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Music Thread.
I thought a trio of themed threads about other entertainment media might be good. If you're not interested, please just ignore the thread and pick some threads that interest you from here:

Anyway, discuss music...
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Other Good Bands From Yesterday 
Dunkirk Score By Hans Zimmer Is Really Intense 
I'm thinking of buying the score...
Anyways this is the 'most ambient' track one could use to play in the background of Quake... 
The Internet Archive Has Put Up 25,000 78rpm Records 
That's amazing. I would have sponsored that project if I had know. So cool. 
Gosh that would take a lifetime to listen to.

I clicked on Chop Suey Mambo expecting some System of a Down :D

They all look so lovely and retro too.

Imagine in 500 years how much music will be available to those generations, they just won't know what to listen to, plus music will probably be rubbish then. They won't know to go back to the classic era of musical instruments because it's better than computer generated beats and autotunes of 2517. 
@Jaromir83 @Mugwump 
I forgot to make a FLAC of my Jam9 music entitled Distance2017

Here's the download link.

Thanks David! 
Figured you had and was thinking about sending you a reminder mail. 
"Two Buckets Of Chicken And A Drive To The Liquor Store."

RIP Gord Downie, lead singer/writer of The Tragically Hip, Canada's greatest rock band. The rest of you guys might not find that all that impressive as we are a sparsely populated and snowy colony of Britain (lol, sorry, of America), but a lot of us canucks really appreciated all the dorky, laid back, blazed-up songs those guys wrote about Canada. Brain cancer will fuck you up, but at least he had time to reflect on how full a life he'd lived.

"When the Nazis find the whole place dark, I think God's left the museum for good." 
TRAR - Vietnam War OST 
tracks 8+9+10
work well as a Quake1 soundtrack imho

has Not Anymore song been already played live during concert by NIN? 
Hello World Of Quake! Here Is Some Overcooked Dark Mush... 
Nine Inch Nails's original and melancholic take on music is hard to duplicate.
But here is something that I have found...

Post-industrial, dark and at times depressive music, but inspirational as hell itself.
1. Reaps; NiN and Depeche Mode remixer, who encapsulates cinematic and exciting mood.

2. Time To Meet The Devil; seems like Iceland's bare, cold landscape is being a great influence for artist's hard, brutal and ruthless take on computer music.

3. Mindless Faith; a band with potential sounding vocal work, what reminds me Mad Max, lonely warrior in the middle of dystopian future, which is not far from theming of Quake, I think.

4. Camilo Chacon; dark ambience with industrial take, and melancholic, an apocalyptic as well as suspenful playlist, which could be great soundtrack for any kind of horrific or otherwise dark media. 
@qekko Maybe This? 
The Body 
Got This In The Mail Today 
eah I've had that album for a while too, good stuff, was happy to hear Layne Staley once again when I found 
@megaman Woah! Cool! 
I don't know if it could get any rawer than these. Sunn was maybe too much black metal for my taste, but The Body I liked.
It reminded me one of favourite artist's, Mike Patton's work. But I can see they are making something special, like a fusion between stoner rock, doom metal and little bit avant-garde in the mix.
I haven't listened to music earnestly in a while, so this should go to my "meditating playlist". Someone would say it's "satanitating"... No, I am not satanist or something like that XD. Just making dry humor here :D. 
That's some gloomy ambient. Booklet looks like Necronomicon easy-to-read edition for kids XD. Cool cover with ancient-looking pictures and old handwriting inside. Why did they make reading so hard in the past? Though it makes some cool design. 
Goosebumps Every Time 
Laura Marling 
Alpha Shallows

The entire album is stellar, an old favorite. 
Oh, This Too 
Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

Just discovered this the other night. Great soundtrack for when you're jumping between four different editors and smashing all the wrong hotkeys :D 
Happy Turkey!

Sellafield 2 will produce 7,5 tons of plutonium every year.
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Sellafield 2 will release the same amount of radioactivity into the environment as Tschernobyl every 4,5 years.
One of these radioactive substances, Krypton 85, will cause death and skin cancer.

Stop radioactivity
Discovered by Madame Curie

Chain reaction and mutation
Contaminated population 
Need some free mp3 tracks of deep / funky / chilled dubstep / techno / dnb. No vocals, no cheese, nothing to heavy, nothing too minimal.

Legit legal downloads only please. Thxxx 
More Icelandic BM 
Spacey dissonance without cheesy synths. 
Royalty Free/CC Black Metal? 
Try Here 
Melvins Somebody? 
Some Covers By Me 
NIN EP3 Snippet 
If Anyone In This Thread Is A Musician... 
You might be interested to know that I will be holding a speedmusic session on Doomworld on Saturday, 2 hours long, 1:00PM to 3:00PM US Central time CST. I've been holding them monthly for the last 2 months, it's called Phoenix Speedmusic Sessions :) It was made to complement the speedmapping sessions that take place on DW every so often. Here's a link to tbe Discord as well 
Sneaker Pimps 
Music inspired by the national epic of Finland: 
We've Been Mentioned, Finns Rejoice! :DDDDD 
Torilla tavataan! 
Janes Addiction-Mountain Song 
Sir or Madam, I am quite sure this isn't a topic related to Quake mapping 
that aurora massive attack version is horrible. 
^^^^^^^^^ #1745 Spam! 
dammit. I was being cool and thinking: I'll take a listen 
New Order - Blue Monday 1983 
Smashing Pumpkins 
I like tracks Knights and Marchin from their new CD 
Sunshine - Victimisanothernameforlover (Czechia 2006) 
Nirvana - Rape Me 
Nirvana - Token Easter Song
played by me!lOBQB9uq2qj8/nirvana-token-eastern-song84chiff-live-b-mp3
used an early live version as reference, it goes like:
I'm long gone from vertical
Somewhere South is stopping me

I'm long gone from the 'm'rican Dream
You may decide it's not for me

I'm long gone but I'll't you through
You may decide it's not for you

I'm long gone, but I'll't you through
You may decide there's nothing there

Born in the junkyard (x4)

I'm long gone but I'll't you through
You may decide that it's not that good

I'm long gone but I'll't you leave
You may decide on stopping me

I'm long gone but I'll't you through
You may decide that it's not that good

I'm long gone but I'll't you leave
You may decide on stopping me

Born in the junkyard (x4) 
Ozzy - Crazy Train Live
this and other songs covered by me
( instrumental covers, no fear of my vocal appearing
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