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New Q1 / Nehahra SP Map Mini-pack
Its a three map start - middle - end type affair with a mainly medieval theme. Its the first time I've made a map for Q1 and would appreciate any feedback; cheers.,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,42/limit,30/limitstart,0/order,date/dir,DESC/
Any Screenshots? 
Oh Yeah! 
I thought these maps were exceptional - you sure you're a first timer? :) Very good mood all the way. I'm not a custom monster kinda guy but the ones used here seemed to fit in well.

I recorded my first play through it; the last guy killed me but what the hey... I played on easy skill but kept running out of nails as you can see here: 
as long as its a reasonable standard, [i havent unzipped it yet], you will get plenty of feedback from me as i will give it a full review at my site. 
I played the map and enjoyed it. As a first map design effort, it is good indeed and tells of great potential. The level of detail is a bit inconsistent in that some areas have a high amount and others not nearly as much, creating some contrast, but this did not put me off personally, even though I would prefer not to be conscious of such things. Though there were a few gaps in the action, I enjoyed the gameplay. I do not think the monsters were too much to handle in number and the placement provided a welcome challenge, often bringing out the strengths in the monsters.

I might also add that you scored extra points with me for using the one quake monster that no Nehahra mapper did! And the monster (no spoilers) used nearby an artifact secret was also welcome! ((Extra Mindcrime points for setting up the jagger entities efficiently)).
The creative use of some of the other features was welcome (i.e. the use of "alpha") and the sound of sleeping shamblers I found unnerving (not knowing where they slumbered but hearing them... brought me a lingering dread)

Ammo felt a little light, but that probably has more to do with my tendency to squander it.

Use of ambient sounds: thumbs up. Good chocies. Created a creepy vibe. Though I think you could have added more to make some areas when backtracking feel a little more alive.

All in all, I had a good time and in the end that's only the meaningful measurement. I'll add your pack to the Addons page of Nehahra. This version or a later version (should there be one). Your choice.

Thanks for bringing Nehahra some action.

The Demos 
Great demos, Mandel. I found them highly entertaining. Fun to watch :) I don't know if you were having fun, but it sure looked it to me. Heh.

If only you had recorded a demo for each Nehahra map! 
2nd Version Underway 
Thanks for the ego boosters! I�ve started working on the updated version so let me know here if there�s anything you�d like modified.

I reckon the first thing is to pad out some of the areas with with more detail, especially the intro map. The main map will be a bit more tricky since I kept hitting the maxiumum static entities limit - I�ll work on it. I�ll also put a few (not too many) more nails + rockets in the 2nd half of agony.bsp - the nailgun was actually a late entrant which is why it aint balenced so well.

Also - does anyone habitually play at other (lower) difficulties, only play on nightmare and with the other all I did was pretty randomly remove monsters, so I�ve no idea if its too easy / hard / patchy etc.

anyhow, thanks for the feedback, keep it coming and chances are good suggestions will make it into the 2nd version. 
One Serious Suggestion... 
... pop a couple of screenshots up when you think you are ready to release the new version then place links to them in the Screenshots & Betas thread of this board and ask for some experienced players/mappers to test your .pak

Be prepared to incorporate their feedback. 
Be prepared to incorporate their feedback before you release the .pak to the public. 
The Best Thing To Happen To Me Today.. 
..that was very nice indeed !

start: yes it could be a bit more detailed, maybe with a (traditionally) secret entrance to nightmare skill; did the gold key door have any function ?(I played only once so far)

Agony map: awesome atmosphere, great sense of progress and very fun secrets. Actually I thought the ammo was just right, more at the beginning to lure you in to waste it and more tight towards the end; I really needed the quad for the two shamblers.
Some (minor) nitpicks: nearly no vertical action, it felt like a Doom map (which is not bad but not quakey either:), some areas looked a bit bland, and those long corridors were too easy sometimes, i.e. I see the enemies and can easily retreat as I pump them full of lead.

Boss map: nice and violent, great idea there with the end boss.

The only bad thing is: I need more ! Now ! :D
Just kidding.. thanks !

