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SM82: Rubicondom
It's a bloomin' Rubicondom! 1 year, 1 month, and 1 week in the making, here you have the latest speed chainmap. Contributions are from PuLSaR, Zwiffle, distrans, NotoriousRay, and RPG.




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Woot 1st 
Great map! Well worth the wait IMO. 
Here are a few demos that have been recorded on SM82. Warning: If you don't want to secrets to be spoiled, don't watch the demos!

Coop run with Kell:

Drunken RPG and Zwiffle with strange interjections: 
I am so going to play this when I get home.

Play it to smithereens
7-Zip doesn't recognize the download as a valid zip file 
very very very sweet level!
every piece was smooth, quality and well built!

Yes This Is Pretty Good Actually. 
Zwiffle's bit was obviously the worst part of the map tho. 
Was pretty fun, although I think there could easily have been much more monsters (and ammo & health to balance them of course). Balance was good. Skill 1.

Took me 20-something minutes (full kills) and found 3/5 secrets. Spent probably 10 minutes of that looking for the silver key door. The doors were improperly marked from wall panels. 
Was pretty fun, although I think there could easily have been much more monsters (and ammo & health to balance them of course). Balance was good. Skill 1.

The hard skill settings were planned to be for skill 1, but RPG told me that it would be for hard skill.

This map rocks
released after 1 year 1 month and 1 week after the original speedmapping session 
took me 18:18 with 100% kills and one lousy ring of invisibility secret near the end on skill 1. excellent map, very balanced, i hope you guys will make more of such stuff. even zwiffle's bit was good. ;) 
It would be useful if this damn QUAKE map actually worked in QUAKE (gl, that is)... 

metlslime = pwnd. 
If you had an actual problem with the map, besides not having enough RAM allocated, I'd like to see if I can solve the problem. 
4th post in a row btw.

Very cool map, very nicely balanced gameplay, mixture of all sorts and relatively quick to blast through for the number of monsters. Good surprises and stuff. The ending was well done, a well set-up challenge, had to use some tactics there. I GJed to the eyes after 2 attempts and then found the switch DOH. The two MH secrets were nice.

Architecture was nice, generally good, but the first outdoor area was really nice, had a good feel about it. Most other areas had some strong designs but could have had more spectacle.

Well done to RPG and all the mappers involved, well worth the WAIT. 
On a job well done, very nice build quality abound.

191 / 191 kills
3 / 5 secrets

ALMOST made it through without dying, got hit by a vore-ball after i killed the final vore. Whoops.

Well worth the wait. 
Nice Work... 
with interesting architecture and moody lighting, even those crappy textures can look good! 
I watched those drunk demos! yay they rock.

I wanna also make one. But I need to get drunk first 
I liked it. Gameplay was not too difficult (skill 2) and always felt fair.

Nice architecture throughout, and I liked the little computers with each mapper's name. They were in sm36 though, and sm32 had similar things that didn't fit into the theme quite as nicely.

Er, so, yes... good map. Hope it doesn't take so long next time! ;) 
I can't play it due to ED_Alloc no free edicts error. Engines: GL Quake, FitzQuake 075. heapsize 32000 to 96000. GF2 integrated 23MB shared, Win98, Athlon XP2000+. Always on map start at skill=2, somewhat later on skill 1. 
Many Thks Guys! 
This is realy a peace of Art... all the peaces were perfect made for this map! congractilacion to all hope to see more stuff like that is realy good, in few time to great maps....this one and lunaran map, i already played 2 times sm82 untill the end but i got a fps problem...but will be solved soon and then i record a demo kicking ass :) 
Very Good 
nothing spectacular but everything was very well made and put together. Pretty impressive map. 
Great Map! 
i really enjoyed this map for its awesome looks and fun gameplay which always seemed well balanced (not too difficult on skill 2). i can't remember having played the seperate maps of sm82, but here everything fits together perfectly .
the computer screens with the names are a nice idea, too. 
... to Ray and RPG, as well as all those who had enough nouse to pass this on when things stalled.

