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Night Journey Revisited - Q1SP
A big pak with lots of outdoor scenery and intense combat in classic style. There are 6+1 maps and the pak was originally made by Tronyn/Daz and released in 2003 in an unfinished state. Please check the readme for details. Special thanks to Tronyn for the permission to re-release this great pak.

Download: (zip, 6,7 MB)

Have fun! Any comments are welcome.

Note: Quake Mission Pack 2 required to play this level.
fuck remove this 7zip shit file... fuck use normal rar or zip... 7zip dont work in my computer... :( 
honestly, all releases should include a standard compression format before any non standard ones are used. :P 
So does this mean the pack has now been finished? 

looks even weirder when it moves, and weirder still in its melee attack.

No time to dig, it's pub o'clock! 
"Also, please note that the final level nj4 is still missing due to it never
being released publicly. This means that after finishing nj3b "The Second
Portal", the engine tries to load nj4 which isn't available. Just press F10 and
quit the game."

guess is not totaly finish... 
RAR opens the 7zip archives. 
This Is News To Me :) 
well Im glad its in a semi-playable state at least, this pack of maps was insanely cool when me and tronyn were working on them back in the day. I would ahve loved to release a full pack all polished up but I haven't mapped for a long time and I haven't worked on THESE maps for even longer...

I hope they stimulate some people into mapping something at least... 
hope you enjoyed your beer!

From NJ Readme1st: Besides Quake1, you'll also need the Rogue mission pack "The Dissolution of Eternity" installed.


Moderators: Please remove my local link above now that the FP link is up. Also, please add the text "Mission Pack 2 required" above. It's in the readme, but it could be good to see it directly. Thanks. 
Yeah, I realise that, because it fails to even load the map if you forget the -rogue... 
i'm gettin killed on the 1st level constantly.. have to use cheats it seems..
total lack of ammo!!! 
I'm finding that aswell. I want to really enjoy the pack because it's got excellent build quality by the looks of things, but I'm spending far too long running away from deathknights with nothing but an axe. 
So If You Need DOE 
how do you install it ? It seems ot hav eits own progs.dat 
Text_Fish and nitin: please read the readme for instructions how to install and play it. Important tips! 
installed as instructed.

I hadnt seen that before (ie -rogue and -game together).

But like others, I'm out of ammo and struggling on the first level (about 24 monsters in).

Playing on normal. 
Same here, I tried easy cause I read people here were having trouble, but still I'm always running out of ammo and having to run ahead and avoid monsters to get some extra firepower. =\
Just finished first map though, and build quality is quite nice, but gameplay is just too frustrating. 
I Followed 
the instructions in the readme to a T and it wouldn't even load. It kept crashing to the desktop and saying:

"Mod_LoadModel: progs/****.mdl not found"

where **** is any number of .mdl's that were apparently missing. In the end I copied PAK0 from the Rogue folder in to the Night folder as PAK1. If other people weren't having the ammo problem I'd assume the 'special' ammo from the Rogue missionpack has somehow become lost in the process, therefore leading to the ingame shortage. 
Those Who Are 
having ammo shortage, have you found the GL in the start map? It's near the other supplies and is basically required to manage nj1. This info is also in the readme. Originally, there was no GL until nj1b, but I added it to the start map.

Text_Fish: What engine are you using? Standard engines should load this pak without any problems if you've followed the installation instructions.

There's not much rogue weapons/ammo in this pak so that's not causing the shortage. Have you added the -rogue option as instructed? 
I had missed the GL... Having a GL in a start map is just plain weird... �__� 
Nice Work So Far 
I had played through these maps a while back, and thought they had a lot of potential.

Although things are vastly improved from the first version, there's still a few issues.

1. I still didn't see the GL in the start map, so playing through the first map was very hard, until i found the GL secret.

2. Wait, that's it.

I like the new fiend skin. Not really fond of the new Shambler skin. Fiend skin makes sense, Shambler skin, not really in context with the story.

I only just finished the Ankhbar's Curse map, but the added Rogue monsters and such add a lot to the experience.

I remember looking through the old NJ zip, and seeing a "NJSECRET" map. I had tried compiling it once, to no avail. Is that re-inserted into this at all?

Regardless, nice work on finishing this up AguiRe.


I could have sworn i saw some old screenshots from a ikbase/arabian hybrid map for this project. If those are still around, maybe that was the intended NJ4? 
Hope To See Things Like These All Weeks 
great map pak...realy impresive... why didn�t anyone finish for good? :) just was said about something... were rl??? found lots of secrets but none had rl 
Like The B0rked Monsters... 
...they look bloody marvellous, random chaotic blob of chunderous polygons.

