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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Sound Files 
I am not clear on the use of .wav files for sound effects in Quake.

I have seen from earlier posts that they should be 8bit/11khz/pcm. That's OK but do they have to be of a certain length or perhaps, not longer than x?

I have been experimenting and I have one file (an explosion) that plays as intended and another that keeps playing and wont stop?

Any suggestions or pointers to sites? 
could be that the second sound is looped. Looping for quake seems to involve putting a "marker" in the file. It's sort of confusing as the sound editors that can do it don't seem to consider it to be related to looping at all. I'm a little rusty though as the last quake sound i made was like 4 years ago. 
OK, you're on to something here. I used a different program to convert the sample to 8/11/pcm and it now does not play continuously.

But now I can hear what a crap sample it is!!

Without giving too much away, I want a sound that plays for a non-predetermined time, fades and stops. The player will inadvertantly decide the duration. Think of leaning on a bell-push - it rings at a constant volume until you realise it's you making the noise, then when you move, it stops ringing and goes silent via a short fade.

Therefore, I want to play the start, then the middle bit for as long as the player is determining (at random) then the end.

My problem is that in playing my sample, it plays start, middle, end; over and over, which gives completely the wrong effect.

I'm not sure if I am explaining myself very well but, if this makes sense, can it be done with one sound or do I have to use three sounds (start, middle, end)? 
it can be a driver problem, but (I think) it worked fine before. I noticed that strange crash only 2-3 day ago.

There was no driver update/fitzquake setup changes for that period. 
two ways of doing this:

1. Make a soundfile which include the start and middle section. mark the middle section only to loop.
Make a seperate soundfile for the end section.

Now, in qc, you make an entity play the start/middle sound when triggered. you then need to make some way to let the entity know when the player has stopped triggering it, and then make it play the end section sound on the same channel, so that it overrides the first sound.

2. Seperate start, middle and end into seperate sounds.
In your entity now, when it is triggered, it should play the first sound, then have a self.nextthink = to the amount of time that the start sound is in length. it should then loop a sound call for the middle section with a nextthink = to the duration of the middle section, and then simply play the end section to stop it.

burr... don't really feel like going into details, hopefully you got the idea. :P 
Thanks, I can work on that. 
do what necros said. This is how quake's door sounds work. Be sure to play both sounds on the same same channel so that the second sound cancels out the first. 
is there a console command in your engine that will display the amount of precached models? (that one where only unique models count, but doors and trains count for one each) 
I read you can hide/unhide stuff in d3 on trigger - that way the 'hallucination' parts are made, when you suddenly see blood on the walls and other satanic models appear

cant recall details, look\ask at d3w 
D3 has this "Demonic influence" feature, though it hardly seems to be used. It means that guis and some models and lights have alternate versions that are only showed when the demonic influence is switched on. Seems like id didn't use that too much tho.

Also there are spectrums in lights, that is you set a light to only light up materials which are in the same spectrum, so you could make a light that lights up all spectrums, and you see blood and gore wherever you shine it or whatever. Make it flicker and move around for spooky effects! boo! 
cool :) 
Q1 Question Now 
Doors, plats, trains all are bmodels and use up a precache thing.

what about triggers? trigger_relays? what if a trigger_relay was a point entity and not a brush?

quark used to make the trigger_relays as point entities, while gtkr makes them as brushes. i never bothered changing it to point entities, but if they can save a precache slot, it would be worth the effort 
In the quake source they are always point entities, they don't use a bmodel if they have one. So yes, switch them to point entities and you'll save a precache(I'm sure I'm correct in saying every bmodel is precached automatically even if it's never used). The same goes for a trigger_counter, although that one tends to be done correctly more often. 
Silver Key Required 
Super-newbieish question but I had some difficulties in my speedmap:
I made a func door, gave it targetname "eastcage".
Then a func_button to open it (target "eastcage"). I wanted to make it so you need the silver key to be able to press the button.

WC doesn't immediately show a spawnflag for that, so I used the same bit as a func_door would require if you made it silver key only.

This didn't work, the button was still pushable without the key. Also making the eastcage door silverkey-spawnflagged didn't do anything special, it still opened if you pushed the button without the key. So I turned the button to a func_door with a target of "eastcage". Now I could silver-key-spawnflag it, and it worked. Now the button can only be pushed if i have the key. Except now the eastcage door can be opened directly by touching?! (if I have the key) I even made a dummy button with the target of "eastcage" and hid it, but the door is still touch-openable (with the silver key). I gave up.

I don't remember if I had the vanilla or czg flavor fgd. 
just remove 'requires silverkey' from the door? 
you must have just forgot the spawnflag on the blocking doors (or the two are cross-linked and you need to check the 'doors don't link' spawnflag on both the button door and the blocking doors.

as a general rule of thumb, if your doors are fucking up in some odd way, check for cross linking doors and check the spawnflag as necessary. 
but I did the same with my speed map using a func_door with a silver_key spawnflag to open a second set of doors door. It worked fine without causing any triggers to shoot off before 'touch' activating with the silver key in hand. If you want to see the map let me know, I'll shoot it your way when I get home. 
when I get home, I'll try taking the silverkey spawnflag off the cage door and see if it takes the open-by-touch issue away. The "don't link" shouldn't apply here because the problem was not that the door is opening when another door is opened, rather that the door itself opens when it is touched... or well, dunno, might try that too. Thanks guys!
I put the .map file in the zip, although I'm not sure if it's a wise thing to do, if people do that, the .maps just start adding like mad and end up gathering dust in id1/maps... but this is already off-thread. 
... but this is already off-thread.

waitaminutehere, after 4354 posts its finally off thread? :P 
doors with a targetname only open when they are triggered. or did i miss something? 
What is it about scraggs that allow them to fly through walls and doors when other monsters can't?

Is it the code, their size, the fact that they fly. (or are they just bastards anyway!) 
and fishes are crazy, they follow you around everywhere. I'm not sure about spawn, but I think I've seen them misbehave too. I haven't seen any code that explicitly should let them do this. 
it's option 4: bastards! evile bastards at that. 
Option 4 ?? What's this ? Again a ununderstable joke for non anglo-saxon native, or is it a real feature ? 
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