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Favorite Map Names?
Map Names...are they important or totally irrelevant?

Anyway the real point is to list your favorite map names:

Off the top of my head (of course there are so many) here are some of my favorite (quake 1):

True Love Waits [zer1m6]
Push Underground [czg07b]
Bestial Devestation [Damaul6]
subgud [czg07a]
I thought "s4wk" and "Penile Devastation" were clever and neat titles. Also, "Shut Up, RPG!" was cool but expected. 
Capital Punishment
Guns And Ammo

Can't think of anything else right now, but there is quite a number of cool map names. 
Titlebitch Cannot Be Empty. 
Last cup of sorrow.

Also, 'A love long lost' which was the map I was working on when I got hired, so it's not finished, and it never will be either. 
"licking the third rail"
"when I'm God, everyone dies"

..both recent pushplay Cube SP speedmaps and both titles cracked me up. Good maps, damn tight health supplies backing up the titles though. 
Horror Erotique
Beyond Belief
Numb Nimbus
Another Perfect Day
Gay Weather Balloon
Naked Cows on Stage
My Parents Don't Like You
Cadaver Carnival
The Cassandra Calamity
Suicide Staccato
etc etc etc... 
Spongebath Of Satan 

The Soul Grinder
Liquid Despair
Hell in a Can
Star Scream
The Grisly Grotto
Moebius Trip
Shadow over Innsmouth 
I Can't Believe You Haven't Mentioned... 
Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things

(and thanks spentron :) 
"Load of useless bloody loonies" 
The Final Threat
Dreams Made Flesh
Your Last Cup of Sorrow
Momento Mori
Powder Keg 
I'd Say 

Short'n moody! 
And Also.. 
it really is a good thing to have a name that peaople can remember when sitting there playing and going: hmm, map efzcgbaldm3... no killdazdm4 fuck.. map start.
Not taking any thing away from these poetic names mentioned.. 
Use & Abuse 
The final threat? 
I H8 Titles 
short and catchy, like Zed or Rage 
I Like 
Moebius Trip
because it's SO cool!
And if our host meltslime hadn't gone off and cancelled it I guess Megaton would have been my favourite name.
Also Zed and Hyperalgeise are tres brilliant. 
And Also 
as of less than a minute ago, The Satan Complex is totally awesome! 
Wasn't Apsp1..... 
Wasn't apsp1 titled the final threat? Or is my brain malfunctioning again?

yeah it is, sorry my bad. Still, isnt that a pretty standard name? 
is not cancelled, it's just indefinitely waiting on other projects to be finished.

It's too cool to cancel.

I hope.

Fuck, i have such a backlog of levels to finish. 
I Guess It Is Fairly Standard... 
But the map is above and beyond standard....perhaps that is what called the name to mind. 
No, No, No 
i know what all lads have. and that is

concrete dreams (marsbars, sex, money, power, cars, more horsepower, chicks, ladies, women, oh, did i mention bad girls?)

ok, its quake 2 so take my heart out with a spoon...

credit to romero for ziggurat vertigo. i like that. 
I'm sorry. What? 
Illegal Substance Based Postings 
thats nice to see 
Credit To Romero For Ziggurat Vertigo? 
Excuse me? That author would be the inimitable American McGee, not Romero. 
I can't take the credit for the name Bestial Devastation. I think it was the name of Sepultura's first ever album. 
sorry, for accreting vertigo to romero. i thought he had the idea. i'm wrong.

wrath. what does your question concern? 
My question is 'what are you talking about'.

I can't parse your posts, I just can't. They're incoherent. 
I understand you, wrath. 
Vondur, Or Anyone Else For That Matter 
Do you know where I can get that map "Suicide Staccato"? And what is its zip name/short name, what ever you call it? And who is the author?

LoL @ Wrath (#28) 
Sorry For Incoherent Posts. Bare With Me... 
Pka6.bsp (for q3. where you lookin for q1?) (q1) 
No, I must have the wrong map/name, I have all the mexx maps. The name reminded me of some map I remembered, that I had never been able to find/download. It was a DM map, using Q3 textures, around the time of Quake 3's release. I only ever seen screen shots of it, and the few links that I found way back then were all dead. It may not have ever been released, but it sure looked good. And know it seems I can't even recall it's name, oh well, lost forever. Thanks anyway 
I can't parse your posts, I just can't. They're incoherent.

ok, good. it's not just me. 
I thought "Dismembered Crates" dis_cr8z.bsp was pretty good. 
I heard the map name
"kislorjavopolis" (!)

