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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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It can't find the id1 .pak files. Either copy those over or reconfigure your paths in TB. 
Thank you! I deleted my .pak files and copied them in again. It all works now. 
Any Good 'cutscene' Tutorial For Quake 1 Or Hexen II? 
Hello, I've been playing around with Worldcraft/JACK for a while now and I'd like make a small map pack for Hexen II, but I'd like to have an opening cutscene to setup the story and world. However, I can't figure it out.

So does anyone know of a tutorial which shows how to setup a cutscene in Quake 1 or Hexen II?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you. 
There is a small map "visions of hatred" of Reign MacNeil, that has a "Capture Camera Kit".
It works a bit slow but it has a tut that will make you cutscenes. 
Thank You Madfox! 
This is just what I was looking for! Now I just have to get this to work in Hexen II... hmmm, well, time to carpe those diems! :D 
More About Cutscenes.., 
The same question came up a month ago in coding help.
There are some more answers and possibilties there.
hexen2 #2768 
Light Splotches 
So i am currently working on a map with lots of skylight, and i get this ugly bright splotches, due to bounce most propably:

I am using ericw-tools v0.18.1, phong, -bounce, a sunlight + sun2 for direct & indirect lighting.
My guess is this occures because the light stage stage creates pointlights for the bounce, is that about right?

How are you guys working around this? 
No Clues At All? 
The light process reports solid faces and lights created, seems consistent with your idea, though I don't know what exactly happens under the hood.
The docs are good, not much to recommend beyond that. Try extra4, try soft, try sunsamples. If that fails, try hiding it with ao (dirtmap).
Generally, if you avoid flat uniform colors it wouldn't be noticeable in the first place. 
Thanks for your answer chedap.
extra4, soft, sunsamples and dirt are already enabled on that screenshot.
Using that flat uniform coloured textures TO pronounce the lightmaps features is my intention all along, of course i could have guessed that that will pronounce any flaws as well.

I could try setting _bounce to "-1" as entity key to prevent light from bouncing off the nearby brushes, just found that feature, isn't in the documentation yet.

I will also try to play around with _anglescale, altough i dont fully understand what exactly what this keys effect is, yet. 
Is there a way to link two trigger_secret brushes so that if one is triggered, the other is removed, and they count as one secret? It's for a secret area that can be entered from more than one location. Obviously I can place the brush where the two paths link up but I'm curious. 
Each trigger secret counts as a secret.

You can killtarget one trigger from another, so you should be able to have two trigger_once which point at a trigger_secret to activate it.

Which might actually work without killtargeting anything.

id1 progs is kinda rough though and I haven't used it in years so this might all be wrong :L

I'm working from a Copper base now, which allows lots of entity manipulation without having to hack the level. I have coded up similar entities in the past, but didn't want to do it again and Lunaran's are better made than the legacy stuff I was going to resuscitate yet again. 
Anyone Remember My PyramidGav Map? 
Like ijed says. One trigger_secret somewhere (set spawnflags 1 for make it not touchable) and two trigger_once in each area. The trigger_secret can killtarget both triggers, but be sure to set a slight delay on it to avoid trouble. 
The trigger_secret removes itself after being triggered so there's no need to kill the other trigger_once. It'll be swinging at nothing if it ever goes off. 
I was thinking about cases where each area gives an individual message which would then be printed by the trigger_onces instead of the trigger_secret itself. 
Thanks Guys. 
Also does anyone know what map has a "bloodfall" texture? I think I recall playing a map that had one but I can't remember what map. 
Also does anyone know what map has a "bloodfall" texture? I think I recall playing a map that had one but I can't remember what map. 
Insomnia map3, end of Travail ep1, probably some Zerstorer/Zer.jam maps 
Ah sweet. Reminds me I need to replay Insomnia and Travail. I don't think Zerstorer has one because I'm already using zerstorer.wad. (Love those "viscera" water textures.)

Same Isue 
Hey mate, any luck with this one?
I have the same issue, trying to find a way to increase, I assume the hunk allocation of memory... so far no luck. Let me know how ya go / went... 
Hi, please ignore previous post :O
I’m well into my first level now, after following dump truck tutorials. Using AD current version. However, I’ve hit a snag re hunk_alloc when compiling completes. I’m using quakespasm and upon launch, Quake crashes with ‘hunk_alloc at #######’ - I’m fairly certain my level is far from optimised...And it’s quite large. (I will attempt to cut it down and split into multiple maps eventually) but for aesthetic reasons I can’t yet... as it’s a ‘hub’ city / difficulty select / start map and relies on line of site to buildings etc. outside of the play area.
Thanks in advance. I’m new to all this, so I’d also love to share some pics etc. - some of the maps here are AMAZING! I’ve a long way to go!!
Small Field Of Vision 

I have a very large room full of entities. When the player stands in the corridor leading to that room, the walls, floor and ceiling of it restrain considerably the field of vision: just a very small portion of the room is visible and 99% of the many entities are out of sight.

Here is a picture of the setting:
(the red thing is the cone of vision, and the red rectangle its projection onto the room's front face).

Yet there is one brush entity which should be seen because partly in the red and partly out of it, but it's invisible until it suddenly appears when the player approaches very close to it. As if until the very last moment out of sight entities were still taken into account and were to many to calculate, thus exceeding the rendering limits.

Does that make sense?
Is there a way to prevent the engine from calculating out of sight entities over supposedly visible ones?

Any clue will be very welcome...
I precise that I can't move to a more powerful game engine because I'm mapping for Hexen II, so there are so few compatible engines already that if I deliberately exclude some of them, almost nobody will be able to play my map! ^_^; 
How To Make A Conveyor Belt? 
Is there a way to make a conveyor belt? In newer doom source ports you can make a brush with a scrolling texture and it will carry entities. I want something similiar.

I tried making a brush with an animated texture and have a trigger push carry entities but with trigger push affects player's movement in a negative way. Another idea I had was to make lots of small platforms that move but that seems like a really hacky way to do it. 
Convoyer Pets 
It's been a hardbreaker from the moment I tried to lay hold on it. Conveyor belts and quake func_trains don't like eachother, that is what timing concerns.
When you're really as mad as me you might try a static like this.

On ther other hand I spend a few moments to get a solution for it. It isn't that hard, you can do with two func_trains. That is.., when you fine tweak it to the right moment.
Here is an example, although it still has a wig in it. I went really domino after a few houres, but I think it can be done.

"Four feather" has a fine way of doing it, but it are all statics. So no.., I don't have a real solution than tweaking two func_lifts. Size, distance, time. 
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