bass it's outrageous (don't listen to this unless you have a good system it's a waste). Only downside is that the lyrics are less creative and more gangsta than before but the sheer phlava and catchy choruses make up for it. It's pretty much like Swollen have incorporated the best bits of Ludacris and Eminem. I've just started the 4th play of the CD in a row....just get it okay. 
That was copied off another forum so change "Sloper" to "CZG", they're both fucking lardarses ;) 
What The Hell? 
Music I've heard in the Func_ music thread? :)
Swollen members are rather good. 
They Are Rather Good Indeed. 
This is their best by far. 
I don't usually like hip-hop, but Two Fingers is so, so good. (Amon Tobin's hip-hop project) 
Cant Stop Listening To This:

Quite Quakey except for the singing, which isnt all Quakey but some is.

Nothing hurts my world,
just affects the ones around me.
When sin's deep in my blood,
you'll be the one to fall

That's Quakey!

Irrelivant really, the tune is just awesome. 
Amon Tobin Hip-hop Project??? 
/me investigates... 
R.I.P. Peter Steele 
Re: Ricky 
kinda funny for me to say this as a canadian but that band sounds way too North American for me. My favourite band now is Opeth, much more intellectual, laid back, as far as metal goes. 
Too North American Is Funny. 
Because by your own ommission you are from N.A. lol. I would have though "too emo" or "singer sounds too much like Axl" or somethng like that.

Maybe its like me saying I dont like the Arctic Monkeys (which I dont) because they sound too much like they are from the north of England (which they do).

Still eh, North America is a BIIIG place with a L00T of bands. 
yeah I know bad choice of words lol
Axl Rose can go to hell btw, listening to him bitch about Cobain makes me feel good about the music industry (not because Cobain was a good musician, but because Rose - "so badass" - couldn't understand why his commercial shit was falling to anti-commercial shit).
Alice in Chains, to me, sounds VERY North American - a lot of repression, stupidity, hard drugs, bad choices. I still love them. Opeth sounds very european - sophisticated, sober (at least from the hard - and I do mean HARD, see AIC - drugs) long enough to be mournful. As a North American I appreciate that our addiction and stupidity can make great music, but I envy the intelli9gence of Europe still. 
European Rock 
Boards of Canada - Nlogax 
Good North American Rock 
Heh - The Drummer From This Band Has Been Jammin 
with me and steve and rick who is our bassist.
That means we have two Steves and two Ricks.
Watch this space :D

They are pretty darn good methinks. Quite trancy. A bit like Red Sparowes but with a female vocalist, violin player and less distortion. 
I never got the appeal of Mega Man but this is nice: 
Mega Man 
Is amazing. Not the mapper, the blue guy.

The mapper is ok. 
You Only Like MegaMan 
With a beard and crotch buster thong? 
Going To Listen Now 
Love This Video 
For grahf and other psyheads:

Very uplifting and dancey psytrancish something. Free! 
so this is like, a whole label full of underground progpsy. crazy. seems like good dj material for that style, maybe i'll practice some long transitions with it... 
right now i'm quite entangled in the free works of mauxaum, greg hunter, and master margeurita:

all great offbeat ambient chill. 
Whatever-core Mix 
They Call It 
psychedelic happy breakcore communism! 
Some fantastic tracks on this one 
My Band Cobalt. 
Full ensemble this time, mostly metal.

Its practically an EP!
Except for the fact that its just 1 take per track, recorded with 1 shit condenser mic (in mono, obviously), just at a practise.
Rough as hell, and the vox are quiet, but i naturally think it sounds awesome :)

I play guitar, and occasionally murmer something into the mic (my freind Steve (good old steve) wrote all of this except for one track which is obviously a cover, I just play it live, although i did write a few of the accompaniments) 
"Trowbirdge" Eh? 
So, uh, seems you guys know your stuff and all, but the recording quality is really bad so one can hardly make out anything really. Vocals are almost inaudible, bass and high hats too strong. Needs proper rec equipment/mastering or at least better volume tuning of each component, garage-style. Tetris ftw, though. 
I know :)
Seriously I just used an old Fostex 8track into one channel with the internal condenser mic.
On a chair, right infront of the guitar amps :) 

[needs sub/decent response 'phones] 
Pretty Nice. 
Slight change of pace (and since no-one ever posts musical shiznat). Bluegrass. 
If You Like Bluegrass... may like this. Nice genre-mixing. 
Heh, that's cool. Listening to it atm. Quite like Buck 65's mid-career stuff (Talkin' Honky Blues) except more with slightly more focus on the bluegrass. 
Dubstep War Of The Worlds :o

Starts off slow but gets interesting later on! 
I can never get that site to work, I hit play but nothing happens. :/ 
Never Mind 
it just worked, just now :O 
Very Chatty 
Mehh, it's ok.. but i'd hoped it'd have a bit more humping dub rather than reciting the whole radio monologue over a miss-mash of sound. 
Thas cos it's dubstep not dub. Is different. 

All about the beautiful re-mastering of the jackson 5 track in the background (the bass boost on the horn is lovely).

And Kurdt just sounds so damn cheerful ;) 
that was... weird. 
is remotely funny ;) 

"This day's grim, it's raining, what wonderful weather for gaming. The sun's blazing, so let's stay in, it's wonderful weather for gaming." 
My Lot Again: 
can anyone recommend any decent sites similar to jamendo? i shared my album on there and it's getting a surprisingly high amount of downloads & feedback so thinking about spreading the love a little bit. it's on myspace as well but with barely any hits 
I highly recommend

If you want I could ask the Ektoplazm(.com) guy if he has a netlabel recommendation where you could "apply" for a release. I don't know any netlabel for music like this.

Hearted your album earlier, then some day it was gone and I meant to ask you about it. I really love it. 
i took it down because they omitted the last track when approving it (falsely believing it was a cover because it had '(reprise)' appended to the title) and it's pretty much the most important track on the album! i've put it back up now though in its entirety. thanks for the comments either way :)

forgot about soundcloud; i added it on there too, although it hasn't seen that many plays. i know almost nothing about netlabels though so if you could drop that guy a line then that would really be appreciated. i'm thinking of moving in a slightly darker more psychy direction with future stuff so getting on ektoplazm could work out well. doubt i'll get anything put out before RMQ is finished though...

cheers for the recommendation ricky, will check them out! 
another is
btw, can I check out your album on jamendo? (I'm not sure how to find it :-) 
nice one. and sure, i'll email you 
Magnatune - We Are Not Evil

Can't go wrong! 
weardo but nice

and I hate these new sounds!!! 
Mellow ambient lovers who like to buy CDs might want to checkout the Absolute Ambient sale at

I own Absolute Ambient Vol2 (planned to sell it to some moron who spends more than original price for CDs, well, I guess I can forget about that...) and loved it some years ago. Haven't heard it in ages though because there is so much perfect ambient available for free that I do not see any reason to listen to the commercial stuff anymore. 
Any stuff that sounds similar to the EVE Online soundtrack or Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble? Seems to be the only kinds of ambient I like, but boy howdy do I like it. 
Link To Rj's Stuff? 
So old Metallica albums are remastered (let ne guess, VERY LOUD?) and they come on SHM-CDs:
SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) is a CD format that features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. (...) allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head.

Amazing! Sounds like they could have simply printed those new CDs, without remastering, and they would sound better than ever! 
Is that to go with your oxygen free, gold plated, liquid nitrogen cooled, $2000/m cables? 
That's Awesome 
@ high quality cd through better plastic 
Speaking Of Metallica

This is taken from cosmic hearse, and that site is fucking great if you are into metal/punk/hard to find shit 
Nice Little Group With A Nice Powerfull Women Vice 
Listening To 
mc chris -Neville 
Metal Recommendation 
Thaurorod. I don't know too much about Metal styles but I guess this is some sort of epic power metal. It's melodic and massive. There are some old demo songs on Youtube when they had a fantastic singer. Their album has another voice, it's much different but I do like some songs anyways.

The old ones: 
Power Metal! 
Must Admit Though Spirit 
That second tune you linked it pretty cool. And the band seems to have a really mental drummer. I just dont like the keys. 
Wow, a new level of youtube suckiness. "
This video is not available in your country. Learn more. Sorry about that." but even without any mention of any meta info. What title did you mean to link? 
It Was A Better Version Of This Tune. Different Concert Altogether...

That other video was on the channel NirvanaVEVO. Miserable twats! 
@ Trinca 
Ha, funny you mentioned BeatRapist on Youtube. I play guitar and we did a little collaboration :)
Here you hear me play over one of his tracks: 
Is there anything else like The Prodigy's Music for the jilted generation? Their new albums are so damn LOUD. Also I like the slow builtups of MFTJG. 
Have you tried Prodigy's Experience? Def their best album imo. A little more hard than MftJG 
Yeah, should have said it. Their older stuff is too rave/hardcore like for me. If you like that, try (some more "Jilted" tracks on this too). 
Try Music From The Jilted Generation. 
That sounds intriguing but what is the artist/group name? 
Various Artists

It's a compilation by fans. And I only just realized there are four volumes now. 
Oh Haha Thanks 
I thought you were trolling me! Reading comprehension -= 1; 
Sleeping People 
I really really love this 
Check This Out, Seriously

Don't press backbutton immediately - It's not what it seems! 
Piss Off 
Rick roll 
Its Quite Dark Actually 
Cobain's bile and angst cuts through rick's terrible voice enough that it actually still sounds serious. Weird. 
that is brilliant. possibly even better than this 
Or This!! 
And This As Well :) 
first rick is pretty good actually. god that guy looks like a dork, though. :P 
The Scary Thing Is... 
...that back then most people didn't think that at all. He was cool as far as I remember. Same for these fucking dance steps...