Btw I would really like to hear a full cd with Nehahra ambient tracks, Lustmord could pack in ! 
I'd Like To Play This One, Too 
but the ugly minlight in the start map really put me off....
when will the second version be ready? is it worth waiting? 
Picky Sob U 
(message kept short so you had the energy to read it) 
very nice level pack, forced me to remember good old neh days.

though, levels lack proper lighting a bit. there's excessive use of ambient lights and poorly lit areas that are almost black.

but it was fun. 
:) Thks 
hey finaly had the time to play it!!! :) very nice map pack!!! love it very much i always was a fan o Nehahra ;) good to have it back! the game is very good with lots of action just think Rl came to soon and make things real easy!!!

thks for some minuts of real PURE FUN :) 
thanks - light is mostly what I�m working on now (how many times have I seen "excessive lightmaps"?) :(

I was going to upload the new version today but you know how it is when you pull at a thread . . . 
Give it some time. Really :) 
If Only . . . 
aye, but real life (tm) is about to interfere, giving me something "important" to work on. The final version is practically done - just a nasty bug (as post #16) that refuses to die - I even removed all lights and replaced them but the error still occurred. Grr. I�ll be messing with it tommorow (new year�s day!) so . . . soon . . . patience has never been my strongpoint 
Here it is. The product of blood, sweat, tears and beer.

You need Bengt�s engine to play the final map (though I don�t know why and can�t solve the fucking problem because it doesn�t exist . . . GAH).





And the file will be at Quaddicted (partial conversions)

Thanks to all for the feedback, hope you enjoy the Excessive version. 
check Quaddicted for screenshots. 
will this be the final version?

I wont do a review until i know its final. ;) 
It's okay that you have to use Bengt's nehahra engine considering... well.. it will be the main engine that comes with Nehahra final.

(And I have a more updated snazzy version.. na-na-na na na na)

Happy New Year, btw. 
The version I downloaded off Quaddicted has the same dates on the files as the previous...

Are you sure it took? 
Hmm, Same Here 
Uploads to Quaddicted need to be approved by neg!ke or me ;)

Here is the direct downloadlink:,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,924/

Here the details page with screenshots (from v1 though):,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,924/ 
Happy new year!

the version from Quaddicted I just d/loaded is the up-to-date one . . . dated 31/12/2005

the last Q1 map made in 2005?


This is the final version - the bugs that remain I don�t have the time to fix, it plays in Aguire�s engine perfectly but I can�t promise anything in untested versions (basic GLQuake doesn�t even run on my PC).

anyhow - hope you have fun. 
runs perfect with joequake! :) 
Actually ijed.. I noticed you mentioned winquake in the readme and glquake...

Nehahra doesn't run on any engine. It runs most reliably on the nehahra.exe and darkplaces.exe... I'm sure the maps run fine in darkplaces too.

Some engines support Nehahra, albeit not very well. (not well enough for me to condone their usage)

Most engines can't run it at all. 
Nehahra Addons Page 
As I said I would.. I have added this pak to the Nehahra Addons page ;) 
cheers - you even bothered to find the fileplanet upload. But; it�ll be the old version, the new has screenshots, but I uploaded em to the Quaddicted forum at;,com_simpleboard/Itemid,50/func,view/id,170/catid,3/

As to the engine problems they were built with the Bengt�s Neh engine in mind and I�m getting conflicting reports about thier functionality in others . . . I only said in gl because I took it for granted that it�d work and forgot to delete it later when I knew it wouldn�t. bah. 
Actually I uploaded version 2 to fileplanet in nehahra's folder ;) 
Played V2 
+ interesting style (choice of textures)
+ all the waterfall bits
+ good use of ambient sounds
+ rotated items
+ i had already forgotten about those boar-like monsters; leaning forward shamblers
+ roots in the caverns
+ boss map: fog, 'flame hands', translucent barriers looked great

- even though it's a little better than in v1, the lighting still looks very dull/boring and diminishes the overall very nice pack.

gameplay was ok. skill 2, 3/4 of all secrets, ~30 minutes.
i hope to see some more q1 maps from you in the future... ;) 
OT - Mindcrime 
the old nehahra screenshots would look better if they would be in their native res, not stretched some ten percent, which produces jagged artefacts. (Just remove the width and height tags from html?) 
Can somebody gave me a walkthrough of this pack. I can't get the door to open at the place where you encounter this first fiend. Thanks 
It's been a long time - I'll d/l and give it a play today. Which is the problem map? 
The first real map. 
I forgot.

The fiend comes running through an illusionary wall - go through that to open the door at the end of the corridor. 
Thanks, how did you expect people to find that lol 
I was just being kind by leaving the stair edging to let them go back...

Warning - I use it later on as well, with even less hint that you're not supposed to backtrack.

Near a mini room with windows. 
I Mean 
It should have been impossible to go back, and there should have been a hint apart from sticking the brick texture on at 90 degrees.

It's annoying I didn't put the illusionary covering the entire room as well - so you never see the black side of it. 
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