First map was too easy though. 
Map2 was badly balanced in the middle and end. One armour change was all it would have taken.

Map3 had the worst gameplay I have ever experienced in a Quake map. The use of the Rogue flying things was appallingly bad. After this I just cheated to see what the maps looked like but gave up on that pretty quick, and deleted the pack.

The green maps did look very nice, but there did seem to be a lot of "vore spawning on platform next to you whilst a dozen spawn spawn below" bullshit. If someone would care to release those in normal form with better gameplay that would be good.

I wish whoever decided to release this had done a proper job of fixing the monsters, sorting out the skins, and actually putting the slightest bit of thought into the gameplay. 
I Dont Get Borked Monsters 
up to map 3, but this is very tough. Barely made it through map 2, was under 10 health for quite a while. Couple that with low ammo and it can get frustrating. The room with 8 of those super mummies wasnt enjoyable.

Also, regarding the GL, no one looks for that sort of stuff in a start map.

Still, I hope it gets a bit mor eenjoyable from here on, the maps look fantastic. 
All Done 
after reading shambler's comments on map 3, I went in expecting the worst. But I found it to be pretty reasonable actually. The last 4 maps are actually quite good gameplay wise, because you actually have ammo.

The last 2 maps also feature lovely themes and architecture (so do the others but the last two have a unique style).

So overall, once you can get past map 2, the gameplay's actually very very good.

Quality release aguire, tronyn, daz and xenon. 
"Also, please note that the final level nj4 is still missing due to it never
being released publicly. This means that after finishing nj3b "The Second
Portal", the engine tries to load nj4 which isn't available. Just press F10 and
quit the game."

Could just make the trigger_changelevel ent point to the first map in the pack, or whatever.. 
No, in case someone decides to finish the last map and release it maybe? =)

Anyways, finished the pack, was bloody frustrating at times, but obviously that's cause I suck, right shamb? =)
Visuals were great though, some very nice maps, good work on that. 
I guessed you missed the triple "floating Rogue monster" ambush with nowhere to hide followed by immediate vore spawn, and the infinitely spawning "floating Rogue monster" section in an unimaginably awkward staircase scenario when it is 100% certain you'd have just used up all your nails on a previous combat, then.... 
I played on normal.

Floating rogue monsters missiles dont damage you much (if you have armor) and if you nailgun them, they dont attack that often. So in the first scenario you mentioned, I had plenty of nail ammo and it wasnt that hard (provided I was willing to take some damage).

As for the infinitely spawning section (there was 4 or 5 on normal), I just went down the stairs to the bottom, let them come after me and used my DBS on them while they were coming down.

I thought that map was tough, but not overwhelming. Map 2 was the frustrating one for me. After that, I found it quite playable and enjoyable. 
"Text_Fish: What engine are you using?"


"Have you added the -rogue option as instructed?"

I have a Fitz shortcut that's set to run -Rogue automatically, so the command line's fine.

Nomatter though, I sorted it by copying the pak over so I can play it now.

I finished it last night, and aside from the ammo problems near the start I must say I quite enjoyed it. :) I have to agree with Shambler regarding some of the battles though, there were a couple of moments where I found myself quickloading far too often. 
In which case you can change the entity's atrributes (you can replace entities without recompiling map)

Piece o' piss. 
OK, Good 
I just went through the whole pak on Hard (I usually play on Normal) and while it certainly was no picnic, it was definitely not overly frustrating. And I'm even still a keyboard player ...

There were a few rough spots in nj2, the beginning of nj2b and nj3 near the end, but otherwise no big problems. Some resource backtracking was required and gameplay probably rewarded GL usage, but I had no ammo shortage at any time.

Possibly the secrets were more important on Hard but that's nothing unusual. If you think it's too hard, just drop a notch. 
Yes, but that would mean asking people to redownload a map they arlready have, my point was that if someone wanted to release JUST that final map someday, he wouldn't have to mess with what was already released here...
That's what I'm guessing whoever decided not to change it was thinking anyways, but whatever.

Don't see what's the problem anyways, whats the difference between just ending the map and leaving the game, instead of ending the map, being sent to another map you most likely don't want to play again and then leaving then game. 
And Vb 
I (and Bal) actually *do* know how to edit a changelevel trigger ... I intentionally left it this way because the pak is unfinished, although the last map (nj3b) serves very well as an end map. 
If you have no problems on Hard, then you must find every other fucking Quake map ever released (with the possible exception of Lunsp1) unplayably easy in comparison, and since every time a good, challenging Q1 SP map is released, I don't see you in the comments saying "OMG this map was so easy I could play it blindfold FFS double the monsters at least", then that's not the case.