But indeed, in the remix I like him a lot :) 
Okay then, tresses:

To actually contribute to the thread, I had never heard Danielia Cotton until recently, but...damn. Great voice and sound: 
This should have fallen (failed ?) into a "Fashion thread"... :P 
Just Playing Along With Helpful Post #893 
You're welcome. 
helicopter girl is only cool if the chopper blades turn... 
Been listening to a lot of:

Behemoth - Evangelion
Behemoth - The Apostasy

Heavy, refined, brutal, epic blackened death metal. These guys owned the Terrorizer Awards 2009 and it's clear why.

Kataklysm - In The Arms Of Devastation
Kataklysm - Prevail

Straight up no-nonsense death metal. Nothing out of the ordinary, they just do it very well.

Also I've just ordered:

Gorefest - La Muerte - catchy death metal with a vaguely punky Napalm Death feel.
Immortal - All Shall Fall - shockingly catchy and well produced epic guitar black metal.
Burzum - Belus - new post-prison album from the murderer Varg; dark, subdued, eerie black drone metal.
Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus - just need more of the mighty Behemoth! 
Free Downtempo Electronic Beats

Both have been on repeat pretty much constantly. Did I mention free? 
0h Then Suddenly This 
Where is there free music on the first site? It just tells me to fuck off to shitunes. And the other wants me to register when I click on download :o 
That was my reaction too. Instant loss of interest thanks to Flash and e-mail registration. I wish there were better definitions of free content online. 
that was not meant against you, but against the creators who think their offerings are free. 
i've just downloaded several albums from each site without going to itunes or registering

one asks for an email to send the links too but that's all 
forgot to mention before i clicked submit, click on 'pl downloads' and each album has a direct download link 
But Oh Nooo Flash Is Eeeevil Not Open Sooource Where's The Gnuuu 
Spirit you are the worst human being that has ever existed in germany. That's right. 
Oh Yeah 
I didn't activate the flash on that one site, because nobody would be stupid enough to hide valuable links inside flash, right?

I'm still not giving them my email address, anyways. Or maybe my spam throwaway one. With most music one or two clicks away, do I care enough to register for potential spam? 
I Like Flash 
Doing a course in it. So far it has only threatened my family once, and killed one of my goldfish. 
it seems some of us are stuck in 1984. in more ways than one... 
I was born in '84. And OK - I dont really have a goldfish. I dont see your point rj 
Mindcrime, for example. 
that wasn't in reference to your post ricky. i was getting at orwellian paranoia and technophobia associated with living in the past... 
You fail at logic.

a) How you come to the conclusion that thinking that flash is shit means the person has technophobia is beyond me. The other way around, maybe.

b) Let's assume that living in the past, as you call it, implies technophobia. That doesn't mean someone who has technophobia lives in the past.

You should look up the difference between implication and logical equivalence. 
Please Don't Skirt Around The Fact That Spirit Is A Terrible Child. 
I Want To Raise A Gnu, Name It ChriZzyG And Ride It Around The World. 
technophobia probably wasn't the right word, then. i didn't put a great deal of thought into that post and only made it to quell ricky's suspicions that the comment was aimed at him. i'm surprised you found it worth dissecting! 
Yeah, I dislike flash, but I don't like to be called a technophobic or a person who's living in the past. Even though you didn't specifically say that I was either. I do take umbrage at the implication nevertheless. 
Flash Has Its Places 
The whole website or a download link aren't those places. 
LOL Wow Guys. 
I'm not a fan of flash myself, I use the click-to-flash Firefox extension, but I'm not virulently allergic either.

Random Rab did offer his music for free briefly to celebrate his US tour with Shpongle, apparently not anymore. Epic fail on my part there, didn't re-check the link. There's still a few free tracks on

I don't understand the stigma against giving out one's email for free music. 99% of the time it's through a music distribution system called Topspin that virtually every smart musician is using nowaday to promote themselves. Recognizing that many people value music at zero dollars, they give away tracks for free to compete with piracy. Win-win.

I have given out my email uncountable times to get free tracks. All it does is to sign you up for that artist's mailing list. Big deal. If I enjoy the music I'm getting then logically I will also be interested in hearing about what that artist is up to - new album, going on tour, more free stuff, etc. If you don't like it then you can just unsubscribe like all opt-in mailing lists. No big loss except about 10 seconds of your time.

Pretty Lights is really good! Seriously. I think his music is free because he uses unlicensed samples. 
New1 0h 
Like The Third Track 
Its a bit dark and a bit cheeky, and it works for me. The first tune is fun but not prog enough for my taste, and the second tune was a it too simple too, and repetative. But that third tune is mustard. Groovey man, grooooovey. 
Pretty Lights 
brilliant! only partway through the second of four albums i downloaded but this is awesome. reminds me of avalanches a little

listened to three random rab albums too, good in parts but a little hit & miss overall. epicycle was my favourite

cheers grahf! 
A Jam I Jammed 
Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack 
I Hate D3us 3x 
Cool synth but overall a super generic wall of sound. Wailing woman is soo 2005. 
this made me lol. 
(double checks to make sure this is the music thread)

I just picked up a CD from Booker T, who has been doing this shit forever (forever being since the early 60s in this case), and I can't seem to stop listening to it.

It was nominated for two Grammys, but had somehow slipped entirely under my radar until I heard a cut on Pandora, and it's some of the catchiest purely instrumental rock I've heard in a long time.

Check this.

Have another. 
thanks for that, those were awesome. ^_^ 
I Like Some Parts Of It 
but he definitely needs a new drummer 
Or Maybe This One 
Lol - That Sounds Cool 
I was about to drop this link:

And ask if anyone else had seen the film yet?
Pure class.

But as a jazz-funk-rock band I would say that those links u posted are not bad. Traces of Red Sparrowes. I thin the main let down is the production. For me:

1 - they need to be mixed at a reasonable level, instead of trying to make it overtly loud.

2 - the drums are played really well but recorded very poorly and sounds like a sub-par kit. Needs more bass in the drums.

3 - bring the bass up a bit

4 - find a guitar that sounds as percussive but less dry.

then i think it would sound better.

Re: (more Of) Zach Hill (of Hella) 
With Omar & co:

And haven't listened that much but some of his solo stuff seems really nice like this one:

I wonder if you could get Zach Hill and Brian Chippendale to play together without complete sound overload... 
That referring to me?

hm, need to think about it, never occured to me to think about the production yet. my mind is still trying to follow everything and see all the connections/patterns that might be in there. 
U Ever Heard This:? 
Not Available From My Country 
Rediscovered Sundummy's Mighty Voids Collide. Such gorgeous drone ambient. 
thanks! reminds me of the stalker soundtrack, but i like these more. 
Made It To A Festival For Once!!! 
Totally loved this (was there, tried to get to the front but it was a cram): 
Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 1 Pad Thai

this can probably become a soundtrack for my new map.
though it was written when I'd been completely drunk 
Anyone here a fan of stoner rock/metal? I've really gotten to love this type of music and listen to it almost exclusively nowadays, along with all the different sub-genres and influences like sludge and doom. Lately I've been digging Keelhaul:">Keelhaul

And I love me some psyched out stoner rock: 
I Like The Moons Of Neptune Stuff 
That sounds cool, reminds me of hendrix.

Stoner Rock: 
If you liked The Machine, I'd also recommend checking out Colour Haze, which they seem heavily influenced by:

Sungrazer is also somewhat similar, great band: 
Colour Haze 
Never heard of them 'til today (thanks for introducing me to them), awesome. Totally putting this tune on my Facebook. I like it because it's simple, I feel like I could join in on my guitar, but they play with really great energy. 
No Problem 
They are definitely great. I've only listened to two-three of their albums myself so far, so I have alot more to go. Love their jammin' psychedelic tunes. 
Start At Exactly 23 Mins

A friend of mine who went escaped my tiny town and went to uni. He used to sound like this:

He's the at the far left with the guitar. 
Beautiful Calm Ambient, Maybe A Bit Too Cheesy For Some 
Sounds Like Napalm Death Lyrics 
Lol @ RickyT23 
phtagn ! 
For The Swedish Sweetheart 
3 Free Albums 
of one of my favourite guitar based bands (mathrock?)

(downloads embedded in the flash players, sadly)

it's really fucking worth it. 
Definitely Giraffes 
Math, Not So Much Rock 
Might Get Me Mapping For Q3 Again 
Maybe I recommended it already before but Sundummy - Mighty Voids Collide is a fine dark(soothing) drone ambient album 
Oh yeah, just 23 (oh shit) posts above. Well, then let me suggest some rock(?) stuff: Music Box by The Nuri 
For The Metallers. 
Old skool thrash, the main riff is beyond awesome: 
Thats Awesome 
The only thing that lets it down for me is the vox. 
could some one do me a favour and tell me, what is this? 
Dunno, But I Found Your Typo Amusing 
The Link Is Dead 
The link is dead!! 
I Found Out What It Was Using This: 
Google Ftw 
I typed this:

"music recognition online"

And found a link to audiotag from there.... 
had no idea you could search with an audio clip! i only found stuff where you had to hum the tune, and there's no way i could hum that. :P

thanks! :D 
If You Got A Modern Phone, Install Soundhound. 
i can't afford even an old phone. i have a cup with a string coming out of it, man. :( 
New Technology 
And By The Way... 
... phone discussion should have landed in Phone thread: 
spirit was actually talking about a legitimate music finding software. 
Free Music 
Here is some fantastic dark droning ambient: 

Have some metal.