Does anyone know what it may mean? 
kislo means sour in russian
polis means city in greek (or laitn ?) 
Sour Coffee City 
Kinky Afro 
I'm Not Sure... 
"Elsinore" ? 
Ziggurat Vertigo 
Holy Thread Resurrection Batman! 
Gay Weather Baloon 
remind me never to ask you to name anything, ever. :P 
eventually, every old topic from qmap will be reborn here. 
Favorite Name 
This Feels Lurid 
The Abandoned Base 
Favore Map Name 
My favorite map name is:

Gay Weather Balloon 
Oh come on, the name is genius! I cant remember the author but its a q1dm, nice map too :) 
That Would Be Naked6 
By Ghandi. 
Naked Cows On Stage 
I Like 
Jumping to Contusions
Stir fried rocks attack
White collar Violence
Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things
Naked Cows On Stage
A Load of Useless Bloody Loonies
Gay weather Balloon
Jam Number 17
Pretend Girlfriend
Swiss Cheese Trickster
A Genius Trapped in an Idiot's Mind
Mouldy Old Bastard
Bestial Devastation
Penile Devastation
Shut up RPG
Kinky Afro
My Parents Dont Like You
Freestyle Gibbage
Nubian Chicken Sexer 
"Bill Gates Got Killed In Yokohama By The Australian Intellectual But Cute Hampsters Association"

...deserves a mention 
Hey Cool Thread, Deserves Resurrecting... 
My faves, of the ones listed so far:

True Love Waits
Another Perfect Day

I like them because they sound nice, but also the irony is very good, i.e. your true love is the Nemesat, which playing the Zer character it probably would be =).

I like some of the dark and evile names but there are a bit blatant. Something a bit subtler is cooler. Numb Nimbus for example. Penile Devastation is cool as well. I don't like any of the "trying to be funny" names that nitin likes though. 
I don't like any of the "trying to be funny" names that nitin likes though.

I agree with this, I like map titles that have something to do with the map, rather than just silly phrases a mapper came up with/barrowed from some source. 
More Names... 
Liquid Despair
The Soul Grinder
Hell in a Can
The Grissly Grotto
Azure Agony 
Of The Id Map Names 
I always liked "The Dismal Oubliette"
and of course, "Claustraphobopolis" 
For Id Names 
I always thought "The Bad Place" had a certain understated charm. 
Of The Id Titles 
I always liked 'The Place of Two Deaths' which is the inspiration for my upcoming title, 'The Death of Two Places'. 
did i just post the same names i posted in January? Yes, i did. 
The Bad Place 
"The Bad Place" is the name of a Dean Koontz novel published in 1994. I'm not sure that counts as a map name, even though it was used as a map.

I wonder if Koontz is aware that he inspired a whole sub-category of Quake map names. 
I Wonder 
if Koontz is aware that he inspired lava-jumping. 
I Wonder 
if Koontz is aware that he's being talked about on th internet at this very second OH MY GOD NO IT'S BEHIND YOU!!!! 
Now I know who to blame for that horrible map. 

"Trench Toast"... 
... from RtCW and Tauamid from HL. There are probably a few I've forgotten from when I had a decent collection of Unreal maps. 
Last Cup Of Coffee (or Something Like That) 
and Satan'sDarkDelight... don't ask me why I just love those names. 
Quake Level Name Generator 
that actually works pretty well (well obviously with a few mishits). I liked this one :

Another Perfect Oblivion 
Re: Heh 
I got one close to that but it was "Another Perfect Brownies" 
Some Of These Are Pretty Damn Good 
"Magnum Carnival"
"Swiss Cheese Tower" 
Unholy Retribution
Horror Stronghold
Vengeful Gateway
Magnum Agony
Iron Gateway
Horror Carnival
Devil Gateway
White Collar Night
Graveyard Base
Another Perfect Gib
Stir Fried Temple
Devil's Labyrinth
Grisly Gateway
Psycho Vertigo

Nice little util. :) 
The Oldskool Namegen Was Better... 
Chthon's Bad Place of Hell 
Mine Are: 
Tangerine Dream
Nubian Chicken Sexer
Powder Keg 
My Favourites 
Spine, because its just so right.;
Abracadaver is one of the more clever names I've seen;

And the names Pretend Best Friend and Hell in a Can come to mind even though I can barely recall the actual maps! 
Yeah That Was Than's Original Q2 Map 
but I kind of like pjw's q3 remake name better : Pretend Girlfriend 
15 Years Later 
An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City of Celephaïs
A Warm Welcome Home
Constantly No Respect
Are You Yet Living?
Chasing Promises
Gateway to Earth
Red Slammer
Sealed City

and, of course,

Honey Theme of Digs 
Hexcalk Map Names 
Peripheral Fundament
Implo1t Dys3ngage
Baneful Politic Comply
SurveylLance ZtateMent

While browsing the Quaddicted list I also stumbled upon the following name:

Hangover Devastation

All of the names above sound kinda nice in my tongue, but of the Hexcalk map names, I like Peripheral Fundament in particular. 
Too Many To Choose From... 
..but here are picks from Nehahra:

Locked-Up Anger / CZG
Wanderer of the Wastes / Vigil
Dreams Made Flesh / Bal
Your Last Cup of Sorrow / Bal 
I'm boring:

Crypt of Decay
Satan's Dark Delight
Crypt of Decay
Satan's Dark Delight

Some of my favorite maps!

As for names, probably:

The Underearth
The Dismal Oubliette
The Elder God Shrine 
Sheer Hellish Miasma 
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