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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Ingame Proposal 
I wondered if it would be possible to add a short ingame show-demo like in hexen2 to a map to give the player information about some act-in-game after pushing a button.

Maybe it has something to do with changing the progs.dat, I don't mind, just wanted to know if it's possible. 
It's possible in some sense, but it's not all that easy, and you need some custom code to do it. You might want to check out zerstorer for an example of what can be done, pushing a button in the second level(among the dead) gives you an in-game cutscene of what the button did(in a different part of the map to the player). The main restriction is that you can't actually play demo files as such, without disconnecting the player. So instead you need to recreate whatever you want to demo "live", which might require a lot of custom qc code.

You might also want to look at the "custents" mod, which has some cutscene code supplied already.
This will allow you to change the player's view to a camera when they press a button, and do some scripted sequences. You might need extra code depending on what you want to happen in the cutscene. 
Does it fairly neatly - but its a big download for your end users. 
Would help if I linked to a download site you could actually download it from, try: 
supports an in game camera mode that can be used for scene like actions, (close up of Chthon: "Quakeguy we meet again, but this time I have the
upper hand! See. No lightning rods anywhere!), but as far as demos -- I haven't realy experimented but there is a QuakeC patch somewhere in here:
(sorry, having a brain fart over its name)
that lets you trigger cvars so maybe a setup like this would work:
trigger_cvar(entityfield savegame) --> trigger_relay ---> trigger_cvar(entityfield playdemo) ---> trigger_relay ----> trigger_cvar(entityfield loadgame) 
Ah, Missed Preach's Post! 
Cutscenes Via Cvars 
This method has potential, but there's a problem with the way you describe it. At the moment, once you load that savegame, the first thing the progs will do is load the cutscene again, as you saved just before that command. So you need another cvar like scratch1 as a check to whether the cutscene has run. Something like

cvar_set(scratch1 1)
trigger_cvar(entityfield savegame)
if(scratch1 == 1)
trigger_cvar(entityfield playdemo)

at the end of the demo stuffcmd "scratch1 0;loadgame"

Then when it loads, the cvar has changed so the cutscene isn't run. 
In the unreleased portion of FMB-bdg (The Imp's Castle) I had used the cut-scene module from Vision by Darin McNeil.

The scenario is that just as the player picks up one of the keys, the view is switched to a camera showing a reinforcemnt troupe of Ogres rushing across the castle courtyard towards the player. So, the player has been warned but he doesn't know exactly when they will arrive.

I works quite well and was very easy to incorporate into the progs.dat. 
Vision Pak 
Yes, I'd also suggest to take a look at that: 
Thanks for your answers! I asked it on the Quakeplanetforum to check if the dates were changing (they didn't) and got rather cheered off.

I don't care about some coding, but I remember this question being asked earlier. The main reason was demo's need to be loaded in the quake engine before the game starts.
And working with camera's is already a big count on my knowledge.

As for the hexen2 exampel, I thought it was made with the Quake2 engine(?) which has other capabilities. Although I thought Quake and Hexen could go through one slipgate.

I'll check the custom ent mod, and try the others also. I ain't have a straight idea for it yet, but as I found myself at some strange mapping ends I was intrigued by the way it was done in The Portal Of Praevus. 
New Old Q1 DM Map - Golden Apples Of The Sun 
So errmm.. I have this q1 dm map, a sequal to my old map "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" (Summer.bsp) which is 99% finished. it seems however that I just can't get the time to finalise it. It is enormous, fits 16 players easily, and I am not sure what to do with it. What do you guys think? Keep at it or dump through lack of dm interest?

My Suggestion, Keep At It 
and give the map file to Than (if he concurs) so he can build Single Player play into it. Your map would then get the audience it deserves. 
Release It! 
if it is a good ffa map then the qw ffa server(s) will probably install it. 
Good idea but haven't spoken to than in ages.
Is he on #terrafusion maybe? 
Than's Here 
And I'd say if it can fit 16 players then you can get SP working well inside. With or without SP you should release, don't give up. 
On Here 
and TCE as YMLL :) I posted in your level design thread a while ago in fact.

Not sure I really have time to work on an sp conversion of your map, but I wouldn't mind having a look if that's alright with you.

If the map is really big it might be a bit daunting to do a good sp conversion. DM3RMX was a good month or two of work, though a lot of that was spent building stuff, so perhaps adding SP to an existing dm wouldn't be so hard. 
Long time no speak Than :-)
let's continue this on email?

h� that vision pak is great!

Must thank that Darin McNeil for his sense of scripting, although it's more then ten years ago. Had to know this earlier, but before it was just spagethi to me. 
Quake C Triggers 
I'm currently having a look at triggers in QC and am wondering how to implement a new touch trigger type that doesn't precache any model. I basically want this so that I can have a lot of touch triggers without wasting precache ents on something that can be represented by two position vectors.

The plan for the triggers is that the mapper places a point entity on the floor and then enters a vector that defines a box from that point as an offset in x,y and z. The main problem is that I don't know how to make Quake understand that the player has entered this area. The other problem is that I barely remember how QC works at all :)

Any tips would be awesome. 
More Regurgitation Of Q2 Lazarus 
. . . where they had exactly what you're describing, a bbox min and max the defined the area as a trigger once / mutliple / whatever.

I seem to remember it had the problem of always being solid, though you could tell it to autokill itself afer triggered.

There's plenty of documentation of the planetquake/lazarus page, don't know if it'll be much help for Q1 though. 
Point Entity Triggers

The first half of the post is how to do it, but it's missing one very vital line...

"Find the line
setmodel (self, self.model);// set size and link into world
and replace it with this chunk of code"

should also mention that you are looking for that line in the function "InitTrigger" found in subs.qc

If you have any questions on why it works then fire away. 
Re: Quake C Triggers 
Seems pretty easy actually. All I need to do is create a new InitTrigger function that uses setsize instead of setmodel and then copy the main trigger functions (e.g. void() trigger_once) and replace the InitTrigger call with a call to my new function. I should have probably waited a little longer before posting a message about this actually :)

If it doesn't work then I'll post again >:) 
It's even easier, you replace the lines in the original InitTrigger, so it now works for both types of trigger. Then you don't need to create any new classnames in theory, just creating a point based entity with classname trigger_multiple will work, and the same goes for any types of trigger. Saves a lot of copy-pasting with the same change over and over.

The added trigger_multiplep class is just a convenience for mappers using worldcraft, which gets confused if you add a point entity with the classname of a brush entity. So you create a new class, which then just calls the exact same code as trigger_multiple. Kinda like how monster_ogre_marksman just gives you the same entity as monster_ogre(except the classname). 
Marksmen Are Different 
Seems not to be widely known because its easy to miss, but the difference between a marksman and standard Ogre is that the marksman doesn't play his alert snfx - the Ogre roar / growl we all know and love.

But you probably already knew that ;) 
I tried that too, but I wasn't sure how to differentiate the func from the point ents in code. Can I just do
if(self.model) {setmodel(blah);}
else {setsize(blah);}?

I tried using self.mangle as the differentiator last time, which didn't work, though I guess that was a pretty dumb idea anyway.

Are you sure it's safe to meddle with the inittrigger function? 
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