Really like the progression in this track, you wouldn't believe it hearing the opening tho. 
Off Topic Comparison 
So yeah, watching Never Mind The Buzzcocks just now something really struck me about our good old quake developers. iD in the early to mid 90's did for video games what The Beatles did for pop music. Both started off by creating polished, beloved works in the style of their chosen field. They then created innovative defining pieces which are the template for works produced today. In doing so they both pushed the technology of the day to new heights (even if what they did is simple to replicate now). Then each group split apart, and the solo works seemed to lack something... 
I don't usually dig black metal, but that it really quite cool. But you are right - the start is very very heavy. 
.. though ;) 
BLACK metal?? BLACK?? Are you mad?? That is proper modern death metal. Black indeed. N0000b!!! 
Have some more:

Black metal indeed :S 
Nice Epic Power Metal! 
You know what I mean. Metalophile!!!! 
Been Listening To These Guys A Bit Lately... 
That Long Death Metal Thing 
is quite nice. the other one's a bit on the simple side for my taste, though. 
About Turn! 
After a very dry period where the only DNB cds available were mundane cheese, there have been 3 interesting releases at the harder end of things:

Current Value & Donny - Revolt & Riot
Brutal stuff by two artists at the cutting edge of harder dnb. Quite varied with a good mix of dnb rollers and mashed up techy stuff.

Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Peer-2-Peer Pressure
A current highlight from the guys who make up the well-established gabber act The Outside Agency. Having an "outside the scene" influence works well here with hard-hitting but fresh-sounding tracks that mix trancey melodies and effects with diverse punchy beats. Recommended.

Dom & Roland - The Big Bang
Another totally consistent CD from the duo who steadfastly refuse to sell out. Perhaps a bit too consistent as it lacks the variety of Through The Looking Glass, but still makes up for it in quality techstep sounds. 
The Last One 
is nice 
Dom & Roland is not a duo, man ;-) 
LOL, pwnd :P 
One Line Music

interactive playground:

a groove I made (needs macro changes over time now it just repeats):

(t&(t>>t|t>>6)|t)+(t&t^t>>6)-t * ((t>>9)&(t%16?2:6)&t>>9) 
Broken Code: 
first term is meaninglessly complex.

* ((t>>9)&(t%16?2:6)

does the same thing 
And Shorter 
t+(t^t>>6)-t *
Could You Break That Down For Me And Explain How It Works Pls? 
I started learning C++ for real, but i dont understand how that can make a noise at all.
I havent done >> (except for cin), ^, %, & or ? yet. 

And loop outputs one byte as PCM-audio at the sample rate. 
That's Stupidly Cool 
and nice work bear 
A Slow Longer Tune 
Probably Linked Earlier But 
I currently listen to this 5 hour Massive Attack mix and it is so nice:
Massive Attack Mix 
Does this mix do much to the originals? Looks like all their albums, with filler removed and a random order. 
No idea, I only know Mezzanine and the vs Mad Professor albums. 
Greatest Song Of All Time 
... though... 
Fuck Yes 
massive attack 5h mix? i'm in! 
Tell Me 
tell me someone here is into Opeth (if I haven't made this rant before).
Saw them last weekend, and while they've apparently outgrown the death metal thing (sigh...) they're one hell of a band... some of the most instrumentally brilliant, atmospheric stuff I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Kind of like Kell's favourite band, Fields of the Nephilim, except instead of just ambient dark rock, it's more metal/folk/jazz/prog-rock... and plus there's some loneliness in there whereas Nephilim is more just "this is fucked up."
"The Night and the Silent Water"
Some day in another universe I'll make a Quake map of that. And if you check that song out make it to the end... it has such a build-up. 
i have their blackwater park cd which is quite good. i liked them more when i was younger though. these days, i'm really not a fan of all that angry yelling. i can still totally appreciate their instrument skills though.
thanks for reminding me about them, btw. i just realized i don't have the cd rip in itunes... must have forgot when i was converting all my old stuff. O_o 
is some of the best music out there. 
Well Necros you have the same POV as their main songwriter/guitarist Akerfeldt. They have apparently become a prog rock band.
I find it really sad and ironic, that I hated that evil screaming when I first heard it, and that prevented me from getting into the band FOR YEARS. Yet I finall get to see these Swedish bastards live, and god, that screaming, it didn't even happen once. I'd have loved it. 
that's pretty funny, but if they're trying to broaden their fanbase, i guess it's working as i'll probably go check their new stuff out now. :P 
Cheers for the dnb recommendations. Good stuff. 
How on earth did I not check out R�yksopp earlier? Nice kinda melancholic (don't you dare say emo) calm chillout pop.

I'd recommend NOT watching them (kinda sad and creepy) but listen instead. 
David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time 
This is some odd funky stuff. Slow drums, guitars, and strange lyrics. Quite like proper Lynch style in musical form - or maybe it only feels to me this way because the name influences my perception. A bit weird and different in a Radiohead-, Anton Lavey-, PIL-ish kind of way (although nothing alike these). Or something. I like it. 
Partied hard to this set yesterday, swing-electro or how ever you want to call this. 
How Fuckin' Cool Is This Fuckin' Chune? 
Loving This Psychilldubstuff

havent heard it in ages, randomly came up. Crowd Control - Thor's Armpit. 
@spirit Nice, I Like It 
As ghost in the shell was being mentionned in game thread here is this related dubstep remix

Ghost in the Shell (feral dubstep remix) 
No idea why I never recommended this ambient gem before:

kahvi #241: Jari Ylamaki - Somnium est imago mortis

Warm deep ambient. 
Assume The Position 
This Rocking My Balls Off Atm 
I Am Downloading With An Irresistable Feeling... 
....of utter dread. But will give it a try. 
that was wild! :D 
Something to calm down
Substan View - Labyrinth of mirrors

Free as well of course. 
heh, i tend not to really like the music you guys post, but both those were great, thanks :) 
using TGWTDT-Infiltrator.mp3 as a soundtrack for base levels and TGWTDT-Under The Midnight Sun.mp3 for fantasy/horror levels lately 

cybernetika have a remix of the hydroponics song from SS2. ^_^ 
Those Cybernetika tracks are quite nice indeed. PsyDNB, heh. Thanks for the tip, Daz. 
Not sure I posted this, it is so good. Classic melodic goa trance. 
this isn't very new, but it's awesome: 
I Like It :) 
For Rj Maybe 
Listened to those last three... sounded a bit 90s/Fruity Loops-ish.

Here's a cool video clip I just saw on tv:

Heard this song last week and love it. 
appreciate the thought spirit. to be honest i've been kinda phasing out my listening of trance over the past year or so; decided i needed a change and that my head had been stuck in the clouds for too long... although i still keep the odd mix on my sansa player for long train journeys so will give that one a whirl :)

misc assortment of favourite tunes i've been listening to lately: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

also i love that first track you posted kona! reminds me somewhat nostalgically of cheery '90s indie-pop 
Yeah I find myself jumping between genre's every day, I get sick of one genre quickly. So I jump between hiphop, electronic/dance, dnb, classical, downtempo/triphop and a bit of older rock and metal. Hiphop is what I mostly listen to, but you've got to wade through tonnes of shit. Rappers release stuff way too often. 
Random Stuff 
Relaxed Minimal/dnb Mixes

I really like all of them... really nice bg sortof stuff 
Vile Imbeciles 
A band formed by ex-Eighties B-Line Matchbox Disaster guitarist Andy Huxley that produced initially barely listenable experimental rock, who's latest album is actually pretty awesome:

Every time I listen to this album, I like it more than the last time I heard it. I love how eccentric the guitar riffs are and I'm pretty sure there are songs where all the members (5 during the recording of this album) are singing different things at the same time :)

p.s. bandcamp is awesome! can stream the music for free, good prices, you can pay extra if you like the artist and you don't need any login or stupid bullshit.

First draft of Sleepdrive 2:

Gonna add The Big Empty from too

So far it is only 4 tracks I think. 
hard to comment on an hour of audio... kinda just left it playing in the background while i was mapping.

it's very relaxing though. 
That's the whole point though. :)
The first track is too annoying to me, I need to change it.

Today in Music For NeGkE That Will Not Lead To Video Blockage On YouTube is
Super deep awesome minimal house techno something. 
New album by Arjen Anthony Lucassen is out! "Lost In The New Real" awesome narrated video 
(That's the guy behind Star One and Ayreon etc) 
Hmmm that sounds pretty good spirit. I usually avoid this thread because it's always just metal that's posted here, but that's a bit more mellow. Is the rest of Arjen's new album similar to this? 
There was a lot of electronic stuff lately, if you are interested in that. 
Biggie Smalls Vs. Thomas The Tank Engine 

track 8. Loud and with a system that can do low frequency bass, so sexy. 
found some nice free darkish atmospheric ambient ambient again, [iD.059] Michael Hoffmann - Mind Trips (EP). The label's page is down but you can find it easily online. 
My Latest... Doomstyle 
What software you using Fern? 
Sequencing: FL Studio

Guitars and Bass: Old version of FL Slayer with a HUGE amount of tweaking to make it sound as little like FL Slayer as possible.

Drums: FPC set with a commercial kit - I forget the source but that's why I paid for it, so I wouldn't have to. :P

Vintage Synths: Wasp and Wasp XT mostly stock presets.

Weird noises: Toxic Biohazard with all knobs randomized and/or heavily abused until something interesting happens Reaktor style.

Eq and Mastering: mostly EQUO and Maximus 
It is really sounding like Slayer indeed.. Maybe missing a little bit of bass and saturation, but wow... :) 
Cool, I've been messing around with FL Studio, I can't really get Slayer sounding right. As soon as you add drive to make individual notes stand out more it just fills with scratching noises :(

Any way you could share your settings for it? :E 
JPL: sounding like the BAND Slayer is desirable. Sounding like the overrated and overpriced VST Slayer, not so much.

