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Quoth: Expansion Mod Pack For Q1SP
The intention behind Quoth is to provide a large portion of content in as easily accessible form as possible for both players and mappers. The components are designed to be consistent with each other as well as the original id content. More is under development and updates will be released as and when they are ready. Yes we are mad, but ours is a madness brought on by divining the blasphemous truths of a terrible cosmos. Or something.

More info, download and images:

Direct download ( FilePlanet, sadly ) : (22 meg)

This pack contains several monster/weapon/power-up modificiations, and some test maps. Additional full map releases posted below...
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sheee-it, you'll need the 3 separate RMQ demos and plenty of other user remakes... but there's no unified-remade-awesome-quakeness, just yet.

They are making a REMAKEQUAKE mod that inludes remakes of every single Q1 map. But in their 3 demos they have just released a few maps at a few stages. Surely you can't expect to magically have a new map every map you pass now. 

again, i don't really know how this all works.

in my dumb naivety, i assumed quoth was a collection of maps/or maybe one episode containing some maps, like arcanum. i didn't know otherwise. it didn't say on the Quaddicted page that it was a demo. 
I updated that page. Thanks, such input is very helpful. It is hard to imagine being new to all this if you have been in the scene for so long (and I am a newbie compared to others). 
Nah, That's Cool Spirit! 
i'm a man in my 30's, but STILL making mistakes!

@ Tronym:

trust me. if i knew they were demos, i wouldn't have made the confused post wondering where map 3 was. 
it's awesome to know new people are still interested.

Quoth is a package of custom content, but it only includes a few maps, it's not a self-contained episode or anything like that, the point of it was to encourage mappers to use its features, which they absolutely did, but each Quoth map needs to be run by itself, these maps weren't planned in some larger context (unlike RemakeQuake). So basically with Quoth you can play a ton of individual maps, many of which are great. My suggestion for a starting place is Hrimfaxi's "Breakfast At Twilight." 
an easy way to find maps for quoth is to use quaddicted. go to the maps section: and use 'quoth' as the filter. 
@ Tronym: That's OK! 
i will certainly heed yer advice, and i will check out the 'b.o.t' map tonight. 
@ Necros: I'm Already There! 

i went over to Quaddicted & filtered the maps by quoth, and found plenty to go through.

regardless og quoth, i had already planned to go through the whole quaddicted map database, filtered by 'rating'. that's gonna take a loong time, but fun 'n' frolics along the way! 
It's Been 10 Years 
Brilliant releases from a great year for Q1SP.
And ever since, thanks to all who worked for Quoth.

Nigthmare 100% demo of e1m1quoth and e1m2quoth:
Demos for all the Quoth test maps:

First&second runs on the first three Quoth maps(skill2):

(The above demos require Quoth2.2.)

And let's not forget about the Chapters pack,
the first maps to feature Quoth monsters.

Demos for all test maps, a demo of the finale
and a 100%demo for my favourite map in the pack:

Kell & necros and Preach - you deserve the highest praise.
I agree with Drew: 'We need a Quoth icon!' 
10 Years 
And still no gauntdrop. 
the gauntdrop / cc attack would complete that enemy.

Light my candle, I still have the qc.
I'm a bad coder, I can only loose. 
Quoth FGD 
Just dropping this link here because an earlier link to the Quoth FGD is broken but this thread still tops the Google search for Quoth FGD.

You're welcome, future Quoth mapper and/or future me. 
What I really would like to know if there's a quoth.qc availabe.
I've got one from the Quoth2, but everytime I ask fteqcgui to take a look at it I drown in the error.log.

As I said, I'm a bad coder, but would like to try new things with it after burning my fingers on too hot spagethi code.

Like being attacked by a purple gauntdrop. 
Do you mind if I use Quoth in my mod? All of it. Well enemies, items, and weapons that is. I managed to decompile the 2.1 progs.dat. 
I Don't Think Kell Visits Here Anymore 
But then, like I mentioned in the Noir thread, the idea of toolbox mods like Quoth and AD is that they enable new maps to NOT have all the mod stuff included in the release, because the base material is already installed on the user's system. So one doesn't have to install the same mod all over again with every new map. 
I think Qmaster meant using Quoth assets in his own mod. Good luck with that! Sock waited a looooong time and pretty much harassed the Quoth creators to finally get the authorization to use only SOME Quoth monsters in AD. The problem with Quoth is that it's not open source. AD is, so you'd better grab what you need from there instead. Also, Seven's SMC has some pretty cool additional monsters so you may want to look into it as well. 
The Better Question Would Be 
Preach do you mind? I mean after all I won't have all the great new 2.2 features. 
Since the thread was bumped, I'll ask a question here. Maybe someone who frequents this forum knows what's going on.

I was looking into making a small model patch for Quoth, and discovered a strange set of weapon models whose names start with "c_". These models seem to combine features of their respective view and pickup models in one mesh/skin.

At first I thought it was just cruft, but then I played the maps bundled with Quoth to discover that the medieval one enables these models (overriding my replacements). Moreso, the hammer seems to use the combined model by default.

The question is: what's the point? The models are about as ugly and broken as the stock ones, in some cases being even worse - the SSG is hideous when viewed as a pickup model. Making replacements for these is gonna be unpleasant as well. 
Scroll down, you'll see it:

Is that it? 
Yes. Thanks. 
Might Be Putting On My Bullseye T-shirt Here But... 
I think I'll just borrow all of Quoth 2.1 anyway. I'll credit it for sure. I'm not a plagiarist, but I'll infringe every copyright I come across simply because it was on the internet. If it's downloadable, it's public domain right? (lol no. it's not. but I don't really care and neither do Quake players)

Ahh heck I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't. 
@dwere Are you making a "guns of okayishness" pack for Quoth?

@Qmaster If you do that, you're gonna get burned by the community. They don't like modders who "steal" from them without consent. Ask XOlve ("author" of the Epsilon build), he could tell you all about it. 
Are you making a "guns of okayishness" pack for Quoth?

Not yet and not exactly. Unlike the official releases, Quoth has a severe fullbright problem, which is easy to fix (if dull), but is out of scope of a weapon mod. So I don't know if it's gonna be a part of the goo pack or it's gonna be something standalone.

Of the two new weapons only the hammer requires attention, as far as I can see. But the fact that Quoth has its own set of stock-like models complicates things quite a bit. I've seen them being used in at least one more map. 
Keep up the good work! 
If a map sets the model-saving flag, a client can override it by setting "scratch1 1" in console or config. So you can just replace the stock models (and the plasma gun too) and recommend players use that setting in their config (and an engine with increased model limits). 
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