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Quoth: Expansion Mod Pack For Q1SP
The intention behind Quoth is to provide a large portion of content in as easily accessible form as possible for both players and mappers. The components are designed to be consistent with each other as well as the original id content. More is under development and updates will be released as and when they are ready. Yes we are mad, but ours is a madness brought on by divining the blasphemous truths of a terrible cosmos. Or something.

More info, download and images:

Direct download ( FilePlanet, sadly ) : (22 meg)

This pack contains several monster/weapon/power-up modificiations, and some test maps. Additional full map releases posted below...
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Somehow you're not using the Quoth gfx.wad file (inside pak0), make sure that no other gfx file overrides it and that you're using the -hipnotic option. 
I'm Using -hipnotic 
But how do I find whether no other file is overriding it? It's all in it's own directory (Quoth), set up proper as far as I can tell. 
that gfx.wad is inside pak0 in the Quoth dir and that no other paks exist in that dir. What engine and cmd line are you using?

The error occurs when the engine requests a Hipnotic specific object in the gfx file due to the -hipnotic option. The std Q1 gfx doesn't contain that object.

If it still doesn't work, try another engine or make cmd line and cfgs as simple as possible. 
Something Desperately Needed In "Quoth2" 
One of the best things about Quake is the combat with weak enemies.

This is why the early maps are special like E1M1, E1M2, E1M3 and also why Quake takes away all your guns at when you return to the start map.

The WORST problem with multi-map packs is that usually you will have all the heavy weapons and therefore the map is packed with tougher monsters, which are often kind of boring to fight because it is only their hitpoints that makes them a challenge.

Some of the best single player maps use zombies in a very effective way. Even 1 zombie can be a real threat if you don't have a way to kill it.

Maybe something that could make Quoth more useful is having a worse kind of zombie, like a really rotted dark zombie, that is like a regular zombie (just a reskin) except it can't be killed except with Quad damage or has to be killed with the axe (more interesting and annoying, hehe) or it has to be squished with a map element.

Or maybe Quoth should have a way for a map author to remove some/all weapons at intermission somehow maybe with the ability to set an intermission "story" of what happened like ... "As you stared into the void that was this horrible place, you inadvertently knocked your rocket launcher off the ledge ..."

This would allow a subsequent map to not have to be loaded with the tougher monsters for at least a while allowing natural map progression to happen.

Anyway, just a thought. I personally think the later levels in Quake are somewhat repetitive and boring because I don't think the "tough" monsters again and again and again are very interesting to fight. 
Interesting Viewpoint 
I dont really agree because you can have progression with 'tougher' monsters too, although it would come from number and placement.

but interesting viewpoint. 
Rain/Snow ? 
There was a level of Nehahra that had a snow effect, and of course at least one of the Nehahra movie demos had a rain effect.

I'm sure those 2 effects require a engine modification and it's been a long time since so I don't recall if those effects were localized or actually affected the entire map.

Just throwing this out, part of me would really like to see things like localized fog, rain, snow and translucent glass be part of Quake.

/Although I know the argument about how those are standard Quake engine features, but neither is max_edicts > 600 or farclip > 4096. 
Neh Snow/Rain 
doesn't require custom engines, as you'd know if you'd tried playing Nehahra with my WinQuake ...

Just add the -nehahra option and try out e.g. neh3m3 for snow and neh3m4 for rain.

There are of course other things in Nehahra that require custom engines, but not those effects. 
also had rain on the second level. That worked in plain old dosquake :)

Glass can be faked in Quoth using water brushes with solid colour textures and then by using the entity that I forgot the name of that allows you to set console variables like r_wateralpha from within the game. There are a few other things that you need to be aware of, but making glass in this way isn't too bad. 
I guess I knew Zerstorer had rain ;)

I'll have to try -nehahra with Enhanced WinQuake and see what snow looks like in software out of curiosity. 
In Nehahra 
You can use the alpha key as well, which is an engine specific feature, but allows transparent entities - func_walls, enemies, whatever.

AguirRe's Nehahra engine also has an -id1 option to play the game in normal quake but under that engine, to maintain the extra visual effects. I think there's another engine that supports alpha keys as well.