ZQF: maybe if I ever actually finalize the settings I'll post the presets - but you'll probably be disappointed as they're not very different from what already comes with the program. The difference is that many of the controllers (damping, harmonic, pick position, feedback, etc.) need to be in constant motion because the minute you let a single one of them sit still, it starts to sound like a synthesizer again. Keep in mind that a real guitar has a good clean sound and all the effects that are added to it merely amplify and enhance that initial sound. Slayer is the exact opposite. When you remove all the effects from Slayer, you don't get a clean guitar sound. You get a Karplus string tone that sounds like absolute shite. So instead of a real guitarist showing off how awesome his Les Paul or Strat sounds with the pedals attached, a Slayer user is piling on a very delicate sequence of effects specifically to conceal the fact that the foundational sound completely SUCKS. 
I was referring to the band, obviously ! 
I Have The Original Of That One 
Number stations are so damn awesome. I love having (The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [ird059]) in the background. Caught one myself randomly some weeks ago. 
You stopped me listening to this:

Doom64 wins on evil, although the number stations stuff is close on weirdness. 
??? the heck??? freaking creepy 
Map Of Metal

Interesting... >E 
I'm Kind Of Into Minimal Glitch Lately 
I Approve Of This Post 
For Czg And Voodoo 
Lazy Sunday 
Some Lovely Electronic Whangstep

Especially 'Da Fook' and 'Snazz'. Just love that sound. Like a Len Lye sculpture transformed into a giant robot. 
Many thanks to Vondur for making me check out Bohren und der Club of Gore, is too damn cool. 
you're welcome.
also, i urge you to go to their show, it's amazing. 
Richard D. James Is The Chosen One 
Stone in focus

i recommened you to play this all the time, in quake.
Autechre Either 
parallel suns

What a great soundtrack this would be in a new ID game.

"Sighs in feelings" 
I Like This

Would be shite for a game though.... 
Would be shite to hear any more than the 15 seconds I had the misfortune to skip to. What dreary generic pointless drivel. 
Saw the singer from this lineup in Penrith (believe it or not) when he was in another band called Killshot. I really like this, kindov grindcore stuff:

(hopefully this will make up for the cheesy crap I exposed you to before......) 
Alva Noto Is Great 
Oh Someone Already Posted That Further Up... 
Good job! 
Also New Boards Of Canada Yay!? 
you'd have thought I could at least spell his name correctly 
No I Would Not 
This band opened for Tool in Vancouver years ago but by the time we got into the ridiculously security-heavy show (I still resent the delays and invasive guard patrols) they had already finished playing. Anyway, finally checked them, sounds like a cross between Tool and Kyuss, awesome. 
Will have aloof for their stuff. 
I saw that: Jeff died because of an infectious injury caused by a spider bite... not because of alcohol, not because of drug or whatever stupid things generally done by rock starts... It is incredibly sad :(
Rest in peace Jeff. 
Ost Side Gasthof
laughed so hard at this, my god.
Only for germs. 
Alva Noto Is Fucking Awesome :-) 
Greatest Gabber Compilation. 
Giving away CDs I made up of the best gabber I've ever owned. Just wanted to share the love for the good bits of an unpopular music form. Email me your address and I will burn and post one.

Details here: 
The Most Chillin 
i heard in years

Richard, where the new stuff? 
Blep Bleep Blop 
Anyone Else Like... 
Tuss Is One Of Richards Countless Monikers, Isnt It? 
own this on vinyl, lucky me... 
I have weird taste in music, not because I aim to be pretentious, I just enjoy finding different types of music. 
Me Too 5th 
I like it... 
Found This Stunner A Few Weeks Ago 
And its FREEEEE. It's freeform/finrg style 
The Gabber Is In The Slot... 
...ta much you big shaggy thing. 
No Probs :) 
For Raster Noton Fans 
I Like Dance Music... 
forgot to recommend you , probably too techy but with good bass it has some pretty damn fucking evil moments 
I Like Those 
Wow that is really good and moody, love it :) 
i fucking love cloud cuckoo. good call

something on similar lines: 
Something Completely Different 
All Of The Hipster Music.... 
I love so much of the music on this channel - 
Just A Bit Of Queen... 
because everyone loves Queen right? 
Soft Moon Murder Music 
Like It 
S O H N 
Ausies Being Stupid 
Fun Vid 
For JPL 
Why ?? 
I should have clicked the link before asking stupidly: thanks ! 
Broader Than Broadway I Am 
Here i come
MtV did have a task these days..

Man i�m getting old. 
They Call It Post Black Metal

And I quite like it (but I saw them live) 
dude... that first song has one badass sounding intro. I don't mind the guy's screaming either, lots of metal has the problem that a) the music is non-melodic and is simply fast, and b) I don't like the singer's particular style of screaming (major exceptions are Akerfeldt and the guy from Isis). this doesn't seem to have those problems.
sweet I am going to listen to more of these guys. 
Nice Intro.... 
I Love this kind of Doom-ish music intro... and to be honest, then when it start to be brutal, it is really well executed, not noisy as some other bands are.. really nice find !! 
Glad You Like It! 
Also Rosetta 
fucking awesome, somehow i missed the new rosetta album, which is available for free (but give them some money if you like it!) 
Some From Last Year's Deus Album 
Relaxing A Bit... 
Since We're Posting Metal

From Cruciamentum, a blackened death band with lots of good lovecraft references. This is from their 2009 Demo, pretty easy to find and definitely worth the DL. This song is I think my fav, and it closes beautifully. 
Deadmau5 Goes NIN 
metallica fans, go see Through The Never! In Imax! 3D! It's basically a kick ass 3D live concert with dark musicvideo-ish snippets in between. 
I Love The New Miley Cyrus Song... 
I'm Not Clicking On That 
but I hope that's satire, man. 
I Could Watch That All Day 
here is the best review of that album.

Wow I'm Old 
I don't understand any of that. 
I don't get this Miley craze at all, seems like some orchestrated media stunt, and boy is it working :/ 
Johnny Marr 
Saw him a couple months ago, don't need no Morrissey! 
Free Drones 
Does anybody have some good links? High-quality preferred.. 
Ding Dong 
And So I Watch You From Afar 
Spell The Mans Name ALLCAPS!!! 
Weird Screamo Noisy Folky Post-stuff name your price 
I Forgot: Circle Takes The Square 
I quite like it. Has female vocals among others. Check out if you're open minded regarding music and like heavy stuff. 
And Paramnesia (what I Posted Earlier) Live, The Concert I Attended 
The group features Deftones' vocalist Chino Moreno and three members of the post-metal band Isis

I'm not sure i like it. The vocals just aren't that good :-) 

Old but gold, we need more Extraworlds.. 
Best Song Of All Time. 
I Have Odd Tastes... 
But this showed up on my facebook feed and now I have listened to it maybe like a dozen times already. 
Great Video 
Great Video! 
is in my top 5 bands... effing love them 
Atoms 4 Peace 
This Is Happening Right Now. 
I Love The AVGN 
...So have a metal version of the themesong: 
Best Nightwish Since Tarja 
65 Days Of Static 
Post the link to the Scott Lawlor thing you posted in #tf. Definitely like that, good proper cosmic chill-out dark drone style :) 
Dark Amb Etc 
Just got a big order from Coldspring, mostly in their sale. Will report back on any of interest:

AIDAN BAKER - 'I Fall Into You'
AVATARA - 'Purificatio'
BRENNENDES GEHIRN - 'Epidemics Of The Modern Age'
ECHRAN - 'In Offret'
HIKIKOMORI - 'Far From The World'
KEPLERS ODD - 'Strena Seu De Nive Sexangula'
MERZBOW - 'Lop Lop'
SEALED IN BLOOD - 'Coemeterium'
SILCHARDE - 'Sortil�ge De M�cr�ant'
STRIBORG - 'Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts'
VARGR - 'Storm Of Northern Evil' 
Sleep Research Facility 
is drone at high level, more of that please. 
I got two CDs in the order, and already own the rather good Deep Frieze. 
Measuring The Immeasurable

maybe you like this, heavy stuff.
Labeled important.

SRF is mostly good, yeah. 
Question 'bout An Ambient Sound 
"soundtrack" from warpspaZm by mr.J are those bands sort of amateurish or what?

Some pieces were really great - damballah, dotkraz/idle sunder 'specially 
Hotline Miami Anyone? 
Quality Soundtrack 
Really set a great mood for the game. 
Listening To This..... 
It's always worthy of a listen!! 
Grammy 2014 Right Here 
New Bohren und der Club of Gore:

Gonna see them live in 3 weeks! 
awesome otp. actually just made me wanna go listen to hesitation marks though. 
Beardyman: Seattle @ The Neptune - April 16, 2013 FULL SH 
Getting Back Into Merzbow A Bit... helps that I stumbled upon Lop Lop which is the best of the few albums I've actually listened to:

So much so that I've reorder the LTD edition double CD version... 
Stomping Feet 
Relentless Carnage a classic! That Again 
In Fact 
All of that guy's stuff is good.. 
Currently Listening To... 
The ikaruga soundtrack in anticipation of the full release... 
Hey, this guy is good. :)
Music is free, so send him a couple of bucks. 
Yeah - i got hooked some time playing a Donkey Kong Land game on a handheld emulator. Damn fine stuff. 
That youtube vid just got me an interesting read about the fermi paradox:

thanks, and where is everyone?
Offtopic as far as it can get, nice tune nevertheless. 
Pet Peeve Of Mine :) 
"presumably, some of these civilizations will develop interstellar travel"
Well - this is false. People just have no idea about the limits of technology. There will be no time-travel, no human like robots, and no interstellar space travel. 
Look at the outdated and narrow-minded caveman, isn't he cute.

Is the world still flat where you come from? 
On the back of a giant turtle and four elephants trippin on the light fantastic? 
I Think He's Right Maybe 
I mean if we had enough thrust and a secure enough vessel, we could possibly travel fast enough through the vast emptiness of deep space, but if we could do it, wouldn't that kind of speed be enough to rupture the very fabric of our universe? Maybe it would leave such a devastating wake that it would obliterate our solar system, maybe even our entire galaxy?

Or else we'd run the risk of arriving a few billion years too late for it to mean anything in any way that we would be able to comprehend. Our feeble bodies and minds would not be able to sustain that kind of chaos... 
"According to calculations, the comoving distance (current proper distance) to particles from the CMBR, which represent the radius of the visible universe, is about 14.0 billion parsecs (about 45.7 billion light years), while the comoving distance to the edge of the observable universe is about 14.3 billion parsecs (about 46.6 billion light years),[1] about 2% larger."