So, either you're lying about this being okay, or neglecting to mention that you loathe every other Q1 SP release because they are as easy as playing an SP map in DM mode, OR more likely, you are so used to the combats from hours of testing, you know it like the back of your arse.

Anyway, it's not so much about the difficulty - difficulty is good - it's about the crap balance (e.g. map 2, completely inadquate supplies around the 8 mummies area, and then 2 YAs and a secret RA within 30 seconds of each other at the end) and some crap combat set-ups.

Anyway, mercifully, that's all irrelevant now. 
Reasonable people won't care about downloading a map they have again (or an .ent file for engines that support it) if it means getting rid of the 'sorry there is no end' bollocks ;P 
I know the DOE source is PD (I have it) but is the whole thing now PD, and if so, does anyone have a link? After reading the above posts, I'd like to see this pak.

I remember this came up a little while ago and I remember seeing a link to a forum where JR had posted a link to an ID site giving away the whole thing: or is my mind playing tricks?

I've even looked around my local conputer stores and second-hand shops but the (spotty, teenaged) asistants just laugh when I mention Quake 1 add-ons :-( 
You have mail.

(I hope you punched those assistants in the face :-) 
DOE Link 
I found an working DOE download link today. If someone is interested I can post it... 
To my knowledge, neither of the Quake mission packs is in public domain and JR would have no business posting download links to full versions of them, both mission packs have been developed by 3rd parties so they are not intellectual property of ID Software.

However, I do recall seeing Romero post a download link to the full version of Daikatana a month or so ago, so I am guessing you got those confused. 
Thanks very much for the info. I'm sure that will help!

No, no punches. I just gave him my very best look of disdain that previously managed to shrivel that fake bedouin that tries to get you to photograph him on his camel by the great pyramids - even the camel had to look away. Anyway, I bet the assistant's even more spotty this evening than he was this morning. 
very nice pack!
it started to be playable after i've found well hidden GL.

but but but, there's no boss level! the game halts looking for nj4 map! what the fuck?

overall, nice atmospheric and fun to play environment! thanks! :D

ps: i still would like to play boss level. 
Yes, Daikatana it was. (time dulls the mind and senility makes that easier to bear) 
I Finished On Hard 
I reviewed this set for aguiRe before re-release and didn't have any serious problems finishing. It was tough in spots but I did get the GL in the start map and I found every secret so that probably helped. I tend to conserve ammo by using the single shotty, which has a tighter pattern, and I use cover and I strafe a lot. I had to axe a few times but not enough to be really frustrated.

I liked it - all of the maps were interesting and it was a journey - too bad there's no ending. Tronyn is a master of mixing rock textures to give the outdoor areas a unique look. 
I have a Fitz shortcut that's set to run -Rogue automatically, so the command line's fine.

Okay, this is the problem. You have to do "fitzquake -rogue -game nightjourney" to make it work, becuase "fitzquake -rogue" will set the mod dir to "rogue" and then when you type "game nightjourney" at the console it unloads quake/rogue/ and loads quake/nightjourney/.

I guess this qualifies as a bug. Sorry! 
btw any pics plz? 
More Info 
So Unless I Am Mistaken 
The bottom two shots on the second page appear to be from maps that didn't make the pack.

I wonder if Tronyn has the remnants of it lying around. 
those 2 shots are from nj4 which took the theme from nj3b and added even more technical stylings (the ikbase lights etc) and was generally a lot more surreal and odd. But only a couple of areas exist in the latest version of the .map I saw.

I dont want to get anyones hopes up, but if I ever did do another q1sp it would be a finishing map for this pack, I just depends if I ever get the time/motivation/stuff etc.. 
we all will pray for that DaZ :) 
Now, how about that secret map that was on the original zip? 
Injects DaZ With Time/motivation/stuff Etc... 
I still enjoy a well made Quake 1 map over a well made map in Doom 3, HAlflife 2 , or any other new or old game. i'd like to see you finish the map DaZ 
Note To Self... Sign In B4 Posting 
Game Stores 
I've even looked around my local conputer stores and second-hand shops but the (spotty, teenaged) asistants just laugh when I mention Quake 1 add-ons :-(

Heh that reminds me, back in '98 I made the mistake of asking if they had "any copies of Doom" lying around. The smug, pus-faced little scrote-weasel behind the counter did this kind of weird scrunched up thing with his face which I don't think I could imitate without the use of some kind of Joker-style prosthetic make-up, whilst making some raspy wheezing sound that I could only interpret as a failed attempt at something approximating a condescending laugh. 
There Is An Nj4 
But Daz is right, although I did do a bit of work on it a long time ago, it remains mostly disconnected scraps.