RPG & Kell, loved the run, 1 Health & 0 Ammo - perfect! 
Nice Map! 
Bit easy on skill 0, but I guess that's my own fault. Shall have to play on a more manly setting later. 
Good Map! 
I liked the monster placement, some nasty ambushes, and the gameplay (was playing on skill 2). Also health/ammo balance was good. Nice textures and architecture.
I have fallen into lava from the damn pipe both time I was passing that area! Who was responsible for that!?? :) 
Fun Map 
Nice visuals (especially the big outdoor area) and fun gameplay with good surprises. Played on Normal and found all secrets. Well balanced ammo/health, but I found the armor to be very generous in the middle part and almost non-existent at the end.

I play pretty conservatively, so I left several YA and also the RA behind. Then retreat was blocked and no armor ahead. If I hadn't telefragged the last vore, I would've been in serious trouble. Maybe there should've been a YA in the last corner cache after the lock-in?

Best chainmap so far! 
This is one of the best maps I've played in some time -- awesome pipage, slick layout, smooth transitions and a decent challenge to fight through. Kudos all around, people =D 
Finally had some time to play this..

Skill 0 (wuss)
Secrets 2/5
Kills 131/132
Time 30:02

Very nice work gentlemen. Impressive outside area, nice sky. Gameplay fun..interesting ambushes and situations that required some strategy. I usually don't care for mixing base and other monsters but this seemed to work quite well. A fun and immersive level. 
Very Nice! 
Skill 1
Secrets 3/5
Time 24:04

Bah, I regret not playing it on hard, was down on my knees at 20 health for some time but I finished with 100RA & 107 health. The exit scene showed me the fourth secret :D

Very fun map, great job everyone and also great job RPG, thank you, truly a wonderful and fun map to play :D I'll check out the demos now. 
Just Played It 
[23:42:27] <@Jago> sm82 was good
[23:42:39] <@Jago> nothing really jaw-dropping, but "nice"
[23:42:49] <@Jago> some stylish designs and good gameplay 
Gorgeous, And Very Enjoyable 
I Second That 
I played it this weekend. You obviously did not want to intrude on the other artist involved, but you still managed to make it flow together very well.

The game play was among the best of the best levels.

RPG for Vondur's Top Right Hand Vassal! 
Thanks For The Comments 
Just to be clear, Ray did all the gluing, so a lot of credit goes to him. I did some tweaks to the lighting and architecture which added to the cohesion, though. And I made the final call on the gameplay, so if you think it's too easy that's my fault. Check sm82.txt for a full breakdown of the credits; I'm just making sure people don't give me someone else's credit.

Thanks again for all the comments. 
That's Cool 
my fault too, I should have took some time to read the text file.

A compliment, in a way, is that it in no way fealt like a collection of desperate elements, but a single well made level, instead. 
Great Map 
I don't remember my time in my first time through (on skill 0), but it seems really nicely built. But it does feel a little weird that you have to practicallly kill every monster just to finish the level. 
Yeah OMG 
Having to kill monsters in a Quake map, oh teh s4kwage, whatever next?! 
Next it'll be an upper-bestiary monster with a fast movement rate and projectile splash. OMG! OMG !OMG! 
After A Long Time 
Happy Birthday! Awesome demo, it reminded me how good the map really is! Great map all you guys who worked on it! Thanks, Zwiffle! You're welcome, Zwiffle! OK!

PS: How old are you Pulsar? 
My guess is below 25... 
Thinking Drunkeness Is The Apex Of Humour... an ageless idiocy. 
I recorded this demo a few weeks ago. But thanks anyway.
I'm 21.

Thinking Drunkeness Is The Apex Of Humour... an ageless idiocy.

Yeah, true really =) 
Who said they thought it was funny? 
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