Siting Wikipedia there, not the source from which they have extrapolated this theory in some way. 
There will be no time-travel, no human like robots, and no interstellar space travel.

How do you know this? 
What's your point regarding the size of the observable universe?

Also, and I'm going to sound like a dick and / or grammar nazi, but it's driving me crazy: The verb is 'to cite' and not 'to site'. 
He knows it due to the perfectly correct and irrefutable knowledge of modern science...

...because throughout history, that scientific knowledge has NEVER changed or improved as methods, equipment or theories evolve.

<insert DERP here> 
leave our precious music thread alone, you nutjobs. 
Plane Hijack 
no interstellar space travel
All technologies only exist inside the society they inhabit. Whether sending humans/aliens huge distances through space is possible (i believe it is impossible) is irrelevant. The societies will all have depleted their planet's resources/overpopulated to such an extant that chaos reigns, long, long before the technology is discovered.

I saw "Bob Dylan Live at Newport Folk Festival" DVD last week. It's a great insight into the whole folk/hippy music culture thing. I grew up listening to my Mom's Baez/Dylan/PeterPaulMary records- but god Dylan made some awful music too. 
Metric Babe 
The societies will all have depleted their planet's resources/overpopulated to such an extant that chaos reigns, long, long before the technology is discovered.

Can you back that up with some, or is it pure speculation on your part? And even if that were true for the human race (I'm not saying it isn't), how can you be so arrogant as to apply it to all other forms of intelligent life? 
Oh No, He Has Proof I'm Sure... 
I just mean that if the size of the observable universe is 46 Billion light years across then if we could travel at the speed if light (which we might find pretty difficult), then it would still take billions of years to get anywhere.... 
Re: Fermi 
I doubt that actually organisms as we are would travel those distances, just because we are not made for space.
And if we want to preserve sth. for the future, it sure won�t be our ugly appearance.
Space however does offer quite good conservation environment...
So in the end, it doesn�t matter how long sth.
would travel, as long as its in a state of being able to get reactivated in future times.

But who can predict, how magic technic will be in say 50 years?
Just look at past predictions, like we will never be able to reach the moon and such bs.. 
Currently Updating My Rephlex Collection 
found this:

Steinvord a.k.a. Squarepusher. Rocks. 
Ricky You Are Not Making Any Sense 
With the I could say that it doesn't matter to try and go to the moon either. Or Mars. 
Fuck Me 
With the same logic, yeah. 
Fly To Uranus In Your Imagination 
9 mixed recommendations of free music from 2013:

Garmisch - They Seem To Be Intelligent
Trip-Hop, Chillout

ProleteR - Feeding The Lions (EP)

VA - Spiritual Doping
Deep Trance, Downtempo, Goa

Yury - Still Life

VA - Dub Tentacles Vol. 5
Dub, Electronisch

Scott Lawlor - Jupiter Is A Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner
Space Ambient, Dark Ambient

mabafu - Little Boy
Chillout, Reggae, Ska, Lounge?

Gandolf - Lost Hopfen and Malz
Minimal Techno, House

Whalers - Paddle Easy
Indie, Rock, Coldplay/Muse-Whining 
Nice, but two of the above links are crippled.. 
Gah, Websites... 
You Meant 3 
That hopfen and malz is lost.. 
Synth pop from Vienna. Each album except for R.E.T.R.O. tells a mysterious story about Mr. Black, who is trying to escape from a web of dreams and half reality. It's quite similar to the matrix. 
Spotify playlist for only those songs which tell Mr. Black's story: 
Speaking Of The Fermi Paradox... 
For Vondur 
Very Interesting. 
The best way I heard it explained was that if there was going to be time travel, it would have already happened. We would have come back and told ourselves about it. We haven't. So we won't. :) 
Unless timelines branch and we live in the unique branch in which it hasn't C: 
Yeah, there's always that ... 
Greys Are The Time Travelers 
from far far in the future, when superficial beauty standards have gotten so extreme over the centuries that we've all genetically modified ourselves into pale hairless twigs with gigantic eyes and forgotten what we ever were. the only way to save ourselves is to go back in time and collect specimens ... 
From anuses. I guess that's where the best DNA is... 
Odonis Odonis

Nice vid, hieronymus bosch animated! 
Yeah That Vid Is Pretty Nice. 
...with the sound off. 
The Crimping Chaos 
mabafu - Little Boy
Nice dub, but totally shitty singer :( 
dub tentacles: nice dub!
yury: really nice hip-hop, quite pleasant

More! :D 
You First 
Killing Floor OST: Wading Through The Bodies 
Bonobo Essential Mix 
5 Hours Of Music 
Back Way With Your Mix Up 
Shades Of Grey 

Video: East berlin around 1990. Ugly. 
True Detective: Awesome atmosphere, nice variety and surprises, totally recommended. Rkprcg sbe raqvat fb hafngvfslvat. Jvgu nyy gur ybbfr raqf, ab erny fbyhgvba gb gur jubyr guvat. V jnf unccl gung gurl obgu yvirq bs pbhefr gubhtu. Gur ynfg rcvfbqr sryg gbgnyyl qvssrerag naq purnc naq purrfl, jvgu gur fghcvq haqretebhaq znmr naq pyvpurr onq thl. Rira n "birefrre" ibvpr (uryyb, penc cnegf bs Qbbz 3)?! Oyru. V rkcrpgrq fbzrguvat orggre.

Snowpiercer: Weird surreal movie about society. Nothing new, lots of clichees, bad script/acting, lots of stereotypes and the same old themes any movie/story critical of "our society" has had since the middle ages... Still charming and enthralling to watch. Warning, it is very long. Too surreal for my taste. 
Oh hey, bees anyone? 
M83 - StarWaves

From the Oblivion film score. 
No Bees :'( 
prefer kangaroo 
Thinking About Tiny Cute Vondurs 
japan still going its own super weird way. 
That is fucking brilliant. 
New Album? 
Younger Brother 
is great. really diggin this. 
I Am Drunk, Really 
this has to be posted:

And This 
we tend to forget.
as we travel.

The earth, a purple blaze
Of sapphire haze
In orbit always.. 
Listening To This 
Psytance N Bass

Cybernetika is great and this is his 3rd psytrance n bass style album. I think he's really got the sound down now. FREE! 
Caustic Window A.k.a. Aphex Twin 
"lost album"

rephlex catalog no. 0023! ca. 1994

This is a timemachine, many thanks to the uploader! 
Mumbly is lol. 
Drinking and listening to nostalgic music to kill the pain of being an adult with a horrible job -

Yeah I should be mapping but it's more important to kill the pain right now. 
Listening To! 
Was at the Roskllde festival the other day.
Saw The Rolling Stones.
70+ and still rocking!!

What a great evening! 
You Lucky You! 
Yeah, Yeah, Them Old Farts Still Rock Your Socks Off... 
...Saw them @Circus Maximus in Rome.
Tight as fuck.
Keef slacking a bit.
Awesome choir intro to You Can't Always get What You Want.

Two days before I even caught Black Sabbath in Bologna and they're still a crushing riff machine.


Nice summer start. 
For Vondur :) 
Some Of My Music 
For JPL =) 
Its So Nice Here. 
....wins by a long way 
It Was Not A Context... 
.. just some fun.. though... 
For VOndur And Other Drones 
Discovered Eliane Radigue today: 
Not Into This Music Atm 
but if i would be, i'd appreciate. 
That sounds awful. 
Glad You Like It! 
Outlaws Game Music 
RickyT23 posted a link to a "western mix" 'tube video in the "16 unit stair meltdown" thread :-P

Reminded me of the game Outlaws... while super cheesy graphically for this day and age, hell maybe then too, the mood set by the music was awesome :)

Check, check... check it out: 
Put Blade Runner On Mute 
Which Cut Of Balde Runner? 
there's like 37 
Do Bald Men Dream of Shaven Sheep? 
Is bucket in Spanish.

So maybe, instead of a cop hunting skinjobs Decker'd be a latrine cleaner who studies poop and finds out some of it is synthetic.

Would probably not have as many romantic type scenes included. 
I fucking love Hybrid. They used to be my favorite band; the first two albums were absolutely fantastic IMO. Later ones are still great, but I like their early stuff more. 
Although This Is A Nice Return To Their Epic Cinematic Sound 
Holy Shit, Thanks For Posting This, Daz. 
Blonde Redhead 
Black Dreadhead 
Drones Listen Up! 
Outer Space Soundscapes 
Drum And Bass 
Nidhogg - Castle 
God I Hate That Game 
There are so many reasons why I should like it as well. 
Isnt Nice When Things Just Fall Together 
Its Summer Isn�t It? 
So here i have the music for you, don�t i?

Lodown proudly presents:

Till von Sein.
He is a great guy! Its a great mix for just lying drunk in the sun, like i always do, even in winter blues..:) 
And Her I Nearly Forgot 
Spread your legs once more: 
Whoaa What A Blend 
#1298 :) cool.. 
Alestorm kicks so much ass

Alestorm's best is Black Sails at Midnight imo. That new stuff seems nice though. Couldn't stand Back Through Time. 
An Aphex Twin Blimp Is Flying Over London 
Pvc And Flipflops 
yeah yeah, blue man group and all, this is actually pretty nice 
Pretty Awseome... If You Like Things Like Kavinsky 
Im in a band and just doing vox, this is a cover we do: 
But Srsly 
lnrn WTF 
In Hd! 
I love that�loop. is that from the original wav? I could never figure out which part / remix of the song they sampled, seems like it was edited quite a bit. 
Sounds like 0:37 in the original. 
That Scott Walker + Sunn O))) record is pretty terrible to put it kindly. You were right Vondur. First time I'm disappointed in something Sunn O))) does. The vocals are completely out of place and the droning isn't particularly impressive. There are some good moments here and there but... nah.