Spose the problem is that anyone playing the map without an alpha supporting engine won't see the glass, just a solid brush. 
Well, Guys... 
I dont think its unreasonable in this day and age for a mapper to demand that players use specific engines to view their work!

I mean my last map used coloured lights, and some of the lights had a coloured source texture, i.e. a red light - people who choose to view the map with an engine which doesnt support coloured lights are silly :-P Especially if they then complain that the lights were crap, or looked silly with white light coming from a red light-source!!

The glass thing - fuck it man!! Make levels with windows, glass ceilings and everything, and honestly, as long as you document your engine choices properly, so that people have no excuses for not knowing that they were supposed to use engine "X" or "Y", then they have no right to complain about it!!! :D

Question: - Can you ad "r_wateralpha" "0.3" to the worldspawn?

Im pretty sure (havent fully experimented yet) that Quoth users can have their "info_player_start" inside a "trigger_once" which targets an "info_command", with "r_wateralpha" "0.3" so as to automatically start the player off in the level with transparent water activated.

Also - panes of glass - this works right?:

"classname" "func_wall"
".alpha" "0.3"

This doesnt require the water hack?

Also you could add the

".alpha" "0.3"

bit to a monster to give a ghostly effect?
(hehe - "effects" "4" would give a translucent glowing monster)

I sended Than's GlasTest by email.
It has a workaround from his use of transparant glass in Quake1. 
Thanks Madfox 
Yeah, I got that!! I'll have a look at it in a bit!! :D 
if you use metlslime's skip tool instead of tyrann's really old one, you shouldn't encounter problems with vis when trying to make glass from water brushes. Metl's tool works a charm, whilst Tyrann's was experimental and sometimes you ended up with very obvious problems. 
metlslime's skip tool is really working well ;) 
So JPL Is Using Glass Hack For His Glass? 
Is it even possible to use a ".alpha" key on brushmodels (or any models for that matter)?

Where did I get this from :-o ? 
It is possible to use alpha on func_wall for sure, maybe func_door (not sure), but it is not supported by all engines. However, using metlslime's skip tool is supported by most of enhanced engines. The r_wateralpha settings must be set, either in your cfg file, or in the map using Quoth's trigger_command/item_command entities... It's uo to you ;) 
So Its Just A Matter Of Going... 
...Bah! to weird engine users!

Surely it *could* look better if you can have some texturing on panes of glass, squeaky clean glass would look a bit wierd in a generally grubby quake environment, a slightly more 'textured' glass might look more realistic....

So I would ASSUME that FitzQuake, Darkplaces and AgurRe's engines all support ".alpha" keys, they seem to collectively support most stuff like this together...
I would also ASSUME that Tomaz/JoeQuake type engines dont.

Reckon That's It 
And you can apply alpha to anything - monsters, doors, whatever as long as it's an entity. Never tried it with pickups but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. 
You ASSUME too much, go read some readmes ... 
fitzquake doesn't, but the other two do (afaik) 
the glass hack works on every gl engine and at least one software engine (basically all that support r_wateralpha) whereas enhanced engine features only work with a few engines. There have been successful maps that have required the use of a particular engine (warp, nehahra) and if it really means a lot to you, you can go that route, but personally I like to try and do everything so that it is compatible with the widest possible range of engines. I am starting to get fed up of supporting software though, and dm3rmx didn't support the original id engines because it had too many entities in it. 
I think FitzQuake should be the reference engine for all mapper.. 
Yeah - I Wouldnt Wanna Make A Non-Fitz Map ! 
Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt :D

I like the look/feel of Fitz (just like quake really) and I l00ve the lit-file support and also the external texture thing. With me its all for the coloured lighting...

I find the documentation for Fitz to be a bit of a head stress, I find it hard to understand what it all means. I guess getting a feel for different engines is often a case of trail and error. As for the glass hack thing - it almost annoys me that you cant *quite* have your cake and eat it!! I mean Darkplaces would do *everything* but I guess its not a stable as Fitz...

Oh well - Skip util + waterbrushes 'ere we come... 
Wait until you play around with fog for some more headaches. Darkplaces' is just fantastic, the others are different or ugly. 
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