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Quoth: Expansion Mod Pack For Q1SP
The intention behind Quoth is to provide a large portion of content in as easily accessible form as possible for both players and mappers. The components are designed to be consistent with each other as well as the original id content. More is under development and updates will be released as and when they are ready. Yes we are mad, but ours is a madness brought on by divining the blasphemous truths of a terrible cosmos. Or something.

More info, download and images:

Direct download ( FilePlanet, sadly ) : (22 meg)

This pack contains several monster/weapon/power-up modificiations, and some test maps. Additional full map releases posted below...
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Hey, for me, part of Quake is unfiltered texels. YMMV! Heh. 
Try gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest, mipmapping does help and software quake had it too!

Also, you can use anisotropic filtering with any texture mode, not just trilinear. So you could experiment with gl_nearest and maxed-out anisotropy, for example.

Personal opinion: I play with trilinear and anisotropic filtering, but I do recognize that trilinear comes at a cost -- the swimming, sparkling, moire effects of nearest filtering go away, but at the cost of more averaged/blended color on the screen and less of the pure texel colors. With nearest filtering, you get a scene full of the actual texture colors, which tend to be more vivid. 
Willem Et Al 
Willem, I also use software right now, because I'm on one of the mentioned older laptops. I will switch to GL though ASAP, I tested it using mesa. I have noticed the difference in lighting, but "what czg said". It looks as if TQ, JQ and PQ (Proquake can be used for singleplayer, and if I'm not mistaken Baker would gladly extend some limits or is already doing so) aren't going to drop software support anytime soon.

The Fitzquake sdl thing sounds great. ^^ If that happens, I'll radically stop all bitching :-E

I hope I didn't come off again like I demanded anything, I was just sayin'.

Concerning TQ, things are being fixed, for example breakfast.bsp produces no more blah_overflow messages even on skill2. And a nice manpage is in the works ;-)

Joequake's FMOD dependency: The only place where fmod is included is in nehahra.c :-( That's the only reason. Since only the GL client includes nehahra support, software does NOT depend on FMOD (anyway, isn't it a simple matter of "emerge fmod" or "apt-get install fmod"?)

The "problem" (*g*) is that Joe didn't think of #undefining Nehahra support, you have no choice if you want it or not. But hey, it plays Nehahra! (at least rudimentary)

He probably ripped that out of Nehquake and the FMOD stuff just came with it.

edicts limit: I'd dare to quietly say that MAX_STATIC_ENTITIES is rather easy to break even in small maps (ex. TPOF) so edicts is not everything. Torches! :-D 
Floating Crate-a-rama 
WIP those maps into releases, word. 
2 Cents 
Fruitz of Dojo, _the_ OSX port, is NOT crossplatform (just like some Windows ports...) so unfortunately, that makes it a bit hard to test your map in unless you own a Mac ;-) I guess Mac Quakers can blame themselves on this one. Their problem.

I don't understand what you mean by this, goldenboy. The Fruitz of Dojo port is straight-up vanilla glquake, how is that not cross-platform? Of course they didn't make a PC version, that was id software's job.

Personally, I prefer pOx's mac glquake ports ( , and ), as they feel more like a mac application and do some minor things better like mouse smoothing and anisotropic filtering. He also ported the Nehahra engine, which I often enjoy using, as it has a good mix of quake faithfulness and well placed new features (skyboxes, colored dynamic lights, fog). I think it has some raised entity limits too. However I should note that pOx's glquake engines were coded in Carbon, not Cocoa, so you guys on Intel/Leopard machines might not be able to run them. 
The Fruitz of Dojo port is straight-up vanilla glquake

OK. They don't say on the site what it actually is, and in how far it was changed or had stuff added. They just say "Requirements: Mac OS X."

Does the same source compile on Linux and Windows? That's what I meant. :-) 
I'd Expect The Fruitz Code To Compile On Win/linux 
But I've never tried. I read through the diff once though, and all the changes are really minor, apart from the addition of os x video and sound code. 
Then I apologize. I'll download it and try to compile.