Bring Attila Csihar back pls. 
resample 44100 -> 15000 (or pitch shift down 19 semitones).

it actually sounds like the original clip has some additional processing (almost like it was recorded from a speaker with a microphone...) 
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 
bring back oink's pink palace 
Any Opinions On The New Opeth Album? 
I gather there are not a lot metalheads, or fans of heavy music in general, here, but Opeth is something different. I thought their last album (Heritage) was perhaps their weakest, but they were making a huge shift in style; the new album has some brilliant pieces on it. Get intoxicated and then listen to (/view the mirror-screen video for) "Moon Above, Sun Below." 
No No. 
Not a lot of metalheads at all on here.

Been listening to new stuff from Behemoth, Belphegor, Misery Index and Allegeon recently. All good! 
Siri Nilsen - Alle Snakker Sant [2011] 
New Opeth 
enjoying it! need to give it a few more listens but liking it better than Heritage I think. Also Tronyn, belated thanks for recommending Opeth several years ago in this thread. I had Ghost Reveries for a while but your recommendation prompted me to get into their other albums. 
Big Lolz Ahead

I was there, but not quite rite. 
New Slipknot next month!

Fuck. Yes. 
Rickard P Drames 
with his nu sungle. Its produk29. 
90ies Raves 
Oh man the lolz 
Celephais - The Band 
Lately I've discovered this genre of music that's just chilled, atmospheric guitar playing (err... dark ambient post-metal?); I first got into Nebelung, whose album Palingenesis is sort of like only the quiet parts of old Opeth but no vocals (or hardly any). Now I'm checking out this band Celephais, sounds pretty similar so far. Great stuff to listen to while mapping. Both bands are from (the dark forests of) Germany so apparently there are things going on there much more interesting than the cliche of "German hardcore, crazy, over the top death metal." 
Celephais - The Band 
thanks for the tip, gotta check this band too 
I Recently Discovered Black Metal 
Making Some Album For A Friend 
Anyone have some so-bad-it's-good suggestions? :) 
Such Performance. 
use a lot of dynamic compression so the sound is maximizing its aural potential in any situation. 
hmmm, going back to some old tunes I had on funny circular bits of shiny plastic... 
It's Happening 
I'm starting to appreciate black metal and death metal. Like properly. Not that I'm into satanism or anything.... 
Scrape The Frozen Sea. Odessa, February 2012. / Frozen Sea 
Monkey3 - Icarus (2013) 
The Machine 
Hi, folks.
I finally made something inspired by the Q3A soundtrack.
Hope, you like it. :) 
For Absolutely No Reason At All... 
Aircrash Bureau: Zerst�rer der Welt (Detroit Diesel Mix)

And One: Zerst�rer

Rammstein: Zerst�ren 
Haven't Checked This Thread In Like Six Years... 
and I come back to discover people talking about metal instead of drum 'n bass?!

Anyway, some new stuff I've picked up as of late.

Teitanblood - Death

A unique idea, in creating the Black Metal aesthetics through the mantle of Death Metal.

Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus

One of my favorite American Black Metal bands. A band not necessarily focused on heaviness, but more about bludgeoning the listener with cold, haunting riffs. 
my humble utub chan supporting underground evile stuffs 
I Just Blew My Speakers 
Random Stuff 
Aureole - Alunar 
The Sound Of Silence 
For Daz: Some Of The Stuff I Listened To 
A Place to Bury Strangers
Ceremony (the Fredricksburg one)
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Catherine Wheel
Cocteau Twins
Trust (the Canadian one)
Have a Nice Life

And a bunch of Sunn O))) and Boris thrown in for good measure at 3-4am. 
Trust is cool. Check out Salem if you haven't already

Been listening to vaporwave lately because I hate myself

The new Clark album is alright-ish.

Alva Noto has started working on Xerrox Vol.3. Something to look forward to. 
Vaporwave Is The Shit 
Actually It's Just Shit 
but i love it
i am a fly bzz bz 
Or Is This Seapunk? 

Then you realise that towards the end of This Love, Phil says 'Noctorno Culto of Darkthrone' - I always wondered what he said there.... 
Phil's Had A Lot Of Association With Black Metal Over The Years... 
He even had his own crappy band, Viking Crown, which released a few forgettable albums.

He also participated in a collaboration with Fenriz and Satyr, called Eibon, of which only one track was released.

There was another Black Metal project, Southern Isolation, which I admit to knowing nothing about.

I've only heard rumors, nothing substantiated, but Anselmo's interest in Black Metal was very sudden, but he was all in. It's rumored that he ordered 2000 black metal albums from a distributor in Australia, and immersed himself in them completely for a few months. Who knows for sure though. 
Also The Smiths 
New Marduk? Yes Please 
New Marduk 
sounds cool, indeed 
Another One, Vondur 
One that fits a lot more closely into the 'Panzer Division Marduk' aesthetic. 
About Time The Prodigy Were Pissed Off Again. 
It's been a while. 
Although I Ended Up Going Back To This 
Is a unique beast. Still haven't listened to the new one yet. On the 'to do' list. 
More New Marduk! 
Listening To Old School Game Music 
Playing tunes from old school games that have been recorded with proper Roland soundcards... Trust me, way better than that shite normal .mid file you've heard. 
i always liked the alienz song from duke 3d...

the roland sc88 is pretty awesome. 
Pretty awesome Necros... I do love the Duke soundtrack.

It's kind of weird how I forgot about the good the soundtrack can sound but I do remember now my mates dad was a real audiophile back in the day and he definitely had all these awesome soundcards, was fun playing those games with those amazing tracks. 
ehh, i grew up with a soundblaster 16:, so a lot of the fancier stuff sounds wrong to me. ;) 
Sounds better than the Awe32 version IMO. Although nothing beats Roland, that shit is crazy good. 
Aphex Twin Hits Again 
More Aphex
Someone who's 98% likely to be Richard himself has been dumping hours and hours and hours of old afx tracks on soundcloud. Lots of good stuff. 
I Already Ripped Them All As Mp3s 
mail me and i can upload them to any hoster you wish. 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++ Would download 
Ok Here You Go!it1gALbI!W0EQ6XTiRu1aNr0g4rmrXGi90gKEK8jF7XpKDEg8_kY

600 megs roughly, 120 tracks.

I also included the tracks from the 2part syrobonkers interview at noizelabs.

Have fun! 
Neat, thanks! 
Not Working Here 
just 1 hour in, amazing so far 
L7 - Talkbox 
just recently i've discovered this amazing band
Geez whatta band 
I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth 
How Did You Tell Them Apaaaaaart? 
Lol Sick Burnnn 
and thanks for that ijed... will save it for next Cthulmas. 
Amusing Music Made From Quake SFX 
Actually I Dont Care What Spirit Says 
Donita Sparks needs way moooore feedback! 
Ricky/ionous: I just stumbled on these guys, really enjoying their latest album:

Seems to be good mapping or coding music. The part with the keyboards on 4.19 is wicked! 
Wanted to re-watch Garth Marenghi's Dark Place 
Was Bored 
copy and paste hack job:

mixed submix0 and 4 together... 
Cool Doom Cover 
this is the one guy in the band everyone gets mad at because he doesn't listen when they tell him he's playing too fast 
This Is What To Listen To While Shopping For PC Stuff

You not a fan of the EGT eh Lun? 
Diablo 2 Tristram 
Yeah, does anyone know of other music in the style of that? 
Stay Awhile And Listen 
Love that track. I'd also like to hear if there's something similar, would be great background music. Not amazingly like the tristram theme, but it makes me think of this Nick Drake song for some reason: 
pretty good stuff :) 
Some great stuff there, nice one! 
Wrong Cops is a weird movie with a kick-ass soundtrack. Eg (not the movie shown). Try it if you like Hotline Miami's music. 

wait for it...wait for it... RAVE ALARM :o

Incredible tune! 
RPG Tavern Music Compilation

you're welcome. I recommend blasting out of your car at every opportunity. 
Like, with an ejection seat? 
Me really type words good 
Tavern Music Fight! 
Some Goa 
This... So Good. 
Very well executed ! Nice find ! 
AUN Is Love, AUN Is Life 
Can you please tell me the specific and precise differences between Hardstyle and RAW Hardstyle, thanks ;) 
U Fookin' Wot M8? 
Comprehensive answer, dicksmoker. 
Tribulation - The Children Of The Night 
Just picked up the new Tribulation. Holy fuck. Awesome awesome awesome. 
T E C H N O B O Y S 
I did a live dj mix on twitch and here is the mixcloud version if you wanted to hear it. I just got a bunch of new acid techno today and wanted to bust it out :) 
G A Y B O Y S 

Pity I missed the live mix... 
I totally missed that Leftfield released a new album this year!

Two tracks are free to stream: 
Good lord that brings back memories.