I have an entirely different version of Nj2, which is much more open and interconnected. I was thinking maybe at some point in the future (I've got plenty on my plate right now) I (and/or Daz maybe?) could finish the alternate Nj2, as well as Njsecret and Nj4.

Btw, I played this through on normal and played some of it on hard before aguirRe released it. I thought it wasn't too hard, though I can see without the GL it would be seriously frustrating. Overall Bengt did a great job fixing, restoring and balancing the pack imho. 
Nice Pack 
very tough in parts on hard, indeed. the first couple of maps were no problem thanks to the hint about the gl in the start map (if it is virtually necessary to complete the levels, why is it a secret then?).
all the maps can be finished on hard, but one really has to watch the ammo most of the time and find the secrets. i had to use god mode twice (once when i was very low on health and out of ammo and had to fight several wraiths and scrags which had to be killed in order to progress; and once for beating the three guardians at the first portal - too crampy area, far too little health supply).

there is a clipping error in the beginning of nj3b, by the way - behind the portal the player can fall through the floor.

a pity the final level is missing, but i enjoyed the pack nevertheless.
good work tronyn, daz and aguirre! 
There will be a review of this on my site at some point in the future.

seomtime between next week and...after that. :) 
"there is a clipping error in the beginning of nj3b, by the way - behind the portal the player can fall through the floor. "

oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, came across it too. 
Thanks For The 
comments everyone!

mwh: The messed up models you saw are caused by the classic engine mesh mess. Just delete the contents of the id1/glquake and rogue/glquake folders and run again. The correct meshes are now regenerated. I should've supplied these in the pak, sorry.

Ionous: The secret map of NJ was AFAIK A Desert Dusk. It looks like that anyway.

Neg!ke/nitin: Sorry, I missed that ugly hole in nj3b.

For those who don't have the Rogue MP2, I've uploaded a small file that hopefully should be enough to play the pak: . It's basically a smaller variant of the pak from the original NJ release. I hope noone objects to the Rogue material here. 
the secret map was a new version of that map (as yet incomplete). "After Dusk." 
thanks for the upload; i didn't have rogue on this pc before, but i may give this a whirl at the weekend now :) 
played on nightmare and there were some tough spots in the first few maps, mostly with wraiths. the changed gameplay in the last two maps was much more enjoyable and ultimately worth slogging through the early ones for. 
Finished Finally 
(thanks for the tip aguiRe)

I enjoyed these maps. Very well named, it really felt liked a journey as you progressed through the maps.

Gameplay/balance was a bit weird in places. I played on skill 0 and it wasn't too bad (esp. if you compare to the rogue maps). Now replaying on skill 3 and not looking forward to those guardian combats... 
One Of The RA Secrets 
in nj2 is very difficult to get to. It's accessed via the same high window that all the wraiths enter from in the spiral ramp room. Jumping to the window probably requires a double GJ or similar.

Knowing speedrunners being able to perform some moves that mere mortals can't, maybe this secret isn't so hard with the right technique? 
One Grenade Is Enough 
Especially with the slope. Never, ever would have thought of looking for a secret there, though :-/ 
Clue To RA Secret 
The pocket on the ramp.

I got it after trying about 40 times but I'm not good with trick moves. 
Thanks for the reviews! 
whats your e-mail address? 
I reformatted and haven't set up my old one again since. 
Are you a Canadian mapper? I'm guessing by your email that you are. 
That's right, I'm Canadian
I guess most people here are American, with a few Europeans here and there and the occasional Australian. 
don't forget about the russian mafia :> 
I would assume the majority here are Brits. There's a lot of em. I don't even think I can count all of them on my fingers. 
English (not European)
New Zealand 
And Also... (regarding Email Extension...) 
.. some people from Portugal (Trinca), Nederland (Madfox), from Australia or Austria... (I'm not sure about distrans and Scragbait location... sorry guys...), Sweden (aguirRe), Denmark (Hrimfaxi), and France (Bal and I), etc.., etc.. summarize, Func_ is worldwide ! 
Um Yeah 
yay for the intarweb 
eheh from france i guess there is at least 5 mapper�s 
I know for sure that Bal is from France... and if there are others french mappers.. they stay hidden ... ;P 
Nah, most of them map for inferior games I'm sure, thus by default, I declare you the best french mapper JPL (as you are the only one working on q1sp stuff afaik, well I'm working on some stuff too but painfully slowly).

Here did some q1 stuff recently, he's french, and well, there was Nunuk, and there are a couple french mappers working abroad, like Chicoverde who made some UT2k? maps, and worked on pariah. 
...thus by default, I declare you the best french mapper JPL

I'm honored you said that ... even if this is a default option .... ;) 
Bal go finish make episode4 :p 
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