If those non-DP Mac clients are really just Macified GLquake, that would mean we'd have to keep to the limits while mapping, or they won't run the maps.

Ah Yes, That's True 
but raising the edicts limit is probably the most useful thing, and dead easy. 
Raising Limits 
They would have to do that, though. ;-) 
Just Started Playing Quoth 
after havin' a great time with arcanum, i've now started quoth.

i need to ask about playing music files from whatever folders.

in arcanum it is:
id1/music/track03 (etc.)

in quake 1 it is:
id1/sound/cdtracks/track03 (or whatever)

does anyone know the way to do this in quoth? 
well, cd music has nothing to do with the mods, so it is up to whatever engine you use. it just depends on what engine you're using.
also, it depends on if the maps have a track set in their worldspawn (the 'sound' key).
if you hear no music but have the music installed, then likely the map doesn't have any set. :( 
Music In QS/Quoth 
i just play user maps from quaddicted in Quakespasm.

if there are /ent or .bsp files, i can open them in text edit (is that 'notepad' on windows?) and see what the 'sound' key is.

quoth doesn't have bsp/ent files, only pak files, and i cannot open them on my mac atm.

i have worked out that QS just uses:
id1/music/track01.wav (etc.)

e1m1 from quoth responds to track06, so, i guess, its 'sounds' key is '6'.

could you tell me if i can change the 'sounds' key?
if i need to get into quoth's pak files to do it, i'm screwed!

i have tried to open other bsp/ent files and change the 'sounds' key from, say, '6' to '2', but it never works.
i gather i am doing something wrong. 
Get the utility called Qped. Then you can open .pak files, which are basically just file archives containing, wavs, mdls, bsps, etc. The internal structure mirrors just having directors like id1/maps, etc. Then you can modify whatever you want with ent/bsp files.

Though, doesn't your engine have a "play (filename)" music command?

Standardization would be so good - heh. 
one more thing, you'll want a qbsp version to put the modified entities back into the map, at least in some engines. You just have to recompile it with -onlyents option it never takes more than 1 second. Damn I'm pretty bad at this explaining shit. And I'm going to bed pretty soon too - lol - if no one has said anything better by tomorrow I'll try to do better. 
that's cool,

it looks as though this may be quite complicated, but then maybe not (cracks knuckles meaningfully!)

i'll drop by 2moro to see what we can do about this. 
Host_error: Cannot Find Maps Map/e1m3quoth.bsp 
i'm at a loss, really.

i have just played the first two episodes no problem.

any ideas? 
It Doesn't Exist Yet... 
sheee-it, you'll need the 3 separate RMQ demos and plenty of other user remakes... but there's no unified-remade-awesome-quakeness, just yet.

They are making a REMAKEQUAKE mod that inludes remakes of every single Q1 map. But in their 3 demos they have just released a few maps at a few stages. Surely you can't expect to magically have a new map every map you pass now. 

again, i don't really know how this all works.

in my dumb naivety, i assumed quoth was a collection of maps/or maybe one episode containing some maps, like arcanum. i didn't know otherwise. it didn't say on the Quaddicted page that it was a demo. 
I updated that page. Thanks, such input is very helpful. It is hard to imagine being new to all this if you have been in the scene for so long (and I am a newbie compared to others). 
Nah, That's Cool Spirit! 
i'm a man in my 30's, but STILL making mistakes!

@ Tronym:

trust me. if i knew they were demos, i wouldn't have made the confused post wondering where map 3 was. 
it's awesome to know new people are still interested.

Quoth is a package of custom content, but it only includes a few maps, it's not a self-contained episode or anything like that, the point of it was to encourage mappers to use its features, which they absolutely did, but each Quoth map needs to be run by itself, these maps weren't planned in some larger context (unlike RemakeQuake). So basically with Quoth you can play a ton of individual maps, many of which are great. My suggestion for a starting place is Hrimfaxi's "Breakfast At Twilight." 
an easy way to find maps for quoth is to use quaddicted. go to the maps section: and use 'quoth' as the filter. 
@ Tronym: That's OK! 
i will certainly heed yer advice, and i will check out the 'b.o.t' map tonight. 
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