Anyway, Universal Everything sounds great, Bilocation sounds like generic crap. 
Thyme Machine 
I was cleaning old mp3's from my pc and came across a psytrance mix I did back in 2003. It's super old skool but very bouncy 
that's not bad :) wish it was faster though... 
Feeling It 
Moar Musaics 
Soniy Mayhem's new release:

Fabolous stuff. 
This might work as soundtrack for some evil maps: 
C&p From The Fuck 
Lets give it up for the legend himself on his birthday. This time last year we were all just listening to Tuss, Live tracks from 2006 onwards, and the lately released Caustic Window. We had no idea that he was about to drop THE album of 2014, aswell as upload 250 of his back catalogue to Soundcloud, aswell as 2 killer EP's and the promise of countless more music. You're 43rd year was beyond belief and brought joy and excitement to thousands of people! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH, you deserve all of the rest and relaxation that you can get. 
C&p From The Fuck 
Lets give it up for the legend himself on his birthday. This time last year we were all just listening to Tuss, Live tracks from 2006 onwards, and the lately released Caustic Window. We had no idea that he was about to drop THE album of 2014, aswell as upload 250 of his back catalogue to Soundcloud, aswell as 2 killer EP's and the promise of countless more music. You're 43rd year was beyond belief and brought joy and excitement to thousands of people! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH, you deserve all of the rest and relaxation that you can get. 
If you haven't heard them already ��well, you might not be ready for them, but check 'em out just in case� "dark jazz"��just trust me.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore 
Best Thing Ever

Frequency-Shaped Cat Purr Noise Generator 
Pink Floyd Forever 
Unts Unts Unts Unts 
nice one skacky, i love aun, and their bandcamp page is plenty affordable too! 
that ascetic track was pretty good. 
Bohren & Der Club of Gore!

very good indeed!

makes me want to watch some david lynch.
btw: twin peaks is coming back for a new season next year ;) 
Uh ... for some reason you have to change your play rate to 1.25x for that to sound right. GG YouTube? 
Post Black Metal

remastered version of the ablum i already posted! 
Of Course.... 
Thanks for the recommendation, I'm very much enjoying this. 
For Tronyn?
Instrumental metal / psychedelic rock / some eastern flavour - this reminds me a bit of the band Celephais you posted a while ago, which I liked too. 
youtube-dl or just use your browser's network inspector. 
Welcome To The Worst Thing You'll Hear All Week 
Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation I'll check it out once I get some disposable income. I really like post-rock/post-metal type stuff, it's some of my favourite modern music along with contemporary outlaw country/bluegrass.

The lead singer of Tool's new band Puscifer is going to be releasing a new album right away; I can't imagine anyone not finding this song "Grand Canyon" amazing:
It's one of those reflective songs that makes you glad to be alive. 
Didn't even realise it was E1M8 until the part at 0:50. 
sounds a bit like Burzum 
Seems Obvious 
the winner of the most Lovecraftian lyrics ever shoehorned into a diamond-cut pop song 
great, now I'm listening to the field mice 
Slow It Down 
Alvin and the Chipmunks slowed down. 
Amazing stuff, Black MIDI: 
Black Midi 
* looks at that guys channel

welp, there goes the rest of the day 
Unts Unts Unts Unts Unts 
Did a new techno mix with some new tunes I grabbed, came out quite well. 
Thanks Daz 
was in the mood for something like that! 
Allet Digga 
deine mudder mag dein vader nicht meer
Is Eimsbusch Still Callin? 
Merry Christmas! 
I really like Death(?) Metal where vocals are a mix between grunting and melodic singing and the music is "polished". Eg:

Some Dimmu Borgir is a bit like it too (not sure how but it tickles the same music bones for me), eg Puritania, Progenies of the great Apocalypse.

Any suggestions for similar stuff? Free music preferred. 
Cradle of Filth, but not free. Very polished and melodic stuff, especially their later albums. I listened to dimmu borgir because of CoF. 
Ah yes, will check them out! 
For Spirt (Towards The Death Metal Spectrum) 
For Spirit (Towards The Black Metal Spectrum) 
Great stuff, thanks! 
We Can Beat Them 
Techno Stuff 
Fucking Amazing 
Ott & The All-Seeing I live at Terminal West. Been listening to this for 2 days in a row now :P 
Gonna See Laibach Tomorrow 


Omg Func 
third leg? 
Knust Is A Cool Place. 
ASC linked to this, nice dark ambient mixes to come: 
err, sorry, dark ambient techno or something 
Sorry, But 
Robert Fripp is a f*king genious and his King Crimson is an inspiration manna: 
Still Classics 
The whole King Crimson's "Islands" album is great.

Another all great album is "The Rapture", Siouxsie and The Banshees: 
In The Court Of The Crimson King 
Is one of the finest albums ever recorded. 
^ "Confusion" 
will be my epitaph 
Hell Spews From Iceland 
Till Lindemann 
I really prefer "Skill in Pills" or "Praise Abort"... the texts are simply awesome...

And for czg: "Ladyboy" suits perfectly :P 
I meant Lyrics... not "texts" ... excuse my french ;) 
90eish Rave Tapes. 136 Of Them. 
where to start? 
Blade Runner Vibe 
European Post-metal/stoner Metal 
"Preacher Electric" by Dopelord, from Poland:

"I'm the Mountain" by Stoned Jesus, from Ukraine:

Great to see new bands continuing in the tradition of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Tool, Isis, etc. 
Epic Heavy Doom. 
Bad Company Are Back!! 
A Rather Spiffing Music Video 
Carpenter Brut just put out a new music video for his song "Turbo Killer" and it's so 80s it hurts.

11/10 :D 
Chill Tunes 
Reminds Me A Lot Of Blade Runner <3 
Nothing Surprising 
The Prodigy - The Day Is My Ennemy 
From A DJ With A Strong Interest In Textures, Envmaps And Photoshop: 
here's a mixset:

(music not listened to or recommended) 
In League With Satan 
I am recording the MARK EG set from the cassette of this: and will try to get it uploaded - poor quality, annoying MC, and kinda cheesey in places, but if you like mega-uplifting hard trance it will LITERALLY BANG YOUR NIPPLES SO HARD THEY WILL EXPLODE OUT OF THE BACK OF YOUR RIBCAGE. 
Also For DAZ. 
More Cyberpunk Synthwave 
Perturbator just released his latest album :o 
DJ Food 
This Video Is Pretty Good 
at showing why house just isn't very interesting music to dance to:

Basically, everybody's looking for something to do with their hands. 
I do love a bit of house music! 
I like dance music. Not house tho. HTH. 
I went to the live show in Nice two days ago... and it was just A-WE-SO-ME...

Good music, fireworks, plenty of rainbow color, crowded of happy people, happiness distribution on all songs... really worth the 75 euros !

Thanks a lot to Chris Martins and his band for the enjoyable moment :) 
Black Metal 
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Whoa, I love this! Much better than deep throating. 
Their Best Album 
Haters Gonna Hate 
I've been to the the latest McCartney Gig here in Berlin, it was sold out, 23000 people in the Waldb�hne iirc.
It was good, he played like a "best of" of Beatles songs, made friends with Lennon again, made friends with Russia, worldpeace in general, played some Wings songs which sounded great live.

In the end it was like this:
As much as i despise all of this wank, i still shed a tear.
Because of John, you know.
10/10 would visit again. 
Extra Bonus On Top 
And For The Younger Generation 
a song to hear:

lol, what am i doing here? 
He Made Friends With Lennon Again?? 
*commence hating* 
Sober Up And Go Map Mfx 
I like #1538 , so mfx's thread invasion wasn't all bad. 
Hype So Much 
OST Of The Year 
Not bad that. 
thank mr skeltal 
Metallica's New Single 
I had no idea Metallica was still around. They had a couple of good songs when, 25 years ago? I think saw them live once, as the warm up band for Ozzy, sometime in the mid-late 80s. 
@spirit & @czg 
thanks, those both were pretty awesome.

more black metal and/or idm/ambient? 
Black Metal... New Darkthrone Immanent - "tundra Leach" 
new alcest out, �Oiseaux De Proie�
Grift � �K�llan� just came out, very nice

new cult of fire just came out...

fairly new inquisition is amazing, back to form after previous one which was a bit of a misstep I think. 
alcest album is called "kodama" 
@megaman / Latest Bandcamp Finds 
Thanks for the Darkthrone heads-up. Still gotta check the new Inquisition material too. 
New TRAP THEM Out Too 
very consistent crusty blackened thrash project. 
Vektor - Terminal Redux, thrash/death/progressive etc. 
Fric Done Guuuuud... 
hey i found it again after all these years 
Jaz Coleman 4ever

#1551 Listened to it a few days ago, it's great! There's a strong Kill/Ride vibe to it. If the album is as good as that, I'm sold. 
Not Heard Much Recent Joke... 
...but their Pandemonium album was fucking immense:

just how bouncy is that Millenium riff??? 
Also Their 80's Haunting Nu Romantic Synth Rock Masterpiece... 
Well the link I provided is from their 2015 album Pylon. Excellent album featuring the original line-up. There's no bad KJ album really, but I also strongly recommend their 2003 self-titled featuring Dave Grohl on drums and its follow-up, Hosannas from the Basements of Hell. Check these out:

Yeah, Pandemonium was the shit! It was their way of telling all those industrial rock bands who were inspired by them: "look kiddos, you're cute but this is how it's done."

About Love Like Blood, I saw them live in Paris during the Pylon tour and they played it, it was cool! The show was very intense, tribal and brutal. Jaz has an outstanding presence, very hypnotic. Any KJ fan should go see them. 
I Have One Question ... 
Why does everything in Doom 4 sound like it was made by autistic 3 year old tourettes? Did Id collectively fart into a mic, slapped some distortion over it and called it a day? 
Stay Classy 
And Again 
You all need to listen to it btw. 
This One's For Shambler 
Asian Screamo Band Original 
Far Beyond Driven 
g friends 
This is marvellous - who is it? 
Nm Found It 
VMO & Vampillia Live 
This is... black speedcore? Very very intense live show on the borderline to art performance, could be a bit more intellectual though. Recommended, also this is basically a subset of Vampillia 
tags: 666bpm black metal japan metal crust hardcore harsh noise sludge

Okay that's worth a try then... 
Seems Quite Enjoyable. 
Apart from having Youtube bring up a playlist sidebar of twattish bullshit from oh-so-fucking-cool wankends like Anonymous and other such pettily self-important conspiracy-theorist cry-babies. Cunts. 
Cryo Chamber 
I love this stuff. Dark but chill. They constantly are releasing new material. 
Day For Night. AFX. Houston. Texas. 
Industrial Kind Of Stuff 
I Think The Instrumental 
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile Deviations 1
is great as a Quake1 soundtrack, some new tracks there too 
I Have Devourment's Conceived In Sewage Album If That Helps?? 
For Shambler 
Cheers MaN. 
Will check that out for sure. Always wanted to hear more Detest after this ace track from a few years back: 
New Retro Wave And Bit More Guitars 
Vader - Fear Of Napalm 
Good Cover:

...but take a look at user name. 
thanks a bunch, some really good stuff there. Not free though (i.e. unethical) 
@megaman Re: #1590 
That's actually the CryoChamber YT channel so those aren't rips more like marketing for their label. You can buy disks or digital their bandcamp store. 
Surgical Meth Machine 
Al is at it fun :D

That one is different from the rest of the album - which is excellent 
For Daz, Friction, Maybe Negke Etc.

Also whoever posted Violent Magic Orchestra, sorry I had to miss them cos they clashed with Producer. 
Banjo Slam 
this is pretty hilarious, and i dig it 
GITS Inspired

It's like a mix of vangelis and gits. 
Cool, yeah. Though why go straight edge on such an event is beyond me.
Made me feel kind of disappointed I never went to the Fusion festival when it was still fresh... 
Dungeons Of Darkness 
Straight Edge?? 
U mean no drugs no booze? Never have, I just like fast hard beats and bass. 
Dungeons Of Darkness 
thank you mr.Richard for this band, i've never heard of them before, they are huge and heavy as fuck 
Straight Edge 
is for those people who clearly haven't realised that death is permanent.

Seriously, if you don't need to defile yourself with booze or drugs on at least rare occasions then you can't be trusted... or something. 
I went to two nights in a row dancing to gabber, industrial hardcore, dnb, and breakcore, cos I love it. I think that's defilement enough?? 
Spy - Yup 
Belzebong for President! Honestly, so many great tunes and sweet riffs. 
#1597 - awesome, always looking for gits inspired dnb/neurofunk/whatever else , thanks! 
For Those Into Metal 
Mastodons new album fucking rules - 
mastodon's first 3 albums rule 
mastodon's first 3 albums rule 
Listen To It All 
I dont think I have ever not enjoyed a Mastodon album. Even the Hunter. As a person whose also a fan of Pink Floyd it's just more shit for me to love. Creature Lives gives me the chills. 
Cool Ambient Music -

I guess would be good to map to 
I'm Waiting For The New Dying Fetus And Suffocation Albums 
Pink floyd influence ruins good bands. Eg voivod

Maybe hammers of misfortune is a good example of a band who can integrate some of that well without fucking it up 
Actually That Link Is Fucked? 
Your name is so dark, I could hardly read your name 
Wouldn't be much of a spy if he was clearly recognizable, now would he? 
Just Hide Properly And Colour Pick The Forum-background 
Just Hide Properly And Colour Pick The Forum-background 
nah, you have to check the vigil's name then 
Tolerable Hipster Metal? 
Novelists - Muchos Touche

The cadence of the vocal line is somewhat interesting. The vocal production is reminiscent of Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP, so that's neat.

The lyrics are standard fare for this genre: tragically man-boyish and comically dysfunctional. 
@1592 Re: Cryo Chamber 
Yes, that was exactly what I meant. It's essentially advertising, trying to sell you some product. 
that's just metalcore? It's OKish, but always ruined by the girls doing the background singing.

Rather this: 
@1595 Shambler 
Too bad you missed VMO, but it sounds like you had fun! I think they'd be much better in a metal venue as a concert. Noted down some acts from your list, gonna listen. 
I Have Played NIN-Last Riffs 
over vocal/percussions, pls see YT comments link here 
(post?) Black Metal 
R.I.P. Chris Cornell 
Very Sad 
Just not right at 52... :/ 
one of my absolute favourites. Was obsessed with Soundgarden back in the day and he was a ridiculously talented vocalist and musician. RIP 
I Couldn't Believe It 
From reading interviews it really sounded like he had overcome his problems. One of the best vocalists of his generation. 
I Believed It Was A Fake For The First Half 
of the day, but it was not. RIP 
"...noone sings like you anymore..."

Relevant for its reference to long time community member scampie 
I was at a concert of WU once, in Germany on an old ship.
We stole records from the the DJ (DJ Mathmatics? cause the stage was surrounded by walkways, only seperated by nets.
Cappadonna and Method noticed, and laughed their asses off. Didn't keep the records though, they were trashed already by scratching. Left them at the toilet i think.
Where i found a bag of Coke, lost by someone.
After that i can't remember really.
For 3 days... Was a big bag...
Yeah, scampie is my fav mapper. 
btw nutmeg is not a very good recreational drug. it tastes fucking horrible in the amounts you need to eat, and mostly just makes you sick and tired for like a day or so. F---, Thumbsdown, Dislike 
On Topic 
Some classic 44 year old funk 
Good Stuff 
Prepare Your Ears.

60 year old father of four invites Teutonic lunatic to birthday party, total destruction of the nation's airwaves ensues. 
Aphex Twin Field Day Record 
this record has been sold exclusively at the Warp Field Day merch stand on 06 06.

Only 200-500 were made, numbers vary coz its a fun to do this. 
this record has been sold exclusively at the Warp Field Day merch stand on 06 06.


it was 03 06 2017. 
Beat Drammatico Underground Pop Elettronico (1973) 
Butterfly Wings 
Look What Andrew Hulshult Made... 
Hmmm, Rare AFX From MFX... 
Cool! Thanks for the upload.

I've just stumbled upon a link to this Bandcamp page on Quaddicted, chockful of dark ambient releases to spice up your Q1SPs. Enjoy! 
The release new stuff every few weeks. Great label. Their YT channel is good as well. 
Exploring CryoChamber... 
I found track #9 of Atrium Carceri's Cellblock album to be a perfect soundtrack for ad_tfuma. 
Creative Commons Dark Ambient? 
are there any good sites for CC dark ambient? Jamendo has only horrible music :/ 
I remember NewHouse had posted a link to some CC or GPL dark ambient a few months ago but I can't be more specific. Otherwise, a quick Google search returns plenty of results... ;) 
#1653 Does It? 
I can't find anything good. 
Maybe Something Here? 
Well, "good" Is A Matter Of Taste...

I haven't listened to any of these so I can't tell about the quality, but in 500,000+ results I'm sure you can find something decent. 
Chelsea Wolfe 
Has anyone else listened to her amazing music on here, I think that given there seem to be some fans of dark ambient / industrial (or dark folk or whatever you might call her stuff) on here the chances are reasonable. If you go on Youtube you can listen to her entire album ABYSS hosted by her label Sargent House. Songs like "Iron Moon," "After the Fall," or "Simple Death" don't need to invent anything from scratch to be amazing pieces. A lot of her lyrics seem to be really dreamlike and apocalyptic and even Lovecraftian...

Where are you?

In the maw, shattered teeth
Underneath a dripping tongue
I've been waiting in this silence
While you're sleeping, until you believe 
Chelsea Wolfe 
saw her live without knowing the music before.

As I see it, it's really boring music. They borrow the style from post metal/core/doom, polished it really well (perfected it, you could say), and then proceed to do structurally and compositionally really, really boring stuff that is also centered around a single person, which is a no-go in posty genres imho. I felt bored through-out the concert :-(

It's basically pop for everyone who loves the post metal sound. So abolish, and never listen to it again, because it softens up the music genres I like :-(

Compare with Ahab, who were playing before the wolfe: (Ahab's not strictly post though, more doomy) 
Oneohtrix Point Never - The Pure And The Damned (ft. Iggy Pop) 
Lol Chances Were Pretty Good Apparently 
I think it's more just that you're bored by her act. In the case of some performers, lyrics are what it's about, and the music is just there to provide atmosphere. I think that applies to her and I have no problem with that, I don't expect her to create progressive song structures, which by the way is a concept that has been so infinitely exploded within metal circles that it seems hard to apply anymore (welcome to metal postmodernism). I like Ahab and I am a big fan of post-metal and bands that have complex song structure and have more or less given up on lyrics and vocals, yet I also appreciate music that chooses to focus on lyrics and vocals, at the expense of progressive song structure.

Say it's verse-chorus verse-chorus. That would be lame as hell. Feel free to be bored by Nirvana. 
I discovered Lustmord through a recommendation here on func. His latest album is great for mapping. Take a listen. Funny story. The second track has this loud section that blended with a nightmare I was having while listening very late at night with headphones. I dozed off on a bean bag in a pitch black room. I live near an airport and I was dreaming a jet was crashing into my house. It was one of those dreams where you are dreaming "in place" where you are. I awoke and immediately sprang to the closest door to run outside all the while screaming for my wife to wake up. She did - I was dreaming and the headphones were still on my head.

Thanks Lustmord. You helped me scare the shit out of my wife. 
Re: Chelsea Wolfe 
haha, that's exactly what I wanted to hear, gonna check out the lyrics ;-)

Regarding song structure, all the songs they played at the concert were either: a) really long slow start and then climax, or b) verse-chorus repeat. And yeah, nirvana is really boring. 
I'll See Your Wolfe And Raise You A Pro-active Deceased Astronaut 
And yeah, nirvana is really boring.
Oh, umm, OK.

Welcome to Chaos
Realizing now that this was more than a quarter century ago... Fuck. 
Endless Nameless Is Their Best Song 
You can smell Dylan Carlson's influence on that one. 
Endless Nameless Is Their Best Song 
Not sure about endless nameless, but i'm really digging nirvana's early stuff like "the dale demo" "bleach" and "incesticide"
big long now/paper cuts particularly 
Love Nirvana, always have and always will.

Bleach is my favorite but I have soft spots for In Utero as well. 
I Should Have Said "feel Free To Find Joy Division Boring" 
heh but seems like I even got somewhere with Nirvana. I was going to cite "Aneurysm" (from Incesticide) which I think is their best song, but there's plenty of other good examples. Just because some progressive metal / post-metal / post-whatever bands have developed song structure to impressively cinematic levels, doesn't mean the rock music format is done creatively.

Thanks for the Rosetta reccomendation, about to check it out (unfortunately not while mapping, or not yet anyway). I've probably spammed my love of Texas songwriter Townes van Zandt here many times before, but check out the song "Nothin" it's two minutes. "Being born is going blind." 
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb Orc. 19.53 (reversed Back)